Frozen 2’s Story Answers Why Elsa Has Powers & Where Their Parents Went

New details on Frozen 2‘s story confirm the film will answer why Elsa has powers and what happened to her and Anna’s parents. Disney’s animation department is responsible for one of the breakout hits of the last decade. Frozen hit theaters in the winter of 2013 and through a great group of characters and memorable songs, the movie became a sensation. The soundtrack topped music charts and propelled the movie to over $1.2 billion at the box office.

Unsurprisingly, a sequel was announced to take audiences back to Arendelle and continue the adventures of Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel). Frozen 2 is co-directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee – the new CCO of Walt Disney Animation Studios – and has been heavily promoted by Disney throughout the year. Two trailers have been released so far, each providing a bit more insight into the story, but not revealing everything.

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As part of the Disney movie panel at D23 2019, Buck and Lee took to the stage to discuss what fans can expect from Frozen 2. In addition to showing off one of the film’s new songs, they also revealed the ideas behind the story. The early conversations revolved around questions about why Elsa (and not Anna) has powers and where their parents were going when they presumably died in a shipwreck. These topics gave them a launching point for the sequel, which Buck says builds off the first movie to “tell one complete story.”

Elsa’s powers and the destination of her parents were two of the burning questions audiences were left with back in 2013. Using them as the basis for Frozen 2‘s story will not only help make the sequel feel needed but could also add more context to what happens in the first film. There have previously been theories that the reason why Elsa has powers is that her mother did too. That would make for an easy explanation, while others have theorized that she could be one of four powered princesses, with each possessing powers of a different season.

The parents have been another prolific topic of conversation with Frozen and its sequel. Previously reported plot details stated that Frozen 2 dealt with Anna and Elsa trying to find out what happened to their parents, and that has now been confirmed through these details. There is a new fall-themed location that is featured heavily throughout the marketing, so that could be where the parents were going. The bigger question could be why they were going to this new location. Anna and Elsa will likely find the answer to that as well during Frozen 2. But, these are just the story points we know of so far, and there could be a few more surprises along the way.

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Cooper Hood

Endgame Video: What If Thomas The Tank Engine Had Captain Marvel’s Powers

What if everyone’s favorite locomotive, Thomas the Tank Engine, had Captain Marvel’s powers in Avengers: Endgame? That’s a question that will be answered today. Avengers: Endgame recently concluded its second theatrical run, bringing its worldwide gross to over $2.7 billion.

Avengers: Endgame was one busy movie. During its global debut, it made over $1 billion, completely shattering the box office. It would go on to become the highest-grossing movie of all time worldwide, surpassing the record held by Avatar. There are numerous reasons why this happened, chief among them being that the film feels like a satisfying conclusion to 11 years of stories. The film also has one of the largest ensemble casts of all time. One important character is Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Although technically not appearing too much, she had two vital scenes: saving Tony Stark in space, and destroying Thanos’ ship in the final battle. Without her, the heroes would have had a more difficult time winning the day. Now, what if instead of Captain Marvel entering the climax, it’s Thomas the Tank Engine who rides in to save the day?

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With clever editing, Thomas the Tank Engine has replaced Captain Marvel’s climatic entrance in Avengers: Endgame. The train comes complete with its signature sound effect, which is nicely integrated into the music. Check out the video (via C. Robert Cargill) below.

Thomas the Tank Engine is certainly no stranger to the MCU. Thomas appeared in the climax to Ant-Man, where Scott Lang and Yellowjacket battled before the train turned life-size thanks to Pym Particles. Although Captain Marvel’s appearance was effective in Avengers: Endgame, many fans would certainly have marveled if Thomas showed up to save the day. Thanos’ reaction in the video is priceless. Now, if only someone could add in the Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser.

Hopefully Thomas the Tank Engine will make his way into the MCU again. Meanwhile, the Thomas addition isn’t the only fan edit for Avengers: Endgame. A Reddit user recently posted a video incorporating Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” theme into the famous Tony Stark snap sequence at the end of Avengers: Endgame. It actually works pretty well. Avengers: Endgame released on digital last week (the physical release comes out August 13), so now fans can experience the superhero event over and over. Of course, having watched the above video, it’s going to be hard not picturing Thomas the Tank Engine arriving in the climax.

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Star Wars: 5 Jedi Powers So Strong They Break The Lore (& 5 That Are Too Weak)

The Jedi Knights are generally agreed to be the coolest aspect of the Star Wars universe. They’re like samurais who can also move stuff with their minds. But their actual abilities are far deeper than that.

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The Jedi use something called ‘The Force’ to augment their mind and perform feats of incredible power. Or sometimes they use the force to do really stupid things that appear to provide bafflingly little actual advantage in combat. Here are some 10 examples of such force powers.

10 Strong: The Force Storm

The ability to create dark-side wormholes. Not only can these wormholes transport objects over vast distances in an instant, but they can also be used to destroy entire planet surfaces. Also once conjured, even their creator is barely able to control their path.

It takes a massive amount of power to create the force storm, which is why very few, immensely powerful force wielders like Emperor Palpatine were able to wield the power of the storm in battle.

9 Weak: Force Dizziness

Some Jedi can explode your body with a mere look. Others can cause you to simply feel dizzy and nauseous. The latter ability is not really useful for much unless you’re planning to make Darth Vader believe he’s eaten some bad shrimp before battling you.

Naturally, there’s never been much value shown for this ability in the storylines. Maybe there is a Jedi Knight somewhere who owns the world’s biggest rollercoaster which guarantees a feeling of nausea and dizziness to whoever rides it. But probably not.

8 Strong: Time Travel

Yes, time travel exists in Star Wars, and yes, its one of the abilities granted to you by the force. The ability to travel to any point in time in the past or future and interfere with the events of that timeline means you can basically do anything, ever, and completely change history to suit your whims.

This ability was taught to Jacen Solo by an order of monks who removed themselves from the light/dark dichotomy of the Jedi and the Sith. Really, there are no limits to what you can do to gain power or inflict damage with an ability like this one.

