Harry Potter: 10 Worst Things Muggles in The Series Did

In the Harry Potter world, there are not that many Muggle characters. Almost all of the characters in the series are wizards or witches, but there are a few minor characters who are Muggles. Unfortunately, the main Muggles in the series are the Dursleys who weren’t very good people.

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There are also a few other Muggles throughout the series who do some unfortunate things. Overall, the Muggles from the Harry Potter world did a lot of bad things for such a small group of people.

10 Tom Riddle Sr. being a judgemental, self-righteous person

Tom Riddle, Senior was Voldemort’s father, and we don’t really learn that much about him. In many ways, he was a victim, as he lived under the effects of a love potion made by Voldemort’s mother, Merope Gaunt. This means he was forced against his will to fall in love and marry her. While this was not his fault and made him a victim, he didn’t seem like a very good person overall. He was a rather self-righteous and judgemental person who didn’t give people the time of day and abandoned his unborn son. This helped turn that boy into the Dark Lord Voldemort.

9 Hermione’s parents being rather absent

Hermione’s parents seem like some of the best Muggles in the series. While we don’t see much about them, Hermione does mention them at times in the books. While they seem like overall good people and parents, they are also strangely absent from Hermione’s life. While Hermione clearly doesn’t tell them a lot, the fact that they aren’t more interested in what goes on in the wizarding world and the possible dangers Hermione is facing makes them seem somewhere between absent and borderline negligent.

8 Dudley Dursely acting out when he didn’t get enough presents

Dudley Dursely was overall a spoiled and bratty child. While a lot of this isn’t exactly his fault, there is something to be said about him not being a kind-hearted person at his core. While his parents did raise him to get everything he wanted and get away with everything, he was particularly cruel. His spoiled nature led to him throwing a fit when he didn’t get enough presents for his birthday. This is one of the most blatant examples of him manipulating his parents to get his way. Of course, he did all of this in front of his cousin Harry, knowing Harry had never even had a birthday party.

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He treated other children around him cruelly and would bully anyone who was weaker than him. He would also lash out when he didn’t get his way. His parties were just another method of bullying for him.

7 Argus Filch wanting to bring back torture

Argus Filch isn’t exactly a Muggle. He’s a Squib, a wizard with no innate magic, and so not very different from the Muggles who know about the wizarding world. Filch is a really cruel person who takes his frustrations about his lack of magical power out on the students at Hogwarts. He is always looking to catch them and get them in trouble, and one of his deepest wishes is to be able to bring back physical torture as a method of punishment. He is a rather gross person who wants to hurt other people and children in particular.

6 The muggle Prime Minister being rather avoidant about the wizarding world

One of the few Muggle characters that show up in the series is the Muggle Prime Minister. While he doesn’t ever get named and only really appears in one chapter, it’s still an appearance. He doesn’t seem like a horrible person all around, but he seems rather hesitant to accept the existence of the magical world. While this doesn’t make him evil, it does put his country in danger. He didn’t seem to pay much attention to the wizarding world. His reluctance to engage with the unfamiliar was cowardly. It put the Muggle world at even greater risk when Voldemort and his followers were targeting Muggles.

5 Dudley and his friends bullying Harry in school

The Dursley family is the most prominent Muggle family that is talked about in the series. Given that the books are told from Harry’s perspective, it makes sense that the family that raised him plays a role. Dudley spent most of his childhood bullying Harry. Dudley saw how his parents treated Harry and went along with their cruelty. He and his friends were particularly vicious to Harry during elementary school. Some of their tactics included physically beating Harry up if they could catch him.

4 Aunt Marge bullying Harry and having her dog chase him up a tree

While Petunia and Vernon might have been quite cruel to Harry, they weren’t the only ones. Aunt Marge was Vernon’s sister, and she was just as mean-hearted as him. She took joy in torturing Harry and went out of her way to verbally assault him and compare him (somehow negatively) to Dudley. One of the worst things she did to Harry was when she let her dogs chase him up a tree for hours. She thought a child’s misery was hilarious.

3 Vernon and Petunia keeping Harry under the stairs when he was a child

How Vernon and Petunia treated Harry was definitely abusive. They were neglectful and cruel to Harry from the beginning, even when he was a baby.

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They literally made him sleep in a closet under the stairs throughout his childhood, and this is just their day-to-day treatment of the boy they were supposed to be caring for. They were horrible guardians who treated Harry with contempt and disdain.

2 When Petunia lying to Harry about her knowledge of the wizarding world

One of the worst things that Petunia ever did to Harry was to hate him for being magical even though she herself knew a great deal about magic. She knew more about Voldemort and what Harry was facing than she ever let on, but she hated him all the same. Petunia let her own hangups with her sister, and her sister’s magic, affect how she felt about Harry. The fact that she treated him so poorly was the real problem, of course. If he’d had an ally his life would have been a lot easier and less dangerous.

1 Vernon often verbally, and sometimes physically, abusing Harry

Vernon Dursley was casually abusive to Harry throughout his childhood. At his best, he was gruff with Harry and belittled him. He made comments about Harry’s hair and how he wasn’t as big or strong as Dudley. There was even one occasion where he physically grabbed and assaulted Harry. He always thought Harry was basically good for nothing and let him know it. His overall judgemental nature and hateful actions make him one for the worst Muggles in the series… and make us wonder if Tom Riddle got off easy, given his father’s hatred of magic.

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Harry Potter: The 10 Scariest Monsters & Magical Creatures, Ranked

Though witches and wizards seem to be the stars of the wizarding world, there are also endless monsters and magical creatures that inhabit the land around Hogwarts. The Harry Potter books mention many more creatures than are included in the movies, ranging from vampires to a giant squid living in the Great Lake.

The movies still have their fair share of monsters and magical beasts, some more fearsome than others. While some are neutral, others lean toward the dark side.

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Keep reading to see our ranking of the scariest monsters and magical creatures to appear in Harry Potter.

10 Pixies

There is nothing inherently scary about pixies, though in the Harry Potter universe they’re portrayed as being quite mischievous. In the context of all the monsters and magical creatures to appear in J.K. Rowling’s world, they’re probably the least scary, although they would be a pain to deal with in real life.

This is seen firsthand in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Professor Lockhart brings in a cage full of Cornish pixies to his second-year Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Once the pixies escape their cage, they are completely out of control.

9 Goblins

Unlike other magical creatures, goblins actually communicate with witches and wizards. They’re known for running Gringotts the wizard bank, and Professor Flitwick is even half-goblin. Still, it’s Hagrid’s early warning to Harry that goblins aren’t the friendliest of creatures that always left us feeling a little wary of them.

