Spider-Man: The MCU Has Failed Uncle Ben (& Peter Parker With Him)

Warning! Contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home deals with Tony Stark’s legacy after Avengers: Endgame, but that means the MCU ends up failing Uncle Ben – and Peter Parker along with him. Building on the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home further explores the relationship between Tony and Peter, only this time filtered through the lens of Iron Man’s death.

That’s great for Tony Stark’s character arc, and thus the MCU as a whole, because it’s another element that helps tie together the 22-movie Infinity Saga that makes up Phases 1-3. But it’s not so great in terms of telling a Spider-Man story, because it means Marvel is ignoring one of the defining aspects of his character, especially in Spider-Man: Far From Home: Uncle Ben.

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When Marvel Studios got the rights to use Spider-Man, they wisely decided not to do another origin story. With two movies this century already dedicated to showing Uncle Ben’s death, it wasn’t something that needed to be shown again. And that itself is fine, but it now means they’ve wasted the impact Uncle Ben could and should have had on Peter Parker in the MCU.

When Marvel decided to introduce an already active Spider-Man into the MCU during Captain America: Civil War, it meant that we weren’t going to be seeing Uncle Ben’s death, nor Spider-Man’s origin spinning out from it. Everyone knows who Spider-Man is by now, of course, so it wasn’t really necessary. But they’ve gone even further by avoiding Uncle Ben as much as possible.

In both Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, there are vague references to Uncle Ben and his absence from the lives of Peter and his Aunt May. Peter keeps his secret from May because he doesn’t want to risk hurting her, since she’s been so affected by Ben’s death, but that’s more implied than it is directly spelled out. Spider-Man: Homecoming did almost have a bigger reference towards Ben, with writer John Francis Daley wanting to include a scene where May gave Peter some of Ben’s old clothes before the Homecoming dance, but it was eventually scrapped.

That’s indicative of Marvel’s entire approach to Uncle Ben in the MCU. They’re content to not properly mention him and instead allow audiences to read what they want into it, which isn’t really a fitting substitute for having an actual character.

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In Spider-Man: Far From Home, we do get a more direct reference to Uncle Ben, with Peter using a suitcase bearing the initials ‘BFP’, which stand for Benjamin Franklin Parker. At first, this seems like a nice little touch, with Peter using his uncle’s old suitcase for his summer abroad. But then as Spider-Man: Far From Home goes on, and we see how it uses that suitcase contrasted to how it pays respect to Tony Stark, and it isn’t just avoiding Uncle Ben, but actively undermining him too.

When Spider-Man is battling Mysterio, we hear the villain say “maybe you could’ve saved him” before then showing Peter a tombstone. At that moment, it has a real chance to fully introduce Uncle Ben in the MCU, except, of course, Mysterio is talking about Iron Man, with the tombstone reading ‘Anthony Stark’. That itself makes sense, given who it’s coming from and the illusion, but they could have done something more powerful with it. Imagine if the illusion washed away, but we’re then left with a tombstone that really does read ‘Benjamin Parker’. It’d be a means of continuing to address Tony’s legacy, but also serve as a double-whammy because you get Ben’s as well, and there’s no reason the MCU shouldn’t be able to do both.

Instead, all we have in Spider-Man: Far From Home is the suitcase, which is then destroyed and played off as a joke. Tony Stark is the MCU’s Uncle Ben, and the real deal is cast aside like that old piece of luggage. Aunt May, too, doesn’t seem to be thinking of the loss of her husband, or much of anything really. Her role has been reduced to, well, sort of dating Happy Hogan, and although that is a problem in its own right, it also fits with how the MCU is using (or rather, not using) Uncle Ben. It’s not just that he doesn’t matter but, based on what we see in Spider-Man: Far From Home, like he never even existed.

Just because the MCU isn’t showing Uncle Ben’s death and Peter’s subsequent transformation into Spider-Man shouldn’t mean that he isn’t important to the stories they’re telling. It’s true that fans don’t need to watch him die again, but there still needs to be a certain sense of weight to that death. With great power comes great responsibility. Marvel has the great power with this version of Spider-Man, but now they need to face up to the responsibility of utilizing such an integral part of his character.

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In comic book story “The Night Gwen Stacy Died”, we see Peter lose another person that is close to him, and get to see how that death weighs on him. It’s an important plotline and another key stage of Peter’s development as Spider-Man, but it doesn’t replace the death of Uncle Ben in any way. Gwen’s death shows how Peter handles another loss while being a more mature Spider-Man, and because we’ve already seen what he went through with Uncle Ben it takes on even more weight. Marvel should be able to do something similar with Tony Stark. Because of the way they established Tony as Peter’s new father figure, his death had to have a major impact upon him in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but it’s done at the expense of anything to do with Uncle Ben. Instead, the MCU should have used Tony’s death to compound the sense of loss Peter feels over his uncle.

If we were able to see Peter trying to honor Uncle Ben’s memory and take forward his lessons, and then lose Tony and have to try and live up to him as well, it puts even more weight on him as a character. It gives him more depth, and a greater range of emotional beats to hit. Because Tony came into Peter’s life after he was Spider-Man, then it means his time as the web-slinger doesn’t have the same personal drive, no matter how much they’re trying to retroactively apply it. Spider-Man: Far From Home director Jon Watts is leaving the door open for something involving Uncle Ben in the future, but by the time of Spider-Man 3 it’ll be approaching a decade since he passed away, which means the MCU’s Spider-Man has largely missed the boat on one of his most important characters, and it’s hard to see that as anything but a failure of Uncle Ben and Peter Parker.

