Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek Offers Health Update After Cancer Diagnosis

Alex Trebek, famed host of Jeopardy!, has released a video with an update after his cancer diagnosis. Taped on the final day of Jeopardy!‘s 35th season, the king of America’s favorite quiz show offered a message of hope.

Created by Merv Griffin, the trivia show has become a household staple and most recognized game show of all time. A majority of the show’s success can be attributed to Trebek. Winner of five Emmys for Outstanding Game Show Host, the 78-year-old Trebek has been with the show since it debuted in syndication in 1984. Trebek has appeared, as himself, in a slew of TV shows including, The X-files, The Golden Girls, The Simpsons, and Orange is the New Black.  Last month, Trebek announced via Jeopardy!’s YouTube channel, that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. While the message shocked the nation, Trebek’s optimism remains a strong pillar. Trebek assured the masses that he will work fervently towards good health and plans to continue his job. Now, Trebek has revealed what will happen next.

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In a video on Jeopardy!’s YouTube channel, Trebek says that he’s “feeling good” and expresses deep gratitude for all the fans who have reached out. He also mentions continuation with his therapy and that “all kinds of good stuff” is in store. The video promises viewers that Jeopardy! will return in September for the show’s 36th season and Trebek plans on being a part of it.  See the full video below:

Despite Trebek’s recent update of continuing his role in season 36, Jeopardy! is reportedly searching for his replacement. Before the cancer announcement, the host’s contract was only cemented for the next three years. However, the network is wary about keeping him much longer. Supposedly, Jeopardy! has been dabbling with the idea of bringing a female host of color on board. Trebek has suggested attorney Laura Coates or Los Angeles King announcer Alex Faust be his successor. As for Jeopardy!, the show remains in top ratings and currently has a contestant keeping the game intense with his recent 10th consecutive win.

Trebek’s dignified, pointed and kind-hearted appearance is why so many have welcomed him into their homes. While it is difficult to picture someone other than Alex Trebek behind Jeopardy!’s podium, change is inevitable. Trebek’s newest message is inspiring for anyone facing difficulty and is a reminder that his legacy and Jeopardy! have a reserved place in television history.

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Bethany Guerrero

Spider-Man: Far From Home Image Offers Best Look At New Red & Black Suit

New images from Spider-Man: Far From Home feature Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) two new suits and his team-up with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). All eyes may currently be on Avengers: Endgame‘s rapidly approaching release, but it won’t be that long after it debuts that the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrives. Spider-Man: Far From Home will pick up minutes after the ending to Avengers: Endgame, making it the first Phase 4 MCU film.

Thanks to this placement, Marvel Studios and Sony have been put in a difficult position when it comes to marketing Spider-Man: Far From Home. As of right now, Spider-Man is still among the half of the universe’s population that was turned to dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, and how he returns – and what the state of the MCU will be once he does – is likely a spoiler for Avengers: Endgame. Sony has still continued to promote their big summer blockbuster, but they’ve also refrained from showing off too much. What we have seen is plenty of Peter’s overseas summer vacation and that he’ll be recruited by Fury to stop the Elementals.

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The lone trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home officially revealed the new suits that Peter was previously seen wearing on set, and now USA Today has provided two new images that feature them. The first image puts Peter in a brand new red and black suit, and he appears to be preparing to take Michelle (Zendaya) somewhere. The second image only shows the back of his all-black stealth/tactical suit, which has the eye goggles flipped up. This photo shows Peter meeting with Nick Fury and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), potentially prepping for a mission.

This exact sequence of Michelle and Peter together was previously seen taking place on set, and the interaction between them has led many to wonder if MJ will learn that Peter is Spider-Man during Spider-Man: Far From Home. The suit looks fantastic regardless. The stealth suit is not prominently featured here, but Peter wearing it in a meeting with Fury and Hill could serve as further evidence that they (and S.H.I.E.L.D.) give him this new suit as part of their partnership.

Now that some official images have been released, many will now begin to wonder when the second trailer will arrive. There have been rumors that Sony and Marvel Studios are waiting until after Avengers: Endgame has been released to do so. Considering the first trailer was lacking on many story details, the second trailer may be prepared to let more information out of the bag – but these details may be spoilers themselves for Avengers: Endgame. The wait for a second trailer isn’t even being felt at the moment thanks to the attention the end of Phase 3 is getting anyways. But, with a now slightly earlier release date set, Sony is likely itching to kick the marketing into high gear, and these Spider-Man: Far From Home photos can help tide everyone over until that can happen.

