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Big Little Lies is one of the most talked-about shows on television right now. The acclaimed first season followed the lives of five very different women and their families in a rich California society. As the characters deal with their complex and often dark personal lives, there is also a murder at the center of it all.

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The intrigue and drama continue in Season 2 with the notable addition of Meryl Streep to the already impressive cast. With each episode diving deeper into this pretty but disturbed society, the show is incredibly addicting. So if you’re enjoying the show and want more of the same, there are similar shows that can scratch that itch. Here are some great shows to watch if you like Big Little Lies.

10 Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars doesn’t just make the list because of the confusingly similar name of the show. This Freeform series is based on the book series of the same name and followed a group of popular high school girls whose friendship dissolved after the disappearance of their clique’s leader. However, after being contacted by a mysterious person, they risk having their darkest secrets exposed.

Though they are both unique shows, there are many similarities between the two. From being book adaptations to the female protagonists to the dark secrets, fans of Big Little Lies should find plenty to like here.

9 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones may be a superhero show in a genre sense, but there is a lot more going on beneath the surface. The Netflix series followed Krysten Ritter as the titular private investigator with super strength. Jones also became part of Netflix’s The Defenders, but her solo series was the more interesting show.

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Although she is an incredibly strong hero who can go toe-to-toe with just about any other Marvel character, Jones is also a damaged character. Like Big Little Lies, the series goes to some very intense places in its depiction of abuse and the aftermath of living with such an experience.

8 The O.C

Big Little Lies is hardly the first series to draw on the public’s fascination with wealthy societies. The O.C. was a Fox drama series that told the story of a troubled young man from a broken home who is taken in by a caring and wealthy family living in Orange County, California.

The series took great pleasure to depict the excesses of such a wealthy lifestyle as well as show the seedier side of this kind of society. There were plenty of murders, affairs, and secrets in The O.C. While it was a bit more of a prime-time soap opera than Big Little Lies, it could appeal to the same crowd.

7 The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is the acclaimed Hulu series based on the massively popular book by Margaret Atwood. It takes place in a dystopian future where women are relegated to the roles of childbearing and nothing more. Selected Handmaidens are used by the wealthy men of the society to carry their children.

The disturbing nature of this fictitious reality might seem farfetched, the show does touch on a lot of issues and abuses that are very real today. Like Big Little Lies, this show is focused on telling those difficult truths about how women can be mistreated in society.

6 Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives is another one of those prime-time soap operas. The series follows a group of women living in the same seemingly idyllic suburban communities, each with their own dark secrets. And like Big Little Lies, it all starts with a mysterious death.

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Desperate Housewives is certainly more light and outrageous than most of the other shows on this list, but it does feel like it’s in a similar vein to Big Little Lies. The women take center stage and are the main focus of all the salacious intrigue that occurs in their picturesque neighborhood.

5 Killing Eve

Killing Eve is one of the most interesting shows on television these days. It just finished its second season in the twisted and darkly comedic tale of an MI6 agent who is hunting a female assassin. Through their dangerous game of cat and mouse, they find that they are both obsessed with each other.

While Big Little Lies is much more atmospheric and slower-paced, Killing Eve is a fast, energetic and action-packed thrill-ride. But there are some very clear similarities in their depiction of the modern woman’s life, the dangerous relationships and, of course, murder.

4 Revenge

Big Little Lies does a great job exploring the grey area of high society. No one is good or evil, they are all people who make mistakes and try to do what they think is right. Revenge focuses more on the villainy of the wealthy and elite, and the show has a lot of fun with it.

The series follows a young woman who seeks to infiltrate the wealthy inner circle of the Hamptons elite so she can take revenge on the people responsible for framing and killing her father. The secrets run deep in this series as well. It explores the sex, murder and dark web of lies among these rich people.

3 Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is a show with such a strong cult following that it just refuses to stay off the air. After being canceled in 2007 at the end of its third season, Veronica Mars has returned for a movie and now a fourth season is premiering.

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The series follows Kristen Bell as a young private investigator who solves various mysteries in her upper-class California town. In her many investigations, she uncovers the darkest and deadliest secrets of the town’s wealthiest residents. The series also deals with darker issues concerning Veronica and her own past.

2 Sharp Objects

Big Little Lies is a primes example of how the storytelling possibilities of television have attracted some amazing talent in recent years. Sharp Objects is another great example of this as the miniseries stars Amy Adams and comes from author Gillian Flynn. It is also directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, who is a director on Big Little Lies.

The series follows Adams as a reporter with a dark past who returns to her hometown to investigate the murders of two young girls. The exploration of a family’s darkest secrets and the aesthetic of Vallée’s direction make this feel like a very similar show, despite their individual complexities.

1 The Affair

Big Little Lies starts with the investigation of a murder and then flashes back in time to reveal how these characters got to this place. The Affair uses a similar technique in the story of a man from a wealthy family who has an affair with a troubled girl and how their relationship results in a murder.

The same events are told through various people’s perspectives, showing the inconsistencies and lies that are told when remembering. The family drama of the affair and the subsequent drama that unfolds because of it is all very reminiscent of Big Little Lies in the best way.

