UAE proposes delaying Expo 2020 Dubai until October 2021 due to coronavirus pandemic

The United Arab Emirates has officially requested to postpone the start of the Expo 2020 Dubai until October next year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the body that oversees the w… .

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Mandalorian Season 2 Release Date Set For October 2020

The Mandalorian season 2 is officially confirmed for an October 2020 release date. This past fall, Star Wars finally made the jump to live-action television with the Disney+ series, which became a massive hit for the streaming service. Lucasfilm seemed to be aware of what they had well before The Mandalorian became a phenomenon, as they were working on season 2 as far back as July 2019 (when Jon Favreau stated he was writing scripts). When The Mandalorian season 1 debuted and audiences began to fall in love with Baby Yoda, season 2 was in production.

With no new Star Wars movie coming out until December 2022, the franchise’s Disney+ shows (the slate also includes series about Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan Kenobi) are going to be the main attraction for the next few years. As such, there’s great interest in when The Mandalorian will continue. Favreau previously revealed the show will return this fall, but now fans have a more specific month to mark on their calendars.

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During Disney’s investors call, CEO Bob Iger confirmed The Mandalorian season 2 will premiere on Disney+ in October. An exact date wasn’t revealed, but now viewers know when they can expect the next batch of episodes.

This is a similar window to The Mandalorian season 1’s premiere, sandwiching the Star Wars show between Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (coming in August 2020) and WandaVision (December 2020). Looking at that schedule, Disney+ seems to have done a good job of spacing their tentpole programming out, giving each show a couple of months to dominate the zeitgeist before making way for the next one. That was an important step in the process, since the last thing anyone wants is for any of these three to be overshadowed. Lucasfilm and Marvel have a lot invested in Disney+ over the next handful of years, so it’s vital each series is a hit. Similar to how Disney gears their movie slate so none of their blockbusters are competing with each other, they’re avoiding self-cannibalization on Disney+.

In typical Lucasfilm fashion, details about The Mandalorian season 2 are slim, but it is reportedly going to feature original trilogy characters and give villain Moff Gideon a bigger role. Fans eager to lean more will probably have to wait until this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. That convention will be the ideal venue to debut some marketing materials like posters and a trailer, building more buzz and anticipation for The Mandalorian’s return. Fingers crossed season 2 is just as successful as season 1, continuing the first live-action Star Wars show on a high note.

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Chris Agar

Biggest Questions After October Faction Season 1 | Screen Rant

October Faction season 1 has some major revelations about the Allen family and the Presidio Foundation, but there are still plenty of questions left unanswered after the season finale. Based on the comics by Steve Niles and Damien Worm, October Faction was developed as a Netflix series by Damian Kindler (Sleepy Hollow) and follows a married couple who have a secret life as hunters of monsters and warlocks. There’s just one problem: twins Geoff and Viv are warlocks themselves, who were secretly adopted after Fred and Deloris Allen took part in a purge of a warlock sanctuary.

At the end of October Faction season 1, Alice Harlow – the twins’ sole surviving biological parent – manages to bring back the souls of her departed friends and beloved husband by forcing the townspeople of Barington-on-Hudson to act as hosts. Presidio moves in to contain the situation and wipe out the entire town as part of a cover-up, but are stopped when Alice kills the head of Presidio, Edith Mooreland. This leaves Maggie Allen, Fred’s mother, in charge – but she has devious plans of her own. Imprisoned by Presidio are Fred’s father, the mad scientist Samuel Allen, and a tragic human-machine hybrid called Dante, who is the soul of Fred’s deceased brother in the body of a convicted murderer.

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Though life in Barington-on-Hudson seems to have mostly returned to normal, there’s still a lot that’s unresolved for the Allens when the credits roll on October Faction‘s season 1 finale. Here are the biggest lingering questions that fans can hope to be answered in season 2.

After being shot in the penultimate episode of October Faction season 1, Fred Allen finds himself stuck in a spooky limbo version of the family house. His only company is Omari, the twins’ biological father, whom Fred killed during the attack on Harlow. Omari tells him that while he exists in this in-between state there’s still a “window” for him to return and make up for everything he’s done. However, Fred is still in limbo at the end of the season and we see Deloris putting flowers on his grave. If Fred’s body is six feet under and rotting then his resurrection could prove challenging – though having a couple of warlocks in the family could certainly make it possible.

Deloris Allen has a lot of reasons to hate Presidio, from the fact that they killed her husband to their attempt to drag her children away from her. At the end of the season, Deloris declares in voiceover that she’s now on the right side of things – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s done with Presidio. After Edith Mooreland’s death, Presidio is now being run by Deloris’ mother-in-law, who will no doubt be looking to bring her family back into the fold. Moreover, if Deloris decides that Presidio needs to be taken down, one of the best ways to do that could be attacking the organization from the inside.