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SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME “MJ knows Peter’s Secret” Trailer (NEW 2019) Marvel Superhero Movie HD

SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME “MJ knows Peter’s Secret” Trailer (NEW 2019) Marvel Superhero Movie HD
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Macgyver’s Season 3 Finale Casts Robocop’s Peter Weller as New Villain

Peter Weller has been cast in the upcoming season 3 finale of CBS’s MacGyver. Weller is best known for his role as the title character in Robocop and Robocop 2.

CBS’s MacGyver is a reboot of the hit series from the 1980s and 1990s of the same name. Starring Lucas Till (X-Men: Apocalypse), MacGyver follows young Angus “Mac” MacGyver on his adventures working for a secret government agency. Following the fashion of the original – which starred Richard Dean Anderson – MacGyver is often thrust into bizarre situations and must save the lives of others only armed with unconventional thinking, limited resources, and problem-solving skills. Despite mixed reviews for the re-imagined series, CBS picked up MacGyver for a full order, and the show is almost upon the end of its third season. The season 3 ending of MacGyver should prove an exciting one – especially now with the addition of Weller.

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According to TV Line, Weller has been tapped to play the antithesis of Macgyver. Film and TV vet Weller is set to take on the role of a clever villain named Mason, who rivals Macgyver’s brain power. Following the storyline of a recent bombing attempt and a slew of trouble for Mac, Mason will no doubt cause quite a stir in next month’s season finale. Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov gave his thoughts on Macgyver’s newest – and perhaps most deadly – villain:

“Ultimately, all roads are going to lead to Peter Weller being his Big Bad who – and I think it was Lucas Till who came up with this – is basically a ‘bad MacGyver’. He’s someone who has the same head as Macgyver, the same skills but he uses it for nefarious purposes.”

Weller may be most recognized as Robocop, but he’s a veteran TV actor and director, having played roles in shows such as Dexter, 24 and Star Trek: Enterprise. Weller is also well versed with Lenkov’s CBS reboot trilogy, and has directed episodes of MacGyver and Magnum P.I. Along with Till, Weller joins cast members Riley Davis (The Vampire Diaries), Justin Hires (Rush Hour) and Meredith Eaton (Battle Creek). The show faced an upset last year when George Eads – who played the pivotal role of Mac’s partner –  exited the series due to conflicts on set.

Even though Weller has a history with MacGyver’s showrunner, any project would fare well in bringing Weller onboard. Weller has a knack for playing dark, nefarious characters and will broaden the talent base and storyline of the MacGyver series. It’s still unclear if MacGyver will be renewed for a season 4, but after the appearance of Weller as Mason, it may leave the audience thirsty for more, and CBS inclined to renew MacGyver for another season.

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RDJ Shares Alternate Version of Tony & Peter’s Photo From New Endgame Trailer

Robert Downey Jr. shares an alternate look at Tony Stark and Peter Parker’s Avengers: Endgame special look photo. In light with the release of Avengers 4‘s tickets came a brand new bonus teaser mostly composed of new footage – which included a brief glance of Tony looking at a framed snap of him and his mentee upon the latter’s completion of the Stark internship. The split-second shot perfectly encapsulated the two’s dynamic, but there’s another version of the image that insinuates quite a different message.

Tony paved the way for Peter to join the bigger superhero world that exists with the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. From the get-go, it’s clear that the two have a great dynamic so it wasn’t surprising that Iron Man, albeit reluctantly, became Spider-Man’s unofficial mentor. Marvel Studios efficiently fleshed out their relationship over the course of two films before events of Avengers: Infinity War rolled out, making Spider-Man’s death in the arms of Tony much more impactful. And the Endgame special look reminded fans of Tony’s trauma by featuring him staring at his and Peter goofing around for a snap.

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A different shot of the image, however, makes its way online thanks to Downey sharing it on his official Instagram account. In his upload, Stark looks less enthusiastic about posing with Peter, while his mentee sheepishly grins. The plaque they’re holding is also upside down like how it is in Endgame‘s official teaser. The actor captioned his post “we are stoked,” check the image below:

There’s still no clarity when it comes to how Endgame could pan out with Disney’s trailers barely giving anything plot-wise. Add to that directors Joe and Anthony Russo admitted to footage manipulation in trailers to throw off fans from figuring out what’s going to happen in the film, and it makes it much more difficult to build theories based on what’s in these trailers. But with Spider-Man: Far From Home coming in two months after Avengers 4 with Peter teaming up with Nick Fury (who also disintegrated), fans are assured that Tony and the rest of the surviving heroes will be able to find a way to defeat Thanos and restore peace and order in the universe. Whether or not that means Iron Man survives the debacle is an entirely new conversation however. It’s also curious how Peter’s experience during this whole debacle will affect him moving forward.

Tony’s fight against Thanos has always been personal. The Mad Titan’s existence and the idea that he can launch another attack on Earth since the Battle of New York psychologically tortured him for years. But having Peter die in front of him because of the villain took it on another level, making him motivated now more than ever to make sure that Thanos pays for his sins. Since not much is known regarding Avengers: Endgame, it’s curious if the Avengers are particularly striving to revive the dead heroes and bring the universe to its state pre-snap or they’re simply out to avenge the galaxy. In any case, fans can be assured that they’ll do everything they can to take down the Mad Titan whatever it takes.

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7 Things in Lord Of The Rings Canon That Peter Jackson Ignored

Love them or leave them, the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson is in some ways very different from the novels we all know and love. Some of the changes were more aesthetic than not, while others we’ll never be able to forgive. Some of the changes were made for the sake of pacing or timing, and to be fair the movies would have all been at least twice as long without those edits. But that doesn’t always make the changes sit right to fans.