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Colin McCormick

Big Little Lies: 5 Differences From The Book (& 5 Things Kept The Same)

It’s a wonder the women of Big Little Lies have such an array of gorgeous designer clothes. There must be no room in their closets with all the skeletons inside them. Yes, while it seems that everyone in Monterey, California has a secret or twelve, it’s no secret that Big Little Lies is a sinfully addictive hit. It was initially meant to be a miniseries, but it turns out that viewers can’t get enough suburban scandal. HBO renewed Big Little Lies for a second season which is currently airing.

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Pulling off a project of this quality takes a village of creative, talented people but one person who should especially be thanked is Liane Moriarty. She’s the bestselling author who wrote the book on which the series is based, and it’s every bit as engrossing. But as a work of art is adapted from one medium to another, certain changes have to be made. Which elements did the series keep? And which did they toss away like stale cupcakes at the PTA bake sale? Here is Big Little Lies: 5 Differences From The Book (& 5 Things Kept The Same).

10 Same: Madeline Vs. Renata

The image of an elementary school kiss-and-ride should evoke feelings of kindness and encouragement. However, at Otter Bay Elementary, it is indeed a battleground. Though the events of the book are set in Australia, not California, the relationship between Madeline and Renata is just as contentious. Renata is the queen of the Working Moms while Madeline rules the Part-Time/Stay-at-Home Moms. It’s like West Side Story only instead of knives, their weapons are gossip and side-eye.

True to the novel, things are exacerbated when Renata believes Ziggy, Jane’s son, is the one who bullied her daughter Amabaella. Enraged, Renata tries to give Ziggy the social kiss of death by inviting the entire class to Amabella’s birthday party, except him. Madeline, who is firmly Team Jane, organizes a Disney on Ice event on the same day as the party. Even though Madeline and Renata have since buried the hatchet, the battle of the alpha-moms is a plotline that thrives both onscreen and on the page.

9 Different: Madeline’s Affair

In Moriarty’s novel, Madeline and husband Ed have a pretty solid marriage. But who wants to watch that on TV? So what’s the best way to take a wrecking ball to the marital home? A workplace affair, of course. Madeline works part-time at a community theater and things get hot behind the curtains between her and Joseph Bachman, the theater director. Their passionate affair is a direct contrast to Madeline and Ed’s marriage, which is depicted as largely unromantic.

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After getting in a car accident together, Madeline and Ed escape discovery by the skin of their teeth. But no secret stays buried in Monterey for too long. Ed finds out and now things between him and Madeline are on the rocks. Their bland marriage needs more spice, but definitely not bitterness.

8 Same: Abigail’s Website

Trying to cure a teenager of their recklessness is like having a drink-free PTA fundraiser—it’s just not done. Madeline and Nate’s daughter Abigail is every bit the rebel with a cause as she is in the book. She’s quite close with her hip, New Agey stepmom Bonnie, who awakens the activist inside her. Abigail decides to auction her virginity online to raise money for Amnesty International and call attention to trafficking. While Abigail’s heart is in the right place and her commitment to a worthy cause is admirable, her parents quite understandably go ballistic. As if Bonnie wasn’t in the doghouse enough for taking Abigail to get birth control pills…

7 Different: Mystery Benefactor

Abigail doesn’t follow through with the auction in either the book or the series. However, the TV version sees Abigail taking her website down after a heart-to-heart with Madeline. For once in her life, Madeline is (relatively) calm—maybe she vomited out her rage along with her dinner in the show’s most viral scene ever. Madeline confesses her own missteps to Abigail, namely her affair with Joseph. In retrospect, maybe she should have held back on that one.

The novel’s version of events has Abigail actually getting a bid. An unnamed man offers $100,000 for Abigail to take her website down, which she does. The donor actually turns out to be Celeste, who is known in the book to use her affluence to support many philanthropic causes. And this one is worth it on many, many levels.

6 Same: Celeste’s Nightmare Marriage

This plotline more or less faithfully follows its literary counterpart. Perry routinely harms Celeste, who feels complicit in the violence because she fights back, and this often leads to rough love. Neither book nor show shies away from this depiction of true martial hell. After seeking therapy, Celeste makes the brave decision to leave Perry. She plans an exit strategy but is caught, leading to the chain of events that results in Perry’s death.

The Celeste-Perry storyline is easily one of the most talked-about narratives of the show. It’s so disturbing and emotionally arresting that it’s no surprise both Alexander Skarsgård and Nicole Kidman won several awards for their performances.

5 Different: Keeping It Secret

After Perry’s death, Show-Celeste takes an entirely different path than Book-Celeste. The latter opts to share her story and the novel ends with her about to give a public speech about her abuse. Book-Celeste also opts to return to her practice as a lawyer. In both book and show, Celeste had left the law behind to raise her sons.

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Show-Celeste, however, elects to keep the dark side of her marriage under wraps. Whether an abuse survivor decides to speak out or not, their choice should be respected. With the Monterey Five passing Perry’s death off as an accident, any evidence of Perry’s domestic violence would give Celeste a motive in the eyes of the police. This brings about a web of complications, namely with her mother-in-law Mary Louise, played to passive-aggressive perfection by Meryl Streep.