From what we know about Seth Allen, he was a pretty sick young man with tendencies bordering on the psychopathic. Moshe reveals that Seth tortured his wife and then made her watch while he murdered their young daughter. Now, Seth’s soul has seemingly been resurrected in the body of Dante, a prisoner who murdered his own family. It’s clear that the transfer wasn’t a complete success, since Dante’s body suffered great damage and he has no clear memories of his life before being “born” in Seth’s old bedroom. In the comics, Dante is a sympathetic character who ultimately becomes another one of the Allens’ adopted children, and from what we’ve seen in the show he seems to have a good heart underneath his frightening exterior. Is Dante simply a reincarnated Seth with amnesia, a mix of Seth’s personality and the prisoner who volunteered his body, or something else entirely?

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Throughout October Faction season 1, Alice had two clear goals: to find her kids and tell them the truth about their heritage, and to bring back Omari and all the others who were killed during the attack on Harlow. By the end of the season she has achieved the first goal and made an aborted attempt at the second. More importantly, though, she’s managed to get revenge on the woman who betrayed her and had her friends and husband slaughtered. Following her escape from the Presidio convoy Alice’s whereabouts are unknown, and Moshe has offered to work with Sheriff Gina Fernandez to track her down. Will Alice take on a villain role in season 2? Will she continue to try and find a way to bring back Omari? Or will she prove to be an important ally for the Allens in the fights that lie ahead?

Just as the dust has settled on the Allen house, October Faction season 1 leaves off with a cliffhanger ending. Inside Samuel Allen’s creepy basement laboratory is a heavy-duty trapdoor leading to a sub-basement, and the finale concludes with something breaking out. As a mad scientist who used a mix of magic and technology to create Dante, there’s no telling what else Samuel got up to during his years of isolation. Is the monster in the basement simply a werewolf or some other creature that he was holding prisoner, or is it something of his own creation? Whatever was being kept hidden down there, the fact that another monster is now on the loose can’t be good news for the Allen family.

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October Faction Season 2: Release Date & Story Details

Will Netflix release October Faction season 2, and if so, what will it be about and when will it release? Based on Steve Niles and Damien Worm’s comic series, the TV adaption was developed by Damian Kindler. October Faction 1 released in January 2020.

October Faction season 1 on Netflix stars J.C. MacKenzie and Tamara Taylor as Fred and Deloris Allen, respectively. As undercover members of Presidio, they hunt down monsters and protect a huge secret about their twin children, Viv (Aurora Burghart) and Geoff (Gabriel Darku), while dealing with the death of Fred’s father Samuel (Stephen McHattie), a business mogul and former Presidio agent. As October Faction season 1 reaches its climax, the Allen children learn the truth about their heritage, while Fred and Deloris are seemingly separated forever.

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The final two episodes of October Faction season 1 feature a summoning circle gone wrong, and an Allen family member trying to find his way back from that uncomfortable place known as limbo (see Inception). Meanwhile, Viv and Geoff telepathically connect with their birth mother, while Deloris squares off against Presidio leader Edith Mooreland. Here’s everything to expect from October Faction season 2 on Netflix.

October Faction season 1 released in full on January 23, 2020. Based on Netflix’s history, the streaming service will make an official renewal or cancellation within six weeks of the release date, which means that fans can expect news before the end of Winter 2020. October Faction season 1 hasn’t received overwhelming positive reviews, however the comic premise could lead to some major binging for curious Netflix subscribers.  Since there’s so much to address moving forward, Netflix will likely greenlight October Faction season 2.

Expect October Faction season 2 to release in January 2021. Assuming that Netflix moves forward with new episodes, filming and post-production will take up the rest of the year given the amount of visual effects and overall scope of production. It’s likely that October Faction season 2 will release on either Thursday, January 21, 2021 or Friday, January 22, 2021.

In the October Faction season 1 finale, Geoff and Viv’s birth mother, Alice, raises the dead through a summoning circle, only to get raided by Presidio. Edith then recruits Viv (or tries to), while the seemingly dead Fred has a chat with Geoff and Viv’s birth father, Omari, in limbo. Ultimately, the twins touch hands and connect with Alice, who in turn teams up with Deloris to take down Edith. Moving forward, Maggie Allen will be the new head of Presidio. October Faction season 1 ends with something rattling and roaring in Samuel’s basement. So, what can fans expect from October Faction season 2?

According to showrunner Damian Kindler, October Faction season 2 on Netflix will further explore the backstory of  the mysterious man-machine Dante (Calvin Desautels):

“I think we didn’t have the time or space in season one to unpack his entire story, but I think he’ll play a very big role in season two. He’s quite a cool and interesting, mysterious figure in season one, but he’s not featured as dominantly as he would be in season two.”

