How I Met Your Mother’s Original Plan When Casting Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson could have been much different if How I Met Your Mother had gone with the original description of the character. Actor Neil Patrick Harris played the character for the better part of a decade and garnered a number of award nominations for his performance. Here’s what the writers intended for Barney to look like, and why Harris was cast in the role.

Barney forced his way into the lives of Ted, Marshall, Lily, and Robin, giving the gang no choice but to accept him. He was highly manipulative and best described as a womanizer. Even though not many details regarding Barney’s job were unveiled until later in the series, it was clear that he lived a lavish lifestyle. Barney’s appearance was also very important to him: he wore expensive tailored suits and stayed physically fit to keep up with his polished image.

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Harris’ portrayal didn’t match what the series had originally envisioned for the role of Barney in How I Met Your Mother. Harris has stated on multiple occasions that Barney was written in the fashion that would match more of a Jack Black or John Belushi type of actor. In the scripts, Barney was described as a “big lug of a guy,” which far differed from what they got when they cast Harris. With the way Barney was written in the pilot script, Harris thought he had no chance at winning the role. However, it turned out that the showrunners weren’t dead set on the burly version of Barney.

Harris was invited to audition for the role of Barney in How I Met Your Mother, but he figured it was just a nice gesture since he was friends with the sitcom’s casting director. The actor believed he was a long shot since he didn’t fit the description of the role at all, so he went into the audition with no qualms about making a fool of himself, since his expectations were so low. The audition focused on a scene with Barney playing laser tag and Harris did a dive roll, causing him to slam into the wall. This reckless mentality quickly won over the creative team, since they weren’t yet stuck on a specific appearance.

Before Harris won the role of Barney, a number of actors auditioned for the role, including Jim Parsons. The future The Big Bang Theory star was confused as to why he was invited for a role that carried the original description of Barney. Parsons auditioned anyway, but lost out to Harris in the process. Everything worked out in the end for both actors as Harris spent nine years on How I Met Your Mother while Parsons worked on The Big Bang Theory for 12 years.

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How I Met Your Mother: 5 Best Parenting Moments On The Show (& 5 Worst)

Over the course of nine years and 208 episodes, the tapestry of How I Met Your Mother is rich and it expands beyond the first and last episodes of the series. We got to see younger versions of Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robin, and Barney. Future versions, too. We got see how not only Ted met Tracy, but how he met everyone else over the course of the series as well. Despite the series not sticking the landing, so to speak, HIMYM had a lot of moments over the years to help cement the sitcom as one of the best ever.

Some of those moments involved parenting.

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10 Best – Barney Pledges His Life

After years of philandering around and having all sorts of schemes to get with women, Barney made the decision that if he couldn’t make it work with Robin, he wouldn’t be able to make it work with anyone. But the Barnacle finally slipped up and accidentally knocked one of his many conquests up. He resisted at first, but upon holding and staring into baby Ellie’s eyes for the first time, he pledged his entire life and everything he is and owns to her.

9 Worst – Ted Tells His Kids Everything

It’s very nice to have such a great relationship with your kids that you can tell them anything and everything. But should you? Ted sat his two children down to tell them the epic story of how he met their mother. But Tracy was barely part of the story. Instead Ted told his children every sordid and scandalous detail about his and his friends’ lives. Which is just what every kid wants to hear about – their parents’ escapades.

8 Best – Jerome Helps Barney Take His Hoop

When Barney found out that not only was his wild and crazy Uncle Jerry was actually his father, he was livid. His anger, frustration, and sadness got even worse when he reconnected with Jerome, who had cleaned himself up and started his life again as some “lame suburban dad.” Barney decided that since his dad’s son JJ got to have a real dad and childhood, he couldn’t keep his basketball hoop. Rather than argue or stop him or have some heart to heart that Barney wasn’t ready for, Jerome simply helped him to get the hoop down and let Barney know that he would be there for him if Barney was ever ready.

7 Worst – Mickey’s Never There

In stark contrast to how amazing her father-in-law was, Lily’s dad Mickey was anything but. For every big event in Lily’s life, Mickey was elsewhere, usually trying to come up with some terrible board game. He also decided it would be a good idea to move back in with his parents and force his elderly father back to work instead of allowing them to retire happily.

6 Best – Baby Marvin’s Lullaby

Marshall and Lily together is one of the most saccharine couples on television. So of course, their lullaby to newborn baby Marvin would be epic. Only parents who love their kid and each other this much would sing a lullaby where the entire world and it’s inhabitants say goodnight while Lily plays a variety of instruments to cheese off the entire apartment building.

5 Worst – Played “Who Wants To Be A Godparent?”

There was no doubt about how loved Marvin was by Lily and Marshall, but everyone’s favorite couple on HIMYM didn’t do themselves any favors when they decided that the only mature way to pick Marvin’s godparents would be to have a contest was in bad taste as far as parenting goes.

