20 Worst History Channel Shows According To IMDB, Officially Ranked

Remember when the History Channel actually used to be about HISTORY? We can’t quite put our finger on when it happened… Maybe it was around the Ancient Aliens era… But at a certain point, the History Channel completely switched directions… The focus stopped being about education and history, and instead there was an almost frantic rush to entertain the masses. We started to see a huge number of shows that seemingly had nothing to do with history. And when the shows DID touch on historical matters, they often strayed into the territory of pseudo-science and bizarre conspiracy theories. Generally, the reputation of History Channel started to take a blow.

To understand our point, you only need look at some of the lowest-rated shows on this network. Almost everyone agrees that they were mediocre at best… Completely unwatchable at the very worst. We’re talking about gems like Swamp People, Search For The Lost Giants, Big Shrimpin’, and many others. Sure, these shows are entertaining. And if you love them, who are we to argue? But at the end of the day, the critics have spoken. These are the lowest-rated shows in the history of the History Channel, and to be honest, they probably deserve their low IMDB scores…

20 Ice Road Truckers (6.4)

Ice Road Truckers is actually quite popular. Some would even consider it to be one of History Channel’s best shows… But the ratings don’t lie… Critics aren’t exactly fond of this program. The average TV watcher isn’t a huge fan either. Some people have described this show in less than ideal terms, stating that “it’s about as exciting as watching someone drive to the supermarket.” And that’s what Ice Road Truckers is all about.

This show is about people driving trucks, and that’s pretty much it. Yes, it’s shot in Canada where there are some pretty icy roads. But for the most part, you shouldn’t expect to witness anything too spectacular when you watch this show.

19 Swamp People (6.5)

The History Channel is definitely no stranger to reality shows these days. But for whatever reason, their reality shows just keep getting stranger and stranger. Case and point: Swamp People. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like – a show about people who live in swamps. The show focuses on a few families and follows their activities, which frequently involve roping and shooting alligators.

This show is probably popular because people are interested in the so-called “hillbilly” culture and lifestyle. With a rating of 6.5 on IMDB, it’s not exactly a complete disaster. But many people have started to grow tired of this show, especially as the seasons drag on and on. It’s been going since 2010, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

18 Treasures Decoded (6.6)

Treasures Decoded was a show that obviously took inspiration from the success of Ancient Aliens. Although the shows are slightly different, they appeal to the same audience – those that want to explore different possibilities of humanity’s history and origins. Airing in 2012, Treasures Decoded took full advantage of the “Nibiru,” “Annunaki” and Mayan Doomsday obsessions that were rampant at that time.

It’s exactly what you would expect from a History Channel show these days. A little bit of historical fact sprinkled with ample conspiracy theories and strange myths for good measure. Honestly, it’s not a particularly bad show, but it does have one of the lowest IMDB ratings, with 6.6.

17 Brothers In Arms (6.2)

Brothers In Arms is a relatively new addition to History Channel’s lineup, and it focuses on military history from the perspective of two military experts. The show follows Rocco and Eli as they try to start up their own store for military enthusiasts. Even though it just started in 2018, it’s already getting some pretty negative feedback – at least on IMBD.

The score of 6.2 is explained by a number of disappointed critics. Many people have pointed out that 20 years combined between two people doesn’t really count as “expert” knowledge. They’re also not happy with the number of inaccuracies within this show, such as referring to an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) as a tank. At the end of the day, this show was obviously intended to appeal to gun enthusiasts… The problem is that most gun enthusiasts seem to know more than these guys.

16 The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man (6.2)

If you’ve seen Swamp People and you crave even more swampy goodness, there’s always The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man to keep you entertained. This show actually gets pretty positive reviews on IMDB. For whatever reason, some people absolutely love this guy and his life, and they’re not afraid to share it. That would explain why Shelby gets a pretty mediocre score overall on IMDB.

But there are definitely those who absolutely hate The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man. They point out that he’s one of the worst role models imaginable, and that no child should ever watch this show. They also state that Shelby’s lifestyle is a “disaster waiting to happen,” referencing his frightening lack of gun safety or proper boating protocol.

15 Search For The Lost Giants (6.1)

Did giants ever really exist? A normal person would look at the evidence, consider the possibility for a moment, and then immediately dismiss the entire idea. Not these guys. Jim and Bill Viera are on a quest to find real, concrete evidence of giant bones which are apparently scattered around the globe. Do they ever find any bones? Of course not. But hey, it makes for great television.

Or does it? Search For Lost Giants is definitely one of the lowest rated shows on the History Channel – at least according to IMDB. The disappointment stemming from user reviews was always inevitable. After all, these guys were clearly never going to find real giant bones. If they had, it would have been all over the news.

14 Big Shrimpin’ (6.1)

With a name like Big Shrimpin’, it was hard to take this one seriously from the very beginning. And with a rating of 6.1 on IMDB, it seems like this show never really won too many people over. One of the most common complaints about this show is the fact that the Cajun dialect is extremely hard to understand. Even with the added subtitles, it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on.

Luckily, there actually isn’t a whole lot going on in this show, with many describing it as a “snooze festival.” So while it’s easy to follow along, it’s not exactly thrilling television. We’re talking about shrimp fishing, after all.

13 Marked – 6.0

Marked is another interesting addition to the History Channel – although we’re not quite sure why it’s on this network. It’s a show about tattoos, which will definitely interest a lot of people out there. Some of the most negative reviews point out the fact that the subject matter is not suitable for children – especially the episodes which focus on gang-related tattoos. For example, there’s an entire episode focuses on the admittedly beautiful tattoo culture of the Yakuza.

Once again, this isn’t necessarily a bad show. It just didn’t really blow too many people away, and there was only ever a few episodes published in this mini-series.

12 We’re The Fugawis (5.9)

Now we’re getting into the territory of five out of ten ratings, and these shows definitely show a notable dip in quality. We’re The Fugawis left a lot of people confused. What was this show intended to be? The premise is simple – it’s a reality show focused on a completely obscure motorcycle club. And the show definitely tried to be comedic in nature.

But at the end of the day, people weren’t really sure how to react. The jokes weren’t actually that funny, according to many critics. Others used stronger language, describing this entire show as “tasteless.” The whole thing seems to be some kind of parody, and many people were left unimpressed.

11 Mega Movers (5.7)

In theory, Mega Movers sounds like a really cool show. Tune in, and you’ll see massive superstructures being transported across land, sea, and air with impossibly advanced technology. But in reality, the show never really excited us. After all, watching large structures being moved around isn’t actually as thrilling as you might think. Often, these structures are being moved incredibly slowly.

In the end, we’re forced to ask ourselves, “Why make a show about this?” Many of the reviews simply describe the show as “Okay.” And in many ways, that one simple word completely sums up Mega Movers. In the end, the rating of 5.7 is probably well-deserved.

10 Ax Men (5.5)

Ax Men is actually one of the more high profile shows on History Channel. It still has nothing to do with history, but a lot of people tuned in, and a lot of people have their own opinions about this show. Some people love it – but judging by the IMDB rating of 5.5, it’s safe to say that these people are in the minority.

Many people complain that the show seems rehearsed or choreographed. Experienced loggers state that it’s incredibly unrealistic, and that “none of these guys would last a day on a real logging site.” And of course, there are those who criticize its glorification of natural destruction. This show stopped airing back in 2016.

9 Outback Hunters (5.3)

As the Huffington Post notes, this show seems to be the Australian equivalent of Swamp People. It’s a bunch of random people shooting and harpooning giant crocodiles. Same premise, different side of the globe. Not many people are crazy about this show, and that should be obvious judging by its rather low score of 5.3 on IMDB.

Many critics point out the complete lack of safety in the show, and the fact that it’s the “same old croc stuff.” It only went for one season, back in 2012. But hey, if you’re still not bored of wild swamp mayhem, then this show might just be for you.

8 Sliced (5.2)

There’s no denying that human beings are obsessed with seeing things destroyed. Well, the History Channel decided to make that entire concept into a show. It’s called Sliced. The premise is simple – the host of the show spends his time destroying various objects – usually by slicing them in half. Why would he destroy objects in this manner? The vague excuse offered is that he’s “trying to figure out how they work.”

