10 Possible Storylines For The Upcoming Deadpool Movie (Based On The Comics)

After a long and difficult road to getting his own solo film, the Deadpool films are currently among the biggest of superhero franchises. The R-rated, fourth-wall-breaking nature of the character was a risk but ended up being a much-needed fresh take on the genre. While some worried how the franchise would fare with the Disney-Fox deal, Disney has confirmed they plan to make more Deadpool films in the future.

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There are so many exciting places to take the character, and plenty of great comic book stories the future films can draw from. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 drew a lot of inspiration from particular comic arcs to great effect. Looking forward at the franchise’s future, here are some of the best storylines from the comics that the Deadpool movies should use.

10 Deadpool Vs The Hulk

Though some fans worried that joining Disney would result in a watered down version of Deadpool, the merger also provides a lot of potential for the future. The comics have always had great fun showing Deadpool interacting with other Marvel heroes. Now they can do that in the movies without being restricted to just the X-Men universe.

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Deadpool Vs Hulk is a great story that is now a possibility. The story follows Deadpool who, after becoming bored and depressed with his life, picks a fight with The Hulk in an effort to end it all. Just the thought of these two very different characters facing off is enough to set the box office on fire.

9 With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence

One of the greatest aspects of Deadpool is his penchant for meta-comedy. His tendency to break the fourth wall allows the comics to comment on the medium itself and the history of Marvel comics at large. The story With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence is a fantastic example of how well this can be done.

The story finds Deadpool and Blind Al trapped in another dimension, which just so happens to be within the pages of a classic Spider-Man comic. While it might be a difficult story to transition to live action, an animated take on this story could be a real winner.

8 Night Of The Living Deadpool

Deadpool is one of those rare characters who can be transplanted into just about any genre. Not only will he fit in any world, but he’ll likely breathe some new life into it as well. Case in point, this comic story that has Deadpool in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie movies can be a bit tiresome, but a Deadpool zombie movie just sounds like a whole lot of fun. It could be a superhero version of Shaun of the Dead. Since Deadpool isn’t weighed down but reality, why not have the movies see how wild they can get?

7 Dead Reckoning

So far, the Deadpool movies have found success in telling smaller, more personal stories. Indeed, Deadpool is not really the kind of character that needs to be involved with the world-saving adventures of the other heroes. However, a movie based on the Dead Reckoning story would give Deadpool a chance to be that kind of hero, albeit in a very Deadpool way.

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A movie based on this story could fully explore Deadpool’s heroic nature or lack thereof. Does he have the capacity to be utterly selfless and try to save the world? Or would he rather see it all come crashing down just for the fun of it?

6 A Kiss, A Curse, A Cure

One of the most interesting aspects of the Marvel universe that has yet to be explored in the films is Death. In the comics, Death is a personified character who plays a big role in several storylines. She is famously Thanos’ muse and inspiration for wiping out half the universe. But she has also had a very interesting relationship with Deadpool.

This storyline explores the attraction between these two and the many complications that come with it. They want to be united, but Deadpool is a character that cannot die. This might be the ideal way of finally bringing Death to the big screen.

5 Dead Presidents

The comics can be really weird. And as much as the MCU does justice to the source material in various ways, sometimes the comics are just too “out there” for them to tackle. But if any character could fully embrace the insanity of the comics, it’s Deadpool. And the Dead Presidents storyline is the perfect opportunity to go all out.

The title of the story is not misleading. It is about all the past and deceased presidents of the United States being resurrected as zombies and Deadpool is tasked with re-killing them. It’s bizarre, it’s violent, it’s violent — the perfect Deadpool story.

4 Whatever Happened to the White Caption Boxes?

The voices inside Deadpool’s head have been a big part of his character and an aspect that has not yet been explored in the films. In the comics, those voices inside his head are referred to as the “little white boxes”. In this amazing storyline, those voices actually become personified.

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A part of Deadpool’s personality breaks off and comes to life in the form of Madcap, a forgettable Captain America villain from the past who shares a lot of similarities with Deadpool. Not only would this be a great way to look at Deadpool’s mental issues, but the face-off between these two characters would be highly entertaining.

3 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Deadpool is one of the funniest characters in the Marvel universe, but it’s easy to forget that he is also a very tragic character. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly offers a lot of Deadpool’s trademark humor, but it is also incredibly heartbreaking.

After learning that the Weapon X program has been revived in North Korea and they are using Deadpool’s organs to create new mutants, he is forced to confront his dark past. With memorable appearances from Captain America and Wolverine, this is an epic story that added a lot of depth to the character of Deadpool.

2 Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

One of the most exciting things we’re looking forward to with the next Deadpool movie is how he’ll comment on now being a part of the MCU. While they need to handle his involvement in that universe carefully, this famous storyline could be the perfect commentary.

In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool begins hearing a new voice in his head that instructs him to carry out a specific mission — killing everyone. What follows is Deadpool dispatching all our favorite heroes in violent ways. It would be hard to pull off but it could serve as the perfect end to the Deadpool trilogy.

1 Deadpool Kills Deadpool

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse showed how much fun could be had by exploring the multi-dimensions of the Marvel universe. Deadpool could have a similar adventure by adapting Deadpool Kills Deadpool for the big screen.

The story centers on an evil Deadpool from another universe who sets out to kill all other versions of Deadpool. It’s up to the Deadpool in our universe to stop him. There is so much potential in a story like this and imagine the fun of Ryan Reynolds getting to play every strange version of Deadpool that appears.