4 Same: Ziggy’s father

Poor Ziggy. In neither the book nor the show can he escape the false accusation of being Amabella’s bully. Jane believes her son when he adamantly tells her he isn’t responsible, but she fears he has violent tendencies. This is because Ziggy is the product of Jane’s forced love. In the book, Jane had seen Perry’s picture in a brochure but neither Book-Jane nor Show-Jane realize that Perry is Celeste’s husband until the gut-punching reveal at the fundraiser.

Eventually, the truth comes out and Celeste has a difficult conversation with her twins about their father’s monstrous history. Naturally, this sets Otter Bay a-buzzing and Ziggy finds himself a target. As if the Chapmans haven’t been through enough.

3 Different: Saxon Banks

Saxon Banks is the alias Perry gives Jane before assaulting her. This is the same in both book and show, though Book-Perry had a much deeper connection to Saxon Banks. It turns out that Saxon Banks is Perry’s cousin. When Perry was a child and up to no good, he would always avoid getting punished by telling everyone his name was Saxon Banks. Perry seems to carry on this practice into adulthood.

However, upon meeting Jane, Show-Perry just randomly made up the name. When Jane tells Madeline the name of her attacker, Madeline tracks down a Saxon Baker. The women believe this could be the same man, so Jane plans to confront him…with a gun. But it turns out Saxon Baker is one of the only true innocents of the show. As far as we know, he’s just an interior designer.

2 Same: The Culprits

Season 1 has two overarching plots—the bully whodunnit and the death at the fundraiser. The responsible parties are the same in both works. Amabella’s tormentor is revealed to be none other than Max Wright, one of Celeste and Perry’s twins. Celeste was convinced that her children were oblivious to Perry’s abuse. A big reason for her staying in her marriage was because she thought Perry was such a great dad. But children are smarter than we give them credit for, and Max learned by example.

At the fundraiser, we find out that Perry is the one who died and that Bonnie killed him. Of all the times an Audrey Hepburn pushed an Elvis Presley off a balcony, this is by far the wildest.

1 Different: The Ending…And Beyond

The novel sees the women deciding to be big little truthful for once. Though the idea of declaring Perry’s death an accident is bandied about, Bonnie decides to come clean. Book Bonnie is given a backstory, making her seemingly inexplicable rage less of a head-scratcher. As a child, Bonnie witnessed her father repeatedly abusing for mother. She lives with PTSD and is triggered when she sees Perry mistreating Celeste at the fundraiser.

It doesn’t go down this way in the series. The women decide to honor the show’s title and stick to the accident story. Season 2 on is entirely original content, brimming with more lies, betrayals, and of course, Meryl Streep.

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Liz Hersey

Big Little Lies Season 2 Was Heavily Re-Edited Without Director

Big Little Lies season 2 was substantially re-edited during post-production without director Andrea Arnold’s involvement, according to a new report. Fans were naturally wary when HBO ordered a second round of Big Little Lies after its highly-decorated freshman run. After all, season 1 had already covered the entirety of author Liane Moriarty’s source novel and was originally designed to function as a limited series. Fortunately, the series’ new slate of episodes have gone over exceptionally well with critics and general audiences since season 2 began airing in early June.

In addition to series newcomer Meryl Streep’s efforts as Mary Louise Wright – the mother of Perry (Alexander Skarsgård), the abusive husband who was killed at the end of season 1 – and the work from the returning cast, reviewers have taken well to Arnold’s direction and the way the show has committed to fully wrestling with the fallout of its first season’s finale. However, according to a new report, season 2 doesn’t actually represent Arnold’s creative vision. Far from it, she was allegedly locked out of the season’s editing altogether, despite being praised by her cast, crew, and HBO throughout production.

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The news hales from IndieWire, which has learned from multiple trusted sources close to the production that Arnold was granted free rein by HBO and the show’s producers to shoot Big Little Lies season 2 in the same style as her critically acclaimed films like Fish Tank and American Honey. Once filming had wrapped, though, the network and showrunner David E. Kelley brought Jean-Marc Vallée (who helmed season 1) into post-production to rework her footage and make it feel more like the show’s original season. IndieWire‘s sources also allege that this was the plan from the start (to eventually have Vallée take over, that is), and that Arnold was – for (currently) unexplained reasons – not told this ahead of time.

Ultimately, Arnold was unable to finalize a complete cut of a single episode before Vallée came in and essentially took over. The latter, who had initially passed on season 2 because he was preoccupied with HBO’s Sharp Objects adaptation at that time, subsequently scheduled seventeen days of reshoots and additional photography in order to help further reshape the season. And while HBO has now issued a statement claiming that they and Big Little Lies‘ executive producers are all “extremely proud” of Arnold’s contributions to the series, IndieWire‘s article indicates that she had little actual input on season 2 after Vallée returned to the fold.

Frankly, assuming that this report is accurate, it’s a pretty bad look for HBO. It suggests that Arnold was told that she would be free to shape Big Little Lies season 2 in her own style, but that the series’ producers never really intended to uphold that promise and didn’t actually explain their greater plans to her. At the same time, they continued to play up her creative involvement throughout production and editing in order to benefit from the positive publicity that came with having hired a celebrated female director to work on a show that has long prided itself on being a drama that features women in major capacities on both sides of the camera. However one feels about season 2’s actual quality, these behind the scenes issues are a mess to unpack.