One example is when he sliced a car in half. One critic could pointed out that he could have experienced the same thing by merely opening the car’s doors. Other critics point out there’s something wrong when we’re slicing apart perfectly good cars and other objects for entertainment. There are plenty of people in this world who do not have access to cars.

7 Invention USA (5.2)

Right from the get go, it’s clear that this particular show was intended to follow in the mold of Mythbusters and related programs. You’ve got all the necessary ingredients. Slightly punk looking scientists and engineering experts, the general feel of a reality show, and tons of inventions to talk about.

But with a rating of 5.2 on IMDB, something clearly went wrong. It’s actually hard to find any reviews on this show – which is generally a bad sign. No reviews means that no one is watching it, and those that DID leave a review didn’t even bother to explain their reasoning. Invention USA only lasted for a couple seasons, and we’re not sure anyone even noticed it was gone.

6 Pirate Treasure Of The Knights Templar (5.2)

The mystery of the Knights Templar? The search for missing treasure? Pirates?! Sign us up. At least, that’s what the majority of History Channel fans thought before they saw this thing. According to its IMDB rating, this show was a bit of flop when all was said and done. With a score of just 5.2, it’s one of the lowest-rated shows in the network’s history.

So why the negative reception? According to most of the user reviews, this one was absolutely filled with fake history and pseudo science. In many cases, they didn’t even run tests on the artifacts they had found. According to critics, they failed to run these tests because they wanted to “invent” their own version of history.

5 Revelation: The End Of Days (5.1)

Nothing like a bit of fire and brimstone to stir up the masses. People have been obsessed with doomsday prophecies for thousands of years, and it seems like History Channel is pushing this trend hard. Or at least they tried with shows like Revelation: The End Of Days. It’s described as a “combination” of a documentary and a fictional account of biblical rapture. With a rating of 5.1, audiences weren’t exactly thrilled. So what did they have to say about this show? Many people compared this show to series like Ancient Aliens and other famously inaccurate shows from History Channel. But at the end of the day, most critics just thought it was a bad mini-series.

4 Nor’ Easter Men (4.8)

Nor’ Easter Men is basically another fishing show like Deadliest Catch. But this show never reached the fame and glory of its inspiration, and it now has a low score of 4.8 on IMDB. So what’s this show about? Basically, we follow groups of fishermen based out of Gloucester, New Bedford, and Portland. The critics accuse this show of the obvious – cashing in on the success of Deadliest Catch. But in all honesty, the show never really got very far, and with just three episodes, there was hardly enough time to write a check – let alone cash it. All in all, this show probably received such a negative reception because it got canceled, and it just wasn’t very interesting.

3 Chasing Mummies (4.6)

Zahi Hawass is a massive name in the world of Egyptology, and somewhere along the line History Channel decided to give him his own show. Was this a good idea? Maybe. But the fact remains – Chasing Mummies is one of History Channel’s lowest rated shows of all time, with a score of just 4.6. Once again, it seems like the History Channel focused on creating a fun reality show rather than educating people about history.

Some people might enjoy the scripted nature of this reality show. The majority of critics obviously didn’t see it that way. They accuse the show of focusing on Hawass’ life, rather than the actual process of Egyptology itself.

2 Billion Dollar Wreck (4.6)

A shipwreck filled with treasure should be lots of fun. It should be engrossing, captivating and awe-inspiring. History Channel’s Billion Dollar Wreck seems to be none of those things, and that’s why it fails. With a score of 4.6, it’s almost rock-bottom in terms of IMDB’s rating system. This show is about a guy who is searching for hidden treasure in sunken shipwreck.

The reviews make it painfully clear why this show is rated so poorly. In the words of one critic, “Nothing ever happens.” You tune in hoping that someone will eventually find treasure, but it just seems to drag on and on. It’s a shame, because the premise has so much promise.

1 Blood Money (4.1)

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Elliot Figueira

Harry Potter: 20 Creatures Ranked From Weakest To Strongest, Officially Ranked

Harry Potter is a franchise that needs no introduction. It’s the series that introduced a whole generation to reading (for pleasure, that is, not just because they were assigned material for that school year). The series that has captured the imagination of fans of all ages.

Yes, grown-ups might have preferred to pick up the editions with the darker, edgier, grown-up covers, but it’s still the same book inside. Like a good Nintendo console, the whole for all ages thing really does apply here.

There’s just something extraordinary about the world J.K. Rowling has created. It’s contemporary and relatable, yet steeped in the Medieval image of vast castles lit by flaming torches. It’s familiar, yet completely original and unique. Rowling blends fantasy tropes of wizards, dragons and trolls with the hurly-burly of normal (or rather, Muggle) life.

Harry meets several dragons along the way and writes on parchment with a quill, but he also sits on the subway in London, attracting some funny looks from fellow commuters (because the gigantic Hagrid is with him). These days, those commuters are just staring at their cell phones and wouldn’t notice if another passenger was on fire, but otherwise, that’s the intriguing juxtaposition of Harry Potter.

This is also seen in the great variety of different magical creatures Harry encounters. There are fantasy classics like dragons, trolls, and unicorns, but there is also all manner of fascinating beasts of Rowling’s own creation.

From the humble Flobberworm to the monstrous Lethifold, let’s take a look at some of the most powerful (and most pitifully weak) magical creatures featured in the series.

20 The Flobberworm

That’s right, friends. We’re kicking this party off the right way, with the most tedious, disgusting, and slimy-leaking creature in the franchise. If there’s a Harry Potter food chain, this thing’s right there at the bottom. Heck, even a passing House Elf could threaten these things into handing over their lunch money.

The Flobberworm is an entirely uninteresting brown worm, known only for two qualities: the slime it secretes from both ends (which can be useful in potion-making) and the fact that it can actually be pretty darn big. Flobberworms can grow to around ten inches long, which is… well, that’s quite a darn powerful worm.

Other than that, there’s absolutely nothing interesting to say about them whatsoever. Don’t worry, though. Once you hit Literal Flobberworm on the boring-o-meter, the only way is up.

19 The Gnome

Gnomes may not be too much of a step up from the Flobberworm, power-wise, but we’re taking things slowly here. Don’t worry, there are some huge, slathering dragons that will crush your sad, fleshly little body into hunks of defeated spam coming up later, we promise.

If you’re familiar with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second entry in the series, you’ll know that the Weasley family have a gnome infestation in the yard of their extremely magical home, The Burrow. The gnomes of this universe aren’t the cute little guys with fishing rods and white beards that we know, but potato-y looking little creatures with big heads.

The Weasleys expel them from their yard by spinning them over their heads (to make them dizzy) then throwing them over the wall; the idea being that they won’t be able to find their way back afterward. They’re harmless enough but can deliver a tough little bite if provoked.

18 The Niffler

That’s right, friends. You’ve seen one of these little guys in action in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and you instantly fell for its adorable nature and wanted to adopt fifteen of them for yourself. Just about everybody who saw that movie did, so don’t worry about it. You’re not alone.

The thing is, though, Nifflers are more than just super-cute, mischievous little slices of adorable furriness. Their desire for anything and everything glittery can be bad, when coupled with their mole-like tendency to dig, dig, and dig some more.

If you introduce a pet Niffler to your home, you’re… well, not going to have a home for very much longer. These burrowing British beasts will wreck the place faster than a group of toddlers at a birthday party.

17 The Doxy

The Doxy is nicknamed the Biting Fairy, which probably tells you all you need to know about its malevolent intentions (and its tiny stature).

These teeny winged humanoid creatures are distinguished from fairies by their extra limbs, as well as the dark hair that covers its body. They may look about as threatening as a sleeping Flobberworm, but they boast a potent weapon: very sharp teeth that inject venom into the bitten victim.

Couple this with their tendency to lurk in dark, damp places and surprise those who come across them, and you’ve got a real menace on your hands here. In the novel Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the residents of Grimmauld Place come up against an infestation of Doxies, and it was a real battle.

16 The Bowtruckle

Some of you Potterheads may think that this is a little too high to rate the humble Bowtruckle. It’s still darn early in the rundown, but come on. These things are just stick insects, aren’t they?

Well, yes. That’s probably what most woodcutters thought, moments before their eyes were bouncing on the forest floor.