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Here is a short list of some of the most frustrating bits of canon that Peter Jackson ignored when making his Lord of the Rings trilogy.

7 The Reason Merry & Pippin Join the Quest

Merry and Pippin are all cute and cheerful in both the novels and the movies, but there’s a dramatic shift between the two. In the novels Merry and Pippin are shockingly perceptive; being well aware that Frodo was in some sort of danger and planning on making a mad run. Knowing that they were likely to be headed into danger, the stubborn pair refused to let Frodo go off on his own (yes, Sam was going with, but without their support, it hardly counts).

In the movies, the pair are shown as bumbling hobbits. They’re clearly being used as comic relief at points. They ended up along the quest because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It gave no justice to their true characters or their loyalty.It may seem like a small change, but it did set the tone for these two characters and their appearances for the rest of the movies.

6 The Scouring of the Shire

It is mind-boggling that the Scouring of the Shire was left out of the movies. It was an important lesson for the hobbits and the readers alike to learn, so it seems strange that it got completely overlooked. At the end of the Return of the King, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin all come back home to the Shire…only to find it fundamentally changed. The Shire did not escape the war unscathed. Here they find that Saruman (disguised as Sharkey) had run from his tower to the Shire to take over their homeland.

The Scouring of the Shire represented the Hobbits learning to stand against tyranny on their own. They had to fight for their homeland in a way they never expected, from an enemy they didn’t see coming. This chapter has been considered vital by many, and as an allegory for what happened to Britain after World War II. Considering how influenced Tolkien was by the war, this seems extremely likely. The closest we get to this chapter is the briefest hint when a glimpse of the future is shown – and even then nothing really comes of it. It’s a shame this part was left out, though Peter Jackson to this day defends his choice.

5 The Elves’ Reason for Leaving

In the movies, it was never really made clear that the Elves must leave regardless of the outcome. If Sauron wins, the reason is fairly obvious. But even if he lost, the Elves must depart. Their power had been weakening, and they had become somewhat dependent on the power supplied by their rings. If the one ring is destroyed, then so are their rings.

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The movie pretty much glossed over this, however, showing it as the Elves leaving almost like they were giving up hope for the battle. It seemed at times like the Elves just assumed that the battle was already lost, and thus not worth staying. When in truth the Elves had invested so much in the battles before this and had high hopes for the outcome of this one. It was simply beyond them to stay and help.

4 Aragorn, Arwen, & Elrond

The relationship dynamics between Aragon, Arwen, and Elrond are a bit skewed between the novels and the movies. It might not have been a big deal, had they not played a major part in how things turned out. Aragon and Arwin were fiercely loyal to one another. Arwen had pled herself to Aragon some fifty years before the novels began, and that is not something Elves turn back on lightly. Thus she simply would not have considered leaving the way she did in the movie; she was tied to Aragorn one way or the other.

Likewise, Elrond wouldn’t have pushed Arwen to leave the way we were shown. He adored Aragorn in his own way – he was, in essence, the uncle or foster father for many of Aragorn’s line, and thus respected Aragorn highly. He thought that if anyone could get the humans through this battle it would be this man. There was tension built here that didn’t need to be. These three were very happily set in their own agreements and opinions. The changes weren’t needed, and the time could have been better spent on other areas that needed more explaining.

3 The Elf Army Appearance

In the movies, during the battle of Helms Deep, the fighters are given a sudden sense of hope as an Elven army arrives at their doors. This does not happen in the books. There simply were not enough Elves to go around at that point. There certainly weren’t enough of them that they’d be so willing to risk and throw away their lives like this. And once again, the Elves have been weakening for years. This land can no longer be their home. It doesn’t seem likely that the Elves would choose to stay and fight for a land that they will never be a part of again.

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Another important point; the Elves were actively engaged in their own battle by this point in the novel. So they truly did not have the forces to spare, not even if they had been otherwise willing to. Admittedly the moment was very inspiring and heartwarming, which is likely what Peter Jackson was going for. There were other opportunities he could have gone with here though.

2 Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil was the biggest character left out of the movie adaptations. There were reasons for it, we’re sure (pacing, having to explain his character, etc), but it still stings. Tom Bombadil is a unique force in the world of Lord of the Rings. Many argue that he’s a great evil perfectly hiding as a crazy – but powerful – old man. Others are less convinced. In the novels, Tom Bombadil was one of the first encounters the Hobbits had all on their own. This odd encounter turns out to be extremely important later, but we’ll get to that. Tom helps Frodo to free Merry and Pippin from Old Man Willow, only to then invite the travelers back to his home.

Frodo trusted this man so much that he allowed Tom Bombadil to inspect the ring – yes, that ring. The ring notably had no effect on Tom Bombadil. Tom Bombadil saved the Hobbits once more after their parting. Tom is one of those characters that fans love to debate about. Still, no matter how one feels about him, we must all agree that he took care of the Hobbits and they likewise learned a lot from him. Not to mention the items they gained with his help.

1 Barrow-Blades

Since we just talked about Tom Bombadil and his importance to the plot, we may as well cover the other reason Tom Bombadil is important. And this fact has inarguably long-reaching effects. Tom Bombadil is the reason the four Hobbits have Barrow-Blades.Barrow-Blades are the iconic short blades we see the Hobbits carrying in the movies (not Frodo’s, of course). These blades were found in a wight’s barrow, hence the name.

