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When we stop and think about it, Boy Meets World wasn’t this groundbreaking TV show that was created to change lives. It was about a “normal” family living outside of Philadelphia and how they handled the punches that come with growing up.

We watched the Matthews family go through their ups and downs with noble characters alongside them like Topanga, Shawn, Mr. Feeny, and even Minkus. As ’90s babies, we were all glued to the love story that was between Cory and Topanga and wished we had a teacher (and mentor) as awesome as Mr. Feeny.

However, throughout the seven seasons and 158 episodes, there were a few head-scratching moments about our favorite characters on screen. Although fans loved tuning in every week to watch the latest Boy Meets World plot, over time there were a few inconsistencies that never ironed themselves out. For starters, did the writers think fans wouldn’t notice that they changed Topanga’s mom’s name a few times? Or that Shawn had one too many siblings he just couldn’t keep track of? Keep reading for more things that make no sense about our favorite ’90s show.

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But seriously… Did you notice that the age of this group changed a few times during its seven-season run? Granted, the cast did start filming when they were young, making it the perfect scenario to watch this group of friends (and families) grow older and handle the complexities that come with teenagehood.

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The writers didn’t handle their school years in the best way, though. In the 1993-1994 school year, our favorite group of kids were in the sixth grade. However, two years later in the show, this group was entering their junior year in high school! If that’s the timeline writers were hoping to go with then why did writers say they were set to graduate in 1998? Furthermore, in another flub, Mr. Feeny even called them the class of 2000. So…which is it?


If you’ve been watching reruns of this iconic family show, you may notice one re-appearing actor. The strange thing about this actor is that he doesn’t play one reoccurring role… he played three different roles. We’re assuming casting directors wouldn’t think fans would notice?

Willie Garson (Sex and the City’s Stanford Blatch) played a man named Leonard (who was an assistant manager), a Merrill Lynch employee named Mervyn, and—fast forward a couple of years—he’s the actual minister who marries our favorite couple: Cory and Topanga!


If you’re as obsessed with Boy Meets World as the rest of us then you have to remember the iconic moment when Topanga moves away to Pittsburgh with her family but, somehow, shows up knocking on Cory’s door sopping wet. It was a tender moment between these sweethearts.

She tells Cory she ran away from home to see him. The part that doesn’t add up is Pittsburg is over 300 miles from Philly… Is she telling us she hitchhiked or walked over 300 miles to be with her high school sweetheart?! Even if she did drive, that’s a long car ride and there’s no way she could have gotten to Cory in the timeframe she gave him.


Mr. Turner was the flawless “bad boy” teacher at John Adams High School. Being the “cool” teacher, Cory and co. really bonded with him outside of the classroom — especially Shawn.

However, in the fourth season in an episode called “Cult Fiction,” Mr. Turner gets in a horrible accident where he’s bed-ridden in a hospital. And yet….that was it. Throughout the rest of the series, there was no mention of his treatment plan or anything. As an important character in the show, this blindsided fans. The spinoff, Girl Meets World, gives us more details on this flub but still!


In the first season, we’re introduced to Nebula Lawrence — Topanga’s older sister. She’s literally in one episode and makes an appearance at the Matthews’ front door.

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After this, we never see or hear of Nebula again. Topanga is even referred to as an “only child” later in the series as well. Again, did writers think we wouldn’t notice? What’s even funnier is the actress who portrays Nebula—Krystee Clark—shows up in season two as an ice skater named Valorie!


Best friends with Topanga, Angela made a great addition to this group of friends. It was almost too good to be true when Shawn and Angela became lovers because it was best friends hanging out with best friends.

The more Angela appeared, the more we learned of her family. Her dad was a “revolutionist” who was always traveling; however, when we first meet him, he’s actually the same actor who portrayed one of Shawn’s college professors…


In season three’s “The Happiest Show on Earth” shows Topanga in Disney World on vacation after winning a trip. In an effort to win her back after a fight, Cory and Shawn grab a plane ticket to Disney. It was a magical episode considering we see our favorite group of friends running around Disney.

