10 Things About Jefferson Pierce That Black Lightning Leaves Out

For two seasons now, Black Lightning has received an abundance of praise for adeptly bringing the iconic DC hero to life in live action. With regards to his post-Crisis origins, from which much of Black Lightning seems to be derived, everything from Jefferson Pierce’s Olympic success, passion for education, and commitment to his hometown has been masterfully reflected on screen.


However, there are a few notable details about the beloved character that either never receive mention on The CW series, or are altered from comic book canon. In the following list, 10 of these details will be acknowledged and examined.


For the Black Lightning TV series, the city of Freeland was crafted from the ground up; there’s no precedent for it in the comics. Jefferson Pierce’s post-Crisis origins, however, place his childhood home in a ghetto of Metropolis, Suicide Slum. There likely exists a multitude of reasons as to why Metropolis could not appear in this series.

Still, it’s quite unfortunate. That a substantial section of The City of Tomorrow is enveloped in destitution would have made for a fascinating backdrop to Black Lightning’s premise. Honestly, though, Freeland has proven compelling enough of a setting on its own.


On the television show, it is Jefferson’s father, Alvin Pierce, who raises Jeff and ultimately loses his life to street crime. In post-Crisis continuity, however, Jefferson’s widowed mother rests at the forefront of his upbringing. As a single mother, she often struggles to make ends meet.

Luckily, a tailor named Peter Gambi, who does feature on The CW series, lends a helping hand. Similar to his role on screen, Gambi becomes a positive male role model early in Jeff’s life. Curiously, it appears as though Black Lightning has yet to address what role, if any, the Pierce matriarch plays in the protagonist’s upbringing.


In both comics and television canon for Black Lightning, Jeff’s father, Alvin Pierce, dies under mysterious circumstances. Essentially, both versions of Alvin’s murder are centered around street crime. However, while the television series portrays Tobias Whale as Alvin’s killer, post-Crisis continuity places an unlikely character in the role of cold-blooded murderer, Peter Gambi.

Prior to meeting Jeff and his mother, Gambi worked as a gun for hire; Alvin Pierce just happened to be one of his unlucky targets. Therefore, Gambi’s becoming a father figure for Jeff helps in his desire to atone for past sins.


After spending years away from home, post-Crisis Jefferson Pierce returns to work at his alma mater, Garfield High. During his tenure as a teacher, Jeff kicks local gang members off of school property. As payback, the gang murders and abandons the body of a student, Earl Clifford, in the school gym.


This event leads to Jeff’s becoming Black Lightning. A character named Earl in the TV series is killed under similar circumstances. Yet, according to Jeff, Black Lightning was already active at this time. It’s a small detail, sure, but raises questions as to what event specifically inspired the TV character to take up vigilantism.


In the aforementioned comics continuity, Jefferson Pierce doesn’t adopt the role of Black Lightning until after he and his wife, Lynn Stewart, divorce. Eventually, she learns the truth about his being a vigilante. The TV series, however, presents a version wherein his commitment to Black Lightning ruins their marriage.

This begs the question of when exactly Lynn learned the truth in The CW show. Though the series has shown flashbacks in the past, it has, curiously, yet to deeply explore Jeff’s origins as Black Lightning. Perhaps this is something that will see the light of day in future seasons of the series.


As far as the show is concerned, Anissa Pierce, Jeff’s eldest daughter, does not get meta-human abilities until adulthood. Yet, the comics see her powers manifest before she arrives at her teen years. Despite learning of her abilities at a young age, the comic version of Anissa waits until she finishes college to kickstart her crimefighting career.

Shortly after doing so, she joins the Outsiders. Whether or not her involvement with the crimefighting team, or even the Outsiders’ existence, will be explored on Black Lightning remains to be seen. Regardless, these small differences between the comics and television series are still worthy of note.


By the end of Black Lightning’s sophomore season, it does not appear as though Jeff knows any superheroes apart from those in his immediate family. In the comics, of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. During post-Crisis continuity, Jefferson befriends members of the Justice League. Moreover, he eventually joins the League and later the Outsiders.

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On the show, it seems much of his heroics take place exclusively in his hometown of Freeland, meaning he likely never ventures far enough out to run into other costumed vigilantes. It’ll be interesting to see if the show’s status quo on this front ever changes.