Kindler also revealed that the main comics villain, Merle Cope, will be introduced in October Faction season 2, and that he’ll be a “major” aspect for not just the second installment, but also everything “beyond.” First, however, Netflix just needs to officially order October Faction season 2.

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Here Are The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix In October 2019

It’s officially pumpkin season! And while that means pumpkin spice everything, it also means sweater weather… which means that long evenings spent outside are going to give way to nights curled up in front of the TV, ignoring that first chill in the air. Thankfully, Netflix has packed its usual number of brand new viewing material into the calendar this month, with plenty of originals joining watchable classics, so that everyone should find something to watch. The heaviest hitters? The newest season of Big Mouth, the Breaking Bad Movie, and the Laundromat.

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10 Charlie’s Angels

Ahead of the high octane remake (out in November), Charlie’s Angels are back on Netflix. Charlies Angels and Charlies Angels: Full Throttle are both on their way to the streaming service this month, making it the perfect time to catch up on female-led action as Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Lui kick some serious (high heeled) butt in these fun action romps. They may not be classic cinema, but they are a whole lot of fun!

Arriving: Oct 1

9 Trainspotting

With the sequel, T2, also available on Netflix, it’s time to get melancholy with a marathon, now that the original film is also returning. Released back in 1996, Trainspotting is still an incredible film over two decades later, and with good reason. Check out the uber-young Ewan McGregor as a heroin addict in Scotland, getting into all kinds of drug-fuelled mayhem with his friends (and even considering getting out of some mayhem, too). Then watch T2, and see quite how far they have all come – the actors, as well as the characters themselves.

Arriving: Oct 1

8 Big Mouth (Season 3)

Head back to animated puberty, as Big Mouth returns! The hit comedy takes viewers through the highs and lows of middle school, with the addition of the truly hilarious Hormone Monsters – strange, hairy, beasts that serve as the un-seen urges that pre-teen life brings.

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It may be awkward and embarrassing, but Big Mouth is a Netflix original hit for a reason; everybody has been here, and it’s just that funny. It’s not all cringeworthy jokes, though. This animated series is also surprisingly touching.

Arriving: Oct 4

7 Peaky Blinders (Season 5)

On a very different note, Peaky Blinders fans will be thrilled to know that this is the month that their favorite historical crime drama returns to the streaming service. Set in Birmingham in the early 1900s, this gang-centric series has technically already aired in the UK, but this month will see its arrival in the US (for anyone who hasn’t already found a way to watch, that is).

Arriving: Oct 4th

6 Schitt’s Creek (Season 5)

Yes, season five originally aired back in January, so devoted fans of this funny family comedy will have already caught up. But whether you are a devoted fan looking forward to a rewatch, or a more casual fan who is happy to wait for the streaming option, it’s time for the latest season of rich people being ridiculous in a small town. Even if you’ve watched it once, it’s funny enough to see again – especially before the new season is released in a few months’ time.

Arriving: October 10th

5 El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Aaron Paul is back as Jesse Pinkman, as the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad finally gets a continuation. Yes, the spin-off Better Call Saul already exists, but El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is a direct continuation from the Breaking Bad series finale, focusing on what Pinkman is going to do now that he’s out, on the run… and not sure quite what life has in store for him. Breaking Bad fans aren’t going to want to miss this (and anyone who hasn’t seen the series… has some real catching up to do first!).

Arriving: Oct 11th

4 The Laundromat

Meryl Streep stars in this one, so there is essentially no doubt that it is going to be incredible! She’s not the only one, either – a star studded cast completes this film festival offering, and it looks like it’s going to be the smash hit of the month for new Netflix offerings.

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Streep plays a woman whose vacation goes wrong – and who starts to discover that a bad life insurance policy is part of a complicated web of corruption and money laundering. Funny, dramatic, and inspired by a true story, this is definitely one to watch.

Arriving: Oct 18

3 Living With Yourself

Paul Rudd stars in this new Netflix Original Series about a man who just… isn’t happy. Before you turn away from another dour drama, though, this is a comedy! Miserable, Miles goes to a spa that promises to make him better – but instead, ends up splitting him into two versions of himself. Now both are back home, and trying to share a single life… and figure out exactly what happened to them. Expect this to be a new Original smash hit this month.

Arriving: Oct 18

2 Men In Black

Men In Black: International may not have been the smash hit of the summer that some hoped for, and it’s not yet available to stream, but the original movie is! Men In Black and Men In Black II are both back on Netflix this month, so if the summer version didn’t float your boat, there’s plenty of time to have a binge of the classics. Watch Will Smith take on some aliens and save the world, and just enjoy this classic action comedy for everything that it is… before bingeing the sequel, because why not?

Arriving: Oct 19

1 Daybreak

Post apocalyptic cheerleaders with axes? Mad Max teenagers with zombies on the side? Sign us up for Daybreak, a new Netflix Original (based on the comic of the same name), about a high school after the world has ended – and one teenager’s search for love. Expect comedy, general mayhem, and some surprisingly touching moments in this new teen drama with a serious difference.

