Leather-Jacket Superboy Finally Returning To DC

Conner Kent, the original Superboy from the 1990s is finally returning to DC Comics, and his leather jacket look is getting even more punk rock when he does. The costume may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the long-awaited return of the “true” Superboy to an entire generation is absolutely good news.

The return of Conner Kent, a.k.a. Kon-El, a.k.a. “The Metropolis Kid” is more than just a throwback to the famous Death and Return of Superman era of DC Comics. Superboy’s reboot and return to DC continuity was announced during New York Comic Con, but he’ll be making his return under a new imprint – and with his best friends Bart Allen and Tim Drake at his side.

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Conner is expected to return in January, with the trio of Young Justice stars just a handful of the larger roster of younger DC heroes being relaunched as part of Wonder Comics, a new imprint overseen by Brian Michael Bendis and targeting teenage comic readers. And with a new take on Bart, Conner, and Tim, new costumes are in order, courtesy of Patrick Gleason:

As the official designs released by DC show, Gleason isn’t straying too far from the original – some might even say dated – costume cooked up by his creators, Karl Kesel Tom Grummett back in 1993. But then, one person’s idea of outdated is someone else’s nostalgia, and the same rules applies to all three heroes included. We’ll reserve judgement until we hear the explanation for Conner’s shoulder spikes, sunglasses, Superman patches, and Solo-style hip holster in the comics themselves. What these designs will force fans to ask more than anything is how this new Young Justice will be worked into the existing canon.

DC has been dropping more and more hints about a possible return of Conner Kent’s Superboy, ever since the beginning of Rebirth started to rewrite the changes made with the launch of the New 52. When the old and new versions of Superman merged into the current version, his memories of the “Rise of The Supermen” came fading back into canon… but with Superboy nowhere to be seen. Will the launch of Wonder Comics and this new Young Justice begin to tell that story of DC canon being restored once more?

For now we would advise fans hold off on getting their hopes up. While this Superboy is featured in the Wonder Comics announcement artwork by Jamal Campbell, the cirumstances of his reintroduction are as vague as the heroes surrounding him. And Dan DiDio’s explanation of their return during a NYCC panel – alongside Bendis – implied a larger, in-the-works story may not have been the plan at all:

People have been asking for them over and over again… But we don’t want to bring them back and have nothing to do with them. It wasn’t until Brian came back and said he wanted to do Young Justice that we decided it was time to bring them back.

The confusion isn’t a sign of quality at this point, since there are likely to be just as many fans who would want a fresh start for this Superboy redux as a return of Superman’s successor (especially with Superman’s son Jonathan acting as current Superboy). And is the Bart Allen beside him the same Impulse who returned from the Speed Force in Flash War?

What lies ahead for the future of Conner Kent, Young Justice, and the rest of the Wonder Comics books has yet to be revealed. But rest assured, we’ll keep fans updated as more official details are released.

Superboy is expected to make his Wonder Comics return in January 2019.

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How To Watch UFC 229: McGregor vs Khabib Online

UFC 229: Khabib vs McGregor is set to begin later today at 9pm EST on Saturday, October 6, 2018, and if you’re not attending the fights in person at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, you’ll be joining the millions around the world watching to see McGregor’s first fight since Mayweather – against a fighter he hated enough to attack a bus, risking his career.

Pay-per-view pricing seems reasonable in comparison to paying a door charge at a sports bar. And with MMAFighting reporting paydays of $3 million and $2 million for McGregor and Khabib, respectively, in anticipation of the pay-per-view numbers they’ll bring in… it’ll be packed everywhere tonight. So here are a few options to watch the big fight at home and/or with family and friends!

Where can I order and watch UFC 229 Fights Online?

On Cable TV you can order McGregor vs. Khabib from a range of providers, so head to that link to find your own and order ahead of time. If you prefer to watch the fight on your computer, you can order UFC 229 directly through the company’s website, then choose to view it on a wide range of streaming devices – Xbox One, Apple TV, amazon Fire TV, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad, Roku, Android, Chromecast, and select Smart TVs. Check out UFC’s website for a full guide to supported devices.

How much does the fight cost to watch?

Purchasing UFC 229 will cost $54.99 for SD, and $64.99 for HD in the United States, and as usual, buyers have the option to buy the pay-per-view with an added 6-month trial of the UFC Fight Pass for $91.96. The Fight Pass grants access to the preliminary fights throughout the day.

