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How Return of the Living Dead Connects to George Romero’s Zombie Movies

Return of the Living Dead isn’t just a comedic knockoff of George Romero’s classic zombie movies, it actually connects directly to them. The first major zombie comedy, Return of the Living Dead paved the way for future blends of laughs with the ravenous undead, such as Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, and Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive. Whereas Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead played a zombie apocalypse mostly serious, Return of the Living Dead turned the scenario into a wild party, full of punk rock music, wild costumes, slapstick physical gags, and a knowing wink at the audience.

If Romero’s movies are a warning about what humans might devolve into when faced with a contagion that can’t be stopped, and a threat that can’t be reasoned with, Return of the Living Dead is a celebration of how stupidly people might act when faced with zombies, and humanity’s unlimited potential for self-destruction. One need only look at Return of the Living Dead‘s hilariously dark ending, in which the entire town of Louisville is vaporized with nukes in order to stop the spread of the zombie uprising.

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As different as the two movies are though, Return of the Living Dead is directly related to Romero’s movies in more ways than one. Not only is Return of the Living Dead connected in-universe to Romero’s zombies, it’s also connected offscreen as well.

Early on in Return of the Living Dead, Freddy (Thom Matthews), a new employee at the amusingly named Uneeda Medical Supply Warehouse, is taken aside by his supervisor Frank (James Karen) and shown around the place. As part of his orientation, Frank reveals to Freddy that George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead was actually based on a real-life case in which an accidental release of the chemical 2-4-5 Trioxin caused zombies to rise in Pittsburgh. The U.S. military managed to contain the outbreak and mostly cover up what happened, although details ended up leaking somehow. According to Frank, the military agreed to let Romero make Night of the Living Dead as long as the specifics of the event were changed and the filmmaker denied any knowledge of the real occurrence. A barrel of Trioxin accidentally sent to Uneeda after the incident of course leads to Return of the Living Dead‘s zombie problem.

While that’s the in-universe connection between the two properties, Return of the Living Dead‘s existence is actually a direct result of Romero and his collaborator John A. Russo going their separate ways after Night of the Living Dead. Russo got to keep the Living Dead name and do what he wanted with it, while Romero got to make his own zombie sequels elsewhere. Russo wrote a novel called Return of the Living Dead, then adapted it into a script. However when Dan O’Bannon was brought on to direct the film, he decided to toss most of Russo’s story out, turning what was a serious follow-up to Night into the comedy that horror fans now know and love.

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Return Of The Living Dead Films Ranked, Worst To Best

The Return of the Living Dead series of gory zombie films produced some great entries and some awful ones, and here’s how they stack up. When it comes to zombie movies, there’s basically the works of George A. Romero, and everything else. With 1968’s Night of the Living Dead, Romero essentially invented the zombie sub-genre as we know it today, and every piece of zombie pop culture since owes Romero some level of creative debt, from The Walking Dead to World War Z.

What some fans may not know is that Return of the Living Dead actually began life as a sequel to Night of the Living Dead. Following the production of that film, Romero and collaborator John A. Russo agreed to part ways, with Russo retaining the rights to the “Living Dead” part of the title, and Romero having freedom to make his own zombie follow-ups elsewhere. Russo wrote a novel called Return of the Living Dead, and then a script based on that novel. However, when Alien writer Dan O’Bannon was hired to direct, he insisted on drastically rewriting Russo’s screenplay, in an attempt to not tread too heavily on Romero’s territory.

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Thus, what had began life as a serious-minded sequel to Night of the Living Dead became what would go on to be a landmark in the horror/comedy world. There have been five Return of the Living Dead films made to date, and here’s how they rank, worst to best.