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Big Little Lies season 2 continues this Sunday on HBO.

Source: IndieWire

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Sandy Schaefer

10 Little-Known Facts About The Cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Who doesn’t love the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Michael Schur’s breakout fan favorite comedy is one of the best shows on TV, much of which is due to its phenomenal cast. Full of acting chops and funny bones, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast is up there with the best of the best.

Whether they’re series regulars such as Terry Crews, or now previous cast members like Chelsea Peretti, each member of the cast now has an even bigger fan following thanks to the show. Although the actors are adjusting to the brighter spotlight, fans still don’t know everything about these comedians. Here are ten little-known facts about the stellar cast from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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10 Stephanie Beatriz’s Signature Scar Is From A Lego

One of the biggest breakout stars of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is none other than Rosa Diaz herself: Stephanie Beatriz. Born Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri, Beatriz grew up in Texas and has become an accomplished comedic, dramatic, and voice actor. Apart from her role as Rosa, she has also appeared in the critically acclaimed Indie film Short Term 12 and the animated sequel The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

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Speaking of Legos, these little bricks were the cause of Beatriz’s iconic eyebrow scar. In an interview for the Lego Move 2, Beatriz told the story in full. As a child playing with Legos, she refused to pick up after herself. Doing so caused her to trip and gouge her eyebrow with one of the little bricks. Although the scar fits her rough-edged character on Nine-Nine, the real-life origins are far tamer.

9 Terry Crews Is A Former NFL Star

Terry Crews is one of the better-known cast members of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With multiple film and television credits, he has remained a constant in the world of entertainment. But, Terry is more than just an actor. As seen here and in later segments, Terry Crews is a multifaceted individual. He’s is a sort of renaissance man if you will.

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One of his many attributes is his athletic ability. Before becoming an actor, Terry Crews held a lucrative career in the NFL. After college, Terry was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in 1991. Afterward, Terry would go on to play for other teams including the Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Eventually, he left his football career behind and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

8 Andy Samberg Had Worked On The Brooklynn Nine-Nine Lot For One Of His First Hollywood Gigs

To say Andy Samberg has had a successful career in the world of entertainment would be an understatement. Not only does he have multiple film and tv credits, including live action and voice work, but he also was a long-running cast member on Saturday Night Live and established his own popular comedy group The Lonely Island. But, like many stars, he had to start from the ground up.

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Before getting his own network comedy, Samberg worked as a PA on productions around Los Angeles. One of these shows included Spin City (1996), a government workplace comedy. Fittingly, the same lot that Spin City shot on would eventually be the hosting lot for none other than Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This coincidence is the perfect bookend to a career-long journey for Samberg.

7 Melissa Fumero Was A Professional Dancer

Similarly to Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago on the series, has multiple talents. As an actress and comedian, Fumero has not had as much on-screen work as some of her counterparts. She has quickly risen to become a major TV talent, both on screen and behind. Acting though has not always been her primary focus.

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For many years, Melissa Fumero was actually a professional dancer. She spent many years both training, performing, and instructing dance classes. She is skilled in ballet, as well as other forms of classical dance.

6 Terry Crews Used To Be A Courtroom Sketch Artist

Speaking of Terry, he is hiding even more talents. Apart from being a beloved actor and comedian, as well as a professional athlete, Terry Crews had always had an artistic side. Terry has a deep love of drawing since he was a kid. He honed his skills over his life, even submitting some of his sketches to Walt Disney Animation in hopes of getting a job.

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Sadly, he never was hired, but Terry did get briefly paid for his artwork (but not in the most traditional way). At the age of eighteen, Terry was hired by a local courthouse to serve as a courtroom sketch artist. This little stint in the world of criminal justice certainly mirrors his now full-time gig on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

5 Andre Braugher Is An Accomplished Shakespearean Actor

Oh, Captain Holt. Andre Braugher’s often abrasive but occasionally goofy police captain is one of the best TV bosses period. He brings perfect deadpan delivery to all of Samberg’s hijinks and gets to deliver some of the greatest one-liners ion the show. He is a comedic powerhouse but isn’t limited to one genre. Trained as a classical actor, Baugher also has held multiple roles in many productions of Shakespeare’s works.

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As a theater actor, Andre Braugher has appeared in productions of Coriolanus, Richard II, Othello, and Macbeth. In 1996, New York’s Shakespeare in the Park Festival cast Braugher in Henry V in the titular role. This performance earned Braugher an Obie award, an honor that is given by The Village Voice to New York theater artists.

4 Chelsea Peretti Is Married To Jordan Peele

A fondly remembered former Brooklyn Nine-Nine castmember, Chelsea Peretti played the irresponsible but loveable Gina Linetti. Peretti is one of the most sought after comedic talents working today. Not only is she an incredible comedic actor, but she has held a viable stand-up career as well as stints at screenwriting for popular series such as Parks and Rec and Portlandia.

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Someone this funny would obviously find a partner on the same comedic playing field. It’s no surprise that she settled on Jordan Peele himself. The former comedian turned prestige horror director, and Peretti began dating in 2013 and soon married two years later. It was a match made in comedy heaven and established them as a talented powerhouse Hollywood couple.