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Being a godparent is supposed to be a sacred tradition and honor, someone who is carefully chosen by the parents to always be there for their kid, but Marshmallow and Lilypad thought it was better to hold a game show up for the prize.

4 Best – Robin’s Mom Arrives

Both fans of the show and Robins friends had never seen Geneviève Scherbatsky in the flesh before she showed up during the events of “Vesuvius.” Robin hadn’t planned on her mother attending the wedding, and to cope she had gotten stonewalled about the fact that it was her wedding day. After all her mom is afraid of flying. But in true great, romantic comedy fashion, Genevieve showed up for her daughter’s wedding day.

3 Worst – Loretta Lied To Barney For Years

No matter how much it might hurt all parties involved, every child deserves to know who their parents are. For years, Loretta wanted to keep the past in the past and insisted that both Barney and James lies about their fathers for years. Barney believed his father to actually be Bob Barker from The Price Is Right. It hurt him for years to the point that even he chose to believe it and believe that Loretta was all he needed for parents.

2 Best – Marvin Was Marshall’s Best Friend

To some kids, their dad was everything to them. A brother, a teacher, friend, and of course a great dad. Marshall’s dad Marvin was all that and more to the Eriksen clan. His untimely passing in “Bad News” is one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the series and Marshall (or the fans) were definitely not ready for his passing.

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Partly because Marvin wasn’t just the best dad ever, but he was Marshall’s best friend too and helped him with everything.

1 Worst – Ted’s Parents Never Tell Him Anything

If there was ever an over-correction on the show, it would be Ted telling his kids every little detail about his life. But that was because Ted’s parents didn’t bother telling him anything. In the episode, “Brunch,” Ted finds out (long after the fact) that his parents had gotten a divorce and his dad set his mom Virginia up with her new boyfriend, Clint. Ted also found out long after the fact that his grandmother also passed away.

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How I Met Your Mother: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Robin

How I Met Your Mother is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Focusing on five main characters as they journey through adulthood, growing in their work, love lives, and friendships throughout. One of the most popular characters from the show was Robin Scherbatsky, who was played by Cobie Smulders throughout the series.

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While she is a main character who is heavily featured in almost every episode, that doesn’t mean that fans know everything about her. But fear not, because, within this list, we will be aiming to reveal 10 things that many fans do not know about Robin, from facts about the character to the actress that played her.

10 Allergic To Lobster

We kickstart this list with some trivia that a lot of fans of How I Met Your Mother aren’t aware of, which is that Robin Scherbatsky is actually allergic to lobster. The allergy is only referred to in one episode, which is why many have forgotten or aren’t aware of it.

But the allergy is actually a very serious one. If Robin eats Lobster her entire face begins to swell up dramatically, which is why she doesn’t eat it frequently throughout the show. The moment does provide a hilarious visual gag for the show though, which is likely why it was written in.

9 Canadian Background

Both Cobie Smulders and Robin Scherbatsky are from Canada, with that always being the original plan for the show. While Robin was always intended to be from Canada, Vancouver itself was not always the original destination of choice for her.

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The first plans were going to have Robin be from Toronto, but the slight tweak was made simply because Cobie herself was from Vancouver. While it wasn’t a big change for the show, it did make things easier for Cobi as an actress.

8 Cobie’s Pregnancy

With long-running television shows like this, there is always a chance that real-life situations are going to end up getting in the way of the show at some stage. In season five, that was the situation that How I Met Your Mother found itself in with its two leading ladies.

Both Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan were pregnant in real life, which led to some issues while filming due to them not being pregnant on the show. In the end, increasingly larger handbags were used, so if you’ve noticed Robin suddenly having lots of bags in season five, that’s the real reason why!

7 Cobie Battles Cancer

As we previously mentioned, real-life issues can often impact on the filming of long-term shows, and unfortunately, they’re not always pleasant situations like pregnancy. Cobie Smulders was sadly was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008, when she was just 25-years-old.

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While she didn’t reveal she had battled it until after the show had finished filming, she did fight the disease during the show’s run. She wanted to spread awareness by revealing her story, but thankfully she was able to defeat it and has been cancer-free for several years now.

6 Relationship With Barney

While Robin and Ted may have been How I Met Your Mother’s version of Ross and Rachel, in the end, it is Barney who Robin ends up with for the longest period. However, according to the Chicago Tribune, the relationship was not part of the original plans.

It was reported that the real-life chemistry between actors Neil Partick Harris and Cobie Smulders, who played the parts, is what drove it to happen. After seeing them together on-screen and off it, the decision was made that they would work as a couple as part of the show and the push was made for that to happen.

5 Robin Sparkles

Everyone knows and loves the Robin Sparkles music videos from How I Met Your Mother. They provide some of the funniest moments from the entire series, but they weren’t the easiest of scenes to shoot due to the amount of filming and choreography that was needed.