When does the McGregor-Khabib Fight Actually Start?

There’s a full evening of fights in store for UFC fans, with the prelims beginning at 6:30pm EST through the Fight Pass, and local stations. With 7 fights planned in the prelims, followed by 5 more on the main card starting at 10pm EST, that puts the start of the Khabib-McGregor fight no earlier than 12am EST. Best get settled in to enjoy the other fights in store, which we’ll list here for convenience.

Fight Pass Exclusive Prelims

  • Ryan LaFlare vs Tony Martin (Welterweight)
  • Gray Maynard vs Nik Lentz (Lightweight)
  • Lina Lansberg vs Yana Kunitskaya (Women’s Bantamweight)

Prelims (Local Broadcasts)

  • Scott Holtzman vs Alan Patrick (Lightweight)
  • Aspen Ladd vs Tonya Evinger (Women’s Featherweight)
  • Vicente Luque vs Jalin Turner (Welterweight)
  • Sergio Pettis vs Jussier Formiga (Flyweight)

Main Card (PPV Only)

  • Michelle Waterson vs Felice Herrig (Women’s Strawweight)
  • Derrick Lewis vs Alexander Volkov (Heavyweight)
  • Ovince Saint Preux vs Dominick Reyes (Light Heavyweight)
  • Tony Ferguson vs Anthony Pettis (Lightweight)
  • ***Championship: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor***

Are there other ways to watch the Khabib v  s McGregor fight?

Absolutely. Since McGregor’s last fight against Floyd Mayweather racked up close to 3 million illegal viewers, searching social media for unauthorized livestreams will probably turn up a feed eventually. The other way is setting up a digital livestream through a program like Kodi, but that’s for the advanced, risk-seeking UFC fan – and will take some time to set up if you’re not familiar. Here are some tips to setting that up for online viewing. But remember: if you’re not paying for it, what you’re doing is probably illegal!

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WB’s Extended Aquaman Trailer Puts the MCU to Shame, Says Mark Millar

Comic book writer and artist Mark Millar expresses an aggressive opinion about DC Films’ new Aquaman movie, saying that it puts the current Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to shame. James Wan’s upcoming solo movie is the only DC Comics-based feature to release this year, and it continues Arthur Curry’s story that left off with last year’s Justice League movie. Considering that it’s the first time the character has been adapted into live-action in his own standalone movie, there’s obviously quite a bit of hype surrounding it.

Jason Momoa reprises his Justice League role as Arthur, aka Aquaman, in the new movie, which sees him go on a quest with Mera (Amber Heard) to find King Atlan’s Trident. Doing so will grant him the powers he needs to not only control the seven seas but also dethrone his brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson), as the King of Atlantis and save the surface world from invasion. It’s a lot to take in, which is why the studio started marketing the film back at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. And then at New York Comic Con 2018, they released an extended, five-minute Aquaman trailer (the same one which was shown to Hall H attendees at SDCC).

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Warner Bros. Pictures officially released the extended Aquaman trailer online today, and it got quite the reaction from Mark Millar, who is best known for writing comic book series like Kingsman, Wanted, Kick-Ass, and even Marvel’s Civil War (of which Anthony and Joe Russo’s Captain America: Civil War movie is based on). In response to seeing the trailer, Millar decreed that the trailer makes the modern MCU movies look like they belong among 1970s Marvel TV shows, like The Incredible Hulk. Take a look:

It’s no secret that the studio has struggled with developing critically-acclaimed DC movies in recent years, despite the fact that the vast majority of those films have been financially successful. Still, with the exception of the third trailer for Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which infamously spoiled Doomsday’s involvement in the blockbuster team-up movie, the one area that DC has typically excelled in is making trailers. In fact, it’s the popularity of their trailers that convinced studio executives to completely recut David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Regardless of what Millar’s point is, it’s clear that people – including Millar – are excited about Aquaman‘s standalone film. Whether it turns out to be the hit that fans (and the studio) are hoping it will be remains to be seen. But it’s on the right track with regards to its marketing campaign, which should kick into high gear sometime in November, leading up to its crowded December release.

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James McAvoy Offers to Play Young Picard for Patrick Stewart

James McAvoy has offered to once again play a younger version of Patrick Stewart, this time in the form of a young Picard for the character’s new Star Trek series. The new Picard-led Star Trek show will air on the CBS All Access streaming service, where CBS hopes to keep Star Trek shows airing all year long.

