Wizards of Waverly Place: Best Episodes (According to IMDb)

Wizards of Waverly Place first premiered on Disney Channel in 2007. The series starred the Russo siblings, Alex, Justin, and Max, as they studied wizardry in preparation to determine who would be the family wizard. The series won multiple Emmy awards for Outstanding Children’s Program for the show itself and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, which released in 2009. The show did very well in ratings and was one of the most popular shows on Disney Channel during its run. For four seasons, the show entranced its viewers with magic, characters, and costumes. It also aired a reunion special, The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex a year after the series finale. The episode “Who Will Be The Family Wizard,” is also the most-watched series finale in Disney Channel history.

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The third installment in the Wizards vs. Vampires saga follows Justin and Juliet’s relationship progressing. However, Juliet asking Justin to join her family on vacation causes him to lie since he does not want to go. Yet, he later changes his mind and follows Juliet on the magic carpet. Meanwhile, as a way to spend time with Dean since he moved away, Alex uses magic to create dream dates for them. When Dean shows up at the sub shop suggesting he and Alex go out since he has been dreaming of her, their outing is not what Alex envisioned. Dean is more interested in the arcade games than in spending time with her.


In the aftermath of “Wizards Exposed,” The Russos and Mason have escaped the government facility to reach their home. While Jerry, Teresa, and Justin tell Alex not to do anything, she refuses to be useless. To save captured wizards, Alex calls a press conference, revealing magic to the public. To her surprise, the reporters disappear to reveal Professor Crumbs. After explaining the government agents were an illusion to test Alex, Justin, and Max, Professor Crumbs must take Alex and Justin to court since they revealed wizardry. In the end, Alex and Justin are declared guilty, sent back to level one in the Family Wizard Competition, leaving Max in the lead.


When Max needs a magic tutor, a girl named Tutor is hired to help him, but he is not the only one spending time with her. Alex finds her to be an exciting friend while Justin wants to date her. When Max improves in magic, Alex and Justin decide to tamper with Max to prevent his improvement. The episode features the worst sides of Alex and Justin as they are willing to throw Max under the bus as a way to get what they want. Angry that his siblings sabotaged him, Max gets revenge by setting a leprechaun loose in the Leprechaun Grill that attacks Justin and Alex.

7 RETEST (7.8)

In “Alex in the Middle,” Jerry admits that he gave up being the family wizard to marry Theresa, as one can not be a wizard and marry a mortal. In “Retest,” the emotional ramifications of that choice are explored more deeply. Years later, Megan Russo is still angry that Jerry gave his powers to Kelbo. Alex realizes the importance of family when she and her brothers’ relationship begin splintering, becoming a risk to repeat history. Alex, Justin, and Max’s decision to stand together rather than fight saves their family from losing their magic after Megan refuses to appear for the retest.


Alex’s new crush Mason Greyback is an artist, just like she is. However, their interest in art is quite different. Mason has a deep love of painting dogs or people as dogs. Alex gets upset about this and puts a spell on Mason that makes Alex his new muse. It backfires, though, as Alex did not know the consequences of the charm. Mason will not want to eat or sleep or anything other than paint Alex, and it becomes a dangerous obsession.

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Alex realizes this is not what she wants from him and undoes the spell. Meanwhile, Max helps Jerry prepare Justin for an encounter with the mummy that stole his girlfriend, Juliet.


After deciding to quit the wizard competition after being sent back to level one, Alex joins Harper during driving lessons in preparation to earn a license. While switching seats, Alex accidentally causes the car to crash and at Harper’s insistence, tells Mr. Laritiate that it was her fault. Thrilled that Alex has finally taken responsibility for her actions, he happily punishes her for damaging his car. Meanwhile, Jerry gives Max the family wizard robe, only to realize it is a fake. Looking at the recorded footage from the robe, it reveals that Justin had destroyed the family wizard robe minutes after receiving it.


Alex’s choice to mess with Zeke’s magic trick causes him to believe that he is a wizard. Excited at discovering new abilities, Zeke dives in headfirst, happily bringing Max on board as his manager and assistant. Alex is willing to let Zeke go crazy, even at the unfortunate expense of causing Harper to lie, to keep magic a secret. That is until Zeke’s birthday party performance includes a trick to cut Max in half using a real saw. Using magic before Zeke can touch their brother, Max’s body cuts in half, setting the birthday party into chaos, and Zeke unsure of himself. Finding it hard to watch Zeke continue to panic, Justin freezes time and admits the truth to Zeke.


Justin finds himself accidentally in a relationship with a classmate named Daphne. He has no romantic interest in her but has no idea how to tell Daphne this. Talking about it with his younger brother, Max tells Justin their parents are planning on having family game night. Knowing that their game nights end with a call to the police, Justin invites Daphne hoping she will break up with him.

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While Justin hopes for his family to act as they usually would: loud, obnoxious, and sore losers, Jerry and Theresa do their best to stomp down those feelings to show their right sides to Daphne. During the night, Alex and Harper’s brains are merged inside Alex’s head, causing her body to be fought over after they discover the body-switching spell has a glitch.