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An extra day of filming was called upon to ensure the show got all the shots needed for this, which led to Cobie Smulders dancing for 16 hours in one day. Thankfully, all of that was worthwhile, as the end result was absolutely fantastic.

4 Sandy Rivers

Sandy Rivers is a character that pops-up in a supporting role during Robin’s time as a news anchor. He constantly asks Robin out on dates and is very sure of himself, eventually becoming quite an unpopular character on the show, with fans not liking him.

While most How I Met Your Mother fans will be very familiar with Sandy as a character, they may not be as familiar with the actor who plays him. Alexis Denisof is the man behind the character, just so happened to be the real-life husband of Alyson Hannigan, the actress who plays Lily.

3 Cobie Hates Guns

One of Robin Scherbatsky’s strange hobbies is that she loves to shoot. It is something that she does frequently throughout the show, even having a necklace with a handgun shaped pendant. However, that love for guns doesn’t spread as far as the actress who played her.

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Cobie actually hates guns in real life, mainly because she is so afraid of them. It is interesting that they added her to love them so much when Cobie had such a strong dislike for them, as she had to get used to using them in firing range scenes.

2 Jennifer Love Hewitt Turned Down The Role

When people think of Robin they instantly think of Cobie Smulders, who played the part throughout the series. However, the popular actress wasn’t actually the first choice to take the role when the casting was taking place for Robin.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was actually the preferred choice to play Robin originally. However, Hewitt opted to turn down the part and according to E! News, she did so to do The Ghost Whisperer instead of the hit sitcom. This left the role empty and Smulders was brought in, a decision which turned out to be for the best.

1 Robin’s Dogs

Everyone knows Robin is a huge dog fan. When we first meet her she has five in her apartment because she loves them so much. However, when she gets in a relationship with Ted he ends up making her get rid of the dogs as they go to live with her aunt.

While on the show he claims the reasoning behind that is because they were given to her by her ex-boyfriends, the reality is very different. The actual reason the dogs had to go is that Josh Radnor, who plays Ted is allergic to them in real-life.

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How I Met Your Mother: Conan O’Brien’s Cameo Explained

Talk show host Conan O’Brien briefly appeared in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Unlike previous guest stars, O’Brien didn’t actually speak and instead simply served as a background extra – and there’s an interesting story behind his walk-on role.

How I Met Your Mother had its fair share of guest stars over the CBS sitcom’s nine-season run. The series featured guest roles from actors like Bryan Cranston, Joe Manganiello, Kyle MacLachlan, and John Lithgow, and musical artists like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jennifer Lopez. Some roles were brief, while others lasted multiple episodes or arcs that occurred over a number of seasons. Either way, How I Met Your Mother had a history of attracting big names.

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O’Brien’s cameo appearance came during the seventeenth episode of How I Met Your Mother season 7. The episode, titled “No Pressure,” focused on Ted confessing his feelings for Robin after she broke up with her boyfriends. Marshall and Lily had differing views regarding Ted’s attempt to win back Robin. Barney later learned that Marshall and Lily had a bet centering on whether or not Ted and Robin would end up together. While discussing the bet at MacLaren’s, a familiar face appeared in the background. In the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene, O’Brien was shown standing up in the bar wearing a leather jacket and holding a beer. His role could have been more prominent, but the comedian wanted to blend in as an extra.

O’Brien got his cameo on How I Met Your Mother through an interesting situation. When Neil Patrick Harris served as a guest on O’Brien’s talk show the year before, it was revealed that O’Brien outbid himself for the walk-on role at a charity auction. When the show’s creators and writing team learned that O’Brien won, they wanted to write a bigger role for him. However, O’Brien felt that it would be funnier if he just randomly appeared in the background in a non-speaking cameo. The writing team then agreed, because it’s not uncommon for celebrities to appear unnoticed in New York City bars.

Amusingly enough, How I Met Your Mother wasn’t the first show that O’Brien cameoed as himself. In fact, the talk show host appeared in a brief non-speaking cameo during The Office season 2. While walking in New York City, Michael Scott thought he saw Tina Fey but it was just a random woman. During that same moment, O’Brien walked by Michael who completely missed the encounter until he was informed by the cameraman.

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How I Met Your Mother: Robin’s 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst)

How I Met Your Mother was a huge part of our lives for nine years. Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily, and Marshall were the friendship group we all wanted to be the sixth member of, and we stuck by them through the many relationship highs and lows. Robin Scherbatsky, in particular, had her fair share of relationship woes – mostly thanks to Ted and Barney. But whatever life threw at her, her style never suffered.

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Over the nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, Robin consistently kills it in the fashion department. Whether it’s having a few casual drinks in MacLaren’s or doing her thing on live television, her fashion choices were (almost) always on point. Taking a look at her style evolution over the years, here are 5 of her best outfits and 5 of her worst.