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However, in season five’s “The Witches of Pennbrook,” Cory and Topanga are planning a trip when it’s said that this is Topanga’s first flight. Um… Did Topanga also walk to Florida from Pennsylvania as well?


The friendship between Cory and Shawn is truly one for the books. They are both so unique and different from one another yet mesh so perfectly. While watching the series, we hear that these two have been BFFs since they were little, but that doesn’t make sense because Mr. Feeny once said Shawn Hunter moved to the area when he was 12 years old…

In the show, we’ve definitely seen these two together plotting and scheming when they were under 12 years old.


Do you remember when Cory was given the duty of cleaning out his garage and building a yard sale? Instead of asking his brother Eric to help him, he asks his best friend Shawn and girlfriend Topanga to help instead.

Upset that they’re looking through his family’s memories without him, Eric goes into a rant about Cory. Cory, apparently, always “shuts” Eric out but that doesn’t really make sense… As the older brother, Eric is always acting too cool to hang with Cory — especially when girls were around. This was not a Cory problem, it was an Eric problem.


We meet Shawn’s half-brother, Jack, in season five. He’s similar to Shawn in a lot of ways and even becomes BFFs with Eric Matthew. Knowing his rough background, fans were proud when he got into college — the same college as Eric.

However, it appears both Eric and Jack graduated Pennbrook University in just three years — a year earlier than most undergraduates. This is incredibly surprising considering both of these hilarious characters weren’t the brightest bulbs in the room. We’ll blame this on another writing flub.

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Layne Gibbons

GreedFall Review: Colonial Age Meets Dragon Age in Solid Action RPG

GreedFall is a solid if not especially remarkable game, with an engaging story in a unique setting that borrows heavily from real history, and is sure to be satisfying to those in need of a BioWare-style, action RPG fix.

GreedFall is a new action role-playing game that puts players in the shoes of a 17th century explorer leaving the old world for a newly discovered land, Teer Fradree. The mission is to discover a cure for a disease that is ravaging the home continent, but doing so inevitably finds players caught between the different factions vying for control in the new world. Using not just fighting skills but stealth, diplomacy, and even magic, players will navigate a political minefield as they search for the cure while also unraveling a greater mystery about Teer Fradree.

GreedFall is an RPG very much in the vein of BioWare’s Dragon Age series, rewarding player choice and offering a variety of play styles, but with a combat system that feels less polished and navigation that can, at times, frustrate. Regardless, GreedFall offers a strongly-researched and creative spin on the Colonial Age, mixing together real world politics and technology with more traditional fantasy for a unique setting. The story GreedFall uses this world to tell isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, but the game’s focus on choice allows for player actions to have an impact on how the story progresses. GreedFall is a solid if not especially remarkable game, with an engaging story in a unique setting that borrows heavily from real history, and is sure to be satisfying for those in need of a BioWare-style, action RPG fix.

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Developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive, GreedFall is an RPG that allows for a lot of customization in not only how a player character looks but how they fight. The game begins with players sitting for a portrait, a neat story mechanic that sets up character customization. There is quite of bit of freedom here to tweak a character’s appearance, including gender, facial structure, skin tone, hair, etc., but there are also several presets for those who prefer to just pick a look and get on with it.

GreedFall offers three classes – Warrior, Technical, and Magic – but this doesn’t limit how players can develop the trees of those classes once selected. The Skill, Attribute, and Talent trees are all open from the start, and players can build their characters however they like. For example, a Warrior isn’t restricted from using spells and Technical players can wield heavy, one-handed axes. GreedFall encourages players to build a character with a variety of abilities, introducing quest steps that require proficiency in certain Talents or weapons that can only be used when the necessary Skills are unlocked. This much freedom in customization will also put a lot of the responsibility on the player to have the right build before attempting certain quests, and when they don’t, the game will punish them.