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10 Thor Stories We’d Love To See In A Possible Thor 4

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response to Taika Watiti’s comedic and colorful Thor: Ragnarok, we may never see Thor in a fourth solo movie. With Avengers: Endgame promising to start over the MCU fresh with a new batch of heroes, effectively ending the 11-year journey of the O.G. Avengers like Iron Man, Cap, and yes, Thor.

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Whether he’ll actually die in the movie remains to be seen, but Chris Hemsworth has strongly hinted that he wants to jump ship from the MCU after the newest Avengers movie. Still, never say never. Here are 10 Thor Stories We’d Love To See In A Possible Thor 4.

10 Thor: Ages of Thunder

After Avengers: Endgame likely changes the face of the Avengers team forever, Thor will either die or take a step back to live his own life for a while. Thor: Ages of Thunder actually tells stories from Thor’s youth as he irresponsibly battled his way through Vikings, Enchantresses, and Frost Giants.

Given how Taika Watiti recharacterized Thor as a wild, fun-loving, humorous guy who likes to get into danger, fight his way out, and look good doing it, this could be the perfect way for Thor’s character to leave the MCU – on his own terms, having a blast, saving Asgard.

9 Siege

Thor had to sit out Captain America: Civil War due to his character arc taking him to rediscover himself and eventually get spit out of a wormhole on Sakaar. To make up for that, he could get his own solo movie that acts as a semi-Avengers movie. In Siege, Thor has to defend Asgard from the arrival of Norman Osborn (a.k.a. the Green Goblin, Spider-Man’s most famous foe) and his team of Dark Avengers.

Loki makes the ultimate sacrifice (depending on whether or not he’s actually dead in the MCU, this could make it to the movie, too) and Captain America shows up to help Thor protect his homeworld. Maybe this is what Joe Russo meant when he said Chris Evans “isn’t done” with the role of Cap.

8 The Unworthy Thor

The Unworthy Thor sees a disgraced Thor losing the ability to wield his hammer Mjolnir (in the MCU, this would be his axe Stormbreaker instead). He’s deemed unfit to wield it anymore and someone else gets a hold of his iconic weapon instead. This sends Thor on a dark journey that takes him outside the universe itself, where he discovers another Mjolnir!

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It would be great to have Thor wielding a hammer in the MCU again, and this would also be a fantastic way to advance his character development as he slips up and we realize he isn’t the stalwart hero we thought he was. Plus, more Hela!

7 “Whom the Gods Would Destroy” (Thor #126-128)

This Stan Lee storyline from the Silver Age would have to be tweaked in order to fit into the MCU, since it heavily involves Odin, but the crux of its dramatic backbone would make an interesting setup for a solo movie. With Odin angry that Thor has revealed his identity as a Norse god to Jane Foster, he takes away half his power – just as he happens to be battling Hercules and, after losing half his abilities, also loses the fight.

After that, Hercules becomes a celebrity and Thor becomes a has-been who has to claw his way back. Peter Parker loses his powers in Spider-Man 2 and that’s regarded as the greatest superhero movie ever made, so there must be some merit to it as a plot point.

6 Thor: The Mighty Avenger

Roger Langridge’s eight-part limited series Thor: The Mighty Avenger is very much in line with the MCU in terms of its tone, style, and characterization of Thor. The series portrays him as a goofy, yet lovable fish out of water who is banished to Earth (specifically, Oklahoma) where he rekindles his relationship with Jane Foster.

Thor’s relationship with Jane is great in the comics – particularly in this one – and it’s a shame that the movies haven’t made it work yet, as Natalie Portman’s Jane remains one of the MCU’s most-hated characters. An adaptation of this series could be the way to finally do her justice.

5 “Thor Disassembled” (Thor Vol. 2 #80-85)

This one could easily tie into Avengers: Endgame, which some fans predict will involve traveling to Asgard. After “Avengers Disassembled” brought the devastation to Asgard, Thor had to face Ragnarok once again in the “Thor Disassembled” storyline. Yes, Ragnarok was already covered in Thor: Ragnarok, but in the comics, Thor has been faced with a few different Ragnaroks.

There have been a bunch of times that he’s had to prepare for a prophecy that warns about the end of the world. And in this one, the story was actually quite self-aware in its handling of the seemingly endless cycle of Ragnaroks. Thor was given the chance to stop the Ragnaroks once and for all and begin his eternal slumber (which would give Chris Hemsworth an out after doing one last MCU movie).

4 Loki: Agent of Asgard

Loki has always been a fan-favorite character in the MCU (and the comics, frankly), so hardly anyone would object to him getting a larger role in Thor 4. In Loki: Agent of Asgard, Loki finally grows up and uses his trickery for good. Thor would have to be added into the story for a movie version, but that would be easy enough. It would essentially be a spy movie that explores the brothers’ complicated relationship.

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Okay, Loki was killed off in Avengers: Infinity War, but based on the fact he used the wrong hand to stab Thanos, most fans believe this was just a projection by the God of Mischief and that he’s actually still alive. If Avengers: Endgame proves this to be true, then maybe we could see an adaptation of Loki: Agent of Asgard in the future.

3 The Eternals Saga

In The Eternals Saga, some of the newer Marvel writers attempted to bring Jack Kirby’s Eternal and Celestial characters out of their own universe and into the broader world of Marvel Comics. Thor and Asgard were integral to integrating these new beings into the wider Marvel-verse.

Marvel Studios announced recently that they were developing an Eternals movie and courting Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani (has there ever been a more eclectic pairing in movie history?) to star. So, pairing Thor with the Eternals could be a great way to usher in the new heroes of the MCU while fazing out the old ones.

