BLACK MIRROR SEASON 5 Extended Trailer (NEW 2019) Miley Cyrus, Netflix Series HD

BLACK MIRROR SEASON 5 Extended Trailer (NEW 2019) Miley Cyrus, Netflix Series HD
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2019-05-21 14:46:52

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch: Guide To Get The Secret Ending

It’s no secret that Black Mirror’s choose-your-own-adventure installment was an overwhelming success, with widespread critical acclaim and commercial success. So great was its success, that Netflix has decided to take on more projects of this nature, posting job openings looking for game designers to create more interactive content.

Part of this feature’s success was the fact that viewers were afforded so many choices throughout the story. Story arcs were numerous and diverse, and the ending to the story was heavily dependent on the choices that the user makes, however, there is one secret ending that seems nearly impossible to access. Let’s take a look at the choices that you need to make throughout the game in order to unlock this particular scene.

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11 Select The Sugar Puffs, The Thompson Twins Cassette, Hit Accept, Then Reject

When Dad provides two kinds of cereal to choose from for breakfast, pick the Sugar Puffs, not the Frosties.  Interestingly enough, this is where most viewers already go wrong, as the stats for Bandersnatch show that more than 60 percent of Netflix viewers choose Frosties.

In what seems like yet another menial selection, Stefan must choose between listening to the Thompson Twins or Now That’s What I Call Music 2 while riding the bus. Once again, this choice is more important than it seems, as it is imperative to choose the Thompson Twins in order to keep the secret ending in play.

At this stage, Stefan arrives at Tuckersoft, the gaming company that wants to hire him to create the Bandersnatch game. Here he meets Colin, a game designer at Tuckersoft whom he deeply admires, and Tucker, CEO of the company.

Tucker offers Stefan the choice to make Bandersnatch in the offices of Tuckersoft alongside a team of designers. Stefan must accept this offer. This choice results in Bandersnatch tanking and a game reviewer giving it zero out of five stars, and the viewer must select reject when taken back to this crossroad a second time.

10 Select Yes In The Therapist’s Office, Choose The Bermuda Triangle, Shout At Dad, And Visit Dr Haynes

When Stefan is given the option to speak about his mother, choose yes. This will reveal his traumatic childhood story and once the flashback is playing, the younger Stefan will refuse to go with his mother.

When visiting the record store, pick The Bermuda Triangle as opposed to Phaedra. The selected vinyl will play in a montage of Stefan’s game design. When Dad walks in and asks Stefan about lunch, Stefan immediately gets angry. Here, shout at Dad rather than throw tea over the computer.

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Upon hearing Stefan’s reaction, Dad drives him back to the therapist. As Stefan stands outside the entrance, he spots Colin walking across the street. Choose to enter the therapist’s office, instead of going after him.

9 Pull Earlobe, Take The Pills, Follow Colin, Pick Yes, Choose Stefan

Out of stress, Stefan must choose between pulling his earlobe and biting his nails. Pick the earlobe. When you have to choose between taking the pills and disposing of them, take them.

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The last option will take viewers back to the choice between following Colin and going to the therapist. This time, pick Colin. When Colin offers Stefan some drugs, select yes. He will then proceed to hear Colin’s bizarre theories on life. Colin then suggests that one of them jumps off the balcony to prove his theory. Stefan must jump, and this will reset to when Stefan must choose what to do with the pills.

8 Hit The Desk, Pick Up Book, PAC, Throw Tea Over Computer

Once again, Stefan’s temper builds when developing the game. Choose to hit the desk out of frustration. Upon deciding to get some sleep, Stefan must choose between taking a book and a family photo with him to bed. Take the book.

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Stefan will then attempt to access Dad’s safe and input a password. Select PAC. After unearthing a disturbing conspiracy, users will go back to the scene where Stefan loses his temper. This time, throw tea over the computer.

7 P.A.C.S., Dial 20541, Choose Netflix, Try To Explain To Stefan And Then Decide To Tell Him More

Once again attempting to access the safe, input P.A.C.S. as the password. Losing touch with reality, Stefan shockingly kills his dad. At this point, Stefan must dial the number to Dr. Haynes’ office correctly and threaten to kill her in the same way he killed his dad.

