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There’s no question that Vito Corleone was the breakout character of The Godfather series. Although Al Pacino killed it as Michael, he is still only spoken of after Don Corleone’s portrayal. In a story about crime, Vito was a character who was as anti-gangster as you can think of.

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He was a family man who chose the mob life to bring security to his loved ones, and conducted his business very close to the legitimate level. While he was still a criminal, he was also a sharp man with a lot of wisdom to impart. Here are 10 quotes that attest to Vito’s wise nature.

10 “I Have A Sentimental Weakness For My Children, And I Spoil Them, As You Can See. They Talk When They Should Listen.”

None of the things that happened in The Godfather saga would’ve taken place had Sonny learned how to keep his mouth closed. During the meeting with Virgil Sollozzo, Vito turned down the latter’s proposal to go into business; Sonny interrupted when he thought the Tattaglias would guarantee their potential investment.

It was here when Vito swiftly silenced Sonny and excused the interruption as him having spoiled his son. In the end, Vito turned out to be absolutely right as Sonny’s interjection led to Sollozzo attempting a hit on Vito. The Don knew what he was talking about when he wanted his kids to listen, not talk.

9 “That Is Not Justice, Your Daughter Is Still Alive.”

Bonasera came to Vito asking him to take out the thugs who had manhandled his daughter, shredding away the facade of the everyman persona he had worked his life to put up. Vito turned down the request to kill the men, citing that Bonasera’s daughter still lived.

It was done to show Bonasera that Vito wasn’t a common criminal who would kill just because someone was telling him to. Although what happened Bonasera’s daughter was unfortunate, Vito could tell the man was picking and choosing what he thought “justice” meant. So, Vita spilled out some hard facts that killing the men wasn’t tit-for-tat.

8 “You Can Act Like A Man! What’s The Matter With You?”

Men of Vito’s generation weren’t the type to be overly emotional, and while Vito was a very sensitive person in general, he wasn’t a fan of needless drama. When his godson Johnny Fontane came to him for help in acquiring a movie role, Vito wasn’t in the mood to see the man crying before him.

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Suddenly springing up, Vito yelled in Johnny’s face to man up and do something about the situation rather than wallow around. Johnny was clearly playing the situation up to gain sympathy, but it was also obvious that Vito understood this, which was why he was so harsh with his godson. The Don would do anything for family, but he wasn’t going to play the fool.

7 “Whoever Comes To You With This Barzini Meeting, He’s The Traitor. Don’t Forget That.”

By the time Michael had been placed as the head of the Corleone family, the situation was in dire straits for the main characters. Michael was clearly being set up to be taken out, but they had no idea who it could be to betray him.

Even though he was near death by then, Vito could still read the situation when no-one else could. Crucially, he told Michael not to trust anyone who would set up a meeting with Don Barzini, as Vito had figured out that Barzini had been the one behind Sonny’s death. Posthumously, this advice to Michael saved his life.

6 “Now You Come To me And You Say, ‘Don Corleone, Give Me Justice.’ But You Don’t Ask With Respect, You Don’t Offer Friendship.”

The reason why Vito wasn’t giving Bonasera any leeway in their interaction was because he saw right through the man. It was a testimony to the calm nature that Vito possessed, as Bonasera had actually been very disrespectful by barging in on the wedding of Vito’s daughter and demand he kill people.

Vito, sensing he could put Bonasera in his place while simultaneously gain respect, told the latter that it was a two-way street they were on and Bonasera would need to extend a show of friendship. By doing this, Vito had another follower in his midst seeing as Bonasera acquiesced to calling him “Godfather” and acknowledged that Vito was a man to be held in high esteem.

5 “It Doesn’t Make Any Difference To Me What A Man Does For A Living. But Your business, Is…A Little Dangerous.”

Vito was the only one in the organized business who saw what the future would really be like when the offer to go into the narcotics trade came up to him. Although Tom Hagen and Sonny attempted to tell him that the real money was in drugs, Vito denied it.

Without admonishing Sollozzo for the business he conducted, Vito confessed he found narcotics to be dangerous and below his level. Vito also admitted he was in no place to judge how a man made a living since he himself was a gangster, but he knew that going into narcotics would smear the family name.

4 “A Man Who Doesn’t Spend Time With His Family Can Never Be A Real Man.”

Though Vito loved all his children equally, he held a certain amount of contempt for Sonny for not following through the principles Vito had taught him. Unlike couples across media who break up for silly reasons, Vito was a character who always believed in being a loyal husband and a father.

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When he saw that Sonny had been playing around with his mistress on the day of Connie’s wedding, Vito took a subtle jab at him for not spending time with his family. As far as Vito was concerned, the true mark of a man was how he treated his loved ones through thick and thin; money and power were secondary at best.

3 “Some Day, And That Day May Never Come, I Will Call Upon You To Do A Service For Me.”

The whole interaction with Bonasera had a true purpose: it was to get the man in Vito’s debt. He realized that a man like Bonasera, who had had no run-ins with the law and was a civilian, would be useful for Vito in the long-run should he require assistance that would go unnoticed.

It was done in such a way that Bonasera, or anyone for that matter, would have no choice but to return the favor in the future. After all, Vito had shown them consideration, agreed to their requests, and was simply asking something in return. It was a masterclass in making an ally out of someone.

2 “Is Vengeance Going To Bring Your Son Back To You Or My Boy To Me?”

Make no mistake, vengeance very well was in Vito’s mind by this point, but he was wise enough to overcome the urge to get revenge for Sonny’s death because Michael’s safety was in question. During the meeting between the heads of the families, Vito made the first move toward peace.

Pointing out that no-one was in a place to gain anything from the gang war that had been going on, Vito gave a simple but impactful statement that the path of vengeance would bring no rewards, as Sonny was well and truly gone. All Vito could do was accept it and avoid more tragedy.

1 “I’m Gonna Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse.”

You might be wondering what was so wise about a quote where the implication was to threaten a man with death; well, it had to do with the timing of said moment. Vito didn’t order any executions on the fly, and it was a deeply personal decision for him to make each time. 

He would always give the person before him a fair chance at considering his request, even treating the person with significant respect and continue to implore upon them to consider Vito’s demands. Unlike Sonny and Michael, who would always opt to kill as a first resort, Vito would only get to the “offer” part when there was no other recourse.

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The Crown: 10 Heartbreaking Quotes Between The Queen And Prince Philip

With the recent release of the third season of The Crown, we can’t help but look back at seasons one and two to examine those integral parts in Queen Elizabeth II’s life. After becoming queen at the age of 25—and no father (former king) to guide her—she had to confront matters of state as they came. While she may have looked calm, cool, and collected to the public, behind closed doors her relationship with her bored husband was exploding.

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Now, it’s been said that The Crown follows real acts in history but they are dramatized for the show. And with season one and two focusing a great deal on the queen and prince’s marriage, fans can’t help but wonder if their marriage was as heartbreaking as The Crown made it seem at moments. Let’s take a look at 10 quotes between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip that made us feel gutted.


