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Stranger Things remains one of Netflix’s most popular and successful shows. The show’s momentum remains as it broke a Netflix viewership record in the first several days of the season 3 release.

Part of Stranger Things‘ massive popularity and success is how it’s a cross-genre show that appeals to a wide variety of audiences. One of those appealing elements is definitely the romance. As audiences watch the kids grow up, they get to watch them navigating the awkward and adorable road of first romances. There’s certainly romance in some of the adult characters’ storylines as well. Many of the characters have expressed their romantic feelings in a unique range of ways, with many of the best moments culminating in season 3.

Start listening to your favorite 80’s love song as we explore the 10 most romantic moments on Stranger Things, ranked.

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10 Lucas Opens Up To Max

Telling the truth can be one of the most romantic things a person can do. In the arcade when Lucas told Max everything that transpired a year earlier with Eleven and the Upside Down, he proved how deeply he trusted Max and how he wanted to share his life with her. Considering how crazy his story sounded at first, Max didn’t initially believe him.

Once she realized Lucas was completely serious, it began to dawn on Max how much he’d risked by telling her the truth. She still needed proof of his story, but it was the moment where Lucas made himself vulnerable to genuinely open up to Max and how he wanted to make her part of his life.

9 Bob And Joyce Dancing

Sometimes it’s the small and sweet moments that prove the most romantic. Joyce Byers and Bob Newby shared such a moment early in season 2 as they danced together on the night of Halloween. Bob helped Joyce relax and enjoy their time together. He briefly spoke of them moving out of Hawkins with Joyce’s sons and getting a fresh start in a new town.

Joyce didn’t embrace the idea, and Bob didn’t pursue it any further, instead just focusing on simply enjoying their dance together. Before all the craziness of season 2 ensued, it was nice to see a moment that perfectly captured the lovely dynamic between Joyce and Bob, a couple that complemented each other so well.

8 Max Opens Up To Lucas

On top of a junkyard bus and before the Demodogs appeared, Max opened up to Lucas for a moment without sarcasm and skepticism. She shared the details about the difficult family life that brought her to Hawkins and how this continued to take a heavy toll on her. She explained that because of this she can be angry and sometimes feel like a jerk, but she doesn’t want to ever be anything like her stepbrother Billy.

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Lucas listening to who she really is, assuring her she’s nothing like Billy and saying all the things he likes about her shows how much he likes and respects her. Following that up with making one another laugh showed that they’re meant for one another, a couple that can be honest and serious, but also silly.

7 Nancy And Jonathan Act On Their Feelings

In order to make Hawkins Lab pay for their crimes and bring Barb and her family the justice she deserved, Nancy and Jonathan reconnected in season 2. The romantic and sexual tension still lingered between them and sparked once again with their new mission.

That tension and the spark between them exploded when they spent the night at Murray Bauman’s, where they first tried lamely convincing one another they didn’t have any feelings, and seconds later acted on the feelings they’d shied away from for too long. After everything they’d been through together and how their relationship had grown, it was satisfying to see them making their romance official.

6 Eleven And Mike’s First Kiss

A middle school boy admitting he has romantic feelings is already going to be an awkward situation. It only becomes more awkward when the person the boy is trying to admit his feelings for hasn’t been exposed to things like dating or school dances.

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This is what ensued when Mike tried to explain his feelings to Eleven, why he’d want to invite her to the school dance, and why she definitely shouldn’t think of him as her brother. In the end, a quick first kiss between Mike and Eleven did a much better job showing those feelings, as did Eleven’s reaction to the kiss which showed she felt the same way.

5 Bob Stepping Up To The Plate

It’s easy to say you love someone, but it’s a person’s actions that best demonstrates those deep feelings. For Bob, such a moment came when he stepped up to the plate when the power was out in Hawkins Lab and the place was crawling with Demodogs feasting on any humans they could find. Bob volunteered to venture out into this madness in order to reset the breakers to get the power back on, and to reset the computer system so the doors could be unlocked.

Engaging in such a dangerous situation was certainly outside Bob’s comfort zone, but he did it for Joyce. After successfully getting the power back on, locking the doors, and evading the Demodogs, the relief and joy that flooded that Bob’s face when he saw Joyce showed how much he cared for her. Tragically that was the last moment he saw her as the Demodogs burst into the lobby and killed him. He didn’t know he would die, but everything he did was out of love for Joyce.

4 The Snow Ball

The Snow Ball was a night filled with romantic payoff for many of Stranger Things‘ leading characters. After being separated for almost the entirety of season 2, Eleven and Mike were finally able to be together. They’d both matured since their first kiss at the end of season 1, yet despite these changes and their long separation their bond remained stronger than ever. For the first time they were simply able to enjoy one another, to be happy and carefree without something threatening them.

Romance also bloomed further on the dance floor between Lucas and Max. They shared their first kiss and their first dance together. Both characters like to play it cool and nonchalant, so it was quite satisfying to see them open themselves up more intimately again, a perfect follow-up to when they each opened up to one another earlier in the season.

3 Nancy And Jonathan’s Goodbye

Nancy and Jonathan are such strong characters who’ve experienced an intense range of highs and lows. That made it particularly emotional to see them letting their guards down a bit and show how intimately connected they feel to one another shortly before Jonathan, his family, and Eleven completed their move out of Hawkins.

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While it’s goodbye for now, they recognize this is just one more challenge they have to face. Their relationship was founded on facing challenges together, and that is how their relationship will continue to grow. It’s an important outlook to have but doesn’t make the separation any less painful, something that felt palpable in the way they held each other and said goodbye with their last moments together in season 3.

2 “I Love You, Too”

Earlier in season 3 when insisting that he wanted Eleven to be safe and not unnecessarily endanger herself, Mike burst out that he loved Eleven. It wasn’t clear whether she heard Mike or not at the time, but it became clear in the season finale that she had, and it was the height of awkward adorableness to watch her trying to get Mike to say those words again.

Eleven responding to Mike’s nervous babbling with “I love you, too” along with the meaningful looks and kiss they shared said it all, that they both felt the same way. One of Eleven’s greatest powers is actually her ability to say so much by saying so little, and this was a moment that perfectly encapsulated that, where the audience could really feel that she and Mike truly loved each other.

1 Dustin And Suzie’s Duet

Dustin and Suzie’s duet is the most unique and pure romantic moment in all of Stranger Things. With everything they’ve had to face, it’s easy to forget that most of the show’s leading characters are still kids or young adults. That sense of innocent, young love shined through as Dustin and Suzie belted out the lyrics of the “NeverEnding Story” song over their radio communication.

Despite being states apart from one another, they sang with all the enthusiasm and passion in the world. Part of what also makes the moment so magical is that it was thoroughly unexpected at such a tense point in the season 3 finale, and provided one of the show’s most refreshing and memorable moments. Hopefully, there will be more to come from this delightfully quirky young couple in season 4.

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Stranger Things: 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments, Ranked

Stranger Things has been on our screens for 25 episodes, spread over 3 seasons. Over this time we’ve seen our favorite Hawkins residents encounter Demogorgons, Mind Flayers and spend time in the sinister Upside Down.

As we’ve watched the story of the residents of this small town in Indiana, we’ve encountered a roller-coaster of emotions. Stranger Things can have you laughing one minute and crying the next but which parts really tugged on your heart-strings? Here are Stranger Things 10 most heartbreaking moments, ranked.