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Stefan then lands himself in jail and users must decide whether or not to continue the story. Here, you must continue and face a scene where Stefan seems to think that someone is controlling him. He then calls out, “Who’s There”, to which the viewer must respond with “Netflix”.

6 F**k Yeah, Kick Him In The Balls, Who’s There?, Back Off, Then Kill Dad

When telling Dr. Haynes about Netflix, she asks if he would like more action if he was a Netflix viewer watching this scene. Respond in the affirmative. Stefan then has the option to fight his therapist or jump out the window. Ensure that he throws coffee in her face and fights her. At this point, Dad appears in the fight. Choose to kick him in the balls rather than karate chopping him.

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Viewers are then taken back to when the point where Stefan asks, “Who’s There”. Choose to display the White Bear Symbol on the computer monitor at this point. Once again, Stefan loses control and must contemplate killing dad. Follow the sequence above.

5 Bury The Body, Respond With “Yes”, He Jumped, Chop Up The Body This Time

Stefan must now decide between burying his dad’s body and chopping it up. Choose to bury it. As Tucker calls to ask if the game will be ready by the end of the day, respond with yes.

Kitty will then ask where Colin is. Tell her that Colin jumped off the balcony. Kitty then claims that this never happened, and the dog subsequently digs up Stefan’s dad’s body later that night. Once again, the jail ending is reached.

4 Destroy Computer, Get The Toy Rabbit From Dad, Repeat The Previous Process

Again, Stefan is frustrated during the process of game development. Destroy the computer, as opposed to throwing tea over it.

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Then repeat the process of picking up the family photo at bedtime, showing Stefan the White Bear symbol, chopping up Dad’s body and destroy the computer yet again.

3 PAX, Display White Bear Symbol, Repeat The Process With Dad

Repeat the process of typing in PAX as the password to Dad’s safe, displaying the White Bear on Stephan’s computer screen.

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This time when trying to access Dad’s safe, use the password “PAX”. From there, the process with Dad will repeat itself, where you will have to chop up his body, destroy the computer and get the toy rabbit.

2 Input TOY As Password And Say Yes In The Flashback Sequence

Once again, Stefan is faced with choosing a password for accessing Dad’s safe. This time, pick TOY. In a flashback, Stefan’s mom asks if he will accompany her on the train. Young Stefan must say yes

1 Enjoy The Secret Ending

This ending contains some surprising Easter eggs, including a QR Code leading to the Tuckersoft website if a ZX Spectrum Emulator is used to scan the scene’s audio. In addition, a downloadable game is available on the “Nohzdyve” page of the Tuckersoft website.

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2019-04-25 05:04:08

Mathew Cohen

10 Choose Your Adventure Games To Play If You Liked Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch dipped into the nostalgia many who lived through the 1980s have for a format of books called “Choose Your Own Adventure”. While the movie was certainly innovative, the format was nothing new as anyone who read those books remembers.

One of the best aspects of the movie was the reintroduction of that format to the people who experienced it decades earlier, but it also introduced the concept of “Choose Your Own Adventure” to a new generation. As it happens, there are tons of video games that embraced the format long before Black Mirror: Bandersnatch came along, and these ten are the best of them all.

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Until Dawn is a disturbingly bloody and gory horror game that centers around the player’s choices, which directly correlate to who survives the night. The game is set in a remote cabin where a group of teenagers is holed up for the night. As the player makes their way through the story, they are presented with various choices that direct the gameplay.

The right choice in one instance might see multiple people escape the horror while the wrong choice in another part of the story might result in everyone’s death. The game has a short enough playthrough that it’s fun to replay the game to see if you can’t get different people out each and every time you play it.


While most games in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” format follow a character as they progress through a story making choices, Her Story is a bit different. Play works by listening to interviews of a murder suspect from an old police computer. The choices come into play regarding how you listen to those tapes.

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Depending on the search terms you use, and how well you pay attention to the dialogue, the story will unfold in different ways. Ultimately, this will result in a harrowing tale with strange and shocking twists that will differ each time you play the game depending entirely on the choices you make throughout.


The Stanley Parable plays much like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, but it also shares some similarities to earlier text-based games like Zork in that much of the decision-making involves determining where you go and what you do when you get there.