Arriving: Oct 24

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Swamp Thing Gets October UK Release Date On Amazon Prime Video

DC’s Swamp Thing will get a new lease on life, sort of, with Amazon announcing a UK release date on their Prime Video service. The show originally aired on the DC Universe streaming service, following Titans and its direct spinoff Doom Patrol. The R-rated, horror-themed show, however, was very much a standalone story. The streaming service is set to continue its run of original content later this year, with a highly-anticipated, equally R-rated Harley Quinn animated series.

Based on the character created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, Swamp Thing followed scientist Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed), as she returned to her hometown to investigate the various maladies currently plaguing its residents. Along the way, she crossed paths with Alec Holland (Andy Bean) – a fellow scientist who would go on to become the titular elemental creature. Sadly, although the show proved immediately popular with critics and fans alike, it was canceled shortly after the first episode was released back in May.

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Despite that, the full series will still air in the U.K. next month. As reported by Den of Geek, the show will be distributed on Amazon Prime. Swamp Thing was initially commissioned for 13 episodes. Midway into production, however, the episode order was reduced to 10. Each of those 10 episodes will likely be released in the U.K. all at once rather than week-to-week. The official premiere date is October 4.

October 4 will also see the U.K. release of the Billy Bob Thornton crime-drama Goliath’s third season. A week later will see the long-awaited premiere of Mr. Robot‘s fourth and final season. The Purge season 2 will kick off on October 15, alongside a couple of new movie releases. The Anthology drama, Modern Love, which stars Tina Fey and Anne Hathaway and recently dropped its first official trailer, will debut October 18. Numerous other series and notable movies will also join Amazon Prime’s catalog on or around those dates.

In regard to Swamp Thing, the date of release will make it arrive perfectly in time for Halloween. What Amazon’s picking up of the series means for its potential future, however, shall remain to be seen. A campaign for the show to be resurrected has been waged by fans ever since its initial cancellation. That campaign has seen star Derek Mears lend his support, and Ian Ziering, who played Daniel Cassidy (aka. Blue Devil), expressed hope it could ultimately prove successful. Amazon would certainly make for a fitting new home for the show, which recently branched out into similarly fantastical realms with Carnival Row.

Whatever happens, U.K. fans will no doubt be delighted by the opportunity to finally see what all the fuss is about with Swamp Thing. Though some may be hesitant to invest their time in a show that probably won’t continue, everyone who worked on the project has come to view it as a 10-hour movie. Also, producer James Wan previously stated: fans should still watch the show, in spite of the cancellation and no matter what the future holds.

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Source: Den of Geek

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John Atkinson

Schitt’s Creek Season 5 Premieres In October On Netflix

Good news for fans of Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek: the show’s fifth season will join Netflix next month. The series focuses on the Rose family, made up of parents Johnny and Moira and their adult children David and Alexis. Originally very wealthy and self-centered, the first episode of the show finds the family losing their fortune and forced to move. They settle on the small town of Schitt’s Creek, which Johnny and Moira bought for David as a joke many years before. The episodes that follow show the Roses struggling to make Schitt’s Creek their home, interacting with the town’s quirky residents, and eventually coming to enjoy their new normal.

Season 5 aired earlier this year on CBC Television in Canada and Pop TV in the U.S. Schitt’s Creek’s upcoming season 6, which was announced in March, will be its last. At the time, co-creators Dan and Eugene Levy explained that ending the show was their decision, as they felt it was the right amount of seasons needed to tell their story. Dan Levy also shared when the show finished production on its final season, taking to Instagram at the end of June to thank everyone involved in Schitt’s Creek. The show’s sixth season will be 14 episodes, and is likely to premiere in January 2020.

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Netflix’s See What’s Next Twitter account shared the news of Schitt’s Creek‘s season 5 debut. The fifth season will premiere on October 10, and join the show’s first four seasons on the streaming service. This includes the Christmas special the series did in 2018, just before the start of its 5th season. Season 5 of Schitt’s Creek found David and his boyfriend/business partner Patrick growing closer, Moira attempting to revive her acting career, and Alexis and ex-boyfriend Ted rekindling their romance. Meanwhile, Johnny and unofficial family member Stevie started to find success at their motel. Check out Netflix’s tweet about season 5 below.

Schitt’s Creek is notable for being a family affair both in front of and behind the camera. In addition to its co-creators, the character of Twyla, a waitress at the café the Roses frequent, is played by Dan’s sister and Eugene’s daughter Sarah Levy. Additionally, Catherine O’Hara, who plays Moira, has a long history of collaborating with Eugene Levy. They started out as cast members of Second City Television, before going on to star in multiple films together. Most famously, they worked on Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show, which were both mockumentary-style films.

