Players back Federer's proposal to merge men's and women's tennis

WTA founder Billie Jean King and Rafael Nadal led a wave of support on Thursday for Roger Federer’s suggestion that “now is the time” to merge the men’s and women… .

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Juventus players Matuidi, Rugani recover from coronavirus

Italian football giant, Juventus confirmed Wednesday that French midfielder Blaise Matuidi and Italian defender Daniele Rugani have recovered from the coronavirus after testing pos… .

2020-04-15 14:24:00

PlayStation 5 Tech Specs Players | Screen Rant

The full list of technical specs have been revealed for the PlayStation 5 and there’s certainly a lot to dig through. Just earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the full specs for Xbox Series X. Whereas Microsoft offered specific details on how Xbox Series X’s hardware and software will benefit players, Sony has been more technically focused.

Sony’s approach to hardware development has always been a bit out of the box. In 2005, right on the heels of massive PlayStation 2 sales, the company announced that the PlayStation 3 was going to be designed with a proprietary “cell” microprocessor. This decision greatly boosted the price of the console and slashed Sony’s bottom line. Sony similarly followed up the great success of the PSP with a technically convoluted, albeit underappreciated PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation 3/Vita generation was Sony’s least successful period in the gaming ecosphere, and was marred by a poor read on the market and needlessly complicated hardware. In 2013, Sony announced the PlayStation 4, a console that set out to and succeeded in streamlining games back to the masses.

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The technical specs for the long-awaited PlayStation 5 are here, first reported by Digital Foundry, and explained more succinctly on Twitter. Most importantly, PS4 and PS5 system architect Mark Cerny is also leading the development of PlayStation 5. Cerny has long roots in the gaming industry from Atari to Sega then eventually to Sony. In his thirty plus years in the industry, Cerny has become one of the most respected figures in the world of hardware development. His vision for PlayStation 5 is to combine near-proprietary specs without making the system difficult to design for.

The CPU for the PlayStation 5 is 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz with variable frequency. The GPU is a Custom RDNA 2 with 36 CUs at 2.23GHz with variable frequency outputting at 10.28 TFLOPs. The main takeaway from the CPU and GPU is the variable frequency rates. Cerny calls the system variable frequency “Boost” although it shouldn’t be confused with overclocking based on thermals.. Instead, Cerny says “Rather than look at the actual temperature of the silicon die, we look at the activities that the GPU and CPU are performing and set the frequencies on that basis – which makes everything deterministic and repeatable.” But despite the ingenuity of Cerny’s system, reports largely indicate that the PlayStation 5 will be slightly less powerful than the Xbox Series X.

What does all of this mean for players who plan on buying the PlayStation 5? Well, for starters, games are going to run smoother, load faster and look better. Also, the console should do a better job of self-regulating its thermals. The base PS4 model is notoriously known for its loud fans that sound like a jumbo-jet taking off when the system runs hot. PlayStation 5 will also have backwards compatibility, and feature up to 100 of the PS4’s most popular games at launch. Sony admittedly did a poor job at building excitement with a boring PS5 reveal, but the tech giant still has lots of time to convince consumers that it has the best console on the market.

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Source: Digital Foundry/ Twitter

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Chris Heckmann

The 10 Craziest Times That Survivor Players Were Medically Evacuated

They don’t call it Survivor for nothing! While still a reality show and therefore subjected to things like proper health and safety procedures, accidents do happen, especially out in the middle of nowhere.

Survivor is a very physically challenging game, and it has been the subject of numerous medical evacuations throughout the years. Some of these evacuations come from debilitating injuries, others from medical maladies like an upset stomach. Regardless, it’s always scary when it happens—after all, who wants to watch someone suffering? That doesn’t make for fun TV!

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These are ten crazy times that Survivor contestants were medically evacuated.

10 Michael Skupin Burns His Hands

The Australian Outback was only the show’s second season, proving that Survivor really is no joke. While tending to the fire, Michael accidentally inhaled some of the smoke and passed out. Unfortunately, he fainted directly into the fire and severely burned both of his palms. He rushed into the river to relieve the pain and showed the camera that skin was peeling off his palms. Needless to say, he was immediately evacuated. This was the first—and still one of the worst—medical evacuations in the show’s history.

9 Jonathan Penner’s Infected Knee

Survivor: Micronesia actually saw two medical evacuations. The first was Jonathan Penner, who cut his knee during one of the reward challenges. It wasn’t the cut itself that pulled Jonathan from the game, it was the nasty infection that followed. Jonathan stayed in the game for a few more days, but his massively inflated, swollen, and purple knee began to concern Jeff, and he had the medical team evaluate Jonathan. It was deemed far too serious to ignore, and Jonathan was pulled from the game.