Star Trek has certainly had a long run in pop culture. The first Star Trek show aired from 1966-1969, and while the original series was rather short-lived, star William Shatner would go on to play lead character Captain Kirk in seven movies, before the franchise began completely focusing on a new set of characters. There have been multiple follow-up series over the years, including The Next Generation starring Stewart as Picard, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and the latest Discovery. The series has also had its fair share of cinematic adventures sprinkled over the years, including the immensely popular current trilogy produced by J.J. Abrams. Quentin Tarantino is now developing his own Star Trek movie, a fourth film in Abrams’ series is still expected to happen, and the new series revolving around Picard is in pre-production. Needless to say, Star Trek is one property that has shown no signs of slowing down.

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When Stewart posted a photo on Instagram recently of the new Picard series’ writers room, McAvoy commented, “Need a flashback guy????” Just saying @sirpatstew I’ve got previous experience and will work for autographs.” Stewart’s original post can be seen below.

Stewart previously confirmed his return to the franchise when he attended the Star Trek Las Vegas convention. Not a lot is currently known about the upcoming series; however, it will be focusing on the next chapter of Jean-Luc Picard’s life. Even after his most recent Star Trek role in 2002, Stewart has stayed busy with acting. Shortly before his time with Star Trek ended, Stewart jumped into another franchise; X-Men. Patrick has appeared in a total of seven X-Men movies as Professor Charles Xavier, a.k.a. Professor X, including X-Men: Days of Future Past, which was McAvoy’s second time playing the younger version of Stewart’s character.

Much like Stewart, McAvoy has had a successful acting career. Aside from his X-Men role, McAvoy has starred in films like Wanted, Atomic Blonde, and Split. He will also be starring in the upcoming It: Chapter Two, as well as M. Night Shyamalan’s third film in the Unbreakable series, titled Glass. Fans were very accepting of him playing a young version of Professor X, so he would likely be a good fit for the new Picard Star Trek series, if they ever do need to cast a young version of Picard.

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Charlie’s Angels Reboot Casts Patrick Stewart As (Another) Bosley

The Charlie’s Angels movie reboot will feature multiple characters referred to as Bosley, with Patrick Stewart and director Elizabeth Banks among the actors playing them. As the film’s costar Kristen Stewart explained recently, this big screen revival of the Charlie’s Angel property (which began its life as a TV series in the 1970s) will take the IP global by making the famous Townsend Agency a worldwide security and intelligence service that employs multiple teams of Angels. Hence, there will be more than a single Bosely to contend with, too.

Originally, “Bosely” was an actual person – specifically, John Bosely, a character played by David Doyle on the Charlie’s Angels TV show that aired from 1976-81. Since then, however, the title has essentially become the codename for the Angels’ handler and the individual who reports to the Townsend Agency’s boss, aka. the enigmatic Charlie. Billy Murray played the role of “John Bosely” in director McG’s 2000 Charlie’s Angels film, before Bernie Mac took over as “Jimmy Bosley” in the 2003 sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

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THR is confirming that Patrick Stewart will play one of the Boselys in the Charlie’s Angels reboot, with Banks portraying the other. By the sound of things, Banks will serve as the Bosley to the reboot’s main Angel team (as played by Kristen Stewart, Power Rangers‘ Naomi Scott and the relative newcomer Ella Balinska), with Patrick Stewart acting as Bosely for a different crew. As such, it’s possible the latter’s role will amount to little more than a glorified cameo, rather than a full-blown supporting turn.

However larger or small his Charlie’s Angels role winds up being, Patrick Stewart isn’t hurting for work at the moment. The actor is currently set to reprise his iconic Star Trek character Jean-Luc Picard in an upcoming (and, as-yet, untitled series at CBS All Access in the foreseeable future and will further play Merlin in next year’s Arthurian re-imagining, The Man Who Would Be King. Stewart is keeping busy on the voice acting front too and will lend his vocals to the animated Dragon Rider TV show slated to arrive in 2019.

While the 2011 Charlie’s Angels TV show reboot was cancelled a mere four episodes in (due to poor ratings), the hope is the movie relaunch will have much better luck. The film boasts a pretty rock-solid cast already and, by the sound of things, is attempting to really update the franchise in a way that may yet resonate strongly with modern audiences. Female action heroes are unfortunately still few and far between on the big screen, so here’s to hoping these new Angels strike a chord with moviegoers – however many Bosleys they have in tow.

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