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10 Eleven’s Disappearance

At the end of season 1 Eleven vanishes. The moment is all the more heartbreaking when contrasted with events just moments before. She goes from kissing Mike at the Snow Ball, to fighting off agents trying to capture her.

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After the Demogorgon threatens her friends Eleven steps in to fight it, and vanishes. While we later see Hopper leave some food in a box in the woods we don’t truly know Eleven’s fate until season 2 begins, leaving us on a heartbreaking climax. Even once we know Eleven is ok, we see that Mike has no idea. She remains hidden for most of the series, while we have to watch Mike’s heartbreak.

9 Will’s Possession

After Will came back from the Upside Down everyone thought the worst was over. Sadly this was not the case as the Mind Flayer got to grips with him.

Will arrives back with an unwelcome visitor, the shadow monster who is in his head. As season 2 continues, the destruction of Will’s mental health is heartbreaking to watch, as he begins to see terrifying visions.

The climax is when his mother has to exorcize the Mind Flayer from him, using a ridiculous amount of heat. While it ends well, the journey is difficult to watch.

8 Barb’s Demise

Barb never gets her chance to shine in Stranger Things. She vanishes early on after Nancy leaves her alone to spend some time with Steve after a party. The intention is that she goes home, except she never gets that far.

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Witnessed by Jonathan, Barb’s disappearance is sudden and unexpected. The effect it has on Nancy, who is racked with guilt, lasts throughout the show. The final straw is when she’s finally found in the Upside Down and any hope that she’d follow Will out is quickly extinguished.

7 Brenner’s Experiments

Over time we learn more about Brenner’s lab beneath the surface of Hawkins. We see how he treated Eleven and eventually discover that she wasn’t the only one subjected to his experiments. While he considered himself a father figure, he was far from loving.

Eleven’s upbringing is both heartbreaking and sad. She spent her entire childhood in a lab, never even seeing daylight until she escaped. Every so often her misunderstandings send you right back to the realization that both her and Eight, known as Kali, spent years as lab rats.

6 Billy’s Redemption

Billy is characterized as a nasty guy from the start. He is incredibly mean to both his sister and to Steve. Bullying and aggressive we see a huge amount of anger and resentment in him. Over time we discover that the reason is due to his father and the abuse he hands out.

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Eleven manages to connect with Billy, linking him back to his past and reminding him of the boy he was when his mother was still around. Tapping into his childhood memories leads to a redemption and Billy sacrifices himself to save Eleven and his step-sister Max, who he apologizes to in his final moments.

5 Bob’s Heroics

Bob Newby was a true hero. He came into Joyce’s life and brought sunshine and happiness. The pair were constantly laughing and he was a great role model for the boys. Hardworking and selfless, we all thought Hawkins could use more people like him. Then season 2 happened.

After resetting the breakers in the lab, so Joyce, Hopper, Mike and Will can escape, it looks like Bob has saved the day. He gets within feet of the door before he is dispatched by a pack of monsters, right in front of Joyce’s eyes.

4 Eleven’s Mother Terry

As part of Eleven’s journey in season 2 we meet her mother, Terry. We are shown flashbacks of Terry trying desperately to rescue Eleven from the lab but failing. She was caught and given electroshock treatment, resulting in life-changing effects.

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The treatment has left her trapped and catatonic, stuck forever in her own head with only memories of Eleven, who she had named Jane. Her story is one of the most heartbreaking side stories in the entire series.

3 Hopper’s Ending

Hopper’s ending was one of the biggest shocks of season 3. While trying to destroy the machine holding open the gate Hopper ends up in the gate room, while Joyce is in the control room. He motions to her to destroy it, an act which will disintegrate everyone in the room he’s currently occupying.

This would rank higher if it wasn’t for the fact that we see no evidence of Hopper’s remains afterward. All we see is a final mid-credits sequence in which the Russians are talking about prisoners, including an American.

2 Eleven’s Heartbreak

Somehow Hopper’s end isn’t the most heartbreaking moment in the final episode. What’s much harder to take is the sequence in which Joyce hands over a note from Hopper to Eleven. The note was a speech, which he wrote but never managed to deliver. It talks all about their relationship and how much he cares for her.

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Watching Eleven experience the heartbreak of losing the only decent father figure she’s ever known is one of the most heart wrenching and powerful moments in the show.

1 The Briers Moving

Season 3 ends with the Briers moving. Their entire home is packed up in a van and Will, Jonathan, Joyce and Eleven leave the town. This moment is one which we know will change the future of everyone’s lives forever.

It splits up Nancy and Jonathan, takes Will away from his friends and breaks up the newly reunited couple of Eleven and Mike. The gang isn’t all back together for a happy ending, instead, their future is uncertain and appears to be taking place in different towns. Heartbreaking.

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8 Most Important Iron Man Moments In The MCU (That Will Affect Him In Endgame)

As the grandfather of the MCU, Iron Man holds a special spot in the hearts of most Marvel fans. Since 2008, we’ve watched as he invented new suits, conquered villains and battled alien armies— all while sporting a perfectly-sculpted goatee. But on April 26, Phase 3 of the MCU will come to a close and it will be time for the original Avengers to step aside, allowing a new generation of heroes to take the spotlight.

There are several key moments from Tony Stark’s MCU journey that have been particularly important in shaping who he is today, and they will surely be on his mind during Avengers: Endgame, influencing the final chapter of his story. Here are Iron Man’s eight most important moments in the MCU.

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8 Escaping the cave and starting afresh in Iron Man

Iron Man’s journey as a superhero didn’t begin with a test tube or a magic stone, but in a dark cave in the Middle East. Captured by terrorists, Tony Stark was coerced into building a weapon— or at least, that’s what he wanted the terrorists to think. In reality, Tony was building the very first iteration of the Iron Man suit, which he would later use to blast his way out of captivity.

The Iron Man suit wasn’t the only thing Tony Stark took out of that cave with him, though. Having witnessed American soldiers die because of the very weapons he created to defend them, Tony was forced to reckon with the dark legacy of Stark Industries. He also became close friends with a fellow captor named Yinsen, who helped Tony to realize the importance of family and the hollowness of his playboy lifestyle. Forced into three months of self-reflection, Tony came back to America a different man, shutting down the weapons arm of his company, focusing on his close relationships and building a new prototype of the Iron Man suit. Tony will begin his Endgame journey isolated in the darkness of space with Nebula, so we have a feeling his time in that shadowy cave will be heavy on his mind.

7 Getting together with Pepper Potts in Iron Man 2

When we first meet Tony Stark, he’s the billionaire equivalent of a frat boy, flirting with anything that moves and eschewing serious relationships like they’re trying to hand him things. But over the course of his MCU journey, Tony comes to realize the importance of close relationships and starts to build something real with Pepper Potts. In Iron Man 2, the two finally get together in the final act of the film, and ever since, Pepper has played a central role in Tony’s story arc.

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For fear of losing his loved ones to the superior firepower of extraterrestrials, Tony has obsessed over building bigger and better Iron Man suits for the most part of the past seven years. But even his most advanced suit couldn’t defeat Thanos, and half of his friends faded to dust before his very eyes. Luckily, Pepper Potts survived the Snap, and she’ll likely play a central role in Tony’s Endgame journey.

