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While the main characters from the hit anime series Naruto may now be grown-up with their own kids who feature in the sequel series Boruto, fans of the original show will never forget its action-packed scenes and engaging story-arcs.  Plus, the interpersonal drama between the characters often created several love triangles.


Now at its core, a love triangle involves three or more people with at least two people sharing a romantic connection.  Though in the case of Naruto, a lot of its love triangles tended to be one-sided often leading to comedic and even tragic events. As Naruto is not a rom-com, some of these 10 love triangles are based on fan speculation.

10 Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko

Consisting of several criminals from different ninja villages, the Akatsuki is considered to be one of the more notorious groups in the Naruto universe.  However, this group came about due to a series of tragedies beginning with three orphans named Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko.

Though it’s unclear whether any of them were romantically connected or not, some fans on Reddit have theorized there might have been something between Konan and Yahiko at least.  But even if there was, it never fully blossomed due to Yahiko’s tragic death and Nagato using his corpse to assume the role of Pain.

9 Madara, Hashirama, and Mito

Rivalries play a big role in Naruto’s storylines, and nowhere is this more clear than in the rivalry between the two men who founded Konoha Village.  Meeting during a tumultuous time when ninja clans fought each other for dominance, Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju were both enemies and like-minded friends who fought for peace.

So into this equation came Mito Uzumaki, a relative of Naruto’s who married Hashirama and became the first host (aka Jinchūriki) of the Nine-Tailed Fox demon. While there is no evidence of romantic interest between Mito and Madara, that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing such a connection.

8 Ino, Shikamaru, and Temari

One of the most common tropes in anime is when two people who don’t like each other secretly have romantic feelings. So, in regard to Team 10’s Ino Yamanaka and Shikamaru Nara, who didn’t seem romantically interested in one another, it was certainly a possible direction for their relationship to go in.


In the end, though, Shikamaru ended up with another girl who initially didn’t like him named Temari.  From the Sand and Konoha Village respectively, Temari and Shikamaru’s relationship became symbolic of the peace their villages would share following the tragedy at the end of the Chūnin Exams story-arc where Konoha’s leader the Third Hokage died.

7 Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Dan

Along with Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Tsunade were considered to be Konoha’s greatest ninjas during the Second Shinobi War before Orochimaru’s betrayal.  Now even though Jiraiya’s a notorious flirt, he shows great respect for Tsunade which might imply stronger romantic feelings toward her.

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Whether Tsunade reciprocated these feelings or not is unclear especially in the wake of the tragedies that befell those closest to her. Namely, the deaths of her brother Nawaki and lover Dan, which almost made her strike a deal with Orochimaru to bring them back. Additionally, Jiraiya’s death took away the possibility of a relationship between him and Tsunade.

6 Karin, Sakura, and Sasuke

During the middle portion of Naruto: Shippuden, which was the second half of the original series, Sasuke Uchiha was branded a criminal by the Konoha village for not only siding with Orochimaru but also the Akatsuki organization. Yet despite this, Sasuke’s former teammate Sakura Haruno retained her romantic feelings for him.

Around the same time, Sasuke had gained several followers, including Karin. One of Orochimaru’s wards, Karin was secretly in love with Sasuke after he spared her during the Chūnin Exams.  However, Sasuke rewarded Karin’s devotion by nearly killing her during a hostage situation.  Ironically, though, Karin was saved by Sakura and would later help deliver Sakura’s daughter Sarada prior to the events of Boruto.

5 Obito, Rin, and Kakashi

For most of Naruto’s runtime, Team 7’s mentor Kakashi Hatake remained an attractive enigma given how little we knew about him. Then later in the series, we learned about his former teammates Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara.

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Much like Team 7, there was a one-sided love triangle going on between all three of them. While Obito had romantic feelings for Rin, she was more interested in Kakashi. This came to an end following the apparent death of Obito (though he actually survived) and Rin sacrificing herself by Kakashi’s own hand.

4 Naruto, Rock Lee, and Sakura

As funny as it is seeing a guy chase after a girl who has no romantic interest in him whatsoever, it’s even funnier when there are two guys involved. This was briefly the case for Naruto Uzumaki and Rock Lee, who both had feelings for Sakura, despite the fact that she wasn’t interested in either of them.

Though this love triangle started in the Chūnin Exams, it never really manifested afterward. With that said, both boys still retained their romantic interest in Sakura until their adult lives when they married other girls.

3 Ino, Sakura, and Sasuke

When it comes to Shōnen anime series, they tend to be aimed at young boys. So more often than not, we tend to get love triangles where two girls are in love with the same boy.

This was certainly the case for Sakura and Ino, who started off as friends when they were children but then became bitter rivals over their affection for Sasuke (despite becoming friends again later).  Eventually, Ino found a new attraction in the form of Sai, who took Sasuke’s place in Team 7 during Naruto: Shippuden, and eventually married him.

2 Hinata, Naruto, and Sakura

In addition to male-centered love triangles, Shōnen anime tended to have ones where a shy girl secretly likes a boy who isn’t aware of her affection and is busy trying to flirt with another girl that doesn’t care about him whatsoever. We see this trope played out perfectly with Hinata Hyūga in her secret affection for Naruto while he was trying to impress Sakura who kept rejecting his advances.

This all changed in Naruto: Shippuden when Hinata confessed her love for Naruto during his fight with Pain, leading Naruto to show more consideration for Hinata in the future. Then Naruto married Hinata some years later and they had two children, which included the title hero of Boruto.

1 Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke

Among the many things that made Naruto appealing as an anime series, we were invested in the dynamic between the members of Team 7 which included the title hero his rival Sasuke and main love-interest Sakura. Yet, this was a classic one-sided love triangle. Naruto liked Sakura but she was in love with Sasuke, who at the time seemed indifferent to her.

Their relationships were tested countless times throughout the show and its sequel Naruto: Shippuden, with Sasuke’s betrayal and Naruto’s promise to bring him back for Sakura leading to several major confrontations. In the end, they overcame these obstacles with their bonds renewed as comrades and, in the case of Sakura and Sasuke, strengthened as lovers.


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Naruto: Every Major Clan Ranked, From Weakest To Strongest

In the world of Naruto, every ninja has their own special way of doing things. However, oftentimes their skillset heavily relies on their clan. Though no two ninja are exactly the same, most all shinobi clans have certain skills, abilities, and preferences. Some are specific, others just happen to be their style. For example, the Uchiha clan is the only one with the Sharingan, but their love for fire and lightning abilities is hardly exclusive.

While all clans have some sort of talent, few rise above the others and become revered. Throughout Naruto, various clans feuded over different topics like land, power, and simple hatred. Specific groups, such as the Uzumaki and Senju, earn respect through generations of powerful ninja continuing on their bloodlines.

There can only be one best clan, though. This universe consists of countless strong ninja, but a few clans are in a different league. With all the powerful families around, clan strength is an important matter. Especially when the Shinobi are so prone to war.

Here is Every Major Clan Ranked, From Weakest To Strongest.

25 Iburi

One of the most unique clan abilities comes form the Iburi. This family can turn into smoke at a moment’s notice. However, there is a serious flaw: they don’t have completely control over it. Worse, if they randomly turn into smoke and the wind separates their body too much, they will lose their life. Going outside in any way is a serious danger for them.

Even though their power is distinct and they are a definitive clan, the conditions of their abilities makes them a danger to themselves. These poor people struggle to live a normal life. In one of Orochimaru’s more helpful moments, applying curse marks to each member let them regulate their power. However, they still rely on this to stay safe.

24 Lee

Throughout Naruto, the shinobi make it very clear that it’s nigh impossible to become an effective ninja without ninjutsu. Considering the Lee clan has none, it easily makes them one of the weakest family in Konoha. However, Rock Lee wasn’t deterred. With only taijutsu at his disposal, he wanted to become a shinobi at any cost. After all, he risked his life in surgery to continue his training.

With Rock Lee, the Lee clan’s power changed drastically. Between him and his son, there is honor and strength  in their blood. However, before them, their family hardly measures up. Furthermore, no matter their achievements, they still can’t perform ninjutsu. They still never could reach the power levels of ninja clans with such abilities.

23 Kagetsu

Once upon a time, the Kagetsu clan was a family of simple, happy herb farmers. However, they eventually became a wealthy, serious people. Money changed them quite a bit, souring all their moods and making their family dynamic tragically different. The patriarch of the family was so desperate to make his clan happier that he willingly faked his own end. He hoped it would put a smile of his grandchildren’s face. The fake-loss brought the family back together, making them all the stronger.

While they aren’t a ninja clan, their copious wealth still makes them a powerful and influential group in the world.

22 Wagarashi

For many years, the Wagarashi and Wasabi clans have been battling for control over the Land of Tea. While the Wasabi clan tries to keep things above books, the Wagarashi are willing to do anything to claim what’s rightfully theirs. Naruto and friends are put in serious danger because of their deals with Amegakure, an infamously merciless mercenary village.

This clan definitely has a lot of power and money, but so many sneaky dealings and under-handed plots have tainted them. Over time, they’ve become the bad guys in a turf war. A turf war that they have lost and may never win again.

21 Wasabi

In the Land of Tea, no shinobi village exists to bring order. Ergo, instead the main village is run by two warring familes, the Wasabi and Wagarashi clans. While neither is above paying for outside help, the Wasabi pay for protection while the Wagarashi pay for assassins. They both do more than just fair and equal combat, but the Wasabi are more honorable about it all.

For their people’s benefit, the clans decided to battle for power in a race, instead of causing undue bloodshed. Taking in orphans and wanting best for their people, the Wasabi clan is wealthy in money and leadership skills.

The Land of Tea is at its best under their rule.

20 Hoshigaki

Most of the time, clans in Naruto have signature looks, but nothing to do with their specializations. The Hoshigaki clan is not one of those. Every member of this family, in some way, has gills and shark-like features. Their most infamous member, Kisame, joined the Akatsuki and caused havoc across several lands. Not only did he have gills, but sharp teeth and fish skin. If fans didn’t know better, he’d easily pass for a bizarre Orochimaru experiment.

These people, some of Kirigakure’s more violent members, love battle and competition. Even generations later, when Kirigakure is more peaceful, Shizuma Hoshigaki tries to cause more combat and trouble in the now-peaceful village.

19 Fuma

Across all of the Land of Fire, the Fuma clan is a revered and masterful group of ninja. Other shinobi know this clan for their warrior nature and their signature, giant Fuma Shuriken that they wear on their backs. Though initially this giant shuriken used to be unique to the Fuma, it has spread across the nation.

As shuriken-lovers, the Fuma are master projectile users and blades-man. They know how to use their tools in battle better than most anyone else.

Considering a Fuma member contended against Jiraiya in a fight and was good enough to become a Path of Pain, they aren’t a family to trifle with. The Fuma clan is aggressive and powerful.

18 Tsuchigumo

Running their own village, the Tsuchigumo clan prides themselves in self-sufficiency. By the Third Shinobi War, though, they tired of getting caught in the crossfires. Their leader devised a technique to destroy entire villages, giving them the proper firepower to protect themselves. However, he promised to forbid the jutsu if Konoha protected them under any circumstance. The Third Hokage (understandably) agreed.

Unfortunately, the Tsuchigumo technique eventually put the village in danger. A gang planned on using the ninja embedded with the ability, Hotaru, to destroy her own village. While they didn’t succeed, Hotaru chose to let the technique end with her.

Tsuchigumo clan, innovative and strong, needed to find another way to protect themselves.

17 Inuzuka

As one of the more unique ninja clans, the Inuzuka are proficient warriors because of their bonded relationships with their dogs. Not only do they become strong ninja, but they raise impressive and intimidating Ninken. When an Inuzuka member comes of age, they are given their own dog(s) to raise. This becomes their constant companion, learning ninja skills and combo moves to become the best shinobi team they can be.

While Kiba is the Inuzuka fans know best, his mother and sister are also powerful and respected shinobi. They helped resolve the Fourth shinobi war alongside all other Konoha ninja.

For their own strengths and their practical dog-breeding abilities, they are an important clan in their village.

16 Karatachi

When under the wrong circumstances, power and jinchuriki influence can make a monster out of anyone. During Kirigakure’s worst times, when children were forced to battle in bloody combat, Yagura Karatachi rose to power. Not only was he incredibly strong but also ruthless. With the Three-Tailed Beast in him, any opposing him rarely stood a chance. Though the Akatsuki ended his life, the ramifications of his actions rippled through the village for years.

His grandson, Kagura, is young but shinobi already know him as a genius ninja. He’s proficient in direct combat, swordsmanship, and out-witting opponents. However, he does all he can to have a very different reputation than his grandfather.

Despite their disturbing darkness, the Karatachi are an undoubtedly powerful people.

15 Kurama

Not all clans’ power levels are good, though. The Kurama clan is an otherwise unremarkable group, save the ninja born every few generations that is more powerful than the rest of the clan combined. This gift (or curse) gives the ninja in question the ability to warp their world into complex illusions. They can even end a person’s life with illusions. Unfortunately, the drawback is that they will have little control over the ability, which can make emotional outbursts extremely dangerous. Even their mind acknowledges the power, oftentimes creating a secondary personality to regulate the ninja’s powers.

When Yakumo Kurama’s alter personality became malicious, she fatally wounded her parents and harmed several shinobi. No ninja should ever underestimate the most powerful Kurama clan members.

14 Hatake

Any clan that has the mysterious and impressive Kakashi in it, of course, is powerful. However, Kakashi and his father were the only known ninja family members. Otherwise, the Hatake clan didn’t take part in shinobi ways, at least not enough for others to notice them.

Of course, Sakumo and his son changed that. They became two of the most famed ninja in shinobi history. Kakashi even became Hokage, much to his chagrin.

Though the father-son duo were outliers, their power alone raises the Hatake clan’s strength status far higher than it should be. No one can call Konoha’s White Fang or Kakashi of Sharingan weak.

13 Yamanaka

Of all the Shika-Ino-Cho members, the Yamanaka clan is arguably the weakest. Not because they aren’t powerful, but because their abilities work best with a team and are harder to use without comrades around. After all, the user’s body is safer if their friends protect it while they possess an enemy ninja’s mind.

However, with a team, the Yamanaka powers can become an ace in the hole against unsuspecting foes.

With such rich family history as protective shinobi, the Yamanaka clan are always prepared to do what their village asks. Also, they have a flower shop. Who wouldn’t admire a clan with diversified assets?

12 Hurano

While the Hurano family isn’t exactly a big clan, the members of its family are too important not to mention. Both Kizashi and his daughter Sakura are powerful ninja that make great contributions to Konoha. In another life, Kizashi could have become Hokage. Meanwhile, Sakura became one of the strongest medical-nin to ever exist, between her own chakra prowess and her teachings from Tsunade.

Furthermore, though her daughter classifies as an Uchiha, Sakura did raise an immensely powerful and intelligent ninja. Sarada doesn’t just impress because of her Uchiha blood, but also because of her Hurano discipline and intelligence.