7 Weak: Tapas

The Jedi have the power to control their body heat so that they can elevate their temperatures in the coldest climates without any external aid. Now, the ability to keep you warm is a pretty useful quality in a new sweater or jacket. But there is something much less impressive about using the force to do so.

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After all, the folks who don’t have this ability are also able to survive on cold planets just fine. Furthermore, putting on a stylish coat or maybe a cape for colder climates would add some welcome variety to the Jedi uniforms.

6 Strong: Supernova

This is a power that can be used to literally rip the core of a star asunder, leading to the entire make-up of the star getting compromised and exploding into nothingness.

That’s right, you don’t need a death star if you are able to wield the power of the supernova. The conjuror of the supernova can also exert control over the core and hurl it into nearby star systems. Another one of the force powers that can very easily overwhelm the wielder.

5 Weak: Plant Surge

Jedis can make plants grow quicker. They cannot create plants out of nothingness or change the nature of the plant. But if you have a garden where the plants aren’t growing fast enough for your liking, you can call your local Jedi Knight to grow the heck out of your plants.

Think of it as the force version of Miracle-Gro. Now, we can’t help but wonder whether Vader secretly had a garden that he tended to by using the force.

4 Strong: Deadly Sight

Now for a more intimate, but no less ridiculously overpowered use of the force. Deadly sight is what happens when a force user gives someone the stink eye. At mild levels, it can cause discomfort or pain to the person on the receiving end of the gaze.

At it’s most powerful, Deadly Sight can absolutely destroy the victim, leaving nothing but a few bits and pieces of smoking enemy remains. This means a powerful enough Jedi knight doesn’t even have to be close by, holding a weapon, or even saying anything to be able to utterly destroy their target.

3 Weak: Force Smell

Exactly what the title suggests. Never try to fart in front of a Jedi and then pin the blame on the guy standing next to you, because the Jedi will focus all their force powers to determine who fouled the atmosphere moments ago.

This ability to smell really well seems more of an inconvenience than anything. Imagine the number of strange, distant planets full of unknown, unwelcome smells the Jedi visit regularly. Their super smelling ability must play havoc with their noses all the time.

2 Strong: Art Of The Small

This has the tiniest scope of all force powers; ironically, Art of the Small is also the one with the most immense ability to do damage. By focussing their force ability, a user can shrink down their spiritual presence in the force to the molecular level.

Once the user is that tiny, they can rearrange the force at the molecular level, meaning they can change the very fabric of reality. Art of the Small can be used to create completely new and unheard-of things, like when Vergere used this ability to alter her own body and gain new powers.

1 Weak: Force Bellow

Not all Jedi powers are about fighting or surviving in dangerous terrains. The force bellow is a solid ability to have if you are the leader of a particularly mutinous group or just the parent of rowdy children.

The force bellow allows you to shout loudly. Basically, Jedi should have no problem making their order heard in a busy restaurant or bar. Surely not an ability that neighbors of Jedi warriors appreciate when it’s two at night and Luke is having a heated debate with the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi in his apartment.

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How Star Wars 9 May Expand Last Jedi’s New Force Powers

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker may include a fascinating expansion of one of The Last Jedi’s new Force abilities. In Episode VIII, Rey and Kylo Ren spend a significant part of the film on opposite sides of the galaxy, so Rian Johnson had to get creative in order for the main characters to interact with each other. The solution, commonly referred to as “Force Skype,” saw the two youngsters become connected periodically throughout the movie and have conversations. This was later revealed to be part of Supreme Leader Snoke’s plan to manipulate them.

The Last Jedi showed that even though Star Wars has been around for 40 years, audiences still have much to learn about the Force. With Episode IX on the horizon, many are wondering if J.J. Abrams will showcase any new powers in the upcoming film. During the movie’s panel during Celebration Chicago, he seemed to dance around the topic, but the latest speculation is at the very least, The Rise of Skywalker includes an expansion of one of The Last Jedi’s concepts.

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According to Making Star Wars, Rey and Kylo Ren are going to partake in what’s being called “Force Flash Fights.” During their initial encounter in Episode IX, they’re reportedly linked again (similar to what Snoke did in Last Jedi), only they traverse across several different environments from the previous Star Wars movies. It’s unknown what locations would appear onscreen or even how, precisely, this concept will be executed. Screen Rant reached out to Disney for comment and will update this article accordingly.

This would work as an illustration of how powerful Rey and Kylo have grown since viewers last saw them in The Last Jedi. Since there’s reportedly a time jump between the two films, it only makes sense for their skills to evolve and on a superficial level, it has the potential to be an interesting visual unlike anything the films have shown before. A number of Last Jedi’s new Force powers proved to be divisive, but Abrams has repeatedly said he’s honoring what Johnson did in Episode IX. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see him play in the infinite sandbox of Force abilities and toy with how he can expand ideas Johnson introduced. It’d feel like an organic continuation.

Besides how this looks onscreen, the biggest question is what role “Force Flash Fights” ultimately play in the narrative. Force projections weren’t just a gimmick; they were foreshadowing for Luke’s noble self-sacrifice on Crait. Perhaps Kylo and Rey learn what they’re now capable of early on in The Rise of Skywalker, before there’s some kind of payoff at the end. With Emperor Palpatine back in the fold, Rey will likely have to stretch the limits of her capabilities in order to emerge victorious.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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Marvel’s New Avenger Has Powers of Wolverine AND Venom

Warning: SPOILERS For West Coast Avengers #10.

A powerful new superhero has been born in Marvel’s West Coast Avengers, and she just might be the strongest Avenger yet. Ramone Watts, now known as ‘Alloy,’ has bonded with a vibranium ring which she can now control–just like Venom controlling his alien symbiote.

