Outlander: 10 Jamie & Claire Quotes That Prove They Are Relationship Goals

Outlander is one of the most romantic shows on television. Not only is the backdrop of Scotland in the 18th-century sweepingly romantic, but so is the love story that is featured at the core of the show between Jamie and Claire.

The WWII time-traveling nurse who falls for the 18th-century Highlander Scotsman has a story for the ages. And throughout both the series and the books, the two have poured their hearts out to one another about their love for each other.

We will be going through the two lovers’ most romantic quotes of all time about one another. Here are the 10 Jamie And Claire Quotes That Prove They Are Relationship Goals.

10 Jamie: “I Can Bear Pain Myself, But I Couldna Bear Yours. That Would Take More Strength Than I Have.”

If there is one thing everyone should look for in a partner, it’s their unflinching support in every circumstance. Particularly when talking about going through something such as childbirth.

Here, Jamie lays it all out on the line while they discuss their future during their trip to Jamie’s home — Lallybroch — in season 1. Claire believes she cannot provide Jamie with any children. We know now that isn’t true, but since that was what she believed, he reassured her it was okay.

But he also thought it might be for the best, since he literally couldn’t take seeing her in any pain. That in itself is beyond romantic.

9 Claire: “He Had Called Me That From The First; The Gaelic Word For Outlander, A Stranger. An Englishman. First In Jest, Then In Affection.”

I think we all are well aware what pet name Jamie gave Claire from the start of their friendship turned relationship: Sassenach. In actuality, the term is typically used in a negative connotation. It is meant to make someone feel unwelcome, particularly if they are English and in Scotland.

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Jamie always called Claire this from the very beginning, as Claire states here. But it quickly turned into a term of affection that he only used for her and her alone. It is evident from this quote that she very much enjoys being referred to in this way by her Highlander husband.

8 Jamie: “Does It Ever Stop? The Wanting You? Even When I’ve Just Left Ye. I Want You So Much My Chest Feels Tight And My Fingers Ache With Wanting To Touch Ye Again.”

There’s no doubt that Jamie and Claire were experiencing strong lust for one another even before they became fully intimate. Whether they wanted to admit or not. But once they crossed that line and were now husband and wife, Jamie shared his feelings on the matter.

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It literally pained him to not be touching her. All he wanted was her and to be with her intimately every chance he got. This is when it was becoming clear that the two shared a one-of-a-kind connection and that their love story was merely beginning. They were destined to be together, that much is obvious.

7 Claire: “That Amount Of Time Doesn’t Exist.”

One of the most heart-wrenching parts in Claire and Jamie’s love story on Outlander was when the two were parted — for twenty years. During this time, Claire was technically with Frank again and raising her and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna, with Frank.

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They ended up arguing one night and Frank asked Claire if she might have forgotten Jamie, “with time?” She replied, “that amount of time doesn’t exist” with zero hesitation. As hard as that must have been for Frank to hear, it was the truth. Claire and Jamie are obviously soulmates and there isn’t a way for one to forget about the other.

6 Jamie: “Ye Werena The First Lass I Kissed, (…) But I Swear You’ll Be The Last.”

Any fan of the Outlander books will immediately recognize this famous Jamie Fraser quote from the first book. See, while Jamie may have gone into his marriage with Claire as a virgin, while she was not, he did have his fair share of experiences kissing women.

Claire comes to find this out when they first kiss, of course. But Jamie makes sure that Claire knows how deep his feelings for her go, and that he only wants to be with her from this day forward, when he utters this line to her.

It’s a sentiment he meant wholeheartedly, to be sure.

5 Claire: “I Longed For Jamie, In A Visceral Way That Had Nothing To Do With Thought Or Reason.”

Much like Jamie felt he could not stand to be even on second away from Claire and her embrace, she, too, felt these strong emotions for Jamie. That is made perfectly clear with this swoon-worthy quote.

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Most times, with love, there is not a lot of logic when it comes to how someone feels about another person. Especially when they have as deep of a connection as Jamie and Claire have with each other.

So it makes sense that Claire would have these incredibly strong feelings for Jamie, even if she couldn’t explain them fully herself.

4 Jamie: “When The Day Shall Come That We Do Part, If My Last Words Are Not ‘I Love You’ — Ye’ll Ken It Was Because I Didna Have Time.”

This quote comes from Jamie in The Fiery Cross. It is one of the most romantic lines we’ve heard from him, and definitely makes us emotional just thinking about the day he’d have to part from Claire — forever.

Everyone wants a love like Jamie and Claire’s. A love that is so pure and warm and unconditional. And that is exactly what this quote encompasses.

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Jamie would be most concerned with Claire knowing how much he loved her rather than meeting his fate, and if that isn’t the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.

3 Claire: “To Be With Jamie Was Bliss, Adventure, And Absorption.”

For anyone who has been in love, they probably know exactly what Claire is talking about in this quote about Jamie. Being with the one you love makes you feel as if you’re alive for the first time.

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Yes, it makes you feel blissful, and with a man like Jamie, clearly there is a lot of adventure involved in that life. But absorption, that is the feeling of love that is nearly indescribable.

Claire feels as though they not only complete one another, but like Jamie is the one for her. In every way imaginable.

2 Jamie: “Your Face Is My Heart, Sassenach And The Love Of You Is My Soul.”

If only all men had a way with words the way Jamie Fraser does. It’s lines like these that make us realize how easy it must have been for Claire to fall in love with him, regardless of her first husband, Frank.

Jamie looks at Claire’s face and immediately feels his love for her in his heart. And the love she has for him gives him life and lives on in his soul.

That is the purest form of romanticism and would make any woman swoon. Claire is very lucky to have found a man as great as Jamie.

1 Claire: “Jamie— I Won’t…I Can’t…I Bloody Won’t Live Without You, And That’s All!”

Claire and Jamie were brave to live apart from one another for two decades, especially since they thought they never would see each other again. But the thought of Jamie and Claire actually having to live without the other is too much for even us fans to bear.

Which is why we completely understand where Claire is coming from in this passionate quote. She refuses to live a life that doesn’t have her husband in it and we can’t exactly blame her for that.

To actually hear Claire refusing to live without Jamie and making that her final statement shows how deep her love for him goes.

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Outlander: 10 Facts About Claire & Frank From The Books The Show Leaves Out

Outlander has managed to amass such a faithful fan following mostly due to the beautiful love story of Jamie and Claire. It’s truly an epic romance that literally travels through space and time, breaking all sorts of barriers time and again. And as much as we absolutely love the dynamic between the two main characters, there’s something to be said about Claire’s first love and husband.

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Those who’ve read the books have more than a few reasons to dislike Frank. However, the show made a series of departures from the books, and as such, the man we see on the show is very different from the one we read about. In order to understand why there’s such a divide between those who read the books and those who’ve only watched the show, let’s take a look at 10 things about Frank and Claire the show left out.

10 Frank Is Quite Older Than Claire

Age and time are very much a pivotal part of both the show and the books. After all, the whole series of events we saw developing throughout the years never would have happened if time-traveling wasn’t a thing. Something that’s related to this topic is the age of the characters.

From the series, we do know that Claire is four years older than the love of her life, Jamie Fraser. However, it is only through the books that we find out there’s a considerable age gap between Claire and her first husband. A decade, to be more precise. It doesn’t come as a surprise the show leaves this fact out since it doesn’t add much to the main plot.

9 There’s Not Much Of A Storyline For Frank

During the first couple of seasons of the show, the showrunners and writers made a point to continue to give us Frank’s point of view in the story. This was one of the first steps the show took in order to make the character more likable. If you get someone’s perspective on a story, you automatically understand them better.

In the books, however, Frank pretty much disappears once Claire goes through the stones. We don’t hear anything from him, what he felt, or how he acted once his wife disappeared. Not knowing what Frank was going through was a big step in making sure people didn’t care much about Frank, putting emphasis on Claire and Jamie’s story alone.

8 The Boston Family Had Dogs

Once Claire went through the stones, leaving behind her marriage and the actual love of her life, she found herself in Boston again. She was pregnant with Jamie’s child but married to Frank, and she was forced to learn how to adapt herself to a reality that was no longer her own.

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There’s no denying that, in spite of all his faults, Frank had redeeming qualities. His choice to stay married to Claire, try to make a broken relationship work, and raise a child that wasn’t his is definitely not for everyone. Frank truly loved Brianna like she was his own flesh and blood, and he provided her with a happy childhood. In the books, the family actually had two pets, a couple of dogs called Bozo and Smoky.

7 Frank Never Searched For Claire

Once again, we find ourselves speaking of how much the series changed Frank’s character in order to make him more likable and truly express his feelings towards Claire. While in the show we get to see an extremely worried Frank searching for his wife when she disappears, the books take a different direction.

There’s no mention of him trying to find Claire once she disappears. In fact, we know very little about what his feelings surrounding the whole thing are. By not giving the character an opportunity to show what he’s feeling and what steps he’s taking to deal with it, audiences find it very hard to sympathize with Frank.

6 Frank Had Several Mistresses

Those who’ve watched the show may be lead to believe that Frank, while far from being a saint, made a very brave decision when he stepped forward to remain married to Claire and raise a child that was not his own. Throughout two decades of living with a woman who didn’t love him anymore, he persevered.

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However, he did fall in love and begin an affair with this woman, which is morally questionable but understandable. In the books, it all goes down differently. Frank is depicted as a total womanizer, who takes several mistresses while he is still married to Claire. This is much worse than taking a mistress who he loves and plans to marry, and it angered fans who first met Frank by reading the books.

5 Frank Is A Side Story

In spite of everyone being in love with the idea of Claire and Jamie being in love, the show does a great job of not completely ignoring the fact that Claire was once married to Frank. Not only was she married to him, but she also loved him, and we get to see this love story play out to a considerable extent on the show.