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Cooper Hood

Shazam! Director Offers Behind the Scenes Look At His [SPOILER] Cameo

SPOILERS for Shazam ahead.

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has offered a behind the scenes look at his cameo as one of the Crocodile Men. The DC Extended Universe film has quickly become a success, earning strong reviews and more than doubling its budget at the global box office so far. Unsurprisingly, Warner Bros. has already gotten the ball rolling on the sequel, which will build on the first movie’s mid-credits introduction to the villainous caterpillar, Mister Mind. Shazam! writer Henry Gayden is currently working on the followup, with Sandberg expected to officially sign on as director any day now.

In the meantime, Sandberg is keeping busy entertaining fans with more Shazam!-related trivia. It had already been revealed that the director appears in the movie as one of the Crocodile Men, who are shown playing cards behind one of the doors that Billy Batson and his foster siblings open in the Rock of Eternity (while they’re being chased by Sivana and the Seven Sins). Now, Sandberg has provided a glimpse at the process that he went through to become one of those reptilian men.

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Sandberg posted a series of images to his Instagram account, showing him being fitted for a mold for his Crocodile Man mask. The post also includes a pair of clips where the filmmaker tries out the mask’s animatronics, along with a short video that offers an up-close look at one of the mask’s motorized eyes. You can check the whole thing out in the space below.

Funnily enough, Sandberg’s cameo could payoff in a big way in Shazam! 2 or another future DCEU film. In the New 52 comics (which Shazam! draws from), the Crocodile Men hale from a region of the Seven Magical Realms known as the Wildlands, where animals walk around talking and wearing clothing just like humans from our world. Of course, there’s no guarantee that magical land will show up in the Shazam! sequel, given how expensive it would be to bring to life on the big screen. Part of the reason the first movie’s a success is because Sandberg was able to keep its budget down to a manageable $100 million, so WB might prefer to continue that approach with the followup. If so, it’s unlikely Billy and his family will be exploring The Magiclands anytime soon in the DCEU.

Either way, this is a fun glimpse behind the scenes at Sandberg’s cameo and one of many playful DC easter eggs in Shazam!. It’s also a testament to just much Sandberg clearly enjoyed making the movie, and all but assures that he’ll be back for more on Shazam! 2.  Whether he shows up dressed as an anthropomorphic reptile again or tries his hand at playing another fantastical creature in the sequel, of course, remains to be seen.

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Sandy Schaefer

Krypton Season 2 Teaser Offers New Look at Doomsday

SYFY has released a new teaser trailer for season 2 of its Superman prequel series Krypton, and it shows plenty of baddies ready to make things difficult, including the one and only Doomsday. The series premiered in 2018, offering viewers a glimpse into the sometimes brutal life on the planet that Kal-El would’ve called home. It also ofered up a clever time-travel twist that turned the series into something a bit more than a simple prequel, as Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), is tasked with ensuring his grandson (who’s not even a glimmer in his unborn father’s eye) fulfills his destiny as the universe’s greatest hero. 

One good turn deserves another, as the saying goes, which means the series, which is executive produced by David Goyer (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) didn’t stop there. Instead, it also introduced a time-traveling Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) as well as an out-of-time General Zod (Colin Salmon). The latter, of course, has his eye on the ultimate prize: ensuring the dominance of his family line and preventing the House of El from achieving its rather notable claim to fame. On top of everything, Krypton also introduced a planet eating Brainiac (Blake Ritson) as the season’s other, other Big Bad. 

That was until a post-credits scene during the season 1 finale revealed Krypton was hiding something really dangerous: the beast that once killed Superman himself. The Doomsday tease was a smart way to ensure viewers return to see how that reveal will play out in season 2, especially after it was announced that Doomsday, Braniac, and Zod will also have to share the screen with everyone’s favorite bastich — or the Last Czarnian, which ever you prefer — Lobo (Emmett J. Scanlan). While it seems SYFY is saving Lobo for another trailer, the cabler is not the lest bit shy about showing Doomsday in action in the all-new teaser. Check it out below: 

As far as teasers go, this one is pretty effective. The question of how best to sell the story of Superman’s grandpa is not an easy one to answer. SYFY opted for Game of Thrones meets Blade Runner for season 1, but now that the series is basically pulling from DC Comics toy box, it might as well go whole hog. And since this version of Doomsday follows in Braniac’s footsteps in terms of being more comic’s accurate than, say, his representation in the aforementioned BVS, it would seem the network has its marking for the new season all figured out. 

It’s still anyone’s guess as to how well the character will fit into the overall storyline, and what, if anything can be done by the people of Krypton to stop what is essentially the ultimate destructive force. It would seem that the show is rather confident in what it has planned, so audiences will just have to wait and see. 