The episode “Mystery Man” was hands down the most heartbreaking episode of season two. It was the season finale and wrapped up the queen’s accusations, fears, and questions she had for her husband. Due to Elizabeth’s silence and running away to Scotland to hide out, it’s believed it startled Philip.

In an attempt to get Philip talking about his whereabouts and his connection with Stephen Ward, she said this harrowing sentiment that made viewers weak.


In “Dear Mrs. Kennedy,” we see Queen Elizabeth II’s attempt at getting to know the First Lady. She’s both excited and anxious but can’t help but compare the two of them. The queen believed their first meeting went well. The two of them agreed the spotlight wasn’t for them but they had a duty to fulfill.

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Later in the episode, we learn that Jackie’s marriage to John F. Kennedy wasn’t as pure as it seemed either and that she was quite unhappy. But on the day that John was assassinated, Elizabeth saw the pain on Jackie’s face and knew that her unhappiness then was actually happiness in comparison to the fate of her husband. Ironically, her quote about Jackie and JFK mirrors her relationship with Philip as we see her cuddling him at the end of the episode.


In the episode “Windsor,” Elizabeth was on board with taking her husband’s last name Mountbatten but after talking it over with cabinet, it appears she didn’t really have a choice in the matter. She and her kids would have the last name of Windsor.

When Elizabeth first became queen, Philip made a few demands that he needed in order to be happy. And one of those demands was his last name. He was anguished over Elizabeth taking the last name Windsor but their children eventually became Mountbatten-Windsor.


It’s clear that the queen and prince had some trust issues in their marriage. Elizabeth kept hearing rumbles and rumors about her husband, along with finding a picture of Galina Ulanova in Philip’s travel bag. For Elizabeth, The Crown made her out to be very loyal and dedicated to her husband.

However, she was very close to a childhood friend, Porchey. Due to their similar interest in horses, it’s clear Philip was jealous of their bond and decided to poke fun at it. It’s then that Elizabeth said these distressing words that prove how incredibly devoted she is to her husband. Regardless of his actions.


When Philip finds out that Elizabeth won’t be taking his last name, he goes on a rant about having no say in his marriage or family. He’s emasculated and embarrassed. Back in this time, a woman and her children were to take the man of the household’s last name but circumstances change when you’re the Queen of England.

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Philip comes from a bruised ego and viewers can understand why he’s upset, but it’s one of those obvious things that he should have realized when he married into the royal family.


After Philip’s five-month tour at sea, he’s finally reacquainted with his wife after a scandal breaks out about his fidelity during his time away. Instead of a cheery, hopeful greeting, these two are met with cold eyes and dispair.

They step away to talk about their marriage and how something like this could never happen again. It’s here that we see them talk about divorce for the first time and how it was out of the question. The two had to fight it out, learn, and grow in order to move on.


After going through the wringer with Prince Philip’s possible infidelity at sea, the queen and prince are celebrating their 10 year anniversary as husband and wife. Looking back on their 10 years together, Elizabeth tries to convince herself that there is a deeper connection between the two that she can’t explain.

And that while there’s always going to be a crisis every 10 years, you work it out and move forward.


Towards the end of the second season, tensions between Elizabeth and Philip were high. And as usual, the two of them never say anything. They make sly remarks and carry on their way. However, at this particular moment, it was Elizabeth’s words that seemed to stop Philip in his tracks.

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Elizabeth was heading off to Balmoral for some time to herself and Philip was dashing off to the next hot spot to cure his boredom. Her response of “two countries, how appropriate” was in reference to Philip’s mysterious life. At that time in their relationship, she really didn’t know a thing about her husband.


In the episode “Lisbon,” Elizabeth and Philip are fighting it out in an honest fashion. This is one of the more honest moments that we’ve seen on camera. When Elizabeth suggests they both take turns getting everything out on the table, Philip complains that she may as well go first because he always comes second.

Elizabeth is annoyed by his constant complaining but to Philip, he’s hurt that he has no say in his marriage or life, for that matter.


When Prince Philip heads to Balmoral to take care of Elizabeth, he assumes she’s hiding out due to the stress of losing another prime minister. And while that’s part of it, her biggest reason for hiding from it all was due to her husband being mysterious.

He tells her that he’s there to protect her and loves her regardless of what’s happening politically, but Elizabeth sadly responds “If only.” She doesn’t believe her husband and doesn’t know if she ever could.

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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Quotes That Will Stick With Us Forever

The Vampire Diaries ended in 2017, giving most of the main characters a happy ending, if not the ending they deserved. But the story of the Salvatore brothers destined to love the same woman not just once, but twice, remains a fan favorite. We can’t get enough of the doomed love triangles, tragic deaths, witchy loopholes, good guys doing bad things and bad guys doing good things.

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One of the most memorable things about the series is the dialogue. Whether it’s Damon’s endless array of inappropriate snarky comments, the heartfelt declarations of love and undying devotion or the tear-jerking goodbyes. Here are 10 quotes from The Vampire Diaries that will stick with us forever.

10 10.”It’s okay. We met, and we talked, and it was epic, but … then the sun came up and reality set in.”

“Epic” becomes the go-to word to describe Elena’s love for both Salvatore brothers. It’s Stefan who quickly captures Elena’s eye. They have more obstacles in their way to becoming a couple than either knows, particularly Elena. After spending the night together just talking on season 2’s “Night of the Comet,” Elena realizes both her and Stefan might not be ready for one another. “It’s okay. We met, and we talked, and it was epic, but … then the sun came up and reality set in.” Lucky for Stelena fans, Elena rethinks writing off the sexy, new guy in town and willing to overlook the more mysterious aspects of his life.

9 “I was feeling epic.”

Lexie keeps her eye on bestie Stefan when she’s alive and when she’s dead. After worrying the afterlife will be an eternity of torture, Stefan is happy to see it means hanging out with Lexie, who after finally finding peace, still knows what’s going on with Stefan. Whether she sees his final heroic acts or just eavesdrops as he recounts them to Elena along with his last words for Caroline, Lexie’s impressed, telling Stefan it was “beautiful.” How else could Stefan respond after all that sacrifice, redemption and love? “I was feeling epic.”

8 “He’s your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes.”

Klaus doesn’t have much time for romance with all the scheming and killing and such, but there’s just no escaping the chemistry he has with Caroline Forbes. It’s a love-hate relationship, but when Klaus scores points when he returns to Mystic Falls to save Damon and allows Tyler to return to Mystic Falls on season 4’s “Graduation.”

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Klaus is no chump. He’s been around long enough to see Tyler and Caroline don’t have staying power, and Caroline’s intrigued by Klaus’ affections and promises to show her things Tyler never will. “He’s your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes.” Too bad this ship never really sets sail.

7 “I just have to say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena.”

By season 2’s “Rose,” it’s the worst kept secret that Damon is in love with his brother’s girl. Stefan wants to address the doppelganger in the room, but Damon doesn’t feel as chatty about the subject until he has Elena all to himself and vervain free. “I just have to say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And it’s because I love you that …  I can’t be selfish with you… why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you … but my brother does. God, I wish you don’t have to forget this. But, you do.”