After going mostly unnoticed for its first two seasons, Schitt’s Creek saw a rise in viewership when it first came to Netflix in 2017. The streamer has played a similar role with other shows as well, introducing many current series to the mainstream. It’s also helped older shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls find new, younger audiences. It makes sense that Netflix is dropping season 5 of Schitt’s Creek when it is. If the final season does debut this January, that gives viewers just enough time to get caught up on the series. And, with any luck, to fall in love with the Rose family the way many fans have.

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Rebecca VanAcker

Bloodshot Movie Trailer Should Release By October Says Director

Bloodshot director Dave Wilson says the movie’s first trailer should arrive in October. Based on the Valiant Comics character created by Bob Layton, Don Perlin, and Kevin VanHook, Bloodshot stars Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison, an ex-marine who is resurrected (via nanotechnology) after he and his wife are murdered, and transformed into a superhuman with no memory of his past life. The film mark Wilson’s first time directing, after years of serving as a visual effects supervisor on films like Avengers: Age of Ultron and video games like Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Force Unleashed II.

With names like Guy Pearce, Eiza González, and Outlander‘s Sam Heughan filling out the cast, Bloodshot is meant to serve as the first of multiple Valiant comic book adaptations, and could end up giving Sony a superhero universe of its own that does not involve Spider-Man. It’s currently scheduled to reach theaters in February 2020, so it’s marketing campaign shouldn’t be far off from getting started. Indeed, according to Wilson, the first Bloodshot footage ought to be released within a month or so.

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During a recent interview with, Wilson revealed Bloodshot is well along into post-production at this stage of development, and confirmed the film’s reshoots (that is, the customary pickup shoots for any tentpole) will probably take place in the near future. He added that the first trailer should arrive in October “if not sooner”, and briefly teased two action sequences he feels are the movie’s “standouts”, including one that’s largely practical in its execution and “was inspired by a Russian dashboard cam video that I found online”.

It’s possible the Bloodshot trailer will arrive with Joker at the beginning of October, what with the latter being next month’s biggest release and a fellow comic book adaptation. Alternatively, it could premiere with another Sony film, Zombieland: Double Tap, in mid-October. And while there haven’t been any announcements about which movies and TV shows will have a presence at New York Comic Con just yet, the event takes place from October 3-6 and could be the perfect occasion for Sony to jump-start its Bloodshot marketing. Whatever the case may be, Bloodshot fans will no doubt be glad to get their first proper look at Diesel as the title character (having had nothing but an alternate comic book cover where Bloodshot’s seemingly modeled after the actor to go off so far).

Beyond that, the actual movie has a good deal of potential. Bloodshot‘s premise has shades of cult properties like RoboCop and The Crow, and the film aims to explore issues like PTSD and emotional trauma through the lens of an action-packed sci-fi superhero adventure. With Eric Heisserer (Arrival, Bird Box) and Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2, Truth or Dare) writing the screenplay, there’s a fair chance Bloodshot will succeed in combining deeper ideas with on the surface entertainment. Wilson’s involvement further ensures Bloodshot should look pretty great, and may yet help to give Diesel that new hit franchise he’s hoping to launch here.

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Sandy Schaefer

Castle Rock Season 2 Gets October Release Date On Hulu

A premiere date has been set for season 2 of Caste Rock, the Hulu anthology based on the works of Stephen King. Premiering in 2018, the series takes its name from one of the locations which have recurred throughout King’s prolific career: the town of Castle Rock, which is featured in Cujo and several other notable titles from the master of horror.

The story of season 1 followed Henry, a death row attorney that returns home after a mysterious prisoner specifically requests his services. Given that it’s a show inspired by Stephen King, the return proves to be troubled. Shocking deaths, unsettling abilities, and disturbing discoveries are all packed into the first ten episodes as well as a number of covert and overt references to King. Castle Rock was praised for the performances of its cast, including Andre Holland and Sissy Spacek, as well as its ability to infuse new life into familiar tales. Season 2 was announced in August of last year, with influences from Misery and Salem’s Lot already revealed. Now, devotees of King, and others impressed by the series, can mark an exact date on their calendar for the show’s return.

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Posted to the official Twitter account for Castle Rock, with the ominous tagline of ‘Misery Arrives’, a short video announced season 2 will arrive on October 23rd. Lizzy Caplan will play a younger version of Annie Wilkes, very memorably portrayed by Kathy Bates in the 1990 film. Wilkes’ arrival in Castle Rock, and her subsequent robbery, sets off a war between two warring clans. Tim Robbins and Paul Sparks will also appear as characters from other Stephen King stories. Rather than taking a format where each season unfurls a single Stephen King story, the anthology takes the unique approach of creating a connected universe from the creative author’s many works.