But the books don’t go out of their way to display this relationship. They seriously downplay Frank’s role in Claire’s life, as well as in her heart. Sure, Claire’s true and eternal love is Jamie, and there’s no denying that. But she did have a life before him, and Frank was a big part of it.

4 Claire Talks About Her Life With Frank

It’s understandable that anyone would be jealous if they were to marry someone who was previously married to another person. Jamie loves Claire to death, but he’s still reticent when it comes to hearing about Frank, and he resents Frank for being the man who got to raise his daughter, Brianna.

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In the books, however, Claire has no problem talking to Jamie about her first husband. There’s a scene where she goes into detail about the life she had with him and the things they built together. This is actually the only instance in the book where we get to warm up a little bit to Frank and recognize that he was an important piece of the puzzle.

3 Frank Is Very Racist

It’s already been established that Frank isn’t exactly the most likable person in the books. It’s enough that he doesn’t seem to be bothered to search for Claire once she disappears, and takes a lot of mistresses while the two of them are still married. But the books don’t stop here in their campaign to make Frank a horrible character.

After Claire returns from her life in 18th century Scottland, she enrolls in medical school and becomes fast friends with a black colleague, Joe Abernathy. Frank frowns a lot upon this relationship due to Joe’s race and accuses Claire of cheating with him. Just awful.

2 Frank Made A Fake Gravestone

Frank is an intelligent and cunning person, and throughout the course of the series and the books, he’s had more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Frank never could quite recover from the fact that Claire fell head over heels for another man, and he never got over his hatred and resentment for Jamie.

The shadow of Jamie and Claire’s deep love for each other was always looming over their marriage, which prompted Frank to, in the books, make a fake gravestone for Jamie. He did it probably in the hopes that his wife and daughter would see it and forget about Jamie, which was extremely shady.

1 Once Frank Is Gone, He’s Gone

The show made a very bold move once it decided to bring back Frank after he died. This happened on a Brianna-centered episode that gave audiences a deeper look into the relationship between the two. The episode dives deep into a true father-daughter bond in order to show that Brianna truly has affection and love for the man who raised her.

In the books, Frank isn’t offered this kind of redemption arc. Once he fights with Claire about taking their daughter away and meets his demise on a car crash, he never comes back in any way.

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Outlander: 5 Reasons Why Claire Should Be With Jamie (& 5 Reasons Why Frank Is A Better Choice)

Outlander first debuted in 2014, and ever since then, fans haven’t been able to get enough of the historical time travel show, based on the books by Diana Gabaldon of the same name. Perhaps the most appealing part of the show is the heart-wrenching love triangle. The story follows Claire, a former WWII nurse, as she mysteriously finds herself 200 years in the past.

Before travelling to the past, Claire had already gotten married to Frank Randall, a handsome army veteran and historian. After being separated for five years because of the war, the newly reunited couple go to Inverness, Scotland for a vacation. It’s there that Claire is then transported back in time. During her adventures in the past, Claire unexpectedly falls for someone else: Jamie, a tall and dashing Highlander. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the two ended up having to get married, but it doesn’t take them long before they fall in love.

Granted, fans of the show already know who Claire ends up with (and if you don’t, then stop reading because this article has spoilers!). But the hard part about this love triangle is that both Frank and Jamie make excellent partners for Claire. It’s painstakingly clear just how much both of them love her, which is why many fans are divided over who they think is her best match. Keep reading to discover five reasons Claire belongs with Jamie and five reasons why she belongs with Frank.

10 Jamie: He Married Claire To Save Her Life

Given that it happened all the way back in season one, many fans might forget the real reason Jamie and Claire got married in the first place.

Captain Randall had told the Highlanders they had to deliver Claire to British troops since she was a British citizen. But Dougal knew Randall’s reputation and that Claire would be in danger in his hands, which is how he came up with the bright idea for her to marry one of them (they wouldn’t have to turn her over if she was a Scot).

Dougal then explains to Jamie what must be done, and being the heroic character he is, Jamie doesn’t bat an eyelash before saying ‘yes.’ Claire later thinks her lack-of virginity might be a deal breaker. But Jamie kept fans swooning by telling her he couldn’t care less.

9 Frank: Believed Claire When She Said She Time Travelled

Fans weren’t sure how things were going to play out between Frank and Claire come the beginning of season three. The previous season, Claire had time travelled back to the future after her life was put at risk in the past. But she wasn’t sure if she’d have a husband to come back to or if he’d believe her incredible story.

The fact that Frank not only listened to Claire’s entire tale but subsequently believed her shows just how much he loved her. He trusted her enough to believe that time travel was possible, despite having no proof other than his estranged wife’s word. He was also surprisingly okay with the fact that Claire had married someone else while she was away.

Alright, “okay” might not be the right word. But the fact that Frank wanted to pick up where they left off despite everything that had changed was a testament to how deep his feelings really ran for Claire.

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8 Jamie: He Didn’t Care About Claire’s Infertility

Having kids is a big deal now. But it was an even bigger deal in the 1800s when having a son was even more important to produce an heir to carry on the family name. Claire thought she was infertile after years of trying with Frank to start a family but with no success.

Our hearts broke for her when she told Jamie her secret during an emotional scene. However, it was Jamie’s reaction that was the most memorable. Rather than getting upset or feeling bad, he told Claire that it was fine and all that he ever could want was her.

The audience could tell by Jamie’s face that he was disappointed. But the fact that he went out of his way to comfort and reassure Claire was testament to just how much he loved her.

7 Frank: Raised Claire’s Daughter As His Own

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If you didn’t think Frank believing Claire’s time travel story was proof of his love for her, then this certainly is.

Along with admitting she’d married Jamie while in the past, Claire also told Frank that she was pregnant with his child. This would’ve been even more difficult for Frank to accept given that he and Claire had tried to have their own child but with no success.

Still, despite what a shocker this must’ve been for Frank, he didn’t take him long to decide that he wanted to raise the child with Claire as his own. Frank stayed true to his word, and the couple raised Brianna as their own child. It was clear just how much Frank loved Brianna, despite her not being biologically his, and that was only possible because of how much he loved her mother and wanted a family with her.

6 Jamie: Gave Himself To Randall To Protect Claire

Our skin still crawls when thinking of the things Black Jack Randall did to Jamie when he had him locked up in season one finale. For a time, it appeared Claire and her friends were on the path to save Jamie. During one scene, Claire finds Jamie in his cell and is about to unlock him just as Randall walks into the room.

Despite having already been tortured by Randall, Jamie agreed to give himself fully to the Captain in return for the safe release of his wife. Randall stayed true to his word and released a defiant Claire before coming back to the cell and having his way with Jamie.

Season two explores the difficulties Jamie had in getting over what Randall had done to him, which shows just how much he sacrificed to ensure his wife’s safety.

5 Frank: Never Gave Up Hope She Would Return

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Many fans wish we could’ve seen more of Frank’s life during the years that Claire was in the past. The brief moments we did see showed him travelling around Scotland trying to get answers about his wife’s disappearance.

One thing we love about Frank is that he never gave up hope Claire would return. It’s not just the fact that he didn’t move on with someone else. It’s that he was adamant something happened to her. When the police told him their theory was Claire ran off with another man, Frank couldn’t believe his ears. He knew his wife didn’t leave him willingly, which was the truth.

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4 Jamie: Forced Claire To Go To The Future To Protect Her

If you thought season one had a gripping finale, then you clearly haven’t watched season two. In one of the most heartbreaking scenes from the show, Jamie takes Claire to Craig na Duhn ahead of the Battle of Culloden, which they knew they weren’t going to win thanks to Claire’s time-travelling ways.

In the scene, Jamie tells Claire that the only way he can guarantee her safety is if she went through the rocks and back to the future. Claire then starts protesting and tells Jamie she’s pregnant, to which he replies by saying he already knows. He says this is why it’s even more important for her to go, which she ends up doing.

The fact that Jamie could send pregnant Claire away, knowing he might never see her or their child again, shows how much he loves her. Time and time again he’s proven he’d do anything to ensure her safety.

3 Frank: He Never Moved On From Claire

One of the most appealing qualities about Frank was how loyal he was to Claire. Whether it was when they were separated due to the war or because she travelled back in time, Frank never moved on from Claire while they were apart.

He waited five years during World War II until they were reunited and couldn’t wait to pick up where they left off. Even during the years Claire was missing, Frank never remarried or had another love interest. He was completely consumed with trying to find out what happened to his wife.

Unlike Frank, Jamie did end up moving on when he and Claire were separated. Mind you, most fans could accept that given that they were apart for decades if he didn’t end up marrying Claire’s arch nemesis. Yep, we’re still not over that twist.

2 Jamie: Things Went Right Back To Normal After Decades Apart

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You know a couple is a solid match if things can go right back to normal after so much time apart!

Many fans were curious as to if things would be awkward between Jamie and Claire when they eventually reunited after two decades apart. But one sign that this couple is meant to be together is how easily things went back to normal after all that time away.

It wasn’t a question for Jamie if he would take his wife back (even though he technically had remarried). The two lovers were back in each other’s arms just like old times. We loved seeing Jamie hear intently about his now-grown daughter, and him telling Claire about all of their friends that she hadn’t seen in years.

1 Frank: Tried To Give Claire Her Own Space

It was painful watching Claire and Frank’s marriage play out in the third season. All we wanted was for her to be reunited with Jamie and finally have happiness again. Likewise, it was difficult watching Frank be so miserable knowing how much he’d wanted a family with Claire, only to be disappointed when it came true.

However, we’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Frank knew how much Claire loved Jamie and he tried to do his best to give her space, especially when they first moved to the States together. He had no problem with his wife pursuing a medical career, despite that being against the norm for the time.