3 Joe Lo Truglio Previously Animated For The State

Joe Lo Truglio, who plays the adorkable Charles Boyce, certainly has comedic chops on par with the rest of his Brooklynn Nine-Nine peers. Often the odd man out, Truglio plays the perfect misfit on the series. Little do many know though that he is actually a gifted artist.

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Terry Crews isn’t the only one to draw and sketch on Brooklynn Nine-Nine. Truglio, before he took on the role of Charles, had been an animator. One of his significant credits included animating title sequences and transitions of the sketch comedy show The State. Seriously, this cast is absurdly talented.

2 Terry Crews Plays The Flute

This list has referenced Terry Crew’s repertoire of artistic and athletic abilities verbatim, but there is one more that has to be mentioned. Not only can Tery Crews act, do comedy, play professional football, draw, paint, and sell Old Spice, but he can play a musical instrument as well.

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During a visit to The Late Show with James Corden, Crews revealed that as a child his mother bought him a flute and forced him to practice it regularly. Now, Crews has mastered the instrument, becoming an accomplished flutist (because apparently, that’s a thing). Is there anything Terry Crews can’t do?

1 Andy Samberg And Chelsea Peretti Were Childhood Friends

There is no denying that the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is close. Through thick and thin they have stuck together and championed each other and the show. Their real-life chemistry blends into their characters perfectly, making the show that much more believable and likable. Some of the friendships though reach farther back than most realize.

Both Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti knew each other and have been friends since they were kids. Growing up together, the two entered the world of comedy and show business around the same time, eventually teaming up for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Peretti has even admitted to having a crush on Samberg as a kid! This real-life friendship made it into the show, as both Jake and Gina grew up together too.

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Matt Berger

BIG LITTLE LIES Season 2 Trailer (2019) Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman Series HD

BIG LITTLE LIES Season 2 Trailer (2019) Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman Series HD
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Big Little Lies Season 2 Teaser Trailer Reveals June Premiere Date

The first teaser trailer for Big Little Lies season 2 reunites the start-studded cast, as they reconvene in the wake of the death that marked the original series finale. After becoming a hit for HBO and then going on to win an inordinate amount of awards, including Emmys and Golden Globes, the limited series adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s novel suddenly became not-so limited after all. That the premium cabler was able to get the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Alexander Skarsgård, Shailene Woodley, Zoë Kravitz and more was testament to the power and pull that prestige TV has nowadays, but that feat may have already been outdone with season 2 brining back not only the show’s central cast, but also multiple Academy Award-winner Meryl Streep. 

Along with Streep, the series also brings in new talent behind the camera, as acclaimed filmmaker Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank, American Honey) steps in, replacing Jean-Marc Vallée (Sharp Objects) as the director of all seven episodes of the second season. Though some footage of Big Little Lies season 2 has been released by HBO — in the network’s big coming attractions teaser that touted not only Game of Thrones, but also Watchmen, Deadwood, Euphoria and more — there’s been little actual content that hints at what the story will entail. 

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That’s all but taken care of with the new teaser trailer, which lays out what viewers can expect from the new season, which will head into uncharted territory now that it’s completed the story told in Moriarty’s original novel. Of course, original series writer David E. Kelley will be back to script the ongoing story of Madeline Mackenzie (Witherspoon), Celeste Wright (Kidman), Jane Chapman (Woodley) and the others, meaning the show shouldn’t deviate too much from what made it a hit to begin with, but it also means season 2 will have a very high bar to clear. Check out the first teaser trailer for Big Little Lies season 2 below: 

The teaser re-establishes the series’ familiar look and feel, though it makes a point early on that  the women have since gone on to earn something of a questionable reputation, along with the moniker “the Monterey Five, a label that leads Woodley’s Jane to compare it to The Scarlet Letter. The idea that the women would be facing scrutiny from the insular community as well as from Streep’s character, Mary Louise Wright, the mother of Skarsgård’s abusive Perry Wright, is probably not too shocking considering how much of the first season was fueled by speculation and gossip from members of the community.   

The teaser isn’t shy about playing up its impressive cast or the award-winning caliber of their performances. Though big-name stars aren’t necessarily the draw they once were at the movies, the same isn’t true of television, which can still offer a lot of bang for the movie star buck. 

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Big Little Lies season 2 premieres Sunday, June 9 on HBO.

2019-04-14 01:04:46

Kevin Yeoman

Little Review: A Cute & Heartfelt Age-Changing Comedy

Little successfully puts a funny new spin on age-changing comedy with a surprisingly heartfelt message about staying true to yourself when growing up.

Age-changing comedies are nothing new to Hollywood, with Big and 13 Going on 30 taking young preteens, aging them up to become adults and inevitably teaching them a lesson about not growing up too fast. In Universal Pictures’ latest comedy, Little, that particular formula is reversed, with an adult woman being turned back into her 13-year-old self – to hilarious effect. Little was directed by Tina Gordon (Peeples) from a script she co-wrote with Tracy Oliver (Girls Trip), who’s credited with the story of the movie. Little successfully puts a funny new spin on age-changing comedy with a surprisingly heartfelt message about staying true to yourself when growing up.

