Harry Potter: The Best Students In Gryffindor Ranked By Their Grades

Gryffindors are known to be the brave, the endearing, and apparently the ones who get themselves into a lot of trouble. However, judging by the core cast of the Harry Potter phenomenon, it’s abundantly clear that Gryffindors are rather intelligent as well. Ravenclaw can’t have all of the mastery and wit. Hermione is living proof of that, and if not for her and her valiant instincts, she would no doubt be in the house of Rowena Ravenclaw.

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People automatically assume that Hermione has the best grades; after all, she is the brightest witch of her age. Others are also quick to assume that Neville and Seamus are amongst the worst Gryffindor students, despite the fact that Ron and Harry adamantly refuse to do their homework time and time again. So, do you want to know who the true academic scholars of Gryffindor are? Here are the best students in Gryffindor ranked by their grades

10 Fred and George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley end up doing pretty well for themselves. They open up their Weasley‘s Wizarding Wheezes joke shop, in a prime spot in Diagon Alley no less. They are able to do this with Harry’s monetary help, but it was their own brilliant concoctions that made the shop take off.

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Despite their humorous brilliance, Fred and George weren’t really known for their grades at Hogwarts. Before abandoning their education forever, they had to take their O.W.Ls. Both of them each earn three passing grades in Herbology, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts courses.

9 Dean Thomas

Dean Thomas, one of Harry and Ron‘s closest friends and former boyfriend to Ginny Weasley, did just about the same as the Weasley twins. Dean does moderately well at Hogwarts, but like Harry and Ron, he has a knack for slacking off. But thanks to Dumbledore’s Army, Dean is able to get an O.W.L in Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration.

8 Parvati Patil

Padme and Parvati Patel are both shown as Gryffindors in the films, however, in the books, it’s only Parvati that belongs to Gryffindor house. Just like the rest of Dumbledore‘s Army, she was able to maintain stable grades and get three O.W.Ls. She received these in Transfiguration and, of course, Defense Against the Dark Arts.

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Parvati also had taken a liking to Professor Trelawney and her Divination class according to the books, and truly believed in her Sight. Which is why Parvati enthusiastically took her Divination O.W.L. and passed with flying colors.

7 Seamus Finnegan

Seamus has a knack for blowing things up, even in instances involving a simple feather. Despite being forever remembered as the kid who is better at explosions than making adequate potions, his grades weren’t all that bad.

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His initial amateur one waving skills improve over time and Seamus is able to secure a passing O.W.L during his Charms exam. He also obtains one for Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

6 Neville Longbottom

Neville may be forgetful, but he’s a pretty smart cookie. Neville begins to show his strength as both a leader and a student later in the series, despite professors like Snape continuously calling him out on his poor performance.

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In his sixth year, Neville is able to get four O.W.Ls, all passing grades. He never went on to take his N.E.W.T.S,  but he still went on to be an Auror and later, a professor of Herbology at Hogwarts. It just goes to show that you don’t need to have good grades in school in order to be successful.

5 Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is a terrible student. Time and time again, he would have Hermione help with his assignments, if not full on allowing her to do the work for him. Ron also shows pretty poor wizarding skills in his younger years, though this is owing to the fact that his first wand is a hand-me-down and isn’t fitting to him specifically. But after some practice, some discipline, and a wand of his own, Ron proves himself to be a pretty good Hogwarts student. He got seven out of twelve O.W.Ls and in his sixth year and went on to be an Auror despite slacking off during his Hogwarts days.

4 Harry Potter

Harry has proven his intelligence over various situations, despite also being somewhat of a lackluster student (and also frequently having Hermione doublecheck his schoolwork). Then again, Harry has always had his fair share of extracurricular activities; learning to fight off dementors, Occlumency classes with Snape, and hunting down Horcruxes.

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Harry has shown that he is capable of ridiculous amounts of magical talent despite his age and while always remaining in Hermione’s shadow. That being said, it’s not really a surprise that Harry receives seven passing O.W.Ls.

3 Hermione Granger

Hermione is dangerously obsessive about her grades. She even convinces his Professor McGonagall to give her a Time-Turner so that she can take two extra classes each semester. She is always reading, always educating herself, and seems to be a natural when it comes to picking up spells and charms.

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Hermione is so dedicated to her education, that even after receiving ten passing O.W.L scores in her sixth year and going on to help defeat Voldemort in her seventh, she returns to Hogwarts specifically to take her N.E.W.TS. Which, naturally, she does fantastic in. Hermione has worn a lot of hats since her Hogwarts days, but her most recent is acting Minister of Magic.

2 Percy Weasley

Percy Weasley somehow manages to obtain twelve out of twelve O.W.Ls while attending Hogwarts. It seems like an impossible feat, especially considering that even Hermione could not do this with the Time-Turner. However, Percy‘s education and career always take a front seat, pushing his social life and even his family to the back burner. Percy has always been immensely proud of his accomplishments at Hogwarts, first making Prefect, followed by becoming Head Boy of Gryffindor house, until he eventually landed multiple jobs within the Ministry of Magic.

1 Bill Weasley

Bill is a quiet and refined Weasley. Audiences get to see more of him after his wedding and during his active role in the Order of the Phoenix. Bill Weasley graduated Hogwarts well before his brother Ron arrived, but not before making a lasting impression on the house of Godric Gryffindor. Bill Weasley also earns twelve out of twelve O.W.Ls at school, which is probably why he is able to immediately start working for the Ministry as a Curse-Breaker. His job is to break curses that are on objects within the vaults. This job requires him to be overly educated in not only in Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts, but also in subjects such as Ancient Runes and History of Magic. All of which Bill receives passing grades for as a Gryffindor.

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Harry Potter: The 10 Worst Things McGonagall Has Ever Done

When Harry Potter fans think of Professor Minerva McGonagall, the thing that comes to mind is a strong-willed and fearless leader at Hogwarts. McGonagall is a no-nonsense yet empathetic adult figure in the wizarding world whose accomplishments proceed her. She is one of the most highly regarded witches in their realm and works predominantly to see that Harry and his friends succeed.

Despite her good-natured sense, there are a few things that McGonagall has done that are questionable. While the steps that she takes is undeniably done in good faith, sometimes her moves cause obstacles, either in Harry’s life directly or towards Hogwarts as a whole. Here are the 10 worst things that McGonagall has ever done.

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10 She Sends Students Into The Forbidden Forest

After Draco catches Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneaking off to visit Hagrid, he goes to Professor McGonagall to rat them out. She calls them into her office in order to reward their punishment. And, unlike normal schools, McGonagall saw it fit to send five 11-year-olds into what had been established as the Forbidden Forest to serve detention. This seems like a harsh sentence, especially by McGonagall’s standards. Then again, maybe she saw it as an opportunity for them. She is quite ferocious.

9 She Let Gilderoy Lockhart Make Decisions

Understandably, it would be hard to support Gilderoy Lockhart as a teacher and Dumbledore’s decision to hire him if McGonagall were to keep stepping on his toes. Both in the books and in the movies, it is clear that McGonagall has a certain distaste for the eccentric professor who audiences later learn to be a fraud. Despite knowing this from the beginning, McGonagall routinely allows Lockhart to make decisions. This seems like a huge oversight especially considering it always involves the students. From fixing Harry’s broken arm to egging him on about his delusions about the Chamber of Secrets, the best thing she could have done was to call him out on his lies.

8 Not Sending Students Home After The Chamber of Secrets

Although this was her initial instinct, McGonagall ended up not sending students home after the Chamber of Secrets is revealed to have been opened. Even after Dumbledore’s suspension, when she takes over as temporary Headmistress of Hogwarts, McGonagall still didn’t make the decision to send students home. Students were being Petrified left and right with no knowledge of how or why it is happening. Hogwarts is considered to be a safe place, so perhaps this is her reasoning, but, ultimately, considering the safety of the students, McGonagall should have seen it fit to send them home until the issue was resolved

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7 She Didn’t Let Harry Go To Hogsmeade

One of the most innocent, yet heart0breaking moments from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is when McGonagall doesn’t allow Harry to go to Hogsmeade. Hogwarts students can only go to Hogsmeade after their third year and with a signed permission slip. Even though she is well aware of the Dursley’s and Harry’s living situation, she holds fast to the rules.

