Jedi Fallen Order Is EA’s Force Unleashed – But Can They Fix The Mistakes?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is shaping up to be the next Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – but the question is, can it fix all the mistakes that the latter game had? The story trailer for Jedi: Fallen Order looks quite promising, but developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA have yet to show players any footage revealing how Jedi: Fallen Order will actually play, inciting some worry since EA has so far only wielded its exclusive franchise license to pump out DICE’s two multiplayer-centric Battlefront games. There is hope, though – it’s possible that Respawn looked back to learn from the successes and failures of LucasArts’ Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series, the only two proper single-player Star Wars entries of the last 10 years.

Starring Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, Galen Marek – better known by the moniker Starkiller – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games were power fantasies on a level that only a Star Wars setting could do justice. Before joining the non-canon universe of Star Wars Legends, along with the rest of the Expanded Universe after the franchise was purchased by Disney, Starkiller was the strongest Force-sensitive person living at the time of the Great Jedi Purge. The Force Unleashed‘s gameplay reflected this spectacularly, with each title making players feel beyond powerful when chaining lightsaber and Force ability combos on enemy fodder, as well as performing such jaw-dropping feats, such as pulling a Star Destroyer down to a planet’s surface.

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It’s understandable, then, that Starkiller and the once-canon Force Unleashed story remain well-loved among Star Wars fans and creators alike, with characters from each game having almost appeared in Rogue One and Star Wars RebelsNeither Force Unleashed title was perfect, however, with the franchise falling into a fast downward spiral by the rushed launch of The Force Unleashed II prior to the series’ cancellation. Considering EA – a company accused of being greedy and untrustworthy, which has resorted to attacking itself to promote Jedi: Fallen Order – is at the helm with the new game, there’s a lot that could go wrong, so analyzing where The Force Unleashed shone and where it went oh-so wrong could decide Jedi: Fallen Order‘s ultimate fate.

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While The Force Unleashed allowed players to live out their Sith fantasies as Starkiller, Jedi: Fallen Order is taking a parallel but opposite approach. Following Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan who survived the Jedi Purge’s initial onslaught, Jedi: Fallen Order seems it will place players squarely on the light side of things. There are plenty of similarities to be found between each protagonist, though. Each characters’ stories are set during the Purge, with Starkiller having been the son of a slain Jedi before being spared and trained by Darth Vader. Much like the first Force Unleashed puts players into Starkiller’s shoes to prove himself in the ongoing Purge near the end of his Sith training, Jedi: Fallen Order will similarly use the convenient setting so that players can control Cal as he continues to grow in strength, having been unable to complete his training.

Cal will start off Jedi: Fallen Order on the righteous side of the Force, but some may still recall that Starkiller’s character arc was one of personal redemption. Those who played The Force Unleashed will remember that Starkiller starts off as a moderately powerful villain, slaying droves of Torguta and Wookiees without remorse. Halfway through the first game, however, he begins to question the Sith and develop a conscience, putting him at odds with the Galactic Empire and eventually inspiring the organization of the Rebel Alliance before the events of A New Hope. It remains to be seen if Cal’s story will match the dramatic grandeur of Starkiller’s, but it’s doubtless that a single-player only story experience like Jedi: Fallen Order will focus on Cal’s development from Padawan to Jedi. The first Force Unleashed is a beacon of video game storytelling in the Star Wars universe done right, so it can be hoped Respawn did its homework in this area.

Then there’s The Force Unleashed II, a perfect example of what Respawn should not do. Following a rushed development over less than a year, LucasArts took everything great about the original and threw into the trash compactor. It lazily walks back Starkiller’s death from the first game’s true ending, next to nothing occurs during majority of the story, and returning characters and plot devices from the first game aren’t ever explained. Worst of all, the “amnesiac” Starkiller clone protagonist’s motivations are nonexistent, and his character isn’t developed in any sense by the time players are asked to once again choose one of two endings. One ends on a cliffhanger, whereas the other completely jumps the shark once expanded upon through DLC. Respawn is a highly capable developer, but if they dare to make Cal Kestis as hollow as Starkiller’s clone, Jedi: Fallen Order should at least be so courteous to be as unduly brief as The Force Unleashed II.

Gameplay-wise, it’s a safe bet that Jedi: Fallen Order‘s Cal will not be shooting Force lightning from his hands like players could do so gleefully as Starkiller. That said, the reveal trailer confirmed that Cal has some mastery over the Force, as he’s shown bending steel and executing impressive jumps and wall-runs that would likely be impossible without Force manipulation. Since he also wields a lightsaber, it’s more than fair to assume there will be plenty of room for overlap between combat in The Force Unleashed and Jedi: Fallen Order. Gameplay has yet to be shown for the latter, though, and conflicting sources have so far likened it to everything from Metroid to Dark Souls.

What’s clear are the things that both Force Unleashed titles did right in terms of gameplay, as well as the many ways they got wrong. The primary reason so many players have fond memories of the games come down to their visually and mechanically spectacular combat, which was weighty and flashy enough to truly make players feel like a Force-wielding, lightsaber-swinging god. The Force Unleashed is a power fantasy in every sense, and the variety of fluid, stylish animations that trigger as Starkiller is directed to dispatch his foes carry go a long way to achieve this. This feeling of unlimited power was bolstered by groundbreaking use of ragdoll and particle physics, allowing players to effortlessly grip and push large objects and enemies aside.

While it was fun in both entries, combat in The Force Unleashed was imperfect for a number of reasons, and the foremost was that each game suffered from repetitive enemy types. The original had considerable visual variety among enemies and a meaningful sense of skill progression in how Starkiller could deal with them, but many enemies were really more of elaborate reskins of one another. The Force Unleashed II, on the other hand, just suffered from a general lack of enemy variety in trying to address the aforementioned issue by introducing enemies that could only be killed using certain methods. True to contemporary gaming trends, both games were guilty of over-relying on recycled (but cool-looking) QTEs, but by the end of The Force Unleashed II it feels as though they’re required to defeat nearly every enemy.

The Force Unleashed duology certainly suffered from gameplay kinks beyond combat, mostly in the form of pitifully weak puzzle and platforming sections. Each game was guilty of the former crime, with easy but annoying “puzzles” killing the pacing of either story. However, as with all of the most egregious things to take issue with in the series, The Force Unleashed II was the only one brazen and desperate enough to shoehorn platforming in between layers of the core experience. Used to pad out the game’s length – despite the fact that the majority of The Force Unleashed II is blatant padding – these platforming segments felt as completely out-of-place and pointless when the game released as in 2010 as they do now.

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The most useful tool any Star Wars game has at its disposal are the countless amazing locales that come with it, as the franchise sports some of the most visually striking and truly alien settings ever depicted. Demonstrable of how important it is to take advantage of this is that the one Force Unleashed entry that did was acclaimed for its fidelity to the Star Wars universe, while the other one was lambasted for generic settings that overstayed their welcome. Unfortunately, it’s not hard to guess which is which.

The Force Unleashed featured numerous memorable locations, including the verdant worlds of Kashyyyk and Felucia and the dingy but fascinating junkyard planet Raxus Prime. Unforgettably, these worlds underwent massive transformations when revisited after falling to the Empire, and many players still likely have images of a horrifically scorched Kashyyyk burned into their minds. Each setting gave the sense that Starkiller was merely an unwelcome visitor by thoughtfully tailoring enemy designs to the locale and creating the illusion that the present enemies and NPCs were going about their own (often violent) business prior to the player’s arrival.

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Running entirely counter to this was the level design of The Force Unleashed II, which is so destitute in terms of aesthetic and variety that Jedi: Fallen Order would have to actively go out of its way to replicate it. Unlike the original, LucasArts was frantically pressed for time with The Force Unleashed II, and it shows nowhere more than here. In addition to forcing players to constantly retread the exact same corridors and arenas in order to save on development time, LucasArts only included four unique locations in the sequel – two of which exclusively consist of generic interiors and another, Dagobah, only exists to trigger a single cutscene. To its credit, The Force Unleashed II did at the very least bring better visuals to the table. But it did so to no real end, as the game’s drab worlds don’t come close to the beauty and character on display in the original.

To recapture the space magic of The Force Unleashed while avoiding its most glaring mistakes, Jedi: Fallen Order needs to help players feel like a Jedi without making Cal Kestis into a walking tank like Starkiller. Fights, especially against the game’s imposing Purge Troopers and bosses, need to feel unique and challenging, testing players’ mastery of abilities as they’re acquired. At the same time, though, this needs to be balanced with the sense of weight and style that made its forebears feel so satisfying, and this will primarily be down to the slickness of animations and the tightness of controls.

As for overcoming The Force Unleashed‘s biggest combat issue, Jedi: Fallen Order will need to walk a fine line when it comes to enemy variety. On top of including just enough new enemy types to neither bore nor overwhelm, variably scaling enemy presence and configurations goes a long way to help build tension and better pace levels. As for traversal-focused gameplay, Respawn proved that they’re masters of verticality in the Titanfall series, but if they’re going to bring platforming to Jedi: Fallen Order they need to keep it varied and make it a core part of the gameplay rather than tack it on as an afterthought.

Every bit as much as Cal and others will need clear motivations and meaningful character development in order to make them compelling characters, the places Jedi: Fallen Order takes players will play an equally important role in ensuring the game feels like it truly inhabits the Star Wars universe. Based on what’s been shown thus far, it’s really too early to tell if it will succeed in this regard. However, if the stunningly unique sci-fi worlds that Respawn has crafted for the shared Titanfall and Apex Legends universe are anything to go on, Jedi: Fallen Order is likely in some of the industry’s best hands in this department.

In the end, Jedi: Fallen Order may not come to resemble The Force Unleashed series beyond their shared franchise identity. It’s unlikely, but even if that turns out to be the case, it doesn’t change the inherent design lessons to be learned from the gaming industry’s last foray into single-player Star Wars territory. The night-and-day contrast between The Force Unleashed I and II can easily be boiled down to a few key points of difference, and the reception of Jedi: Fallen Order hinges on those same things. If it can’t engross players in an original story in the franchise, fails to make them feel like a true Jedi, and bars them from visiting beautiful, detailed worlds that look ripped from the sequel trilogy, EA and Respawn will have a mess on their hands. However, if enough attention has been paid to those all-important pillars of the Star Wars experience, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will unleash its true potential this November.

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25 Toy Story Movie Mistakes That Slipped By Editors

Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy is arguably one of the best animated franchises of all-time, but even these films have a few mistakes in them. The imaginative series first brought toys to life in 1995 and launched Pixar as the next animated movie studio to keep an eye on. The success of the first film was unquestioned and propelled the studio to continue making creative original stories for the whole family to enjoy.

But, it was also with Toy Story that Pixar first decided to go down the sequel route. They made Toy Story 2 over the next four years and debuted it in 1999. The sequel was believed to be the end of the franchise for many years, until Pixar brought Woody, Buzz, and the gang back for another adventure in 2013. Toy Story 3 came at the perfect time as kids who grew up watching the original films were now growing up just like Andy. The trilogy capper earned over $1 billion at the box office and was viewed as the perfect sendoff to a nearly perfect trilogy.

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As great as the movies are with the characters and story, there are still several mistakes and continuity errors that were made. Screen Rant’s latest video takes a look at the entire trilogy to show where these mistakes were made. Check out all 25 instances in the video featured at the top of this post.

