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Steve Carell portrayed Michael Scott on The Office but the character was nearly played by Bob Odenkirk instead. Despite leaving the sitcom in the show’s seventh season, Carell is still considered the face of the series. The Office could have been a lot different if it wasn’t for last-minute casting changes.

The Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch was the central character of The Office. Carell played the character from 2005 until he left the series in 2010 to focus on his movie career. He perfectly embodied the character of Michael during his stint on the award-winning comedy. It’s hard to imagine the incompetent, yet hilarious, boss being played by anyone else, but that was almost a reality.

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The characters in The Office were an adaption of the original British version of the series. Paul Giamatti was actually suggested for the role of Michael Scott but the actor declined the audition. Other names that were interested included Hank Azaria, Martin Short, and Bob Odenkirk. Carell was considered for the role but his availability hindered his chance so Odenkirk was chosen to play Michael.

Odenkirk was a member of the cast when the series was presented to NBC. When The Office was being cast, Carell had interest but he was already committed to star in another NBC series, Come to Papa. The sitcom only aired four episodes before being canceled which opened up Carell’s availability. He quickly jumped back on to the Michael role. Carell had never seen the British version of The Office but that actually helped him acquire the role as the writers didn’t want him to be a carbon copy of Ricky Gervais’ David Brent.

Odenkirk may have lost out on the lead role but that wouldn’t be the end of his relationship with The Office. In the sixteenth episode of the final season, Odenkirk appeared in a small role that poked fun at his short stint as the manager. The episode, titled “Moving On,” featured Pam (Jenna Fischer) interviewing for a job in Philadelphia so she could possibly be closer to Jim (John Krasinski). The boss that she interviewed with was played by Odenkirk and his demeanor gave Pam total deja-vu. The character, Mark, was a carbon-copy of Michael Scott as they had the same sense of humor and behavior.

It’s tough to say whether or not Odenkirk would have had as much success as Carell if he stayed on with The Office. The casting change certainly didn’t hurt Odenkirk’s career in any way. If Odenkirk would have kept his role as Michael, he wouldn’t have been available to play Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad, meaning the actor also would have never received the spinoff series, Better Call Saul. It seems like both Carell and Odenkirk (and their fans) benefited from the Michael Scott casting decision in the long run.

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10 Hidden Jokes You Missed In Office Space | ScreenRant

The ‘90s were a relatively mundane time of peace and stability, as the world quickly transitioned from the analog-reliant Cold War days to the digital age. It was during this time that movies showing just how boring things became popular, with one of the best-known examples being Mike Judge’s Office Space – the relatable story of three employees who get so fed up with their inane jobs, they embezzle the company they work for.

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The satirical jab at corporate life is known for its low-key hilarity, where the laughs are derived from the most overlooked aspects of working a dead-end 9-to-5 job at a software company. This nuanced approach makes it easy to miss some jokes, some of which were intentionally buried under Mr. Lumbergh’s droning. Here are 10 hidden jokes in Office Space you may have missed.

10 The Y2K Switch

When Peter explains his job to Joanna, he mentions that his primary task is to help Initech prepare for what he calls the “2000 switch.” This was in reference to the real-life headache caused by the approach of the New Millennium since companies had to update their software to accommodate the year 2000.

While the joke doesn’t make much sense today, this was something a lot of programmers could relate to back in the day since the update was equal parts tedious and annoying.

9 TPS Actually Means Something

A running gag in the movie is Mr. Lumbergh’s obsession with TPS reports, which he constantly bugs Peter for in the most passive-aggressive way possible. For the longest time, TPS was assumed to be just another part of the software company’s incomprehensible jargon.

In reality, TPS means “Test Program Set” – something Judge took from his days as an engineer and most probably loathed as much as Peter. Simply put, it’s a collection of important data and programs that an operator needs to run a diagnostics test.

8 Initech’s Statue Is A Contradiction

Sitting right outside the Initech office is a statue depicting a square peg inside a round hole. The most commonly accepted interpretation of the monument is that it represents outsiders and the non-conformists who don’t belong – both favorite themes of Judge.

Thing is, Initech is anything but individualist. It’s just one of many unremarkable software companies in a sea of software companies. Its employees struggle to work enthusiastically while superiors promote conformity. The statue is a good fit for Initech’s parking lot since many similar companies imagine themselves to be trailblazers even if the opposite is true.

7 Chotchkie’s Is A Knock-Off T.G.I. Friday’s

The restaurant where Joanna works in is a bland joint where she never has enough buttons while she serves some of the most forgettable named dishes imaginable (Pizza Shooters, anyone?). If Chotchkie’s somehow reminded you of T.G.I. Friday’s, that’s because it was intentional.