Harry sees McGonagall as a partial parental figure, so he brings the slip to her in hopes that she can sign it for him. It’s a telling and touching gesture, yet she tells him that can’t enjoy this little getaway with his friends, since it’s the Dursley’s that need to sign his slip. It’s a tough-love moment, but it’s really sad to see after all Harry has been through.

6 She Tells Students About The Chamber of Secrets

Readers know that it was Professor Binns, the History of Magic teacher, that actually tells students about the Chamber of Secrets, but for the mass majority of people who have only seen the movie, it’s McGonagall who reveals its history. This seems like something that should not have been explained in the midst of a dire situation.

Admittedly, McGonagall is hesitant at first, but she ultimately decides to tell a class full of 12 and 13-year-olds how their lives were in jeopardy. It doesn’t seem like a smart move on her end, but this knowledge does help Harry solve the dilemma in the end.

5 She Gives Hermione A Time Turner

The Time-Turner is a very sensitive piece of magical equipment that even the most experienced witches and wizards have not been entrusted with. It seems strange that McGonagall allows a 13-year-old to use it in order to get to two extra classes. It also seems like this move is condoning an unhealthy behavior. Hermione is a bit over-the-top when it comes to her education, and while it’s an amiable quality to have, McGonagall shouldn’t have allowed Hermione to overwork herself as she did, especially when the only way to do this is by handing over an extremely powerful piece of magic.

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4 She Belittles Professor Trelawney’s Profession

Again, McGonagall is a no-nonsense kind of person, but she really should have known when to bite her tongue. She shows immense restraint when comes to the Dolores Umbridge and her overtaking of Hogwarts, but, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, McGonagall openly belittles the Divination teacher’s profession.

It’s very clear to Harry and the other students that McGonagall, who comes highly respected in the wizarding world, does not believe in or endorse her colleague’s profession. This isn’t something a teacher should admit to, especially to her students. But, as it turns out, it’s Trelawney’s prophecy that acts as the axis for the events of the wizarding world, so McGonagall may have learned to be more open-minded.

3 The Time She Challenged Aurors

During O.W.L exams, Umbridge sends a team of Aurors to evict Hagrid from Hogwarts. McGonagall, who has respect for him, goes to intervene and starts yelling at the Aurors to leave. However, the Aurors take her threat seriously, and they hit her with four stunning spells. The impact is so severe that she has to go to St. Mungo’s Hospital for treatment, leaving Umbridge to be the only professor in charge of Hogwarts.

Obviously, McGonagall couldn’t have known that the Aurors would react this way, but it seems strange that she becomes temperamental considering she’s pretty levelheaded. Had she not reacted to the situation so passionately, students would not have been left at Hogwarts defenseless against Umbridge’s terror.

2 Letting Snape Pass

This isn’t shown in the film, but in the book, McGonagall is part of the fight in the Astronomy Tower that is taking place just before Snape murders Dumbledore. McGonagall is fighting Death Eaters in the halls of Hogwarts, and while doing so, she brushes next to Snape. At the time, McGonagall presumes that Snape is on his way to help Dumbledore, not knowing what his true intentions are. Essentially, she lets Snape pass her, resulting in Dumbledore’s demise. This action haunts her for a time as it seems she puts a bit of blame on herself for Dumbledore’s fate.

1 She Encourages Students To Fight In The War

As things are coming to a head, and the catalyst for the Second Wizarding World War makes its mark, McGonagall serves on the front line. She is exactly the type of person Harry and the students of Hogwarts need to be leading the rebellion. In the book, Pansy Parkinson makes a remark telling McGonagall that perhaps they should give into Voldemort’s whims and surrender Harry.

At this point, McGonagall tells the students that anyone who doesn’t wish to fight can leave. The younger students have already made their way out through the underground tunnels into Hogsmeade, but the rest she encourages to stay and fight. This seems like a strange tactic, no matter how necessary it is at the time, to allow teenagers to put up a fight against a massive group of serial killers.

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Harry Potter: 10 Hilarious Dumbledore Logic Memes That Are Too Funny

Albus Dumbledore is not only one of the most fascinating characters in the Harry Potter universe but he will also go down in history as one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time. The headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is not only cherished because of the endless wisdom he provides, but he is also praised for his quirky charm that could put Zooey Deschanel out of business. Seriously. He sees a good pair of socks in the Mirror of Erised. He has a scar on his left knee shaped like the map of underground London. He has a friggin hair tie for his beard with cute little bells on it. It doesn’t get much more quirky than that!

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Yet sometimes even the greatest wizard of all time can slip up and make some logistical mistakes that can put others around him in serious jeopardy. Especially young children. Which is seriously problematic. I guess they don’t call him DUMBledore for nothing…

Check out our list of memes which prove Dumbledore’s messed up logic throughout the series! (We still love the old man though. He’s like our crazy grandpa with an abundance of quotes that are so powerful, we want to tattoo them on our ankles.)


Okay, let’s just be honest here- The wizarding world was extremely inconsiderate and cold towards Muggles. This is not to say that The Dursley’s weren’t awful human beings but come on Dumbledore. You could do a little more to pay your respects and condolences to Petunia. JK Rowling has even admitted Petunia’s deep love for her sister Lily and this has been proven as well in a deleted scene from the film franchise in Deathly Hallows Part 1.

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In the deleted scene, Petunia tells Harry “You didn’t just lose a mother that night in Godric’s Hollow, you know. I lost a sister.” Our hearts still break at that scene which was sadly cut from the film. It gave Petunia much more character as opposed to the two-dimensional version of her that we got throughout the entire series. Yet in Dumbledore’s eyes, there’s no time to be polite. They have to leave baby HP on the doorstep for dramatic effect.


So it turns out Dumbledore was flat out lazy when it came to hiding the sorcerer’s stone aka the most powerful stone in the world. This whole theory that Albus Dumbledore is the greatest wizard of all time is starting to feel like a total joke because in what world would a brilliant man make a trap in order to keep out The Dark Lord that would be easy enough for eleven-year-olds to get through? We get it, Hermione’s really smart and can charm her way (literally) through the traps. We get it, Ron’s really good at chess and that somehow helps them get to the stone. But really? These kids are barely even human they’re so young, and even they could do it. Try harder next time, Albus!


Are we just supposed to ignore the fact that Dumbledore is absolutely terrible at doing background checks on the professors he chooses to hire? What is up with that? If Albus Dumbledore is supposed to be the wisest wizard to ever live, wizards must be seriously “dim-witted” as Hermione would put it. First, he hires a teacher that LITERALLY HAS LORD VOLDEMORT ATTACHED TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD which puts a whole new meaning to “The back of your head is ridiculous!”.

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Then he hires an arrogant prick named Lockhart who cares more about the cleanliness of his fingernails than the safety of his students. The list of bad teachers goes on and on throughout the remainder of the books/movies (let us not forget our favorite, Professor Umbridge.) It’s honestly so problematic that Dumbledore would be this oblivious when it comes to hiring decent staff for his school. You had one job, Albus! One job!


We all know JK Rowling has been under scrutiny lately by her fans for continuously adding new and unnecessary information to the Harry Potter canon in order to make the series seem more progressive and “woke” than it actually was.

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Yet perhaps this is just Rowling wanting desperately to cling on to the series that basically defined her life for over a decade of her life. We understand that Rowling doesn’t want to let go of Potter and we never want to let go of it either, but this new information to the canon has to stop. It’s just too much and it fails to add much to the books and films we all know and love. This meme perfectly describes Rowling’s need to unleash a version of HP that was pretty different from the canon of the books.


When Albus decides to give Harry and Draco detention during their first year at Hogwarts for something minor, he thinks the best form of punishment for them is to drop the kids off in the middle of the Forbidden Forest. *FacePalm.* Most professors would simply have their kids write a 500-word essay, but you know. Everyone has their own teaching methods. We get it, Dumbledore needs Harry to go into the forbidden forest in order to strengthen him up so he can eventually fight Voldemort, but the whole situation just seems completely unfair if not downright cruel. Yeah, Draco can be a “right foul git,” but at the end of the day, he is still a kid. No one deserves that kind of punishment, especially young children.