These types of mistakes wouldn’t happen in a perfect world, but they are mostly a product of the animation process. Since it can take days or weeks to properly animated a scene, the hours required to fully animate a film are not usually done by one animation team. The work is traditionally divided up into different teams, and sometimes this can mean different people are working on shots from the same scene. So with Toy Story, one team may know to keep the baby monitor near Woody, while the other team may not.

With these mistakes pointed out, we can only hope that Toy Story 4 only has a few of these instances this summer. There are bound to be some minor errors made along the way, but the same is true about every animated film and TV show. As long as characters and locations maintain larger continuity in their looks, then that is what really matters at the end of the day. It would be great if these types of mistakes didn’t slip by animation and creative teams, but since this has been happening for years across all platforms, that may just be wishful thinking.

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20 Simpsons Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing

Animation is a long and detailed process, but sometimes mistakes can be made, even in a show as popular as The Simpsons. The animated series first debuted on Fox back in 1989 and almost instantaneously became a hit for the network. Creator Matt Groening managed to deliver a comedic show that was usually appropriate for families, but still managed to push the boundaries.

In the 30 years since the initial launch, The Simpsons has remained a cornerstone of pop culture and continues to be one of the more popular animated shows on television. The large fan base it has acquired was enough for Fox to already renew The Simpsons for two more seasons, ensuring that the show will live on after the Disney-Fox deal closed. Even with all of the acclaim, great characters, and memorable episodes though, even The Simpsons managed to make a mistake from time to time.

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Screen Rant’s newest video dedicated to The Simpsons takes a closer look at the production process on an animated show and proves just how difficult it can be. With many different teams of animators working on the same episodes, sometimes it’s easy for small details to get lost. So, we compiled a list of 20 examples of these moments where a continuity error was not caught until after the episode has aired. Check out the full list in the video featured at the top of this post.

Considering how many different aspects to each individual scene animators have to get right, it is no wonder that some of these details got mixed up. These mistakes can be as simple as changing the appearance of a character in the middle of a scene or even the logo of a particular beverage. They are largely common in quick cutaway scenes though, so these can often be “blink and you’ll miss it” errors, which is likely why they weren’t caught ahead of time.

That said, it’s still somewhat amazing that some of these mistakes were never noticed with several pairs of eyes looking over an episode before it airs. One of the strangest instances that made this list is a woman’s nose disappearing as she leaned forward in a shot and then magically reappeared once she leaned back. However, other surprising slip ups come from rather major pieces of The Simpsons, such as the design of their home. As The Simpsons continues to make new episodes, hopefully there won’t be too many (if any) instances like these in the future.

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Games of Thrones’ Final Episodes Are Fixing Season 7 Mistakes

The countdown is on for the return of Game of Thrones, with the final season promising to bring together everything that the show has been building toward for years. There is massive fan excitement for this final season, and Game of Thrones  is sure to remain one of the most popular TV shows on the air in 2019. However, for many fans season 7 was something of a disappointment, and there is a lot of pressure on season 8 to get things right.

Of course, a poorly-written season of Game of Thrones is still arguably better than the best season of any number of other shows. Season 7 wasn’t necessarily straight-up bad, but compared to the season that came before it, it proved to be rather messy as it moved the many characters to where they needed to be for the final stretch of conflict.

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Now, with one final season left (and still no new books to base it on), showrunners Benioff and Weiss are going to have to find a way to correct the issues of the previous season and wrap up Game of Thrones in a way that does justice to the incredible success of the fantasy epic. And from what we’ve seen so far, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

So, why was season 7 arguably the worst season of Game of Thrones so far? There are many factors, but one of the biggest ones has to be the rush to get all the pieces in the right places for season 8. Much in the same way that Avengers: Age of Ultron disappointed Marvel fans for being a film more concerned with setting up the next big thing than being a big thing itself, Game of Thrones season 7 was all about getting ready for season 8.

As a result, season 7 whipped through major plot points with alarming speed, and there just wasn’t as much room for the subtle character development and complex plots of the earlier seasons. Characters were killed in confusing ways – but not many of them, and no-one too important. Deaths feel more like the writers wrapping up loose ends than anything. Littlefinger, who was set up as the most cunning man in Westeros for six seasons, was outfoxed and slaughtered by Arya and Sansa Stark in the seventh. It’s so very out of character for him that fans have theorized that his death must have been faked, and the Lord Protector of the Vale is still very much alive.

Assuming that he is really dead, Littlefinger is essentially the only major character to kick the bucket. In previous seasons, Game of Thrones was known for killing off major characters in sudden and unexpected ways, keeping the show unpredictable and thrilling. However, the show reached a point in the seventh season where the truly big characters will all be needed for the final season or had already died – meaning that there wasn’t really anyone available for one of those signature shocking death scenes. Killing characters for the sake of shocking the audience isn’t something anyone wants, but it felt as though there simply wasn’t as much tension last season over who would survive.

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In addition, season 7 was so focused on tying up loose ends, getting people together, and racing through the big moments that it has started to create some serious plot holes. The time taken to travel in Westeros has suddenly become meaningless, with journeys that would have taken multiple episodes (or even a full season or more) suddenly getting wrapped up in a scene or two. This has been happening for some time, but it is getting consistently worse, and it is a serious issue when it comes to storytelling. Throw in scenes that felt like fan-service more than anything, and it’s easy to see how season 7 lost sight of why Game of Thrones became such a huge success in the first place.

Most of the big issues with season 7 stem from the fact that it was the penultimate season – and now that the final season is here, those problems should naturally disappear. There’s still the feeling of getting to an endpoint, but season 8 can jump right in rather than being focused on set-up. Hopefully, this will mean that there are no vaguely unnecessary moments that tie up loose ends or simply serve to move things along. The show is no longer setting up the final fight for the Iron Throne and the battle of the living and the dead; the battle is here.

Thankfully, season 7 also did the hard work of physically moving everyone to where they need to be. There are a few people still traveling, but it seems that travel time in the final season is going to be a little more reasonable. Now that all the really big journeys (Arya’s return to Winterfell, Sam’s flight from the Citadel, Bran back south of the Wall) have been completed, the characters are within a much smaller space, and travel time can resume with some level of realism.

Surprise death scenes will also be able to come back into play this season. The final battles are about to start, and that means that characters like Jon, Daenerys, Cersei, and Tyrion are all back on the table as far as potential losses are concerned. Shocking deaths of beloved characters is something that Game of Thrones does incredibly well, and bringing it back for the final season is going to make fans much happier (and angrier… and sadder).

Page 2: How Game Of Thrones Season 8 Is Fixing Season 7’s Problems

In addition to all the reasons that the final season was going to be a natural improvement by virtue of being the final season, there is plenty more evidence that this is going to be the best season yet. There are fewer episodes than the early seasons, true, but it seems that each of these episodes has been carefully crafted to feel like a movie unto itself. That means no filler episodes that spent half of their runtime getting characters from A to point B, And it also suggests that there will be a lot less movement within episodes. Each one will be focusing on one story, in one location, rather than bouncing all over the map.

One episode in particular shows just how carefully Benioff and Weiss have planned out their final season: the Battle of Winterfell. One full episode will focus on the long-awaited fight between the living and the dead, and it will be the longest battle in live-action history (including the Battle of Helms Deep in Lord of the Rings). However, it’s not going to be all swords and screaming. EW revealed that the production team is working hard to make sure that everything balances – and that there is a ‘calm before the storm’ scene that has a “play-like intimacy” to it. No random, sprawling dialogue here, but carefully constructed tension.

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Filming for the Battle of Winterfell also took a rather unusual approach. Rather than shooting piecemeal and cobbling scenes together in post (which is the norm, for practical reasons), this giant fight was done over eleven weeks of consecutive night shoots that became known as ‘The Long Night’ on set. The reasons for this grueling schedule, however, suggest that it is going to be more than worth it. Director Miguel Sapochnik explains:

“But I turned to the producers and said, ‘I don’t want to do 11 weeks of night shoots and no one else does. But if we don’t we’re going to lose what makes Game of Thrones cool and that is that it feels real.’”

In the same interview, Sapochnik spoke about focusing on not just what was happening within each scene, but in caring about what each character has been doing during their time off-screen, when the camera is on someone else. This shows an approach that truly values consistency and timing, that truly cares about how each piece fits together – something that wasn’t seen in much of season 7, when characters seemed to be on pause when the camera wasn’t on them.

Although season 7 had its flaws, no one can claim that Game of Thrones has gone on for too long, and that’s another hugely encouraging thing about season 8. This was never going to be a series where the writers started creating ever more bizarre storylines to keep things going, and it has been building up to the final battle from the first moment that a White Walker was revealed. This is the culmination of nearly a decade of careful storytelling, and even though things got a little sloppy last season, all the evidence suggests that the final season is going to be well worth the wait.

Unlike season 7, season 8 isn’t about getting the viewer to the end. This is about glorying in the end, and that’s exactly how it should be.

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8 Mistakes Netflix’s The Witcher Series Needs To Avoid

Netflix’s The Witcher is a series that has already been surrounded by several controversies, but there’s still plenty of time before its release for Netflix to pull the series together and produce something both the fans and Netflix themselves can be proud of. The Witcher is such an iconic series by this point that it will take a lot of effort if Netflix is to keep the already sizeable audience the series boasts. From the mythical beasts hunted down by the serious and stoic Geralt of Rivia, to the colorful cast of witches and non-human characters alike, and even the complex socio-economic politics of the time in which The Witcher takes place, there’s plenty Netflix will need keep up with in order to impress longtime fans.

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8 The Hair

While fans of The Witcher haven’t seen much from the new upcoming series, the brief teaser featuring the first look at Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Riveria. Let’s just say that fans were less than pleased at the state of Geralt, and his majestic white hair. The jury is still out on whether or not Cavill will be able to fill the role in a way that fans will agree with, but there’s certainly been an outcry as to whether or not Geralt’s hair is working, and it looks like he’ll have to take another trip to the nearest barber in Novigrad.

7 Poor Writing

A major mistake that Netflix’s The Witcher series needs to avoid is not having a script that is up to par. An important thing to remember is that The Witcher has already had two interpretations that were driven by excellent writing and world-building. The bar has already been set pretty high and with a character as beloved as Geralt, who many fans have spent hundreds of hours playing as it set the standard incredibly high for the series. However, Netflix has been pretty good about adapting source material and respecting the legacy of the properties they’ve worked with, as we’ve seen with the Marvel properties and the recent Umbrella Academy adaptation.

6 Poor Effects

A story about a magical platinum-haired monster is bound to be heavily dependent on the effects budget that it has been alotted. If we as an audience are to believe that Henry Cavill has become Geralt and is, in fact, hunting Archgriffins, Nightwraiths, or a good ol’ fashions Water Hag, then we’ll need to see some believable special effects. It’s not simply the magical creatures that Geralt will spend the series hunting, but also the elves, dwarves, and witches around him along with the magic they use. Netflix seems to have no issues dumping large amounts of cash in series that they believe will succeed, so we’ll have to hope they’re willing to do something similar for Geralt.

5 The Creatures & The Hunt

The last thing that fans of the books and games want for the series is for it to be reduced to a simple formulaic hunt for this episode’s monster with the occasional two-parter thrown in for good measure. The hunt, from Geralt’s perspective, is something that often takes a lot of time to prep for while gathering information from the locals. The monsters need to be larger than life, awe-inspiring, and majestic (or disgusting in some cases), so the hunt for them and any information that could bring them down should be treated with the same reverence.