In the comics, Jefferson Pierce is not an only child. Rather, he has a sister, Constance Pierce. To be fair, Constance is a lesser known character, debuting just years ahead of the Flashpoint event that shook up the DC Universe in 2011. In fact, her first appearance occurs in 2009’s Black Lightning: Year One.

Thus far, The CW series has suggested that Jeff has no siblings. Of course, there exists enough wiggle room in the character’s TV backstory to allow for changes in this regard. Since so little is known about his mother’s side of the family in Black Lightning, the possibilities seem limitless.


Barring his participating and winning in the Olympics, Jeff’s post-high school days in Black Lightning remains somewhat of an enigma. Admittedly, this isn’t too surprising, given how late in his life and career the series takes place. Still, it serves as an interesting missing piece to the puzzle that is much of Jeff’s backstory.

Jeff, in the New Earth continuity, goes to college outside of Metropolis on scholarships, graduates, and remains away from his hometown for quite a few years. If Jefferson Pierce in The CW series experiences a similar arc, such details have yet to be made clear.


One staple of Black Lightning’s identity that remained constant throughout much of his comic history is his afro wig. While an episode of the show’s second season briefly displays a look at its version of Black Lightning’s original garb, which harkens back to his 1970s attire, there’s no mention of his ever donning the famous wig.

This does not mean it never happened, of course. So, perhaps this piece of Jefferson’s disguise still has the potential to somehow be represented in live action. If not, the previously mentioned glimpse at his classic suit will have to do for fans of Black Lightning’s old school adventures.

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What To Expect From Black Lightning Season 3

Black Lightning season 3 is happening, but when will it release and what can fans expect from the story? The action of Black Lighting season 2 has largely centered around the fate of the Green Light Babies – children who’ve developed superpowers after being exposed to a street-drug called Green Light. All but one of these children and a team of metahuman assassins wound up under the control of crime-boss Tobias Whale.

Tobias had plans to go into the metahuman trafficking business and set up a live-streamed demo reel on the dark web as one of his pyrokinetic super-soldiers began burning down Freeland. Tobias was forced to flee his hideout, however, when his former enforcer Lala showed up with revenge on his mind. And he just barely avoided an equally enraged Jennifer Pierce, who collapsed on the street outside his hideout in danger of losing control of her energy powers, as the penultimate Black Lightning season 2 episode came to a close.

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While it seems highly unlikely that Jennifer will blow herself and Freeland up in the season 2 finale, the possibility that she might lose control in some form or fashion after defying her superhero father’s rules about killing or going into a fight alone has still established an intense aura as the climax builds. This energy will almost certainly carry into Black Lightning season 3. Here’s everything we know about Black Lightning season 3, including its potential story and release date.

Black Lightning season 3 is officially happening, as The CW renewed Black Lightning for season 3 in late January. While an official Black Lightning season 3 release date has yet to be announced, it will presumably release in fall 2019. It’s uncertain, however, what time-slot Black Lightning season 3 will air in. Black Lightning originally premiered after The Flash and remained in the 9 pm time-slot on Tuesdays until December 2018, when the show went on hiatus. When Black Lightning returned, it aired in the 9 pm time-slot on Mondays, which is due to be taken over by Arrow starting on April 1. Given that, and the fact that Arrow is ending this year, it’s certainly possible that Black Lightning take over Arrow‘s time-slot in the second half of the 2019-2020 season.

The biggest change to come about as a result of the season 2 finale is that Tobias Whale is no longer at liberty on the streets of Freeland. Black Lightning was finally able to bring his arch-enemy to justice, at which point Whale was taken into custody and transported to The Pit – a secret prison for metahuman criminals. Though his powers have been neutralized, nobody knows where he is and his empire has apparently collapsed, only a fool would count Tobias Whale out for the count and it seems a safe bet he’ll eventually escape and seek out revenge at some point in season 3.

The Green Light Baby situation has been largely resolved, with most of the surviving metahuman children having been released from the cryogenic pods that were being used to hold them until their condition could be stabilized. Thankfully, it seems that Lynn’s treatments worked and none of the children lost control of their powers and died after being released. Though some of the children are still missing, most of them were reportedly safely gathered up and sent back to their families.

Talking of families, one thing viewers can expect to see in Black Lightning season 3 is Jefferson Pierce fighting crime with both of his daughters. With Jennifer now having her own super-suit, a better grasp on her powers and having adopted the codename Lightning, there’s no reason for her not to join her father and Anissa Pierce in the field. If nothing else, Black Lightning‘s advertising has certainly featured a lot more pictures of Jennifer in her new costume.