2 “The Midgard Serpent” (Thor #380)

After Hela summoned Surtur and brought about Ragnarok, destroying Asgard in the process, the fourth Thor movie will have to go even bigger, and “The Midgard Serpent” could be the way to go about it. In the storyline, Thor has to take on Jörmungandr, a gigantic snake also known as the Midgard Serpent.

Conveniently, the Midgard Serpent comes after him right after a curse is placed on him by Hel that weakens his bone structure. He’s already the size of a thumbtack compared to the Midgard Serpent, so his chances of defeating the snake are very slim. It would be incredibly cinematic if it were portrayed on the silver screen.

1 Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 1 – The God Butcher

One of the most beloved Thor storylines of all time, Jason Aaron’s “The God Butcher” arc would be the perfect way to follow up Thor’s story after Avengers: Endgame. It’s been all but confirmed that the plot of Endgame will heavily involve the use of time travel in Earth’s mightiest heroes’ attempts to defeat Thanos.

In Aaron’s storyline, three different versions of Thor from three different periods of time team up to take on Goor the God Butcher, perhaps the Norse god’s most infamous foe of all time. It would take the MCU to dark places, but maybe that’s what Phase Four will be all about.

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10 Possible Spin-Offs From Supernatural

Since 2005, Supernatural has gone through various story arcs, introduced a vast array of new characters and worlds, and covered plenty of lore, among other things. Over the years, two spin-offs were attempted: Bloodlines, and more recently, Wayward Sisters. Neither came to fruition, but fans still hope a spin-off will arise, now more so than ever with Supernatural itself ending next year. Many fans are hoping Wayward Sisters will have another chance (a show starring Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster, among others), and other fans have proposed or seem open to other spin-off ideas. That said, here are some spin-off proposals (just in case any network is looking…).

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10 Young Bobby And Young Rufus

We all know ornery Bobby and equally cantankerous Rufus. The two have a heavy history of hunting together and a complicated but genuine friendship.

One great idea for a spin-off would be a show focusing on the early days of Bobby and Rufus hunting together, with the possibility of other hunters such as John Winchester and Ellen Harvelle being added to the mix. For the most part, the basis of the show would cover Bobby’s and Rufus’s adventures together as they hunted things such as pagan gods or creatures not focused upon in Supernatural. The opportunity to view the early days of Bobby, Rufus, and other hunters we’ve met in the course of Supernatural would be too good to pass up should it ever be actualized on-screen.

9 The RoadHouse

Fans would love to see a whole lot more of Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Garth, Charlie, and Ash… before they died, of course! The possibilities are endless. Would their cases intersect?

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How would they all know each other; how would they pair off? Would we learn more about them and their backstories? The Roadhouse crew, Charlie, and Garth are absolute fan-favorites, and it would be fantastic to see more of them (even if we have to wander into prequel territory to do it).

8 Dean Winchester After Supernatural

Most fans assume that at least one of the Winchesters will actually die in the finale… for good, this time. If that was Sam, it would be fantastic to see Dean in his own spin-off. Dean going off on his own (an idea briefly covered on the show when he was with Lisa) or otherwise forced to be on his own might be an introspective opportunity to see how Dean would live without Sam, whether Sam is dead or alive, and how his life would change without Sam’s constant presence. Not to mention we may learn even more about Dean’s character. However, this is possibly the least likely concept, as it’s presumed that both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are done with the series.

7 The Men Of Letters

This would be a fantastic chance for a spinoff to get a little period-drama action going on. The Men of Letters have been discussed on Supernatural before, most notably with the introduction of Henry Winchester (Sam and Dean’s grandfather) and his obvious distaste for hunters.

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Fans have learned some things about the Men of Letters through time travel and living in the bunker, but there are still so many mysteries to explore! This would provide a great way to look at a different side of monster hunting, and keep some Winchester characters, too. A series like this could be promising should it ever come to light.

6 Supernatural: The Next Generation

This show would center around young hunter Krissy Chambers (whom we met a few times on Supernatural) as a grown woman, balancing her day job and her night job (hunting), alongside a long-term relationship. When a new supernatural threat lurks on the horizon, Krissy’s seemingly put-together life hangs in the balance as chaos surely ensues. Krissy will have to put her acquired skills to the test and pull a Winchester (in other words, save the world from impending doom). With a dosage of girl power and supernatural elements, this would be a debut that would be worth giving a try.

5 Supernatural: Heaven Is Real

Okay, who wouldn’t want to see this Cheers-inspired version of Heaven featuring some of our favorite hunters? This show would be about hanging out with hunters like Ellen, Jo, and Bobby up in Heaven and seeing what they’re up to (just another way to bring back these great characters for a spin off).

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Since Heaven always has something going on (whether it be wars, or Sam and Dean dying and then getting resurrected for the umpteenth time), we’d like to see what some of our favorite hunters are up to. It would surely heal the hearts of those who grieved when these characters died on Supernatural.

4 Castiel

Honestly, the options for a Castiel spin-off are endless. How about a prequel of Castiel’s life and experiences before he ever met the Winchesters? Or what about a series that follows Castiel’s relationship with Claire, the daughter of his vessel, Jimmy? Claire harbors anger towards Castiel for possessing her father, as her life has never been the same since. Examining their relationship more closely or introducing a prequel of Castiel’s life experiences could each prove to be captivating spin-offs in their own right. We all love Castiel; a series centered primarily on him can’t possibly be a bad idea.

3 Crowley

Crowley was undoubtedly a very popular character on Supernatural; fans were devastated when he was killed in the Season 12 finale. The accent, the coat, the calm yet iron-fist manner in which he ruled Hell as King were all memorable qualities.

