20 Switch Games Confirmed Coming In 2019 (And 5 That Are Possibilities)

Following the Wii U, which, despite strong sales of a few of its titles, was ultimately a commercial flop by most standards, a lot of people were ready to write Nintendo’s eulogy as a hardware manufacturer. However, as anyone who has been around for awhile is well aware, Nintendo should never be underestimated and is always ready to bounce back from the brink of failure in spectacular fashion.

The Switch just celebrated its two-year anniversary and is showing no signs of slowing down, breaking sales records left and right and is in striking distance of the Xbox One to become the second best-selling console of the current generation. Much of that success has to do with the Switch’s software library, which not only contains the usual greatness from Nintendo itself but stronger third-party support than a Nintendo console has had in quite some time. The Switch also just has a large number of titles period for this point in its lifespan… and unlike the Wii, it isn’t padded out by an excessive amount of party game shovelware and lazy license-based garbage (yet.)

As we go into the Switch’s third year, the console continues to have a bright outlook in terms of both the quantity and quality of its upcoming lineup. Here, we highlight some of the most noteworthy titles that have been confirmed to be releasing sometime in 2019, though of course release dates are always subject to change. And just for fun, we’ve sprinkled in a few titles that don’t yet have a concrete release window but just might surprise us by showing up for the Switch before the end of the year.

25 Possibly Coming: Doom Eternal

The Switch port of the 2016 Doom reboot surprised a lot of people, not only because it existed at all but because it was a technically proficient version of the game— and playable on a portable system, no less. Best of all, the Switch version of Doom actually sold well, which meant that Nintendo console owners were finally wising up and learning to support third-party games to help ensure that they get more of them.

And getting more of them they did, first in the form of a Switch port of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, followed by the announcement that the upcoming sequel Doom Eternal would be coming to Switch alongside the PS4, XB1, and PC versions. It’s unclear if the Switch version— or any versions— will be out this year, but here’s hoping.

24 Confirmed: Yoshi’s Crafted World

While Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island is a bonafide classic that some people even call their favorite “Mario game,” subsequent attempts to keep Yoshi’s Island going as its own separate franchise have largely fallen short. It wasn’t until Yoshi’s Woolly World for the Wii U that the usually-green dinosaur finally got to star in a decent platform game that wasn’t just another disappointing Yoshi’s Island remake/sequel.

Sticking with Woolly World‘s basic gameplay formula but going with an aesthetic that is more cardboard than yarn, Yoshi’s Crafted World looks like it’ll be another fun, visually-arresting platformer for kids and families when it hits the Switch later this month. We appreciate all these Switch ports of Wii U games and all, but we like it even more when a Wii U game gets an actual sequel on the Switch instead.

23 Confirmed: Mortal Kombat 11

A lot of people like to still retroactively rag on Nintendo for censoring the original Mortal Kombat when it came to the SNES, but that’s a pretty silly complaint given that every single subsequent MK that has come to a Nintendo platform has made the transition with all the mature content intact. In fact, the Wii U is the first Nintendo console to ever lack a Mortal Kombat game, something that won’t be repeated with the Switch.

Furthermore, unlike what often happens with MK games coming to a Nintendo system, Switch owners won’t even have to wait that long to get their hands on Mortal Kombat 11— the game is slated to hit Switch in May, only a month after the other versions. Just don’t hold your breath for any Nintendo-exclusive characters in the game!

22 Confirmed: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

One surefire way to know that a console is doing well is when third parties start bringing out AAA games exclusively for the platform. It’s easy enough for cynical people to say they don’t need a Switch because they don’t care about Mario or Zelda, but when games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 start showing up, it takes a lot more effort to objectively dismiss the Switch’s lineup.

The long-awaited sequel to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series— which itself was the follow-up to the X-Men Legends games—  Ultimate Alliance 3 brings back classic characters from the franchise while also introducing ones that have gained popularity since the release of the last game thanks to the MCU. See the Guardians of the Galaxy mixing it up with the Avengers, the X-Men, Spider-Man, and more sometime in the summer/fall 2019 range.

21 Confirmed: Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

When Squaresoft and Enix merged into Square Enix in 2003, it effectively brought an end to one of the biggest rivalries in gaming history: Final Fantasy vs Dragon Quest. Of course, Western territories had long since chosen Final Fantasy as the preferred franchise, while in Japan, Dragon Quest was and continues to be the bigger series. But one thing that can’t be disputed is that the DQ franchise has been far more consistent, and that tradition continues through the 11th installment, finally being released outside of Japan last September for PS4 and PC.

An enhanced version of DQXI is now coming to the Switch, and will be out in the U.S. by the end of the year. It features new orchestral music and the option to play in a special 16-bit graphics mode carried over from the Japan-only 3DS version.

20 Possibly Coming: Shin Megami Tensei V

As one of the games first shown alongside the public reveal of the Switch itself, Shin Megami Tensei V has been one of the most-anticipated titles for the system. Two years on, Atlus still hasn’t committed to anything resembling an official release date, though they did at least finally confirm a North American version this past fall.

Part of the larger Megami Tensei brand that also includes the Persona and Devil Summoner offshoots, Shin Megami Tensei is technically the main series and goes all the way back to the 1980s. But in that time, there have only been four core numbered installments, making a new one a huge deal— and an even bigger one for Switch fans as it is exclusive to that platform. Maybe a 2019 release, especially in the West, is a long shot… but it’s not impossible.

19 Confirmed: Super Mario Maker 2

The original Super Mario Maker was one of the killer apps for the Wii U as well as perhaps the best example of a game that wouldn’t have been nearly as effective without a tablet controller. A sequel seemed like a foregone conclusion, but it was still exciting when Nintendo officially unveiled one in February— especially since it was also revealed that Super Mario Maker 2 was coming as early as June.

Among the confirmed additions to the game this time around are the ability to make sloped terrain, and the inclusion of assets and mechanics from Super Mario 3D World. Luigi is heavily featured in the promo art, hinting at a multiplayer component, but that has yet to be confirmed. Our fingers are definitely crossed that we’ll be able to create co-op levels.

18 Confirmed: Team Sonic Racing

There’s no denying that Mario is king of video game kart racing, but that’s not to say that his former rival, Sonic, doesn’t also know his way around a track. After a rough start with the Sonic Drift series, Sonic and company became legitimate contenders in the genre with the two Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing games— even if their titles are an awkward mouthful.

Abandoning the Sega fan service and focusing on just the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Team Sonic Racing is going to be a more story-driven affair but is still expected to have the same level of polish and fun on the track. While this means less character and level variety, that doesn’t mean the game itself won’t still be a blast. But we’ll all find out for sure when it hits the Switch this May.

17 Confirmed: Super Meat Boy Forever

One of the early success stories of the big indie gaming movement of the late-2000s, Super Meat Boy hearkened back to a time when games were easy to learn but difficult to master, humbling a generation of gamers who had gotten lazy with the the comparative easiness of modern gaming.

Original programmer Tommy Refenes is once again the sole credited programmer on Super Meat Boy Forever, which began life as a merely a mobile version of the original game but eventually evolved into a full-on sequel. Among the major differences this time around are randomly-generated levels said to be based on how the game is reading the player’s skill, and the ability to kick and punch. Nintendo proudly showcased the Switch version back in the summer of 2017, and it’s finally set to release this April.

16 Confirmed: Animal Crossing

It’s hard to believe, but the last traditional Animal Crossing game was New Leaf, released all the way back in 2012 for the 3DS. If you need proof that Nintendo had quickly lost faith in the Wii U, look no further than the company not even bothering to put a core AC game on the system.

Hopefully, that extra time has meant that the company has been working hard to finally reinvent the formula that they have essentially been recycling since the original installment when the AC series finally gets a new mainline entry for the Switch later this year. Though, after the insult that was Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival for Wii U, we’ll just be happy to play a good AC game again even if it is just more of the same ol’ Tom Nook servitude.

15 Confirmed: Astral Chain

While they sometimes have to take on ill-fated licensed fare to help keep the lights on, Platinum Games has largely developed a reputation for being one of the most consistent and reliable game developers of the last decade, especially in the realm of action games. And while they are also hard at work on the third installment of a certain trilogy starring a certain curvy witch— more on that later— for Switch, the always-busy team recently unveiled yet another Switch game that have in the pipeline that is slated for release this summer.

Little is known about Astral Chain beyond what can be culled from the debut trailer, but so far it looks like the typical stylish, over-the-top action that Platinum is best known for. We can’t wait to learn more about this promising title in the coming months.

14 Possibly Coming: Bayonetta 3

Nintendo did a lot wrong with the Wii U, but there are also some things they at least tried to do right— one of which was snatching up the sequel for cult hit Bayonetta and announcing it as a Wii U exclusive. From that point on, Bayonetta has essentially become a Nintendo-exclusive franchise, and we’re going to see more of her on the Switch beyond the ports of the first two games and her appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

All we’ve seen so far of Bayonetta 3 is a very brief teaser, but there are few game characters that we’re content to be teased by. The lack of new footage means it’s likely still a ways off, but Bayo likes to keep us on our toes, so we wouldn’t count her out for a surprise return sometime this year.

13 Confirmed: Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night

With the launch of Kickstarter, Keiji Inafune and Koji Igrashi— key figures behind Mega Man and Castlevania, respectively— saw an avenue with which to leave behind companies they felt stifled by and create true spiritual successors to the franchises that were being mishandled by their parent companies. Inafune’s attempt, Mighty No. 9, fell far short of that goal. We can only remain optimistic that IGA’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night fares much better.

The much, much delayed game was originally supposed to have a Wii U port— that’s how long ago Bloodstained was meant to be released. But its Nintendo representation moved to the Switch, and all signs point to Bloodstained finally being released sometime in the next few months. Don’t let us down, IGA. Castlevania fans have been put through enough heartbreak already.

12 Confirmed: Dragon Quest Builders 2

It might seem like a really short lead time between Dragon Quest Builders 2 and the original game, the latter of which only just hit the Switch last February. So how can the sequel be promising a July release of this year already? Well, Dragon Quest Builders was actually first released for the PS4 and Vita in Japan way back in January of 2016, so the developers have already had three years to work on part two even though Switch owners only just got the first game.

If anything, Square Enix are probably taking a risk releasing the sequel while so many people are probably still enjoying the original, but we’ll never complain about too many DQ games getting localized for the West— sometimes, we don’t see one for years at a time.

11 Confirmed: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

One of the most unfairly overlooked games of Nintendo’s jam-packed February Direct was the Switch port of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, originally released for PS4 and PC in 2017. Considering that developer Ninja Theory took a year bringing it to Xbox One and then another year on the Switch port, it’s obvious that they want each version to be the best that it can be. And if any version has a lot to prove in terms of what it can accomplish from a technical standpoint, it’s the Switch version.

Like most Ninja Theory games, Hellblade is a fast-paced action game at its core, but the story also explores complicated themes of psychosis, the depiction of which earned the game praise from neuroscience experts. If you missed the other versions, give it a try on the Switch when it releases this spring.

10 Confirmed: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Even though Switch owners still haven’t been told for sure that they’re getting their own version of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy— though we have to imagine it’s a matter of “when” instead of “if”— Activision has at least confirmed a Switch version of their next PlayStation-era remaster coming this June.

Though they cheaped out a bit this time by only remastering one game instead of a collection of them, the original Crash Team Racing is the one that’s most worth having anyway. And as people are no doubt finally starting to get a little tired of Mario Kart 8 DeluxeCrash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a great way to keep busy until the Switch finally gets its first truly new Mario Kart installment. Still, Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Tag Team Racing, while not amazing, would’ve been a nice inclusion…

9 Confirmed: Dead By Daylight

While the words “online shooter” in terms of a Nintendo Switch game typically conjures images of cute octopuses spraying ink and characters popping llama piñatas while dabbing, there are actually more hardcore shooters on the Switch already and even more on the way. And one of the most interesting upcoming games that hopes to change the way people think about online shooters on the Switch is Dead by Daylight.

Due out in the fall, the Switch port of the PS4, XB1, and PC game is an online-only multiplayer game where five people play asymmetrically in teams of one versus four, with the four having to hide from and escape the one. Reviews for the other versions have been somewhat mixed, but most agree it’s an intriguing concept and it might find a nice home on the Switch.

8 Possibly Coming: Digimon Survive

While Digimon fans take offense when the franchise is dismissed as a Pokémon rip-off, there’s no disputing that it has failed to maintain the popularity of Nintendo’s monster battling brand. But Digimon has never really gone away, at least not in Japan— it just hasn’t had as much of a presence anywhere else in recent years. Bandai Namco is hoping to turn that around, however, with the upcoming Digimon Survive.

Looking to reinvent the brand a bit with a different gameplay style and a darker tone, Digimon Survive, true to its title, is about trying to keep your creatures alive under harsh conditions rather than capturing and battling them. Not much else is known about the game, including when it is actually going to come out, but a 2019 release isn’t outside of the realm of possibility.

7 Confirmed: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series actually dates all the way back to 1990, but the franchise stayed mostly in Japan until Marth and Roy showed up in 2001’s Super Smash Bros. Melee and got non-Japanese gamers curious. Nintendo then decided to test the waters by localizing the next entry in the Fire Emblem series in the West, and the franchise has been a worldwide property ever since.

Unfortunately, that also began a period where the number of new Fire Emblem games began to slow significantly, with only three core entries released since 2012. This makes the upcoming Three Houses— due this summer— a really big deal, especially since it’ll be the first mainline game not released for a strictly handheld system since 2007’s Radiant Dawn for Wii.

