Kala Niketan Entertainment’s film Nobel Peace poster unveiled

Mr. O.P Rai, Managing Director of Kala Niketan Entertainment India has been engaged in the business of entertainment since decades. Producing films, Music videos in various languages and even promoting all sorts of entertainment activities in India at Kala Niketan Channel.

His latest venture, the film Nobel Peace recently bagged the Best Film (Jury) award at 10th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2020. The Jury of the festival consisted of Mr. G.L Bhardwaj, National Award Winning film Director, Mr. Patrick, Renowned Filmmaker from France, Mr Niku from Japan, Mr. Fernando Merinero, Award Winning Director from Spain and Mr. Ruben Maria Soriquez, a Renowned  Director from Italy.

Alok Rai and Aina Rai who also happen to be the producers of this film, are unveiling the first poster of the movie. They both are US based Indians those who wish to serve their mother land with value based entertainment. Astik Dalai is a filmmaker with 16 plus years of experience in the field of cinema. He has directed research based documentaries, docudramas to music videos and this is his first feature film in Hindi.

The film Nobel Peace is about the journey of young boy Hayan Mir under the able guidance of a college professor Shlok Manhaas to eradicate hatred from the hearts of religiously biased individuals and to bring peace in the society.

The film’s cast comprises of Hiten Tejwani who is a well-known name in the entertainment industry and always known for his ability to act intensely. Here in this film too, he plays the role of the visionary professor, Mudasir Zafar plays the role of the young boy Hayan Mir who without fear attempts to propagate peace despite opposition from the society.

The Film is getting a very good response from the festivals around the globe for its wonderful storytelling, realist performances and overall making. The star cast consists of actors like Mayur Mehta, Aarti sharma and Rohit Raj also.

Apart from that half-producer Aina Rai who in spite of being a female managed to do wonders with her commendable efforts and ensured that the movie turns out to be capable enough to bag prestigious awards. Not only was she dedicated towards filmmaking which was naturally expected of her but was also the one keeping the morale of the crew and her better-half high in low times. Her passion for making films is admirable as she ensured every shot was handled with perfection and not for a moment gave up. As we say we put in more hard work for the things which we love. “I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before. But its true hard work pays off. If you want to be good, you have to practice, practice and practice. If you don’t love something then don’t do it. Also it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up and Aina is a living example of this.

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Avengers: Infinity War’s Drax Becomes The Invisible Man In Fan Poster

An amusing fan poster turns Drax (Dave Bautista) from Avengers: Infinity War into The Invisible ManSince his introduction to the MCU in the 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax has become a fan favorite who can always be counted upon to provide a funny line or two in every film he’s in. The fan poster is in reference to a moment in Infinity War, where Drax claims he’s mastered the art of becoming invisible just by standing very, very still. Of course, he can’t actually become invisible by doing this, but fans enjoyed the joke and now reference it frequently, much to the annoyance of Bautista himself.

The Invisible Man stars Elisabeth Moss as a woman who finds herself tormented by her dead abusive ex-boyfriend after he somehow finds a way to make himself invisible. The film is Universal’s latest attempt at revamping their classic monster films following 2017’s misfire The Mummy. So far, The Invisible Man has been a far greater success, scoring a solid opening weekend and very positive reviews. The film, directed by Leigh Whannell, also stars Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Storm Reid, and Aldis Hodge.

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The fan poster was shared by C. Robert Cargill on Twitter. Cargill himself has Marvel ties, having written 2016’s Doctor Strange. Cargill was set to write the sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but stepped away from the project along with director Scott Derrickson following creative differences. The fan poster is just like the actual Invisible Man posters, only Drax is lurking in the background. Check it out below:

The Invisible Man continues to perform well at the box office, having earned nearly $100 million worldwide at the time of this writing. For his part, Drax is next expected to appear in the long-awaited Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which has yet to receive a release date due to director James Gunn’s work on The Suicide Squad (as well as his firing and then re-hiring on the project). Bautista’s latest film, My Spy, recently shifted release dates for the third time.