8 James’s Infected Finger

The second Micronesia evacuation was of James Clement, who also suffered a serious infection. James had cut his finger, and, like Jonathan, had ignored the injury. Also like Jonathan, medical was eventually called in to examine the wound. They deduced that the infection could spread across his body and cause some serious damage to his joints if left untreated. Reluctantly, James heeded their warning and was taken out of the game. Micronesia did not mess around!

7 Joe Dowdle

Another victim of infection was Joe Dowdle, who competed on Survivor: Tocantins. Joe had suffered an infection in his leg, and it was growing so bad that he was asked to refrain from participating in challenges. The medical team took a look at the leg and deduced that it could spread to his bones if left untreated.

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The medical team even believed that the limb would need to be amputated—and that Joe might even die—if he ignored the infection any longer. Needless to say, he was swiftly taken from the game.

6 Russell Passes Out

Russell Swan was a contestant on Survivor: Samoa. Russell passed out during one of the immunity challenges, causing Jeff to halt the challenge and call in medical. Once medical saw to the recently-revived Russell, he fainted yet again. They deduced that dehydration had caused his blood pressure to plummet, causing him to pass out. Russell was quickly taken out of the game, as he genuinely feared for his life. Yeah, we think that’s a good reason to be taken out…

5 Kourtney Fractures Her Hand

Unfortunately, Kourtney Moon didn’t even make it past the first immunity challenge. The challenge saw contestants jumping into a giant net from a great height. Jeff instructed the contestants to keep their hands near their chests, but Kourtney instinctively put her hands out to protect herself from the fall. She landed hard on her hand and struggled to complete the remainder of the challenge. After Kourtney reported feeling dizzy, Jeff had medical brought in and they quickly deduced that her hand and wrist had been fractured.

4 Shamar Gets Sand In His Eye

You really never know what’s going to happen on Survivor, and, sometimes, even a grain of sand can put you out of the game. While competing on Caramoan, Shamar got a small grain of sand in his eyeball and reported that his eye was feeling very itchy and scratchy.

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Medical was brought in and discovered that he had a scratched cornea. They also said that, if left untreated, he could suffer from a corneal abrasion and lose sight in his eye.

3 Pat Cusack Hurts His Back

Sometimes you get sand in your eye, and sometimes you seriously injure your back riding back from an immunity challenge. Such is what happened to David vs. Goliath‘s Pat Cusack. The boat ride back was hit by inclement weather, resulting in very rough and choppy water. This water caused the boat to crash into a wave and injure Pat’s back. While we don’t see the accident itself, we see Pat (in a great amount of pain) being transported onto the beach by the medical team. They were afraid that Pat had fractured his back, and he was swiftly taken from the game.

2 Caleb Reynolds Collapses

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng proved brutally difficult for a number of contestants, including Caleb Reynolds. During a particularly difficult reward challenge, three separate survivors collapsed from the heat and exhaustion. While two were cleared and given the OK, Caleb wasn’t. Caleb was audibly gasping while laying on the ground and seemed to pass out in front of the medical team. He was given a fever of 110 degrees and was diagnosed with heatstroke. Seeing as how heatstroke can be fatal if left untreated, Caleb was promptly removed from the game and received immediate medical attention.

1 Colton Gets Appendicitis

Colton Cumbie is a very controversial Survivor contestant, but you don’t mess around with appendicitis. After reportedly suffering from a headache, Colton collapsed in the forest and was helped back to camp by his nemesis, Christina. When Jeff and the medical team came to check on him, he was found curled up in a ball. After reporting severe stomach pain, the medics called appendicitis. Deeming that it was too risky to stay in the game, the medics pulled Colton from the game. Not that his fellow castaways minded much…

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Nathan Sharp

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Surprised PC Players With Launch

Following a short beta test, Xbox announced today that the full version of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is available on PC. It is available through the Xbox Game Pass for PC, the Microsoft Store, and on Steam.

Halo: Combat Evolved is the first game in the Halo series, and part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The original game was released with the original Xbox console in 2001, and the entire Halo series remains one of the most popular Xbox game franchises to date. Microsoft is launching The Master Chief Collection on PC game-by-game as each remaster is finished, leading up to the launch of Halo: Infinite later this year on the Xbox Series X.

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The announcement regarding Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary‘s PC release was made on Xbox Wire this morning. The game is remastered, featuring new customizations and enhancements, including 4K UHD support and more involved gameplay options. Players also have the choice to switch between the classic and remastered graphics, as well as between the updated and the classic Halo: Combat Evolved sounds, which was a highly requested detail when the anniversary edition was first announced.