10 Best: Her office looks

Robin may not have a typical 9-5 office job, but she does make an appearance in the newsroom from time to time, where she always brings her best fashion game. Her choice of silk shirts and waist-hugging skirts are the epitome of office chic.

9 Worst: This red sweater vest and yellow button-up

We thought it would be difficult to find an outfit that Robin couldn’t pull off… until this happened. The colors alone resemble McDonald’s fries packaging, and the fit does nothing for her incredible frame – not to mention the strange pattern happening across the sweater vest. All in all, this look does not live up to the Robin Scherbatsky fashion standards that we’re used to seeing.

8 Best: This light blue dress

This figure-hugging blue dress was a real head-turner when she wore it to MacLaren’s in the show’s final episode. While fans may not have been happy with how things turned out for Robin in the finale, we can all agree that she finished the show looking as flawless as she started.

7 Worst: The Robin Sparkles look

Before Robin Scherbatsky became a successful news anchor and early-morning talk show host, she was teenage Canadian pop star Robin Sparkles. With hits such as “Let’s Go To The Mall” and “Sandcastles In The Sand,” Robin’s alter ego became a national icon – and not just for her catchy songs.

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Robin Sparkles had some eye-catching trademark looks, mostly consisting of denim-on-denim outfits, voluminous hairstyles completed with bright headbands and flashy bows, along with many tacky accessories. These looks are so far removed from the sleek style that Robin Scherbatsky’s known for, and we can only blame it on 90s Canadian pop culture.

6 Best: This white leather trim dress

Another winning dress from Robin, who seems to make all the right fashion choices in the final season. She may be on the countdown to her wedding day – and facing many mishaps along the way – but she never lets that affect her chic signature style. Can we also add how aesthetically pleasing it is when she and Barney are color-coordinated?

5 Worst: The Robbin Daggers look

In Season 8’s episode, “P.S. I Love You,” the gang finds out that Robin had an obsession with a mysterious older man when she was younger, resulting in the birth of Robin Sparkle’s rebellious alter-ego Robin Daggers. Daggers was a troubled teen, and her dark side was evident both in her music and her image, expressing herself through dark, grungy, oversized clothing.

Unsurprisingly, fans didn’t show the same appreciation for Robin Daggers’ music as they did for Sparkles’ and her career short-lived.

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4 Worst: This unflattering white and black shirt

Season 7 Episode 12 is an emotional one, so we can cut Robin a break here. The heartbreaking, “Symphony of Illumination,” revolves around future Robin explaining to her children how she told their dad she was pregnant.

While Robin did think she was pregnant, she later finds out that this isn’t true, to which she responses with initial relief. That is until the doctor gives her the additional news that she can’t ever have children. If you didn’t tear up at the end of this episode, then you aren’t human.

3 Best: The floor-length red dress

In Season 8’s, “The Final Page, Part 2,” Robin finds out that Barney is going to propose to Patrice, so she goes to the roof where she thinks he’s going to do it. When she gets there, she finds a piece of paper on the ground, which has a play from Barney’s infamous Playbook on it. This one is titled, “The Robin.”

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“The Robin” explains how everything Barney had done the past few weeks was all a play to finally win her. When she turns the page over, the words, “Hope she says yes,” are written, and when Robin looks up, Barney is kneeling with an engagement ring. While it could be assumed that Robin was wearing this stunning dress in anticipation of the occasion, she was actually supposed to go to Ted’s building opening instead. This floor-length gown is one of Robin’s strongest looks to date, and we’re so glad it became her engagement dress.

2 Worst: Her sweats

Definitive proof that Robin is, in fact, human. After breaking up with Don in Season 6, Robin does what the rest of us do when we get our hearts broken – lie in our sweats all day and stuff our faces with junk food.

Of course, Robin is far too fabulous to keep this up for long and she makes a triumphant return to the dating scene in no time, and subsequently back into her flawless outfits.

1 Best: Her wedding dress

Robin and Barney getting married was a monumental event. Not only were viewers kept on their toes with many will-they-won’t-they moments throughout the last few seasons of the show, but there was also the added perplexities of Robin and Barney’s various partners in between.

While fans criticized the decision for the entire final season to be based around the big day, it was almost worth it to see Robin’s stunning wedding dress.

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Psycho Ending & Norman Bates Mother Twist Explained | Screen Rant

Director Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960 thriller Psycho contains one of the best and most famous twist endings of all time, and we examine it in detail. Hitchcock’s resume is stacked with incredible films, but Psycho might just be his most famous, and probably the one even people who don’t generally watch older horror movies are most likely to have seen. This is partially due to Psycho spawning a franchise, with Anthony Perkins returning to play Norman Bates in three sequels. Psycho has also had a more recent pop culture presence thanks to A&E’s acclaimed series Bates Motel.