The genre of horror, and even specifically horror in the form of an anthology, has seen a resurgence. On the small screen, American Horror Story is still going strong. Others like Into The Dark, the rebooted Twilight Zone, and the upcoming Apple+ series Amazing Stories all strive for something different while still maintaining the option of resetting if a particular idea doesn’t work. Along with the prevalence scary stories at the box office, following the recent successes of Us and Ready or Not, it is a safe bet that the desire of audiences to be spooked will be met for a long time.

In that respect, Castle Rock is both at an advantage and a disadvantage. Caplan is a very talented actress and Misery is one of King’s best known stories. On the other hand, the performance of Kathy Bates in the original film is a singular depiction of obsession and delusion which is still referenced today. Caplan, and the series more broadly, will be on the receiving end of many comparisons. If those are positive or negative, it remains to be seen.

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Castle Rock season 2 premieres October 23 on Hulu.

Source: Castle Rock/Twitter

2019-08-29 12:08:13

Abdullah Al-Ghamdi

20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them)

James Gunn may be off the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 project after being fired by Disney for some controversial tweets surfaced from long ago, but not only has he apologized and insisted that he’s a much different person than he was at that period in his life; he’s reportedly also getting another stab at creating a comic adaptation with the next Suicide Squad film.

While Marvel fans mourn the loss of the man behind some of the best movies in the MCU, it’s quite possible that Gunn will give the DC universe the boost it desperately needs to really compete with Marvel.

While we’ll have to wait and see what the actual film brings to the party, we have plenty of time to speculate about what its plot might be, what kind of tone to expect and above all, which characters might be included and who might be cast in those roles. While many of us are hoping to see some members of the Squad from the first film return, we’re also crossing our fingers, wishing for a chance to meet more members who weren’t included in the first movie. There’s really an endless amount of speculation to enjoy here and many fans have already photoshopped their choices for the best portrayals of characters audiences have loved for decades.

Casting for these iconic personalities won’t be an easy task, but here are 20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them).

20 Christina Ricci As Harley Quinn

Let’s be honest: Margot Robbie is a sure-in for Harley Quinn at this point. The star surprised many fans while proving others right with her incredible performance as the psychiatrist turned psychopath. Ensuring that Quinn not only shone as the premiere talent in a film with its problems, but that she would endure for her own film afterward, Robbie is a fan favorite, through and through.

We could definitely see this version of Harley in a Gunn movie.

If for some reason Robbie had to back out of the project, as much as it would pain fans, some have taken to casting other ideas for actresses who could play Harleen Quinzel. Artist D3SIGNMILTIA’s piece depicts an interesting version of the character that might work well with Christina Ricci.

19 Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker

We’ve seen so many incarnations of The Joker over the years that it’s getting more and more difficult to choose the perfect person to play an updated version of Batman’s most notorious foe. Whether or not he’ll be in the next Suicide Squad film is unclear. Who can measure up to Jack Nicholson’s chilling Joker and Heath Ledger’s perfect monster?

Joaquin Phoenix, currently starring in Todd Phillips’ solo Joker, is certainly one candidate. Phoenix, who’s also utilized some unorthodox acting methods in the past, might give us a bit more grave swagger as the criminal mastermind. His ongoing presence in the DCEU will likely depend on the success of Joker, due out in October 2019.

18 Neil Patrick Harris As The Riddler

Everyone’s favorite child doctor has grown up to become a much beloved singer, showman, and nemesis of the Baudelaire children. Neil Patrick Harris shines in just about everything he’s in, so including him in the next installment of Suicide Squad makes perfect sense.

Harris as the Riddler is pure gold.

He’s got the chops to bring the perfect blend of humor and intelligence that the Riddler needs to truly succeed, which might hopefully replace the slapstick Riddler we got in Batman Forever years ago. Harris isn’t everyone’s favorite for the Riddler, though; stay tuned for more artist manipulations involving the Riddler later.

17 Manu Bennett As Deathstroke

Given the fact that the Arrowverse and TV adaptations of DC stories have proven so successful, it makes sense to borrow from that character pool to not only connect the universe but to help ensure the success of Suicide Squad 2. If Gunn and company are planning on including Deathstroke in the sequel, we think Manu Bennet would be a clear choice for the character.

While some fans speculate that Joe Manganiello will play the part, since he is Mr. Wilson in Justice League and has announced that he’s working on three more films featuring the character, his involvement in Suicide Squad 2 remains speculation at this point. Many believe that Deathstroke will indeed be a primary villain in the film, and Bennet has already proven that he would do the character justice.

16 Sophie Turner As Oracle

Lots of fans are imagining Marvel actors in DC roles, which is pretty delightful for those of us who Make Ours Marvel and DC. Sophie Turner, who gave us the Jean Grey that we were waiting for in X-Men: Apocalypse and is set to reprise the role in Dark Phoenix, would also make an excellent Oracle.

Barbara Gordon’s time as Oracle has included a gig as tech support for the Suicide Squad.