The game features narration that helps direct the player to choose between one or more actions that ultimately drive the story. As it comes to a conclusion, the players can find themselves in one of the many hilarious endings to the game, which almost demands multiple playthroughs just to see how it could have gone with different choices.


Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us follows the company’s familiar format of a graphics-intensive “Choose Your Own Adventure”, but with a twist. The game is a combination of a fantasy-noir adventure story, which breaks the genre and helps to redefine it with its rich story and beautiful graphics.

From small choices that seem to have little consequence to larger decisions that clearly define how the story unfolds, players are faced with both to help instruct how the story plays out. This is a game where the decisions definitely matter, and because there are so many, no single playthrough will be the same as any other.


Heavy Rain is a great “Choose Your Own Adventure” game for the PS4 that centers around trying to find and stop a killer. The Origami Killer is on the loose, and it’s up to the player to find out exactly who is carrying out the deadly tromp through the city.

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Gameplay features an ability to make choices via dialogue interactions with different characters. As the player proceeds through the game, saying the right thing might help to find the killer while saying the wrong words could end up getting someone else killed making this game incredibly reliant on dialogue choices more than anything else.


For anyone who has ever used dating apps like Tinder, this may be the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game for you! In Reigns: Her Majesty, players are given the option to make decisions by either swiping left or right, but those decisions have an impact on how the game develops.

Each time you make a swipe from one side to the other, your kingdom’s subjects will carry out tasks and help you to build a and improve your gameplay. Your decisions based on their wishes will help to build your dynasty making this a fun, yet simple game that follows the format.


Stories Untold combines many of the elements familiar to the Choose Your Own Adventure game format. Taking elements from text-based adventure, puzzle solving, and first-person exploration games, this episodic horror fuses them all within a 1980s technology themed adventure.

The game takes place in England back in 1986 (Pretty close to Bandersnatch there), and features four episodes. Making the right choice will determine how everything plays out as the player determines exactly what kind of story they want to play. Each episode starts out as a single game of sorts until they all come together in the end to form a cohesive tale.


Life Is Strange is one of those genre-defining games that helped to refine the “Choose Your Own Adventure format into a new format of gaming. The game follows the story of a teenager who can rewind time to make new decisions different than the ones made previously.

This is done to try and uncover the secrets that have plagued her coastal town in Oregon. There are tons of mystery elements spread throughout the game, which help to make the decisions the player makes differ each time they play through Life Is Strange as they build to the inevitable twist fans of Bandersnatch are sure to love.


Building from the hit comic book and television series, Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season One tells its own unique story within the series’ popular premise. This game features the levels of suspense you would expect from a zombie horror title, but it gets intense as you progress through the game.

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Each decision you make determines how the story will unfold, but it’s not as simple as choosing one path or another. Many decisions will directly result in whether or not the people around you live or die, which makes this one of the most harrowing and intense games in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” format.


Undertale is a unique sort of game on this list because while it does follow a “Choose Your Own Adventure” format, it does so in a way that is entirely different from the other games listed here. Instead of making decisions based on dialogue or pathways, the story changes based on your interaction with enemies.

When you find an enemy, you are given the option to either fight or befriend them. Whatever your decision, the gameplay will unfold differently, and it could go on to be a lovely tale or end in a more darker one similar to the way many viewers came to the end of Bandersnatch.

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2019-04-23 03:04:25

Jonathan H. Kantor

Rey Cosplayers Recreate Last Jedi Mirror Scene At Star Wars Celebration

At the annual Star Wars Celebration, Rey cosplayers got together to reenact the famous mirror scene from The Last Jedi. Over 20 Reys participated, and did the hand gesture in perfect sync.

The mirror scene is referring to a rather strange sequence in the The Last Jedi. Rey enters a cave on Luke Skywalker’s island to learn about her heritage. One of the biggest mysteries of the new movies was Rey’s parents, and this scene appeared to be leading to some kind of reveal. In the cave, we see mirror versions of Rey saying, “Let me see them, my parents, please.” Rey touches the cave wall, and we see a shadow do the same, seemingly her parent. But, the shadow reveals itself to be Rey, thus the mystery remained at the moment.

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The Star Wars Report posted an image on Twitter showing the Rey cosplayers posing for the scene. The image has quickly gained popularity, with The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson himself tweeting, “So cool!” in response.