Though the group doesn’t have many members, the Hurano line created enough of an impact to earn rank as a powerful clan.

11 Akimichi

In the early days of Naruto, Choji turned into the long-running fat joke, that kid who just likes eating. However, when part of the Konoha 11 go to retrieve Sasuke from the Sound 4, he shows he’s much more than just eating. Even better, his love for food is actually important to his strength. The Akimichi clan may act like jolly eating machines, but they rely on calories to power their ninja abilities.

Choji, his father, and his daughter Chocho (along with all their ancestors) use their caloric intake as fuel to give them impressive body-changing powers. Between contributing to the Shika-Ino-Cho triad and packing quite a punch, they are an impressive clan that deserves recognition.

10 Raikage

The people of Kumogakure can be odd at times (see Killer B, the rapping ninja,) but they are powerful and intense. Not only do they harness lightning, but they also house the violent Eight-Tailed Beast. Their customs are a bit bizarre, naming their children things like A and B, but they are strong protectors. After all, they dedicate themselves to leading and guarding all the people in their land.

Fans may never fully understand this unique clan, but they cannot deny their powers. Killer B is one of a very few people who can face off against Naruto. They raise their children resilient and fearless, in battle or while performing.

9 Aburame

Though the Aburame clan may make some people a little squeamish, no one can deny their power. With a symbiotic relationship to bugs, they can control mass swarms with a flick of their wrists. For an onlooker, that can be pretty overwhelming. During his time as a genin, Shino impressed others with his innate abilities and intelligence.

Having bug powers makes being a teacher even easier, too. Shino hardly struggles with keeping an eye on them.

Throughout Naruto, fans don’t get to learn nearly enough about the Aburame clan. However, from what they do know, they are intelligent ninja that pack quite a punch.

8 Nara

There are quite a few well-revered clans in Konoha, and few are known for their missions skills as the Nara clan. Not only are they proficient in shadow manipulation, but they also are strategic geniuses. Even at their laziest, they are always several steps ahead. Furthermore, they are apart of the famed Shika-Ino-Cho trio, a team that traverses several generations. Shikadai leads his, as did his father Shikamaru, and his father Shikaku.

Konoha wouldn’t be the same without their clan abilities. Tactical experts aren’t easy to come by in a world full of hot-heads. The Nara clan members are natural leaders who make the ninja around them all the better.

7 Kazekage

While the Kazekage family could use a lesson or two on parenting, they do raise intimidating and powerful ninja. Gaara horrified any ninja that met him. His sand powers, boosted by his jinchuriki status, were unlike anything many people knew. However, his siblings were no slouches. Temari could destroy dozens with her fan maneuvers and Kankuro deceptively tricked others with his clever puppets.

Despite the family instabilities, it’s clear they have inherent strength. Any child from their family is destined to find their own, unique powers.

If only they didn’t have such aggressive tendencies. And, of course, a flair for deception. Though they’ve improved greatly, they still have a long way to go.

6 Sarutobi

Until the Third Hokage, the role fell to members of the Senju clan. When both men lost their lives, though, their friend Hiruzen took over the job. Powerful in his own right, the young Sarutobi became an honored and beloved leader. Not only was he proficient working with earth releases and also working in tandem with his summoned ape friend, Enma.

From Hiruzen came a line of ninja dedicated to Konoha. They didn’t have the flashiest powers, but they were efficient and intelligent. As a mere child, his grandson Konohamaru was already working on transformation jutsu. Between them, Asuma, and Mirai, there are few ninja clans more diligent and innately loyal to Konoha.

5 Uzumaki

Fans could never discuss powerful clans without mentioning the iconic Uzumaki. Not only did they lead to Naruto Uzumaki, Kurama’s host and the Seventh Hokage. This clan was known for not only their intense chakra reserves but also for being the infamous Nine-Tailed Fox’s jinchuriki. Their oldest known member, Mito Uzumaki, was the beautiful and impressive wife of Hashirama Senju. She was the first to save her city from Kurama, but not the last.

While the previous bold red hair may be extremely rare now, Naruto and Boruto carry the name proudly. They may not be Uchiha levels of overall power, but they’ve created some powerful ninja over the years that have changed Konoha for the better.

4 Hyuga

Though the Hyuga clan starts off mysterious and vague, over time fans learn how truly powerful they can be. When their clan power is so coveted that they curse most all family members, there’s genuine and fearsome power there. Neji showed off the damage even a young Hyuga can do during his time in the Chunin Exams. In the years afterwards, he and Hinata only continue to show off that strength.

While there are more powerful eyes out there, the Hyuga’s Byakugan succeeds as a catch-all ability that can make anyone a stronger healer, scout, combatant, and more. The Byakugan is not something to take lightly, as its versatility is invaluable. Every member of the family is intense and powerful in their own way.

3 Otsutsuki

A long time ago, Kaguya Otsutsuki came to earth to devour the planet. Instead, she fell in love with a human. Though the planet ultimately did not suit her, her children passed on the ninja abilities that would become commonplace centuries later.

As the literal birth-family of ninja, the Otsutsuki clan are powerful. While they can be outmaneuvered and outnumbered, their raw power is unmatched. They may not have some of the powerful Kekkei Genkai of other clans, mutated over time, but they are still the source. Any member of this clan is a fierce foe. All ninja should fear their natural prowess in battle.

2 Senju

When the first Hokage hails from a certain clan, of course that family will be very powerful. Before Konoha was created, the area had two particular warring clans: The Senju and the Uchiha.  Haunted by losing family members to war and in-fighting, Hashirama Senju decided to create a village where ninja could learn and live in peace.

As direct descendants of Asura Otsutsuki, they control one of the purest bloodlines to the source of ninja abilities. Specializing in wood release, healing, and possessing strong chakra, they are an impressive family. Both the First and Fifth Hokage were of Senju blood. Not only do they have inherent powers, but they have honor and dedication that makes then even stronger.

1 Uchiha

While fans can go on and on about the Naruto and Sasuke debate, there’s no debate when it comes to overall clan strength. The Uchiha clan is by far the most powerful. The Sharingan alone gives them base abilities beyond most ninja. With that power comes an even more dangerous volatility, the Uchiha Curse. Their capacity for hatred is terrible.

Though they can become intimidatingly powerful, their best abilities come at a high cost. For example, the Mangekyo Sharingan is only activated by the user witnessing the passing of someone close to them. Worse, the eye only stabilizes by taking the eye of a fellow Uchiha. Horrible, huh?

Despite this, they still have the greatest capacity for power, making them the strongest clan in Naruto.

Are there any more powerful Naruto clans that should have been ranked? Let us know in the comments below!

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Where Do The Naruto Movies Fall In The Series Timeline?

Figuring out where the Naruto movies fall within the series timeline can be tricky without a little homework, so here’s the correct order. Naruto is based on the popular manga series by Masashi Kishimoto and follows the title character as he trains to become a ninja. The anime adaptation followed the manga’s structure by splitting the saga in two; part one focused on Naruto’s pre-teen years while part two jumps ahead in time to the character’s teenage adventures.

The first series of Naruto arrived in 2002 in Japan and would run for 220 episodes, while sequel series Naruto: Shippuden would first air in 2007 and would last an epic 500 episodes before ending. The show ranks alongside the likes of Dragon Ball and Bleach in popularity and it spawned a series of eleven Naruto movies that were produced alongside the show.

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The franchise continued on with the adventures of Naruto’s son Boruto and a live-action Naruto movie is being developed by The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey. While fans wait for Naruto to be adapted into a potential blockbuster series, they might want to revisit the animated movie spinoffs. While watching the movies isn’t strictly necessary to enjoy the show, some fans might be curious where they fall within the timeline.

The first three Naruto movies follow the timeline of the original series, while the last eight take place within the continuity of Naruto: Shippuden. The first movie, 2004s’s Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow, fits between episodes 101 and 102 of the original show, while Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel comes after 160. The final entry was the lukewarm Guardians Of The Crescent Moon Kingdom, which is set after episode 196.

The timeline with later movies is a little fuzzy, however, so a little guesswork is involved. Naruto Shippuden The Movie from 2007 comes after episode 32 of the sequel series, while 2008’s Bonds is roughly after episode 70. Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Will Of Fire is after episode 121 and The Lost Tower follows episode 143. The order of Blood Prison is a topic of debate among fans, mainly due to events in the story being confusing, but it likely falls somewhere after episode 220.

Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie is also unclear in terms of chronology, but it appears to come after episode 250 and the fittingly titled The Last finds Naruto and his friends trying to stop the moon hitting the Earth and comes before episode 495. Buruto: Naruto The Movie from 2015 then follows Naruto’s son on new adventures. The order of the Naruto movies, especially the later entries, is up for debate among franchise fans, but most of them are best enjoyed when detached from strict continuity.

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10 Naruto Fan Theories Better Than What We Got

Regardless of how much you may have loved Naruto, odds are that there are some things that you would have changed about the final season or two or the seasons. It’s equally like that there are just as many changes preferred, if not more, for Boruto.

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Some fan made theories ended up being better than what was actually provided to us – sadly not an uncommon trend in longstanding series. Here’s a list of some of the most entertaining and well thought out ones. There certainly isn’t any shortage to dig through.

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10 Naruto Shippuden Should Have Ended After the Pain Fight

First fan theory isn’t technically a theory, but a preference. Naruto ended after Sasuke bailed and left for Orochimaru’s team. The series then picked up again as Naruto: Shippuden. It jumped ahead a few years – giving everyone a chance to age and progress. It also allowed the series to age with its fans.

Imagine what would have happened if they had done the same thing after the Pain fight, the series had once again concluded. It would have given them a chance to reset some things, and once again allowed characters to catch up with the audience. They easily could have picked up the series under a new title. It worked well before, so reason stands that the fans would follow it once again.

9 Karin Was Brainwashed by Orochimaru

So this theory doesn’t actually pertain to the conclusion of the series or anything like that, but it’s still a good one. The theory is that Karin was actually brainwashed by Orochimaru, instead of actually being in love with Sasuke. Yes, we know that she was more obsessed with the way his abilities felt than anything else, but it was still creepy and obsessive.

This theory makes a lot more sense, and it fits in better too. For one thing, it’s absolutely something that Orochimaru would have done, for a number of different reasons (one of which being simply that he could). The other reason is that Karin has the ability to heal, but due to the way she heals, she will only do it for people she cares for. Having her care for Sasuke means that Orochimaru’s future body is kept safe. If she was brainwashed instead of truly in love, that conditioning would transfer over when he finally took over the body.

8 Yamato’s True Heritage

This is another one of those theories that have never really been confirmed – so we can only assume that it isn’t true. Even while we hope that it is. The theory about Yamato is that we actually do know his heritage, or at least who his mother is.

Yamato was orphaned at a young age, and he never actually names his parents, implying that he didn’t know who they were. He was taken by Orochimaru and experimented on, eventually adding Hashirama’s DNA to the mix. Yamato was one of the only children that survived this process, leaving us to wonder if there’s a reason for it.

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What if Yamato was actually Tsunade’s son? She came and went quite frequently, and the ages are right. Her bloodline would possibly be enough to increase Yamato’s resistance, since it would naturally be a part of him to begin with.

7 A Different Balance

One thing we see again and again when looking through the fans theories is that Naruto and Sasuke should not have been made equals for the final fight. It made little sense to reduce Naruto, the lead character, to a lower ability set simply for the sake of matching Sasuke’s strength.

We can all understand what Kishimoto was trying to do here with iconic matching, but the truth of the matter is that it just fell flat. So much work had already gone into bringing Naruto up, so it was upsetting to see him torn down. Many fan theories out there suggest a form of rebalancing, where Naruto is closer to the power scale he had been at, resulting in no loss. As a bonus, it would hopefully have taught Sasuke some humility.

6 Naruto Dies

Realistically no fan would have actually been happy with Naruto’s death, but bear with us here. One fan theory posits that Naruto doesn’t survive the final battle. The Reddit user cited Kishimoto’s commentary on the possibility of Sasuke becoming Hokage as their reasoning.

There was one dramatic moment during the fight against Madara where we were all sincerely concerned about Naruto’s fate. What if he hadn’t survived that moment – though something else would have to happen first, to allow some closure to fans. From there Sasuke steps up and wins the battle. Seeing Naruto die was the final driving force to get Sasuke to take care of his village, and thus he eventually becomes Hokage.

5 Short But Sweet

One fan theory out there is really more of a gag than a theory, but it’s still worth mentioning, for its brevity if nothing else. Reddit user Athroes theorizes that it was all a dream, and no, we’re not talking about a post-Madara fight here.

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This one is short enough to quote directly: “Naruto dreamed everything and wakes up after napping in class. Iruka-sensei gives Naruto a surprise test, Naruto fails and can never become a ninja. The End.” If that actually happened the fans would riot, and we all know that. However, given the quality of some of the material we’ve been given, it’s hard not to sympathize with the sentiment.

4 Naruto Gets the Rinnegan

This theory has been debunked again and again, but fans sure loved it at the time. The theory was that Naruto would (somehow) get the Rinnegan, thus bringing a balance between him and Sasuke for the final fight. There were plenty of other ways to balance out the two characters, though admittedly the iconic matching for this theory is strong.

There are a lot of problems with this theory, of course. One of the problems being that Naruto doesn’t have the prerequisite DNA to make it work. But you can’t argue that it wouldn’t have been better, or at least more interesting, than what we were actually given.

3 Jiraiya’s Alive

This theory stems from the Boruto series. The theory points out that Kashin Koji and Jiraiya look so similar that there’s a chance they’re one and the same person. Now, fans have been trying, quite desperately, for years to argue that Jiraiya is still alive. So this theory is really just a new iteration of the same thing.

To be fair, there are a lot of things in common between the two characters. Kashin Koji has lines under his mask – most notably around his eyes. These look very similar to the markings Jiraiya had. Additionally Kashin Koji also summons toads, and somehow keeps bringing up the Leaf Village in conversation. The more it goes on, the more it seems likely. However, nothing has been proven one way or the other. So for now we can only assume that Jiraiya has been lost.

2 Madara Won

Another fan theory floating around online actually argues that nothing we’ve seen after the fight against Madara is canon. By that I mean; none of it is actually happening. Instead, picture a world where Madara won, and everybody ended up in the dream world of his.

The argument is this; the heroes of Naruto are dedicated to winning the fight, right? So in their perfect dreamscape, they would merely continue the fight, not knowing that they’ve lost, and eventually ‘win’ said fight. All the events that follow that fight therefore were just their dreams continuing.

1 No Kaguya

This one is somewhat related to theory/wish number two. Many many fans wish that Kaguya never appeared and that Madara had been the final villain (win or lose). Her backstory was too rushed, and honestly it didn’t fit in well with the series.

