MCU Theory: Thanos Sent Hulk To Ragnarok on Purpose

The Avengers: Endgame is giving Marvel’s heroes another shot at taking Thanos down for good, but nobody is aching for a rematch like Hulk. If their second fight goes the way we expect, it might confirm once and for all that Bruce Banner’s trip across space was no accident–it was Thanos attempting to remove the most formidable Avenger from the game.

Some might scoff at our speculation, since Hulk wasn’t even a factor in the Infinity War battles. But just because Bruce Banner and Hulk failed to work together in time to prevent the Thanos Snap, that doesn’t mean there was never a chance to pull it off. And if Thanos is as smart as he claims to be, the events of the MCU leading to Infinity War would be all the evidence he needed to decide on his biggest threat. Starting with the fact that when it comes to the gamma-powered Avenger, it isn’t the Hulk half that Thanos actually needed to worry about at all.

When fans stop and think about it, it’s painfully obvious that Hulk never stood a chance against Thanos when they fought in Infinity War, and that the Mad Titan already knew that going into it. Hulk may even be physically stronger than Thanos on a given day, but throw the Power Stone into his Gauntlet and the “strongest Avenger” poses no threat whatsoever. But Dr. Bruce Banner? Now that is a threat a tactician like Thanos would recognize as a problem to be dealt with.

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Tony Stark may also be a genius level intellect, but if Thanos was watching the Avengers from their first team-up on through the Age of Ultron, Tony displayed every insecurity, every willingness to risk everything, and collapse beneath guilt and paranoia that would ultimately defeat him. Bruce Banner on the other hand exercised caution at every step, all the while questioning his other half on a path towards better understanding the green beast residing inside of him. By Ultron, the Avengers almost had Hulk figured out, thanks to Nat’s lullaby.

Either way you cut it, leaving Hulk on Earth was bad news for Thanos. If Banner and Hulk ever found a way to merge their abilities, forming the MCU’s version of Professor Hulk, with Banner’s mind and Hulk’s muscle? That’s an enemy closer to Thanos, and far smarter than Thanos, that the villain couldn’t allow to be born. Which meant he needed to act.

This solution, if it really is the one that will eventually be confirmed, is actually fairly brilliant. It’s hard to believe Hulk would “randomly” access a wormhole sending him straight to Sakaar, a planet upon which Bruce Banner would have no chance of ever surviving. Drop him into Grandmaster’s yard, and Hulk would be forced to take control, and find no reason to ever relinquish it. Perhaps Thanos shared more than just strength with Hulk, and knew thousands of years in Thor: Ragnarok‘s gladiator arena would be the perfect distraction for a titan with a warrior’s heart.

The plan would have worked too, if Thor hadn’t been knocked out of Bifrost and onto Sakaar, as well. Should fans see it as coincidence that once Hulk boarded a ship with Thor, presumably to someday return to Earth, that Thanos chose that very time to strike? Or did he realize that Banner had returned to the original path that could end in Earth’s strongest defender being its smartest, as well?

Our theory will gain some credibility if Avengers: Endgame sets the stage for a true synthesis of Banner and Hulk, which has been hinted at over the past several films. And if such a Professor Hulk ends up playing a pivotal role in defeating Thanos–either through his strength, smarts, or both–don’t be surprised if Marvel’s architects later confirm that very outcome was the one Thanos hoped to avoid.

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Andrew Dyce

Thor: Ragnarok Accidentally Made HULK Thousands of Years Old

After being beaten by Thanos in Infinity War, the Hulk will get his chance at a rematch come Avengers: Endgame. But what if Hulk’s defeat isn’t due to Thanos being stronger, or more experienced… but because Marvel quietly aged Hulk thousands of years without fans noticing?

Whatever the reason for his defeat, nobody was more surprised then Hulk himself. After making a heroic return in Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk’s loss has launched Bruce Banner on a brand new path, now that his green alter ego isn’t coming out to play. Since there are hints that Hulk IS part of the Endgame mission, that’s going to change. But if he’s really as ancient and immortal as the MCU has apparently made him, it may actually be wisdom and experience that give Hulk an advantage over Thanos. Hulk’s body may be failing after millennia spent fighting, but Bruce Banner’s mind is still smart as a whip.