Although the mirror scene didn’t end up revealing who Rey’s parents were, a later scene seemingly did. Toward the climax of The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren tells Rey that her parents were nobody notable, and that she was abandoned for money. This was controversial with fans, as Rey’s heritage was a big talking point among the continuity. Interestingly, JJ Abrams recently said that there’s more to Rey’s parents than what Kylo Ren revealed.

Not only was there a lot of well done cosplaying at Star Wars Celebration, but new information regarding Episode IX was unveiled as well. Last week, LucasFilm premiered the movie’s first trailer, revealing interesting details and the official title. The Rise of Skywalker brings the saga to an end, according to the trailer. A mysterious laugh was heard at the end, with many theorizing the return of Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Indeed, JJ Abrams confirmed that Palpatine was indeed returning.

The Last Jedi proved divisive among fans. However one feels about the decisions made regarding the story, one cannot deny that the series has gone into some unique directions. Interestingly, The Rise of Skywalker seems to be answering some fan complaints about the previous movie. Fans would argue that Luke’s legacy was tarnished in The Last Jedi, but this film is calling itself “Rise.” It sounds like Rey’s heritage will be expanded upon, and the Emperor is returning to close out the story. Everything so far is pointing to The Rise of Skywalker being a satisfying conclusion to the series that began with 1977’s A New Hope.

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Source: StarWarsReport/Twitter

2019-04-17 07:04:39

Daniel Alvarez

Black Mirror Season 5 Casts Anthony Mackie & Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

The mysterious fifth season of Netflix’s sci-fi anthology Black Mirror casts MCU star Anthony Mackie and DCEU star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. While not quite a pop culture phenomenon on the level of say Stranger Things, Black Mirror is certainly one of the most popular and well-regarded original series on Netflix. That’s a bit amusing, if only because Black Mirror wasn’t designed from the ground up as a Netflix project, and became a Netflix original after seasons 1 and 2 had already aired on the U.K.’s Channel 4.

That aside, Black Mirror is now definitely best known as a Netflix production, and continues to increase in notoriety with each passing season. Season 3 premiered in October 2016, featuring the Emmy-winning episode “San Junipero.” Season 4 followed in December 2017, taking viewers aboard the “USS Callister.” Most fans expected season 5 – which entered production in early 2018 – to debut before the end of last year, but instead, Netflix and the Black Mirror team dropped the bombshell that was Bandersnatch, an interactive Black Mirror movie.

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Unfortunately, since Bandersnatch’s release, there’s been zero official updates on Black Mirror season 5, outside of Netflix confirming that Bandersnatch was indeed not it. Miley Cyrus herself confirmed that she’s set to appear in an upcoming episode, but that’s all that’s known. Now though, Deadline reports that Black Mirror season 5 has cast both Anthony Mackie and Yayha Abdul-Mateen II, although details beyond that remain scarce.

Mackie has quite the film and TV resume at this point, but is probably best known for his role as Falcon/Sam Wilson in the MCU. He’s so far played the heroic character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War. He’s also expected to return for Avengers: Endgame. Mateen recently joined the DCEU as the villain Black Manta in Aquaman, and is expected to play a larger role in Aquaman 2. He’s also set to appear in HBO’s Watchmen series, and as the titular villain in the upcoming remake of Candyman.

Netflix has, of course, declined to comment on Deadline’s report, so anything beyond their casting is unknown. It’s unknown what characters Mackie and Mateen will play, or even whether they’ll appear in the same season 5 episode of Black Mirror. Regardless, both men are great additions to the season 5 cast, and will likely fit nicely into the dark, bleak world creator Charlie Brooker has crafted. Now, here’s hoping Netflix sees fit to reveal a release date for season 5 sometime soon, as fans are getting impatient.

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Source: Deadline

2019-03-20 08:03:56

Michael Kennedy

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Creator Tells Critics To ‘F-ck Off’

Bandersnatch Black Mirror

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch creator Charlie Brooker says that critics who aren’t keen on the film’s interactive focus can “f-ck off” in a recent interview. Brooker’s cheeky defense of Black Mirror‘s interactive spin-off film came while answering questions about the creation and critical reception of Bandersnatch alongside co-showrunner Annabel Jones. Bandersnatch released on Netflix at the close of 2018, and the choose-your-own-adventure film has grown into nothing short of a cultural phenomenon since then.