6 Confirmed: Luigi’s Mansion 3

The GameCube marked the first time a new Nintendo console didn’t have a Super Mario game ready to go on the first day of its release in the U.S. The shock and disappointment of this revelation put an unfair amount of pressure on launch game Luigi’s Mansion, which people were too hard on because it wasn’t a sufficient replacement for a Super Mario game— even though it was never trying to be.

Luckily, most people have come around on Luigi’s Mansion since, and the game eventually earned enough retrospective love that Nintendo finally gave the game both a sequel and a remake on the 3DS. Now, after nearly 20 years, the series returns to consoles with the upcoming release of Luigi’s Mansion 3, which doesn’t have a firm release date yet but Nintendo assures us will be sometime this year.

5 Confirmed: The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Nintendo likes to save the biggest surprises for the end of its Nintendo Directs, and they certainly had a big one ready to cap off their February one— a full-on remake of the Game Boy classic The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the Switch. And coming by the end of this year, no less!

A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time get most of the love in terms of retro Zelda games, but everyone who has played Link’s Awakening—  which also saw a colorized re-release on Game Boy Color— knows that it deserves its place among the best and most unique Zelda adventures. It’s definitely a great candidate for a remake, especially since it essentially marks the return of classic 2D-style Zelda on a Nintendo home console for the first time since the series went 3D.

4 Confirmed: Oninaki

In between the latest new installment of Final FantasyDragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix have been releasing a bunch of smaller-scale RPGs that hearken back to their 90s heyday. Following in that tradition of games like Bravely Degault for 3DS and Octopath Traveler for Switch comes the upcoming Oninaki, which feels like something of a bridge between those two halves of Square Enix’s portfolio and is headed up by one of the directors of none other than Chrono Trigger.

Another of the more mysterious games on this list, all we really know about Oninaki at this point is that its an action/RPG with gorgeous visuals, and impressive pedigree, and is due to hit the Switch sometime in 2019. And, really, what else is there to know in order to be excited for this game?

3 Confirmed: Daemon X Machina

Not sure what to make of this game’s weird title that reminds us of what bounced-back emails used to say? Hop on Switch right now and download the free demo for yourself, as that’ll certainly tell you far more about the game and whether you should care about it than we possibly could.

That aside, it’s a third-person mech action game that is playable by up to four people at once and comes courtesy of the developers of the Senran Kagura games. Whether or not Dameon X Machina will have any “bounce” remains to be seen, but it thus far seems unlikely. Snarkiness aside, it’s a really cool-looking games that should scratch a lot of itches when it comes out later this year.

2 Confirmed: Pokémon Sword/Shield

For all of Pokémon‘s history up to this point, there has been a clear division between the console games and the handheld games. Most importantly, only handhelds ever got the real, core installments in the series, with consoles just seeing spin-offs and such. Well, with the Switch blurring the lines between what is a console and what is a handheld, a new mainline Pokémon game will finally technically come to a console this year with the release of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. And, no, don’t believe the rumors of a third game, Pokémon Gun— that was simply a joke that got taken too far.

Three brand new starters have already been shown for Sword and Shield, and we’re sure that’s just the start of the reveals that Nintendo will slowly dole out in the coming months.

1 Possibly Coming: Metroid Prime Trilogy

We wanted to mostly stick to games that have at least been officially announced for this list, but for the final spot, we couldn’t resist jumping on the speculation bandwagon for Metroid Prime Trilogy HD/Remaster/whatever it’s going to be called if and when Nintendo finally just confirms it.

Following the heartbreaking announcement that Metroid Prime 4 is likely still years away, Nintendo needs to do something to keep Metroid fans happy and the franchise in people’s good graces. What better way to do that then to release a remaster of the Wii’s Metroid Prime Trilogy, only in HD? The many supposed leaks of the game seem to point to there being a pretty good chance it’s in development, and maybe even coming fairly soon. Just make it official already, Nintendo— and for a 2019 release, preferably.

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Chris Hodges

Game of Thrones: 10 Outside The Box Possibilities To Win The Iron Throne

There are only a few months to go before fans learn how Game of Thrones will end… and who will be seated on the Iron Throne when it does. The eight and final season premieres in April, and fan theories are flying as to who is most likely to become the final ruler of Westeros. Of course, there are some obvious choices – Daenerys Targaryen, the woman who has been aiming for the throne since the start. Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryen, who is the rightful heir.

But what about those people who are legitimate possibilities… but that most fans aren’t thinking about when feverishly debating the eventual ruler of Westeros? Such as these ten players, who may surprise people with a serious shot at the Iron Throne in the end…

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10 Littlefinger

It would seem to be difficult for Littlefinger to take the Iron Throne, given that Arya Stark cut his throat in season seven… but hang on, because the fans of Game of Thrones have come up with an interesting possibility for this schemer. One fan theory suggests that he faked his own death, and that he got one of the Faceless Men to stand in for him in the Great Hall that day – which means that Littlefinger is at large, incredibly dangerous, still with the support of Robin Arryn, and nobody else knows that he’s still alive.

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That would be a potent combination, and given how Littlefinger has been carefully manipulating his way to the Iron Throne from the very start, it’s still a possibility that he manages to get his wish in the end.

9 Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark has come a long way from her early days as a pampered little girl who just wanted to wear pretty dresses and marry a Prince. Now, Sansa is powerful, capable, and surprisingly devious. As Wardenness of the North, she showed how good she could be as a ruler, and in the Battle of the Bastards, she showed that warfare is something she can handle as well. Sansa would be more than capable of rallying the North to her side and using that to get her to the Iron Throne (for a phenomenal revenge-on-Cersei moment, too).

8 Varys

Varys is definitely not someone who is gunning for the position of King, but he could be a surprisingly good choice – and it’s not completely far fetched, either. Of all the people in Westeros, Varys has made it clear that his allegiance is not to a House, to a person, or to himself even, but to ‘the good of the realm’. He’s extremely well-informed, capable, and easily underestimated, but always close to power – and he knows the inner workings of King’s Landing extremely well. Should Daenerys follow in her father’s footsteps and go mad, Varys might be the one to step up and take her place.

7 Euron Greyjoy

It’s hard to imagine someone who would be worse for the people of Westeros as ruler than Euron Greyjoy – but this is still a definite possibility. Euron has already been crowned the King of the Iron Islands and defeated the Dornish, and has somewhere to hunker down and wait out the Long Night, should he choose. He actually already (jokingly) suggested doing this, although Cersei revealed later that he was on the way to collect the Golden Company. However, with the Iron Islands and the Golden Company at his beck and call, why would Euron bend the knee to Cersei? He could just as easily take the throne himself.

6 Bran Stark

This is definitely one of the least likely scenarios, given that Bran Stark has no real claim to the throne, no use of his legs, and is now the Three-Eyed Raven, but it’s still a possibility. In fact, it’s his new role as Three-Eyed Raven that makes this likely.

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Bran could well use his visions and gifts to ensure that he makes it onto the Iron Throne (and stays there), as well as helping Jon defeat the White Walkers. Jon is unlikely to actually want the throne, and if Cersei and Daenerys both die in the final season, Bran may be able to take the kingdom for his own magical self – as a reward for saving them all.

5 The Night King

Euron Greyjoy on the throne would be a serious improvement on this one, but we can’t discount the possibility that Game of Thrones will end with the fractured Kingdoms unable to stand up to the might of the army of the dead – and with the Night King and his resurrected dragon on the Iron Throne. Game of Thrones‘ official promo photos for the season did also include a shot of the Night King on the Iron Throne, although this doesn’t mean anything more than the Night King is a huge part of the final season.

4 Samwell Tarly

Samwell Tarly may be the person least likely to actually want the Iron Throne, but he may have a claim to it even stronger than Jon Snow. According to some fan theories, Sam Tarly isn’t a Tarly at all, but a Targaryen himself. Sam may well be Aegon Targaryen, the firstborn son of Rhaegar and Elia Martell.

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It is widely believed that the young Aegon was killed by the Mountain during the Sack of King’s Landing. However, it’s possible that Varys was able to get the child to safety and replace him with a nobody, and that Sam was raised with no clue as to his true heritage. If this is the case, he would have the strongest claim to the Iron Throne… even if he wouldn’t know quite what to do with it.

3 Cersei Lannister

Given that Cersei is currently on the Iron Throne, this may not seem too ‘out of the box’ at first glance. However, it would seem strange for Game of Thrones to leave Cersei in power, where she has been (for the most part) since the start – even if this is the first time she is true Queen. The Valonqar prophecy also says that Cersei will die in season 8, so most fans have accepted the idea that Cersei is on her way out.

However, there is always a slim chance that Cersei won’t actually die. The prophecy may have been false, her scheming to abandon the North to the White Walkers may work, and Cersei may still manage to win the Game of Thrones in the end.

2 Gendry Baratheon

Gendry Baratheon also has a claim to the throne – as the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, he could have claimed the throne when his father died (especially as Cersei’s children were not actually Robert’s). Now, this claim still stands – although he’s hardly the only character with some kind of right to the throne, as we’ve already seen. Gendry is also an all-around good guy, currently fighting on the side of Jon and Daenerys, with his massive warhammer. It’s unlikely that Gendry would actively try and overthrow Jon or Daenerys, but should they bite the dust this season, he has a solid chance of ending up on the Iron Throne.

1 Jon & Daenery’s Child

It’s been confirmed that the final end to Game of Thrones is going to be ‘bittersweet’ – and it’s theorized that Daenerys is currently pregnant. It would certainly fit the idea of a bittersweet ending if Jon and Daenerys survive long enough to see their child born… and then die, without ever really getting a chance to rule the kingdom that should be theirs by rights. A fitting end would be for the new generation, Stark and Targaryen combined, to hold the throne – with a fan-favorite like Sansa or Tyrion acting as Regent until they come of age.

Who do you think will win the Iron Throne? Let us know in the comments. 

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Rose Moore

3 CW Shows Ending In 2019 (And 17 Possibilities)

The CW seems to be living in its own golden age. Not only has the network been thriving with young viewers in the last decade, but it hosts dozens of shows that dominate fan culture — from the Arrowverse shows like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to teen dramas like Riverdale and the everlasting Supernatural. There are very few CW programs that viewers aren’t following, or, at the very least, are aware of as young adult phenomena.

However, despite flourishing in this age of hyper-competitive “event” television, not every show gets to be a winner. Like all networks, viewership numbers and Nielsen ratings are king — some shows can stay and some just have to go. For this list, we’re going to take a look at the CW shows that will be saying goodbye in 2019, as well as shows that have not been renewed yet. Ratings will play a large part in helping us determine what might stay and what might not, as well as overall critical reception of each series.

Many of these programs are in the middle of airing a new seasons, but since they haven’t been canceled or renewed just yet, their futures remain uncertain.  Don’t fret, CW fans — with shows like Batwoman, Nancy Drew, and even a Riverdale spin-off in development, there will be plenty of new shows to replace the old ones.

Is your favorite CW show getting the axe this year? Let’s find out. Here are 3 CW Shows Ending In 2019 (And 17 Possibilities).

20 Possibilities — Black Lightning

Black Lightning sits in an odd spot in the CW’s programming. It’s a superhero show, like many of the network’s hits. It stars a DC character, giving it some brand recognition. The hero himself is black, which is something that audiences have been clamoring to see more of– and that we all should have seen a long time ago. However, it isn’t part of the CW’s shared DC universe or the “Arrowverse” as it has come to be known.

Season two’s average of a million viewers an episode just isn’t as solid as the previous season’s 1.7 million. It probably isn’t getting canceled, though — as a matter of fact, a crossover between Black Lightning and the rest of the Arrowverse shows might be just the boost that the show needs. It’s unclear whether that’ll ever happen, but that’s a safer bet than the show’s cancellation anytime soon.

19 Possibilities — The Outpost

With Game of Thrones wrapping up later this year, every television network is fighting to fill the fantasy-drama niche ahead of time. The CW’s contribution to the genre is The Outpost. The series follows a superpowered adventurer named Talon who must trek across her world to the hunt down the mercenaries who took the lives of her family.

The first season of The Outpost didn’t exactly rake in crowds, as numbers consistently sat under a million viewers per episode. The show’s critical reception is mixed as well, currently sitting at 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. With that said, CW has renewed The Outpost for a second season set to air in mid-2019. Of course, if the next season performs even worse, it’s unlikely that it’ll survive the year.

18 Possibilities — Legacies

The Vampire Diaries may no longer air on the CW, but the show’s extended universe is still going strong. The Vampire Diaries was succeeded by The Originals back in 2013; a spin-off that focused on the very first family of vampires. The Originals concluded back in August, and so the next spin-off has hit the channel: Legacies.

Legacies follows Hope Mikaelson, a vampire-witch-werewolf hybrid who must learn to control her various supernatural powers. So far the show has performed fairly well, bringing in a consistent million-viewer tally for every episode. Considering this franchise has been around for a decade and Legacies has been a hit with critics and audiences, it’ll probably stick around for a second season. The show is currently airing its premiere season, and nothing has been announced about a potential renewal or cancellation.

17 Possibilities — Roswell, New Mexico

This reboot of the 1999 series Roswell (itself an adaptation of the Roswell High novels) just hit the CW in January 2019. It follows Liz Ortecho as she returns to her hometown only to learn that her childhood crush is actually an alien with mysterious powers. This alien has been living among humans in secret, of course, after the Roswell UFO incident of 1947.

The season premiere brought in 1.5 million viewers, which is a solid start. Can it hold numbers like that for the rest of the season? The original show is a bit of a cult classic, so perhaps there are fans still holding out for more? In any case, we can’t judge a new series on a single episode. Only time will tell if the CW’s take on Roswell can make an impression.

