10 Hysterical Star Wars Logic Memes Only True Fans Understand

Star There’s no denying the creative genius of George Lucas and his epic space opera Star Wars. The Star Wars Saga has spanned almost a dozen films, countless animated and live-action television series, not to mention an avalanche of other media like comic books and video games. The heroic journeys of the dynamic characters in his universe have enraptured fans for decades and will continue to do so for future generations.

That being said, even true Star Wars fans know that during the development of all of his film projects, Lucas didn’t always stay consistent with his brainchild. Plotholes and logical inconsistencies were so numerous that fans couldn’t help but shrug them off and say, “Star Wars logic” when an event or character choice seemed to inevitably occur without making any sense. Here are 10 logic memes to celebrate these inconsistencies, that only true Star Warriors can appreciate.


The only basis established in Episode I: The Phantom Menace for Anakin Skywalker being the prophesied “Chosen One” is based on 1) Qui-Gon Jinn’s “feeling” that he’s special, and 2) Obi-Wan Kenobi’s data that his midichlorian count is higher than Master Yoda’s. He races pods very well on Tatooine, but is that enough to be accepted by the Jedi Order?

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When he’s taken to Coruscant and presented before the Jedi Council, he’s made to undergo a series of “tests” to sense his aptitude with the Force. This amounts to a digital game of “memory,” where he guesses what’s on Master Windu’s view screen correctly. Ergo, he must be the Chosen One.


When you break down the reasons why Anakin Skywalker turned to the Dark Side, it’s not just the fact that he collapsed under the weight of expectations placed upon him, or that being the Chosen One gave him delusions of grandeur. It can be traced back to the fact that the Jedi Code made it nearly impossible to live in harmony with the woman he loved, and the Dark Side did.

When Anakin finds Master Windu about to destroy Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, they might have been able to strike a bargain like this meme entails; Windu can kill without impunity, and Anakin can be allowed to marry Padme Amidala, and have his child safely. Unfortunately, that would have robbed us of Darth Vader and the original trilogy.


Most of the plot of any of the Star Wars films heavily relies on certain characters not knowing certain key pieces of information. The Emperor has just Frankenstein-ed himself a Sith Lord at the concluding moments of Revenge of the Sith, and means to keep him on as Darth Vader, his dreaded scourge of the Rebel Alliance.

To accomplish this, the Emperor knows he needs to keep Vader upset, because only his feelings of hate and anger will make him powerful enough in the Dark Side to blindly do his bidding. He, therefore, explains that Vader killed Padme himself, conveniently leaving out that she wasn’t dead until giving birth later to two healthy babies Vader also doesn’t know about.


Poor Luke Skywalker had no way of knowing that Darth Vader, the fearsome enforcer of the Emperor’s will, had at one time been Anakin Skywalker, a powerful Jedi Knight and apprentice to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ol’ Ben decided to leave out that bit of information, instead planting in Luke’s head that Darth Vader killed Anakin Skywalker in combat.

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Luke didn’t learn the truth about his father until The Empire Strikes Back, when Darth Vader himself told Luke the truth about their connection. But by that point, Luke was already prepared to hunt him down and kill him, which was awfully convenient for Ol’ Ben who got him involved in the Alliance fight against the Empire, to begin with.


There are a lot of plotholes and inconsistencies within the Star Wars Saga, mostly attributed to so much information being interpreted by so many different creative minds. George Lucas himself didn’t even know if the franchise was going to take off, and had to adjust the storyline with each film he helmed. He didn’t know he would get to oversee a trilogy of prequels when he made the original trilogy.

This results in scenes like in Episode IV: A New Hope, when Ben Kenobi tells Luke that his father wanted him to have his lightsaber when he was old enough. Well, Ol’ Ben also deprived Luke’s dad of three of his limbs and left him a Cajun dish on Mustafar, so we can only guess it was guilt that made him tell Luke that.


Aside from Anakin Skywalker being upset that the Jedi Order prohibited him from openly marrying Padme Amidala, he was also continuously upset that it wouldn’t permit him the rank of Jedi Master. He had been fed a mantra for half his life that he was the “Chosen One,” yet he didn’t outrank the Jedi Council.

In a harrowing scene in Revenge of the Sith, Anakin marches on the Jedi Temple with orders from Chancellor Palpatine to wipe out the Jedi traitors there. One of the younglings addresses him innocently as “Master Skywalker.” If that was all it took to assuage his aggression, it would have been a really short movie.


Palpatine has been looking out for Number One for six films. As both a politician and as his alter ego, Darth Sidious, he’s only had his best interests in mind. As Darth Sidious, when one apprentice became a liability (or died), he moved on to obtaining another one. From Darth Maul, to Count Dooku, and finally to Darth Vader, he upgraded like a Sith hermit crab.

He finally decided by The Empire Strikes Back that Darth Vader was outmoded, and turned his attention to Vader’s son, Luke Skywalker, the farm boy from Tatooine who blew up his super weapon. Yep, that was the kid who he decided should take his father’s place as his new apprentice.


One of the greatest mysteries of the Star Wars Saga is why Padme Skywalker unexpectedly died after giving birth to healthy twins. Yes, Anakin Skywalker had Force Choked her on Mustafar, but she’d only passed out, and Obi-Wan Kenobi was able to transport her to a proper medical facility where she was well enough to give birth.

Anakin, on the other hand, was left a smoking husk of a man, half dead, with third-degree burns all over his body. The medical droids in Palpatine’s employ were able to fix him up just fine, but the medical droids tending to Padme shrugged their little metal shoulders and gave up.


One of the major problems Star Wars fans had with The Last Jedi was the character development for Luke Skywalker. Luke had been the last of the Jedi Order at the time of Return of the Jedi, an aptly named film considering after that (according to The Force Awakens) Luke had spent his time revitalizing the Jedi Order by beefing up its ranks.

He accepted his nephew Ben Solo, who he recognized had a strong connection to the Force through his mother’s side (Luke’s sister, Leia). He sensed a possible connection to the Dark Side as well, and a potential for another Darth Vader, which was apparently enough to make him try to kill him, despite having tried to redeem Vader 20 years earlier.


There’s been a “will they won’t they” sort of tension between Kylo Ren and Rey ever since The Force Awakens when Kylo sensed how special Rey was and she sensed how much of an entitled brat he was. In The Last Jedi, they took their “relationship” to the next level, with him murdering Supreme Leader Snoke and offering her a piece of the pie.

In typical Kylo fashion, he exaggerated his own self worth in her life, explaining to her that her parents were junk traders that sold her for drinking money. This was his lame attempt at making her realize only he could provide security for her, and agree to rule the galaxy with him.

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10 Golden Girls Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

As timeless as the day it first aired in 1985, The Golden Girls was a sitcom that showcased the different perspectives of four women of a certain age as they tackled love, careers, and friendship living together in Miami. The refreshing approach the show took to the main cast’s “golden years,” mainly that it wasn’t the stagnant period other television programs made it out to be, meant that Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia weren’t shackled with the usual corny jokes about aging.