Some fans will even go so far as to say that they don’t consider it canon beyond that point. Others simply haven’t watched that part of the series – knowing full well what they were in for thanks to the fans that read the manga.

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Cat Wyatt

Naruto: 20 Wild Things Sasuke Did Between Shippūden And Boruto

Of all of the main characters in the Naruto franchise, Sasuke Uchiha might be one of the most popular, despite the fact that he gets significantly less screen time than his Team 7 cohorts Naruto and Sakura. Perhaps this is why so many fans are interested in what he was doing in the years between Naruto Shippūden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

The time period between these two chapters of the franchise was just about a decade. A lot can happen in 10 years. The Naruto generation all grew up, launched their careers, and started families. Naruto himself became Konohagakure’s Seventh Hokage. Sasuke, the only one in his peer group to rival his power, seemed pretty satisfied with the way this shook out.

Of course, just because Sasuke didn’t do something like become the village kage in the gap years, also known amongst fans as the “Blank Period,” doesn’t mean he didn’t have plenty to do. Sasuke started a family of his own in between going on missions, visiting new countries, and trying to make up for the terrible things he did in his youth. In addition to starting a relationship with his biggest supporter, Sasuke also spent a lot of time saving lives in the shadows.

We’ve combed the manga, the light novels, and the anime to figure out as much as we could of what Sasuke was up to. Here are the 20 Wild Things Sasuke Did Between Shippūden And Boruto.

20 He Refused A Prosthetic Arm

When Naruto and Sasuke finally fought things out in their “final battle,” it was the culmination of years of build-up. The duo gave it their all, and in the end, both men lost an arm. Naruto eventually had a prosthetic made for himself, but Sasuke opted not to have one. Interestingly, before he left Konohagakure, Sakura pointed out that one was already being made for him. However, he didn’t want it.

There are a lot of theories about why he made that decision. What’s clear is that the lost arm reminds Sasuke of everything he and Naruto went through to get to that point. He learned how to use one-handed seals, and still accomplished plenty without both limbs.

19 He Left Konoha For Years At A Time

Following the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke spent a little time in Konoha’s prison for his actions. Defecting from the village and training with Orochimaru initially made him an enemy. His decision to help the shinobi world bought him some favor, though, and officials released him.

Instead of staying in his home village, he opted to travel throughout the shinobi world. He spent years away from his old home at a time. We know he returned at least twice over the course of the next decade. He returned during the events of The Last: Naruto The Movie, though it’s only briefly. Sasuke also returned to see Sakura at least once (though likely more than that).

18 He And Sakura Went On Their First Date

Sasuke has never been known for his people skills. Though he knew Sakura had a huge crush on him as a kid, he only referred to her as “annoying.” That didn’t necessarily mean he didn’t like her; he just never expressed his emotions well outside of anger.

That being said, fans never got to see the two of them pair up and go on dates. What we know about their dating history comes to us courtesy of a line from Ino Yamanaka in the Boruto series. She believed Sakura and Sasuke’s first date only lasted two and a half minutes. Sakura denied that what Ino talked about was even a date. More likely than not, it was a planned date, but the duo were interrupted and Sasuke left for another mission.

17 He Saved Hiashi Hyuga

During the events of The Last: Naruto The Movie, Hiashi Hyuga found himself attacked by Toneri just outside of Konoha. While Hiashi escaped, he didn’t make it all the way back to Konoha alone. That’s where Sasuke came in.

For some reason, Sasuke was pretty close to Konohagakure at the time. He and Hiashi happened to be on the same path. When Sasuke witnessed Hiashi collapse, he brought the older man back to the village. Of course, he didn’t stick around. It’s unclear just why Sasuke was so close to Konoha at the time since the movie occurs early during his traveling period, but perhaps he planned on paying the village a visit and changed his mind.

16 He Stopped A Meteor

After dropping Hiashi off in Konoha, Sasuke apparently didn’t get too far. He must have decided to stay close to home for a while because shortly after he had the chance to not only save Hiashi, but the entire village. Toneri’s plan in The Last involved the moon falling to Earth. Before his plan could be enacted fully, pieces fell to the planet’s surface, some of them heading straight for Konoha.

Luckily, Sasuke saw one very large meteor coming, and he managed to destroy it all by himself. He probably would have been a great asset on the rescue mission that most of his friends (Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Sai) went on, but it’s a good thing he was left behind.

15 He Sent Naruto Well Wishes

The light novel Konoha Hiden sees Naruto and Hinata get married. Though it was adapted for a small batch of episodes of Naruto Shippūden, its events don’t occur in the manga proper. During the novel, Sasuke doesn’t make an appearance at his friends’ nuptials.

Instead, Sasuke sent his well wishes for the happy couple in a letter sent by a hawk. Though he learned to summon hawks as a teenager, we rarely see him use them in a fight, so it’s nice that he was still keeping in touch with his summoning animals. It’s also pretty well in line with Sasuke’s character that instead of fretting about the perfect gift, he would just send a letter. Everyone else in Naruto and Hinata’s life stressed themselves out about what to give them.

14 He Got Married

Sasuke might not have made it to town for Naruto’s wedding, but he had to make it back for his own, right? Sakura spent pretty much her entire childhood pining for Sasuke, so it’s a nice reward for her that Sasuke did eventually return her affections. It’s a bit of a letdown for some fans of the relationship that he left (again) to travel and atone for his sins once they got together.

Unlike the other couples in the franchise, we never see Sasuke and Sakura actually marry, or really even see them in particularly romantic situations. They do, however, call one another husband and wife in the manga. Whether or not they tied the knot, they consider one another husband and wife, and that’s all that really matters here.

13 He Traveled To Orochimaru’s Secret Bases

When Orochimaru decided to help Konoha during the Fourth Shinobi World War, it made many see him in a new light. As a result, Orochimaru was allowed to go free. Though he might have left many of his evil ways behind him, there were still plenty of secret bases around. Sasuke likely used them for supplies during his travels. He proved that he knew where even the obscure ones were when he recruited Karin and Jugo to his own cause in Naruto Shippūden. We know of at least one time he paid a visit.

Sakura clearly got fed up with his traveling because while she was pregnant, she decided to go along instead of allow him to leave again. When she went into labor, Sasuke, Sakura, and Karin all hunkered down in one of the secret bases to deliver the baby.

12 He Had A Daughter

It was lucky for Sakura that she had Karin there to help deliver her baby. Sasuke and Sakura had a baby girl. The duo named their daughter Sarada, which translates to “salad” in English. Plenty of fans have wondered how they came up with that name since many of the other Naruto characters named their children after family traditions. Some fans theorize that she was named partially after Sasuke’s brother.

Two of the three Japanese characters in Sarada’s name correspond to characters in Sasuke and Sakura’s names, while the third is in Itachi’s. Other fans point out that her name is also a reference to the Hindu deity named Saraswati. She’s the Hindu goddess of wisdom, among other things.

11 He Helped Teach Sarada To Walk

Sasuke didn’t spend long at home after Sakura gave birth to Sarada. He did, however, spend a long enough amount of time there to help teach Sarada to walk at some point. Sarada had no real memories of her father. He spent so much time away, and due to the nature of his self-appointed job (spying for Konoha), he didn’t keep in contact with his family. When Sarada found a picture of him with Karin, she suspected that Karin was her mother and that Sakura had lied the entire time.

Eventually, the truth came out that Karin was a family friend who helped during Sarada’s birth. One of the few hazy memories Sarada had of her father was of him helping Sakura teach her to walk. It’s not even clear if it’s a memory or just something Sarada hoped happened.

10 He Deactivated His Rinnegan

The Rinnegan is an interesting ability in the Naruto franchise. We know it has a lot of power, but we don’t know all of the limitations. Part of this is a result of most Rinnegan users stealing the ability from others. It’s widely accepted in the Naruto fandom that a Rinnegan user can’t deactivate its power. Much like Kakashi couldn’t deactivate his Sharingan, those users have to keep their eyes partially covered to lessen its use.

This might be why Sasuke so often keeps the eye that has the Rinnegan covered by long strips of hair. Interestingly, during the events of The Last: Naruto The Movie, Sasuke did actually deactivate his Rinnegan. Did he figure out how to do the impossible? Or are there more Rinnegan rules that haven’t been explained?

9 He Saved A Bamboo Village

The novel Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise follows Sasuke’s self-imposed isolation from Konoha as he searches for redemption. It gives us a lot of information about just what he was up to while he was away. One of his many feats during that time including saving the lives of citizens in a bamboo village.

While Kakashi acted as the Sixth Hokage, he sent Sasuke a message about missing ninja from three different lands. When investigating, Sasuke happened to make a stop at the bamboo village in the Land of Hot Water. It was there that he found the village under attack from a group of outsiders. He single handedly saved the village from the leader of the group, Karyu, but didn’t have the chance to turn him over to authorities. One of the villagers ended the ninja’s life.

8 He Ignored Official Letters

Though he frequently received communications from Kakashi (and later Naruto) as Hokage, Sasuke didn’t always respond to them. In fact, more often than not, he continued on his travels without even acknowledging them. Sasuke wanted to be left to his own devices, but he did still want to help the village. This created quite the conundrum when rumors swirled that Sasuke was actually plotting against the village. Konoha officials repeatedly tried to contact Sasuke about the rumors during the novel Sakura Hiden, but he never responded.

For some, this meant that he was back to his old tricks. However, others, like Naruto, believed in Sasuke and knew he found the rumors ridiculous. Sasuke didn’t show his face until he learned that someone had abducted Sakura. He showed up to help save her from danger, though she had already saved herself.

7 He Learned About His Brother

As a toddler, Sasuke admired his older brother Itachi. Itachi was a prodigy and everything Sasuke hoped to be as a shinobi. Those childhood dreams shattered when Itachi wiped out the entire Uchiha clan, leaving only Sasuke alive, as he fled the village.

As a result, Sasuke grew up with intense hatred for his brother, wanting nothing more than revenge on the person who stole his family from him. Eventually, he learned that his brother’s betrayal actually came under orders from village officials. He protected Sasuke from a larger plan, giving him a chance to live his life. Sasuke didn’t know much about his brother’s real life. During the novel Akatsuki Hiden, though, he was able to learn a little more. Various strangers called Itachi a hero, recounting his stories to Sasuke throughout the novel.

6 He Kept In Touch With Naruto

Though Sasuke seemed to prefer isolating himself from his home village, he kept in contact with one person. Once Naruto became Hokage, the duo became their own peacekeeping force for the village. While traveling through other shinobi lands, Sasuke frequently took on secret missions under Naruto’s instructions. Though he did the same for Kakashi before him, Sasuke didn’t keep in contact with Kakashi the same way.

Naruto and Sasuke even met up to discuss intelligence on occasion. This was quite the contrast to Sasuke’s relationship with his own wife. Sakura never heard from him the entire time he was away. She spent years not knowing where he was or what he was up to, much to her daughter’s displeasure.

5 He Received A Nickname

Just like Itachi and Kakashi before him, Sasuke got one nickname as a kid because of the Sharingan in his eyes. He was already called Sasuke of the Sharingan before Naruto Shippūden. During the time between the series and its sequel, though, he gained another nickname from Naruto. Naruto liked to refer to Sasuke as the Shadow Hokage.

Even though Naruto achieved his childhood dream of becoming Hokage, it’s not something he could have accomplished without the relationship he had with Sasuke. The two are easily the most powerful residents of Konoha, and as adults, they support one another with their different abilities. Having Sasuke as his own personal backup certainly benefits Naruto. With Sasuke taking care of business outside of Konoha, he is essentially an extension of the Hokage.

4 He Investigated Kaguya

Right around the time Naruto became Hokage, Sasuke was deep into an investigation away from Konoha. His job was to see what threats might make their way to the village. One of the threats he started investigating was Kaguya. Kaguya was one of the Otsutsuki. An ancient being from another dimension, Kaguya and the rest of the Otsutsuki essentially caused the creation of the shinobi on Earth as they harvested chakra for their lifeforce.

Sasuke believed that when he and Naruto encountered Kaguya, the encounter hid a larger threat. He spent much of his time traveling following leads on the ancient beings. He traveled through different dimensions to do it, finding ancient scrolls, and sending intelligence back to Konoha. His investigation eventually paid off during the events of the Boruto series.

3 He Teamed Up With Orochimaru And Team Taka

Despite the fact that training under Orochimaru causing many of Sasuke’s problems as a teenager, he gave his old ally the benefit of the doubt as an adult. Orochimaru and Sasuke’s former Team Taka were all pardoned for their crimes, just like he was. By the time the Boruto series roles around, they all live just outside of Konoha, so Sasuke would know where to find them if he needed them.

During the events of Sasuke Shinden, set just before the events of the Boruto series, he did need a little help. While helping the bamboo village under attack, he suspected a larger plan in place. In order to get help investigating the possibility of a new gang in the land, he recruited his former teammates for their own investigative skills.

2 He Battled The Dark Thunder Group

The group that kept getting in Sasuke’s way during his Shinden novel was the Dark Thunder Group, made up of rogue ninjas. Like teenage Sasuke, they were people who abandoned their villages and found a home with like minded individuals. What Sasuke discovered was not only was this group plaguing the bamboo village, but they were tied to the missing ninja he investigated, and even his own clan.

One of the leaders originally belonged to a village where her clan had a powerful inherited jutsu. Most of her clan was eliminated because they were feared by outsiders. She held the Uchiha clan partially responsible for what happened to her family. Sasuke defeated her group and put in a good word for them when he delivered them to prison, feeling badly for whatever small role his family might have played.

1 He Changed His Wardrobe

To be completely fair, all of the major characters in Naruto went through a wardrobe change before Boruto began. Sasuke had a dramatic change in attire, though.  As a kid, he wore shorts and a top along with the requisite sandals that it seemed like everyone liked. Working for Orochimaru, his style shifted to resemble the rest of Orochimaru’s team. By the time Naruto Shippūden ended, though, it was time for yet another new look.

While Sasuke’s friends have clothing that essentially resembles more grown up versions of their childhood preferences (Naruto and Sakura are great examples), Sasuke went almost completely formal as an adult. He still has a penchant for dark blue and black, but his full pants, vest, and coat make him look like he’d fit in at a board meeting instead of in a shinobi battle.

Sasuke Uchiha certainly got a lot done between the end of Naruto Shippūden and the beginning of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Naruto: 10 Villains That Hurt The Show (And 10 That Saved It)

It is a widely held belief that the quality of a story is largely determined by the villains within that story. It’s appropriate, then, that a series with as many highs and lows as Naruto would have a broad spectrum of villains ranging from some of the best in anime to some utterly forgettable antagonists. While a lot of Naruto fans were initially drawn to the anime and manga due to the distinctive character designs and inspiration themes, the many compelling and sympathetic villains in Naruto is what kept a lot of the fanbase around. Then again, less interesting antagonists are also directly responsible for some of the weakest moments in the series.  