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The audience would surely be interested in getting more of a background on Crowley himself. The series could focus on his rise from regular demon to the King of Hell. It could be about how he spends his time in Hell when he’s not working with the Winchesters or even about what happened to him following his death. The options are limitless, and it’d be nice to have some flashbacks to Crowley as a human.

2 Rowena

Introduced in Season 10, Rowena was at first an antagonist that gradually became an ally for the Winchesters. Fashionable and knowledgeable about anything supernatural (she’s a witch), Rowena has a way of being evil but also relatable at the same time. Really, she’s a woman that was hurt badly and hasn’t allowed herself to feel anything for anyone else (even her son Crowley for the longest time), so she resorted to her quest for power. A backstory of Rowena, say her early days of learning witchcraft or her life as a youngster (or a mix of both), could prove to be successful given the perfect writing team and cast. Having escaped plenty of scrapes and survived despite all the obstacles, Rowena’s led an extraordinary life (and continues to do so).

1 John Winchester Prequel

Another prequel option would be John Winchester in his early days, driving around the country with a young Sam and Dean. We’ve been offered flashbacks to Sam and Dean as children and have heard them tell stories of their childhood over the years. This series would offer us a firsthand exclusive to the two brothers growing up and offer a closer look at John as well. While the website said the challenge would be finding the right young actors to play Sam and Dean, it would still be an interesting concept to watch. Perhaps then we could have a deeper insight as to why Dean was always more obedient towards John and why Sam was more rebellious.

Each of these spin-offs certainly has potential, but until we hear otherwise from the networks, we’ll have to absorb the remainder of Season 14 and all of Season 15 of Supernatural like it’s the last product we’ll ever see. Truly, Supernatural has introduced so many characters and story arcs, it’s impossible to run out of ideas for a spin-off, or two, or ten. If any of these ideas hit the TV screen, we’ll certainly be the first to know and the ones braving the endless commercials to watch live. After all, Supernatural and any spin-off thereof is more than worth it.

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8 Possible Reasons For Steve Trevor’s Return In Wonder Woman 1984

At the end of 2017’s hit superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman, the title character is driven to defeat the villain Ares by the sacrifice made by her new friend Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine. He delivers a strong message about the power of love over hate right before giving his life, and that’s what motivates her to win the final battle.

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But then when the first images of the sequel Wonder Woman 1984 were released with Pine all over them, fans had a lot of questions. How is he alive? How does he look the same in 1984 as he did in 1918? Well, here are 8 Possible Reasons For Steve Trevor’s Return In Wonder Woman 1984.

8 The plane crash didn’t really kill him

Steve Trevor is expected to “come back to life,” but that’s contingent on the idea that he actually died in Wonder Woman. We didn’t see him die. We just saw him fly off with some poison and blow himself up to save the world.

As we’ve seen from other comic book movies, if we don’t actually see them perish (and even then, that’s no guarantee), then they’re probably still alive. Red Skull got sucked into a beam of light in the sky, but we didn’t see him actually die, so he showed up on Vormir seven years later. Maybe the blast didn’t kill Steve – it might have sent him forward in time or imbued him with immortality.

7 The gods intervened

What differentiates Wonder Woman from other superheroes is that she’s a goddess. In that sense, she is the Thor of the DC universe. She’s the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus. So, maybe the gods will simply intervene to resurrect Steve Trevor, or one of them decided to come down to Earth in Steve’s body to help Diana in her battle against the supervillain Cheetah.

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Maybe one of the gods has been watching Diana and simply feels like doing her a favor. Either way, we know that this is a fictional world containing actual gods, so godly intervention almost definitely has something to do with Steve’s return.

6 It isn’t Steve Trevor at all; it’s his son (or grandson)

In the old Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV series, Playgirl model Lyle Waggoner played Steve Trevor in the initial World War II setting. But then when the show leaped forward in time, Waggoner still starred in the show. He just played Steve Trevor’s son, Steve Trevor, Jr.

This was a convenient way to keep the show’s cast intact, but it could also explain how Chris Pine makes an appearance in Wonder Woman 1984. Maybe Steve did die at the end of Wonder Woman, but he had a son, and maybe that son (or the son’s son) will be the character Pine plays in Wonder Woman 1984.

5 Steve was cloned

The DC Extended Universe is a very fantastical franchise with both magical elements and futuristic technological advancements, so there’s every chance that the Steve Trevor we see in Wonder Woman 1984 is just a clone – or a cyborg. That seems to be the only way to truly explain how a guy we saw die in 1918 is alive and well, and looking exactly the same, in 1984.

There might be a surprising scene in which Diana notices Steve has no belly button and the whole ordeal is revealed in monologue form. There’s any number of ways this could be expressed on film, but either way, it’s very exciting.

4 It’ll just be another inexplicable comic book resurrection

There’s a running joke in the comic book community that characters who die don’t stay dead for very long. Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman – they’ve all died and come back to life a bunch of times.

We saw the Man of Steel get killed and buried in Batman v Superman, and then he was brought back to life in Justice League with the help of a generic MacGuffin called a Mother Box. Maybe in Wonder Woman 1984, Steve Trevor’s return will be quickly brushed over and explained by some other generic MacGuffin that has the power to bring people back to life.

3 He’s part of some experiment by the U.S. government

The Wonder Woman sequel isn’t just set during the 1980s – its action is directly linked to the Cold War, the battle of wits between the U.S. government and the Soviet Union. Back then, as Americans feared an invasion by Russia, the government was pretty much willing to do anything to keep the homeland safe.

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With that in mind, there’s a chance that Steve Trevor’s reappearance in Wonder Woman 1984 is due to him being part of some experiment by the U.S. government. They could be copying the DNA of their best fallen soldiers to create the perfect army to fend off the Russians.