4 Brutal & Beautiful

Whether Geralt will be traveling through the bustling ports of Novigrad or traversing the beautiful peaks of Skellige, it’s all but guaranteed that Geralt will be either chasing danger or not too far from danger finding him. It’s important that Netflix remember that Geralt’s world is expansive, astonishing, and incredibly frightening. One of the things that was so amazing about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was just how vast it felt while somehow being filled to the brim with new and exciting things to do and discover. The Netflix series will be standing on the shoulders of a beloved book series filled with long-winded descriptions of The Continent, as well as the world Projekt CD Red built throughout the course of the games. Let’s just hope they can bring the complex world of The Witcher to life in a way that keeps it from Netflix’s all-too-active chopping block.

3 Henry Cavill’s Performance

One of the most important factors that will determine the fate of Netflix’s Witcher series will be the performance that Henry Cavill gives. What makes adapting a character that’s already been in both books and video games hard is that fact that some many people have already been Geralt in their own minds. It’s personal.

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Which means that any choice Cavill makes that might skew from the audience’s vision of Geralt may be met with at least some disdain. Cavill does, however, have many fans fuelled up to see what he’ll be bringing to the beloved character. At this point, all we can do is hope for the best. And maybe work on that hair.

2 Roach

It’d be pretty damn hard to have a Witcher series without Geralt trusty and faithful sidekick. No, not Vesemir. We’re referring to his trusty steed(s) Roach. Something that new fans of the most recent Witcher game may not know is that Roach is actually the name that Geralt gives all of his horses. And while nobody likes to see innocent horses getting hurt or killed (losing Artax in the swamp of sadness still hurts), there’s definitely the possibility of a running gag surrounding Geralt’s many horses all with the name Roach.

1 Socio-Economic Landscape

The Continent, the world that Geralt’s adventures take place in, is a complex world filled with warring kingdoms, magical creatures, mortals fighting for power, and non-humans fighting for basic rights in most kingdoms. Netflix’s The Witcher has the potential to become for them what Game Of Thrones became for HBO; A massively popular book series that exploded onto screens because of its complexities, a unique voice, and the willingness to take audiences to places they never expected to go. But all of that sprouts from the detail and passion George R. R. Martin put into his books, which made it possible to create such a vibrant and wide-reaching hit. Let’s hope that Netflix can learn from failures like Marco Polo and create something truly epic for fans across the globe.

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Danny Hernandez

MCU: 20 Phase 1 To Phase 3 Mistakes We All Missed

When Iron Man was released in 2008, fans would have never dreamed about the Marvel Cinematic Universe growing into what it has become. When Nick Fury mentioned “the Avenger initiative” to Tony Stark, it was unheard of for characters from other films to grow into a shared universe. Now, ten years later, the MCU has gone on to gross over $17 billion worldwide across its twenty films. The gargantuan nature of the MCU cannot be overstated as it changed the way people go see movies.

Across the different “phases” of the MCU, fans have been able to witness their favorite heroes come to life. From origin stories of Iron Man and Captain America, to watching The Avengers assemble all the way to “the snap” heard around the world, each phase has given fans something special. With films like Black Panther and Infinity War holding near perfect critical scores, it would be difficult to think that there is something wrong with any of the films. While it is easy to be spellbound by how great the films are, it is easy to spot mistakes if fans look close enough. While some fans consider the biggest mistake to be Thor not aiming for Thanos’ head, production errors have existed all the way since Phase One. By reviewing films close enough and not getting caught up in the supernatural elements, various continuity, scientific of logical errors are able to be seen within any of the MCU films – it just takes Hawkeye-like precision. Avengers Assemble, here are 20 Phase 1 To Phase 3 Mistakes We All Missed:

20 Phase 1: Iron Man – Tony “Reins” Supreme

As the MCU kicked off, fans were incredibly excited to see what this universe was going to hold. In the opening minutes of seeing how Tony Stark’s story would unfold, grammar nerds all came out of their hiding places to point out a glaring error. It is a blink-and-its-gone type of error, but it cannot be unseen.

When introducing Tony Stark’s accomplishments, a magazine cover says that he has taken “the reigns” of Stark enterprises. While this is very exciting for Tony, it is not the proper way to say this. Tony would either be “reigning” over the company or taking the “reins.” These words are homonyms, which are words that sound the same but have different meanings. Fans were excited to see Iron Man on the big screen for the first time, but someone should have caught this error in production.

19 Phase 1: The Incredible Hulk – Banner’s USB Drive

Even though Bruce Banner has not received another standalone MCU film since this one, fans still love the character. The scientist-turned-monster is someone that people can relate to, and one that has continued to grow through the MCU. Despite being based around a scientist’s journey to hold in his anger, it does have a glaring scientific error.

In an attempt to hide his work from prying eyes, Banner swallows a USB stick. Following a full day of running and avoiding anger triggers, he eventually regurgitates it whole. Considering that the USB spent the entire day inside his stomach, it would have been mostly deteriorated by stomach acid and rendered unusable. Perhaps it is mistakes like this why Disney decided to do away with the Hulk franchise back in 2008.

18 Phase 1: Thor – Thor’s Mud Stains Disappear

When the MCU introduced fans to Asgard, it opened the doors to worlds other than Earth. In the first live-action version of Thor, the film was incredibly well-received; however, it was not without its own continuity errors.

When Thor is exiled out of Asgard and sent to Earth, he is without his mighty hammer. Upon locating Mjolnir, he cannot lift it out of the mud himself despite spending several minutes to do so. Eventually, covered in mud, Thor is captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., but when taken into custody, the mud stains that should be all over his shirt and jeans are not nearly as vast. It is almost as if he changed clothes in between scenes or something.

17 Phase 1: Captain America: The First Avenger – Dry After Coming Out Of The Water

It seems that Captain America also experienced the same production issue as Thor as natural elements do not seem to stick to his clothing. While Steve Rogers is certainly a super-soldier, there is no reason that he should be immune to water.

Following Steve’s transformation, he is instantly placed into a chase with Hydra agent Heinz Kruger. The chase takes them through streets and eventually to the Brooklyn Pier where Kruger attempts to escape in a submarine. Not to be outdone, Steve dives into the water and pulls Kruger out onto the dock, but once they are out of the water, neither of their clothing is dripping wet, only lightly damp. Considering they were both submerged, they should have been soaked.

16 Phase 1: Iron Man 2 – Justin Hammer Picks Up M134 Gun Like It’s Nothing

When looking at a ranking of MCU villains, Justin Hammer would not be placed very high on this list. In fact, his plot to dethrone Tony Stark as a munitions dealer plays second fiddle in Iron Man 2. However, it seems that the production team accidentally oversold how strong Hammer is.

While showing off his wares to Ivan Vanko, Hammer comes across an M134 Gatling Gun. In an attempt to show how much weaponry he has control over, he picks up the gun so Vanko can see it. However, it seems as though proper research was not done because Hammer should not have been able to easily lift this particular weapon. M134 Gatling Guns weigh close to 100 pounds without ammunition, so someone like Hammer would likely have struggled at least a little to lift it up.

15 Phase 1: The Avengers – Incorrect German Grammar

Once all of the Avengers had finally assembled, it brought a new chapter to the MCU as superheroes from different films had never come together in a shared universe before. When The Avengers was released in 2012, it was a ground-breaking moment in film. Perhaps this is why any mistake in the film has not been noticed by most fans.

While Loki is searching for Iridium to carry out his plan, it takes him to Stuttgart, Germany. While this is the first time that Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor share the screen together, some fans were not distracted enough by the star power. In the distance, German linguists noticed a sign with incorrect grammar. Instead of a sign saying “Reserviertes Parken” it says “Reservierten Parken,” which is not grammatically correct.

14 Phase 1: The Avengers – Steve’s Hair Doesn’t Move While Riding

When all is said and done by the end of the MCU’s Phase One, The Avengers are able to disassemble and go about their business. As a result, Nick Fury is confident that they will reassemble when the world needs them so he allows them to leave. However, it appears that some of them should have been watched closer.

While watching Steve Rogers leave S.H.I.E.L.D., he is traveling on a motorcycle. Even though he appears to be traveling at a very high-speed down the road, his picture-perfect hair is not moving in the wind. While Captain America is certainly perfect in most ways, even he must succumb to the laws of physics that would have his hair move in the high winds.

13 Phase 2: Iron Man 3 – Air Force One Windows Are Actually Bulletproof

As Phase Two begins, fans are thrust back into the world of Tony Stark. Following The Battle of New York, Tony faces new foes with new powers, but despite how great their powers may be, some additional research would have excused a fairly big error.

As Aldrich Killian’s plan begins to unfold, he takes hold of the Iron Patriot armor to take down Air Force One, and unlike the Iron Man armor, the Iron Patriot mainly uses bullets as weapons. While the film depicts the suit as being able to take out windows and pieces of Air Force One, this would not be the actual case as it is well-documented that Air Force One is completely protected and is bulletproof.

12 Phase 2: Thor: The Dark World – Sif’s Disappearing Head Wound

This entry of the MCU does not get a lot of praise and is usually cited as one of the weakest films in the series. Due to its criticisms, fans do not pay a lot of attention to this film, which causes them to miss any errors that it shows.

The first fight of the film features Thor, Fandral, Volstagg, and Sif defending Vanaheim in one of the final battles of the Nine Realms War. Thankfully, they are victorious and return to Asgard. However, they are not fully unscathed as Sif is left with a cut on her head. Yet, the wound has magically disappeared by the time the group returns to Asgard. Asgardian soldiers are certainly much stronger than humans, but they do not have the ability to heal themselves at will. It looks more like someone in the makeup department wasn’t paying attention to continuity.

11 Phase 2: Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Bucky’s Birth Year Is Wrong

During Captain America’s second feature film, he is faced with living in a world without his best friend, Bucky Barnes. Due to him being frozen following World War II, he has not had time to properly process Bucky’s demise; however, when he goes to visit his WWI memorial, he must have been surprised by the information.

Prior to the world knowing him as “The Winter Soldier,” Bucky is regarded as a war hero for his sacrifices. His memorial plaque reads that he was born in 1916 in Brooklyn and continues to describe his life. Yet, the bottom of the plaque reads that his life spanned between 1917 to 1944. If Barnes was idolized as a war hero, couldn’t someone have at least done enough research to get his birth year correct?

10 Phase 2: Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Cap’s Car Is In Park

It seems that Steve Rogers does not have a lot of luck with motorized vehicles while on the silver screen. While the other pieces of his films are excellent, people seem to drop the ball here.

While Rogers and Romanoff are fleeing following a fight with “The Winter Soldier,” they wind up driving together to recruit Sam Wilson. During their conversation in the truck, a brief shot of the dashboard reveals that the vehicle is actually in the “park” position. Movie-magic would have viewers believe that Rogers is actually driving, but with the car in park, it reveals that the actors are being towed by another car for this scene. Suspending disbelief while watching the MCU is easy, but not when errors like this are caught.

9 Phase 2: Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Quicksilver’s Wounds Change Size

At this point in the MCU, none of the main Avengers have passed away during battle. In fact, with the exception of Agent Coulson, none of the “good guys” have lost their lives. However, Age of Ultron changed all that when Pietro Maximoff shields Clint Barton from a bullet. While it was a big loss for the group, fans would have seen a mix-up on screen if they were watching closely.

After a couple camera shots fly over Pietro’s body, his wounds change in size and scale over time. While it stands to reason that the stains of his vital fluid may increase, they actually get smaller depending on which angle he is being filmed at. In what should be a very emotional moment, this takes fans out of it once they notice.