Even though we know how unhappy Claire was with Frank, he’s not the bad guy in this situation. He did everything in his power to make things work between them. It wasn’t his fault her heart belonged to someone else.

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Outlander: 24 Crazy Things Only Super Fans Knew About Black Jack Randall

Every once in a while, a villain comes along on a television series that is so abhorrently yet enthralling to watch, that you can’t help but be intrigued by him (or her). In the case of Outlander, the main antagonist of the first two seasons was Jonathan Wolverton “Black Jack” Randall.

The moment we met him, we knew we were going to despise him and passionately so. He certainly left us with a bad impression when he tried to attack Claire immediately after she fell through the stones at Craigh Na Dun. His repugnant personality only served to make us hate him more with each appearance after that and yet…we couldn’t look away.

Every time he was on-screen, being the menacing man we knew him to be, his cold eyes and menacing smirk immediately would send chills down our spines. The truth of the matter is, there will likely never be a better antagonist to the Frasers and their timeless love story. And while Black Jack Randall is no more after the Battle of Culloden, there is still plenty to learn about him. Or for fellow super fans, to refresh our memories about the sinister Redcoat soldier.

For all of you Outlander fans, read on to see the 24 Crazy Things Only Super Fans Knew About Black Jack Randall.

24 Tobias Menzies Had No Problem Playing A Character Like Black Jack

The actor who bravely portrayed both Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall was Tobias Menzies, who gave a riveting performance as both Claire’s historian husband and the Redcoat soldier who inflicts misery on both Claire and Jamie.

When producers wanted to check that he was okay with play a despicable character like Black Jack, he laughed and said he had absolutely no problem with it.

Evidently, this is because British actors like Menzies enjoy being challenged with material and characters like BJR.

23 The “Black” In His Nickname Represents His Soul

Believe it or not, but Black Jack Randall didn’t get his infamous nickname from a card game. According to Jamie Fraser, the “black” in his moniker actually represents the color of his soul.

This makes perfect sense being that Randall is the epitome of evil incarnate. He literally enjoys other people’s struggle, whether it be emotional or physical. It is what truly makes him happy in life, especially if he is the one inflicting the pain.

Never has a character so perfectly emulated what it means to be a corrupt individual with a black soul.

22 The Show Brought Black Jack Back In A Different Way Than In The Books

When we first see Black Jack Randall on Outlander again after we assumed he had perished in the stampede at Wentworth, it is at the Versailles court in France. Of course, Claire had already learned that he had survived from his brother, Alex.

But in the books, this all happens in a much different way. While at another person’s home, Claire is running down a hall and runs directly into Black Jack. They grab onto each other to maintain their balance and Claire is immediately in shock upon seeing his face. She wonders if it is his brother, who he looks remarkably like, but realizes it is, in fact, him once she looks into his cold eyes.

In the book, too, Claire did not know that he had survived the stampede.

21 He Isn’t Based On A Real Person

There are plenty of characters in the Outlander series that are actually based on real-life people from history. Such as Geillis Duncan, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and other Jacobite lords. Mother Hildegarde and Lord Lovat are other notable mentions of real people from history that were featured in this tale.

But one character that definitely was not based on a real person was Jonathan Wolverton Randall a.k.a. Black Jack.

We suppose that is a good thing because he would have been one twisted man if he had actually existed back then.

20 Randall Is An Equal Opportunity Attacker

During the first two seasons of the Starz series, many fans assumed his orientation based off he seems to want to physically harm men more often than women.

This is actually not the case. Author of the Outlander series, Diana Gabaldon, actually clarified that he is “an equal opportunity” attacker.

If it seems like he goes for men over women, that is just because he has easier access to them at the prison. So whether he is brutally hurting Jamie for his pleasure, he’s perfectly happy to do the same with Claire, it seems that the gender of the individual he is hurting really has no bearing on his own preferences.

19 He Was A Minor Knight Within England

During the Jacobite Rebellion in the 18th-century, Jonathan Wolverton Randall, a.k.a. Black Jack, was a Captain Of His Majesty’s Eighth Dragoons. He was also considered a minor knight which is a prestigious title. 

Because of his rank and title, he was trusted with quashing the rebellion by the Scots and ended up, as we know, playing a pivotal role in that. It certainly helped him, too, that The Duke of Sandringham financially supported him quite a bit throughout this time period.

18 Black Jack Always Keeps His Word

This trait of his is one of the more shocking because it is a stark contrast with the evil villain we have known since he first came across Claire in the Highlands at the start of Outlander. He has rarely shown signs of being an honorable man, regardless of being in the British army.

But it seems that once he gives someone his word, he sticks to it. A prime example is when he had Jamie at Wentworth and Claire showed up trying to save him. He told Jamie to give himself to him and he would let Claire go unharmed. Jamie agreed, but BJR easily could have harmed her anyway, just because he wanted to.

Instead, he actually let her go, before going back to inflict pain on Jamie.

17 He Sets Off Most Of The Events That Occur Between Jamie And Claire Early On

When looking back at everything that happened from the start of the Outlander novels and series, it was Black Jack’s actions that set most of these things into motion.

With Jamie leaving because of the price on his head that Black Jack created, to Jamie meeting Claire after BJR attacked her, to the two getting married to save Claire from Black Jack’s nefarious plans for her, and so many other events that happened after that.

So if it weren’t for him, in some weird way, we never would have had the epic love story that centered around Jamie and Claire.

16 He Only Showed His Humanity When His Brother Perished

The only emotions we’re used to seeing from Black Jack is hate, glee from harming someone, or fury. There is not a range of other emotions we see from him because he is just a terrible person.

But there was one instance where we caught a glimpse of his humanity. This was when his younger brother, Alex, was almost at his grave.

Once his brother actually passed, you could see the despair on his face, even if he still seemed to be struggling with showing this emotion. It was so out of character for the man we had come to know but showed that even he has “normal” emotions when he loses someone he truly cared about.

15 He Disguised His Sussex Origins By Getting A Proper Education

Sussex during the 18th-century was not considered a place where the citizens were properly educated and noble. Because of this, Jonathan Randall’s parents ensured that he would receive a proper education that would effectively disguise his origins.

Though it was not always a secret that he was originally from Sussex, he still did everything he could to hide that fact and come across as a proper Englishman with higher education. It seemed that despite his evil ways, he still wanted to play the part of English gentleman.

14 He Attacks Claire’s Greatest Weaknesses

With Black Jack as the main antagonist in the first two Outlander novels and seasons of the show, it makes sense that he would constantly be going up against our main protagonist, Claire Fraser.

This creates a compelling struggle between the two and a more intriguing and dramatic storyline.

When he first sees Claire, his reaction is to assault her after recognizing her confidence and self-reliance. This is to cause doubt and insecurities to arise in her and ultimately take the control she has away from her. He continues this when he interrogates her in a later episode, making her feel at ease once he apologizes for his actions. But just as she thinks she is getting through to him and bringing him to the “light” with her wits, he turns everything around on her again. It’s really like watching the battle between good and evil unfold before your eyes.

13 He Burned Fergus With His Ring

In Dragonfly In Amber, the second book in the Outlander series, Black Jack does something unbelievably wrong, even for him. While in France, he decides instead of picking a worker, he would pick Fergus, the pickpocket who Jamie took under his wing.

Aside from being rough with the young boy, he actually burned him with his ring.

This is what caused Jamie to take notice, and immediately challenged him to a duel upon discovering what Randall had done. It was a traumatic and damaging event for Fergus, both physically and mentally.

12 In The Books, He Looked Almost Identical To His Brother, Alex

Anyone who has seen the television adaptation of the Outlander books knows that not only are Alex and Jonathan Randall night and day from each other in the personality department, but they also look damn near nothing alike.

However, in the books, they look so much alike that it’s almost hard to tell them apart. If it weren’t for Jonathan’s coldness in his eyes that are clear as day, it may even be impossible.

Of course, they had to change this part of the story for the television series, but it would have been interesting to see unfold on screen.

11 Black Jack Leads By Instilling Fear

Most leaders in any capacity want to earn the respect of those who work under them in honorable ways. They don’t normally go about getting respect by instilling fear in anyone who gets on their bad side.

But that is exactly what Black Jack Randall does with all of his soldiers in His Majesty’s Eighth Dragoons. The fear that these Redcoats feel because of BJR is palpable in any scene featuring their Captain.

It’s not very shocking since we know the type of person he is, but it is definitely not the proper way to earn your troops’ respect.

10 He Married His Brother’s Fiancé

Jonathan Randall’s younger brother, Alex, was a good man. He cared deeply for his love, Mary Hawkins. But unfortunately, he was also very sick for a long time, which eventually led to his demise.

Before he met his end, though, he had wanted his brother, Black Jack himself, to marry his fiancé. He knew that she was pregnant and he didn’t want her to have the child on her own. Plus, the child would have then become a problem in this time period just because he had no father.

It took convincing from Claire, who had her own motives for the union, but Randall did end up marrying Mary just before his brother passed.

9 Randall Has A Child That Is Actually His Brother’s

Mary Hawkins and Alex Randall were expecting a child before Alex met his untimely demise. This meant that BJR had to step up to the plate and not only marry Mary Hawkins, but he had agreed to raise the child.

This child would eventually extend the Randall lineage that would lead directly to Frank Randall, who was Claire’s first husband.

Though Black Jack had agreed to take care of the child and marry his brother’s love, he actually didn’t live long enough to make good on his word…

8 He Knew The Day He Would Go

Just before Randall began his brutal attack on Jamie at Wentworth Prison, he let Claire go and escorted her out of the prison. Claire was angry and upset over what she knew was about to occur in that prison cell, so she decided to do the only thing she could: hurt BJR with knowledge.

Before she goes, she tells him she is a witch and that she knows the exact date of his end. She then whispers it in his ear before he pushes her into a mass grave that leads to the exit of the prison.