Aside from not being overly friendly, goblins are known for being highly intelligent and they don’t need to rely on wands to perform their magic. It is difficult to not feel sorry for the goblin community, though, as many wizards believe them to be inferior.

8 Boggarts

Although nobody actually knows what a boggart’s true form is, these creatures have the capacity to be quite scary. They take the form of a person’s greatest fear, so that makes them more fearsome than most other creatures.

While they are scary, witches and wizards are taught how to deal with them in the third year of magical study, so they’re not particularly complicated to battle.

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One of the most memorable boggart scenes is in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when the creature takes the form of a Dementor and swoops at Harry.

7 Dragons

Dragons don’t cause too much of a nuance for Harry and his friends over the years. Of course, there’s the Hungarian Horntail that Harry has to steal an egg from during the Triwizard Tournament. Then there’s the dragon that’s held captive in the deep caverns of Gringotts that the trio eventually save.

With their immense size, sharp teeth, and fire-breathing abilities, dragons are reasonably scary. However, they are never depicted as being truly malicious throughout the series. The first dragon introduced in the movies, Norberta, is actually kind of cute.

6 Mountain Trolls

A magical creature doesn’t necessarily have to be intelligent to evoke fear. Even though trolls are among the least intelligent creatures in the wizarding world, the one that is let into the castle on Halloween in the first Harry Potter film is pretty frightening.

It is the combination of their huge size, lack of conscience, and the weapons they wield that make them so scary. Harry, Ron, and Hermione surviving the troll attack during their first year at Hogwarts was super impressive.

5 Merpeople

In many fairytales, merfolk are portrayed as beautiful creatures. In the Disney film The Little Mermaid, they are friendly (although they mostly want nothing to do with humans). However, the merfolk in Harry Potter aren’t particularly friendly or beautiful. They’re more frightening than alluring.

They are first shown in Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts when he competes in the Triwizard Tournament. As part of the competition, he has to swim to the bottom of the Great Lake and retrieve Ron who is being held captive by some vicious merpeople.

4 Werewolves

Werewolves in Harry Potter can be even more frightening than other portrayals of werewolves in folklore and pop culture. They are shown as having no control over themselves in the face of the full moon and will even turn on their closest friends.

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Of course, one of the most beloved Harry Potter characters, Remus Lupin, is a werewolf. While there are some likable werewolves, such as Lupin, the series also features much scarier examples, such as Fenrir Greyback. The most frightening thing about a werewolf is that their bite turns their victim into a werewolf themselves.

3 Dementors

A jail interring prisoners as evil as those kept at Azkaban needs to be guarded by terrifying creatures like Dementors. With their hooded appearances and ghostly movements, these beings almost resemble the Grim Reaper and are frightening to look at even before they work their magic.

Dementors force their victims to relive their worst memories and feed on human happiness, leaving those in their wake with feelings of hopelessness and depression. Harry has a particularly hard time with them because his past contains such traumatic experiences, so it’s a good thing he masters his Patronus charm early on.

2 The Basilisk

If a monster is powerful enough to end someone’s life with a simple look, then it’s certainly a force to be reckoned with. The basilisk that lives in the Hogwarts castle lies in the Chamber of Secrets and is called upon by the heir of Slytherin to kill muggle-born students.

Even after Fawkes blinds the basilisk and defeats the powers of its fatal gaze, it’s still a terrifying monster. Harry eventually defeats the beast using the sword of Gryffindor. The upside to having a basilisk around, though, is that their venom is powerful enough to destroy Horcruxes.

1 The Scariest: Acromantula

Of all the magical creatures and monsters roaming around the wizarding world, none is as frightening as the acromantula. In the Chamber of Secrets, we meet Aragog who, despite being a friend of Hagrid, is a carnivorous spider at heart. Although Aragog doesn’t do the bidding of evil like the basilisk, he’s still not a creature anyone would like to run across in the Forbidden Forest.

For an arachnophobe, the scariest moment in the entire Harry Potter series has to be when Harry and Ron find themselves in the midst of Aragog’s lair and have to flee from thousands of man-eating giant spiders.

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Harry Potter: 5 Times Ginny Should Have Dumped Harry (& 5 He Should Have Dumped Her)

In normal circumstances falling in love is a beautifully uncomplicated matter, but for Harry Potter, love was as tricky as learning how to use his Patronus. When everything that goes bump in the night in the Wizarding world wants to either eat or kill you, it is understandable why Harry would guard his heart, but that was all before he found his soulmate Ginny, or according to some fans, drank a love potion.

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For whatever reason or by whatever spell, Harry and Ginny lived happily ever after. Yet, many fans can’t help but wonder how these two love birds survived the test of time. Well, here are ten reasons they shouldn’t have.

10 Dumped Him: After Ministry Of Magic Debacle

As a child, Ginny not only had a crush on Harry Potter but looked up to him as a hero. So it is hard to believe she would place her trust or her heart with someone who wasn’t careful enough with her life to walk into an obvious trap at the Ministry of Magic.

This blunder on Harry’s part almost cost Dumbledore’s Army all their most popular members and unfortunately did cost Sirius Black his life. Though don’t tell Harry this, as he is still blaming Severus Snape for his foolhardy judgment call.

9 Dumped Her: After His Sudden Affection For Her

Harry’s love interest in most of the books and movies was Cho Chang. His love for her bordered on obsession, but after finally winning her affection, he suddenly fell hopelessly out of love with her. He then sees Ginny with another guy, a sight he has seen many times in the past, and suddenly, she is all he can think of.

Harry might have suspected a love potion was at play. Though, according to Snape, Harry was never that good in potions class, so that might explain why he didn’t think of it.

8 Dumped Him: Because Of His Past With Voldemort

In Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Ginny is possessed by Tom Riddle, who uses her to open the Chamber of Secrets. It is known that Voldemort put images in Harry’s mind to attract him to the Ministry of Magic, so for two people who have at one time had Voldemort in their minds, controlling their actions, why would it be a good time to become a couple with him on the loose?

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How could either trust that the other wasn’t being possessed and thus luring them to their dooms?

7 Dumped Her: For Hermione

While fans have been debating over who Harry should have ended up with for years, some say Ginny was his true love, while others say Hermione was more compatible. Truth is, Ginny and Harry don’t compliment each other very well. Both are headstrong and willing to go head-first into a fight.

Hermione, on the other hand, complements Harry because she is the opposite of him. He’s foolhardy while she’s careful. His brashness leads him into trouble. Hermione’s intelligence gets them out of trouble. Plus, Ron had years to make his move.