The fact that Dumbledore pictures himself in a good pair of socks while looking into the Mirror of Erised makes us automatically wonder what kind of socks we’re talking about here. Does he mean those fun socks with quirky phrases and curse words on them that you can buy at local hipster shops? Does he mean knee-high socks? Fishnet socks?? We need to know! Yet regardless of what kind of socks Dumbledore chooses, we know he’ll pick the right pair because as Kingsley puts it Order of the Phoenix, “You can’t deny. Dumbledore’s got style.”


The magical world is a strange place. It is chock full of contradictions, especially when it comes to the subject of death. It is heavily explained in the Potter series that under no circumstances will Harry be able to see his parents again, yet on the other hand, the time turner exists so Harry and Co. are able to use it to stop Buckbeak’s demise. What’s up with Dumbledore’s priorities when it comes to “saving lives”? Sure, Buckbeak was a badass hippogriff, but wouldn’t the time turner be better off if you could go back and save human lives as well? We’re all for the justice of hippogriffs, but it makes us scratch our heads over Dumbledore’s logic here.


What if the real reason behind Harry Potter’s famous lightning bolt shaped scar was the result of Dumbledore carelessly dropping him on The Dursley’s front porch? We already know how he broke Aunt Petunia’s heart in ink when he informed her about Lily’s death, so who is to say he didn’t take more careless precautions when it came to the whole situation? Although it is highly unlikely that this scenario actually went down, it’s still pretty hilarious to imagine. Classic DUMBledore. (We still love him though.)


Let’s be totally honest here – Gryffindor was put on a serious pedestal throughout the Harry Potter series. Hufflepuffs have feelings too, you know. Even Slytherins have the occasional emotion, Dumbledore. Gryffindors at Hogwarts are like high school theater kids. Although they like to portray themselves as underdogs, a good chunk of them suffer from a serious superiority complex. Dumbledore will give 10 points to Gryffindor for every time they breathe or blink. To say that Hogwarts treats all students equally is a great big pile of rubbish!


Further proof that Dumbledore only cares about Gryffindors. What the hell, Albus? Are you just going to let all the Slytherin students get crushed by a giant troll with terrible CGI? That’s just cruel, dude. Unless the headmaster simply forgot the fact that the Slytherin dormitory resides in the dungeons, it just shows how he doesn’t consider Slytherins at all. We’re pretty sure he’d never make this mistake if the Gryffindor dormitory was in the dungeons! Never thought we’d feel this bad for Malfoy, but the moment has finally arrived.

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Harry Potter: 6 Times Hermione Was A Good Friend (& 4 Times She Wasn’t)

Hermione Granger is one of the most important characters in Harry Potter. She’s known for her fierce intelligence and deep-rooted friendship with Harry and Ron. However, making friends didn’t always come easily to Hermione. At the beginning of her Hogwarts career, Hermione is a lone wolf. Nobody makes an effort to be friends with her, but on the flip side, Hermione doesn’t put herself out there either. It’s not until a near-death experience with a troll that unites her with Harry and Ron.

Having Hermione as a friend is definitely a plus. The girl goes to great lengths to protect and defend those she holds dear. But there are times when old know-it-all Hermione can rear her head, smug sneer and dismissive comment at the ready. Hey, nobody’s perfect though. At the end of the day, Hermione is a caring person and a swell friend. Most of the time. Here is Harry Potter: 6 Times Hermione Was A Good Friend (And 4 Times She Wasn’t).

10 Good friend: Took the rap for Harry and Ron

This was really the moment the golden trio was formed. When a dangerous troll was loose in the castle, Harry and Ron were able to use magic—with Hermione’s help—to knock it unconscious. However successful they were, the boys still broke the rules by going after the troll. Hermione protects Harry and Ron by telling the professors she went looking for the troll instead.

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She didn’t have to do this. Really, this whole fiasco started because Hermione overheard Ron making fun of her and she ran to the bathroom in tears. But she recognized Harry and Ron’s bravery for risking their lives to make sure she was okay and she wanted to return the favor. In hindsight, this would go down as one of the friends’ tamest adventures.

9 Wasn’t: Ratted Harry out to McGonagall

Hermione has an unfortunate habit of thinking she knows what’s best for people better than they do. This is perfectly demonstrated when Harry receives a Firebolt—a top-of-the-line broomstick—for Christmas from an anonymous donor. Hermione believed the mystery Santa to be escaped convict Sirius Black, then thought to be extremely dangerous.

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As always, it’s sound logic—and Hermione would be delighted to learn she was right. When Harry disagrees with her hypothesis, Hermione goes behind his back to Professor McGonagall who confiscates the broom. While Hermione’s only trying to be a good friend, this should’ve been Harry’s judgment call to make. As painful as it is—and as much as we want to be proven right—sometimes it’s best to let friends make mistakes for themselves.

8 Good friend: Used her Time-Turner to save Sirius and Buckbeak

Hermione could have gotten in major trouble for this one. As in Azkaban trouble. Using a Time-Turner is not to be taken lightly. You need approval from the Ministry of Magic and must swear to only use it for its intended purpose. However, to Hermione, saving two lives is worth the risk. When Buckbeak the Hippogriff is unjustly executed and Sirius is given the Dementor’s Kiss, all hope is lost for the gang. Harry is especially distraught.

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That’s when Hermione has one of her many strokes of genius. She uses her Time-Turner, given to her to accommodate her ludicrously packed class schedule, to go back in time with Harry in order to save both Sirius and Buckbeak’s lives. Hermione has certainly come a long way from the persnickety first-year who declared she would rather be killed than expelled.

7 Wasn’t: Belittled the death of Lavender’s pet rabbit

Some people will never be friends. From the get-go, Hermione thinks that Lavender is a frivolous ninny and Lavender thinks Hermione is a stuck-up snob. That being said, the two did share a dormitory for seven years. When Lavender is distraught over the death of her beloved rabbit Binky, Hermione could have shown much more compassion than she did. Instead, she used it as an opportunity to make a case why Divination—Lavender’s favorite subject—is hooey.

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Public service announcement: when someone is inconsolable because their pet just died…console them. As logical as she was, Hermione came across as a real jerk. Being right is all well and good, but not when it comes at the cost of basic human kindness.

6 Good friend: Helped Harry get the golden egg

While Hermione is definitely guilty of being an intellectual show-off, she has been known to use her smarts to help other people. As an unwitting contestant in the Triwizard Tournament, Harry is tasked with retrieving a golden egg from a Hungarian Horntail, a particularly vicious dragon. As a strong flyer, Harry knows his best bet is to use a Summoning Charm to retrieve his broom. The problem is, Harry is lousy at Summoning Charms.

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Enter straight-A student Hermione. She helps Harry with the charm, staying up with him until two o’clock in the morning. Not only does that take being a study-buddy to the next level, it takes their friendship to one as well.

5 Wasn’t: Dismissive of Luna

Of all people, Hermione should know what it’s like to feel lonely and alienated. As Hogwarts’ resident eccentric, Luna Lovegood is constantly made fun of for her outlandish wardrobe and off-the-wall beliefs. While Hermione isn’t leading the charge in bullying Luna, she’s certainly dismissive of her.

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The thing is, it’s fine for Hermione and Luna to have different viewpoints and values, but Hermione legitimately thinks less of Luna because she doesn’t share Hermione’s rationalism. If Hermione would put her superiority complex aside, she would notice that strange as she may be, Luna is an incredibly astute social observer. If Hermione gave their friendship a chance, she might learn to take a page out of Luna’s Quibbler and have an open mind.

4 Good friend: Fooled Dolores Umbridge

Dolores Umbridge’s brief stint as Headmistress of Hogwarts was dark and disturbing. She was a medieval disciplinarian of students, as Harry finds out when forced to write lines in his own blood. But that’s positively passive compared to what happens when Umbridge catches Harry and Hermione in her office. Umbridge is about to use the Cruciatus Curse—the torture curse—on Harry, but Hermione is able to think on her feet and prevent this from happening.