8 Phase 2: Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Cap’s Shield Gets Cleaned During The Fight

It is often cited that Captain America is one of the strongest Avengers. Despite not having mechanical abilities like Iron Man or god-like strength like Thor, he is the most capable in hand-to-hand combat out of his group; even to the point that he fights face-to-face with Ultron despite being unmatched. Thankfully, he always has his trusty shield during battle. In fact, this shield is so helpful that it even appears to clean itself between fight scenes.

During their fight in Sokovia, Rogers is determined to take out Ultron on his own on top of a truck, but he gets his shield banged up in the process. However, when The Avengers regroup to fight Ultron together, Cap’s shield is surprisingly clean. Steve is obviously a clean-cut kind of person, but even he does not have time to buff out his shield in between punches.

7 Phase 2: Ant-Man – The Pym Particle Concept Doesn’t Make Sense

Ant-Man was a surprise hit for the MCU. As a late addition into The Avengers, fans were not initially sure how to take in the pint-sized hero. However, according to Marvel fans, Paul Rudd’s portrayal of Scott Lang has been a very welcome addition. On the other hand, science majors do have a bone to pick with the film’s central concept.

The concept of “Pym Particles” is reducing the space between atoms in order to shrink an object, and by increasing it to enlarge them. However, this does not account for the object’s weight, so even if something has been shrunken down, it will still be its original weight. This means that Lang would still be his grown-man weight and would not be able to ride ants, and Pym should never have been able to hold an army tank in his pocket. This may take all the fun out of Ant-Man, but scientists had a big problem with this one.

6 Phase 3: Captain America: Civil War – Tony’s Disappearing Ring

One of the ongoing jokes about Tony Stark is that he has yet to solidify his relationship with Pepper Potts, and since she is certainly his better half, this would be a good move on Tony’s part. However, it seems that Robert Downey, Jr. forgot this while filming some of his scenes.

During several shots where Stark’s hands are visible out of his Iron Man suit, a wedding ring is clearly seen, but in other scenes, he is not wearing one. It seems that RDJ might have forgotten to remove his wedding ring before some takes, and it was never caught by the production team. Downey, Jr. even posted about this mistake himself, making fun of the situation. Not even Iron Man can catch everything!

5 Phase 3: Captain America: Civil War – Falcon Can’t Count

Prior to the Civil War breaking out, The Avengers are still working together as a team, and when working together, they each take their areas of expertise in order to accomplish their mission. Captain America takes care of hand-to-hand combat, Hawkeye is a sharpshooter, and Falcon takes care of aerial attacks; however, it would be helpful if Sam Wilson could keep track of what he is dealing with.

Part of Wilson’s job is to update everyone on how many enemies are still out there. While in battle in Nigeria, Wilson takes count of “seven hostiles left” and immediately takes out three on his own, but he then announces that there are “five hostiles left.” It seems that the United States military did not provide all their paratroopers with mathematics courses prior to beginning their service.

4 Phase 3: Doctor Strange – Medical Protocol Mistakes

As another late addition to the MCU, fans were not sure what to expect with Doctor Strange. Thankfully, Benedict Cumberbatch was a great addition to the group, and his portrayal of Dr. Stephen Strange was very well-received. Perhaps it would have even been well-received by the medical community if Dr. Strange followed some basic hospital protocols.

When Strange is first introduced, he is getting ready to perform brain surgery, but he fails to follow basic sanitary techniques prior to entering surgery. Instead of putting on his face mask and then washing his hands, he does it the opposite way. This leaves his hands open to contamination after touching his mouth area. Since the film is much more focused on the supernatural, most fans did not notice this error, but anyone who has had to work in a hospital before instantly noticed this sanitary faux pas.

3 Phase 3: Spider-Man: Homecoming – Continuity Error Between Peter’s Vlog And Civil War Battle

Following a start-and-stop career with Sony, Spider-Man finally made his first appearance in the MCU in Civil War. When the first trailer dropped and featured Peter Parker interacting with Iron Man and Captain America, fans were ecstatic. Then, when Homecoming was released and it replayed those moments from Peter’s perspective, fans got to relive the excitement again, but if they were listening closely, they would have heard some differences between the two movies.

When it turns out that Peter was video-blogging his first Avengers battle, the lines spoken by Tony Stark do not match between both films. Between the moment where Peter grabs Cap’s shield, to where he says “hey everyone,” there was originally dialogue about the Spider-Man suit. However, these lines are missing in Homecoming‘s recording. Peter does tend to talk a lot, but there is no reason his recording shouldn’t have picked them up.

2 Phase 3: Ant-Man & The Wasp – Nothing In The Pym Lab Is Out Of Place After Being Shrunken

Taking place alongside Infinity War, Ant-Man & The Wasp explains what Scott Lang was up to during Thanos’ invasion. While more answers will be provided in the next installments, this was a good update on Ant-Man. This film took fans on a wild ride while introducing new characters and Pym experiments, but there were still plenty of questions that came out of this film’s scientific choices.

The idea of having the Pym Laboratory be shrunken down and carried in a suitcase was helpful to drive the film along and having the lab be stolen and retrieved was also what helped drive the movie along in its first act. However, once the heroes retrieved the lab and grew it back, it seemed strange that nothing was out of place. If the entire contents of the lab had just been fought and contested over, wouldn’t furniture be knocked down or papers be out of place? It seems that film-makers may have forgotten to take this into account.

1 Phase 3: Avengers: Infinity War – Peter’s Bus Escape Does Not Set Off An Alarm

While it still remains to be seen how Peter Parker will continue his academic career, Infinity War catches him on the way to a school field trip. Instead of standing by while Thanos’ Children invade Earth, he leaves his class behind to help The Avengers. While incredibly noble, Parker didn’t take into account if he would be missed on the trip, or that he would have been caught had the school bus been up to code.

When Peter sneaks off the bus, the emergency exit window should have set off an alarm, but he is undetected instead. Emergency exit alarms are standard issue on any school bus, and the “warning” sticker is even visible in the scene. While it would have made for a short film if he had been told to sit down, bus driver Stan Lee should have been aware of the window opening.

Are there any other mistakes that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have made on screen? Let us know in the comments before Endgame!

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21 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Gossip Girl

You may know Blake Lively as the actress from the critically acclaimed film The Shallows, or due to her marriage to Ryan Reynolds, but she really got noticed due to her in Gossip Girl. The show ran for six seasons from 2007 to 2012, where it focused on the young people born into the rich and elite. An unseen character known as Gossip Girl would write a blog about these people, dishing out all the dirt they had and instigating the show’s events.

Gossip Girl was always a show that would never appeal to men or boys, and was aimed specifically toward young women. But this tactic worked as it got a dedicated fanbase who stuck with the show till the end and only stopped watching because the show decided to be done with. Even now, the replay value for the show is immense and fans have no problems going back to revisit these characters. You might be a huge Gossip Girl fan, but it would be difficult to find out faults in the show that aren’t apparent unless your eye catches them or you think in more depth.

The show did have these mistakes and we’ve compiled a list of these to inform you of them. Some of these are merely production oversights while others are more striking and you’ll wonder how you never spotted them before. In any case, read through without reading too much into them and you’ll have a nice laugh.

Here are 21 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Gossip Girl.

21 Nate’s Haircut

The guys in Gossip Girl were known to be very easy on the eyes, which is what drew a significant majority of female viewers to the show, and it was partly due to their hair that these boys looked good.

But in the Pilot, Nate’s hair does a weird thing by changing lengths. And no, you can’t say he got a haircut between the first scene and the next because the third scene had Nate’s hair exactly the same as the first scene. His hair was short at Eleanor’s party, then became longer, and finally short again

20 Chuck’s Limo

We don’t choose what our faces look like, but everything about Chuck’s face screams an upper-class bad boy. Although he turned out to have a much softer side as the series progressed, and fully by the end, at the start of the show he was a snobbish rich kid.

This was attested by him taking a limo to school. However, this wasn’t always the case, at least going by the Pilot. In that episode, Chuck took the bus like any other kid, and even shared it with Dan and Nate. Following episodes, though, had Dan walking to school while Chuck would never use the bus.

19 The entire Waldorf apartment

To say the Waldorf’s were well off is certainly an understatement; the family was so crazy rich that a real-life evaluation of their penthouses’ worth fetched an incredible $35 million. It’s a dream home for anyone who lays eyes on it and its price is such that not even the actors in real-life could purchase it.

Then, just imagine how crazy expensive the interior decoration was considering the penthouse looked nothing like it did in the Pilot. It must have been creative changes, but the penthouse was completely different from the one we saw in the first episode, and the family acted as if nothing had changed.

18 Blair’s mother

We should give the family a pass for not realizing their house had changed from the Pilot to the next episode, because these guys were so blind, they never even noticed their own mother changing!

In the Pilot episode, the actress playing Eleanor, Blair’s mother, was someone else entirely and starting from the very next episode we had an actress who looked nothing the original Eleanor did. Of course, in-universe the characters couldn’t reference this but maybe a light-hearted comment as to how different Eleanor suddenly looked wouldn’t have hurt.

17 Chuck’s Mother

Much of Chuck’s characterization in the first two seasons came from the fact that his mother had died and that he had blamed himself for her death, despite not being responsible for it at all. His guilt lasted until the third season when it was revealed she had been alive all along. That’s all fine and dandy, but did Chuck time travel in the Pilot?

We ask this because according to dialogue from the character himself, his mother was alive as of the Pilot. He spoke about her in the present tense, rather than referring to someone who had been deceased for a long time.

16 The Gossip Girl website

In the finale, it was revealed that Dan had been the anonymous, and eponymous, “Gossip Girl” character all along and had started the blog about the elite of the city. This was retroactively added to continuity because a lot of evidence contradicts this; we’ll overlook those inconsistencies, but the Pilot inconsistency is too striking to ignore.

In the first episode, the website that Gossip Girl runs is nothing like the ones we saw later. The layout was something else entirely, with the presentation also being hardly reminiscent of what it was like after the Pilot.

15 Jenny’s Changing Position

For those of you who don’t know, shooting happens out of sequence and what you see chronologically later in the episode is most of the time filmed earlier on. In the same way, screen takes are also met with gaps where the director wants the shot to be filmed in a different angle.

This is what happened in the episode ‘The Wild Brunch’ where, six minutes into the episode, you could see Jenny laying in bed with her legs down; however, the very next shot of hers – where the scene continues exactly the next second in-universe – her legs are seen up in the air.

14 Serena’s Cellphone

The rich and elite can go and purchase any phone they want pretty much everyday seeing that it’s a minuscule price for them, but it’s ridiculous if the same phone happens to show up in someone’s hand once it’s been disposed of.

This is exactly what happens to Serena in the episode ‘The Wild Brunch’, where she drops her cell phone in the trash only for it to reappear in later episodes. It’s not even a replacement as the phone is exactly the same one she had dropped in the episode. So, did she fish it out because she missed it too much?

13 Serena’s Father’s Changing Colleges

We don’t really care about the older people when it comes to shows like Gossip Girl. These shows are made to appeal to teenage girls who love fashionistas and good-looking boys. However, one would definitely re-tread and listen to earlier dialogue about Serena’s father once they realize an inconsistency about him.

In the episode ‘Poison Ivy’, Serena mentions to Dan that her father went to Harvard University, only to change that up and tell Blair that he had attended Columbia University instead. Did she just keep making assumptions about her father’s Alma maters?

12 Dan and Vanessa’s Friendship timeline

When you’ve got an angle about a boy and a girl being childhood friends in a show aimed at teenagers, you just know that those two will end up having a thing at one point. This is what happened with Dan and Vanessa as the two were friends since they were kids and then got together during the show’s events.