Villains in Naruto tend to fall into one of three categories: long standing foes that have super defined and explored character, one off baddies that appear briefly at the beginning or end of story arcs, and filler villains that are just around to pad out the anime. As one would expect, the quality of these villains decreases dramatically when looking at the latter two categories. Even though Naruto is a pretty great series and one of the most successful shounen anime and manga in recent memory, there’s not telling the heights it would have reached if all of its villains were given the same consideration and exploration as the best of its baddies. These ten awesome antagonists and ten boring baddies are a huge part of why Naruto is such a roller-coaster of incredible moments and disappointment.

Here are 10 Villains That Hurt The Show (And Ten That Saved It).

20 Hurt: Black Zetsu

Black Zetsu was a minor antagonist throughout most of the second half of Naruto, until it’s revealed near the very end of the story that he was manipulating many of the other villains and was orchestrating a complicated plot to free his master from her eternal confinement.

While this is supposed to be a major twist, all it does is undercut the efforts and accomplishments of the more beloved villains he deceived earlier in the story. Their ingenuity and motivations mean a lot less if they just amount to footnotes in Black Zetsu’s master scheme. Black Zetsu’s unveiling as the true man behind the curtain in Naruto is a tired trope within shounen anime that has long worn out its welcome and brings down the series’ ending.

19 Saved: Zabuza

The first major antagonist in Naruto also happens to be one of the best as Zabuza is both a tragic figure and instrumental in building up Naruto’s world. A former Hidden Mist ninja turned contract criminal, Zabuza firmly establishes the horrors of a world where children are expected to fight and end other warriors from different nations.

He’s also only able to escape from this cycle of violence following the passing of this adopted son Haku and his own demise following a confrontation with his final employer. When his iconic sword is added on top of his memorable character arc, Zabuza is a great first antagonist and sets a great standard that all following villains have to measure up against.

18 Hurt: Sasori

Sasori is a seemingly immortal puppet man who’s a member of the villainous Akatsuki organization. He premiers just after the midway point in the series and while it would make sense for him to have some kind of relationship with one of the well-established characters in the franchise, his only relationship is with a character introduced shortly before he plays an active role in the story.

Yes he is part of a pretty cool fight and yes his grief at losing his parents to war is pretty heartbreaking, but to have him have virtually no connection to a major character in the series is a major waste. Sasori’s character comes out of left field during a time when the series really needed to reestablish some of its best characters, and instead he draws the story away from them.

17 Saved: Pain

The leader of the Akatsuki during the majority of Naruto, Pain is a fantastic villain that embodies the generational violence at the root of the majority of conflicts in Naruto. A war orphan, Nagato – Pain’s real name – would suffer further tragedy in his life as his best friend and many of his comrades were eliminated during his efforts to create peace in the world.

Following this loss, he adopted the name Pain and decided gain enough power to rule over the world and form an artificial peace until someone became strong enough to end him and create a new era of false tranquility. After losing to Naruto and understanding the error of his ways, he sacrifices his life to revive those he’s eliminated and trusts that Naruto will create true peace someday.

16 Hurt: Kaguya

Kaguya is an alien or divine being that introduced ninjutsu to the world of Naruto thousands of years before the start of the series. She’s extremely powerful, functionally immortal, and seeks to rule over humanity as she sees them as little more than children that need guidance from a mother.

Kaguya also happens to be horrifically boring and hardly interacts with any other character. She isn’t even foreshadowed much before she appears in the series, giving the impression that she was added at the last minute to give the protagonists one last hurdle to overcome. While it seems like she might get more depth and screen time in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Kaguya’s current standing as a villain is severely lacking.

15 Saved: Orochimaru

Like a lot of amazing villains, Orochimaru is more self-motivated than he is outright evil. His goal of living forever and mastering every ninja technique in the series leads him to commit some truly awful acts, but also assist the heroes of series during some of the most critical moments.

Sure he took down the Third Hokage for little more than his own personal gain, but he also reanimated the other Hokage so that they could aid the allied shinobi forces in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Orochimaru is a terrific villain because he is so utterly unpredictable that it’s impossible to know what he will do next. Although, whatever plans he does have in store are sure to be entertaining.

14 Hurt: Kimimaro

Kimimaro is the fifth, arguably sixth, member of the Sound Four ninja team and – if that weren’t exhausting enough already – he’s a central character in one of the most frustrating fights in Naruto. During the Sasuke retrieval arc, he first faces off against Rock Lee and than Gaara as well.

This battle places Kimimaro’s unnerving ability to use his own bones as weapons against Lee and Gaara’s own unique abilities. However, the fight ends abruptly when Kimimaro passes away from a terminal illness before the battle concludes. Kimimaro’s only fight in Naruto ends on more of a whimper than perhaps any other in the series and this wasted potential makes the Sound ninja one of the worst villains in the series.  

13 Saved: Tobi/Obito Uchiha

After Naruto defeated Pain and the series was gearing up for its last few story arcs, a fresh twist surprised fans of the series. Despite playing the fool since his first appearance, the mysterious Tobi was in fact the true leader of the Akatsuki and more powerful than even Pain.

Later, viewers would learn that this mysterious ninja was Kakashi’s former teammate Obito Uchiha and that the heartbroken ninja sought to control the world by any means necessary after the passing of his beloved Rin due to his and Kakashi’s negligence. Even if similar twists would grow stale as the series wore on, this one and this character were welcome additions to the series and only improved it.

12 Hurt: Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist

The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist were a group mentioned since some of the earliest parts of Naruto, with Zabuza being a former member of the elite team. Hailed as some of the strongest ninja around and capable of destroying an entire nation with their combined might, many fans highly anticipated their eventual appearance in the series. However, there premier left a lot to be desired and it was soon obvious that the group was over-hyped.

While their actual appearance and conflicts involving these swordsmen is fine in a vacuum, all of the suitable build up and casual mentioning of this group made it seem like they were going to be a bigger deal and it’s a shame they ended up being pretty forgettable.   

11 Saved: Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi is one of Naruto’s best villains and his character arc is one of the strongest in the series. Hiding behind Orochimaru for most of the series – like a stealthy ninja ought to – he waited until Orochimaru’s supposed passing to take action and become one of the strongest characters in the series.

In fact, he would have gone onto destroy nearly every character if Itachi had not intervened and placed Kabuto under a technique that rendered him immobile until he could move past his hatred for the world and his lost childhood. Few fans expected Kabuto to play such a pivotal role in Naruto’s ending and thankfully he made it better than it would have been without him.

10 Hurt: Sumire Kakei

While Sumire Kakei is the first major antagonist of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime, her tired backstory and confusing powers make her one of the worst villains in any iteration of the Naruto franchise. Following through on the wishes of her deceased and fanatical father, Sumire steals chakra from those in the Hidden Leaf Village to foster the monster inside of her so it can destroy the village.

However, she can only steal chakra from people who are distressed for a reason that’s never explained and likely just a means to insert positive life messages into Boruto. Following her defeat at the hands of Boruto, or rather him convincing her not to eliminate a bunch of people, she’s moved into the background promptly forgotten by the majority of viewers.

9 Saved: Haku

Haku is a terrific character whose origins really drive home the brutality of the world of Naruto. Ostracized from his community as a young child for his natural capacity for combat, he has to eliminate his father after he creates a mob to take out his powerful son. Haku, now an orphan, then becomes a human weapon for Zabuza to use in his mercenary work.

Behind all the bright colors and intense action in Naruto, it’s easy to forget that these are largely children committing these acts and are comparable to child soldiers. Haku is a reminder of the horrors of this world to both the characters in the story and those viewing it, and deserves praise for doing so.

8 Hurt: Aoi Rokusho

Aoi Rokusho is a filler villain and is as forgettable as the storyline he appears in. Hired to take out competitors in a ninja footrace in the Land of Tea, Aio used his stolen lighting sword to change the outcome of the competition until he’s defeated by Naruto and Sasuke.

His powers are uninteresting, he has no character to speak of, and his only noticeable feature is getting the story back on track for the cannon Sasuke Retrieval Arc to kick off a few episodes after his appearance. This character is nothing short of a blemish on the Naruto anime and it’s fortunate that he only appeared briefly, because his every second on screen hurt the program overall.

7 Saved: Danzo Shimura

Danzo is one of the most interesting villains in Naruto. He commits atrocities and commands what’s essentially a secret police, but his motivations come entirely from his desire to protect the Hidden Leaf Village and his sense of inferiority towards the Third Hokage.

He does extremely villainous things with a blatant disregard for the ethical issues of his actions, but he firmly believes that his actions are justified and that he’s a good guy. It’s fascinating to see Danzo torture his own subordinates and betray political allies while still believing himself to be the hero. Danzo only gets the spotlight for a brief while in Naruto, but his appearances also shine a light on the less savory elements of the ninja world that motivate protagonists like Sasuke.   

6 Hurt: Team Oboro  

Towards the end of the Forest of Death section of the Chunin Exams arc, Team Oboro appears and acts as the final challenge Team 7 needs to overcome to pass this test. With an army of clones, they prevent the team from advancing to the goal and tries to wear down or protagonists’ stamina until they’re unable to fight.

However, this fight is incredibly boring and the majority of it isn’t even shown to viewers. Team Oboro is so incompetent, that their plan failed because they let the majority of Team 7 sneak away and recover their stamina. Team Oboro makes virtually no lasting impression and it’s pretty obvious they were added to the story last minute to give our heroes one last challenge to clear.   

5 Saved: Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha crosses the bridge from antagonist to protagonist over the course of Naruto, but he’s one best of both in the entire franchise. After slaughtering his entire clan to prevent a civil war in the Hidden Leaf Village, Itachi then joins the Akatsuki as a spy for the village and lives his life as a traitor and criminal.

Even his younger brother Sasuke isn’t aware of the true motivations behind Itachi’s actions until the older ninja comes back to life and explains his motivations to Sasuke. Itachi is a tragic character whose defined by his loss and sacrifice. Not only is he one of the best villains in Naruto, he’s one of the best characters in the entire franchise.    

4 Hurt: Mizuki

The very first villain in Naruto, Mizuki, tricked the titular Naruto into stealing a forbidden ninja scroll by manipulating the child’s dream of becoming a respected ninja. He was beaten to a pulp by Naruto in the first chapter and episode of the series, but then appeared during an utterly forgettable filler arc where he transforms into a tiger-man and is defeated by Naruto’s teacher Iruka.

Mizuki’s only defining features are his hunger for power and his willingness to betray those close to him to increase his own strength. He’s a generic villain during his first appearance and so utterly uninteresting that his second appearance is a complete chore to watch. His only accomplishment is bringing down the overall quality of the series.    

3 Saved: Sound Four

While the Sound Four has a misleading name and its members don’t have any ambitions besides aiding their master Orochimaru, this group of villainous ninja are involved in some of the most interesting fights in the series.

During the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, this group acts as the main antagonists and forces supporting characters like Choji, Neji, and Kiba into battles that force them to push past their limits and experiment with their specific abilities. Even if these fights are undercut a bit with the sudden appearance of Gaara and his siblings to aid in the battle, they still give these secondary characters time to shine and serves as terrific build up to the iconic fight between Naruto and Sasuke.  

2 Hurt: Hanzo

Hanzo somehow manages to play a pivotal role in the lives of several major characters, while also being easily forgettable and unimpressive. His actions lead to the creation of the legendary Sannin and the rebirth of the Akatsuki as a criminal organization.

However, his actual character and appearance in the series are pretty lacking, with his only outstanding feature bing his deep sense of isolation due to the venomous organ implanted in his body at a young age. After impacting the story so much, it’s a shame that Hanzo doesn’t make much of an impact on viewers.     

1 Saved: Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha is nothing short of one of the best villains in Naruto. He constructed and followed through on a centuries-long plan to be reanimated as an immortal being and harness the power of the apocalyptic Ten-Tailed demon beast for his own gains.

On top of his involvement in some of the best fights in the entire series, Madara is also a compelling character whose ideologies run entirely counter to the way the progression of the world over generations. Spoken of with an almost mythic regard since some of the earliest parts of Naruto, his eventual reveal all the more incredible and his impact on the series will be talked about for years to come in the Naruto fandom in broader anime and manga circles.    

Who is your favourite villain from Naruto? Let us know in the comments!

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Naruto: 20 Powers Sasuke Has That Only True Fans Know About (And 10 Weaknesses)

fThroughout the Naruto franchise, the title character only had one real rival in his peer group. Sasuke Uchiha had the skills and the talent to challenge an adolescent with the power of a tailed beast sealed inside of him. Over the course of the series, Sasuke’s talents and weaknesses became more and more apparent and his skillset became very diverse.

Sasuke was a man of few words. He frequently stayed aloof with his classmates and his teammates, preferring to focus on making himself into a more powerful shinobi than figuring out how to work with a team. That idea came back to bite him when he decided to put himself ahead of his village. He defected from Konohagakure as a teen in order to train under the auspicious eye of Orochimaru. That training provided Sasuke with even more skills, ones that no one else in his home village had. The same training also made it apparent to fans of the franchise that, despite all of that power, Sasuke also had some pretty glaring weaknesses. 

We’ve combed through the various manga and anime versions of the story to find a variety of both with 20 Powers Sasuke Has That Only True Fans Know About (And 10 Weaknesses).

30 Power: Summoning Hawks

While training under Orochimaru, fans expected Sasuke to learn to work with snakes. He did, just like Jiraiya taught Naruto about toads and Tsunade taught Sakura about slugs. Surprisingly, Sasuke learned to work with another animal, too.

Though we never see the training for it, Sasuke learned to summon large hawks to help him in a fight. He doesn’t seem to do much with them other than use them for their flight capabilities and we only see him summon a hawk once or twice in the anime. The anime did like to have hawks circling in the sky a lot before the reveal, so maybe fans were meant to infer that he’d been using them for surveillance.

29 Power: Master of Wire Strings

Because Sasuke does have access to so many powers, it’s easy to forget he’s also good with a variety of weapons. He can also use different tools, like wire strings, to augment his jutsu.

Sasuke can use Fire Release or Lightning Release to aid his wire strings, but he can also use them to bind enemies in a fight. Surprisingly, mastering wire strings seems to be a relatively rare skill in Sasuke’s generation (Naruto only used them once in a movie). In the series, Tenten, Shikamaru, Shino, Sai, and Temari are the only other regular users. Of those, Tenten and Shikamaru are the only ones to use them in the manga.

28 Weakness: Communication

Sasuke spent a lot of time in the franchise as the strong and silent type. A lot of that is because Sasuke spent his formative years thinking about getting revenge for his family. Spending years having poor communication skills with your peer group means new skills don’t magically appear as an adult, though.

In the Boruto series, fans learn that Sasuke is so bad at communication that he doesn’t even send his wife letters while traveling. He leaves shortly after his daughter, Sarada, learned to walk, deciding to travel and attempt to atone for youthful misdeeds. That leaves Sakura alone to raise their daughter for nearly a decade, with no idea where he is.