These blades were also known as Daggers of Westernesse, and were forged by those very men. They’re old blades, but they have one unique property to them. You see, these blades were enchanted by an Arthedian weaponsmith. Their purpose? They get around the protections cast upon the Ringwraiths. When Merry stabbed the Witch King during the Battle of Pelennor Fields, he significantly weakened the foe, allowing for Eowyn to strike the killing blow. The focus of this moment in the movies was shifted to Eowyn, diminishing the role that Merry (and thus the blades and Tom Bombadil) played in the movie.

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How Game of Thrones Prevented Set Photos From Spoiling the Series Finale

When it comes to avoiding spoilers for Game of Thrones, filmmakers are taking no chances for season 8. The story of Game of Thrones started in 1996 when author George R.R. Martin published his book titled A Game Of Thrones, which stands as his first entry in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. His series of novels is what HBO decided to adapt into Game of Thrones which came on the air in 2011.

The show has been running for seven seasons, but Game of Thrones very quickly became one of HBO’s most popular TV shows. The series has a truly ensemble cast including actors like Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, and Lena Headey. All of these characters survived the end of season 7, but it is up in the air whether they will survive the eighth and final season. Thankfully, spoilers for the upcoming season haven’t leaked yet, which is because HBO is taking special precautions to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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According to EW, HBO is using new high-tech instruments to make sure drones cannot fly over filming locations called a “Drone Killer“. Previously, Game of Thrones has had leaks due to flying drones and even actual photographersAs explained by actress Sophie Turner at New York Comic Con, “If a drone flies above sets, there’s a thing that can kill the drones, which is really cool. It creates a field around it and the drones just drop. It’s very X-Men.” While this new development will no doubt help contain spoilers on the highly anticipated season, the show has still had trouble in the past keeping elements of the plot a secret.

Last August, hackers stole 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO which contained Game of Thrones scripts as well as the cast’s personal information. The leak was a big blow to HBO as people were less inclined to tune in if the episodes had been spoiled. The filmmakers behind the newest season seem to not be playing games when it comes to season 8. In addition to this, the Game of Thrones scripts now supposedly vanish after the scenes have been filmed. It was also rumored that the show would film multiple endings, but those rumors have since been debunked by the cast.

Even though Game of Thrones is still quite a ways away, the eighth season is looking to be the biggest one yet (despite being the shortest in number of episodes). After all, this season will feature the biggest battle in Game of Thrones history. The series will also have to effectively tie up each of the characters storylines and finally reveal who will sit atop the Iron Throne. Regardless of what HBO has in store for fans, they are doing everything they can to ensure that this season doesn’t get spoiled early.

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Game of Thrones season 8 premieres on HBO in 2019.

Source: EW

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Harry Potter: 20 Crazy Details Only True Potterheads Knew About Wormtail

For a lot of reasons, Peter Pettigrew, AKA “Wormtail”, may be one of the creepiest characters in all of the Harry Potter series. First and foremost, is the rather strange decision on the part of author J.K. Rowlings, to make Pettigrew’s animagus form hang around so closely with a preteen Ronald Weasley. With that particularly large elephant out of the room, we can get into some of the more unnerving, crazy, and interesting facts about this Voldemort supporter.

Everyone knows Wormtail to be the man who betrayed Lily and James Potter’s location to Voldemort, who sought to destroy them and their newborn son after finding out that Harry may one day defeat him. Although Voldemort’s attempt on Harry’s life backfired (quite literally), this moment it did cement Wormtail as one of Tom Riddle’s most famous supporters. In addition to this, Wormtail also got away with it all by blaming Sirius Black for that horrible night.

In many ways, Wormtail was the most unlikely member of Voldemort’s inner circle. He didn’t have the dedication to Voldemort’s evil agenda that Lucius Malfoy did. Nor did he have the obsessive nature of the deranged Bellatrix Lestrange. At the end of the day, Wormtail was a coward, and that why he let betrayed his friends to become part of one of the darkest cults of all time. Despite all he has done, Wormtail was still a far more engaging character than most fans may recall.

Without further ado, here are 20 Crazy Facts About Wormtail.

20 He Was Almost Not Sorted Into Gryffindor

When Peter Pettigrew arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he lined up with the rest of the First Years to await The Sorting Hat’s decision on which House he would join. While in line, he met both Sirius Black, who uttered his contempt for Slytherin House, and James Potter. Immediately, Pettigrew took a liking to these boys and longed to be Sorted with them.

When he finally was placed under The Sorting Hat, Pettigrew waited a whole five minutes to be placed in Gryffindor.

This is what was called a “Hatstall.” The Sorting Hat clearly saw that this character was suitable for more than one house. Although Slytherin would be the obvious alternative choice, Hufflepuff was one as well.

19 He Was A Member Of The Order Of The Phoenix

Due to Peter Pettigrew’s friendship with James, Remus, and Sirius, he joined The Order of the Phoenix after his time at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Order of the Phoenix was a secret society founded by Albus Dumbledore to combat Voldemort and his sycophantic followers during the First Wizarding War. This was the time when Voldemort returned from traveling abroad and sought to overthrow the Ministry of Magic and persecute Muggles and Muggle-born magical folk. Although Pettigrew wasn’t a fan of Voldemort’s ideology, he was part of the Order purely because his friends were. It was a community for him. He did not have the same passion for the cause as the other members did.

18 He Wasn’t A True Believer In Voldemort

Much like Peter Pettigrew wasn’t a true believer in the Order of the Phoenix, he wasn’t one of Voldemort’s dedicated followers either. He did not share the same lust for dominance over the Wizarding World, nor the same level of intolerance.

When Pettigrew became a spy for Voldemort, it was purely out of fear.