Certainly Agent Odell, the ASA man overseeing the Green Light Baby project, intends for the Pierce Family to continue working together. The final scene of the finale involved Odell revealing that he knew The Pierce family’s secret identities and that he was swearing them in to help fight against an inevitable first-strike by the government of Markovia – a rogue nation that has the largest collection of metahuman soldiers in the world. Thanks to the Green Light experiments, Freeland now has the largest population of metahumans in the free world and that is a threat the Markovians cannot afford to ignore. This suggests that Black Lightning season 3 could see the heroes of Freeland defending their hometown from the threat of metahuman terrorists rather than metahuman gangsters.

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Ranking Black Lightning Villains From Least To Most Powerful

Though only in its sophomore season, Black Lightning has already produced a number of intriguing antagonists. The series features quite the robust slate of villainous characters, all of whom serve the overarching plot in myriad ways. This is most notably due to the show’s avoidance of the villain-of-the-week trope, a storytelling convention popularized by Buffy that still plagues many a genre show today. With so many fascinating foes on its roster, it’s past time to examine each of Black Lightning’s more prominent antagonists individually. The following list will do so, while ranking them from least to most powerful.

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Tori Whale, Tobias’ sister, debuts early in Black Lightning pilot season. She doesn’t last for long, however, dying in a firefight in an effort to protect her brother. Similar to Tobias, Tori was long ago administered a serum that prevents her from aging normally.


While her primary role seems that of a henchwoman, Tori also serves as a master strategist. After all, it is she who devises the plan to turn Freeland against Black Lightning. Convincing Tobias to sway Khalil’s opinion of Freeland’s hero marks the first step in her stratagem. Unfortunately, she doesn’t live to see the outcome.


Khalil Payne’s low position on this list is not emblematic of weakness on his part. Indeed, he is incredibly powerful in his own right, courtesy of his superhuman strength, jumping abilities, venomous weaponry, and more. However, all of this does not a formidable villain make. In many respects, being under Tobias Whale’s control holds him back, as the crime lord keeps him on a short leash. It’s Khalil’s desire to be better that truly distinguishes him from Black Lightning’s other antagonists, though. The character’s humanity leads to his betraying Tobias, a move, though bold, which ultimately culminates in his demise.


Akin to a few others on this list, Syonide’s role in Black Lightning is impactful yet brief, as she dies early in the show’s sophomore season. Despite her demise, Syonide ranks among Black Lightning’s most formidable rogues, epitomizing the silent but deadly character archetype. As Tobias Whale’s right hand, her skill knows no bounds.

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As an assassin, Syonide is as good as they come, especially considering her marksmanship and remarkable hand-to-hand combat abilities. Unfortunately for her and Tobias, Syonide meets her match in Kara Fowdy, who uses a blade lodged in her shoe heel to exterminate the assassin.


Admittedly, Giselle Cutter isn’t easy to rank. The true extent of her powers and abilities has yet to receive specification. A mercenary with incredible combat prowess, her knife throwing skills guarantee she’s deadlier than most. Still, it often appears as though Cutter harbors meta-human abilities that are being kept under wraps. For instance, on a few occasions, she has been shown to possess telekinetic powers of some kind. How they work and from where she attained them remains unclear. Regardless of the mysteries surrounding her, Cutter continuously proves why she warrants recognition as one of Black Lightning’s most dangerous foes.


Doctor Helga Jace counts among the more powerful characters on Black Lightning. Yet, she possesses no superpowers, nor does she directly involve herself in the ongoing fight between Black Lightning and Tobias Whale. Rather, her formidability rests in her intelligence. Jace’s work as a biochemist has led to her becoming instrumental in what’s known about the meta-humans featured on Black Lightning.


Curiously, it’s Jace’s lack of a moral compass that makes her such a threat. Conducting illegal experiments prior to her imprisonment and A.S.A. recruitment seemingly hardened her in many respects. Thus, the doctor couldn’t be more perfect in helping Tobias execute his nefarious plans.