While Bautista might not find the Drax joke funny anymore, others are clearly still attached to it. The joke came during one of Marvel’s more serious movies, as Infinity War ended with half of the Marvel universe turning to dust. Despite the doom and gloom of the film, however, Drax still found time for multiple jokes, with his “Why is Gamora?” line being another frequently referenced quip. For Bautista’s sake, hopefully Vol. 3 has a new Drax line to capture the audience’s attention.

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Rachel Labonte

Tom Holland & RDJ Star In Back to the Future Remake Fan Poster

Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. star in a fan-made Back to the Future remake poster. The two actors will forever be interlinked thanks to their time together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Holland’s Peter Parker and Downey’s Tony Stark developed one of the franchise’s most touching relationships over the course of multiple films, beginning with 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. They had great chemistry with one another and were responsible for some of the best moments in Phase 3, including Spider-Man’s emotional Infinity War death scene. While most are in agreement Avengers: Endgame was the perfect sendoff for Iron Man, it’s still sad Downey and Holland won’t share the screen in another Marvel movie.

Still, there always remains the possibility the two collaborate again on a different project in the future (besides Holland’s voice role in this year’s Dolittle). As fans dream of seeing Holland and Downey together, one person had the idea to deepfake the pair into a Back to the Future scene, casting Holland as Marty McFly and Downey as Doc Brown. Holland even admitted there have been actual talks about a potential Back to the Future remake, and now that hypothetical film gets a fan-made poster.

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Instagram user ApexForm posted the artwork on their account, with the two MCU veterans placed against the backdrop of the famous clock tower. Check it out for yourself in the space below:

The aforementioned deepfake was pretty entertaining, but there’s obviously a huge difference between that and moving forward with an actual Back to the Future reboot. Just about everyone (including Holland) believes Back to the Future is a perfect movie and remaking it would be a fruitless endeavor. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like the beloved property will be touched any time soon. Franchise producer Frank Marshall said back in 2016 that “as long as I have my say,” there will never be a Back to the Future reboot. And that would definitely be for the best. As fun as it’d be to see Holland and Downey play off each other in another genre picture, it would be wiser if they lent their talents to an original idea – rather than taking part in a retread that has little chance of resonating as strongly as Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 classic.

Likewise, this fan-made poster is cool in concept, but even ApexForm isn’t advocating for Hollywood to run with the idea for real. This isn’t to say movie studios are incapable of producing quality remakes and reboots (this weekend’s The Invisible Man is a prime example of one done right), but that treatment is suitable only for very specific types of films. Typically, the best remakes are ones that update a movie that had a great premise, but executed it poorly. Most people consider the 2001 Ocean’s Eleven an improvement over the original. Back to the Future doesn’t fit that bill. It’s always been a sci-fi touchstone, so any remake should just be left for the fans to visualize. It’s only a matter of time before someone cuts together a trailer.

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Chris Agar

Avengers: Endgame Gets Simpsons Treatment In Poster For New Episode

Avengers: Endgame gets The Simpsons treatment in poster for upcoming episode. Now in its 31st season, the longest-running sitcom in television history shows no signs of letting up any time soon, and fans couldn’t be happier as a result.

Much has changed in the world since the first official episode of The Simpsons launched back in 1989. Yet somehow, without missing a beat, the series has effortlessly managed to remain relevant and incorporate so many of the changes that pop culture brings to our day to day lives. This ability to remain up to date and relevant is likely one of the major reasons why The Simpsons has continued to find success over the years. This paired with an uncanny ability to produce laughs from its audiences ensures that time and time again, people will continue to watch whenever The Simpsons is on. Even a recent move to Disney’s notoriously family-friendly subscription streaming service hasn’t dulled The Simpsons’ edge, though there were indeed numerous complaints early on from fans regarding the Mouse House’s handling of the series. Nonetheless, it does seem that there isn’t much that The Simpsons haven’t satirized and this key quality is unlikely to change any time soon.