With the immense comedic talent of Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Estelle Getty, there was never a dull moment for seven seasons. Between Dorothy’s withering comebacks, Rose’s ditzy stories St. Olaf stories, Blanche’s vivacious banter, and Sophia’s thorny pragmatism, there was a lot of material for memes. Here are the 10 most hilarious memes inspired by the Golden Girls that are pure comedic gold!

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10 Aging Like A Banana

Rose may not have the wit of Dorothy or the candor of Blanche, but she has her own particular brand of wisdom. She often uses anecdotes from her hometown of St. Olaf to illustrate life lessons, and, while her quaint stories may seem hokey to some, they often do shed some sort of quirky light on problems involving the other girls.

Dorothy often makes fun of Rose for being “simple”,”, but that doesn’t mean her simplistic observations don’t have merit. Getting old doesn’t have to mean stopping pursuits you had when you were young, and it doesn’t mean you’ve outlived your usefulness. While getting old may mean bad news for a banana, it can still be used for banana bread.

9 Feeling Cute

Despite Blanche often being given credit as the most stylish of the girls, Dorothy often created some of the most iconic looks on the show. Despite being the tallest of the four, she continued to wear long sack dresses and coats with shoulder pads and was never afraid to appear intimidating to men with her carefully coordinated silhouette.

In one notable episode, Blanche holds a reception for her “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love” Elvis fan club at the house, where, among the memorabilia the girls gets to gawk over, is a half-eaten pork chop bone that The King left on his plate in Vegas.  Dorothy ridicules the group for their obsession with the “artifact” and is immediately expelled from the club.

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8 Cookies Are Done

A common pattern of jokes in the series involved a setup between Dorothy and Rose. Dorothy would make a statement or remark and Rose would parrot it with a question to the extreme vexation of Dorothy. She would snap back with something incredibly snarky, which would go over Rose’s head but get a big reaction from the audience.

It would have been amusing to hear the girl’s exchanges about topics of today. No doubt they’d have something to say about smartphones, social media, and search engines. If the show were still around today, Rose would have an uplifting Instagram account, and Dorothy would rant on Tumblr.

7 Spanish Fly

One does not simply expect Rose to ask an intelligent question. Often, she would harass Dorothy with all sorts of inane queries as though Dorothy might as well be Google. Rose’s lovable ditziness differentiated her from the rest of her roommates and made for some of the shows most hilarious moments of humor.

Combining Rose’s penchant for putting her foot in her mouth and a classic Boromir ring meme might seem odd at first, but can you ever have too much of a good thing? Both are indelible parts of pop culture now.

6 You Can Lead A Herring To Water…

Rose’s contributions to the ladies lives comes in a variety of ways. From her amusing St. Olaf stories to her steadfast friendship and odd recipes, she is an irreplaceable part of her roommate’s existence. Her advice may not always be the best, but she gives it without judgment, and often without provocation.

Often Dorothy must be the one to let Rose down gently as it were, where the polite rebuffs of her solicitations are framed in such a way as to be mistaken for sarcasm. But it never stops Rose from trying, continuously throwing out odd sayings from her hometown that never seem to apply to anything in a practical way.

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5 Deadpool And The Golden Girls

While some fans weren’t prepared for Deadpool’s obsession with the Golden Girls and Bea Arthur, can we blame him? The comics and the films broadcast his extreme affection for Bea in a variety of ways; from having him wear t-shirts bearing her face, to having him name his two katanas after her (one pommel says “Bea” and the other “Arthur”).

Comic book movies these days get great emotional dividends from fans if they can connect with their pop culture references, and nowhere are there more than in the Deadpool films. We’re just sad Bea wasn’t around to see them.

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4 The Golden Early Years

While it’s true that Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia only decided to live together once they met in Florida and answered Blanche’s ad for roommates, we like to think that they’d have been good friends even if they’d met earlier. In fact, if they ever rebooted the show, we can imagine some studio executives thinking it should take place when they were much younger.

The success of the series was largely based on the demographic to which it catered. By showing the ups and downs of four women of a certain age, it was inclusive for a group of people that often didn’t see themselves represented realistically on television. Besides, there were a lot of adult themes and humor in the series that would have to be removed for a younger version, unless showrunners took their cues from Big Mouth.

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3 May The 4th Be With You

It recent years, The Golden Girls have taken on an almost mythical presence in pop culture. Their strength and resilience through the trials and tribulations of their “golden years” have made them patron saints of positivism; sassy role models to emulate when times are hard. Each of them has their own unique way of viewing the world, and their different perspectives help keep each other open-minded.

Blanche believes in living life to the fullest and with gusto, while Dorothy is much more prudent and grounded. Rose believes in the best in people and feels self-sacrifice is the best way to let your friends know you care about them. Sophia believes in doing what she wants, when she wants, and doesn’t back down from her convictions. May the 4 be with you!

2 Bea Calm

Whenever there was a problem the girls couldn’t solve, they hashed it out over some cheesecake. No conundrum was too big or too small for a cheesecake war council, and many of the show’s greatest comedic moments happened between mouthfuls of dessert. Occasionally, the girls weren’t able to keep their calm, and the cheesecake ended up on the floor or the walls around them.

Dorothy often led these cheesecake roundtables, though her capacity for sitting through more of Rose’s hokey stories of Blanche’s sexual escapades was limited. Dorothy was capable of some of the greatest meltdowns on the show, especially when she’d reached her limit for stupidity.

1 Oscar Wilde And Blanche

Sometimes certain quotes are timeless, and the witty and often scathing commentary of Oscar Wilde from the 19th century can be applied to countless topics in our society today. His satirical words take on new meaning when you apply them to your favorite fictional television heroines, such as the inimitable Blanche Deveraux, who is never shy about sharing her feelings concerning society or a woman’s place in it.

We can completely imagine Blanche saying, “Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping,” before promptly taking herself to the mall and maxing out the credit card of some man who wronged her. The fact that the words were actually written by Oscar Wilde only add to their appeal.

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Harry Potter: 10 Hilarious Dumbledore Logic Memes That Are Too Funny

Albus Dumbledore is not only one of the most fascinating characters in the Harry Potter universe but he will also go down in history as one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time. The headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is not only cherished because of the endless wisdom he provides, but he is also praised for his quirky charm that could put Zooey Deschanel out of business. Seriously. He sees a good pair of socks in the Mirror of Erised. He has a scar on his left knee shaped like the map of underground London. He has a friggin hair tie for his beard with cute little bells on it. It doesn’t get much more quirky than that!

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Yet sometimes even the greatest wizard of all time can slip up and make some logistical mistakes that can put others around him in serious jeopardy. Especially young children. Which is seriously problematic. I guess they don’t call him DUMBledore for nothing…

Check out our list of memes which prove Dumbledore’s messed up logic throughout the series! (We still love the old man though. He’s like our crazy grandpa with an abundance of quotes that are so powerful, we want to tattoo them on our ankles.)