He never forgot this date, either. But he still fought in the Battle of Culloden, knowing he would not make it out alive.

7 Black Jack Is The Polar Opposite Of Frank

Say what you will about Frank Randall, but he was a great man, especially in comparison to his ancestor, Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall.

In every way, shape, and form, Frank was the exact opposite of Black Jack. While BJR was a ruthless man, Frank was a loving, empathetic, good-natured human being.

While Claire knew there was a clear difference from the first man she ever loved and the man who hurt people for fun, it makes sense that she was so wary of being around Frank once she returned to her own time. He did look alarmingly like his ancestor, after all.

6 The Duke Of Sandringham Used BJR’s Psyche To Control Him

It’s no secret that The Duke of Sandringham could be just as despicable as Black Jack when he really wanted to. Which was often, apparently.

He used Black Jack as the pawn in most of his schemes, and they had some sort of sick and twisted partnership that created a lot of problems for Jamie and Claire throughout the first two seasons and books.

The Duke actually used BJR’s messed up psyche – that he was fully aware of – to get what he wanted. He knew Randall had a thing for inflicting wickedness on people, especially if his victim was Jamie, so he used that to his advantage time and time again.

5 BJR Traded Information On His Troops Movements For Claire’s Help

When Black Jack’s brother, Alex, had his health declining at an alarming rate, Randall had to turn to the one person who could have easily said no to their pleas for help.

Luckily, Claire wanted to help Alex because she knew that he was not anything like his brother. Even so, she ended up getting something out of it when Alex encouraged his brother to exchange information about his troops in the upcoming battle against the Scots and their planned movements.

Against his better judgment, he does trade this information to Claire for helping his brother in his time of need.

4 He Always Forces Claire To Make Increasingly Difficult Decisions

Black Jack is always one step ahead of our heroine, Claire. It is because of him that many things change her life, sometimes for the better, but a lot of times for the worse. He is the reason that she ends up staying in 18th-century Scotland and marrying Jamie Fraser, which for her, at the time, was frightening.

But even after she acclimates to her new life, he still is testing and pushing her. Because of these instances, Claire must always make high stakes decisions that will change everything.

3 He’s Competitive Over Jamie

After first met Jamie, he became obsessed with the Scotsman.

Because of this, once Claire entered the picture and married Jamie, he felt compelled to compete with her for Jamie. But not in the normal love triangle way we have seen several times in other shows and films.

No, he uses Claire to lure Jamie out and then proceeds to taunt the two of them and make threats. It’s a disturbing sight when he does this.

2 He’s Completely Obsessed With Jamie

This all began when Black Jack Randall flogged Jamie more than once and looked at his mutilated back as a work of art that he created. Even referring to it as his masterpiece. This is the first glimpse into the darkness that Black Jack has inside his soul.

After this event occurs, he becomes obsessed with Jamie Fraser. He originally offered Jamie freedom with no more flogging if he gave himself to Randall. But Jamie refused. That is what spurred Black Jack into his obsession with having Jamie all to himself. It was haunting to watch it all unfold.

1 Black Jack Randall Is The Perfect Antagonist

Though BJR did not survive the Battle of Culloden, he was still the best antagonist Outlander has ever seen. For the first two seasons, we witnessed his brutality and lack of empathy being poured out into every act he performed.

As disturbing as it all was, we also couldn’t look away. And even when he wasn’t actively inflicting pain on someone, he played manipulative mind games that still greatly affected the person’s psyche. He challenged our protagonists in ways we could have never imagined, and in the end, it brought them closer together. 

He was the definition of evil and we couldn’t imagine a greater villain in the Outlander universe because Black Jack Randall was the absolute perfect antagonist.

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Alyssa Avina

7 Casting Decisions That Hurt Outlander (And 13 That Saved It)

Outlander is one of the biggest shows on television. The romantic story, the beautiful Scottish Highlands as the backdrop, with the 18th-century being the primary setting makes it one of the most breathtaking and intriguing shows on right now. There are all of the added action sequences and the passionate between the two protagonists that draws in both male and female viewers from all over the world.

But the truth of the matter is, the incredible popularity of the show would have never happened if they hadn’t made the right casting choices with the majority of their characters. Luckily for the team behind Outlander, they did a great job…for most of the characters. Sometimes, though, there were either mistakes made in casting or it was simply just too hard for the fans to picture certain actors in the roles of certain characters.

Either way, it has become abundantly clear that proper casting in any television show – especially one that was bound to become a cultural phenomenon – can make or break it. With that in mind, we have broken down the members of the Outlander cast who hurt the show more than helped it, as well as the ones who made it into the sensation it has become.

Here are the 7 Casting Decisions That Hurt Outlander (And 13 That Saved It).

20 Saved It: Duncan Lacroix As Murtagh

A true surprise was seeing the television adaptation of Murtagh’s character, mostly because in the books, he was not nearly as adored as his TV counterpart. Not to mention, that he met his fate at the Battle of Culloden, while our Murtagh onscreen lived through the infamous battle.

Lacroix’s performance gave much more depth and complexities to his character, making him a near immediate fan favorite. The evolution of his character thanks to the actor’s dedication to the role and true talent in bringing a whole new side to Murtagh is probably a big reason why he survived the battle on the show, which made fans everywhere rejoice.

19 Hurt It: Sophie Skelton As Bree

In the books, Brianna Randall, who is Jamie and Claire’s daughter, was described a bit differently than the actress who now plays Bree onscreen.

She is described as looking much like her father, with her red hair and sharp features, which to be fair, Skelton does have both of those descriptors. But she is not roughly six-feet tall, like was described in the book and is missing other features that were mentioned that fans immediately noticed.

Luckily, though fans of the series were reluctant to initially accept Sophie Skelton as Bree, she has won audiences over with her performance. It just took some time.

18 Saved It: Sam Heughan As Jamie Fraser

When Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander books, first heard they were considering Scottish actor, Sam Heughan, for the role of Jamie Fraser, she was unsure if he was the right fit. Mostly because he was nearly too pretty.

But once she saw his audition, she knew he was it and agreed with the producers. And boy, were they all right. He has become so much more than the Scottish hunk who loves Claire with everything he has. He gives each and every performance his all and makes you feel every emotion Jamie is pouring out through his very pores.

17 Hurt It: Alison Pargeter As Margaret

This likely has more to do with the character itself, rather than the actress, but watching Alison Pargeter’s performance as Margaret Campbell was in a word, upsetting.

Sure, that was partially the point. But seeing a woman with clearly dealing issues from her mental illness be treated so negatively by her own brother, as well as other “important” people, and used as a psychic of sorts was disheartening. It was a tough character to portray, and she obviously did a fine job with the material, but it was not one of the best portrayals of mental illness on a series.

16 Saved It: Lotte Verbeek As Geillis Duncan

Geillis Duncan was Claire’s friend – eventually turned foe – throughout the first three seasons of Outlander. She, too, was a time-traveler, Claire came to find out. And though Geillis had some issues, she was a friend to Claire for a time.

Lotte Verbeek was the actress to bring Geillis to life on the Starz series, and she did so effortlessly. Each of her creative choices for the character meshed well with who the character was to her core. Once Geillis went full-villain mode in season 3, Verbeek went full throttle and brought out every trick in the book. It was a stunning performance.

15 Saved It: Andrew Gower As Bonnie Prince Charlie

Prince Charles led the Jacobite Rebellion in 18th-century Scotland and inevitably failed in his mission to take the crown. Outlander needed to find the perfect actor to play the Bonnie Prince, and they found him in none other than Andrew Gower.

Gower showed off his acting chops as the Prince and emulated his privilege, wealth, and flamboyancy in every movement and every word. It was, quite honestly, a damn shame when his role was over by the beginning of season 3 because he was just so fun to watch. But much like the real Prince Charlie, the character’s time in Scotland was over, and it was time for everyone else to move on, too.

14 Hurt It: César Domboy As (Older) Fergus

Fergus was a beloved character from season 2 of Outlander. He, at the time, was the little boy Jamie and Claire took under their wing while living in France, and eventually brought back with them to Scotland.

Everyone loved young Fergus, so it stands to reason that it would be hard for a lot of fans to accept an older version of the character played by anyone else other than the original actor. That is what César Domboy was faced with when accepting the role, and it definitely took a while for fans to be on board with the older version of the character.

Now, though, fans seem to have warmed to him, since he still gives a great performance. But it definitely wasn’t overnight.

13 Saved It: Tobias Menzies As Frank Randall/Blackjack Randall

Tobias Menzies took on a tall order when he was cast as both Frank Randall and his ancestor, Blackjack Randall, in the hit Starz series.

Playing two vastly different roles on the same show had to have been a mind-warp for Menzies. But he was able to play both the innocent bystander of Frank Randall, Claire’s first husband, and the notoriously evil Blackjack Randall, Claire and Jamie’s sworn enemy with poise and unrivaled intensity.

The sheer talent it must take to take on either character is astonishing, and Menzies surely gave it his all with blood, sweat, and tears in every episode. Literally.

12 Hurt It: Ed Speleers As Stephen Bonnet

Ed Speleers had a lot going up against him when he took on the role of Stephen Bonnet. Bonnet is, of course, the pirate who terrorized both Jamie and Claire when he robbed them – after they had saved him for a terrible fate. But he also terrorized their daughter, Bree, when he assaulted her.

Everyone was bound to hate him just because his character was so vile, but the other problem was he was following a grand villainous performance by Tobias Menzies as Blackjack Randall. No matter how much everyone hated Randall, we couldn’t help but be enthralled whenever he was on our screens.

11 Saved It: Stephen Walters As Angus

Angus in the books is a far cry from the Angus we see on the show. For one, he is not nearly as large or covered in hair as described in the books. And he’s also not a gruff man who carries out brutal punishments in the Great Hall.