6 Dumped Him: For Being A Terrible Father

In Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, Albus Potter attempts to save Cedric Diggory. In doing so, he is willing to let his father die in Cedric’s place. For a son to want his father to die in place of a stranger or be willing to be erased from existence is quite the headscratcher.

Yet, this is where Albus and Harry found themselves after Albus began attending Hogwarts. How horrible of a dad could Harry be for his son to want him dead? Probably something Ginny should ask Harry.

5 Dumped Her: Because Of His Friendship To Ron

Ron says he is fine with Harry dating Ginny. He said so many times. While that is true, Ron has said a number of things he didn’t mean, and judging by his opinions towards the other guys that had dated his sister in the past; it is hard to believe he would truly give anyone a pass.

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Even if Ron was fine with Harry dating Ginny, Harry should care enough about his friendship with Ron to not even attempt to date his sister. What if they break up? Will Ron really take Harry’s side?

4 Dumped Him: For Spending More Time With Hermione Than Her

If Harry was so crazy about Ginny, why did he spend so much time with Hermione? This constant closeness was the reason why Ron was so jealous of Harry. So if dimwitted Ron followed the signs, then how was Ginny so blind? While Harry was on the run, it was Hermione who was the one who stuck by him.

While Ginny was stuck at Hogwarts trying to fight for her life against Voldemort’s Death Eaters. Yet, Harry never seemed any more concerned about her safety than he did anyone else at Hogwarts.

3 Dumped Her: Crashing Her Broom Into The Commentator’s Booth

So, it is no secret that Harry Potter had a famous temper. He could be irritable and petty for no good reason. The one thing he hated most was criticism.

So when Ginny crashed her broom into the commentator’s booth because she didn’t like how the game was being called, Harry should have realized that in this one personality trait, they were too similar to form a lasting relationship. Just imagine arguments in the Potter home. It’s no wonder Albus became so resentful towards his father.

2 Dumped Him: When Harry Named Their Son After Hogwarts Teachers

No matter how you cut it, Severus Snape was a horrendously vile teacher. He showed favorites and relentlessly picked on Potter and Longbottom. Snape described Dumbledore’s plan for Harry as “raising him like a pig for slaughter.”

So for Harry to name his son Albus Severus Potter, after his childhood bully and a man who protected him so he could die at the right time, it just seems like terrible people to name a child after. Why not name the child after the Weasley’s or even Hagrid? You know, people that cared about him.

1 Dumped Her: When She Stole His Quidditch Spotlight

Harry pretended to hate the spotlight, but when it turned to someone else, he always resented them for it. When Ron and Hermione became prefects instead of him, he refused to speak with them. When Snape didn’t treat him like a celebrity, Harry hated him for it.

So when Ginny began to steal his quidditch spotlight, it is hard to believe Harry wasn’t peeved about it. Ron was right when he accused Harry of being addicted to the spotlight. So it is hard to believe he would share it with anyone, even his girlfriend.

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Harry Potter: 5 Deaths That Could Have Been Avoided (& 5 That Couldn’t)

The Harry Potter series, despite initially being created for young children across the globe, contained quite the body count. The first three movies and books pass relatively nicely, with just Professor Quirrell meeting his demise in the Sorcerer’s Stone. But, when Lord Voldemort returns in the Goblet of Fire, that spells the end for many characters within JK Rowling’s franchise.

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Some deaths, however, could have been avoided had the characters made better decisions – or not been subject to trickery. We now take a look at five that could have been – as well as five that simply couldn’t.

10 Avoidable: Professor Quirrell

Professor Quirrel was Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for Harry’s first year at Hogwarts. It emerges right at the end of the Sorcerer’s Stone that, despite his nervous persona, he’s actually a villain working on the orders of Lord Voldemort who, rather horrifically, is stuck in the back of his head.

The movie doesn’t shed too much light on how this came about but the book does. The Dark Lord met Quirrell when the latter was in Albania and, in the end, the Hogwarts teacher’s greed costs him dearly. Quirrell was enchanted by the idea of power and, had he not been so obsessed with it, then he’d have likely remained safe.

9 Not Avoidable: Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore knew that, in order for Voldemort to be stopped, he had to embark on a mission to destroy as many as the Dark Lord’s Horcruxes as possible. That means that, when he attempts to destroy the villain’s old family ring, he isn’t too fazed at the lethal hex the object contains.

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That means that Dumbledore was never destined to see the end of Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts. And, knowing Draco Malfoy has been given the job of killing him, the Hogwarts headmaster strikes an agreement with Severus Snape. Snape then puts Dumbledore out of his misery – and saves Draco’s soul from being shattered in the process.

8 Avoidable: Cedric Diggory

Cedric Diggory is a nice chap, someone whose likeability makes his death in the Goblet of Fire that bit more painful and heart-wrenching. And, to make things worse, the Hufflepuff student could easily have lived had Harry Potter not been so darn nice.

Harry and Cedric both touch the Triwizard Cup at the exact same time, with the Boy Who Lived pitching the idea in order to ensure Hogwarts wins the prize. Had Potter not been so thoughtful, Cedric would have lived. Instead, they both travel to the Little Hangleton graveyard where Peter Pettigrew then slaughters Diggory in cold blood.

7 Not Avoidable: Peter Pettigrew

Do you ever get told to do something and, almost without thinking, you just think nope? I don’t want to do that? But then a split second later you realize you’d be doing someone a favor and do it anyway?

Well, Peter Pettigrew doesn’t get that split second. He pauses, just briefly, in the Deathly Hallows book when Harry reminds him he’s indebted to him during a tense scene in Malfoy Manor. Wormtail’s own silver hand, given to him by Lord Voldemort years before, then proceeds to turn and choke him to his death despite Harry and Ron doing all they can to save him. This means that Pettigrew, at some point, was always expected to hesitate and, consequently, die.

6 Avoidable: Sirius Black

It’s been years since Sirius Black died – but it still hurts us every time. In the Order of the Phoenix, Lord Voldemort tricks Harry into traveling to the Ministry of Magic, making the Boy Who Lived believe his godfather to be in grave danger.

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But when Harry gets there, he finds out he’s been tricked. Sirius then comes to his rescue but, amid a huge fight in the Department of Mysteries, is killed by Bellatrix Lestrange. Had Harry tried harder at Occlumency, Voldemort wouldn’t have been able to get into his head. And this makes Potter feel guilty and responsible for Sirius’ passing in the immediate aftermath.

5 Not Avoidable: Fred Weasley

Fred Weasley is another popular Harry Potter character who perishes, going out with a heroic bang amid the Battle of Hogwarts. Given how high the stakes were, literally every magical good guy takes to the battlefield in order to keep evil at bay.