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She invents a cockamamie story about a secret weapon Dumbledore has been hiding in the Forbidden Forest. Umbridge is all ears and insists on being led to the “weapon” immediately. Once in the forest, they are approached by a group of centaurs. Umbridge can’t resist hurling speciesist insults at them, to which the centaurs don’t take too kindly. In a fit of rage, they carry Umbridge off, releasing Harry and Hermione from her tyrannical clutches. Hermione doesn’t just have book-smarts; she’s got street-smarts too and is always willing to use them for her friends.

3 Wasn’t: Asked Cormac McLaggen out to make Ron jealous

Oh, love, you fickle-minded beast. Young people will become bitter enemies before daring to admit romantic feelings to each other. Hermione and Ron have had crushes on each other for years, but it takes a boatload of hurt feelings and petty schemes before they actually get together.

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In sixth year, Ron’s insecurity reaches a boiling point. Really, he’s petrified that he’s not good enough for Hermione. However, his hormonal mind tells him the best course of action is to date Lavender Brown to make Hermione jealous. It works. One might think Hermione would be the mature one, but no. She gets her revenge by inviting Ron’s rival, Cormac McLaggen, to an exclusive Christmas party Ron isn’t invited to. It just goes to show, as brilliant as Hermione is, she doesn’t have a clue about dating.

2 Good friend: Realized the power of friendship

While Hermione becomes friends with Harry and Ron after the troll incident, there’s still a bit of a disconnect between her and the boys. Their friendship isn’t fully crystallized until they go after the Philosopher’s Stone. This is the trio’s first battle and each individual proves their incredible heroism.

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When Harry has to complete the last leg of the journey alone, he and Hermione have a heart-to-heart where Hermione shares that Harry and Ron have taught her the real value of friendship. It’s a rare moment where she lets herself be vulnerable and as a result, solidifies two lifelong friendships.

1 Good friend: Risked her life to join Harry in the final battle

Everyone who joined Harry in the final fight against Voldemort is a brave soul. But Hermione, as a Muggle-born, had more to risk than anyone. Under Voldemort’s regime, he decreed that all Muggle-borns are to be exterminated. Nobody would blame Hermione for sitting this one out. But instead, she makes remarkable sacrifices. In a heartbreaking moment, she Obliviates her parents, making them forget they have a daughter in case she were to die in battle. Later on, Hermione is subjected to unspeakable torture at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. Not even Harry suffers as much as Hermione. But her presence at Harry’s side isn’t even a question. That’s just the kind of friend she is.

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Liz Hersey

10 Best Harry Potter Board Games, Ranked

For those who have been known to murmur, “Wingardium Leviosa,” in their sleep (and sometimes wake up to a floating pillow), these Harry Potter games are for you. Ranked from “pretty fun” to “out of this muggle world”, these are the best Harry Potter themed board games for your next post-Triwizard Tournament gathering.

In the words of Albus Dumbledore, “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” Don’t be afraid of a little friendly competition among pals with these special games. Crack open a butterbeer and enjoy.

10 Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition


Trivial Pursuit is a classic game for a reason – its mechanics are simple and its questions are tough. This ultimate edition of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit includes 1800 questions based on information from the movie franchise, including content from all 8 Harry Potter films.

The game includes four custom movers, shaped into the house crests of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. The question categories include magical locations, objects and artifacts, the dark arts, spells and potions, magical people and animals and magical creatures. Test out your knowledge with this game – best played with a group who knows the films, so no one gets too stumped and left behind.

9 Harry Potter Hedbanz


Hedbanz is a perfect party game for anyone aged 7 and up. 2-6 players can participate in this silly guessing game. Each player wears a headband upon which a card is placed. The card has a picture on it of something or someone under a category, like spells or creatures.

Players must ask others “yes” or “no” questions to try and determine what is on their card, collecting a chocolate frog token for a correct guess before reloading with a new card. Potion tokens mix up the game by requiring an act out, rhyme or description as a clue. The first player to collect 5 chocolate frog tokens is the winner of the night.

8 Harry Potter Clue


This is a very exciting version of the classic game of Clue. In this edition, the game board is a map of Hogwarts, and players move around the castle to try and solve the mystery of a student who has disappeared from the school. The board has a twist: it features wheels, that when turned can reveal secret passages and move the rooms.

Players can choose to take on the role of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna or Neville. The objective is to determine who attacked the missing student, what spell they used and where they did it. Players move to Dumbledore’s office when they are ready to make an accusation, looking out for the Dark Mark along the way, which players can protect themselves from using Help cards. This is one of the best-themed Clues there is and a lot of fun as a family game.

7 Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition


Pictopia is a picture trivia game, making it inclusive of any pre-literate members of your family who may want to join in the witchcraft and wizardry. The game contains 1000 questions relating to all of the Harry Potter movies, including Fantastic Beasts. The game is a low-pressure choice for trivia fans, as sometimes the group works together, while other times players operate as individuals.

It takes away from the competitiveness and adds a cooperative element. Players look at the photos on each card that is drawn, and before hearing the question, they wager based on how well they know the topics that they see, and how likely they feel they are to answer correctly. This is a great family game and a good companion to a Harry Potter movie night.

6 Harry Potter Codenames


In this version of Codenames, cards have both words and pictures on them, making the experience more appealing and attractive. The cards feature content from the Harry Potter universe, but the game mechanics make it so that players can be included who aren’t as familiar with Harry Potter knowledge.

Like in the original game, two teams compete, each with a player who gives one-word clues to hint at secret agents located in the cards. Players want to guess the correct cards for their team, while avoiding helping their opponents by accidentally guessing theirs. Both teams must avoid choosing the Death Eaters, as we all know that can’t possibly go well.

5 Harry Potter Labyrinth


Labyrinth is a strategic game that can be played by kids and adults alike. As in the original, a moving maze exists on a game board, with pathways changing on each turn as players pull and replace tiles. Players move their pieces around the labyrinth, attempting to collect treasures and block the rest of the group from getting to them first.

The treasures are representative of creatures and characters from the Harry Potter world, while the board is covered in spells. This is a challenging, mentally satisfying game and this version allows fans to collect their favorite Harry Potter heroes and villains.

4 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Game


It’s hard to argue with the fact that a game players build themselves, before playing, deserves a high spot on the list of best Harry Potter games. This LEGO set contains everything you need to build a board, replicating the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The objective is to gather objects from various classrooms, corresponding with the Hogwarts house you are playing for.

The first person to return to their common room with all of their objects is the winner. Because this board is made of LEGO, it’s fully customizable and players can make choices when building, to give themselves the upper hand and throw off their opponents. Players encounter magical obstacles along their race to the common room. This is a great game to challenge creativity and allow endless replay, as the board can be different every time.

3 Fantastic Beasts: Perilous Pursuit


This game is based on Fantastic Beasts, the newest big screen addition to the Harry Potter universe and one in which we fell in love with new characters and creatures. In this game, some beasts have escaped from Newt Scamander’s suitcase and are roaming around NYC. Players take on the roles of Newt, Tina, Jacob and Queenie.

The four must work together in this cooperative dice game, to return creatures to Newt’s suitcase before the non-magical community notices them. Players use dice to complete actions such as shielding one another, drawing cards and eventually capturing all of the creatures and getting them back where they are safely hidden away. The game art is beautiful and well within the fantastical theme of the game and film.

2 Hogwarts Battle


In this cooperative deck-building game, players work together to defend the wizarding world from the grips of evil and the Dark Lord. Players accumulate magical items, gain skills to master spells and recruit allies to help the group win the game. There are 7 adventure scenarios included in the game, each increasing in difficulty, so the narrative gets more interesting after each time you are able to beat it.

Players take on the role of a heroic character – either Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger or Neville Longbottom. Because the game is cooperative and involves the group playing a team of friends who fight forces of evil, this game is perfectly thematic for Harry Potter fans and a fun challenge that gets more tricky as players improve.

1 Magical Beasts


In this narrative, magical creatures and beasts have broken loose throughout Hogwarts and its surrounding grounds. They must be captured. Players act as Harry, Ron, Hermione or Ginny, tracking down the beasts. The objective is to travel around the board, collecting clues to eventually find and recapture a beast.