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Krypton season 2 will air sometime in 2019.

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Kevin Yeoman

gen:LOCK Season 1 Finale Review: An Extended Battle Sequence Offers A Necessary Punch

The season 1 finale of gen:Lock, the Rooster Teeth anime featuring an impressive cast of voice talent that includes Michael B. Jordan, Maisie Williams, Asia Kate Dillon, Dakota Fanning, and David Tennant, essentially boils down to one massive, extended battle sequence. The decision to focus on spectacle is ultimately a smart move for the animated series, as the central storyline of gen:LOCK has been thin to from the start. And although there have been some surprising developments, like the discover that Jordan’s Julian Chase is also literally his own worst enemy, the show’s skill set lies almost entirely in providing cool visuals of giant robots defying the laws of physics and pummeling one another into the ground. 

The season has mostly been building to this point, with the Vanguard crew of gen:LOCK mech pilots discovering that no matter how powerful their robot avatars might be on their own, there’s no substitute for a team effort. It’s as fragile a conceit as the one the rest of the series is based on — a war between a mostly faceless authoritarian regime and the brave soldiers fighting what was a losing war against them — but the show makes the message work in its own plucky way. gen:LOCK also relies on some equally fragile concepts, like the team coming together to share a single mind in order to overcome the seemingly insurmountable force that is Nemesis (i.e., Julian Chase) and his nano-based super robot thingy. 

There have been not-so subtle hints of Ghost in the Shell and other popular series, like Gundam and Voltron, floating around the narrative for the past seven episodes, but, for what it’s worth, gen:LOCK has tried to make its mech-based, technologically advanced world into something all its own. By the end of ‘Identity Crisis,’ it’s not quite there, but there are signs that, if the series were to continue, the show might be able to develop its characters and its world into something that isn’t as two-dimensional as its animation. 

Much of that has to do with the way the season finale forces Julian to make a choice, one that fundamentally alters who he is as he gives up his only (tentative) physical link to what he believes is his humanity. By breaking the rules of the procedure that allows him and his teammates to embody the giant mechs, Julian ostensibly abandons his already broken body, a move that pushes him closer to becoming the very thing he’s fighting. There is, admittedly, something interesting in the idea, that he is willfully flirting with disaster and courting the same scenario that drove his other self mad and turned him into, well… the team’s nemesis. With less than a half an hour with which to work, it’s understandable that gen:LOCK tends to put an emphasis on action rather than the flimsy existential nature of Julian’s dilemma and, ultimately, his choice, but it’s also possible that the final battle could have been cut short to better explore the nature of the changes Julian was about to undergo. 

Despite some of the surface-level problems of the story, gen:LOCK nevertheless managed to take some bold steps in its first season. Those mainly had to do with the twist of who Nemesis really was, and the fact that David Tennant’s Dr. Rufus Weller didn’t survive the late-season attack that nearly crippled the Vanguard. Those sort of moves generate a certain amount of intrigue, and can give the series what seems like very high stakes — which is useful in a world where characters can survive certain death by a variety of means (as Julian proves). But it’s also a technique that is sure to experience diminishing returns if that’s all it relies on. (Just look at the difference between Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead for a good example of how a show needs to have more than just the idea that anyone can die at any time to be successful in the long run.)

gen:LOCK ends its first season by looking to the future, and by hinting at a greater emphasis on the individual characters of the main team, even as they will inevitably toy more with the idea of literally becoming one in order to overcome their greatest obstacles. If the series can strike the right balance between the two, it might also overcome its storytelling obstacles to become something far more compelling. 

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gen:LOCK season 1 is available in its entirety on Rooster Teeth.

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Kevin Yeoman

Informer Review: Amazon’s UK Series Offers A Smart, Captivating Crime Thriller

Complexity in crime dramas too often devolves into dreary complication, making for a narrative where the sheer amount of stuff happening is meant to make up for the two-dimensional characters at its core. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Amazon’s UK import Informer, a crime thriller that, despite not being a six-episode adaptation of the hit ‘90s song of the same name from Canadian rapper Snow, delivers a smart, captivating series that’s worthy of a binge-watch. 

The series is the latest in a string of solid UK crime dramas making their way to the US via one streaming service or another. Informer is in the same category as the Agatha Christie adaptations on Prime Video, the upcoming The ABC Murders and last year’s Ordeal By Innocence, as well as Netflix’s Bodyguard and Collateral. And while this drama is mostly akin to the likes of Collateral, particularly its politically-tinged procedural narrative, it also bears some thematic resemblance to HBO’s Emmy-winning miniseries The Night Of, in terms of its depiction of how institutions like the law can so easily take advantage of people who find themselves on the margins of society because of the color of their skin. 