Okay, let’s just be honest here- The wizarding world was extremely inconsiderate and cold towards Muggles. This is not to say that The Dursley’s weren’t awful human beings but come on Dumbledore. You could do a little more to pay your respects and condolences to Petunia. JK Rowling has even admitted Petunia’s deep love for her sister Lily and this has been proven as well in a deleted scene from the film franchise in Deathly Hallows Part 1.

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In the deleted scene, Petunia tells Harry “You didn’t just lose a mother that night in Godric’s Hollow, you know. I lost a sister.” Our hearts still break at that scene which was sadly cut from the film. It gave Petunia much more character as opposed to the two-dimensional version of her that we got throughout the entire series. Yet in Dumbledore’s eyes, there’s no time to be polite. They have to leave baby HP on the doorstep for dramatic effect.


So it turns out Dumbledore was flat out lazy when it came to hiding the sorcerer’s stone aka the most powerful stone in the world. This whole theory that Albus Dumbledore is the greatest wizard of all time is starting to feel like a total joke because in what world would a brilliant man make a trap in order to keep out The Dark Lord that would be easy enough for eleven-year-olds to get through? We get it, Hermione’s really smart and can charm her way (literally) through the traps. We get it, Ron’s really good at chess and that somehow helps them get to the stone. But really? These kids are barely even human they’re so young, and even they could do it. Try harder next time, Albus!


Are we just supposed to ignore the fact that Dumbledore is absolutely terrible at doing background checks on the professors he chooses to hire? What is up with that? If Albus Dumbledore is supposed to be the wisest wizard to ever live, wizards must be seriously “dim-witted” as Hermione would put it. First, he hires a teacher that LITERALLY HAS LORD VOLDEMORT ATTACHED TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD which puts a whole new meaning to “The back of your head is ridiculous!”.

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Then he hires an arrogant prick named Lockhart who cares more about the cleanliness of his fingernails than the safety of his students. The list of bad teachers goes on and on throughout the remainder of the books/movies (let us not forget our favorite, Professor Umbridge.) It’s honestly so problematic that Dumbledore would be this oblivious when it comes to hiring decent staff for his school. You had one job, Albus! One job!


We all know JK Rowling has been under scrutiny lately by her fans for continuously adding new and unnecessary information to the Harry Potter canon in order to make the series seem more progressive and “woke” than it actually was.

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Yet perhaps this is just Rowling wanting desperately to cling on to the series that basically defined her life for over a decade of her life. We understand that Rowling doesn’t want to let go of Potter and we never want to let go of it either, but this new information to the canon has to stop. It’s just too much and it fails to add much to the books and films we all know and love. This meme perfectly describes Rowling’s need to unleash a version of HP that was pretty different from the canon of the books.


When Albus decides to give Harry and Draco detention during their first year at Hogwarts for something minor, he thinks the best form of punishment for them is to drop the kids off in the middle of the Forbidden Forest. *FacePalm.* Most professors would simply have their kids write a 500-word essay, but you know. Everyone has their own teaching methods. We get it, Dumbledore needs Harry to go into the forbidden forest in order to strengthen him up so he can eventually fight Voldemort, but the whole situation just seems completely unfair if not downright cruel. Yeah, Draco can be a “right foul git,” but at the end of the day, he is still a kid. No one deserves that kind of punishment, especially young children.


The fact that Dumbledore pictures himself in a good pair of socks while looking into the Mirror of Erised makes us automatically wonder what kind of socks we’re talking about here. Does he mean those fun socks with quirky phrases and curse words on them that you can buy at local hipster shops? Does he mean knee-high socks? Fishnet socks?? We need to know! Yet regardless of what kind of socks Dumbledore chooses, we know he’ll pick the right pair because as Kingsley puts it Order of the Phoenix, “You can’t deny. Dumbledore’s got style.”


The magical world is a strange place. It is chock full of contradictions, especially when it comes to the subject of death. It is heavily explained in the Potter series that under no circumstances will Harry be able to see his parents again, yet on the other hand, the time turner exists so Harry and Co. are able to use it to stop Buckbeak’s demise. What’s up with Dumbledore’s priorities when it comes to “saving lives”? Sure, Buckbeak was a badass hippogriff, but wouldn’t the time turner be better off if you could go back and save human lives as well? We’re all for the justice of hippogriffs, but it makes us scratch our heads over Dumbledore’s logic here.


What if the real reason behind Harry Potter’s famous lightning bolt shaped scar was the result of Dumbledore carelessly dropping him on The Dursley’s front porch? We already know how he broke Aunt Petunia’s heart in ink when he informed her about Lily’s death, so who is to say he didn’t take more careless precautions when it came to the whole situation? Although it is highly unlikely that this scenario actually went down, it’s still pretty hilarious to imagine. Classic DUMBledore. (We still love him though.)


Let’s be totally honest here – Gryffindor was put on a serious pedestal throughout the Harry Potter series. Hufflepuffs have feelings too, you know. Even Slytherins have the occasional emotion, Dumbledore. Gryffindors at Hogwarts are like high school theater kids. Although they like to portray themselves as underdogs, a good chunk of them suffer from a serious superiority complex. Dumbledore will give 10 points to Gryffindor for every time they breathe or blink. To say that Hogwarts treats all students equally is a great big pile of rubbish!


Further proof that Dumbledore only cares about Gryffindors. What the hell, Albus? Are you just going to let all the Slytherin students get crushed by a giant troll with terrible CGI? That’s just cruel, dude. Unless the headmaster simply forgot the fact that the Slytherin dormitory resides in the dungeons, it just shows how he doesn’t consider Slytherins at all. We’re pretty sure he’d never make this mistake if the Gryffindor dormitory was in the dungeons! Never thought we’d feel this bad for Malfoy, but the moment has finally arrived.

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10 Hilarious Pokémon Logic Memes That Are Too Funny | ScreenRant

Pokémon are great. They’re cute, their games are fun, and their anime is still on over two decades later; what Pokémon aren’t, though, are something can be called logical. The Pokémon franchise is ridiculous if you watch it while retaining your common sense, and it takes accepting the series’ logic to have a good time.

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Even then actually, you can’t say for sure that it’s going to be making a lot of sense, because Pokémon’s in-universe logic is a whole other can of worms you need to understand. But having a lighter attitude toward this series ensures you have a good time and a lot of laughs, and these 10 memes will do just that for you.

10 What Good Are You?

The reason why Team Rocket ever started following Ash around in the first place was because he apparently had a special kind of Pikachu, one who could battle and defeat much more powerful ones. And yet, how many times has Pikachu lost to smaller foes?

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This meme is referencing the game series, but we have a bone to pick with the anime. The show has never portrayed Pikachu in the way he was initially built up, and Pikachu has lost every time he’s been used by Ash in his final battles. So, what was the point of bragging about his powers all this time?

9 That Was Easy

The logic behind the Poké Ball is that it can store any Pokémon in creation; however, how can humans have devised such a technology when they never could capture legendary Pokémon? 