The board is fun and unique – it’s structured to swing, alternating between the interior of the Hogwarts castle and outdoors, on the grounds. Rolling a passage icon with the die causes the board to flip and transfer to its alternate location. Traveling between the two is risky, as it can cost a clue – but it might also be what it takes to win the game. Collecting four clue cards for a beast makes you the hero and winner of the game.

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Harry Potter: Who Was Worse, Voldemort or Grindelwald?

Generally, being worse at something means being poorer in performance, but that’s not always the case. When it comes to Voldemort and Grindelwald, it actually means being better…  at being evil. These two wizards are the only ones we know from the Harry Potter universe to be bona fide warlords, and their reputations for being such are immense.

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With the second Fantastic Beasts film adding more flesh to the bone that was Grindelwald’s characterization, this new information that’s come to light is worth comparing to Voldemort. So, if you were wondering which wizard was worse for the wizarding world during their period of power, here’s an in-depth look at who takes the title.

10 Reign of Power: Grindelwald

Voldemort’s reign at the top of the wizarding world really only lasted a year or so. He was making his move on the world before baby Harry thwarted him, but he was really on top –for a time– during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Grindelwald, meanwhile, not only took over the wizarding world, but did it for about two decades. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald showed the antagonist was already well on his way to beginning his conquest, and it only went up from there until 1945.  Voldemort’s time is dwarfed by Grindelwald’s; the heir of Slytherin really didn’t last very long in comparison.

9 Academic Level: Voldemort

Don’t think we’re counting being an academic as something that’s evil here. What we mean is that Voldemort made full use of his studies in his evil actions. If you haven’t noticed Voldemort’s style of combat, then go back and watch the magic he uses.

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Voldemort used Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures and even History of Magic to further his quest for power. His excellence as a student meant he exploited everything he learned from books as part of his arsenal. Grindelwald wasn’t even close to this level, as he was expelled before he could even complete his education. Voldemort, on the other hand, used his academics to make himself stronger and plan his moves.

8 Lives Taken: Grindelwald

Whenever we saw Voldemort in the present-day timeline of Harry Potter, the guy would be throwing around the Avada Kedavra curse like it was going out of fashion. He loved to take lives, but Voldemort still lags behind Grindelwald in the body count.

Grindelwald was seemingly active across the globe, not just in the United Kingdom. As a result, his victims were so wide-ranging that Viktor Krum’s grandfather in Bulgaria met his end at the hands of Grindelwald. There were many other families who experienced the same loss as Krum, but Grindelwald was acknowledged as always avoiding Britain. On the other hand, Voldemort never really took his operations outside of Britain, so his casualty count couldn’t tally more than Grindelwald.

7 Knowledge Of The Dark Arts: Voldemort

There shouldn’t be a long discussion over this. The argument should be, “Horcuxes. Nuff said”. However, we’ll still elaborate by pointing out that nobody took learning the Dark Arts further than Voldemort.

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The guy opened up the Chamber of Secrets when he was just sixteen, for crying out loud. He went as far as making seven horcruxes. The cave’s cursed goblet and Inferi were a magic even Dumbledore didn’t really know how to best, and the cursed ring was what led to his demise. Grindelwald has never shown any particular proficiency in Dark Arts knowledge, other than the experimentations with them which led to his expulsion. Other than that, we don’t know if he knew much more.

6 Leadership: Grindelwald

This should go without saying if you’ve watched Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Voldemort was devious, cunning, and an opportunist, but he could never be a proven leader. Several of his Death Eaters were Grade-A cowards, who only joined out of fear and never truly followed him.

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Grindelwald’s leadership was such that every follower he had genuinely believed in his mission. He could have them jumping into the enchanted fire – as seen at the end of the previous movie – with nary a care for their lives. His “Greater Good” message was such that remnants of it still remained by Harry’s time. Grindelwald’s leadership was a combination of smarts and charm, and he had the ability to command.

5 Skill Level: Voldemort

Although Voldemort always avoided fighting Dumbledore, there’s no denying he more than held his own during their duel. While Grindelwald lost to Dumbledore despite owning the Elder Wand, Voldemort almost beat Dumbledore multiple times during their own duel (while the headmaster was the owner of the Elder Wand).

In combat, Voldemort used transfiguration and charms to such levels that it was impossible to understand how he conjured them. Dumbledore himself admitted that Voldemort had the ability to beat him, while modestly telling Harry that he, Dumbledore, was more skilled than Grindelwald.

Grindelwald also wasn’t as resourceful as Voldemort, in and of himself.

4 Followers: Grindelwald

Of course, Grindelwald might not have been so well off on his own because he had so many followers. We’ve mentioned his leadership skills, but this point focuses on the number of people he had clinging to his word.

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By all accounts, it appears Grindelwald’s follower level was enormous; he had people holding to his beliefs all over the world. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald showed he had people stationed in several locations, and the people following him at the end of the film were only a sliver of the number he was in charge of. Voldemort just can’t claim to boast such a number. Let’s not forget his Death Eaters’ unfortunate tendency to run away when the time came for them to fight, either.

3 Magical Power Level: Voldemort

Voldemort is the first – and only, until he taught Snape – wizard or witch to show the ability to fly. The two men were also among the only ones shown to have the ability to actually control fiendfyre (or something close to it at the very least), unleashing a vast, fiery serpent at opponents during duels. With an Elder Wand that was denying him, Voldemort blew apart the entire protection over Hogwarts, formidable protective spells cast by established wizards like McGonagall and Slughorn.

Yes, the movies take certain liberties with spells that may or may not be fiendfyre (Bellatrix Lestrange’s destruction of the Burrow being another example), so that one’s a little shaky, but let’s not forget: Voldemort  beat McGonagall, Slughorn and Flitwick all at the same time without any problems.

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Grindelwald also had very potent magical powers of his own (the opening and closing scenes of Crimes of Grindelwald can attest to that), but they clearly weren’t on the enormous scale that Voldemort achieved.

2 Feared Legacy: Voldemort

Voldemort didn’t really take his operations outside of Britain, and yet people worldwide still were terrified of uttering his name. That’s quite a legacy of fear: people were afraid to merely say the name of a person who had been gone for over a decade.

Grindelwald’s legacy consisted of being the person Dumbledore defeated in a legendary duel, but hardly anyone knew he was still alive or where he was imprisoned. By the 1990s, few even knew about Grindelwald’s “Greater Good” philosophy, while children who hadn’t even been born when Voldemort had been in power cowered in fright at the mention of his name. When Krum and the rest of the overseas students came to Hogwarts, they were all aware of Harry and his role in vanquishing the feared Dark Lord.

1 Winner: Voldemort

Since Voldemort wins most of these points, he takes home the title of being the worse warlord of the wizarding world. He was more cunning, naturally talented, feared, and above all powerful, compared to Grindelwald.

Grindelwald’s reign of terror did see worldwide recognition, but as it wasn’t scary enough to be remembered years down the line, he just can’t be considered on the level of Voldemort. There’s also the matter of Grindelwald owning the Elder Wand and still losing, while if Voldemort had true possession of it, he would’ve beaten even Dumbledore and most certainly Harry (the latter required dumb luck on every occasion to best Voldemort).

All in all, if you’re going to be stuck tangling with either of these two dark wizards, the better option would be Grindelwald: Voldemort will spell your doom.

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Harry Potter: 20 Creatures Ranked From Weakest To Strongest, Officially Ranked

Harry Potter is a franchise that needs no introduction. It’s the series that introduced a whole generation to reading (for pleasure, that is, not just because they were assigned material for that school year). The series that has captured the imagination of fans of all ages.

Yes, grown-ups might have preferred to pick up the editions with the darker, edgier, grown-up covers, but it’s still the same book inside. Like a good Nintendo console, the whole for all ages thing really does apply here.

There’s just something extraordinary about the world J.K. Rowling has created. It’s contemporary and relatable, yet steeped in the Medieval image of vast castles lit by flaming torches. It’s familiar, yet completely original and unique. Rowling blends fantasy tropes of wizards, dragons and trolls with the hurly-burly of normal (or rather, Muggle) life.