The combat in GreedFall is the fluid action common among games of this nature, but while it may feel reminiscent of say, the Assassin’s Creed series, it isn’t as refined. Dodging and parrying, for instance, are essential but can be difficult to perform, only becoming really useful once better skills are unlocked. This makes GreedFall feel unnecessarily challenging early on, and the game already doesn’t provide much in the way of hand-holding. One key feature that does make GreedFall stand out, however, is the ability to pause the action mid-battle. This screen allows players to plan the next move, either choosing their next action or even binding a move or potion to a button for quick access. At later levels, pulling this screen up becomes extremely helpful when players move on from fighting packs of wild beaver-bear creatures and begin engaging with bizarre, eldritch horrors that look like that’d be right at home in The Witcher.

Navigating the world of GreedFall can be also be frustrating at times seeing as the developers chose a top directional bar over an on-screen mini-map. This design choice wouldn’t be much of an issue in a game again like Assassin’s Creed, where players can scale buildings, but for a game based on more realistic movement mechanics, it can lead to a lot of dead ends. Progressing through the story opens up fast travel options, but GreedFall will still require a lot of in-game traveling the old fashioned way – walking or running (which can thankfully be done at no expense to any stamina meter).

Players will begin GreedFall in their home town of Serene back in the old world before traveling across the sea to Teer Fradree. It’s a thinly-veiled representation of our world’s own Age of Discovery, where the richest (and whitest) nations “discovered” the rest of the world and treated it with little to no regard for the people already living there. GreedFall infuses this era with magic and fantasy elements, but it also interestingly steers away from casting any one group with a clear race or nationality. The natives of Teer Fradree, for instance, come in variety of skin tones and their culture is more or less nondescript fantasy druid than a true representation of indigenous people. The colonials are a mix of groups who all hold allegiances either to merchants, a navy, or the church – all of which are more thinly-veiled stand-ins of actual things, be it Christianity or the East India Company.

The struggles among these groups in GreedFall are therefore very similar to those of that time in our own world’s history, but the game is choosing to play it safe by moving this all-too familiar story of discovery and colonization to a fantasy world. That being said, by forcing the player’s character to have a mediating role in these struggles, players are made to contend with these realities, and in that way, GreedFall is at least attempting to center an important discussion.

GreedFall does lack the polish of games made by larger developers, but its an earnest effort that results in a solid if not especially remarkable gameplay experience. It draws similarities with everything from Assassin’s Creed for its attention to historical detail, to Dragon Age for its in-depth role-playing and customization. For those interested in an action RPG that focuses above and beyond on telling an engaging and unique story about a era of great change and tumult, then GreedFall is certainly worth checking out.

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GreedFall releases September 10th, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Screen Rant was provided a PlayStation 4 digital code for this review.

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Girl Meets World Cast & Character Guide | Screen Rant

Here’s a cast and character guide for sitcom Girl Meets World. The show is a spinoff of the classic 1990s sitcom Boy Meets World, which followed the life of Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) from middle school to college. It also detailed his relationship with his family, his sage teacher Mr. Feeny and love interest Topanga. The show bared comparison to The Wonder Years, not least because Ben Savage is also the brother of Fred Savage, star of The Wonder Years.

Boy Meets World came to an emotional end in 2000, but the show received a spinoff with 2014’s Girl Meets World. This series follows the now grown-up Cory and Topanga, though the show mostly focuses on their children. While it could have been a cynical attempt to trade on nostalgia for the original series, Girl Meets World was met with solid reviews and was praised for being an organic continuation. The show also finally resolved the fate of Boy Meets World teacher Mr. Turner, a recurring character who disappeared following a motorcycle accident in season 4. Girl Meets World revealed he’s alive and well and married the nurse who treated him.

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Despite being well-received, Girl Meets World was canceled in 2017 after three seasons. Here’s a quick cast and character breakdown for the show.

Ben Savage – Cory Matthews

Ben Savage returned as Cory, who is now a teacher. He’s still married to childhood sweetheart Topanga and is the father to Auggie and Riley. His children are in his history class and he essentially acts as the new Mr. Feeny of the series, imparting wisdom and life lessons to the class.

Danielle Fishel – Topanga Matthews

Between Boys Meets World and Girl Meets World Topanga became a successful lawyer, and later becomes the owner of a bakery. She’s a little protective of her children and makes sure they’re doing well in school.