2 His resurrection is part of the bargain that gets Diana involved in the action

Pedro Pascal’s role in Wonder Woman 1984 has yet to be disclosed, but some fans have predicted he’ll be playing the rich and powerful businessman Maxwell Lord. He’ll team up with Kristen Wiig’s archeologist character Barbara Ann Minerva in the search of an ancient artifact that can give him the powers of a god.

Things go awry when Minerva stumbles upon the artifact that gives her the powers of the Cheetah goddess and she turns against Lord. So, Lord asks Diana Prince to protect him and, in return, he resurrects Steve Trevor. That’s just one theory, but it’s a popular one among fans.

1 He’s not really there

Just because Chris Pine is in Wonder Woman 1984, it doesn’t necessarily mean his character somehow came back to life. One leading fan theory about his role in the sequel is that, while Chris Pine appears in the movie and Steve Trevor appears alongside Diana Prince, he isn’t really there.

Maybe Diana is having visions of him, as her latest mission reminds her of her time fighting in the First World War. Steve helped her get through the last adventure, so maybe he’ll help her get through this one – even if he’s still dead and only appears to her as a hallucination.

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Captain Marvel & Kim Possible Team Up in New Disney Channel Spot

The titular characters from Captain Marvel and Kim Possible have teamed up in a new TV spot on the Disney Channel. Though the two characters are from two completely different fictional universes, the heroes have joined forces to promote their new movies.

Once Disney acquired Marvel, all of the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe became part of the House of Mouse. This has come in handy when it comes to cross-platform (and cross-franchise) promotions, especially when it comes to promoting two iconic female heroes. With Captain Marvel, the titular hero (played by Brie Larson) embarks on a cosmic mission to protect Earth, while Kim Possible, the new made-for-TV movie that debuted on the Disney Channel starring Sadie Stanley, follows the titular hero as a live-action character for the very first time. And, though it’s unlikely that the two franchises will ever cross paths, that didn’t stop Larson and Stanley from bringing their characters together.

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In a new Disney Channel TV spot, Larson and Stanley stand side-by-side as they chat about the pressures of saving the world. As footage from both Captain Marvel and Kim Possible appear, the two list off skills necessary to being a hero, like having sidekicks or flying – either with jetpacks (Kim Possible) or by going binary (Captain Marvel). Stanley even suggests that the two characters team up, opening the door for Larson to borrow the “call me, beep me” line from Kim Possible’s theme song. Check out the TV spot below:

While it’s possible the new Kim Possible movie may attract some of the animated show’s older fans on nostalgia alone, Captain Marvel is the film that clearly has everyone’s attention. And, even though the film’s official reviews aren’t yet public, some early reactions from the film’s first screenings have been mostly positive. Specifics aside, the standout elements from  the film appear to be the ’90s setting, Ben Mendelsohn as the villain, and Carol Danvers’ pet cat Goose.

When it comes to heroes, Disney and Marvel are hardly in short supply. However, when it comes to female characters, it’s a different story, so having 2019 kick off with not one, but two female heroes is certainly a step in the right direction. And, even though a Captain Marvel/Kim Possible crossover isn’t likely to ever happen, Carol will have plenty of other badass characters to fight side-by-side with once she enters the battle against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

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Jon Bernthal Has Made Peace With The Punisher’s Possible Cancellation

Jon Bernthal in Marvel's The Punisher Netflix

Fans may not be OK with The Punisher’s seemingly imminent cancellation, but Jon Bernthal has already made peace with it. The actor made his debut as Frank Castle during Daredevil’s sophomore outing and was such a hit with viewers that Netflix quickly greenlit his own series.

Due to the fact that the episodes only just became available, it may seem strange to already be discussing the possibility of The Punisher’s cancellation. However, considering Netflix’s recent decisions regarding its Marvel properties, Frank Castle’s future is looking pretty bleak. When Iron Fist got the ax after just two seasons, fans weren’t too surprised. That said, although it was the least popular Marvel Netflix entry, the general consensus was that the show’s second season was much improved, giving viewers hope that the series could continue. Still, Netflix canceling it wasn’t too much of a shock. However, the streaming titan then surprised fans by announcing the end of the criticality acclaimed Luke Cage just one week later. Then, despite rave reviews from fans and critics alike for its third season, it was revealed shortly thereafter that Daredevil had been canceled as well.

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Jon Bernthal is aware of the likelihood that season 2 of The Punisher might be the show’s last. Speaking to Variety about his uncertain future as Frank Castle, the actor appears to be taking the possibility in stride, saying:

“I know the reality of the situation and I’m at peace with it. I really only worry about the things I can control. When I’m playing the character and I’m doing the job and it’s right there in front of me, I do whatever I can to make it as good as I can. But in this business there’s so much we can’t control. Whatever is happening with these shows, these decisions are being made in rooms I’m not invited into and I’m OK with that.”

Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in The Punisher

Bernthal has gained some acceptance that his time as the Punisher may very well have come to an end, but Daredevil star Charlie Cox has expressed difficulty coping with the fact that he will no longer be playing Matt Murdock. Despite a fan campaign to save Daredevil, Netflix does not appear to be changing their minds on the matter, and all of this fuels speculation that Netflix’s partnership with Marvel is coming to an end. It won’t be long before Disney launches their own streaming service, a fact that many feel is responsible for Netflix’s corner of the MCU going dark. The Mouse House has already announced several shows centering on Marvel characters that will air exclusively on Disney Plus. And, though Netflix executives have previously stated that they remain in control of how long their Marvel shows continue, rumors persist that it was Marvel who pulled the plug.