When her brother Johnny Watts (a.k.a. Fuse) and her girlfriend America Chavez are captured and put in danger, Ramone has no choice but to give in to her seemingly genetic, mutant powers. Her mother, a former member of Black Panther’s Dora Milaje guard left the siblings some vibranium jewelry when she passed away. Johnny discovered his mutant ability to fuse his body into any material he touches years ago. Ramone has only now discovered her own… and it may be one of the best power sets in Marvel’s universe.

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To clarify, Johnny’s power allows him to mimic, or alter his body to the composition of anything he touches–one of the major reasons he wears his mother’s vibranium earrings (you never know when being made of the strongest metal on Earth might be necessary). But when Ramone first touched her mother’s vibranium ring, it bonded with her in a way that was far less gentle. As she explains to Gwenpool, “There was real power coursing through me, but it was excruciating and I wasn’t in control.” But the time has come for her to wear the ring once again.

As she puts it on this time, she is more powerful, more experienced, and more in control. Ramone risks everything in order to save her lover and her brother… and will never be the same after doing so. The vibranium–the Wakandan metal that, when reverse-engineered, produces the adamantium that coats Wolverine’s indestructible bones and claws–encases Ramone’s entire body. The metal effectively IS her new superhero costume. But if fans think an impenetrable suit of vibranium is all Alloy has going for her… think again.

The West Coast Avengers are in a bad situatio, being attacked by a hoard of vampires who believe America Chavez is their ‘chosen one.’ Ramone arrives ready to fight, with a brand new (and very permanent) bodysuit made of vibranium, she helps them take on the hoard. In the heat of battle Ramone learns that she can control this suit almost as if it were a Venom-like alien symbiote, and even forms a blade to take down one of the undead. When things aren’t looking good for the rest of the West Coast Avengers, she unleashes her full power in a moment that would make Venom and Carnage proud.

Growing giant vibranium spikes out of her body to take down the rest of the hoard, Ramone answers the question of who is actually cooler: Venom or Wolverine? The answer is a hero with both of their strongest abilities, rolled into one. After saving the team, her brother tasks her with choosing a hero name, and she goes with Alloy.

This new Avenger is easily one of the most powerful we have ever seen. Just imagine if Wolverine could use his metal like a symobiote? But with West Coast Avengers ending, this might be the last we see of Alloy. That would certainly feel like a missed opportunity for Marvel though, wouldn’t it? So keep an eye out on future comics to see where these Avengers pop up, and we just might get another glimpse of Alloy – or better yet, a full series featuring her.

West Coast Avengers #10 is on sale now from Marvel online, and at your local comic shop.

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Theory: Stormbreaker Isn’t To Kill Thanos, It Gives Thor His Powers Back

Avengers: Infinity War depicted Thor (Chris Hemsworth) using Stormbreaker to (almost) best Thanos (Josh Brolin) in their rematch; but the powerful ax might have another purpose beyond defeating the Mad Titan.

The hammer Mjolnir has been a key part of Thor’s iconography ever since his beginnings in Norse mythology. But whilst Marvel’s comics – and the Marvel Cinematic Universe – have long reflected this attachment, the God of Thunder has not always wielded this famous hammer. In Marvel’s ever-growing canon, other characters like Beta Ray Bill have wielded Mjolnir, and Thor has used alternative armaments from time to time. In this way, Infinity War mimicked Thor’s swapping of weaponry in his comics through the debut of Stormbreaker.

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Having lost his beloved hammer in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor sought a new weapon to enact his vengeance against Thanos in Infinity War. Indeed, his efforts to acquire Stormbreaker were immediately justified by its subsequent performance. With the new ax in hand, Thor almost single-handedly decimated Thanos’ forces in the Battle of Wakanda and, in the movie’s most pivotal scenes, came closest to killing Thanos himself. Though Stormbreaker has already proved popular with fans, some critics felt that the presence of the blade undermined Thor’s wider character arc. Yet rather than hampering Thor’s story, Stormbreaker may be correcting it by returning abilities that he had lost.

  • This Page: Mjolnir & Stormbreaker’s Roles in the MCU
  • Page 2: Ragnarok Explains How Thor’s Powers Actually Work

As is the case with many of Asgard’s famous weapons, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker were created by the dwarf king Eitri (Peter Dinklage) in the realm of Nidavellir. Though the MCU never specifies what Asgardian armaments are made of, they are likely made out the same fictional element as the comics: Uru, a massively resilient metal that both absorbs and manipulates magical energy.

Since its first appearance in the MCU, Mjolnir has exemplified these qualities. The hammer seemingly served as the source of Thor’s lightning powers (more on that later) and allowed him to fly at great speed. Certainly, it proved to be a formidable asset in all of Thor’s appearances, when its power waylaid huge swathes of Ice Giant, Chitauri, Dark Elf armies, and more. Mjolnir’s enchantment of worthiness also benefited Thor, since it meant that few other beings could wield or move it. Certainly, the fact that the Vision (Paul Bettany) was able to lift the hammer meant that Thor and his teammates could immediately recognize the purity of synthezoid’s heart in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But two years later, Thor confronted Hela (Cate Blanchett) the Goddess of Death in Thor: Ragnarok where, in their first encounter, she promptly destroyed the hammer with her bare hands.

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Though Thor eventually bested Hela without his hammer, he was soundly beaten by Thanos within the first few minutes of Infinity War. After being rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor asserts that he needs a new weapon, and he travels with Rocket and Groot to procure one. They encounter Eitri – the last of his people to survive Thanos’ wrath – and together they forge the “King’s weapon” Stormbreaker. This new ax is supposedly the most powerful in Asgard’s history. It not only summons the Bifrost, it also negates the combined power of the Infinity Stones.

Prior to Stormbreaker’s debut, the loss of Mjolnir was a fitting development for Thor. As the MCU has expanded, Thor had become more knowledgeable about his realm’s dark past, and attempted to become a better, more responsible ruler. As such, the acquisition of Stormbreaker was viewed as being contrary to these plot points. Indeed, Thor’s journey to Nidavellir has been perceived as Marvel simply wanting the God of Thunder to have a weapon again, or else giving him something to do in Infinity War’s extended run-time. However, whilst Stormbreaker may be those things, a key detail in Thor: Ragnarok suggests that Thor’s ax fulfills an in-world necessity.