That, in itself, means Fred’s death was unavoidable. And the circumstances make that the case as well. In the book it’s established he dies as a result of an explosion, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps that’s why we still find it hard to talk about after all these years…

4 Avoidable: Dobby

Dobby is probably the cutest creature in the Potterverse and, rather, unfortunately, is killed off in the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 blockbuster. The House Elf loyally travels to Malfoy Manor to save Harry, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, and Ollivander from certain death at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange and her fellow Death Eater cronies.

But, just before they’re set to escape, Dobby can’t resist one final taunt. This proves to be his undoing, giving Bellatrix time to propel a knife at him – which devastatingly lands in the middle of his little chest.

3 Not Avoidable: Severus Snape

Severus Snape must have known he signed his own death warrant when he agreed to a deal with Albus Dumbledore to take the Hogwarts professor’s life. He also must have realized that the Elder Wand actually belonged to Draco Malfoy, rather than himself.

He makes his sacrifice in Deathly Hallows; Part 2, dying for the cause after Lord Voldemort wrongly believes him to be the true master of the prized possession. Snape isn’t stupid, he knew Voldemort would murder anybody who was in his path to the thing he wanted the most. And that’s why his death was unavoidable.

2 Avoidable: James and Lily Potter

Everybody has a secret they’re willing to share with their very closest friends. Everybody has that ONE person who is that bit more trustworthy than the rest, who they believe would never breathe a word of it to anybody else.

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James and Lily Potter thought they were getting that through Peter Pettigrew but, having fallen into Lord Voldemort’s crowd, Wormtail lets them down by betraying their location. Had they chosen Sirius Black to be their Secret Keeper then they would have lived. And that makes Harry’s decision not to allow Sirius and Remus Lupin to murder their old friend that bit more admirable.

1 Not Avoidable: Lord Voldemort

‘Neither can live while the other survives.’ Those are the words from Professor Trelawney’s prophecy, long before Lord Voldemort returned to power and waged war on the entire wizarding world.

Voldemort was destined to die because, if he didn’t, it would be Harry Potter. The fact he made so many mistakes on his quest to kill the Boy Who Lived – from failing to check Harry’s body himself to underestimating the power of love – meant he was never going to reign supreme. Harry was smarter, and of far more noble heart, to fail.

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Harry Potter Theory: Trelawney Knew Voldemort’s Soul Was Inside Harry

The Wizarding World is full of colorful characters with many quirks, and one of the most peculiar characters in the Harry Potter universe is Sybill Trelawney, professor of Divination at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although she made the prophecy concerning Voldemort and the one powerful enough to vanquish him, she also made smaller predictions and observations that many students considered to be fake, among those one about Harry Potter, mistakenly saying he was born in mid-winter – but it might have not been a mistake after all, and she could have been sensing something else that Harry was unaware of.

J.K. Rowling introduced readers around the world to the Wizarding World in 1997 with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first entry in a series that would consist of seven books. Harry and company made the jump to the big screen between 2001 and 2011, with the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, being split into two films. Over the course of seven books and eight films, audiences met many interesting characters from the Harry Potter universe, among those Sybill Trelawney, a very eccentric and theatrical witch teaching at Hogwarts.

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Trelawney made many predictions during her time at Hogwarts, most notably the prophecy of “the chosen one”, made in the presence of Albus Dumbledore. However, when she met Harry, and while discussing star charts, she made an erroneous observation by suggesting he was born in mid-winter. Harry was born in the summer, but Trelawney might have not been talking about him.

A big part of Voldemort’s (dark) legacy was the creation of multiple horcruxes, which are objects that conceal a fragment of an individual’s soul, something Voldemort did in order to achieve immortality. When he tried to kill Harry Potter and the spell backfired, his soul “broke apart” and a fragment sought out the only other living thing in the room, turning him into an accidental horcrux – but Harry (and many others) didn’t know this until much later. With that in mind, a popular fan theory says that when Trelawney commented that given Harry’s “dark hair, mean stature, tragic losses so young in life” Saturn was likely in a position of power when he was born, and suggested he was born in mid-winter, she was actually referring to Voldemort, even if she didn’t know that Harry was a horcrux.

Tom Riddle fits the “dark hair, mean stature” and “tragic losses” part (he had a very difficult childhood), and he was born on December 31, so the prediction could have very well been about him and not Harry. Trelawney’s predictions were often labelled as fake by her students, especially Hermione, who even dropped out of her class, and while many of them could have been nothing more than coincidences or events that were going to happen anyway (such as the death of Lavender Brown’s pet rabbit), she also made some accurate observations, among those Pettigrew’s reunion with Voldemort. The “mid-winter” prediction might have not been wrong after all, and it was simply that students, readers, Harry, and Trelawney herself weren’t aware of the extra piece of soul kept inside Harry Potter.

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Harry Potter Facts J.K. Rowling Later Made Canon (That Weren’t In The Books)

J.K. Rowling may have finished the Harry Potter books a long time ago, but this doesn’t mean she’s let go of them. The author has taken to Twitter and various other outlets (such as writing a play, developing Pottermore, etc.) to expand on the canon of her series and provide more information for a fanbase who just don’t want this to die.

Well, most of them.

Her expansion of canon has actually been a source of controversy for many fans, since not everyone loves her covering every detail of the universe and leaving nothing to the imagination. But all fans can agree on one thing — some of the revelations have been downright shocking.

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Updated 27th January, 2020 by Staci Miller: With the Harry Potter content still coming as the years go by, fans are continuously being given new information about the series and the characters. As such, it was only right to include some of these key facts in a list of information about the original series that was retroactively made canon.

15 Harry Didn’t Name A Son Remus Out Of Respect For Teddy’s Future Child

When the names of Harry’s children were revealed, fans revolted at the very idea that after everything Remus Lupin had done, he didn’t even get a child named after him — and yet the likes of Snape did. But according to Rowling, the reason Remus Lupin lost out on having a child named after him was because Harry felt it prudent to leave the name for his son, Teddy.

Is this a quick throwaway tweet to calm down the fans incensed at the idea of Remus Lupin being disrespected, or was this her intention when writing the books and carefully crafting the names?

14 Muggle-Borns Come Through Recessive Genes

Apparently, Muggle-borns are not entirely random and there is an element of biology at play. Although Rowling never went into detail in the books about what exactly makes a Muggle-born randomly appear in a family (or a Squib, if we were to go the opposite way), she stated afterwards that it involves recessive genes.