Damon confesses his feelings, but still fresh in Damon’s mind is Stefan’s apology for forcing him to turn into a vampire. So Damon, who truly believes he isn’t deserving of not just Elena’s love but anyone’s, resigns himself to telling her and wiping the memory away.

6 “Hello, Brother.”

On The Vampire Diaries, two simple words, “Hello, Brother” are loaded with subtext. It’s how Damon greets Stefan after they’ve been estranged for decades, and his tone clearly conveys he’s not thrilled to reunite. The sentiment carries over when Stefan sees Damon for the first time during season 3 after selling his soul to Klaus to save Damon’s life. As an homage to the brothers’ complex relationship over the years, “Hello, Brother” the title of the first episode of the last season. Most importantly, it’s the final words spoken on the series finale: when the mortal siblings find peace and each other in the afterlife.

5 “You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure and even a little danger.”

On season 3’s “The Departed,” Elena just can’t quite quit Stefan despite all of his bad behavior. Stefan has the advantage of getting to the girl first, only he doesn’t. On the night of her parents’ accident, Elena, stuck in a lackluster romance with the quarterback, encounters Damon who offers her some insight into her love life, “You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure and even a little danger …  I want you to get everything you’re looking for. But right now I want you to forget that this happened.”

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This stays Damon’s secret (until season 6) and shows that Damon has always had the inside track on the real Elena, and tied to Stefan by fate or not, Damon and Elena were always meant to be.

4 “The only person worse at being a vampire than me is you.”

After spending season 4 adapting to life as a vampire, trading in one Salvatore for another and trying to get her hands on the cure, on “Graduation,” Elena has some big decisions to make. The cure is makes more rounds than a cocktail waitress during Happy Hour but winds up in Elena’s hands She wants Stefan to have it because “The only person worse at being a vampire than me is you.” She’s not wrong. Stefan’s weakness is his lust for blood: his Ripper tendencies that leave him feeling brooding and plagued with guilt after every bender.

3 “Does Elena enjoy having both of you worship at her altar?”

By the time Katherine returns to Mystic Falls during season 2, she’s lost the affection of both Salvatore brothers, and even this vamp on the run sees the writing on the wall on season 2’s “Masquerade.” “Does Elena enjoy having both of you worship at her altar?” To lose the brothers to her doppelganger motivates Katherine to drive a wedge between the brothers. Elena is the source of unspoken issues between Damon and Stefan, and Katherine’s the kind of girl who tells it like it is.

2 “If you walk away, it’s for you because I know what I want. Stefan, I love you.”

On season 1’s “The Turning Point,” Stefan decides the risk of loving Elena is too much, and he’s not wrong. The body count in Mystic Falls is quickly rising, and there are all sorts of mystical hijinks afoot. But Elena isn’t about to let Stefan decide her fate, “If you walk away, it’s for you because I know what I want. Stefan, I love you.”

He’s a vampire, his relationship status with his ex-girlfriend and brother are “complicated,” but  Elena loves this lonely “Ripper.” It’s the first time Elena declares her love for Stefan, proving she’s willing to fight for what she wants.

1 “You better watch your back because I may just need to go get a hero hairdo of my own and steal your thunder.”

Fans will never know what might have been between Damon and Rose since she suffers the agonizing death brought on by a werewolf bite. But Damon shows an uncharacteristic soft side by helping Rose find peace and happiness in her final moments. When confronted with his kindness towards Rose and his affection for her by Stefan, Damon wants to keep his bad-boy image intact, “You better watch your back because I may just need to go get a hero hairdo of my own and steal your thunder.”

Watching Rose die elicits unexpected emotions from Damon, and he’s someone who gets burned whenever he lets himself care. Plus, Damon loves to poke jabs at his brother, especially when it comes to Stefan’s perfectly coiffed hair.

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Disney+’s Noelle: 10 Funniest Quotes, Ranked | ScreenRant

One of the best parts about Christmas each year is watching classic holiday films. However, it’s also nice to add to the tradition when new Christmas movies come along, and Disney has provided us with a great one called Noelle starring Anna Kendrick.

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The movie is about Santa’s daughter Noelle who has grown up with a special love of Christmas. When her father passes away, it’s up to her brother to step into his suit and fill the role of Santa. However, he is a bit overwhelmed and decides to run away. Noelle, loving both Christmas and her brother, goes after him to try and save her favorite holiday and her family. The family film is witty, cheerful, and had us laughing out loud throughout the whole thing. Here are ten of the funniest lines from Noelle:

10 Santa’s Helpers’ Songs

We have to cheat a little here and throw a couple of quotes into one because the members of a little singing group dubbed “Santa’s Helpers” are just so funny! Several times throughout the film, they sing parodied versions of Christmas carols that relate to the happenings in the North Pole.

When Santa is having trouble with learning to fly the sleigh, they sing, “Crashing all the way, ha ha ha!” and later, when Santa tries once more, they can be heard cheering, “Santa tried to land again, fa la la la la la la la la. He missed the roof and hit the den…” However, the funniest song comes about when discussing naughty children: “Joy to the world, except for you ’cause you forgot to floss.”

9 “That’s pretty stocking half empty”

It seems that wherever you go in life, you will always find a pessimist with their glass of eggnog half empty, even around Christmas.

Noelle’s first Negative Nate she meets once outside of the North Pole is a man named Jake, who says to her, “You know, I find most people, they don’t know what’s in their own hearts let alone anyone else’s. That’s if even they have a heart in the first place.” He goes on to explain, “I’m a private detective. You get ‘stocking half empty’ pretty quick.”

8 “We’re Jewish”

With all of this talk about Santa, stockings, and striped candy, it’s nice to take a moment to give a nod to our friends who do not celebrate Christmas, and that’s exactly what Noelle did in its own cheeky way.

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With this being Santa’s first Christmas delivering presents, it’s understandable to make a few mistakes. This family was surprised to see the jolly deliverer appear from their fireplace, interrupting their Chinese takeout meal. With a menorah on the table behind the couch and the lack of Christmas decorations, it can only mean one thing. Oops! Happy Hanukkah!

7 “My partridge in a pear tree underwear needs washing”

Have you ever wondered what kind of underwear they wear at the North Pole? Christmas carol themed of course! We can imagine that Noelle also has a pair with little tin horns and little toy drums as well as a pair with a one horse open sleigh.

Luckily, her Nanny Elf Polly is there to wash them all! Only moments before, Noelle had insisted that she didn’t need Elf Polly to do all her chores for her, but apparently underwear washing is an exception. When Noelle informs her of her laundry needs, Elf Polly replies, “Well, my Christmas wish has been granted.”

6 “How many people wear gingerbread deodorant?”

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and the rest, but you haven’t met Snowcone until you’ve watched Noelle! He’s only the cutest baby reindeer you’ve ever seen and one of Noelle’s close friends. The snow white colored cutie flies from the North Pole to find Noelle and deliver a special note.