But it looks like the two weren’t all that close considering Dan can’t even remember when they first met. At one point, Dan says he’s been best friends with Vanessa since they were 6-years-old; Vanessa herself then says they’ve been best friends since third grade, which isn’t possible because that’s too old for 6-year-olds.

11 Dan’s Cellphone Battery

It looks as if everyone on Gossip Girl loves throwing away perfectly good cell phones for any reason. We covered the part where Serena did it, and now here’s own concerning Dan.

In the episode ‘Woman on the Verge’, Georgina takes Dan’s cell phone, removes the battery, and then chucks the whole thing away. And what do you know? The very next day, Dan has it again in his possession and uses it to call Georgina herself. Now that’s some time traveling that would even leave Doctor Strange to shame. Even if he got the phone back, how did he get the battery too?

10 Chuck’s First relationship

You would expect a bad boy like Chuck to have had his first time with a woman who didn’t really matter to him. All boys from the elite usually like to be with multiple women before deciding there’s more to life than just being physical. In Chuck’s case, this was at first the case, only to become not so meaningful.

At one point, Chuck mentions that his first time had been with Georgina, a main character on the show. Later on, however, he casually mentions that his first time had been with an Italian au pair – not exactly someone who has much meaning to show.

9 Lily’s birth year

People lie about their birth years a lot, especially those old enough to have grown up in times when everything wasn’t computerized. However, when you’ve got a flashback going on, then you can’t pretend there’s a deliberate lie in birth years.

This happened when Lily’s passport showed her birth year to be in 1969. That would put her in her forties in present-day. The episode ‘Valley Girls’, set in 1983, showed Lily driving a car; an impossibility considering she should’ve been 14-years-old at the time and committing an illegal act.

8 The Loft Door

When two women fight, it doesn’t matter if the world’s ending outside the door – they will hash it out until one emerges the victor. You may or may not agree with this idea, but Gossip Girl sure made it seem that way. Why else would Jenny and Vanessa be absolutely fine with the door to their loft being wide open?

In the episode ‘It’s a Wonderful Lie’, these two ladies were fighting over Nate when behind them the loft’s front door stood wide open, only for it be slightly ajar in the next; then became wide open again. Neither left the room at this time and no one had entered either.

7 Jonathan Whitney’s Name

You can disregard Lily’s passport discrepancy if you want to insist there was a reasonable explanation (which there isn’t), but you can’t conjure an explanation for this goof. In one episode, Andrew Tyler gets a bill for payment, on which Jonathan’s name is written.

However, at that time, the full name was shown to be Jonathan Henry. Later on, though, his name was stated to be Jonathan Whitney. So, is there some sort of fraud going around here that the names are different on papers that can be shown as legal proof?

6 Olivia’s Never-Returning Return

If you were a fan of Hilary Duff from Lizzie McGuire, then you really shouldn’t watch her appearance on Gossip Girl. That’s because not only does she shed her Good Girl image, she engaged in a threeway with Dan and Vanessa!

Unfortunately, we had to mention that because that led to her exit from the show. After figuring out Dan liked Vanessa more during the thing, she left but promised she would come back to try a real relationship with Dan. And what happened next? Nothing. Not only did she not come back, but she also was not referred to anymore either; it was like the show forgot she existed.

5 Blair’s Changing Folders

As mentioned above, filming sequences take a break between two cuts in order to correct an error or some other necessity; in the same way, the scene between Blair and Serena is guilty of this inconsistency.

In an episode where Serena and Blair walk through the Columbia University campus, Blair can be seen holding multiple folders in her hand. In the very next shot of the same scene, Blair is still holding the folders but they aren’t in the same order. Clearly, something happened during filming that required a lengthy break and when the actresses came back they’d forgotten the sequence of the folders.

4 Serena’s Sim Card

This whole cell phone and sim card business is really getting out of hand, isn’t it? But we’ve got the final one for you here. In the episode ‘The Witches of Bushwick’, Jenny steals Serena’s sim card from her phone. You’d think that would be enough for Serena not to receive Gossip Girl Blasts, but it wasn’t.

Not only did Serena receive the Blasts, but her phone also works just fine after this event. Serena never once complains about the disappearance of all the information stored in her sim card and doesn’t bring up this issue at all later on.

3 Ben texting from jail

Rich people get their own kinds of prisons, but we’re pretty sure you don’t get facilities that can lead you to potentially plot your escape. If that had been the case, then Ben was a fool not to have made use of it seeing that the guy is apparently allowed to use a cell phone while in jail.

How did we catch this error? That would be because Ben texted Juliet while he was supposed to be in jail. An inconsistency between takes is one thing, but how did no one think of this while the scene was being filmed?

2 The Non-Phone Call

When people talk on phones in TV shows or films, they’re not actually talking to anyone – this much was obviously clear to you. In fact, any person with common sense would know this. But there’s still a requirement to fool the viewer into thinking a character is on the phone.

Gossip Girl couldn’t get this job done as in the episode ‘Rhodes to Perdition’, when Serena calls Max, her phone is shown briefly and you can clearly see it is on the home screen and not in an actual call.

1 Blair’s Apartment

The fact that the Pilot had a different apartment to the one shown in later episodes also must have passed by the showrunners. This is because, in the finale, Blair’s apartment is shown in a flashback where it retains the same layout it had after the Pilot.

Looks like the show really wants us to forget the original apartment, or just that no one remembered the apartment had been changed since the Pilot even after all this time. It would’ve been pretty cool had someone mentioned that the apartment was to be refurbished in the flashback so as to give an explanation why it looked different later on.

Did you notice any of these mistakes in Gossip Girl? Let us know in the comments!

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30 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In CW Shows

The CW Television Network is home to a lot of popular TV shows. Named The CW due to its parent organizations CBS and Warner Bros., the network was created in 2006. Since then, the station has widely been known for their several superhero shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, but there were dozens of popular shows that were around prior to the Arrowverse starting in 2012.

The CW has created several shows in all genres, including crime, action, and romance. Even though the television industry is a competitive business, The CW has managed to become a success with its shows lasting for several seasons, and some even getting the revival treatment. Despite the fact that many of these shows have huge fanbases, there are always mistakes that slip past cinematographers and editors that result in shows having continuity and production errors.

Since these mistakes don’t take away too much from the actual content of the show most of the time, most fans don’t pick up on most of these mistakes. Some shows have more mistakes than others, but it is pretty rare to find a show that doesn’t have any continuity or production errors.

Without further ado, here are the 30 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In CW Shows. 

30 Fake Money? – Riverdale

In 2016, The CW attempted to create a live-action television show based on the Archie comic books from the 1940s. The show became a massive hit and is currently in its third season, but one continuity error came in the very first episode of the show.

In the series premiere, Veronica Lodge’s mom named Hermione opens a bag of cash. Almost all TV shows and movies use fake cash for scenes like this; however, the phrase “Motion Picture Use Only” usually isn’t seen in the shots. The filmmakers on Riverdale didn’t catch it, but one of the stacks of cash clearly states “Motion Picture Use Only.”

29 He’s Not Supposed To Be There – Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is one show that was so popular in its initial run that it was given a revival series on Netflix, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. The original series ran on The WB, which would later turn into The CW. Even though the original series was beloved by fans, it still had a lot of mistakes.

One of these errors came in season 1 episode 17, when a couple of the characters go to Luke’s Diner. When Lorelai and Rory are trying to go to the restaurant, the reflection of a cameraman can be seen on the glass door of the restaurant. 

28 When Was Mystic Falls Built? – The Vampire Diaries

Around the time that vampires were all the rage, The CW released The Vampire Diaries. The show revolves around Elena Gilbert, who had to choose between two vampiric brothers named Damon and Stefan Salvatore. The Vampire Diaries took place in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, which had a history of vampires, witches, and werewolves.

While Mystic Falls has been around for a while, the exact amount of time is still a mystery. In season 1 episode 1, a sign at the cemetery says that the city was built in 1792, but it was later established in the show that the town was built in the 1860s. 

27 London Looks A Lot Different – Nikita

Nikita was a short, yet well-received show for The CW. The series only got three seasons, but it packed a punch while it was on the air. The show followed Nikita around the world, as she tried to take down the organization known as Division. One of the episodes took place in London, but it quickly becomes clear that the episode wasn’t actually filmed there.

During a chase scene in this episode, the traffic lights and road markings are clearly from the U.D. The cars are even driving on the right side of the road. If they were really in London, the cars should have been driving on the left-hand side of the road. 

26 Playing An Impossible Game – Legends Of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is no doubt one of the weirdest superhero shows The CW has pumped out in recent years. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since the characters often time travel and have incredibly unique storylines. In season 1 episode 9, Ray, Sara, and Kendra get stranded in the 1950s and decide to play the board game Life to pass the time.

While The Game of Life was created in 1860 by Milton Bradley, the gang are seen playing a more modern version of the game. The first versions of Life were more of a checkered based game, which definitely isn’t what the characters are playing in the show. 

25 Confusing Jack the Ripper With H.H. Holmes – Supernatural

Supernatural is currently one of The CW’s longest running TV series. The show has been on for 14 seasons now, and hit its 300th episode this year. Like most TV shows, Supernatural has suffered from good and bad storylines, but is still generally well received.

Early on in the series, in season 2 episode 6 to be exact, Dean and Sam run into the ghost of H.H. Holmes. In one scene, Sam and Dean are showing the character Jo pictures of Holmes’ victims, however, the last victim is not his. The last image they show is actually one of Jack the Ripper’s victims. 

24 Brainy Isn’t So Smart – Supergirl

Supergirl may have not originated on The CW, but the network picked the show up starting with season 2 after it moved from CBS. The CW has been responsible for shaping the character of Kara Zor-El and also introducing several new characters to the show, including Brainy, aka Querl Dox or Brainiac 5.

While the character is supposed to be super smart, he apparently doesn’t count very well. In Supergirl season 4 episode 2, Brainy orders 12 pizzas from a pizza shop. However, he only walks out of the store with only 5 boxes. 

23 Oliver Is A Straight Shooter – Arrow

Arrow might not be The CW’s first ever superhero show, but without the success of Arrow, shows like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl probably would never have happened. The Arrow’s real name is Oliver Queen, and he sometimes has dark streaks, but he is still seen as a hero for Starling City.

In season 5 episode 9 of the show, Arrow goes up against Prometheus. When he shoots an arrow at the character, the scene begins a slow-motion effect, which shows the arrow flying in a completely straight line. In reality, however, arrows slightly wobble back and forth when they are fired from a bow. 

22 Iris Doesn’t Know How To Use A Phone – The Flash

It is no secret that for many superhero movies and shows, technology now plays a big role in helping heroes fight crime. Some of this technology is implemented into weapons and gadgets that haven’t even been invented yet, but not everyone is great with it. For example, Iris West doesn’t even know how to use a phone.

In The Flash season 3 episode 22, Iris is using her iPhone to record a message for Barry, but is clearly just watching a video. For one, her fingers are over the microphone and camera, so even if she was recording, Barry wouldn’t have been able to see any video or hear any audio. To make matters even worse, the record button is on the wrong end of the phone, which is clearly a continuity error.

21 An Unnatural Baby Bump – One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is one television series that predated The CW. Originally airing from 2003 to 2012, One Tree Hill ran for a total of 188 episodes. Bethany Joy Lenz starred in each episode. The actress played the character Haley James Scott, and her character becomes pregnant for the first time in season 4.