Psycho in many ways serves as a sort of precursor to the slasher film sub-genre, focusing as it does on a series of murders committed at the Bates Motel, by an assailant that’s unknown to the audience until the end of the film. Lots of early slashers chose to keep their killers a mystery until the final act of the movie, such as the original Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp, and Happy Birthday to Me.

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While it’s true that the basics of Psycho‘s ending are known to most via pop cultural osmosis, it can’t be overstated just how revolutionary some of its concepts were at the time. Hitchcock even famously ordered theaters not to let viewers in after the start of the film, in order to preserve its twists.

One change Hitchcock made when adapting Robert Bloch’s novel Psycho into a movie was to make Norman Bates more sympathetic and appealing. Hitchcock cast young up-and-comer Anthony Perkins in the role, then known for playing wholesome, likeable characters. Perkins imbued Norman with a warmth and shyness that made audiences at the time never suspect him as the killer. Of course, while Norman’s unstable “mother” is presented as the murderer, it’s revealed near the end that Norman is himself the killer, and the one who hacked up Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) in the shower during Psycho‘s most famous scene, as well as sent a wounded Detective Arbogast down the stairs. Well, Norman killed them physically anyway, mentally is a completely different story.

While it was Norman Bates’ hand clutching the murder weapon during Mother’s kills, as far as he knows, it’s not his fault. As explained at length by a psychiatrist in Psycho‘s conclusion, Norman isn’t simply putting on his deceased mother’s clothes and killing people, he has an entire second persona in which he truly believes himself to be his mother. This used to be referred to as having “multiple personalities,” but is today clinically known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Unfortunately, the Mother identity becomes more dominant over time, to the point where Norman himself seems completely gone by the end. As later films would reveal, this was due to emotionally and physically abusive behavior by Norma Bates, who cultivated a quasi-incestuous relationship with her son, and made him feel guilty for experiencing sexual feelings. Thus, when Norman gets turned on, he can’t cope, and Mother emerges to murder the object of his desire, such as Marion.

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How I Met Your Mother: 10 Actors You Forgot Were on the Show

Through its successful nine-season run, CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother saw its share of guest and recurring stars, from Wayne Brady, who played Barney’s half-brother James, to Jennifer Morrison who played Ted’s once-girlfriend Zoey, to many others. James Van Der Beek played Robin’s high school boyfriend from Canada, Jennifer Lopez a girl Barney meets at the bar, and more. But among the many actors who appeared on the hilarious series, which followed the life of Ted Mosby who, in the year 2030, was telling his teenage kids the story of how he met their mother, there are lots of other guest stars. They have played girlfriends and boyfriends, family members, co-workers, and others who crossed paths with Ted, Barney, Marshall, Robin, and Lily.

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Here are 10 well-known actors that you probably forgot appeared in guest roles on the series, once upon a time.

10 Britney Spears

Sure, she’s more of a pop star than an actress, but Spears has done some acting in her time, too. And that included a cameo as Abby in two episodes back in 2008, during a time when she was on top of her game in the music industry. She played the receptionist at the dermatology clinic where Ted’s eventual girlfriend Stella worked.

Naïve and sensitive, she had a huge crush on Ted, but ended up sleeping with Barney. She then proceeded to mess with Barney when he didn’t call her after their tryst. Her appearance was during the same year that the mega pop star released her sixth studio album Circus that included a ton of comeback tunes like “Womanizer,” “Circus,” and “If U Seek Amy.”

9 Chris Elliott

This comedian was in 12 episodes from 2009-2014 as Mickey, Lily’s father who was pursuing his dream of making the next great board game. Estranged for a time with a strained relationship with his daughter, he often appeared trying to prove to Lily that he had changed. She eventually forgave him.

Concurrent to his time on the show, Elliott also appeared in the series Eagleheart, and went on to make guest appearances on a number of TV series, including Community, Hot in Cleveland, The Good Wife, and Nurse Jackie. He had a role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit from 2008-2015, and most recently, was in Schitt’s Creek.

8 Kal Penn

You likely know Penn from his popular Harold & Kumar film series as well as his role in House followed by a stint working for the Obama administration when he took a break from acting. He was most recently on the political drama Designated Survivor and now stars on the NBC sitcom Sunnyside.

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But from 2011 to 2014, he appeared in 10 episodes of HIMYM as Kevin, Robin’s court-ordered therapist and later serious boyfriend. He eventually proposed, but they ultimately broke up when Robin told him she didn’t want to have kids.

7 Sherri Shepherd

You might not have forgotten about this one yet since she appeared in the final season of the series. But Shepherd played Daphne in eight episodes in 2013, a woman who Marshall ran into on his journey back to New York from Minnesota.

