Star Trek: Discovery Redesigns The Enterprise Bridge: Here’s What’s Changed

Fans finally get a look at the bridge of Star Trek: Discovery‘s U.S.S. Enterprise – and it’s amazing how close the CBS All-Access prequel got to duplicating the famous starship’s interior while simultaneously upgrading it to suit the series’ modern aesthetics.

The Starship Enterprise – the classic NCC-1701 version, of course – first appeared in Star Trek: Discovery‘s season 1 finale when it came nose-to-nose with the Disco. However, once Captain Christopher Pike transferred aboard the Discovery, fans were disappointed that the only glimpse they saw of its interior was the doorway and interior of Spock’s quarters when Commander Michael Burnham beamed aboard to investigate the disappearance of her adoptive brother. The tidbits of info season 2 provided about the Enterprise mostly came from Number One’s guest appearance in episode 4, “An Obol for Charon,” when she informed Pike about the Enterprise’s refits after the ship’s holographic array caused system-wide damage (Pike then ordered the holograms removed permanently).

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In part 1 of Star Trek: Discovery season 2 finale, “Such Sweet Sorrow,” fans finally got a grand tour of the Enterprise. In order to keep the sphere data from Control, which had taken over Section 31’s fleet and was en route to attack, Pike and Burnham decided to destroy the Discovery and the Enterprise arrived to save the Discovery’s crew. Both starships docked parallel to each other so Discovery’s crew could board Pike’s original ship and fans got to see Enterprise’s upgraded corridors with their shiny red trim and mesh panels, similar to how it appeared in The Original Series. The Captain escorted Burnham and First Officer Saru himself via turbolift (with the handle grip controls) onto the bridge, which was strikingly recreated to resemble what fans remember from TOS, but was also stunningly updated.

Star Trek: Discovery‘s U.S.S. Enterprise’s bridge has the red turbolift door that leads into the command center, with its classic square-ish captain’s chair prominently raised behind the white and red-painted ops and conn stations, all facing a viewscreen. There’s a red railway surrounding the center and behind them are the various control stations, with monitor screens and schematics of the Enterprise, as well as TOS‘ blinking colored lights. Behind the captain’s chair is the Communications station (the future perch of Lieutenant Uhura) and to the left of that is the Science station – Spock’s workplace as Science Officer.

Along with eliminating the holographic array “forever” – which keeps Star Trek canon intact – the overhauls Number One oversaw must have included a new paint job. The bright primary colors (which Emperor Georgiou loathed) must be part of the refit; in the original Star Trek pilot, “The Cage”, the bridge was monochrome and featured lamps with curved necks (which have been removed). Thankfully, the Enterprise still has all of the same sounds as in TOS, including the whooshing sound the turbolift doors make, the naval-like whistles, the computer’s distinctive beeps, and even the sounds of photon torpedoes launched.

The Enterprise’s bridge, which has two more stations to the left of the Science station that are rarely seen in TOS, is considerably more cramped than the Discovery’s expansive command area. This is odd because, as a deep space cruiser, the Constitution-class Enterprise is supposed to be bigger than the Crossfield-class Discovery, which is a science vessel; the Enterprise’s crew complement is 400 while the Discovery’s was 131 in season 1 and grew to approximately 200 in season 2. And yet, the Discovery’s interiors are definitely roomier than the Enterprise’s.

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movies maintained the basic layout of TOS‘ Enterprise but made everything bigger, shinier, and more futuristic – the discrepancies are waved away by those films being set in the alternate Kelvin timeline. But because Star Trek: Discovery established Anson Mount’s Pike is the same character played by Jeffrey Hunter, the Enterprise has to be the same ship that James T. Kirk will inherit. While they still maintain the starship’s retro feel, the upgrades Star Trek: Discovery made to the Starship Enterprise lets the CBS All-Access series have the best of both worlds.

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Star Trek: Discovery‘s season 2 finale streams Thursday, April 18 on CBS All-Access and the next day internationally on Netflix

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20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Potterverse Couples

A story that started out as one book — Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone — has grown larger than anyone could ever imagine. From a book series of seven installments, to eight movies adapting those books, a theme park, a play, and now the Fantastic Beasts films, it has become its own unique world, known to many as the Potterverse.

The Potterverse consists of all the aforementioned books, movies, theme parks, plays, and more. Part of what makes it all so compelling is knowing that it’s part of a single continuity in the same universe. Even though the Fantastic Beasts films take place long before Harry’s story begins, fans know that the movies have significant connections to the original series.

Within a fandom as enthusiastic and active as this one is, many talented fans have created stunning pieces of fan art. DeviantArt in particular has allowed more and more of such impressive art to be made and shared online, where it can be appreciated by individuals all over the world. Some of the art celebrates fan-favorite characters, depicted very closely to their stories in the books and movies.

Another side of fan art is how it dares to show characters in a different light than the books and movies. Many talented artists have created redesigns that illustrate familiar Potterverse characters as part of unexpected romantic couples. Some of these pairings theoretically make sense based on the character’s personalities and stories. Others are rather implausible, but that doesn’t diminish the impressive creative work rendered by the fans. The couples featured in these redesigns are from both the original Harry Potter series and from the Fantastic  Beasts movies.

Take a swig of the powerful love potion Amortentia as we explore these 20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Potterverse Couples.

20 Newt Scamander And Credence Barebone

Credence Barebone and Newt Scamander might seem like a strange couple, but it could actually work based on what audiences saw in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. The Muggle family that raised Credence abused him. Gellert Grindelwald tried to exploit Credence and the Obscurus that developed within him. MACUSA sought to destroy Credence as he lost control and reigned havoc on the magical and non-magical world.

Newt was one of the few who tried to reach out to Credence and help him. Newt’s study an Obscurial helped him understand Credence’s condition. Credence would greatly benefit from a partner who is as compassionate and understanding as Newt. BladeDeeHunter’s fan art captures that with Newt extending a flower to Credence.

19 Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy

Draco’s face is probably still throbbing from Hermione’s punch in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Despite their differences, though, Linndsey’s redesign makes a compelling case for them as a couple. They’re both confident, yet struggling with their own ongoing insecurities. They are proud and ambitious, with others constantly looking to them.

Even with these connections, it would still be difficult to make “Dramione” work, especially in their Hogwarts days. Draco quite simply was too prejudiced and arrogant. Post-Deathly Hallows, when Draco was far more mature and striving to be a better person, his maturity would’ve caught up to Hermione’s and them as a couple seems more plausible.

18 Dobby And Winky

The life of a house-elf is a difficult one in the Potterverse. Winky had particularly challenging circumstances since she had to keep the secrets of the Crouch family. Later, when Winky joined the Hogwarts kitchens, Dobby did his best to help Winky assimilate to her new life. Whether it’s as a romantic couple or just fellow house-elves helping each other out, Dobby and Winky are definitely an underrated pairing. It certainly didn’t help that Dobby only ended up being in the Chamber of Secrets and Deathly Hallows: Part 1 movies, while Winky was cut out from the movies entirely.

ShovelDuct does their best to rectify this with Dobby and Winky at the forefront of this peaceful, loving redesign. It’s also refreshing in that it focuses on pairing non-human characters.

17 Luna Lovegood And Ginny Weasley

In the books, Ginny Weasley was a popular and charismatic individual, well liked among a variety of Hogwarts social circles. Luna Lovegood’s eccentricities led many of her peers to think she was strange. As such, their peers weren’t exactly going out of their way to become friends with Luna, while many wanted to be connected to Ginny.

Regardless of these social differences, Ginny was generally friendly with Luna and enjoyed spending time with her. Ginny seemed to appreciate Luna’s quirkiness, which likely was grounded in the fact that she knew Luna was a more authentic person than many of their peers. Luna seemed to appreciate Ginny just as much for accepting her and choosing to spend time with her when Ginny easily could’ve chosen a different crowd. This kind of past relationship and appreciation for one another allows a Ginny-Luna dynamic to make sense as shown in tasiams’ redesign.

16 Sirius Black And Remus Lupin

As close as James Potter and Sirius Black were, Sirius and Remus Lupin were very close as well. In order to help his friend every month when he’d transform into a werewolf during the full moon, Sirius learned to be an Animagus so he could somewhat safely interact with Lupin and be there for his. Considering the elitist and prejudiced background of the Black family, Sirius easily could’ve shunned Lupin for being a werewolf. Instead, though, Sirius defied his own family and supported Lupin every step of the way.

It was beautiful in Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix to see Sirius and Lupin reconnecting as adults, finally aware of the truth concerning the demises of James and Lily Potter. This redesign by irishgirl982 goes back to the character’s younger days at Hogwarts, their close friendship growing into something deeper as they return from a Hogsmeade trip and visit to Zonko’s Joke Shop.

15 Severus Snape And Narcissa Malfoy

While there was never much hint of a love connection between Severus Snape and Narcissa Malfoy, they have somewhat similar arcs. Both were Slytherins and grew up believing in a pure-blood ideology. They served Voldemort loyally for a while until they changed sides in order to protect those they loved.

Snape became Albus Dumbledore’s man once he learned Voldemort was going to target Lily Potter. Narcissa Malfoy lied to Voldemort’s face in order to save her son Draco. Both Narcissa and Snape were protective of Draco, caring more about saving his soul and shielding him from taking a life than fulfilling the wishes of Voldemort.  Lily was the only woman Snape loved and no one could ever replace her. That being said, there is undeniable connection between Narcissa and Snape, a kind of solace despite difficult circumstances and understanding between them that is embodied in madcarrot’s redesign.

14 Newt Scamander And Gellert Grindelwald/Percival Graves

The Fantastic Beasts movies have pitted Newt Scamander and Gellert Grindelwald against one another. Even in his disguise as Percival Graves, Grindelwald never really connected with Newt. In fact, he tried to use his position in MACUSA to eliminate Newt as soon as possible.

All of these factors make it refreshing to see thegreencarousel’s redesign of the primary protagonist and antagonist of the Fantastic Beasts movies as a romantic couple. Newt has a dragon tattoo here, making him seem a little less of magizoologist nerd and a little more edgy — but still an admirer of magical creatures — and probably more to Grindelwald’s liking. In his younger days, Grindelwald could’ve been this tender with Albus Dumbledore, but he’s too far gone into the depths of evil by the time he met Newt.

13 Nymphadora Tonks And Kingsley Shacklebolt

Some fans felt the Remus Lupin-Nymphadora Tonks relationship came out of nowhere. They argued that there wasn’t enough shared scenes and chemistry beforehand to make their romantic status suddenly seem plausible. PastelNinja’s redesign fixes this by having Tonks in a relationship with a different Order of the Phoenix member, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

As Aurors working at the Ministry while secretly being heavily involved with the Order, Tonks and Kingsley arguably have a lot more in common than she and Lupin did. Tonks and Kingsley could also balance each other out nicely in terms of personality. Tonks is more quirky and outgoing, while Kingsley is more calm and reserved. They’re nice people but they aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe in and will do everything in their power to stand up for others. There’s a perfect amount of connection mixed with distinct differences that would make them work well as a couple.

12 Harry Potter And Hermione Granger

Yamatoking’s fan art shows a familiar moment between Harry and Hermione in The Half-Blood Prince. Harry comforted Hermione after she saw Ron with Lavender Brown. It also captures how Harry and Hermione look natural together as a couple. Many romantic relationships begin as close friendships, eventually going to the next level. This would make a lot of sense with Harry and Hermione, especially since they have a lot more in common than Ron and Hermione.

There’s a deep sense of understanding and compassion between them. Even J.K. Rowling admitted that Harry and Hermione would’ve made a good couple and that it was ultimately a mistake to put her and Ron together.