There was a short beta period last month for Halo Insider members in order to test the game’s servers and other general gameplay improvements. It was also supposed to test cross play between PC and Xbox, something that had only been briefly mentioned previously by 343 Industries. The Xbox Wire article did not specifically mention Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary‘s cross play capabilities, so that may be a feature yet to come for the PC release.

There was some criticism of the release strategy for The Master Chief Collection, with some thinking that the games are too old to warrant a PC remaster, especially one with a build up like this. However, the point of this new PC release of the Halo games is to celebrate their legacy. Microsoft and 343 Industries are ensuring that they take their time with each game in order to deliver a quality Halo experience to new and old fans alike. Releasing each game individually instead of in a potentially rushed bulk package assures players that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, along with the rest of The Master Chief Collection, has been remastered with the care and the attention to detail they want and need.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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Stephanie Schwartz

New Xbox One Dashboard Finally Lets Players Stop Notifications From Blocking Content

Microsoft is bringing a new dashboard design to all Xbox One consoles this week, and this update will finally stop notifications from blocking content. The new update is already available for download and the dashboard changes will take place automatically.

The Xbox One system has received several impressive updates over the years to improve the system. In 2016, Microsoft added Cortana, a gaming hub, and video recording software. This update allowed players to use voice commands through Cortana and also streamlined the game collection screen. Additionally screenshots and videos were given the ability to immediately be posted online. In 2017 though, Microsoft allowed players to customize the dashboard themselves. This was allowed to make using the dashboard much more efficient. The most recent update removed the underused Cortana from the system.

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According to The Verge, Microsoft has finally decided to roll out the new dashboard update after 6 months of testing. One of the main features of this update will allow players to customize how notifications will appear onscreen. By choosing which location the notifications appear at, players can strategically stop them from blocking important content on the screen. This feature doesn’t even exist for Windows 10 yet, and so the Xbox One is the only Microsoft property that allows it.

This overhaul of the homepage will put frequently used apps and games at forefront of the page. This way players can automatically jump back into whatever they were doing when the system is turned back on. Players will also be able to more quickly access apps like Mixer, Xbox Games Pass, and the Microsoft Store. Additionally there are several tweaks and updates coming to the game library as well. New icons are being assigned to trials and demos, so that players can more easily spot them. More importantly, a player’s most popular games will now appear at the top of the library for quicker access.

This new update for the Xbox One seems like it will be a very important quality of life improvement over the previous dashboard design. The ability to further customize and streamline the dashboard will ensure that gaming is as stress free as it should be. With the Xbox Series X looming on the horizon though, this could possibly be the last serious dashboard update that the Xbox One sees. Hopefully, fans are satisfied with all of these new features.

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Source: The Verge

2020-02-25 01:02:27

Cody Peterson

Survivor: Season 40: 9 Players with the Most Days Played, Ranked

The 40th season of everyone’s favorite reality competition, Survivor, is finally underway. In a long-anticipated season theme, fans are tuning in to the best battle the series has ever seen: Winners at War. With 20 returning winners, this series is packed with players who have already proved they have what it takes to become the Sole Survivor.

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Of course, many of these players have only played once before, while others are in it for their fourth or fifth time around. With some fan favorites in the mix, there are castaways who have spent an impressive amount of time on the island. With 9 returning players for the season, these castaways have spent more than 39 days on the island.

9 Tony Vlachos – 45 Days

This season will be Tony’s third time on the show. He won his first season, Cagayan, and was then voted out on day 6 for his returning season in Game Changers. This iconic villain might just have to prove himself once again.

With 45 days played, he takes the ninth spot for the most time spent on the island this season, so hopefully, his experience will come in handy. Whether fans love or hate this castaway, 45 days on the island is a lot to learn the ins and outs of this complicated game.

8 Sarah Lacina – 58 Days

Sarah has become one of the best female players of all time. With two seasons under her belt, Sarah was voted out on day 19 of her first. However, she returned for Game Changers and took home the win against returning players with some of the best moves in the show’s history.

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With 58 days on the island, Sarah has already beaten many returning players, and it’s likely she can use her experience on the island to do it all over again. Sarah is definitely a fan favorite, and viewers hope to see her play many more days to come.

7 Ethan Zohn – 60 Days

Ethan definitely falls into the “old school” category, but he has played this game twice. He won his first season, Africa, and was then asked back for All-Stars, where he was voted out on day 21.

This castaway hasn’t played since season 8, so he definitely has to keep up with the pace of the new school contestants. Still, with 60 days under his belt, he might just have some knowledge up his sleeve.