With Ruby Rose’s debut as Batwoman and a Batgirl movie announced, the inclusion of Oracle could provide some timeline intrigue. Plus, after decades of Batman saturation, this much Bat-women power would be so much fun.

15 Oprah Winfrey As Amanda Waller

Viola Davis was a pretty stellar Amanda Waller, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen Viola Davis in anything. Davis could read a grocery list and deserve an Oscar. That said, Kode Logic has imagined what Oprah might bring to the role and we have to say that it looks impressive. Firm, ruthless and beautiful, Oprah’s Waller seems to give the character a bit more experience points, which are conveyed in that hard gaze.

Davis has said that she loved playing Amanda Waller, who is aligned so well with her character Annalise Keating in the hit TV drama How to Get Away with Murder in many ways, but how much fun would it be to see Oprah bend the rules?

14 Will Smith As Deadshot

You don’t mess with what works, and Will Smith certainly worked as Deadshot in the original Suicide Squad. He did so well, in fact, that plenty of people thought that he deserved his own film and said that they’d have watched Suicide Squad again if it only starred Smith. This really isn’t a surprise, given Smith’s star power, and it’s been announced that he’s returning to the franchise in the role again.

It’s a good thing that we have some time before the movie’s released, too, since Smith is set to star in Bad Boys for Life and Bright 2 around the same time. Smith’s got three films releasing in 2019 alone, and while one is only a vocal role, he’s definitely going to be busy for the next couple of years.

13 Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Batman

Utter the words “Jeffrey Dean Morgan” in the same sentence as “The Batman” and you’re bound to get a room full of excited fans. He’s absolutely perfect for Wayne in an adaptation of something like Batman Beyond, but we could definitely see him as the Batman in just about any adaptation of the series, and DeviantArt user evelius has given us some visual art to really picture the idea.

Morgan has the darkness and the voice necessary for Batman to match this ragtag team of violent convicts.

While Bale and Affleck had their time in the cowl, it’s time for a new man behind the mask. Why not Negan?

12 Rila Fukushima As Katana

While Katana was featured in the first Suicide Squad film, most people believe her role was too small to really critique or appreciate. Japanese-American actress Karen Fukuhara wasn’t bad in the role; she just didn’t get much to do.

Adding Rila Fukushima in the second movie might lend Katana some traction given that she already portrays the character in the Arrowverse.

While Fukuhara, who is set to play Glimmer in the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power TV series, is rumored to be reprising the role, Fukushima, star of last year’s Ghost in the Shell, was also fantastic as Yukio in The Wolverine, which would give us another fun link between the DC and Marvel universes.

11 Emma Stone As Poison Ivy

Who doesn’t love quirky, smart, and funny Emma Stone? The actress would be perfect for an updated role as Poison Ivy following Uma Thurman’s beautiful but wonky portrayal of Pamela Isley. One of BossLogic’s many creative manipulations, this artwork features Stone as the iconic plant-loving villain and it’s pretty impressive.

We already know that Ivy will be a big part of the upcoming Gotham City Sirens film, which will also feature Harley Quinn and Catwoman at its heart, so why not include her in the Suicide Squad movie as well? There are several other cool artist manipulations of actresses who might be great in the role, such as Jessica Chastain, so it’s going to be a tough one to cast.

10 Kristen Wiig As Cheetah

Many of us can’t stop celebrating Kristen Wiig being cast as Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984. The strongest thing the DC movies have going for it right now is all the incredible female characters, most notably Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, and we can’t wait to see where Aquaman takes us. If all goes well it would make perfect sense to include Wiig in Suicide Squad 2, especially since weaving in characters from multiple films would help provide better continuity for the DCEU.

Wiig is funny, smart, and beautiful, and we think she’s going to make an excellent foe for Wonder Woman.

In that case, her inclusion in another movie would also be fantastic to see.

9 Nathalie Emmanuelle As Vixen

DeviantArt artist farrou has created some truly amazing fanart of DC characters, and one of them, which features Nathalie Emmanuelle as Vixen, makes us believers. While we’re not sure if Emmanuelle has a Tantu Totem, we’re pretty sure she could make it work if Gunn and co. gave her one. The actress, best known for her role as Missandei on HBO’s Game of Thrones, is definitely ready for a a super suit and action in a big movie like this.

Then again, Jada Pinkett Smith has expressed interest in the role of Vixen, which would not only be interesting due to her husband’s presence in the movie but also due to her previous DC role as Fish Mooney in the TV series Gotham. Both actresses would be well-cast for the movie.

8 Jake Gyllenhaal As The Riddler

Do we really need the Riddler to come out and play in Suicide Squad 2? After the weirdness of Batman Forever and the sinister developments of Gotham, perhaps it’s time to reinvent the villain. Jake Gyllenhaal makes sense to play the villain not only because he was David Goyer’s original choice to play Batman in the Christopher Nolan movies, but because this fanart made by Vaskoho is something to behold.