The Punisher was safe for a time, but now that season 2 is on the air, it seems likely that Netflix will announce its cancellation soon. Jessica Jones is still waiting on a third season, set to drop later this year, but her story will probably be wrapping up as well. While it is true that the end of Frank Castle’s journey has not yet been announced, it would seem a forgone conclusion at this point. When Iron Fist and Luke Cage were canceled, it seemed possible that it was to make way for a potential Heroes for Hire or Daughters of the Dragon series. Sadly, Daredevil getting the ax seems to only confirm what many fans were already dreading: Marvel’s street level heroes will no longer be suiting up for Netflix. It’s admirable that Bernthal has already made peace with The Punisher’s possible cancellation, but most viewers have not.

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The Punisher season 2 is currently available on Netflix.

Source: Variety

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Hilary Duff Teases a Possible Lizzie McGuire Revival

A revival of the beloved teen sitcom Lizzie McGuire could be happening soon, as teased by Lizzie herself, Hilary Duff. In an era of reboots, remakes, and revivals, it’s not unusual anymore when a popular TV series makes a comeback (see: Fuller HouseCharmed, and DuckTales), and Lizzie McGuire may be the next in line to make a return.

Lizzie McGuire premiered on Disney Channel in 2001 and ended on February, 2004 after a total of 65 episodes. The sitcom mixed live action with an animated version of the title character, which addressed the audience directly to share Lizzie’s thoughts and feelings. A film based on the series was released in 2003 giving a sort of closure to some of the characters, but fans may have a chance to see what they have been up to after all these years given a recent tease of a series revival.

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In an interview with ET, Hilary Duff opened up about the possibility of a Lizzie McGuire revival, saying that there have been conversations, but that it’s “definitely not a go”. However, she would love to play the character again, not only because she holds a special place in her heart, but because of the importance Lizzie played during the show’s run. She said:

“I mean I love her so much. I think she was so important to girls at an important time in their life. If she could be important to them again at this age, I think that would be amazing”.

The series certainly resonated with its audience, and it has potential to continue doing so with new generations. Lizzie McGuire explored many teenage-related topics – from first dates and buying your first bra to bullying and eating disorders – but the teenage days are now in the past, and Lizzie’s teenage years would in the past. However, Duff believes there’s one thing Lizzie hasn’t experienced yet: motherhood. She explained that she doesn’t “think she’s a mom yet, but she might be getting there soon,” adding that “it could be a possibility or it could be nothing, so we’ll see”.

After The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Duff continued with her musical career with the release of her second album, Metamorphosis, in 2003, and she appeared in the family comedy Cheaper by Dozen that same year. Since then, Duff has released three more studio albums and has appeared in various films and TV series, such as A Cinderella Story, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and Gossip Girl. She’s currently part of the main cast of the comedy-drama series Younger.

A Lizzie McGuire revival would not only be a great dose of nostalgia for many fans, but could also help clear up a few things about some characters that didn’t show up in the film – mainly Miranda Sánchez (played by Lalaine), Lizzie’s best friend who didn’t show up in the last episodes of the series, nor in the film. Hopefully, the revival will go beyond conversations and we will get an official confirmation at some point.

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Disney’s Kim Possible Movie Trailer Brings Teen Heroine To Live-Action

Disney released a trailer for its live-action adaptation of teen heroine Kim Possible, the hit spy cartoon from the 2000s. The TV movie will follow teenage sleuth Kim Possible as she thwarts an evil plot while trying to survive her freshman year of high school.

Making her screen debut as Ms. Possible is 17-year-old Sadie Stanley, and she is be accompanied by The Goldbergs‘ Sean Giambrone, who fills the clumsy-but-lovable shoes of Kim’s sidekick Ron Stoppable. As the film is not an origin story, it drops viewers amid an already seasoned Team Possible. Instead, the focus is on new girl Athena (Ciara Wilson), an avid fan of Kim – whose heroine identity is no secret – and Team Possible’s newest addition. Remaining faithful to the original cartoon series, supervillains Dr. Drakken (Todd Stashwick) and Shego (Taylor Ortega) return as Team Possible’s archenemies.

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In the new trailer, Kim is shown using a variety of spy gadgets, including an obligatory glass cutter and a compact winged jetpack fit to be a modern day Spy Kids prop. Also shown are Kim and Ron arriving late to class (presumably after getting into espionage-related hijinks), so it will be interesting to see how Team Possible balances their double lives in the film adaptation. They’ll be joined by Raven’s Home‘s Isaac Ryan Brown, who plays Team Possible’s tech prodigy Wade, as well as Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother) as Kim’s mom, Connie Ray (The Big C) as Kim’s grandma, and Erika Tham (Make It Pop) as Kim’s vapid rival Bonnie. Other notable casting choices include Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille) and Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens). Oswalt reprises his role from the cartoon as Professor Dementor, while Romano, the original voice of Kim Possible, will make a cameo.

Even more interesting in the movie will be how Ron’s role as Kim’s best friend-turned-love interest is explored in the upcoming entry—especially considering that the development of their relationship was originally cultivated over the course of three seasons and two TV movies. Finally, fans of the cartoon will likely notice a glaring potential omission in the new live-action trailer: Ron’s beloved naked mole-rat Rufus. Whether Ron will eat his signature “nacos” (short for nacho-filled tacos) alone or share them with his fur-less friend remains to be seen.