Wormtail, at the end of the day, is an opportunist. He is someone who will do just about anything to survive, and that included betraying his best friends in order to remain on the powerful dark wizard’s good side. In many instances, especially in the books, Wormtail even couldn’t bear Voldemort’s violence and occasionally attempted to suggest alternative measures to achieve his dark desire.

17 McGonagall Didn’t Like Him, even as a kid

If there’s one thing that Minerva McGonagall has never done, it’s mince words. First and foremost, this Transfiguration professor and Gryffindor Head of House is brutally honest. In the books, she was honest about how she felt about Peter Pettigrew during his time at Hogwarts.

Of course, McGonagall taught him Transfiguration as well as watched over him as the H.O.H. She claimed that Pettigrew “hero-worshipped” both James Potter and Sirius Black. In fact, she even described him as a “lump of a boy” who constantly followed Sirius around like his lap-dog. She even claimed that Peter was “stupid” as well as “foolish.” However, Minerva clearly grew to have some respect for him once he joined the Order. She even spoke sadly about him before she learned that he was the one responsible for the betrayal and not Sirius.

16 He Lived As A Rat For 12 Years

As most fans know, Peter Pettigrew was one of the Mauraders, the small group of friends that consisted of James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. Peter even decided to become an animagus in order to make Remus feel more comfortable with the fact that he was tragically turned into a werewolf. The fact that Pettigrew could turn into a rat at will was something that came in handy after he was forced to fake his own demise in order to properly frame Sirius Black.

Due to his fear of being caught, Pettigrew lived as a rat for a solid 12 years.

He was eventually discovered by Sirius and Remus in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

15 He Chose The Weasleys As Owners To Avoid The Death Eaters

After Pettigrew faked his demise, he chose to live as a rat in order to both keep up his lie as well as to avoid the Death Eaters. At this stage, many of Voldemort’s followers were unknown to the authorities and lived amongst the common-folk. Due to the fact that Voldemort’s apparent demise happened due to Pettigrew’s information, the Death Eaters believed that Pettigrew was a traitor and therefore sought to destroy him.

Wormtail knew that he stood a better chance at staying alive if he picked a “good” family to stay with. Eventually, he came to be Percy Weasley’s possession and was handed down to Ron. Presumably, Wormtail (as “Scabbers”) stayed with the Weasleys because he knew that the family would treat him right as well as shield him from Voldemort’s secret followers.

14 He Almost Ruined Ron And Hermione’s Relationship

Although Wormtail didn’t mean to, he almost completely ruined Hermione and Ron’s friendship in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Throughout the book and the film (to a lesser extent), Ron was constantly trying to save Scabbers (AKA Wormtail) from Hermione’s carnivorous new cat, Crookshanks. When Wormtail heard that Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban and was poking around the Hogwarts grounds, he decided to flee, faking his demise a second time.

In the book, he bit himself in order to leave blood that suggested that Crookshanks had finally taken him out.

It completely convinced Ron, and the pair’s relationship nearly ended until the truth was revealed. This is just another instance of Peter Pettigrew doing anything necessary to remain alive.

13 Rats helped him find Voldemort

A lot of fans of Harry Potter who haven’t paid close enough detail to the books wonder how Wormtail and Voldemort were reunited before the events of The Goblet of Fire. Well, the truth is Wormtail learned from fellow rats that a dark force was living in a forest in Albania. This force ended up being Voldemort himself, who was living off the animals in the forest. However, Voldemort was just clinging to life in his shriveled-up form.

Wormtail lured a prominent ministry witch, who was on vacation in Albania, into the forest and then proceeded to force information out of her that helped persuade Voldemort to take him back into his good graces.

12 He Fed Voldemort Nagini’s Milk to Save Him

Aside from finding Lord Voldemort in a forest in Albania and giving him some vital information about the upcoming Triwizard Tournament from the ministry official he lured into the forest, Wormtail also stayed in Voldemort’s good graces due to the fact that he kept him alive. At this point, Voldemort was simply a shriveled up humanoid creature who barely had any power at all.

With Wormtail’s help, he managed to stay strong enough to last until the end of The Goblet of Fire when he was “reborn.”

Wormtail was able to do this because he milked the venom out of Nagini, Voldemort’s giant snake who will appear in human form in Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald. This venom provided Voldemort with the rudimentary body we see in Goblet of Fire.

11 He Helped Capture Mad-Eye

When Wormtail traveled to Albania to seek Voldemort, he ran into a ministry official who he forced into telling him legitimate information about the goings on at Hogwarts. This included the upcoming Triwizard Tournament that they would get Harry Potter to take part in, as well as the fact that Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody would be the next Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Another piece of information this ministry official gave was that there was a Voldemort supporter hiding out in England. This ended up being Barty Crouch Jr., who, with the help of Wormtail, tracked down Mad-Eye Moody and captured him. Crouch then famously continued to take locks of Mad-Eye’s hair in order to brew a Polyjuice Potion that turned him into Mad-Eye.

10 Snape Got His Revenge On Pettigrew

As we found out through various flashbacks during Harry’s time learning legilimency from Severus Snape, Severus was teased and pushed around by Harry’s father, Lupin, Sirius, and Peter Pettigrew as a child. Pettigrew probably wouldn’t have been the one to instigate this, but he was happy to play along with what the “cool kids” were doing. That, after all, was sort of his M.O. However, in their later years, Snape got his revenge on Wormtail after Voldemort ordered Wormtail to live with Snape at Spinner’s End in order to help him with various things.

Wormtail ended up being Snape’s punching bag and personal servant.

In fact, Snape treated him quite poorly, which, without a doubt had more to do with Wormtail betraying Lily Potter than anything else.