Rowan Blanchard – Riley Matthews

Riley is played by Rowan Blanchard (The Goldburgs) and she is the oldest child of Cory and Topanga. Girl Meets World revolves around Riley in the same way the original series charted Cory’s misadventures. Like Cory, she’s also shown as cheery and innocent, which can sometimes lead to her getting hurt by others.

August Maturo – Auggie Matthews

Auggie is the youngest child of the Matthews who is adoring of his parents and aims to become a teacher when he grows up.

Sabrina Carpenter – Maya Hart

Maya is Riley’s best friend in Girl Meets World and goes to the same school. She’s more confident and rebellious than Riley, and can sometimes act out against authority figures. She and Riley later clash over their mutual attraction to a boy named Lucas, who also likes them both.

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Jack Meets Rebecca’s Parents In This Is Us Season 4 Image

The latest This Is Us image features Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) first time meeting Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) parents. NBC’s hit family comedy-drama is set to return soon for its fourth season after it was awarded with a rare three-year renewal. The renewal followed its two-season order shortly after its debut in 2016, proving that interest in the Pearson family remains strong.

Season 3 of This Is Us gave fans a preview of what the future looks like with a significant flash forward. It’s uncertain what exact year it was set, but it seems like it was during the final days of Rebecca. The show won’t be back to the future for quite a while, keeping fans on their toes for what that sequence means for the Pearson clan. Instead, season 4 will open with a trip back in time during Jack and Rebecca’s early days of dating in the ’70s. And based on a new official promotional image, it appears that the couple will move forward with their relationship without any hesitation, as Rebecca goes ahead and takes her future husband to meet her folks.

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EW has shared said image of young Jack and Rebecca in a restaurant – both dressed formally for This Is Us season 4. Viewers know from the caption that this was during their dinner with the former’s parents, and based on the looks on their faces, it doesn’t seem like everything’s going as well as they would like it to be. The promo still was posted on the outlet’s official Instagram account, check it out below:

Fans met Rebecca’s mother early on in the series. She was a woman who was very snooty and high-brow, evidenced by her treatment of young Randall while the Pearsons visited them. Given this, viewers already have an inclination why this dinner doesn’t seem fun for the young couple. The bigger mystery here is Rebecca’s father –  a character that has yet to debut in This Is Us but is promised to make an appearance in season 4. If the public goes by the drama’s penchant for introducing great family men (except Jack’s own), chances are that he’ll be the opposite of his spouse, and will actually be supportive of his daughter’s new relationship. However, his involvement will pose new questions, particularly his whereabouts after Rebecca and Jack got married.

With This Is Us hitting its overall narrative midpoint in season 4, the show will shift focus from Jack to Rebecca. The Pearson patriarch remains to be the clan’s heart, but its matriarch is its backbone. The first three seasons of the show tackled Jack’s life, leading to his tragic demise. and it’s possible that from here on out, the story will be formatted the same way, setting up Rebecca’s death that was teased in that flash-forward sequence. On top of that, the Big Three – Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) all have their respective lives to live.

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Source: EW

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Flash Meets a Fate WORSE Than Death in DC’s Future | Screen Rant

Warning: SPOILERS for Batman: Last Knight on Earth #2

The Flash family may be famous for cheating death, or attaining a ‘higher level of existence’ through the mystery of the Speed Force, but now that the fates of Barry Allen, Wally West, and Jay Garrick have been revealed… perhaps death would’ve been better.

Fear not, Flash fans: Barry and Wally are still alive and kicking in the current DC reality. But in the grim future of Batman: Last Knight on Earth, the Justice League fell when mankind rose up against them. While Wonder Woman survived to lead what remains of humanity below the surface, the mortal heroes were torn to pieces. Unfortunately for The Flash, the chilling third option has now been discovered by Batman, proving that there are things much, much worse than death for a DC speedster.

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The ‘final story’ that Bat-Legends Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have to tell, Batman: Last Knight on Earth shows what happens when Bruce Wayne is the last hero left, fighting back against doom. He’s too late to save the people, the land, or his fellow heroes. And when he stumbles across a ‘Speed Force storm’ in Issue #2, Bruce learns he’s too late to save his friend, The Flash. Well, any of them.