There are a lot more questions fans could have about this — for example, for how long can a recessive gene lie dormant before a witch or wizard pops up again? — but she hasn’t gone into too much detail, only offering the explanation that it’s simply not just random.

13 Hagrid Could Not Produce A Patronus

Hagrid might have been capable of some small spells, but we’ll never know what his patronus was, because he’s not capable of producing one. Rowling commented that it’s a “difficult spell”, so when fans have asked her what creature his guardian might be, they’ve received a disappointing answer.

Because Harry produced a corporeal patronus at the age of thirteen, fans often forget that Prisoner of Azkaban made sure to stress that it’s very advanced magic and that it was very impressive he could do this.

12 Fluffy Loves In Greece

Nevermind Hagrid — many fans were worried about the fate of his dog, Fluffy, after the events of Sorcerer’s Stone. Fear not! Fluffy now apparently lives in the lovely hot country of Greece.

Why Greece? We can only speculate, since Rowling didn’t offer much more information than that. Perhaps Dumbledore had connections there to take care of them, or there’s a remote island Fluffy can spend their time on where they can’t harm anyone. Or perhaps it was just far away enough that it seemed unlikely Hagrid would be able to smuggle the three-headed dog back to the UK.

11 The Only Religion Not Represented At Hogwarts Is Wiccan

Rowling has often been asked about (and criticized for) the lack of diversity in Harry Potter. In response to a question about religion never being touched on, we were told that Hogwarts had people of multiple religious beliefs, but Rowling says she never pictured Wiccan to be one of them.

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She gave the reasoning that it’s a different system of magic that wouldn’t mesh well with the magical world. What’s interesting about this fact is that it sounds as if Pure-blood families practice the same religions as Muggles, and it might actually be a common theme throughout both the wizarding world and the Muggle one.

10 Dumbledore Was In Love With Grindelwald

Dumbledore was never married in the series and never showed even hints at being in a relationship, but he was apparently in love with Grindelwald. J.K. Rowling came under some fire for never announcing this in the books (or the subsequent films) since it would have been GREAT representation, but she said the sexuality was never relevant to his story and didn’t matter any more than it would have if he was straight.

We see her point, but after many people pointing out that it would have been progressive to mention it, she probably should have made have a bigger deal out of this in the subsequent Fantastic Beasts movies. Alas. Maybe she still will.

9 And Also, May Have Been Death?

J.K. Rowling claimed on Twitter very recently that her favorite fan theory was that Dumbledore was death — and also called it very fitting. Hmmm.

Okay, so this one isn’t so much her announcing something as canon rather than accepting a fan theory, but it really would have been an interesting thought, considering Dumbledore always was very accepting and even supportive of death. He claimed it was the “next greatest adventure”, which is an acceptance of death most of us will probably never achieve. 

Regardless of this being a fan theory, J.K. Rowling seemed very cool with accepting it into the greater canon of her world. We’ll take it.

8 There Is An American Wizarding School… And Many Others

Probably her biggest expansion of canon after the books was the expansion of magical education all over the world (and then the governments, and the culture, etc.). The one that most of her fanbase was excited to hear about was Ilvermorny, the American wizarding school with its own houses. Of course, some aspects of this culture, people didn’t like – like the Muggle world over there being ‘No-Maj’, which seems very simplistic — but the expansion of canon was popular enough that people wanted to know their North American house, where they would have fit in, etc.

And since J.K. Rowling said it, it’s canon in the books, even if we didn’t see it then.  

7 Hatstalls Are Possible – Minerva McGonagall Was One!

The Sorting Hat was one of the biggest mysteries in the books, and remains one to this day — how it could see inside someone’s head, read minds, etc. But what we never saw in the books (mainly because the books were only from Harry’s point of view), was that hatstalls were completely possible.

‘Hatstall’ is a word which means the Sorting Hat couldn’t decide what house to place someone in and took a probably agonizingly long time to decide because they could have fit perfectly in both. One great example J.K. Rowling provided was McGonagall — she was a hatstall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

Interestingly, she then went on to become head of Gryffindor house, so it looks like the hat eventually chose well. 

6 The ‘T’ In Voldemort Is Silent

The logic is obvious, of course—the word comes from French origins and therefore the ‘t’ would be silent. What’s weird is that J.K. Rowling randomly said this on Twitter after never correcting fans, after letting the movies even pronounce it wrong, after pronouncing it wrong herself. She said she was the only one who pronounced it with the silent ‘t’, but she’s said it in interviews with the ‘t’ pronounced.

Seems like this was something she gave up on pretty quickly but then retroactively decided was still canon. So much she should have made clear long before now…

5 Voldemort And Harry Were Most Definitely Related

This is kind of one that could be surmised if you read the books closely enough but wasn’t confirmed until after. The pure-blood families of Harry Potter are all inter-related to the point of it being pretty weird. Harry and Voldemort are both half-bloods, but both had a pure-blood parent — Voldemort had Merope Gaunt, his mother, and Harry had James Potter, his father. Trace those lines back far enough and sure enough, they go back to the Peverells — so yes, J.K. Rowling has confirmed that Harry and Voldemort were indeed distant relatives.  

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Kind of weird to think about, regardless of the distance.

4 Albus Severus Was, Indeed, Sorted Into Slytherin

Among the revelations that came out thanks to Harry Potter And The Cursed Child was the information that Albus’ worst fears were fulfilled and he was indeed sorted into Slytherin. In the epilogue of Deathly Hallows, we saw him confess this fear to Harry and Harry reassure him that he knew some brave people in Slytherin and it wasn’t the end of the world.

This one isn’t too controversial of a retcon. Rowling was really mean to the Slytherins in the books, often implying they were all evil in the early stages before she started to humanize some of them a little, so sorting the hero’s son there was pretty necessary to change people’s perceptions.

3 Bellatrix And Voldemort Were In A Relationship… Of Sorts

Bellatrix Lestrange was always pretty in love with Voldemort. That much was obvious. Despite being married to Rodolphus Lestrange, her dedication was to the Dark Lord. But since it was always said that Voldemort was incapable of love and didn’t need or want human affection, we always assumed this was unrequited. 

But no. Another revelation that came from Rowling’s play was that Bellatrix and Voldemort had definitely slept together, because they had a daughter named Delphi. Many fans would have rathered this was not canon.

2 Sybil Trelawney Drank Heavily

Trelawney had a pretty hard life. She was a seer, but rarely made accurate predictions, so she wasn’t taken seriously even when she did. She was eccentric, seemed borderline insane — and Rowling later confirmed that she was an alcoholic, saying that she always smelled of sherry because, well… because of that reason.