Harry meets several dragons along the way and writes on parchment with a quill, but he also sits on the subway in London, attracting some funny looks from fellow commuters (because the gigantic Hagrid is with him). These days, those commuters are just staring at their cell phones and wouldn’t notice if another passenger was on fire, but otherwise, that’s the intriguing juxtaposition of Harry Potter.

This is also seen in the great variety of different magical creatures Harry encounters. There are fantasy classics like dragons, trolls, and unicorns, but there is also all manner of fascinating beasts of Rowling’s own creation.

From the humble Flobberworm to the monstrous Lethifold, let’s take a look at some of the most powerful (and most pitifully weak) magical creatures featured in the series.

20 The Flobberworm

That’s right, friends. We’re kicking this party off the right way, with the most tedious, disgusting, and slimy-leaking creature in the franchise. If there’s a Harry Potter food chain, this thing’s right there at the bottom. Heck, even a passing House Elf could threaten these things into handing over their lunch money.

The Flobberworm is an entirely uninteresting brown worm, known only for two qualities: the slime it secretes from both ends (which can be useful in potion-making) and the fact that it can actually be pretty darn big. Flobberworms can grow to around ten inches long, which is… well, that’s quite a darn powerful worm.

Other than that, there’s absolutely nothing interesting to say about them whatsoever. Don’t worry, though. Once you hit Literal Flobberworm on the boring-o-meter, the only way is up.

19 The Gnome

Gnomes may not be too much of a step up from the Flobberworm, power-wise, but we’re taking things slowly here. Don’t worry, there are some huge, slathering dragons that will crush your sad, fleshly little body into hunks of defeated spam coming up later, we promise.

If you’re familiar with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second entry in the series, you’ll know that the Weasley family have a gnome infestation in the yard of their extremely magical home, The Burrow. The gnomes of this universe aren’t the cute little guys with fishing rods and white beards that we know, but potato-y looking little creatures with big heads.

The Weasleys expel them from their yard by spinning them over their heads (to make them dizzy) then throwing them over the wall; the idea being that they won’t be able to find their way back afterward. They’re harmless enough but can deliver a tough little bite if provoked.

18 The Niffler

That’s right, friends. You’ve seen one of these little guys in action in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and you instantly fell for its adorable nature and wanted to adopt fifteen of them for yourself. Just about everybody who saw that movie did, so don’t worry about it. You’re not alone.

The thing is, though, Nifflers are more than just super-cute, mischievous little slices of adorable furriness. Their desire for anything and everything glittery can be bad, when coupled with their mole-like tendency to dig, dig, and dig some more.

If you introduce a pet Niffler to your home, you’re… well, not going to have a home for very much longer. These burrowing British beasts will wreck the place faster than a group of toddlers at a birthday party.

17 The Doxy

The Doxy is nicknamed the Biting Fairy, which probably tells you all you need to know about its malevolent intentions (and its tiny stature).

These teeny winged humanoid creatures are distinguished from fairies by their extra limbs, as well as the dark hair that covers its body. They may look about as threatening as a sleeping Flobberworm, but they boast a potent weapon: very sharp teeth that inject venom into the bitten victim.

Couple this with their tendency to lurk in dark, damp places and surprise those who come across them, and you’ve got a real menace on your hands here. In the novel Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the residents of Grimmauld Place come up against an infestation of Doxies, and it was a real battle.

16 The Bowtruckle

Some of you Potterheads may think that this is a little too high to rate the humble Bowtruckle. It’s still darn early in the rundown, but come on. These things are just stick insects, aren’t they?

Well, yes. That’s probably what most woodcutters thought, moments before their eyes were bouncing on the forest floor.

Bowtruckles are teeny little forest guardians, found in the woods of Britain, Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe. If the tree they call home is threatened, they’ll set upon the ‘attacker’ and try to gouge at their eyes with their tiny-yet-vicious clawed hands.

They’re completely docile and painfully shy most of the time, yes, but you do not want to underestimate a Bowtruckle. Oh, heck no.

15 The House Elf

If Bowtruckles are constantly underestimated and their power levels snarked on, imagine how the poor old House Elves feel. Not only do they have to make huge, lavish feasts for the residents of Hogwarts (and have you seen the kinds of school meals they serve at this place? Holy heck), but Dobby was there unclogging the Malfoys’ toilets and all of that sort of thing.

It is not easy being a House Elf. Nevertheless, you’d better not doubt that these little guys and gals have some powerful magic of their own. Once Harry freed Dobby from the Malfoys’ control, the little elf effortlessly repelled Lucius Malfoy’s attack and sent him sprawling on the floor.

House Elves can apparate where witches and wizards cannot, and are even able to carry people with them. Dobby was a formidable fighter in his own way, there’s no doubt about that.

14 The Mandrake

In the next episode of “Magical Creatures That Look Pathetic But Will Utterly Ruin You And The Life That You Live If You Cross Them,” we have the Mandrake.

Mandrakes have long been a part of folklore, an odd sort of plant-humanoid hybrid that may or may not (according to the particular story) possess a fatal cry or otherwise doom those who dig it up.

The magical Mandrake of the Harry Potter series also appears in Chamber of Secrets, being re-potted as part of a second-year Herbology lesson. These ones are seedlings, so do not have the fatal cry of mature Mandrakes, but would still knock the students unconscious for several hours if they heard it. Hence the earmuffs.

That’s a whole lot of power and a whole lot of unsettling, all wrapped up in a teensy package.

13 The Unicorn

Now we’re taking, friends. The Unicorn may not possess venomous bites, incredible strength, or sharp, furious little claws, but when it comes to powerfully magical creatures, this magnificent beast is right up there.

Folklore has attributed all kinds of qualities to Unicorns over the centuries, and the take on the animal that we see in Harry Potter borrows various elements from them. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the blood of the Unicorn is shown to have incredible powers, keeping the Voldemort/Quirrell head-thing alive but cursing him/it horribly into a bargain.

As with Centaurs, these legendary creatures are powerful in a completely different way. Fighters? Perhaps not, but they command great respect in the magical world. Leave them the heck alone and let them do their thing in peace, that’s the message here.

12 The Hippogriff

Another familiar (and brilliantly peculiar) creature from real-world folklore, the mythical Hippogriff is a creature which is half eagle and half horse.

In the world of Harry Potter, Hagrid manages to get his hands on one, names it Buckbeak, and attempts to tame it. In his defense, it’s not the most super-threatening of animals Hagrid has ever dealt with, and he does succeed in taming his beloved ‘Beaky’ to a certain extent.

Again, with Hippogriffs, it’s all about respect. Draco Malfoy was injured by Buckbeak because he wasn’t listening to Hagrid’s explanation of how to handle the beast. Sure, he totally deserved it, but it just goes to show: you won’t like Hippogriffs when they’re angry. They’re not as menacing as some of the creatures we’re about to meet, though, not by a long chalk.

11 The Troll

Next up, we’ve got one of the most popular fantasy tropes in the book. When you’re working in the fantasy genre and you need a big, brute-strength sort of beast that isn’t too big in the brain department, you call on the troll.

In the movie adaption of The Sorcerer’s Stone, the mountain troll that Hermione, Harry and Ron encounter looks totally silly. Heck, we don’t want to traumatize the children watching so early in the series, do we (save that for the Dementors in a couple of years)? Even so, it was a vast, hulking brute, and that club it’s holding would have instantly ended the entire film career of any of the trio.

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Tradition dictates that they’re rather stupid, but darn strong and very aggressive. That’s not a great combination.

10 The Werewolf

Werewolves are tough creatures to rank, in terms of power level. There are so many darn factors to consider here. For one thing, Werewolves are regular old mortal, squishy humans the majority of the time, so some of that’s going to depend on the individual.

In Harry Potter, these sorts of matters are complicated further. Remus Lupin and Fenrir Greyback are very different sorts of Werewolf. Lupin is sickly, unwilling to transform, and a lot of that is reflected in his furry form in the movie.

Greyback, meanwhile, is half-beast most of the time, not even needing the full moon to hunt.

All of these complications aside, though, the fact remains that Werewolves are almost unique in actively hunting humans as their preferred prey, which is… well, we tend to frown upon that sort of thing.