27 Power: Bansho Ten’in

At first, Bansho Ten’in doesn’t seem like a great skill. It makes the shinobi pull an opponent toward them, but the point should be to stay out of range of your opponent’s jutsu, right? It depends on the shinobi’s skills.

Sasuke has a wide range of skills he can use in close or mid-range combat. With the Bansho Ten-in, he can influence the attractive force between himself and an opponent to move them closer. In theory, he could move more than one opponent at a time, then let the power go, making them collide with one another. It’s useful if a shinobi is up against someone who doesn’t have close combat skills.

26 Power: Large Chakra Reserves

If there’s one character known for huge chakra levels in the Naruto franchise, it’s the title character himself. Large chakra reserves are a trait of the Uzumaki family. He’s not the only one with higher than normal levels of chakra.

Though it’s not a known trait of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke clearly has large amounts of chakra. When Kakashi Hatake teaches his student how to do the Chidori, a lightning-based skill, he expects Sasuke to only be able to use it once before his chakra is depleted. Instead, Sasuke is able to perform the Chidori twice in less than 24 hours and he’s able to continue fighting with lower chakra levels.

25 Weakness: Holding Grudges

Sasuke spent all of his formative years with a single goal in mind: avenging the elimination of the Uchiha Clan.

When Sasuke’s big brother, Itachi, wiped out the entire clan, Sasuke was the only family member he spared. Sasuke didn’t know it at the time, but Itachi’s decision was part of a longer game plan. Of course, nothing really worked out the way either of the Uchihas wanted in the end. Sasuke’s obsession with avenging his family led him down a dark path. He defected from Konohagakure and joined up with Orochimaru. Sasuke became more powerful under his training, but it cost him years with his friends, along with much of his compassion.

24 Power: Blaze Release Honoikazuchi

This particular power has a pretty fancy name. It’s actually just one subset of power produced by someone who wields a Mangekyou Sharingan. The Blaze Release Honoikazuchi involves the shinobi using Amaterasu and influencing it further. Amaterasu refers to the black flames created by the Mangekyou Sharingan that can actually follow an enemy once the shinobi can focus on them.

With this subset of the skill, the black flames can be turned into spikes, making them more powerful. Interestingly, Sasuke used this power when he hadn’t yet activated his Mangekyou Sharingan in the anime. Either he found a way to access it early, or it’s a continuity issue that gave him a new power.

23 Power: Combination Transformation

This particular ability is another one of Sasuke’s that only occurs in the anime. The powerful jutsu is called Combination Transformation because that’s literally what it involves. Two shinobi join forces to take on the appearance of another form. Usually, one member of the team provides the backbone of chakra while the other performs any necessary hand seals for their actions.

In Sasuke’s case, he and Naruto actually transformed into one giant shuriken to be hurled at an enemy, rather than another being. In the past, Naruto teamed up with the toad Gamabunta to take on the appearance of a giant nine-tailed beast.

22 Weakness: Relationships

Perhaps it’s a result of losing his entire family at such a young age, and witnessing the aftermath, but Sasuke isn’t great with interpersonal relationships.

In addition to leaving the one person who considered him a best friend, Naruto, he also never made his feelings for Sakura clear. In fact, their first meaningful interaction had him refer to her as “annoying.” The only way fans knew he had softened toward her was that he repeated the same phrase, but with a smile, when leaving her behind in Konoha. Likewise, he treated Karin coldly when joining up with Orochimaru, but always insisted on saving her first and keeping her out of danger in a fight.

21 Power: Creating Ice

Combining chakra natures to create elements is something powerful shinobi learn as they age. One exception to this is Wood Style, which allows a shinobi to combine Water and Earth chakra types; it’s a rare form that only a few shinobi mastered. Sasuke is able to combine a pair of other chakra types instead.

By the time he’s an adult, Sasuke is able to use Lightning, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth chakra types. Usually, he uses them on their own, but there are instances of combining them. One combination fans see him perform is combining Water and Wind Release to create his own form of ice, giving him a whole new method of attack.

20 Power: Peregrine Falcon Drop

Less of a power and more of an attacking method, the Peregrine Falcon Drop resembles a wrestling move. With this move, the user actually gets their hands on a falling opponent, grabbing them around the ankles. Once they’ve done that, they wrap their legs around the opponent to immobilize them, and drive them into the ground. It’s a move that some fans equate with the real-life pile driver used in wrestling.

This is one of the earliest hand-to-hand combat moves we see Sasuke use effectively in the anime. Enemies know he’s a dangerous kid when he pulls this one out.

19 Weakness: Planning

Patience is not Sasuke’s strong suit. He’s forced to wait nearly a decade before he can get revenge on his big brother, and he’s forced to train for three years with Orochimaru before he can strike on his own. These two things don’t make him a patient strategist, though.

Instead, Sasuke has a clear preference for getting into a fight and reacting to his opponent on the fly. He attempts to strategize as he fights, but unfortunately, he’s not in the same league as someone like Shikamaru Nara. Instead, this is one area where he and Naruto are more similar than they’d probably like to admit. It’s lucky that their sheer power outweighs their impulsivity.

18 Power: Chakra Control

Of the members of Team 7, it’s Sakura who is best known for her precise chakra control. Naruto and Sasuke have larger chakra reserves than she does as teens, so they don’t necessarily need to be as precise with it. As Sasuke ages though, his chakra control becomes much more exact.

A lot of Sasuke’s flashier attacks don’t rely on precise chakra control, which is why fans might not notice how great his becomes. When he’s just throwing fireballs at someone, he needs power, not finesse. He is capable of intricate movements using his chakra though, like siphoning power from a tailed beast, which surprised even the nine-tails.

17 Power: Pachinko Technique

This particular technique isn’t one fans will find in the manga. It’s a move only used in the anime, and it required both Sasuke and Naruto to perform it. Sasuke and Naruto spent part of an episode with their hands bound together with chakra liquid. The experience forced them to learn to work together, and the Pachinko Technique was born from it.

Naruto and Sasuke used the chakra liquid that connected them to launch a statue at their enemy (they essentially became a human slingshot). The technique gets its name from a game similar to pinball that’s known in Japan.

16 Weakness: The Cursed Seal

When Orochimaru chose Sasuke as his next disciple, he marked him in the middle of a fight. The pain from the seal placed on Sasuke was so intense that his fighting weakened. That pain was the result of Orochimaru’s Cursed Seal of Heaven.

The Cursed Seal of Heaven, over time, became an advantage for Sasuke. He could use it to make his own abilities stronger, just like many of the shinobi who worked directly under Orochimaru. In its initial application and use, however, the seal was a definite detriment to a young genin still learning to use some basic jutsu.

15 Power: Speed

Speed in the world of Naruto isn’t like the speedsters of the comics, unless the shinobi is someone like Minato, who was able to teleport. Instead, when a shinobi has the power of speed, it means they’re moving even faster than other ninjas in their strength class.

For Sasuke, he doesn’t initially seem much faster than his peers. With the help of the Uchiha clan, Sharingan, though, he’s able to increase his speed and reaction time as he learns. The Sharingan allows him to see movements faster than the normal human eye. With that skill, he’s also able to react even faster than the average shinobi.

14 Power: Orochimaru’s Style of Body Replacement

Orochimaru developed his own method of living forever. As his body breaks down, he can inhabit a new body. That’s not the only way he can get a new body, though.

Because Orochimaru has many skills inspired by snakes, he can essentially shed his skin to reveal a new body underneath when he’s injured in a fight. It’s that particular skill that Sasuke also uses. It’s clearly something learned from Orochimaru as only those closest to him are able to do it. In addition to Orochimaru and Sasuke, the only other person to use this skill is Kabuto.

13 Weakness: Arrogance

The phrase “pride cometh before the fall” couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to the likes of Sasuke. Ranked at the top of his Ninja Academy class, Sasuke believed himself to be more skilled than his peers. While that might have been true, it didn’t always mean he was better in a fight.

The first time he doubted his own abilities occurred during the Chunin Exams. His teammates came face-to-face with a woman that Sasuke believed was the embodiment of Death, but in reality, she was Orochimaru in disguise. It wasn’t until others joined the fray that Sasuke was able to pull through and get over his fear.

12 Power: Accelerated Healing

Of the characters in the Naruto franchise, the one character who always seemed to get back on his feet faster than possible was Naruto. At one point in the franchise, Sasuke also accelerated healing.

Now, Naruto’s healing rate was a result of his already huge chakra levels from being an Uzumaki combined with the nine-tailed beast’s chakra inside of him. Sasuke didn’t have either of those things going for him. Instead, when Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru into his system, rather than allowing the latter to take over his body, he gained many of Orochimaru’s abilities. One of those was his ability to heal faster than normal.

11 Power: Immunity To Poisons

Members of the Hidden Leaf Village were lucky when Lady Tsunade accepted the invitation to become Hokage. Her knowledge of poisons and antidotes was invaluable and she taught what she knew to Sakura, who could actually use her chakra to physically extract poison from someone. Sasuke wasn’t in the village at the time and didn’t have access to any of that.

Luckily for Sasuke, he did have access to the teachings and experimentations of Orochimaru. While it’s not clear what Orochimaru did to Sasuke when the former trained him, Orochimaru had to do more than just teach him jutsu. After living with Orochimaru for three years, Sasuke became immune to most poisons.

10 Weakness: Mangekyou Sharingan

While the Mangekyou Sharingan comes with some extra power and abilities, it comes at a higher price. Despite the power, the price is the weakness here.

In order to activate the Mangekyou Sharingan to begin with, the shinobi in question has to experience great grief. For many, that means causing the person they care the most for to lose their life. In Sasuke’s case, he witnessed his big brother Itachi succumb to his fate. In addition to that grief, the Mangekyou Sharingan also causes the user to lose their vision over time. Either they go blind or they require new eyes.

9 Power: Chakra Sensing

A sensory shinobi is someone who can sense chakra in other beings. With that ability, they can tell where their targets are located even if they can’t physically see them. Some of the sensor types in the franchise include members of the Yamanaka and Hyuga clans.

A particularly powerful sensor is Karin, whom Sasuke becomes close to. Throughout his time with her, Sasuke doesn’t appear to be a sensor, but he can sense one big change in chakra. For some reason, Sasuke is able to sense when Naruto builds up his chakra from the nine-tailed beast in their final battle against one another. Perhaps it’s because of how often Sasuke had already been in Naruto’s head.

8 Power: Dimension Hopping

While we don’t know exactly how he does it, in Boruto, Sasuke revealed he can travel between dimensions with a limited number of people. What we do know is that he’s able to achieve this feat somehow using the Rinnegan, another special power in his eyes. He was able to open up a portal between the characters’ dimension and that of the Otsutsuki to help Boruto save Naruto.

The idea of moving between dimensions isn’t unprecedented in the Naruto franchise. There are other characters with eye-related powers, like Kakashi, who can open up portals as well. In the case of Kakashi, he usually sent weapons or enemies to other dimensions, not making the trip himself.

7 Weakness: Guilt

As a kid, Sasuke doesn’t waste time feeling guilty. He makes decisions and he moves on. The only hint we get of his propensity for guilt is how angry he is about the Uchiha clan elimination. He carries that with him like an actual weapon for most of his childhood.

As an adult though, it seems there isn’t much Sasuke doesn’t feel guilty about. He’s so stuck on the things he did in the past that he leaves Konohagakure (and his wife) altogether. Sasuke spends nearly a decade wandering the countryside, doing good deeds, but also spying for Konoha. His guilt causes him to leave everyone behind, leaving him vulnerable to attacks and rumors.

6 Power: Susanoo Great Fireball Technique

One of Sasuke’s greatest powers, and one the most powerful of the Uchiha clan have access to, is the Susanoo. The Susanoo is an avatar that surrounds the shinobi, protecting him from harm and launching attacks with his jutsu.

There are times in the anime that Sasuke’s Susanoo uses attacks not seen in the manga. One of those is the Great Fireball Technique, similar to the one an Uchiha can perform alone. With this technique, Sasuke’s Susanoo is able to, as the name suggests, launch a giant fireball at an enemy. These fireballs continue to burn instead of exploding on impact, making them pretty effective.

5 Power: Codebreaking

Pattern recognition is a useful skill, but one that typically requires a lot of studying to turn into codebreaking. Sasuke has a bit of a short cut.

One of the powers at Sasuke’s disposal is that of the Rinnegan. The Rinnegan gives a lot of his existing powers a boost. Not only does he get a stronger Susanoo because of it, but he gets that dimension hopping ability. It also increases his ability to recognize patterns. That means the Rinnegan actually allows him to recognize patterns in writing and quickly decipher codes. It’s an ability that gives him an edge while he’s spying for Konoha on his own.

4 Weakness: Sound-based Attacks

Sound-based attacks are rare in the franchise as we only see a handful of shinobi use them. The first time fans were introduced to them was way back during Naruto’s chunin exams when one of the members of the Sound Village had body modifications that allowed them to fight with sound waves.

You would think with all of Sasuke’s power-ups as an adult that he would have developed some sort of protection against that style of fighting. Unfortunately for Sasuke, he didn’t. Even his Susanoo, which can protect him from just about anything else, has no counter for sound-based attacks. It’s lucky, then, that sound as a weapon is so rare.

3 Power: One-handed Seals

To perform certain jutsu, a shinobi has to perform a sequence of hand motions, called seals. Most shinobi require two hands to perform them, but not Sasuke.

Following his final confrontation with Naruto, both young men experienced arm injuries. It was another sign that they were too evenly matched. While Naruto eventually got a prosthetic, Sasuke chose not to. That made learning how to perform one-handed seals a necessity. Only a handful of shinobi learn to do it. Of Konoha, only Sasuke, Naruto, Itachi Uchiha, and Minato Namikaze could do it. That’s some powerful, but also unfortunate, company.

2 Power: Suppress Tailed Beasts

The tailed beasts are some of the most powerful creatures in the franchise. With the nine-tails locked inside of Naruto, many villagers he knew kept their distance from him, even as a child. As Sasuke aged and mastered his Sharingan, he learned he could suppress the tailed beasts’ abilities.

Sasuke’s Sharingan allows him to force people into genjutsu-induced hallucinations. It also allows him to get inside people’s heads, kind of like the Yamanaka clan’s abilities. Because of that, he’s able to see Kurama, the nine-tailed fox, the way Naruto sees him: locked in a cage in his mind. He’s also able to push back against Kurama, though it takes a lot of effort on his part.

1 Weakness: Naruto

Naruto and Sasuke might consider themselves best friends, but they are most definitely each another’s greatest weakness. Naruto spends years trying to bring Sasuke home and it’s always Naruto that makes Sasuke pause in the middle of a fight.

Other than Sakura and Sarada, Naruto might be the person Sasuke cares for most in the world. How did he show that as their friendship developed? By constantly competing, making him think he was inferior and wanting to fight him. The need to always be better than Naruto is part of what drove Sasuke to seek power outside of Konoha. If they hadn’t been so fixated on one another, much of the messy battles during their early years could have been avoided.