For the longest time, T.G.I. Friday’s staff was known for wearing lots of flair on their outfits but they phased out the practice in 2005. Mike Judge confirmed that Office Space was at fault, as the restaurant chain only realized how tacky the flair looked after getting mocked on the big screen.

6 Lawrence Is An Allman Brothers Band Fan

Peter’s chill and nosy neighbor Lawrence has a very specific look that sets him apart from the desk-jockeys that populate the Office Space cast. Long story short, he looks like a fan of old-school rock music who hails from the South.

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Diedrich Bader revealed that this was all part of his plan, as the actor pitched his character’s look to Judge. Bader wanted Lawrence to look like somebody who “loved the Allman Brothers,” and Judge loved the idea so much it made it into the final cut. Judge, however, suggested the mustache.

5 Mr. Lumbergh’s Vanity Plate

To show how unlikeable yet completely unremarkable Mr. Lumbergh is, his Porsche is shown to have a custom plate that reads “MY PRSHE.” Though it’s only seen briefly, the license plate is difficult to forget due to how hard it tries to look cool.

The license plate actually has a lot more meaning to it than just showing off Lumbergh’s generic vanity. According to Judge, the plate – which has no specific state listed on it – emphasizes that Office Space was meant to be set anywhere in the USA, making its characters’ soulless lives more relatable.

4 Mr. Lumbergh Is An EarthForce Academy Graduate

Every now and then, Mr. Lumbergh’s right hand can be seen with a ring on it. The ring may not look memorable at first glance, but hardcore sci-fi fans will know that it actually the EarthForce Academy’s standard issue ring.

Prior to Office Space, Gary Cole starred in the Babylon 5 spin-off Crusade, where he portrayed Capt. Matthew Gideon of the starship Excalibur. Gideon also graduated from EarthForce Academy, and Cole brought this memento along when he started micromanaging the people at Initech.

3 Mike Judge Has A Cameo

Joanna’s main source of frustration is her boss at Chotchkie’s, who constantly bugs her about not having enough or too little flair on her apron. The bespectacled and mustache-donning manager is none other than Mike Judge in a cameo.

The role was credited to a “William King,” which is why it took a while before people realized that the guy behind HBO’s Silicon Valley was the reason for Joanna’s annoyance. Helping Judge keep his cameo a secret was a curly wig, glasses, a mustache, and a vest laden with too much flair.

2 Milton Foreshadowed The Ending

At the end of the movie, Milton finally loses his cool and burns down Initech after being stepped over too often. This could’ve been avoided if his co-workers and superiors took the time to listen to him and maybe take him seriously.

Over the course of the movie, Milton mutters about burning the office to the ground – which is exactly what he does. What is only seen in a deleted scene is that Milton actually kills Mr. Lumbergh when he’s caught making his arson preparations, emphasizing that constantly relocating Milton’s work desk was a terrible idea.

1 The Red Stapler’s Legacy

The most iconic punchline of Office Space is Milton’s beloved red Swingline office stapler, which when taken by Mr. Lumbergh snaps something in the meek man’s brain. As Office Space quickly became a cult classic, Swingline was faced with a growing demand for Milton’s signature item.

There was just one problem: Swingline didn’t sell red staplers. A prop designer just painted one of their staplers red to make it stand out in scenes, not realizing the impact it would have on audiences. Swingline finally started selling red staplers in 2002 – three years after Office Space showed in cinemas.

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The Office: Jim’s 10 Most Romantic Quotes Ever | ScreenRant

Jim and Pam are one of television’s most iconic and talked about couples. While The Office was known for its hilarious moments, it was also popular because of how it made audiences care about the stories of the characters. The romance between Jim and Pam was definitely a staple and backbone of the series. Part of why people were so drawn to the couple was because of how much of a romantic Jim could be. He definitely loves Pam, and he wanted to make sure she knew it.

We’ve put together a list of Jim Halpert’s most romantic quotes from the series.


This romantic line is said on the day of Jim and Pam’s wedding at Niagara Falls. Jim talks about how he booked a boat ride to the falls as plan C for their wedding. But, while plan B was getting married in the church, he really wanted to marry her long ago. It took these two a while to get together even though they clearly had feelings for each other for years. So, when they finally tie the knot it was a triumphant moment for them and for fans watching the show.


While once Jim and Pam got together it seemed like things were mostly smooth sailing for them, season nine of The Office changed this up. This season explored the challenges these two faced as Jim started a new business in Philadelphia.