In episode 13 of that season, however, the actress’ fake pregnancy pad can be seen peeking out from the bottom of her shirt. The actress wasn’t really pregnant while filming season 4, but was pregnant with her first child while filming season 8, when her character became pregnant for the second time. 

20 An Indestructible Porsche – Smallville

Before The CW started their new superhero shows that are a part of the so-called Arrowverse, The CW was home to Smallville. Running for an impressive ten seasons, Smallville showed the teenage years of Clark Kent, aka Superman, in Smallville, Kansas. While the show had continuity errors here and there during its decade-long run, one of the first clearly noticeable errors come in the series premiere.

In season 1 episode 1, Lex Luthor answers his phone while driving and gets into a car accident with his Porsche. The car slams into Clark and crashes through the bridge, but when the car falls into the water, there is clearly not any damage to the front of the vehicle. 

19 Of Course She’s Talking To You – Gossip Girl

While Ryan Reynolds is a Hollywood A-lister today, his wife Blake Lively was incredibly popular during her time on Gossip Girl. The show was a romance that lasted for six seasons and revolved around privileged teenagers living in New York.

One of the characters on the show was named Dan Humphrey and was played by Penn Badgley. In season 4 episode 4, Dan is talking to Serena and says the line, “I saw you talking to Dan,” but he should have said the name Nate instead of his own name. 

18 Disappearing Cards – Riverdale

The teens on Riverdale no doubt live a more adventurous life than many teenagers get to experience. While that is what makes the show interesting, the characters also do things that normal teenagers do like playing card games and hanging out with their friends.

In season 2 episode 14, Jughead and Archie are playing cards, which are scattered across the table. In the next shot when Betty and Veronica enter the room, the cards completely disappear from the table. Sure they could have put the cards away real quick, but it is highly unlikely they would have been able to accomplish that in a split second. 

17 Flash’s Missing Cowl – The Flash

Most superheroes in comic books, movies, and TV shows keep their identities a secret to protect their loved ones from their arch-enemies. That being said, almost every superhero has revealed their identity at one point or another, and Barry Allen did just that in season 3 episode 9.

In order to get Julian Albert to trust him, Barry pulls his cowl down to reveal his true identity. His cowl can be seen around his neck in most scenes, but when Barry gets close to Julian’s cell, his cowl is missing completely. 

16 An Odd Celebratory Selfie – iZombie

Jumping on the popularity of zombies, The CW created iZombie in 2015. The series has gotten fairly good reviews thus far, and will be premiering its fifth season in 2019. iZombie isn’t like normal zombie stories, however, since the main character Liv actually works with Seattle PD to help solve crimes.

In season 2 episode 12, Liv takes a celebratory selfie with her teeth showing as she takes the picture. With that in mind, the image shown on her phone shows a picture of Liv with her mouth now closed.

15 When Was Robert Queen Born? – Arrow

Actor Jamey Sheridan didn’t have a very big role on Arrow, but he played Oliver Queen’s father Robert. Robert was the founder and CEO of Queen Consolidated as well as a member of Tempest. Robert ended his own life after the yacht accident so that Oliver could survive, meaning he was no longer living in 2007.

When his family visits his tombstone in the second episode of season 1, it says that he was born in 1958, but this contradicts a previous episode. In the series premiere, a news report says that Robert was born in 1948. While this is a simple continuity error, a ten year difference to a person’s birth year is quite significant. 

14 Ray Picks Up The Apollo 11 Flag – Legends Of Tomorrow

Any movie or TV show that deals with time travel is bound to have some type of continuity error. Since DC’s Legends of Tomorrow often deals with historical events, the show is riddled with these types of errors. One big error came in season 2 episode 14 when Ray is trapped on the moon.

Ray is seen picking up the U.S. flag from the Apollo 11 mission, but Buzz Aldrin confirmed that the flag blew over when their aircraft took off in 1969. In a show filled with aliens and other creatures, though, whose to say an alien didn’t travel to the moon to set the flag upright again?

13 A Traveling Wound – The 100

The 100 is a sci-fi mystery that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. A ship with the last known humans are sent back to Earth to repopulate the planet, but things don’t go according to plan. During the season 3 finale in May 2016 titled “Perverse Instantiation: Part Two”, the character Jasper injures his left leg, which is bandaged by the conclusion of the show.

When the show returned in February 2017, the show picked back up the stories of Jasper and the other characters, only it seems the wardrobe department forgot that Jasper needed a bandage on his left leg, not his right. 

12 A Missing Wendigo – Supernatural

The creature known as a Wendigo may not have originated on Supernatural, but the first season did center an episode around one. A Wendigo is a mythical monster based on native folklore.

While the second episode of the show focused on a Wendigo, the creature was seen again in season 1 episode 10 when Dean is referencing his father’s journal. A picture of a Wendigo can be seen in the pages of the journal in one scene, but when Dean references the same page later on in the episode, the image of the Wendigo is missing. 

11 Vicki’s Bandage – The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries has many memorable characters, but Vicki Donovan was only a recurring character during the first season. Actress Kayla Ewell would return to the show periodically for a few episodes at a time, but her character had the most screen time during season 1 of The Vampire Diaries.

During season 1 episode 2, Viki wakes up from a nightmare and a bandage can be seen on the right side of her neck. Later on in the episode, her wound has seemingly switched to the other side of her neck. When Vicki goes to the grill, her bandage is now on the left side of her neck. 

10 Visible Mic – Supergirl

When filming any movie or TV shows, the audio team has to be creative when setting up microphones on actors so that wires aren’t seen on film. While most of the time these wires and mics are hidden effectively, an actor could move the wrong way and expose one of these wires.

In season 1 episode 16 of Supergirl, the beginning of the episode shows Kara looking for Winn, whom she finds getting together with a co-worker in a storage closet. While Winn is adjusting his shirt, there is a hole where he missed a button and his mic wire can briefly be seen. Fans probably wouldn’t notice it, but Kara even pointed right at it when she tells him he missed a button. 

9 Dry Rain – Riverdale

Almost all movies and TV shows have people on set that style actresses’ hair and do their makeup before they step in front of the camera. Many times, actors and actresses will have perfect hair even in extreme weather conditions. While it is unrealistic, it often happens in movies and TV shows to give the characters a certain look.

In Riverdale season 1 episode 2, Cheryl runs into the locker room crying, followed by Veronica and Betty. All three characters are completely dry with perfect hair, but the problem is that they had just ran through the rain outside to get to the locker room. 

8 Visible Tape Marker – Smallville

In order to make a movie or TV show run efficiently during production, every aspect of what’s going to be filmed is meticulously thought out before hand. This even includes the directions actors will walk, so that the cinematographer doesn’t have to guess where to frame the shot.

In Smallville season 1 episode 1, there is a scene where Lex Luthor and Clark Kent are walking through Luthor’s mansion. Around the half hour mark in the episode, a white piece of tape can be seen on the floor, which is actually a marker for where actor Michael Rosenbaum was about to walk. 

7 Did Elena Move? – The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev had a big role on The Vampire Diaries, as she got to play the characters Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce, and Amara. Given the huge fan base surrounding The CW’s vampire shows, hardcore fans know pretty much everything there is to know about Elena and the other characters on the show.

One minor detail about the character that fans might not know is her exact address. In season 1 episode 1, her house number is shown to be 935, but at the beginning of season 2, Elena calls an ambulance and says that her address is 2104 Floyd Street. Did Elena move? No, its just another continuity error. 

6 An Impossible Award – Legends Of Tomorrow

Through DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, fans have seen several important historical events in a comical, and often inaccurate light. One example of this is featured in season 1 episode 4 titled “White Knights”. In the episode, Leonard Snart steals a keycard from a female soldier who is wearing a U.S. Army Combat Infantryman badge.

The year that this takes place is 1986, making this award impossible for a woman to achieve since the infantry unit was still closed to women at that point. Since the costume detail was a very insignificant aspect of the episode, it’s likely the mistake was just overlooked. 

5 Finn’s Wound – The 100

In The 100 season 1 episode 8 titled “Day Trip”, Clarke and Bellamy make plans to visit a supply depot that will hopefully have supplies that allow them to survive through the winter. Before they leave, Clarke goes to check on Finn, who was injured in the previous episode.

For the entire seventh episode, Finn’s wound on his side was a horizontal line, but in this episode, his wound is vertical. Regardless of the position, his wound wasn’t that important to the rest of the plot, so many fans probably missed this mistake. 

4 A Cameraman’s Arm – Supernatural

The seventeenth episode of season 1 of Supernatural follows Sam and Dean as they investigate a Texas farmhouse that is said to be haunted by a Depression-era farmer. Like usual, their case doesn’t go according to plan, as they run into the characters Ed and Harry, two wanna-be paranormal investigators.

As the episode progresses, the spirit of Mordechai Murdoch is shot by the gang. Right when this happens, a mysterious arm can be seen on the right side of the shot. Is it another ghost or just a cameraman? The answer is probably just a cameraman causing a production error. 

3 Reappearing Glass – Supergirl

While Kara Danvers has incredible superpowers on Supergirl, she certainly isn’t the only one with powers. In season 2 episode 6, Mon-El, aka Mike, is talking in an alien bar about how he needs to start controlling his powers.

As Mike starts to explain that he can control them, he breaks the glass he is drinking due to his excessive strength. Before the glass breaks, there is only one other cup on the table, but after he breaks his drink, another one appears. In the very next shot, the cup that was on the side of the table disappears. 

2 Oliver Queen’s Wound – Arrow

One of the most surprising twists of Arrow season 3 happened when Ra’s al Ghul stabs Oliver in the chest and kicks him off the side of a cliff. Many were left wondering how and if Oliver was going to survive his wounds, which, of course, he did in the next few episodes.

While Oliver eventually heals, his chest wound disappears completely mere seconds after Ra’s al Ghul stabs him. In the following episode, season 3 episode 10, his wound also appears to change locations on his chest at several points. 

1 Captain Cold’s Ice – Legends Of Tomorrow

Before Captain Cold became a recurring character on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Captain Cold was a villain on The Flash. First appearing in season 1 episode 4, the character initially tries to end the Flash by any means necessary, but later teams up with the hero on a few occasions.

One of the ways Captain Cold tries to eliminate the Flash is by using a cold gun against the speedster. When the ice from the gun hits Barry, it hits him on his left side, but in other shots, the ice appears to be on the Flash’s right side. 

Are there any other mistakes in The CW shows that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Wonder Woman

In many ways, Wonder Woman is the ultimate symbol of triumph. Easily one of the most exciting and rewarding superhero movies in recent years, the film broke norms and firmly established itself as being – by far – the best of the official DCEU features. It’s not just that the competition paled in comparison. Man of Steel was so underwhelming that future Superman movies have been shelved for the time being. The recent Batman outings have been so hot and cold that The Joker has leapfrogged the caped crusader’s sequel with a solo film. Of course, Aquaman seems to be surging from the depths of DC’s lows, but the rest of the Justice League’s big players – Flash and Cyborg – have been put on the back burner, while B-listers like Huntress and Black Canary are taking the spotlight.

Not so for Wonder Woman, the first solo female superhero blockbuster in the modern boom of comic book movies, which made a huge splash at the box office and impressed critics. The Patty Jenkins-helmed hit starring Gal Gadot quickly earned a sequel green light. Wonder Woman 1984 is now one of 2020’s most anticipated cinematic offerings, but even Diana of Themyscira isn’t perfect– or at least, her filmmakers aren’t.