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As hard as it may be to believe, we’re willing to bet that fans will fully accept Hulk being immortal, let alone thousands of years older than the Avengers if it means merging into Professor Hulk (uniting the best of both Banner and Hulk). And if the heroes manage to defeat Thanos, then Hulk will get over his failing strength in time. But if fans are wondering where our assumption comes from of Hulk’s true biological age, the mystery isn’t difficult to solve. Fans just weren’t looking for it.

The absence of Hulk from the MCU is thankfully now a distant memory, even if the movies haven’t actually dealt with the reason he abandoned his team at the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. While Bruce Banner would have had reasons to run away from his guilt over creating Ultron, it was actually Hulk who set a Quinjet on cruise, and sat back to enjoy the stars. And it was Hulk who was still in control when Thor discovered him on the planet Sakaar in Ragnarok. It was eventually explained that Hulk’s Quinjet had indeed entered space, gotten sucked into a wormhole, and spit out on Sakaar.

While Thor was seen as a piece of trash, a being like Hulk caught the eye of The Grandmaster, and soon became his champion of the gladiator arena. There he fought until Thor showed up, woke Banner up to reclaim control, and realized the good doctor had no memory of the two years that had passed since Age of Ultron‘s final scene. Well… two years on Earth.

But Thor: Ragnarok makes a point of showing how time passes “differently” on Sakaar when Thor and Loki wind up stranded on the planet after falling through wormholes of their own. That’s thanks to Hela managing to tail them through the spatial bridge formed by Bifrost–tossing each of them free from its beam and into wild space. For Thor, his travel to Sakaar is instantaneous. But when he meets Loki, it’s revealed that while the God of Mischief left Bifrost just moments earlier, he arrived on Sakaar “weeks” before Thor. When you do the math, that difference means BIG things for Hulk’s own time spent on the cosmic junkyard planet.

Doing the exact math, Loki departs the Bifrost to be gathered up by a wormhole and spat out onto Sakaar exactly 11 seconds before Thor, resulting in “weeks” of difference. If we assume a minimum definition of “weeks” as just 15 days, that means one second of time outside of Sakaar (be it on Earth, in space, or any other parallel plane) equates to 117,818 seconds on Sakaar–or 1.36 days. That might not seem like an outrageous case of relativity, but taking into account the full two years Hulk was missing, that means 235,000 years passed on Sakaar while the Avengers were living through just two. If Loki was referring to a stay closer to say, 22 days, one second would equal two days in Sakaar… that’s 345,000 years.

The movie makes a point of confirming the warping of time on Sakaar when The Grandmaster states that “Time works a little different around these parts. On any other world, I’d be like, millions of years old.” That age certainly fits with our own calculations, and wouldn’t actually have to refer to biological time at all. In the modern Marvel Comics, The Grandmaster and the Hulk are BOTH immortal. Bruce Banner wouldn’t know the difference locked away inside Hulk’s mind, but Hulk’s immortal hair turning to grey proves even his power has limits.

There is obviously wiggle room in the physics at work here: how does time pass differently through different wormholes, would Hulk’s mass alter that relativity, and when exactly did he leave Earth’s orbit? But no matter what, it’s a question of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years Hulk spent on Sakaar. Will all that experience be used for what comes next in Avengers: Endgame? Did Hulk actually learn anything useful along the way? And will the Avengers ever actually learn that Hulk is now a more ancient warrior than any they’ve fought thus far? Only time (and Avengers: Endgame) will tell.