This particular character hasn’t had too much of a presence on the series, but has managed to leave her mark as a threat. Looker resides in South Freeland, alongside a community of white people who are essentially subject to her commands. Her meta-human abilities are, of course, of special interest. Courtesy of a metallic liquid, Looker is able to give people limited abilities. In doing so, she can also take control of them. Additionally, her telepathic powers round out her impressive talents. Still, much about her has yet to receive explanation. Hopefully, more is on the horizon where this villain’s concerned.


Jill Scott’s Lady Eve debuted and departed quite quickly during Black Lightning’s first season. Yet, in only a handful of episodes, she proved an incredible foe. Prior to her death, her influence in Freeland appears unmatched, as she masterfully balances being both a legitimate businesswoman and an underground crime lord. When it comes to her power-set, however, Lady Eve’s abilities are hard to define. The villain is shown to have some form of control over death, but the show has yet to make the extent of what she can or cannot do abundantly clear. Who knows, perhaps we haven’t seen the last of her after all?


Agent Odell appears this high on the list due to his control and access to much of the happenings in Freeland. Try as Lynn Stewart might to prevent him from weaponizing the Pod Kids, Odell is on track to doing just that and likely much more. This especially holds true considering he now has confirmation and proof of the Jefferson family consisting of Freeland’s favorite super-powered vigilantes. Furthermore, his ruthlessness has reached a level that Tobias Whale may find impressive. Thus, in many respects, Odell could be an even bigger big bad that many currently believe him to be.


Currently, Tobias Whale’s Masters of Disaster, or MOD, has not quite reached its full potential. This is a given, though, since the team recently debuted on the series with each member receiving a carefully paced introduction. At present, the MOD consists of four members in total: Shakedown (vibrokinesis),  Coldsnap (cryokinesis), Heatstroke (pyrokinesis), and New Wave (hydrokinesis). Because their powers vary, Tobias has, thus far, been using them rather strategically. As such, it’s not yet clear what will transpire once they all enter into a combat situation as a team. Needless to say, things are unlikely to look good for whomever or whatever stands in their way.


In addition to being one of Black Lightning’s more powerful antagonists, Lala serves as one of the show’s most intriguing characters. Early in Season 1, Lala is little more than an overly influential gangbanger, one who owes his success to Tobias Whale. As many may recall, their business relations don’t end amicably, as Tobias kills Lala in a jail cell. Soon thereafter, Lala returns, having been resurrected under mysterious circumstances. Even stranger are his newfound mystical abilities, which allow him to communicate with the folks he’s murdered. Presently, it seems his powers have a tangibility to them that’s yet to be explained.


For now, it doesn’t look as though Black Lightning will soon rid itself of Tobias Whale. It’s a good thing, too. Similar to Stringer Bell on The Wire, Tobias seems dynamic enough of an antagonist to stick around for as long as the show’s creative team sees fit. His motives, personality, and relationship to the world around him all ensure he maintains a level of intrigue like no other. Obviously, meta-human abilities also factor into his notability. These include an extended lifespan, enhanced strength, and superb combat skills. As evidenced by his antics, Tobias employs all of the above and more to remain Black Lightning’s most formidable foe.

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Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Black Lightning Characters

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator looks at your preferences and things you enjoy, and then assigns you a personality type based on that information. Lots of people take the test for themselves, but it’s also fun to apply the different categories to fictional characters. In this list, we’ll be taking a closer look at ten characters from Black Lightning and deciding which Myers-Briggs type applies to each of them.

Black Lightning debuted on The CW in 2018. The title character, with help from his family and friends, fights to get his ironically named hometown, Freeland, out from under the thumb of notorious crime lord Tobias Whale. Which Black Lightning character are you most like? Let us know in the comments!


Jefferson Pierce is an extrovert almost by necessity. He is cautious about his secret identity, of course, but he understands what a symbol he has become to the oppressed people of Freeland. He also loves nothing more than connecting with the kids at the school where he works, Garfield High.

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Being a superhero requires a certain amount of forward-thinking, but it also means you must be extra aware of the rights and wrongs that need fixing right now. He always tries to follow his conscience, and he likes knowing that he’s in charge of a situation. Too bad his daughters are determined to push his limits…


While not introverted in the usual sense of the word, Whale has few close relationships and delegates his evil deeds to others as often as not. He seems to use both sensing and intuition but leans more towards the latter, encouraging his underlings to see the big picture and getting annoyed when they fail.

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Whale is logical to a fault. He doesn’t flinch at removing anyone who could compromise him, even when that someone is a longtime friend. He is also more judging than perceiving; while his business often requires him to make last-minute changes, he is the consummate planner.