It’s the Joker’s head Batman is carrying with him that offers an explanation for what Bruce is witnessing (we don’t have the answers, so don’t bother asking how). Calling it an aforementioned ‘Speed Force storm,’ the red tornado fires out electricity that instantly turns Batman’s horse to dust–perhaps better than the alternative, de-aging it instead. But before Bruce or readers can ask why The Flash would allow such a storm to wreak havoc on the landscape, the calls for help are heard loud and clear. Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen are the storm itself, crying out in agony and begging Batman to save them.

In a book so far filled with haunting imagery, this bleak vision of the nightmare speedsters endure in Batman: Last Knight on Earth‘s future may take the cake. Certainly for any speedster fan who hoped that becoming one with the Speed Force would be a peaceful experience… as opposed to torture. Yet another reason fans will line up for the final issue of Last Knight on Earth, hoping Batman can defy the odds one last time.


Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Greg Capullo

Inks by: Jonathan Glapion

Colors by: FCO Plascencia

Cover by: Greg Capullo

Bruce Wayne wakes up in Arkham Asylum. Young. Sane. And…he was never Batman. So begins this sprawling tale of the Dark Knight as he embarks on a quest through a devastated DC landscape featuring a massive cast of familiar faces from the DC Universe. As he tries to piece together the mystery of his past, he must unravel the cause of this terrible future and track down the unspeakable force that destroyed the world as he knew it…

The world has been destroyed, and Batman is on a quest to find out who’s responsible. But when villains from his past begin to complicate things for the Dark Knight, he finds an unlikely ally in a place known as “the Plains of Solitude.”

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #2 is available now at your local comic book shop, or direct from DC Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

Boy Meets World: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

Boy Meets World was the quirky classroom-focussed show of the 1990s. It was also a timeless classic. Many viewers recall eating TV dinners while watching the drama of Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Mr. Feeny, and crew unfold.

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There was always love, debate, intrigue, and suspense mixed into the sitcom, which starred realistic characters and featured everyday situations most of us can relate to. The cast became like family. Still, there were some hidden details about the main characters viewers might not have been aware of. Here are just 10 of them.

10 Stacy who?

Shawn has a sister, but she is only ever mentioned once. In an episode entitled “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” Shawn phoned his sister Stacy. Strangely, this Stacy was never mentioned again.

The explanation given for this was that the actor intended to play one of Shawn’s friends was fired from the series, and this caused a change in the script – to the extent that ‘Stacy’ was cut out of the script altogether before she ever had a chance to say much – actually, anything.

9 Could the real Stuart Lempke please stand up?

Stuart Lempke might seem an innocuous name to give a character in a series. However, there already was a real Stuart Lempke living in the particular area of Philadelphia where the show was set. The real deal was not too happy about sharing his name with the fictional character.

Apparently, he put up a bit of a fuss about the whole predicament, and understandably so. The result? Stuart Lempke’s name was changed to Stuart Minkus. This character was performed by Lee Norris.

8 More about Topanga

Remember Topanga, Cory’s beloved girlfriend (who goes on to be his wife)? Danielle Fishel who played her wasn’t the first Topanga. Initially another actress was cast in the role; however, she didn’t work out.

Fishel stayed up all night practicing the role before her initial performance, fearing she would lose out just as the actress before her. Luckily, she got and kept it! The directors loved her for portraying Topanga as calm, as opposed to the upbeat, peppy character portrayed by the actress before her.

7 The longest ‘time out’ ever

It would seem directors were a little unpredictable in their initial casting of characters for the show. Not only was Topanga replaced, but the initial Morgan (the youngest member of the Matthews family), played by Lily Nicksay, was replaced by Lindsay Ridgeway.

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Nicksay did later appear in the third season and directors added a splash of humor to the script when she was introduced. In her reappearance in the series, Cory said to her: “Morgan, long time no see.” To this, she responded that it was the longest time out she had ever had. Sigh! Those directors…

6 Strong ambitions

Rider Strong, bless his heart, had high ambitions, according to entertainment reports, and wanted to quit the series so that he could go to college and study. He was eventually convinced to stay and that it would be possible to also attend college while remaining as a member of the Boy Meets World team.