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Andrew Dyce

Thor: Ragnarok Makes Hercules Unnecessary For The MCU

Rumors are suggesting that Hercules will be the main character of Marvel’s Eternals movie, but after Thor’s character transformation in Thor: Ragnarok, there may not be room for both Thor and Hercules in the MCU. Adding Hercules to the movie would be a major deviation from the source material, since his comic book counterpart isn’t actually an Eternal. Instead, Hercules is an Olympian god. A potential problem with the Prince of Power joining the MCU is that in a way, Thor: Ragnarok has already given the MCU a character like Hercules.

Last April, it was confirmed that Marvel Studios was officially developing an Eternals movie. Directed by Chloe Zhao, The Eternals is expected to feature one of the Marvel Universe’s oldest races. The Eternals are a species of immortals who have shared the Earth with humans for millions of years. Casting breakdowns have revealed that the movie will include several Eternals from the comics, such as Ikaris, Sersi, Starfox, the Forgotten One, and more.

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Last November, it was reported that Marvel is looking to cast a male actor for the role of a “Greek God” in The Eternals. Based on that description Hercules, seems like the most logical fit.

Marvel’s Hercules is a unique take on the Greek demigod. The classic Avenger and longtime rival of Thor isn’t just known for his adventures with the Avengers and the God of Thunder; he has headlined his own comic book series on multiple occasions. Hercules is one of the few key members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes who hasn’t been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, though Hercules certainly deserves a place in the MCU, his presence may no longer be necessary, thanks to Thor: Ragnarok.

Despite the fact that the comic book versions of Thor and Hercules are immensely powerful immortals, the two couldn’t be more different when it comes to their personalities. Hercules is a lazy, heavy-drinking, fun-loving womanizer who approaches his adventures with a laid-back attitude and a sense of a humor. Thor is a proud and noble warrior who takes his duties as the son of Odin and an Avenger more seriously than Hercules, who enjoys a good fight and basking in the glory of his victories. So while there’s a clear distinction between Hercules and Thor in the comics, the same can’t be said for Hercules and the MCU’s Thor — at least not since the character’s third solo film.

Thor: Ragnarok rejuvenated the franchise by infusing the film with a much more humorous tone than what was seen in the first two movies. This change was also evident in the characters, particularly Thor, who showed a different side of himself by cracking jokes and creating a great deal of comedy relief with his interactions with Loki, Hulk, and Valkyrie. He was no longer the serious, brooding warrior from the previous Thor and Avengers movies. Interestingly, director Taika Waititi’s take on Thor reminded many comic book fans of Hercules. Based on the comics, it does seem likely that a movie with Hercules as the main character would end up being tonally similar to Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok blurs the line between Thor and Hercules in a big way by taking away the things that separate them. At this point, if Marvel introduces a comic book accurate Hercules to the MCU, it’s hard to say if he’ll be as unique as his comic book counterpart.

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Ragnarok Revealed The Real Reason Odin Stripped Thor Of His Power

Hela and Odin

Thor: Ragnarok explained the real reason why Odin stripped Thor of his powers in the first film. In Thor, the God of Thunder earned the All-Father’s ire when he foolishly launched a strike against Laufey and the Frost Giants of Jotunheim. Thor’s reckless, impulsive actions risked triggering a new war between Asgard and Jotunheim, one that could potentially spill over to the rest of the Nine Realms and cost millions of lives.

Odin rescued his son, and then reacted in fury. He stripped Thor of both his honor and his power, declaring him to be unworthy of his title, unworthy of the loved ones he had betrayed. Odin bound Thor’s power to Mjolnir, declaring that he could only truly become Thor once again when he had proven himself worthy. It was a strong, albeit extreme reaction – one that even Loki was surprised by. Thor: Ragnarok cast a whole new light upon it, explaining just why Odin’s reaction was so harsh.

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According to Thor: The Dark World, Odin’s father Bor battled against the Dark Elves and won a hard-fought war to render them almost extinct. He then ushered in thousands of years of peace. Thor: Ragnarok revealed that this peace was actually ended by Odin himself, whose imperial ambitions led Asgardian forces to plunder the rest of the Nine Realms. Hela was his Executioner, leading his forces to battle and slaughtering all who dared oppose Asgard. Finally, though, Hela’s ambition for conquest and her lust for blood outstripped Odin’s. The All-Father was forced to banish Hela, albeit at a terrible cost, and he committed himself to the cause of peace. Asgard became the defender of the Nine Realms, striking uneasy armistices with races like the Frost Giants – armistices that were occasionally broken, with Frost Giants invading Midgard in 1,000AD.