They first annoy one another, then start to bond as they get are forced to work together to find a way back due to unforeseen circumstances. The role wasn’t the most memorable, and it was part of a bizarre storyline through the final season. That said, this might very well be why you’ve forgotten about it already. She is best known for serving as a co-host on daytime talk show The View from 2007-2014, and today, she hosts the game show Best Ever Trivia Show.

6 Bob Odenkirk

Yes, Saul Goodman himself, Odenkirk, was in How I Met Your Mother. Don’t remember? He was actually in eight episodes from 2008 to 2012 playing Arthur, Marshall’s boss. Coincidentally also a lawyer, which he plays in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, he was an important man at Goliath National Bank.

He’s first seen in season 3 having a shouting match with Marshall, then turning up again in season 5 at GNB where he doesn’t even remember Marshall. After Marshall quit, he tried to sabotage his career. But perhaps his most memorable tie-in was his dog Tugboat who he seemed to love more than any human.

5 Joe Manganiello

You probably forgot that from 2006 through to 2012, Manganiello was in this series. He played Brad, an old Columbia Law School friend of Marshall’s. Brad hosted a party that Marshall and Barney attended, then later spent time with Marshall when he broke up with Lily doing activities they used to do with their respective girlfriends, like attending Broadway shows and going for brunch.

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From 2010 to 2014, Manganiello also appeared on True Blood, but he has become best known for his 2012 role in Magic Mike and 2015’s Magic Mike XXL.

4 Alan Thicke

From 2008-2013, the late actor was in five episodes, playing himself with a tie to Robin: he worked with her back in Canada when she was a pop star known as Robin Sparkles. He met the entire gang and revealed that he was also on an awful variety show with Robin back in the day. Any time an episode included some kind of callback to Robin’s Canadian roots, Thicke, a Canadian actor as well, had a small cameo.

Sadly, Thicke, who was best known as the patriarch on the sitcom Growing Pains, passed away in 2016.

3 John Lithgow

You might have forgotten that Barney’s biological father Jerry was played by none other than John Lithgow. He appeared in four episodes from 2011 to 2014 as Barney finally discovered that the man he thought was his uncle was actually his dad. And, more importantly, that his real father was not, as he was led to believe as a child, Bob Barker.

A prolific film and television actor, Lithgow has had an illustrious career that began long before this small role and continued well after. His most notable roles include 3rd Rock from the Sun, prior to HIMYM, as well as the menacing serial killer Arthur Mitchell in Dexter (also prior to this role) and as Sir Winston Churchill in the first season of The Crown.

2 Martin Short

This iconic comedian appeared in three episodes in 2011 and 2012 as Garrison, a senior partner of the firm where Marshall worked. Equally passionate about saving the world by saving the environment as Marshall, Garrison was funny but also pessimistic. It’s Short’s character, in fact, who bursts into flames in a beekeeper suit during the episode with Marshall and Lily’s housewarming party.

Short, of course, is best known for SCTV, Saturday Night Live, and a long string of movies dating back to the ‘80s, including cult classics like Mars Attacks! and Three Amigos. He can most recently be seen in a small role in Apple TV+ series The Morning Show.

1 Danica McKellar

Winnie Cooper herself, McKellar, who is best known for The Wonder Years, was on the show, too. It was during the early years, from 2005-2007, when she was in two episodes as Trudy, one of Ted’s many one-night stands. Her first appearance was in the episode that sparked a long-running gag and mystery called The Pineapple Incident.

McKellar has done plenty of work since then, including on the Netflix series Project MC2, as well as several television movies on Hallmark Channel. She has also written several books geared at getting young girls interested in math and science.

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Christine Persaud

How I Met Your Mother Fell Into The “Ross & Rachel” Trap

How I Met Your Mother vowed to stray away from the Ross Geller and Rachel Green trap from Friends, but they still fell into the plotline. How I Met Your Mother debuted one year after Friends‘ decade-long run came to a conclusion. The CBS series from Carter Bays and Craig Thomas aired for nine years and it seemed like the series was going to stay away from the “will they or won’t they” situation with Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), but that turned out not to be the case.

One of the most memorable aspects of Friends was the lingering question about whether Ross and Rachel (David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, respectively) would end up together. It remained a major plotline throughout the series after introducing the notion that Ross harbored feelings for Rachel from a young age. Over the course of the show, Ross and Rachel had a complicated on-again-off-again relationship that also featured a drunken marriage, divorce, and having a child together.

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When How I Met Your Mother was kicking off, the show’s creators worried that the new show would constantly be squared up to Friends, especially when it came to the relationships. To nip that, it was revealed in the pilot that Ted had feelings for Robin but she was not the mysterious “Mother” character. This seemed to cement Robin as a platonic friend, but things changed. Ted and Robin still had an on-again-off-again relationship throughout the series, eventually getting together one final time in the series finale.