6 Flying the nuke into the wormhole in The Avengers

One of the appeals of Tony Stark is that he isn’t your typical hero. Unlike Captain America, he’s not a walking, talking ethics textbook, preferring sassy one-liners to inspirational speeches. But despite his narcissistic nature, Tony still puts others first, showing the world that you don’t need to have a perfect moral compass to be a hero. In The Avengers, even if the first thought on Tony’s mind when that missile was heading for Manhattan was, “Screw this, I’m getting shawarma,” that’s not the thought he acted on, and it’s the action that defines the hero. Putting his life on the line, he directed the missile into the wormhole and saved millions of people in New York City.

This moment was a turning point in Tony’s story arc, showing that it wasn’t just the Iron Man suit that made him a hero, but also the man beneath the metal. In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony made a similar decision, flying off into the deep recesses of space to defend the Earth from Thanos. It’s because of this selfless decision that Tony is now stranded on the opposite side of the galaxy, but we know he’ll eventually find his way back to his fellow Avengers on Earth.

5 Reckoning with the constant threat of alien invasion in Iron Man 3

In Iron Man 3, we see Tony struggling to come to terms with his experience during the alien invasion of Manhattan. Having witnessed the might of alien forces, Tony fears the possibility of another attack from space and becomes obsessed with preparing for the next invasion, experiencing panic attacks whenever anyone mentions New York.

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Although he eventually overcomes his anxiety about the battle in Manhattan, Tony’s fear of an extraterrestrial war becomes a recurrent theme in his story arc, driving him to continuously work at his suits in preparation for future alien attacks. All of his fears came to fruition in Avengers: Infinity War, but despite seven years of preparations, he still couldn’t stop Thanos from getting his way. In Avengers: Endgame, it seems that Tony will start to realize that the key to defeating Thanos isn’t fancy technology, but the unity of the Avengers.

4 Seeing a vision of his fellow Avengers dead in Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Although Scarlet Witch eventually sided with the Avengers, she began her MCU journey by planting a vision in Tony Stark’s head that would go on to haunt him for years. Playing on all of his greatest fears, she showed him a version of the future in which aliens return to Earth and kill all of the Avengers. As Tony recounts to Nick Fury later in the film, the worst part of the vision wasn’t that everyone else was dead— it was that he was the sole survivor. Seeing this version of the future leaves Tony feeling as if he hasn’t done enough to prepare for the possibility of extraterrestrial attacks, and as a result, he creates Ultron, which… well, we all know how that turns out.

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Even after the failure of Ultron, the image of his fellow Avengers dead at his feet influences Tony’s decision-making for years, leading to the creation of Vision and the reinstallation of the Arc Reactor in his chest. In Avengers: Infinity War, Scarlet Witch’s version of the future becomes a reality despite all of Tony’s preparations, and although the original Avengers are still alive, Tony will almost certainly struggle with survivor’s guilt in Endgame. 

3 Falling out with Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War

Although Tony clashed with Steve Rogers from the beginning, the two managed to maintain a close friendship despite their differences. But this all came to an end in Captain America: Civil War, when it was revealed that Steve had kept the truth about the death of Tony Stark’s parents a secret.

This led to an intense battle between Steve and Tony and a rift in the Avengers that persisted right up until Avengers: Infinity War. Even in the face of alien invasion, Tony still hesitated to contact Steve Rogers for help. But the Snap changed everything, and in Endgame, the two will be forced to resolve their differences and fight together one last time.

2 Becoming a mentor to Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Things were a lot different during the early days of the MCU. Few people discussed ants and superheroes in the same sentence. Talking raccoons had not yet taken over pop culture. And Tony Stark was about as far from a father figure as you can get.

But over the course of the past 11 years, Tony has slowly embraced a more family-centered lifestyle, and in Spider-Man: Homecoming, he became a mentor to Peter Parker, taking him under his wing and helping him adjust to his new heroic lifestyle. This made it particularly hard to watch as Peter faded to dust in Tony’s arms during the third act of Infinity War. Tony’s relationship with Spider-Man has changed him, and Peter’s death will certainly have a significant impact on Tony’s Endgame journey.

1 Watching his friends fade to dust in Avengers: Infinity War

It wasn’t just the death of Peter Parker that Tony bore witness to in Avengers: Infinity War. Every new ally he made during his time in space faded into nothingness before his very eyes.

Although losing Peter Parker will no doubt affect him the most in Endgame, the deaths of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange will also weigh heavy on his conscience, pushing him to get back to Earth and do whatever it takes to bring back the fallen.

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The Flash Reveals Barry’s Last Moments From Crisis On Infinite Earths

The latest episode of The Flash, “Godspeed,” revealed Barry Allen’s last moments. The Flash has been building up to a “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event since the 2014 pilot episode, which featured a glimpse of a newspaper article from the future that revealed the Flash was destined to disappear, on a day when the skies themselves turned red.

The Flash season 5 kicked off with the arrival of Nora West-Allen, a.k.a. XS, Barry’s daughter from this future timeline. Little by little, the series has explored her timeline in some detail, revealing that she was brought up by her mother, Iris, and always wanted to know her dad. Iris feared that her daughter would inherit Barry’s powers, and as a result implanted some sort of inhibitor chip in the young Nora’s shoulder. But the Speed Force will always find a way, and Nora discovered the truth, claimed her powers, and traveled back in time to get the chance to spend some quality time with her dad. Unfortunately, she also seems to have taken advice from Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash, and that particular decision will haunt her.

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This week’s episode, “Godspeed”, explored Nora’s timeline in detail when Team Flash decided they couldn’t afford her keeping any more secrets. It told her entire origin story and, in so doing, dropped a major “Crisis on Infinite Earths” reveal. In one crucial scene, Nora went to see Gideon, the artificial intelligence that resides in STAR Labs. Gideon dropped the bombshell that Barry Allen, Nora’s long-missing dad, was actually the Flash – and then played Nora Barry’s last message for her. It’s a hand-held recording, and it clearly shows red skies in the background. The sounds of a battle rage around the Flash; Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen can be heard shouting indistinctly, and there’s repeated gunfire. At one point, something off-screen flashes and causes Barry to flinch.

Nora, I don’t have much time,” Barry tells his daughter in his final message. “If you’re watching this, it means you’re like me. You have powers! It also means I wasn’t there to help you learn how to use them. I wasn’t there for a lot of things. Remember, my sweet Nora, always remember: I love you. I always will.” This footage is important because it confirms the newspaper reports from the future, all of which claimed the Flash disappeared after a mysterious event involving red skies, with a whole host of superheroes joining in the battle. The red skies, of course, tease a straightforward adaptation of Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s Crisis on Infinite Earths miniseries, which was foreshadowed in last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover.

But it’s important to remember that the timeline has changed, possibly as a result of Nora’s own actions. She’s traveled back in time, meaning her dad knows full well that she’s destined to have superpowers – and would no doubt record a very different last message. What’s more, in the original timeline the Flash disappeared in 2024, but “Crisis on Infinite Earths” has already been confirmed as this year’s Arrowverse crossover event and thus surely now takes place five years earlier.

So while this recording shows Flash during “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, it’s the version in Nora’s own timeline: things are going to play out very differently in The Flash.