11 Helga Hufflepuff And Salazar Slytherin

Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin had entirely different philosophies about which young wizards and witches should be able to attend Hogwarts. Slytherin believed that those of pure-blood ancestry should be accepted into Hogwarts. He asserted that under no circumstances could Muggle-born students be accepted. On the other hand, Helga Hufflepuff was open to a wide variety of young witches and wizards entering Hogwarts and she treated them all equally.

Slytherin’s philosophy was based on superiority and Hufflepuff’s philosophy was based on compassion. One was incredibly narrow-minded and elitist, while the other was open-minded and accepting of diversity. They are the most unlikely pairing out of all the Hogwarts founders, yet nami64 shows attraction brewing between them. Not surprisingly, Helga is more open in her affection here than Salazar, but the connection is definitely forming between both of them, unexpected as it may be.

10 Hermione Granger And Fred Weasley

It’s weird to see Hermione romantically involved with a Weasley who isn’t Ron. Fred generally seemed to respect Hermione and she respected him, even if it was with a mix of exasperation and amusement towards his antics. There was never any hint of attraction between the two characters, though.

Yet, there’s something undeniably appealing about Natello’s depiction of Hermione and Fred as a couple. It’s not so much that they’d be good for one another. Instead, it’s more that the artist creates such a warm, homey feel. Sitting by the fire, with Crookshanks curled up in Hermione’s lap, and the ease of the two being in one another’s company feels right. It’s more to do with the scene created by the artist than how they would actually operate as a couple.

9 Harry Potter And Draco Malfoy

Noodlerface’s fan art of Harry and Draco as a couple is soft and sweet. It’s cute seeing Draco resting his head in Harry’s lap as Harry strokes his hair. Given their relationship during their years at Hogwarts, it’s pretty much impossible to think about Harry and Draco as a couple.

By the time they’re adults and have kids of their own in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, it could be a different story. The play demonstrates how far Draco’s maturity and worldview has come. As fathers struggling to protect their children from being negatively affected and overshadowed by family legacy and rumors, Harry and Draco experience a shared challenge. This, plus the quest to save their sons, puts them together like never before, even if it’s not quite couple status. It’s still fun to imagine them as a couple in their younger days, though.

8 Neville Longbottom And Luna Lovegood

It came as a surprise to many fans that Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood didn’t end up together. Both characters were loyal, compassionate, brave, yet they often struggled to fit in. Dumbledore’s Army was so meaningful to them not just because it gave them a way to stand up to Dolores Umbridge and make them feel more in control of their lives, but also because it gave Neville and Luna a sense of belonging. This is why a year after Dumbledore’s Army last met, Neville and Luna were the only ones who still held onto their Dumbledore’s Army coins and checked them regularly.

The way they’re looking at one another in AniPokie’s redesign is adorable, as is the fact they exchanged scarfs. As much as we support Neville’s marriage to Hannah Abbot and Luna’s marriage to Rolf Scamander, we can’t help but wish in moments like this that Neville and Luna ended up together.

7 Newt Scamander And Leta Lestrange

Prior to the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, little is known for sure about the past relationship between Newt Scamander and Leta Lestrange. Instead of a dramatic falling out, Inimeitiel takes a more innocent and sweet approach in depicting them as a couple. Still rather young Hogwarts students at this point, Newt and Leta hold hands while they both smile adorably.

With very different beliefs and attitudes, Slytherins and Hufflepuffs often don’t fraternize. That certainly isn’t the case here, though, as Leta and Newt break barriers and are proudly together. Though we discover that Leta did have feelings for Newt in Crimes of Grindelwald, it’s still a bit heartbreaking to see this redesign knowing that Leta will later be engaged to Newt’s brother Theseus Scamander.

6 Sirius Black And James Potter

Sirius Black and James Potter were immediately the best of friends from the moment they met. Their bond continued even after they graduated from Hogwarts. As fellow Order of the Phoenix members, they dared to stand against Voldemort and his Death Eaters when most other shied away from the fight. James even named Sirius as the godfather of his son Harry.

Everyone knew Sirius and James were best friends. Because of this assumption, everyone figured that Sirius had been the Potters’ Secret Keeper and had been the one to betray them to Voldemort. It turned out the Potters had been counting on this assumption, though, and instead made their Secret Keeper Peter Pettigrew. Viria’s fan art shows them still in their Hogwarts days, connecting over their shared mischievous, somewhat arrogant natures. Their enthusiastic friendship beginning to transform into a passionate romantic relationship.

5 Lavender Brown And Parvati Patil

It’s not really shown in the movies, but book readers know Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown are the best of friends. They were largely inseparable and spent much of their time together. They shared a room during all of their years at Hogwarts. Together, they reveled in the glory of Divination and greatly admired Professor Trelawney.

With all of these factors in mind, it’s not unreasonable to think of Parvati and Lavender’s friendship turning romantic. Their close bond over the years created a foundation for them as a couple, as opposed to the Lavender-Ron Weasley couple, which had very little buildup in previous books. Meabhdeloughry’s fan art depicts Lavender and Parvati curled up next to one another, reading tea leaves, and basking in the warmth of candlelight and each other.

4 Harry Potter And Pansy Parkinson

Daekazu’s redesign is so much fun largely because Harry and Pansy are such an unexpected couple. Neither character really has anything in common with the other. Pansy looks a lot sweeter here. She looks nothing like the girl who bullied Hermione and immediately pointed out Harry in the Great Hall so he could be handed over to Voldemort. Pansy’s personality would have to change a lot for her to connect on any level with Harry. She would also have a difficult time connecting with Harry since they have such different beliefs and backgrounds.

That being said, the colors in the background offer a wonderful visual representation of a dedicated Gryffindor and dedicated Slytherin forgoing the usual boundaries and becoming a romantic couple. They are a highly unlikely Gryffindor-Slytherin match, though.

3 Dean Thomas And Seamus Finnegan

Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas were best friends throughout their time at Hogwarts. Dean even traveled to the Quidditch World Cup with Seamus and his mother in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Dean was unable to return to Hogwarts for his seventh year, as his Muggle-born status would’ve put him in serious danger with the school under Voldemort’s control. When Dean did return at the end of the year for the Battle of Hogwarts, Seamus was overjoyed to see his best friend and ran to hug him.

AliWildgoose turned their longtime friendship into romance in honor of Valentine’s Day. It seems like the making of a first kiss, both of them eager, yet nervous as their close friendship begins to turn into something much bigger. Perhaps it could come about as a rebound move for Dean after he and Ginny Weasley broke up. It could also happen after Dean and Seamus were separated during their seventh year, finally coming to terms with their feelings for one another.

2 Luna Lovegood And Cho Chang

Even though each Hogwarts house is defined by specific characteristics, the individuals within each house can be vastly different from one another. A great example is Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood, two Ravenclaws who offer a stark contrast in personality. Cho is a more traditional popular girl. She was very outgoing and athletic, she was the star of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, and she dated well-known young wizards like Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter at Hogwarts.

Luna, on the other hand, was the farthest thing from a traditional girl. She was eccentric, seen as strange by many, and was more introverted as her social circle generally only consisted of a few close friends. It might seem like a stretch imagining them together, but GEITENKAAS makes it possible with this redesign of the two setting aside their differences and finding a connection.

1 Queenie Goldstein And Credence Barebone

The toxic environment Credence grew up in made him the tortured soul fans met in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. CaptBexx’s detailed fan art illustrates Credence getting the kind of love and support he needs from Queenie Goldstein. Credence and Queenie have some characteristics in common, as both are a bit eccentric and have rare magical abilities.

Queenie is a gifted Legilimens, while Credence, against all odds, survived with a powerful Obscurus forming within him. The major difference between them is that Queenie generally uses her ability to help others. By understanding their pain and thoughts, she’s able to comfort and provide others with assistance. Years of repressing the magic within him allowed the Obscurus within Credence to fester, eventually exploding into destructive chaos that harmed many individuals. Since we recently saw Queenie turn to the dark side in The Crimes of Grindelwald, this couple seems more likely than ever before.

What’s your favorite redesign of an unexpected Potterverse couple? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Sons Of Anarchy Fan Redesigns Better Than What We Got

Kurt Sutter’s epic Sons of Anarchy has been lauded by fans and critics alike. For 7 long seasons, viewers watched Jax, his family, and his gang of biker brothers battle each other and other gangs to violent ends.

The show was relentless with constant violence, gritty scenes, and numerous dark moments. Nonetheless, fans could not look away.

Fans, more than critics, have carried on the show’s legacy, as they continue to lend praise to SOA and its characters. One of the best ways they do this is by creating fan art. Some of the best fan art depicts the characters and the show in a much different way than viewers saw it weekly from season 1 to the end of season 7.

The illustrations in the fan art provide a totally different visual representation than what viewers became accustomed to. They touch on themes that the show never focused on. They even connect the show with other shows and movies that one would never think to associate it to.

Altogether, these pieces of art provoke thought and remind people of why they love the show and the characters. At their core, they are celebrations of a show that fans still miss to this day

With that said, here are the 20 Sons Of Anarchy Fan Redesigns Better Than What We Got.

20 Jax Riding with The Reaper

During its 7 season run, Sons of Anarchy was constantly praised for its gritty storytelling and realistic portrayal of the harsh and violent nature of biker culture.

SOA provided illusions to thematic elements such as tragedy and passings, but mostly stayed within the boundaries of real life.

Characters constantly discussed the Grim Reaper, even talking about him as if he existed and was an essential part of their lives and the club.

The show never personifies the Grim Reaper, instead keeping him as an unseen symbol.

This artist does show the Grim Reaper personified, by showing him follow Jax closely as he rides his motorcycle.

It speaks towards the theme of the show and also the fate of the show’s main character.

19 Star Wars of Anarchy

Part of the fun of fan redesigns is that the art is open for interpretation. A drawing, painting, or digital design can take one piece of art and connect it to something completely different.

This is the case for this Star Wars and Sons of Anarchy crossover.

On their surfaces, Star Wars and Sons of Anarchy are two very different pieces of visual media. In fact, they do not even take place on the same planet.

Just by looking at the piece of art, however, one can make any interpretation they want.

Regardless of the conclusion reached, this piece elevates both Star Wars and Sons of Anarchy by taking it out of its box and stretching it across different mediums.

18 Sons of Anarchy Jacket

Jax Teller and crew are not concerned with the way they look. Each character, some more than others (Happy, anyone?), is covered in tattoos and clad in denim and leather.

The show never really addresses the fashion of its characters beyond the fact that they wear their leather and ink their bodies out of allegiance to the club.

Nonetheless, fans find it as an essential part of the show. Fans have paid homage to the show’s fashion through cosplay and fan art, such as in this piece.

Here, the artist takes a specific focus to Jax’ leather jacket which shows the seal of the club that has the Grim Reaper holding a sickle on it.

While Jax may not care what his jacket looks like, the fans sure do.

17 The Originals: Jax and Clay

When the show premiered in 2008, Sons of Anarchy maintained a steady focus on two main characters: Jax and Clay.

Clay was a sort of father figure to Jax, despite not being the greatest person and rumors swirling that he was involved in Jax’ real father’s death.

This illustration by artist ADN-z does a great job reflecting the above two notions.

First, the piece is labeled as “SAMCRO Redwood Original,” which notes that these two characters were the original two on a show that focused on many characters.

It also highlights the nature of Clay as he stands above Jax, almost as if he is protecting him, but holding a sickle, a device used prominently by the Grim Reaper.

16 The Gang Back Together

Sons of Anarchy lasted a very long time. It has 7 seasons and a total of 92 episodes.