In the case of Mewtwo, that Pokémon is so ridiculously powerful that he transcends the Pokémon trope of being a pet, and yet even he can be stored inside a simple Poké Ball. If that’s the case, then why is anyone even scared of legendary Pokémon when these beings can easily be sealed in this little Poké Ball?

8 Talk About Being Nerfed

The Abra Pokémon at least has an excuse of being lethargic, so that can be used as an explanation for it not being so strong. The Kadabra Pokémon has no such excuse, considering it has a freakish IQ of 5000! 

First of all, why the heck would any being of that IQ still live as a pet? Secondly, how is it possible that Kadabra and Alakazam only have a handful of moves when they’re supposed to remember everything from birth and can mega evolve? You’d think it wouldn’t take more than a couple minutes for this Pokémon to learn at least one more move.

7 So Long Physics

To be fair, we’re talking about a world where animals don’t exist and Pokémon take up that role; it’s like having a pet rat that can electrocute you, none of it is supposed to make sense. Still, there’s something known as in-universe logic, and nothing in Pokémon has ever confirmed that a Pokémon like a bat can pick up a turtle.

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You can clearly see in this picture that there’s no way a turtle can be picked up like that; yet, he’s actually flying in tow with Zubat somehow. At least if the bird Pokémon had picked him up it would’ve looked like it had big enough claws to do so.

6 Where Do They Store Them?

Ash has like a hundred or more Pokémon by now, but he’s never seen carrying anything other than his small backpack to go around. So, where has he been keeping his Poké Balls all this time? 

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Even if we were to believe he had the means to transport them, how the heck does he go and purchase these? Going by this meme, Ash must have to go and buy them in bulk, and he probably does look like a weirdo lugging these Poké Balls around in a large bag. We doubt Brock and Misty are enough for Ash to distribute these to.

5 Does This Kid Ever Grow Up?

Even those kids born ten years after the show started are now older than Ash is supposed to be. The boy looks like he belongs in Peter Pan’s gang, considering he never ages even a single day. 

This also raises the question as to how long it has been in-universe since the adventure began, considering Ash has had thousands of experiences now – even the most conservative estimates should put Ash at least at the age of a teenager. If you want to disregard that, then how about we ask you if it seems possible for a 10-year-old kid to be circling the world with such ease?

4 Nice Going, Ash

Playing Idiot Ball is a trope Ash is well known for. In Pokémon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, Ash took his idiotic levels to the limit by trying to attack Mewtwo physically. Hitting a Pokémon (even the lowest level one) never works, so why would anyone want to punch the strongest one yet?

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Later on, Ash would again be a stupid prat by running in between Mew and Mewtwo’s fight, causing him to turn into rock. The Pokémon brought him back through their tears, but that doesn’t make Ash any less of an idiot, or a fool as Mewtwo liked to call him.

3 How Does That Work?

Pokémon generally does mention that there are certain types of Pokémon to use in a fight against certain others, but that isn’t a hard and fast rule. On the contrary, we’ve seen Pokémon who should have no chance against another come out as the victor.

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This meme points out how a grass type Pokémon as Bulbasaur was able to beat one with the rock element. The same way, we’ve somehow seen a Pokémon like Charmandar beat a water level Pokémon. Shouldn’t it be a stomp win in favor of the greater element, or are leaves just so very strong now?

2 Get It Together, Ash!

Team Rocket hasn’t been entertaining for over a decade, and it gets even more annoying how these guys are the antagonists in every episode. In-universe, you’d think Ash would have some brains to see through their obvious disguises after having been duped many times; but he never learns, does he?

Jesse and James don’t even bother changing their appearances, and you only see them wearing hats or glasses when pretending to be someone else. But we understand why they don’t put in much effort, because who would try hard when they’re facing a gullible kid like Ash?

1 Because…Reasons

The selling point of the Pokémon is how cute they are. And if the show wants to put these creatures in cute situations by sacrificing logic, then that’s what’s going to happen. Case in point is in this meme, where a water level Pokémon apparently needs a tube to avoid drowning.

Except, can’t it just, you know, swim around? Why would anyone need a flotation device when they can float by themselves and never have the danger of drowning? This isn’t the only instance of logic failing in the Pokémon world, as we’ve seen cases like Pokémon burning humans, only to have not even a little bit of fire catch the humans.

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10 Hilarious Skyrim Memes

Released all the way back in 2011, Skyrim is a masterpiece. It was a massive game at the time and it still holds up. Looking back at Skyrim brings back nostalgia and a desire to play the game even more. Most gamers have sunk countless hours into the game and could tell you all about its more crazy aspects. Everyone understands that the game is not perfect, but sometimes its flaws make it even more enjoyable. With the special edition that was released sucking everyone back into the game, Skyrim lives on.

Skyrim is such a good game because it gives you so much freedom. There is almost no limit to what you can do in the game, and there is a huge world to explore, Bethesda went all out to make it feel like you really were living in another world. The amount of freedom and the massive world to explore means that there are all sorts of insane parts of the game. Skyrim has huge potential for creating memes, as we can all relate to experiences such as going for a stealth archer specialization yet again. Here are some of the most hilarious Skyrim memes.

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10 All Caves Lead To Blackreach

Blackreach is a giant dwarven dungeon hidden deep within the ancient dwarven ruins. To find this hidden wonder you must battle your way through hordes of Falmer and prove you are worthy, or you can just follow a tiny hidden cave. Playing Skyrim is an amazing experience because you can explore and travel all over the massive world, but it is surprising how often you end up back in Blackreach.

9 Delphine’s Plan

Early on in the game there is a stealth mission into the heart of the Thalmor embassy to uncover their secrets. Naturally the Blades need someone who can blend in seamlessly with the high elves and run some espionage. There is no better choice than the Dragonborn. By this point in the game, especially if you’re going with a more two-handed warrior path, stealth and spying is not a particularly strong point.

8 Don’t Mess With The Chickens

Anyone who has played Skyrim knows that guards do not mess around with any crimes. Any crime that you commit will add a bounty to your head and you will become wanted in the city, with guards chasing you down.

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There is no crime more evil than messing with a poor chicken. If you so much as look at a chicken the wrong way you’ll have the entire city guard out for the bounty on your head. Pickpocket and steal all you want, just don’t touch the poor poultry.

7 Horses Are Superheroes

Sure there are roads in Skyrim that will take you across the entire map in an easy manner, but that wouldn’t be near as fun as trying to go the direct route. Those pesky mountains will try to stop you from going as the crow flies, but experienced Skyrim players will know that mountains are nothing to be afraid of. Horses are the ideal method of rock climbing in Skyrim, because they are physics defying animals.

6 Oblivious Guards

Making convincing AI in a video game can be an extremely hard thing to do, especially when you add elements like stealth into the game. With Skyrim being released in 2011, the AI was incredible for the time.

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There are obviously some issues though. With the ability to sneak around undetected means that guards sometimes look like complete idiots.