Noelle, who is very proud of him, exclaims, “You must have picked up my scent from all the people in Pheonix!” Elf Polly doesn’t think it was too hard to find them with Noelle’s preferred choice of antiperspirant. Christmas themed deodorant does sound lovely, especially if there are candy cane and hot cocoa scents!

5 “[Santa] looks nice and polite, so I know I haven’t dated him”

When Santa flees the North Pole to go somewhere warm to relax, Noelle feels completely responsible and decides that she must go find where he has gone. She drags “Aunt” Polly along, and the two end up in Pheonix, Arizona, where they set off to see if they can locate poor Santa.

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Noelle shows a picture of him to the first person she encounters, a woman named Helen who manages a marketplace, and asks if she has seen him. Unfortunately for their search, Helen has not seen (or dated) Santa any time recently.

4 “It’s like being trapped in the cookie cottage during Toll House season”

There are many ways that one could describe Pheonix, Arizona. Dry, hot, a desert… Some call it the “Valley of the Sun,” due to the intense heat. Noelle evidently has never heard of this nickname, so she has her own little way of identifying it. The hot climate has been bothering Noelle ever since she has shown up, refusing to take off her “ensemble” of winter and Christmas gear.

It’s definitely a new experience for her; she even tried to eat sunblock when she was offered some. At least now we know what kind of cookies are made in the North Pole, although we assumed it would be Keebler with there being so many elves.

3 “These are my yogurt pants”

Noelle comes across a customer in the grocery store with colorful pants that the North Pole native deems “jolly.” The woman explains that they’re just yoga pants, like the ones Noelle is wearing. Apparently there are no “Merry Meditation” classes up north because Noelle has no idea what yoga is.

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Still, she smiles politely and repeats what she thinks she heard. The woman attempts to explain, complete with a bit of a pose, but to no avail; Noelle still thinks the strange lady is talking about yogurt pants. “She was weird, right?”

2 “You can’t be Santa if you’re having a nervous breakdown”

Poor Santa is stressed as strudel as his first Christmas in charge approaches. He struggles to determine who is nice or naughty, figure out what each person wants as a Christmas gift, and how to fly the sleigh.

When Noelle was a little girl, she was told by her father that her job is to keep her brother filled with Christmas cheer. With this in mind, she has these words of wisdom to offer while the pair sip mugs of hot chocolate with peppermint and whipped cream: “Nobody wants you sliding into their fireplace crying and weeping. There’s nothing merry about that.”

1 “I majored in calligraphy; I had a minor in popcorn stringing”

After having a conversation in perfect American Sign Language with a little girl named Michelle, Noelle is left a little shocked and in awe as to how she was able to understand Michelle and also sign back to her correctly. It was as if by magic that her hands moved to form the right shapes and motions.

Noelle says that she never studied sign language in school, being busy with her handwriting and Christmas decor making. Of course popcorn stringing is an option of study at the North Pole, probably along with tree trimming and gingerbread baking.

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The Wire: 10 Best Quotes from Season 1 | ScreenRant

It’s been more than a decade since The Wire has been off the air, but its influence continues to be felt even today. It wasn’t the most popular show on HBO at the time, but it has gained plenty of notoriety in the years to come. Just last year, a new book named “All The Pieces Matter” about the lasting power of The Wire was released.

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The first season had more than its work cut out for itself, but it stuck the landing. To narrow down the best quotes is no easy task, but we did our best. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the first season.

10 “This America, Man.” – Snot Boogie’s Friend

The first witness that Detective McNulty interviews wasn’t officially credited with a name, but he says something that sets the tone for the series. McNulty is questioning this man about the events the led up to Snot Boogie’s death. The man explains that whenever he and his friends played the card game craps, Snot Boogie would steal all the money on the table at the last minute and run away.

He did this multiple times before this particular night, it got him killed. McNulty asks the man why they let Snot Boogie get away with it every time before tonight. “Got to. This America, man,” he responds. The Wire wasn’t just a commentary on policing and drugs; it was a reflection of America and the so-called American dream. In 2019, The Wire feels just as fresh and insightful as it did in the 2000s.

9 “These Are For You, McNulty.” – Chief Rawls

When we first meet one of the police chiefs in the Baltimore Police Department, he is noticeably angry with Detective McNulty, who has bypassed Rawls and spoken with a judge about a case Rawls would rather McNulty stay quiet about. This causes the judge to ask for a closer look into the case, enraging Rawls.

When McNulty arrives in Rawls’ office, Rawls’ gives McNulty the middle finger with both hands. This act establishes the power dynamic between McNulty and Rawls for the rest of the season, and arguably the series. Rawls is not interested in anyone but himself and he has no problem punishing those who stand in his way.

8 “That Will Teach You To Give A F*** When It Ain’t You’re Turn To Give A F***.” – Bunk

Bunk is McNulty’s best friend on the police force. He always has McNulty’s back even when nobody else does. As such a friend, he’s also willing to give McNulty some tough love and tell him how it is. When McNulty describes his encounter with Chief Rawls and the fire he finds himself in the midst of, Bunk tells him this.

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In a world there is much more gray than black and white, McNulty may have the best intentions of anyone. But that intent doesn’t always mean he’ll be able to advance or even out of trouble. It remains a struggle for McNulty for the course of the season and the series as a whole.

7 “All the Pieces Matter.” – Det. Freamon

Detective Freamon is one of the more seasoned detectives on the force and helps guide various less experienced detectives, Roland Pryzbylewski, or Prez. As Prez and Freamon are working through the Barksdale case, Prez is having a hard time seeing the big picture, at which point Freamon assures him, “All the pieces matter.” This quote encapsulates the series.

Viewers are dropped into the deep end from minute one of The Wire and some viewers may wonder if all that they’re seeing really fits together as a whole. But as each episode progresses, we see the bigger tapestry and how all the individual story threads come together. Indeed, all the pieces matter.

6 “F***.” – Detectives Bunk and McNulty

The Wire is more than just peppered with F-bombs; they string the sentences together for several characters. But in one particular scene in season one, Bunk and McNulty are revisiting an apartment that was once a crime scene, trying to find anything that was missed the first time around.

They go back and forth simply saying the F-bomb about 50 times, variating mostly in tone, leaving the audience to depend on what they can see to figure out exactly what Bunk and McNulty are finding. It’s a genius scene that shows how in sync Bunk and McNulty are and how they operate.

5 “Why You Playing Checkers On A Chess Set?” – D’angelo Barksdale

At the beginning of season one, D’Angelo Barksdale is a drug dealer who has just been released from jail and is trying to get back in the game. He is placed in one particular apartment complex known as “The Pit” where he is the most experienced of anyone there. One day during some downtime, he notices two of his fellow dealers playing checkers on a chess set and proceeds to teach them chess.

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D’Angelo’s question reflects the game that The Wire sets up for viewers. Police procedurals are a dime a dozen, but the vast majority are focused on the good guys vs. the bad guys, cops vs. robbers. The Wire didn’t just want to raise the stakes; it wanted to elevate the conversation and look at the corruption not just in the streets, but in the criminal justice institutions as well.