Despite the early decision revealing that Robin wasn’t the love that Ted was looking for, the characters still fell into a Ross and Rachel situation. Ted and Robin entered a relationship by the end of How I Met Your Mother season 1. The pair broke up toward the back-end of the following season but after that, there was a bit of back and forth between the two characters. Even though the series claimed that Robin wasn’t the Mother, How I Met Your Mother still spent a lot of time teasing the fate of their relationship just as Friends did with Ross and Rachel.

The timing never seemed to match for Ross and Rachel, but the series finale brought the two together for the long-term. How I Met Your Mother, on the other hand, spent its final season introducing the Mother, Tracy McConnell. Then in a shocking turn of events, it revealed that Tracy had passed away and Ted found his way back to Robin in the end. The initial “will they or won’t they” vibe was justified since How I Met Your Mother still found its way into the trap whether the viewers supported the relationship or not.

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Kara Hedash

How I Met Your Mother: 10 Worst Supporting Characters

For nine years, fans had followed the life of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and his friends. They watched Robin (Cobie Smulders) become the best news reporter in the world. They saw Ted become a successful architect and even Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) sow his wild oats as he found out he had a daughter. However, they had faced many opponents to get there.

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There have been many guest stars that have appeared on How I Met Your Mother, but only a few have left a lasting (and bad) impression. Whether it is their personalities or how they treat our favorite characters, here are the 10 worst supporting characters, ranked.

10 Jerome Whittaker

Played by John Lithgow, Jerome was first introduced to the show as Barney’s fun “Uncle Jerry”. However, fans were in for a shock when the episode “Natural History” revealed that he was Barney’s father. Although he was reluctant at first, Barney reached out to Jerome after Marshall’s father died.

However, it still took a while for the father-son relationship to be repaired. Barney struggled to come to terms with Jerome’s new family and why he wasn’t a “lame suburban dad” for him. Barney was also hurt when Jerome refused to answer his letters or calls. Even though they are on better terms now, it was hard to watch Barney struggle with the rejection.

9 Gael

Portrayed by Enrique Iglesias, Gael was introduced in season 3 as Robin’s rebound lover. After her break-up with Ted, Robin fled to Argentina to find herself. Here, she engaged in a romance with the masseuse Gael, who she then brought back to New York.

However, once Robin was out of vacation mode, fans saw how annoying Gael was. Although attentive, he was lazy; he would sit around her apartment doing nothing all day, invited his traveling friends to stay at her apartment without asking permission and did not contribute to her rent. He was a complete freeloader.

8 Sandy Rivers

Fans will easily remember Sandy as the guy was a total sleazeball. Portrayed by Alexis Denisof, Sandy was Robin’s co-anchor at Metro News 1 and World Wide News. He would often harass the women in the workplace, particularly Robin, trying to seduce them at any opportunity he got.

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He also began to ostracize Robin when she joined World Wide News, mocking and embarrassing her in front of their colleagues with stories from the past. Her colleagues advise her to go along with it because Sandy would only get worse if she didn’t. It is implied that his indiscretions catch up on him as a scandal sees him run to Russia.

7 Simon Tremblay

Played by James Van De Beek, Simon was another supporting character who was the absolute worst. Introduced as Robin’s ex-boyfriend, Simon proved to be a jerk as he treated the news anchor terribly when they were dating. On two separate occasions, Simon dumped Robin for Louise Marsh because she had better materialistic things.

Fans later find out that Simon was getting married to Louise, which led to Robin stealing their wedding cake out of spite. It’s not as if he didn’t deserve it after everything he put her through. She deserved better than this shallow man.

6 Hammond Druthers

Hammond had to be one of the most annoying characters on the show. Portrayed by Bryan Cranston, Druthers was Ted’s rude and arrogant boss that used to bully his co-workers into agreeing with his demands. When the clients preferred Ted’s plans over his, Druthers continued to act out and treat Ted harshly.

Although Druthers attempted to make it up to Ted, fans still can’t forgive him for his lack of appreciation when Ted took him in. Ted gave him a roof to sleep under after finding him sleeping in the office; he also supported him through the divorce. How can someone be so cruel after that? He deserved to be fired for his insubordination.

5 Bilson

It would be a miracle if fans can find anyone who likes the character, Bilson. Played by Brian Callen, Bilson worked at the Goliath National Bank with Marshall (Jason Segel) and Barney. He is proven to be a jerk to all his colleagues, bullying Marshall about his relationship with Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and shutting down all of Ted’s ideas.

Fans may remember him best for creating the phrase, “Steak Sauce” – a quip that means something is good. The brutish, misogynistic attitude is one that is most off-putting elements that it’s no wonder a chair was thrown at him for the way he disrespects his colleagues.

4 Clint

Did anyone like Clint? Portrayed by Harry Groener, Clint was introduced in season 5 as Ted’s stepfather. He was quite eccentric and free-spirited, often heard protesting about Christmas and gender stereotypes. However, the guy liked to invade personal boundaries and had a terrible temper.