Odin and Hela Painting in Thor Ragnarok

This subtly rewrites Odin’s motives in Thor. He saw too much of himself in his son; a brash and reckless man whose imperialistic ways would plunge the Nine Realms into chaos and launch Asgard into an age of conquest. No wonder Odin was so angry; when he judged Thor as unworthy, he was also casting judgment upon the man he used to be. In order to earn his hammer and become worthy, Thor would have to learn that his responsibility was to act as champion and protector of the Nine Realms – not its conqueror. It was a lesson that Odin himself had to learn in the past, but at a terrible cost.

Given the events of Thor: Ragnarok, it’s no surprise that Thor’s attack on Jotunheim was viewed by Laufey as an act of war. He, too, would have realized that history was repeating himself; and Laufey would have no doubt remembered that Thor was on the verge of being crowned new King of Asgard before the coronation was interrupted by Frost Giant infiltrators. The King of the Frost Giants would have believed that Thor’s taking the throne would have been the beginning of a new Asgardian Empire, and that the Frost Giants had to act now to prevent it.

Thor: Ragnarok rewrote the history of Asgard – but in doing so it subtly rewrites the previous Thor films as well. In this case, it adds a whole new depth to Thor’s origin story, suggesting the reason Odin viewed Thor as unworthy is because he was about to repeat the All-Father’s old mistakes.

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Aquaman Passes Venom, Thor: Ragnarok, & Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at Global Box Office

Aquaman has officially passed VenomThor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at the global box office, continuing its hot streak since its release late last year. This adds to the film’s long list of milestones after it recently helped Warner Bros. achieve its highest box office numbers ever in 2018.

Aquaman, the first standalone effort featuring the character and starring Jason Momoa in the title role, has made tidal waves at the box office thus far, recently passing 2017’s Wonder Woman to become the second highest DC Extended Universe film released to date. DCEU films aside, Aquaman has also passed other notable box office hits, beating surprise success stories like Venom at the domestic box office. The film has definitely resonated with audiences despite a lukewarm critical reception and it should at least hit $900 million worldwide before the end of its run, with some even speculating that a billion dollar overall is not outside the realm of possibilities.

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Regardless of where Aquaman finishes its run, the film has hit yet another series of milestones at the worldwide box office. According to Comic BookAquaman recently crossed $866 million worldwide on Thursday, officially passing Venom ($856 million), Thor: Ragnarok ($854 million) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($863 million) at the box office.

Guardians of the Galaxy Hallway

While Aquaman has been on the lower side of DCEU films domestically (it will pass Justice League‘s unimpressive $229 million domestic total this weekend) its international performance is simply astounding. The fact that it has now overtaken three highly popular films, two of which are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is enough cause for celebration. Assuming the film doesn’t completely crash and burn this upcoming weekend (which is unlikely, considering the lack of competition domestically) it should also pass Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($872 million) to become the highest grossing DCEU film released to date, when not accounting for inflation.

Considering the doom and gloom early projections before Aquaman‘s release, the James Wan-helmed film has performed beyond anyone’s expectations and served to reinvigorate the DCEU for Warner Bros. and everyone involved. A billion dollar worldwide gross seems more and more likely, though it’s again not a guarantee and anything can happen in the unpredictable world of entertainment. Either way, an Aquaman sequel, which Momoa reportedly has a lot of ideas for, seems like a foregone conclusion at this point and the character, along with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, could help carry the DCEU into the next phase of its rocky and inconsistent life cycle.

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Men In Black International Photo: Ragnarok Costars Protect the Galaxy

Thor: Ragnarok stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson reunite in a fresh photo from Men in Black International. The film is set in the same continuity as the original Men in Black trilogy, but focuses on a new set of characters – namely, MIB agents who work at the London branch.