9 Voldemort Loathed Him

Lord Voldemort may not have had the ability to love anything except for himself, and even that is arguable, but he certainly had some appreciation and respect for certain members of his cult. At one time, he had immense respect for Lucius Malfoy, but that went away after Lucius continued to fail him. Bellatrix and Snape seem to be in his good graces constantly as they appeared to be his most ardent supporters. Snape, specifically, was the one he thought was infiltrating Dumbledore and the Order.

Wormtail is a different story entirely. Voldemort never liked Wormtail at all. He put up with him because Wormtail helped to keep him alive. But even before Voldemort’s first downfall, the villain knew that Wormtail was only around out of fear, not out of duty or respect.

8 He Wasn’t Skilled At Magic

Throughout the course of the Harry Potter series, two very different powerful magical folk made comments on Wormtail’s lack of power. The first was Wormtail’s old Transfiguration teacher, Minerva McGonagall, who claimed that he was far less talented than his friends when it came to magic. Then there’s Voldemort, who always regarded his servant as particularly weak. The truth is, they were mostly right about him.

He was a hopeless dueler, only besting opponents when catching them off-guard.

However, there are a couple of instances where he’s shown more potential than even he believed. One of these moments was when he caused an explosion that ended the lives of twelve Muggles and allowed him to get away from Sirius Black.

7 He Was Surprisingly Intelligent And An Opportunist

You can say a lot about Peter Pettigrew, including his cowardly demeanor, but one thing you can’t say is that he was dumb. On the contrary, Wormtail was actually pretty intelligent. This cunning helped him frame Sirius for the crime that he committed, as well as search out Voldemort.

Wormtail’s intelligence also allowed him to be quite the opportunist. This trait perhaps sums him up the most, as from the start of things he knew how to get in with the “right” crowd. When the tides changed and there was a better group to be associated with, that’s exactly where Wormtail would end up. A fool wouldn’t be able to navigate situations like this, let alone stay on Voldemort’s good side.

6 The Other Death Eaters Didn’t Like Him

Being an opportunist didn’t quite go over well when it came to Voldemort’s closest servants. First of all, many of them, including Bellatrix Lestrange, were there because they either believed in Voldemort’s cause or Voldemort himself.

Many of these Death Eaters saw Wormtail as a clinger; someone who was merely there to survive and never truly fought for what they believed in.

Another major source of the dislike the Death Eaters had for Wormtail had to do with Voldemort’s first downfall. This event happened on Wormtail’s information. When Voldemort was seemingly annihilated after attacking Harry Potter, many Death Eaters saw Wormtail as a traitor who purposefully led Voldemort to his grave.

5 His Hand Was Cursed

Although the filmmakers behind the Harry Potter movies didn’t explore Wormtail’s silver hand, it was certainly talked about in detail in J.K. Rowling’s novels. Wormtail first got this magical silver hand after he severed it from his body while resurrecting Voldemort in The Goblet of Fire. However, it came with a catch.

The catch with Wormtail’s replacement hand was that it was cursed. Sure, the hand had magical properties, including being impervious to certain jinxes, but it also led to his downfall. Though Wormtail didn’t receive a proper final scene in the films, his demise in the books occurred when he was planning to do good on his “life debt” to Harry. Wormtail’s magical hand turned on him, wrapped around his neck, and took his life.

4 He was insecure about his body

Every single person on the planet has their own set of insecurities. This is true of all of the characters within J.K. Rowling’s masterful series. For Wormtail, it was his stature. Not only was his short height an issue for him, but his weight and shape particularly bothered him. He no doubt compared himself to the more traditionally handsome James Potter and Sirius Black while growing up.

Due to actor Timothy Spall’s height, Wormtail was portrayed a taller than he was in the books.

However, when he first appeared in Prisoner of Azkaban, he was around the same height as a 13 and 14-year-old Harry and Hermione. Both Harry and Hermione would grow to be taller, while Pettigrew remained the same height.

3 He Was Made More Rat-Like For The Films

J.K. Rowlings described Peter Pettigrew has had some of the qualities of a rat, especially after living as one for a solid twelve years. These traits included watery eyes, grubby skin, a pointed nose, and even a squeaky voice that followed him after he revealed himself in The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron wanted to make sure audiences absolutely knew that Pettigrew would have maintained some of his rat-like qualities after his twelve-year stint. These added details included extra nostril hair, knuckle hair, two big teeth, and a consistency between Scabbers’ fur and Wormtail’s locks. Hiding his neck with the right coat also made Wormtail’s rat-like look more believable. These details also came in handy for Wormtail’s visual transition back into his animagus form as he escaped.

2 He Took Voldemort’s Wand

Wormtail didn’t keep his distance the day after Voldemort’s downfall in Godric’s Hollow. He made sure he was nearby as he hoped his information would be useful. Voldemort, of course, wanted to take out a young Harry Potter due to the prophecy that stated that the boy could lead to his demise. Unfortunately for Voldemort, his attempt on Harry’s life backfired and he was practically disintegrated.

Wormtail deduced this once he came across the rubble of the house. He then found Voldemort’s iconic phoenix-feathered wand and took it for safe keeping.

He later gave it back to Voldemort once he was strong enough to use it once more.

There’s no telling where exactly Wormtail stored the wand while living as a rat for twelve years.

1 His Demise Was Connected To The Marauders

Wormtail’s connection to the Marauders, Lupin (Mooney), Sirius (Padfoot), and James (Prongs) was fully realized the day that he met his end. This is because Wormtail’s demise (at least in the book) was very similar to those of his three classmates.

All four of them, in one way or another, passed away while trying to protect or save Harry.