There was a lot of change between the first and final episode. People were kicked out of the biker gang, relationships were broken, and some people even ran away.

The constant change in the 7 seasons was a result of characters passing away under various different circumstances. This occurred so much that by the end of the show it became hard to remember every character and impossible to imagine them all together.

In this depiction of the show, the artist puts a number of important characters together.

By doing so, he is providing a side of the show and characters that was lost during the run of the series.

15 Chibs and Happy

The violence in Sons of Anarchy was consistently present. It also sometimes got a bit ridiculous, with the members of the Redwood Originals finding different ways to rid themselves of their enemies.

The violence was so ridiculous sometimes that it could be characterized as cartoonish.

In this artist’s depiction of Sons of Anarchy, they actually make two of the characters cartoons.

In what is titled “Toonstyle Mayhem,” the artist shows two of the supporting characters, Chibs and Happy, as sharp and colorful cartoons reminiscent of 2000s cartoon network characters.

The mayhem in the title is referring to the havoc they are causing as they are shooting a gun and throwing a Molotov cocktail.

14 The Art of Riding

Sons of Anarchy, like any other television show or movie, has to be considered a form of art. Whether some consider it to be a masterful, mediocre, or bad form of art, it is art nonetheless.

As with any other form of art, it is interpreted and reinterpreted through different means. In regards to interpretation, some have noted Shakespearean themes present in the story lines.

Fans play an integral part in reinterpreting the show.

In this piece, the artist takes a very prominent and recurring image of Jax riding his motorcycle and puts a unique twist on it.

The piece is reminiscent of an old, stucco painting with blurry, yet sharp visuals. It is a great piece of art that provides a whole new interpretation to a common image.

13 Jax and Tara

Jax and Tara had a complicated relationship. They had a past together that had its issues, but were still able to make it work and get back together due to their deep love for each other.

Their love, while strong, was often challenged by elements of Jax’ lifestyle. This included his mother, Gemma, who did not have a fondness for Tara, and other SOA members who did not trust her.

All of these elements caused tension between the couple.

This piece by Leanne Reynolds depicts something that the show could not. It shows Jax and Tara in love with each other while ignoring all the other factors that came into play in the television series.

12 Chibs, Gemma, Bobby, and Tig & his dog

Sons of Anarchy highlighted a lot of relationships, whether they be romantic, familial, or platonic. Some prominent relationships were Jax and Tara, Jax and Clay, and Opie and his wife, Donna.

The show put a lot of weight on these different relationships and often carried them through multiple seasons.

However, with so many characters, there was a lack of interaction between certain people.

That is why this fan art piece by Javadoodle is so unique. Front and center in the piece is Gemma and Chibs. While the two have an established relationship, one would not consider their close friendship to be a focus for a piece of art that represents the show.

Certainly more prominent than Gemma’s relationship with Chibs was her relationship with Jax and Clay.

This piece is a refreshing take on an underutilized and rarely discussed relationship.

11 Jax the Reaper

Since the dawn of film and television, the main character, or protagonist, of the show has always been a noble and good person.

Exceptions to this rule were made in the early 2000s with shows like The Shield and Sopranos, which had main characters that acted much more like the bad guy than the good guy.

Sons of Anarchy followed suit somewhat when they introduced Jax Teller to the world. Jax, while loved by fans of the show, cannot be considered a good guy based on his brutal actions towards other people.

The show refuses to go all-in on their representation of Jax as the antagonist that he truly is, but this piece of fan art doesn’t shy away.

It shows Jax as the Grim Reaper holding a glowing ball with the “A” from “SOA” on the front, clearly acknowledging the anarchy that he caused throughout the series.

10 SOA meets The Simpsons

Sons of Anarchy, at its core, is a show about a family struggling to survive each other. The Simpsons, in a less literal way, is about the exact same thing.

That is why it is so interesting to see this unique take on both shows in this piece by ADN-z.

This illustration shows the extended SOA family. It shows everyone from blood relatives, such as Jax and Gemma, to brothers-in-arms, such as Chibs, Tig, and Juice.

All characters are “Simpsonized,” meaning they are illustrated in the style of the extremely popular show, The Simpsons.

While it is a really cool way of redesigning the main characters of SOA visually, it also questions the idea of family and connects two very different shows.

9 Juice

Juice started off as a relatively unimportant supporting character. After a few seasons, show runner Kurt Sutter began focusing more on this character, eventually making him an integral part of the later seasons.

Juice turned out to be one of the more compelling characters of the show, as he struggled with inner demons and his loyalty to a club that he was not sure would accept him if they learned who he really was.

Some might think that the show did not focus on him enough and have issues with him remaining a supporting character throughout the series.

This artist in this piece focuses solely on Juice, illustrating him as if he is falling apart.

Still visible is the intent look on his face and the SOA reaper tattoo on his forearm.

8 The Redwood Originals Ride

Sons of Anarchy is a bit of a throwback. It shows a subculture of people (motorcycle gang members) that are not commonly seen in the real world or in movies and television.

This illustration takes Sons of Anarchy and the subculture and makes it even more of a throwback.

In the image, Jax leads his pack of riders on the highway as they have determined looks on their faces. The style of art is reminiscent of 1980s television shows such as Miami Vice, with bright orange flashes of light surrounding the riders.

It is a unique re-imagining of the show that usually reflects the graphic and gritty nature of the hardened bike culture.

This is a much more sleek and stylized depiction.

7 Jax Teller

Jax Teller is arguably the most complex character on Sons of Anarchy. He is both a protagonist and an antagonist at the same time.

He loves his family and his brothers, but is willing to get rid of them if the situation calls for it.

In order to completely comprehend who Jax is, you need to look at him very closely. The artist in this redesign of Jax reflects this notion by illustrating him in a very detailed manner.

His face is expressionless, but his eyes seem focused. His cigarette is lit by fire and he is surrounded by flames and smoke. His hair is untouched, yet he has a cut above his left eye.

Each detail highlights the type of person Jax is.

6 Opie

A show’s value can often be measured by the craziness of the fans. Sons of Anarchy certainly has its die-hards, as reflected by this fan art by VoydKessler.

The artist notes that this illustration was originally made as a tattoo for a client who wanted to pay tribute to the show and his/her favorite character, Opie. Now that is dedication to a show.

The art also represents something beyond dedication, as it depicts one of the show’s most beloved characters.

Fans were devastated after Opie left the show relatively early on in its run when he reached a devastating fate at the hands of a prison guard.

We guess one fan made sure that Opie lasted much longer than he did in the show.

5 Bobby, Juice, Tig, and Chibs

The four characters in this re-imagined fan art of the show are integral. They are also ruthless.

Throughout the seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, Bobby, Juice, Tig, and Chibs wreak havoc all over California, committing multiple serious crimes and racking up a large body count.

This artist creates a great juxtaposition that the show often misses.

While the show only presents these characters as hardened thugs and violent people, this representation first visualizes them as almost childlike dolls playing on their tamer side.

The piece of art also maintains who the characters are to their core, as Tig is shown firing a gun, Bobby is on his motorcycle, and Chibs is smoking a cigarette.

They are depicted milder, but are still lethal.

4 Gemma is Boss

Gemma is established as the ruthless matriarch of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle gang from the beginning. However, the show tries to also play on her lighter side by showing that she cares for her family and friends among other things.

They certainly bring a complexity to her character and have viewers confused over whether or not they should rooting for her.

In this drawing by rivrav, there is no confusion. Gemma is seen snatching a skateboard away from a kid and angrily walking away.

It is from a scene in the show when Gemma hits another character in the nose with the same skateboard.

This artist is making sure that Gemma is known, at her core, as a bad person.

3 Happy

In a gang full of tattoo-covered, scary-looking men, Happy still manages to stick out. Maybe this is due to the numerous smiley faces that he has tattooed on his body to represent all of the people who crossed him and were never seen again.

Happy, and the actor who portrays him, David LaBrava, certainly are not the most polished-looking individuals. This video-game style rendering of the character is, however.

The sleek style, sharp shapes, and bright colors are reminiscent of a Grand Theft Auto video game.

While it provides a different style to the character, it also keeps everything that makes him ruthless as he is still scary looking.

In the end, it adds flair to a character who is often depicted in a one-dimensional manner.

2 Sons of Empire

There was a time when Sons of Anarchy seemed to be one of the biggest things on the planet. However, even at its height, it never reached the frenzy that the Star Wars franchise did.

Nonetheless, this crossover fan art reimagining is an awesome way of connecting two stories that fans cannot get enough of.

The image shows two scout troopers riding against a backdrop similar to Sons of Anarchy illustrations.

The style is a reflection of Sons of Anarchy while the content is all Star Wars.

Die-hard fans tend to want to know as much as they can about the universe that their favorite characters exist in. This illustration perfectly meshes these two unrelated universes.

1 Jax’ Final Ride

Jax Teller was the most important character in Sons of Anarchy from beginning to end. His fate was inevitable and, eventually, Jax took his final motorcycle ride.

His last ride saw him driving his favorite motorcycle down the highway, like he did many times. This time, however, he decided he had enough.

He veered into the opposite lane into oncoming traffic.

The final scene did not show the impact Jax made with the truck, but did try to incorporate some symbolism by showing a crow eat a piece of bread as the final shot.

It was supposed to be an ode to Shakespeare, but some critics had trouble enjoying it.

In this artist’s re-imagining of the scene, the message is simplified and concise. It simply depicts Jax as he went out, with large clouds behind him.

It provides just the right amount of symbolism and still gets the point across that this was Jax’ last ride.

What do you think of these Sons of Anarchy fan redesigns? Are there any others that are better than what we got? Sound off in the comments!

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20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Video Game Couples

The history of the video game couples goes back to the dawn of gaming.

In the beginning, most people had no way to play video games at home, so they had to pack a pocket full of quarters and strut over to the arcade. Addicted gamers would pony up their quarters on the dash of the game to indicate their turn was next.

However, even those early games had hints of couples — Pac-Man had Mrs. Pac-Man and Mario from Donkey Kong had Pauline.

By contrast, kids growing up today are playing the most sophisticated games ever created, with profits bringing in more money than movies worldwide.

It’s truly a treasure trove of riches, with complex character relationships and rich storylines paired with shockingly good technology. Back in the arcade days, we could never dream that games would become so realistic.

We spend weeks and years with these games, and as a result, become hugely attached to the characters that we play and encounter. To fans, just like in the world of comics and movies, it’s a joy to speculate what might happen to them.

How might they interact behind the scenes? How might they fall in love with each other, even if it’s not in the game script? Also, why limit imaginations to just the characters in-game? Why can’t Kratos fall in love with Princess Peach? Or Mega Man with Lara Croft?

Every fan loves to imagine what could be.

With that said, here are the 20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Video Game Couples.

20 Cloud and Sephiroth – Final Fantasy

Cloud first shows up in Final Fantasy VII, which was released in 1997. In this version of the game, Cloud struggles with antagonist Sephiroth, who cruelly manipulates Cloud’s mind throughout the story.

To call this an unlikely couple would be a huge understatement.

In the world of the game, the most likely scenario would be if Sephiroth were to manipulate Cloud’s mind into believing that he loves him. Sephiroth, whose genetic line is part alien, gaslights Cloud throughout the game and poor Cloud struggles to determine his identity.

The artist depicts this improbable couple in a realistic anime style and in a setting that is about as far away from the fantastical world of Final Fantasy as you can get.

19 Kratos and Bayonetta – God of War and Bayonetta

They’re from two totally different game universes, but should they ever meet, we can totally see Kratos from The God of War and Bayonetta from Bayonetta getting it on.