On the show, he is one of Dougal’s men who makes hilarious quips and likes to drink. When his role expanded on the series, many fans adored Walters’ interpretation of the character and he became a fan-favorite. Which is why when he met his end in season 2, it was truly heartbreaking.

10 Saved It: David Berry As Lord John Grey

Lord John Grey has been described as one of the “most complex and interesting characters” that Diana Gabaldon has created in her Outlander universe. So it must have been a daunting task trying to cast such an incredible character.

But when they cast David Berry as the closeted gay British soldier in the 18th-century – who also happens to be in love with Jamie – they found the perfect man to play this intriguing character.

Berry has made the character even more adored by the fanbase than he already was in the books, which is probably why there are many hoping he gets his own spinoff one day.

9 Hurt It: Lionel Lingelser As King Louis

When we first saw King Louis on Outlander, he was on a toilet, being watched by his people, as he struggled to use the facilities. It was a comical scene, to be sure, but left us with a strange view of the King of France.

The actor who portrayed him came across as a cartoonish version of the real-life monarch. That may have been the goal of the writers, but it was hard to ever take him seriously as a King. This point was driven home when he let Jamie free from prison once Claire was intimate with him. It was done so in, yet again, a comical way and only made us see King Louis as a caricature of a powerful King.

8 Saved It: Grant O’Rourke As Rupert

Rupert MacKenzie was another of Dougal’s loyal men who fought alongside him in everything. He also was best friends with Angus, played by Stephen Walters. O’Rourke took on the role of Rupert and played off of Walters’ Angus seamlessly.

The two made you feel their friendship was absolutely genuine. O’Rourke made Rupert such a lovable and funny character that when there were serious moments, you didn’t know what to expect. But he delivered those scenes just as perfectly. That’s why the moment he realizes Angus has passed goes down in Outlander history as one of the most tragic scenes to witness.

7 Saved It: Stanley Weber As The Comte St. Germain

While in France, Jamie and Claire had many dramatic situations they found themselves in. And also had quite a few enemies for only being there a short time. The first enemy they made, though, was the Comte St. Germain. Claire publicly states the Comte’s ship is infested with smallpox almost immediately upon getting to Paris after a chance encounter.

This makes him despise Claire and Jamie and he makes it his mission to make their lives hell. Played by French actor, Stanley Weber, he gives a sinister and haunting performance of the Comte St. Germain. That was why we didn’t know how to feel when Claire had him meet his end when he was accused of sorcery. We weren’t quite ready to let go of this enigmatic yet evil character.

6 Saved It: John Bell As Young Ian

John Bell is one of the more recent actors added to Outlander’s roster of talent. He plays Young Ian Murray, son of Jenny and Ian, and nephew of Jamie and Claire. Jamie takes him under his wing quite a bit and wants him to feel he has independence, much to Jenny’s dismay.

He eventually ends up following his Aunt and Uncle to North Carolina in season 4, where we see his character develop even further. John Bell plays Ian’s innocent nature mixed with his want for independence in such a wonderful and unique way. And when he recounted his attack from Geillis in season 3, it was so heartbreaking and emotional, that you saw the true talent exude from Bell at that moment.

5 Hurt It: Nell Hudson As Laoghaire

To be fair, no matter who the producers of Outlander cast as Laoghaire, the fans were bound to not like her. So it makes perfect sense that Nell Hudson was not well-received by the fanbase when she signed on to play Laoghaire, Jamie’s former flame and Claire’s nemesis.

Laoghaire is a thorn in the couples’ side throughout the series and does some pretty insane things in the name of what she thinks is love. Even though her character is so hated, it doesn’t mean that Hudson should receive the amount of hate – and even threats – that she does. But we can’t say we didn’t see that coming.

4 Hurt It: Will Strongheart as Tawodi

In season 4 of Outlander, there were many storylines revolving around the Native Americans whose land the Frasers were building their home on and how that affected not only them but how America became a country in the first place.

It was great to see them cast actual Native American actors in the roles, but one of their casting choices was ill-advised. Will Strongheart played an English-speaking Native American named Tawodi, but it turns out he had domestic charges against him in the past that he was convicted for. Fans were not too pleased to learn of this after the airing of his first episode.

3 Saved It: Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie

The moment Graham McTavish stepped into the role of Dougal MacKenzie, we knew we had the larger than life Scottish war chief before our very eyes. Sure, Dougal had plenty of flaws and ended up being more villainous than an ally to the Frasers, but he played the part perfectly.

His theatre background shined through in some of the more dramatic moments for Dougal, which made him so captivating to watch. That is precisely why watching the life drain from Dougal’s eyes in the season 2 finale was so bittersweet. Of course, we wouldn’t have wanted him to succeed in harming Claire and Jamie, but it was sad to see his character go for good.

2 Saved It: Richard Rankin As Roger Wakefield

Roger Wakefield is the adopted son of Reverend Wakefield, who Claire met during her time in Inverness on her honeymoon before she went back through the stones. Once grown up, he meets Claire, again, and her daughter, Brianna Fraser, who he ends up falling for.

Richard Rankin is the actor who brought this pivotal character to life in the Outlander series. His portrayal of Roger, with his boyish charm and love for Bree, endears him to all and instantly made him a fan-favorite. His fanbase is just as dedicated, if not more so, as Heughan’s, and it’s easy to see why.

1 Saved It: Caitriona Balfe As Claire

Understandably, Claire Randall/Fraser was the most important and difficult character to cast on Outlander. She is, after all, our lead and our heroine of the entire story. It was imperative that she be the absolute perfect embodiment of the time-traveling WWII nurse who falls for a Highlander in the 18th-century.

That is exactly what Caitriona Balfe turned out to be when she was cast a mere three weeks before filming began. Her ethereal beauty is only part of what makes her so perfect as Claire. Her charm, and depth, and emotional capabilities make her the undeniable match to Sam Heughan’s Jamie. Their chemistry is off the charts. But Balfe’s pure talent and dedication to the role is what makes her, in our eyes, the best Claire Fraser there ever could be.

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Alyssa Avina

Outlander: 5 Things That Changed From The Books (And 5 Fans Wish Hadn’t)

If you’re involved in show business, particularly in the beautiful and intricate art of producing, writing, directing, and overall bringing a TV show or movie to life, your work is already hard in itself. If you’re getting your source material from a series of beloved books with a die-hard fanbase, it can be even more scary.

At this point, it’s probably safe to assume that even if show creators kept everything exactly as it is in the books, some fans would still be disappointed in at least one way, shape, or form. But since keeping all aspects of the source material intact is virtually impossible, some changes will inevitably have to be made.

Some creative liberties may be necessary and actually make the show better, while others seem to only take place with the explicit purpose of annoying fans. Outlander is no exception, and as the show moves on from one season to another, it seems to stray further and further from the original book series.

Here are 5 things creators changed from the books, plus 5 fans really wish they hadn’t!

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10 Changed: More Than One POV

Fans of the book series that inspired the show know that the first book, Outlander, is told in its entirety by Claire. The show creators made the decision to open up the narrative and give Jamie a voice as well. The second part of season one opens with his narration, as opposed to Claire’s.

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This was an important change because this way we got to walk alongside Jamie and experience the absolute brutality of his rape and torture from the character’s point of view, instead of a second-hand version. Such a visceral and crude moment was ought to be perceived from Jamie’s POV, out of respect for his character.

9 Shouldn’t Have Changed: They Softened Frank

Book readers tend to harness a big dislike for Frank. This comes as no surprise since, in the original series, his character differs quite a bit from what we see in the show. Show creators took out many of the original character’s most dislikable traits – in the books, he’s chauvinistic and insensitive, and has numerous affairs with several women while married to Claire.

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In Outlander, creators decided to make Frank more likable – including him searching for Claire in the 20th century on a season one episode and giving him a single mistress he was in love with in season 3 – for a very particular reason. They felt this gave Claire’s decision to return to Jamie much more significant, a true testament to the strength of their love.

Still, fans aren’t very happy about how much they changed the character. Surely, Caire and Jamie’s love would still be powerful enough without having to depict Frank as a good guy.

8 They Changed: Season 2 Begins In The ’40s

The second book, Dragonfly In Amber, opens with Claire and her daughter, Brianna, in 1968. For book readers, this was slightly confusing – Claire had now returned to her time, reunited with Frank, and suddenly had a daughter. It’s only once we have flashback scenes to her time in Paris with Jaime do we understand how she went back to the ’60s.

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In Outlander, this changes, and the second season of the show opens differently, with Claire going back to 1948 through the stones. Creators of the show thought it would both be easier to follow and more interesting to see the character’s journey and decisions knowing she was going back.

7 Shouldn’t Have Changed: Jamie’s Knowledge Of What Laoghaire Did

In season 1 of Outlander, Claire is put on trial, accused of witchcraft. She is saved by Jamie in a beautiful and heroic moment, with her husband showing up to the courtroom. Although he doesn’t use a crucifix, as described in the first book, it’s not a major change, and the momentum isn’t lost.

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What did change significantly, though, was that in the first book Jamie had absolutely no idea Laoghaire was responsible for Claire’s witch trial. However, in the show, he finds out pretty early on, and he still chooses to marry her once Claire returns to the 20th century. Why Jamie would decide to marry Laoghaire in spite of what she did is something that simply doesn’t make sense.

6 They Changed: Laoghaire Appears In Season 2

Still on the topic of Claire’s nemesis, Laoghaire, showrunners made a slight deviation from the books. While Laoghaire’s character is completely absent from the second book, Dragonfly in Amber, she does make an appearance in the second season of the show.