Long referred to as simply the Men in Black spinoff/reboot, the International title was revealed at Brazil’s Comic Con Experience this week. Written by Iron Man duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, and directed by F. Gary Gray (The Fate of the Furious), Men in Black International features a cast that includes Kumail Nanjiani, Liam Neeson, Rebecca Ferguson, and Emma Thompson back in her role as Agent O from Men in Black 3. Hemsworth confirmed that production has wrapped back in October, well ahead of the film’s June 2019 release date.

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While everyone was busy this morning watching the Avengers: Endgame trailer (aka. the trailer for Hemsworth’s other big 2019 movie), Hemsworth took a moment to promote his MIB spinoff by posting a photo to Instagram. In the accompanying caption, the actor said “this shot was taken in between set ups when Tessa and I noticed some criminal activity on the streets of London. We immediately drew our laser guns and took down one of the largest crime syndicates in the city. Happy to say the streets of London are now safe again. You’re welcome world”. You can check out said photo, below.

As Ragnarok demonstrated, Hemsworth and Thompson not only have good chemistry, but also making for a convincing action-comedy buddy duo onscreen. Hemsworth often carries that sense of humor over to his social media posts – as the message above illustrates – and it should serve him well on the Men in Black franchise. The same goes for Thompson, whose entertaining antics as the often-drunk Valkyrie in Ragnarok definitely left her fans excited to see her take on more action-comedy roles (like her character in International).

The previous three Men in Black movies were all global box office hits powered by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ crackling chemistry, in combination with the franchise’s typically zany take on alien life. Smith and Jones have certainly left some big shoes for Hemsworth and Thompson to fill, but the pair seem up for the task. That goes double for Gray, who’s already proven he can deliver everything from entertaining musician biopics (Straight Outta Compton) to high-octane remakes (The Italian Job) and sequels alike. Fingers crossed, then, Men in Black Interntional should deliver the goods.

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Star Wars Rumor: Taika Waititi & Bryce Dallas Howard Star in Mandalorian

Taika Waititi and Bryce Dallas Howard may pull double duty with The Mandalorian, as they’re both now rumored to have roles in the series. Disney is investing heavily in their upcoming streaming service. It will include new movies, original Marvel TV series, and even the first ever live-action Star Wars show. The latter will be written and produced by Jon Favreau, but he doesn’t appear to be directing. It’s confirmed that the series will be called The Mandalorian, and fans recently got a look at what the main character looks like, just not who’s under the mask.

While there has been casting rumors pointing to Pedro Pascal possibly headlining the series, the official announcements have, instead, focused on who will be behind the camera. Lucasfilm already announced an impressive list of directors for The Mandalorian, which includes Dave Filoni, Rick Famuyiwa, Deborah Chow, Waititi, and Howard – but directing may not be the only thing the latter two are doing.

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According to a new rumor from Discussing Film, Taika Waititi and Bryce Dallas Howard may also have acting roles in The Mandalorian. This is just a rumor for the time being and should be taken with a heavy pinch of salt. If this report is accurate, Waititi will be providing the voice of a droid in The Mandalorian, while there’s no potential details on who Howard could play. Neither will be leading roles, but instead minor ones if this is confirmed.

Waititi may be best known now as the director of Thor: Ragnarok after impressive indie comedies What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, but he’s also spent time as an actor. He’s starred in or at least been featured in almost everything he’s directed, and a voice role is nothing new either. He did the voice for Ragnarok‘s scene-stealing Kronan, named Korg. It’s easy to imagine the sound of Waititi’s voice coming from a droid, whether it’s capable of speaking fluently or just using beeps and noises.

Howard is an accomplished actress, having recently taken a leading role in the last two Jurassic World movies. Her history as an actress makes it particularly believable that she would also take a supporting role in The Mandalorian, while also directing an episode. Since there aren’t any character details for her potential part yet, there really isn’t any telling what type of character she could play, if she plays one at all. Regardless, the possibility of including Waititi and Howard in The Mandalorian‘s cast is exciting nonetheless, so, hopefully, this can be confirmed (or debunked) soon.