16 Possibilities — Riverdale

This edgy Archie Comics adaptation has no shortage of fans, haters, and viewers. That last category is especially important since Riverdale has pulled in a huge audience every year, especially between seasons one and two. Riverdale is a certified hit for the CW — one apart from its slew of DC superhero shows with its own potential for spin-offs. Not only that, but with season three hitting an average of 1.3 million viewers an episode, it would be a mistake to cancel Riverdale while the show is a top performer.

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was another huge hit that got people invested in the Archie Comics world, and with Riverdale spin-off plans already in the works, the show will probably stick around for years to come. Now, how about that Sabrina crossover?

15 Possibilities — Arrow

Arrow put the CW back on the map — between the rising popularity of superhero shows at the time and the ramping-up of the DC Extended Universe, Green Arrow was the perfect character for a self-contained TV series. It has spawned several superhero shows in its wake, but despite still being one of the network’s top performers, the series’ viewer numbers are dwindling. Season six and the first half of season seven are some of the worst performing seasons of Arrow yet.

The show is currently airing its seventh season, and while it probably won’t be canceled outright, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the show started to wind things down. Oliver and friends could live on in shows like Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash anyway, so it wouldn’t be the end for Team Arrow.

14 Ending — iZombie

With a solid few years under its belt, iZombie concludes this year with its fifth and final season. The show was a big hit for the CW when it first premiered, but despite critical success and great ratings, viewership has steadily declined over the years. Liv Moore and her zombie-detective days are coming to an end.

The fourth season averaged 750,000 viewers an episode, down from the previous season’s 800,000 and 1.3 million before that. With such an apparent decline in audience numbers, it only makes sense to end the show preemptively to give dedicated fans the narrative closure they deserve. It’ll likely live on with reruns and streaming services, but the CW is officially ending the show.

13 Possibilities — Whose Line Is It Anyway?

It feels like this show will live forever — sure, it was canceled once already, but Whose Line Is It Anyway? is a staple series for comedy fans. The show continues to maintain a loyal audience too, with the last few seasons all averaging around a million viewers an episode. Even without a narrative arc or cliffhangers, Whose Line has managed to keep pace with other mid-tier CW shows.

Improv comedy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it seems like Whose Line is going strong and it would surprise us if it was canceled in 2019. The fifth season is set to air this summer so get ready for more laughs, more guests, and more hoedowns.

12 Possibilities — Dynasty

Dynasty isn’t what you would expect from the CW. A reboot of the 1980s soap opera of the same name, Dynasty doesn’t necessarily appeal to the CW’s younger audience — one that enjoys sci-fi and fantasy more than glitzy drama. The ratings for the show reflect this, with the second season’s average viewership just inching over a half-million per episode.

The first season scored similar numbers, which is both low for an existing property as well as for a program in the CW’s evening time-slots. However, Netflix acquired the international distribution rights for the series, making it available to stream almost immediately. While it doesn’t do well on the air, perhaps the Netflix deal will keep the show afloat. No announcements have been made about its future, but this one sounds like it could go either way.

11 Possibilities — Legends Of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is more than just the bargain bin for C-list Arrowverse heroes. The show offers time travel hijinks and an opportunity for the CW to explore the weirder corners of the DC universe. It’s definitely the lesser of the DC shows — certainly more niche than the others — but it has maintained a strong following.

Season three averaged a solid 1.5 million viewers an episode, and while season four is currently on hiatus, the first half has hit an average of a million an episode. It seems like a big drop, but again, half the season is yet to air. The Arrowverse is doing well — it’s seen better days when it comes to ratings, but it’s in no real danger. Legends of Tomorrow will probably live on, though it could use a boost.

10 Possibilities —Masters of Illusion

This Dean Cain-hosted magic show has been a constant in the CW’s lineup for the last few years. However, the tricks seem to be getting stale as ratings are in decline. While Masters of Illusion doesn’t necessarily have the young fan base that other CW shows do, it has performed fine over the years. The show used to average around a million viewers an episode but the previous season clocks in under the million mark. The show returns in late 2019, but will it survive the next season?

The decline probably isn’t steep enough to cause a panic, so it seems likely that the CW will renew it yet again. Unless the next season does even worse — in which case, some real magic would come in handy.

9 Possibilities — All American

The CW’s all new sports drama has been met with positive critical reception, but it isn’t a ratings blockbuster. All American follows Spencer James — loosely based on retired NFL linebacker Spencer Paysinger — as a rising high school football star.

Although the first season is still airing, the show currently sits at 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes with many critics praising its cast and the ambitious setup. However, is this enough? Episodes have rated at an average of 700,000 viewers per episode. It’s performing well for a series that lacks the built-in fan-base of a superhero or novel series, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stick around. The rest of the season could determine the show’s future, but for now, things look promising.

8 Possibilities — Pen and Teller: Fool Us

Unlike the CW’s other magic shows (fictional or otherwise), Penn and Teller seem to be pulling some real ratings magic. The show, which debuts in the summer and typically concludes in the winter, is a hit for the network. The series revolves around legendary magicians Penn and Teller and their magic competition — each act must perform a trick in an effort to confuse the duo, and if they can’t figure out how the trick was pulled off, the performers win.

Ratings for the show always average above the million-viewer mark. While the previous season took a slight dip, there is no reason to believe that those numbers will take a dive anytime soon. Fool Us returns in 2019 and it would be a surprise if it wasn’t renewed yet again.

7 Ending — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Despite the love it gets from critics, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is coming to an end after years of consistently abysmal ratings. The romantic comedy has its fair share of fans — the Rotten Tomatoes audience scores are positive for each season, and its score with critics always ranges anywhere from 90 to 100 percent. That’s some high praise compared to most other CW shows. However, the series is always one of the worst performing programs on the network’s roster, with seasons often struggling to crack a half-million viewer average per episode.

The CW kept the show going until its fourth and final season, which will bring the story to a natural conclusion in April 2019.

6 Possibilities — The Flash

It may have all started with Arrow, but The Flash has become the champion of the CW. Not only has it taken the reigns as the primary series in the Arrowverse, but it has inspired a whole new generation of Flash fans and a ratings boom for the network.

The Flash hasn’t been officially canceled or renewed yet (it’s still in the process of airing the fifth season), but there is little chance that it’ll go away. It’s worth noting that the ratings have declined recently, but nowhere near enough to raise an eyebrow. It looks like the show won’t stop running until Barry does, and that doesn’t seem soon at all. Expect Flash to stick around and continue to run circles around the competition — sometimes literally.

5 Possibilities — Burden of Truth

CW took another departure from genre television this year with Burden of Truth. It follows Joanna Hanley, a corporate lawyer for “big pharma” whose morals are tested when she must represent a company being sued by sick individuals. It’s already been renewed for a second season, but the first was a ratings bomb. The next season could very well be its last.

Is the CW’s young demographic itching for a legal drama? If they are, this doesn’t seem to be the one. The series struggled to crack a million viewers, with an average of a little over 720,000 per episode. The network is taking a gamble with another season, but the show’s cancellation seems imminent. The next season has to knock it out of the park to turn things around, but it doesn’t look good for Burden of Truth.

4 Possibilities — Charmed

The CW is airing yet another reboot this year. Charmed has returned with an all new cast, continuity, and a decidedly progressive new direction. The show is currently in the middle of its premiere season and has been met with positive reception so far.

While there is no shortage of fantasy drama TV, the Charmed reboot seems to have potential. Early ratings for the season are decent — with an average of a million hits per episode and a peak of 1.5 million, it seems more than reasonable for the show to be renewed. Like many of the shows on this list, it has not been officially canceled or renewed yet, but with a promising start it seems destined to stick around.

3 Possibilities — Supergirl

Supergirl sits beside Flash and Arrow as one of the CW’s consistent top performers. After acquiring the show from CBS after the first season, the CW gave the series some juice by crossing it over with the Arrowverse. This helped boost ratings and keep it relevant with the more popular DC shows, and it seems to have paid off.

The last season of Supergirl performed very well, especially during the Arrowverse crossover events. With the current season rating high so far, there is no reason for the show to end. Supergirl is a driving force behind the ever-expanding DC franchise, so expect Kara to stick around for a few more years and potentially soar even higher.

2 Possibilities — Supernatural

It’s been on for nearly 15 years. Do you really think it’s going anywhere now? The adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester have been a constant CW hit for longer than most of the shows that fans obsess over today. This is because of Supernatural‘s especially loyal fans — while ratings have slowly dipped over the years, they haven’t dipped sharply enough for this show to be in any danger.

Expect the CW to renew Supernatural for yet another season, even though the current season isn’t even over. While ratings aren’t a pressing issue for the show, it has been on for quite some time. Surely Sam and Dean will want to retire eventually — the question is when.

1 Ending — Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin is easily the CW’s most beloved show to date, and it is set to end in 2019. Despite the extremely positive reception — the series is one of the few on Rotten Tomatoes to get a 100 percent every season — the show’s viewership has taken a steep dive in recent years. This isn’t necessarily because of a drop in quality, but because of a decision behind the scenes.

Last season, the CW moved it from its Monday night time-slot to the notoriously lousy Friday night slot. This move has nearly cut the average viewership in half, and it might be the factor responsible for the show’s end. Jane the Virgin‘s fifth season premieres on March 27, concluding the award-winning and arguably most well-received show on the CW.

What’s your favorite CW show on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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Captain Marvel: 10 Things Confirmed To Happen (And 11 Possibilities)

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, right before the end of the dusting, Nick Fury calls the one person who he believes can save the world. Ever since then, we’ve all waited for Captain Marvel to swoop in from the dark corners of space and take down the Mad Titan. Well, the time is almost here and we’re all getting ready.

The MCU has introduced us to some of the most amazing superheroes of all time. However, now it’s time for the women to take the lead. Captain Marvel will focus on the story of Carol Danvers, a former US Air Force pilot, as she uncovers her past to discover her destiny. Just like any other MCU film though, the movie is shrouded in secrets, mysteries, and NDAs. Disney and Marvel Studios have been extremely secretive about the details of the film and only want us to know what they want us to know.

However, this hasn’t stopped the rumors. From leaked photos and videos to comic book storylines and general speculation, fans have created fan theories and rumors galore. Some of these rumors have been confirmed by the Russo Brothers and the movie’s trailers, but many of them still remain unanswered.

So, join us as we sort through the truths and the mysteries, because here are the 10 Things Confirmed To Happen In Captain Marvel (And 11 Possibilities).

21 Possibility: Jude Law is playing Mar-Vell

We all saw Jude Law in the Captain Marvel trailer, but we still don’t know exactly what character he’s playing. According to Funko and Hasbro released box art, Jude Law’s name is attached to a toy for the villain, Yon-Rogg. However, Funko immediately revised the name and changed it to “Star Commander.”

Disney also posted an image of Jude Law on their site with a caption that identifies him as Mar-Vell. This image was also immediately taken down, but not before fans started spreading rumors. Although Jude Law looks like a villain in the trailer, the secrecy behind his character makes it seem as though he could be revealed as Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel.

20 Confirmed: Skrulls will invade Earth

In the trailer, we see Captain Marvel beating up an elderly woman. Now, she’s not hitting ladies for the fun of it – it’s because the woman is actually a Skrull. Skrulls are shapeshifting aliens that can take the form of any human. According to the trailer, Skrulls have invaded Earth and it’s up to Captain Marvel to sniff them out.

We also learned that the movie will focus prominently on the Kree-Skrull War. This war was an iconic storyline in Marvel comics and features a battle between two galactic populations. The Kree arrive on Earth to set up a base against the Skrulls, who are using their shape-shifting abilities to create paranoia against the Avengers.

19 Possibility: Captain Marvel’s cat will take out Nick Fury’s eye

In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Nick Fury says that the last time he trusted someone, he lost an eye. Could we have seen the thing he trusted in the Captain Marvel trailer?

At the end of the trailer, we see Nick Fury cozying up to Captain Marvel’s cat, Goose. We haven’t seen Nick Fury trust anything or anyone as much as he seems to trust this little kitty cat. In the comics, Captain Marvel’s cat is actually a dangerous alien species known as a Flerken. So, with sharp claws and a window of opportunity, the cat seems like the perfect candidate for Nick Fury’s eye snatcher.

18 Confirmed: Ronan the Accuser and Korath the Pursuer will return

In the dark corners of the trailer, you may have noticed a familiar blue figure standing off to the side. This blue blurb is none other than Ronan the Accuser.

We last saw Ronan being defeated by Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1. However, since this movie is set 20 years before Guardians, Ronan is still alive and kicking. We may even get to see part of his origin story. Ronan will also be joined by Korath the Pursuer, who was also in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. Korath can be seen in the trailer as part of the Star Force, alongside Carol Danvers.

17 Possibility: Captain Marvel is a Skrull with the memories of Carol Danvers

We’ve all been told that Captain Marvel’s story will be quite different than her origins in the comics. Therefore, some people have been theorizing that it’s because she’s actually a Skrull.

In the trailer, Carol Danvers is struggling with her past memories. However, what if this is because the memories aren’t actually hers? She could simply be a Skrull that was injected with parts of Carol’s memories. It seems as though she goes by Vers in the trailer, which fans have theorized is because that is the only part of her dog tag that the Skrulls were able to find when she crash-landed on their planet. Therefore, that’s the name the Skrull took.

16 Confirmed: Captain Marvel’s cat’s name will change from Chewie to Goose

At the end of the Captain Marvel trailer, Nick Fury meets a new feline friend. As he reaches for its nametag, you’ll see the cat’s name is Goose. Now, the cat looks a lot like Carol Danvers’ pet in the comics. However, the cat’s name in the comics is Chewie. According to the trailer, the directors decided to swap out a Star Wars Easter egg for a Top Gun reference.

In the comics, Captain Marvel encounters the Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket Racoon identifies her cat as a Flerken, a dangerous alien species. Therefore, it would be interesting to see if this cat is the connection from Captain Marvel to Avengers: Endgame.