Bowtruckles are teeny little forest guardians, found in the woods of Britain, Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe. If the tree they call home is threatened, they’ll set upon the ‘attacker’ and try to gouge at their eyes with their tiny-yet-vicious clawed hands.

They’re completely docile and painfully shy most of the time, yes, but you do not want to underestimate a Bowtruckle. Oh, heck no.

15 The House Elf

If Bowtruckles are constantly underestimated and their power levels snarked on, imagine how the poor old House Elves feel. Not only do they have to make huge, lavish feasts for the residents of Hogwarts (and have you seen the kinds of school meals they serve at this place? Holy heck), but Dobby was there unclogging the Malfoys’ toilets and all of that sort of thing.

It is not easy being a House Elf. Nevertheless, you’d better not doubt that these little guys and gals have some powerful magic of their own. Once Harry freed Dobby from the Malfoys’ control, the little elf effortlessly repelled Lucius Malfoy’s attack and sent him sprawling on the floor.

House Elves can apparate where witches and wizards cannot, and are even able to carry people with them. Dobby was a formidable fighter in his own way, there’s no doubt about that.

14 The Mandrake

In the next episode of “Magical Creatures That Look Pathetic But Will Utterly Ruin You And The Life That You Live If You Cross Them,” we have the Mandrake.

Mandrakes have long been a part of folklore, an odd sort of plant-humanoid hybrid that may or may not (according to the particular story) possess a fatal cry or otherwise doom those who dig it up.

The magical Mandrake of the Harry Potter series also appears in Chamber of Secrets, being re-potted as part of a second-year Herbology lesson. These ones are seedlings, so do not have the fatal cry of mature Mandrakes, but would still knock the students unconscious for several hours if they heard it. Hence the earmuffs.

That’s a whole lot of power and a whole lot of unsettling, all wrapped up in a teensy package.

13 The Unicorn

Now we’re taking, friends. The Unicorn may not possess venomous bites, incredible strength, or sharp, furious little claws, but when it comes to powerfully magical creatures, this magnificent beast is right up there.

Folklore has attributed all kinds of qualities to Unicorns over the centuries, and the take on the animal that we see in Harry Potter borrows various elements from them. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the blood of the Unicorn is shown to have incredible powers, keeping the Voldemort/Quirrell head-thing alive but cursing him/it horribly into a bargain.

As with Centaurs, these legendary creatures are powerful in a completely different way. Fighters? Perhaps not, but they command great respect in the magical world. Leave them the heck alone and let them do their thing in peace, that’s the message here.

12 The Hippogriff

Another familiar (and brilliantly peculiar) creature from real-world folklore, the mythical Hippogriff is a creature which is half eagle and half horse.

In the world of Harry Potter, Hagrid manages to get his hands on one, names it Buckbeak, and attempts to tame it. In his defense, it’s not the most super-threatening of animals Hagrid has ever dealt with, and he does succeed in taming his beloved ‘Beaky’ to a certain extent.

Again, with Hippogriffs, it’s all about respect. Draco Malfoy was injured by Buckbeak because he wasn’t listening to Hagrid’s explanation of how to handle the beast. Sure, he totally deserved it, but it just goes to show: you won’t like Hippogriffs when they’re angry. They’re not as menacing as some of the creatures we’re about to meet, though, not by a long chalk.

11 The Troll

Next up, we’ve got one of the most popular fantasy tropes in the book. When you’re working in the fantasy genre and you need a big, brute-strength sort of beast that isn’t too big in the brain department, you call on the troll.

In the movie adaption of The Sorcerer’s Stone, the mountain troll that Hermione, Harry and Ron encounter looks totally silly. Heck, we don’t want to traumatize the children watching so early in the series, do we (save that for the Dementors in a couple of years)? Even so, it was a vast, hulking brute, and that club it’s holding would have instantly ended the entire film career of any of the trio.

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Tradition dictates that they’re rather stupid, but darn strong and very aggressive. That’s not a great combination.

10 The Werewolf

Werewolves are tough creatures to rank, in terms of power level. There are so many darn factors to consider here. For one thing, Werewolves are regular old mortal, squishy humans the majority of the time, so some of that’s going to depend on the individual.

In Harry Potter, these sorts of matters are complicated further. Remus Lupin and Fenrir Greyback are very different sorts of Werewolf. Lupin is sickly, unwilling to transform, and a lot of that is reflected in his furry form in the movie.

Greyback, meanwhile, is half-beast most of the time, not even needing the full moon to hunt.

All of these complications aside, though, the fact remains that Werewolves are almost unique in actively hunting humans as their preferred prey, which is… well, we tend to frown upon that sort of thing.

9 The Sphinx

Generally, the Harry Potter movies did a great job of encapsulating the magic of the books (especially compared to some other franchises we could mention). Compromises inevitably had to be made, though, and one of the most unfortunate was the maze from the third task of the Triwizard Tournament. In the book, there were all kinds of fascinating creatures roaming the hedge maze, which would have been just great to see on screen.

There was a darn Sphinx in there, friends. Rowling’s take on the creature is again very similar to that of folklore, depicting a cunning, brilliant being with a human head on a lion’s body. Generally speaking, it’s dangerous only when the treasure it’s guarding is threatened, or when interlopers answer its riddles incorrectly.

8 The Phoenix

We all know the story of the mythological phoenix. While it’s not a physically-imposing or powerful creature, in terms of raw strength, this bird (whose size ranges from eagle-like to ostrich-like, depending on the account you’re reading) is able to become reborn in its own flames and begin life anew. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that, when the grey hairs start showing?

Rowling’s take on the Phoenix is even more powerfully magical than the familiar beast of Greek and Roman legend. Dumbledore’s own Fawkes can carry immensely heavy loads, and its tears are able to heal almost any wound. It’s a tremendously intelligent creature, too, as it demonstrated during Harry’s battle with the basilisk in Chamber of Secrets.

Could Dumbledore have had a more beautifully symbolic pet?

7 The Kelpie

With Hogwarts castle being located up in the highlands of Scotland, it’s only right that we include a mythical beast of Scottish folklore in this rundown.

The kelpie is probably fresh in all fans’ memories, having stolen the show in a scene in the recent Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. In the series, it’s a malevolent water creature from Britain and Ireland, which takes many different forms but is most commonly seen as a horse.

Its party trick is deceiving people into riding it, then dashing into the water and consuming the rider below the surface. To defeat a kelpie, Rowling tells us, witches and wizards can put a saddle on its back using a placement charm, which will make it docile. As for us Muggles? Well… don’t ride mysterious horses with bulrushes for a mane. That’s probably best.

6 The Acromantula

Ah, yes. Here we go, friends. We’re definitely not kidding around anymore. The last crop of creatures in this list are formidable indeed. Firstly, we’ve got the one that was sure to be the worst nightmare of arachnophobes everywhere.

The Acromantula is, simply put, an enormous spider. The best-known specimen was Aragog, Hagrid’s beloved pet, which was once believed to be the monster that lived in the Chamber of Secrets (we’ll meet the real culprit in a couple of entries’ time).

Intelligent creatures capable of human speech, Acromantula are highly dangerous. Most importantly, though, we’re talking about spiders that reach legspans of fifteen feet. That’s a very firm, very definite and very final nope from us, right there.

Come on, Hagrid, what were you thinking here? Even the Blast-Ended Skrewts were more lovable.

5 The Dementor

So, yes. We’ve seen a lot of iconic creatures from mythology given a Harry Potter airing here. trolls, unicorns, hippogriffs, sphinxes, werewolves… that’s all well and good, but we’ve got to pay homage to one of Rowling’s original creations, one of the most fearsome beings in the series: the dastardly dementor.

These hideous, cloaked beings have the power to extract all happiness and all resistance from their victims. They were famously employed (if ‘employed’ is the right word) as prison guards at Azkaban, a role they performed super well until they… you know, joined Voldemort and let all their charges escape. That’s the kind of thing that takes a point or two off your TripAdvisor review.

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Nevertheless, we’ve all seen how frightening these creatures are and what they’re capable of. The Dementor’s Kiss (in which the creature consumes the victim’s very soul, leaving them empty but still alive) is one of the most horrifying concepts in the series.