Did you learn something knew about Sasuke’s power set and his weaknesses? Or did we get the Naruto character all wrong? If some of his weaknesses are actually strengths, let us know in the comments.

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Naruto: 20 Of Jiraiya’s Powers, Ranked

It seemed like a conventional story at first. Ebisu is teaching Naruto chakra control and Naruto is struggling to take him seriously. Suddenly, Ebisu tenses up and his attention shifts away from Naruto. It was in this moment that fans of the series were introduced to Jiraiya, the Toad Sage. The series would never be the same.

Jiraiya made his mark on both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden through his role as Naruto’s sensei. Being one of the three legendary Sannin ninjas put Jiraiya on a whole other level. Through his training of Naruto, Jiraiya instilled a greater sense of duty in the protagonist, but, on another level, he also introduced Naruto to some killer techniques. Jiraiya’s ability made him one of the strongest shinobi to ever appear in the manga/anime, and with that ability came some amazing power.

Clearly, Jiraiya packed quite a heavy arsenal of high-level jutsu into every fight he was involved in. However, just how strong are some of those powers? And which are his strongest? Well, Screen Rant is here to answer that. This list will look at 20 of the Toad Sage’s incredible powers and rank them from “weakest” to strongest. In this list, weakest means not as strong as the other powers mentioned, as Jiraiya’s techniques are all strong. Also, the jutsu mentioned in this list are all considered for their peak ability and not what was shown in his battles.

So, without further ado, let’s get into all things Toad with 20 Of Jiraiya’s’ Powers, Ranked.

20 Taijutsu and Durability

Okay, so this is a general ability. Saying Taijutsu means this entry can go a lot of ways. Yet, what this entry is saying is Jiraiya has talented taijutsu, but that is not the high mark of this talents. In fact, his speed and strength are not even the most impressive aspects of his taijutsu.

It is actually Jiraiya’s durability that feels remarkably inhuman. The guy is a boulder when it comes to absorbing damage. This durability shows in his ability to handle a Might Guy kick with barely a scratch and take the full force of Tsunade’s strength without taking severe damage. Its Jiraiya’s durability that keeps him alive for so long in his fight with Nagato (Pain).

19 Fuuinjutsu

So, Fuuinjutsu is a confusing technique. It feels like a lot of ninjas should be able to master seals, but the series shows viewers that time and time again only the most powerful shinobi fully understand the art of seals and how to use their power effectively.

Keeping this in mind, it makes Jiraiya’s abilities worth noting. Though the hermit sage does not use seals often, when Jiraiya does utilize them, you can bet they pack a big wallop. For instance, Jiraiya creates a chakra suppression seal to help keep the Nine-Tail Fox chakra from overcoming Naruto. That is some serious power that often goes underlooked due to the confusion over the difficulty to use such a technique.

18 Needle Jizo

Jiraiya has an incredible look. He feels like a shinobi with character and distinct taste. In fact, his whole appearance is notable, but the wildest part is his hair. It is a long white mane that only the Toad Sage could pull off. That hair is also a weapon though.

One of the jutsu involving Jiraiya’s hair is Needle Jizoo (or Needle Jizo). The technique allows Jiraiya to encase himself in his hair while chakra makes the hair hard and pointy (like a needle). This is a powerful defensive move and his hair becomes strong enough to withstand several types of ninja weapons. That’s one tough hair-do.

17 Wild Lion’s Mane Technique

Yes, this entry is also about hair. Jiraiya has amazing hair, has that been mentioned? It has. Well, that hair can also be used in offensive jutsu, that adds a little more of a kick than the Needle Jizo.

The Wild Lion’s Mane Technique is an odd, but useful jutsu. With it, Jiraiya uses chakra to lengthen his hair and make the texture like steel wool. He then is able to move his hair around so that it wraps around the enemy and binds to it. The wool takes the shape of a lion (hence the name) and once it completely binds the target it can destroy it by squeezing the enemy.

16 Hiding in a Toad Technique

The award for most obvious jutsu name goes to this entry. However, this is also the first of Jiraiya’s toad powers to be explored on this list. The Hiding in a Toad Technique is fairly simple, but it has advantages when it comes to combat.

This jutsu is an infiltration technique. Jiraiya utilizes it to escape from detection-style jutsu. To use it, the legendary sannin summons a special diving toad and then hides in its mouth. It sounds gross, but Jiraiya is the Toad Sage so this does not appear to bother him. Once in the toad’s mouth, Jiraiya and the toad can dive underwater and sneak up on an enemy without being detected.  

15 Toad Oil Bullet

Fun fact: toads secrete oil. Jiraiya loves his toads so it makes sense that, like them, Jiraiya also has a jutsu involving toad oil. Only this jutsu is much more deadly than oil on a toad’s back.

The hermit sage, in all his talent, converts chakra into oil like that found on a toad and then spits it out of his mouth in high volumes. In doing this, Jiraiya is able to capture his enemy in an oil slick. What makes this jutsu even better is it cannot easily be washed away by a water jutsu. So, not only can Jiraiya capture his enemy with this jutsu, but escaping it becomes no small task as well.

14 Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison

Okay, so this list involves a lot of toads if you did not already know that. On top of that, this list also involves people going inside toad’s mouths. Heck, it is this oddity in style that makes Jiraiya such a memorable and lasting character in fan’s minds. So this is why Jiraiya’s ability with barrier jutsu comes down to a toad.

The toad gourd is an odd summoning. The toad will swallow an enemy and leave them trapped in their acidic stomach. This allows Jiraiya to isolate an enemy from their team and fight in a dangerous terrain. Jiraiya is given even more advantage if he chooses to fight inside the Toad Gourd Prison because he is deeply familiar with the layout while the enemy would not be.  This barrier jutsu is good for giving Jiraiya the advantage and it’s strange that viewers did not get to see it more often in the series.

13 Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind

That is right! Another entry discussing the mouth of a toad! Seriously, Jiraiya has found many ways to utilize a toad’s mouth, but this has to be one of the coolest. The Toad Mouth Bind jutsu does not have an everyday use, but when the situation calls for it, it comes in handy.

Fans saw the debut of this jutsu during a clash with Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki of the Akatsuki. Jiraiya is able to summon the esophagus (just the esophagus, seriously) of a giant toad. He can then control that esophagus to hold bind a target in place and prevent them from moving. What’s more is that this jutsu can work on multiple targets and gives Jiraiya a way of controlling the battle for at least a moment.  

12 Flame Bullet

One remarkable talent Jiraiya has that makes him so powerful is his ability to master many styles of jutsu. In the series, Jiraiya can be seen showing an expert level understanding of fire, earth, and water style jutsu. One of the better offensive techniques he has is his Flame Bullet.

This jutsu is exactly as it sounds and it is not a rare or difficult ability. Yet, when you have the strength and talent Jiraiya has, then the ability to shoot flaming bullets out of your mouth gets more powerful. Jiraiya’s Flame Bullet jutsu is powerful on its own, even if the audience did not get to see it stand out on its own super often.

11 Barrier: Canopy Method Formation

To defeat the enemy, one must be able to spot the enemy. That is why the barrier jutsu known as Canopy Method Formation is a useful technique that Jiraiya has mastered. Even if the jutsu itself is rather simple and not as flashy as his Toad Gourd Prison summoning jutsu.

Canopy Method Formation Jutsu allows Jiraiya to detects enemies. The Toad Sage releases a spherical barrier around himself that alerts him when anyone crosses through it. After that person crosses through, Jiraiya is able to use the jutsu to follow them and track their movements as they move inside the barrier. It’s an incredibly useful skill for any ninja attempting to avoid a sneak attack or map out enemy forces.

10 Toad Flatness

The Toad Flatness-Shadow Manipulation technique feels like one of the more underrated moves Jiraiya has showcased. After all, it works in a similar way to Shikamaru Nara’s jutsu. However, it only lasts as long as Jiraiya can hold his breath.

While holding his breath, Jiraiya is able to flatten into an enemy’s shadow and control them. He can use the target as a shield and even make them speak. This gives Jiraiya a remarkable advantage when outnumbered. With this jutsu, Jiraiya can theoretically control any ninja for a least a few moments and in those few moments, he can do a lot of damage.

9 Summoning: Mayhem Technique

Now, this jutsu quite literally brought down the house when fans first saw it (hence its other name Bring Down the House). Jiraiya’s powers became instantly notable when fans saw him summon a toad in the sky and use it to crush a giant snake. Like, think about that for a moment. He was able to jump in the sky, cast a summoning jutsu, and make it so strong that he drops a massive toad on a huge snake. That is amazing.

The Mayhem Technique is definitely an attack move that even the best shinobi would be threatened against. Jiraiya does not use the Mayhem Technique often, but its effects are notable when it does come into play. There are not many jutsu in the world that could cause so much immediate damage like this one.

8 Earth Style: Swamp of the Underworld

Jiraiya can summon and create a lot of things, between toads and fire that seems like it would be enough, right? Wrong, Jiraiya can even create a swamp through the use of this earth style jutsu.

Swamp of the Underworld allows the user to turn the area around the enemy into a muddy swamp. Jiraiya uses this jutsu to capture large enemies and hold them through his chakra. The more chakra a user has, the larger the swamp, so that means Jiraiya is able to create an incredibly large swamp. Also, the jutsu does not have to be used on the ground, so Jiraiya can capture an enemy on the ceiling and use the jutsu that way too.


This jutsu is the best of both worlds. The Toad Oil Fireball jutsu is a combination technique that Jiraiya primarily uses with Gamabunta. This jutsu combines earth and fire style jutsu to make one of the best offensive techniques in Jiraiya’s arsenal.

Gamabunta starts the jutsu by launching huge Toad Oil Bullets at the enemy. From on top of father toad, Jiraiya then uses his Flame Bullet technique to light the oil bullets on fire. What it creates is massive fires balls of burning toad oil. One would hate to take that kind of hit straight on which makes the style so powerful.

6 Toad Binding Duet

Jiraiya is not known for his Genjutsu. In fact, his most powerful Genjutsu does not even actually come from him. The Toad Binding Duet (or Demonic Illusion: Gama Rinsho) is a song performed by the Two Great Sage Toads, and Jiraiya only offers them protection.

The Toad Binding Duet is incredibly difficult to perform, as the Two Great Sage Toads have to find the right harmony. To do this they give away their position and must rely on Jiraiya to protect them as they perform the song. However, once the song is done the enemy is surrounded by four toad samurai. These samurai bind the target and the enemy cannot be released until the user allows it. Often, the Genjutsu can be used to eliminate an enemy with the stone swords of Mount Myoboku.

5 Rasengan

Fans were waiting for this entry. After all, the Rasengan is one of the most famous techniques in the entire series, and Jiraiya is the one who introduced viewers to it. So clearly his version of it is also immensely powerful.

However, Jiraiya did not create the Rasengan. Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage, actually invented it. However, Jiraiya shows a deep knowledge of the technique. The Rasengan is about controlling a concentrated amount of chakra and rotating it at a high speed. Once mastered, the Rasengan can cause damage even more destructive than the Chidori. That fact alone makes this one of the most powerful techniques any ninja can master, period.


This technique is similar to Jiraiya’s Toad Binding Duet Genjutsu in that it can only be used with the help of the Two Great Sage Toads, Shima, and Fukasaku. When summoned, the two can help Jiraiya pull off this devastating move. It is one that fans wish they could see more of, even if it takes a lot of chakra to produce.  

Goemon is cooperation technique. Jiraiya creates a huge amount of oil that he then spits out of his mouth. At the same time, Fukasaku uses wind release to propel the oil forward in a large wave. Shima then caps off the technique by performing a fire release that heats the oil up. The result is a giant tsunami of super hot oil that burns everything in its path. This power has the ability to destroy even more enemies than the Mayhem Technique, which makes it a mammoth of a jutsu that Jiraiya can perform.

3 Sage Mode

Some of the most powerful techniques could not be possible without this entry. That is why Sage Mode is one of the most significant powers Jiraiya has. It gives him the ability to create some of the other jutsu mentioned.

Sage Mode is the ability for a ninja to use senjutsu chakra, a way of gathering on natural energy. Through this natural energy, the Sage Mode user is able to create more powerful jutsu and sees an increase in strength and durability. Sage Mode is the secret sauce that makes many of Jiraiya’s jutsu the remarkable techniques they are, so one has to appreciate where the power comes from too.


The Chief Toad of Mount Myoboku is not to be underestimated. Some fans might argue that Bunta is strong, but not as powerful as he is given credit for. That is simply not true though. Gamabunta is the key ally for Jiraiya in many of his battles and the ability to summon him is not easy. Chief Toad is stubborn and grumpy which makes him hard to deal with, however, when he works with the summoner he makes it all worth it.

After all, Gamabunta is able to cast ninjutsu on his own and he shows amazing agility for his size. Most shinobi who most battle with him and Jiraiya often find themselves overmatched for the most part. Gamabunta helps Jiraiya make some of these other jutsu more powerful (like the Toad Oil Fireball and the Mayhem Technique). So, with that in mind, clearly, this summoning jutsu is one of the most powerful abilities Jiraiya has that viewers know.


Jiraiya gets credit for crafting the most powerful iteration of the Rasengan the series has ever seen (even though the full damage potential has not truly been shown). There are many variations to the Rasengan, and a few could have made this list. However, the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan felt the most appropriate.

The technique is seen as the penultimate version. It draws on the natural energy Jiraiya is able to access in Sage Mode. This natural energy allows the user to control a Rasengan so large that is can end up being larger than the user’s body. When hit with it, an enemy will be completely destroyed. It is said the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan can carve away an entire mountain. If true, that makes this a monumental technique Jiraiya can use.

Are there any more powers Jiraiya has used in Naruto? Let us know in the comments!

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Naruto: The 15 Most Powerful Attacks (And 10 That Are Worthless)

When it comes to ninja, Naruto has some of the most impressive fighters. Many of the main cast become, or already are, some of the strongest shinobi in the world. They not only are great offensive heroes, but also healers, supports, and wild cards. Fans fell in love with the large cast of characters and its no surprise. After all, they are a wide range of talented, powerful ninja.

At the core of their greatness, of course, are the abilities they show off. Naruto and Sasuke are just as iconic as the Rasengan and Chidori. Their personalities bleed seemlessly into the way they fight. Each character is like this, and it makes them all the more fascinating. The more unique, strange, and impressive, the better. Sasuke could be so infuriating sometimes, but his diverse and marvelous Sharingan and powers always kept fans wanting more.

Sometimes, though, even great characters have a few pretty lame abilities. Or, conversely, characters fans love to hate have fantastic abilities. It all just depends on what their skill set is or what point of their ninja journey they’re at.

However, for now, here are The 15 Most Powerful Attacks In Naruto (And 10 That Are Worthless).