One of the highest viewed episodes of the series includes action, adventure, romance, and a plot twist no one saw coming: Mason and Juliet had dated three hundred years ago. After blurting out that he is still in love with Juliet, Mason is in trouble with everyone other than Max. Instead, Max encourages Mason to explain the entire story to Alex about Mason’s actions the night they saved Juliet. Although heartbroken, Alex needs to know the truth for herself and goes with Mason to Translyvania to get the True Love necklace, allowing Mason to prove he’s in love with Alex. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned and it leads to a significant explanation of supernatural creatures. The breakout of a fight forces Mason against Juliet until Mason scratches Juliet, and she bites him. Alex has just enough time to put the necklace on Mason before he transforms into a wolf, and Juliet loses her vampire powers, changing into a much older woman. Following their transformations, Mason and Juliet run off into the forest.


After years of preparation, the Russo siblings finally compete for the chance to be the family wizard. However, it is much more than just a test for magic. After Jerry and his siblings became estranged as a result of his competition, Alex, Max, and Justin face a similar dilemma. They had always been prepared for only one of them coming out a victor, never that none of them would receive the full family powers. Only after Justin and Max have forgiven and reconciled with Alex, do the three find out they were never disqualified from the competition. In the end, Alex wins the competition, Justin receives powers, and Max gets the substation.

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Lindsay Press

Theory: Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction Take Place On The SAME Day

There are many theories surrounding the films of Quentin Tarantino, and one of those says his first two films, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, take place on the same day. Tarantino’s film career as its known began in 1992 with the crime film Reservoir Dogs, which established his narrative and visual style. The film follows a group of thieves whose planned heist of a jewelry store goes terribly wrong, all because there’s a snitch among them.

His second film as director was the critically acclaimed Pulp Fiction. Also a crime film, although in a different narrative style, Pulp Fiction tells the interwoven stories of hitmen Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson), their boss Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames), his wife Mia (Uma Thurman), boxer Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis), and robbers Pumpkin (Tim Roth) and Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer). Both films are set in Los Angeles, which along with their common theme have led some fans to theorize they take place on the same day.

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In Pulp Fiction, Vincent accidentally shot Marvin in the head in the car, leaving blood everywhere, which prompted him and Jules to call cleaner Winston Wolfe to get rid of the body and all evidence. This means that, at one point, Vincent and Marcellus drove around the streets of Los Angeles with a car filled with blood and brains – not exactly something you can hide. However, they were not stopped by any police car on their way to Jimmie’s home. The theory says that’s because the police were too busy attending the jewelry heist in Reservoir Dogs, which got a bit too messy and required all units.

Many of the thieves from Reservoir Dogs ran away when the plan failed, while others met up at the warehouse. The group consisted of six thieves, so of course the LA police had their hands full with this particular event. Some fans have gone as far as to say that the briefcase in Pulp Fiction contained the diamonds from the Reservoir Dogs heist, supported by the fact that Vincent and Mr. Blonde/Vic Vega (played by Michael Madsen) were brothers.

Given that the Tarantino universe is confirmed to be divided in two levels – the “real world” and the films these characters watch – with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction being part of the “real world”, it wouldn’t be surprising if they shared much more than the Vega brothers and the obligated Tarantino elements (like Red Apple cigarettes). It’s not a crazy theory, and it could be possible that these stories happened on the same day – but it’s unlikely the briefcase was the same.

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Good Place: All The Clues To Season 4’s Michael/Janet Twist

The Good Place served up another classic twist in its fourth and final season, but the clues were actually in plain view the entire time. Fresh off of last week’s tease that a mysterious figure was en-route to the experimental neighborhood, Team Cockroach was trying to resolve a Magic Pictionary crisis when alarm bells started ringing. Rushing to the train station, the ominous newcomer was revealed to be Glenn rather than a version of Michael as had been widely predicted. The put-upon demon came bearing similarly bad news, however: there was still a traitor in their midst.

In a surprising move, Jason figured out that it was Janet rather than Michael who had been replaced. Jason’s shrewd deduction came as a result of Bad Janet (who was posing as their Janet) forgetting her “not a girl” disclaimer when labeled as such. While some could question how Jason, of all people, was able to figure it out, it was actually expertly seeded a few episodes ago. Though slow-witted, Jason has often proven himself capable of catching on eventually. In this case, after multiple seasons of needing to be corrected, Jason began using such terms as “not-a-girl-friend” when referring to Janet. As such, it made all the sense in the world for him to notice Bad Janet’s slip.

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There were a number of other indicators pertaining to the twist. For starters, Janet seemed much angrier of late. Although it was explained away by an exhausting workload, it manifested in a number of telling ways. Most especially, she urged Tahani to punch gossip-columnist John in the face – which, as proven when Shawn’s last assigned saboteur, Chris, went on a face-punching rampage through the neighborhood, is distinctly a Bad Place tactic. Similarly, a favored Bad Place torture method is to twist a body until parts snap off. When Janet had to put down Chidi Anagonye’s Frankenstein horse creation, they revealed that they’d used a similar, unnecessarily grotesque method – especially given that Michael had revealed previously they could just explode such things out of existence. And speaking of exploding, the lie detector that Janet made conveniently malfunctioned to cause the Bad Place’s whistleblower, Glenn, to explode.