They are both intimidating warriors from dark mythological backgrounds. Cursed with a tragic past, Kratos was bestowed with ancient powers and magical weapons given to him by the Greek gods of Mount Olympus.

Bayonetta is a witch, whose talents include shapeshifting, summoning demons, and blowing opponents away with small mystical firearms.

For both champions, intense fights with divine beings inside ancient mythological settings are commonplace.

This artist extends Kratos’ scar much further down his face, but the rest of his look isn’t changed.

Together, they make an incredible pair.

18 Luigi and Peach – Super Mario Bros.

Luigi first appeared in the game Mario Bros., in which he and Mario defended New York from evil creatures rising from the sewer pipes.

However, it wasn’t until Super Mario Bros. that Luigi gained massive fame. In the game, Mario and Luigi try to rescue Princess Peach, who has been imprisoned in a castle by the evil King Koopa.

In the game, Mario must find the castle in which the princess is imprisoned. At the end of each level, Mario is unfortunately told: “Sorry, the Princess is in another castle.”

This artist depicts a scenario where it is Luigi who rescues Princess peach, while Mario is probably at the wrong address. 

The artist’s attention to detail is incredible.

17 Sora and Rapunzel – Kingdom Hearts

Disney created an incredible franchise with Kingdom of Hearts, which features almost all of their animated characters in the same universe.

However, the games don’t just include characters from their properties —  depending on the game, they also have characters from Final Fantasy, Pixar, and The World Ends With You.

The story begins when Sora and others quest across different lands to preserve their “hearts” from the evil beings that are referred to as the “Heartless.”

Sora and Rapunzel look like they’re doing a bit of swashbuckling here, with Rapunzel wielding her trademark pan from Tangled.

This artist gives Sora a bit more of a realistic feel than the video game, but Rapunzel is pretty close to how she appeared in her own movie.

16 Link and Prince Sidon – The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild brought many new characters to the world of Zelda, including Prince Sidon.

Here, Prince Sidon is seen enjoying an intimate meal with Link.

While Sidon looks similar to his video game counterpart, Link appears a bit more feminine here than he does in the game.

The style used by this artist is a bit different from the one we see in the game.

While the two do not end up as romantic interests in Breath of the Wild, it’s interesting to see what the couple would look like if they did get together.

Prince Sidon is known for being cheerful and upbeat, which is something that would definitely mesh well with Link’s personality and positive attitude.

15 Samus Aran and Mega Man – Metroid and Mega Man

How can Mega Man not fall in love with Samus Aran? They both wear armored suits, they both have weaponized arms, and they both have adventures fighting futuristic enemies.

The depictions of Samus Aran vary from game to game, but this artist portrays her here in more of a manga style here.

Mega Man’s face is definitely influenced by manga too, as his two eyes are scrunched up arrows and he’s frowning, with beads of sweat shoot off of his brow. He looks more like Mega Boy than Mega Man here, but it’s still adorable.

Though Samus looks a bit too old for Mega Man, the pairing is still extremely cute.

14 Yennefer and Triss – The Witcher

The Witcher franchise has received much critical acclaim, and one of its defining characteristics is how often the main character, Geralt, gets together with many of the women he encounters in the game.

Yennefer, the brunette, and Triss, the red-head, are both love interests that Geralt can get with depending on the choices that the player makes in the game.

We’re not sure what Geralt would think about two of his former girlfriends deciding to get together.

They are also both sorceresses, which makes them well suited for each other.

This artist draws them with pale complexions, which makes them look almost looking like vampires.

While they’re formidable fighters in the game, here they look like they’re dressed for a fancy night.

They’re definitely a cute couple, though.

13 Tracer and Lúcio – Overwatch

While these two look great together, they don’t really make sense as a couple. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the fact that Tracer is gay.

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed her orientation both in-game and in marketing for Overwatch in late 2016.

However, this probably won’t stop fans from imagining her in a straight relationship.

This artist does an incredible job of drawing Tracer and Lúcio almost exactly how they look in the game.

We can also see other Overwatch characters in the background, such as Widowmaker and Reaper, who appear to be dancing together, as well as Mercy and Symmetra.

While fans will probably never see this pairing happen in the game, both Tracer and Lúcio do work well together, so at least they’ll always be friends.

12 Arno and Napoléon – Assassin’s Creed

One of the most interesting aspects of the Assassin’s Creed games is the mesh of historical and fictional storytelling throughout the series.

Would Napoléon ever ditch Josephine for Arno the Assassin?

Perhaps he would if the dashing Arno had free-climbed up to his window to visit him late at night.

Instead of going with Assassin’s Creed‘s typical style, this artist chooses to portray the two characters a bit differently.

Arno has his hood down in this piece, which might be a reference to the first time the two meet. When they are first introduced, Napoléon remarks that it looks sinister, so perhaps Arno is broadcasting is friendly intentions.

Napoléon, for his part, looks happier than in the game, so maybe there is an attraction here.

11 Lilith and Mordecai – Borderlands

The Borderlands franchise is known for its shoot ’em up mayhem and sense of humor.

Lilith is a siren, a character class that has certain magical abilities, while Mordecai specializes in ranged weapons and has a pet named Bloodwing that acts as his literal wingman.

It makes sense for the two to end up together. Mordecai and Lilith are both vault hunters — they’re well-armed adventurers seeking treasure.

In the games, Lilith ends up with Roland, the commando, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t also share a connection with Mordecai.

This artist provides us with a vision of what it would look like if Lilith and Mordecai got together with this intimate moment.

Mordecai never removes his mask and goggles in the game, but he does it here for Lilith.

10 Michael and Trevor – Grand Theft Auto

Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillips were criminal cohorts in Grand Theft Auto V. They met during a heist that went wrong.

After realizing that they worked well together, they decided to become partners in crime — or perhaps just partners, as we can see here.

They are an unlikely pairing. Michael De Santa is married with two children, but he resents his family and is going through a mid-life crisis.

Meanwhile, Trevor has anger issues and has lived a life of crime ever since he was young.

Since the two spend a lot of time together, a romance might be possible.

This artist depicts Michael and Trevor in a tender setting, with Trevor leaning over to make the first move. Though he’s preoccupied and worried in the game, Michael looks twice as worried in this piece.

9 Gordon and Alyx – Half-Life

Gordon doesn’t say much of anything in Half-Life 2, but that doesn’t stop Alyx from taking a shining to him, as we can see in this artist’s reimagining.

The romance doesn’t occur in the game, but it’s hard to imagine the two never getting together.

Both Gordon, the hero, and Alyx are a key part of the resistance fighting off the alien occupation of Earth by The Combine.

It looks like Alyx is making all the moves here, by both giving Gordon a gift as well as sporting some mistletoe behind her ear. A smooch is definitely forthcoming.

This artist depicts both characters in a much softer and heartwarming illustrative style, as opposed to the harsh kitchen-sink reality of the game. They also look remarkably upbeat despite the total conquest of Earth.

8 Ico and Yorda – Ico

Fans praised Ico for its breathtaking landscapes and minimalist game mechanics.

Young boy Ico is the hero of the story, though he is an outcast because he was born with two horns. He meets Yorda, the daughter of the Queen, while he is in exile.

After he discovers that the Queen is intending to use Yorda for nefarious ends, he sets out to help her escape.

Most fans would probably want these two to end up together, as Ico risks everything for Yorda, who saves him in return.

In this piece, this artist makes gorgeous use of light. This work looks very similar to what we see in the game.

It’s obvious that the two trust and care about each other deeply.

7 Adam Jensen and Frank Pritchard – Deus Ex

The Deus Ex games play like a conspiratorial spy thriller. Adam Jensen is the bio-augmented super-soldier.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Frank Pritchard is a systems engineer who acts as Adam’s remote hacker and IT guy.

They don’t like each other at first, but over time time, Frank helps Adam save the world.

Adam has no romantic options at all in-game, but this doesn’t mean that something can’t happen behind the scenes.

This artist decided to draw the two Frank’s computer lab. The setting is perfect, as it is isolated and can be locked from the inside, providing both Frank andAdam with a private moment.

Frank is missing his trademark black and orange leather jacket that he is always wearing in the game. He probably took it off before embracing Adam.

6 Shepard and Thane – Mass Effect

Commander Shepard is the main character of the critically acclaimed Mass Effect series. In this piece, this artist imagines Shepard and Thane getting together.

As a former assassin, Thane has a rough time dealing with the lives that he claimed. He decides to join Shepard’s mission as a way of settling his conscience, as he hopes that he will also perish during the journey.

Though players can romance Thane in Mass Effect 2, the Drell is in the final stages of Kepral’s syndrome, and thus doesn’t have much time left.

Because of this, many players were scared to get too close to the warrior.

However, it’s obvious that both Thane and his siha make a great couple.

5 Lara Croft and Nathan Drake – Tomb Raider and Uncharted

Is there any video game crossover couple that should belong together more than Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and v from Uncharted?

These two are absolutely perfect together.

Both come from adventure games with settings and plots similar to Indiana Jones movies. The two are also more than capable in a fight, a puzzle, or an emergency.

In addition, Lara and Nathan are both are prone to getting into deep trouble.

This artist depicts these lovebirds in a jungle. It seems like they were both fighting for their lives, as the two are bruised and beaten.

Together, they look ready for a crossover.

4 A Protoss Couple – Starcraft

Starcraft is a military strategy game that features four different races, including the humans, that battle for control.

The Protoss are a psionic race that feeds on light. The hair-like tentacles on the back of their heads are actually nerve cords that are essential to their psionic abilities, which include mind reading, telepathy, as well as charging weapons and shielding.

This artist decided what it would be like to see two Protoss together.

Since the gameplay is focused on battle, romance often gets ignored in the story.

Also, most gameplay involves controlling groups from a bird’s eye view, so it’s unusual to see an intimate pair up this close. We’re grateful for it.

3 Lucca and Magus – Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was a popukar role-playing game in the ’90s that focused on a team of time travelers trying to save the world.

There are six playable characters, including Lucca, the spectacled mechanical genius, and Magus, the mysterious sorcerer with long hair.

Magus and Lucca never get together in the game, but there are lots of fans who have imagined them together.

This artist imagines what it would look like if Magus and Lucca got together, and it’s hard to ignore how adorable they are. Lucca is looking up lovingly at Magus as he embraces her.

This piece definitely brings out the more expressive and tender side of these characters.

2 Master Chief and Samus Aron – Halo and Metroid

Here are two characters that seem extremely well suited for each other should their universes ever overlap.

Both Samus Aron from Metroid and Master Chief from Halo specialize in the exact same thing: blowing away aliens in their armored suits.

Metroid and Halo have vastly different artistic styles in gameplay. This artist uses a photo-realistic painted style to show what Samus and Master Chief would look like together.

Here, we can see Samus and Master Chief fighting an unseen enemy together.

Since they’re both trained soldiers, trusting one another to have the other’s back would be of the utmost importance in their relationship. 

If ever in a spot of trouble, we’re sure that these two would make a great team that could blast their opponents away.

1 Ryu and Chun-Li – Street Fighter

The Street Fighter games were button-smashing hits at the arcade in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Street Fighter is one of the most simple and iconic fighting games, though there’s not much backstory that plays out in the first few games.

There’s certainly no reason why Ryu and Chun-Li couldn’t be together. While she is a law enforcement officer for Interpol, Ryu was an orphan who decided to dedicate his life to the martial arts.

This artist uses a finely drawn manga-like style to depict the two characters together, putting them in rarely seen civilian clothes, as opposed to their fighting costumes that are seen in the game.