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Many of Jim’s choices caused Pam to doubt if she was enough for Jim. When Jim says that she is his everything, it was a great moment as it made him refocus his priorities back on what really mattered to him most.


Jim was always a good salesman at Dunder Mifflin, but he never really tried very hard. Compared to many of the other employees, Jim didn’t really have to do much to be good at his job. However, when he starts dating Pam and makes plans to buy a house and marry her, he starts to put more effort into his job and making money. This is a romantic quote as it shows how Jim is willing to do more and be better because he loves Pam.


Definitely the most romantic episodes of The Office were the ones where Jim and Pam get married. During their wedding dinner the night before they tie the knot, Jim gives a speech about how much he cares about Pam. The entire quote reads, “For a really long time that’s all I had. Little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl who I worked with, but I think, even then I knew, I was waiting for my wife.”

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This emotional monologue reveals how much Jim cared about Pam all along.


In season nine, Dwight and Angela realize once again that they love each other and are right for each other. When Dwight talks to Jim about his worries with this relationship, Jim says another romantic paragraph that reveals how much love means to him.

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The entire quote reads, “All I know is that every time I’ve been faced with a tough decision, there’s only one thing that outweighs every other concern. One thing that will make you give up on everything you thought you knew, every instinct, every rational calculation.”


Life as an employee of Dunder Mifflin was definitely wild and full of a lot of shenanigans and ridiculous moments. Jim never loved his job there and often complained about it, but, in the end, he realizes he’s grateful for it. Dunder Mifflin gave him the most important things in his life: Pam and their children. Hearing Jim wax a little poetry about life and his job was definitely a tearjerker.


In the first couple of seasons of The Office, Jim and Pam aren’t together. Pam is still engaged to Roy, and for fans watching the show, it was just a matter of when and how these two would get together. When Jim moved to Stanford and then started dating Karen, fans had to wait another season before Jim and Pam would start dating. When Jim returns from the interview for the corporate job in New York, he finally asks Pam on a date.


Sometimes romance isn’t just grand features and poetic quotes. Sometimes it’s the humorous and everyday aspects in a romance that make up a love story. This quote comes from an episode when Pam is at art school and accidentally leaves Jim a long voicemail while she’s drunk. This causes Jim to lovingly point out that she’s the future mother of his children. One of the great things about Jim and Pam’s relationship is how they are always joking around together.


Seeing Jim and Pam finally get engaged was an exciting moment for many fans. When Jim reveals the ring he has picked out to the cameras, he says that he has been planning the engagement for a while now. These two have such a romantic story, and they both seemed to know when they started dating that they had finally gotten it right.

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This quote is really romantic but also a little bittersweet. Jim says this line to Pam at the Casino Night at the end of season two. While Pam isn’t ready to admit her feelings as well, seeing Jim risk their friendship and his happiness to tell her how he felt was definitely romantic. Luckily, these two get a happy ending even if it takes them a bit of time to get there.

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Fans Claim Spider-Man: Far From Home A Box Office Bomb (They’re Wrong)

Some people are saying Spider-Man: Far From Home is a box office bomb, but that assessment is very wrong. Earlier this month, the concluding chapter of the MCU’s Phase 3 hit theaters, continuing the story of Peter Parker. Picking up shortly after the events of Avengers: EndgameFar From Home saw Peter grappling between his desire to lead a normal life and fulfilling the responsibilities of being a superhero. Nick Fury recruited Peter for a new world-saving mission partially because he wanted to see if Peter was up to the task of becoming the next Iron Man.

Unsurprisingly, Far From Home was regarded as another entertaining and thrilling installment in the MCU. Critics were quick to praise the story, which combined typical high school romance/drama with blockbuster action spectacle into a funny and heartfelt package. When compared to several of the other recent live-action tentpoles from this summer, Far From Home was certainly a mark up in terms of quality. It also performed very well at the box office, exceeding initial expectations by making $185 million domestically in its first six days. Still, there are those who consider it another 2019 disappointment, though that’s off base.

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People who say Far From Home underwhelmed point to the film’s $92.5 million haul from Friday-Sunday during its opening weekend, but that’s not really fair to Marvel’s latest. Its opening “weekend” was heavily skewed, since it premiered on a Tuesday (July 2) and played over the Fourth of July holiday. This wasn’t a typical release, like Spider-Man: Homecoming was. The 2017 blockbuster debuted over a normal three-day frame and tallied $117 million domestically. Odds are Far From Home would have blown that figure out of the water if it was coming out this weekend instead of going for the Independence Day crowd. It’s worth pointing out that the $92.5 million is the year’s fourth-best traditional three-day weekend, narrowly edging out Aladdin.