15 Possibility: Cull Obsidian will defeat Mar-Vell

In The Art of Avengers: Infinity War, artist Wesley Burt explained his design for Cull Obsidian and said that some of his clothing represents “custom add-ons and trophies or medals” from his previous conquests. This caused fans to look for clues in Cull Obsidian’s outfit, and the sash the villain wears around his waist looks a lot like Captain Marvel’s costume.

After this realization, fans started to generate theories about Cull Obsidian’s relationship to Captain Marvel. One theory suggests that the villain actually defeated the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell and stole part of his costume for his trophy collection. This would give Captain Marvel an incentive to take down Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

14 Confirmed: Captain Marvel will not be an origin story

Marvel Studios has confirmed that Captain Marvel will not be an origin story. Instead of focusing on the transition from Carol Danvers to a being with super powers, like most solo movies, Captain Marvel will focus on an already-powered superhero finding answers to questions about her past.

The story will start in space and then come back to Earth to see Carol Danvers meeting a young Nick Fury and battling the shapeshifting Skrulls. Throughout the journey, it seems as though Danvers will suffer from memory problems that will cause her to look to her past and allow audiences to see her full story.

13 Possibility: One of the Skrulls will shapeshift into one of the Avengers

Skrulls have invaded Earth with the ability to change their image into any human they want. This can be seen in the trailer when Captain Marvel takes down a Skrull impersonating an elderly lady.

The Skrull’s shapeshifting ability has generated a lot of different fan theories. If they can impersonate anyone, who else could be a Skrull in disguise? Some fans believe that we could even see one of the Skrulls taking the form of an Avenger in Captain Marvel. This could mean that one of our beloved superheroes could be a villain in disguise in the future.

12 Confirmed: Captain Marvel will take place in 1995

Many of us knew that Captain Marvel was a prequel that took place in the past. However, it wasn’t until recently that the exact year was confirmed. An official Disney website confirmed to fans that the movie will be set in 1995, featuring a younger Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson.

This places the movie over 20 years before the events of Avengers: Infinity War and 17 years before the events of The Avengers. So, how will Captain Marvel fit in with the timeline, and why did Nick Fury take over 20 years to call her?

11 Possibility: The movie will involve P.E.G.A.S.U.S and the Space Stone

In the Captain Marvel trailer, we see one of the first prototypes of the Quinjet. However, eagle-eyed fans saw something more than a quick nod to the Avengers. If you look closely on the side of the Quinjet’s wing, you’ll find a logo that says “P.E.G.A.S.U.S.”

P.E.G.A.S.U.S. was the project used to study the Tesseract and ultimately, the Space Stone in The Avengers. This could mean that Captain Marvel will have a connection to the Space Stone and other-wordly teleportation. This might be the reason why Nick Fury contacts Captain Marvel in Infinity War and could be the reason why the movies are connected.

10 Confirmed: We will see the Kree’s homeworld of Hala

According to Entertainment Weekly, the movie will start on the Kree home planet of Hala. Hala is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud that circles around the star Pama. The Skrulls first came to Hala looking for trade partners. However, after a contest between the two species on the planet – the Kree and the Cotati – the Kree lost and tried to eliminate the Cotati. They then stole the Skrull’s technology and started the Kree-Skull war.

Hala has been mentioned as an Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. However, this is the first time we’ll actually see the planet in an MCU movie.

9 Possibility: Captain Marvel will be the reason why the Soul Stone is in Vormir

For years, fans have been wondering where the elusive Soul Stone was hiding. It was finally revealed in Infinity War that the stone was on the planet of Vormir, being guarded by Red Skull. This was a very anticlimactic way of introducing a piece of the MCU that fans had spent so much time theorizing about. Vormir was simply mentioned and then pushed aside for the rest of the events of Infinity War.

However, fans believe that this is because Captain Marvel will reveal more information about Vormir and how the Soul Stone ended up there. In the comics, Vormir is in Kree space and would therefore be a great place for Danvers to hide the Soul Stone.

8 Confirmed: Captain Marvel will be a part of Star Force

As we saw in the trailer, Captain Marvel will introduce fans to a new team known as Starforce. In the comics, this elite Kree military unit served the Supreme Intelligence, also known as the absolute ruler of the Kree people. Unbeknownst to them, Starforce was being used by the ruler to bring back the Kree race and reestablish their evolutionary path. This ultimately sparked the war against the Skrulls.

In the trailer, we find out that the MCU’s Starforce consists of Ronan the Accuser, Korath the Punisher, Att-Lass, Bron-Char, Minn-Erva, Carol Danvers, and whoever Jude Law is playing.

7 Possibility: Captain Marvel will come across Norman Osborn

Fans were impressed with the MCU’s Spider-Man. However, as the character was already introduced having his abilities, we never got to see his origin story. We never see how Spidey gets his powers or his arch nemesis – the Green Goblin. In fact, most of the characteristics of the Green Goblin were fulfilled by the Vulture in Homecoming.

So, some fans believe that we’ll see a different origin story for the Green Goblin. One theory suggests that Captain Marvel will come across a Skrull in the movie that takes the form of Norman Osborn. Skrulls in their pure form look like the Green Goblin and he could’ve been planted to take out threats like Spider-Man.

6 Confirmed: Agent Coulson will return to the big screen

Since Captain Marvel will be set in the past, we’ll get to some favorite characters that are no longer living in the current MCU timeline. One of these is the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Phil Coulson. During the movie, we’ll likely see the first meeting between Fury and Coulson, and according to Clark Gregg, the actor who plays Coulson, “This might be the rodeo.”

Of course, he’s referring to Coulson’s line in Iron Man where he tells Stark, “This isn’t my first rodeo, Mr. Stark.” Marvel Studios used computer technology to “de-age” both Clark Gregg and Samuel L. Jackson so that the movie can realistically look like it’s set in the past.

5 Possibility: Captain Mar-Vell is a villain

Towards the end of the trailer, Captain Marvel seems to be squaring off against an out-of-focused enemy. She clenches her fists as if she’s going to attack someone who looks a lot like Jude Law’s character in the movie.

This has sparked many theories about Law’s character. Since many people believe that Law will play the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, one theory suggests that Mar-Vell will actually be a villain in the movie. The theory also states that Mar-Vell will actually be the major villain of the film, and the threat of the Skrulls will simply serve as a side plot to link the movie to the rest of the MCU.

4 Confirmed: Carol Danvers will deal with memory issues and the movie will focus on her past

The movie will start off with an empowered Captain Marvel serving as a part of the elite team, Starforce. However, she will eventually return to Earth with questions about her identity.

In the trailer, we can see Captain Marvel struggling with memory issues. It seems as though she arrived on Hala and the Kree found her with no memory of who she was. However, as she states in the trailer, something about her past is “the key to all of this.” As she learns about her life on Earth, we’ll also learn more about Carol Danvers and how she became the hero we know today.

3 Possibility: Captain Marvel will end up in the Quantum Realm

Nick Fury calls Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War, but what has she been doing for the last couple of decades and why hasn’t she been involved with any of the Avengers previous adventures?

Some fans believe it’s because Captain Marvel will end up in the Quantum Realm at the end of her solo movie. This might be because Nick Fury sent her there so that she can travel through time and space, taking down imposter Skrulls. In Avengers: Endgame, we could see her come into contact with Scott Lang in the Quantum Realm so that the two of them can escape together and save the universe.

2 Confirmed: Skrulls will invade S.H.I.E.L.D.

We all saw a Skrull impersonating an elderly lady in the trailer, but you might not have noticed that a Skrull has also infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. Talos, the Skrull leading the Skrull invasion of Earth, is seen in the trailer in his pure, green Skrull form. However, we also see his human form – he is working undercover as Nick Fury’s S.H.I.E.L.D. boss.

One theory suggests that Talos will actually be the one that takes Nick Fury’s eye. In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Fury says, “the last time I trusted someone I lost an eye.” This could reference Talos and the scarring around Fury’s eye could be a result of the Skrull’s alien technology.

1 Possibility: Captain Marvel will be dusted at the end of the movie

Nick Fury calls Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War, leading the entire world to believe that she will be the person who defeats Thanos and saves the universe. However, this is too simple and convenient for the MCU.

One theory suggests that Captain Marvel won’t be the savior of the universe and, instead, she’ll end up getting dusted at the end of her solo movie. This would completely blow the mind of every MCU fan and also set Avengers: Endgame up to be an extremely interesting film. No one will go into it with any expectations, and the Russo Brothers will truly leave us in the dark.

Have you heard any other Captain Marvel rumors? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Marvel Projects Confirmed For 2019 (And 15 Possibilities)

Ever since Marvel Studios released Iron Man in 2008, superhero movies have taken the box office by storm. Superhero films today are often the most anticipated movies that come out each year, but Disney isn’t the only movie studio to release superhero flicks.

Each movie studio seems to be raking in the money when it comes to superhero movies, with the rights for certain characters belonging to certain companies. For example, Warner Bros. has secured the rights to several DC characters, Sony still has the rights to Spider-Man and his villains, and 20th Century Fox also had the rights to many superheroesm such as X-Men and the Fantastic Four. However, Disney has acquired these characters as the house of Mouse has recently bought out 20th Century Fox.

Even though Disney has obtained the rights to these characters, they aren’t currently a part of the MCU since they have yet to establish them in their universe. With that being said, there are still several Marvel projects from Fox and other movie studios that are coming out in 2019 that are not a part of the MCU, and even more that have been rumored. With the popularity of superhero movies, ideas are often fast-tracked to the box office, which means that some of these rumored superhero movies likely won’t come out in 2019, but they certainly have the potential to.

Without further ado, here are the 5 Marvel Projects Confirmed For 2019 (And 15 Possibilities).

20 Possibility: All Female Into The Spider-Verse Film

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse hasn’t even been released yet, but there are already rumors about more movies set in the animated Spider-Verse world. One of the possible sequels fans could see is an all-female Spider-Verse film. In the upcoming movie, Spider-Gwen and Peni Parker are two of the Spider-People who are rumored to be included in their own animated film.

That being said, there are tons of other female Spider-Man characters within the pages of comic books that could make their way into the movie. Characters such as Madame Web, Spider-Woman, Lady Spider, and Spinneret, could all possibly make appearances in the movie, but that is only scratching the surface of potential characters.

19 Possibility: Morbius, The Living Vampire

With the success of Venom, Sony seems to be developing several more movies revolving around Spider-Man’s villains. Morbius, The Living Vampire is one of these films, and Sony has confirmed this is the next Spider-Man related project they will be working on.

Jared Leto may still be a part of the DC Extended Universe as the Joker, but he will also become a part of a Marvel movie, as he has been cast as Morbius. Leto will star as the biochemist turned vampire, while the mobir will be directed by Daniel Espinosa, who formerly directed films like Life, Easy Money, and Safe House. Morbius is expected to begin filming in February 2019.

18 Possibility: X-Force

One of the biggest superhero franchises outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the X-Men series. While most of the movies in their series have been rated PG-13, Deadpool broke the system by being rated R. Both Deadpool and Deadpool 2, were big hits but Deadpool 3 isn’t necessarily a for sure thing just yet.

That being said, plans for X-Force are moving forward, especially since director Drew Goddard is now finished working on Bad Times at the El Royale. The X-Force team was previously teased in Deadpool 2, but the superhero team is supposed to be getting their own movie soon. The film doesn’t have a release date yet, but with the popularity of Deadpool, the movie could be fast-tracked for a 2019 release

17 Confirmed: The Punisher Season 2

Fans have been wanting to see the Netflix superhero characters make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years, but that doesn’t seem likely any time soon. Kevin Feige has not only shut down this idea, but several of the Netflix superhero shows have already been canceled. So far, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil have all been canceled, but The Punisher season 2 is still coming to Netflix in 2019.

It is unclear whether the show will be canceled after the season comes out, but with several of the other shows getting canceled, it seems likely. The Punisher was introduced to the Netflix superhero universe when he appeared in Daredevil season 2, but he eventually got his own spin-off series.

16 Possibility: X-23

While Hugh Jackman may have retired from the role of Logan, aka Wolverine, the X-Men movies are far from being over. There are several X-Men projects in development, including one that focuses on a character from the Oscar-nominated movie Logan. In Logan, Dafne Keen played a character named Laura, who is also known as X-23.

Director James Mangold and X-23 creator Craig Kyle are currently working on a spin-off movie revolving around X-23, but not a lot is known about the project. Many people would like to see Dafne Keen return to the character she played in 2017, but unfortunately, it isn’t even known if she will be returning just yet.

15 Possibility: Kitty Pryde

Yet another X-Men movie rumored to be coming soon is Kitty Pryde. The film is currently going under the title 143, a reference to Uncanny X-Men #143.  In the comic Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat, is being stalked by a demon from another dimension. Deadpool director Tim Miller is supposedly directing the movie, with Brian Michael Bendis working as a writer.

Although Ellen Page is currently playing the character in the X-Men franchise, it is unknown on whether Page would return to the role, or if the character would be recast with someone else. Regardless of who plays the character, the movie appears to be happening.

14 Possibility: Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is one of Marvel’s oldest supervillains, often being the antagonist for the superhero team The Fantastic Four. So far, the character has been adapted for a movie three times. First in 1994 with the failed Fantastic Four movie, again in 2005 for Fantastic Four and the sequel Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and once more in 2015 for the horrific Fantastic Four reboot.

The Fantastic Four movies often have trouble with fans and critics, but it appears Doctor Doom is coming to the big screen again for a solo movie. It is believed that the film will be a mix of genres, being comparable to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

13 Confirmed: Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix might have been delayed a number of times, but it looks like the X-Men movie is finally coming to the big screen in 2019. The story of Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix was previously attempted in 2006 with X-Men: The Last Stand, but 20th Century Fox is trying again with Sophie Turner in the role.