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It was all about time management, directors convinced him. While he studied, Strong was even given a dorm room as his college required. His determination paid off. He managed to secure an English degree as a result.

5 Fishel reveals all

The final classroom scene is unforgettable and one for the ages. Unsurprisingly, all the tears in this scene are genuine! Still, there are other reasons this episode is worth watching. It is the only scene in the production in which Danielle Fishel’s tattoo is revealed to audiences.

The tattoo, made of Chinese letters, was shown for the very first time when Fishel wore pigtails in her hair. Even some of the writers of the show hadn’t been aware she had a tattoo until this moment.

4 Here’s to another 60 years!

It’s always interesting to hear what happens in the characters’ lives behind the scenes. Actress Bonnie Bartlett, Mr. Feeny’s love interest in the show, is married to William Daniels, the man who stars as Mr. Feeny, in real life. The couple has been married for over 60 years!

This might come as a surprise to viewers – or not. It might explain why their ‘acting’ as a couple on Boy Meets World was so convincing. Here’s to another 60 years for Mr. and Mrs. Feeny!

3 Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Girls loved Rider Strong’s hairstyle, who portrayed Shawn Hunter on the series. However, the young actor hated it! According to interviews with the press, he just wanted to cut his hair.

The show’s creators gave him that ‘boy band’ hairstyle, parted in the middle and with some length; while this look is good for posters and stickers on pencil cases, it didn’t sit well with Strong. Perhaps one of the reasons he longed to leave the show to go to college for his studies?

2 Main characters embrace Girl Meets World

To switch from Boy Meets World to Girl Meets World might have seemed a monumental feat, however, many of the main characters from the cast of the 1990s sitcom agreed to take up the challenge and embrace the new series as a continuation of the previous one.

In this new, slightly more Disneyfied version of classroom and family drama, Corey and Topanga are (still) married and have two children of their own. Other main characters from the show are also parents. Girl Meets World allows fans to continue to experience the Matthews’ family journey.

1 First kiss bliss

The series’ focus was always classroom life, which tends to have its fair share of ‘first.’ Remember Cory and Topanga’s first kiss? It was so cute and reminded viewers of their very first kiss – innocent and beautiful.

However popular Ben Savage might have been with the girls, due to his Boy Meets World fame, this was in fact his very first kiss. Now not everyone gets to have their first kiss on screen for the world to see! But for Savage, it was just another day on the set of Boy Meets World.

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Heather Djunga

Girl Meets World: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

This ditsy, lively, engaging show is actually the ‘sister’ show, if you will, of Boy Meets World. Remember this quirky sitcom from the 90s? Well, Girl Meets World is its sequel. More razzling and dazzling than ever, the series still focusses on classroom life and there is something in it for everyone, from teen to mom and dad (who might have been big fans of Boy Meets World).

Here are 10 hidden details about the main characters of Girl Meets World which viewers might not be aware of… which are good to know, as they make viewing even more exciting.

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10 Show meets show

The popular, beautiful Riley and Auggie Matthews are the children of Cory and Topanga Matthews. This might seem an arbitrary fact – unless of course, one was a fan of Boy Meets World of 1990’s fame. Cory and Topanga, Boy Meets World’s main protagonists, eventually got married… The result… two children and a whole new drama series, Girl Meets World.

There are things similar to Cory and Topanga in both children which makes for some interesting viewing.

9 From the Hart

8 Songbird touches hearts

Maya Hart is played by American singer and actress Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter. The bright starlet is also signed to Hollywood Records, for singing, and was placed third in a competition run by the Miley Cyrus website.

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Not bad for someone who turned 20 years old on May 11 this year. She was chosen for the role Maya early on in auditions and while nationwide auditions continued, directors said they already knew she was perfect for the part.

7 Interesting as they come

6 What’s in a name?

Lucas Friar is both Riley’s friend and love interest. The handsome character comes from Austin, Texas, and is not just good looking, but is also popular and sporty. What is intriguing about the character is the scriptwriters’ choice of the surname ‘Friar’ which is reminiscent of the character Friar Lawrence of Romeo and Juliet fame.