Page 2 of 2: Ragnarok Explains How Thor’s Powers Actually Work

As mentioned earlier, Mjolnir initially appeared to be the source of Thor’s lightning powers in the MCU. This certainly seemed to be the case in his first solo movie since. When Thor was stripped of his abilities and banished to Earth, Mjolnir is a crucial component in facilitating their return. However, later installments proved that this was not the case.

After Mjolnir is destroyed early in Ragnarok, Thor confusedly realizes that he is still able to generate and manipulate electricity, which he notably unleashes against the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) in the Grandmaster’s (Jeff Goldblum) arena. In a later vision, Odin confirms that the lightning never originated from Mjolnir: the hammer merely helped Thor channel and focus the potential within him. Odin’s affirmation in Thor: Ragnarok ensures that Thor’s arc is completed, and he recognizes his strength not just as a good man, but as a powerful warrior in his own right. But viewers have overlooked another crucial piece of information that the movie unveils about Thor: that his abilities are tied to the existence of Asgard.

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Certainly, before his escape from the Grandmaster’s palace, Thor attempts to persuade Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) to join him in his quest. As she refuses, Valkyrie recounts her tragic past, and in doing so she notes that Hela and Thor’s powers originate from the realm of Asgard itself. Indeed, when Hela returned to her home earlier in the movie, the Goddess of Death immediately regenerates and is strengthened because of her proximity to Asgard’s energy.

After the Revengers begin their attack, they soon realize that Hela can only be stopped if Asgard is destroyed. Such an act would remove the source of her gifts, thus rendering her powerless. We never see what effect Ragnarok has on Hela – because she is apparently killed in combat with Surtur – but it stands to reason that if the fall of Asgard would have removed Hela’s powers, it would do the same for Thor as well. And that’s where Stormbreaker comes in.

While Avengers: Infinity War does not explicitly state that Thor lost his powers in Ragnarok, there is substantial evidence within both movies that he has. Firstly, between Asgard’s destruction in Thor: Ragnarok to Thor’s acquisition of Stormbreaker in Avengers: Infinity War, the character uses none of his trademark lightning abilities. Of course, this is partly because Thor and Thanos’ first confrontation aboard the Asgardian refugee ship occurs before the movie starts. Even so, it is somewhat strange that Thanos was able to beat Thor so thoroughly, given how ruinous the God of Thunder has proven to be against his previous foes. Naturally, this suggests that Thor is unable to inflict the same kind of damage that he has done so in the past.

Furthermore, Avengers: Infinity War establishes that latent Asgardian power can be accessed through their surviving weaponry. During the movie’s opening scenes, Heimdall (Idris Elba) wields the broken sword Hofund and swiftly transports the Hulk to Earth – despite the fact that the Bifrost Bridge itself no longer exists. Moreover, Stormbreaker later demonstrates the same capabilities as Hofund, when it opens a portal for Thor and his friends to travel to Wakanda in one of Avengers: Infinity War’s most exultant moments.

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As such, it stands to reason that Stormbreaker can access other forms of Asgard’s magic, especially since Eitri fashioned it for a ruler of the Realm Eternal. Indeed, Stormbreaker rapidly revives Thor after he took the full force of the neutron star’s power to forge the weapon. This bears a striking resemblance to the way that Hela healed herself in Ragnarok when she was subject to Asgard’s energies. In short, Thor’s unique mastery over lightning comes from within, yet he needs Stormbreaker to directly access Asgardian magic and thus unlock his full range of powers.

This not only explains why Thor needed the ax so badly in AvengersInfinity War, it also sets up intriguing possibilities for Avengers: Endgame. Thors destructive potential had visibly increased when he wielded Stormbreaker in the Battle of Wakanda. One can only wonder what other feats Stormbreaker allows the God of Thunder to perform, and what this dependence on his ax might mean for his future appearances – provided he survives another showdown with Thanos that is.

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10 Powers Captain Marvel Can Use To Defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is almost upon us. We’ll finally see Captain Marvel answer Nick Fury’s call and join Earth’s mightiest heroes in doing “whatever it takes” to destroy Thanos and save everybody who was turned to dust at the end of Infinity War.

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The post-credits tease with Fury’s pager, paired with another post-credits tease in Captain Marvel’s recent solo movie, seem to suggest that a lot of Endgame will revolve around Carol Danvers battling Thanos. According to the comics, there are plenty of ways Carol will be able to defeat the Mad Titan, so here are 10 Powers Captain Marvel Can Use To Defeat Thanos.

10 Photon blasts

When Thor launched his Stormbreaker axe at Thanos towards the end of Infinity War and badly wounded his shoulder, Thanos told him that if he’d aimed for his head, he would’ve killed him. This suggests that enough impact to the head will be enough to defeat him. As we saw from Captain Marvel’s climactic battle, as the title character opened a can of whoop-ass on Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg, her photon blasts are very powerful.

Maybe all she’ll have to do is hit Thanos in the head with a bunch of them and he’ll be eliminated. In fact, she might defeat Thanos in the first ten minutes of the movie with something simple like this, so the Russos can establish for the audience – and the other Avengers – just how powerful she is.

9 Flight

Remember in Star Wars: The Last Jedi when Vice Admiral Holdo flew a ship at lightspeed into the First Order’s fleet to destroy some of their ships? Well, Captain Marvel might be able to do more or less the same thing to defeat Thanos. Carol Danvers is not only able to fly; she’s able to fly at around six times the speed of sound.

If she flew at that speed directly into Thanos, she might be able to plow right through him. It would be a little gory for the MCU, but with some creative editing, the Russos could still get around the PG-13 restrictions.