The first full-length feature to come out of the warped Black Mirror Netflix series, Bandersnatch is an interactive movie set in 1984 that revolves around efforts of protagonist Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) to adapt a choose-your-own-adventure novel into a video game. The onus of Butler’s choices – and their unintended consequences – rest on the viewer. Five distinct endings can be achieved (as well as one secret post-credits ending), and the movie can unfold in over a trillion unique paths. While Bandersnatch has been generally well-received and its popularity has spawned numerous parodies and memes, the film has also received its fair share of criticisms in the fortnight since its release.

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In an interview with HuffPost UK, Charlie Brooker’s colorful suggestion was in response to a question about his and Black Mirror co-showrunner Annabel Jones’ thoughts on the public and critical reception of Bandersnatch. First, Jones expressed gratitude for the positivity with which many have met Bandersnatch, saying, “[it’s] just so satisfying that so many people have engaged with it.” She then went on to acknowledge the initially “terrifying” thought of relinquishing some narrative control to viewers, which Brooker rejoined in saying, “It’s been interesting that you get different reactions from different people, partly based on what they’re expecting, or what they want.” Unloading on critics whom he clearly feels don’t have a leg to stand on, Brooker went on to say:

Black Mirror Bandersnatch - Stefan Colin and Thakur

“There’s also some people that are like ‘I don’t wanna make decisions’, ‘I don’t want to do any of it’… well f-ck off, then. Do something else! And then there’s some people who think ‘oh, it’s too simple as a game’ or ‘games have done this before’ – well this isn’t on a gaming platform, it’s on Netflix. I’m well aware of what a computer game is, thanks.”

Along with Susanne Bier’s similarly viral Bird Box, the throngs of viewers that Bandersnatch has been able to reach are just another of 2018’s reminders that Netflix’s importance in the film industry is quickly rising. While the streaming platform has lightly explored the prospects of theatrical release of its original films recently, Netflix ought not to forget that its true power rests in its ability to reach subscribers in the comfort of their own homes, and the popularity of Bandersnatch, irregular format and all, perfectly exemplifies this. Without its interactivity, Bandersnatch would likely have never been propelled into the spotlight it enjoys now, but the very thought of a theater audience frequently brandishing their too-bright smartphones on public wifi at a theatrical screening of the film should be enough to send a shiver up any moviegoer’s spine.

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Source: HuffPost UK

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2019-01-11 01:01:24

10 Hints That Black Mirror Is A Shared Universe

It didn’t start out that way, but it’s becoming more and more clear that Black Mirror is a shared universe. With the release of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the evidence is piling up in favor of this theory. That said, Bandersnatch has thrown into question the very nature of this reality. However, each episode has tied more and more, seemingly innocuous strings together to form a tightly-knit, complicated shared universe. Don’t believe us? Here are 10 hints that Black Mirror is a shared universe.

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

10. Raiman’s Milk

In the episode “Men Against Fire,” a soldier named “Hunter” Raiman, played by Madeline Brewer, reveals in passing that her family owns a farm. Later, in the episode “USS Callister,” we see that chocolate and strawberry flavor Raiman-brand milk are favorites of Robert Daly, the disgruntled CTO and co-founder of Callister Inc. While it’s not clear what amount of time, if any, has passed between the events of these episodes, it is clear the Raiman family farm is successful.

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9. UKN News

Featuring prominently in the series’ first episode “The National Anthem,” UKN appears to be one of the larger news networks located in the United Kingdom. First seen covering the events of that episode, UKN is later seen in “Be Right Back” in a broadcast regarding the scientific breakthrough of creating lifelike human skin. As well, UKN reporters are on the scene during the events of “The Waldo Moment” and “White Bear.” UKN is featured once again in “Hated in the Nation” covering the events of the #DeathTo movement.

8. Waldo

After the climax of “The Waldo Moment,” the titular cartoon personality is separated from its creator and used ostensibly as a capitalistic cash cow by large organizations. This is seen throughout the Black Mirror series as either the face or name of Waldo appears in multiple episodes thereafter. In “White Christmas,” Joe is channel surfing and briefly flips to a channel featuring Waldo. Also in that episode, there is a visible user ID that reads “I_Am_Waldo.” Waldo’s face is also seen as a sticker on a laptop in “Shut Up and Dance” and on a lunchbox in “Arkangel.”