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In the eighth episode of the season, The Fox’s Lair, we see Laoghaire return for a showdown with Claire while visiting the Old Fox. This an interesting move on the showrunners’ part, since it sets the stage for Laoghaire’s role on the following season, and we get to witness another exciting moment of tension and animosity between the two characters.

5 Shouldn’t Have Changed: Claire and Jaime Carving Their Initials

There’s a beautiful scene in the second book of the series before Claire goes back to the 20th century through the stones. Although it may be a little grim, it’s also perceived by fans as a wonderful testament of the pair’s love for one another.

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Before Claire returns to her time, she and Jaime carve each other’s initials on their hands. This moment, although pure, significant, and with a lot of tearjerking potential, wasn’t portrayed in the series. While it doesn’t take away from the couple’s beautiful connection and love story, many fans were disappointed they didn’t get to witness the scene.

4 They Changed: Claire Makes Her Own Clothes

On the third book of the series, Voyager, we see Claire buy a dress in the appropriate style (almost) before she goes back to 1766. However, things go slightly differently in the show’s third season, with the heroine making her own clothes out of raincoats, resulting in a much much practical outfit.

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Apparently, this was the show’s costume designer’s idea. This change is actually a testament to the character’s intelligence, who would know a priori what she would need returning. Plus, it’s beautiful witnessing Claire’s journey throughout the season, beginning with a very somber and tight look, and slowly evolving to a lighter and freer version of herself once she reunites with Jamie.

3 Shouldn’t Have Changed: Jamie’s Reaction When Seeing Brianna

Jamie doesn’t get to see his beautiful daughter, Brianna, until the third book of the series, Voyager. As it would be expected from a parent seeing their child for the first time, especially considering the odd circumstances that characterize the Outlander world, this is an extremely touching and emotional moment.

In the books, when Claire shows Jaime pictures of Brianna for the first time, he breaks down in tears in her arms. It’s a very emotionally charged, special moment. However, in the third season of the show, the actor decided to portray Jaime’s feelings as an internal struggle. This decision does take much away from the overall scene.

2 They Changed: Murtagh Sticks Around

Frank wasn’t the only character that suffered some significant changes when taking the leap from books to TV show. While physical changes do make the list – for instance, in the book series his height was much shorter than the one we get to see on screen – the most prominent point of difference is his overall role.

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In the original source material, Murtagh didn’t play such a significant part, being more of a secondary character than anything else. He was actually killed off in the Battle of Culloden, which wasn’t cause for much grief. However, in Outlander, his role is amplified, and the showrunners decided to keep in around. This decision couldn’t have made fans of the show happier!

1 Shouldn’t Have Changed: Claire’s Stolen Ring

Here’s the breakdown of what happens in the books: when Jaime and Claire’s daughter, Brianna, travels back in time, she notices a very particular detail about Stephen Bonnet’s choice of accessories. More particularly, she notices he is wearing none other than her mother’s wedding ring – the one representing her union to Frank, mind you. This ends up being the catalyst for a major plot point in Drums of Autumn.

In the show, there’s still a stolen ring, and it still belongs to Claire. However, this time around it is the ring representing her marriage to Jaime, a decision that once again digs deep into the hearts of Jaime and Claire lovers. The reason for this? Showrunners thought this ring would be easier to spot by Brianna than the one given to her by Frank. Good enough? Probably not.

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Mariana Fernandes

Outlander: 25 Things Wrong With Jamie We All Choose To Ignore

When the name Jamie Fraser comes to mind, most of us immediately think of the romantic 18th-century Highlander who stole Claire’s heart in Outlander. There is plenty to enjoy about the hero of our favorite time-traveling heroine’s love story. He is fiercely loyal and loving, he is unbelievably romantic, he cares about those he loves more than anything in the world, and on top of all of that, he is quite possibly the most gorgeous Scotsman to ever exist. Plus, he is quite the warrior on the battlefield.

While there are many, many things to love about Jamie Fraser, there are things about his personality and character that is not as perfect as he seems to be. It’s understandable that it would be difficult to spot these flawed traits of his, being that he is the swoon-worthy man of our dreams.

But the flaws are indeed there. Whether it’s his tendency to be hot-headed, or the fact he got involved with Laoghaire after what she did to Claire, there are real problems here that we definitely choose to ignore because we can’t help but see the best in him. It’s understandable, though, when we’re talking about Jamie Fraser.

Buckle your seatbelts Outlander fans, because this is going to be a bumpy ride. Here are the 25 Things Wrong With Jamie We All Choose To Ignore.

25 Jamie Is Incredibly Stubborn

One of Jamie’s biggest flaws has to be his stubbornness. It tends to get in his way more often than not and actually gets him in trouble on several different occasions, especially with his wife, Claire.

Granted, Claire is just as stubborn which is why they have a tendency to clash over small things. But Jamie’s inability to sway his own thought process in any situation does him, and those around him, more harm than good. It’s a trait that is not easily broken for him.

24 He Punished Claire After She Ran

After Claire was attacked in the Highlands, she decides to go back to her own time and runs to Craigh Na Dun. Before she gets there, she is taken by Redcoats. Then, Jamie must save her from Blackjack Randall’s clutches. They barely make it out with everyone’s lives intact.

In a questionable move after the fact, Jamie decides to punish Claire for running away and putting the lives of him and his men in danger. He does learn that is not how to treat someone thanks to Claire, but it was not his finest moment.

23 Jamie Is Jealous Of Frank

Regardless of Claire’s utter love and devotion that was shown to her Jamie time and time again, he always still seemed to feel immense jealousy of Frank that he could not rid himself of, no matter how hard he tried.

Whether it was over Frank getting to raise Jamie’s daughter, Brianna, or over the relationship he shared with Claire, to begin with, his insecurities rose to the surface on more than one occasion. This would only cause further issues with him and Claire.

22 He Married Laoghaire Even After She Accused Claire Of Witchcraft

In the books, this went down much differently, but on the Starz series, Jamie knew fully well that Laoghaire was behind Claire being accused of witchcraft.

Yet, he still married her when he and Claire were apart for those two decades.

At least in the books, we could say that he was in the dark about Claire and Laoghaire’s past, but on the show, it was harder to ignore this grave mistake he made. Luckily, he and Claire got past it…eventually.

21 He Believed Claire’s Time-Travel Story Almost Too Quickly

Jamie’s love, loyalty, and trust in Claire were exemplified perfectly when she told him the truth about her falling through time and being from the future. He believed her nearly immediately. And while that definitely helped their love grow stronger, it was an odd occurrence for a man from his time to be so trusting.

This is especially true since the story should have been far-fetched to a logical man like Jamie. This may not be a serious flaw of his, but it was a strange turn of events.

20 He Had Primitive Views Before Claire

It makes sense that a Highlander from 18th-century Scotland would have differing views about, well, literally everything when up against a modern-era war nurse who turns his world upside down.

But those “traditional” values of Jamie’s made their dynamic off-kilter at the beginning of their marriage. He felt it was his duty to punish Claire, for example, because he’s her husband and his father would do the same thing. It took Claire teaching him that it doesn’t need to be that way for him to change.

19 He Was Inexperienced Before Claire

From the start of their marriage, Claire knew going into it that she was more experienced than Jamie was. He had, in fact, never been with anyone before her. This wasn’t necessarily a fault of Jamie’s, but it was odd how he went from being inexperienced to rather knowledgeable in that area literally overnight.

Sure, Claire helped him along the way, but it’s hard to ignore that impracticality of him learning so much in such a short amount of time.

18 Jamie’s Scarred Back

This isn’t something Jamie did wrong, but rather a flaw all who can’t help but love him choose to ignore. He’s undeniably gorgeous, romantic, and an all-around great man, but the large scars marring his back would typically be hard to not notice.

Yet, we all seem to let it go – and some even find it very attractive – because he is our Jamie Fraser, the fictional man everyone wishes were real. It’s really fascinating what you can get past when someone is as swoon-worthy as Jamie Fraser.

17 His Unenthused Reaction To Seeing Bree’s Photos

In yet another instance where the book was remarkably different than what occurred on the show, a creative choice left fans puzzled during an important moment in season 3.

When Jamie and Claire reunite at his print shop, she shows him photos of their daughter, Brianna. In the books, he weeps as he looks at them due to his overwhelming emotions. But Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, decided to have a more subtle reaction.

This just seemed like an odd reaction from Jamie, who has always wanted to raise his daughter with Claire and never got the chance. You’d think his emotions would be all over the place upon seeing her face for the first time.

16 Did He Really Need To Spend So Much Time Away From Claire In Season 2?

In season 2, when Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh were in Paris, Jamie had to frequently meet with Bonnie Prince Charlie at a local grown-up establishment. But on one of these occasions, Jamie fantasized a bit more than he should have. They hadn’t been together since the events at Wentworth Prison with Blackjack Randall. It bothered Claire immensely to learn he needed to be at this establishment to be with her again, though they did makeup shortly after.

15 Jamie Dueled With Blackjack Randall When Claire Begged Him Not To

While in Paris in season 2 of Outlander, Jamie and Claire came across their nemesis, and the vilest man in the history of Outlander, Blackjack Randall. Jamie and Randall agreed to a duel, but Claire was steadfastly against it.

She didn’t want Randall’s end to ultimately destroy the lineage of Frank’s ancestral roots and inevitably make Frank cease to exist.

He ended up dueling with him, anyway, because of Randall’s attack on Fergus. But this caused Claire to lose their first child, Faith.

14 His Attitude With Jenny When They First Got Back To Lallybroch

When Jamie brings Claire to his home in Lallybroch, he reunites with his older sister, Jenny, and her husband, Ian. Things quickly get heated between the siblings, and Jamie shows a different pompous side to him that we had yet to see.

Jenny may be just as stubborn as her brother, but Jamie should have realized his sister had been taking care of their home while he was gone for those years, and he should appreciate everything she and her husband had done in his time away.