Far From Home has also rewritten the record books early in its run. It set a new all-time mark for highest-grossing Tuesday on its first day ($39.2 million) and even made more than Endgame on the films’ respective first Wednesdays in theaters. Far From Home was a title in high demand, as evidenced by its $603.7 million worldwide total (as of this writing). It will likely repeat as weekend champ by a healthy margin, since newcomers Stuber and Crawl are entering theaters with limited fan fare and buzz. Until The Lion King opens next week, Far From Home is the tentpole of choice and will continue to draw in large crowds – especially given all the excitement surrounding its game-changing post-credits scenes. Those who didn’t get a chance to see it over a busy holiday will want to see what the hype is about.

An argument can be made here that Endgame spoiled people with its unprecedented run earlier this year. It’s paramount to remember Endgame was unlike anything the industry had ever seen before; it was essentially a series finale that wrapped up over a decade’s worth of storylines and character arcs and was the single-biggest event in Hollywood’s biggest franchise. No film, not even Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, will be able to truly compare to that. Endgame is an unfair benchmark to expect other tentpoles to reach. It was an anomaly. Far From Home has already sailed well past its break even point and has turned a nice profit for Sony. It’ll only continue to move up the list and probably make more than Homecoming by the time it bows out.

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The Office: 10 of Jim’s Most Iconic Pranks On Dwight

The Office was full of hilarious moments, and the pranks Jim pulled on Dwight throughout the seasons were some of the funniest scenes. Dwight and Jim never really got along well, but they eventually worked things out to the point where Dwight asks Jim to be best man at his wedding.

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While this was a heartwarming ending, the best part of Jim and Dwight was the trouble they were always giving each other. Here’s a list of 10 of the best and most iconic pranks Jim pulled on Dwight.


This prank definitely isn’t the grandest or most elaborate, but it definitely is iconic. This is the prank that really kicked off all of the pranks Jim would pull. The stapler prank is associated strongly with The Office. While this prank wasn’t that hard to put together, it was really funny. The simplicity and absurdity of putting a stapler in Jello made this prank one of the best, but Jim’s pranks all evolved from this point.


Some of Jim’s best pranks involved messing with Dwight’s desk. When Jim goes on paternity leave, Dwight uses his desk to form “mega desk.” He gets so attached to the mega desk that he wants to keep it forever. To get back at him, Jim stacks the desks together to create what he calls “quad desk.” Dwight is mostly frustrated by the fact that Jim calls the structure “quad desk” when there are only three desks involved. This is just one of the many examples of Jim pranking Dwight, and Dwight reacting in his typical, strange way.

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Some of Jim’s best pranks involved him working with Pam to annoy Dwight. Also, some of these iconic pranks were more about slowly bothering and driving Dwight crazy over time. Jim and Pam decide to take classes on morse code just so they could communicate using this method in front of Dwight. Dwight slowly catches on, but Jim and Pam deny they are using morse code.


This is another prank that involves Dwight’s desk. During one Christmas, Dwight returns to work to see that his desk has been covered in gift wrap. He insists that unwrapping the desk will not be any trouble because of his skills with “skinning a mule deer.” But, Jim was sly and didn’t just cover the desk with wrapping paper. Instead, he somehow manages to create the desk structure out of wrapping paper with no desk underneath. Dwight ends up falling on the floor, and Jim has another iconic moment.

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This prank might be one of the most elaborate that Jim pulls throughout the show’s history. Thankfully, he has Pam’s help with the execution of this one. One day at work, instead of the normal Jim showing up, a man of Asian descent shows up saying he’s Jim. Dwight doesn’t believe him, but he’s shocked to find a family picture of new Jim, Pam, and their two children, who are also of Asian descent. Pam also comes up to new Jim and gives him a kiss. Dwight definitely isn’t sure what to make of all this. This prank is a prime example of how Jim uses more than just physical pranks to mess with Dwight’s head.


When Jim leaves Dunder-Mifflin Scranton to work at Stamford, he grabs some of Dwight’s stationery on the way out. When things at Stamford aren’t going too well and Andy freaks out when Jim tries to recreate the Jello prank, Jim luckily uses this stationery to prank Dwight from afar. Jim faxes Dwight messages to himself from the future, giving him warnings. Dwight is warned that someone poisoned Stanley’s coffee mug, prompting Dwight to hit it out of his hands. With this prank, the person who got the bad end of the deal is really Stanley.