5 Trying To Rob The Dragonborn

Along with oblivious guards comes extremely overconfident bandits. When you’re low level the bandits in Skyrim can seem intimidating and offer a thrilling fight. It doesn’t seem too outrageous that they would try to attack you, with your puny iron sword and armor.

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Later in the game, when you’re killing dragons like they’re nothing and wearing their bones for armor, the bandits must have a death wish to be taking you on.

4 Bandits Moving In

Even after all these years Skyrim is a beautiful game, there are mountains and forests and ancient castles all over the map. The massive fortresses that cover the area have been entirely taken over by Bandits, who have decided that they make great hideouts. Seriously, it’s surprising that the fortresses have just been given over completely.

3 Abusing The Thu’um

One of the biggest parts of being the Dragonborn is being able to use your shout. Speaking in the ancient language of the dragons is an ancient power, and there is no better use for it then sending random objects flying.

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Sending a goat flying off the side of a mountain may not be a task suited to the Dragonborn, but is undeniably hilarious. With all of the freedom in Skyrim, there really is no limit to what you can send shooting across the screen.

2 Skyrim’s Morality

Skyrim is a game that lets you play how you want to play. You can be a heroic adventurer, a stealthy rogue, or an evil villain. No matter what role you choose to play, or with what intentions you start the game, eventually the temptation gets to everyone.

There’s just no replacing the thrill of stealing things right from under their owner’s noses. Skyrim makes it better by letting you steal EVERYTHING, who cares if you’ll actually use it later?

1 Who Needs Potions?

When facing a tough enemy, you have to keep a careful eye on your health. Normally health potions are more than enough to get you back into fighting shape, but sometimes you run out. Thankfully, in Skyrim food also restores your health. If you’re ever feeling like things might be getting dangerous you can always just eat gargantuan amounts of raw potatoes in the middle of a fight.

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2019-04-25 05:04:09

Alan Carson

10 Hilarious Waluigi Memes That Will Have You Saying “Wah!”

Waluigi is well-known in the gaming industry. His skinny appearance, pointed chin and edged mustache make him memorable, alongside his penchant for mischief and trouble-making. He is a part of the Mario franchise and utilizes the famous catchphrase “Wah!” He is Luigi’s rival in the same way as his partner (sometimes listed as his friend or his brother), Wario, is Mario’s rival. There are plenty of memes out in the world featuring Waluigi, having taken the internet by storm and many of which we would definitely exclaim “Wah!” over. Without further ado, here are the memes to make you “Wah!”

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10 Waluigi Says “Wah!” For 20 Years

It’s been close to twenty years since Waluigi made his first appearance. Since then, he’s caused all kinds of chaos and mayhem in Mario’s world and smiled about it. It’s safe to say Waluigi has made his cultural impact and has ingrained “Wah!” amidst pop culture. Especially in the gaming community. Simple but effective, this meme demonstrates just that. Waluigi’s cult following is here to stay.

9 Ladies Please Control Yourselves

Part of Waluigi’s cultural impact includes his appeal. Of course, Waluigi is definitely of a certain type. This meme is hilarious just because it portrays Waluigi in a comfortable, romantic position complete with a rose in his mouth and the request for the ladies to control themselves at the very sight of him.

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This may be arrogant and aggressive, but it wouldn’t be right any other way. After all, this is Waluigi. He’s not known for being subtle.

8 The Ideal Body

Memes oftentimes contain distinct senses of humor. This meme is definitely one of them. It states that yes, Waluigi is the prime example of peak performance, despite what people may think. This could be true or this could be an example of sarcasm. It depends on our own personal takeaways of the meme. Everyone has their version of peak performance. This is Waluigi’s. And it’s part of his image. It’d just be weird if Waluigi traded in his signature look for a more Hulk-like physique.

7 Luigis Everywhere!

This meme is possibly Waluigi’s worst nightmare. Who wants their rival to outnumber them, especially in an overwhelming state like this one?

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This meme even features its own edge, utilizing both Waluigi and Wario of the Mario franchise alongside the Toy Story franchise by fusing their heads to the bodies of famous Toy Story lead characters, Woody and Buzz. The manner in which Waluigi’s face is portrayed looks as though he’s already given up; point one for all the Luigis.

6 Please Don’t Pick Rainbow Road…

Mario Kart players are well aware of the course that is known as “Rainbow Road.” It’s nearly impossible to master, what with the sharp turns and the high likelihood of falling off the course and ending up back at the end of the line, only to catch up in time to fall off all over again. This meme exhibits the pain of anyone who’s failed at Rainbow Road, utilizing Waluigi to do it as he drinks “your tears.” Yeah, this image definitely makes us all want to scream “Wah!”

5  5. Here Lies Waluigi’s Hopes And Dreams…

This meme is both funny and somber wrapped into one. Combining Waluigi with Spongebob Squarepants, this meme is of Waluigi grieving for all his lost hopes and dreams. That, we feel sorry for. The thing is, Waluigi is the villain, Luigi’s rival, and a notorious troublemaker always armed with ulterior motives. With that in perspective, Waluigi has brought his lost hopes and dreams upon himself. We’ll leave him to grieve and “Wah!” as long as he pleases.

4 Waluigi In Smash

There are plenty of memes out there similar to this one. Like the meme above, someone has again utilized Spongebob Squarepants to get a point across. This time, their point being Waluigi’s absence in Super Smash Bros., Ultimate. 

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Players vehemently protested, demanding that Waluigi be added to the roster alongside other playable characters. Well, point made. And we’re still laughing at this meme.

3 Favorite Waluigi Face

When the meme of a beloved video game character captures your everyday mood, life feels complete. Whoever created this meme brilliantly utilized one of Waluigi’s many facial expressions and turned it into something that can be of everyday use. When someone asks how your day went, it’ll be hard to resist showing them this meme. Even harder to resist mimicking it yourself. Look up at the sky and exclaim “Wah!” We all have one of those days.

2 Send Your Cutest Delivery Boy

How would you feel if you saw a Waluigi look-alike appear at your door with a couple of Pizza Hut boxes? Maybe you’d be thrilled, maybe you’d be freaked out. Waluigi doesn’t have the cutest face. In fact, it’s probably among the creepiest. If anything, this meme can probably serve as a good lesson. Next time you’re requesting the cutest delivery boy in the “special instructions” section of your order, be careful what you wish for. Your idea of cute is probably not their idea of cute.

1 Waluigi And Dick Dastardly

How did everyone instantly not connect the two together? From their devious ways to their oddly shaped noses and chins, alongside their notorious mustaches, these two could be relatives. It’s hilarious how similar these two characters are not just in looks but in nature, especially considering they come from two different backgrounds (videogames and cartoons). Then again, both are animated, so it’s not totally inconceivable. Nevertheless, try seeing one without the other after seeing this meme. Not so easy to forget.