Lynn is the only member of the family with no superpowers. She performs her heroic activities as most introverts prefer to: from behind the scenes. As a doctor, she holds facts as sacred, meticulously running experiments and examining all options before moving ahead.

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In addition, Lynn has a very strong sense of responsibility towards her patients. Even as her employer insists she stop caring so much about the children she treats, Lynn fearlessly pushes back, insisting that those kids deserve respect. And finally, she is judging, preferring order and stability over spontaneity. That’s unfortunate for her, given her chaotic family life.


An unscrupulous scientist jailed for her unauthorized experiments on children, Dr. Jace is in every way Lynn Stewart’s opposite. She loves showing off her scientific knowhow, even when she’s just used it to kill a bunch of people. If she has to break a few eggs — or people — to achieve her desired future, who cares?

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As you may imagine, Jace is logical to the point of heartlessness. And yet, in spite of her clear scientific leanings, she is flexible and happy to go with the flow if she thinks it’ll net her something in the end. She remains cheerful and manipulative, even around a dangerous man like Tobias Whale.


Anissa Pierce, also called Thunder, was the first to follow in her father’s superheroic footsteps. She doesn’t necessarily seek the limelight, but she was quite pleased to discover that someone had published a comic book about Thunder. Anissa is deeply sensitive to the injustices plaguing her community and does all she can to fix them.

Anissa is reasonably logical, taking time to hone her skills and assess every situation before going into a fight. However, her willingness to break convention has caused some friction in her love life. Her girlfriend, Grace Choi, prefers more stability than Anissa seems able to offer.


In a show full of superheroes, Grace Choi somehow manages to be the one with the most secrets. She is anxious and shy, always afraid that her girlfriend Anissa will discover who she really is. Grace is all too aware of the precariousness of her situation and doesn’t kid herself into thinking her relationship with Anissa can last.

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That’s not to say Grace doesn’t love Anissa. She very much does, but she is too afraid to reach out for the potential support Anissa offers.  Instead she runs away, believing that’s best for the woman she loves. Grace’s many secrets make it necessary for her to be ready to react at a moment’s notice.


Jeff and Lynn’s younger daughter is easily the family’s biggest extrovert. She loves goofing around, and she’s not afraid to cause a scene in the name of doing the right thing. Jennifer tends to follow her gut, even when it tells her to do something dangerous like run away with her boyfriend or go on a vengeful rampage against Tobias Whale’s men. This makes her very intuitive.

Unsurprisingly, Jen lets her feelings lead her, not her head. She can be reckless and impulsive, though her heart is generally in the right place. And she is extremely unappreciative of the boundaries set by her concerned parents.


Once a promising athletic star, Khalil was shot and paralyzed in an attack orchestrated by Tobias Whale. Unlike a sensing type, who may have dealt better with the reality of his injuries, Khalil was easily lured in by Whale’s promises of a miraculous cure for his paralysis.

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To Khalil, accepting this offer was the only way out of a terrible situation. However, as a thinker, committing crimes in Whale’s name never sat well with him. He ran away to try to escape Whale’s wrath, only to realize that his sole chance at redemption, and at keeping Jennifer Pierce safe, was by turning himself in.


Peter Gambi works behind the scenes, providing the Pierces with life-saving tech, support and advice. He is very technologically savvy and detail-oriented. This is both out of the need to keep his family safe and out of determination to make up for past crimes through good deeds and actions.

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Gambi often serves as the voice of reason when the others get too worked up to see a situation clearly. However, he has been known to bend the rules here and there. For example, he has kept Anissa’s extracurricular crime-fighting activities from her father, because he knows she’s an adult who deserves to make her own decisions.


A longtime member of the Freeland police force, Henderson almost always exudes calm and competence. While he is constantly working toward a better future, he keeps his eye firmly on the present, acknowledging unpleasant realities and doing what he can to correct them.

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Henderson was very upset to learn that his old friend Jefferson is a vigilante, but he still goes to Black Lightning for help. For him, justice is more important than personal feuds. He values procedure and order, and is often uncomfortable moving outside the bounds of the law — though again, he will step out of his comfort zone when necessary.