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Thomas Bacon

Reggie-Fils Aimé’s Most Memorable Moments As Nintendo President

Today, April 15, 2019, is Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé’s last day at the company, marking the end of an era at Nintendo. Known lovingly by fans as “the Regginator,” Fils-Aimé has taken a remarkably involved role in Nintendo of America’s marketing, distribution, and localization since his arrival at the company in 2003, an active approach that few other gaming executives have managed to match. As president, Reggie has spent the past thirteen years presiding over a corporate position that usually attracts little else but ire from consumers, making his revered status within the gaming community the industry equivalent of a unicorn sighting. One of very, very few American executives who can even dare to claim to be well-liked, even Reddit’s foremost gaming community has rocketed Reggie to the site frontpage in a wholesome farewell.

Despite Nintendo of Japan being ever out of touch with Western audiences and making poor judgments at times throughout Reggie’s tenure, the man has tirelessly dedicated himself and his staff to ensuring that Nintendo games and consoles appeal to as many people as possible. Dubbed the “Reggielution,” Fils-Aimé’s work helped to create and capitalize upon global successes like the Wii and DS and calm the waters during the turbulent launch of the 3DS and lifetime failure of the Wii U, all the while maintaining a public presence that’s remained as consistent as it’s been friendly.

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As the figurehead of a regional division with minimal control over top-down decisions from Nintendo of Japan, Reggie not only rolled with the punches but actively influenced Nintendo’s worldwide strategy and image. He accomplished the former by fostering stronger communication and creative collaboration between Japanese and Western teams behind the scenes, meanwhile he most notably achieved the latter by doing what he does best: reaching out to the community. Since his public debut as a Nintendo executive, Reggie asserted himself as a capable and approachable figure, and unforgettable moments from his countless appearances at key Nintendo press events and videos have constructed the larger-than-life character that the gaming community affectionately calls one of its own. Though Reggie’s time at Nintendo is nearly at its end, read on to relive some of the most popular memes and finest moments that his career has spawned – and perhaps learn about what’s still to come.

Reggie kickstarted his career at Nintendo of America as VP of Sales and Marketing at a run, with the first words that E3 2004 attendees heard come from his mouth being, “My name’s Reggie. I’m about kickin’ ass, I’m about takin’ names, and we’re about making video games.” At a time when Nintendo was viewed as too family-focused to make anything more adult than Mario and reeling from the relative failure of the Nintendo GameCube in comparison to the PlayStation 2 (which still holds the title of all-time best-selling console today), this aggressive approach was precisely what both the press and gamers needed to hear. Reassured that Nintendo wasn’t going the way of Sega with its own version of the failed Dreamcast, it was at this very conference that Reggie unveiled mature GameCube exclusives like Resident Evil 4, as well as the Nintendo DS, which went on to become the highest-selling handheld console of all-time.

Whereas 2004’s E3 presser introduced Reggie as a newcomer unafraid to come out swinging, a single, brief incident at E3 2007 solidified him into the goofy, lovable meme factory that persists to this day. Showcasing the Wii’s all-new Balance Board peripheral for Wii Fit, producer and illustrious developer Shigeru Miyamoto and translator Bill Trinen invited Reggie (now president of Nintendo of America) to test it out in front of the crowd. Appearing to suddenly deviate from the presentation script, Reggie jokingly announced, “My body is ready,” unknowingly spawning one of the decade’s most popular and influential internet memes. Embracing his online fame, Reggie has continued to reference this moment in other promotional materials, even reassuring fans that his body is still ready in his retirement announcement.

In an E3 2010 trailer for the all-new Nintendo 3DS (which Reggie also had the pleasure of announcing to the world during the same conference), Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata, the late and great CEO of Nintendo who passed away in 2015, are each literally sucked into 3DSes. After waltzing through a space strewn with various items from iconic Nintendo franchises like Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda, Reggie picks up a 3Ds of his own and laughs derisively when he finds Miyamoto and Iwata trapped in the Mario universe, running away from their own fiery creations. That is, until Bowser enters the real world and immolates Reggie’s screaming head, at which point the real, on-stage Reggie can be seen collecting himself and ditching his now smoldered jacket before moving on.

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Aware of what they and the online Nintendo fanbase had created together after 2007’s legendary “my body is ready” episode, Nintendo kicked off their first-ever Nintendo Direct in 2011 with an brand new Reggie-ism. Announcing the addition of Hulu Plus to the Nintendo 3DS’ software library, Reggie introduced the concept of Nintendo Direct in his characteristically deliberate manner (comparable to Barack Obama’s signature style of oration) before hitting viewers with a sudden, shocking curveball. Referring to those who had yet to buy into the 3DS family – which was a rather large number of gamers at the time, as the 3DS was very slow to pick up steam after a lukewarm launch – Reggie had only to ask, “What’s wrong with you?” It’s doubtful this jest pushed many 3DS units all on its own, and it certainly never took off online on the same scale as “my body is ready” had three years prior. Nevertheless, Nintendo fans were enamored with not only the phrase but the continued commitment to lighthearted, sometimes surreal humor demonstrated by Reggie and his staff.

In what may be the coolest, most over-the-top trailer Nintendo will ever release, an E3 2014 video featured Reggie and Iwata facing off in a sequence that looks as though it could have been ripped straight out of some bizarre anime about supernatural fight clubs for the corporate elite. After matching blows, their hilarious fight is revealed to be the announcement for the inclusion of the Mii Fighter character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, slated for simultaneous release just months later. Iwata brandishes a Wii U gamepad while Reggie takes up a Wii U Pro Controller, and the two show one another a bit more civility by letting their Miis do the fighting in-game. Until, of course, Iwata summons a high-level Mario AI using an Amiibo, which makes short work of Reggie and seemingly banishes his corporeal form to the Shadow Realm.

Fils-A-Mech was another result of Nintendo’s concentrated effort at E3 2014 to take Reggie’s reputation and run with it. The skit stars the cast of the Mega 64 web series and Reggie, playing an identical cyborg clone of himself called Fils-A-Mech. In a plot to infiltrate Nintendo of America’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington ahead of the upcoming conference, Mega 64’s Rocco Botte merges with Fils-A-Mech and walks in through the front door. Things quickly go awry, however, with Fils-A-Mech’s convincing appearance getting it swept into an executive meeting, in which Botte cancels the real Reggie’s meeting with the US president in order to host that year’s nationwide Smash-Fest promotional event, disintegrating a dissenting staffer with Fils-A-Mech’s obligatory laser vision in the process. While raiding Reggie’s office, Fils-A-Mech has an accidental run-in with the genuine Reggie, but the robot preserves itself by proclaiming to be one of Miyamoto’s latest peripherals.

Nintendo’s funniest crossover of E3 2014 was by far their collaboration with the industry savvy creators of Robot Chicken, who transformed Reggie into an action figure in one of their trademark stop motion sketches. In addition to parodies of major Nintendo franchises that poke fun at Link’s contentious art styles, Bowser’s attendance of company functions despite his repeated kidnappings of Princess Peach, and the inability of Little Mac from Punch-Out!! to remove his gloves, the skit also takes a jab at the usual industry and fan responses to the company’s E3 announcements. A heckler in a press badge invariably complains about everything Reggie has to say, grumbling about “another Mario game” and demanding a new Star Fox and an English localization of Mother 3, the Japan-exclusive sequel to EarthBound. It’s Reggie that does the immolating this time around, calmly absorbing a Fire Flower, launching a fireball at the unpleasant journalist, and continuing with his announcements.