Yes, Wonder Woman has its flaws. Continuity flubs, anachronisms, and productions snafus – problems most fans totally missed. This is understandable. After all, we don’t want to tarnish our favorite demigoddess’ golden lasso!

Here are 20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Wonder Woman!

20 Steve Trevor Zips It

In the stand-out “cave scene,” the rescued Steve Trevor is convalescing after the traumatic beach battle on Themyscira. When he wakes, his clothes have been taken to dry and Diana walks in on him. Embarrassed, he quickly dresses up. Diana can’t understand his shame as, for her, the human body is perfectly natural. Her moment of grace is lost on Trevor as he nervously zips up his pants.

The problem: zippers weren’t really a thing during WWI. While the invention existed, military uniforms like the one Steve was sporting still used buttons on the fly. Note to wardrobe: spend more time on historical research!

19 Machine Gun Trouble

One of the single coolest scenes in the movie is that moment when Wonder Woman runs out of the trenches and into No Man’s Land to take the enemy head-on. Defying thousands of bullets, she braves through the mud to cross enemy lines and save whole village. It was exhilarating, iconic, and wrong.

The filmmakers overdid the scene just a tiny bit. The machine guns shooting at her are supposed to be from WWI, but weapons of the time didn’t fire nearly as rapidly in real life as they didn’t in that scene. Understandably, the filmmakers need to up the tension and add more bang for the dramatic buck, but anybody who knows the history of firearms might just then have been shot out of the film’s carefully crafted illusion.

18 Wonder Woman juggles her drink

In huge cinema spectacles like Wonder Woman, there’s so much going on during shooting on set, with so many details that need tracking, that audiences can understand when continuity errors occur. A single scene that lasts seconds on screen might be the product of dozens of camera setups over a period of days.

Here is a moment where the left hand literally doesn’t seem to know what the right hand is doing. Once Diana has liberated the village of Veld, she and Steve are sharing some drinks. Diana holds said beverage in her left hand, then sets it down. Shortly thereafter, after Steve asks her to dance, we cut back to see the drink still in her hand – but her right one this time – and she sets it down again. Maybe we’ve had one too many, but that just didn’t look right!

17 Intel Breach

Screenwriters have a lot to live up to, especially when handling huge tentpole franchise properties. We can only imagine how overwhelming it all gets, not to mention intimidating. Under such circumstances, it may be understandable that scribes might miss doing their due diligence when it comes to historical accuracy.

In Wonder Woman, spies Steve Trevor and Etta Candy use the word “intel” to refer to intelligence. The problem? That shortened term didn’t come into use until 50 years or so after WWI. Unless it secret code back then, which is unlikely, this brings the audience right back to the 21st century.

16 A Clean Cut

Most superheroes live by a code of helping others and always protecting lives – even if that means abstaining from ending the lives of their foes. In the case of Ares, the god of war, Diana was ready to make an exception. Unfortunately for her, she mistook General Ludendorff for the unholy deity and, in her vigor, dispatched with him with the single strike of her sword.

Bizarrely, when she pulls the blade from the departed villain, the metal is immaculate. One would think there would be liquid or gory residue from the deceased bad guy’s insides. Instead, we have a cutlery tool that looks like it was just pulled of the shelf factory-new at an upscale kitchenware store!

15 The Amazing Disappearing Bracelets

Wonder Woman has a nice bunch of magical gear at her disposal to aid her in battle. Her magic lasso ensnares enemies and forces them to tell the truth; her trusty shield keeps her protected from fast-flying projectiles; nd then there are her trademark wristbands. In the comics, they were more like bracelets, but either way, they were awesome defensive implements which the super-fast Diana used to deflect bullets.

If audiences pay close attention throughout the movie, though, they will notice that these powerful fashion accessories seem to disappear and reappear over and over again. Did somebody forget to tell us these things can teleport, too? It’s a pretty egregious continuity error that happens often enough to leave us scratching our heads.

14 Language Barrier

When making the type of blockbuster movie that Wonder Woman became, sharp filmmakers would be wise to think about international audiences. More and more, ticket sales overseas have been adding to the studio coffers in a way they never did before. Case in point: Aquaman made more than $90 million in its opening weekend in China– before it even debuted in North America.

In that case, why was Wonder Woman so careless with how it handled foreign languages? About halfway into the feature, a bunch of “Ottoman texts” appear, but it turns out the words were just pulled together and made no sense at all, resulting in sentences like, “Tunes pants cow foible rocket.” Turkey may not be the biggest market out there, but how hard would it have been to get this right?

13 Waterproofed notebook

When first we meet Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, he has just pulled off an incredible feat. Stealing Dr. Maru’s secret book from the clutches of the enemy, he carries on his person a key to unlocking the nefarious plot of Ares and his human pawns. The plans therein prove their work on a poisonous gas are almost at fruition.

After olunging into the water with the book, one would think that the pages would have been severely damaged. Steve was under the waves for a good minute before Diana rescued him, but later in the film, the book is delivered by Steve to his superiors with no water damage at all. Was the darn thing laminated or what?

12 Time Before Time

Another anachronistic moment for Steve Trevor reveals a very strange thing about his wristwatch. At the end of the film, just as the dutiful soldier makes the ultimate sacrifice in service to the good fight, we get a close up of the watch. In this shot, we can clearly see the seconds hand ticking.

Seems normal, right? Except that before the 1970s, the seconds hands never ticked, but rather swept across the watch face without stopping. Only quartz technology changed that, more than half a century after Trevor’s final sacrifice– unless that watch was also a time machine. That could explain Trevor’s apparent return in Wonder Woman 1984!

11 Misfire in a Gun Scene

The back-alley bad guy beating is such a beloved trope that superhero movie should be sure to include one of these scenes. In London, Wonder Woman gets her chance when some armed criminals take aim at our heroes.

In the cutting room, editors missed a continuity error that messes the action up. In one shot, a gun is pointed at them fully cocked. The next time we see the same exact weapon, it is in the process of having the hammer being cocked back – as if the previous shot never happened. Could it be that Diana also pulled a Star Wars-type Jedi mind trick on the bandit? The answer more likely lies on the proverbial cutting room floor.

10 Swordplay Soiree

Infiltrating a WWI-era army gala is no easy feat. Security is tight and soldiers armed to the teeth are at all sides. Diana takes that risk – with a giant sword tucked into the back of her dress. So determined she is to dispatch Ares at the party that she makes this questionable choice rather recklessly.

At one moment, when she takes to the dance floor, the audience can see the sword shift – revealing that the prop is only the hilt with no blade attached. It shoud have been easy enough to write a “magic hidden blade” element into the script. Instead, we see Tinseltown magic fail on screen.

9 Steve’s magical hat

It’s bad enough when characters switch left and right sides from one shot to the other. Perhaps we can let it go when lips don’t quite match up to words for a fleeting moment. But when a hat goes missing from a head? That seems to be way too obvious for an entire crew of filmmakers to miss on a set.

That’s what happened in Wonder Woman. At the gala, when Trevor runs after Diana, he isn’t wearing his hat. In the next shot when he gets outside, he is wearing his hat. Now – if it had been the other way around, we could say the hat fell off. Last we checked, though, hats don’t tend to jump back up off a floor onto a man’s head.

8 Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion can project confidence and elegance for everyday folk, but for superheros, tjeor gear means business. Batman’s utility belt isn’t there to score fashion points, and when it comes to Wonder Woman, her shoulder strap is carrying crucial elements to the tools of her trade. Wouldn’t such a skilled warrior would have a preferred way to wear such an accessory? Apparently not.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the snapshot of her and her WWI team sees her wearing the strap across her right shoulder. When the “same” photo is taken in Wonder Woman, the strap is on her left side. It’s not just a continuity problem; a professional soldier would be way more precise.

7 Music from the future

One of the most famous singers of all time is Edith Piaf. The chanteuse was the top musical star of her time and remains a national treasure in France. She was as famous and influential as today’s superstars like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Ariana Grande. So it was not so surprising to hear one of her songs after Wonder Woman liberated the village in Belgium– except that in 1918, Piaf was three years old!

It would be like watching a movie taking place in the ’70s with characters dancing to Rihanna! It’s a really unfortunate choice that anybody could have double-checked with a quick Wikipedia search.

6 Bad Hair Day

For almost as long as there have been action movies, there have been goofy inconsistencies involving hairdos. Famously, James Bond always seemed to have perfectly styled hair no matter what insane conditions he was facing. Over the years, films have been a little smarter about being more “real” when it comes to the fate of actors’ follicles in a given scene.

In Wonder Woman, we can see Diana’s hair go from totally messy to totally perfect, over and over again. One can almost imagine a stylist chasing her across the trenches of WWI with a can of hairspray and a comb. Yes, this is a Hollywood film and Diana is demigoddess, but she’s also a warrior. Can we please keep her out of the salon when she’s in battle?

5 Booting Continuity

One of the coolest parts of Wonder Woman’s outfit is her footwear. She not only looks cool wearing her gladiator-style boots, but also uses them to kick bad-guy butt. However, there seems to have been an odd choice in their design.

When she’s in the heat of combat, many scenes show her boots to flat-soled, but at other times. This would be far more in line with a soldier’s footwear and probably should have been the only design. Honestly, we doubt fans would love Diana any less for not wearing heeled boots throughout a war. Gal Gadot certainly isn’t lacking in the height department to play an Amazon, so this seems completely unnecessary.

4 Invisible visible breath

When it comes to filmmaking in cold weather, things can get strange pretty quickly. Very often fake snow can really stand out and ruin the illusion of a winter wonderland. Another troublesome element is seeing breath in chilly temperatures. Sometimes, movie sets have to be cooled down to freezing to create the effect. CGI is even employed to substitute for the real thing when appropriate conditions aren’t available.

In Wonder Woman, during a snowy scene outside the rural village, we can see their breath sometimes– and sometimes we can’t. This is a pretty obvious continuity error. It may have happened as a result of reshoots where the crew skipped making the temperature consistent, but some quick work in the visual effects department surely could avoided this issue.

3 An Impossible Shortcut

Turkey is not close to England. To get from the Ottoman Empire to the UK by boat, one would need to cross most of the Mediterranean and half of the North Atlantic. That’s thousands of nautical miles which, even today, would take a week or so to navigate. In Wonder Woman, that very same journey seemingly takes place overnight.

After sharing a tender moment on the evening of their departure, Diana and Steve seem to wake up the very next morning in London, which is totally impossible unless they flew on a jet plane. All the film would have to do to fix this is add one of those Indiana Jones map-following scenes to indicate the passing of time. Instead, the film’s boat travel illusion was sunk.

2 Impossible airstrip

These days, most people pretty much take modern aviation for granted. The skies are full of planes; airports of all sizes are common enough on TV and movies that even people who don’t travel much readily recognize them. But during WWI, there wasn’t even a proper air force yet. Not only that, it would be some time before planes were properly sheltered in hangars.

In the final battle scene in Wonder Woman, we see plenty of hard-shelters for aircrafts on the airfield. Such protective structures would not be commonplace until the 1980s, or about 70 years after this scene takes place. It’s another anachronism that rips audiences out of the film’s suspension of disbelief.

1 Magically Clean Boots

Along with some unlikely design features, Diana’s boots seem to have some additional improbable features. During the dramatic battle across the no-man’s land of the Belgian WWI trenches, we see Wonder Woman trudge through the thick mud which has become emblematic of that war. It’s quite a heroic feat, pressing on through such unforgiving terrain against a hail of gunfire.