One of two belated Return of the Living Dead sequels filmed back to back in Romania and Ukraine, Necropolis centers on a group of teens who accidentally unleash a horde of zombies while attempting to rescue their friend from the experiments of a malevolent corporation. An absolutely terrible film in every respect, Necropolis does everything bad, even managing to get a dreadful performance out of veteran character actor Peter Coyote. To top things off, the zombies here act differently then in prior entries, and the film even spells Trioxin wrong.

Shot on the same sets, using the same cast – even Coyote, who again is terrible and looks ashamed to be there – Rave to the Grave is only better than Necropolis by the slimmest of margins. The cast appear to be playing the same characters, but bizarrely, don’t seem to have lived through the prior film, having no knowledge of zombies. It’s a baffling creative choice, in a sequel with many of those. The plot, such as it is, sees “Tryoxin” turned into a street drug, which gets college kids super high, then turns them into zombies.

With the abysmal Necropolis and Rave to the Grave out of the way, we get to the Return of the Living Dead movies that are worth watching. 1988’s Return of the Living Dead Part 2 is a flawed effort, but compared to Necropolis and Rave to the Grave, it’s a revelation. Most of the original film’s cast returns, albeit as new characters, since Louisville was blown up to contain the zombie outbreak at the end of the first film. Those efforts were for naught though, as a barrel of Trioxin falls off a military truck and starts the cycle all over again. Part 2 isn’t nearly as good as the first, in either the horror or humor departments, but it’s also far from unwatchable.

Directed by Brian Yuzna (the Re-Animator franchise), Return of the Living Dead 3 is vastly different than the first two, featuring all new characters, and seemingly no connection to the first film outside of Trioxin creating zombies. This could’ve spelled doom, but thankfully, what’s offered up instead is quite good. Return of the Living Dead 3 ditches the comedy for a tragic, almost Romeo and Juliet-esque romance between boy and his newly turned zombie girlfriend. Full of great practical gore, cool-looking zombies, and likeable actors, this sequel has rightfully earned a large cult following.

Arguably the best zombie comedy ever, and one of the first, The Return of the Living Dead just works extremely well. The pace is fast, the jokes are funny, the zombies are really cool looking – most notably the Tarman, pictured above – and the cast is easy to enjoy spending time with. Add to that a punk rock party vibe, and The Return of the Living Dead remains just as entertaining today as it was 35 years ago.

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Michael Kennedy

Love Is Blind: Lauren May Have Confirmed Living With Cameron

Netflix’s Love is Blind is all anyone is talking about and fans are scouring social media for clues as to the relationship status of the remaining couples. The stars have been tight-lipped and none more than Cameron and Lauren, but did Lauren accidentally give away the answers on her social media?

From the minute the show aired fans have been googling to find out who is still together. As can be expected the couples don’t answer any questions and their social media pages are intentionally void of their matches. As a fan-favorite couple, Cameron and Lauren are under extreme scrutiny. Last week, fans thought they’d found something when they noticed a photo on her Instagram with an engagement ring. However, people quickly pointed out that that photo was dated back in October during the filming of the show and fans already knew from the last episodes that they were engaged. The real question everyone was looking for the answer to is are they together following the end of taping. Rumor has it, the show wrapped up taping back in 2018. This means any clues will come from posts after that. Some noticed posts in the same gym. Again possibly a clue but audiences already know the stars all hang out together still and they all live in Atlanta.

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However, on close scrutiny of the photos from Lauren’s social media, it appears she may have accidentally given away what people are dying to know. While audiences won’t know for certain until the finale airs on Thursday if the couple walked down the aisle, even that will only give so much information. Did they call off the marriage but stay engaged? Did they call it off and never speak? Did they reunite? Did they get married then end it shortly after taping? More than anything fans just want to know if they are still together. While this may not answer many of the detailed questions it appears Lauren’s social media can answer at least the most burning of questions. It appears they are as of January living together. On the left is a screenshot from episode 6 of Love is Blind, when Cameron was giving Lauren tour of his Atlanta home and on the right is Lauren’s Instagram picture posted on January 17th.