The movie will take place in 1992, around ten years after the events of X-Men: Apocalypse. Dark Phoenix was postponed to 2019 to allow for reshoots, but it isn’t currently believed that this film will be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dark Phoenix currently has a release date of June 7, 2019.

12 Possibility: Black Cat

Sony was at one point developing a movie called Silver and Black, which would have told the stories of the Spider-Man characters Silver Sable and Black Cat. Sony has now revealed that each character will get their own solo film instead of combining the two stories into one movie. Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, first debuted in 1979 for the comic The Amazing Spider-Man #194.

Felicity Jones played Felicia Hardy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2; however, her character never transformed into Black Cat. Black Cat was also a big character for the recent PS4 game Spider-Man, but she will soon be seen up on the big screen.

11 Possibility: Multiple Man

Another X-Men character expected to get his own movie is Multiple Man. The character Jamie Madrox first appeared in Giant Size Fantastic Four #4 in February 1975. The character has made an appearance in the X-Men film universe, for the film X-Men: The Last Stand, and was played by Eric Dane.

A Multiple Man movie was announced near the end of 2017, but not a lot has happened since then. James Franco is supposed to star and produce the film with Simon Kinberg, but with the Disney and 20th Century Fox merger happening, the opportunity for the film may be too late. That being said, this could be one reason why the movie may be fast-tracked for a 2019 release.

10 Possibility: Kraven The Hunter

While there are multiple Spider-Man projects currently in development, one that is expected to happen soon is Kraven the Hunter. Even though Venom received mixed reviews, the movie still made a lot of money which could make Kraven the Hunter happen sooner rather than later.

The character first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 in 1964, but the story that is believed to be used for the film is from the Kraven’s Last Hunt storyline. The character has appeared in a number of Spider-Man comic books and video games over the years, but he has yet to get his big screen adaptation. With the popularity that Spider-Man has right now, this seems like a project Sony will want to get out quick.

9 Confirmed: Legion Season 3

While the X-Men movie series is still going strong, the TV side of the X-Men franchise is going well also. As of right now, there are two X-Men TV shows on air. The Gifted airs on Fox and is set in a world where humans and mutants don’t get along. The second half of season 2 is set to debut on New Year’s Day, and Legion is also confirmed to be returning in 2019.

Legion is considered to be the best of the two shows, with two seasons having aired on FX since 2017. While The Gifted revolves around several mutants, Legion centers on a character named David Haller, who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, before realizing that he has superpowers. Legion season 3 doesn’t currently have a release date, but will return in 2019.

8 Possibility: Venom 2

Upon confirmation that Sony was developing a Venom solo movie without Spider-Man, many fans were concerned about the project. The marketing for the film didn’t help the movie much, with the first trailer getting heavily criticized by fans. Upon the movie’s release, it got mixed reviews, but still ended up doing great at the box office, meaning a sequel is inevitable.

Many people thought that if Venom flopped the rights to Spider-Man might be sold to Disney, but with the success of Venom, that seems unlikely to happen. Venom is supposedly fighting Carnage in the sequel, but Sony hasn’t currently set a release date for the symbiote filled movie.

7 Possibility: Silk 

While Sony is expanding their Spider-Man franchise by making solo movies about Spider-Man’s villains, they are also making solo movies about other heroes in the Spider-Man universe. One of these characters is Silk, who goes by the alter ego Cindy Moon. She has many of the same powers as Spider-Man, but also has an eidetic memory, organic web-shooters, and an advanced form of the Spider-sense called Silk-sense.

Moon actually appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War. The character was a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology with Peter, who was also part of his decathlon team. She was played by Tiffany Espensen, but Sony will likely recast the role for their solo movie.

6 Possibility: Silver Sable

Even though Black Cat and Silver Sable won’t be featured in the same superhero movie, each character will get their own movie thanks to Sony. Sony must be confident in their plans to develop movies for lesser-known characters like Silver Sable, because they seem to have a lot of these types of films in development.

While comic book fans likely know everything there is to know about Silver Sable, many people probably just know her from her appearance in the Spider-Man PS4 game. Like most of Sony’s Spider-Man projects, not a lot is known about Silver Sable, but now seems like the perfect time for her solo movie since she played a big role in the Spider-Man video game.

5 Confirmed: The New Mutants

Much like Dark Phoenix, The New Mutants was also delayed until 2019 for reshoots. Many fans are looking forward to The New Mutants since it will be one of the few superhero movies that mix horror with the superhero genre. The story revolves around a group of mutants being held in a facility against their wills, and the trailer seems to effectively capture this horror.

The movie will be directed by Josh Boone, and actors such as Charlie Heaton, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Maisie Williams will star in the film. The New Mutants will be released on August 2, 2019, as long as it doesn’t get delayed again.

4 Possibility: Jackpot

Another Spider-Man related character that will be getting their own movie from Sony is Jackpot. Jackpot is a relatively new character to the Spider-Man universe, with the character first appearing in the Spider-Man: Swing Shift series in 2007. The character’s alter ego was originally Sara Ehret, but in 2008, Alana Jobson took over the superhero persona.

While the character was at one point an important part of the Spider-Man universe, she hasn’t been seen in a comic book since 2010, which is odd since she will be getting her own spinoff movie. Aside from the fact that the film will be made, not much else is known about Jackpot, but maybe Sony will surprise everyone with a 2019 release date.

3 Possibility: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is fast approaching, but Sony has already announced that they are developing a sequel to the animated adventure. So far, reviews for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse have been incredible, and there are even some rumors that the movie will be nominated for Best Animated Feature come Oscar season.

That being said, a sequel to the film shouldn’t be a big surprise given that the first movie has already been getting great reviews. Joaquim Dos Santos will be in charge of directing the sequel, and while a 2019 release date is unlikely, stranger things have happened in Hollywood when it comes to a release date.

2 Possibility: Nightwatch

Hopefully fans don’t get sick of Spider-Man characters, because there are apparently a ton of Spider related movies coming. One of these characters is Nightwatch; a superhero first appearing in Marvel comics in the ‘90s. Nightwatch may have similar powers to most superheroes, but his costume is what made him stand out among other heroes.

His suit was made of self-replicated nanites, and his cape moved in accordance with his subconscious thoughts. Much like all of the other Spider-Man spinoff movies, virtually nothing is known about the Nightwatch movie. Sony could move forward with more well-known characters first, but it is still possible that Nightwatch could see a 2019 release date if production is rushed.

1 Confirmed: Jessica Jones Season 3

Superhero movies may be popular on the big screen, but Netflix proved that characters can be just as successful on the small screen. Netflix’s superhero shows started with Daredevil in 2015, but over the next several years, more superhero titles were added to the streaming service. Jessica Jones was added in the same year as Daredevil, only Krysten Ritter’s show came out closer to the end of the year as compared to Daredevil.

Many of Netflix’s superhero shows have been canceled recently, but the third season of Jessica Jones will debut in 2019. However, the show’s fate after 2019 unclear. The show could continue on the streaming service, but it is likely to get canned after the third season premieres.

Are there any other Marvel projects you want to see in 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Netflix Originals Coming in 2019 (And 5 Possibilities)

Netflix Originals began with House of Cards in 2013. It was unique for the streaming service because the show had high production value and strong, A-list actors and actresses. Because House of Cards proved Netflix could compete with traditional networks, the show paved the way for multitudes of original programming.

For the past several years, Netflix has continuously increased its budget for new programs, taking more chances on exclusive content and pulling in big-name actors. It has paid off: Netflix has won a variety of awards, including Oscars, Daytime and Primetime Emmys, and Golden Globes. Netflix series are susceptible to cancellations due to low ratings or costly productionss, which are common reasons any network dismisses shows. Although Netflix doesn’t share or release ratings numbers or the number of times a show has been watched, you can usually tell the success of a streaming TV show by the buzz online. For example, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things are two originals loved by generally everyone.

If it seems Netflix has also increased the influx of new Originals – and returning old favorites for new seasons – the feeling is probably accurate. In 2019, Netflix plans to premiere dozens of Originals, with possibilities of more. This list provides you with Netflix Originals that have been announced for premieres in 2019, though keep in mind that many have been given a general release date of 2019. The others provided are releases that have a chance of appearing next year– or even later.

Here are 20 Netflix Originals Coming In 2019 (And 5 Possibilities).

25 A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 3)

Season three of A Series of Unfortunate Events is scheduled to premiere right out of the gate of 2019 on January 1, 2019. The tale of the Baudelaires and Count Olaf will come to a close as the finale four books of the series are adapted into seven episodes. The first three are two episodes each, while The End will be one long single episode.

Directors for the third season include Barry Sonnenfeld, Liza Johnson (American Horror Story and Good Girls Revolt), and Jonathan Teplitzky, who worked on Broadchurch.

24 The Central Park 5

The Central Park Five is a mini-series that will premiere in 2019. It’s a show based on a true story of how five teenagers of color were wrongfully convicted. Netflix describes the limited series as a docuseries that “exposes the breakdown of the U.S. criminal justice system during the Central Park Five case.”

The Central Park Five was created, written, and directed by Ava DuVernay, who helmed Selma, 13th, and A Wrinkle in Time. Felicity Huffman, Vera Farmiga, Michael K. Williams, Joshua Jackson, Famke Janssen, and John Leguizamo are a few of the stars slated to appear in the four episodes.

23 The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix Original based on the comic book series named the same, which was created by Gerard Way and published under Dark Horse Comics.

A dysfunctional family’s father mysteriously passes away and seven brothers and sisters – who also happen to be superheroes – attempt to answer why. Their personalities and abilities are vastly different, which estranges them. The show stars Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, and Mary J. Blige. Although Netflix continues to list the premiere date as 2018, many other sources have stated a February 5, 2019 release.

22 Orange is the New Black (Season 6)

Orange is the New Black has been a global hit for Netflix. After premiering in 2013, OITNB will run into 2019. Next year will see the seventh and final season hit the streaming service.

It is Netflix’s most-watched series. The series has won awards and been nominated for dozens of others. Critics love the show, and fans can’t get enough of it, even cosplaying as some of the characters at conventions. If Netflix stays the course, Orange is the New Black will probably release some time in June or July of next year; previous seasons released in those same months.

21 Possibility: The Witcher

Based on the set of books with the same name, The Witcher stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. He’s a monster slayer who’s kind of out of style in his world.  Cavill was announced as the lead in September of 2018 and in October of 2018, the rest of the cast was named.

As with many fantasy stories, Geralt’s destiny will dictate his journey. He meets a sorceress and a princess, and figures out how to survive on the Continent. The main production filming finished at the end of October 2018 so it’s possible Netflix will release The Witcher in 2019.

20 The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Netflix is reviving The Dark Crystal franchise with a prequel, Age of Resistance. The atmosphere and tone of the new series should remain the same since The Jim Henson Company is working on the show.

Ten episodes are planned, running about 22 minutes each. The story follows a massive journey by three Gelflings to ignite the fires of rebellion, hoping to save the world when they find out the secret behind the Skeksis’s power. The series will be CGI-less, minus the usage of a green screen to omit puppeteers. Filming began in November 2017, and the show should finally be out some time in 2019.

19 Stranger Things (Season 3)

With two successful seasons under its belt, Stranger Things is moving on to a third. Most likely, the third season will be called Stranger Things 3, much like Stranger Things 2 was the name of the second season.

The Duffer brothers will direct the first couple episodes, like they did with the first two seasons. No other directors have been named yet. The cast will remain intact, with the addition of Maya Hawke. A teaser released in July 2018 hinted at the show’s release “next summer” so fans have a few more months to wait.

18 Carmen Sandiego

Netflix has ordered a series based on the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego game simply called Carmen Sandiego. The show goes into Carmen’s backstory told from her point of view. The plotlines will delve into her life as a thieving and constantly vanishing villain. Netflix’s version will be the fourth title in the Sandiego franchise.

Gina Rodriguez and Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) will star as Carmen Sandiego and Player respectively. Release for the animated show is some time in 2019, but Netflix ordered a live-action movie of Carmen Sandiego in March 2018, which will also star Rodriguez.

17 Turn Up Charlie

Idris Elba has been in large properties like Star Trek, Thor, and The Dark Tower, as well as critically acclaimed TV like Luther and The Wire. Now he is slated to star in a Netflix Original Comedy, Turn Up Charlie.

Elba plays a down-on-his-luck DJ looking to start his music career anew but finds himself as a nanny to his friend’s crazy little girl. In real life, Elba is a talented DJ. Piper Perabo will star opposite Elba. Turn Up Charlie has a 2019 premiere.

16 Possibility: Jessica Jones (Season 3)

Netflix ordered the third season of Jessica Jones one month after the second season appeared on the site. The main cast will return, but no release date has been confirmed. In May 2018, Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) went into training to begin filming, which began in June. Ritter will also direct an episode in season three.

While there was about a two-and-a-half-year gap between season one and two, more recent releases in the rapidly dwindling Marvel Netflix franchise have had a quicker turnaround. It’s likely we’ll see Jessica Jones season 3 in 2019.

15 Daybreak

Another comic adaptation is Daybreak, created by Brian Ralph. This 10-episode series stars Colin Ford (Under the Dome) as a 17-year-old looking for his girlfriend in a post-apocalyptic California town.

The show boasts a large cast of characters played by actors and actresses like Alyvia Alyn Lind, Sophie Simnett, Krysta Rodriguez, and Jeante Godlock. Daybreak is co-created by Aron Eli Coleite, who worked on Locke & Key and Star Trek: Discovery. A mix of science fiction and horror, Daybreak will premiere some time in 2019.