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The series follows Raza (Nabhaan Rizwan), a British-Pakistani man who winds up in legal trouble after being picked up for drug possession when he brings a young woman suffering an overdose to the emergency room. Writers Rory Haines and Sohrab Noshirvani don’t attempt to moralize Raza’s dalliance with party drugs, and nor do they attempt to obfuscate the reasons why good deeds don’t go unpunished. The premiere episode, ‘No Sleep Till Brooklyn’ avoids holding the audience’s hand, allowing viewers to figure out for themselves whether or not a cop would have frisked Raza in the hospital had he been white.

Nabhaan Rizwan and Roger Jean Nsengiyumva in Informer Amazon

What follows is a morally complex story about the lengths those charged with keeping their country safe from terrorism will go to get the job done, and how often those efforts conflict with a person’s civil rights. As such, Informer takes an interesting approach to its story, dealing with several narrative threads at once as Raza is recruited (i.e., coerced) to become an informant by Gabe Waters (Paddy Considine), a former undercover cop who is now working for the Counter Terrorism Unit in London, and Holly Morten (Bel Powley), an ambitious newcomer to the squad who soon discovers aspects of her partner’s dark past may not be wholly forgotten. 

The series is deliberate without being slow, taking its time to weave its entertaining procedural elements in with some worthwhile and fascinating explorations of its main characters inner lives. Throw in a flash forward that involves Gabe’s wife, Emily (Jessica Raine), as a potential victim of a mass shooting (that’s largely hinted to be connected to Gabe’s endeavors with one or more of his confidential informants) and you’ve got an engrossing thriller that doesn’t play down to its genre trappings. 

It’s hard to say who’s the star of the show, as Informer is well-acted from top to bottom, with each character wholly owning the scenes they’re in. Rizwan is striking in his debut, playing Raza with a welcome sense of ease, even as character begins to feel the walls closing in around him. Powley portrays Holly with an interesting sort of detachment, which is a little confounding at first, but helps make for a memorable dinner with Gabe and Emily. 

Paddy Considine and Bel Powley in Informer Amazon

Considine unsurprisingly plays well against whomever his scene partner is, but particularly when he’s offering a brusque but knowing bit of advice to Holly. At times he seems like a time bomb waiting to go off, and others he’s strangely empathetic, especially to his CI’s, whom he informs Holly are never “you’re friend,” only to later tell her their role necessitates them becoming their informant’s only friend. Those kinds of exchanges add to the show’s rich and layered world, one that also includes a terrific performance from Roger Jean Nsengiyumva as Dadir Hassan, the drug-dealing brother of one of Gabe’s informants who turns up murdered because he might have information on a potential terrorist plot in London. Raza strikes up a friendship with Dadir while spending the night in jail, and it’s that relationship that engenders him to the audience, while also endangering him as soon as he becomes an asset for Gabe. 

What Informer does well is to know when to go all-in on its central plot and when to put it on the back burner. Hour-long episodes move back and forth between traditional cop stuff — following CCTV cameras, interrogating suspects, and the occasional bit of undercover work — but it also finds time to just sit back and watch as Gabe and Emily’s marriage threatens to fall apart, largely because neither can let go of the past, no matter how badly they want to put it behind them. That Gabe may be hiding a dark secret — his chest and back are still emblazoned with fascist tattoos from his time undercover — would normally be a sign the show has bitten off more than it can chew, but Informer demonstrates a commitment to both plot and character so early on that this potentially serious wrinkle in who the audience thinks Gabe is becomes an absorbing point of interest. 

At just six hours long, Informer can be a slightly long binge-watch or something you’ll want to dole out over a few days. It will likely work better as the latter, as each episode is fairly dense and has no problem approaching 60-minute mark. But even at that length, the episodes never feel overlong or tedious. Instead, the series just continues to ratchet up the tension on both sides of the law, to make for a truly smart, captivating thriller. 

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Informer streams on Amazon Prime Video starting Friday, January 11, 2019.

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Captain Marvel Photo Offers New Look At Carol In Kree Suit & Mohawk

Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser in Captain Marvel

A new image from the upcoming Captain Marvel gives fans a new look at Carol Danvers in her Kree suit with her mohawk. Captain Marvel will be the long-awaited 21st entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, introducing Brie Larson as the titular superhero.

