Battlefield V Has Real-Money Microtransactions Now and They Suck

Hot on the heels of the latest Firestorm Battle Royale mode which has just released, there’s been another addition to Battlefield V which has had a more lukewarm reception from the community. That’s right — there’s now Battlefield V microtransactions available if you’re wanting to play the fashion game in EA’s first-person shooter.

These Battlefield V microtransactions have been on the horizon for a while, so the community hasn’t been surprised by this by any means. However, there were complaints earlier on in the year when fans noticed that content was being gated, and that the grind to the end-game was potentially being made more difficult than it had to be because of these pending microtransactions. Add that to the visibility bugs that were an issue for some time and it’s clear that EA has had a bit of a rough on-boarding time for this title.

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Polygon has reported on the new in-game currency that is going to be used for the Battlefield V microtransactions, and the outlet has noted that they’re going to be called Battlefield Currency. The currency was introduced recently with the latest content patch, and allegedly EA was quick to say that it wouldn’t be something that would give characters a mechanical advantage in the game; items purchased in this matter would be acquirable through regular play as well, or be purely cosmetic in nature.

The introduction of these Battlefield microtransactions has been anticipated since the debate during the game’s launch about whether or not there would be loot boxes in the title. While the answer to that has been a no so far, the real-money aspect of the Battlefield Currency shouldn’t be understated. It was also noted that there was the possibility of an XP boost bonus to be purchased using microtransactions later on in the year, but there has not been any further comment on this from EA.

The presence of these Battlefield V microtransactions isn’t inherently an awful thing. Players will likely mostly be using their hard earned cash to look good and to sound good (thanks to the premium voice-overs in the new Elite skin sets), and if they aren’t going to be doing that, then they have the option of skipping Tiers by buying Tier boosts. The latter could very well bridge the gap between friends wanting to play together in situations where one has had the game for longer than the other. Fans haven’t been the happiest with this latest rollout as key promised features are still missing from the game, so it remains to be seen what EA will do with this information, but for now, the microtransactions are pretty underwhelming stuff.

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Source: Polygon

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Ginny Woo

MBTI® Of Netflix’s Money Heist Characters

One of Netflix’s most groundbreaking non-English language series, Money Heist, follows the escapades of a group of mastermind criminals who, with the guidance of “The Professor”, are determined to pull off the greatest heist in recorded history. With a master plan, a broad range of skillsets and some intriguing character traits, this group of bandits seek to take over the Royal Mint of Spain in order to print out 2.4 billion Euros. Let’s take a look at the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types that make up this unlikely yet effective crew.

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10 Tokyo-ISFJ

A critical part of the crew as well as the show’s narrator Silene Oliveira (AKA Tokyo), seems to be serious and unapproachable at first, but secretly has a caring side that slowly reveals itself as the series progresses. After all, her last heist went sour after her boyfriend, who was also a robber, got killed and her crew’s robbery was foiled, resulting in her having a breakdown of sorts.

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She is both factual and practical, and constantly reminds her lover Rio that their relationship will probably not progress, particularly since they both live risky lives while being part of such a dangerous crew. While her tendency to be systematic and set in her ways often leads to conflict with her teammates, she remains a loyal and invaluable member of the crew.

9 The Professor-ISTJ

Sergio Marquina, codenamed “The Professor”, is a highly intelligent individual who used his analytical skills, conscientiousness, and attention to detail to conceive an ingenious plan to execute a heist on the Royal Mint of Spain.

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With his cool temperament and aptitude for critical thinking, he has been able to assist his crew in evading the police on multiple occasions, and even infiltrated the police himself, using the alter-ego “Salva” to form a relationship with Inspector Raquel Murillo.

8 Moscow-ENFJ

The father of fellow crew member Denver, Agustin Ramos dos Hermanas is experienced when it comes to breaking the law and the wisdom and tact earned from his past experiences shows when he provides other crew members with advice.

He is a generally lively character, and is never afraid to make a fool out of himself in front of the others in order to make them smile, whether he is singing his favorite song or telling a hilarious joke. He is a harmonizer as well as a stern father, and is always sure to keep his sone in line when trouble seems to be brewing.