Double Agent Janet also led the group to question Eleanor’s leadership and spent a lot of time indulging Brent Norwalk, to the point that he was allowed to get obnoxiously drunk during said Magic Pictionary game. Again, at the time, it was portrayed as an inconvenience to Janet. However, with Brent closely resembling Shawn and their beloved demon overlords, it makes all the more sense Faux Janet would subconsciously lean closer to him than anybody else. Even Derek and Mindy’s sex-toys provide somewhat of a clue. With everybody (even Michael) apprehensive to touch them, a few of them inexplicably made their way to the living room table during the episode. Given the Bad Place’s proclivities, it could only have been Bad Janet that moved them – presumably to have something more in line with their sensibilities than flowers to look at.

Fans may still continue to worry about whether or not Michael is a spy – especially since he is now essentially guiding Jason away from the rest of the group and to the Bad Place. Given the fact Michael’s seeming replacement seemed like the perfect red herring to hide the truth of Janet’s actual replacement, however, that’s probably not the case. Still, given the show’s penchant for surprise, fans can never really say never. Whatever the case, there is no denying how brilliantly the show’s writers seeded these latest reveals. And everyone will learn soon enough – the truth of Michael and how Jason fares in rescuing the real Janet – when The Bad Place continues.

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The Good Place Season 4 Premiere Review | Screen Rant

NBC’s The Good Place has been something of a radical hit for the Peacock network. It helped revitalize the broadcaster’s comedy line-up and demonstrated that audiences will continue to support (in an almost rabid manner) unique, thoughtful, and funny sitcoms. The lighthearted, twist-filled afterlife saga of a group of not totally great, not totally bad people and the demon posing as an architect of the perfect place to spend eternity took on a reputation that nearly eclipsed the show itself. Over the course of three seasons, it has surreptitiously become akin to the new Lost networks have been clamoring for since Damon Lindelof’s TV phenomenon ended its six season run. It’s a strange position for the seemingly unassuming half-hour comedy to be in, one that comes with its very own obsessive fan culture that will no doubt be tested as the series embarks on its fourth and final season. 

That The Good Place is calling it quits with season 4 is a sign of the Peak TV times, in that more and more, inventive shows are being designed with an endpoint in mind, rather than made to continue on in perpetuity until they eventually fizzle out. It’s also a sign that what creator Mike Schur developed when he sent Kristin Bell, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, and Manny Jacinto to meet Ted Danson and D’Arcy Carden in the afterlife was a chance for NBC to be on the cutting edge (or as close to it as possible) of single-camera comedies without resorting to a reboot or revival of a much-loved or much-streamed-by-millennials sitcom. As such, its end is both unfortunate and also sign that the future of broadcast network comedy isn’t as dire as it might seem. 

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The same can be said for Eleanor Shellstrop (Bell) and her afterlife cohort as they begin the show’s end run with what is perhaps the highest stakes story the series has yet to offer. After all, what began as a not-great young woman trying to con her way into staying in an afterlife she didn’t deserve has now become the story of that same not-great (but trying to be better) young woman as she and her friends become the last chance for humanity to once again gain entry into the real Good Place.

Though it might seem as though such a lofty premise will distract The Good Place from what’s, well, good about the series, it’s quite the opposite. Over the past three seasons, Schur and his writers have put Eleanor, Chidi (Harper), Tahani (Jamil), and Jason (Jacinto) through the ringer in order to demonstrate that people can not only change, but they can change for the better. Season 3 ended with one last great twist (though, if anyone’s thinking there won’t be another before the series ends, they’re forking crazy) that left Eleanor in charge of the new (fake) Good Place and Chidi’s memories wiped, all so the gang can prove to the Judge (Maya Rudolph) that the whole system of accounting good and bad deeds is messed up and needs to be completely overhauled. 

With that, ‘A Girl from Arizona, Part 1’ establishes what’s at stake for the gang, on both a personal and, well, far more grand scale. What’s different this time around is that the plot’s various moving parts are all out in the open. Sure, there’s the usual skullduggery being committed on a regular basis by Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson) and the rest of the Bad Place goons, but even their shenanigans are set to be scrutinized by the Judge sooner rather than later. This frees up the show’s initial season 4 steps to not only move at a surprisingly brisk pace, but to focus more intently on the immense burden resting on Eleanor’s shoulders. 

The Good Place boasts one of the finest ensembles on TV at the moment, but as the title ‘A Girl From Arizona’ suggests, it’s also capable of zeroing in on a single character, without it feeling as though the other characters are getting short shrift. Michael, Tahani, Jason, and Janet are all fitted with plots that have them dealing primarily with the task at hand, though The Good Place still finds time for Jason and Janet’s romance to become an issue, while Michael’s nervous breakdown looms large over Eleanor’s new duties as architect. But, for the most part, season 4 kicks things off by getting inside Eleanor’s shrimp-loving headspace, in particular how she plans to deal with her feelings for Chidi now that he no longer knows who she is. 