Between the Captain Marvel trailers and colorful movie posters, Marvel has made it clear that Carol Danvers’ double life will play a big part in the overall story of the film. The trailers suggest that she had a normal life on Earth working as a US Air Force pilot, but shows that Danvers is struggling with remembering the exact details of these memories. To top it off, she will also try to put an end to the Kree-Skrull War. The look of her character has been seen before in the trailers, but a new image has been released showing Danvers sporting her green Kree armor – mohawk and all.

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A new image from USA Today shows off a new look for Captain Marvel with her Kree armor and iconic mohawk hairdo. There isn’t any context about the image or where the scene takes place, but it appears as though Danvers is prepared to fight someone (given her battle stance) while she is still affiliated with Starforce. The image of Larson in her Kree armor can be seen below:

Captain Marvel kree suit

Fans were surprised when first look images of Captain Marvel showed Carol Danvers in a green suit rather than her classic red, blue, and gold design. There were many theories as to why this would be, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be creating a unique storyline for the character. Captain Marvel is well known as a superhero, but before she can call herself a hero, she will start off as part of the supervillain team called Starforce, a group of Kree warriors who seem to report to Ronan the Accuser and are led by Jude Law’s mysterious character. This explains why Danvers will start off her story in a green costume before changing into her more recognizable suit. As for her mohawk, that look is pulled straight from the comic books in order to please longtime fans of the comics.

Even though this new image doesn’t really give away anything about the movie, it will still likely get fans excited for the next entry of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only will Captain Marvel introduce a new superhero into the MCU, but the powerful hero is also thought to be the key to undoing Thanos’ destruction from Avengers: Infinity War. No matter what happens to her character in Avengers: Endgame, Marvel seems to be doing Captain Marvel justice – not only adding elements from the comics, but adding some unique narrative layers to a character that fans may not have expected.

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Source: USA Today

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Showtime Offers Black Monday Series Premiere Weeks Ahead Of Schedule

Andrew Rannells Regina Hall and Don Cheadle in Black Monday Showtime

One of the most anticipated new shows of 2019, Black Monday, makes its unofficial debut before the end of 2018, as Showtime offers the series premiere weeks ahead of schedule. The premium cabler has been marketing the new series starring Don Cheadle, Regina Hall, and Andrew Rannells for months now, and though each teaser or trailer made the series look more and more entertaining, it would seem the network just can’t keep its excitement to itself, and wants to share with everyone. 

The move is in keeping with Showtime’s usual methods of rolling out new and returning series, though sometimes, like in the case of Ray Donovan season 6, the early premiere is only made available to subscribers. Black Monday isn’t quite the known quantity that the long-running Liev Schrieber series is, and as such, the network is spreading the wealth, so to speak, making the Wall Street dramedy free to everyone via a variety of platforms that include, YouTube, Facebook,, and on the Showtime app. Basically, if you can stream video, you don’t have an excuse not to watch (unless, of course, you just really don’t want to). 

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Though the series also includes the likes of Paul Scheer (The League), Kadeem Hardison, Kurt Braunohler (Bunk), Casey Wilson (Happy Endings), and Ken Marino (Wet Hot American Summer), it also has some talent behind the camera that might gets some viewers interested in tuning in. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg take a break from Preacher, Future Man, and production on Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming The Boys adaptation to not only executive produce Black Monday, but also direct the series premiere. 

Don Cheadle Andrew Rannells and Regina Hall in Black Monday

As much as the pair’s influence was made apparent in the cocaine-fueled ads that’ve been on the internet as of late, actually watching the episode you’ll find the series takes a more balanced approach to its depiction of “October 19, 1987 – aka Black Monday, the worst stock market crash in the history of Wall Street.”

There’s a lot to like about Black Monday, from its stellar cast to its ‘80s setting and smart premise. It’s an attractive package that’s made even more compelling by virtue of it being free to anyone who wants to check it out. Whether this series will rise to become the next Billions remains to be seen, but Showtime seems like it’s headed in the right direction with this one. 

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The Black Monday series premiere is currently available online. The official premiere is still scheduled for Sunday, January 20, 2019 @10pm on Showtime. 

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Istanbul Modern Cinema offers brand new films from Germany

Istanbul Modern Cinema will be presenting a selection of German films made in the last ten years, starting today to Nov. 11Click To Continue

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Bosphorus Film Festival offers a feast of cinema

Organized with the cooperation of the International Bosphorus Cinema Association and Istanbul Media Academy, the schedule for the 6th Bosphorus Film Festival is quite appealing.

Realized with the support…Click To Continue

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