From what we can see here, it seems like the two have been in a relationship for a long time.

What do you think of these unexpected video game couples? Are there any other unlikely couples you hope could get together? Let us know in the comments!

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25 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Glee Couples

Glee proved to be a smash hit when it first graced the small screen in 2009, sweeping teens off their feet and collecting awards left and right. Its marriage of comedy and drama and mix of show tunes and pop hits captivated audiences for six seasons, until it ended in 2015.

The show’s popularity spawned cast albums with musical covers from the show and concert tours, one of which is captured in a documentary. There’s even an app for the iPad and karaoke games on the Wii console. Although Glee features many industry veterans, it also helped launch lesser-known talents like Amber Riley and Chris Colfer into the stratosphere.

As with many a teen show, there are break ups and make ups through the series as the characters navigate high school. It’s no surprise then that Gleeks everywhere have support almost every pairing imaginable, from the main characters and recurring ones to even the most minor background characters. With such a large cast, there’s no shortage of characters for fans to ship, resulting in countless creative portmanteau couple names.

We’ve scoured the Internet for some truly imaginative pieces of fan art, and compiled them into a list below. In order for a couple to qualify, they must not have had a canonical romantic relationship on the show. A date or an occasional amorous encounter wouldn’t rule them out, as long as it’s not a sustained romantic endeavor.

In no particular order, here are 25 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Glee Couples.

25 Tina And Quinn

At first glance, Tina and Quinn couldn’t be any more different. Tina’s an introverted outsider dressed in goth-inspired clothing, whereas Quinn can be seen strutting down the halls of William McKinley High School in her cheerleader uniform. However, fans like ileliberte love the idea of the two girls getting together.

They’ve both have their ups and downs, but thanks to their time together in the New Directions, they’ve become pretty good friends.

Who’s to say that they don’t get together now that they’re in college?

After all, Yale isn’t that far away from Brown.

24 Finn And Sam

Sam and Finn are both canonically straight in the show, but that doesn’t stop fans like phennin from pairing the two former jocks. The guys have actually share a few ex-girlfriends, having both dated Rachel and Quinn, so why not take the girls out of the equation?

They might have had a bit of a rivalry going on, vying for places on the football team as well as parts in the glee club. But at the end of the day, Sam and Finn share a close relationship, and Sam clearly deeply feels the loss of Finn.

23 Puck And Kurt

When Puck first appears in season one, he’s already established himself as a major bully at William McKinley. He throws slushies in people’s faces and throws them into dumpsters. As the series progresses, however, he begins soften up and become more compassionate.

Puck’s growth has prompted fans to pair him with Kurt.

Kurt and Puck both end the series in loving relationships with Blaine and Quinn respectively, but there could’ve been some sweet moments off-screen during their time in high school, like in this piece by n4ut with Kurt showing Puck how to tie a bowtie.

22 Quinn And Rachel

If there’s one thing the Internet loves, it’s a good take on the classic enemies-to-lovers trope. Since Quinn and Rachel go from rivals to besties, it seems only natural that fans like purtmaker01 would imagine the two divas as a romantic couple.

Known by the couple name “Faberry,” the two girls have a tense relationship at the beginning of the series, vying for Finn’s affections.

Instead of having them fighting over a boy, some Gleeks prefer the idea of them ditching him entirely and becoming a power couple in their own right.

21 Kurt And Elliott

Kurt and Blaine have won over innumerable hearts over the seasons. They’ve overcome obstacles, culminating in a joint wedding with Brittany and Santana. Still, some fans like suitfer don’t mind the idea of of Kurt and Elliott getting together, either.

Sure, Elliott doesn’t leave the best first impression on Kurt when he auditions for the latter’s cover band. Elliott in turn has had his reservations about Blaine and Kurt’s engagement, but ends up befriending both of them. Sadly for some fans, Elliot assures Blaine that he has no intention of pursuing Kurt, but hey, feelings are always prone to change.

20 Kitty And Marley

Kitty and Marley may not be part of the original gang that kicked off the series, but fans have still shown them as much love. We love this piece by konako, but we can’t seem to find the original post on the artist’s site.

The two newcomers also have a rocky start, with Kitty and her friends making fun of Marley and her mother. They both compete for the same role in Grease as well as for Jake’s attention, which fuels their rivalry. However, they eventually become close friends, prompting fans to pair the duo up as a classic friends-to-lovers couple.

19 Kurt And David

If you’d brought up the concept of Kurt and David Karofsky as an item back in season one, you probably would’ve been met with stares and glares. However, David begins his redemption and attempts at self-acceptance in season two, and fans including BanditBlythe have warmed up to the former bully ever since.

It’s unlikely they would become a canonical couple, especially since Dave himself encourages Blaine to get Kurt back.

However, the two do become good friends after Dave opens up about his struggles and Kurt forgives him for his past bullying.

18 Mercedes And Quinn

Yet another beautiful drawing by ileliberte depicts Mercedes as a nerd and Quinn as a punk. Like most of the characters on Glee, the two have hit their rough patches, but they seem to have worked through the worst of them in this reimagining.

Of course, neither of them are nerds or punks in the show, so this alternate universe opens up so many possibilities for the couple’s relationship dynamics.

In any case, it’s sweet to see Mercedes being taken care of in this picture, instead of having to be strong all the time.

17 Nick And Jeff

Like many other major fandoms, Gleeks have latched onto even the most minor characters in Glee and brought them to life with their fanworks. Nick and Jeff may not have spent a lot of time in the spotlight, but Gleeks like marzo20 adore them nonetheless.

The duo’s most prominent appearance is the scene where Kurt auditions for the Warblers.

Kurt asks them how many times they’ve auditioned, to which they reply “three” and “six”. They share a hug once Blaine declares that they’ve moved onto the next round, and low and behold, a new couple is born.

16 Santana And Rachel

Rachel and Santana also started the series at odds with each other, given their vastly different places in the high school food chain. However, like Faberry, “Pezberry” has garnered a strong gathering thanks to the way Rachel and Santana have become close friends.

The pairing even won a People’s Choice Award in 2014 for Favorite TV Gal Pals.

Rachel and Santana become roommates in season four when they both live in New York, but perhapsidontcare already created this piece depicting the two living together before the season was even.

15 Blaine And Sam

When Sam makes his first appearance, Kurt mistakenly thinks he’s gay because of his hair. However, Sam only dates girls throughout the show. Thanks to his strong friendship with Blaine, fans like deanrykerstrom think he might have a romantic soft spot for the former Warbler.

The duo’s friendship really starts to take off after Kurt and Mercedes leave McKinley High, supporting each other as they navigate their lives without their partners.

Blaine does develop a one-sided crush on Sam, so perhaps in an alternate universe, Sam would reciprocate his affections.

14 Tina And Santana

Tina is shy, going so far as to fake a stutter to avoid social contact. Santana, on the other hand, is anything but timid, boldly voicing her opinions everywhere she goes.

Evidently opposites do attract, as shown in another stunning piece by ileliberte which even features a kitty.

Santana ends up marrying Brittany, but fans are still intrigued with the potential dynamic between Tina and Santana.

Maybe Santana can help Tina break through her shell a little more, and Tina can show Santana that it’s okay to be quiet and vulnerable.

13 Sam And Kurt

Sam vehemently denies being gay when Kurt makes the assumption based on his hair, but fans like ajjizom haven’t ruled out that Sam could be bi.

The two go on to become good friends despite their awkward meeting.

Sam steps in along with other members of the glee club when Karofsky’s bullying escalates. Kurt is one of the first to find out about Sam’s financial hardship, and helps him out by donating his clothes.

With such a sincere and warm friendship, it’s not hard to see why Gleeks would ship the two as boyfriends.

12 Rachel And Brittany

Rachel and Brittany don’t have a ton of screen time together when compared to the other characters on Glee, but plenty of Gleeks still love their dynamic and all the potential it holds. We couldn’t find the original post of this piece on the artist’s website, but we think the forehead smooch is adorable!

The two have been on opposite sides of the Cheerios vs Gleeks feud, but got closer as the series progressed.

Of course, Rachel would have to face Santana’s wrath in order for “Brittberry” to happen, but it’ll be worth it if it’s true love.

11 Kurt And Sebastian

Kurt and Sebastian don’t like each other. They literally say that to each other’s faces, flinging insults and fighting over Blaine as he’s off getting more coffee. Regardless, fans like minj500 have taken the pair’s mutual dislike as an opportunity to develop an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers kind of relationship.

The two would probably need to sit down and have a long talk about the animosity between them, especially since Blaine gets injured because of their feud.

Sebastian does help Blaine propose to Kurt, though, so in order for him and Kurt to get together, he’d have to redouble his efforts to sabotage “Klaine.”

10 Finn And Puck

Finn and Puck start the series off as pretty tight bros, but their friendship becomes strained and even turns into animosity as the show progresses. They’ve fought over Quinn and Rachel, and Puck is initially against Finn joining the glee club.

However, they’ve managed to remain close until the very end, showing a bond that has prompted fans like Kumagorochan to pair them as a romantic couple.

The duo ends up at the University of Lima together, even becoming roomies, and Puck joins the Air Force to honor his friend after he passes.

9 Rachel And Quinn (Captain America/Winter Soldier)

Okay, Rachel and Quinn, aka Faberry, have already been listed, but this piece by sheep-in-clouds is too good to pass up.

The painting depicts Rachel as the Winter Soldier and Quinn as Captain America, which really ups the stakes for the couple.

Maybe in this crossover AU, the girls don’t start out besties, as Bucky and Steve do. Quinn and Rachel could retain their original Glee dynamic, but gradually become friends until one day, Rachel disappears and shows up as the Winter Soldier. There are so many angst-ridden possibilities.

8 Blaine And Sebastian

Oh boy, to say Kurt would be unhappy would be the understatement of the century. In this piece by Afterlaughs, Sebastian and Blaine are hugging at the Lima Bean, in broad daylight.

Maybe this occurs before Blaine ever meets Kurt, but they do seem to be drawn to look a little older. So maybe Kurt and Blaine don’t get the happiest of endings in this timeline.

Sebastian, on the other hand, would probably be delighted not only because he gets the boy, but also because he gets to show his nemesis Kurt what’s what.

7 Kurt And Sam (Fairy tale)

Kurt and Sam are another couple that we’ve already included, but this medieval AU—another piece by ajjizom—is truly stunning. There are so many possibilities for this alternate universe, including adding fantastical elements!

Sam looks a bit like Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, especially with the sword and red cape.

Kurt could be a prince thought to be abducted, and Sam’s the only one brave enough to fight the dragon guarding the tower. In reality, Kurt’s just run off to escape the palace and has become BFFs with the dragon, and Sam decides to stay and live happily ever after.

6 Sam And Blaine

In yet another piece by ajjizom, Sam and Blaine are reimagined as an angel and a demon, respectively. If you’ve ever been in fandom, you’ll know the endless possibilities of an angel AU.

Maybe Blaine has been sent to persuade Kurt to join his side, and Sam has been appointed Kurt’s guardian angel. The two battle it out, fighting over Kurt’s humanity, only to realize one day that they’ve fallen in love with each other. And given the fundamental differences between their divine statuses, a whole ton of angst is sure to ensue.

5 Quinn And Santana (Pacific Rim)

Quinn and Santana have also had their arguments and tensions, but at the end of the day, they’re part of the original Cheerios and have forged a strong bond. They’ve been cheerleaders together and joined the glee club together as well, and both have been supportive of the other’s romantic relationships.

It’s no surprise then that fans like momocriptine think it’s about time the two get together romantically themselves.