8 The Cosmic Cube

The Cosmic Cube (a.k.a. the Tesseract) was a huge part of the plot of Captain Marvel, and that was probably for a reason. In the comics, Thanos described the Cosmic Cube as “the only object that can challenge my Infinity Gauntlet.” The great thing about these MacGuffins is that when the comics dictate that something is extremely powerful, there’s something else in the comics that’s just as powerful, if not more powerful.

The Captain Marvel character’s whole origin story was altered to involve the Cosmic Cube in her solo movie, conveniently released two months before Endgame. This suggests that the Cosmic Cube and its power the key to Captain Marvel defeating Thanos.

7 Time travel

The leading fan theory is that Avengers: Endgame’s plot will heavily involve time travel. Samuel L. Jackson confused fans recently when he said that Captain Marvel is “one of the few people in the Marvel universe that can time travel.” Captain Marvel has a lot of powers, but as far as the comics are concerned, time travel isn’t one of them – at least not in the traditional sense.

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However, her immunity to almost all conditions (including the depths of outer space) mean that she’ll probably be able to enter the Quantum Realm with Ant-Man (and the rest of the Avengers, with their neat new suits) and time-travel that way. Jackson has since retracted his comments, but that could be a ruse.

6 Military strategy

Okay, this isn’t necessarily a superpower, but it is one of Carol Danvers’ abilities. It’s highly likely that Captain Marvel won’t be powerful enough to defeat Thanos on her own. As a character, she’s stronger than him, but with the Infinity Gauntlet and a complete collection of Infinity Stones, Thanos has the ability to control the fabric of reality, the fate of humanity, and the space-time continuum with the snap of his fingers.

So, Captain Marvel alone might not be able to defeat him. It will involve teamwork by all the Avengers, led by impeccable military strategy. We could see our two captains – Marvel and America – team up on the plan, drawing on their shared military experience.

5 Taking the form of Binary

In the comics, Carol Danvers can take on a form known as Binary. This allows her to access white holes and siphon the incredible amounts of power from them. White holes are essentially the opposite of black holes. A white hole is the exit point where a singularity is able to dip out of this universe.

Every Infinity Stone (including the mysterious missing one, the Ego Stone, which a lot of fans have been speculating about) comes from a gravitational singularity. Carol’s access to white holes give her as much power as the Infinity Stones, yet also the polar opposite of that power, making it a strong candidate – at least in terms of story and drama – for her journey to defeat Thanos.

4 Seventh sense

If you caught Jordan Peele’s Us in the past couple of weeks, you’ll remember (SPOILER ALERT!) the climactic ballet sequence in which Adelaide tries to kill Red and Red deftly avoids every swing Adelaide takes at her, because they’re “tethered” to one another and she can see every move coming.

Captain Marvel will be able to do more or less the same thing with Thanos. She has a “seventh sense,” which allows her to see things coming before they happen. That will allow her to remain one step ahead of the Mad Titan in any potential hand-to-hand combat the two engage in.

3 The M’Kraan Crystal

Thanos managed to conquer the universe using a powerful MacGuffin, the Infinity Gauntlet. But maybe Captain Marvel can fight him with her own powerful MacGuffin, the M’Kraan Crystal. The M’Kraan Crystal holds a massive amount of energy (energy that Carol can absorb and project) and is also the key to unlocking alternate universes.

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This is what makes the M’Kraan Crystal more powerful than the Gauntlet – there’s a Gauntlet in every alternate universe, whereas there’s only one M’Kraan Crystal and it can be used to get to all those others. We haven’t yet seen the M’Kraan Crystal in the MCU, but then we also haven’t seen Captain Marvel for the past twenty or so years of story and she’s been in outer space the whole time, so she could’ve picked it up along the way.

2 Energy absorption

In Captain Marvel, we saw that one of Carol’s greatest powers is energy absorption. She has the ability to absorb energy from any source and use it against her enemies. In Infinity War, no Avenger was able to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos’ hand, despite their best efforts, but maybe with Carol Danvers on their side, they won’t have to.

She might be able to absorb all the energy from the Infinity Stones without actually having to remove the Gauntlet and wear it, making her just as powerful – and with the same powers – as Thanos. The hero and villain of this movie would finally be on a level playing field.

1 Strength

One of Carol Danvers’ main powers is simply superhuman strength. But that’s vague. A ton of people have superhuman strength, and the degree of that strength varies. Captain America has superhuman strength and Thanos has superhuman strength and the former couldn’t beat the latter with his strength. Superhuman strength is a wide spectrum in the MCU.

Captain Marvel could only defeat Thanos with her strength if she was stronger than him. But thankfully, it seems like she is, at least in the MCU. This was confirmed when producer Kevin Feige said, “She is as powerful a character as we’ve ever put in a movie. Her powers are off the charts, and when she’s introduced, she will be by far the strongest character we’ve ever had.” We’ve “had” Thanos before, so Feige is saying, in not so many words, that Captain Marvel is stronger than Thanos.

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Who Is Cheetah? Wonder Woman 1984 Villain Origin & Powers Explained

Who is The Cheetah – the long-time Wonder Woman enemy primed to be the chief villain of the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984? Despite being Wonder Woman’s most famous enemy from the comics in popular culture, the origins of this classic character are considerably less well-known than those of many Batman or Superman foes. This may be due to three women fighting Diana of Themyscira using the Cheetah name and her backstory and powers being changed several times over the years.

The first Cheetah was a wealthy socialite named Priscilla Rich, who had no superpowers and was urged by her evil split personality to commit crimes in a cheetah-skin suit. Her niece, Deborah Domaine, became the second Cheetah after she was brainwashed into assuming her aunt’s identity by the terrorist organization Kobra. Both of these versions of Cheetah (who were basically Catwoman in a different costume) were retired following Crisis on Infinite Earths in favor of a new Cheetah who could more evenly stand against the divinely-empowered Diana of Themyscira.

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With Wonder Woman 1984 set to be one of the biggest releases of the summer movie season of 2020 and comedian Kristin Wiig cast as Cheetah, it’s time to take a deeper look at Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva and how can she possibly be a match for Wonder Woman.