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As the 31st season of The Simpsons continues its current run, anticipation for each new episode is such that teasers and/or promotional material still gets fans excited. The latest bit of promo material comes to us courtesy of The Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman and his Twitter account. Having recreated the Avengers: Endgame poster with The Simpsons in place of Marvel’s world-renowned characters, the poster makes for a hilarious tease of the upcoming episode, “Bart the Bad Guy.” You can click on the poster below to check it out in all its Avengers/Simpsons glory:

The new episode is set to air on Fox, Sunday, March 1. After accidentally seeing a much-anticipated superhero movie a full month before it hits theaters, Bart yields the power to spoil it for millions of people. As super-villain Spoiler Boy, Bart basks in his newfound upper hand, while movie executives dissolve into full-blown panic trying to ensure that the young Springfield resident keeps his mouth shut. It’s a scenario that isn’t all that far-fetched in today’s spoiler obsessive world, reflecting the ongoing battle that studios often have when faced with the power of the internet and the potential for leaks of films in advance of their actual official release dates. The Simpsons will be sure to add their own brand of hilarity to the concept – likely while making plenty of references to real-life comic book blockbusters like The Avengers.

With such a lengthy history, it is of course inevitable that The Simpsons will also have their share of detractors who argue that the series is past its prime. That remains solely a matter of personal opinion, but for die-hard fans, the new season of the series has been filled with great moments. What’s more, recent talk of another Simpsons Movie continues to entice fans, ensuring that while nothing lasts forever, The Simpsons appears to still have plenty of life left in it for the time being.

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Mike Jones

Justice League Snyder Cut: Superman Leads Team Vs. Darkseid in Fan Poster

The campaign for the Snyder Cut of Justice League just received a new wave of support with an amazing new fan-made poster released online. The ambitious team-up movie was originally designed to be part one of a two-part story. One which would have pit various DC Comics heroes against the otherworldly forces of Darkseid. The DCEU installment was set to be directed by Zack Snyder and pay off numerous threads from previous adventures. Unfortunately, a personal tragedy meant he had to step away during production. Stepping in, Joss Whedon overhauled Justice League‘s story and character arcs. The results failed to make a mark at the box office – with Justice League displaying a tone incongruous to not only the rest of the DCEU but how the film was originally conceived.

In the wake of Justice League‘s poor reception, the Snyder Cut movement was born. Despite over two years having passed, the campaign to see Snyder’s original vision released has continued to rage. Back in November, the associated hashtag trended worldwide for an entire weekend. Numerous images were also released by Snyder himself, teasing a vastly different and potentially more emotional story. More recently, Snyder Cut ads have appeared at sporting events and a new video was released that teased a scarier fight between Batman and a parademon than seen in the theatrical release. Snyder also unveiled a poster of his own and held a contest for fan-made efforts.

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Seemingly unconnected to that, however, the campaign can now also count popular digital artist BossLogic among their number. Taking to Twitter, he revealed that “he and his team at Lineage Studios wanted to support” the fight for Snyder’s original film “in a major way.” As such, they offered a poster capturing everything they (and likely many campaigners) would have liked to have seen. The stunning results feature each established member of the cinematic Justice League. There is a notable difference, however, in that Superman is seen wearing his much-sought-after black suit. There are also multiple additions to the team, in the form of Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. All are seen prominently, gathered not against Steppenwolf but Darkseid himself. Check out the full poster below:

Superman’s resurrection would have been much different in Snyder’s version of Justice League. A huge part of that would have been Henry Cavill wearing the iconic suit from the comics. While it may eventually make an appearance within the DCEU, as it stands it remains mostly a missed opportunity. As such, seeing it as gloriously realized as in the poster will no doubt delight fans. Equally, the appearance of Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter will do likewise. Given that BossLogic’s work often extends to artwork inspired by the Arrowverse, it’s unsurprising that the latter looks a lot like Supergirl‘s iteration of the character. That being said, it’s also fitting that the character be present – since Snyder confirmed that Martian Manhunter was in his cut of Justice League.

Equally, omitting Darkseid from the film feels similarly like a missed opportunity. In Snyder’s film, Darkseid would have featured in several scenes. Darkseid actor Ray Porter even confirmed that he filmed each of those scenes. Therefore, the image Darkseid and the Justice League in one shot will both excite and disappoint fans over what might have been. Whatever one’s view, there’s no denying the stellar artwork and the charitable results that the overall campaign has inspired. This latest offering will also no doubt fuel campaigners’ hope and passion to see that Snyder’s version of Justice League released one day.