9 The Sphinx

Generally, the Harry Potter movies did a great job of encapsulating the magic of the books (especially compared to some other franchises we could mention). Compromises inevitably had to be made, though, and one of the most unfortunate was the maze from the third task of the Triwizard Tournament. In the book, there were all kinds of fascinating creatures roaming the hedge maze, which would have been just great to see on screen.

There was a darn Sphinx in there, friends. Rowling’s take on the creature is again very similar to that of folklore, depicting a cunning, brilliant being with a human head on a lion’s body. Generally speaking, it’s dangerous only when the treasure it’s guarding is threatened, or when interlopers answer its riddles incorrectly.

8 The Phoenix

We all know the story of the mythological phoenix. While it’s not a physically-imposing or powerful creature, in terms of raw strength, this bird (whose size ranges from eagle-like to ostrich-like, depending on the account you’re reading) is able to become reborn in its own flames and begin life anew. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that, when the grey hairs start showing?

Rowling’s take on the Phoenix is even more powerfully magical than the familiar beast of Greek and Roman legend. Dumbledore’s own Fawkes can carry immensely heavy loads, and its tears are able to heal almost any wound. It’s a tremendously intelligent creature, too, as it demonstrated during Harry’s battle with the basilisk in Chamber of Secrets.

Could Dumbledore have had a more beautifully symbolic pet?

7 The Kelpie

With Hogwarts castle being located up in the highlands of Scotland, it’s only right that we include a mythical beast of Scottish folklore in this rundown.

The kelpie is probably fresh in all fans’ memories, having stolen the show in a scene in the recent Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. In the series, it’s a malevolent water creature from Britain and Ireland, which takes many different forms but is most commonly seen as a horse.

Its party trick is deceiving people into riding it, then dashing into the water and consuming the rider below the surface. To defeat a kelpie, Rowling tells us, witches and wizards can put a saddle on its back using a placement charm, which will make it docile. As for us Muggles? Well… don’t ride mysterious horses with bulrushes for a mane. That’s probably best.

6 The Acromantula

Ah, yes. Here we go, friends. We’re definitely not kidding around anymore. The last crop of creatures in this list are formidable indeed. Firstly, we’ve got the one that was sure to be the worst nightmare of arachnophobes everywhere.

The Acromantula is, simply put, an enormous spider. The best-known specimen was Aragog, Hagrid’s beloved pet, which was once believed to be the monster that lived in the Chamber of Secrets (we’ll meet the real culprit in a couple of entries’ time).

Intelligent creatures capable of human speech, Acromantula are highly dangerous. Most importantly, though, we’re talking about spiders that reach legspans of fifteen feet. That’s a very firm, very definite and very final nope from us, right there.

Come on, Hagrid, what were you thinking here? Even the Blast-Ended Skrewts were more lovable.

5 The Dementor

So, yes. We’ve seen a lot of iconic creatures from mythology given a Harry Potter airing here. trolls, unicorns, hippogriffs, sphinxes, werewolves… that’s all well and good, but we’ve got to pay homage to one of Rowling’s original creations, one of the most fearsome beings in the series: the dastardly dementor.

These hideous, cloaked beings have the power to extract all happiness and all resistance from their victims. They were famously employed (if ‘employed’ is the right word) as prison guards at Azkaban, a role they performed super well until they… you know, joined Voldemort and let all their charges escape. That’s the kind of thing that takes a point or two off your TripAdvisor review.

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Nevertheless, we’ve all seen how frightening these creatures are and what they’re capable of. The Dementor’s Kiss (in which the creature consumes the victim’s very soul, leaving them empty but still alive) is one of the most horrifying concepts in the series.

4 The Hungarian Horntail

So, yes. We’ve established that Hagrid has no qualms with more exotic pets. If something like a lizard is going a little too far for you, don’t even stop by Hagrid’s place. In his time, he’s owned a dragon, a gigantic three-headed dog (which he named Fluffy), and all kinds of other abominations. How frightening does the Hungarian Horntail have to be, then, for the man himself to admit that it’s “a right [tough] piece of work?”

This dragon species hails from Hungary, of course, and is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous and aggressive dragons of all. It has a reptilian appearance, a foul demeanor, and far more spines and spikes than any creature really has any right to have. Dang.

3 The Lethifold

That’s right. A bit of a curveball, perhaps, the Lethifold is much more obscure than some of the other formidable beings this high on our list. Still, it’s believed to be related to the Dementor is some way and is every bit as imposing. Plus a dash extra. Fans in the know are fully aware of what a nightmarish creation this thing is. Remember when The Crimes of Grindelwald showed off promotional images of the above, and Lethifold-bells started going off?

The Lethifold is a rare creature that has only been sighted in the tropics. It resembles a dark, black cloak, and glides around in a similar fashion to dementors. It is most feared for its penchant for hunting humans, as well as its method of doing so: it silently glides into houses, suffocating sleeping victims and consuming them there and then, leaving nothing but an empty bed.

So, there it is. If you’re reading this shortly before going to bed, we’re very sorry. The good news is, in another similarity to dementors, the Patronus charm has proven very effective at repelling them.

2 The Basilisk

The Lethifold might be a little obscure, but even if you’ve just casually dabbled in the series, you probably recognize this great scaly menace.

That’s right. During the original incident, Aragog the Acromantula was believed to be the beast that lived within the Chamber of Secrets. As we discovered, though, it was actually a basilisk, a legendary serpent with incredible potent venom and a deadly glare.

In the movie, Ron states that the basilisk (or, rather, the skin it had recently shed) “must be 60 feet long… or more.” There’s a real discrepancy here (the book only claims that it’s “twenty feet long at least”), but still. Whichever way you slice it, this is more than enough darn snake to be getting on with. What a beast.

1 The Chimaera

Up here among the Basilisk, Hungarian Horntail, and other such mighty magical creatures, it was tough to pick a clear winner. We’re going to opt for the Chimaera, though, and if you ever came across one while taking a shortcut down a dark alley at night, you probably wouldn’t question that decision.

While creatures like the Hippogriff and Centaur are curious combinations of two different species’ characteristics, the Chimaera goes one better than that. It has the tail of a dragon, the body of a goat, and the head of a lion.

Later in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the story goes that a Chimaera is loose in the grounds of the school, which is certainly a little unsettling considering the description of the creature in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

There is only one known instance of the successful slaying of a Chimaera and the unlucky wizard concerned fell to his [demise] from his winged horse shortly afterward, exhausted by his efforts.

Hagrid, that fan of monstrous beasts everywhere, once claimed that Chimaeras would be a good, interesting topic to learn about in school. Thankfully, he never had a chance to own one.

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Chris Littlechild

10 Things JK Rowling Planned On Including In Harry Potter (But Ended Up Scrapping)

These days when people think about J.K. Rowling they often think about all of the changes she has made to Harry Potter canon after the fact. With Pottermore, the Fantastic Beasts movies, and her Twitter, Rowling just can’t stop talking about the franchise and adding and changing things about the canon. However, there were some things that Rowling almost included in the books but ended up cutting out. These moments could have changed the books significantly, but instead, they were put in the bin.

Here are 10 things that J.K. Rowling almost included in Harry Potter but didn’t.

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One major thing Rowling almost included was having Arthur Weasley die. When Arthur was attacked by Nagini in Order of the Phoenix, he almost died but ended up fully recovering. However, things could have gone very differently. Arthur was originally going to die in this book, but Rowling scrapped this idea because she was too attached to the character and felt he was the only good father figure left in the books. Instead, she killed both Lupin and Tonks at the end of the series.  Luckily, Arthur Weasley survived since he’s such a good character and great father.


Hermione’s parents aren’t really a big part of the books. She does talk about them sometimes, but they are Muggles and live a very separate life from Hermione’s. However, Hermione’s dad almost played a more important role in the books.

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When Rowling was first writing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, she had the Grangers and the Potters know each other. She had the Potters living out an on island and the Grangers go out to help them after they hear an explosion from where they lived on the mainland. Hermione’s dad was originally the one who saved Harry and brought him to the Dursley’s, but she instead gave that role to Hagrid.