4 “A Man Must Have A Code.” – Bunk

When the boyfriend of a drug lord named Omar Little is killed by Stringer Barksdale’s crew, Omar barely dodges getting killed himself. He decides to cooperate with the police to help them take down Barksdale’s crew. During the course of their conversation, Bunk tells Omar, “A man must have a code.”

The Wire is all about the codes that various characters live by. No character is perfect or without scruples, but each operates with a code, and though The Wire may not give answers as to which code is the best to live by, it certainly explores how those codes affect the professional and personal lives of cops and drug dealers alike.

3 “Omar Don’t Scare.” – Omar Little

In the same aforementioned conversation, Omar is warned by the police that by cooperating with them, he is in effect putting another target on his back. Speaking in the first person, he declares, “Omar don’t scare.” It’s a bold, if not cocky, thing to say in a series where people get killed left and right.

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But, to Omar’s credit, not only does he “not scare”; he manages to be one of the few drug dealers that survives until the final season of The Wire. His schemes may not always go according to plan, but his survival alone proves that he’s not just your average drug dealer.

2 “You Start To Follow The Money… You Don’t Know Where It’s Going To Take You.” – Det. Freamon

For the first half of the first season of The Wire, it appears that the corruption of the drug dealing business is self-contained. But in the second half as McNulty and his team of fellow officers continue to investigate the Barksdale organization, they come to see just how murky things get.

The drugs may indeed be limited to Barksdale’s crew, but McNulty’s team starts to look at all the money, they discover it goes as high as a Maryland state senator. This sets off its own set of problems for Det. Freamon and Prez, eventually forcing them to stop looking at where all the money goes.

1 “You Come At The King, You Best Not Miss.” – Omar Little

This quote remains one of the most iconic lines of the entire series. When Omar decides to take revenge for the death of his boyfriend on the Barksdale crew, he catches them completely off guard. As he is about to depart, he declares, “You come at the king, you best not miss.”

You cannot take any half measures in the world of The Wire. You stick to a plan and execute it. If you don’t, there’s no telling what repercussions might result.

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Fargo: 10 Best Quotes From Season 3 | ScreenRant

Fargo has come to be known for its fantastic writing and its most recent season is no exception. Where some of the best lines have gone to just a handful of characters in seasons past, season three gave almost everyone at least one line of rather memorable dialogue. This past season’s villain, V.M. Varga, almost stole the show single-handedly not just with

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Fargo may not be the easiest rewatch, but we can definitely reminisce upon our favorite lines. Here are some of our favorites from this past season.

10 “Y’know, Congratulations And All That.” – Ray Stussy

We begin the series with Ray Stussy going to party at his brother Emmit’s house for his wife’s birthday. We get a better sense of just how strained Ray and Emmit’s relationship is as the season goes on, but it’s so well established from the very beginning here.

Ray is no stranger to asking Emmit for money given that he is very well off, and somehow despite this fact, he still is awkward as ever and can’t muster a proper congratulatory greeting to his brother before diving into why he’s really there.

9 “We See What We Believe, Not The Other Way Around” – V.M. Varga

The first two seasons of Fargo were marked by great villains and season three may have delivered the best of the series so far. V.M. Varga has no shortage of great lines throughout the season and this is one of the best.

Varga spends a good deal of the season discussing Emmit his potential to become truly rich and powerful, that he’s been thinking too small for too long. Varga doesn’t mold himself around the world; the world molds itself around him. He causes characters to question the reality they’ve always known and ask themselves what they actually believe.

8 “There’s Violence To Knowing The World Isn’t What You Thought.”- Gloria Burgle

Gloria Burgle has been the police chief for some time in Eden Valley and very well may not have seen a single murder in her time. The first episode of the season changes that entirely by seeing her stepfather get murdered by mistake, completely turning her world upside down.

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Naturally, she tries to solve his murder, but the more she gets into the weeds, the less things make sense. The more that Gloria becomes aware of the nonsensical events taking place in her world, the more disoriented she feels. Sometimes, events in our own lives, like faith crises, can wreak havoc in their own violent ways.

7 “A Lie’s Not A Lie If You Believe It’s True.” – Emmit Stussy

Fargo finds its protagonists continually having to justify their poor choices. Emmit, despite him being an arguably poor brother to Ray, finds himself having to lie more and more as he tries to hide the illegal activities of V.M. Varga.

Like the original film, every episode begins with the words, “THIS IS A TRUE STORY,” and perhaps more than ever, this season tries to explore the truth of the stories we tell and how they are shaped into the truths we make in our lives. Emmit, in particular, begins to reevaluate his relationships with his company, his wife, and perhaps most consequentially, his company.

6 “What’s The Math There?” – Sy Feltz

Sy Feltz may seem like a typical arrogant attorney at the beginning of season three, but as it progresses, we see him experience plenty of abuse himself. The bonds of friendship made between him and Emmit are tested thanks to the arrival of V.M. Varga and his goons. When it comes to light that Ray has been murdered, Emmit tries to lay blame for the series of unfortunate events at Sy’s feet. He breaks down the lack of logic in Emmit’s argument and concludes with, “What’s the math there?”

In some ways, this gets at the heart of the season. How do all these terrible things that happen add up? How does anyone make sense of the chaos? Fargo loves raising questions like this through dialogue.

5 “It’s Finished, OK?” – Emmit Stussy

Halfway through the season, Emmit finally tries to bury the hatchet between him and Ray. For so long, they’ve fought over the last stamp in a collection of rare and valuable stamps. Emmit meets up with Ray, hoping to let bygones be bygones and give him the stamp.

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There are so many points during the course of the season where we think that the last move has been made and now all the parties can go home happy. But, as Ray’s accidental death proves, nothing’s ever really finished on Fargo. Not until the very end. And sometimes, not even then.

4 “He Was Right. I Am A Bad Person. But He Wasn’t So Good Either.” – Vivian Lord

During Gloria Burgle’s brief visit, she meets a woman from her stepfather’s past, Vivian Lord. Gloria eventually discovers how Vivian and a Hollywood producer conned her stepfather out of his fortune. Vivian admits her guilt but notes that Gloria’s stepfather was no saint either.

We often think of people in binaries, good and evil. But one thing Fargo continually tries to remind us is that these binaries are simply too restrictive and trying to place these labels on people is a lot easier said than done.

3 “Remember, Richest Guy In The Room Is Always The Boss” – Nikki Swango

An interesting dynamic of both Fargo the movie and the TV series is how more often than not, it’s women that really get the work done. For so much of Ray Stussy’s life, he’s been more of one who is acted upon rather than the one who acts.

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His girlfriend Nikki changes that, however, and convinces Ray to start standing up to Emmit in ways he hasn’t before. She convinces Ray to impersonate Emmit and his bank to retrieve the infamous stamp they’ve fought over. Ray may be the one that walks into the bank, but Nikki is the one who gets him out the door in the first place.