During episode 6, fans got to see both Lauren’s apartment and Cameron’s beautiful house. The social media post that shows Lauren wearing an engagement ring fits the timeline of when this would have been happening, so while the balcony the photo was taken on looks suspiciously like Cameron’s upstairs balcony. Again it fits and tells no new information. But eagle-eyed fans noticed right away that several photos were taken in what looked to clearly be Cameron’s home and those are dated as late as mid-January, long after filming would have wrapped. Due to the distinct stair railing, the layout of the home, even the positioning of the thermostat, fans were certain the photos were taken in Cameron’s home. In the photos below, there is a picture showing the two light switches and thermostat from a screenshot from Love is Blind and on the right is a picture Lauren posted to her Instagram on January 11th.

While a bit of a spoiler, no one is complaining at all about what looks like evidence that America’s new favorite reality TV couple is still together. As shows like The Masked Singer have found out, the internet is full of obsessed fans whose sleuthing skills make it near impossible to keep anything a secret. But with a hit like Love is Blind, this unintentionally leaked information is a good sign that the formula they’ve come up with is working. Fans are engaged by the material and if this proves what they think it does, then there is at least one success story from their premiere season and even one puts them at the top when it comes to matchmaking reality TV marriage success rates.

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Love is Blind season finale airs this Thursday on Netflix.

Source: Lauren Speed

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No Man’s Sky Update Adds Creepy Living Ships With Tentacle Cockpits

The new update for No Man’s Sky is adding living ships that can be upgraded using organic materials. The creepy living ships are a part of update 2.3 that released yesterday, and is available for download now.

No Man’s Sky has had an amazing turn around in the last year. The things that were originally promised to fans were so extravagant that they seemed to good to be true. This proved to be an accurate assumption, as No Man’s Sky was a massive disappointment upon release. Most of the ideas that were promised didn’t make it into the game, and a lot of the gameplay was repetitive. Several free updates have been provided since launch, and now it has truly become the game that was originally promised. The expansive No Man’s Sky NEXT Update has utterly changed the game in a way that hardly resembles the original launch title.

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The creator of No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray, took to Twitter yesterday to announce everything that would be coming with the new update. The Living Ship aspect is probably the biggest change that the update is introducing, as the sentient star ships can now be added to player’s fleets. These ships are fleshy ship shaped creatures that even have a tentacle covered cockpit. Additionally, players can upgrade these ships with organic materials and hatch new ships from eggs.

There are other important aspects to this update as well. Players will have access to a string of new missions called “Starbirth” that give background infromation for how and why the Living Ships were created. While traveling through star systems there will also be brand new creatures and objects that players can encounter. One of the more interesting features though is that NPCs can now hail the player’s ship, and will either sell items, request assistance, or even engage players with more nefarious intentions. Finally, this update is also adding in several quality of life features and bug fixes to optimize No Man’s Sky.

Those who have only played No Man’s Sky after several updates may find it hard to believe that the game used to be so bad. The title quickly went from one of the biggest gaming disappointments of all time to one of the most interesting space exploring titles ever. The new Living Ship update is incredibly creepy and odd, but it also fits perfectly in No Man’s Sky’s extremely odd world.

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No Man’s Sky can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Sean Murray and No Man’s Sky

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Cody Peterson

Living Dark: The Story Of Ted The Caver Adapts Creepypasta’s Eeriest Story

Living Dark: The Story Of Ted The Caver turned one of creepypasta’s most famous stories into a movie. Creepypastas are horror stories that became popular due to the rise of the internet and they usually take the form of urban legends told from first-person accounts. Slender Man is the most iconic creepypasta creation and is a lanky, faceless creature who was photoshopped into various pictures before a lore started building up around him. He later cropped up in games like Slender: The Eight Pages; he also received a poorly reviewed movie in 2018’s Slender Man.