13 The Way He Reacted To Bree’s Assault

Initially, when Jamie learned of what happened to his daughter, Bree, which was unbeknownst to him, at the hands of Stephen Bonnet, he was angry and just wanted to help Brianna through this difficult time.

But when miscommunications led to misunderstandings, he thought she had lied about her attack and said some unsavory things to his daughter. She fiercely corrected him, but the damage was done, and he spent the rest of season 4 trying to right his wrong. It is going to be a difficult road to get them back on track.

12 He Attacked Roger

Roger Wakefield bravely went through the stones to follow his love, Brianna, when she went back to find her mother and biological father, Claire, and Jamie.

But after an argument with Bree, they were separated, until Roger decided to find her again. When he finally reached Fraser’s Ridge, a misunderstanding with Lizzie led to Jamie thinking Roger was the one to assault Bree. He ended up attacking Roger up in a fit of rage. This only made his reunion with Brianna that much more delayed.

Poor Roger hadn’t even done anything wrong.

11 Staying To Fight In Culloden Instead Of Running Away With Claire

One of the most dramatic and heartbreaking moments was when Jamie sent Claire back through the stones at Craigh Na Dun before the Battle of Culloden. They felt they had no other options but was the really the case?

He stayed to fight with his fellow Highlanders due to loyalty and seeing no way out. But why couldn’t he run away with Claire and their unborn child instead? They had surely been through tougher times, so what’s to say they couldn’t have made it on their own?

10 Jamie Didn’t Tell Claire He Married Laoghaire Right Away

The way Claire found out that Jamie had married Laoghaire during their time apart was quite possibly the worst way she could have. His two step-children walked in, one calling him their father. It didn’t help that she had red hair.

Then Laoghaire walks in to confront her estranged husband and the woman she despises. It would have saved them a lot of turmoil if Jamie had just been upfront with Claire about what had occurred during their twenty years spent apart from each other.

9 He Ended Dougal (His Uncle’s) Life

Dougal was one of those characters that was so larger than life that he commanded each scene he was in. He also had moments where you genuinely liked him, but most of the time, he was only focused on his own agenda rather than the greater good.

He was so dedicated to the Jacobite Rebellion, that when he overheard Claire and Jamie plotting to end Prince Charlie to avoid the war, he attacked them both.

The Uncle and Nephew got in a heated fight that was only going to end with one man coming out alive. That man was Jamie. While we understand he had no choice, it was a surprising moment that Jamie actually ended Dougal’s life once and for all.

8 He Kept The Truth From His Son Willie And Left

In season 3, we saw what Jamie had been up to in his time away from Claire. He was blackmailed by a woman of nobility to have a relationship with him before she entered an arranged marriage.

This resulted in her pregnancy, and they had a son before she passed during childbirth. His name was Willie, but Jamie never told him that he was his father. In fact, he left when Willie was still a young boy, which greatly upset the child. At this point in the story, Willie is still unaware of who his real father is.

7 He Somehow Always Lives Lavishly No Matter What

For a Scotsman who is nearly always on the run in the Highlands and doesn’t have hardly anything to his name, he sure knows how to find a way to live lavishly everywhere he goes.

It is not necessarily a huge flaw but is rather puzzling seeing as he doesn’t have a lot of money or property himself. Whether it’s in Paris, or Jamaica, or even in Fraser’s Ridge, he and Claire always end up doing quite well for themselves miraculously.

6 He Became A Criminal In Season 3

Jamie Fraser becomes an actual criminal, Claire finds out, in season 3 of Outlander. It turns out he’s a smuggler and his illegal dealings make him a man wanted by The Crown.

This is a bit of a departure from the honorable man with traditional values that we know Jamie to be. But it does show that he has changed in the twenty years he and Claire were not together, yet he still loves her just as much as the day she went back through the stones.

5 He Reacts Negatively To Bree Dressed In 20th Century Clothing

Sure, this may be looked at as pretty normal for a father to not want his daughter wearing a bikini like the one Bree was wearing in the photos Claire brought. But his reaction was so strong and negative, that it initially caused Claire to be taken aback and angry.

He may be from the 18th-century and not used to clothing such as that, but his main focus should have been seeing his daughter for the first time instead of her lack of clothing.

4 He Jumps To Conclusions Constantly

Jamie has a really bad habit of jumping to conclusions before getting all of the facts. This has gotten him in trouble on more than one occasion. One notable example is when he assumed that his sister, Jenny, had been intimate with Blackjack Randall when he and other Redcoats invaded their home in Lallybroch.

She was furious that he would assume such a thing, and he should have been more sensitive to the situation before jumping to such a big conclusion.

3 He Didn’t End Randall’s Life When He First Had The Chance

When Blackjack Randall took Claire in season 1, he took her to Ft. William, where Jamie and the other Highlanders hatched a plan to help her escape.

During Randall’s terrorizing tactics he was using on Claire, Jamie came in to save the day. After a scuffle, Jamie actually had the opportunity to end Randall’s life right then and there. He chose not to, which could be looked at as admirable.

But it actually set off many horrible events down the line for not only Jamie but many others at the hands of Randall.

2 Jamie Can Be A Hot Head

This goes back to Jamie’s inherent stubbornness and need to always be right. When this stubborn mentality of his kicks in, he can tend to be a hot head, especially if things aren’t going his way. This has made he and Claire have many arguments that got out of hand.

But this has also been an issue with other people he comes across, like his sister, or foes that get in his or Claire’s way. It rarely works in his favor.

1 Jamie Is A Fantasy Not A Reality

The thing about Jamie is that in spite of all of his flaws, he is still an incredible man that anyone would be lucky to have in their life. He is beyond romantic, completely gorgeous, and a true hero.

The only problem with all of this is he is fictional and gives women – and men – everywhere an unrealistic expectation of what a husband should be like. That’s not to say we shouldn’t still hold out hope for our own Jamie Fraser, but the chances of getting one are highly unlikely.

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Alyssa Avina

25 Things Only Super Fans Knew About Missed In Outlander

There are so many elements in Outlander that tie the whole thing together; there’s something for everyone, making it one of the most addicting —and best— shows on television.  There is typically something about it for everybody to enjoy. With romance, history, action, adventure, and much more to dive into, it easily sucks people in.  Because of this, the show has gained a very large and very dedicated fanbase.

Those who read the books before the TV already know plenty about the story, but regardless, even the most knowledgable and dedicated fans have most likely missed things that occurred in the show over the past four seasons. Whether they were fun easter eggs left there by the crew, or references you didn’t quite catch, there is typically something you may have missed in an any given episode.

With Outlander having so much go on in a single episode, let alone over the course of an entire season, it’s easy to miss important details here and there. But that’s where we come in. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes tidbits and details missed that we have compiled in this list.  This way, any Outlander fan can go back and rewatch their favorite episodes and catch things they might have not seen before. This will be especially helpful now that we are in a Droughtlander once again.

Here are the 25 Things Only Super Fans Knew About Missed In Outlander.

25 The Season 4 Premiere Is Way Different From The Books

In the fourth book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, Drums of Autumn, Stephen Bonnet shows his true thieving, pirating ways when he attacks Jamie and Claire and the rest of their crew.

But what makes matters worse in the premiere of season 4, is that Bonnet steals Claire’s most prized-possession – her wedding ring from Jamie.

In the books, though, he steals her ring from Frank, not Jamie. Executive producer, Ron Moore, explained their decision: “The plain gold band wouldn’t be noticeable as like, ‘Oh that’s clearly my mother’s ring,’ whereas the other one clearly would. So that’s kind of why we made that change.”  This refers to Brianna finding the ring later on.

24 They Made Frank More Likable In The TV Series

Let’s face it, even if we felt bad for Frank at times, he was never going to measure up to Jamie.  Which was why it was easy, to us at least, that Claire picked Jamie over Frank time and time again.

But in the books, it was even easier, because Frank was less likable.  See, in season 3, we find out that Frank is in love with another woman named Sandy, who he had been carrying on an affair with for years.  Yet, in the books, he just has a number of interactions with unnamed women throughout his entire marriage to Claire.

This change from the books to tv screens made him more sympathetic than the book version of himself.

23 There Were A Lot Of Parallels Between “A. Malcom” And “The Wedding” Episodes

All anyone was waiting for during season 3 was the reunion between our hero and heroine, Jamie and Claire Fraser, after having been apart for twenty years.  While it was already special to fans because their favorite couple was back in each other’s arms once again, there were little details, too, that made it even more special.

From the shared meal to the hesitancy and awkwardness at times to their effortless passion when they’re intimately together, there were nods everywhere to the first time they were together.

22 Claire Did Know Jamie’s Full Name Before Marrying Him

In what is arguably the fan favorite episode of season 1 (and probably the entire Outlander series), “The Wedding”, Claire is understandably very nervous before marrying Jamie. She tells him before the ceremony that she can’t marry him because she doesn’t know his real name.

This isn’t actually true, though, since in the previous episode, “The Garrison Commander,” Claire reads the marriage contract that not only lists her full name, but Jamie’s as well.

Maybe it was just her nerves forgetting that information, but it definitely was there on the contract.

21 Claire’s Wardrobe In Season 3 Had A Nod To Season 1

Fans of Outlander may have noticed something familiar about Claire’s wardrobe on The Artemis in season 3.  There was one look, in particular, that was reminiscent of the Claire 20 years prior.

She was wearing a white blouse with a billowing skirt that was belted at the waist.

She wore a very similar ensemble back in Scotland in season 1 when the Frasers traveled to Lallybroch for the very first time.  This was not only a nod to the younger Claire, but showed that Claire in season 3 was becoming herself again with Jamie by her side.