2 “I Got This Theory, In Private, That I Don’t Actually Exist.”- Gloria Burgle

If Fargo doesn’t have you feeling a little existential at some point, you’re probably not paying much attention. Where Marge Gunderson was left to wonder about the evil she may have previously been ignorant of, Gloria Burgle and other law enforcement officers in the series are left to question their entire existence as a force of good.

In the penultimate episode, Gloria comes closer than ever to closing the case on Emmit Stussy and V.M. Varga’s deeds, only to be thwarted again and prevented from putting either of them behind bars. Gloria wants so bad to bend the moral arc in the world of Fargo, but what the world seems to continually tell her over and over is she is not, and there’s probably no force at all.

1 “The World Is Wrong… It Looks Like My World, But It’s Different.” – Sy Feltz

In the seventh episode, Sy Feltz returns home after a meeting with a potential buyer of Emmit’s parking lot empire and breaks down crying in front of his wife. He knows that the deal they may cut with the buyer may put them in a bad place, but he no longer feels like he’s in control of his life.

The world he has known all his life has shifted all too quickly in a very short period of time and he no longer recognizes it. In the midst of our own chaotic lives, don’t we all arrive at this conclusion at some point?

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The Office: 10 Most Relatable Romance Quotes | ScreenRant

The Office is one of the most popular comedic television series ever. And while its amazing cast has a lot of hilarious moments, it’s also a show that deals a lot with romance. While the laughs and ridiculous characters might have been part of the draw for audiences, seeing the different romantic couples progress, especially couples like Jim and Pam, was also something that kept viewers interested.

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Because of this focus on the romantic relationships between many of the characters, there are many quotes from the series about love and romance that audiences could relate to, too. Here are the ten most relatable romance quotes from the series that can be applied to love and relationships.


In the series finale, Jim reflects on his life and his job. He talks about the fact that it was because of his boring, everyday job that he married his wife and started a family.

This quote is definitely relatable because it points out how even a less than glamorous job can bring a lot of good things to your life. This is a quote that speaks to the everyday moments that build a life over time.


While Jim and Pam might get talked about the most as being couple goals on the series, Dwight and Angela are another couple that is together through most of the series. While they both might be kind of odd, they work together rather well. However, they have a lot of issues over the years.

When Dwight kills Angela’s cat and she breaks up with him, he has a hard time letting go and accepting what happened. This is definitely something that is relatable as it’s often hard to move on from a relationship.


Jim and Pam are definitely seen as the couple from The Office that most people want to emulate. While they aren’t perfect either, it’s clear that they love each other a lot.

They are good friends and love each other way before they start dating. So, when Pam says this quote talking about how she knows how Jim and Pam are soulmates, it’s definitely heartwarming.


When it comes to romance, it’s not always all about rainbows and roses. Love can be something that brings a lot of joy and happiness, but it can also be something that causes a lot of pain when things don’t work out.

So, this quote that Andy says about how romance and love can sometimes be awful is definitely true. We all have those moments where romance just sounds like the worst thing.


While love and romance can cause a lot of pain and there are times where you just want to swear it off, there usually comes a time when you’re ready to try again. After a painful breakup or a bad relationship, starting to date again can be scary, but it can also be worth it.

So, this quote that Michael says about getting back into the dating world is definitely super relatable. Sometimes, you just have to take the risk and be okay with possibly getting hurt.


While not everyone feels like they find a soulmate, there are some lucky people who feel that way about their partner. Jim and Pam might take a while to finally get together, but they are very happy once they do.

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This is a quote that speaks to waiting for the right person and the right relationship, and it’s important to remember that even if things don’t go according to plan that they can still work out for the best in the end.


One of the endearing things about Michael Scott, along with the many annoying things, is that he is very earnest. While he’s not always the smartest person around, he means well. One funny quirk he has is that he often says common phrases but gets them messed up.

But, when you’re in love, it’s definitely relatable to get so excited that you mess up your words a little bit.


Now, this quote might not seem that relatable because this is a phrase that most people would never need to utter while in a romantic relationship.

However, this hilarious quote that Dwight says to Angela when he proposes to her is perfect for them and their journey. This goes to show that each romantic relationship and couple is unique and it’s okay to have your own unique journey.


This is a more obscure quote from The Office, but it’s definitely something that many people can relate to when it comes to romance. Ryan says this quote about his relationship with Kelly.

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Here he’s talking about the fact that he can’t completely understand or explain his feelings for Kelly or their relationship, but he wants to be with her anyway. This is definitely a feeling that many of us have had when it comes to love. Sometimes, you’re with someone who might not seem like your typical match, but you end up having a good relationship with them anyway and falling in love.


For Jim and Pam, their relationship unfolds largely while they are at work. They start as good friends, with crushes on each other that grow, and finally end up together and then married.

Jim definitely knows he has feelings for Pam a long time before she admits to her feelings for him. They end up with their happy ending in a sense, and this is a good reminder that sometimes finding the right person is just a matter of waiting until the timing is right.

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Amanda Steele

The Politician: 10 Best Quotes From The Show | ScreenRant

Netflix’s hit show The Politician has been a hot topic for the past couple of months since its debut in September. Ben Platt and the rest of the cast really bring something special to the screen in this over the top, high school drama.

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The show, and setting of the show, are anything but ordinary. Everything is over the top, emotional, and dramatic. The subtle hints of real political situation in each episode are genius, and really if you blink you’re bound to miss something! Every episode is jam packed with crazy moments, and even crazier quotes. Here are 10 of the best quotes from the show.

10 “I don’t care about what fancy school you went to or how many boys you didn’t bang while you were there”

This quote from Hadassah Gold (aka Bette Midler) is so sassy it hurts. When McAfee strives to really make a difference in politics, more specifically the well known Dede Standish, Gold tells her that it really doesn’t matter how hard she thinks she worked in high school or college, she just needs to sit down and do her job.

Senator Standish has been on a winning streak for years, and the campaign that McAfee thought was so strong, is really just super lazy at this point.

9 “Life isn’t a train; it is a sh*t tornado full of gold”

Gwenyth Paltrow plays one of the most unique characters on the show. Georgina Hobart is the mother to overly ambitious Payton, and diabolical twins Luther and Martin. She has a hard time really being in love, and is constantly having little affairs (that her husband is well aware of). Aside from having a very skewed vision of how to love and be loved, Georgina is the queen of quotable moments.

Throughout the series, she is mainly trying to get Payton to slow down and just be a normal teenager. She is constantly giving him advice on how to enjoy life and what the real world is really like…but this one just has to be the best. A sh*t tornado full of gold seems like a pretty good analogy or life if you ask us.

8 “From now on, I only want fancy things in my life”

If anyone deserves the fancy things in life, it is Infinity Jackson. After finding out that her Nana has been faking Infinity’s illness her entire life, she is fed up. She moves out of the house and demands only the finer things in life.

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Considering her Nana also poisoned her mother, it is safe to say that Infinity deserves to be as fancy and selfish as she so pleases. And who doesn’t like fancy things, really?

7 “Being lame was liberating”

Astrid Sloan was used to having the best in life, until she decided the only way to truly live was to be a commoner… or rather, a tourist in New York City.