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John Atkinson

Jesus Rolls Trailer & Poster Reveal First Look At Big Lebowski Spinoff

John Turturro reprises his role as Jesus Quintana in the trailer and poster for his Big Lebowski spinoff, The Jesus Rolls. As famous as the Coen Brothers’ 1998 crime comedy has become, it’s easy to forget it earned mixed reviews and modest box office returns upon its initial release. It was only after that the film (which is essentially the Coens’ comedic version of a Raymond Chandler noir detective story) came to be regarded as a cult classic and was eventually added to the National Film Registry in 2014. That was the same year Turturro revealed he’d received the Coens’ blessing to reprise his character from the movie.

Originally titled Going Places, The Jesus Rolls is a loose remake of the 1974 French sex comedy Les Valseuses. (For those confused, it was renamed Going Places in the U.S.) The movie picks up with Turturro’s bowler Jesus as, having gotten out of prison hours earlier, he embarks upon a series of criminal escapades and romantic entanglements with fellow miscreants Petey (Bobby Cannavale) and Marie (Audrey Tautou). After being slow to develop, The Jesus Rolls eventually made its global premiere last fall at the Rome Film Festival. It’s since been picked up by Screen Media Films and will begin its domestic run next month.

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The Jesus Rolls teaser trailer is now online, along with the official U.S. poster for the film. You can check them both out in the space below.

Beyond Turturro recreating the infamous Big Lebowski moment where Jesus licks his bowling bowl before chucking it, there’s not a whole lot of actual footage in this Jesus Rolls teaser. The movie is a decidedly R-rated comedy, though, so there’s probably not a whole lot that could be included in a green-band preview anyway. In addition to starring, Turturro also wrote and directed The Jesus Rolls, bringing him back behind the camera for the first time since his 2013 sex worker comedy Fading Gigolo. The remainder of the film’s cast is rounded out by Oscar-winners Christopher Walker and Susan Sarandon, Jon Hamm, and SNL‘s Pete Davidson (as are listed in the teaser and poster).

Reviews for The Jesus Rolls have been mixed to negative so far. Despite the film’s attempts to flesh out the Jesus Quintana character and make him, well, less problematic (in the movie, it’s revealed he’s not actually a pederast, but was presumed to be one after a cringe-worthy misunderstanding), critics mostly agree The Jesus Rolls lacks the clever dialogue and absurdist humor that made The Big Lebowski a cult hit in the first place. That also explains why the film is being quietly released next month, just four weeks after its marketing began. Still, for those who’re curious what the Big Lebowski universe looks like without the Coens, it could be worth a glimpse at some point in the future.

The Jesus Rolls opens in select theaters on Friday, February 28.

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Sandy Schaefer

New Mutants Poster Shows Disney Marketing is Darker (& Better) Than Fox

A new poster for the upcoming New Mutants film, featuring the main cast, has been released and it shows Disney’s new marketing designs are darker and much improved from Fox’s. The film, originally a Fox production, is now being released by Disney after the big acquisition. It’s well on its way to its premiere and wide release, and reports say that both Marvel and the cast and team behind the movie are proud of the final product. Director Josh Boone even shared a photo of The New Mutant‘s cast’s recent private screening of the movie.

The cast features plenty of well-known and talented actors, such as Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), and Alice Braga (Queen of the South). It is directed by Josh Boone, who previously directed The Fault in Our Stars. The film focuses on a small group of young mutants discovering their powers, while also trying to fight their way out of the secret facility they’re trapped in. The team of super-powered teens aren’t as well-known as a group like The Avengers, but they’ve been around in the comic universe for quite a while. The story that the film is rumored to be based on is “The Demon Bear Saga,” which originally came out in 1984.

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The New Mutants Twitter initially shared the new poster (below) and it features the five main character’s faces stripped to the bone, with Williams’ Wolfsbane at the front, and Mirage (Blu Hunt), Magik (Taylor-Joy), Cannonball (Charlie Heaton), and Sunspot (Henry Zaga) behind. The poster also includes the new 20th Century Studios logo, as Disney has officially removed the Fox name completely. Along with the release of a new trailer early this month, Disney seems to be embracing the dark tone of their upcoming film and putting a lot of effort into marketing as the release gets closer.