When Dunder Mifflin hosts a garage sale, Jim beings to convince Dwight that he has magic beans for sale. At first, Dwight doesn’t believe him, but Jim is able to slowly change his mind. Dwight might be a great salesman, but he is also pretty gullible. Jim tells Dwight he has “Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes.” Dwight ends up trading a telescope to get the legumes, and Jim gets the upper hand. This is one of Jim’s pranks that is just so ridiculous that it stands out. Jim is definitely inventive when it comes to creating new pranks.

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This is another one of Jim’s earlier pranks on Dwight, and some of these classic pranks are the best. Jim is able to place all of Dwight’s items such as his pencils, stapler, and mug into the vending machine since he’s friends with the guy who stocks the machines. This prank is simple but funny, and it’s made even better because Jim puts Dwight’s wallet into the machine, leaving Dwight to use nickels that he got from Jim to buy his own things back. While Jim might not have always loved working at Dunder Mifflin, at least he always had these pranks to keep him busy.


This episode might be one of the most ridiculous and hilarious episodes of The Office. After Oscar gets outed, Dwight and Michael are unsurprisingly rather backward in their handling of the situation. Jim is at Stamford during this time, but Dwight and Michael contact him to see if he knows where they can buy “gaydar.” Jim sends Dwight a metal detector and calls it “gaydar.” The funniest thing about this is that the “gaydar” dings on Dwight, prompting him to wonder if he’s actually gay. It’s hilarious, and perhaps one of the show’s greatest moments.


This prank is definitely one of the best and most iconic from the show. When Jim shows up to work dressing and acting like Dwight, Dwight is not happy about it. Jim wears Dwight’s signature work outfit, calls for Michael and says “beets, bears, Battlestar Galactica.” Dwight is so upset by this that he yells, “identity theft is not a joke, Jim!” Fans of The Office will never forget this iconic scene.

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Netflix May Lose The Office

Netflix may lose The Office. At one point not so long ago, the subscription-streaming concept was still just barely getting off the ground. Without any immediate plans to completely alter the face of home entertainment, Netflix went from a mail order DVD service to the go-to platform for streaming content directly into one’s home.

As the popularity of Netflix grew, and people started to realize that the service was offering quite the bang for the buck, other providers began to materialize, eager to challenge Netflix at its own game. With this sort of push behind it, it didn’t take long before basic cable became less interesting to many. Some of the programs that people knew and loved from cable TV were already being snapped up by Netflix, allowing subscribers complete access to entire seasons and series. For a period, the streaming service was a veritable buffet of familiar programming, but as the inevitable competition grew, Netflix began to realize that change was definitely on its way.

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At present, the biggest change that subscribers to Netflix are likely to notice is that the explosion of new and still-to-come streaming services means that many networks want their titles back. And in the case of Netflix, this means that its biggest title is at risk of being taken away. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that when its contract expires with Netflix in 2021, the US version of The Office may be snapped back up by NBC Universal, who are getting set to launch their own streaming service. Whether this will also effect Netflix’s licensing of the original UK version of The Office as well is unclear.

Just three years ago, Netflix managed to acquire The Office, which had finished its wildly popular nine-season run back in 2013. Since that time, the series has gone on to become the single most watched program on Netflix. That’s an impressive achievement to say the least, with original programming on the streaming platform unable to hit the same mark. Titles such as Orange Is The New Black and Ozark take the title of most-watched original content on Netflix, but neither one comes anywhere near the ongoing success of The Office. This isn’t the first potentially huge shock to Netflix’s programming, either. Just last February, news hit that beloved 1990s era sitcom Friends was likely going to leave Netflix when its $100 million contract expires next year.

It’s unfortunate that the concept of streaming – that is, a variety of commercial free, unedited programming on one service, for an affordable rate – seems set to change back into something that more closely resembles the cable television model of the past. If every network or studio has their own service, all of which stream only their own content, then one has to wonder exactly how many services are these providers expecting customers to shell out for? For now, that remains to be seen, but the direction that streaming is currently heading in seems to indicate that for fans of numerous programs on a handful of different networks, the option is either pay for several services or go back to buying DVDs and Blu-Rays.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Why The Curse Of La Llorona Had The Worst Conjuring Box Office Opening

The Curse of La Llorona posted the worst opening weekend in the Conjuring film series, but why did that happen? The franchise began back in 2013 with James Wan’s The Conjuring, which proved to be a critical and financial success. Not only did the horror hit spawn a direct sequel, Warner Bros. also forged ahead with a number of spinoffs, blowing The Conjuring open into a shared cinematic universe. While not every installment has been widely acclaimed, each movie proved to be a box office success.