7 Mr Berlin-ESTJ

A practical and assertive figure if not sometimes bordering on cruel, Mr. Berlin is the leader of the assault on the ground and second in command to the professor. He showed how ruthless he could be when ordering Denver to kill a hostage who did not cooperate, and knows exactly how to send a shiver down the spines of those who oppose him.

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Mr. Berlin is not one to double cross, and anyone who has the misfortune of agitating him should best sleep with one eye open. A typically concrete character, he has been shown to curb his behavior at times to cooperate with “The Professor”, one of few people to whom he has openly displayed fondness.

6 Nairobi-ENFP

An expert counterfeiter, Agata Jimenez has proven her worth when it comes to managing other people in an effort to meet work deadlines and quality standards. She is a typically lively and energetic person, who showed her playful side when singing joyously upon the crew first taking over the Royal Mint of Spain.

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While she can be quick to anger, she is ultimately an insightful and loyal friend. Nairobi is very future-oriented, and is constantly planning what to do with the money she will earn from the heist as well as how to locate her long lost son.

5 Rio-ISFP

Typically calm and somewhat docile, Anibal Cortes is an expert computer hacker who understands all things technology, from alarm systems to security cameras. He is Tokyo’s lover, and truly won her over with his quiet compassion and warm presence.

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He is both incredibly loyal and spontaneous, which shows why he found it so easy to divert to the wrong side of the law by going through with heist and effectively cut ties with his family in favor of staying with Tokyo and the other bandits.

4 Denver-ENFP

A hot-headed and natural brawler, Daniel Ramos is an expressive and lively presence in the group, always adding color to each conversation with snappy remarks and his signature laugh. His sociable manner makes him a much-loved member of the crew, which makes it no wonder that other crew members often tend to have his back.

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While he may often come across as lacking in the brains department, he is quite tactful and is also empathetic. We see these traits when he spares Monica’s life, and keeps her safe while regularly remembering to bring her food and medicine.

3 Helsinki-ESFJ

While little is known about him, Yashin Dasayev was brought into the crew as muscle, and it’s not hard to see why. A veteran Serbian soldier as well as of a large physique, he is not one to mess with. Unfortunately, he is not one of the more intellectual members of the group, however, this has not stopped him from supporting the group in advancing their agenda.

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He is a loyal and intimidating soldier, however, he also surprisingly has a bubbly side to him and is actively sociable.

2 Monica Gaztambide-INFP

One of the more reserved characters, Monica was originally one of the hostages who worked at the Royal Mint of Spain, however, her empathy and tendency to harmonize soon saw her change allegiances. She is a compassionate person who not only cared for her former lover Arturo, but also took many risks to be with her new lover Denver when she saw how committed he was to her.

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What assisted Monica greatly in her fight for survival was her adaptable nature, without which she would not have survived for as long as she did. These are the traits that earned her a spotlight in the series over any of the other hostages.

1 Raquel Murillo-INTP

As the National Police Corps inspector in charge of the case concerning the heist, Raquel is both assertive and analytical, hence why she was the best candidate for the job. Always intellectually curious, she constantly pursues understanding in her conversations with “The Professor” in order to help her solve the case.

She does appear detached at times, hence why she allows work to take preference over spending time with her daughter, however, this does not mean that she lacks in empathy compassion when she needs to come to a loved one’s aid.

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MONEY HEIST Season 3 Official Trailer (2019) Netflix Series HD

MONEY HEIST Season 3 Official Trailer (2019) Netflix Series HD
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Every Superhero Movie Captain Marvel Has Made More Money Than

Captain Marvel is already a massive box office hit, but how many other superhero movies has it outgrossed so far? In 2018, Marvel Studios celebrated their 10th anniversary in style with a pair of $1 billion smashes (Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War) that rewrote the record books during their respective box office runs. It goes without saying that Avengers: Endgame is expected to add another $1 billion (or maybe $2 billion?) to Marvel’s astronomical total, but the MCU has another runaway success on its hands. Their first installment of 2019, Captain Marvel, is soaring to incredible heights.