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Reports state the show’s writers initially intended calling the character Tristan, or Iseult, but chose not to as both of these names alluded to tragedy in the great romances. Eventually ‘Lucas’ was selected and ‘Friar’ chosen, with its link to Topanga’s maiden name.

5 Clear casting

Casting the main characters was an easy call for directors. Directors knew straight away, after Rider Strong’s audition, that he would be Shawn. It was clear he would be the perfect match for the actor cast as Ben. This was the same for Sabrina and Rowan, who play Maya and Riley respectively.

Sabrina was quickly cast as Maya, and when Rowan walked into the audition, despite behind two young, she fitted the character perfectly. She walked into the audition, tripping over her feet and crashing into the wall, and directors knew straight away that she was the ‘it’ girl to play Riley.

4 Personal influences shift script decisions

Episode storylines have been influenced by the personal lives of those directing and writing the show. To give an example, Michael Jacobs’ daughter Rachel is the inspiration behind the character of Riley. Even when casting Rowan as Riley, he knew straight away she was the perfect fit, based on his daughter’s character traits and personality quirks.

In the same way, the name ‘Rachel’ (his daughter’s name) was used for the character of Rachel McGuire, the beauty who first appeared in the sixth and seventh seasons of Boy Meets World.

3 From guest star to lead

While Farkle Minkus, the son of Stuart Minkus and Jennifer Bassett from Boy Meets World, is clearly a main character in the series, he didn’t always start off as one. He was initially cast as a guest star, possibly likely to the Disney Channel’s rule of having only six members on the cast starring as lead roles simultaneously.

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The character, played by Corey Fogelmanis, was so well received, he was promoted to main character very quickly. Farkle exhibits character traits of both Stuart and Jennifer. Like Stuart, he is an absolute nerd – frightfully clever. Like Jennifer, he is confident.

2 What’s up with ‘Topanga’?

Topanga Matthews has touched hearts since she first debuted in Boy Meets World. Her beauty and unusual name made her somehow distinct in the script. In Girl Meets World, she is mom to two beautiful children and herself and husband Cory are living in New York.

Viewers might have wondered about how the delightful character got her first name. It is strongly implied in the series’ narrative that her name was the result of a journal entry made by Rose, her maternal grandmother.

1 A tongue twister worth saying

With a surname like Fogelmanis one can hardly blame Corey Fogelmanis from making the most of his quirky name. Entertainment reports state that the actor calls his fans, ‘Fogelmaniacs‘, and even has a cat called Fuglymonacles.

It all sounds like something straight out of a Roald Dahl book and maybe this intrigue is what the talented actor, who stars as Farkle Minkus, is going for. Even his screen name, a most unusual name, ‘Farkle Minkus’, sounds something like his surname, Fogelmanis.

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Heather Djunga

Spider-Man Meets Mysterio In New Far From Home Image

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man meets a new potential ally in Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) in a new image from Spider-Man: Far From Home. All the attention for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently on the debut of Avengers: Endgame in theaters, and while fans around the world are just now beginning to experience the film, Phase 3 is not yet over. As Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently revealed, Spider-Man: Far From Home is actually the end of Phase 3, and it will hit theaters in just over two months.

The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming sees Peter Parker go on an overseas summer vacation with his friends. It has previously been said that the film picks up just minutes after Avengers: Endgame, meaning it should be the first insight into the MCU after however the newly released blockbuster ends. The first trailer for Far From Home, though, suggests that it will not be an easy time for Peter. He wants to take a break from being a hero right now and just enjoy the summer, but is then recruited by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to fight The Elementals with the help of magician Quentin Beck aka Mysterio.

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Although Mysterio is traditionally a villain to Spider-Man in the comics, Spider-Man: Far From Home is making him a hero (or at least that is what the cast and crew are saying in the press so far). The aforementioned trailer showed Mysterio fighting Hydro-Man, one of The Elementals, and appeared to save Peter in the process. Now in a new image from EW, the two heroes come face to face.