It’s a bold move for a show that has earned a devoted audience by committing to a series of very bold strokes that could have ended in disaster. So far, The Good Place has proven itself capable in both the comedy and the big ideas department, which gives it an advantage heading into its final season. As one of the biggest shows in TV history recently proved, endings are hard. The Good Place seems determined to prove they don’t have to be. 

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The Good Place season 4 premieres Thursday, September 26 @9pm on NBC.

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Good Place: Stone Cold Steve Austin Addresses Eleanor’s Crush on Him

Stone Cold Steve Austin has posted a special message online for The Good Place‘s Eleanor Shellstrop. Austin debuted with World Wrestling Entertainment (then Federation) back in 1995. Alongside such names as Triple H and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Austin became one of the organization’s most prolific stars. Known as the poster boy for the company’s “Attitude Era”, Stone Cold engrossed fans throughout his legendary feud with industry figureheads such as Vince McMahon. Though now retired from active wrestling, the Hall of Famer still makes the occasional appearance – such as the recent return that saw Stone Cold directly clash with AJ Styles.  In recent weeks, Austin has also hosted his own talk show, Straight Up Steve Austin, on the USA Network.

Created by Michael Schur, The Good Place, meanwhile, debuted on NBC back in 2016. Played by Kristen Bell, the comedy series followed Eleanor Shellstrop as she awoke in the afterlife. Realizing that she’d been mistakenly placed in the titular good place (aka. Heaven) rather than the bad place (aka. Hell), season 1 saw the character attempt to keep her secret, while simultaneously trying to change her ways and become a person worthy of her new utopian home. As notable for its steady stream of twists and ever-shifting settings as its jokes, the show has garnered a massive amount of acclaim and awards recognition for its acting and performances. Despite frequently engaging in a romance with William Jackson Harper’s Chidi Anagonye, one of The Good Place‘s recurring gags often sees Eleanor drawn back to her old, self-admitted dirtbag ways and her singular taste is celebrity crushes.

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Steve Austin has repeatedly been mentioned among the latter. In one direct quote, Eleanor even admits that “I’ve only been in love with two people in my life: Stone Cold Steve Austin and a guy in a dark bar who I mistook for Stone Cold Steve Austin.” The wrestler-turned-host apparently caught wind of Eleanor’s affections and filmed a short video in response, as posted on the official USA Network Twitter account. In the video, Austin lightheartedly commends the character on her good taste and returns the favor, declaring her “a legit snack” before delivering one of his signature catchphrases. Check out the full video below:

Despite the critical acclaim enjoyed by the show for each of its already aired three seasons, it was recently announced that season 4 would also be the last. With the show exploring another overhaul of the show’s premise, the final season will center on the gang’s attempts to prove that people can improve and become worthy of heaven after death. Those efforts will see a recreation of “the neighborhood” seen in season 1, within which they will try to redeem a group of specifically chosen individuals. The show, which blends comedy with an exploration of ethics, remains one of the most anticipated programs on television – with fans already having high hopes for the final episodes.

Bell and Harper will return as Eleanor and Chidi for the final run of episodes. They will be joined by Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto, D’Arcy Carden, and Ted Danson – who play the remaining members of “Team Cockroach”, Tahani Al-Jamil, Jason Mendoza, the all-knowing Janet, and the reformed demon Michael, respectively. The final season will no doubt be packed with a whole range of twists, including a game-changing one already teased for the very first season 4 episode. In that regard, Austin’s own video has emerged as a brilliantly timed, early surprise for fans ahead of that episode’s release.

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The Good Place season 4 premieres September 26 on NBC.

Source: USA Network/Twitter

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Joker Won’t Screen At Aurora Theater Where 2012 Shooting Took Place

Todd Phillips’ Joker won’t screen at the Colorado theater where a 2012 massacre happened during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Fabled Batman villain The Joker has become more than just a comic book character in the decades since he first appeared in DC Comics. With his new take on The Joker, writer-director Phillips is veering entirely away from established comic book canon, introducing an iteration of the character that was not inspired by any previous version.

As played by Joaquin Phoenix, the new Joker is a would-be entertainer named Arthur Fleck, whose desire to bring joy to the world is finally snuffed out by society’s cruelty, leading him to take on the persona of a criminal mastermind in clown makeup. Unlike prior cinematic takes on The Joker, Phillips and Phoenix’s film comes with an R rating, promising the darkest envisioning of the character yet created. Fans are clearly excited about what Joker has in store by way of exploring the darkness of the most popular of all comic book supervillains, but not everyone is so eager to experience Phoenix’s twisted take on Arthur Fleck. In fact there has already been some critical pushback against the movie, with some expressing fears that Joker could inspire another violent episode like the shooting that took place in an Aurora, Colorado theater in 2012 during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, when 12 people lost their lives.