Since its production budget was just $9 million, La Llorona certainly goes down as another fruitful installment, as it’s tallied $55.3 million worldwide so far. However, celebrations should be tempered a bit, because the film won the worst Easter weekend in a decade with $26.3 million domestically in its first three days. That figure is also the lowest debut for a Conjuring movie to date. It’s true La Llorona is by no means a failure, but it’s still worth wondering why it made considerably less than the other entries.

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Part of the blame should be placed on the marketing department, as La Llorona’s connection to the Conjuring universe was downplayed in advertising. A teaser trailer was released in October 2018, with a full theatrical preview following in February 2019. Both made note of Wan’s involvement as a producer, but didn’t mention La Llorona was part of a larger franchise. It wasn’t until the movie premiered at the SXSW Festival in March that the truth finally came out, which in retrospect seems like a wasted opportunity. The Conjuring is one of the most recognizable names in the genre this decade, so it’s definitely possible La Llorona would have benefitted if its ties to the shared universe were more upfront. This is a new golden age for original horror (see: Us), but franchises are still the bread and butter of the film industry. Spinoffs typically need some sort of branding to reach their full commercial potential.

The relation to The Conjuring is doubly important here because La Llorona, based on Mexican folklore, is not as widely-known in other areas of the world. In the case of other Conjuring spinoffs, like Annabelle and The Nun, there was a fair amount of setup done in other films to familiarize general audiences with the concepts and get them invested beforehand. An argument can also be made that perhaps La Llorona might have fared better if the studio used its English translation (The Weeping Woman) as the official title – at least for certain regions. It’s not uncommon for films to have different names in different countries in an attempt to raise their level of appeal.

Curse of La Llorona will probably go down as one of the lowest-grossing Conjuring movies overall, but this is by no means a disaster or an immediate franchise killer. All shared universes, even Marvel’s, have sub-series that aren’t as popular as others, so La Llorona’s performance isn’t anything abnormal. And, if all breaks the right way, this’ll be a fluke for The Conjuring overall. In the summer, Annabelle Comes Home opens, and there’s a third installment in the mainline series that’s about to commence production. So whichever way one looks at it, The Conjuring is still in excellent shape.

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Chris Agar

Easter Weekend Box Office Worst in Over A Decade

This weekend’s box office was the worst Easter weekend the industry has seen in nearly 15 years. With few high profile film releases, the weekend box office failed to perform as well as holiday weekends typically do.

The biggest release this past week was Warner Bros. and New Line’s The Curse of La Llorona, the newest spin-off installment in the Conjuring horror franchise. It released alongside the faith-based family film Breakthrough and the Ed Helms-narrated nature documentary Penguins, both coming from Disney-owned studios.

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According to VarietyThe Curse of La LloronaBreakthrough, and Penguins all failed to bring in massive revenue. Together with Shazam! and Captain Marvel, those three films garnered around $112 million at the domestic box office over the holiday weekend. That is the lowest amount the holiday has brought in since 2005. With films like Dumbo and Hellboy both underperforming and getting beaten out by the older Captain Marvel, the box office did not experience the kind of uptick in sales that holidays normally ensure. The low numbers are in keeping with 2019’s 17 percent overall decline in ticket sales when compared to 2018.

However, the while the box office was disappointing as a whole, individual films were profitable. Despite its seemingly low gross and less-than-positive reviews, The Curse of La Llorona is a financial success. The spin-off film has already earned roughly $56.5 against a $9 million budget. Over half of that amount came from overseas audiences. Breakthrough is similarly being lauded as a successful film, already earning $14 million domestically against its $14 million budget. As the first film to be released through 20th Century Fox since it was acquired by Disney, its $20.5 million gross is a positive start that the new owners hope will grow due to strong reviews.

There are several reasons for the decline in overall sales for the weekend. Bad marketing, bad reviews, and general disinterest all likely contributed to a weak Easter audience turnout. Furthermore, each of last week’s three major wide releases were films in niche genres: an R-rated horror film, a Christian faith-based film, and a nature documentary. Only one of those, the faith-based Breakthrough, was particularly suited to do well over Easter.