The possible first true encounter between Spider-Man and Mysterio is a big moment that fans of Marvel comics have been waiting to see, but it also confirms a major plot point for the movie. This photo confirms that Mysterio will know of Spider-Man’s true identity, which could come back to haunt Peter if Quentin does become a villain. The duo will reportedly quickly spark a friendship and director Jon Watts said that Mysterio will be the “cool uncle” to Peter when compared to Tony Stark being his mentor in Homecoming, which could make such a turn all the more difficult for Peter to accept.

The photo also gives us an incredibly detailed look at Mysterio’s costume, and the translation to the big screen is just as magnificent as fans of the comics have been hoping for. Additionally, the photo includes Numan Acar in the background, who is rumored to possibly be playing fellow Spidey villain Chameleon. The location of the meeting could potentially be the base of Mysterio and Chameleon, or at least a hiding spot. Regardless, it will be fascinating to see how Spider-Man and Mysterio’s relationship evolves from this point on in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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Source: EW

2019-04-25 12:04:15

Cooper Hood

SNL: Michael Keaton’s Julian Assange Meets Kate McKinnon’s Lori Loughlin

NBC’s Saturday Night Live airs a sketch in which Julian Assange meets Lori Loughlin in prison. Actor Michael Keaton makes a cameo by portraying the recently-arrested WikiLeaks founder, while cast member Kate McKinnon appears as the disgraced sitcom actress who was recently charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. The segment was part of Saturday Night Live’s cold open, a staple of the iconic comedy series. 

On April 11, a heavily-bearded Assange was forcibly removed from Ecuador’s London embassy and now faces extradition to the United States. Authorities claim that Assange conspired with former U.S. intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to publish classified documents. In 2013, Manning was convicted of violating the Espionage Act, and was arrested last month for refusing to testify against Assange. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Loughlin was also arrested last month as part of a college entrance exam cheating scandal. In pop culture, she’s best known for portraying Aunt Becky in the original Full House series, along with Netflix reboot Fuller House. As reported earlier this month, Loughlin is expected to serve jail time for her role in the academic scandal.

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For Saturday Night Live’s latest episode hosted by Emma Stone, the show begins with a faux MSNBC video, in which the voiceover states that “we’re back to prison shows” after the Mueller report “turned out to be a big fat zero.” For the comedic premise, Saturday Night Live frames the skit as an episode of “Lockup: Chino Correctional Facility.” To begin, three inmates muse over their crimes before McKinnon appears as Loughlin, and attempts to establish herself as the craziest inmate. Soon after, former Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti appears, portrayed by cast member Pete Davidson. Recently, Avenatti was charged with numerous financial crimes. Near the end of the segment, Keaton appears as Assange, chewing gum and projecting a confident demeanor to impress the inmates. He describes himself as the “Architect of Anarchy” and the “King of Chaos,” before shaming the inmates with knowledge of private “ding dong” information, along with his access to a file called “Ideas for Shark Tank.” Keaton’s Assange also describes himself as an actual “James Bond supervillain.” Watch the full SNL sketch below.

Last week, Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington hosted Saturday Night Live. In a sketch called “New HBO Shows,” Harington appears in character as Jon Snow, with the segment’s premise examining all the spinoffs that could emerge once Game of Thrones’ final season ends. Over the past 10 years, Game of Thrones has influenced pop culture like few other television series, and the final season will air throughout April and May on HBO. 

Thanks to poor celebrity decision-making, Saturday Night Live’s cold open always has fresh material to address. Most often, it’s not a cast member that steals the show, but rather a surprise celebrity guest, and Keaton’s surprise cameo displays his knack for comedic timing. Thirty years after starring as Batman, Keaton is still a relevant pop culture figure; one who feels right at home on a series like Saturday Night Live – a show he’s hosted three times in the past (and should host again soon).

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Source: Saturday Night Live

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Q.V. Hough

GAME OF THRONES Season 8 “Sansa meets Khaleesi” Teaser (NEW GOT 2019)

GAME OF THRONES Season 8 “Sansa meets Khaleesi” Teaser (NEW GOT 2019)
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