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The Mandalorian is now filming and expected to launch on Disney’s streaming service in 2019.

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Dark Phoenix Director Apologizes for X-Men: The Last Stand

Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg apologizes for botching Fox’s first attempt at adapting Chris Claremont’s Dark Phoenix saga in X-Men: The Last Stand. A longtime producer of Fox’s X-Men films, Kinberg also wrote the Brett Ratner-directed movie, alongside Zak Penn. The film was the final installment in the series’ initial continuity, before it was rebooted by Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class.

Specific narrative points are still being kept under wraps, but people involved in Dark Phoenix are hyping it up, including Sophie Turner (Jean Grey/Phoenix), who promised fans that it will revolutionize the superhero genre. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence (Raven/Mystique) dubbed it her best X-Men experience. The movie is set to be the last Fox-controlled X-Men film before rights to the mutants, alongside all their tie-in characters, return to Marvel Entertainment after the Disney and Fox merger is finalized.

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Speaking with EW as he continues to promote Dark Phoenix, Kinberg apologized for Fox’s first attempt to adapt the quintessential storyline from the comics back in 2006. Considering that he was a pivotal part of The Last Stand, the first-time director also assures fans that this time, they made sure to stick to the source material as closely as possible. Kinberg previously named Logan and the original Star Wars trilogy – as well as other MCU cosmic-set films – as influences on his upcoming movie, but following his apology, he specifically named Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok as another significant inspiration.

“I’m sorry for X-Men 3. We tried to tell the Dark Phoenix story and we didn’t do it properly. So, with this Dark Phoenix story there is no ‘cure’ plot, there is no other plot. It is the Dark Phoenix story, as told in comics, as told in the cartoons. Sophie is the center of the film, that’s why she’s the one person that’s in the teaser poster. The entire movie revolves around her. It’s a movie that goes into space and is cosmic, very much inspired actually by what [Taika] did with Thor — even though the tone is totally different — but just the ability to make a character movie that still feels grounded, and fun, but is in whole other universes. Jessica Chastain’s character plays an alien, and that’s all I can tell you about that. But, yeah, it’s the Dark Phoenix story and if you’ve read that comic I think you’re going to like the movie a lot.

Admittedly, not many were initially sold on the idea of retelling the same print narrative, especially since Fox could’ve gone with other storylines that have never been translated to the big screen. It didn’t help that Dark Phoenix‘s release has been pushed back a few times, alongside rumors that the reshoots were to alter a huge chunk of the movie. Over the years, the term “reshoots” has developed a negative connotation after being associated with problem-laded productions, that said, reshoots have always been mandatory, especially for blockbusters.

While the film’s first trailer didn’t necessarily squash people’s concerns that Dark Phoenix will be just an updated version of The Last Stand, the buzz surrounding the event-exclusive footage shown at NYCC may sway naysayers to give the movie a fair shot. Those who were lucky enough to see the preview raved about the chemistry of the established X-Men team before Jean’s change of heart. From the looks of it, Kinberg’s apology may not just be lip service, assuming the forthcoming mutant-centered movie blows everyone away.

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How MCU Cosmic Movies Allowed X-Men To Adapt Dark Phoenix Properly

During a panel at New York Comic Con, screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg explained how Marvel Studios’ dip into intergalactic fare set the stage for the latest X-Men cinematic installment, Dark Phoenix. Directed by Kinberg, the film will tackle one of the most famous stories from the X-Men’s extensive comic canon as it traces the rise and fall of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) as her immensely powerful alter-ego, the Phoenix.

The original comic book story by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne featured a distinct science fiction tone. After an accident in outer space exposed her to a strange flare of cosmic radiation, Jean’s powers increased exponentially, making her one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Despite Professor X’s best efforts, the power drove her insane and made her a target of a powerful extraterrestrial race, the Shi’ar Empire. The third film in the first X-Men series, X-Men: The Last Stand, adapted some of this storyline, but left out the space-related material, resulting in a less-than-satisfying adaptation of the beloved original.