Sure, you don’t have to be a romantic couple to be drift compatible, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

With their undeniable chemistry and connection, kaiju don’t stand a chance against the pair in this Pacific Rim reality.

4 Kurt And Sebastian (Arrowverse)

Kurt and Sebastian would have to overcome their mutual dislike of each other for this couple to happen, but perhaps things would go a little more smoothly in this Flash AU by soseinen.

If you didn’t know already, Grant Gustin plays both Sebastian on Glee and Barry Allen on The Flash.

Barry ends up marrying Iris West on the CW show, and based on their history in the comics, their relationship is going strong.

Maybe Kurt comes across a mysterious injured stranger, coming to his aid and then parting ways, wondering what could have been.

3 Emma And Sue

Emma and Sue might seem a little out there in terms of ships, but the more you think about it, the more it could work, like in this drawing by ileliberte.

Emma and Will are obviously going strong, while Sue and Will are almost always at odds with each other.

Just because Will and Sue have a tense relationship doesn’t mean that Emma has to automatically hate Sue’s guts.

In fact, Sue could totally start a scheme by trying to get Emma to dish on Will. Then over the course of Sue’s plans, the two women might fall in love with each other.

2 Finn And Kurt

Finn and Kurt are another duo that get off to a shaky start. While Finn never actively participates in bullying Kurt and even tries to help him in small ways, he does ultimately stand by and let it happen. However, the two eventually become close friends, thanks in part to their parents’ marriage to each other, making them step-brothers.

Their being stepbrothers hasn’t stopped fans like apeathesizeofthesun from pairing the two romantically. Maybe Finn eventually reciprocates Kurt’s initial crush somewhere during season one, leading to a short but sweet relationship off-screen.

1 Quinn, Brittany, And Santana

While this isn’t a couple per se, the Unholy Trinity—as depicted by con2020tran—is perhaps one of the most recognizable relationships from Glee. The trio includes Brittany, Quinn, and Santana, the original Cheerio antagonists from season one who gradually become integral parts of the New Directions.

Brittany and Santana are canonically married, but since so many Gleeks already pair the three characters in various combinations, why not put the three of them together?

Sure, they’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but the Cheerios have ultimately been there for one another.

What are your favorite Glee couples? Share them in the comments below!

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20 Video Game Fan Redesigns Better Than What We Got

Some would think that the highest honor any creative mind could obtain would be massive piles of money and loads of fame. Ask any creator, however, and the majority of them will probably say that the proudest moments of their careers is when they = inspired others to make their own works of art.

Regardless of the medium, being an influence on someone’s artistic expression truly makes one feel like their own work has touched somebody’s heart and positively impacted their life.

In video games, there is an ever blooming subculture of people who tirelessly pay homage to their most beloved games and franchises.

Specifically, they often imagine their favorite characters and worlds with a different aesthetic. The changes made to the original design can be subtle or drastic, but the love for the source material always shines through.

For this list, we scoured the internet for fan redesigns of famous video games that are so impressive they could easily stand toe to toe with the original look that so many people, including the artists themselves, fell in love with in the first place.

Some of the examples are complete overhauls of the look and tone, while others prove that small changes can make all the difference.

All of these examples help shine a new perspective on the original design of the game, making one appreciate the artist’s fan design, as well as helping people further appreciate the inspiration.

Hopefully all of these artists are already employed in their passion, because they are all talented enough to make a living from it.

Without further ado, here are 20 Video Game Fan Redesigns Better Than What We Got.

20 Wario And Mario

Mario has starred in a few weak titles, most of which can be found in the Philips CD-i catalogue, but the character himself has never faded into obscurity.

If the beloved plumber did fall on hard times and went the way of a reboot, it would probably look a little something like this graphic from artnerdx.

The artwork gives a quick flash of an almost David and Goliath type struggle between Mario and Wario.

Of course, instead of a well aimed rock slingshotted towards Wario’s eye, it would probably be meticulously timed jumps after avoiding the yellow-themed giant’s attacks.

Even if the look of Mario became more realistic, some game play elements would never change.

19 Link

The green tunic was thought to be one of Link’s most signature pieces of clothing. Breath of the Wild, however, did away with that and proved that a Legend of Zelda title can retain the essence of the series while still changing so much of what players were use to.

The blue shirt he dons in the most recent entry is practical for comfortably traversing arduous terrain, but what about when he needs a fashionable suit of armor for the real fights with big monsters and even Calamity Ganon itself?

This is where pokepetter’s armor design for Link succeeds so marvelously.

It manages a subtle homage to his trademark tunic while giving the hero more protection from devastating blows.

18 Cloud

Final Fantasy VII‘s turn into science fiction was a huge departure from the first six entries. While the new vibe was embraced by many, some fans were resistant to the change.

For the latter, this redesign of Cloud Strife from OathBinder123 should make them feel better.

Gone is the purple shirt, and in its place is a real suit of armor that looks like it could take a serious beating.

Along with a cape and scarf is a new sword that appears just as unwieldy as the Buster Sword. The look is topped off with a shield.

Like the earlier titles, the costume looks to be from an antiquated age that still possesses some futuristic technology like airships.

17 Kingdom Hearts

Sora’s journey, despite dealing with darkness and losing friends, is a dream-like trek through numerous worlds.

Humanoid characters possess unrealistic proportions, such as enlarged heads and feet. This is done so that the main characters mesh well with the places they visit, which are usually based on animated movies.

Miyukiko’s piece keeps the three central characters of the Kingdom Hearts franchise in the dreamy world while making them ever so slightly more realistic. The clothing is also altered slightly.

It is not entirely grounded, however, with the faces being reminiscent of Japanese animation.

There has yet to be an anime adaptation of the beloved series, but if there was, the characters may looks something like this.

16 Mass Effect

Before completely jumping over the edge with Andromeda, the Mass Effect series upset nearly its entire player base with the first trilogy’s controversial ending.

Players were given three simple choices for the fate of the galaxy, and the decisions made over the course of three epic games were ignored.

Eddy Shinjuku’s interpretation of Commander Sheppard’s send off simply conveys the emotion of a hero giving up everything in order to save everyone.

Most of the best science fiction, like Blade Runner, Stalker, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, tells their stories largely through visuals.

Mass Effect 3’s conclusion probably would have fared better if it had done something more poetic than exposition and a simple decision.

15 Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls series favors a first person perspective. More recent titles have allowed players to roam around the world in third person, but it has always felt like an after thought whose only allure was the ability to see the player character decked out in the awesome armor.

Mrrainbowwj’s stylish fan art shows Skyrim’s Dragonborn absorbing a recently slain dragon’s soul while eyeing two more far out in the distance.

The way the soul oozes out of the dragoon and seeps into the player is simply astonishing.

Hopefully future titles will put more focus into making the third person action more appealing, such as putting in special magic effects, attack animations, and even letting people climb ladders.

14 Beatrix Russell

Fallout: New Vegas is a solid hybrid between the first two numbered entries and the third and fourth game. It may not be the most popular one, but courier’s adventure through the post apocalyptic south west is a favorite of many veterans of the series.

Beatrix Russell stands out even among Mojave Wasteland’s countless colorful personalities.

This piece by chriskuhlmann aims to portray her before her time working for the Followers of the Apocalypse, and the attempt succeeds wonderfully.

The new look matches the tone of her sometimes flippant lines of dialogue.

It’s understandable that the original designers could not make such a unique model for Beatrix because of the game’s grand scope, so it’s fortunate that fans took the liberty of doing it themselves.

13 Zelda

On the surface, Princess Zelda appears no different than any other member of royalty who occasionally gets abducted in video games. Fans of the series, however, are well aware of her nuances, importance to the games’ plots, and the actual powers she possesses.

EranFrowler’s depiction of the legendary video game princess sheathing a sword while standing on top a mounting of skulls should clear up any confusion.

Only a true warrior strikes this kind of pose in such an intense situation.

The tatters at the bottom of her dress reveal leg armor, proving that she is always ready for a fight even when dressed for elegance.

The image begs for a Zelda led title that isn’t The Wand of Gamelon or Zelda’s Adventure.

12 Mercy

Despite being a nigh pacifist in a first person shooter, Mercy has managed to become one of the most popular characters in Overwatch.

Much of this can be attributed to her design and lore, or to the fact that she may be slightly overpowered.

Either way, the character is instantly recognizable even to those who don’t partake in the multiplayer shooter.

AnatoFinnstark’s captivating image of the character shows her as more of a literal angel.

It is appropriate considering that she has wings and the ability to revive fallen comrades. The new appearance is also a touch frightening, but most people would probably be scared if they saw a real angel.

11 Yoshi

Link has Epona, The Wanderer has Agro, and Mario has Yoshi as his trusty animal sidekick. The green lizard is always there for the plumber, even helping out Mario when he was at his most vulnerable – a baby in Yoshi’s Island.

While the lizard is traditionally cute as a button, Timooon takes an alternate approach to the look.

With this design, Yoshi looks like it would be more at home roaming the Earth with dinosaurs.

Would Mario still be as willing to jump on the back of his buddy if this is what Yoshi looked like?  If anything, Yoshi would help in his quest to save Peach by scaring all of the Goombas and Koopas away.

10 Yuna

Every Final Fantasy is beautifully represented with art crafted by the divinely talented Yoshitaka Amano. These pieces sparked player’s imaginations in the eight and sixteen bit eras when graphics were unable to visually flesh out their worlds.

Even after the transition to three dimensions, the pieces still set the often melancholy tone of most Final Fantasy titles.

This ethereal depiction of FFX’s Yuna by muju merges the surreal style of Yushitaka’s work with the advanced and more realistic look of the 2001 title.

 Yuna has almost divine powers, and this image drives home this fact.

The sky, her clothing, and the ocean all meet and almost unify, akin to much of the art that Amano is famous for.

9 Samus

Players everywhere were surprised beyond belief when Samus Aran was revealed to be a woman at the end of the premiere Metroid title. One cannot get much cooler than being a female bounty hunter decked out in an incredible, futuristic suit of armor.

Robaato’s design of the legendary heroine, however, proves that it can indeed get a little cooler.

The artist does this by imagining her armor as still from the future, but with distinct medieval influences.

Taking a glance at this suit really makes the mind wonder what the rest of Samus’s world looks like if the whole environment takes its ques from the medieval era.

Maybe one day the artist will let viewers know.

8 Mega Man

The Blue Bomber came to prominence in an era when nothing in video games looked realistic. The look is charming, but ultimately runs incongruous to the story about an evil scientist using robots to take over the world.

Luis Filipe Araujo puts a spin on the iconic character that sees him as a serious science fiction hero.

It brings to mind The Protomen, an underground rock band whose records are a loose retelling of the Mega Man games. Similar to the art, the Protomen’s songs treat the story as serious as a heart attack

With video game graphics the way they are today, it is possible for Capcom to produce a Mega Man title with a grounded art style and a narrative that holds more weight.

7 Zelda and Link

The Legend of Zelda series has been made pretty much exclusively in Japan, and as such, there are numerous eastern Asian influences.

Pertheseus’s reimagining of the two central characters is pretty much fully inspired by Japanese culture.

While radically different from the clothing that the two characters don in the long running franchise, there are still plenty of homages to the original design.

The colors, the Triforce, and several other elements all hearken back to the Hero of Time’s tunic and the Princess’s dress.

Traversing the world of Hyrule may prove slightly more difficult in this type of garb, but it is all worth it to look like the main character of an Akira Kurasawa movie.

6 Earthbound

Even by today’s standards, where video games cover all topics and styles, Earthbound is a weird and unique story. The RPG takes place in a world not unlike Earth, but with heavy science fiction elements and countless strange and inane events.