James met his end at the hands of Lord Voldemort that day in Godric’s Hollow. Sirius was protecting Harry when he was struck by Bellatrix’s curse. Lupin fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, giving Harry a moment to escape from Dolohov, who was later revealed to have taken Lupin out. Finally, Wormtail’s cursed hand turned on him the moment he was about to let Harry go, honoring his life-debt.

What do you think is the craziest fact about Wormtail in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments below!

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Spider-Man: Far From Home First Teaser Poster Spotted At Licensing Expo

Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home gets a teaser poster as the promotional image is spotted at the Brand Licensing Europe 2018 event in London. Thanks to a deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. Since then, Holland’s wall-crawling superhero has headlined his own movie in Spider-Man: Homecoming and teamed up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Infinity War. Next, Spidey will return for Avengers 4, then the beloved Marvel hero will kick off Phase 4 of the MCU with Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Despite Peter Parker becoming the victim of Thanos’ snap as part of Infinity War’s cliffhanger ending, we know the web-head will return somehow – whether that means Avengers 4 will use time travel, though, remains to be seen. Holland and stars of Homecoming returned to work this summer as Spider-Man: Far From Home has been filming across Europe. Set photos from the Spider-Man sequel have offered looks at MCU characters joining the Sony movie, including Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill. Now, a promo poster for Spider-Man: Far From Home has also surfaced.

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Instagram user Dirtees posted a group of photos from the floor of the Brand Licensing Europe 2018 expo in London, United Kingdom this week. The fourth photo in the post (which can be located by clicking through the series of photos below) features a hanging promotion image for Spider-Man: Far From Home. It appears to be an image of Spider-Man from Homecoming that was repurposed with the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie logo. Take a look at the image below.

Of course, Sony can use images of Spider-Man from Homecoming for the Far From Home posters because Peter Parker is expected to be wearing the same superhero suit. Previously, Holland confirmed Spider-Man will wear the Homecoming suit in the sequel, despite upgrading to the Iron-Spider suit for Infinity War. However, based on Far From Home set photos, Spider-Man will also don a stealth suit that’s all black. Fans have theorized this suit is inspired by Spider-Man Noir, but how exactly Spidey gets the black suit for Far From Home remains to be seen. All we know for now is that Peter Parker will trade in his red and blue costume for something more covert (or, perhaps it’s a separate mode built into the old suit by Tony Stark).

Unfortunately, this Spider-Man: Far From Home promotional poster doesn’t reveal anything new from the movie – neither in terms of the web-head’s suit nor otherwise. That said, with Far From Home set to hit theaters in July 2019, we aren’t too far off from Sony kicking off marketing for the Spider-Man sequel. While there are two MCU movies due in theaters before Far From HomeCaptain Marvel and Avengers 4 – their close release dates mean the marketing pushes for each film will inevitably overlap. Plus, given how secretive Marvel Studios has been with Avengers 4, it’s entirely possible we’ll see some official artwork for Spider-Man: Far From Home even before the Phase 3 capper releases a trailer. For now, fans will have to wait and see – and make due with Holland’s occasional social media reveals and the Spider-Man: Far From Home set photos.

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Source: Dirtees/Instagram

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Review – A Pretty Slappy Sequel

Goosebumps 2 lacks the charm and inventiveness of its predecessor, but still has a reasonable amount of spoopy entertainment value to offer.

R.L. Stine’s beloved 1990s children’s horror book series makes its way back to the big screen in Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, a sequel to the live-action film adaptation of Stine’s novels that came out in 2015. While Jack Black starred as a fictional version of Stine in that movie, Sony didn’t even confirm the actor’s return for the followup until a few weeks before its release. Similarly, neither the director, writer, nor supporting cast of the (generally well-received) first Goosebumps film worked on the second installment. While Haunted Halloween certainly suffers for it, the sequel isn’t an entirely hollow continuation of the franchise either. Goosebumps 2 lacks the charm and inventiveness of its predecessor, but still has a reasonable amount of spoopy entertainment value to offer.

Goosebumps 2 picks up in the small town of Wardenclyffe, New York, as its residents prepare for the fast-approaching Halloween Night festivities. Meanwhile, in the Quinn household, high school senior Sarah (Madison Iseman) is trying to finish her college application and her younger brother Sonny (Jeremy Ray Taylor) is struggling with his science class project – a miniature replica of an experimental wireless transmission station in Wardenclyffe that was built and designed by Nikola Tesla, but never finished (aka. the Tesla Tower). The Quinns are joined by Sonny’s best friend Sam Carter (Caleel Harris), who is staying over at their house while his parents are away for the Halloween holiday.

After some prodding from Sam, Sonny agrees to take a break from his project and clear out an abandoned local house, as part of the duo’s ongoing efforts to launch a (successful) junk cleanup business. While there, however, the pair stumble upon an incomplete manuscript for a Goosebumps novel, unaware that the building was once owned by R.L. Stine himself. Not knowing any better, Sam and Sonny unlock the book and inadvertently unleash the Goosebumps villain Slappy the Dummy back into the real world. While the living ventriloquist dummy seems (sorta) friendly at first, it’s not long before he reveals his true evil plan, with only Sam, Sonny and Sarah to stand in his way.

If the original Goosebumps movie was a throwback to the popular family-friendly spooky adventures of the 1990s (think Hocus Pocus), then Haunted Halloween is closer to being the 2018 equivalent of a direct-to cable scary movie for kids from the ’90s – that is, noticeably cheaper and more generic, yet otherwise harmless and playful in its own right. The Goosebumps 2 script by Rob Lieber (Peter Rabbit) likewise carries over the first movie’s imaginative premise and conceit (e.g. Stine’s Goosebumps novel manuscripts are really enchanted objects which contain and prevent his “demons” from entering the real world) and includes references to its story, yet never really tries to build on its concepts, much less its themes and lore. Instead, Haunted Halloween offers helpful, if unchallenging, life lessons for kids and a serviceable narrative that doesn’t exactly push the envelope for the larger Goosebumps brand.