6 Jeremy Collins – 63 Days

Season 40 will be Jeremy’s third time on the series. He made it all the way to day 24 on his first season, but managed to take home the win for his second on Survivor: Cambodia. Jeremy has definitely proved himself and has become a fan favorite.

With 63 days on the island, Jeremy might have learned enough to prove himself once again, and definitely stands a fighting chance at taking home the title.

5 Amber Mariano (Brkrich) – 72 Days

Amber Mariano originally played in The Australian Outback season, the second season of the show, where she lasted all the way until day 33. When she returned for All-Stars, she took home the title of Sole Survivor.

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This player’s last time on the show was way back in season 8, and with 72 days on the island, fans now know that Amber couldn’t use her experience to her advantage. Her old school knowledge wasn’t enough to outlast the others.

4 Tyson Apostol – 81 Days

This fan favorite has a heart of gold and humor to match, but he’s also proved himself as a competitive player. Having played three times, Tyson finally won in his third season for Blood vs. Water.

With 81 days living on the island, fans are still excited to see what this man has to offer, and his experience might just be the difference between winning and losing this season. Tyson is one of the most well-rounded players of the season, and that partnered with his days on the island might just be the advantage he needs.

3 Sandra Diaz-Twine – 94 Days

Sandra is the only player on this season to have already won the title of Sole Survivor twice. She won her first two seasons, for Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains. She made it to day 16 on her third time around before she was voted out.

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Sandra was also invited back as a mentor for Island of the Idols, so she definitely has experience coming in waves. With many days lived on the island, fans are intrigued to see how long this two-time winner will last this season.

2 Parvati Shallow – 114 Days

Parvati has played three times. She made it to the finale twice, and was voted out only one tribal council shy in her first season. Taking home the crown for Micronesia, Parvati lost in the finale to Sandra for Heroes vs. Villains.

In any case, Parvati has proved she’s pretty great at outlasting most of her fellow contestants. With 114 days of experience, she might just make it to the end once again. Only 3 days behind the most outlasting player, Parvati has just enough of a chance to use her knowledge to her advantage to take home the title.

1 “Boston” Rob Mariano – 117 Days

This castaway has become an all-star at the game. From everyone’s favorite player to proving he is a challenge and strategy beast, Rob has played an impressive amount of days. With four seasons under his belt, Rob has spent 117 days on the island.

He made the finale twice and made it quite far the other two times. Of course, this legend also returned for Island of the Idols as a mentor. Clearly, this man has become a Survivor legend and expert, and his 117 days on the island should come in handy if they don’t put a target on his back first. Still, Rob has the most experience this season, and fans are excited to see him last for more days to come.

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Meah Peers

Pokémon Home: Here Are All of the Free Gift Pokémon Players Can Get

Pokémon Home is offering users more than the opportunity to transfer Pokémon from previous generations into the new app by giving players the chance to obtain a few Pokémon just by completing a few simple tasks. Previously, Pokémon Bank, the storage and management tool used for Pokémon titles on Nintendo 3DS, offered timed distributions as incentives for players who signed up for the paid service.

The Pokémon Home service has also introduced new characters, the ability to collect and trade Pokémon through a smart device, and has added the ability to make use of 35 previously unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield – though some users are already reporting serious technical issues with the application which could dampen fan’s reception of the additional paid service.

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According to dedicated Pokémon site, a growing catalog of Gift Pokémon is being made available through various means within Pokémon Home. For example, simply for using the app, players will be given the option to select between the three Kanto region starters, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, and will find a Pikachu already placed in their storage box upon completing the introduction. Similarly, players can receive a Pichu for placing a sticker in their binder for the first time, a Rotom once their first Pokémon placed in the Global Trade System is accepted, and an Eevee upon completing a trade by placing a Pokémon into the Wonder Box. Players will be able to obtain the Pokémon awarded for completing a special task for one month, after which they will no longer be available.

Prior to the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield in November, The Pokémon Company and developer Game Freak faced frequent fan backlash over the lack of a National Pokédex, though developers have stated that they have no regrets over their decision to remove the highly requested feature. With the addition of the 35 previously unavailable creatures, and with over 200 new and returning Pokémon arriving for free alongside paid DLC later this year, Trainers will find no shortage of Pokémon to catch, trade, and battle.

Despite issues with the app, including a lack of support for Pokémon Go at launch, it’s nice to see players rewarded for simply using Pokémon Home. Hopefully, Trainers will have a more enjoyable time with the service in the future, allowing them to fill the pages of their Pokédex without fear of technical issues.

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Pokémon Home is available for download on Android and iOS devices, and on Nintendo Switch.