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WBTV Investigating Accusation of Abuse Against Black Lightning Showrunner

Black Lightning showrunner Salim Akil is being investigated by WBTV over the sexual assault allegations against him. Married to fellow producer Mara Brock, Akil has worked on a variety of projects, frequently collaborating with his accomplished spouse. Akil has produced the TV show Love Is for OWN and directed the 2012 film Sparkle, but he’s perhaps best known as the showrunner on Black Lightning. The CW series provides a modern day platform for the DC Comics character Jefferson Pierce aka. Black Lightning.

Starring Cress Williams, Black Lightning earned favorable reviews during the first season and is currently in the midst of airing its second season on The CW. Unfortunately, the show is now making headlines because of a lawsuit that has been filed against its showrunner Salim Akil, alleging that he committed sexual assault during an extramarital affair.

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According to The Wrap, Akil allegedly participated in an extramarital ten year affair with his accuser, writer/actor Amber Dixon Brenner. Brenner’s lawsuit not only implicates Akil in said affair, but also accuses him of physical abuse, sexual abuse and potential theft of intellectual property (using her ideas within his show Love Is). Although these accusations remain outside the realm of Black Lightning and WBTV, the production company is carrying out their due diligence by starting an investigation in order to ensure the safety of the series’ cast and crew. For the time being, however, production on Black Lightning season 2 has not been suspended in light of WBTV’s investigation.

Despite the slowing of accusations, the ripple effect created by the #MeToo movement can still be felt throughout the entertainment industry. Through the acknowledgment of a litany of mishandled sexual assault cases, Hollywood appears to be on the verge of understanding how to handle sexual assault. WBTV’s investigation of Akil in the wake of the allegations against him serves to further prove just that.

In the past, a decision like this (that is, taking precautions and investigating sexual assault accusations on a TV show set where none has been alleged) might have been perceived by some as a step too far by WBTV. However, in today’s society, taking proper precautions and enunciating company standards like this may represent the first steps towards change in the entertainment industry at large for the better.

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Black Lightning season 2 will continue with “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus” on Tuesday, December 4 on The CW.

Source: The Wrap

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Chris Klein Revealed as Cicada in First Flash Season 5 Image

New images from The Flash season 5 reveal the first proper look at the villain known as Cicada. Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) was turned upside down at the end of season 4 when he learned another speedster was in Central City. The purple lightning came from none other than his daughter Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy), who had traveled back in time to be with her parents. While they try to figure out why she has arrived and if she can return to her rightful place in the timeline, The Flash has to deal with his latest threat.

Chris Klein was cast as David Hersch, aka Cicada, for The Flash season 5 earlier this year. His addition was announced at San Diego Comic-Con following the release of a trailer that teased the inclusion of the DC villain. As the marketing has moved into the final stages before the season 5 premiere this week, he had yet to be completely revealed – until now.

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The CW released official photos from season 5 episode 2, “Blocked”, and included in them are the first looks at Chris Klein’s Cicada. The Flash season 5 character breakdowns that first confirmed Cicada’s involvement described him as a “semi-immortal metahuman who has the ability to disable other metahumans’ abilities and blames other super-powered individuals for his suffering.” After just getting to hear his breathing and seeing his Lightning Daggers, his full look is now revealed, along with a tease of him using one of the daggers against Cisco Ramon/Vibe (Carlos Valdes).

DC Comics readers may be surprised to see how Cicada appears, as his look largely differs from the source material. In the comics, he’s an old, bald man with a long white beard when he battles Flash. He has potential immortality thanks to his ability to steal the souls of others to extend his own life. This could be partially changed for the show as it appears he’s been given the ability to take metahuman powers but not someone’s soul.

At this point in the lead up to The Flash‘s return, it’s simply nice to finally get a clear look at Cicada. Even the most recent Flash trailer just continued to tease his presence instead of actually showing him. Since these images are from the second episode of the series, it’s possible viewers may not get to see him in action during the season premiere. Thankfully, the wait is almost over to see whether or not he appears.

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The Flash season 5 premieres on October 9 on The CW.

Source: The CW

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The Flash Season 5 Trailer: Cicada Brings War to Central City

A new trailer for The CW’s The Flash brings a new threat to Central City and gives fans a taste of what Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will be up against when he takes on Cicada (Chris Klein) in season 5. Like season 4’s big bad, The Thinker, Cicada won’t need to be a speedster to pose a threat to Team Flash.