14 Russian Doll

With Orange is the New Black ending in 2019, one of its stars has moved on to another Netflix Original with Russian Doll. Natasha Lyonne plays a woman who is stuck in a strange time loop.

From Deadline, the official description is “a young woman named Nadia on her journey as the guest of honor at a seemingly inescapable party one night in New York City.” Each morning, she wakes up no worse for wear. Netflix ordered eight episodes, which will air in 2019. Lyonne created the show with comedy sitcom alum Amy Poehler.

13 October Faction

Do you like fantasy? Do you like monsters? Then Netflix might have something for you. October Faction, based on the comic series with the same title, is about the family of a monster hunter who also happens to be well-known. There’s also warlock and a witch.

The executive producer has experience writing supernatural shows, because he was involved with Sleepy Hollow. Tamara Taylor, who acted on the TV show, Bones, will star. Others in the ensemble cast includes J.C. MacKenzie (Hemlock Grove, Madame Secretary) and Maxim Roy. The 2019 premiere date is not yet announced.

12 Rhythm+Flow

Diving into the reality competition shows, Netflix Originals has Rhythm + Flow arriving next year. While many music shows focus on similar types of music (contemporary, R&B, etc.), Rhythm + Flow will take on hip-hop. The structure, however, appears similar in that hip-hop and rap artists compete in front of judges to get their big break.

Judges include Cardi B., Chance the Rapper, and T.I. Producers include John Legend and Jeff Gaspin, who is a form NBC executive. Success isn’t guaranteed, but Gaspin developed The Biggest Loser and Project Runway.

11 Possibility: The Punisher (Season 2)

The Punisher is slated for a season two, and though filming wrapped in August, but no release date has been stated. This series is a spin-off of Netflix’s Daredevil, which has been recently canceled by Netflix. The story follows Frank Castle as a vigilante fighting crime under the moniker, “The Punisher.”

Netflix ordered a second season in December 2017, and with the close proximity between the release dates for Iron Fist and Daredevil, 2019 is an adequate guess on when the second season of The Punisher will find its way to Netflix.

10 After Life

Ricky Gervais brought the UK The Office to life, and has appeared in many comedies– on film and TV– as well as hosting the Golden Globes four times.

Now Gervais is ready for a new comedy series in After Life. It’s about a widower who contemplates taking his own life but decides to treat the world any way he wishes, without considering the feelings of others. Besides Gervais, Ashley Jensen (Extras) and David Bradley (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter movies) also appear.

9 What/If

Netflix isn’t afraid to seek out the best talent in Hollywood. In 2019, the TV series What/If premieres. The show stars Renee Zellweger. Robert Zemeckis is also attached as an executive producer.

While many upcoming Netflix shows are comedies, What/If is a thriller. Newlyweds who are hurting for money meet a strange woman who offers them something that will make them rich, but messes with their morality. Each season will explore different ways that morality could be affected in negative ways. Showrunner for What/If, Mike Kelley, comes from the TV show Revenge.

8 Chambers

Chambers is a supernatural drama about a woman who gets a heart transplant. Soon after, the recipient wants to know more details about the donor– especially the mysterious details about how the donor passed away.

Another A-lister stars in Chambers: Uma Thurman. She plays the donor’s mother, Nancy. Accomplished actor and director Tony Goldwyn portrays Ben Lefevre. Relative newcomer Griffin Powell-Arcand (Little House on the Prairie) plays TJ Locklear. Netflix has ordered 10 episodes – which have been reported as 60 minutes each – that will premiere some time in 2019,

7 No Good Nick

You don’t need to be logged into the “KIDS” section of Netflix to find shows for kids and preteens. No Good Nick is primarily for adolescents, but the theme and main plot of the show can be enjoyed by adults.

A 13-year-old girl, Nick, appears at the house of a family she’s related to– or so she says. You know early on that Nick is a con artist, so the show will probably make you constantly wonder if Nick is scamming the family or not. Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin will star in No Good Nick.

6 Dead to Me

If dark comedy is your thing, Dead to Me could be right up your alley. It’s about two women who become friends and are total opposites. One is an uptight widow, and the other is a free spirit– but she has an astounding secret.

Lots of talent is attached to the show, both in front of and behind the screen. Christina Applegate, James Marsden, Linda Cardellini, and Ed Asner are some of the top names in the cast. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (among others) are executive producing the show. Dead to Me is created by Liz Feldman.

5 Kingdom

Kingdom is a period piece from South Korea. It takes place during medieval times, with some political intrigue mixed with fantasy elements. Oh, and zombies!

The series stars Doona Bae from Cloud Atlas and Sense8 and Jihoon Ju, who’s been in a variety of South Korean TV shows. Kingdom is about a prince who investigates a mysterious plague that turns his people into zombies. The first season is six episodes long, but it appears that a second season is in the works. Kingdom arrives on January 25th.

4 Possibility: The OA (Season 2)

The OA is about a woman who reappears after missing for seven years. Prairie Johnson – the main girl – now calls herself The Original Angel. When she disappeared, Johnson was blind, but now can see.

The show was popular among critics, and Netflix ordered a second season in February 2017. This next installment will be called “Part II.” Production and filming began in January 2018, so it’s possible we’ll see the new season some time in 2019, which will be about three years since the first season premiered.

3 V-Wars

The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder is starring in another vampire TV show, this one called V-Wars. Netflix ordered ten episodes in April 2018. The story centers on Somerhalder’s character, who lives in a world where a virus gets released into the world when ice caps melt because of climate change. People turn into vampires, including Somerhalder’s character’s friend, Michael.

Laura Vandervoort (Smallville) and Adrian Holmes (Arrow) also star. Filming began in June 2018, so it stands to reason this new Somerhalder vampire show will see a 2019 release.

2 Rilakkuma and Kaoru

Netflix has added a number of anime Originals to its catalogue, building on cartoon-like content geared towards adults. Rilakkuma and Kaoru will continue the anime focus with a stop-motion style. In the series, a girl gets a new roommate who is a bear that has a zipper located on his back. The bear, Rilakkuma, doesn’t have much ambition in life: he just wants to be lazy every day.

Rilakkuma is a character created by Bandai and has been around for fifteen years. This popular character is on tons of products in Japan. Rilakkuma and Kaoru will premiere in 2019.

1 Possibility: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Sequel

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before got positive reviews with critics and repeat viewings from Netflix subscribers. In the rom-com, Lara has secret love letters that somehow reach their recipients – despite her writing them for only an emotional release. The letters get released, and she enters into a fake relationship with one of the boys she wrote a letter to. They pretend to be a couple, but develop real feelings.

Netflix might be bringing a sequel soon but has approved anything. With the success of this first one, fans are hopeful that Netflix will make the sequel.

What Netflix Originals are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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Johnny Depp Confirms Fantastic Beasts 3 Return As Grindelwald

Following his official debut in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldJohnny Depp confirms that he’ll reprise his role as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3. With 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Warner Bros. launched a Harry Potter prequel spinoff series starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, a magizoologist who anchors the overall narrative. Since the saga is set decades before the main continuity, it also features some familiar key players like Nicholas Flamel and a young Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) linking both timelines in the franchise together.

Backlash about Depp’s involvement began immediately after his reveal in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, given controversies hounding the actor. Despite calls for a recast, Warner Bros. stood its ground with both director David Yates and J.K. Rowling defending their casting choice. However, following the actor’s disastrous San Diego Comic-Con appearance, it’s as if Warner Bros. has been trying to minimize his presence in The Crimes of Grindelwald‘s marketing – an odd move considering that he plays the headlining character in the film. While many took this as a sign that the studio is finally hearing people’s pleas, it turns out that it really isn’t the case with Depp already set for the franchise’s third film.

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Speaking with Collider, Depp talked about his experience being part of the Wizarding World and confirmed that he will continue to be involved in it, at least until the third film in the Fantastic Beasts series wraps up.

“I loved it yeah. I loved it because that’s really an arena where you can fly around and try different things and approach a character with a lot more…um…to take someone who is teetering on being a fascist, yeah he’s a fascist, he’s one of those, but to play him as a sensitive, concerned yet manipulative and powerful wizard. The possibilities in that world are wide open, so you can really try anything. So it was a gas and I look forward to the next installment, which I think we start the middle of next year.”

It remains to be seen how The Crimes of Grindelwald will perform at the box office, with people already knowing that Depp will play a central figure in the film. Its predecessor made $814 million against a $180 million production budget, but the actor’s involvement wasn’t revealed until the very end of the movie. If the sequel’s haul turns out to be significantly lower than Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and if there’s substantial proof that it’s linked to the backlash from Depp’s appearance, it’s still possible that Rowling and Warner Bros. might reconsider sticking with him throughout the next installment. Since the first movie established that Grindelwald can effectively disguise himself, perhaps they can bring Colin Farrell back to play the role permanently or any other actor that doesn’t pose a PR nightmare.

In the meantime, Depp is expected to be front and center in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which hits theaters in a little over a month. The sequel follows the events of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, with Grindelwald successfully escaping and continuing his villainous schemes. Young Dumbledore teams up with Newt to take down Grindelwald once and for all, and it’ll also present a brand new threat to the underground Wizarding World.

More: New Fantastic Beasts 2 Poster Puts Grindelwald Front & Center

Source: Collider

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New York Comic-Con: 26 Biggest Announcements (And 4 Weirdest Possibilities)

It might not be as big as San Diego Comic-Con, but New York’s pop culture celebration is just as eventful. This year’s New York Comic-Con was littered with scoops. Whether it’s juicy rumors or brand new trailers, there was plenty to see and talk about. Of course, the convention weekend can get a bit overwhelming — the onslaught of news, panels, and footage seems endless. Thankfully, we’ve collected all of this biggest topics for those of you who are lost amidst all of the comic book news.

For this list, we’re going to cover the most important stories of this year’s New York Comic-Con, including some big ones that just happened to drop during the week rather than at the convention itself. The list will even feature a few big rumors that have come out of the con for some good measure — or for those of you who just like some gossip. Even those who attended the convention might have missed some of the major stories, so use this as your post-NYCC guide to recap the weekend as things begin to wind down.

We know it’s difficult to keep track of all this news, especially after the convention weekend. This list should make things a bit easier. Even if you didn’t attend, the bombardment of news is probably still filling your news feed. So after you’re finished watching trailers all day and unpacking your NYCC hauls, settle in and we’ll break everything down for you.

Here are the 26 Biggest Announcements From NYCC (And 4 Weirdest Possibilities).

30 Aquaman’s New/Old Armor

The new Aquaman trailer was the highlight of the weekend for many. It revealed a surprising amount of footage — some would say too much. The extended look — roughly five minutes long — featured a plenty of unseen footage.

Audiences were treated to a sequence involving Arthur and Mera in desert ruins, another look at Atlantis, and even an extended action sequence between the two leads as they are chased by Black Manta. Perhaps the biggest spoiler in the trailer was the reveal of Aquaman’s iconic orange and green outfit.

29 Hellboy First Look

While no footage from the Hellboy panel has been released to the public, convention-goers were treated to a poster reveal and an exclusive first look at the upcoming film.

The panel footage wooed many fans in attendance and featured a tone that balanced the movie’s violence and gore with humor. It saw Hellboy receive his iconic handgun and show off the Hand of Doom, and it highlighted his especially shaky relationship with his ally Ben Daimio.

The trailer’s money shot had Hellboy in all-out demon mode, rising out of a pit sporting a flaming sword and crown.

Hopefully it won’t be long before this footage is released to the public.

28 Bullseye in Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil’s new trailers suggest a return to the grounded crime-noir tones of the first season with some big new developments. The first trailer reveals that not only is Kingpin out of prison, but he appears to design a smear campaign to turn New York against Daredevil.

One of the ways this may be happening is through a Daredevil impostor, who is none other than the hero’s most famous villain, Bullseye. Bullseye is the subject of the second new trailer, exploring his life as a government agent-turned-assassin under the employ of Kingpin.

27 Titans Is Grittier Than The DCEU

Titans has already received flak for the marketing’s seriously dark tone. Now, after the first two episodes were screened for viewers at NYCC, it is getting the same criticism.

Not only does Titans sport the DCEU’s same dark tone, but apparently the show is even more violent than the films.

The footage featuring Robin displayed some extremely violent and lethal combat, complete with the same amount of gore and disrespect for human life one might find in — well, anything but a comic book show. With that said, the show did receive a warm reception from the audience, so maybe Titans has potential after all.

26 Possibility — Will Rick Grimes Survive?

The Walking Dead is losing its lead character this season, with the confirmed departure of Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln. His impending exit has been talked about for months now, but fans still don’t know how his character will be written out of the show. In a new rumor, it seems that Rick Grimes might meet a brutal end.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Andrew Lincoln joked that he might not “make it through the credits sequence” teasing Rick’s potential demise. Fans don’t want to say goodbye to Rick, but it will be even harder to do so if he is torn apart by walkers. Can’t somebody get a happy ending on this show?

25 Spock On Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek fans weren’t left out of the fun this year, with a new trailer for season two of Star Trek: Discovery. The trailer promises a ride that might be just as intense as the first season, with plenty of action, character beats, and visuals so gorgeous that one would think the show had the budget of a feature-length film.

Amidst the sizzle of the trailer is a big reveal — the inclusion of a young, bearded Spock.

The character is supposedly connected to the “Red Angel” visions that Burnham is experiencing, though details on his appearance in the season are still under wraps.

24 First 35 minutes of new Spider-Man movie

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is still a few months out but panel attendees were treated to the first 35 minutes — and apparently what they saw was incredible. Reactions to the NYCC footage is overwhelmingly positive, citing the stylish animation and and lighthearted tone as some of the film’s standout elements. These early reactions come off the back of a new trailer for the film, which shows off several more of the alternate universe versions of Spider-Man.