4 The Hungarian Horntail

So, yes. We’ve established that Hagrid has no qualms with more exotic pets. If something like a lizard is going a little too far for you, don’t even stop by Hagrid’s place. In his time, he’s owned a dragon, a gigantic three-headed dog (which he named Fluffy), and all kinds of other abominations. How frightening does the Hungarian Horntail have to be, then, for the man himself to admit that it’s “a right [tough] piece of work?”

This dragon species hails from Hungary, of course, and is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous and aggressive dragons of all. It has a reptilian appearance, a foul demeanor, and far more spines and spikes than any creature really has any right to have. Dang.

3 The Lethifold

That’s right. A bit of a curveball, perhaps, the Lethifold is much more obscure than some of the other formidable beings this high on our list. Still, it’s believed to be related to the Dementor is some way and is every bit as imposing. Plus a dash extra. Fans in the know are fully aware of what a nightmarish creation this thing is. Remember when The Crimes of Grindelwald showed off promotional images of the above, and Lethifold-bells started going off?

The Lethifold is a rare creature that has only been sighted in the tropics. It resembles a dark, black cloak, and glides around in a similar fashion to dementors. It is most feared for its penchant for hunting humans, as well as its method of doing so: it silently glides into houses, suffocating sleeping victims and consuming them there and then, leaving nothing but an empty bed.

So, there it is. If you’re reading this shortly before going to bed, we’re very sorry. The good news is, in another similarity to dementors, the Patronus charm has proven very effective at repelling them.

2 The Basilisk

The Lethifold might be a little obscure, but even if you’ve just casually dabbled in the series, you probably recognize this great scaly menace.

That’s right. During the original incident, Aragog the Acromantula was believed to be the beast that lived within the Chamber of Secrets. As we discovered, though, it was actually a basilisk, a legendary serpent with incredible potent venom and a deadly glare.

In the movie, Ron states that the basilisk (or, rather, the skin it had recently shed) “must be 60 feet long… or more.” There’s a real discrepancy here (the book only claims that it’s “twenty feet long at least”), but still. Whichever way you slice it, this is more than enough darn snake to be getting on with. What a beast.

1 The Chimaera

Up here among the Basilisk, Hungarian Horntail, and other such mighty magical creatures, it was tough to pick a clear winner. We’re going to opt for the Chimaera, though, and if you ever came across one while taking a shortcut down a dark alley at night, you probably wouldn’t question that decision.

While creatures like the Hippogriff and Centaur are curious combinations of two different species’ characteristics, the Chimaera goes one better than that. It has the tail of a dragon, the body of a goat, and the head of a lion.

Later in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the story goes that a Chimaera is loose in the grounds of the school, which is certainly a little unsettling considering the description of the creature in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

There is only one known instance of the successful slaying of a Chimaera and the unlucky wizard concerned fell to his [demise] from his winged horse shortly afterward, exhausted by his efforts.

Hagrid, that fan of monstrous beasts everywhere, once claimed that Chimaeras would be a good, interesting topic to learn about in school. Thankfully, he never had a chance to own one.

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Chris Littlechild

Storage Wars: The 25 Craziest Items Found In The Storage Lockers, Officially Ranked

There really is no limits to what can become a hit reality television show these days. It is all about what people find interesting enough to keep watching, week after week. The content is not even important if viewers are watching. This is how Storage Wars was born.

Storage Wars is the hit A&E Network reality show about a group of veteran buyers, or bidders, that go to storage facilities to try and purchase units that have been abandoned by their owners. In the state of California, where the show takes place, the law states that the storage units may be auctioned off after three months of non-payment.

Over the years, the show found itself in the middle of a few controversies including one of the show’s main bidders, Dave Hester, being involved in a lawsuit claiming that the show was planting items inside these storage lockers to make for better television. Although A&E never did come out and apologize for any wrongdoing, they also did not deny it.

So whether or not the items inside these storage units are the real thing, they still make for some interesting television, especially the crazy things that they have found over the past 12 seasons. Some of these items range from the ridiculous to the downright weird and we found 25 of them for your entertainment.

25 Beekeeper’s Outfit and Equipment (Dave)

Whenever a bidder takes a chance on a storage unit, they are risking a lot of time, energy, and money into something that could turn out to be a dud. One of the main rules to follow when preparing to bid is that you cannot touch anything inside the unit, but you can take a look and glance around the room before the bidding begins.

Dave Hester did not see the Beekeeper equipment when he decided to risk it and go for this unit but it turned out to become quite the interesting pull for the man that continuously gets on everyone’s nerves with his cocky attitude and annoying bidding habits.

24 Dog Tread Wheel (Mary)

Mary is a fireball on the show. She comes across kind of dorky, and a little dumb, but it is all an act because when the bidding starts, she finds ways to sneak up on even the best of them and steal lockers right from under their noses.

During an episode in season eight, Mary bought a unit for $775 that featured quite the array of random items including a walking cane, dog crate in the box, and a mysterious giant hamster wheel that looked like an industrial fan at first. She had no clue what it was so she brought it to a person who would and come to find out, it is a doggie hamster wheel used for exercise.

Whatever happened to walking your dog?

23 Glass Balloon Inflating Machine (Mary)

Storage Wars is not always predictable. Every now and then, they come across a unit that is stocked full of absolutely junk. These types of lockers will end up going for very little and most bidders pass on it because they do not want the hassle of going through it and hauling the stuff off.

But Mary saw this as a chance to make a little profit and she stole one for $50 that looked to be nothing more than a few basic household items. But when she got into it, she noticed a working glass machine that she had no clue what it did. Turns out, it was a balloon inflating machine used by entertainers, and clowns. It was used to blow up a balloon and then fill it up with various other items, or more balloons.

22 My Little Pony Collection (Jarrod & Brandi)

It is rare to find a complete collection of anything, let alone one that is extremely valuable. But then again, this is Storage Wars and most of the times, the lockers have at least one item of possible value. When Jarrod and Brandi purchased this unit, they had no idea they were about to inherit one of the largest My Little Pony collections ever seen. So they brought it to a specialist and got them appraised for nearly $1,000 after just winning the storage unit for $50 earlier in the day.

21 Body Piercing Equipment (Mark)

One of the show’s most entertaining guest stars was a bidder by the name of Mark Balelo. He showed up on random episodes sporting the most stylish suits or clothing anyone could wear to a storage auction that came complete with his man-purse that was stacked full of cash.

The group would always make fun of his fanny pack and the cartoonish way he presented himself, but it was all in good fun. He sadly passed away shortly after appearing on an episode of Storage Wars and has been sadly missed. One of his craziest finds was when he discovered a complete setup used for body piercings.

20 Vintage Peep Show Machine (Barry)

At $7,000, the vintage peep show machine he found became one of Barry’s biggest finds during his brief stay on the show. It is also one of the most unique items anyone has ever pulled from a storage unit. This giant spinning wheel was created back in the early days of the 20th century and was used to watch films by cranking it and watching the images spin around in a circle, like a flip book. This was the early days of a portable dvd player and it was huge. It earned the “peep show” title because many of these machines were used to watch dirty movies, so to speak, back before anyone knew about, well, y’know.

19 The Comic Book Store (Darrell)

One of the reasons Darrell Sheets has been given the nickname “The Gambler” is because of his consistent ability to hit the jackpot on storage units, every once in a while. He bids on many of them, good or bad, because he sees something that could be worth a ton. He is willing to gamble big time just to get that one big payday.

So it was not very surprising to see that he ended up winning a storage unit full of an entire inventory from a comic book store. There was everything from vintage comic books to valuable action figures still in mint condition in their original box. Everything.

18 Two Humped Camel Saddles (Mary)

When Mary goes hunting, she only bids on the storage units she thinks has unique items of value, and things that she simply likes. When she decided to buy this locker of junk for $150, which no one really wanted, she had no idea that there was a secret saddle sitting in the back.

Not only was it an animal saddle, it was a specialized saddle built for camels with two humps, instead of their customary one. Why would a camel saddle that is only used for such a specific type of camel being stored in a storage unit in Southern California is beyond us. It stood out like a sore thumb in a locker of trash.

17 Gas Mask (Jarrod & Brandi)

This storage unit was a bad idea to begin with. The entire bidding process began with a sarcastic bid from Jarrod & Brandi, making fun of Dave Hester’s incredibly annoying, “Yuuuup!” Then, the next thing they know, they are eating it and having to buy this unit for $450.