The sixteen bit graphics do a good job of representing the world, but JPipe’s image of the main characters really brings home just how bizarre the game is.

On the Super Nintendo it is easy to forget that the characters are supposed to be real people. This picture is a reminder that all of Earthbound’s weirdness happens to regular human beings.

If the world ever sees a new Mother game, hopefully it looks something like this artwork.

5 Sub-Zero

NetherRealm studios (and Midway Games Chicago before that) has always been vigilant at listening to fan comments and requests and trying to please them in the following releases.

They are so in touch with the community that a couple of alternate costumes for characters in Mortal Kombat X originated as fan art.

Hopefully they see this picture of Sub Zero by Azlaar, because it certainly is worthy of being a costume in the iconic fighting franchise.

The dark ages influence brings something new while still feeling completely appropriate for Mortal Kombat.

It would also be one of the only times a fan would be happy seeing their creation being ripped limb by limb by the very people who inspired it.

4 Crash Bandicoot

The iconic platforming marsupial is a lovable buffoon. He’s not too bright, but he always manages to best his longtime nemesis, Neo Cortex.

With bright fluffy orange fur, he looks like he’d be the perfect cuddle buddy.

Strixic shines an entirely new light on Crash as a scary monster creeping up on the frightened mad scientist.

Cortex is responsible for Crash’s creation, so he is ultimately responsible for his own demise.

In this scenario, the outcome is the same, but instead of creating a bumbling Bandicoot, he makes a freakish demon.

Had Crash been given this look initially, maybe the first game wouldn’t have been so unbelievably difficult. He would have just rampaged his way through all of the enemies.

3 Bowser

Audiences have sort of seen a realistic interpretation of Bowser with Dennis Hopper’s performance as King Koopa in the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie. However, only those who enjoy punishing themselves with mental anguish like to remember that film.

Thankfully, Daviddleonluis treated the world to a grounded Bowser that still stays true to the original design.

Everything that makes the green and yellow villain recognizable is there, from the colors to the spiked shell.

The principle difference is that this Bowser will put the fear of God into anyone who looks at it.

The Mario Brothers deserve all the respect in the world if this is how they see Bowser and still valiantly face off against him time and time again.

2 Monkey Island

The old Monkey Island games utilized an art style that the creators felt clashed with the comedic tone of the game. Later games then went with a cartoon-inspired style to match with the humor and overall vibe of the series.

TheOneCalledNio delivered an image based off of Tales of Monkey Island that brings realism to the world while still miraculously feeling like Monkey Island.

It’s no small feat, but the execution is nearly perfect.

The future of the series is uncertain, with Ron Gilbert currently attempting to get the rights back from Disney. If the series were to continue someday in some shape or form, hopefully the design will take some inspiration from this particular piece.

1 Spyro

The lovable purple dragon who popped onto the scene during the Play Station One era has the typical nineties attitude.

He’s also super cute, which is probably why he acts like a snotty teenager and constantly disrespects his elders.

If Spyro looked like how DanteFitts imagines him, he probably would not feel like spiting the world for being so adorable. This look is less ’90s gaming mascot and more like something from a fantasy novel.

Of course, a design of this nature would probably not have been marketable to kids like he is today.

However, children of the ’90s are adults today so they could handle frying sheep and beating Gnasty Gnork as a scary looking dragon.

Which of these fan redesigns is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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25 Superhero Fan Redesigns Way Better Than What We Got

One thing that’s proven to be true about superheroes in general is that they are constantly changing.

Even stalwart classic superheroes like Superman look slightly different every decade, ranging from a Herculean strongman look to more like alien royalty with armor and a high collar.

This is just the way it is — the appearance of superheroes of any decade mirror whatever is going on in society at the time.

Never has this been truer than today, a time when superhero movies have become blockbuster flicks grossing billions of dollars worldwide. In the ’70s and ’80s, there were only a few good superhero movies out there, and they mostly starred either Superman or Batman.

Now, popular movies have caused a resurgence in interest in popular and even second-tier characters. Sure, we eventually expect characters like Wonder Woman and Thor to have their own movies, but many didn’t expect Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, nor the Guardians of the Galaxy to get their own solo films.

Filmmakers have seemingly cracked the code to make virtually any superhero movie a success. Even DC is finally figuring it out.

Of course, with all of these characters suddenly on center stage, there are legions of dedicated fans who love to redesign their favorite heroes.

Fan are is an incredible thing, because it offers everyone with an entirely fresh and unique look at classic heroes.

With that said, here are the 25 Superhero Fan Redesigns Way Better Than What We Got.

25 Superman As A Deity

DC has had a field day with alternate histories for their heroes. Just like Marvel, they have an entire multiverse to play with, so there are infinite variations on each character depending on what universe you are in.

However, DC also likes to write “imaginary” stories outside of continuity, where they take a favorite hero and just tweak one aspect of their history.

For example, what if Superman’s spaceship from Krypton didn’t land in Kansas, but instead somewhere else, like Soviet Russia, WWII Germany, or Lex Luthor’s backyard?

The stories are great reminders that what makes Superman “good” is how he was raised, not his Kryptonian heritage.

This artist imagines what Superman would look like if he had landed in a community that worshipped him as a “star child” and a deity.

With so much power, it seems like a realistic outcome.

24 Saiyan Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the most reinterpreted superheroes on this list, mainly because he is just so incredibly popular.

Because he spent a considerable amount of time in Japan, he lends himself well to interpretations based in that region. Bedecked here in Saiyan garb from Dragon Ball, Wolverine looks great.

While the artist included a Saiyan tail here, it’s interesting to note that real wolverines have tails as well. Wolverine tails are bushy and relatively short, unlike the Saiyan tail we see above.

Wolverine looks like a force to be reckoned with and we can only imagine what kind of additional damage he could accomplish if he was able to transform into a Great Ape.

23 Black Widow

Part of what makes Black Widow’s character so compelling is the air of mystery about her. Natasha Romanova’s history varies depending on what reboot we’re dealing with, but roughly, she used to work as a spy for the Soviet Union and a villain for Iron Man before she defected, joined S.H.I.E.L.D., and then the Avengers.

Fans would scarcely recognize her in some of her early appearances, where she sported jet-black hair in a bouffant hairstyle.

In the early ’70s, Marvel updated her look to the tight black jumpsuit that we can recognize in the movies.

This artist gave Black Widow a completely new outfit, adding armor plating to her arms and torso as well as outfitting her with twin blades and a scarf.

This look, which is reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed, looks great on her.

22 Black Armored Deadpool

What separates Deadpool from almost any other kind of assassin is his high-octane sense of humor.

While Ryan Reynolds knew that this was the secret to bringing this character successfully to the big screen, he didn’t invent the approach.

He was just aping what he’d seen in the comics, which was a character so irreverent that he would routinely break the fourth wall just to talk to the reader.

This version of Deadpool seems a lot more serious. The outfit is something that Deadpool might want to wear in order to intimidate his enemies.

The armor would also probably protect him from harsh elements like cold or poison gas.

Taking a look at his bandolier, we can see that he’s given each bullet a different face, cementing the fact that yes, underneath all that black paramilitary vibe, it’s the same hilarious Deadpool.

21 Six-eyed Spider-Man

After Superman, Spider-Man seems to be one of those characters that artists love to re-imagine again and again.

There was a popular video game that came out a few years ago called Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions that let you play as Spider-Man from four different universes.

In the upcoming animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, several different versions of Spider-Man meet, though Miles Morales’ version is the main character.

This Spider-Man seems to have military accents, with camo-style pants, a utility belt, Batman-style defensive gauntlets, and what looks like tactical night vision lenses.

This gives him a six-eyed look, which is closer to what an actual spider’s face might look like.

If nothing else, this outfit looks comfy and practical, and super-spidery.

20 Trippy Scarlett Witch

While many artists often emphasize her magical powers when creating redesigns of Scarlet Witch, not many are able to do it quite as well as this talented artist.

In a depiction that seems more in line with Doctor Strange than the Scarlet Witch, we can see her hovering in multiple dimensions at once, with three pairs of arms, and two and a half faces.

Is this an illusion, or is she really phasing through time and/or space?

Doctor Strange pulls off a similar trick in Avengers: Infinity War. At one point during the battle against Thanos, he looks like he has multiple arms like the Indian goddess Durga or Kali, as well as multiple bodies.

Paintings like this make us curious to see a more magical version of Scarlet Witch in the MCU.

19 Special Mission Black Panther

Black Panther crushed the box office this year, blasting through attendance records and cementing himself as a new top-tier hero among the movie-going public.

His costume, as well Killmonger’s golden-accented one, was awesome in its own right. The redistribution of kinetic energy that is inherent within the Black Panther suit, thanks to Shuri, is amazing.

With this piece, this artist wanted to depict Black Panther on some kind of special mission.

Perhaps this is early in his career, and he doesn’t yet have the benefit of the new tech that his sister has to offer. This may be a “Batman: Year One” version of him, with a suit that’s still evolving and military-style pouches to keep all of the things that he might need on a mission.

In any event, he looks amazing and extremely intimidating.

18 Wonder Woman Silver

DC’s short-lived New 52 comics universe was only around for a little while, but it made a pretty big impact on its many characters.

Major flagship heroes, such as Superman, got makeovers. Superman was given a high collar and his red trunks were eliminated.

Wonder Woman had all of her gold accents removed and replaced with silver, and her sword and shield became much more prevalent in all of her battles. A live action version of this would look similar to the artist’s depiction above.

It’s fun seeing Wonder Woman’s natural evolution over time, as she is often brought back to her roots in Greek mythology.

17 Batman/Wolverine

DC and Marvel had a bit of fun publishing limited runs of Amalgam Universe comics together a little over a decade ago. In it, they introduced two popular characters from each universe into one.

For instance, Captain America and Superman became Super Soldier, while Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate became Doctor Strangefate.

One of their coolest mash-ups was Batman and Wolverine, who they named Dark Claw.

Though it was slightly different than the version that this artist created, the main idea is the same. Both Batman and Wolverine’s toughness and take-no-prisoners attitude blend well together, as they both have a lot in common.

We especially like how the red “X” on Batman/Wolverine’s chest looks a bit like a bat.

16 Iron Man on a Unicorn

It’s hard to imagine Iron Man’s suit getting any better than it already is. In Avengers: Infinity War, his nano-particle suit basically turned him into a mechanical sorcerer, as he was now able to conjure made-up weapons and booster engines from thin air.

However, given that his suit is already reminiscent of a knight in shining armor, this depiction makes a lot of sense.

There’s something incredibly gratifying about seeing this artist’s version of Iron Man riding an armored robot unicorn into battle while wielding a giant sword.

According to the artist, that sword is actually the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.

We would love to see this version of Iron Man make it onto the big screen, though we’re not sure viewers are ready for it yet.

15 Hulk vs. Nature

Though we don’t see it very often, most people automatically assume that the Hulk has to eat. In fact, there have been many moments in the comics where Bruce Banner disappears for months at a time and the Hulk has to fend for himself.

However, according to some fans and writers, the Hulk doesn’t have to eat because he gets all of his energy from gamma radiation and his natural healing factor.

Its still fun to think about the Hulk out in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest fending for himself by hunting and gathering food, though.

The bear in this drawing is a great touch to this piece. The bear, which would normally be perceived as the biggest predator in the area, is cautious of the Hulk. Instead of defending its territory, the bear cautiously watches from the side as the Hulk catches some fish.

14 Injustice Flash

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a comic prequel series that ties into the popular fighting video game. It features a DC civil war that occurs after Superman goes “bad.”