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Announcing a promotional event to accompany 2015’s E3 conference through a skit in a similar manner to Fils-A-Mech the year prior, Reggie makes the decision to bring back and compete the long-abandoned Nintendo World Championships and quits his job as president to avoid a conflict of interest. Clearly, this video has gained renewed sense of perspective with Reggie’s impending resignation in the real world, but art doesn’t quite imitate life in this case as Reggie appoints a child to take his place, rather than current VP of Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser. (Yes, his name is actually Bowser.) Reggie can then be seen incorporating a number of visually amusing Nintendo consoles and peripherals into his training regimen, including the Wii Balance Board and the ill-fated, eye strain-inducing Virtual Boy. Interestingly, the Virtual Boy was such a catastrophic failure for Nintendo at launch that this is one of a small handful of the company’s acknowledgements of its very existence in recent years.

In one of Iwata’s final appearances, the late CEO, Miyamoto, and Reggie all voice reimagined versions of themselves as Muppet-like puppets. Himself roused by a production assistant, Iwata enters Reggie’s office to discover him performing “Nintendo 64” push-ups. Joined by Miyamoto, they prepare to host the introduction to Nintendo’s E3 2015 Digital Event, but each of the company icons begin to morph into the main characters of the Star Fox franchise before they can even begin. Of course, series creator Miyamoto transforms into titular protagonist Fox McCloud, while Iwata and Reggie turn into the older, wiser Peppy Hare and brash Falco Lombardi, respectively. Playing on a running joke within the Nintendo community inspired by Peppy’s incessant reminders in Star Fox 64 that players must perform aileron rolls in order to avoid incoming projectiles, Iwata and Reggie jokingly suggest Miyamoto “do a barrel roll,” prompting the announcement trailer for Star Fox ZERO to play.

On June 11, 2015, Satoru Iwata passed away in his thirteenth year as Nintendo CEO at the tragic age of 55, shaking the gaming world to its very core. His passing came just days before that year’s E3 conference, and his absence was deafening throughout the event. That year and in those to follow, countless Nintendo studios and others within the gaming industry paid their respects to the man who revolutionized the field through in-game tributes and posthumous awards. In a heartfelt speech at the 2015 Game Awards, Reggie was able to publicly pay his own respects to the company’s most influential leader in its long history. With his characteristically unflappable composure showing cracks at times, Reggie called attention to Iwata’s meteoric rise to prominence through sheer hard work as a programmer, engineer, and creative visionary, an honorable career path that granted him unmatched leadership capability over Nintendo. Remembering Iwata as a truly unique force for good within the industry, Reggie stated, “On a personal level, he was my boss, and he was my mentor, and he was my colleague. But, most of all, he was my friend, and I’m a better person for it.”

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and so it is that Reggie’s time as President of Nintendo of America is at its close. In a video posted to Nintendo of America’s Twitter in February, Reggie extends his thanks to Nintendo fans for giving him a “Mushroom Kingdom full of incredible memories that [he] will never forget – ever.” Taking a stroll down memory lane, Reggie related how his close relationship with the Nintendo community over the years has both humbled and honored him, fondly revisiting many of the career-defining moments and jokes seen here. In this video, Reggie announced VP of Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser as his successor, ensuring everyone that Bowser will be up to the job and “probably spent too much time in front of a Donkey Kong arcade machine” in his youth. Like his predecessor before him, it’s likely that Reggie will still be involved in high-level Nintendo decisions as its Chairman of the Board, but the fact remains that Bowser has a massive pair of shoes to fill as Nintendo’s next president. However…

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According to a reputable leak, Reggie Fils-Aime intends to take one final victory lap before handing the castle keys over to Bowser. Proving that his body always ready, Reggie is apparently going to share one final Nintendo Direct with the online community to coincide with his departure. It’s still unknown what topic(s) Reggie will cover in this rumored Direct, but it’s sure to provide some sense of closure for those who have matured alongside the rapid growth of Nintendo that Reggie has helped to foster for so many years. As always, Screen Rant will keep readers up-to-date on the time and contents of the hopeful surprise Direct; however, to those less keen to hear Reggie’s final goodbyes: what’s wrong with you? Reggie also just opened a Twitter account following his retirement:

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Game Of Thrones: 15 Most Important Moments Leading To The Final Season

It’s hard to believe the final season of Game of Thrones is here. It seems like just yesterday we were being introduced to the Starks and Lannisters. Now, after eight seasons the time has come to say goodbye in what promises to be an epic and bloody finale.

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There has been a lot of chaos leading up to this conclusion. There’s been nonstop war, a lot of death and more than a few weddings. But as we look to how it will all end, some moments standout as very important in the series. These are the moments that defined the key characters of the show and helped set the stage for the conclusion. So before it all comes to an end, check out the most important moments leading up to the final season.

15 Ned Stark’s Execution

Few moments have changed the show like the death of Ned Stark. The person on all the promotional materials was killed off, throwing everything into a place of uncertainty. In terms of the story, Ned’s death was the catalyst for a lot of bloodshed to follow as Westeros fell into a long war.

Most importantly, this is the moment that has defined the remaining Starks. They have all needed to adapt and respond to the death of Ned. Some made poor choices and died, others became stronger and survived. After all these years, Ned’s presence is still strongly felt.

14 The Return Of Dragons

Daenerys Targaryen went through some massive changes in the first season. She started the show as a timid and submissive girl and became a real threat for the iron throne. A big part of that change was the birth of her dragons.

We learn that dragons were used to conquer Westeros in the past. Therefore, we understand the significance of them returning after all these years. Indeed, as the characters get ready to face the army of the dead, dragons could be their path to victory. Or perhaps the greatest weapon used against them.

13 Theon Takes Winterfell

This was yet another blow to House Stark. As Robb Stark was winning the war in the South, they lost their home which further splintered their family. What’s worse, it was taken by someone they thought was their friend. Theon Greyjoy was torn between being a Stark or a Greyjoy and ultimately chose wrong.

This was a turning point for Theon Greyjoy and one he regretted from that moment forward. Since his downfall here, he has been seeking redemption and may find it in this final season.

12 The Red Wedding

If Ned Stark’s death didn’t convince you, the Red Wedding was the moment every viewer realized there weren’t going to be many happy endings in this show. Despite being the clear heroes of the show, all hope of a Stark victory was quickly extinguished as Robb, Catelyn and their army was wiped out.

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This moment ended Robb’s reign as King in the North, fractured the Northern houses and exposed terrible new enemies like the Boltons and Freys. However, this was also the moment that inspired the remaining Starks to fight back and have their revenge.

11 Tyrion’s Trial

Tyrion Lannister has gone through many highs and lows throughout the series, but when he was put on trial for the murder of Joffrey Baratheon, he found his lowest point. Having been mistreated his entire life by his family and ridiculed by everyone else, he finally cracked under the weight of it all.

His intense “confession” remains some of Peter Dinklage’s best acting on the show, but it is also the moment that put Tyrion on a new path. He was no longer going to be pushed around, even if it meant turning against his family.

10 Massacre At Hardhome

The White Walkers and their army had been a vague threat throughout the entire series. However, with the Lannisters, Boltons and other enemies in the forefront, they hardly seemed like a pressing concern. That is until Jon Snow took a trip to Hardhome and saw what they were capable of.