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Amid worries about a repeat of that 2012 shooting, the Aurora theater where the incident took place has indeed already decided not to screen Joker (via THR), according to a theater employee. The Century theater chain, which runs the remodeled Aurora Century and XD, did not respond when asked to comment.

The Aurora theater’s decision not to run Joker comes as family members of 2012 victims have written a letter to Warner Bros. expressing their own concerns about the film and calling on the studio to donate proceeds to groups that aid gun violence victims. Speaking to THR, Sandy Phillips spoke of her worries that Joker could lead to a repeat of the incident that claimed her daughter Jessica Ghawi’s life, saying:

“My worry is that one person who may be out there — and who knows if it is just one — who is on the edge, who is wanting to be a mass shooter, may be encouraged by this movie. And that terrifies me.

The letter dispatched to Warner Bros. by victims’ family members pointed out the similarities between James Holmes, the perpetrator of the 2012 shooting, and the character of Arthur Fleck, a mentally ill man who feels “wronged” by society and unleashes violence as a result. For their part, Warner Bros. say they have not yet received the letter and therefore can’t comment. For the record, not all family members of 2012 massacre victims signed on to the letter. Tom Sullivan, a current Colorado state representative whose son was killed, says he doesn’t believe seeing movies like Joker acts as a catalyst to cause people to undertake violence.

The debate over whether movies, video games and other media cause mass violence is of course a heated one, and given its subject matter, it’s no surprise to see Joker right in the middle of that particular on-going argument. Given circumstances, it’s understandable that the Aurora Century and XD has elected not to screen Joker, and it’s also understandable that families of victims would voice concerns.

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Source: THR

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Dan Zinski

The Good Place: 10 Things We Want To See In The Final Season

The fourth and final season of The Good Place is set to air on NBC on Sept. 26, and though we don’t know where the season will go, we do know what we want from it.

The series only has so many episodes left to tie everything together, and thankfully, Season 3’s ending left a lot of room for plot and character development. With that said, we’re here to discuss ten things we’re hoping to see in the final season.

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Before we dive into it, this is your warning that you’re about to read a ton of spoilers, so if you haven’t watched through Season 3, now is the time. With that said, it’s time to journey back to The Good Place. Yes, we’re as forking excited as you are.

10 Eleanor’s Architect Skills

Season 3 ended with Eleanor welcoming Chidi to the new, rebooted Good Place neighborhood. Because “Michael” was suffering from intense panic attacks prior to Chidi’s arrival, Eleanor is the one who introduces herself as the Architect.

Of course, this means she’ll likely be posing as the creator of the neighborhood for most of the rest of the series, and we’re excited to see it happen. Eleanor will have to think on her toes, and being that Chidi’s ex-girlfriend Simone is also being welcomed to the neighborhood, she’ll have to do her best to keep up the act and not let her human emotions get in the way.

9 The Chidi-Eleanor-Simone Love Triangle

Speaking of Simone, yes, we’re expecting a lot of tension to bubble between this trio. With Chidi’s memories having been wiped, it’s probable that he will fall for Simone in this alternate afterlife. After all, if he fell for her in the real world, what’s stopping him from developing feelings in the Good Place?

The reason he’s more likely to fall for Simone than Eleanor has to do with the fact that he believes Eleanor is the architect. Of course, this is bound to get Eleanor jealous, and we’re interested to see how she deals with it. It also doesn’t help that in many of the former reboots, Eleanor and Chidi did not become an item.

8 Janet And Jason’s Romance

There’s also always been some romantic tension between the all-knowing computer Janet and the dimwitted Jason.

While we saw Janet constantly getting jealous throughout Season 3 as Jason and Tahani’s relationship progressed (especially when Tahani marries Jason to transfer her wealth to him), we expect Season 4 to focus on the couple’s love more than their strife. After all, at the beginning of “Chidi Sees the Time-Knife” (S3E12), Jason and Janet decide to start dating while in an IHOP. How romantic.

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With that in place, it’s likely these two will share a few hilarious and cute moments together. Only time will tell if anything real will come of their connection.

7 The Four Bad Humans

As seen at the end of Season 3, Shawn selected four new “bad” humans to live in a neighborhood Michael designed. These humans were set to live here as part of an experiment to see whether they could turn good when put under the right circumstances, and Eleanor and her friends were supposed to guide them. Unfortunately, each of the humans soon discovers that the people Shawn has moved into the neighborhood are ones who have personally tormented them in their past lives.

While we see who the first two residents are, John, a gossip columnist who used to write about Tahani, and the aforementioned Simone, we’re excited to see who else moves in and what connection they have to the series’ leads.

6 An Evil Michael

While Eleanor believes that the weak and terrified Michael she’s currently dealing with is legit, she is actually dealing with a demon dressed up in a Michael suit.

Shawn created this disguise so that the main humans would believe that Michael was turning on them, when he, in fact, is doing no such thing. Though this false version of Michael didn’t do much toward the end of Season 3 besides wiping Chidi’s memories at Eleanor’s request, we expect a lot more conniving to come.