It’s a pretty adult thing to include an alcoholic teacher in the magical, whimsical wizarding world she created, but she did always hint at this in the books — she just completely confirmed it later. For those of us who read them as children and are now adults though, this makes a lot of sense.

1 Hogwarts Was A Safe Space For LGBTQ+ Students

Someone on Twitter once tweeted at Rowling saying they liked to imagine that Hogwarts was a safe space for LGBTQ+ witches and wizards, and she replied to say that it absolutely is, meaning the discrimination present in the Muggle world at that time (and, tragically, present to this day) wasn’t present in the wizarding world.

A really nice sentiment (and why Rowling definitely needs to include Dumbledore’s sexuality in the movies, c’mon, Rowling), especially for Potter fans who may have struggled with this in their real life. Witches and wizards may have discriminated based on blood, but at least this prejudice wasn’t a thing in that world.

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Staci Miller

Harry Potter: 10 Most Annoying Things Severus Snape Did

Severus Snape is one of the most controversial and divisive characters in the Harry Potter series. While many fans loved his redemption arc and found him compelling and redeemable, others feel like he was simply a villain through and through, end of story. But whether you like Snape or not, it’s pretty difficult to deny that Snape was more than capable of some pretty annoying feats and behaviors at times. Sure, he also did some truly awful things, but there are also some less intense actions he engaged in that were really frustrating.

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Of course, no one’s denying that he’s an amazing character, nor that he wasn’t masterfully portrayed by Alan Rickman in the films. But to demonstrate, today we are going to check out ten most annoying things that Severus Snape did.

10 Stay Aloof Of Practically Everyone

Snape might have some redeeming qualities, but he’s definitely not what anyone would call a nice person. He’s extremely aloof and mostly sticks to himself, and, when he does interact with others, he’s never very kind about it. He seems to basically disdain or dislike nearly everyone, and this definitely makes him unlikable. Seeing him act rudely to so many people around him, even other adults, got old at times.

9 The Way He Treated Neville (& Others)

Many fans have pointed out that Snape was a horrible professor and often abusive. While he’s not the only Hogwarts professor to act in these ways, given that he was supposed to be on the good side, it’s rather disturbing.

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He was a big bully all around, but most especially to Neville. The way he took his anger out on a kid who was awkward and needed help, similarly to how Snape had been an awkward kid, was really pathetic.

8 Favoring The Slytherins

Professors are only people, so it’s only natural that sometimes they would have a favorite student or students. However, a good teacher doesn’t show this favoritism. Snape, however, was blatant about liking the Slytherins best. It was just another petty and obnoxious thing about him that made him seem like an immature child. His favoring of Draco was particularly clear.

7 Obsession & Entitlement With Lily Potter

One of the most annoying things about Snape is how he seems to think he deserves some sort of praise or to be seen as a good person because he thinks he loves Lily. His love for her is not exactly pure, and it was mostly selfish and obsessive. Even if he felt like he truly loved her, he ruined that relationship years before her death. The way he continued to focus and obsess about her wasn’t romantic, but was instead obnoxious and sad.

6 His Grudge Against Harry

Harry never really had a chance when it came to Snape. From the first day, Snape was rude and judgemental, and he always singled Harry out. He let his hatred of James make him hate Harry even though they were two different people. And, given that Snape literally was fine with Voldemort killing both James and Harry, you’d think he might try to make up for it a little instead of being awful to Harry.

5 Didn’t Take Hermione’s Need To Visit The Hospital Wing Seriously

Reading about Snape as a professor was obnoxious at many points throughout the Harry Potter series. Snape didn’t really care about his students but especially not certain ones. He was also particularly mean to Hermione and literally called her a know-it-all many times. But, one of the most frustrating things he did was when Hermione was hexed so that her teeth wouldn’t stop growing, and Snape wouldn’t send her to the hospital wing all while insulting her appearance at the same time.

4 Unnecessarily Mean & Petty Comments

While one might think that Snape’s obnoxious behavior would mostly extend to his students who he had power over, Snape was a jerk to lots of other people, too. He was constantly mocking people he didn’t like or making snide comments with the intent to annoy or hurt people. He made comments to people such as Lupin, Sirius, Molly, and Tonks. Whether you think he’s a good character or not, Snape definitely isn’t fun to be around.

3 Continually Playing The Victim

If Snape would take some responsibility for his actions, he wouldn’t be as annoying. Instead, he seemed to always see himself as the victim. He felt like he was bullied by the Marauders even though he was already into the dark arts and called Lily a slur during this time.

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He also acted like what happened to Lily impacted him more than anyone, and this was just obnoxious to read about. While he did have a hard childhood, he’s not the only one who did in the series, and this doesn’t excuse him being a bully.

2 Totally Lacking Remorse

While acting like a victim might be one of Snape’s worst traits, his lack of remorse is probably even more so. He never really seemed to feel bad for the fact that he was a Death Eater who supported all the awful things Voldemort did and believed. He mostly just felt sorry about Lily’s death, which mostly just seems selfish. His inability to feel remorse was one of the most obnoxious character flaws he had.

1 Trying To Get Students To Figure Out Lupin Was A Werewolf

One of the worst things Snape did by far was to reveal to the wizarding world that Lupin was a werewolf. However, one of the most annoying things he ever did happened before then. It was when he had to substitute Lupin’s class. He took the opportunity to assign the class to learn about werewolves, even though it wasn’t on the lesson plan, with the hope that one of the students would figure it out. This was an extremely petty move.

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Harry Potter: 6 Times Hermione Should Have Dumped Ron (& 4 He Should Have Dumped Her)

Obviously, Hermione and Ron don’t technically become official boyfriend and girlfriend until the closing moments of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. By this time, they only get about five minutes more screen time, so there isn’t really enough to find a multitude of reasons to break up.

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As such, we’ve scoured the entire Harry Potter franchise to find six moments where Hermione should have ended her friendship with Ron and never agreed to date him all those years later, and four times when Ron should have done the same.

10 SHE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HIM: When He Deserted Her And Harry

One of Ron’s more aggressive, stupid moves came when he decided to leave Harry and Hermione alone on the quest to find Horcruxes during The Deathly Hallows. It was a brazen idea because it not only put his friends in danger but could have easily ended up killing him.

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That should have been the last straw for Hermione; she should have realized that if Ron was willing to leave her in danger like that then it probably wouldn’t be a wise move to be together.

9 HE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HER: When She Attacked Him With Birds

The most brutal Hermione moment came directly from her jealous rage at Ron for his involvement with Lavender Brown. Not only did her use of this particular spell suggest that she wasn’t happy to respect Ron and his romantic choices, but it showed a weirdly aggressive side to her. Those birds really went shooting at Ron, sharp beak first, so she might have ended up injuring her future husband.