After she’s done with the whole scene, her boots are shown to be spotless. Was there a shoe-shine boy handy during the conflict? Are those boots made of Teflon? Whatever the case, it’s just another continuity issue that’s tough to ignore. It can’t be wiped away like mud off a dirty boot.

Did you notice any other mistakes in Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Justice League

Justice League was set up to be the revival of the DC franchise. After the success of Wonder Woman, the movie was expected to continue the legacy and bring DC movie back in the spotlight. However, the curse of two directors took a toll on the film and there were many continuity and production errors that ultimately resulted in a disjointed and confusing storyline.

The movie’s production started with Zack Snyder, the king of darkness and a DC filmmaker known for the doom and gloom. You can see elements of his work through the opening credits montage where the world is depicted as immoral chaos after the fall of Superman and the attack where bombers attempt to destroy four city blocks to trigger a new Dark Age.

Then, Snyder stepped down and Joss Whedon came in to finish the movie. He added a lighter, humorous vibe and abandoned many plot stories and continuations from Batman v Superman, such as Bruce’s Knightmare of an apocalyptic future and a time-traveling Flash. This change in direction can be seen throughout the entire movie and includes everything from continuity issues and plot confusions to wardrobe changes and CGI failures.

So, break out the magnifying glass and get ready to spot the changes as we explore the 20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Justice League.

20 Aquaman Can’t Keep His Shirt on

During Superman’s resurrection scene, all eyes were on the Man of Steel. However, if you pay attention to the Man of Water, you may have noticed something unusual about his clothing. To start the resurrection process, Aquaman places Superman into the waters of the Kryptonian ship’s Genesis Chamber. He wades out into the water wearing his metallic, armored suit.

Then, Cyborg goes to set up the Mother Box and you can catch a glimpse of Aquaman in the background. Look closely and you’ll see that he’s no longer wearing his suit and is instead, shirtless and revealing his iconic tattoos.

19 Do Parademons Really Smell Fear?

Parademons can smell fear, which is why they swarmed all over Steppenwolf at the end of the movie. However, they seem to only be able to use their special sense when it’s convenient for the movie’s plot. Earlier in the movie, when Steppenwolf and the Parademons are terrorizing the S.T.A.R lab employees, Flash pulls Batman aside and tells him that he can’t help because he’s scared of bugs, guns, and people.

However, even with the Parademons in the next room, they’re incapable of smelling the fear that’s resonating off Flash. During the final battle, the Parademons also don’t swarm towards the family that’s evacuating when they’re clearly terrified as well.

18 The Janitor at S.T.A.R Labs Has the Wrong Badge

When Cyborg is first introduced, we see his dad working at STAR Labs. Before going home, he stops to talk to a janitor who reveals to the audience that his son has passed away. If you take a look at the janitor’s STAR labs employee badge, you may notice that it doesn’t quite look like him. The picture on the badge seems to be an older gentleman with white hair.

A couple of scenes later, we see the janitor again moping the floors. However, he must have figured out he was wearing the wrong badge because now he has one that looks like him.

17 Aquaman Doesn’t Know Piranhas

After Aquaman becomes subjected to Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and starts rambling about his feelings, he tells Flash, “You say a word about this, you’ll meet every piranha I know.” However, this seems like an empty threat because Aquaman probably does not know any piranhas.

Aquaman is from Atlantis, which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, and piranhas live in the lakes and rivers of South America. Seeing how Aquaman spends most of his time in salty ocean water, he has probably never come into contact or met a vicious, freshwater piranha. Aquaman seems to be all talk and no action.

16 A Moped or a Motorcycle?

As the Parademons descend on Russia, we watch as they take over a family’s home. If you pay close enough attention though, you may realize something in the yard changes throughout the scenes. When the family’s home is first shown, there is a small moped outside of their house. However, in the next scene, the moped transforms into a large motorcycle.

As the family runs out of the house, they run past the motorcycle, but it has magically turned back into a moped. However, as they drive away from the home, the kids take one last glance at their former home and see a motorcycle resting against the house once again.

15 The Moving Police Car

When Superman is resurrected, he has no recollection of who he is and starts to assault the rest of the Justice League. He tries to use his heat vision to attack Cyborg but instead hits a police car after Cyborg’s quick deflection.

The cop car catches on fire and we can see the remnants of it behind Cyborg after the attack. However, in the next scene, the exploded car somehow ends up behind Superman. It’s very odd, since it seems as if the car simply teleported its way to safety behind the Man of Steel.

14 The Case of the Disappearing Green Goo

After Aquaman saves the fisherman from a devastating storm, he heads to the bar for a rewarding glass of whiskey. When he gets his drink, though, Aquaman notices that his hands are covered in a green goo, which he also managed to leave on the whiskey glass.

After he drinks his glass, he reaches for the entire bottle and you might notice that he no longer has goo on his hands. It simply disappeared. The glass Aquaman was once drinking out of is also sitting on the table without any goo on it. So, maybe he just imagined the goo, or maybe Aquaman had a few too many glasses of whiskey.

13 Bruce Wayne’s Facial Hair

When Bruce meets up with Diana and tells her that he thinks there’s an attack coming, they are chatting inside the Bat Cave and the Dark Knight has a light, scruffy beard.

However, in the next scene, the two of them walk outside to talk more about Mother Boxes and it seems as though Bruce somehow had time to shave his beard as they walked out of the Bat Cave. This scene was clearly shot at an entirely different time and could be an indicator of the change in director. It seems strange, though, that it was completely missed.

12 The Gang of Parademons

When Steppenwolf is unifying the Mother Boxes, there is an entire CGI scene that places emphasis on the villain and his master plan. However, the crew probably spent too much time on making the scene look epically cool that they forgot to think about continuity.

Originally, when Steppenwolf is first shown, he has a swarm of Parademons standing right behind him to showcase his power. Then, the camera zooms out and the Parademons disappear. After this, the audience gets a glimpse of some of the destruction the unification is causing, and when the shot returns back to Steppenwolf, the Parademons behind him magically return.

11 Hippolyta’s Magical Cape

As Steppenwolf and his Parademons attack the Amazonians after opening the Mother Box, Hippolyta steals the box and attempts to trap the villain inside their chamber. In a suspenseful scene, the queen rushes to make it under the gate before it closes and seals her in.

However, there was no way she would’ve made it across with her cape still intact. In the scene right before the gate closes, Hippolyta slides across and her cape drags behind her. Then, when she reappears on the other side, her cape moves in front of her just to make the slide. This doesn’t make sense and the cape shouldn’t have actually made it through the collapsing gate.

10 The Justice League’s Hairdo

Throughout the entire movie, it’s clear to see that a lot of time passed between some of the shoots. This is because the characters hair changes ever-so-slightly between close scenes. The most noticeable hairdo failure is when Barry Allen meets Bruce Wayne for the first time.

As the two are talking, the shot cuts between close-ups of either Bruce or Barry. However, if you pay close attention to Barry, you may notice that his hairstyle changes during the conversation. This most likely indicates that the scenes were shot at very different times – or that Barry’s hair also grows at the speed of light.

9 Jim Gordon’s Disappearing Book

At GCPD headquarters, Jim Gordon is walking through the precinct and talking to another officer about the mysterious STAR Labs attacks and a suspect that looks like a “giant vampire” or “giant bat with huge fangs.”

When the scene first starts, Gordon is holding a book in his right hand while walking with the other officer. However, when the officer hands him the file in the very next shot, Gordon’s book disappeared. It miraculously vanishes so that Gordon has an empty hand to pick up the files on the Parademons.

8 Wonder Woman’s Shield

During the Justice League’s first fight with Steppenwolf, they’re in the underground tunnels of Gotham when a missile causes Gotham Harbor to flow right onto the battleground. While the heroes are watching the water enter the tunnels, take a look at Wonder Woman and notice that she doesn’t have a shield anywhere near her.

However, when Batman starts to take Flash away, Diana says, “You get him out” and her shield magically appears on her left arm. Then, in the next shot of her, the shield is on her back and her sword appears in her right hand. It’s as if Wonder Woman’s shield acts just like Thor’s Mjolnir and can be called to her at any time.

7 The Self-Healing Car

During the “Pet Cemetery” battle between Superman and the rest of the Justice League, the Man of Steel throws Batman straight into a Metropolis police car. This puts a huge dent in the vehicle and makes a blue piece fall off its undercarriage.

However, when the Justice League unleashes their secret weapon, the car seems to have healed itself. When Lois Lane appears to calm Superman, she stands right in front of the same police vehicle and the fallen blue piece has disappeared. It’s not on the ground and nowhere near the car.

6 Destroying Four City Blocks?

When we’re introduced to Wonder Woman in Justice League, she is stopping a criminal plot at a bank in London. She sneaks into the bank and uses the Lasso of Hestia to compel one of the criminals to identify who they are and reveal the group’s ultimate plan.

One criminal says, “You’re too late. The countdown’s already begun. In a few minutes, four city blocks PEW, while the world watches” However, the word “block”  is not a term that is widely used in the UK. It’s a saying that is used mostly in the U.S. and is odd to hear from a criminal with a clear accent from England.

5 Superman’s Indestructible Pants

When Aquaman places Superman in underwater to be resurrected, the Man of Steel is wearing the blue suit that he was buried in. When he’s awakened, a huge blast is shot out of him and this shirt is disintegrated. However, when he emerges from the blast, his pants are left completely intact. Are these indestructible pants, or did this just give the producers a reason to show Henry Cavill shirtless?

Superman was also submerged in water when he was brought back to life. However, when he lands at his memorial and fights the other members of the Justice League, he’s completely dry. His hair is flawless and there’s no water on his shirtless body.

4 9 Criminals Enter the Bank… Five Disappear

When the criminal group enters the bank to take hostages, you can count nine of them. Nine baddies that are threatening to blow up four city blocks and take hostages with them. However, when Wonder Woman comes to save the day and take them down, she only defeats four of them. The other five simply vanish.

The missing takedowns are probably due to a scene cut. Many of the shots of Wonder Woman taking down the criminals were featured in the Justice League trailer and were clearly taken out of the final movie.

3 Barry Allen is Only 7 Years Old

Cyborg creates a fake military record for Flash that features a pretty obvious mistake that should have been caught by the computer system or a military security guard. In the shot of Flash’s record, we can see that his birthday is clearly listed as November 6th, 2010. However, this would make Barry Allen seven years old at the time and well under the age limit for the military.

So, was this an embarrassing goof made by the producers? Or was this a joke and a sign of Cyborg calling Barry a child?

2 Aquaman’s Tattoos

As with any movie, it is incredibly hard to stay consistent when creating fake tattoos as extensive as the ones on Aquaman’s torso. However, Justice League seems to have completely given up on Aquaman’s tattoos.

Throughout the movie, the tattoos change ever so slightly between sequences. For example, when Bruce Wayne first meets Arthur Curry, Aquaman goes from having four rows of triangles on his pecs to three rows during the same conversation. Then, when Aquaman jumps into the water to end the conversation, you can see that he’s completely missing the bottom half of his tattoos.

1 The Timeline of the Mother Boxes

The biggest continuity mistake in Justice League involves a complete derailment from Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman. In Justice League, Cyborg tells the Justice League that the mother box came to life after Superman was defeated. On that night, he says the box “lit up like Christmas.”

However, in Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman is watching a video from Lex Luthor’s files that shows Silas Stone working with an activated Mother Box. We even see it reacting with Cyborg in the video, which was revealed long before the fall of Superman.

Did you notice any other mistakes in DC’s latest movie, Justice League? Let us know in the comments!

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