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When Marshall and Daphne stay at Ted’s mother’s house for the night, Clint wants to help resolve the tension between the two (“The Lighthouse”). When they turn him down, Clint sneaks into their car in case they change their minds. Marshall then leaves him on the side of the road after he becomes angry at them for mocking him. If Clint kept his nose out of everyone else’s business when asked, he would be more likable.

3 Zoey Pierson

Zoey was introduced to the show in season 6 as an activist who is out to get Ted. Portrayed by Jennifer Morrison, Zoey proved to be a chip on Ted’s shoulder as she protested against the destruction of the old Arcadian building. She would turn up in his architecture class to goad him and also manipulated him to confess his hatred for his client.

Although the pair soon embarked on the relationship, fans knew it wouldn’t last. Ted and Zoey continued to clash over his architectural dream, with the activist breaking up with him for not saving the building. We all appreciated the significance of the building for her, but it was pointless to save it as it proved to be a health and safety hazard. It just seemed petty to try and ruin Ted’s career.

2 Scooter

Scooter was first introduced in season 1 as Lily’s high school sweetheart, who has an unnatural obsession with the art consultant. Portrayed by David Burtka, he appears to be a kind and sensitive guy who just wants to make Lily happy. However, he appears more stalkerish as the seasons go on.

Scooter turns up at Lily and Marshall’s wedding, planning to ask the bride to run away with him. When that plan doesn’t work, he gets a job in the school cafeteria where she works in an attempt to get closer to her. Eventually, an older Ted reveals that he married Lily’s doppelgänger, Jasmine. There comes a point when his obsession goes from endearing to creepy.

1 Stella Zinman

Played by Sarah Chalke, Stella Zinman was Ted’s dermatologist and first introduced to the show in season 3. She was seen as Ted’s love interest, meeting the series’ protagonist after he requests she remove her butterfly tattoo. The couple soon become engaged at the beginning of season 4.

However, the couple split as Stella ditches Ted at their wedding to reunite with her ex, Tony (Jason Jones). To make matters worse, Tony makes a movie called The Wedding Bride, which is based on the love triangle between the three. He portrays Ted in a negative light, making him out to be a villain. The fact that Stella had no objections about the story proves she didn’t care much for Ted.

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Kayleigh Banks

How I Met Your Mother’s Theme Song Promotes The Creators’ Band

In addition to creating How I Met Your Mother, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas had a steady side gig by playing in a band called The Solids, and viewers of the sitcom were very familiar with one of their biggest hits since it served as the theme song for How I Met Your Mother. As is the case with many bands who’ve had their songs play as themes on major shows, The Solids surely benefited from the song’s use in the comedy series.

The song used in the opening credits of How I Met Your Mother was titled “Hey Beautiful.” A 12-second clip of the tune played while a montage of character photos flashed on the screen. The actual song contained a number of verses but the series used the repetitive ending, “Pa pa pa pa, pa pa pa pa…pa pa, da da da da, da da da da da….” as the section in the credits. Many viewers never realized that it was a part of a legitimate song, let alone one from the creators of the series.

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Aside from Bays and Thomas, The Solids also included Patrick Butler and C.C. DePhil when the band formed in 1996. The group originated in Middletown, CT, since they all met while studying at Wesleyan University, the school that was attended by Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen, and Lily Aldrin in How I Met Your Mother. Before the creation of the sitcom and its theme song, The Solids became popular when their song, “The Future Is Now”, was used for the credits on Fox’s Oliver Beane. Another song, “Clowns Like Candy”, was heard in an episode of NBC’s Ed. How I Met Your Mother became a major success and it not only helped Bays and Thomas in the world of TV, it helped give their band a lot of exposure as well.

The theme song played a role in multiple episodes of How I Met Your Mother outside of the opening credits sequence. In the season 6 episode “Hopeless, ,Barney told his father that he and his friends were in a band and a video of the cast was shown as they played the sitcom’s theme song, “Hey Beautiful”. Then in the season 7 episode “46 Minutes”, Barney tried to replace Lily and Marshall with Stripper Lily and her boyfriend. A Russian version of the opening song played with a deep voice and featured the replacement characters. Lastly, in the season 9 episode “Bedtime Stories”, Marshall had trouble getting Marvin to sleep, and at one point, a music-box version of “Hey Beautiful” could be heard playing.

As of now, The Solids are still performing as a band. Bays, Thomas, and Butler are still involved, but Josh Suniewick and Doug Derryberry have since joined them. The power-pop band recently played in New York City in March and June 2019. They currently have plans to play at Madison Square Garden in a date that has yet to be determined, as well as a gig on New Year’s Eve. The Solids continue to embrace their connection to How I Met Your Mother by advertising the fact that they still perform the theme song.

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