8 SHE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HIM: When He Used Lavender To Make Her Jealous

Having said that, Hermione did sort of have a reason to be annoyed at Ron. It was pretty clear to everyone involved (and everyone watching from afar) that Ron was only with Lavender to make Hermione jealous. Lavender was annoying, over the top and such a strange new addition to the series that it made no sense for Ron to truly love her. And he didn’t. So using her to get to Hermione should have been a massive warning sign to Hermione about Ron’s true temperament.

7 HE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HER: When She Looked Down On Him

This isn’t even a specific moment, because looking down on people is basically Hermione’s favorite hobby. Whether it’s because she is annoyed she only got 99% in a test, or because Ron wasn’t able to perform a spell as well as her, she would quite frequently overexplain and talk down to him.

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Then again, he did get her to do his homework quite a lot, so maybe she had a reason to think she needed to talk down to him.

6 SHE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HIM: When He Mocked Her For A Year Straight

The first year that Hermione and Ron knew each other was littered with mocking and condescension. Ron laughed at her personality from the moment they met, with a whole lot of it happening with Hermione right in earshot. While he changed his tune by the end of the film, maybe Hermione should have remembered the fact that Ron was once a borderline bully.

5 SHE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HER: When He Judged Her For Being With Victor Krum

Hermione can make her own decisions as she pleases. It’s obvious from very early on in the series that Hermione was into Ron, and he never noticed or bothered to reciprocate, so she moved on.

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The fact that Victor Krum was effectively an adult and Hermione was about fourteen should have been Ron’s point, then his opposition to their involvement might have been legit, but instead, he came up with some really poor points such as “you are fraternizing with the enemy” in order to try and get her to stop seeing Krum. On top of that, a couple of years later he shamed her for kissing Krum, despite his own weird spite relationship with Lavender Brown.

4 SHE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HIM: When He Ruined The Yule Ball

Ron’s hatred and jealousy of the Krum-Hermione partnership came to a head at the Yule Ball. Hermione had clearly put a lot of effort in and had a genuinely good time with Krum, before Ron decided to ruin everything at the end, leaving her running off to bed crying. Despite Ron certainly being the bad guy in this situation, Hermione does deliver an absolute zinger when she commands “off to bed, both of you”, encompassing the totally innocent Harry.

3 HE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HER: When She Ignored Advice About S.P.E.W

One of the major storylines the films decided to leave out entirely was Hermione’s devotion to house-elf welfare which is explored in detail in the books. Not only do we get to see the cook elf-led kitchen underneath Hogwarts, but Hermione also starts her own charity organization called S.P.E.W in order to free house-elves from their enslavement. The only problem with it was that the elves actually wanted to do their work. Ron (and Harry) frequently tried to explain to her that what she was doing was far more offensive to the elves than the reverse, but she simply ignored them and carried on.

2 SHE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HIM: When He Said Crookshanks Ate Scabbers

During The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Ron suddenly seemed to really care about his previously unimportant rat. Conveniently, this rat ended up being a major plot device. When Scabbers went missing, he ferociously and persistently blamed Hermione and her cat Crookshanks, who he thought had eaten Scabbers. When they found out this wasn’t the case at all, Ron got on with life without anything even close to an apology despite tormenting Hermione about it for weeks.

1 HE SHOULD HAVE DUMPED HER: When She Used A Confundus Charm To Help Him

This one certainly has more wholesome intentions than many of the points above, but it was still a bold and bad move from Hermione that Ron should have thought about more.

When Hermione confunded Cormac McLaggen during Ron’s quidditch trials, it created a number of issues: it might have ended up putting Ron in an embarrassing situation when he ended up getting the role and not being good enough (which actually did happen), it showed Hermione’s own lack of faith in Ron, and it showed that she was willing to dangerous, rule-breaking things out of commitment to him. That last one isn’t exactly a bad thing, but it could lead to some tough situations for Ron down the line.

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Harry Potter: 10 Most Annoying Things Sirius Black Ever Did

Sirius Black is a character from Harry Potter that many fans love. He’s definitely a fan favorite, and many people love to learn as much as they can about the Marauders and their lives. While Sirius might be charming and appealing, he’s also a rather flawed character. This is part of what makes him interesting to many fans, but there’s no denying that he makes a lot of mistakes and can be arrogant and reckless. These traits can also lead him to do some rather annoying things.

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Here are the ten most annoying things Sirius Black ever did.

10 The way he never felt bad for breaking rules

While Harry and his friends might do a lot of rule-breaking, the Marauders might have been even worse. They enjoyed breaking rules just for the fun of it whereas a lot of Harry’s rule-breaking was directly related to fighting Voldemort and his followers. Sirius, along with James, loved to break rules and get into trouble.

It’s also clear that he had no remorse for doing so even though some of his rule-breaking was rather dangerous such as running around with Lupin in werewolf form.

9 His cruelty toward Kreacher

One thing that’s rather annoying about Sirius is his hypocrisy. On the one hand, he tells the trio that Barty Crouch Sr.’s treatment of Winky reveals a lot about him and says the quote about how the way people treat those inferior to their station says a lot about them. Yet, on the other hand, he treats Kreacher horribly even though this is basically the same situation he said showed that Crouch wasn’t a great man.

While Kreacher was cruel and sneaky, Sirius should have realized he had been abused and taught to be that way.

8 Getting in a fight with Molly over Harry

Many of Sirius’ most annoying moments have to do with how he acted about Harry in Order of the Phoenix. One frustrating scene was when he got into a fight with Molly Weasley over Harry and how much he should know about the Order.

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While both Molly and Arthur had good points and wanted the best for Harry, the way they both went about it wasn’t great. It definitely made Sirius look like a bit of a jerk to come after Molly like that, too.

7 He could be rather arrogant and uncaring

Sirius Black had a fairly traumatic childhood, so it’s not like his life was always easy. However, he was attractive, charming, and intelligent, and it’s clear he had an air of arrogance about him.

He wasn’t particularly compassionate even though he was overall a good character. His arrogance definitely got the better of him when he was younger, but he luckily matured somewhat as an adult. It’s definitely true that he wasn’t good at letting go of grudges, and this could get obnoxious at times.

6 How he moped around at Grimmauld Place

During his time at Grimmauld Place, it’s easy to understand why Sirius was frustrated. He was stuck at his parent’s home, a place that he always hated and that reminded him of their horrible ways. He had also been in Azkaban for 13 years, so being shut up and locked away would definitely remind him of that.