Other famous creepypasta stories include “lost” Simpsons episode “Dead Bart,” “NES Godzilla Creepypasta,” and “Jeff The Killer,” with the latter revolving around a creepy looking serial killer. Despite their popularity, there haven’t been many movies or shows created from these tales. One of the best would be TV series Channel Zero, an anthology horror show where each season used a different creepypasta as inspiration. Season 1 adapted the popular “Candle Cove” story and Channel Zero came to an end after season 4.

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One of the eeriest creepypasta’s is 2000’s Ted’s Caving Page – AKA “Ted The Caver” – which finds the title character and his friend “B” opening and exploring a virgin cave system. The story is a real slow burn, with the tension and dread building the more Ted and his friend explore the cave. It ends on an ambiguous note and it’s never confirmed if what Ted is experiencing was real or imagined. What made the tale so effective was the build, with the story unspooling over multiple entries before it turns into Descent-style horror.

The structure of this creepypasta would be hard to translate into a movie, which was proven with 2013’s Living Dark: The Story Of Ted The Caver. This adaptation revolves around two brothers who reunite following the death of their father and finding a nearby, unexplored cave system. Living Dark: The Story Of Ted The Caver features two solid performances from its leads and some good scenes of tension, including a character getting stuck in a very narrow passage.

Sadly, it isn’t nearly as effective as the original tale and Living Dark: The Story Of Ted The Caver’s twist sucked a lot of the psychological tension from the plot. The original story was ambiguous but Living Dark’s explanation for what’s in the cave leaves much to be desired. That said, for a low-budget independent production it features some effective chills. For horror fans who haven’t experienced the original “Ted The Caver,” it’s Angelfire page is still up and is definitely worth the time investment.

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Padraig Cotter

Venom: THE END Makes Eddie Brock The Last Living Human

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom: The End

Marvel’s The End comic one shots explore potential final chapters for a variety of different characters in the Marvel Universe, imagining what it would be like if characters could actually have ends, deaths, and closing arcs (instead of essentially never dying, with only temporary changes to their status quo). In Venom: The End, fans get to see the Venom symbiote make its last stand, all while desperately trying to protect its favorite host, Eddie Brock.

At present, Venom (and Eddie) are at war with Carnage, but their relationship has certainly had its ups and downs over the years. While the Venom symbiote has moved onto other hosts such as Mac Gargan or Flash Thompson, it always finds its way back to Brock. Eddie has always seemed to be the symbiote’s favorite, and Venom: The End confirms it… with Eddie Brock earning the distinction of being the last living human in the future, thanks to the symbiote’s efforts.

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Venom: The End is written by Adam Warren with art by Jeffrey Cruz, and the closing chapter they craft for Venom is a wild one. In the distant future, rogue A.I are taking over and assimilating large portions of bio-organic life, intent on eventually assimilating and taking over all of existence. The Venom symbiote, who needs a bio-life host to bond with to keep on living, obviously doesn’t want that to happen. He ends up going to war with the A.I. forces, creating his own symbiotically bonded bio-life army to combat them. But before then, it’s a fear of being alone that fuels the symbiote.

In Venom: The Endreaders learn that the Venom symbiote does everything it can to prolong Eddie Brock’s life and keep their bond alive. Through Venom, Eddie lives well past old age. When any of his organs failed, the symbiote would replace them with Venomized equivalents. When the neurons in Brock’s brain go dead, Venom replaces them too. What follows is tragic and horrific all at the same time: Brock’s own memories become a warped and venomized hodge podge, the retention of his very personality and soul being harder and harder for the symbiote to maintain.

Eventually, after prolonging Brock’s life for centuries and eons, Venom finally lets Eddie go. The symbiote removes the Venomized life support system it had created, leaving barely a husk behind. With that, Eddie Brock, the last human alive, finally dies. Venom then goes on to fight the rogue A.I armies in the most crazy way possible, using the powers of previous super powered hosts in order to multiply himself and travel through time in order to bond with every living thing on earth all throughout the timeline in order to fight the inevitable techno horde.