Of course, this Easter weekend’s box office is different from past ones because of one colossal factor: Avengers: Endgame. The Disney/Marvel cinematic behemoth releases next week and, to no one’s surprise, is already breaking records in ticket sales due to being one of the most anticipated films in history. Audiences may have sat out the holiday to be ready for the event, an event 21 films in the making. Not only is Avengers: Endgame expected to be the most successful of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by a significant margin, but many industry insiders are confident the superhero epic will go a long way toward mitigating this year’s box office losses. Studios were aware that Avengers: Endgame was what most film-goers were going to spend their time and money on, and few seemed willing to put up big budget films against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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Source: Variety

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Ricky Miller

10 Sitcoms To Stream On Netflix Instead Of Bingeing The Office Again

As much as we love to watch the hilarious cringefests that unfold inside the tiny Scranton office of Dunder Mifflin, it’s sometimes nice to have a change of pace every so often and pick up a different sitcom to binge on Netflix. Yet we think to ourselves, how could there possibly be a better option out there than The Office? What other sitcoms will offer characters that manage to make us laugh as hard as we do with Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute? How could any other TV love story compare to the likes of Jim and Pam?

These shows might just do the trick. Below is a list of the best sitcoms to watch on Netflix while you take your quick water break from The Office.

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On this classic 1980s sitcom, everyone knows everything about everyone in the little Boston bar where these memorable characters spend all their time at. Decades after the sitcom’s premiere date, Cheers still holds up as one of the best TV shows of all time. Fall in love with the fiery love/hate relationship between Sam and Diane. Crack up at Carla’s constant witticism. Clutch your heart in awe at TV’s most loveable idiot, Coach. Catch up on the show that has reshaped sitcoms as we know it.

So grab a drink and become one of the locals at the bar where “everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came”. It will totally be worth it.


Don’t let Zooey Deschanel’s excruciating “adorkableness” fool you. While the show might have originally been advertised as an excuse for Deschanel to clumsily trip on kittens and rainbows because she’s just so darn quirky, the writers of New Girl were quick to shy away from this gimmick and the results were glorious. The hilarious sitcom offers a peek into the lives of long-term roommates who are trying their best to navigate through adulthood despite how childish they naturally are. New Girl is underrated one of the greatest sitcoms of all time due to its perfect mix of comedy, romance, and iconic characters that you could spend all day quoting with your friends. It has everything you could possibly need in a feel-good TV show and then some.

So go ahead and give New Girl a try while joining the chaos and adventures in apartment 4D. You know you want to.


Head on down to Eric Forman’s basement to crash with him and his oddball friends on That 70s Show. Sometimes when you’re stuck in a place like middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin and there’s nothing better to do, you’ll end up getting into some crazy shenanigans with your friends just to pass the time. This is certainly the case for Forman, Jackie, Donna, Hyde, Kelso, and Fez, who must get creative in order to have a good time- and a good time is what this crew lives for. What were kids up to in the midwest during the 1970s? This little sitcom might just have the answer!

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Plus, it’s a huge bonus to get to see Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis fall in love on-screen considering they are now married in real life and madly in love. If it wasn’t for their romance on That 70s Show, one of Hollywoods most adored “It” couples would cease the exist!


Kim’s Convenience offers the perfect amount of comedy and heart to make it a superb sitcom. The show centers around an immigrant family from Korea called The Kim’s who own a convenience store in Canada. It has all the comedy and romance that you could want from The Office, but with much more diversity. It’s refreshing to finally watch a sitcom that has characters from all different backgrounds and walks of life without ever getting preachy. The heart-warming characters on Kim’s Convenience are instantly loveable while at the same time beyond hilarious. It’s the perfect family sitcom to put you in good spirits.


Of course Parks and Rec is on this list. How could it not be? It is the number one show that is compared to The Office for several reasons. They’re both hilarious work-place comedies set in the form of a mockumentary with zany characters that you can’t help but instantly adore. A lot of people claim Parks and Rec is The Office without all the cringe.

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As much as we love the intentional awkwardness brought on by Michael Scott, it’s sometimes nice to take a breather from all that tension and dive into the feel-good atmosphere that Leslie and the gang never fail to offer. If you’re in the mood for one of the most optimistic shows in TV history, look no further.


If you haven’t watched Friends yet, what are you doing with your life? There’s no bigger fantasy than living in an unrealistically huge New York apartment with all of your best friends while you spend your days dancing in fountains and simultaneously opening umbrellas. Who wouldn’t want that? Despite the impractical glamour of this sitcom, Friends lets it be known that the best things in life are free, and they come from the relationships you form with the people you love.

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So why not soak yourself in the pool of wish fulfillment that only a sitcom like Friends could properly provide? Go ahead, jump in.

(Just don’t eat any of Joey’s food…)


Master of None has received countless awards and critical praise for a reason. It is a masterful show that has been commended for “reinventing” the sitcom as we know it.