  • This Page: Cheetah’s Origin & Powers
  • Page 2: Kristen Wiig Cheetah In Wonder Woman 1984

Cheetah’s Origin In Wonder Woman Comics

The current incarnation of Cheetah in the Wonder Woman comics is a woman named Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva. Like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Dr. Minerva was a British archaeologist and heir to a vast fortune, with an affinity for seeking out artifacts that others said were purely legendary. Unlike the more famous Ms. Croft, Dr. Minerva did not have a good relationship with her father and she had no ethical limits as to what she would do to acquire the fortune and glory she longed for.

This greed drove Dr. Minerva to lead an expedition to Africa in search of a lost tribe, who was said to have a mystic female guardian who possessed the powers of the cheetah spirit. This guardian was later revealed to be the bride of Urzkartaga, an ancient plant god. While Dr. Minerva successfully found the tribe and confirmed the legends of the guardian’s existence, her expedition had been followed by bandits seeking plunder, who began killing both the tribe and Dr. Minerva’s crew.

Desperate to do anything that might save her life, Dr. Minerva agreed to undergo the ritual to become the new guardian after the tribe’s high priest told her that she would have immortality as Urzkartaga’s bride. Unfortunately, Urzkartaga was a jealous god and refused to accept any woman who had known the touch of another man as a bride. This left Dr. Minerva cursed, possessing a totemic bond to the power of the cheetah as well as an incurable blood-lust when she was in her bestial form and crippling physical pain when she appeared human. Her rivalry with Wonder Woman was born after she first encountered Diana of Themyscira and began to covet the magical Lasso of Truth that she possessed.

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This background was changed slightly in the 2016 Wonder Woman: Year One storyline by longtime Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka. Here, Dr. Minerva was presented as a more sympathetic figure – a talented archaeologist determined to prove the existence of the Amazons, who was hired by the American government to act as Diana’s translator and tutor when she first came to Man’s World. The two women became good friends, with Dr. Minerva teaching Diana about the modern world and modern languages while learning all she could from Diana about her people and their culture.

Unfortunately, their friendship would fall apart after Dr. Minerva began seeking out evidence of other demigods like Diana in the hopes of finding a cure for the ailment that required her to walk with a cane. Financed by the sinister CEO Veronica Cale, Dr. Minerva was set up to become the Cheetah as part of one of Cale’s own evil schemes. When Dr. Minerva discovered her intended fate, she tried to signal Diana for help using a special signaling device she had been given by Wonder Woman, which had been deactivated by Cale’s allies. This caused Dr. Minerva to hate Diana, whom she blamed for abandoning her and bringing about her transformation into the cannibalistic Cheetah.

Cheetah’s Powers In Wonder Woman Comics

Dr. Minerva’s bond to the cheetah spirit through Urzkartaga enhanced her body in several respects. As her name suggests, her chief asset in her beast-form is the proportionate speed, dexterity and agility of the fastest land animal on Earth. While Dr. Minerva’s top speed in the comics has varied wildly, she is easily one of the fastest people on Earth who does not possess a connection to The Flash’s Speed Force. She also possesses a certain degree of super-strength, super-endurance and invulnerability, making her capable of going toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman in a one-on-one fight.

The connection to the cheetah spirit also gives Dr. Minerva a number of passive powers. She possesses the enhanced senses of a large cat, including perfect night vision, sharp hearing and a sense of smell that lets her track her prey by scent as well as supernaturally sharp claws and fangs capable of cutting even Superman’s invulnerable skin. She also briefly had the ability to grant a measure of her power to those she bit, transforming them into half-cheetah hybrids under her control.

Page 2 of 2: Kristen Wiig Cheetah In Wonder Woman 1984

Kristen Wiig Plays Cheetah In Wonder Woman 1984

Many fans were skeptical when it was announced that Kristen Wiig had been cast in the role of Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, beating out rumored actresses with more experience in action roles like Sarah Paulson and Charlize Theron. Certainly, Wiig, best known for her work on Saturday Night Live and the movie Bridesmaids, is seen as more of a comedian than a serious actress. Yet she has also won critical acclaim and award nominations for her work in more dramatic works such as The Skeleton Twins and Welcome To Me.

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Keeping the modern interpretation of Dr. Minerva in mind explains precisely why Wiig is a perfect choice for the role. Before becoming the Cheetah, Minerva is far from a physical powerhouse and indeed requires a cane to walk. Given that bringing Cheetah to life accurately will require some degree of CGI trickery, the actor’s physicality doesn’t matter that much. What is important is that the film will probably explore the friendship between Diana and Dr. Minerva before her tragic transformation, and Wiig certainly has experience playing roles that delve into the strange friendships forged between radically different women.

Cheetah’s Role In Wonder Woman 1984

It is known that Cheetah’s background in Wonder Woman 1984 will borrow from the most recent retelling in Wonder Woman: Year One. However, it seems that something of the more sinister Dr. Minerva from the original post-Crisis comics will be in play as well. One report claims that the movie will start out with Diana and Barbara as friends and that while Dr. Minerva tries to emulate Wonder Woman, she eventually plots to usurp the power and position of her friend by acquiring the Cheetah’s powers.

The first photos of Dr. Minerva in Wonder Woman 1984 show her standing in an exhibit of African artifacts, lending credence to the theory that the origin from the Rebirth Wonder Woman series is being used. This also jibes with director Patty Jenkins’ early comments on how the movie would be a love story. It seems, however, that this love will be the sisterhood between Diana and her fallen friend rather than the romantic love she shared with Steve Trevor in the first movie.

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Shazam’s Origin Story, Powers & Movie Changes Explained

Shazam! introduces the DC Extended Universe’s newest superhero, but what are his powers and how does his origin story compare to the comics? Created by writer Bill Parker and artist C.C. Beck, the character now known as Shazam debuted in Fawcett Comics’ Whiz Comics #2 in February 1940. His creation was inspired by the success of DC Comics’ Superman but in his 1940s heyday, the red-clad superhero originally known as Captain Marvel was more popular and outsold the comics starring the Man of Steel.