Right after starting to take a look at the items in the locker, they come across a vintage canteen that had been sealed shut a very long time ago. After risking their safety to open it up, they found out it was nothing but stale air. That’s when they came across the gas mask, which looked to be old and used at least once.

16 The Elvis Collection (Dave)

Newspaper clippings used to be more valuable, back before social media and cell phones, that is. But then things changed and people stopped reading the newspaper, leading to the eventual demise of newspaper clippings holding any value.

However, older pieces of newspapers from various moments in history actually still have a lot of value. Just ask Dave Hester, who wound up bidding on a unit he had no clue featured tons of newspaper clippings from the day Elvis died. Those clippings, along with many other Elvis collectibles tallied up to become one of the bigger finds on the show ever. It was valued to be worth around $90,000.

15 Vintage Baby Doll (Jarrod & Brandi)

Any toys made in the 1930s, that is still in good shape today, comes across creepy because of the material used to make them and the style. So when Jarrod and Brandi run into a locker full of nothing much, they run into a bin with a vintage baby doll that makes Brandi freak out around it.

It was in a very old trunk and came with a ton of clothes, making it even creepier that someone would store this thing in a storage unit for all these years. But after opening the trunk and looking over it, they realized this had to be old and it had to be brought to someone who knew more about them.

14 Vintage Architectural Tools (Darrell)

What looked like a box of dental tools actually turned out to be very old tools used by architects in the 1800s when designing buildings, creating projects, and maps. This specific tool box was probably dated close to the 1930s and was not really in perfect condition, but was still very good. The appraiser would eventually reveal the price of the item to be $1,000, making Darrell’s $575 storage unit purchase turn into a major profit of close to $1,600 on the day. They do not call him a gambler because he plays it safe now, do they?

13 World War II Minesweeper (Ivy)

As hot as it gets in Southern California, the temperature was boiling when the cast headed down to Lancaster for a day of bidding during the 9th season of Storage Wars. Since he is a hustler for packed lockers that he can use to fill his stores, Ivy took down Dave in a very small bidding war to take home a locker of nonsense items.

After spending $1,500 on a locker that he should have gotten for half that, he discovered an old army container, and helmet, that had a mysterious item. When he got to the shop to get it looked at, it turned out to be an old World War II minesweeper that was used to find mines hidden in the ground. At $400, it was the featured item in a locker that brought in close to $4,400 in value.

12 Snake “Stuff” (Ivy)

In one of the largest storage unit auctions ever in the state of California, the crew headed to Chatsworth, California to take part in a gigantic 100-vault auction. This auction was so stacked that everyone walked away with something, including Ivy, who purchased a vault he considered to have some valuable treasures for his store.

As he was searching through his newly acquired vault, he opened a box that had snake bones, enclosed inside a plastic display case. He continued through the box to find even more snake items like the tool used to hold them, as well as protective clothing, and various other snake related things.

11 Antique Medical Bleeder (Darrell)

Back before hospitals had state-of-the-art electronic equipment, and antibiotics that could cure just about anything, they had to be creative with ways to cure people. So doctors came up with an invention called a medical bleeder. It was used to drain the blood from a person that was afflicted from various different illnesses or diseases.

The tool would drain the blood from the body to help control the overall balance of it inside your system. It is suspected to help lower blood pressure because it reduces blood volume. The device is the size of a wallet but was still one of the craziest items you would never consider being on the show.

10 Vintage Dental Equipment (Barry)

Every now and then, the show will feature an item so ridiculous, it almost feels as if it can’t be real. As the winning bidders scour through their storage units, they end up coming across something that has no reason being in there, and that is where the idea that the show is fake.

However, having never denied the claims that this stuff was fake, A&E continues to air the show and the bidders go through the same routine, over and over. They buy a locker, find one rare item, and get it appraised. Barry found one in season two when he came across a box with vintage dental equipment. Inside the box was a tooth puller that was 200 years old and basically just loosened the tooth before pulling it. Talk about painful.

9 Human Skeleton (Dave)

When going through a locker, Dave Hester found himself uncovering something very scary: a collection of human bones complete with the skull, hands, and arms. Everything was there to complete the set of bones and create a perfect human skeleton. For his sake, he brought to an expert to get details about whether or not it was real.

The bones were real, but were not part of any kind of malicious event. They were used for medical schools, or universities, to study the human skeleton. The expert knew it because of how they were professionally cleaned and had nylon strings keeping them all together. He walked away with a human skeleton worth $1,670.

8 Chicken Eyeglasses (Barry)

Barry is always coming across something that is either unique or strange. Yes, those words mean the same thing, but when it comes to Barry, each one of those words can be used to define different things. When he bought a cheap storage locker for $350, and almost finished looking through it without any luck, he came across a box full of these weird little glasses.

As it turns out, these glasses were once used in the 1940s and 1950s for chickens. That’s right, chicken eyeglasses. The owner would put them on the chicken to prevent each of them from pecking their eyes out while also being stylish. Yes, stylish. It was a unique way to accessorize your chickens and Barry hit the motherload, making $500 on the lot.

7 Stripper Pole (Rene)

The idea of a stripper pole is not crazy at all. But then someone decided to start selling them on the mainstream, so people could use them at home for exercise, or whatever other reason they wanted. But when it shows up inside a storage unit, it is no longer attractive, it is actually quite sad. Who would put something like this in a locker and forget about it? Why would anyone do that? The sole purpose of something like this is to use it, not store it. At least we got to witness Rene attempt to break his femur with a stripper move he definitely should not have tried to do.

6 Wooden Bust W/ Glass Eyes (Barry)

This was one of those items that we had no clue what to call it besides exactly what it was, a giant wooden head with these creepy glass eyes. It was hidden inside a locker that was won by Barry, who arrived late to begin with and was just trying to catch up. He bought an apparently useless locker for $1,525, according to everyone else.

But Barry had spotted something that he just had to own. It was a small box that was hidden in the rear of the unit. If you know anything about Barry, he loves to buy vintage boxes, especially when they are closed. After he discovered this wooden bust, with a full set of teeth and two crazy glass eyes. Oh, and did we mention the window into the brain in the back of the skull that had a Obi-Wan Kenobi looking figure starting out of?

5 Breast Enlargement Machine (Dave)

Dave Hester has a way of annoying his competition, and a lot of the show’s fans, but he is actually not a horrible person. When he is away from the pack, he is quite the comedian, you just have to pretend you do not know who he is.

That is, except for the time he went to a beautiful plastic surgeon with a breast enlargement machine he pulled from one of his storage lockers. Instead of simply learning about his precious item, he just had to creep out the doc with his badly timed puns including telling her he planned on keeping them for his own personal entertainment after he found out they were not worth very much, and were used.

4 Whale In A Jar (Brandon Sheets)

When Darrell Sheets and his son Brandon ended up going off on their own, it wasn’t to compete with one another, or because they had issues. It was simply so Brandon could learn how to play the game. Some times you have to let children fall down so they know how to get back up again.

However, Brandon was never as lucky as his father, for the most part. He did hit a few great lockers, but for his overall time on the show, he was mostly a guy that would buy duds. One time, he was rummaging through his newly purchased locker and found a jar of what he could only claim was “whale stuff.” Even the experts were curious about how it ended up in a storage unit.

3 Voodoo Items (Jarrod & Brandi)

Of all the creepy things we have seen on Storage Wars, the moment Brandi won a storage unit and uncovered a deer skull, we knew something was going on and wanted no part of it, just like she didn’t. As they continued scouring the unit, they ended up finding even more insanely creepy items like a bag of chicken bones, a bat on a stick, and various other unique voodoo items. However, it was the human hair that really sent us running for the hills with this unit.

2 Professional Clown Costume (Kenny)

Clowns are creepy. Since buying storage lockers is a big gamble to begin with because you never quite know what you are going to find, opening one and uncovering a full clown costume, along with a helium tank and various other clown accessories, including shoes, has got to be the weirdest thing to happen to Kenny in his career.

But he was not scared of clowns and, after finding the costume, proceeded to try it on, all the way down to the big floppy shoes. After he clowned around for a few minutes, he decided to take it to a real professional and see if there was any value in it. So he meets a guy who is a professional clown, at a private club with exotic dancers.