5 Chidi’s Memories Restored

Speaking of Chidi’s memories, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he will get his memories back at some point during the season. Even if it has to be in the very last episode, is it really that likely that he’ll permanently forget everything he and Eleanor had together? We doubt it.

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Though we’re excited to see how Chidi’s amnesia will affect him and the rest of the gang, we get the knack it can’t last forever and definitely don’t want it to.

4 A Giant Tahani Party

Early seasons of The Good Place had Tahani throwing huge bashes, and we can’t help but hope at least one more of these takes place. C’mon, how can anyone forget the Season 1 party at which Eleanor stuffed shrimp in her bra? Iconic.

It’s likely we’ll get to see another party that introduces the Good Places’ newest arrivals to the neighborhood. We just hope we’re not dreaming too big.

3 Full-Circle Jokes

Playing off the last point, we’d love to see many of The Good Places‘ running jokes and situations make a return in the final season.

Can one of the random celebs Tahani apparently knows show up and prove they’re actually friends with her? Can Jason’s Jacksonville jokes finish strong? Can Shawn be the one who gets cocooned?

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We don’t care how it happens, we just want more of the quirky humor we’ve come to know and love.

2 Philosophical Resolution

At The Good Place‘s core, the show deals with several philosophical and ethical dilemmas that don’t have clear-cut answers. Different questions are explored every single season, including in the most recent one when The Judge realizes every “good” decision on earth leads to some terrible repercussions despite one’s best efforts.

That being said, we don’t expect the demons, the humans, or even Janet to have it all figured out. However, we are hopeful that the results of the final experiment (if we get that far) are conclusive to some degree. If they’re not, we just want an answer to how people do or don’t get into The Good Place from there on out. Pretty please?

1 A Happy Ending

All this goes to say, we’re hopeful that The Good Place ends on a positive note. The show is incredibly lighthearted for being about a group of messed up humans who deserve to rot in a hell-like afterlife.

The series has been building up for so long that we doubt the writers are going to leave us with a sad ending. Contemplative, maybe. Totally different then we expect, also maybe. But happy in some way or another? It’s quite probable.

We’d love to see the humans live a reset-free life and Michael gets some much-needed redemption.

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Brooke Bajgrowicz

A Quiet Place II: 10 Questions We Want Answers To In The Sequel

A Quiet Place was a huge surprise of last year, making it onto many people’s list of the best films of 2018. The inventive horror film is set in a near-future where monsters have taken over the year and hunt the remaining survivors through sound. The premise made for one of the most intense and suspenseful films in years.

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Given the success of the film, it’s not surprising that a sequel is on the way with director John Krasinski and actor Emily Blunt both confirmed to return. The sequel provides the opportunity to answer some of those lingering questions the first film left and expand on this exciting story. Here are some of the questions we want answered in A Quiet Place II.

10 What Do People Do About Uncontrollable Sounds?

Clearly the most important question about this story is what do people do when they have to fart? That’s a bit of a joke, but it’s also a real question that is hard not to think about when watching the film. The Abbott family is shown to take so many extreme measures to avoid making sounds. But there are some sounds that are out of our control.

People need to pass gas. Inevitably, someone is going to sneeze or cough. What if one of the family members snores in their sleep? What precautions can be taken in these cases?

9 Where Do The Monsters Come From?

Despite being a constant threat in the film, we learn very little about the monsters in the first film. Thanks to Lee’s very helpful wall of exposition headlines, we get a sense of the backstory but it is never clear where they first came from and why they are attacking.

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The most obvious answer is that they are aliens. So is this an invasion and are their more to come? They could be a science experiment gone wrong and the creatures just want to eat. It seems likely the new film will shed some light on their origins.

8 How Many Monsters Are There?

The Abbotts live in constant fear in the film because the slightest sound is pretty much guaranteed to bring at least one monster looking for a meal. While the monsters are seen to be very fast, they always seem to be right around the area whenever sound is made. This begs the question of how many monsters there are?

We see that Lee has theorized three monsters are in the area, but then how do they manage to cover so much ground? It would seem like there would have to be many more monsters who are simply hiding and waiting to strike.

7 How Sensitive Is Their Hearing?

Though the concept and execution of the monsters in the film is unique and impressive, there are some logic gaps in how their hearing actually works. We see that a lamp falling over will bring the monsters to attack and they also are able to kill a raccoon that is simply walking by.

The Abbotts are very careful to hide their sounds, but it’s hard to imagine they make less noise than a raccoon scurrying on the ground. How sensitive are the monsters’ hearing? Is it selective to certain noises to help them hunt?

6 How Did The Monsters Conquer The World?

The monsters are certainly seen to be very fearsome and deadly creatures in the film. Aside from their impressive hearing abilities, they are fast, they have long scythe-like arms and they have armored skin. However, it is still a little hard to believe that blind monsters were able to take over the world.

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As deadly as they are, the fact that they are blind is a major disadvantage. How did they manage to navigate the world without sight? Do they have more capabilities or technology we’re not yet aware of?

5 How Many Survivors Are Left?

Aside from the doomed old man and his wife, the Abbotts are the only survivors we see in this world. However, we know that there are others as Lee communicated with fellow survivors living nearby.