Little introduces 13-year-old Jordan Sanders (Marsai Martin), who’s bullied in middle school for her interest in science and as a result of one particular incident, learns the wrong lesson about how to deal with bullies: she becomes a bully herself. Cut to grown up Jordan (Regina Hall), who’s become a tech mogul in charge of her own company. She’s feared by all of her employees, including her overworked assistant April (Issa Rae). And when Jordan is mean to a young girl, that girl wishes Jordan was little – and the next morning Jordan wakes up as her younger self. With an important work pitch looming and Jordan desperate to return to her adult self, she turns to April for help in finding the little girl that cursed her. However, Jordan will have to learn some hard lessons – ones she didn’t learn the first time she was little – before she returns to her adult self.

In terms of putting a new spin on the age-changing comedy, Little does a good job of offering something new within such a specific brand of film. Even this particular reverse on the aging up of Big and 13 Going on 30 has been done before with 17 Again, but Little sets itself apart by focusing on the experiences of a black girl/woman, bringing some much needed representation to this branch of comedy. The movie mines its premise, along with the gender and race of its characters, for a great deal of comedy. Oliver’s script for Little, like that of Girls Trip, is unapologetically female-focused, diving into not only Jordan’s experiences as a girl and as a woman, but her dynamic with April. The result is an oddball story with well-developed characters that brings plenty of heart to a typically comedic age-changing story. Little doesn’t skimp on the comedy, but it doesn’t skimp on the heart either, balancing the lessons Jordan learns as her young self with the more wild moments of humor.

The star of Little is, undoubtedly, Martin, who’s made a name for herself in Hollywood as one of the leads in ABC’s sitcom Black-ish. Martin rather effortlessly pulls off the character of Jordan in Little, portraying an adult in a child’s body with a great deal of grace and humor. Thanks to her performance as the younger version of Hall’s character – and Hall is certainly solid in her own right as the wildly mean adult Jordan – Martin effectively sells the concept of Jordan being stuck in the body of her 13-year-old self. Meanwhile, Rae works as a great complement to Martin and Hall’s Jordan, portraying the more subdued and fearful April. The relationship between April and Jordan is the anchor for much of the more hard to believe aspects of Little, working to ground the movie’s fantastical premise and over-the-top comedy. The trio of actresses are a solid cast to lead the film and though there are memorable bit parts for the supporting players, Martin, Rae and Hall are what makes Little work as well as it does.

Still, though Little strives to rise above the typical studio comedy with its new spin on the age-changing premise, the movie plays it relatively safe. Making the main characters of Little a pair of black women certainly puts a fresh perspective on the premise of an adult becoming their younger self and learning certain life lessons, but the movie still follows a fairly predictable path to that conclusion. And there’s nothing wrong with predictable, especially in terms of Little, which is fun both because of and despite its predictability. Moviegoers looking for a solid comedy that helps them escape for a few hours will find just that in Little.

Ultimately, Little may not have reinvented the wheel of comedy but it’s perfect for fans of Oliver’s last film Girls Trip, or those who have followed Martin’s rise on Black-ish. Further, fans of Rae’s own HBO comedy Insecure will see her playing a similarly earnest and unsure character in Little. Anyone that was intrigued by the trailers for Little will find plenty to enjoy in the movie’s often uproarious comedy, which is effectively balanced by a touching story about growing up – one that reinforces a lesson both kids and adults likely need to learn. Little is a successful comedy and an entirely enjoyable experience at the theater that may get lost amid a month with so many big releases, but it provides some necessary counter-programming to the superhero blockbusters debuting in April.


Little is now playing in U.S. theaters nationwide. It is 109 minutes long and rated PG-13 for some suggestive content.

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Little Mermaid Hopeful Lindsay Lohan Shades Lea Michele Casting

Little Mermaid hopeful Lindsay Lohan has thrown some shade at Lea Michele’s casting. As Disney continues to find success with live-action remakes of some of their most popular animated titles, the arrival of a Little Mermaid remake is a certified hot-topic at the moment, thanks to some of its ongoing casting rumors.

As of this writing, nothing has been confirmed with regard to a Little Mermaid live-action remake, but Disney has been keeping busy with the IP lately, planning several special events for the 30th anniversary of one of their most successful animated films. A special 30th edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray of the film was just released at the tail end of this past February, complete with new bonus features; and next month in Los Angeles, a stage production of the beloved mermaid tale will run for two nights at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. So far, the production – called The Little Mermaid – An Immersive Live-to-Film Concert Experience – has been busy with casting, and Disney recently revealed that they’ve found their Ariel.

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Thanks to HuffPost, it’s been revealed that actress and musician Lea Michele will take on The Little Mermaid’s coveted lead role in the upcoming stage production. And while this will likely strike many as a great choice, at least one actress was feeling a little less than celebratory about the decision. When Disney relayed the news via their Instagram account with a photo of Ariel next to a smaller photo of Michele, Lohan decided to respond with, “Huh?” The full post can be seen below and Michele has not responded to Lohan’s apparent disbelief.