Because this will be the first movie in the franchise since 2005’s Kim Possible: So the Drama, it is unclear how a live-action version will be received by fans. This live-action entry will be introducing the Kim Possible franchise to a very different demographic of children. While spy characters and gear were all the rage in the mid-2000s, children today are not nearly so well-versed in the art of espionage. Additionally, it’s highly unlikely that the film’s nostalgia factor will draw kids in, as Kim Possible‘s original run was well before their time. However, the upcoming movie has a chance to reignite the genre and, if successful, the popularity of the Kim Possible franchise.

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Kim Possible will premiere on February 15, 2019 at 8:00 PM EST on Disney.

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Elseworlds: 7 Possible Reasons For Superman’s Black Suit (And 3 Unlikely Ones)

We’re less than two weeks away from the CW’s annual nerd Superbowl: the Arrowverse crossover event! This year we’re being treated to what promises to be the strangest meeting of the heroes yet: Elseworlds. The promos for this event have shown us our first trip into the Arrowverse Gotham City, Batwoman, the cosmic Monitor, and strangest of all, Freaky Friday versions of the Flash and Green Arrow swapping lives, skill sets, and superhero personas.

But, one of the most interesting things we’ve seen is the return of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, who we haven’t seen since the end of season two of Supergirl. Hoechlin will not only be donning the iconic red and blue suit of the Man of Steel, but he’s also been shown sporting an all-black suit with silver highlights. With very few clues as to the purpose of this wardrobe alteration, we’re left to speculate. So let’s take a look at some potential reasons for the black suit, and a few that are less likely.

10. Possible: Evil Superman From Another Universe

An easy answer to why a usually colorful superhero takes a turn towards the dark is an evil doppelganger. This theory seems to be the most likely. Set photos have shown the black suited Superman not only attacking Flash, but holding him hostage to both Supergirl AND the classic red and blue clad Superman. Not only that, but the trailer that was recently released for the crossover event appears to show black suit Superman facing off against the collected group of heroes.

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9. Possible: Superman In Mourning

A new addition to the Arrowverse that we’ll be getting in Elseworlds is the long awaited debut of Lois Lane, played by Elizabeth Tulloch. Perhaps by introducing her as the love interest of the classic Superman, Elseworlds is setting up this alternative black and silver Superman to have lost his Lois. In this case, the black suit isn’t meant to indicate an evil Superman, but one who is in mourning. Set photos have shown black suit Superman using the Monitor’s book, which is apparently what was used to warp reality in the first place. Maybe this alternate Superman is trying to rewrite reality to bring back his Lois.

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8. Possible: Solar Suit

The first comic appearance of Superman’s black suit came after Death of Superman when it was revealed that Kal-El was only mostly dead following his fight with Doomsday. Superman’s Kryptonian robots, who maintained the Fortress of Solitude, retrieved his body and nursed him back to health. One of their tools was a specially designed, black suit with a silver S shield. The shield collected an increased amount of yellow sun energy to help charge Clark’s weakened cells. Could it be that this Superman from Elseworlds has been somehow weakened and is using the black suit to recuperate? Or, perhaps he’s using the suit to supercharge himself and make him an even greater threat to our heroes.

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7. Possible: Split Into Good And Evil Versions

It wouldn’t be the first time that Superman has fought a twisted, evil version of himself. In Superman 3 we saw the Man of Steel split apart into good and evil versions of himself that battled each other. Also, at one point in the comics, Superman was turned into pure energy and split into red and blue versions of himself — both with different personality traits. Since set photos and video have shown the black suited Superman sharing screen time with the classic red and blue Kal-El, it may be that there will be a similar fission of the Man of Steel.

6. Possible: Stealth Suit

It would be a bit anticlimactic considering all of the buildups, but the black and silver motif of this Superman suit is reminiscent of the stealth suits worn by the teen DC heroes in episodes of Young Justice. It could be something as simple as this Superman going on a mission where he needed to blend in and not be noticed, so he went with something not quite as striking to the eye.

5. Possible: ‘Superman: Speeding Bullets’

Perhaps this version of Superman that we’re seeing has taken a darker path, more akin to Batman? Perhaps he’s protecting Earth and this darker suit is his way of expressing that angst. A similar story from the comics (and coincidentally an Elseworlds book) was Superman: Speeding Bullets, where baby Kal-El was found not by the Kents, but the Waynes, who adopted him and named him Bruce. After his adoptive parents were shot in Crime Alley by Joe Chill (is this sounding familiar?), Bruce grew up and became Batman. However, he became a Batman complete with the full Kryptonian powers of Superman.

4. Possible: Product Of Darkseid

In the DC comic Earth-2, Darkseid manufactured an evil clone of Kal-El named Brutaal. This clone helped Darkseid defeat many of the heroes of Earth-2. There was also a multi-part episode of Superman: The Animated Series titled “Legacy,” in which the Man of Steel is kidnapped and brainwashed by Darkseid into believing that he is one of the villain’s greatest conquerors. Could this be the Arrowverse’s way of setting up the iconic DC villain, Darkseid? Perhaps the Monitor is just a red herring and Darkseid will be the real villain behind Elseworlds.

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3. Unlikely: Bonded With Venom Symbiote

Maybe the CW has done the impossible and actually managed to strike a deal between Marvel/Disney/Sony and Warner Bros./DC! This could be the Arrowverse’s sneaky way of teasing next year’s crossover event: Marvel vs DC! This version of Superman might have been driven to darkness and evil by the coaxing of the Venom symbiote poisoning his mind. Likely? Maybe not. Different? Definitely.

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2. Unlikely: The Snyder Cut

One of the places that the black and silver Superman suit has popped up recently was in a deleted scene from 2017’s Justice League. The film was originally helmed by Zack Snyder who left the project due to a family tragedy. Avengers director Joss Whedon was then brought in to finish the film, which had the end result of understandably making Justice League feel out of alignment.