Though they seem to share some sense of community, no one came to help when the Abbotts were under attack. If there are a few survivors in this small area, could there be even more across the country and the world? With new cast members like Djimon Honsou and Cillian Murphy joining the sequel, we’re sure to get a sense of the bigger world.

4 How Will They Use The Monsters’ Weakness?

During the climax of the film, Regan Abbott discovers that her hearing aid can omit a frequency that incapacitates the monsters and leaves them vulnerable to kill. With this new discovery, the film ends with Emily Blunt going full badass, ready to take out the remaining monsters in the area.

This is certainly a significant discovery that will need to be explored in the sequel. How will the Abbotts use this information going forward? Will they try to weaponize the frequency? Will they try to spread the word about it to other survivors?

3 Where Will The Abbotts Go Now?

Though the discovery of the monsters’ weakness is a triumphant moment for the Abbotts, the ending is very bittersweet for them. Though they have this new protection, their home has been damaged quite a bit and Lee has been killed.

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Given that they can’t make repairs without making noise, it seems likely the family will have to move on. But where will they go? Will they seek help from some of those neighbors? Or will they try to take their new discovery to whatever resistance force still exists?

2 What Will They Do With The Baby?

One of the most memorable and terrifying sequences in the first film was Evelyn giving birth. Seeing her pregnant throughout the film, it was clear that the baby was a time bomb that was going to make things very difficult for the family.

Though Evelyn managed to endure the painful delivery without being attacked, what will she do with a newborn baby in this world? Babies cry a lot. She can’t teach him to be quiet for a number of years so this baby is a very big vulnerability for the entire family.

1 Are The Monsters Still A Threat?

The end of the first film hints that the humans are now ready to fight back against the monsters who have taken over their world. This sets up a potentially epic battle in the sequel. But with the frequency now discovered as a weapon against them, are the monsters even a threat anymore?

This seems like a pretty big weakness and one that we’re surprised hadn’t been discovered before. It would seem pretty easy for the human race to wipe out the monsters with this new weapon. Will the monsters find a way to fight back against the new weapon, or will there be a new monstrous threat?

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The Good Place Season 4 Teaser Returns To The Neighborhood

NBC’s The Good Place season 4 first look teaser has dropped. Show creator Mike Schur announced in June that the upcoming season of the beloved NBC comedy would also be its last, citing his belief that The Good Place had arrived at its natural end. Premiering in 2016, The Good Place began with a clever and initially simple premise. After her death, Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), finds herself in a place that seems a lot like Heaven. The only problem is, for most of her life, Eleanor was kind of terrible. Knowing she doesn’t belong among the best of humanity, but fearful of where telling the truth might lead, Eleanor enlists the help of moral philosophy professor Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper) to become a better person.

Though the show could have easily remained in the lane of mistaken identity, The Good Place revealed itself to be as fond of twist endings and surprises as Lost. The comedy has climbed up in the ratings during its run, gaining a reputation for being one of the smartest and funniest explorations of human nature on television. While the plot openly embraced thorny ethical dilemmas, never afraid to be contemplative, it impressively managed to mix those dilemmas and contemplations in with a consistent stream of hilarious moments. The teaser for season 4 looks like it will keep that tendency going.

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With the release of the first teaser, fans have a chance to catch a glimpse of what that end might look like. Posted to YouTube, the teaser begins with the cast reminding viewers that season 4 will be the last. But they also promise, in a nod to the comedy’s first episode, that “everything is fine.” The teaser recaps major developments from season 3, and features recollections from the actors about their time on the show. Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani, and Manny Jacinto (Jason), manage to sneak in a few jokes even as they’re speaking of how much they’ll miss their characters and their co-workers.

Not that the cast won’t be busy once The Good Place ends. Most have their next gigs already lined up. In addition to the much-awaited sequel to Frozen, Bell will soon appear as the host of Encore! on Disney+. Ted Danson, who has been nominated several times for his role as Michael, already has a TV project in the works. Harper, who recently appeared in Midsommar, will next be seen in the drama Dark Waters. D’Arcy Carden, who plays the all-knowing Janet, also recurs on HBO’s Barry.

And yet, for some fans of The Good Place, seeing these actors elsewhere understandably won’t scratch the same itch. At least there is one more season left, with plenty of twists and turns and laughter, on the way. While it’s always a little sad for a popular show to come to a close, it’s better to go out on top. Now with the release of the first teaser, fans have a chance to catch a glimpse of what The Good Place ending might look like.

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The Good Place season 4 premieres on NBC on September 26.

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A Quiet Place: 10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed

A Quiet Place was one of the biggest cinematic hits of 2018, and it was definitely a well-done film. Part of what makes a movie great is whether or not it includes lots of interesting hidden details that add a lot to the story, and this film has a lot of them.

A great example is the device that Regan Abbott wears throughout the film. It looks like a simple hearing aid, but it isn’t. It is actually something called a cochlear implant, and it implies that this character has some damage to her inner ear. Here are some other intriguing details fans might not have noticed.