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According to Kinberg, two recent trends in Marvel movies had a significant impact on the culmination of the reboot series that began with X-Men: First Class. He cites Logan as an influence on the film’s dark dramatic themes, but also the success of the MCU’s cosmic films as preparation to expand the X-Men universe.

“What Marvel Studios has done in terms of making these movies extraterrestrial, taking them into space with Guardians [of the Galaxy], with Thor: Ragnarok, with the Avengers movies, allowed for us to tell the Dark Phoenix story not just in the dramatic, grounded emotional ways that we’re talking about… but to also go to outer space, to have alien characters.”

Fox also premiered some new footage of Dark Phoenix at NYCC, which backs up Kinberg’s description. Most likely coming early in the film, the scenes show the X-Men attempting to rescue a group of astronauts whose shuttle has gone out of control. While the attempt is mostly successful, it results in Jean’s exposure to cosmic radiation, following the similar setup from Claremont’s comics.

That’s a reassuring sign after the all-around disappointment of X-Men: The Last Stand. Adventures in outer space have been part of the X-Men’s repertoire for decades, and it’s about time that the films started to reflect that. So far there’s been no confirmation of whether the Shi’ar will appear in the story. It’s possible that the as-yet-unnamed character played by Jessica Chastain will fill that role, but Kinberg has only hinted that she’s not “from our planet.”

With the upcoming move to Marvel Studios, this is likely to be the X-Men’s swan song at Fox (excepting perhaps the more removed The New Mutants). Despite delays that pushed the premiere back to next year, Kinberg seems confident that they’ve finally brought one of the definitive X-Men stories to the big screen in the manner it deserves. Time will tell if they’ve got it right this time.

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Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Armor Originally Looked Very Different

Marvel concept artist Aleksi Briclot has shared early concept art for Thor: Ragnarok that shows a radically different design for Thor’s gladiator armor. In the movie, an altercation with his long-lost sister sends Thor crashing down to the planet of Sakaar, where he is almost immediately enslaved and forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena. To add insult to injury, some weird old guy even cuts off his long, beautiful hair.

Once Marvel movies are out in theaters and all their secrets have been revealed, the studio’s concept artists are usually pretty generous with sharing early designs for characters. Led by Andy Park and Ryan Meinerding, the Marvel Studios Visual Development come up with many different options for characters before the filmmakers decide on the look they like the best. A tie-in book, The Art of Thor: Ragnarok, was released last year.

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Thor’s final look for his showdown with the Hulk was a fairly plan suit of armor and a winged helmet, but he could have looked very different. Briclot shared some other designs on his Instagram feed, which he explains were inspired by legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby (a style that Waititi specifically requested).

With its comedic tone, strong color palette and excellent soundtrack, Thor: Ragnarok is regarded by many fans as the best movie in the franchise, and one of the best movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe overall. Star Chris Hemsworth certainly has a lot of enthusiasm for it, saying that after Ragnarok he felt “a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm.” Ragnarok was the final solo Thor movie on Hemsworth’s contract, but it may just have convinced him to come back for more. “If I had the opportunity to do it again, I think I’d love to,” Hemsworth admitted. “I also think there’s an appetite for it now, or there’s a far greater range of possibilities of where he can go now… because we’ve kind of broken the mold a bit.”

If Ragnarok was Hemsworth’s last Thor solo movie, however, at least it was a good one. It’s well worth taking a look through Briclot’s Instagram feed to see other pieces of concept art from the movie. Thor’s reluctant ally Valkyrie also had some incredibly different designs in the early stages of development, including one suit of armor that came with an enormous winged helmet. Maybe she can wear that one in a future movie.

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Source: Aleksi Briclot (via Cinema Blend)

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2018-09-30 08:09:10 – Hannah Shaw-Williams