Ansari’s show is all about one thing: Love. Love for romance, love for family, love for friendships and (especially) love for food. It is shot gorgeously and is never afraid to take risks. Unlike most sitcoms, Master of None isn’t afraid to escape the comfort zone brought on by having the same characters in the same location in every episode and season. The show deserves all of the critical praise it receives, and you can tell that Ansari has put his heart and soul into this project.


What happens after you die? The Good Place has all the answers! Well, sort of.

The best thing about The Good Place is how effortlessly brilliant it is. It manages to be loveable and hilarious while at the same time it has an abundance of philosophical wisdom to provide viewers with in every episode. Follow the adventures of Eleanore, Tahani, Chidi, and Jason, as they attempt to navigate through their afterlives. It’s quirky, creative, and fun, with characters who are out of this world (literally).


Are you a sucker for Judd Apatow romcoms such as Knocked Up and Trainwreck? Why not watch one of his romcoms in the form of a TV show? Love tells the story of Mickey and Gus, two opposites who try their best to make it as a romantic couple despite their conflicting values. What is so refreshing about Love is how realistically it depicts modern relationships. It reveals the trials and tribulations faced by people who are addicted to love and even dives into what goes on inside love addicts anonymous meetings. Will these two opposing people be able to survive their relationship despite all odds? Binge the show to find out!

1 Big Mouth

The best thing about an animated sitcom is its ability to get away with pretty much anything. Big Mouth takes advantage of this notion. The brilliant series centers around a group of middle schoolers who are trying their best to survive through the awkward stages of life that only puberty could provide.

The kids are accompanied throughout the show with their very own hormone monsters who attempt to navigate them through all the uncomfortable changes they’re experiencing as they grow from children to young adults. It is truly one of the most unique shows on TV due to how original it is, and easily one of the funniest.

What sitcom will you be watching next?

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Simone Torn

Hellboy Reboot Bombs at Box Office Following Scathing Reviews

Things aren’t looking good for director Neil Marshall’s 2019 Hellboy reboot, which was released in theaters across North America on April 12, and is already bombing at the box office. While originally expected to rake in somewhere between $16 and $20 million dollars on opening weekend, the reboot brought in considerably less.

Marshall’s Hellboy promised a closer connection to Mike Mignola’s graphic novels than previous film adaptions, especially with Mignola’s co-authorship of the screenplay. SR’s Molly Freeman points out in her review, however, that this closeness to the comics is part of what makes the film a flop. The film delves into Hellboy’s backstory, as well as other important characters’ origins. While these storylines may closely resemble those within the comic universe, the film lacks a compelling storyline to tie everything together.

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The R-rated reboot is the third film to adapt Mignola’s graphic novels, after two outings directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Ron Perlman. The reboot stars Stranger Things actor David Harbour in the titular role, Milla Jovovich as Nimue (a.k.a The Blood Queen), and Ian McShane as Professor Broom, Hellboy’s adoptive father. Unfortunately, Variety reports that Marshall’s reboot isn’t faring well at the box office, opening at #3 to only $12 million, a disastrous take when one considers the film’s budget of $50 million. This follows a mountain of bad reviews from critics.

Although del Toro had no part in the reboot, Mignola and Andrew Cosby’s pairing on the screenplay seemed promising for the film’s success. Despite the impressive cast and production crew, Hellboy, as mentioned above, did not rank well with critics. Lionsgate’s reboot currently holds a lowly 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a humble Metacritic score of 31. Variety partially attributes this failure to the box office successes of Warner Bros.’ Shazam and Universal’s Little. Shazam has held the number one spot at the box office for the past two weeks, following a $159.1 million debut. Little had a $15 million debut, despite having earned mixed reviews from critics.

However, despite that success, Shazam has actually done rather poorly in comparison to other films in the DC Universe. In fact, of the seven DCEU films, Shazam has so far done the worst at the box office, with Batman vs. Superman holding the number one spot with a $422.5 million debut. Nonetheless, Shazam has done considerably better at the box office than Marshall’s Hellboy. Although Lionsgate’s reboot promised a compelling backstory, an A-list cast, and the involvement of Mignola, that wasn’t enough to make the film a box office success. To be fair, the film follows Del Toro’s Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which were both critically acclaimed. The reboot had big shoes to fill, and so far, has yet to deliver. Hellboy is currently in theaters worldwide. Only time will tell if the film will manage to turn its fortunes around, or if this 2019 adaption will land itself a permanent place on the long list of failed franchise reboots.

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Source: Variety

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