Crazy is an understatement.

1 Frank Gutierrez Artwork Collection (Darrell)

Artwork is not really a crazy item, it is probably one of the most normal things the bidders can find in these abandoned lockers. Over the course of the show’s 12 season history, there have been many different units that have featured some kind of artwork, or painting. But none of them ever came even close to what Darrell Sheets found in Season 3.

He found one of the biggest collections of artwork by any artist, ever. It almost seemed as if this was Frank Gutierrez’s personal locker he used to store his work. There was several pieces of art, of all shapes and sizes, that ended up being appraised for close to $300,000, making it the biggest find in the show’s existence. How crazy is it that an artist would store that much valuable artwork and just leave it? Maybe it was owned by a fan, or maybe someone was going to sell it, but lost the unit before having the chance.

2019-04-19 04:04:30

Thomas Delatte

Every Major Twilight Character From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

Unless you were living under a bridge ten years ago, without a cell phone or internet access, then maybe, just maybe, you were unaware of the international success of the book series about vampires and shape-shifters called Twilight. The books actually began coming out in 2005, with one book being released each year until 2008, which was the same year the film series began.

Even through Stephenie Meyer only wrote four books, there was five films. Twilight (2008,) New Moon (2009,) Eclipse (2010,) Breaking Dawn – Part One (2011,) and Breaking Dawn – Part Two (2012) combined for a box office total of $1.4 billion, making it the 16th highest grossing franchise of all time.

Its popularity continues to sparkle even today as the franchise has created an entire world of fan fiction and comic books starring their favorite Twilight characters. Any film series that has this kind of cult-like following is going to have fans that are very dedicated to the story and that kind of passion created the infamous Team Edward or Team Jacob debate.

That makes ranking the characters a very tough job for anyone, let alone us. So instead of creating a ranking system of random characters, we decided to stick to only the major characters, the ones that are not just the main cast, but are also important to the storyline of the entire series, and ranked them according to who is the most powerful.

16 Charlie Swan (Human)

Even without sharing any of the vampire, or shape-shifter, abilities, Charlie Swan comes in on our list of major characters because he is one of the most important ones in the franchise. But since he is only a human, he is the weakest, by far.

Charlie, as you already know, is the father of Bella Swan, the main character from the franchise, and is also a cop that has no clue his daughter is friends with, and married to, vampires. He is often left in the dark about the things Bella is doing but tries to do what is best for her since he is divorced from her mother and is left to raise her on his own the best way he can.

15 Rosalie Hale (Vampire)

Of all the Cullens, Rosalie Hale just so happens to be one of the most basic vampires of them all. Since she is a vampire, she does manage to possess all the basic abilities that a vampire has like immortality, incredible speed and quickness, impressive strength, and self-control.

One of the things she does have that a lot of other vampires do not is her beauty. Before she turned, Rosalie was already one of the most beautiful women in the world. So when she became a vampire, it enhanced that beauty and created someone who was so gorgeous, people took notice.

14 Carlisle Cullen (Vampire)

One of the most underrated powers that a vampire can possess is intelligence. They can use it to turn themselves into a finely tuned machine that excels in many different aspects of life. For Carlisle Cullen, he chose to become a doctor, after he turned into a vampire, and has spent centuries learning medicine and perfecting his talents.

However, his intelligence is not quite enough to put him higher on the list of Twilight characters. He might be able to develop special abilities if he decided to do so because of his higher level of intelligence than most other vampires but that can take some time, maybe even centuries to develop into anything that could move him up the list.

13 Esme Cullen (Vampire)

Esme Cullen is the wife of Carlisle and adopted mother of the rest of the Cullens. She is a vampire but she does not truly possess any kind of special ability, officially.

Unofficially, Esme has the ability to love those around her, and show compassion at a very high level. It is why she has become the mother of the family. Her loving nature has prevented her from becoming a very strong fighter, or an even more powerful vampire. Even knowing this, Esme has still shown the ability to hold her own in a fight, especially in Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

12 Emmett Cullen (Vampire)

The supernatural talents of the vampires in the Twilight movie franchise range from telepathy to inducing the illusion of pain. But since not all vampires end up with a special power, they can find themselves with an enhanced basic ability that tracks back to when they were still human.

For Emmett Cullen, he was a physical specimen as a human being and was already a very strong person before turning into a vampire. So when he became one, that physical strength was enhanced to become a big part of who he is. Although he is not the best fighter, his power, and physical strength, makes him one of the strongest vampires alive.

11 Jasper Hale (Vampire)

When you first look at the Cullen family, Jasper would not be the top pick for best fighter, but he is and has shown off that ability a few times throughout the series. That skillset comes from his days as a human, when he was in the military and was trained to fight on the front lines. Not only does he have power, he is a fast and smart fighter, making him one of the toughest fighters in the film series.

But he also possesses a special ability known as pathokinesis. This skill allows him to sense and change the moods of other vampires, even Bella, making him one of the very few vampires that can penetrate her mental shield. His power is such that he has to control it or he could abuse it and turn it into a power he uses for evil.

10 Alice Cullen (Vampire)

One of the most popular Twilight characters in the film saga, besides Edward, Jacob, or Bella, is Alice Cullen, the beautiful vampire that was able to protect the Cullen’s, specifically Renesmee’s life when she was being hunted by the Volturi, using her special gift of seeing into the future.

The subjective precognition ability allows Alice to be able to follow a person’s decision into the future and see the outcome. She would be the most powerful vampire but it has limitations and if a person changes their mind, the future she saw no longer will happen.

9 James (Vampire)

When it comes to major characters in the Twilight series, James is the one that has the ability to track better than just about every other vampire in the world. It was even mentioned in the movies about how lethal his senses are compared to other vampires. But it is his tracking ability that puts him high atop our list.

He is not the greatest tracker in all of the world, but he is the second best, behind a Volturi guard named Demetri. James is limited to distance when tracking someone while Demetri can track anyone from any location on the planet. He was a skilled outdoorsman before turning into a vampire and it helped him to become this powerful character.

8 Victoria (Vampire)

Not every special power is about reading minds or physical contact. Victoria has a very special ability of enhanced self-preservation and can hide from other vampires to avoid very dangerous situations that could arise.

This power is all about surviving. When she senses danger, she has the ability to protect herself by quickly figuring out where to go to evade her enemy’s and get away. Since she was determined to destroy the Cullens and expose Bella, she was the biggest threat to Bella because she was almost impossible to find.

7 Edward Cullen (Vampire)

Telepathy is a formidable gift to possess because it allows a vampire the ability to know exactly what everyone is thinking and to be ready for anything that could happen. When Bella asks him about his gift, he tells her, “I can read every mind in this room. Apart from yours.”

His ability gets stronger the more he knows a person so he can read their minds as they get further away from him than anyone else. He uses it to keep people who are attracted to him in order to remain anonymous and continue being a vampire without anyone noticing his skin sparkling. (Sorry, we just had to bring up the sparkling skin effect.)

6 Jane (Volturi)

One of the worst things that can happen to a vampire is to be burnt to a crisp from direct sunlight. It does not take very long to eliminate a vampire using sunlight and it is known to be one of the most painful ends  they can endure.

Jane, one of the highest ranking members of the Volturi guard, has a gift that makes her the most feared vampires alive. She has the ability to induce pain on another person, even a vampire. Although she cannot actually physically do much against another vampire, she does not have to. She can make the victim feel crippling pain that incapacitates them while other vampires can take care of business.

The power isn’t the strongest but when you consider how feared she is amongst the vampires, it makes that ability more powerful than almost all the rest.

5 Alec (Volturi)

Alec is a Volturi guard member and is the twin brother of another guard, Jane, who helps his ability grow even stronger when used together. Jane has the power of inducing the illusion of pain on someone while he has the ability to numb the senses and paralyze multiple people at one time, allowing the Volturi a chance to take them out with ease.

His talents are considered stronger than Jane’s because he can basically pause several people at once, making them an easy target for anyone else nearby. Aro takes full advantage of his gifts throughout the entire film series.

4 Aro (Volturi)

Considered the overall leader of the most powerful coven of vampires known as the Volturi, Aro has the ability to read someone’s mind with nothing more than physical contact. He normally removes his gloves and touches the person he wants to read so the amount of physical contact is as easy as a touch.