Of course, this was only the first 35 minutes. Much of the movie is still under wraps and it has a long road ahead of it, being only one of many tentpole releases hitting theaters this December.

23 Deadly Class is coming in 2019

SYFY’s adaptation of the critically acclaimed Deadly Class comic series made a big showing this year. Between the close collaboration with series writer Rick Remender, the promise of intense action, and the Russo brothers at the helm (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers Infinity War), this long-awaited series has the potential to be a household name.

Not only does the show seem like a contender for the “next big thing” in comic book television, but it finally has a release date.

This was revealed to be January 16 in a new trailer that focuses on the coming-of-age aspect of the anarchic action series.

22 Star Wars’ The Mandalorian

The first image of Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars series was released on Thursday, getting fans hyped for the first real TV show in a galaxy far far away. The photo was released alongside new details about the show, namely its title: The Mandalorian.

Set between Return of the Jedi and The Force AwakensThe Mandalorian centers on a warrior from Mandalore travelling across the galaxy. The title character wears the iconic armor that the planet is known for — a costume shared by fan-favorite character Boba Fett. Plenty remains unknown about the series, though it is set to premiere on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

21 Possibility — Kingpin and Spider-Man Crossover

Marvel fans will rejoice if this rumor comes true — during all of the Daredevil buzz over the convention weekend, Vincent D’Onofrio made a very reassuring tweet.

When a fan tweeted that the world will never see the him as Kingpin in an MCU film, D’Onofrio responded with “Who says?”

Marvel’s Netflix shows have been especially vague in their references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but having Kingpin show up in a Tom Holland Spider-Man film would be the perfect connection. The chances are slim, but at least there’s hope.

20 Bane On Gotham

Gotham‘s fifth and final season was revealed in a trailer this weekend, promising quite the grand finale. The trailer hints that Gotham will be adapting the classic No Man’s Land comic book story this season, and also teased another big bad.

Actor Shane West has been cast as Bane, one of Batman’s greatest adversaries and one of the only major rogues that the show hasn’t yet adapted. Bane’s appearance so early in Bruce Wayne’s life has been met with mixed reactions among fans, but at least that suggests a bombastic end to the pre-Batman series.

19 The X-Men Go To Space

New York Comic-Con got an extended look at X-Men: Dark Phoenix, despite being subject to what seems like endless delays. The exclusive footage, which still has not been revealed to the public, gave fans a look at the fully-formed X-Men team and their upcoming cosmic adventure.

Highlights of the footage included an argument between Mystique and Professor X, Jean Grey absorbing a solar flare, and the team going on a rescue mission in space.

While most of the movie likely takes place on Earth, it’s nice to know that the movies aren’t above digging into the spacebound shenanigans that the comics do.

18 Penny from The Big Bang Theory is Harley Quinn

Among the many DC Universe announcements this weekend was the trailer for the Harley Quinn animated series, which has taken many fans by surprise. The show looks like a quirky adult comedy with Harley breaking the fourth wall and using foul language.

The show is already being compared to the likes of Deadpool, with positive reactions coming out of NYCC. It also features a great cast, with Kaley Cuoco, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, JB Smoove, and Wanda Sykes among the voice talent. It is set to release late in 2019 on the DC Universe streaming service.

17 Umbrella Academy’s Big Debut

Netflix’s adaptation of Gerard Way’s superhero darling The Umbrella Academy came to play during NYCC, with a handful of new images and even a trailer exclusive to the folks at Comic-Con. An Umbrella Academy movie has been in the works for many years, but after the switch to television and some time in development freefall, it finally seems right around the corner.

The series — which consists of a dysfunctional family of superheroes — seems to be maintaining its gothic comic book aesthetic.

The show looks like surreal than its counterpart on the pages, but it already has people excited. Umbrella Academy hits Netflix on February 15, 2019.

16 Doctor Who First Reactions

Those who attended the Doctor Who panel were in for quite the event. The attendees got to see the premiere of the new season as well as have an in-depth talk with the season’s Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The audience’s response to the episode was ecstatic to say the least, and that sentiment seems to be shared by viewers around the world.

Not only was the show a critical hit, but its viewer ratings were record-breaking. The premiere episode “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” peaked at 9 million viewers, which the highest the show has ever had! Sounds like the new season of Doctor Who is off to a fantastic start.

15 Odin’s true form in American Gods season 2

Last year’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was a massive hit and the trailer for the new season looks just as enticing.  Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday are back on their surreal fantasy roadtrip, accompanied by even more colorful characters and bizarre, unsettling visuals.

The footage teases a war between Mr. Wednesday and Mr. World, with an especially striking shot of Wednesday in his true form: Odin. 

American Gods is a trippy, gorgeous series that many may have missed last year, and with such a great-looking sequel on the way, now might be the time to go back and binge. The second seasons drops in 2019.

14 Possibility — Sabrina/Riverdale Crossover

A full trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hit the web early last week, revealing a spooky-yet-fun adaptation of the comics, as well as a revival of the late ’90s sitcom. Sadly, Archie fans will be disappointed to hear that Sabrina is not currently attached to the hit CW series, Riverdale.

While the Sabrina was originally set to appear on the CW as Riverdale’s companion show (much like CW’s Arrowverse), the move to Netflix seems to have stifled the idea. Still, Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is holding out hope for a potential crossovers so that the original plan can come to fruition.

13 George R. R. Martin’s new show

Those of you eagerly awaiting Game of Thrones… well, we don’t have any good news for you. But, if you want more content from the mind of George R.R. Martin, an adaptation of his book Nightflyers has received a new trailer and a first-episode premiere at New York Comic-Con.

The sci-fi thriller follows a crew they struggle to survive on their space mission.

Not everything is as it seems on the vessel, as the show promises some solid horror scares as well as a character-driven story. The show doesn’t officially premiere until December 2nd, but at least sci-fi horror fans have something to look forward to.

12 She-Ra And The Princesses’ LGBT rep

Dreamworks Animation has been launching hit after hit lately — between shows like Trollhunters and Voltron: Legendary Defender, their work has earned them much success on Netflix. The newest series from the studio, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, dropped a poster and teaser trailer at New York Comic-Con that looks like promising fun for young viewers.

The reboot of the ’80s television show sports new cartoony visuals, witty humor, and a diverse cast of characters — even including a same gender couple. While the show’s initial reveal was met with some backlash, the trailer seems infectiously pleasant and fun.

11 Matt Bomer stars in DC’s Doom Patrol

While Titans got plenty of attention at NYCC, the next DC Universe original series got a brief first look. Doom Patrol is set to release next spring, but panel attendees were show some exclusive photos of Brendan Fraser’s character, Robotman. Fraser appeared at the panel and talked through the first look.

Seeing as Doom Patrol is currently filming, it shouldn’t be long before official footage hits the web.

The Robotman design look remarkably accurate to the comics, which has gotten many fans even more excited for the obscure property’s TV adaptation. Supplementing this news was the casting of Matt Bomer as Negative Man — another big name

10 The Spawn Trilogy

Fans hoping for a Spawn trailer at NYCC were out of luck this weekend, but series creator Todd McFarlane spoke at length about his plans for the newly rebooted movie. McFarlane explained that he envisions an ambitious trilogy of Spawn movies, with each one visually and tonally distinct from the last.

The first film might be described as a kind of existential horror-superhero film, with characters wondering if what they see is even real. While the project is still a ways off, the Jamie Foxx-led vehicle is going to emphasize the dark tones of the book with a hard R-rating, as well as cater to the now-older readers of the comic series.

9 DC Universe Streaming Plans

DC Comics and Warner Bros wanted to spotlight their DC Universe streaming service at this year’s NYCC, several small news breaks on he various related properties. Not only did they show footage of Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn, but they also revealed the service’s content release schedule over the coming year.

While no specific dates were given, the timeline depicts various release windows for the service’s different original series.

While Young Justice: Outsiders seems to have been split into two parts, Doom Patrol will drop next spring followed by Swamp Thing in the summer, with both Stargirl and Harley Quinn dropping next fall.

8 Pet Sematary First Look

Horror fans might not have had much to talk about at Comic-Con, but during the convention some promo images dropped for the reboot of a Stephen King classic. The first images of the Pet Sematary remake were released, featuring Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, and Amy Seimetz.

The best image of the bunch comes in the form of the Creed family cat, Church, looking meaner and mangier than ever.

While an evil cat may not be the scariest thing you’ll find in Pet Sematary, it’s a nice preview of the Stephen King spookiness to come, especially after the success of 2017’s It. Pet Sematary is set for release on April 5, 2019.

7 Runaways Season 2 Footage

A new trailer for the second season of Runaways shows that the series has moved way past high school drama, and further into superhero action territory. The trailer features the Runaways’ comic book hideout, huge action set-pieces, and plenty of superpowers to go around.

Highlights of the trailer include a kiss between Nico and Karolina, a battle on an airport runway, and a glimpse at Gert’s pet dinosaur Old Lace. The first season of the show was a quiet hit among the newer Marvel properties, but this season promises a much deeper dive into the superhero genre that fans of the series are have been waiting for.

6 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

One reveal snuck in towards the end of Comic-Con — a very short trailer for How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Although very brief, the trailer is made up of all-new footage.

The trailer consists of baby Hiccup in his father’s arms as he is told about the legendary world of dragons.

During his father’s narration, the titular Hidden World is given a brief tease as hundreds of dragons flutter across a cavernous landscape. It ends with a shot of Hiccup and Toothless overlooking a town covered in dragons. It’s not as extensive as the film’s last trailer, but it might hold fans over until the film’s release on February 22, 2019.

5 Good Omens Trailer

It’s a great year for Neil Gaiman lovers as they got not one, but two different Gaiman projects revealed at NYCC. First was the second season of American Gods, and now Amazon’s adaptation of Good Omens. 

The trailer for the new series pits Michael Sheen and David Tennant against each other as an angel and a demon who must join forces in order to prevent the apocalypse. The dark subject matter is contrasted by the show’s whimsical tone and David Tennant’s devilish charisma. It sets up what looks to be a very fun buddy comedy about he end of the world.

4 First 25 Minutes Of Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines

Fans of director Peter Jackson were treated to the first 25 minutes of his next project, Mortal Engines, at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Mortal Engines is another expansive world, like the Tolkien material that Jackson has worked with before, but with a post-apocalyptic twist.

The most talked about elements of the footage were the massive scale of the world and the jaw-dropping visuals.

The Mortal Engines footage introduces viewers to Hester, a girl who lives in a world that was ravaged by the “60 Minute War” that destroyed civilization. Now the world consists of giant cities on wheels that fight each other. Audiences won’t see it for themselves until December 14.

3 The Boys Teaser Trailer

Amazon’s adaptation of Garth Ennis’s hyper-violent superhero comic The Boys has finally been revealed with a brief teaser trailer . The teaser features a public service announcement from Vought International, a company that facilitates the operation of the Seven, this world’s league of superheroes. At the end of the PSA, the titular Boys can be seen sitting on a couch, rudely gesturing to their televisions.

The Boys is already setting itself apart from the traditonal superhero fare, and with good reason — the series is about a team of people who keep out-of-control superheroes in check– by blackmailing them, stealing from them, and beating them up. It’s extremely adult-oriented and it already looks like fun.

2 Voltron Ends in December

The release date and synopsis for the eighth and final season of Voltron was revealed at New York Comic-Con, finally bringing the critically acclaimed Netflix series to a close.

The last season will feature the final battle between the Paladins and Witch Haggar.

A few promo images were released as well — one featuring the villain Honerva and another depicting the Voltron Paladins in a control room with Shiro commanding the gang in a background role. While no footage was shown at NYCC, the release date was confirmed to be December 14. The show’s final season will premiere on Netflix.

1 Possibility — Avengers 4 Titled “Avengers: Annihilation”

This rumor went viral during the weekend of NYCC — “Avengers: Annihilation” may or may not be the name of the still untitled Avengers 4. Speculation over the film’s name has driven fans mad in recent months, with “Annihilation” being yet another choice amidstthe rumored titles titles like “Avengers: Forever”, “Avengers: Endgame”, and “The Last Avenger”.

Annihilation comes from the name comic storyline of the same name, though it bears few similarities to the Infinity Gauntlet story that the films are adapting. Seriously, Marvel, just call it “Avengers: Assemble” and get it over with already. Don’t keep us waiting!

What announcements from New York Comic-Con excite you the most? Make sure to leave a comment before you go to share your thoughts!

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Better Call Saul Season 4 Finale Ending Explained

This post contains SPOILERS for Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul’s fourth season ended with “Winner,” an exciting finale that inches the spinoff closer to its Breaking Bad roots. This year, AMC’s acclaimed drama had to followup the jaw-dropping cliffhanger of season 3, where Chuck died in a horrifying fire. That tragedy is what truly spurred Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman as he dealt with the consequences and aftermath of not only his brother’s death, but also his bar suspension. Over the course of the fourth season, Jimmy became more involved with the criminal underworld of Albuquerque, launching his “get-rich-quick” scheme of selling prepaid cell phones to unsavory individuals.

Elsewhere in the Saul universe, Gus Fring looked to expand his cartel operations, commissioning the construction of the famous “super lab” Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cooked in during Breaking Bad. Entrusting Mike Ehrmantraut to oversee the operation, Gus hired a group of German nationals led by Werner Ziegler. While the project was taking longer than originally planned, the crew was working diligently and hoped to have it finished soon. Of course, things hit a snag at the end of last week’s “Wiedersehen” when Werner went AWOL, leaving only a note with detailed instructions for his team. These storylines (Werner’s disappearance and Jimmy’s bar reinstatement appeal) are the crux of the finale’s narrative, with both resolving in powerful ways.