Draco Malfoy is Harry’s rival and an overall bully in the books. But, he originally wasn’t the only one. Rowling almost had Theodore Nott play a bigger role in the books as another son of a Death Eater. The two would have been equals as well as rivals, and Nott was meant to be more clever than Malfoy was. However, this character was mostly cut out. This was probably for the best as dealing with Malfoy was more than enough and having two rival bullies for Harry Would have been too much.


The Weasleys are known for being a family that always gets sorted into Gryffindor. They are known for being good and brave wizards, but they almost had a distant cousin who was a Slytherin.

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Their second cousin, Mafalda Weasley, was almost included in the Goblet of Fire to be Hermione’s rival. This character was going to be used to divulge secrets about Harry during the tournament. Instead of Mafalda, Rita Skeeter was used instead, and the Weasley’s didn’t have to deal with having her around either.


While Mrs. Figg was a cat lady, and even Dolores Umbridge had a weird obsession with cats, we never see a character completely obsessed with dogs. Hagrid loved animals of all kinds, including dogs, but he was mostly focused on magical creatures. Rowling almost included a character in Goblet of Fire named Mopsy who was an old witch who loved dogs. This character was going to see Sirius in his Padfoot form and take him in to take care of him. She was taken out of the story because an editor said she didn’t really add to the plot.


Hermione and Harry are both only children, whereas Ron comes from a big family. However, Hermione wasn’t always going to be an only child. Rowling almost gave her a younger sister who was a Muggle. This could have added an interesting dynamic.

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But, it probably wouldn’t have added too much to the plot given that Hermione’s family is rarely talked about at all. Rowling ended up not including this character, but it’s interesting to think about how Hermione’s life and personality might have been slightly changed if she had been an older sister.


The last words of the books have become pretty iconic and well known. “All was well” is a phrase that all big Potter fans know, and it’s popular in art and even tattoos. However, this phrase wasn’t always going to be the last words in the books. For a long time, Rowling had said that the last word of the series would be “scar.” The change to focus more on a positive note was likely a good choice.


Dudley and Harry were never friends growing up, and Dudley was quite the bully. But, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Dudley seems to have turned over a new leaf and isn’t as mean to Harry. Rowling almost ended up giving Dudley a magical child.

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The family was going to be at King’s Cross with Harry and the rest in the epilogue. This idea was scrapped as Rowling didn’t think any wizarding genes would survive when mixed with Vernon’s DNA. Luckily, however, Harry and Dudley are still on “Christmas card” level of affection according to Rowling.


Trelawney wasn’t a very good divination teacher, although she did give those two real prophecies. Another character who was a skilled seer was cut from the books early on, however. In Sorcerer’s Stone, Rowling almost had a character named Mopsus who was blind and able to predict the future.

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Rowling cut the character because it made the plot to0 complicated. Rowling said that the character’s existence would have lowered the drama in the story and was unnecessary.


The biggest change Rowling cut from the books was Ron Weasley dying. She said that she considered having Ron die sometime in the middle of the series, but never revealed exactly when or how it would have happened. Luckily, this didn’t happen as this would have changed the books dramatically. We can’t imagine half of the series without Ron, and this would have seemed like one trauma too many for Harry to have to endure.

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Amanda Steele

Harry Potter Ride Reveals Fantastic Creature the Movies Left Out

Universal Orlando Resort revealed a first look at another creature featured in the upcoming Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. The new ride opens on June 13 at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and is described as a combination of coaster and story. The ride takes passengers deep into the Forbidden Forest and travels at more than 50 mph. The coaster will also send visitors backward at points and features twists and turns as well. Riders will also be able to choose between traveling in Hagrid’s motorbike or sidecar, just as Harry did in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Earlier this week, we got a first look at Fluffy, Hagrid’s beloved three-headed dog. He’s known for guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone in the first Harry Potter book, though readers and fans of the movie know that he doesn’t do a great job of it. In Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, he’ll be spotted in the Forbidden Forest as one of the many magical creatures riders will encounter. At over 8,000 pounds, he’ll likely be one of the more intimidating parts of the ride.

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According to Polygon, the ride will include a 8-foot-long Blast-Ended Skrewts, dangerous creatures featured in the Harry Potter novels, but not the films. Universal also showed off a Centaur, Cornish Pixies, and Devil’s Snare; all of which will be featured alongside Fluffy and the Skrewts. Check out the creatures below:

First shown in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Blast-Ended Skrewts are an illegal cross between a Fire Crab and a Manticore.  They can both sting and suck blood, making for a potent combination. Plus, as the name implies, they have a dangerous blasting end that shoots fire. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and their Care of Magical Creatures classmates are no fans of the Skrewts, though Hagrid maintains that they, like all magical creatures, are useful. The students spend most of their fourth year caring for the Skrewts, even as they grow increasingly larger and more deadly. In the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a Skrewt is placed in the maze for the final Triwizard Tournament task. However, they aren’t seen at all in the movie.

The Skrewts are one of Hagrid’s favorites of his many magical creatures, so it’s exciting that fans will finally be able to see them brought to life. Since they didn’t appear in any of the movies, there wasn’t a clear idea of what they looked like, leaving fans to come up with their own interpretations. This Blast-Ended Skrewt certainly looks capable of the destruction described in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, especially with that pointed blasting end and hard, spell-proof shell. Despite the Skrewt’s intimidating presence, fans should still be excited to see this creature finally revealed.

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Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure opens June 13 at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Source: Polygon

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Rebecca VanAcker

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Movie Updates: Will It Happen?

Fans would love to see a Harry Potter And The Cursed Child movie come together, but will a big screen version of Harry’s “final” adventure ever happen? The Harry Potter movies are based on the best-selling book series by J.K. Rowling, with the first movie being 2001’s Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone. The release of a new movie would become a major event over the next decade, with the series coming to a close with the eighth installment Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 in 2011.

Of course, the Harry Potter brand is much too popular to simply stop, so the franchise has continued in other avenues. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them from 2016 is a prequel film set over 60 years before the original Harry Potter film, which follows Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne). The second film in the series, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald, featured a younger version of Albus Dumbledore, played by Jude Law. Harry’s story also continued in stage play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, written by Jack Thorne from a story co-written by Rowling, which opened to critical acclaim in 2016.

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The play follows a grown-up Harry and his son Albus as they have to deal with some new revelations from the past. Talk of a Harry Potter And The Cursed Child movie cropped up from the moment the play was announced, but will it actually happen?

J.K. Rowling Has Ruled Out A Cursed Child Movie

J.K. Rowling has squashed talk of a Harry Potter And The Cursed Child movie anytime it comes up. To the author, not only does the story represent the final adventure of the title character but it will remain a play. She’s taken to social media numerous times an unconfirmed reports crop up suggesting Warner Bros are pursuing a new movie or potential trilogy from the play, reaffirming there are no plans, which is something the studio has also stated.

The Fantastic Beasts Franchise Is The Current Priority

The Fantastic Beasts movie franchise was originally intended to be a trilogy, but it was confirmed in late 2016 the story would span five films instead. On the movie side of the Harry Potter universe, the studio remains committed to the Fantastic Beasts storyline. That said, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald was something of a critical and box-office disappointment to the studio. The third movie is set for release in 2020, but if doesn’t perform to expectations either, the five-movie plan might be revised.

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Daniel Radcliffe Is Open To Returning As Harry Potter – Eventually

Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t closed the door on the idea of returning as Harry Potter, but he wants to focus on other projects for now. The star was only 11 when he starred in the first movie and the juggernaut the series became would span a decade of his career. Radcliffe has since branched out to different kinds of parts, from horror movie Horns to dark comedy series Miracle Workers. Harry Potter is 37 during the events of Cursed Child, so Radcliffe has a few more years to go before he’s in the right age range for a potential movie adaptation.

Realistically, a Harry Potter And The Cursed Child movie will almost certainly happen, but not for many years. Radcliffe is too young to play older Harry, the stage play is still a huge success and the Fantastic Beasts spinoff series is still going. A Cursed Child movie is a license to print money, and further spinoffs focusing on Harry’s children beyond that is also a possibility. Fans will just have to be a little patient for the project to come together.

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Padraig Cotter