After running away from home and causing a frenzy at school, Astrid lives like any other tourist, shopping at chain stores, and eating at Bubba Gump’s. Astrid felt that nothing in her life was really holding her together anymore, and that the only way to really feel her life was to be, well, lame.

6 “You can’t teach kindness”

Although The Politician is filled with lots of hilariously sassy moments, it’s equally filled with great life lessons. Georgina delivers this one while talking about the twins. It is true, the twins are anything but kind.

Georgina realizes that even though she could have showed them more love, they were never going to end up being kind, no matter how hard she fought for it. The same can be said for some people in this world, you really just can’t teach someone to have a kind heart.

5 “It’s so hard to have to try so hard all of the time”

Well isn’t that relatable! Payton Hobart tries harder at life than anyone else in his world. And boy is he tired. It makes sense. Being a perfectionist, Payton is constantly trying to make everything picture perfect instead of just going with the flow.

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While most of his stress comes from his own unrealistic expectations, he’s not wrong in saying that it is extremely hard to always be trying so hard.

4 “People like to think of their presidents as characters they see on TV”

This show subtly makes a mockery of the way our real presidential race is run, exposing the seedy underbelly of true politicians and their not-so-nice motives.

Payton is no exception, in that he wants everything on the surface to appear perfect, like he’s a TV character, but behind closed doors things are constantly falling apart. I mean, we all put up a front like this, but Payton more than anyone has trouble trying to make everything in his life appear idyllic.

3 “Music gives us permission to feel”

First of all… River Barkley deserved better. He of all people did not deserve to be dealing with all of the internal struggles that seems to haunt him so deeply.

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Although we didn’t get enough of him, the parts we did were magnificent. River was caring, insightful, and incredibly deep. He was the only person who could get Payton to feel things when he struggled, and he just had an inspirational air about him. And when he played piano in Payton’s daydreams, well we cried.

2 “Believe what? That I’m a stone cold b*tch with ice water in my veins?”

Alice Charles has to be one of, if not the most, iconic character on the show. Not only is her style impeccable, but she is Payton’s ride or die (even though she may have cheated on him…oops!)

Alice is willing to lie to protect Payton at all costs. She even lies her way through a lie detector test, and she does it with ease. Should those around her be worries that she can lie so easily? Eh, maybe. Nevertheless, Alice knows exactly what she wants and what she needs to do to get that.

1 “I’m warning you, don’t screw with my dream”

No matter what happens to him, Payton remains resilient. There’s no question that Payton is going somewhere big, and he will do everything in his power to get himself where he belongs.

He knows that he has more drive than the average Joe, and it’s that drive that is going to take him all the way to be POTUS. So, don’t mess with him.

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Bless This Mess: 10 Of Rudy’s Funniest Quotes From Season 2

Rudy might not always understand social cues or normalcy, but he is probably the funniest character in the Bless This Mess television series. He was great in Season 1, but the second season brought about more laughs and hilarious lines. The show wouldn’t be the same without him, and certain lines point to the exact reason why.

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We have compiled a list of Rudy’s best quotes throughout Season 2, as each line he utters has us crying from laughter. The singular way he utters his lines, combined with his odd nature only adds fuel to the fire. Keep reading to learn about 10 of Rudy’s funniest quotes from Bless This Mess Season 2!

10 “Oh, heads up, Tracy the goat lost a tooth in your kitchen the other day. Wouldn’t be walking around barefoot.

Rudy is sitting in the barn casually brushing his teeth when Mike enters to go about his normal duties. They have a short conversation where Rudy ends with this snippet. Mike wonders why he didn’t pick it up so he didn’t have to warn him, and this entire ordeal left us laughing.

It is so relatable in terms of our own lives as we all know that one person who refuses to pick up after themselves and decides they are obstacles for others to work around. This was a great way to open up the season as we start to see what direction they have decided to take with his character.

9 “You do that and I walk. No one gives me a bed for free.”

This is Rudy’s conversation with Constance’s son named Brandon as he shows up at the door before Constance can tell her son about their relationship. She makes up the lie that Rudy is there to buy the bed, and this is his response when Brandon offers to give it to him for free.

It is a hilarious interaction as we can’t quite understand why Rudy wouldn’t take him up on the offer to take it off of his hands for free. It is just another instance where his social normalcy was off the mark, but it left us with laughter that we will never forget.

8 “Okay, now that you know what I’m after, do you want to arm wrestle? Engage in some other contest of physical dominance?”

Rudy responds to Brandon with this quote after he reveals that he knows Rudy is dating his mother. This is what Rudy thinks the next step in their relationship will be as he understands that males in the wild fight for alpha status.

He knows he isn’t equipped for a full-fledged fight, but he figures he might be able to win an arm-wrestling contest. Luckily, Brandon says they don’t need to do that and all he cares about is their happiness, but we might have liked to see a variety of these contests between the two men.

7 “Constance, before you go to Omaha, I wanted to give you something no other man could. So here’s my social security card. I trust you won’t steal my identity the way you’ve stolen my heart.”

Rudy wants to please Constance with romantic gestures, but this is one that is a bit off the mark. He decides that the best way to profess his love is by gifting her his social security card. It was a twist no viewer saw coming, especially when Constance accepted the gesture with open arms.

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We know he meant well, but we still don’t think this was the right move on his part, seeing how easy it is to lose this small piece of paper. It was a hilarious interaction between these two as more nonsense spills out of his mouth, and we can’t wait to hear more as the season progresses.

6 “Don’t be dense Mike, that’s a dogbone wrap.”

Mike is the editor of the paper for the annual Founder’s Day, and he learns that Rudy’s grandfather might be the founder rather than Kent’s. Rudy shows him his in full of artifacts from his past when Mike comes across the real founder’s cape as it is covered in bullet holes.

Rudy has been using it to wrap old dogbones with and considers Mike an idiot for thinking it is anything else. After Mike declares he can use it for his story, Rudy asks what else he should wrap his dogbones with, and it leaves even the viewers a bit concerned.

5 “Ho, ho, ho. White gold.”

Rudy calls this out as he watches toilet paper rain down over his barn after he tells Jacob not to stop the teenagers from teepeeing it. He plans to stock up on this product for the rest of the year to save himself quite a bit of money.

It is genius, and a bit strange, but it left all of the viewers laughing as they witnessed his joy as the paper fluttered down in front of his eyes. We can only imagine how long it took him to collect it all after the kids through it on the roof, and we have a feeling we would have liked to see it.

4 “I’ll do anything you ask, except exercise. I don’t really enjoy it, and I don’t wanna get ripped.”

This is Rudy’s response after Constance askes him to entertain Brandon for the day, and we have to agree the thought of Rudy and exercise don’t mix. It seems like a plausible thing for him never to do, but the thought of him becoming overly muscular is hysterical.

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He was that strange kid on the playground as a child, and not the one doing constant pullups on the monkey bars. This is why this proclamation of his limits has viewers rolling as we try and imagine him performing any sort of extracurricular activity involving excessive exercise.