20 Roger (Richard Rankin)Actually Sang In The Scottish Festival Scene

Richard Rankin plays the charming Scot, Roger Wakefield, who steals Brianna’s heart.  Turns out the man behind the role has many talents, since he performed his own songs during the Scottish Festival scene in season 4.  Not many knew that, though.  

And apparently, Rankin even annoyed his castmates with his incessant rehearsing beforehand.

He told Entertainment Tonight, “I basically spent every minute of every day learning to play that track and it drove the crew nuts, so that was fun.”

19 Jamie’s Print Shop Has The Original Book Hidden In It

It’s always fun when there are easter eggs as little nods to the dedicated fanbase of a popular show or movie.  That’s exactly what author Diana Gabaldon did for her fans when she arranged for a copy of Drums of Autumn to be on a shelf in Jamie’s famous print shop.

Drums of Autumn is, of course, what season 4 is based on.

It was hidden very well, but eagle-eyed fans were able to make it out.  It made the long-awaited reunion between Jamie and Claire that much sweeter.

18 Sam Heughan Actually Operated The Real Printing Presses In Season 3

Sam Heughan isn’t considered a “method actor” but he did get very specific training to perform an integral part of the print shop reunion scene.

See, part of getting Jamie’s print shop perfect was having production designers masterfully design the set, that included two working print presses.

And while some superfans may know this already, it is not common knowledge that Sam Heughan, our very own Jamie Fraser, learned how to operate the presses himself for his scenes in the shop.  That in itself is very impressive.

17 There Was A Literary Connection To An Episode In Season 4

In episode 10 of season 4, “The Deep Heart’s Core”, there was actually a literary origin connected with the episode’s title.

It comes from “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” which is a poem by William Butler Yeats.

This was quoted in the book by Brianna to Jamie when she mentions her father, Frank, reciting the poem while watching Claire garden.  However, though it was supposed to be quoted in the episode as well, it ended up not being used after editing.

16 Black Sails Was Featured In Season 3 (Sort Of)

No, this wasn’t your typical television show crossover.  But for those who watch both Black Sails and Outlander, each of which are on Starz, you may have noticed that the ships used in the pirate drama were the very same ones used for several scenes throughout season 3 of Outlander.

Executive producer, Matthew Roberts, was quoted as saying, “I watched a lot of clips from Black Sails ‘cause I didn’t want to repeat anything.”

Luckily, the ships seemed authentic to the Outlander storyline rather than repeating a story from Black Sails.

15 Claire Has Had Previous Ensembles Repurposed For Later Seasons

At the Governor’s Ball in Jamaica in season 3, Claire is seen wearing a gorgeous yellow ballgown to the event.  But there were things about it that seemed oddly familiar, and for good reason.

It turned out that the gown was a repurposed gown of Claire’s from her time in Versailles with Jamie in season 2.

This was because in the 18th-century, historically women like Claire would have clothes for a lifetime.  They would often repurpose their clothing rather than going out to buy a new one.  

14 The Print Shop Set Was Used Before

A lot of hard work, time, and dedication went into not only the making of the Print Shop episode, but also into the set itself.  But it was not bare bones to begin with.

Initially, this set was used for a specific purpose in season 2.  This was when Jamie and Claire had their adventures in France, and Claire went to visit Master Raymond at his Paris apothecary.

When you really look at the sets, you see some of the similarities, as well as a lot of the new additions to the set.

13 A Historical Inaccuracy In “La Dame Blanche”

In season 2, episode 4, Jamie and Claire are trying to distract potential supporters and investors in Prince Charles’ war effort, so what do they do?  Why, throw an outlandish party, of course.

But during this dinner party, their guest, Louise, asks if anyone there had attended Lully’s opera, ‘Acis et Galatée’.  The problem here is it would be an out of date opera in the 1740s, since it was performed for the first time back in 1686.  That would make it highly unlikely to be a hot topic for a dinner party.

12 Something From The Parisian Brothel In Season 2 Was On The Artemis

Who could forget the scenes from the brothel in Paris where Jamie frequently had to meet Bonnie Prince Charlie?  For fans who can spot an easter egg a mile away, they may have noticed this connection to the brothel featured on The Artemis in season 3.

The ship’s figurehead is from the Parisian brothel Prince Charles frequented.

This was decided because when designing the sets, they felt the statue looked like a masthead, and were able to repurpose it for season 3 while also giving the fans a fun easter egg to look for.

11 Symbolism In Alexander Malcolm’s Print Shop Sign

Outlander is known for its symbolism throughout the series.  That’s why it makes perfect sense that in the most important episode of season 3, where Jamie and Claire reunite at his print shop, there would be symbolism front and center.

On Alexander Malcom’s – a.k.a. Jamie Fraser’s – print shop sign, there were symbols featured at the top of the sign that are two opposing symbols: Jupiter and Saturn.  This would be representative of Claire and Jamie.  Meanwhile, in the middle there are the Freemason square and compass, that would let other Masons easily identify Jamie as one of their own.

Even Clan Fraser is represented with a strawberry blossom in the top corners of the sign.

10 Filming For Season 4 Took Place In Scotland, Not North Carolina

Season 4 had everything to do with Jamie and Claire settling down and creating a home together like they’ve always wanted from the very beginning of their relationship, and they did this in North Carolina.

But what some may not know is that they didn’t do any filming in North Carolina, but rather created sets in Scotland to resemble the landscape of North America, and North Carolina, specifically.  They also used stock shots of North America, occasionally, for authenticity.

There are, in fact, a lot of similarities between the woods and landscapes in Scotland to those in North Carolina.

9 Jenny Was Missing In Season 4 For A Reason

Jenny Murray is Jamie’s older sister, Claire’s sister-in-law, and also Brianna’s aunt. But Brianna never got to meet her like she did her Uncle Ian in episode 7, “Down The Rabbit Hole.”

It was disappointing to some fans, who were hoping that Jenny would finally get to meet her biological niece after all this time.

Her absence occurred for a very good reason, though.  The actress who plays Jenny, Laura Donnelly, was busy with acting on Broadway in “The Ferryman.”

8 The Strong Meaning Behind “Bakra”

Geillis Duncan was Claire’s friend turned foe from season 1 to season 3, and by the time we saw her again in Jamaica, she had become quite the villain.

She would keep young boys in her servitude, until she had her fill, and ended them.  One of these young boys was none other than Jamie’s nephew, Young Ian.  

The boys would refer to Geillis as the “Bakra”, which was never given a definition in the show, but means “boss” or “master” in Jamaican Patois.  This fits Geillis’ new persona perfectly.

7 Claire And Jamie Share The Same Line In Season 3

At the beginning of season 3, we see Jamie in the Battle of Culloden.  When we see him lying in the field after the infamous battle, he utters the line, “I was dead” as he narrates.

This is the exact same line we hear Claire speak in the same season, during the finale when she’s drowning in the ocean in the middle of a hurricane.

The two seem to share more than just their love for one another, but also a way of thinking.

6 The Bath Geillis Takes Was Inspired By Dracula

The tension-filled and intense scene featuring Geillis and Young Ian was one that was much-talked about from season 3.  Geillis is speaking to him as she bathes in a red bath.

This scene was not originally in the books, but was inspired by another famous tale.  Executive Producer, Matthew Roberts said he was inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, as well as historical figure, Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed. 

She was a 16th-century woman who was rumored to bathe like this to retain her youthful look.  The similarities between these characters and Geillis is quite uncanny.

5 Marsali Took Jenny’s Line In Season 4

Jenny Murray, Jamie’s fiery and equally stubborn sister, may have been absent from season 4, but a famous line that was originally her’s went to another character on the show, instead.

In Dragonfly In Amber, Jenny says to Jamie, “I’d rather have a whole man than not have him at all.”  The quote from the second book was said about her husband, Ian.

But Marsali says this exact line to Murtagh about Fergus to get him to try to fight with the Regulators.  It had the same sentiment, and was said by a woman just as strong as our Jenny.

4 The Casablanca Reference In Season 3

When Geillis and Claire first reunite at the Governor’s Ball in Jamaica in season 3, after twenty years apart, mind you, Geillis quotes something only Claire would know.

She walks up to Claire and says, “Of all the gin joints in all the world.”  This is a direct quote from the classic 1942 film, Casablanca, that starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

This was a blink and you might miss it reference, but was there nonetheless.  And Claire certainly understood the pop culture reference.

3 The Synchronicity Between Jamie And Claire Before Their Reunion

There’s no denying that Jamie and Claire are soulmates who have a passion and love for one another that knows no bounds.  That also includes their ability to always be perfectly in sync with each other, even while apart.

In episode six of season 3, Jamie walks up to his print shop and stops to wipe the dust off the sign.  In the episode just before that, Claire did the exact same movement when walking up to his shop and touching the sign.

This was what occurred not long before their famous reunion, showing their love is as strong as ever.

2 The Season 4 Finale —Yeah, With The Fire— Was A Real Stunt

In the season 4 episode, “Providence,” our beloved Roger Wakefield witnesses a horror he won’t soon forget.

At the end of the episode, Roger has to watch on as a Cherokee woman throws herself into the flames where her lover and father of her child is tied to a burning stake.

According to executive producer, Matthew B. Roberts, the actor was, in fact, a stuntwoman in protective fireproof clothing who also had protective gel on her skin and hair.  That is true dedication to her craft.

1 Geillis Asks The Same Question To Claire Throughout The Series

Several times in season 1, Geillis Duncan repeatedly asks Claire, “Why are you here?”, while they are awaiting their witch trial at Crainsmuir.  This was because Geillis suspected Claire was a time traveler, just like herself.

In the season 3 finale, Geillis confronts Claire in the exact same way, but under completely different circumstances.  Now instead of being on the same side, they are fighting each other to survive.

This is a parallel between not only the two episodes, but the two women who were once friends and are now enemies.  Or were until Geillis’ demise.

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