Shazam is a pure wish fulfillment character. His hook is that a young boy named Billy Batson can simply say a magic word – “SHAZAM!” – and he is transformed by a magic bolt of lightning into the World’s Mightest Mortal, who possesses the combined powers of six mythical gods and heroes. Unlike characters like Superman and Batman, who were adults at the peak of their abilities, Shazam enabled the power fantasy of children to magically become heroes themselves. Shazam also fights evil alongside the Shazam Family (formerly known as the Marvel Family), where his Billy’s sister Mary and his friends like Freddy Freeman also could transform into heroes with similar powers and became his teammates, which broadened the character’s appeal.

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Shazam’s publishing history is complicated. A long legal dispute with DC led to the character’s cancellation and the bankruptcy of Fawcett Comics. As the rights to Shazam/Captain Marvel languished, rival publisher Marvel Comics assumed the copyright and created their own character in the 1960s named Captain Marvel – which eventually led to the Marvel Studios blockbuster feature film Captain Marvel. In the 1970s, DC began publishing comics about the original Captain Marvel under the title Shazam. For decades, both Marvel and DC claimed a hero named Captain Marvel until DC permanently renamed their hero Shazam in 2012.

But now that the World’s Mightest Mortal is starring in his own feature film directed by David F. Sandberg (Lights Out), here’s what you need to know about how the movie changes his comic book origins, and what Shazam’s superpowers are:

  • This Page: Shazam’s Comic Book Origin And Movie Changes
  • Page 2: Shazam’s Powers Explained

Billy Batson’s Origin Story As Shazam In The Comics

The basic details in Whiz Comics #2 of how Billy Batson gained superpowers and became a champion for good have remained intact for almost 80 years. Billy, a 12-year-old orphan, is lured into an abandoned subway station where a magical subway car transported him to the Rock of Eternity, the magical lair of an ancient wizard named Shazam. By speaking Shazam’s name, a bolt of magic lightning transformed Billy into Captain Marvel, a superpowered adult in a red suit, yellow boots, and a white and gold cape, with a lightning symbol on his chest. Captain Marvel was charged with a mission to fight as a champion for good by the wizard, who promptly died (but eventually returned). Whiz Comics #2 also introduced Captain Marvel’s evil arch-enemy Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, who will also oppose Billy in the Shazam! feature film, where he will be played by Mark Strong.

One of the aspects of Captain Marvel that made him unique was that he was no lone caped crusader – he soon spawned an entire family of similarly attired and powered heroes, the Marvel Family, which included his sister Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., Uncle Marvel, etc. Billy’s origin story would also receive a few tweaks a few decades later: the 1987 miniseries Shazam! The New Beginning turned Dr. Sivana into his uncle and the 1994 Power of Shazam! graphic novel introduced Billy’s dead archeologist parents. Both of these soft reboots tied Shazam’s need for Billy to become a superhero to the emergence of Black Adam, the wizard’s original champion who turned evil. Dwayne Johnson was cast as Black Adam in the DCEU years ago and he is still expected to headline his own film starring the “Anti-Hero” before someday meeting Shazam in a movie.

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In 2012, Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank rebooted Shazam for DC Comics’ New 52 era: Billy is now a troubled 15-year-old full of attitude who comes to live in a group home in Philadelphia. When Dr. Sivana unleashes Black Adam, the ancient Wizard Shazam begins abducting people to find someone “pure of heart” who could be his champion. Shazam finds Billy by also bringing him via magical subway car to the Rock of Eternity, but the orphan convinces the wizard that perfectly good people don’t really exist. Desperate, Shazam decides the potential to be good is enough and gives Billy his powers, transforming him into the magical superhero now called Shazam, before the wizard died.

Billy quickly confides his new alter ego to Freddy Freeman, his roommate in the group home, and they exploit the benefits of Billy being in an adult superhero’s body before Black Adam attacks Shazam. The superhero not only had to battle Black Adam but also the Seven Deadly Sins, which Adam had unleashed on Philadelphia. Shazam did so by bestowing his powers on the other children in his group home – Freddy, Mary Bromfield, Pedro Peña, Eugene Choi, and Darla Dudley – turning them into the Shazam Family.

Shazam’s Origin Story In The Movie

The Shazam! movie closely follows the origin established by Johns and Frank’s New 52 comics: Billy Batson (Asher Angel) is a 15-year-old orphan in Philadelphia who comes to live in a group home run by Victor (Cooper Andrews) and Rosa Vazquez (Marta Milans). Also living in the home are foster kids Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer), who becomes Billy’s roommate, Mary Bromfield (Grace Fulton), Pedro Peña (Jovan Armand), Eugene Choi (Ian Chen), and Darla Dudley (Faithe Herman).

Billy is rebellious and plots to run away from the home, but after he saves Freddy from school bullies, Billy runs into the subway where he’s magically transported to the Rock of Eternity – the source of all magic in the world. There, the ancient Wizard Shazam (Djimon Hounsou), who is the last of the seven members of the Council of Wizards and is seeking a champion to pass his powers to, has chosen Billy to be his champion and say his name. Despite Billy mocking the name “Shazam”, the boy is transformed into the adult superhero version of himself played by Zachary Levi. Shazam’s mission is to battle Thaddeus Sivana, who unleashes the Seven Deadly Sins upon the world (the statues that once contained the evil sins in the Rock of Eternity are seen smashed in the trailer when Shazam recruits Billy).

In the original Fawcett comics, Captain Marvel actually switches places with Billy Batson after transformation and is a different person. The British comics series Marvelman, a.k.a. Miracleman in the United States, written by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman explored this body-switching concept in disturbing detail. However, in the 1980s, DC Comics Captain Marvel/Shazam was rebooted to be Billy Batson in his perfect adult body. The Shazam! movie also follows suit so that Zachary Levi’s superhero is the idealized adult version of Asher Angel’s Billy, with a nod to the classic Tom Hanks film Big.