Waluigi definitely has his moments. Hanging out with Mario’s rival, Wario, challenging Luigi, causing mayhem and destruction. It’s what he does best. The purple shirt and hat, the pointy mustache, the nose, the pointed shoes that Santa’s elves might utilize are all part of his image (even if he does resemble Dick Dastardly, Waluigi has a certain look and vibe all his own). Waluigi may be a nefarious villain but at least he’s always trying to make himself better. If ever you need a good laugh, check out Waluigi’s memes or just exclaim “Wah!” whenever you like as tribute.

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Kacie Lillejord

9 Hilarious Dark Souls Memes That Will Make Players Say “Same”

The Dark Souls series changed the face of gaming forever. It’s become a living trope and a symbol for hardcore gamers everywhere. Few games have the reputation for relentless brutality that any Dark Souls title does. Even seasoned gamers approach the challenge of playing through a Dark Souls game with a sigh to steel their nerves. For reasons that will never be clear to less fanatical players, this hasn’t lessened the fervor of the games’ fans.

They’re a hearty and devoted crew who don’t take themselves too seriously. If you don’t believe that just take a look at some of the thousands of memes that aren’t afraid to poke fun at one of the hardest franchises of all time.

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9 I Dropped My Controller

Rage quitting is real. It’s a valid form of emotional expression which can sometimes lead to unintentional property damage. Every gamer knows the feeling of straining every muscle in your upper body to eke out the tiniest improvement in performance only to be heartlessly defeated yet again.

It’s times like these that controllers can accidentally fall out of animated hands. Dark Souls is a perfect storm of the sudden controller propulsion phenomenon. Many players have made an emergency run to GameStop for a new controller that suddenly became slippery after a brutal defeat.

8 5 More Minutes

Once you find yourself sucked into a game it could be days before you shake yourself free of its siren song. It’s just too easy to tell yourself one more quest, one more checkpoint, one more boss.

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If you’re playing Dark Souls it could take you a few hours of failed attempts just to learn how to hit an enemy. It’s hard to make progress when you’re being beaten back so ferociously. For every step forward you can sometimes take several steps back. Fans of this game know exactly how easy it is to lose the better part of a weekend.

7 Quality Journalism

Dark Souls isn’t the first game to become a trope. Game journalists have relied heavily on referring to any game with a high player fatality rate as the Dark Souls of its niche. One might say they’ve relied on it a little too heavily.

When a new game in the franchise is released this creates a bit of a conundrum for writers. What’s the Dark Souls of Dark Souls? It seems the wellsprings of creativity run dry when it’s time to describe just how soul-crushing these games are. If you’ve ever found yourself rolling your eyes at a review that makes this parallel you’re not alone.

6 Mimic

There’s nothing quite as classic Dark Souls as the elation of the enthusiastic new player reaching innocently for a treasure chest. Then watching them be grappled, take heavy damage and probably die. In fact, it’s a right of passage.

There are ways to tell if a chest is the real deal without having to slap it. The chain hanging off the side of a mimic is a dead give-away. If it’s an actual chest the chain will be looped. A mimic has a straighter chain. If you’re playing as a higher resolution such as with the PC version of the game you can even see the mimic’s teeth and tongue.

5 Gallows Humor

Being a Dark Souls fan is a point of pride for many. They’re proud of their persistence and grit. They’re proud of their bravery and skill. They’re proud of their absolute commitment to dying. You have to be really resilient to make it through any  Dark Souls game.

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A resilient spirit is required. It’s a badge of honor to have made it halfway through one of these titles. Playing one through more than once earns you a reputation. Mostly a reputation for being a masochist. There’s nothing wrong with being a little dark.

4 It’s All Downhill

Just in case you thought that you’d eventually harden against the relentless hammering blows, rest assured, you won’t. It doesn’t get better from here. Each playthrough is a fresh hell beset on all sides by misery.

You may think the struggle is getting a little easier, but it’s just an illusion. The harder you try, the more you play, the number you become to your own pain. You’ll think you’re getting better but really you’re just coming up with more impressive ways to fail.

3 Those Who Can’t, Wiki

You can’t spend any time online in gaming circles without references to a Dark Souls game coming up. If you haven’t had the courage to pick the franchise up for yourself, you may have dipped your toe in the icy black waters by reading up on the games. Studying up on the games might have given you a false sense of confidence.

Rest assured the games really are that difficult and you will definitely die. At the very least some research will ensure you won’t miss out on some of the best memes gaming has ever produced.

2 We’re All Winners Here

There is no hope. No one gets out of a Dark Souls game alive. No one can win. It’s the Kobayashi Maru of the gaming world. Flappy Bird looks like a relaxing idle game in the shadow of this impossible giant.

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This isn’t a franchise or the faint of heart or the weak of spirit. Explaining the kind of dedication and resiliency that playing these games require is no easy task. How to make someone feel the hopelessness if they’ve never played?

1 It’s Gonna Be Okay

Just when you think you can breathe easy for a moment and recover Dark Souls is here to remind you that you aren’t playing Harvest Moon. This is a merciless nightmare from which there is no escape.

Anyone who has every plowed through the desolate terror knows this feeling. The momentary elation of victory followed by the immediate recognition of an even bigger threat.

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Danyell Marshall

Star Wars: 10 Absolutely Hilarious Ben Swolo Memes

Perhaps no other entry in the franchise has been as divisive as Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Fans of the Disney Space opera were torn over the film’s tone and use of comedy, the introduction of a lactating alien beast, and of course – SPOILER WARNING – the death of Luke Skywalker. For some, the movie signaled the end of the Skywalker legacy and for others, the film took Star Wars into progressive new territory.

One of the most talked about scenes from The Last Jedi featured a particularly hench, notably shirtless Kylo Ren. Played by Adam Driver, Kylo Ren is the child of Han Solo and General Leia Organa. Before taking on the mantle of Kylo, the burgeoning force user was originally named Ben Solo. Unfortunately, the dark side proved too tempting for Ben and he left the light and joined the First Order, following in the footsteps of his grandpa, Darth Vader. In this scene, Kylo is communicating across worlds with Daisy Ridley’s, Rey, their minds connected by the force and, it turns out, the meddling of nefarious Supreme Leader Snoke. Neither Ben/Kylo nor Rey were prepared for this particular ‘Force Skype’ session or the fact that Ben is currently hanging out in his chambers half dressed.

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Shirtless Kylo Ren was particularly jarring due to both Adam Drivers impressively bulked up torso and the fact that Star Wars is not especially known for its shirtless heroes. The last time Star Wars featured one of its heroes this scantily clad was back during Return of the Jedi when Leia, enslaved by mobster slug Jabba, wore that infamous bikini, a costume choice which has long since been considered exploitative. Needless to say, fans quickly became obsessed with the ‘swole’ Sith and the ‘ Ben Swolo’ meme was born. It wasn’t long until the internet was flooded with Ben Swolo content. Here are ten of the most hilarious memes the internet had to offer.