New Mutants has faced multiple release date delays, but this might’ve actually been a surprise boost for the marketing. When the film was at Fox, the delays made it seem like there were disagreements between the director and studio over what the movie should be, and people slowly lost hope in the project. But now that it’s at Disney, the delays have brought a new hope to fans. There’s added intrigue to see whether The New Mutants ends up being any good. Disney’s allowed Boone to go back to his initial vision, which includes the first lesbian couple in a Marvel film, and it is finally on track to come out on April 3rd, 2020.

Disney appears to be proud enough of the project that they are putting effort into shaping the marketing to accurately portray the dark and stylistic nature of the movie. Because of all the bad publicity that came with the acquisition of the film, people already have low expectations, making New Mutants a low risk release for Disney. There have been reports that screenings have gone well. With the great new marketing and the endorsement of the director, cast, and Disney, its looking like The New Mutants might not be a failure after all.

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Devon Forward

Marvel’s Eternals Poster Reveals New Look At Colorful Costumes

A new Eternals poster celebrating Lunar New Year offers a closer look at some of the characters’ costumes. Eternals was officially announced last year as the second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four, and production has been underway since last September. While plot details were initially kept closely under wraps, a recent synopsis for the film confirmed it is set after Avengers: Endgame, and that an “unexpected tragedy” will bring the titular group of powerful near-immortal beings out of the shadows.

Fans have been desperate for more details about Eternals, but aside from a few things from Marvel, they’ve had to rely on numerous set photos that have emerged as production continues. The most recent batch of photos include Richard Madden as Ikaris exhibiting some of his powers. Several other members of Eternals’ massive cast have been seen in action, including Gemma Chan, Kit Harington, and Angelina Jolie. Recent photos have seen the actors in modern-day clothing, but earlier glimpses of the film’s set showed them in their superhero costumes, which was previously only hinted at through concept art shown at D23.

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Now Marvel has released a poster for Eternals in honor of Lunar New Year, which falls on January 25. While the artwork does not show the entire team, it does offer a glimpse at four characters’ costumes as they fly into the sky. Based on the previously shown concept art, it looks like the four characters shown are Thena (Jolie), Ikaris, Ajak (Salma Hayek), and Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry). Check it out below:

Despite not hitting theaters for several more months, there has been a surge of Eternals news over the past few weeks. Most recently, Kumail Nanjiani, who plays Kingo in the film, offered fresh teases of the film, describing it as “the most sci-fi of all the Marvel movies.” Based on the nature of the characters and the fact that the film will take place over thousands of years, it’s clear Eternals will definitely be taking the MCU to new places.

The release of the Lunar New Year poster could suggest Marvel is ready to begin increasing awareness of the filmWhile Black Widow will arrive first, chances are Marvel wants a bit more time to promote Eternals because the characters are brand new to most audiences. Marvel has found success in bringing lesser-known comic book characters to the big screen, but Eternals could pose a special challenge for the mega-franchise if audiences think the concept is too strange. It might be easier to see how people will respond to the MCU’s latest super team once the trailer arrives, which could be as soon as April. Until then, fans will just have to wait and see.

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Rachel Labonte

Shang-Chi Faces The REAL Mandarin In Fan-Made Marvel Movie Poster

A fan-made poster for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings teases the Master of Kung Fu’s showdown with the real Mandarin. One of the original movies Marvel Studios wanted to make, plans to bring Shang-Chi to the big screen were confirmed last summer. Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will star Simu Liu as the title character and martial arts master. In addition to bringing the fan-favorite Marvel character to the screen, the film will also serve as the true introduction of the Mandarin.

Marvel Studios previously teased fans with the arrival of the Mandarin in Iron Man 3, as all of the marketing sold Ben Kingsley as a new take on the classic Iron Man foe. But, the movie revealed that Kingsley’s character was merely pretending to be the Mandarin, which proved to be a controversial decision. It wasn’t long after that Marvel teased the real Mandarin did exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as he was mentioned in the All Hail the King Marvel One-Shot. After years of waiting, Marvel confirmed the Mandarin would be in Shang-Chi last summer.