Last summer, Lohan had posted a photo of Ariel and sea witch Ursula, writing “My dream role with #MerylStreep” above the image. Clearly, Disney wasn’t interested in making that happen – at least not for this upcoming stage production – and the odds of it happening for the aforementioned live-action film remake are likely very slim. Michele, on the other hand, is a multi-Grammy nominated singer for her work on Glee and has a lengthy history of performing in stage productions from an early age.

It’s not surprising that Lohan is somewhat put off by the announcement that Michele has earned the role of Ariel. To date, her past behavior has caused her some problems, and despite what appears to be a genuine desire on her part to continue to work in film, it seems that solid roles are in short supply for the Mean Girls star these days. At the same time, not publicly responding at all to Michele’s appointment as Ariel likely would have been the better approach, regardless of her valid disappointment. For their part, however, Disney has done a good job in casting Michele, as she’s sure to bring something special to the role. It’s hardly strange to see why they would cast her. In fact, the only strange thing about Michele’s appointment as Ariel so far has been Lohan’s response.

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What To Expect From Big Little Lies Season 2

WARNING: Spoilers for Big Little Lies season 1.

Big Little Lies may have started as a one-off miniseries, but an overwhelmingly positive response from fans, critics, and award ceremonies alike prompted HBO to give it another go – but what can fans expect from season 2? Seeing as season 1 ended with equal parts crime and closure, there is plenty to explore once audiences return to the coast of Monterey Bay.

At the end of Big Little Lies’ first season, the murder mystery that had been spinning since episode 1 is finally unfurled. Following the glamorous trivia night fundraiser that takes up the bulk of the season finale, Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Jane (Shailene Woodley), Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz), and Renata (Laura Dern) all converge, ultimately coming together to defend Celeste from her abusive husband Perry (Alexander Skarsgård). Tension rises, truths are revealed, and the answer to the season-long murder mystery is finally revealed. Perry was the victim, and all five women were accessories to the crime.

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Now, where Big Little Lies season 1 was a murder mystery, season 2 is the aftermath. The show’s creator David E. Kelly is back; only this time, he’ll be crafting an original story inspired by Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name, as opposed to a direct adaptation, which was the case with season 1.

Big Little Lies Season 2 Release Date

Big Little Lies season 2 will premiere in June on HBO, though the network has yet to reveal a specific date. There has been a fairly significant gap between the two seasons, with season 1 premiering February 2017 and wrapping up in April. Since Big Little Lies was originally conceived as a miniseries, the show’s popularity encouraged Kelly to come up with a story to follow season 1’s success, which would likely explain the delay. That said, Moriarty did pen a small novella-style story as a kind of jumping off point.

Big Little Lies Season 2 Story

As satisfying as season 1’s finale might have been for its main cast of women, there were plenty of loose ends; not the least of which being the fact that there is a murder investigation underway. In Big Little Lies season 2, Meryl Streep joins the cast as Perry’s mother (and Celeste’s mother-in-law) Mary Louise Wright – not only to grieve and help look after her grandsons, but to possibly better understand what really happened to her son. That said, the main focus will revolve around the main quintet as they come together amid accusations.

Big Little Lies Season 2 Is The End

Big Little Lies season 2 will likely be the last, according to Kelly. At the TV Critics Association in California, he and some members of the cast discussed some elements of the show, and when asked whether or not it would continue, he said, “There is no such plan now. We like our closure at the end of season two, so that will probably be it.” Still, Witherspoon joked that Kelly said the same thing about season 1, so even though Big Little Lies season 2 is expected to be the end, there’s always a chance that it could continue.

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Harry Potter: 10 Little-Known Facts About The Longbottom Family

“Potterverse” is not an exaggerated term for the world J.K. Rowling has created. The Harry Potter series introduces the reader to hundreds of complex characters. Each could have their own series written about them, and they would be as deep and complex as the tales of Harry Potter. We’d especially love a series devoted to the Longbottom family.

Neville Longbottom has been a fan favorite since the first book debuted. Who doesn’t love an underdog story? When we first meet him, he’s shy, clumsy, and forgetful. He lives with his grandmother and nobody knows where his parents are. As the books progress, we learn more about the Longbottom family tree, from embarrassing secrets to heartbreaking tragedies. After reading this list, you may just find yourself tweeting to J.K. Rowling for a Longbottom series.

10 The Longbottom family thought Neville was a Squib

When Neville was a newborn, he didn’t show any signs of possessing magic powers…or so the Longbottoms thought. Baby Neville in fact had a high aptitude for magic. He just didn’t show it off. For example, when Neville had just been born, he used magic to warm himself by tightening the blankets around him. The midwife on sight assumed that Neville’s father Frank was the one to do it. She was the first in a long line of people underestimating Neville’s magical abilities.

9 Great-Uncle Algie almost killed Neville when he was a baby

It was a complete accident, of course. It was a result of the previously-mentioned belief that Neville was a Squib. This was a great source of embarrassment for some of the Longbottoms, as they are a proud pure-blood family. In a reverse-Salem Witch Trials, Algie was known to purposefully put Neville in danger, hoping that Neville would use his powers to save himself. One instance saw Algie holding baby Neville upside-down out of a window. Algie then grew distracted when his wife Enid offered him a slice of lemon meringue pie and dropped Neville out the window. Much to the relief (and pride) of the Longbottoms, Neville’s wizarding powers kicked in and he made a safe landing.