Carol Danvers’ origin story was always going to do well commercially; at this point, Marvel is the closest thing to a guaranteed box office lock. But even the biggest Captain Marvel fans may not have been able to predict just how successful it was. Taking advantage of weak competition, riding waves of positive buzz, and being the subject of multiple “controversial” narratives, Captain Marvel shattered its projections and posted the sixth-highest opening of all-time. As a result, it’s well on its way to crossing the $1 billion plateau itself.

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As the film rises up the charts, it passed some high-profile blockbusters in no time at all. To commemorate Captain Marvel’s accomplishment, we’re taking a look at all the other superhero movies it’s passed to this date. For the purposes of this post, we are using $500 million as the cutoff for worldwide gross and $200 million for domestic. We’ll continue to update this space as Captain Marvel adds more.

Figures as of March 18, 2019

Current gross of $789.3 million is higher than:

  • Deadpool 2 ($785 million)
  • Spider-Man 2 ($783.7 million)
  • Deadpool ($783.1 million)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy ($773.3 million)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man ($757.9 million)
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past ($747.8 million)
  • Suicide Squad ($746.8 million)
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($714.2 million)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($708.9 million)
  • Doctor Strange ($677.7 million)
  • Man of Steel ($668 million)
  • Justice League ($657.9 million)
  • Big Hero 6 ($657.8 million)
  • Thor: The Dark World ($644.5 million)
  • The Incredibles ($633 million)
  • Hancock ($624.3 million)
  • Iron Man 2 ($623.9 million)
  • Ant-Man & the Wasp ($622.6 million)
  • Logan ($619 million)
  • Iron Man ($585.1 million)
  • X-Men: Apocalypse ($543.9 million)
  • Ant-Man ($519.3 million)

Figures as of March 18, 2019

Current gross of $270 million is higher than:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man ($262 million)
  • The Incredibles ($261.4 million)
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($259.7 million)
  • Batman ($251.1 million)
  • X-Men: The Last Stand ($234.3 million)
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past ($233.9 million)
  • Doctor Strange ($232.6 million)
  • Justice League ($229 million)
  • Hancock ($227.9 million)
  • Logan ($226.2 million)
  • Big Hero 6 ($222.5 million)
  • Ant-Man & the Wasp ($216.6 million)
  • X2: X-Men United ($214.9 million)
  • Venom ($213.5 million)
  • Batman Begins ($206.8 million)
  • Thor: The Dark World ($206.3 million)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($202.8 million)
  • Superman Returns ($200 million)

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Chris Agar

Fortnite’s V-Bucks Currency Reportedly Being Used To Launder Money

Criminals V-Bucks Fortnite

It turns out that criminals are using Fortnite to launder money in the real world and exploit Epic Games’ V-Bucks currency. With the world of video games still gripped by Fortnite fever, the game’s giant fanbase is being increasingly turned into a criminal underworld.

Since launching in 2017, Fornite has continued to grab headlines as a battle royale brawler. Outshining its rivals and overtaking PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsFortnite has also cornered the market when it comes to a successful business model in the world of gaming. However, as more and more gamers part with their real money for in-game purchases, cybercrime is on the rise – especially inside Fortnite.

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In a joint investigation with security firm Sixgill, The Independent explains how criminals are making the most of flaws in Epic Games’ current system. Sixgill senior intelligence analyst Benjamin Preminger told the site how this crime wave has gone relatively unnoticed, touching on the individuals taking advantage of the game, as well as “weak security measures” within in the game. He said:

“Criminals are executing carding fraud and getting money in and out of the Fortnite system with relative impunity. Threat actors [a malicious person or entity] are scoffing at Epic Games’ weak security measures, saying that the company doesn’t seem to care about players defrauding the system and purchasing discounted V-bucks… This directly touches on the ability of threat actors to launder money through the game.”

The scheme involves stolen credit card details being used to buy V-Bucks — Fortnite‘s in-game currency — and then selling them. When the V-Bucks are bought by someone else for real-world money, the criminals have effectively laundered their stolen money for clean cash. Epic Games made a staggering $3 billion in profit last year, which isn’t bad for a game that is free-to-play. These figures alone show how lucrative V-Bucks can be, so it was only a matter of time before criminals turned their attention to the game.