At the same time, Goosebumps 2 is perhaps more successful than its predecessor when it comes to being genuinely menacing and scary for the juice box crowd, yet still light-hearted enough to avoid traumatizing them (hence, “spoopy”). Much of the credit for that goes to director Ari Sandel (The DUFF), who does a commendable job of combining suspenseful and creepy storytelling with comedic moments here, much like Stine did so well in his original Goosebumps novels. Haunted Halloween, as indicated earlier, feels like a lower-budgeted affair than the first Goosebumps, yet Sandel and his creative team – including, DP Barry Peterson (Game Night) and production designer Rusty Smith (Get Out) – still manage to deliver a movie that’s a proper cut above a comparable TV film, in terms of overall craftsmanship. That also goes for the CGI and creature effects in the sequel’s first half (more on the second half later).

The actual setting of Haunted Halloween is mostly populated by stock types, be they the film’s young heroes or the local bullies that Sonny and Sam have to deal with (not to mention, Sarah’s dishonest would-be boyfriend). While their characters are fairly two-dimensional in the Goosebumps sequel, Harris, Iseman and Ray nevertheless have the same affable screen presence that’s allowed them to stand out in films and TV shows past and, thus, make their protagonists all the easier to root for. That also goes for the adult supporting players here, as Wendi McLendon-Covey (The Goldbergs) and Ken Jeong (Community) mostly channel their famous small screen personas as Sarah and Sonny’s adorkable mother Kathy and their eccentric neighbor Mr. Chu, respectively. As for Black as R.L. Stine: his own role in Goosebumps 2 is pretty superfluous, which is disappointing considering the energy that he brought to the proceedings as the first Goosebumps‘ co-protagonist (not to mention, his vocal performance as Slappy, which Black didn’t reprise in the sequel).

All in all, Haunted Halloween is a passable if derivative sequel – but not because the Goosebumps books themselves are incapable of sustaining multiple films. Rather, the problem is that the sequel recycles too much from the first movie and struggles to make creative use of the fresh elements (like the real-world Tesla Tower) that it brings into the mix here. It’s too bad, seeing as Goosebumps 2 had a wealth of different monsters and horror genres in Stine’s source novels to draw from, yet elected to continue simplifying the author’s mythology by making Slappy the big bad (again) and skimping on giving the other creatures much in the way of personality. As a result, the second half of the movie plays out as a watered down version of what happened in the original Goosebumps, albeit with lower production values and emotional impact.

Still, Goosebumps 2 should go over best with its young target demographic and provide them with enough silly scares and fun adventure to keep them engaged for its brisk runtime. Moreover, much like your average comic book movie these days, Haunted Halloween delivers its fair share of Goosebumps easter eggs and nods to the real Stine’s source material (right down to a Stan Lee-esque cameo from Stine himself), to further serve the property’s youngest fans. As for those who prefer their family-friendly fantasies with Jack Black starring front and center – The House with a Clock in Its Walls is still playing in theaters and ought to fulfill your own needs for some spoopy entertainment this Halloween season.


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween begins playing in U.S. theaters on Thursday evening, October 11. It is 90 minutes long and is rated PG for scary creature action and images, some thematic elements, rude humor and language.

Let us know what you thought of the film in the comments section!

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The Disney-Fox Deal Will Close January 2019

The Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox’s major merger is coming together faster than anticipated and will now officially be completed on January 1, 2019. Fox has plenty of success over the years through a variety of media outlets, but determined they could not properly compete in the movie and TV space. They looked to sell these branches of the company and quickly found Disney to be their preferred buyer. Comcast attempted to pull the deal out from under Disney’s reaches, but simply made them pay them pay $71 billion for Fox’s assets instead of the initial $54 billion bid.

There has been plenty of resistance to the deal because of the monopoly Disney continues to grow and the job losses that will come from it. From Disney’s perspective, they view the Fox acquisition as a great way to enhance their library of content prior to launching their own streaming service late next year. Throughout the process, it was anticipated that summer 2019 would be when the deal would close, but it’ll actually be much sooner.

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Variety shared the news that 21st Century Fox president Peter Rice told Fox employees the merger will be “ready to close” on January 1, 2019. This effectively means that 2018 will be the final year for this current look of Fox and moves up the timeline for the merger as a result.

Disney and Fox shareholders officially approved the terms of the merger back in July, less than a month after the Department of Justice approved the deal on their own. The studios have since been seeking approval in various countries around the world, while also figuring out the new hierarchy of Disney in a post-merger landscape. For Rice’s part, he’s joining Disney as a top TV executive. Disney recently made several of these types of moves official, while other executives have already found jobs elsewhere for when the merger closes.

The accelerated timetable of the deal comes after reports that a late 2018 finalization could be possible. They will miss this mark by a day it appears, as both studios now hope to become one at the turn of the calendar year. This is all barring some unforeseen mishap with the deal, but considering how well the deal has gone so far, it is difficult to imagine anything coming up now that would hinder them from completing the deal on Jan 1. After all, Rice told this to all of Fox’s current employees in a town-hall setting at their Los Angeles studio, so they must be confident that this date will stick. How quickly changes, such as cancellation of some projects or Marvel Studios’ plans for the X-Men, are made from then on remain to be seen. But, we do at least now know when the merger will be completed.

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Source: Variety

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