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It’s worth noting that Great-Uncle Algie isn’t entirely deranged. He’s the one who gave Neville his beloved pet toad, Trevor, in addition to other thoughtful presents.

8 As a student, Augusta Longbottom was dreadful at Charms but skilled at Transfiguration

Neville’s grandmother Augusta is forever giving the poor boy a hard time. She needles him, constantly pointing out his flaws and making Neville feel like an embarrassment to the Longbottom name. When Neville completes his O.W.L.’s, Augusta scoffs at his high Charms mark and subsequently scolds him for his mediocre Transfiguration grade.

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Professor McGonagall kindly reveals to Neville that Augusta failed her own Charms O.W.L.. McGonagall encourages Neville to pursue his interests and natural talents, rather than follow the path that Augusta carved out for him.

7 Voldemort chose to attack baby Harry over Neville based on a prophecy

Sybill Trelawney told Dumbledore the prophecy about the birth of the one “to vanquish the Dark Lord”, who was to be born at the end of July. This described both Harry and Neville. Voldemort caught wind of this prophecy and chose to go after Harry. This is because, like Voldemort, Harry is half-blooded. Voldemort saw himself in Harry and thus was more afraid of him. We all know the Dark Lord failed in his attempt to kill Harry and the rest is history. The Potterverse would have looked a whole lot different had Voldemort set his sights on Neville. Maybe he would have died. Or maybe the series would become…the Longbottomverse.

6 Frank and Alice Longbottom were members of the original Order of the Phoenix

Neville’s parents were highly skilled Aurors and instrumental figures in fighting against Voldemort in the First Wizarding War. For their abilities and loyalty, the Longbottoms were recruited by Dumbledore to join the Order of the Phoenix. Alas, the outcome of this brave commitment would not end well. Frank and Alice were tortured to insanity by the Cruciatus Curse performed by Bellatrix Lestrange and a gang of Death Eaters. Though they survived, Frank and Alice were both committed to St. Mungo’s Hospital. Though Neville visits when he can, neither parent recognizes their son. Though they don’t appear much in the series, the heroic efforts of Frank and Alice Longbottom are considered some of the bravest of all.

5 Neville saw his grandfather die

Neville’s family history is, to say the least, quite traumatic. Not only do his parents not recognize him, but he witnessed his grandfather die. Little is known about Grandfather Longbottom, including how he met his end. What we do know is that, like Luna Lovegood, Neville is able to see Thestrals—winged horses—and they are only visible to those who have witnessed death. We know that Neville was raised solely by Augusta, so the departure of Grandfather Longbottom had to have occurred early in Neville’s life. After all this unspeakable family horror, it is a true testament to Neville’s character that he’s as cheerful as he is.

4 Alice may realize that Neville is her son

We know the grim fate of Frank and Alice Longbottom. Poor Neville has to experience his own parents not recognizing him every time he goes to visit. However, there is one faint glimmer of hope.

During every visit, Alice makes a point of giving Neville a gum wrapper. It is obviously Alice’s way of demonstrating kindness and even if she can’t say the words, she knows somewhere in her mind that she has a special bond with Neville. Neville keeps every single wrapper. J.K. Rowling has said that this interaction between mother and son was based on a person she knew, whose mother was living with Alzheimer’s.

3 Augusta Longbottom is stronger than you think

She may be the mean, Howler-sending granny with the ridiculous handbag, but Augusta Longbottom has some serious fighting moves. When Voldemort came back into power, Neville was instrumental in leading the rebellion against him at Hogwarts. In an attempt to quell his efforts, Auror John Dawlish (under Voldemort’s command) was sent to Augusta’s home to capture her.

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However, Dawlish didn’t realize what he was in for. Augusta easily used her magic to best him and he suffered injuries so severe he had to be taken to hospital. Augusta escaped, but rejoined her grandson for the Battle of Hogwarts. Both survived and Augusta was instilled with a sense of newfound pride for Neville and his bravery.

2 Harry couldn’t have defeated Voldemort without Neville

True, Harry had several allies aid him in vanquishing the Dark Lord. However, Neville played an especially pivotal role. As the battle progressed, the only Horcrux left to be destroyed was Nagini the snake.

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As Neville fought valiantly in the Battle of Hogwarts, he proved to be a true Gryffindor and as a result, the Sword of Gryffindor appeared to him in the Sorting Hat. Neville swiftly used it to chop off Nagini’s head. With all Horcruxes destroyed, Voldemort was no longer immortal and Harry was finally able to destroy his foe once and for all.

1 Neville was (briefly) an Auror

Neville Longbottom put up with a lot of grief, by both friends and enemies. He was told repeatedly that he wasn’t good enough. But Neville proved everybody wrong. In small doses, Neville learned to stand up for himself. He may not have been an ace student, but he excelled in Herbology.

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In the days of Dumbledore’s Army, Neville was one of the quickest learners. He put his life at risk for others on more than one occasion. Neville proved he had abilities and beyond to follow in his parents’ footsteps and become an Auror. He was, for awhile. But in the end, Neville chose a more peaceful life and became the Professor of Herbology at Hogwarts. He married Hannah Abbott and the couple lived above the Leaky Cauldron.

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