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10 The Family’s Last Name Is Only Referenced Twice

Throughout the whole movie, there are only two things that reveal the surname that the main family shares. They are the Abbott family, and the only way viewers would know that is if they did not miss the seeing their mailbox, or the credits at the end of the film.

Another interesting fact is that the film begins on day 89 after the creatures have taken over. That is actually part of what makes this movie so interesting. Instead of showing the viewers exactly what happened, it makes them try to figure it all out, and they have very few hints to go off of.

9 There Are Clues That Show That The Takeover Happened Slowly

It seems as though the creatures took over the world very slowly, since lots of people had time to put up posters with pictures of their missing family members and friends on them. If viewers don’t pay attention to that tiny detail, it kind of seems like the event happened faster than it actually did, but those posters tell a different story.

Another clue that supports this theory is the state that the town is in during throughout the film. While it has obviously sustained some damage, the buildings still look like someone might be taking care of them since they still look rather clean.

8 The Red Lights Have Multiple Purposes

The red lights that the Abbott family uses in A Quiet Place have more than one purpose. They are probably meant to show that something is wrong, or someone is in need of help. This is supported by the fact that Evelyn Abbott turns them on when she is giving birth to their youngest child.

But the red lights are useful for multiple reasons. They also make a very high-pitched noise, which is meant to serve as a distraction for the creatures if they are close enough to hear it. This movie is full of intelligent details like this one, which is why it’s so interesting to watch.

7 Going Underground Is Important

The main characters in A Quiet Place spend a lot of time underground, which is actually pretty smart. Hanging out in an underground bunker allows the family to speak with one another without worrying about whether or not they are going to be heard.

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The Abbott family even created their baby’s nursery underground, which is a great idea since babies typically cry a lot. This could actually open up some possibilities for the upcoming sequel. Perhaps some of the others who survived the takeover will take advantage of this.

6 There Are Real Family Pictures Used In The Movie

A Quiet Place feels very realistic, and one reason for this is that actor John Krasinski and his wife, actress Emily Blunt, used their actual family photos in the movie. If viewers pay very close attention, perhaps they will see one of these images in the Abbott family’s farmhouse.

Krasinski spent a lot of time searching for the ideal filming location in New York, and when he found it, he wasted no time. The actor immediately got to work by decorating the house he had chosen, and he put photos of himself, Emily, and their actual children in the house.

5 The Family Uses Old Newspapers To Cover Up Sound

There are a lot of old newspapers on the walls of the Abbott family’s nursery, and they can help cover up sound. This is quite an interesting detail, since it kind of looks like the main purpose of the newspapers is to tell viewers what happened during the takeover.

But those who know a lot about sound know that the newspapers can also help the Abbott family make sure that the creatures outside don’t hear them making any noise. They also do lots of other things like this as well. The family also uses empty egg cartons for soundproofing as well.

4 Their Clothesline Helps Them Avoid Being Heard

Clotheslines do not make noise, so of course the Abbotts hang their clothes on a clothesline. This is probably something that went largely unnoticed by viewers, but it’s really not hard to figure out why clotheslines are a good thing to have during this situation.

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Washers and dryers make a lot of noise, whereas clotheslines are much quieter. While dryers are a more efficient and fast way to dry wet clothes, they could actually put the characters in this film in danger, which is probably why they don’t use one. This is also a great way to cover up some of the minor sounds that could potentially be heard outside of their house.

3 The Bunker’s Door Is A Mattress

The door to their bunker is not really a door at all, since it is a mattress. The logic behind this is pretty simple, and yet it is such a minuscule detail that it seemed to go unnoticed by a lot of people.

Some doors tend to make a lot of noise, especially if they creak when they are opened. This would be dangerous for anyone who is in the same situation as the Abbott family, which is why they don’t use a door at all when it comes to their underground bunker.

They use a big, soft mattress, which doesn’t make any noise at all. It is also probably a great way to block out noise from the bunker.

2 The Abbotts Don’t Wear Shoes

The family in A Quiet Place does not wear shoes, and that is because shoes can make a lot of noise. They spent a lot of time walking around with nothing on their feet.

That actually makes a lot of sense, but some viewers have wondered why they did not wear socks. Going barefoot was a pretty smart idea, but wearing socks would have been an even better idea.

Anyone who has ever tried to sneak around without making any noise knows that wearing socks is important. They are soft, and they muffle the sound of a person’s footsteps, so socks would have been ideal for the characters in this film.

1 The Fire Lee Starts Doesn’t Make Any Noise

Lots of fires make noise, unless they are started by Lee Abbott. In the film, Lee starts a fire every night. If this were real life, that could potentially put the family in danger since fires are not completely silent.

In many cases, fires do make some kind of noise. Anyone who has ever been around a real fire in person knows that they usually crackle, but perhaps the noise they make (as well as how loud it is) depends on what the fire is burning. Burning leaves would probably make a lot more noise than something softer. Perhaps Lee is burning something that wouldn’t put out much noise, which would explain why the creatures never seem to hear his fire.

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