3 “Cause we might unleash something we can’t contain.”

Rudy invites Brandon to partake in his relaxing activity where he bends spoons and bonds them together to create humanlike figures. Brandon decides to take it to the next level by bringing them to life with advanced robotics.

Rudy is an old school guy who sees this development as dangerous, and he unveils this fear in this statement. Viewers everywhere were laughing after this line as they learned this fact about him and fans can only imagine his reactions with other pieces of modern-day technology.

2 “Oh boy, oh boy. This could be it. I could spin completely out of control. No, I’ve got a handle on it, we’re good.”

Rudy spews this out after he flips the table when he learns that Constance and he lost the card game. Kent grabs his wife in the background as they fear for their lives and Rudy’s mental state when he loses. Luckily, Rudy has a handle on his emotions and the outburst was all for nothing.

It was a twist that viewers never expected as he is generally even-tempered, and it gave them lots of laughs at the end of this episode. We doubt Rudy will ever follow through on any of his reactions, but we will continue to watch as we wonder if one day he will snap.

1 “I would take a bike to get to the rocket. How do you get to the rocket?”

Rudy confronts his ex-wife about her comment about him being the worst lover of all time, and she works with her new husband to explain where he went wrong. Randy, the new love of her life, asks Rudy if he would take a bike or a rocket to make it to Mars.

This is Rudy’s response to his question, in which Randy tells him he would take another rocket. He is still obviously a bit confused about his abilities in this department based on their conversation, but it was a hilarious exchange between these two gentlemen.

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The 100: 10 Of The Best Quotes From Season 5 | ScreenRant

The 100 is one of those well-written series that tends to tackle difficult but relevant topics — and as such, it leaves its viewers with more than a few quotable moments each season. The show’s fifth season in particular took the story to one of the darkest and most interesting places it’s gone, jumping ahead five years to explore the aftermath of Praimfaya.

In that time, the characters in the underground bunker were forced to make terrible choices to survive. And with war looming over the only one survivable valley left on Earth, our characters are forced to question what’s worth doing to survive.

Here are 10 of the best quotes from The 100’s fifth season.

10 “A warrior needs a war. An enemy. On the Ark, we made death the enemy. That’s how we survived.”

Octavia’s early days in the underground bunker aren’t easy from a leadership standpoint. The grounders don’t respect her, and Skaikru doesn’t either — leaving her in quite a predicament about how to ease the tensions going forward.

And when Skaikru hijacks part of the bunker and the grounders want to wipe them out, it becomes clear that Octavia needs to take command. She laments that she isn’t a leader, but is instead a warrior, and Jaha tells her this. He gives her something to fight — even if it’s an unbeatable entity like death — and it enables her to take control.

9 “Saving our people is about more than keeping them alive.”

Kane appears to be the voice of reason in the bunker, and his sentiment that saving humanity is about more than just keeping their people alive is one Octavia and the other Wonkru leaders don’t necessarily want to face.

But Kane is right that saving their people means doing the right thing as well as ensuring they live to see tomorrow — and it’s people like Kane who see that humanity deserves to survive after all they’ve done.

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8 “We all have things to answer for. Things that shouldn’t be forgiven but are. Because we did them for our people — our family.”

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When Bellamy and Clarke find what’s left of humanity on Earth, they’re shocked to see how much has changed. In particular, Bellamy has trouble understanding who Octavia has become over the past five years. And he especially takes issue with her unwillingness to forgive and accept Echo based on his word.

After Octavia recounts all the terrible things Echo has done, Bellamy tells her that they “all have things to answer for.” His quote rings true because so many of the characters on The 100 have done unspeakable things to protect the people they care about. And sometimes, it’s difficult to blame them.

7 “If a war is the only way to have the last survivable land on Earth, then maybe we don’t deserve it.”

The 100 is constantly raising the question of whether or not humanity deserves to survive, and Monty’s statement in “Acceptable Losses” addresses that question once more. With Octavia and Diyoza prepared to destroy the last survivable land — the very land they’re fighting over — Monty says that they might not deserve that land.

After all, do human beings really deserve to survive if they’re willing to throw away their chance at living over pride and petty squabbles?

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6 “The farmers won’t save the world, Monty. The warriors will.”

Despite the fact that Octavia was clearly wrong in saying this, it’s definitely one of the more interesting lines from The 100‘s fifth season. In becoming Blodreina, Octavia lost the girl who believed in peace — and in her desperation to leave behind her life in the bunker, she pushes adamantly for a war with the Eligius prisoners.

When Monty suggests remaining in the bunker and growing food there, just like he and his friends did in space, Octavia tells him that farmers won’t save the world. Instead, she insists that the warriors will, holding steadfastly to her belief that war is the only solution.

5 “You may be the Commander, but I’m the Commander of Death. And I say we will meet again.”

Clarke always has great lines, but this one speaks to how far both she and Madi have come. When she agrees to let Madi embrace her role as the Commander and save her people, the two share a heartfelt goodbye with one another. And when Madi suggests they could never see each other again, Clarke tells her that’s “not possible.”

“You may be the Commander, but I’m the Commander of death,” Clarke explains. Her reference to Wanheda shows that she’s still the Clarke who can make hard choices, but her love for Madi highlights the new person she’s become.

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4 “My brother, my responsibility.”

Bellamy spends much of The 100’s early seasons saying, “My sister, my responsibility,” so we suppose it was only a matter of time before Octavia countered with this quote.

What’s truly heartbreaking is that she says this right before running off to sacrifice herself for him. Even as Blodreina, Octavia always cared for her brother — and this moment is proof of that. (And thankfully, she doesn’t wind up actually sacrificing herself after all.)

3 “You can execute them because they’re the enemy, or you can break the cycle. You can be better than them. You can be better than us. The choice is yours, Heda.”

This quote from Bellamy brings the first five seasons of The 100 full circle, and it finally sees the grounders and Skaikru making a new decision and taking the path of peace.

Breaking the cycle is exactly what Madi needed to do in this moment, and it would certainly help in many real-world conflicts as well. Perhaps Bellamy should come give this speech in our world as well.

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2 “Your mistake was liking it. Power. It’s the kiss of death.”

Diyoza tells Octavia this after humanity has managed to end the world a second time — and of course, the second apocalypse is largely these two characters’ faults.

While Octavia broods over losing her people, Diyoza explains that this happened because she enjoyed having power. And we can’t argue it: Most people who revel in power aren’t truly suited for it.

1 “I hope we do better there. I hope Jasper was wrong and we aren’t the problem. I hope your lives there will be as happy as mine have been. Be the good guys.”

These are the final lines of The 100‘s fifth season, and they come from a recording of Monty, who has managed to uncover a new planet and save his friends one last time. In saving them, though, he does ask them to make better choices on their new home. And it’s an understandable request given their track record.

“Be the good guys” also clearly references all the times the characters have insisted that “there are no good guys” in order to justify their terrible actions. Monty’s speech is a call for them to stop making excuses and finally do the right thing.

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