While the hyperextension of Brock’s life is horrific in its own right, there is a twinge of sadness and endearment to it. After all, it’s not just any human life Venom is trying to prolong. It’s the one that’s been with him the most, and with which it formed its strongest connection. Venom’s struggle to keep him alive isn’t just about its own survival, its also about preserving its most beloved companion and friend. While the issue does continue to the symbiote’s war against the A.I. fiends, and even Venom’s own sacrifice, this final farewell to Eddie Brock is a moment no fan will forget. Readers can find the full credits and plot synopsis below:

  • Release Date: January 15th, 2020
  • Written by: Adam Warren
  • Art by: Chamba
  • Cover by: Rahzzah
  • THE FINAL VENOM STORY! The alien symbiote who bonded with Eddie Brock has been through a lot… but not nearly as much as he has coming. In a tale that literally spans over a trillion years, Venom travels the length of space and time as the last defender of life in the universe!

Venom: The End is on comic book store shelves now.

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Kevin Erdmann

How Night of the Living Dead Accidentally Became Public Domain

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is one of the most popular horror films ever, but an unfortunate error accidentally made it public domain. With Night of the Living Dead, Romero created the zombie as we know it today, a walking corpse with little intelligence that craves the flesh of the living. Without Night of the Living Dead, there would be no The Walking Dead, Zombieland, or hundreds of other zombie movies and TV shows. When it comes to zombies, Romero is the godfather.

Romero would of course go on to direct five other zombie films, although most had no explicit connection to each other. Many would argue his greatest was Night‘s sequel, Dawn of the Dead, although Day of the Dead also has its diehard fans. While Romero might’ve preferred he not just be known as the guy who makes zombie movies, most of them are so good it’s easy to see why he’s so closely identified with the sub-genre.

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Unfortunately, despite Night of the Living Dead‘s massive success, Romero never really got the respect from Hollywood he truly deserved, if only because his independent spirit made him reluctant to compromise his creative visions to fit studio mandates. Romero also never achieved the massive fortune he rightfully earned by co-writing and directing Night of the Living Dead, due to a ridiculous error by the film’s initial distributor.

Night of the Living Dead today exists within the public domain, meaning copies of the film are free to watch and share. That’s why the film has had dozens of home video releases by different companies, as all they had to do is acquire a copy of the film, and then they could freely release it without cutting any kind of deal with Romero or his collaborators. Night of the Living Dead being public domain is the fault of the film’s distributor, who didn’t put the required copyright notice on the theatrical prints. This error occurred after the film’s title was changed from its original moniker Night of the Flesh Eaters. Prints with that title contained the copyright notice, but when new prints were created using the title Night of the Living Dead, the copyright notice was forgotten.

As the late, great George Romero lamented publicly on more than one occasion, Night of the Living Dead‘s copyright snafu ended up costing him untold amounts of money in both the short and long term. Night of the Living Dead made over $30 million at the box office, a massive sum for the late 1960s that Romero saw little of. Romero also didn’t make any money off of most of the aforementioned home video releases, outside of some by more reputable companies that saw fit to involve Romero in their products. Night of the Living Dead also saw multiple theatrical re-releases. Somewhat ironically though, it’s Night of the Living Dead‘s freely available nature that helped it become the revered classic it is today, as easy access and constant TV airings ensured that more and more people saw the film.

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Michael Kennedy

Netflix’s Living With Yourself: 10 Sci-Fi Comedies To Watch When You’re Done Binging Season 1

Released earlier this month on Netflix, Living with Yourself is a dark science-fiction comedy starring Paul Rudd. It tells the story of a man who gets cloned through a strange treatment and the superior clone takes over his life.