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7. Grains

The full plot of “The Entire History of You” revolves around technology that is only referred to as “grains.” These grains are small implants behind the ear that record everything a person sees and hears. With this technology, you can replay and even delete memories. In “Arkangel,” we see the next step in this technology, and we know it’s the same technology as the user interface is practically identical.

6. TV Shows

In the episode “Fifteen Million Merits,” we see programming for several TV shows. Some of them, like Don’t Scare the Hare and The Whole 19 Yards, are actual British TV shows. However, Botherguts, Hot Shot, and WraithBabes are fictional. The show Hot Shot also appears in “White Christmas” and we learn in “Crocodile” that one of the judges was caught in a hotel room “with a rent boy.” Continuing on with the presumed shared universe, in “Crocodile” Mia is creating her alibi, and we see WraithBabes as a pornographic option.

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5. Saint Juniper

The events of the fan favorite episode “San Junipero” makes lots of appearances throughout the Black Mirror series. In “USS Callister,” Robert Daly plugs into his virtual world using an uplink device very similar to design and function as the technology seen used by Yorkie and Kelly in “San Junipero.” In “Metalhead,’ a postcard advertising San Junipero can be seen when Bella is rifling a drawer. Rolo Haynes references the conclusion of San Junipero in Black Mirror when he talks about “uploading old people to the cloud.” It is also revealed that Haynes previously worked at a hospital named Saint Juniper. In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, another Dr. Haynes is seen working at a building named “Saint Juniper’s Medical Practice.”

4. Cookies

Jon Hamm in Black Mirror

First introduced in “White Christmas,” a Cookie is the name given to the digitally replicated consciousness of a human being. Cookies serve as a major plot point in the episode and first raise questions about their legality and the morality of their existence. At the end of “Shut Up and Dance,” an advertisement for the cookie-run home automation service from “White Christmas” is seen quickly on an online news website. In addition, a section of newsfeed seen in “Hated in The Nation” reveals that the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Cookies have human rights. Cookies show up again in “Black Museum” as a major plot point.

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3. TCKR Systems

TCKR Systems is a neural research and technology company that we first see in the episode “Playtest.” Early in the episode, we see Cooper reading Edge magazine with a headline that reads: “Inside TCKR: Turning Nostalgia Into A Game.” In “San Junipero,” it is revealed that TCKR Systems is the developer behind the creation of a simulated reality that is San Junipero. In “Metalhead,” the letters TCKR are seen on the side of a truck driven by Bella. The episode “Black Museum” reveals that Haynes’ work at the previously mentioned Saint Juniper Hospital was for TCKR Systems. In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the name of the software company is Tuckersoft. This company has made several games whose titles allude to previous episodes of Black Mirror, but none are more obviously paralleled than “Metl Hedd.” — a direct copy of the episode “Metalhead.”

2. The Glyph

Previously known as the “White Bear,” this symbol has been separated from our first viewing experience by Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’s reference to this symbol as “the glyph.” We first see this marking on the hunter’s ski mask in the episode “White Bear.” We later see this symbol again in “Playtest.” When Cooper is testing the VR game’s configuration, we see the glyph as one of the symbols that turns into a gopher hole. In Bandersnatch, we learn that the glyph represents branching pathways. In Bandersnatch, visions of the glyph drove Stefan (and author Jerome F. Davis before him) insane with the ideas of free will and determinism.

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1. White Bear

Aside from being the best Black Mirror episode so far, “White Bear” is one of the most referenced episodes within the Black Mirror universe. In “White Christmas,” a news ticker reveals that Victoria Skillane, the protagonist sentenced to the White Bear Justice Park, has had her appeal rejected. At the end of that episode, we learn that Joe Potter is being held at White Bear facility, implying that there is possibly more than one such vigilante justice machine. In “Hated in the Nation,” Blue says she left the force because of the Iain Rannoch case. This is the same one that put Victoria Skillane behind bars in “White Bear.” The planets Skillane IV and Rannoch in “USS Callister” refer to the child killers Iain Rannoch and Victoria Skillane in “White Bear.”

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