However, the way he moped around at Grimmauld Place could definitely get annoying at times. He would often take his feelings out in passive-aggressive ways, and this definitely wasn’t fair.

5 The way he wouldn’t explain what was going on to the trio in Prisoner of Azkaban

One frustrating thing when re-reading the books is how Sirius acts at the end of the third book. He wants to go right ahead with killing Pettigrew without giving the trio an explanation.

Given that they were really confused and scared, he should have thought things through better. At the very least, his concern for Harry should have made him want to give them an explanation before he murdered Pettigrew in front of them.

4 How he destroyed the Fat Lady’s portrait

During Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius does a lot of frustrating things. A lot of this can be explained by the fact he had been locked away for so many years and surrounded by Dementors, but some of his actions were definitely reckless and annoying.

The way he snuck into Hogwarts and slashed the Fat Lady’s portrait was one of those moments. This was a rather violent thing to do for someone who was an innocent man.

3 When he saw Harry more as James than as his godson

Sirius had many obnoxious moments during Order of the Phoenix. While in the fourth book he was rather caring and concerned as a godfather, even though he was on the run, in the fifth book he was a pretty bad godfather.

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He started thinking of Harry more like a best friend as opposed to a godson. The way he seemed to get the two confused definitely got annoying. While it’s also sad in a way, Harry needed a stable parental figure.

2 Acting annoyed and disappointed with Harry when he wasn’t reckless enough

This is another obnoxious thing that Sirius did during the fifth book. The fact that Sirius was cooped up and feeling restless himself made him want to live vicariously through Harry and his friends.

So, he kept encouraging them to be reckless and break rules. This was definetly not something he should have been doing, and he should have been more concerned about Harry’s safety. Plus, the way he guilt-tripped Harry for not being reckless was completely out of line.

1 Going with Harry to the train station as an animagus

One of Sirius’ most annoying moments by far is when he wouldn’t listen to everyone around him and choose to accompany Harry to the train station anyway. He pus himself and the Order at risk by going with Harry and the others to the train station in London, and it was clearly a reckless move.

And, after the fact, he brushed it off and acted like there was no chance that anyone could have recognized him.

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Harry Potter: 10 Most Annoying Things Harry Ever Did | ScreenRant

Harry Potter is the protagonist of the Harry Potter series, and he’s definitely a well-loved character by many fans. Harry might be the hero of the series, but he definitely has a lot of flaws. Many fans have pointed out that Harry can be rather annoying at times, and this is often because he’s not great at thinking things through. Given all the things Harry has to deal with, it’s understandable that he doesn’t always act perfectly. And, as with any good hero, he also has his flaws.

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Here are the ten most annoying things that Harry ever did.

10 His blatant disrespect for rules

Given that Harry is the protagonist of the series, he’s going to have to break rules to get things done. He’s not an adult, so he often has to break rules to address the burden that’s on his shoulders.

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While a lot of his rule-breaking is understandable, there were many times he broke rules when he didn’t need to. He basically broke rules left and right, and he didn’t really ever think about the consequences of this or question his actions.

9 When he was a horrible date at the Yule Ball

Harry might be a good person overall, but he can be a little bit selfish at times. He can also be immature and a bit moody. When he takes Parvati Patil to the Yule Ball, he ends up spending a good deal of the date being upset with Ron since they couldn’t take the girls they wanted to the Ball.

This was just annoying to read about and is clearly an issue related to the fact that Harry is young and not very good at dealing with these kinds of situations.

8 He could be rather self-absorbed

Harry Potter definitely has an overall good heart and good intentions, but he also has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Because of this, he can often be rather self-absorbed and even a little selfish.

Usually, the people he cares about spend a lot more time taking care of him then he does taking care of them. While this is understandable because he often has to deal with things that they don’t, it could get annoying that he didn’t think about others as much as he should have.

7 The fact he treated Cho rather poorly even though she was grieving


Quite a few of Harry’s most annoying moments have to deal with when he was dating and trying to figure out love. This isn’t a grave issue because he is just a teenager, and most teenagers don’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to romance. However, he should have had more compassion for the fact that Cho was grieving Cedric’s death.

He was more annoyed that she wasn’t happy to be dating him than understanding that she was still going through the grieving process.

6 He had very little common sense

Many fans have pointed out the fact that Harry didn’t have a lot of common sense. His lack of common sense could range from small things such as not realizing when someone had a crush on him to big things like thinking that prisoners were going to be left to die in the Hogwarts lake during the second task.

The fact that he didn’t really think things through logically could be really obnoxious at times.

5 The many times he used Hermione and didn’t appreciate her

This is another example of Harry not being as helpful to the people around him as they were to him. Given that Harry was in a position to need a lot of help, this would be more understandable if he would give people more appreciation.

Hermione is someone who did a lot of things for him such as planning for the Horcrux hunt, providing a lot of knowledge and skill, and also offering emotional support. Harry should have been a bit more of a good friend to her in return, but he could be caught up in his own issues.

4 Not taking his Occlumency lessons seriously

One thing Harry did that annoyed both audiences, as well as Harry’s friends, is when he didn’t take Occlumency lessons seriously. While it’s understandable that Harry wasn’t thrilled about having to do these lessons with Snape, he should have taken them more seriously.

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It was clear they were needed to protect his mind from Voldemort and possible manipulation. But, instead, he tried to keep the connection with Voldemort which had serious consequences later on.

3 His hero complex that often led him to do dumb things

Similar to the fact that Harry didn’t have a lot of common sense, he also had quite the hero complex. This was pointed out to him many times in the series by his friends. There are many examples of this including trying to save all of the hostages during the second task of the Triwizard Tournament to trying to go save Sirius all by himself.

While he might have been trying to do the right thing, he didn’t always go about saving people in the smartest of ways.

2 When he took his emotions out on Ron and Hermione

Ron and Hermione were overall good friends to Harry. Of course, they also had their flaws and moments where they could have been better. However, Harry could be a bad friend to them at times, too.

He would often take his emotions out on them and yell at them when he was frustrated. Clearly Harry needed a lot of emotional help after all the trauma he’d been through, and sadly he never got that really from the adults around him.

1 His planning and organizational skills are awful and always leaves things to chance

One of the most annoying things about Harry is how he hardly ever planned anything out or thought things through. He could be extremely reckless and often just went on his emotions and intuition.

The list of reckless things he did included going to save Sirius alone, not preparing properly for the Triwizard Tournament, and not planning how he would find and destroy Horcruxes. He definitely could be obnoxious when he didn’t plan ahead and just charged into situations without thought.

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2020-01-28 01:01:43

Amanda Steele