The Tragedy of Werner Ziegler

Throughout the season, Werner’s team were recurring players, frequently interacting with Mike. Early on, it looked like Kai would be the troublemaker of the group, especially after his incident with the nightclub. However, Kai turned out to be a red herring, and Werner caused the biggest headaches for Gus and Mike. Werner, of course, is far from home and dearly misses his beloved wife. Wishing to see her again, Werner pitched Mike the idea of going home for a weekend, but was denied. Since he couldn’t get his superiors’ approval, Werner took matters into his own hands and hatched a plot for a loving reunion.

“Winner” reveals Werner ran off to a resort where he planned to spend time with his wife. He made travel arrangements that would see her fly over to America for a weekend and go back home. Sadly for Werner, he never gets to see her again. Mike tracks him down and after a discussion with Gus, realizes there’s only one resolution for this setback. Allowing Werner the opportunity to call his wife and tell her to return home before Gus’ people do anything to her, Mike then (reluctantly) kills Werner. Ehrmantraut says Werner’s death will be covered up as a tragic accident and his men will be sent back. As one might expect, Gus is angered by the lack of progress on the super lab (cutting a conversation with Gale short), which he thought would be completed by now.

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Werner clearly had no ill intent (Mike knew he was jut homesick), but when he ran off, his fate was essentially sealed. This was the second transgression Werner committed against Gus – the first being his friendly chat about construction work with bar patrons. These two incidents back-to-back made it very difficult for Gus to trust Werner moving forward, and by now, fans are well aware of Fring’s ruthlessness. Mike mentions multiple times in the episode there are other ways to go about things, but he can’t convince Gus to spare Werner’s life. No amount of begging or pleading has any effect on Gus when he’s made up his mind about something. Unfortunately for Werner, he never completely understood what he got himself into and crossed the wrong people.

Lalo also factors into this storyline, with the mysterious member of the Salamanca clan tailing Mike and trying to locate Werner for his own reasons. Lalo does discover which resort Werner is staying at and briefly speaks to the Russian over the phone, posing as one of Gus’ employees. Not knowing any better, Werner begins to tell Lalo the first couple of basic instructions for the super lab construction, before Mike arrives in person and interrupts the call. Near the end of the episode, Mike tells Gus about what happened, and it’ll be fascinating to see how this continues in season 5. Of course, Fring does not get along with the Salamancas, and despite Lalo’s cheeky offer of a peace treaty in last week’s episode, the two warring sides will continue their power struggle. Lalo is clearly curious about what Gus is up to and wants to get an upper hand for himself.

Page 2: Jimmy McGill Becomes Saul Goodman

Jimmy McGill Is Finally Saul Goodman

Jimmy’s arc in season 4 is dealing with the fallout of his felony from season 2 (tampering with Chuck’s documents) as he tries to get by in life with his one-year suspension. Picking up lawful employment at CC Mobile, he does everything he’s supposed to do to work himself back in the graces of the committee. However, last week’s episode ended with the shocking twist that Jimmy was denied reinstatement – after he was found to be insincere in his comments. Kim, as she always does, stays by Jimmy’s side to help him win the appeal. In Kim’s mind, the sincerity issue stems from Chuck and Jimmy needs to show remorse for what’s transpired.

The two forge ahead with another one of their brilliant schemes. Jimmy spends the one-year anniversary of Chuck’s death mourning at his brother’s grave. An “anonymous” donation is made to HHM to name the legal library after Chuck, with members of Jimmy’s go-to video team telling people in attendance they heard the gift was from Jimmy. It all builds up to another hearing in front of the committee, where Jimmy uses the letter Chuck left him as a weapon in his favor. After (faking) being unable to read it in place of an opening statement, Jimmy launches into a nostalgic monologue where he reminisces about his brother, talks about wanting to make Chuck proud, and credits Chuck with influencing his interest in a law career. In their celebration afterwards, Kim feels some it was truthful, but Jimmy’s reaction makes it painfully apparent it was all a show for the committee so he could get his law license back. As he prepares to sign the necessary documents, Jimmy states he’ll no longer be practicing under his legal name. Turning to a clearly shocked Kim, he closes out the season by saying, “S’all good, man.”

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At a certain time in his life, Jimmy probably aspired to be an honest, hard-working lawyer like Chuck, but the events of Better Call Saul have rendered that impossible. During a key sequence of the episode, Jimmy (as part of his sincerity scheme) sits on the board awarding scholarships in Chuck’s memory. He vouches for a student named Kristy Esposito, who received only one vote (from Jimmy) because she was found guilty of shoplifting. In that moment, Jimmy realizes that the law community at large will never accept someone with a prior record, and clearly sees himself in the young Kristy. Because of his actions in season 2, the most prominent firms in the country will always consider Jimmy a liability, no matter how much he swears he’s changed. Chasing down Kristy after the scholarship meetings, Jimmy basically lays out the Saul Goodman playbook, telling his favorite student to cut corners and to not worry about what others think (because she’ll never “make it” the traditional way).

Instead of conforming to fit within the perceived standards of the field, Jimmy gamed the system to his own advantage. He told the reinstatement committee what they wanted to hear – even though he has no intention of following through on it – and is now set to play by his own rules. In his argument with Kim on the rooftop in “Wiedersehen,” Jimmy went on the defensive about how Kim views him as “the kind of lawyer guilty people hire” and is unworthy of sharing an office with her (while she thrives at a large firm in New Mexico). Jimmy is embracing his reputation. Saul Goodman, as Breaking Bad fans know, is exactly the type of lawyer criminals hire. Howard Hamlin wouldn’t touch Walter White and Jesse Pinkman with a 10-foot pole, but Saul went into business with them, doing whatever he could to protect his clients’ rights and help them avoid jail time.

The beauty of this is how it all traces back to Chuck and recontextualizes the character of Saul Goodman. When he was introduced in the second season of Breaking Bad, he was nothing more than an entertaining side player; a riff on the “sleazy lawyer” archetype who came up with elaborate schemes to win his cases. Now, the persona is revealed as a last resort for a man who once upon a time looked up to his brother, only to have his hopes and dreams destroyed by that very same sibling. Chuck went out of his way to block Jimmy from getting a position at HHM, fearful of what “Slippin’ Jimmy with a law degree” would be capable of. He wasn’t willing to give Jimmy the benefit of the doubt, and ended up unknowingly launching the career of Albuquerque’s shadiest criminal defense attorney. Maybe if he was more accepting and loving towards Jimmy, things would have turned out differently.

It’ll be exciting to see how the confirmed fifth season picks up on this. There were already hints the Jimmy/Kim relationship was fraying (the wonderfully constructed cold open of “Something Stupid”), and the former’s new career path might be the final straw. Kim is never mentioned in Breaking Bad, so obviously something happens there. Better Call Saul correctly took the long road to get to this point, and now the possibilities for its future are wide open.

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All The Spider-Villain Movies Coming After Venom

Venom is the first Sony-Marvel film in a planned Spider-Man villain universe – and there’s a lot more on the way. If all goes well for Sony then Venom, in theaters this weekend, will set the ball rolling for a darker version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Once The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox is complete, the world of Peter Parker and friends will be the only major segment of the Marvel canon not exclusively under their control. And, although Spider-Man is already part of the MCU, Sony has high hopes for creating their own franchise that can both stand on its own two feet (albeit with the possibility of tying it into the MCU down the line). Spider-Man remains one of the most iconic characters in comic book lore, and his most infamous foes are equally as popular with audiences thanks to the cartoon series and Sam Raimi trilogy.

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Their current plans, which are reportedly being referred to internally as Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, or SUMC for short, involve expanding the world of the Spidey villains into their own saga. Venom, the human-symbiote who has become one of the series’ most beloved anti-heroes, is only the starting point in these plans. Sony has a whole host of other Spider-villain movies planned. Here are the titles that are either in pre-production or are currently part of the studio’s Spider-verse strategy.

  • This Page: Sony’s Confirmed Spider-Man Villain Films
  • Page 2: Spider-Man Villain Films Sony Has In Early Development

Morbius, the Living Vampire Is The Next Spider-Man Villain Movie

In an unexpected step, Sony has confirmed that the first film to follow Venom would be one centered on Morbius, the Living Vampire, and that the lead role would be played by Jared Leto. The character was created in the 1970s when the Comics Code Authority, the industry’s censorship board, lifted its ban on depictions of vampires and the supernatural. His true identity is that of Michael Morbius, a biochemist whose experiment to cure his rare blood disorder goes awry and gifts him with vampiric abilities.

The Morbius film will be directed by Life‘s Daniel Espinosa, based on a script by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (writers of Gods of Egypt). on screenwriting duties. Morbius is also one of the favorite comic book characters of Avi Arad, who told Screen Rant at a Venom press junket:

We are excited about Morbius. Morbius was always one of my favorite characters. I love the story about the healer that becomes a killer, and how do you deal with it.

Audiences may get Morbius sooner than expected; Sony was last said to be eyeing a November start to production, making a 2019 release possible.

Read More: Morbius the Living Vampire: Who Is He, and What Are His Powers?

Venom 2 Is Likely Going To Happen

WARNING: Spoilers for Venom in this entry.

While we still have to wait for news of Venom’s success before sequel talk begins at Sony for real, it’s clear from the film itself that the studio is eager to establish follow-up films. In one of the two end-credit scenes, Eddie goes to San Quentin prison to interview a prisoner and comes face to face with serial killer Cletus Kasady, a.k.a. Carnage. The part is played by Woody Harrelson, who had previously worked with director Ruben Fleischer on Zombieland.

Like Eddie and Venom, Kasady becomes a host for the Carnage symbiote and proves to be far more powerful and deadly than Venom; in the comics, Carnage leads to Venom teaming up with Spider-Man to take on his uncontrollable rage. Introducing Carnage to their Spider-Man universe would be a strong way for Sony to bring Peter Parker together with Eddie Brock, or otherwise make him more of a hero in his own right.

Silver Sable & Black Cat Are Getting Individual Movies

Originally, Sony had announced plans for a Silver Sable and Black Cat team-up movie, to be titled Silver and Black and released in February 2019. Gina Prince-Bythewood, director of Love and Basketball as well as the pilot for Cloak and Dagger, was attached to helm the project. Now, the two characters will be given their own films and Prince-Bythewood is no longer directing, although she will still receive a producer credit.

Silver Sable (real name Silver Sablinova) is a mercenary and leader of the Wild Pack, a title she inherited from her father, who ran a Nazi-hunting team. Given the character’s roots as a Nazi hunter, it would be difficult for Sony to overlook this crucial part of her backstory. However, it could also open up many storytelling possibilities. Sony are hoping to bring on another female director for the project, but other than that, little else is known about production.

Felicia Hardy, the infamous cat burglar with the ability to produce bad luck in her enemies, is one of Spider-Man’s most popular adversaries as well as a collaborator and on-again, off-again romantic interest. Felicia was previously played by Felicity Jones in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where she served as Harry Osborn’s assistant, but none of her extra-curricular activities fit into the stuffed movie. Black Cat will reportedly be a re-worked version of the Silver & Black script and Prince-Bythewood will remain a producer.

Page 2: Spider-Man Villain Films Sony Has In Early Development

Spike Lee Was Reportedly In Talks For Nightwatch

While no other films have gone as far in development, Sony has several other Spider-Man villain films in the works. Earlier this year, it was reported that Spike Lee had been in talks to direct a Nightwatch film, with a potential script from Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker, although both Sony and Lee declined to comment.

Doctor Kevin Trench watched a costumed man die while battling terrorists armed with invisibility devices. When he unmasked the dead men, he was shocked to realize that it was an older version of himself. Afraid for what this meant for his future, he stole the costume and fled to a deserted island in the hopes that, if he just never wore the suit, he could avoid his own death. In more recent comics, including She-Hulk, Trench is portrayed as a wealthy philanthropist who secretly spent most of his career as a supervillain and retconned everyone’s memories of his nefarious past.

Kraven The Hunter Has A Script From The Equalizer’s Writer

One character who’s long been eyed for a solo movie is Kraven the Hunter. A Spider-Man villain who’s been rumored for inclusion in movies for years – including the MCU side – it now looks like he could be getting a solo movie at Sony. In August, it was reported that a Kraven script was being written by The Equalizer‘s Richard Wenk, although there’s been no talk of the project since then.

Kraven is one of Spider-Man’s well-known villains, remembered best for the Kraven’s Last Hunt arc which saw him travel to New York in a bid to hunt down and kill Spider-Man, then taking over as a more brutalized version. An involving story, it’s one that would definitely lend itself well to a big screen adaptation.

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Jackpot & Silk Have Movies In Development

A couple of other movies have been reported recently. First there’s Jackpot, a more recent addition to the Spider-verse, created by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez, who only got her own mini-series in 2010. The character also has two aliases: Sara Ehret, a scientist who accidentally gives herself superhuman strength; and Alana Jacobson, who uses performance-enhancing drugs like Mutant Growth Hormone to mimic Jackpot’s powers. A Jackpot movie could open new ground for Sony and the superhero genre: Sara is a 40-something woman with a daughter while Alana is a lesbian, which could bring some much-needed diversity to the field.

There’s also Korean-American superhero Cindy Moon, a.k.a. Silk. Cindy first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April 2014. Her own powers, similar to Spider-Man’s, manifested when the same radioactive spider bit her after biting Peter Parker. Unlike Peter, Silk has the ability to create organic webbing, something she has trouble controlling. She is later approached by businessman Ezekiel Sims, who offers to guide her in her newfound abilities. Cindy briefly appears in Spider-Man: Homecoming as a classmate of Peters and is portrayed by Tiffany Espensen, although the in-development Silk movie is more likely to recast.

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