2020-02-12 01:02:29

Corey Hall

Apex Legends Season 4 Map Change Can Kill An Entire Dropship Of Players

Season four of Apex Legends is here, and one of the game’s new map changes is proving deadly to many players. While not as big a change to the minute-to-minute gameplay as the replacement of King’s Landing was, Apex Legends’ newest update has not only introduced the new playable character Revenant and a new sniper rifle, but has also made adjustments to various aspects of the team-based battle royale’s current map.

Apex Legends has consistently added in new characters, weapons, and map changes since its original release a little over a year ago. The newest Legend to join the roster, Revenant, sports the ability to summon a Death Totem which can be used by teammates and enemies alike in order to cheat death for a few brief second in the middle of a firefight. Revenant joins Apex Legends as a part of the Season Four event Assimilation, which also adds some rather deadly changes to the game’s landscape.

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Now, it’s beginning to look as if some of these new map changes can be absolutely devastating, even to players who haven’t yet left the starting dropship. As shown in a recent Reddit post and immediately testable for any Apex Legends player willing to lose their life, any player which passes through the gigantic Planet Harvester laser beam shooting into the sky will be immediately destroyed, including players who are still in the beginning plane waiting to drop to the surface. If the plane’s path happens to take it directly over the beam, anyone still in the dropship will be eradicated. Check out one player’s experience below:

While this player only experienced the brutal force of Apex Legends new map changes with less than twenty players still remaining in the dropship, it’s easy to imagine a situation where everyone in the map has yet to vacate the plane, leading to the Planet Harvester energy beam causing an immediate total team knockout. Although the developers have not yet commented on whether this is an intentional mechanic or an unintentional result of making the Planet Harvester beam cause instant death upon impact, it’s definitely still in effect at the time of this writing and shows no signs of being changed any time soon.

The inclusion of such a deadly mechanic which will likely only ever be seen by a small minority of players is yet another example of how the developers of Apex Legends season four know how to keep players engaged and interested with their game. Although the idea that all of the game’s players would sit idly by while the dropship passes through the Planet Harvester energy beam may seem slim, the possibility such a situation could actually occur is one of the reason players keep coming back to Apex Legends, and the team shows no signs of slowing down on these interested gameplay additions.

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Source: Reddit

2020-02-05 05:02:01

Christopher Teuton

Dreams Early Access Players Will Get PlayStation 4 Full Version First

Early access adopters of Media Molecule’s newest user-generated game-making toolkit Dreams will be able to unlock the full version three days early. Dreams has been in development since 2012 and was first revealed to the public in 2013. The developer of Dreams, Media Molecule, is known for user-driven experiences such as LittleBigPlanet, where players can create and share their own games by utilizing the engine’s level designing tools.

Due to Dreams’ prolonged development time, it has been in an early access, playable state since April 16th, 2019. This means new adopters can buy the game and play the plethora of player-made levels immediately, while still working on their own unique creations. While the development of this title has been finished since January 6th, 2020, Media Molecule has already announced plans for future content updates to their engine, including but not limited to support for both PSVR and online multiplayer. This is a ten-year plan, spanning multiple generations.

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Vg247 reports all Dreams early access users will be able to play the full version of the game on the 11th of February, three days prior to its official launch. There will be a final launch patch to the game’s wide scope and complexity, as Media Molecule aims to improve the introductory experience for many of the newest players by implementing detailed tutorials on the systems in the game. This enormous patch also improves on existing systems, such as camera bookmarks and an updated UI that makes it easier to locate tools to create with. Media Molecule has announced over 18,000 changes made between the beginning of early access and Dreams’ final launch patch.

Dreams is the next big step in evolving this format, allowing gamers and creatives alike to create fully-fledged video games with unique, hand-made assets, mechanics, textures, sound, and more. Dreams is primed for release on February 14th, 2020, making it one of the first highly-anticipated games to release on the PlayStation 4 this year.

Dreams aim is to be a groundbreaking development tool that isn’t just for inexperienced players. It harbors enough depth, according to Media Molecule, to be a tool that can be used by even the most seasoned game developers. While the title has a specific, publicized art style, various creative users have already been able to create games which depart from it in surprising ways. From science fiction racing games in the same vein as Star Wars Episode 1: Racer to a surprisingly accurate remake of Crash Bandicoot, Dreams gives its dedicated artists enough room to express themselves in whichever way they can imagine. Due to Media Molecule’s decade-long update plan, Dreams promises to be an ever-growing and adapting playground, offering hundreds of hours of player-made content down the line.

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Source: Vg247

2020-02-05 02:02:22

Daniel Gusinski