His power is far greater than Edward’s because it can penetrate the mind much further than he can. He can see a person’s feelings and memories from someone’s entire life, from the day they were born, if need be. His ability lets him read a person’s mind like you would use Google Maps. He finds what he wants and goes as far as he can to find out everything about that memory.

3 Bella Swan (Vampire)

As you have already read about, not all vampires possess a special ability. They all have the same basic powers like super speed, immortality, enhanced senses, amazing strength, and unnatural healing. Then there are the ones that also have that one special ability that turns them into a special type of vampire.

Bella Swan has a mental shield that is known to be the most powerful special ability known to vampires. It can block any psychic powers that try to enter your mind. In other words, she can use her mental shield to protect others while they use their special powers, making her very dangerous.

2 Jacob (Shape-Shifter)

Even though we are nearly 12 years since the first film came out, there is still an ongoing debate in the Twilight series. The argument over who would win in a fight between Jacob, the shape-shifter, and Edward, a vampire who eventually marries Bella and is the father of Renessee.

The debate is much bigger than who would win in a fight between these two men. It is more about vampires versus shape-shifters. In the world of fictional stories, werewolves are more powerful than vampires, and always have been. But in the Twilight series, they are not.

Jacob is the exception and has more abilities, and powers, than almost all the other shape-shifters in his pack.

1 Renesmee Cullen (Half-Vampire)

Although the films did not cover the full extent of Renesmee Cullen’s powers, it did showcase her ability to penetrate Bella’s mental shield by touching her and being able to communicate with her using her mind. Does that make her the most powerful? No, not at all. But it does help.

The best reason we think that would help secure her spot on the top of our list is that she was born from two vampires, Edward and Bella, who have very strong abilities themselves. She is also a rare breed of half-vampire and half-human.

She also has Jacob, who imprinted on her at birth, to protect her for the rest of her life. Which is not her own power, but having our second strongest character around her, protecting her all the time, certainly helps.

2019-04-17 04:04:57

Thomas Delatte

What Clone Wars & Rebels Characters Officially Look Like In Live-Action

The massive mural at this year’s Star Wars Celebration Chicago unveils the official character looks for The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Two beloved animated series tied into the beloved lore, the former took place three years in between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith and elaborates on the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as their separate dynamic with other characters. The latter, meanwhile, predates the original trilogy and Rogue One focusing on a small band of heroes known as the Ghost Crew that contributed to the birth of stronger Rebellion.

Both shows have been loved by Star Wars fans. The Clone Wars in particular came at a time where there’s no influx of franchise content which helped the fanbase get through those times until the sequel trilogy was born in 2015’s The Force Awakens. Rebels, which was launched around the same time of the lore’s renaissance, proved that there are stories that can be told outside of the main Skywalker line. They’re both animated shows supposedly geared towards the younger Star Wars fanbase, and for years its older viewers wondered what it would they be like in a live-action setting. Now, they can finally know.

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Thanks to the massive Star Wars mural displayed at this year’s Celebration in Chicago, the public can now see what prominent characters from The Clone Wars and Rebels officially look like in live-action. The illustration, which is patterned based on the lore’s established timeline, includes a section for the films in the original and prequel trilogies, as well as one-offs such as Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One and Ron Howard’s Solo. The painting has one final section that has yet to be unveiled as it’s saved for the still-untiled Star Wars 9 directed J.J. Abrams. Check out the mural in the video shared by Jake Hamilton on Twitter below:

As revealed in last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Disney is bringing back The Clone Wars for a proper ending. The series was untimely cancelled leaving several loose plot ends. With the show returning, Dave Filoni and his team has the opportunity to tie these hanging stories and maybe even plant new plot seeds that can be explored in other venues or better link it to other entires in the franchise. The show’s section in the mural is obviously inspired by Hayden Christensen’s and Ewan McGregor’s Anakin and Obi Wan with the addition of Ahsoka and Asajj Ventress.

Things are more interesting, however, when it came to the Rebels panel since the main characters in that series have yet to make it on the big screen. The Ghost Crew members are looking all kinds of cool with Kanan, Zeb, Hera, Sabine, and Chopper resembling their animated counterparts. They used a slightly older Ezra, interestingly, with a longer hair lending credence to what could eventually be a continuation of his story. Another intriguing interpretation is that of Grand Admiral Thrawn who has an uncanny resemblance to Pierce Brosnan. Between this and Ezra’s appearance, many are starting to entertain the idea that the show might launch a live-action spinoff.

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Source: Jake Hamilton

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Ana Dumaraog

WrestleMania: Batista Officially Announces Retirement After Loss To Triple H

Batista has officially retired from WWE in-ring competition following his loss to Triple H at WrestleMania XXXV. Batista made his shocking return to professional wrestling on an episode of Monday Night Raw where he attacked former tag team partner and mentor, Ric Flair. This led to Batista getting the attention of Triple H, who he has wanted to face in one last match for quite some time. The 6-time world champion turned major Hollywood actor finally got to leave on his own terms in a physical farewell match at WrestleMania.

These days moviegoers will recognize Batista as Drax the Destroyer from James Gunn’s popular Guardian’s of the Galaxy series. After leaving WWE for the second time in 2014, Batista ventured off to Hollywood just like John Cena and the Rock have done. However, Batista has always wanted to come back for one last match to leave WWE on his own terms. After teasing a potential bout against Triple H during an Evolution reunion on the 1000th episode of SmackDown last year, Batista returned earlier this year make the match official. Despite his in-ring success, The 6-time world champion and two time Royal Rumble winner has always felt that Triple H held him back from reaching his full potential. Now, Batista has officially retired from in-ring competition following his physical encounter with Triple H.

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The two faced off in a No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania XXXV which resulted in “The Animal” Batista falling victim to “The Game” Triple H. The contest was very brutal from the start and the two veterans showed why they are two of the best to ever lace a pair of boots. Sadly, Batista didn’t prevail over “The Game” and suffered defeat after Flair appeared at ringside to offer assistance to Triple H and distracted Batista, which led to Triple H hitting one last pedigree for the victory. After the match, Batista posted his official retirement message thanking fans for their support over the past 17 years. Check out Batista’s farewell message below:

With his in-ring career now over, Batista can fully shift his focus to making a name for his self as a big-time movie star in Hollywood. He is currently set to reprise his role as Drax the Destroyer in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, and he will return for the third entry in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, which is expected to begin production in 2021. And, while his No Holds Barred match was well executed and a fitting conclusion to his career, many fans hoped WWE would mention Batista’s film success in detail and how management ignored Batista’s interest in returning while building up to the match. Sadly, WWE danced around Batista’s actual frustration’s with Triple H but still allowed both men to go out to the squared circle and steal the show.

With Batista now retired, that leaves two out of the four Evolution members remaining as active in-ring competitors, Triple H and Randy Orton. Wrestling fans who grew up watching Batista will certainly miss seeing him compete in the ring, but moviegoers who have come to know him as Drax the Destroyer will have more to look forward to from the 6-time world champion and future Hall of Fame competitor. While the match was lacking in its build, WWE still gave Batista a brutal yet memorable in-ring send-off on the grandest stage of them all.

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James Gunn’s Brightburn Officially Rated R for Violence, Blood, & Language

James Gunn’s upcoming dark superhero film Brightburn has received an official R rating for its violence, among other things. Superhero movies have become a Hollywood staple over the last decade, and this year is no different. However, superheroes have recently started branching out into other genres too, such as horror. This is the case with Sony’s upcoming film Brightburn, which will drastically change the narrative about Superman into a dark fantasy.

The dark superhero film was penned by Gunn’s brother Brian and cousin Mark and will be directed by David Yarovesky. Gunn, who’s producing the film, was originally going to present it at Sony’s SDCC panel last summer, but this changed once Disney fired him from Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Since then, Gunn has been brought back on board to helm the upcoming third entry in the popular Guardians of the Galaxy series, and Brightburn is scheduled to release next month.  Much like the tale of Clark Kent, Brightburn starts off with an otherworldly child crash landing on earth, but as seen in the trailer, instead of protecting the planet he’ll be its worst nightmare. The film will star Elizabeth Banks, Matt Jones, David Denman, Meredith Hagner, and Jackson A. Dunn. Stills from the movie have been released, allowing audiences to get a taste of what to expect from this dark Superman. Now, Gunn’s upcoming revamped take on Superman has officially received an R rating.