The massacre scene is one of the most brutal things the show has done and the White Walkers suddenly became the show’s biggest threat. A solid and proper introduction to the Night King and his powers made us all wonder how the hell our heroes were ever going to win.

9 Jon Snow’s Death And Resurrection

When Jon Snow was killed at the end of Season 5, it started a year-long speculation about where the death was permanent. Indeed, he was resurrected early into Season 6 in a moment that still doesn’t sit well with all fans. However, there is no denying that this was a pivotal moment for the character and cemented his place as the show’s hero.

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There have been so many theories about Jon Snow and his importance in the overall story. Coming back from the dead further inspired the notion that he was the person who was going to lead Westeros in battle in the Great War.

8 Bran Becomes The Three-Eyed Raven

Bran Stark’s storyline was not always the most interesting in the show. However, in the more recent seasons, it has become clear how important his journey has been towards this final conclusion. His transformation into the Three-Eyed Raven meant the end of Bran Stark as we know him. He had now taken a role that could help them win the final war.

The powers Bran now has are still unclear, but his ability to see into the past has already provided some of the show’s biggest reveals. And the fact that he can potentially interact with the past might reveal even more.

7 Starks Retake Winterfell

This was the moment fans had been waiting for since Season 2. It was hard seeing the Stark home in the hands of the Boltons, but Jon and Sansa finally came together to take Winterfell. Without Winterfell, the Starks were scattered and alone. This victory allowed them to begin reuniting after all these years.

The return of the Starks to Winterfell also meant the North was secure once again. After Robb’s death, the land was fractured but now they have all come together to face the greater threat heading their way.

6 Cersei’s Revenge

Cersei Lannister is a character who is used to having power. To see that power ripper away from her was jarring. However, she is also one of the strongest people in Westeros and it was only a matter of time when she regained that power.

It was hard to imagine that even Cersei was capable of such a thing, but when she blew up the Sept of Baelor and killed all her enemies in a single moment, she pretty much became the Mad Queen. And now that Cersei sits on the Iron Throne, you have to imagine what she’ll do to ensure it doesn’t go to anyone else.

5 Jon’s Parentage Revealed

This was something that was speculated about before the thought of a Game of Thrones television show was even suggested. Book fans had solved this mystery years ago, but the confirming reveal was still a truly powerful moment.

It remains to be seen what impact Jon Snow’s true parentage will have for the rest of the series. It could put him at odds with the North or even some of the other Starks. It might mean he’ll sit on the Iron Throne. It certainly will make his relationship with Daenerys more awkward.

4 Daenerys Arrives In Westeros

This could very well have been the most anticipated moment in the series. Ever since the show began, we have been waiting for Daenerys to return to Westeros to take back the Iron Throne with her dragons. It was a long road to get there, but the wait was worth it in the end.

As soon as she stepped foot on Dragonstone, the balance of power shifted in Westeros. The question then became would Daenerys be the savior of Westeros or just another conqueror? While that remains to be seen, having dragons in Westeros is going to come in handy.

3 The Night King Gets A Dragon

It was hard to imagine the Night King becoming any more dangerous but he certainly proved us wrong. Not only did he manage to kill a dragon with ease, something many have tried and failed to do, but he also resurrected it to serve him.

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Watching one of these magnificent creatures die was a terrible, heartbreaking moment. Then when its eye reopened, we realized how much trouble our heroes were in. What’s perhaps even more frightening is that this seems to have been the Night King’s plan all along.

2 Jaime Leaves Cersei

No relationship has caused more harm in the show than that of Cersei and Jaime Lannister. From the moment Bran came across their incestuous affair, these two have done some terrible things to keep their love a secret and to stay together. But the final breaking point came at the end of last season as Cersei refused to help fight the White Walkers.

Despite seeing the proof for herself that the army of dead exists, Cersei will not yield to anyone. This leads to a tense showdown between the Lannister siblings which leads Jaime to finally leave her. This could set up Jaime’s final redemption as well as make Cersei more dangerous than ever before.

1 The Wall Falls

We knew it was coming. It was inevitable. But when the Wall finally came down and the White Walkers entered Westeros, it was still a scary sight.

This is the beginning of the showdown we have known was coming for years. The Night King and his army are a seemingly unstoppable force and now they have a dragon. As almost every main character in the show converges on Winterfell to face them, there is no telling what the outcome will be. To borrow a phrase from another wildly popular series, “We’re in the endgame now”.

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10 Key MCU Moments To Remember For Avengers: Endgame

After nearly a year of waiting, Avengers: Endgame is out in theaters in just a couple of weeks. This is one of the most highly-anticipated movies ever, and the details of the movie have been kept rather secretive. Even the official trailers and posters are likely meant to be misleading, so what actually happens in the movie is unknown and fans are likely in for a lot of twists and turns.

To prepare for Endgame, it’s a good idea to brush up on some of the most important moments in the MCU that lead up to the film and what might happen in it. We’ve put together a list of 10 key MCU moments to remember as you prepare for Endgame.

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While the marketing for Endgame has been largely focused on Captain America and Iron Man, it’s a good idea for fans to remember how much Thor has lost. Loki is presumably dead and Asgard has been destroyed. Heimdall was also killed at the start of Avengers: Infinity War.

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Thor has lost just as much as anyone else and will likely have this grief to fuel him going forward as he feels the weight of the destruction of his people. This aspect of his character development could be important in the fight to defeat Thanos.


Gamora was killed by Thanos in Infinity War, and now Nebula is the only person from the Guardians and Guardians-adjacent group to have survived to Endgame. Her treatment at the hands of her father Thanos was cruel and abusive, and she has maybe the most personal reasons to want to kill him given this fact. It’s likely that Nebula will play a bigger role in Endgame than in other films and that she will be instrumental in orchestrating his defeat.


With the addition of Captain Marvel into the MCU and into the Avengers, the tides might turn somewhat more in the Avengers favor. At the end of Captain Marvel, she learns just how powerful she is and audiences saw her destroy spaceships and warheads with ease. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she will be able to just go in there and defeat Thanos, but the Avengers need all the help and power on their side they can get. It’s quite likely that Captain Marvel will be focused on as one of the main heroes in Endgame.


Ant-Man and the Wasp was one of the MCU’s more lighthearted films, but it’s important not to disregard it. In the lead up to Endgame, one of the most talked about theories has been how the Quantum Realm will be used to help defeat Thanos.

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In Ant-Man and the Wasp, we saw that Ant-Man could enter the Quantum Realm, and the movie ended with him being stuck there after the Pyms and Van Dynes were lost to the Thanos’ snap. It’s unclear how he will escape this realm or what role it will play, but it’s almost assuredly going to be important.


While this seems like the most obvious addition to this list, it still has to be included because it sets the entire scene for the opening of Endgame. This moment is one that’s impossible for any MCU fan to forget. With half the population of the universe gone, nothing is going to be the same.

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All of the heroes have lost friends and loved ones, and they also have to deal with the fact that they couldn’t stop the deaths of billions of other living beings. As we’ve seen from recently released clips, the Avengers are planning to find Thanos and try to reverse the impacts of the snap, although that likely won’t be easy.