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With only one season available and decent reviews thus far, there’s a strong possibility Living with Yourself may get a second season. Though that isn’t guaranteed, given Netflix’s history with canceling shows after one season. In the meantime, here is a list of other science-fiction comedy shows to check out after watching the first season of Living with Yourself.

10 Weird City

In addition to the 2019 Twilight Zone reboot, Jordan Peele also co-created the YouTube Premium show Weird City. Set in the city of Weird, the show tells several anthology-style stories about its citizens who are divided by class and a physical barrier known as the Line.

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Chock-full of science-fiction cliches and references, it changes things up in ways one would least expect in each episode. While there are only six episodes currently, Weird City has “Some wonderfully charming sci-fi comedy/dramedy” according to Forbes magazine. Plus, the series has a star-studded cast including LeVar Burton, Micheal Cera, and Mark Hamill, among others.

9 The Strangerers

A hidden gem among British comedies, this short-lived sci-fi series stars Mark Williams and Jack Docherty. Though these names probably do not sound familiar to most people, Williams played Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films while Docherty has written and produced several British comedy shows.

Together, they play a pair of aliens that are sent to Earth on a mission to learn more about it. However, their supervisor gets accidentally beheaded, forcing the two to fend for themselves. Released in the year 2000, the series had a cliffhanger ending and hasn’t had a proper DVD release. Fortunately, all the episodes are available on YouTube for those who are interested in checking it out.

8 Other Space

Though YouTube Premium may have proven its own worth against the likes of Netflix and Hulu, it wasn’t the first website spinoff to produce original content. In 2011, there was Yahoo! View, which made web shows such as Other Space before it was shut down in 2015.

Created by Paul Feig, who also directed Bridesmaids, Other Space is about the incompetent crew of a spaceship called the UMP Cruiser being thrust into another universe. Much like Star Trek: Voyager, the show follows the crew’s adventures in this new universe as they try to return home. Currently, all eight episodes of the series are available on Yahoo!

7 Mork & Mindy

Before he was known as the Genie from Aladdin, let alone the title character of Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams’ first major role was the humanoid alien Mork. Though the character debuted on an episode of Happy Days, this served as the backdoor pilot for the show Mork & Mindy.

A science-fiction-themed sitcom that ran on ABC in the late ’70s and early ’80s, the show focused on Mork learning about Earth’s customs while living with his human roommate Mindy. With four seasons total, Mork & Mindy made the phrase “Na-Nu Na-Nu” popular and jumpstarted Robin’s career as a comedic actor.

6 The Last Man on Earth

Not to be confused with the ’60s movie of the same name starring Vincent Price, The Last Man on Earth TV series is similar to it only in that they’re dystopian-themed. Otherwise, it’s a completely different story as there are no vampires in it.

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The show begins with a virus that wipes out nearly everyone on Earth and follows the escapades of a man named Phil Miller (played by Will Forte of Saturday Night Live fame). In spite of its dark premise, its comedic elements have been critically praised. After four seasons, the show was canceled, though it can be watched through streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

5 Future Man

As demonstrated by the success of shows such as Stranger Things, nostalgia for the ’80s is on the rise. So naturally, Hulu tried its hand at a science-fiction series with nostalgic themes, with Future Man debuting in 2017.

Starring Josh Hutcherson, who portrayed Peeta in the Hunger Games movies, Future Man tells the story of an ordinary janitor that beats an old video game. In doing so, he’s forced to save the world, resulting in comedic time-traveling antics. With two seasons available, the series has been renewed for a third and final season.

4 Eureka

While most science-fiction stories have one or two genius inventors, imagine a whole town occupied by scientific geniuses. That, in a nutshell, is the premise for Eureka, which ran on the Syfy channel during the mid-2000s. After five seasons, though, the show was canceled despite plans for a sixth season.

Set in the town of the same name, the show was about a US Marshal who stumbles upon Eureka by accident and reluctantly becomes the town’s sheriff. From there, it’s a series of hilarious antics involving different inventions, including a couple of longer story arcs.