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Ahead of any official images of the MCU’s Mandarin, ApexForm has created an excellent fan-made poster that highlights his presence in Shang-Chi. The poster puts Liu in a potential superhero suit, but the face of the Mandarin is pictured behind him. Legendary actor Tony Leung, who has starred in films like Infernal Affairs and The Grandmaster, will play the Mandarin in the film and is featured in the poster.

The Mandarin is traditionally an Iron Man villain in Marvel comics who is powered by the ten rings that he’s named his terrorist organization after. Although the real Mandarin has not yet appeared in the MCU, the Ten Rings have been steadily included in minor ways to establish their presence in the universe. Now that the Mandarin will properly be introduced in Shang-Chi though, audiences are sure to learn more about what he has been up to over the years. There are even theories that Marvel Studios will change the stories of the Mandarin and Shang-Chi to make them father and son.

Marvel Studios has yet to release any official images of Shang-Chi so far, but they have otherwise been busy gearing up to start filming in Australia. It was previously announced that Awkwafina will join Liu and Leung in the film and a recent report pointed to Michelle Yeoh getting a role as well. More casting announcements must be on the way as production kicks off, which could bring new plot details with them. Until then, fan art will have to be enough for fans counting down the days until Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings hits theaters.

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Source: ApexForm

2020-01-22 01:01:18

Cooper Hood

Falcon & The Winter Soldier HD Poster Gives Better Look At New Costumes

Marvel releases The Falcon and the Winter Soldier HD poster for the upcoming Disney+ series, showcasing a better look at the concept art. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) team up following the events of Avengers: Endgame. In last year’s culminating movie, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) retired as Captain America, passing on his shield to Sam. Reports indicated Sam Wilson would face pushback on becoming Captain America, which were seemingly confirmed by the casting of Wyatt Russell as John Walker aka U.S. Agent.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was officially confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, with it slated to premiere on Disney+ in Fall 2020. Mackie and Stan were on hand to tease the series, which will also feature the return of Daniel Brühl as Captain America: Civil War villain Baron Zemo. Then at D23, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige additionally confirmed Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) would return, along with Russell’s casting as U.S. Agent. It was also at D23 where The Falcon and the Winter Soldier posters were handed out featuring concept art by Ryan Meinerding, the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios. Although photos of the posters made the rounds on social media, Marvel has finally released an official look.

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On Earth’s Mightiest Show, the hosts previewed everything coming from Marvel in 2020, including The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is currently filming. Although the official Marvel web show didn’t reveal any new information about the upcoming Disney+ series, they did debut an HD official look at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier poster. Check it out below.

This poster for the upcoming Marvel series offers slightly different looks at the costumes featured in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier concept art released in the Disney+ Expanding the Universe special. The main difference is that Falcon’s backpack can be seen on the poster. In the upper right hand corner of the poster, there’s also a smaller version of Falcon flying across the Captain America shield design in a nod to Sam Wilson’s future in the MCU. Neither of these Falcon and Winter Soldier costumes have been seen in set photos yet, though Bucky does get something resembling this.

In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier set photos, Stan’s Bucky Barnes appears to be wearing a maroon jacket with a black harness. He’s also got a different arm, that seems to be made of a black metal (likely vibranium) with gold accents. It’s unclear if the maroon outfit is a revised version of this one envisioned by Meinerding for the poster, or if Bucky Barnes will get another new costume in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It’s certainly possible that Bucky has another suit than the one glimpsed in set photos. After all, Sam Wilson is getting a Captain America costume that hasn’t been seen yet. So if Marvel is hiding the new Captain America costume, they may also be hiding a new Winter Soldier costume.

Fans will have to wait until the Fall before seeing what’s next for Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. But as filming continues on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier fans can at least expect some more sneak peeks of the upcoming Marvel Disney+ series to tide them over until the first footage debuts.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres Fall 2020 on Disney+.

Source: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

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Molly Freeman