25 Powerful: Perfect Susanoo

There is a reason why the Uchiha clan is one of the most frighteningly powerful. The Sharingan is already tremendous, but its next level, the Mangekyo Sharingan, is horriftying.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Mangekyo Sharingan is the ability to summon a Susanoo, a gigantic humanoid avatar made of chakra. They will fight on behalf of their creator. Furthermore, each Susanoo draws upon the power of its summoner. In turn, that means they use attacks and act accordingly to the ninja’s will. The creation of this chakra giant is an attack in itself, preparing them for battle. Understandably, some cower at the mere sight of one.

24 Worthless: Roof Tile Shuriken

The ninja of Naruto are trained to use a variety of dangerous weapons, like the kunai, katana, or the ever popular shuriken. However, they don’t always have these tools on them in a fight. That’s when a shinobi must get crafty, with varying levels of success.

When Konohagakure was attacked by Orochimaru, Hokage Hiruzen was desperate to save his people. Using the roof tiles around him, he pressurized them to attack the snake monster that was once his student. Though clever, the roof tile shurikens were hardly effective and didn’t help Hiruzen save the town, or himself, from Orochimaru’s attacks.

23 Powerful: Rasengan

The Rasengan is a powerful attack only known by a few shinobi. It was created by Minato Namikaze to mimic the tremendous attacks of the Tailed Beasts. At quite a young age, Naruto, his son, learned to use the ability. The chakra ball that packs a punch became one of his signature moves.

Naruto learned the move to counter Sasuke’s Chidori, but he made it even stronger. With the use of his shadow clones, he can collect and condense more chakra to pack an even larger punch. Getting hit with it would easily defeat most enemies.

22 Powerful: Amaterasu

Once Sasuke Uchiha gained the Mangekyo Sharingan, his power rose to an alarming level. After all, the higher-tier Sharingan not only gives strength but allows new, more horrifying abilities. One of its strongest is the Amaterasu. It’s the black fire, the highest level of fire release, and only its creator can stop it.

Moreover, the fire can be used in various moves to combine with a Susanoo, impale attackers, and combine with allies’ abilities. It’s dangerous on its own, but it becomes even more dangerous when it is used in tandem with other tremendous powers. One of the most intimidating is the Kagutsuchi attack, creating a black fire sword for a Susanoo.

21 Worthless: Whac-A-Mole Technique

While most techniques have practical use on the battlefield, others seem to be made simply to annoy people. One of the most egregious examples of this is the Whack-A-Mole Technique used by Obito Uchiha, the point is for the user to pop underground, then spring above ground, and whack a foe with a stick.

The ability neither accomplishes much nor follow the proper rules of Whack-A-Mole. At best, it just causes confusion, frustration, and hatred. However, it could be modified to be more useful in battle, but otherwise its more like a useless prank attack.

20 Powerful: Reanimation Jutsu

Shown early in Naruto by Orochimaru and his followers, Reanimation Jutsu is a dangerous and powerful ability. After all, this power can bring a ninja back from the afterlife. Moreover, it’s dangerous on a different level because a sacrifice is needed for someone to be reanimated.

While not a direct attack, an army of the reanimated is a daunting accomplishment. Because of this, any ninja that knows this jutsu is a possible necromancer to be feared. Furthermore, their abilities only make them harder to stop if they become evil. Overall, this ability helped stop the world from ending. That doesn’t negate the powerful danger it poses, though.

19 Worthless: Hidden Lotus

When Naruto fans first meet Rock Lee, they are dazzled by his fighting abilities. Over time, however, it becomes apparent that his early attacks may not have been as strong as they seemed.

For example, his first battle involves him trying to use Hidden Lotus on Sasuke. While it didn’t quite follow through, it’s impressive nonetheless. As time goes on, however, fans never see the move work out. For one reason or another, it never hits and it never helps Rock Lee fight. For a move so powerful that it takes all of his energy and can only be used once a day, it isn’t very effective. Until proven otherwise, Hidden Lotus has been pretty worthless.

18 Powerful: Creation Rebirth

Created by Lady Tsunade and adopted by Sakura Hurano, Creation Rebirth is considered the pinnacle of medical ninjutsu. In the past, Tsunade developed it to keep herself and her comrades healthy on the battlefield. A master medic-nin can use the chakra in their body to encourage cell growth, healing wounds and damage before it effects the user.

Effectively, as long as their chakra is still strong and flowing, a powerful user of this move cannot be slain. While not an attack, a Creation Rebirth user can attack indefinitely as long as their chakra holds up. That’s a tremendously powerful attack against a foe.

17 Worthless: Soap Bubble Ninjutsu

Despite being used by the Six Tailed Beast, Saiken, Soap Bubble Ninjutsu isn’t the strongest of styles. Even worse, though, is that most humans using Soap Bubble Ninjutsu cannot use the technique effectively without a bubble pipe. In theory, if a person broke the bubble pipe, those users would be greatly weakened.

Though worthless might not be the best word, as the technique does have its places, it is a fairly passive way of fighting and can be overpowered easily by strong blades. Soap bubbles just aren’t a very great way to attack people.

16 Powerful: Izanagi

In Naruto, many of the most dangerous and powerful attacks come from the cursed Uchiha clan. Their Sharingan are extremely effective. While most of its powers are based on reading others’ motions and copying moves, the Sharingan can also create illusions.

However, unlike most abilities, the illusion isn’t applied just to the enemy. The illusion is applied to reality itself. It gives the Sharingan ninja the ability to do things like apply the illusion to themselves and then have all damage transfer to an illusion instead of their real bodies. Does it sound confusing and complicated? It is. There’s a reason why bending reality is so effective.

15 Worthless: Twin Rising Dragons

Ten Ten is a highly skilled marksman. Most of her abilities based around throwing knives, scrolls, and agility. However, in a world where most everyone is a trained ninja with great blocking abilities, Ten Ten’s powers unfortunately tend to fall short.

One of her earliest moves, the Twin Rising Dragons, was a twirling funnel of two scrolls from which she summoned weapons and attacked her opponent. Overall, the move was dazzling. Her knives barely touched her opponent, though. While impressive, it was far too easy for her foe to swat her weapons away. Twin Rising Dragons is made moot by the powerful, unique abilities of others.

14 Powerful: Chibaku Tensei

There are traps, and then there’s the Chibaku Tensei. Able to immobilize nearly anyone, a ninja creates a black sphere with their hands to start it. Then, they send the sphere into the air and use their chakra to attract objects, people, and more. It’s a great tool to trap enemies, as it can even crush them in the rubble.

Nagato used this to trap Naruto. Consequently, Naruto became the first and only person to find a way to break out of its hold. However, not everyone is Naruto, so it can cause a lot of damage. The fact that it could affect far more than just one ninja makes it all the more dangerous and powerful.

13 Powerful: Space-Time Migration

Manipulating space and time is impressive in any dimension, and that’s no different in the world of Naruto. As if the Magekyo Sharingan wasn’t already powerful enough, the eye can also look beyond and manipulate space, time, and other dimensions.

Sasuke uses this ability in Boruto to explore and protect Konohagakure better. However, in Naruto, Obito is the first to use the ability. He uses it to move objects and people from one dimension to another, called Kumai. With this, the most advanced members of the Uchiha clan are all the more powerful. If they can slip in between space and time, they can cause even more damage. Luckily, the only Uchiha alive capable of such things is Sasuke, whose evil deeds are far behind him.

12 Worthless: Dynamic Entry

Much like their students, many teachers in Naruto have signature moves or styles. Two of the most similar student/teacher combos, though, are Rock Lee and Might Guy. The duo may be immeasurably close, but Might Guy does have a few unique attacks up his sleeve. One of his most impressive ones is the Dynamic Entry.

Much like it sounds, Might Guy uses the Dynamic Entry to make a dramatic entrance by flying in on a powerful kick. The kick is hardly weak, though, as it has been known to disarm even highly-skilled characters like Jiraiya. Its strengths end there, though. At best, it’s a disarming kick that starts a fight. It’s worthless in the grand scheme of a battle.

11 Powerful: Reaper Death Seal

The Reaper Death Seal is very important in the Naruto world, as it’s what took out Naruto’s father. In an effort to save Konohagakure, Minato used this seal to put a part of the Nine-Tailed Beast within himself and stop its rampage. However, the seal has a catch: it’s only so effective because the user calls upon Shinigami, the God of Death, for assistance. The Shinigami then takes both the sealed soul and the user’s soul.

While ultimately fatal for the user, the Reaper Death Seal is powerful because of its cost. It can even seal parts of the Tailed Beasts, which are some of the most powerful beings on the planet.

10 Worthless: Fart

During the Chunin Exams, Naruto was told that he would never win against Kiba. When they fought, he struggled to keep up. Kiba understood his powers and how to use them far better than Naruto. However, Naruto wouldn’t go down without a fight, and because of this, he started to get creative.

Knowing the strength of Kiba and Akumara’s noses, he used it against them. Naruto farted at them to disarm them, upsetting their strong senses of smell, and then used that against them. From then on, Naruto uses it as his go to against Kiba. While it’s clever against a dog-nosed ninja, farting isn’t exactly a powerful or useful ninjutsu. In any other situation, it’s worthless.

9 Powerful: Wind Style: Rasenshuriken

Inventive as he is, Naruto created the Rasenshiruken as an upgraded version of the Rasengan. While the Rasengan is already very powerful, Naruto used his personal skill set to make it even stronger.

With the help of at least two shadow clones, he collects the chakra needed for the Rasengan. Then, he uses a shape transformation to give it four points. Naruto has made up to three Rasenshurikens. Not only does this show Naruto’s power, but it’s also an impressive and useful attack. It gives the user an immense edge over their opponent. After all, one Rasengan is enough to deal with, let alone three Rasenshurikens.

8 Worthless: Water Release: Water Shuriken

Making shurikens out of anything is generally not a very powerful skill. While it makes a ninja more versatile, if those shurikens are not made out of solid objects, they rely a lot on the power of a ninja. If the user is disrupted, the shuriken might fall apart just as easily. Ninja already know how to easily defend themselves from real shurikens. Water ones, which are even easier to repel, pose little threat.

Water Release: Water Shuriken is versatile and handy in a pinch, but it’s not an impressive attack. In a battle against any competent shinobi, it’ll most likely be useless.

7 Powerful: Infinite Tsukoyomi

One of the most mentally frightening genjutsu is the Infinite Tsukuyomi. This ability encases the entire world in an illusion, making everyone who witnesses it immobile, trapping a dream state. This is done in order to feed off their chakra. Only three people are known to wield it: Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, and Kaguya Otsutsuki, the world-eater and mother of chakra.

This power does have very distinct rules, however. The user must have the proper strength and their Rinne Sharingan must reflect off of the moon. Other Rinnegan users are the only ones capable of stopping it and saving others from their waking dreams.

6 Powerful: The Eight Gates

The Eight Gates refer to the different gates in a person’s chakra system. Opening gates is a difficult task, and few talented ninja know how to do it. Opening a gate floods more chakra into a person’s system, allowing them to be more powerful than their base chakra would allow.

Each gate has a different name, and each user can open up a different amount of gates. Kakashi can open at least one, Rock Lee can open seven, and Might Guy can open all eight. However, if all eight gates are open, a normal human will perish. Only Might Guy has opened all gates and not lost his life.

5 Worthless: One Thousand Years Of Death

Though it sounds fatal, the One Thousand Years of Death attack is actually just a melodramatic way of saying a ninja embarrassed/discomforted another one by poking their buttocks. Yes, really.

Every person this technique is used on acts dramatically in response, rushing away, acting uncomfortable and embarrassed. Between all of the serious moments of ninja battles and revenge plots, sometimes absurd humor is appreciated. However, that doesn’t mean that the move is a good fighting technique. In a real life-endangering situation, it’s worthless.

4 Powerful: Tengai Shinsei

Naruto is full of endless rivalries and continuous cycles. A lot of it, though, seems to lead back to two people: Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. Once friends, the two later became enemies. Madara comes back to wreak havoc on the world in the later parts of Naruto, bringing with him his terrible, immense strength.

One of his most intimidating moves is the Tengai Shinsei, an ability that casually brings meteors down to crash into the earth. These meteors cause major damage wherever they crash and, even worse, have a large area of effect. Naruto and Sasuke had to join forces, despite their disagreements, in order to stop him. With such powerful attacks, there was no other way.

3 Powerful: Indra’s Arrow

Throughout the show, fans learn much about Sasuke’s abilities and his preferences. He tends to favor using his Sharingan, fire, and lightning. When using his Susanoo, all of those come together to create his ultimate form. Furthermore, one of his Susanoo/lightning hybrid attacks, Indra’s Arrow, is his strongest offensive attack.

To achieve such a powerful attack, Sasuke has to absorb chakra from the Nine-Tailed Beasts. Only then can he collect them, create a lighnting infused bow and arrow, and fire a dangerously strong attack. This attack is said to be even stronger than Naruto’s Rasenshuriken ability.

2 Worthless: Naruto’s Special Jutsu

In all of the seriousness of dramatic, dangerous ninja battles, Naruto works very hard to include light-hearted comedy. One of the most consistent sources of this comedy is Naruto himself and all of his unconventional antics. One of his most infamous, wild antics is his inappropriate, gender-bending jutsu.

To make himself laugh and to shock potential victims, such as Jiraiya, Naruto occasionally transforms into a young women, leaving nothing to the imagination. It really takes any opponent by surprise. However, other than a few uncomfortable laughs, it has little practical value and is basically worthless — at least, when it comes to battling.

1 Powerful: Tailed Beast Bomb

The Tailed Beasts are some of the most intimidating monsters in the Naruto universe. While sealed within their hosts, they aren’t too much of a danger. However, once released, or when a host is transformed, they are able to unleash their full power.

When in beast form, they can create an immensely powerful attack called the Tailed Beast Bomb. The Beasts must collect chakra in their mouths and perfect a ratio between positive and negative chakra. Then, once the black chakra is ready, they release it in a devastating attack. Beasts or hosts can fire the ball as is or turn it into a beam. Tailed Beasts are tremendously powerful creatures that people shouldn’t trifle with.’

Do you think we missed any of the most powerful or weakest attacks in Naruto? Tell us in the comments!

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10 Couples That Hurt Naruto (And 15 That Saved It)

The Naruto franchise always focused on young ninja attempting to achieve their dreams. Rarely do these dreams involve romance. Instead, characters focus on becoming the leaders, or Kage of their nations, or learning new skills to become more formidable warriors. That doesn’t, however, mean that the franchise is completely devoid of romance.

Manga creator, and executive producer of the anime series and several movies, Masashi Kishimoto, has been up front about not enjoying writing romance. As a result, many of the pairings in his franchise don’t necessarily last. Instead, many of them involve one-sided feelings and at least one of the people involved undergoing extensive character development that pushes their story arc forward.