3 3rd Rock from the Sun

While Mork & Mindy may have been one of the earliest sitcoms to involve extraterrestrials posing as humans on Earth, it certainly wasn’t the last. In the ’90s, for instance, we got 3rd Rock from the Sun, which ran for six seasons on NBC.

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Starring John Lithgow, Jane Curtin, and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the show revolved around an extraterrestrial research expedition to Earth consisting of four members. There, they pose as a human family called the Solomons while attempting to understand Earth culture. Due to their unfamiliarity with Earth’s customs and sense of superiority over humans, this often led to humorous situations.

2 Misfits

In an age where superheroes are popular in television and movies, one has to admire the outliers that not only subvert superhero cliches but also make fun of them. Some recent examples include Amazon’s The Boys and The Tick, with the former being more cynical of superheroes than the latter. Before those recent shows, there was Misfits.

Released from 2009 to 2013 with five seasons total, this British comedy series revolved around a group of junior criminal offenders who gain superpowers following an electric storm. From there, it has them trying to complete their community service while coming to terms with the powers themselves.

1 Red Dwarf

Every now and then, a TV show that gains a cult following becomes popular in the mainstream sense. One of these was the BBC sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, which originally broadcasted during the late ’80s and most of the ’90s before being revived in 2009 and continuing to this day.

Set in the distant future, the show involves the last human in the universe waking up from suspended animation following a radiation leak on board the Red Dwarf mining ship. From there, he gets involved in a series of misadventures while being accompanied by a living hologram a humanoid feline and an android.

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Ursula Nizalowski

Property Brothers Publishing Magazine About Decor, Home Reno, & ‘Living Life to the Fullest’

The stars of Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are pushing the envelope for what’s possible for them by moving in a new direction – the magazine business. The magazine they are launching, still unnamed, will consist of tips on decor, home reno, and most importantly about “living life to the fullest.”

Property Brothers, a staple of HGTV since 2011, consists of twin brothers Jonathan and Drew who help couples transform their fixer-uppers into dream homes, with the help of older brother JD, they use 3D programing to imagine how they will transform the space. Then, the potential home buyers decide whether to take the risk on the renovation or not. In their new spinoff, Property Brothers: Forever Home, the original concept is flipped on its head, as the families they work with have already decided on their home as being “the one.”

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According to People, the 41-year-old twin brothers are now adding more ventures to their portfolio, as they are launching their new lifestyle magazine that will hit newsstands in January 2020. The HGTV stars partnered with Meredith Corporation, which just so happens to be People’s parent company, on a quarterly print publication. The brothers are planning to announce the name of their magazine in the next few weeks will be available in the new year for $9.99 per issue or $20 for an annual subscription of four issues. The brothers are very excited about their new venture. Jonathan said in a press release, “We love print and have always wanted to extend our message of living life to the fullest through this medium.”

Drew added, “For us, it’s always been about taking the small, simple steps that earn big results at home, work, rest and play.” He continued, “With a platform like this, we get to develop a consistent and thoughtful way of sharing great ideas and actionable insights with our audiences.” The subject matter for the magazine is very diverse, but it will primarily focus on subjects the Property Brothers are known for, such as home renovation and home decor. According to the press release, there will also be exclusive insight into the HGTV stars’ love of “entertaining, family, food, gardening, outdoor living, wellness, music, travel and more.” The magazine will also showcase bold photography and a limited amount of advertisements that will give the readers a unique magazine experience.

It seems that the Property Brothers were inspired by fellow HGTV stars, Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines and their publication that is also a lifestyle quarterly – Magnolia Journal. It seems the Property Brothers’ empire will just continue to grow as they will reach more and more people with their magazine. Fans will have to look out for the publication hitting newsstands this new year, until then, they can get their home renovation fix by watching the twins on Property Brothers.

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Source: People

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Julia Odom