In the season 4 finale, Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) were hit with a shocking development when Jessica Parker Kennedy’s mystery girl arrived at Joe’s doorstep and revealed herself to be Nora, their daughter from the future. Due to Kennedy being a series regular for season 5, the character is expected to have a major role in the storyline for the upcoming season. Nora admitted in the finale that she made a “big mistake“. This “mistake” is most likely the setup for Cicada’s introduction.

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The CW has released a new trailer for The Flash season 5, which premieres this Tuesday. The trailer highlights the relationship between Barry and Nora while touching on Barry’s fears about what will become of him in the future. Nora’s lack of a connection with Iris is also hinted at in the trailer. References are made to Cicada, but not by name. Cicada is played up as a mysterious and deadly enemy who wields a black lightning bolt-shaped dagger. Cicada’s methods threaten to cause a “war zone” in Central City, but his exact intentions aren’t revealed.

It appears that Cicada was defeated by the Flash in the original timeline, before it was inadvertently altered by Nora’s “big mistake“. Whatever Nora did seems to have impacted the timeline in a way that may shift the odds in Cicada’s favor. Team Flash may need Nora’s help to defeat him.

It was previously reported that Cicada will have a lot in common with his comic book counterpart, a semi-immortal villain who vows to kill those who have been saved by the Flash. Killing them gives him the life force he needs to stay alive. The show’s version of the character is a metahuman with the ability to disable the powers of others. He begins to target other metahumans because he blames them for his own suffering. It’s unclear what will prompt Cicada’s attacks on Central City, but it will be interesting to see how his battle with the Flash will play out over the course of the season.

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The Flash season 5 premieres on October 9 on The CW.

Source: The CW

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Black Lightning Adding Another Member Of DC Comics’ Outsiders

Looker – a teammate of Jefferson Pierce from the classic Batman and the Outsiders comics – will be joining the cast of Black Lightning as a reoccurring character in the series’ second season. A recent casting announcement revealed that The CW is seeking an actress to play the role of the psionic superheroine turned vampiric vigilante.

Curiously, Looker’s name was dropped in the first season episode “LaWanda – The Book of Burial,” when library worker Grace Choi asked Anissa Pierce out to a superhero-themed costume party. Grace mentioned both Supergirl and Looker as costume ideas, describing Looker as a character who was popular with people who like vampires. It was unclear at the time the episode aired if Black Lightning was set in the same universe as Supergirl or not. Executive producer Salim Akil has gone on record since then as saying that Black Lightning is in its own universe and that the mentions of Supergirl and Vixen were just Easter eggs, not confirmation that the characters exist in the world of Black Lightning.

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That Hashtag Show broke the news that Looker does exist in the world of Black Lightning and that the producers were specifically asking for “submission of star names” for consideration for the role. According to the outlet, Looker is described as being “a youthful looking woman with a soul that has lived for a long time, whose eyes are ethereal and whose look is penetrating.”

First appearing in Batman and the Outsiders #25, the woman who became known as Looker was originally a mousy bank teller named Emily Briggs. Abducted by the emissaries of the underground city of Abyssia, Emily was exposed to the radiation of a piece of Haley’s Comet. This triggered her metagene and awoke her latent mental powers. It also enhanced Emily’s body to be healthier and more conventionally attractive, leaving Emily able to control the minds of anyone she couldn’t charm naturally. She would join The Outsiders and go on to become one of the team’s most steadfast supporters.

Later, Emily was transformed into a vampire, though her psionic abilities enhancing her body made her largely immune to the standard vampire weaknesses, such as sunlight and holy objects. Ironically, the  experience left her stronger, as she was able to make use of the full array of vampiric powers (such as transforming into mist or various animal forms) at night. Unfortunately, she still had to drink blood in order to survive and she was susceptible to a blood lust that drove her to attack her teammates more than once.

Given that the casting description makes mention of Looker having “a soul that has lived for a long time,” it seems likely that she will be introduced into the show in her vampiric form. This makes sense, given that it will be far easier for the show to introduce a heroic vampire character than run through some complicated story involving an underground city. It remains to be scene how the relatively grounded Black Lightning series will handle the introduction of a supernatural character like Looker. Then again, with the first season confirming that Tobias Whale’s gang had access to true magic and street hustler Lala being resurrected as The Tattooed Man, introducing a vampire into the cast isn’t too much of a stretch.

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Black Lightning season 2 premieres on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.

Source: That Hashtag Show

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