Despite so many crushes and pairings that don’t really go anywhere, there are quite a few couples that have a large influence on the story. In some cases, a pairing resulted in one character becoming a better person or better developed in the eyes of the audience. In other cases, two characters pairing up was the result of a long story arc coming to an end.

Other pairings were more of a hindrance to the franchise. In those cases, the pairings didn’t actually add to the story, but instead, got in the way. They might have occurred in a corner of the franchise that wasn’t as accessible to fans, or they may have been portrayed in a way that did nothing for the characters at all.

Either way, we’ve examined the romantic pairings involved in the series to bring you the 10 Couples That Hurt Naruto (And 15 That Saved It).

25 Saved: Tsunade And Jiraiya

As two of the Legendary Sannin, Tsunade and Jiraiya knew one another as children and grew into formidable shinobi. When Jiraiya became Naruto’s mentor, he also went on a search for Lady Tsunade, formally inviting her to become the Fifth Hokage. Separately, these two are kind of a mess. Tsunade has an addiction to gambling and Jiraiya’s never met a pretty girl he didn’t pursue.

Underneath their bickering over those subjects, they shared a deep affection.

It was this affection that showed a softer side to them. While Jiraiya always had feelings for Tsunade, she never let him share them. Due to the Akatsuki, they never got a chance to pursue a formal relationship.  

24 Saved: Naruto And Hinata

Despite the series not being a romance, if ever there was a central couple of the Naruto saga, the title character and Hinata Hyuga would be it. Naruto didn’t initially show a special interest in Hinata, but she always admired him from afar. In fact, she admired him so much that talking to him made her faint. That could have led to a dangerous road, but instead, Hinata grew from the experiences.

The two grew to share mutual respect, both making one another better shinobi during their team-ups. They also saved the world together, got married, and had two great kids, never losing faith in one another.

23 Hurt: Sasuke And Karin

Like many of the relationships in the Naruto canon, the feelings between Sasuke and Karin appeared to be pretty one-sided. Just like Sakura before her, Karin was obsessed with Sasuke. Karin was one of Orochimaru’s followers when Sasuke joined his ranks. She eventually became Sasuke’s right-hand, staying with him after he defeated Orochimaru. Karin even allowed Sasuke access to her healing abilities (by biting her), something she didn’t like to allow other people access to.

Much of their relationship was built on Sasuke using her as a means to an end, and Karin following along with hopes of being noticed.

It was the kind of relationship that set a bad example for fans.

22 Saved: Minato And Kushina

Due to the nature of the story, we don’t get to see a ton of the relationship between Minato and Kushina. With them gone in the present day, much of what fans know of them is down to flashbacks. What we do know is that their connection was born of extreme circumstances. Kushina only realized how much Minato cared for her after he saved her from a kidnapping. Their connection saved the series beyond their falling in love, though.

Without Kushina and Minato falling in love and marrying, Naruto wouldn’t even exist – or at least there would be no backstory on how he became the person with the nine-tails sealed inside of him.

21 Hurt: Kakashi And Kahyo

Some potential pairings dominate the manga, while others only show up for fans who read supplemental material. Kakashi and Kahyo are one of the latter. The two, like many pairs in the Naruto universe, exist in hints rather than in practice. They meet in the “light novel” Kakashi Hiden, which explores a very short snippet of Kakashi’s life that involves Kahyo taking a ship hostage in a misguided attempt at vengeance.

It’s Kakashi who makes sure that Kahyo doesn’t get punished by execution. He also finds himself teased about the possible relationship.

This would all be great if it actually occurred in the main continuity and all Naruto fans had the opportunity to read it.

20 Saved: Yahiko And Konan

As two members of a trio of orphans trained by Jiraiya, Yahiko and Konan eventually became founding members of the Akatsuki that plagued Naruto’s generation. A pair of villains wouldn’t seem like a great romantic pairing to root for, but Yahiko and Konan weren’t your usual villains.

The two actually became villains when they were striving for peace. They wanted to stop the wars and violence that plagued the shinobi nations. Unfortunately, they used war and violence to try to achieve their goals. The relationship between the two of them served to humanize them and make the reader more understanding of everything they sought out to do.

19 Hurt: Itachi And Izumi

Itachi Uchiha wasn’t known for his way with the ladies. One brief line from Tobi to Sasuke reveals that one of Itachi’s targets during the Uchiha clan massacre was a “lover,” but they’re not named until much later. Izumi’s identity was first revealed in the trio of light novels that make up Itachi Shinden before parts of her story were adapted for the anime.

As a member of the Uchiha clan, she was one of the first who Itachi targeted when he eliminated everyone.

He showed her mercy, trapping her in a dream state so she wouldn’t know her own fate, but it only served to confuse the audience more when his true intentions were later revealed.

18 Saved: Obito And Rin

Though we never saw Kakashi’s former teammate become a couple, we do know that Obito had strong feelings for Rin. In fact, Obito’s feelings for Rin informed his entire character arc in the franchise. Obito thought that he gave Kakashi his eye while breathing his last breath. Miraculously, Obito was saved.

Unfortunately, his miracle was short lived as he later witnessed Kakashi fail to save Rin as well. It was that failure that sent Obito on his path to becoming Tobi and a member of the Akatsuki. It was also, however, the connection that he, Kakashi, and Rin shared as teammates that allowed him to reform and help Kakashi later.

17 Hurt: Kizashi And Mebuki Haruno

If the names Kizashi and Mebuki aren’t familiar to you, their surname Haruno might be. The couple happen to be Sakura’s parents. It would be nice to say that they helped to save the franchise by providing it with the likes of Sakura, an important main character who lands right in the middle of Sasuke and Naruto’s friendship.

The problem is that Sakura’s parents are largely absent from her story.

In fact, they’re only seen in the anime in conjunction with promotion for the Road to Ninja movie. Otherwise, they add absolutely nothing to Sakura’s development as a character.

16 Saved: Kiba And Tamaki

Kiba was always a wild child in the franchise. You never knew what he was going to say or do. We also never saw him in any romantic relationships. Tamaki was introduced late in the franchise. Since Tamaki is a cat person, fans might not have thought they would get along since Kiba is a dog person.

In fact, when she was first introduced, she didn’t interact with Kiba. It wasn’t until Kiba attended Naruto’s wedding that fans saw them interact, and realized that Kiba was interested in her. While the two aren’t members of the older generation who have children in the spin-off, seeing Kiba outside of his usual confrontational demeanor served to make him more three dimensional.

15 Hurt: Fugaku And Mikoto Uchiha

Parents to Itachi and Sasuke, Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha didn’t get a lot of story time. What we do know about them is that Fugaku often praised Itachi as his favorite.

When Itachi decided to eliminate his clan, the duo sat together, still supporting him, and didn’t fight back.

When your son decides to get rid of you to gain more power, shouldn’t that be the moment you decide he’s not your favorite child? Another point against this particular couple? Flashbacks revealed Mikoto and Kushina Uzumaki shared a friendship before Naruto’s birth. Her family, like all of the village, still shunned Kushina’s child after the nine-tails destroyed part of Konoha.

14 Saved: Tsunade and Dan

Though this couple didn’t have a chance to find happiness, Tsunade and Dan’s connection made waves as soon as Lady Tsunade was introduced. As a Legendary Sannin, Tsunade left her village behind, traveling the countryside and getting herself further into debt thanks to a gambling problem. She hardly seemed like a great candidate for Fifth Hokage.

Jiraiya and Naruto tracked her down to offer the position, and that’s when we were treated to the reason for her avoidance of anything related to home: her relationship with Dan, who had wanted to be Hokage, ended in a tragic loss. The storyline gave fans an insight into her character, and made her becoming Hokage even more inspiring.

13 Saved: Rin And Kakashi

Teammates as children, Rin and Kakashi had a tight bond. The romantic angle of their relationship, however, was very one-sided. Rin was the one who had feelings for Kakashi, while as far as fans know, he only considered her a teammate. It still hurt him deeply when she chose to step into the path of his strike to end her life and protect the village from the three-tails inside of her.

Rin wanted the danger of the three-tails to end by the hand of the person she loved.

The action left Kakashi with a lot of guilt that influenced how he taught Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto in Team 7 in the future.

12 Hurt: Hayate And Yugao

Hayate and Yugao are relatively minor characters in the grand scheme of the Naruto franchise. In fact, some fans might not even realize that they know who the characters are. The series introduced Hayate as a proctor during Naruto’s chunin exams, but he lost his life when spying on Kabuto. His girlfriend Yugao was revealed much later during filler storylines, so manga purists might not even recognize her in the anime.

The relationship between the two was fleshed out when Yugao was forced to fight a reanimated Hayate during the Fourth Shinobi World War. It would have been very tragic if everyone remembered who they were.

11 Saved: Amaru And Shinno

Not very many of the Naruto movies feature romantic storylines. Naruto the Movie: Bonds did feature a medical apprentice named Amaru with a crush on her sensei Shinno. Amaru had a deep respect for Shinno because he saved her life and agreed to train her.

That respect progressed into a crush, but was turned on its head when she realized he wasn’t actually a good guy. He actually wanted to gather dark chakra to make himself more powerful.

It’s tough to find out your hero is the exact opposite of what you thought, but that twist powered the movie to its climax and gave Amaru some much needed character development.

10 Saved: Lee And Sakura

The crush Rock Lee had on Sakura was much like the one Hinata had on Naruto as a child. Lee greatly admired Sakura and was always willing to help her on a mission. Sakura was usually too busy worrying about Sasuke to notice Lee. Rather than treating him badly, she continued to be polite and friendly with him. She made it clear that their friendship was important to her, even if she didn’t return his feelings.

Likewise, Lee never attempted to get in the way of Sakura pursuing a relationship with Sasuke despite his feelings for her. They might have produced one of the healthiest crushes in the franchise.

9 Hurt: Hinata And Toneri

The Last: Naruto the Movie made a lot of fans who had watched Hinata become very happy. Hinata got a lot of the spotlight, as she worked to save her little sister and her relationship with Naruto blossomed. Before that relationship could bloom, however, she agreed to marry Toneri.

Toneri is the person who abducted her sister, so for any fan watching the movie, they new that the agreement was a desperate act.

The problem was that no one actually believed that Hinata wanted to marry Toneri except for Naruto, who suddenly became the most gullible character in the franchise. It was an unnecessary way to move the plot of the movie along.

8 Saved: Hashirama And Mito

As the first leader of the Leaf Village, Hashirama is incredibly important to the Naruto mythology. There’s a lot of talk of his special jutsu and how much good he did for his people. Often forgotten is his wife.

From the Land of Whirlpools, at some point in the franchise history, Mito married the First Hokage. She also happened to belong to a very important clan that would eventually vanish – the Uzumakis. Mito didn’t become a housewife to a powerful leader either. She was by his side in battle and eventually became the first jinchuuriki of the nine-tailed fox. Without Mito and Hashirama, there would be no story for Naruto.

7 Hurt: Sakura And Naruto

A huge will-they-or-won’t-they relationship for franchise fans was Sakura and Naruto. Naruto’s crush on Sakura was a major plot point for episodes of the anime, but definitely didn’t do the show any favors.

Naruto used his crush as an excuse to follow Sakura, get in between her and Sasuke, and rush headlong to her defense in battle.

While Sakura made it clear she didn’t return his feelings, she still dragged him along on “dates” multiple times, manipulating Naruto to her advantage. Further complicating this “relationship” was the fact that Sakura seemed sure that Naruto never had real feelings for her in The Last: Naruto The Movie, citing his crush as a form of competition with Sasuke.

6 Saved: Sai And Ino

One of the oddest couples in the series is Sai and Ino. Some might see Sai as Ino’s consolation prize since she spent her childhood with a crush on Sasuke, and Sai was his Team 7 “replacement.” The truth is that these two characters actually make one another better.

Ino, despite being empathetic and intelligent, was also incredibly shallow. She was more worried about her appearance than physical training. Sai, despite being an incredibly capable shinobi, had no people skills. The two had a lot to learn. Over time, they valued one another as more than just a pretty face or a good battle partner, providing plenty of growth for the duo.

5 Hurt: Sakura And Sasuke

They might be a fan-favorite couple, but Sakura and Sasuke have one of the most troubling relationships of the entire saga. Sakura spent nearly all of her formative years pining after Sasuke, wanting to be stronger so she could fight alongside him, and excusing a lot of his bad behavior. For his part, Sasuke spent a lot of his formative years ignoring Sakura and trying to make himself more powerful.

The only time he showed concern for her was when she was the weak link in the chunin exams.

Sasuke also tried to mortally wound Sakura in battle several times, something she forgives a little too easily when she winds up marrying him.

4 Saved: Kakashi And Hanare

Despite being a couple that only appears in a filler episode, Kakashi’s relationship with a woman named Hanare makes quite an impression. Filler episodes are created specifically for the anime to fill in gaps. They occur while the animators wait for the manga story to catch up. Hanare being captured and interrogated in Konoha was one of them.

The anime revealed that Kakashi actually saved her life when they were younger. After being interrogated, and supposedly erasing all of her own memories of the village, Hanare escapes. Despite catching up with her, Kakashi allows her to leave. It gives fans a bit more insight into Kakashi’s character, much like his relationship with Rin did.  

3 Hurt: Choji And Karui

Separately, Choji and Karui are great characters. Together, they’re a bit of a conundrum. Why? The two never interacted in the Naruto series that fans saw. Perhaps some of their potential story was cut for time? Even without any interactions, the two wound up married and with a daughter in the future.

They’ve created a confusing storyline for fans of the original series.

Let’s hope Choji and Karui get some flashbacks in the Boruto sequel series so we can all find out just what drew them to one another. Fans would love to know.

2 Saved: Shikamaru And Temari

If ever there were two characters that benefitted by falling for one another, it’s Shikamaru and Temari. These two repeatedly denied falling for one another despite constantly saving each other when they appeared in the storyline. Their interactions provided a breath of fresh air in a story constantly concerned with Naruto getting Sasuke back.

Temari began her journey as a shinobi who was more of a threat than an ally. She was overconfident and sassy, but brought down a peg or two when bested by Shikamaru during the chunin exams. Shikamaru was as lazy as possible despite being an actual genius. He also thought all women were too much trouble until Temari saved his life.

1 Saved: Asuma And Kurenai

Asuma was always the sensei who seemed just a little too cool. As smart as student Shikamaru, there was no reason to believe he didn’t find women as “troublesome” as Shikamaru did. Kurenai was apparently the exception. Throughout the anime, Asuma and Kurenai frequently appeared together in groups of shinobi. That was as much of a hint as fans got until Team 10 started teasing Asuma about his secret relationship with Team 8’s sensei.

Their relationship ended in tragedy when Asuma sacrificed himself to save his students, but the duo did have a daughter. 

Their relationship was the first hint fans got at how important continuing the story for the next generation was.

Do you agree with our picks for best and worst Naruto couples? Did you think we were way off the mark? Let us know in the comments!

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