While there are several people who could pull off the role, we think Donnie Darko has a fighting chance.

Fans point out that there were some Riddler Easter eggs in the Batman v Superman movie, so it’s possible that we’ll see The Riddler on film someday.

7 Dave Bautista As Bane

Can we all agree that, no matter the context, Dave Bautista must appear in Suicide Squad 2? Not only has the Drax actor delighted us all with his hilarious yet poignant portrayal in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, but he’s also publicly stated that he supports Gunn and wants to be involved in his next project.

We’re pretty sure any role could be molded to make room for such a beloved actor, but as as BossLogic has pointed out, he’d make an excellent Bane. After having two Banes that didn’t work so well in the Batman universe, we could definitely use a fresh face for the role. If he’s not Bane, Bautista would make a fantastic Solomon Grundy, too. We’re not too picky on this one.

6 Michael K. Williams As Black Manta

Could Black Manta make an appearance in Suicide Squad 2? It’s too early to rule anything out and many fans think he’d make a good inclusion, particularly following the Aquaman movie. While the majority of his screen time might simply have his head shrouded in a big bubble, his casting would be nonetheless important. Artist diamondking13 suggests actor Michael K. Williams for the job and we love the idea.

It would be cool to see how Gunn and co, would update the suit for a more modern, movie-friendly look.

Famous for his critically acclaimed roles in The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, Williams was just cast in Jordan Peele and Misha Green’s Lovecraft Country, but Suicide Squad 2 is far enough in the future to give him time for both gigs.

5 Bill Skarsgård As The Joker

This one is a no-brainer. Many of us just don’t care to see Jared Leto return as The Joker and it’s quite possible that The Joker won’t even see a second of footage in the second film. While we’d all probably be okay with that, if a new Joker is cast, Bill Skarsgård is a fantastic choice.

Skarsgård is hot right now following his success as Pennywise in the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It. He also played a less troubling character in Castle Rock over the summer, proving his mettle yet again in King’s world. Considered one of the good things to come out of Netfix’s Hemlock Grove, Skarsgård could probably do the Joker justice, as artist aikoaiham has shown.

4 Teresa Palmer As Killer Frost

After witnessing Killer Frost in the Arrowverse, many fans are calling for her inclusion in Suicide Squad 2. DeviantArt creator farrou has imagined what it might look like if Teresa Palmer played the villain and it’s a pretty spot-on representation.

The Australian actress is no stranger to action movies and could do well in the role.

Kristin Bauer van Straten has already voiced Killer Frost in the animated Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, while Danica McKellar voices her in Lego DC Superhero Girls. She’s also been in 2009’s Public Enemies animated feature between Batman and Superman, but she’s never been in a live action movie before. Danielle Panabaker portrays the character in The Flash, but she hasn’t made a film in a few years.

3 Jon Bernthal as Rick Flag

Jon Bernthal is another actor already present in the MCU, portraying the most accurate and adept version of the Punisher we could ever hope for, so tossing the talented actor into the DC mix would just be plain fun. It’s not that Joel Kinneman was terrible as Rick Flag, and he’s done a great job standing up for the original film and its purpose, but Jon Bernthal would just be better.

The skill Bernthal has in striking that tricky sweet spot between ruthlessness and gravitas while still being a compelling, empathetic human being isn’t something anyone can do. Artist Riku7kun shows us what Bernthal as Flag might look like. It’s a little bare in comparison to Kinneman’s look, but that might actually work with Bernthal.

2 Josh Gad As The Penguin

It’s no secret that Josh Gad wants the role of The Penguin, having pushed for it himself in social media, and fans are clamoring for the opportunity to see the voice of the snowman, Olaf, and Gaston’s buddy LaFou in a much more sinister role.

Whether or not Gad will show up in The Batman remains to be seen but he definitely has the flippers to play the beloved villain.

BossLogic has given us some art imagining what he might look like in the role and it can only get better from here. In March, Gad started hilariously trolling Matt Reeves on Twitter, sending him animated penguin GIFs and hinting at what he could bring to the Batman franchise.

1 Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn

It’s an obvious inclusion, but it’s necessary. While the original Suicide Squad, hyped up to be the most incredible DC movie of all time, had plenty of problems, most fans and critics agree that the shining star of the whole production was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Robbie’s portrayal was everything we hoped for– brutal, nuanced, and a delicate balance between her joker obsession and Harley coming into her own person without being too over-the-top.

Who isn’t excited to see Robbie return as Harley in theBirds Of Prey adaptation featuring the awesome women of DC, which is so ardently anticipated that it pushed Suicide 2 to the back burner? After this much love, Robbie has to be in this universe.

Who do you most want to see in a new Suicide Squad movie? Let us know in the comments!

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