Following the release of the movie, rumors began to swirl online that there was another cut of Justice League that adhered to Snyder’s original vision, appropriately referred to as the “Snyder Cut.”

The deleted scene featuring Clark Kent seeing the black and silver suit is apparently a piece of that original cut… Maybe Tyler Hoechlin is playing the recently reanimated Superman from the Snyder Cut of Justice League?

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1. Unlikely: Superman Lives

If you haven’t seen the documentary film The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? by the late, great Jon Schnepp, do yourself a favor and track it down. It tells the incredible true story of how WB tried to make a new Superman film in the late 1990s under the direction of Tim Burton, and how that project ultimately fell apart. There’s a decent amount of production art available online from this failed film. Most included a number of different suits for Superman, one of which being a dark colored one with a silver “S” shield. This could potentially mean that the black-suited Superman from the Elseworlds event is actually from Burton’s lost Superman film… If you look at Hoechlin in his black suit, he does kinda resemble Jack Skellington.

Elseworlds is a three-part event that will begin on Sunday, December 9th on The Flash at 8pm. Part two will be Monday, December 10th on Arrow at 8pm, and the conclusion will be Tuesday, December 11th on Supergirl, also at 8pm.

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Black Ops 4 Beginners Guide: How to Play (& Win) in Zombies Mode

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 brings with it a variety of different gameplay options for players. Although plenty of eyes seem to be on the title’s battle royale mode, Blackout, the traditional multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch are still available. Also returning is the franchise’s Zombies game mode, this time with more options than ever before.

Indeed, Zombies is something of a different beast this time around. The mode comes complete with three maps, with two of them on the expansive side to boot. As such, new players might find it a little bit daunting, particularly given the intricacies of the game mode in comparison to some of the more simplistic elements of Call of Duty.

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Thankfully, new players can get a head start thanks to this guide. Read on to learn how to play Zombies mode, as well as some good strategies to help get that first win in what can be a tense and difficult part of Call of Duty.

What’s New In Zombies Mode?

This time around, Zombies is huge, with three different scenarios to choose from. Two of these revolve around Scarlett Rhodes and her band of misfits, with Voyage of Despair taking place aboard an RMS Titanic that had to handle a zombie threat alongside hitting an iceberg, while IX takes the team back in time to face gladiatorial combat in a Roman coliseum. Alongside this, there’s also the option to play Blood of the Dead, with the return of Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai.

Within that, the core gameplay loop remains the same. Survive waves of the zombie horde, unlocking areas of the map as and when the points are available, as the fight gets progressively tougher and tougher. This time around, though, it’s fair to say that the levels feel a little more maze-like and expansive, so make sure to be aware of the surroundings at all times to stop from getting stuck in a bottleneck.

Prioritize Your Points

As always, using points effectively is extremely important in Zombies. First and foremost, opening up areas of the map is a given, but more pressing is how the player uses their points towards perks and weapons. Although in early waves things like shotguns and pistols are all well and good, it’s important to aim to get weapons that have a faster fire rate and (most importantly) a faster reload rate as the game progresses. As such, look to weapons like the Spitfire or GKS to be most effective.

It’s also very important to improve the power of weapons as the game goes on. The most obvious way to do this is to keep returning to the Pack-a-Punch Machines once available, which give a 25% boost with each use. This does come at a considerable cost of 2,500 points per use, but it’s an undeniable way to get that firepower up.

Keep Moving

Staying static for too long in Zombies this time around is a recipe for disaster, as there is always the very real threat of being overrun by the horde. Whereas previous games could work with players cementing a position with a strong defensive line, at least for early portions of the game it’s recommended to keep moving. Not only does it avoid the issue of getting stuck in one place, but it also will keep players refreshed when it comes to where the different unlock options are in the map.

Keeping space from zombies is important for reasons other than this, too. Should one member of the team fall, they’ll have to be revived, and with a slightly longer revive time in Black Ops 4 it’s more vital than ever to have enough room to revive a teammate without having chunks taken out by an unseen zombie. This is particularly true when it comes to those special zombies that attack, so always keep an eye out.

Use Your Perks

In Black Ops 4‘s Zombies mode, players are able to use class customization for the first time. This isn’t just there for show, either, as a good grasp of what perks are available and how to use them can make the difference between success and failure. What’s more, the perks that can be chosen can actually work well for a variety of different play styles.

Those who want both power and speed could choose the likes of Deadshot Dealer, which automatically targets the zombie’s head when aiming down the sights, as well as Stamin-Up for a permanent boost to movement speed. Meanwhile, the frost explosion created by Winter’s Wail and the increased ammunition of Bandolier Bandit work well for those whose last stand may come from a more secure position. In essence, it comes down to how an individual best plays the game, and it’s good to have a variety of perks in the team to make the most of these options.

Work Together

As always, teamwork is the key to having an easier run of things in Zombies. Although it’s possible to play the game solo, this is always a challenge, and to help with this there are now bots to play with. Even so, it’s best to play with other human players, and as such taking on the game as a team of four is recommended.

It’s not just a matter of getting other human beings involved in the zombie slaughter, however. Working together cooperatively is key; don’t stray too far from one another, watch out for any fallen that need reviving, and potentially coordinate the perks used to make sure that everyone has bases covered for any eventuality. That way, the team should be set for what the game throws at them.

With these tips in mind, players should now have a solid framework to build on to get through the game’s Zombies mode. Whether taking a trip back in time to arena combat or trying to fight off zombified versions of Jack and Rose, Zombies is always a challenge for players, but with this guidance in mind players should be able to have a fighting chance of beating the supernatural threat.

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