Page 2 of 2: Shazam’s Powers Explained

Shazam’s Powers Explained

Shazam’s awesome superpowers are magical in nature and he accesses them by saying the name “Shazam!”, which transforms Billy Batson into his adult alter ego via mystical lightning. Shazam’s powers are derived from six “immortal elders” who also lend the first initials of their names to the anagram “SHAZAM”. Although his abilities bear many similarities to Superman, as they are both super strong, super fast, and able to fly, Shazam has several powers the Man of Steel lacks:

  • Solomon grants Shazam his wisdom. In the comics, the wisdom of Solomon gives Billy access to scholarly knowledge as well as the ability to translate foreign languages and other benefits of mental acuity. Shazam can also use Solomon’s wisdom to hypnotize people. It remains to be seen how much of Solomon’s wisdom Billy will utilize in the film – but he certainly realizes that with his adult body, he’s able to buy beer.
  • Hercules grants Shazam his sheer physical strength. In the comics, Shazam is known as the World’s Mightiest Mortal and his strength is on a par with Superman’s. In the film, we know Shazam is strong enough to catch a falling bus but it’s very likely his might far exceeds even that impressive feat.
  • Atlas grants Shazam his stamina. Shazam is impervious to most forms of physical injury and possesses superhuman endurance. The Shazam! trailer clearly establishes that bullets bounce off of him the same way they do Superman.
  • Zeus grants Shazam his power, specifically the power of lightning. Shazam is a magical superhero and can summon the mystical lightning of the king of the Greek gods as an offensive weapon (or to charge people’s cell phones). He can use the lightning to transform back and forth from Billy Batson and in the comics, he can also transfer his power to others using Zeus’ lightning.
  • Achilles grants Shazam his courage in battle as well as his fighting skills. Shazam faces monsters and magical menaces without fear, although in the film, Shazam is also really a 15-year-old boy and he has to overcome his fears to access the courage of Achilles.
  • Mercury grants Shazam his speed and the ability to fly. Shazam can move at superhuman speeds both on foot and flying through the air. In the comics, Shazam can fly at the speed of light; it remains to be seen how fast the movie’s Shazam can fly (and whether Superman will need to race him someday like he did the Flash in Justice League).

However, Shazam is much more than a magical version of Superman and, in the comics, he has performed many other amazing feats. For instance, the wisdom of Solomon grants him clairvoyance of when danger is present and lets him see through illusions and even through evil schemes. Shazam had “Marvel Breath”, which could either be freeze breath or fire breath. Because he possesses the Wizard Shazam’s magic, he can also cast spells (he once conjured a ping pong table for Justice League headquarters). Shazam can also use the lightning to teleport, either to the Rock of Eternity or elsewhere, if he chooses not to fly. It remains to be seen whether Billy will wield any of these other powers in Shazam!

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Wonder Woman Does The Unthinkable To Save DC’s Magic

Warning: SPOILERS For Wonder Woman #56

The latest chapter of The Witching Hour crossover has seen Wonder Woman and her allies in Justice League Dark joining forces with her most powerful enemy – the sorceress Circe. Given Circe’s long-standing grudge against the Amazons and Diana, it would take extraordinary circumstances for her to put aside her legendary spite for a common goal.  Of course with magic itself dying in DC’s Universe, describing the current circumstances as “extraordinary” is putting things lightly.

Based on the character from Greek mythology, the DC Comics version of Circe first appeared in Wonder Woman #37 in 1949. The precise reasons for Circe’s hatred of The Amazons and Wonder Woman have changed several times over the years, but the most common reasons are that The Amazons were responsible for imprisoning Circe for her crimes against humanity and that a prophecy predicted that Circe’s doom would be brought about by the Amazon princess. Though she first appeared during the Golden Age of Comics, it was not until George Perez’s revamp of Wonder Woman in 1987 that Circe was redeveloped into a major player in Princess Diana’s Rogues’ Gallery. It is a position of dishonor she has held ever since.

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The first chapter of The Witching Hour revealed that Wonder Woman was a conduit for hereto unknown magic powers – the result of her having been branded as a child by followers of Hectate, the Ancient Greek goddess of Magic. With Zatanna having discovered the meaning of the magical brand, Justice League Dark was able to start seeking answers as to what was happening to Wonder Woman and why.

This led them to Aeaea – the island home of Circe, according to The Odyssey. It was hoped that Circe, who drew her powers from a connection to Hectate, might know something of what was going on and be willing to bargain for that knowledge.

Though she was hostile at first, Circe was mollified the moment she saw what she called “the witchmark” on Diana’s forehead. Circe went on to explain the history of Hectate and how she was truly a power far older than the Olympian gods. The first wizards tried to tap Hectate’s power for their own uses unsuccessfully, caging a far more evil source of power that would come to slowly infect the world, and Hectate herself, with darkness.

This led Hectate to take the majority of her power and split it among five mortal vessels, The Witchmarked, who would hold Hectate’s pure and unsullied essence until a time when the magic of the rising darkness had begun to fade. Then Hectate would reclaim her power to defeat it, once and for all. As each of The Witchmarked died, the followers of Hectate would find another woman to hold Hectate’s power, passing her energy down from generation to generation.

The problem, Circe reveals, is that the passing years have corrupted Hectate’s mind and she is now a being born of spite and hatred rather than love and light and it was that desire for revenge that made Circe into a perfect avatar for Hectate’s power. The practical upshot is that while Hectate may be capable of fighting the rising darkness, she will forever destroy magic as it is known on Earth, with no magical power but her’s existing. This leaves Justice League Dark with few good options, as Wonder Woman seems doomed to die no matter what and the best option involves all magic being under the control of a single vengeful goddess. Of course all this assumes that Circe is telling the truth and this isn’t part of her own plan for revenge on Diana.

Wonder Woman #56 is now available from DC Comics.

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