Although it seems like forever ago as multiple MCU movies have been released since, the events of Captain America: Civil War will likely impact Endgame. The fight between Cap and Iron Man left the Avengers fractured and the two leaders at odds. Because of this fight and the events of Civil War, Captain America has been a fugitive and Tony Stark has been less focused on saving the world. The two have yet to reunite and the Avengers haven’t all been together since. Seeing the original six Avengers work together again is definitely going to be a powerful and emotional moment in Endgame


While Doctor Strange was insistent at first that he must protect the time stone at all costs, he ends up giving the time stone to Thanos. After he goes into a time loop to see possible outcomes of the fight with Thanos, he realizes that there is only one possibility where the heroes could win, even if that means losing first.

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With Doctor Strange revealing cryptically that “we are in the endgame now,” it’s likely that time travel or time loops will play some sort of role in Endgame.


Endgame seems to be set up to likely focus on Captain America and ending his story in the MCU. Whether or not he will die is still unknown, but it’s worth focusing on the moment at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger where he sacrifices himself by putting the plane into the ice. This reveals the kind of hero that Captain America is and could give insight into how he will try to bring back the fallen heroes.


Iron Man’s arc will likely be important in Endgame, too. In the First Avengers movie, Tony takes the nuclear warhead up into space and is willing to die to do so. He has been troubled by visions of aliens and the end of the world for multiple movies and saw his fears come true in Infinity War. It’s likely that he will be willing to do whatever it takes to see Thanos be brought down, too.


There have been set photos and rumors about the Battle of New York making an appearance in Endgame for a while now. With the most recent trailer showing Captain America and Iron Man at what might be the Battle of New York, it’s a safe bet to assume that this moment could be crucial. If time travel or time looping is involved in this movie, this could be a pivotal moment for the Avengers to return to change the tides of the future.

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10 Most Important Moments In The MCU Leading To Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is almost here! As the pre-sale drama has indicated, people are pretty excited for this movie. After over ten years of this shared Marvel cinematic universe, it all culminates here in this battle against Thanos. This is a movie that will end several storylines and it will likely forever change the MCU going forward.

There have been a lot of important moments leading up to this film. From the very beginning of the franchise, Kevin Feige and the masterminds behind the scenes have been building to this. As we look back at the history of the MCU, it’s interesting to see those touchstone moments that brought us here. Revisit the most important moments in the MCU that led to Endgame.

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10 Nick Fury Meets Captain Marvel

If Nick Fury had not met Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, back in the ’90s, the Avengers might never have been formed. It was that encounter with a super-powered being that inspired Fury to seek out others who could help defend Earth. And thanks to that modified pager, he was able to bring her in to even the odds against Thanos.

With her immense power-set, Captain Marvel could be the key to defeating the Mad Titan. Even more significant, she is the character who will most likely lead the post-Endgame stage of the MCU.

9 Iron Man Escapes The Cave

When we met Tony Stark, he was far from what you would call a hero. The super-rich and super-smart weapons manufacturer was content with staying ignorant to what his weapons were being used for. It took him getting taken by the Ten Rings to understand his purpose.

Stark saw what damage could be done when his tech got in the wrong hands. So he built the first Iron Man suit and escaped captivity, showing himself that he could use his staggering knowledge for good. It put Stark on the path to do whatever it takes to keep the world safe.

8 The Avengers Initiative

Iron Man was a wildly entertaining superhero movie, but it wasn’t until the credits finished rolling that it revealed itself to be something much more exciting. It was, quite literally, part of a bigger universe.

As Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury stepped out of the shadows to introduce the Avengers Initiative, this world opened up. It helped set the idea of one day there being a threat so big that Earth would need its mightiest heroes to save the day. It’s funny to look back now and remember how crazy of an idea it sounded at the time.

7 Captain America Wakes Up

Captain America is the first Avenger. Long before Fury even had the idea of the team, Steve Rogers had become a true hero, fighting for what was right, and sacrificing everything to save the day. While he didn’t die, that sacrifice meant he had to pay a heavy price.

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When Steve was revived after being frozen, he was in a new world. Everything he knew and loved was gone. He had no home to go back to. It was this struggle that has defined the hero and his journey in the MCU. A man out of time who will nonetheless give everything to the cause.

6 The Battle Of New York

Both within the universe and in the movie-making world, The Avengers was proof this concept could work. The day Fury planned for finally arrived as a threat arrived that has beyond anything Earth could handle and they needed the help of extraordinary individuals.

The Avengers coming together to stop the Chitauri invasion showed the rest of the universe that Earth had some big league defenders. It was also a moment that forever changed Tony Stark as he became convinced there was a bigger threat still out there.

5 Ant-Man Enters The Quantum Realm

Ant-Man may seem like one of the more insignificant heroes, but he likely has a key to help defeat Thanos and save all those who are gone. In Ant-Man, Scott is told by Hank Pym about the dangers of the Quantum Realm. Sure enough, Scott gets first-hand experience with this.

While there are still so many questions about the Quantum Realm, the fact that Ant-Man finds himself stuck there during the event of Infinity War, it probably means he’s uncovered something important. Many theorize that the Avengers will be heading into the Quantum Realm in Endgame in an attempt to reverse what happened.

4 The Avengers Disband

The Avengers were never the healthiest of teams to begin with. Pretty much every member of the squad has fought each other at one point or another, so perhaps it’s no surprise it came to this.

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After the revelation that a brainwashed Bucky killed Tony’s parents, Tony and Steve had a very serious falling out. It was this breaking apart of the team that set the stage for Thanos’ victory. Could the Mad Titan have succeeded if the team fought side-by-side? It appears as though they have learned from their mistakes and come together in Endgame.

3 Asgard Is Destroyed

Thor and the Asgardians have always been among Earth’s strongest defenders. Even though they might not travel to our planet too often, they keep a watchful eye on humans and anyone who might threaten their world. However, Thor: Ragnarok showed the Asgardians themselves are becoming an endangered species.

By the end of the movie, Odin is dead and Asgard is destroyed, leaving the remaining citizens as refugees. This was a turning point for Thor as a character. As king of his people and with so few of them left, Thor has become a more desperate hero than we have ever seen him before.

2 Doctor Strange Give Up The Time Stone

Doctor Strange proved to be one of the most interesting characters in Infinity War. Tasked with defending the Time Stone, Strange makes it known that he will let his fellow heroes die in order to keep the stone safe.

However, when Thanos is about to kill Tony Stark, Strange gives up the stone to save his life. While it might seem like a quick character turn, it’s likely he saw something in the multiple timelines that told him giving up the stone was the only path to victory. We’ll wait and see what path he put the remaining heroes on.

1 The Snap

There has not been a more impactful moment in the MCU than when Thanos fulfilled his promise and wiped out half the universe. It is a moment that shocked fans as they watched heroes like Spider-Man, Black Panther and Star-Lord disappear into nothing.

For the first time ever, these heroes have failed and the consequences were catastrophic. It is a vulnerable place for the Avengers to begin, but it seems they were destined for this battle. They all lost someone, and Endgame is their opportunity to avenge them.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us: The 10 Best Moments That Rocked Our World

Injustice: Gods Among Us was the first big fighting game involving DC characters. Set in an alternate reality where Superman had become a cruel dictator, it featured an intense story involving the heroes and villains we know and love. With this new setting, the game could have all sorts of epic moments.

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As Batman’s Insurgency worked on a way to destroy Superman’s Regime, there were plenty of amazing moments to watch unfold. We’re taking a look back at Injustice: Gods Among Us and its 10 best moments that rocked our world. The sequel might already be out, but the first still had its great sequences.