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The MPAA has announced that Brightburn is rated R for “horror violence/bloody images, and language.” Gunn recently unveiled the terrifying poster for the film, and revealed an extended 3-minute trailer. Sony’s most recent dark superhero film Venom managed to receive a PG-13 rating, but many expected and hoped for it to be the start of R rated superhero films from Sony. Hopefully, with Brightburn being rated R, this sparks a new trend for future Sony superhero movies to follow.

While Gunn isn’t credited for penning the script, he did assist with developing the premise alongside his brother and cousin. And, while he’s known today for his work with the cosmic team fans have come to love over the last few years, this isn’t Gunn’s first venture into horror. His most recent work was 2017’s The Belko Experiment, which followed office workers being forced to “compete” in a sick social experiment that required them to kill in order to stay alive. In the past, Gunn penned Zack Snyder’s 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake, and directed 2006’s Slither, a sci-fi/horror effort also starring Banks. So, while he may not have fully written the script for Brightburn, it’ll be exciting to see how his influence led to this twisted take on Superman’s mythology.

With the film set to arrive late next month, promotion for it should begin picking up the pace. So far, from what’s been shown, it looks like this will be an interesting change of scenery for superhero movies, but time will tell if the movie is actually as good as it seems on paper. Borrowing tropes from classic evil kid horror movies and throwing in superhuman abilities certainly is a way to draw an audience. Hopefully, when Brightburn releases in theaters next month, it proves to be a successful cross between the genres.

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Shazam! Is Officially Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Director David F. Sandberg’s Shazam!, the latest entry into Warner Bros.’ DCEU film franchise, is officially Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. In the time since Zack Snyder was let go from his position as creative leader of the DCEU, the filmmaker has continued to reveal more and more about what his original plans for the franchise involved. While many fans still daydream about what might’ve been had Snyder been allowed to realize his DCEU vision, for better or worse, Snyder’s often gloomy tone seems gone from the onscreen DC world for good.

Last year’s Aquaman movie directed by James Wan served to inject a new playful, fun-loving spirit into the DCEU that audiences took to like fish to Arthur Curry. Sure, some argued that this new tone and style made the DCEU too similar to the MCU, but over $1 billion in box office receipts later, Wan’s approach seems to have worked triumphantly. While it’s going to be a long four-year wait for Aquaman 2, there was never really a question it was coming, at least once those grosses started rolling in.

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This injection of playful humor into the DCEU by all accounts majorly continues with Shazam!, set to hit theaters next weekend. Of course, if any DCEU premise calls for hilarity, it’s the one where teenage boy Billy Batson (Asher Angel) becomes a full-grown superhero (Zachary Levi) simply by saying the name of the wizard Shazam. Yet again though, this added humor seems to be working, judging by the fact that Shazam! was just Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, with an impressive 93% score.

For those unaware, there are specific requirements that must be met to earn the coveted Certified Fresh seal. For one, a film must maintain a Tomatometer score of 75% or higher. Additionally, a film must have at least five reviews by “Top Critics,” and at least 80 reviews counted total for a wide-release title like Shazam! Movies in limited release only require 40 reviews counted to be Certified Fresh.

As a testament to the DCEU’s negative track record when it comes to critical sentiment, Shazam! now stands as only the second entry in the franchise to be Certified Fresh, following 2017’s Wonder Woman. Aquaman was briefly Certified Fresh, but later had that designation removed after more negative reviews came in, leading the seafaring superhero adventure to end up below the 75% threshold. Aquaman was never at any point above 90% on the Tomatometer though, so it seems highly unlikely that Shazam! will suffer the same de-certified fate. Unfortunately, Shazam!’s opening weekend box office grosses might not measure up to its critical approval.

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Fox Officially Completes Distribution of Shares Ahead of Disney Deal

Disney‘s acquisition of Fox is now effectively complete. Reports of Disney’s interest in buying Fox first emerged in late 2017 but the complex transaction has experienced over a year of twists, turns and tribulations, while onlookers continued to speculate as to the ramifications the deal may have on certain franchises. Disney had to contend with a number of rival offers from Comcast but the Mouse House always looked more likely to get the deal over the line and by Summer 2018, they were once again the only contender in the race to acquire Fox and its assets.

Since then, the Disney/Fox deal has undergone a tedious and detailed legal approval process. Shareholders from both companies overwhelmingly backed the acquisition and approval was granted from the EU, subject to certain terms, as well as Brazil and finally Mexico earlier this month. On March 12, it was officially announced that the deal would finally close at 12:02am Eastern Time on March 20, 2019.

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One of the final steps in this long process is the distribution of Fox shares. A previous announcement already confirmed how many shareholders had elected to take cash and how many chose to receive shares in Disney instead, and a new press release from 21st Century Fox has confirmed that the process is finally complete. The announcement confirms that all “issued and outstanding shares” have been paid out and also states that “21CF” and “Fox” are now separately listed as standalone publicly traded companies.

With this announcement, Disney’s acquisition of Fox is all but complete and with only hours now remaining until the official handover time, there is little left to do but wait for the deal to formally close.

Naturally, there are both positive and negative arguments regarding this landmark movie industry shift. On one hand, many moviegoers are understandably excited about the prospect of the mighty Disney acquiring certain key properties. One of the most hotly debated of these is the return of the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises to Marvel Studios, with the rights having previously belonged to Fox. This paves the way for these iconic Marvel characters to finally make their appearance in the MCU and many believe that this anticipation is damaging the forthcoming release of Dark Phoenix.

On the other hand, some spectators are warning that having so many media properties collected under the umbrella of a single company, in this case Disney, will prove to be detrimental to the movie industry as a whole. The argument suggests that as major studios continue to be bought by other major studios, the competitiveness and diversity of the business begins to suffer and smaller studios struggle to make an impact against their far richer competitors.

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Star Wars: Episode 9 Panel Officially Confirmed For Celebration 2019

Lucasfilm officially confirms there will be a Star Wars: Episode IX panel at Celebration Chicago next month. As difficult as it is to believe, this year sees the release of the franchise’s latest film, which serves as the culmination of the sequel trilogy and Skywalker saga as a whole. Director J.J. Abrams wrapped up principal photography in February, and as has become par for the course with Lucasfilm, official details about the project remain firmly under wraps. Disney shareholders have been treated to footage of the film, but the general public remains in the dark.

That’s expected to change in the very near future. Reports indicate the first Episode IX trailer will premiere in April, which not so coincidentally is the same month when Star Wars Celebration is held. The previous two installments of the sequel trilogy saw new previews debut at the convention, so it’s largely been presumed that would be the case for the grand finale. Unsurprisingly, it looks like the Episode IX floodgates will finally open soon.

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The official Star Wars Celebration Twitter account posted confirmation of the Episode IX panel, which will take place on Friday, April 12. Of course, Abrams will be there to talk about the film, though it’s unknown if any other talent will be present. Star Oscar Isaac recently confirmed he’ll be at Celebration, so it wouldn’t be out of the question for a couple actors to join Abrams on the stage.

As for what fans can expect from the panel, one only has to look at the Last Jedi presentation from a couple years ago to get a general idea. Abrams and company will be on hand to reveal some minor details about the movie and then the long-awaited first marketing materials should be unveiled. Back in 2017, attendees were treated to first looks at the teaser poster and teaser trailer, kicking off an extensive promotional campaign that carried on until the film’s premiere in December. Seeing that The Force Awakens and Last Jedi grossed over $3 billion collectively at the worldwide box office, it would be very smart for Lucasfilm to replicate their earlier advertising strategies – particularly since the studio is looking to rebound from the commercial disappointment of Solo last summer.

There may be an extra bit of juice to give the Episode IX panel more buzz (as if it wasn’t hyped enough). Fans might have noticed Lucasfilm has yet to announce the official title, a deviation from their history that indicates something massive is in store. At this point, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Star Wars pulled a page out of the Marvel playbook and saved the title for the trailer premiere a la Avengers: Endgame. That would be a way for the Episode IX panel to be extra memorable for those lucky enough to be there.

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