It’s about as hard to trace a meme’s origins as it is to track a starship through hyperspace but, as TLJ showed, it is possible. This just might be Ben Swolo’s first introduction to the world and who better to usher in a new era of memes than Admiral Akbar. ‘Sir, we’re detecting a massive object emerging from hyperspace.’ Massive is right!


Here we see Supreme Leader Snoke, in all his irreparably scarred glory. He’s muttering the line, which in the film referred to Kylo Ren’s Vader-esque helmet, and here refers to a plain grey T-shirt. Unknown is the number of ‘X’s preceding ‘Large’ in the size label of that T-shirt or when Kylo had time to pop to GAP between lightsaber battles, but he has no problems taking it off. All those hours in the gym have to be for something, right?


It’s easy to see where Ben Swolo gets his passion for bulking up and turning to the dark side. There’s nothing like a little family competition, it there? In this Swolo rendition, Ben’s grandfather Anakin Skywalker is beefed up to epic proportions as well.

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The connection between these two characters is an important aspect of the current trilogy, especially in regards to Kylo’s motivation and inspiration. It makes sense that Anakin would be as swollen as his future grandson.


This is one of the best variations of the ‘Expanding Mind Meme’ on the internet. The pun-tactic entry in the Ben Swolo canon gives us a look at some other Star Wars legends if they were as built as Ben Swolo. Not only do we get a look at the protein powered muscle-laden space warriors, but each is also given an equally humorous moniker to accompany.

Maybe things would have turned out differently in The Phantom Menace if Darth Maul had come up against ‘Qui Gon Gym.’ Although, ‘Chancellor Palprotein’ looks pretty unstoppable. Lucky ‘Admiral Squatbar,’ the most hench of them all, is a part of the rebellion and the resistance after that.


Disney is amassing a pretty big grasp on the universe these days with both the far away Star Wars galaxy and the Marvel Cinematic Universe now falling under the Disney name. Some friendly competition between the different Disney divisions is understandable and here we can see Marvel’s Bucky Barnes as played by Sebastion Stan, a.k.a The Winter Soldier taking the rivalry to a new a level.

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It’s hard to imagine anyone stacking up against Ben Swolo, even Captain America looks like a regular human next to the iron pumping machine. But beefy Bucky is giving his all.


Pretty self-explanatory, this meme puts Swolo in place of the famous London landmark: Big Ben. Considering, TLJ was filmed at Pinewood Studios, just outside of London, it’s not too hard to believe ‘Ben Swolo,’ might have taken a turn around the capital, seeing the sites and landmarks. With his size, it wouldn’t have taken him long to stroll into town.


The ‘Mr. Galaxywide,’ meme is an extension of the ‘Mr. Worldwide’ meme. Yes, the internet is eating itself. ‘Mr. Worldwide,’ was a meme featuring rapper Pitbull. Mr. Worldwide is a nickname he assigned himself and repeated fairly often in his tracks, asserting his status.

The original meme featured Pitbull holding the world in the palm of his hand. Here the world is replaced with the ‘Death Star’ and Pitbull replaced by the cosmically sized Ben Swolo. Proving once again just how large he truly is.


A movie wouldn’t be a blockbuster these days without a Lego adaptation and it looks like memes are no different. Here in all his plastic, ‘swole’-ness is ‘Lego Ben Swolo.’ Everything IS awesome when you’re this jacked.


The Hulk is a big green, smashing machine. He’s the strongest, most swollen, pumped up Avenger and it would take a lot to outmuscle the incredible Hulk.

Good thing Ben Swolo has basically been living at the gym. This meme takes the iconic ‘We have a Hulk’ scene from the first Avengers film and puts a friendly Star Wars spin on things. Although, it’s a little troubling for Leia if Snoke’s claims are true. Kylo Smash!


The creator of this one might have broken into the catnip again. There really was no other conclusion to this chapter in the history of memes. The internets fascination with Ben Swolo, meets its longtime feline obsession. This one is pretty simply a work of art. Now come to the dark side, kitty.

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Joshua Dean Perry

The Most Hilarious Shrek Memes The Internet Has Given Us

Shrek has pretty much become one big meme in itself. What started off as a popular Dreamworks series consisting of four films has slowly become an internet sensation for people who have a very distinct sense of humor. This humor is specifically known as “troll humor”. While many people scoff at the low-brow comedy that is derived from this brand of comedy, most people would consider “trolling” to be an art in itself. Shrek has become the ultimate muse for internet memes, and we’re so glad this is the case. While our world can barely agree on anything, what we can all seem to agree on is the fact that Shrek Memes are freaking iconic.

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So in honor of the brilliant phenomena that is Shrek memes, let’s take a look at some of the funniest Shrek memes of all time.

9 Shrek 2 Live Action Cast

With the enormous amount of live-action movie remakes coming out in 2019, it seems surprising to all of us that there hasn’t yet been a live-action version of Shrek. So far we’ve gotten Dumbo, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, and The Jungle Book, but where the hell is the Shrek live-action remake? It is clear by this meme that there is a perfect set of beloved actors who would absolutely crush these epic roles. It could be Meryl Streep’s most iconic movie role yet. She might even win an Oscar for it.

Who else wants to start a petition demanding a Shrek live-action remake?

8 You’ll Never Shine If You Don’t Glow…

This meme originally comes from the “Roll Safe” image where it usually is captioned with jokes that mock poor decisions with positive outcomes as a result. The song lyrics come from All-Star by Smash Mouth, the most amazing Shrek song of all time.

Who doesn’t remember blasting the song with their friends while singing along at the top of their lungs? It’s pretty much the staple of our childhood. Smash Mouth probably had no idea that it was creating a song with lyrics that would go down in history as  philosophical genius.

7 Profile Pic vs. Tagged Photo

Those of us who are active on social media have all experienced this before. We have all of our gorgeous profile pictures stored and we look through them thinking about how flawless we are, only to be tagged in a photo where we look like we just got ran over by a truck. It’s a common meme to put two pictures of the same person side by side, one where they look flawless and the other where the look like a total wreck. In this case, Shrek would of course be considered the “tag photo” and “looking like Shrek” has been used as an insult since the movie White Chicks came out back in 2004 when one of the main characters claimed that she “looks like f***ing Shrek!”

It’s okay, Shrek. We think you’re cute.

6 Guys Only Want One Thing…

This is a hilarious tweet because it’s kind of true. What men and women really want at the end of the day is to have Shrek 2 come out on Netflix. It’s not like we’re asking for a lot! It’s simple, really.

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It is widely assumed that the human population is greedy and that we want everything in the world to be handed to us, yet all we are really asking for is one little movie to be placed on Netflix. It would probably solve a lot of our worlds issues if we all had instant access to the cinema classic that is Shrek 2.

5 The Face You Make After A Terrible Presentation

While most people learned how to solve the quadratic formula in school, a good majority of us learned how to BS an assignment. We would figure out little ways to pretend we read the assigned book when in reality, we didn’t even bother to read the Spark Notes version. Sometimes though, our BS approach fails to work. When we give out a presentation where we have zero idea what we’re talking about, this is the exact face of guilt we make.  Shrek can be so relatable sometimes…It’s like he gets us on a personal level.