With V-Bucks being sold for a net profit on the dark web, the buyers are unaware they’re helping fund the crime. The resale of V-Bucks is strictly prohibited, but it’s a growing trend thanks to their often discounted rates. The perpetrators are constantly one step ahead of the authorities, with many of these transactions taking place with cryptocurrencies, making it even harder to trace who is behind the theft.

There isn’t an exact figure about how much money has been made through this type of laundering, but considering Sixgill found Fortnite items grossed more than $250,000 in just 60 days on eBay, it makes it easier to imagine how much has been made through the exploitation of V-Bucks. Although representatives from Epic Games haven’t responded to The Independent and Sixgill’s request for comment, expect the company to look into these claims and try to spot V-Bucks fraud in its tracks.

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Source: The Independent 

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How To Earn Money Fast in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2‘s single-player mode contains numerous ways for Arthur Morgan to obtain quick cash, and now the same can be said for Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online. In fact, Rockstar makes it very easy for players of all types of play styles to make their financial mark in the Old West. Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online portion, Red Dead Online, can be a little more withholding when it comes to rewarding players financially and some may be confused as to the quickest methods to make some cash.

In a lot of ways, Red Dead Online is very similar to Grand Theft Auto V‘s online component, Grand Theft Auto Online. This is especially true of the game mode’s reliance on not only sharing the entire map from the single player mode with dozens of other players, but competing with (and sometimes against) these players to make cash and progress as well. Naturally, to buy better weapons, clothes, and horses for their customizable characters, Red Dead Redemption 2 players are going to need a lot of money in Red Dead Online. In fact, items actually cost a little more in the online component, and as a whole, it’s not always clear how to make money quickly. Luckily, there are already a few different methods for making cash quickly in Red Dead Online.

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For a method that involves relying strictly on story missions contained within Red Dead Online, players will first have to make sure they’ve completed the tutorial section of the game. Additionally, this method is more for the type of gamer who doesn’t mind playing certain story missions out of order. Players will want to use the Quick Join feature of the game and look for Story Mission On-Call option. This will allow you to play random missions with other players. While players won’t be able to pick the mission they participate in, they should keep an eye out for one called “Kill Them, Each and Every One.” This particular story mission will reward players with around $250 at the end, depending on how many deaths are accumulated. Keep in mind you will only be able to do this mission once for the cash reward.

If Red Dead Redemption 2 missions aren’t really your thing, there are always glitches that can be exploited. For this particular one, players should create a character (don’t worry about detail) and complete the first six story missions. Also try and get to level 10 so your Red Dead Online character can get an additional $100. Afterwards, delete your character and start a new character to repeat this process. While your characters will be deleted, the money you’ve earned will stick with your account. Players who do this three or four times can have upwards of $1000 to play around with when it comes time to create their true characters.

Additionally, players can always utilize the same strategies from the single player mode and rely on hunting/fishing, treasure hunting and looting enemy corpses to make some cash. Of course, these methods aren’t nearly as fast as the above strategies, but they also don’t require playing story missions out of order or being forced to repeat the same missions over and over again. With that in mind, hunting in Red Dead Online is probably the quickest legitimate way of making quick money, especially if you utilize another glitch involving going to Emerald Ranch in single player mode, hunting and skinning animals, and then accessing online from the menu. Players should find they still have all of the animal skins from the single player portion and can sell these skins for around $15-$20, depending on quality.

Relying on glitches is definitely a sure-fire way to make some quick cash, but they don’t often last forever as Rockstar will likely patch them when they become public knowledge. Nowhere is this more true than the animal skinning method, which is arguably the most glitch-like method available right now. Luckily, that method really isn’t sustainable and doesn’t offer as much money as story missions and the re-create method. Either way, players should now have a good idea of how to make some quick cash in Red Dead Online.

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MONEY HEIST 3 Official Teaser (2019) Netflix TV Show HD

MONEY HEIST 3 Official Teaser (2019) La Casa de Papel, Netflix TV Show HD
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