When the story for Injustice: Gods Among Us begins, we see Batman interrogating the Joker before Superman busts in. While it seems that he’ll hold himself back a few times, the scene ends when he thrusts his hand through the Clown Prince of Crime’s chest.

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Right away, we get the sense that Superman has lost it, which sets the stage for the events that follow. As an audience, we’d never seen Superman kill that way before, nor had we ever seen a hero take on the Joker in that way. It was an excellent way to start the game and set the tone.


While Lex Luthor is working with Superman’s Regime throughout Injustice: Gods Among Us, it is soon revealed that he’s a double agent who is just collecting intel for Batman. They hatch a plan to stop the Man of Steel with kryptonite, and Lex Luthor decides to enact the plan by using his massive super suit.

Lex Luthor then calls out Superman to a one-on-one match. However, it’s not long before he realizes that he’s lost his advantage. While we’ve seen Lex and Superman fight many times, the roles have now been reversed, but Luthor was still on the losing side.


Shazam was one of the superheroes who was a member of Superman’s Regime. He worked with other superheroes like the Flash and Cyborg to enact Superman’s will across the world and strike fear into those who refused to oblige. However, Shazam started to grow a conscience throughout the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us, which led him to question whether the Regime was in the right or not.

He eventually stood up to Superman and his dastardly ways. Unfortunately, the Man of Steel responded by shooting heat vision straight through his head, which confirmed to other Regime members that he had truly lost it. Shazam wasn’t the only casualty in Injustice, though.


In the Injustice universe, the Joker had been destroyed by Superman. This led Harley Quinn to make a new life for herself, but she always missed her beloved Mister J. When the Joker from the prime universe comes to the Injustice one, Harley is overjoyed.

While she happily works with the Joker at the start of the game, he starts to do his usual manipulative actions that leads her to question him. She ends up fighting and subduing him after having enough of his tricks. Lex Luthor, watching it all unfold, tells her that she’s simply outgrown him and that he’ll never change.


Injustice: Gods Among Us featured a universe in despair. With the world’s strongest heroes working for Superman, Batman’s Insurgency was fighting an uphill battle. That’s when they brought in the Justice League from the prime universe to help them out. This gave us two Batmans on screen at the same time.

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However, those two stubborn minds did get in each other’s way at one point. Injustice Batman was just going to send the League back to their own reality, but prime Batman was determined to help this new earth. They battled and had to knock some sense into each other.


Hal Jordan was a member of Superman’s Regime. However, sometime after joining the Man of Steel, he lost his Green Lantern Ring as punishment from the Guardians of the Universe. They said he controlled with fear rather than willpower.

When Hal from the prime universe came to the Injustice world, he ended up meeting his alternate self, only to find that he had taken a Yellow Lantern Ring instead. Shocked that any version of himself would ever join the likes of Sinestro, he battled himself to prove that willpower is a trait used by the strongest minds. He managed to win the fight too.


When the Justice League was brought to the Injustice universe, they didn’t have Superman with them. After their plan to stop the evil Superman with kryptonite failed, they decided that the next step was to bring over the good Superman to clean the house.

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Superman eventually arrived at the climax of the game, and he made a serious impact. Not only was he strong enough to defeat Doomsday, but he even had Hal Jordan willingly give up his Yellow Lantern Ring without a fight. Superman was the one who stopped the Regime and helped save the Injustice world for good.


While the Insurgency and the Regime had fought several times before, it wasn’t until the Justice League joined the mix that it felt like a true battle (they’re not the craziest heroes Batman asked for help). Heroes and villains working with Superman had their own counterparts on the opposite side.

This was combined with evil forces from Atlantis as well as Superman’s own Regime soldiers. Then there were Diana’s Amazons who were working for the Insurgency. It was an all-out battle that determined the fate of the entire world. Had it not been for good Superman joining the fight, it’s likely that the Insurgency would’ve lost by a mile.


The Flash was having his fair share of doubts about being with the Regime. After talking with Shazam, he began questioning Superman’s actions. After Shazam was killed by the Man of Steel, that was all the confirmation he needed. He chose to leave the Regime, fighting his way past both Yellow Lantern and Sinestro in the process.

He then went straight to the Insurgency to try and warn them of Superman’s plans. This led to him having some great moments with the prime universe’s Green Arrow as well as a chance to redeem himself and become the Scarlet Speedster we love.


During their attempt to break out the prime universe Batman from a Regime prison, the Justice League and Injustice Batman encounter all sorts of resistance along the way. One of the characters that tries to face them is Robin, who is working with Superman.

After Green Arrow remarks that he was disappointed in “Dick Grayson,” Robin says that wasn’t his name. We only find out moments later that this Robin was Damian Wayne, Batman’s son. Damian was responsible for killing Dick Grayson, whom Batman referred to as his real son. After defeating Robin, Batman says that he was dead to him.

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Joshua Olivieri

20 Subtle CGI Movie Moments You Didn’t Even Notice

In the era of blockbuster filmmaking, CGI is almost impossible to live without – but here are 20 examples of movies using visual effects that you may not have known about. When most people think of the role CGI plays in movies, they’ll look to major examples of it being used to bring to life otherwise impossible creations. Filmmakers are able to create characters as big and defined as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, worlds as imaginative as Avatar, or even photorealistic animals as in The Jungle Book or War for the Planet of the Apes.

This area of post-production has only become more complex, too, as the use of motion and performance-capture technology rises. As striking as the best CGI is, though, there’s almost nothing that can hurt a film as easily as poor VFX. Just look at the fiasco surrounding Henry Cavill’s upper lip in Justice League. Thanks to time constraints, limited budgets, or compromised visions, there are plenty of examples of CGI elements in movies not working. However, on the complete opposite side of this spectrum is CGI so good that you don’t even realize it’s happening.

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The latest Screen Rant video featured at the top of this post takes a look at 20 moments exactly like this, where the CGI is almost completely unnoticeable. The examples are vast, with different films showing the ability to expertly create new landscapes and locations, change the appearance or performance of actors, or even take advantage of CGI as a shortcut to pulling off otherwise challenging scenes.

Of all the examples that were mentioned in this video, David Fincher’s ability to perfectly duplicate Armie Hammer for The Social Network is probably the most well-known example of how CGI can be used to do something that is otherwise impossible. Instead of finding two equally talented twin actors, Fincher was able to use CGI to add a second version of Hammer into the film so that the Winklevoss twins could be brought to life. As the video also showed, Alfonso Cuarón created a completely digital baby for Children of Men and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 used CGI to get Doc Ock’s death scene.

As this video demonstrates though, the capabilities of CGI are limitless when done correctly, but they can also raise some questions about what should be allowed to be changed. For instance, Jennifer Connelly’s performance was changed in Blood Diamond to add tears during the emotional goodbye, so should there be a limit to what aspects of a performance can be changed in post-production? The decisions to reduce Lindsey Lohan’s chest size in Herbie: Fully Loaded and making Natalie Portman’s fingers longer in Black Swan also raise their own sets of questions.

These changes were well-done regardless, but Hollywood pulls off lesser known feats all the time. Digitally replacing the face of a stunt double with that of an actor, using green screen to create exteriors of buildings, and removing mics, harnesses, or wires that are attached to actors all happen frequently. Of course, this list only scratches the surface of seamless CGI and will continue to gain worthy additions to it as technology improves.

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Cooper Hood