4 That’s an interesting order of movie titles…

Sometimes signs are written out in an unfortunate order. In this case, the list of movies are put in an order that suggests a band of kinky pirates decided to get groovy with a giant green ogre. To each their own! We can’t help but crack up at this poorly planned order of films listed. Or was it poorly planned? Did the people who formed this list know exactly what they were doing? Maybe they were trolling moviegoers into putting the films in this order. If it involves Shrek, they were probably trolling if we’re gonna be honest…

3 Father John Misty is Shrek?

Father John Misty and Shrek come from two completely different worlds. Although they are both All-Stars in their own right, Shrek fans tend to see the world in a humorous and trollish light while Father John Misty fans usually are named after a fruit and have a guitar that they named after some dead bearded poet.

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These fandoms pretty much come from separate universes, one that is high-brow and one that is low-brow. Placing Shrek in the Father John Misty section of the record store was likely to annoy some people!

2 Is Human Shrek a total Babe?

Shrek humor is a big part of a lot of friendships. Sending each other Shrek memes is the staple of a lot of relationships, and rightfully so. A shared sense of humor is what brings people closest together, and here is a hilarious example of that. This generation is brought together with laughter, and asking your buddies whether or not Human Shrek is a straight-up hunk is just a part of growing up in this day and age. (Our stance? We think he’s a royal hottie.)

1 Shrek’s outfits are Goals

The internet is flooded with “Steal her look” images and so are magazines. If you want to look like a certain actor or actress that you admire, you search their name and add “steal their look” next to it. Usually, it lists stores and prices where you can get their exact outfit, yet no one would think to steal Shrek’s look unless they were a freakin’ GENIUS. Fashion icons better look out, because Shrek is clearly the most fashion-forward out of anyone in the land.

What are your favorite Shrek memes? Let us know!

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Simone Torn

The Internet’s Best Reactions And Memes To The New Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Pictures

The initial reaction to the Sonic poster released a few months back raised a few eyebrows to say the least. But, things have been kicked up a notch since Paramount’s advertising agency supposedly leaked promotional photos for their Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Like any film based on a beloved property or long standing franchise, it’s ultimately going to have a fair share of defenders and naysayers. However, it looks like majority of fans are not too happy about Sonic’s new design.

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The general reaction has gotten to a point where it’s become somewhat of an internet phenomenon. Check out the very best reactions to the new Sonic photos!

8 Sonic The Cereal Mascot

Although there are only so many different ways to pose Sonic in a promo image, it’s undeniable that the pose the film’s promotional campaign ended up going with provides material for all kinds of parodies. Why even pose Sonic like this? Out of context, what is such a cheeky side smirk and a fist raised in the air supposed to tell us? Such an image could only lead itself to one thing – a cereal ad.

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The greatest aspect of this edit is how seamless Sonic fits onto the cereal box cover. Fans are divided on Sonic’s new look, but maybe they can agree that he makes a fun General Mills mascot.

7 Creating Challenges

At the very least, Sonic’s new design is inspiring creativity around social media. Since a lot of fans are going all #notmyhedgehog across the internet, they have decided to take matters into their own hands. One way they’ve done this is by creating a challenge to “fix” Sonic. The idea into take the pre-existing images and photoshop them so that they look closer to Sonic’s video game design. Their results have both been impressive and hilarious.

6 Sonic Works At Sonic

The joke just writes itself. For better or worse, what can be said about fan culture’s disapproval towards something they hold so dear is that it takes on a life of its own. Sometimes it sheds light on people’s irrational behavior, but other times it can turn into a source of harmless comedy for a lot of people to enjoy.

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It’s kind of amazing how so much of the disappointment surrounding Sonic’s design has also become an internet sensation. That’s the only way a photo of Sonic dressed as a female Sonic employee named Kiara could ever exist in the first place. After seeing this, Sonic should really consider doing a cross promotional campaign with Sonic.

5 Tails

An audience’s reaction to their most beloved franchises can range anywhere from overly brutal to genuinely funny. Yet, what’s nice is that not everything has to be soaked in irony. Even better is that it can inspire some truly talented fans to envision what their other favorite characters might look like. Enter Sonic’s best friend, Tails. Although the character hasn’t been definitively confirmed for the movie, it has nonetheless not stopped fans from using the Sonic photo as a means to create their own interpretation of Tails. The coolest part of this fan rendering is that it looks like it fits within what has already been revealed of the movie’s aesthetic.

4 Quick Fixes

One of the biggest complaints from fans is that Sonic’s face looks different compared to his video game counterpart. Specifically, his eyes seem different. It’s always interesting to see how the mileage varies with fan reactions. Thanks not wearing his signature helmet in Avengers: Infinity War? Fans shrug their shoulders. Sonic having wide set eyes? Sorry Sega, you’ve simply left you fans no choice but to riot. All jokes aside, there is a legitimate argument to be made about how seemingly small changes can alter a character’s appearance.

This particular tweet attempts to give credence to such a notion. The photo shows how much more Sonic looks like his video game persona when hisses are slightly altered. Adapting popular franchises can be a tricky task. So, it’s important for filmmakers find the right balance of what makes the fans happy while also changing enough for it to make sense for a movie.

3 Everyone’s Gotta Chill

Yes, it’s always good to see people express their passionate opinion (even if it skews more negatively) about their favorite franchise. However, it’s also nice to see someone voice a more positive take on a character. This user in particular is reminding everyone that we just need to relax a little bit. Is this Sonic design really all that bad? He’s blue, wears red shoes, and looks like a hedgehog.

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Admittedly, the positive outlook on Sonic’s movie appearance is definitely the less popular opinion. But, this reaction is a helpful reminder to not always judge a book by its cover.

2 Nearly Unrecognizable?

This might be a bold claim, but some users are claiming that this Sonic looks so off that people aren’t even able to recognize the character.

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Case in point, this user says that their own family confused Sonic for a Pokemon’. To e be fair, any other layman would most likely confuse on furry creature for another. However, this notion speaks to the larger idea that Sonic’s movie design has been altered so much that people can’t even recognize a well known character when they see one. People want Sonic the icon. They want to stan a legend.

1 Sonic The Genie

The internet is often a bit too mean when responding to something they’re passionate about. But, there’s other times when it gives us a gift like Sonic Genie. The funniest part of this picture is how it completely encapsulates the communal aspect of fan culture. Recently, audiences got their first look at Will Smith’s Genie. People’s reactions were less than enthusiastic to the say the least. Sonic’s new designs gotten very similar reactions. So much so that both characters have now resulted in an inside joke worthy of this photoshop crossover.

Although audiences won’t get a chance to see Sonic in action until later this year, it still hasn’t stopped them from forming some early impressions about the character design. Did we miss any other great reactions? Let us know in the comments!

2019-03-09 09:03:02

Nathaniel Vanderpoort