The Joker basically breaks Superman, causing him to accidentally destroy Lois Lane while he is under the influence of Scarecrow’s fear toxin.

In retaliation, Superman ends the life of the Joker right in front of Batman. They have a major schism, and other superheroes are forced to choose sides.

The Flash joins Superman’s team, and sports an outfit that looks different from his usual one.

This artist takes the Flash’s outfit even further, adding long gauntlets to his forearm and covering his face. This gives Flash a more menacing look that works perfectly with Superman’s new villainous overtones.

13 Green Lantern

One of the weirdest choices in the ill-fated Green Lantern movie was to make the suit completely CGI, which unnecessarily made the character much more cartoon-looking than he needed to be.

Green Lanterns have near-deity-like powers, as they are able to conjure any construct that their minds can imagine.

A good Green Lantern uniform should ground the character and make him or her look like a believable space cop, not like a dancer of Cirque du Soleil.

This is what makes this artist’s redesign look so good, as the costume looks like a military jumpsuit – something similar to what we would imagine a commando or SEAL member might wear.

The design looks practical, durable, and even a bit stylish.

12 Female Thor

Thor Odinson has a convoluted history as of late, but for a while, it was his girlfriend Jane Foster who took on the mantle of Thor.

Since the comics became fairly popular, Jane had a good run before she eventually let Thor Odinson reclaim the mantle.

This artist’s painting is a fantastic rendition of Jane Foster as Thor. The artist changes a few things, though, like exposing more of her face and giving her pants much more detail.

The artist also gives her what looks like a small shield that she’s carrying on her right arm, something similar to what Lady Sif or Wonder Woman might sometimes use in battle.

Overall, it’s a gorgeous painting.

11 Aquaman

We caught of glimpse of the live-action Aquaman, who is portrayed by Jason Momoa, in Justice League, but the aquatic hero will be getting his own solo movie later this year.

Mamoa also starred as Conan in the Conan the Barbarian reboot, but is more famously known for his portrayal of Khal Drogo, Daenerys’ first husband in Game of Thrones. 

However, Momoa’s version of Aquaman is quite a departure from one who appears in the comics. In the comics, Aquaman is a clean-shaven blond with short hair who wears an orange shirt, and green pants.

Momoa’s Aquaman is a brunette who is decked in tattoos from head to toe and has long hair and a big beard.

This painting merges the two versions of Aquaman perfectly.

10 Female Doctor Strange

There’s certainly no rule against having a female Doctor Strange, though so far, there hasn’t really been an official version from Marvel that we know of.

There are plenty of female sorceresses in the Marvel universe, however, including a love interest of Doctor Strange named Clea.

Clea was a powerful sorceress who Strange mentored before she eventually left for the dark dimension.

This adaptation of the character, however, appears less like a different character and more like a gender-bent Strange, as she has the trademark white streaks in her hair just like the male version.

Given Marvel’s near-constant reboots and exploration of the multiverse, we’re going to assume that we might see something like her at some point.

9 Alternate Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four’s membership roster has been surprisingly fluid, with many characters subbing in for one or more missing members. Spider-Man was most recently a member of The Fantastic Four in his cool sci-fi looking white suit.

However, the team depicted by the artist above was actually seen in the early ’90s as The New Fantastic Four.

The team was formed as a result of being recruited by a Skrull who was impersonating the Invisible Woman and made them believe that the other three original Fantastic Four members had perished.

The only difference is that the Hulk in the New Fantastic Four was the grey and intelligent version known as Mr. Fixit.

Their adventures lasted for about three issues. We’d love to see them together on the big screen.

8 Cyborg

There are subtle fan redesigns and then there are radical ones — this one of Cyborg definitely falls in the latter category.

This artist does away with nearly every traditional detail of Cyborg’s design and starts with a completely original concept.

If we were guessing, this looks more like a medieval/futuristic Cyborg whose metal parts are animated by mystic-looking stones.

His armor looks pounded and shaped as if by a blacksmith, and not by a state of the art facility like S.T.A.R. labs. His metallic hand looks like it was made to be a weapon.

His hair, which is usually clean-cut in the comics, has grown long here.

The more we look at this piece, the more it looks like it takes place in an apocalyptic setting. This is a Cyborg you don’t want to mess with.

7 Agent 13 As Captain America

Marvel has been on the forefront of making female versions of their flagship superheroes. They’ve already had female versions of Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man (Spider-Gwen) — so why not Captain America?

In this piece, it’s Sharon Carter, also known as Agent 13, who has taken on the Captain America mantle.

Sharon Cartor is Captain America’s sometimes girlfriend. In the MCU, she is played by actress Emily VanCamp.

There’s some precedence for other players in Captain America’s life to take on his mantle, including Sam Wilson, also known as Falcon.

Though alternate Captain Americas may not have access to the Super Soldier serum, the symbolism of the suit seems to be the most important.

Agent 13 has proven herself more than effective in battle, as her capabilities are comparable to Black Widow, so it would be cool to see this kind of story play out on the big screen.

6 Blade

Most people had never heard of Blade before Marvel introduced him in his own solo movie in 1998. However, Blade had actually debuted in the Tomb of Dracula comic book all the way back in 1973.

The fact that he made it to the movies before the X-Men, Spider-Man, or The Avengers may seem crazy now, but it happened nonetheless.

Though not officially part of the MCU, the Blade movies were action-packed and highly successful – at least enough for filmmakers to produce three of them.

The artist’s depiction of Blade is very close to how he is portrayed in modern comics, live-action television, and animated versions. However, his vampire foe looks a lot more menacing than anything we’ve seen so far.

This piece is so realistic that it almost looks like it’s the poster for a new Blade movie.

5 Shazam With Armor

One of the cool things about Shazam is that he is a boy stuck in the body of an adult superhero. This means that it’s important to keep the young boy’s personality at the forefront, as young children generally act different from adults.

While it was always the young Billy Batson who transformed into the adult Shazam, writers would often choose to transform his mind as well, so that he both looked and thought like an adult.

In terms of creating a captivating story, it’s much more interesting to keep the boy’s mind in an adult’s body. This is the approach that writers are taking with the upcoming Shazam movie.

Shazam looks great here, with his boyish personality shining through.

He’s decked out with extra armor on his shoulders, as well as cool golden gauntlets and a belt. However, he’s still got his headphones – because Billy Batson isn’t gonna fight evil without listening to some tunes.

4 Watchmen

Though they had a version of this scene from The Watchmen in the movie, the artist’s drawing is much closer to how it originally was presented in the graphic novel.

Nite Owl actually had a snow-owl outfit in case of extremely cold conditions, while Rorschach simply donned a scarf.

It’s a gorgeous scene that occurs near the climax, where Nite Owl and Rorschach take Nite Owl’s ship to Antarctica following the clues to who is assassinating members of the Watchmen.

They get on little snow scooters that resemble Segways and head for Ozymandias’ Egyptian-themed hideout, as he has a much more surprising conspiracy for them to uncover.

The movie version has a much sleeker version of the snow-owl suit, but the original was so unique that we’re glad to see it again.

3 Batgirl In Gold

Yes, Barbara Gordon had an amazing run as Oracle, the hacker who helped the Bat-family and nearly everyone else in the DC universe, but most fans were overjoyed to see her character return to her roots as the fully-functioning Batgirl.

These days Batgirl is depicted in a highly functional purple and yellow outfit, with a detachable cape, leather jacket, and yellow combat boots.

This artist’s depiction of her here seems to be influenced by the bronze age of the character. However, it has one amazing visual perk: gold highlights.

Batgirl’s traditional yellow bat insignia, utility belt, and gloves are now shiny and metallic with a golden hue.

The overall aesthetic is stunning and something we would love to see on the big (or small) screen.

2 Hawkman/Doctor Fate

Hawkman’s continuity is a total mess, and many writers have tried to untangle it with retcons or reboots. However, it’s still confusing, and most fans have resigned themselves to letting it be a mystery.

In one version, Hawkman was an archeologist named Carter Hall who has an Egyptian origin. Because of this, he has been reincarnated over and over.

In another, he is a space cop from planet Thanagar named Katar Hol. In yet another, he has both of these origins somehow.

Meanwhile, the original Doctor Fate is Nelson Kent, the son of an archeologist who witnesses his father’s demise when he opens the tomb of Nabu in Egypt. Nabu awakes and feels sorry for young Kent. He then trains him in the arts of sorcery, giving him powers similar to Doctor Strange.

Considering that they both have connections to archeology and Egypt, it’s fun to see this depiction.

Here, the artist combined these characters into one.

1 Green Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita is coming out later this year. While she already has a huge fan following, most people are not yet familiar with her story. Thankfully, we’re sure to learn more in the upcoming movie.

Here, this artist has drawn her as a member of the Green Lanterns, which is a fresh and creative idea.

Battle Angel Alita is already a dangerous cyborg who was built for hand-to-hand and weaponized combat, so giving her a Green Lantern ring makes her seem even more like a formidable fighter you don’t want to mess with.

It’s clear that the character is absolutely unstoppable.

Overall, it’s a gorgeous piece that puts the viewer in the POV of her next victim.

What do you think of these fan redesigns? Which ones would you want to see on the big screen? Let us know in the comments!

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25 Wild Fan Redesigns of Unexpected YA Movie Couples

Even before the rise of the modern young adult story, coming-of-age stories have been highly influential on pop culture. After all, almost everyone probably has fond memories of children’s or teens’ books that heavily influenced their childhood and adolescents.

Nowadays, YA books and movies have gotten a bad rap, drawing groans from audience and readers alike. However, they occupy an important spot in modern culture, helping to shape minds– young and old alike.

Hogwarts Houses have gained traction as an indicator of personalities, The Hunger Games series holds a mirror to the real-life inequalities of our world, and Love, Simon marked a milestone for LGBTQ representation in Hollywood.

A staple of YA is the classic love triangle. Of course, rooting for couples in fiction is neither a new phenomenon nor one that’s exclusive to YA fandoms. But Twilight­—one of the best known YA franchises— has helped to propel fan investment in couples into the limelight thanks to the great Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate.

Other fans have taken to supporting less obvious pairings, regardless of their status in canon– that’s what we’ve compiled below.

In order to qualify for the list, the pairing must be non-canonical, and not a canonical option. For example, Jacob and Bella wouldn’t count towards the list, since it’s part of a love triangle where Bella could’ve swung either way. Plus, it’s not exactly an “unexpected” couple either. Keep in mind that there are spoilers for both books and movies.

Here are 25 Wild Fan Redesigns of Unexpected YA Movie Couples.

25 Harry Potter: Ginny And Luna

In the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ginny marries Harry after navigating their tumultuous relationship and fighting Voldemort’s evil forces at the same time. There have even been some hints that Luna and Neville could have been an item.

That said, fans like uppuN are enamored with the idea of Luna and Ginny ditching the boys and getting together instead. Since Rowling has previously voiced some regrets about Ron and Hermione’s relationship, what’s to say that the famed author won’t release another statement saying Ginny actually should’ve been with Luna?

24 The Hunger Games: Gale And Peeta

Step aside, Katniss! While the Mockingjay was trying to make sense of her feelings for these two, Gale and Peeta have decided to run off with each other in this piece by xskiesrbluex.

The piece isn’t particularly romantic—it’s based on a photoshoot for Vanity Fair—but there’s plenty of support for the couple all throughout the Internet.

Gale and Peeta have differing views on how to approach the rebellion against the Capitol, but maybe spending more time together would help them reach an agreement. Maybe Katniss would feel relieved that she’s no longer at the center of a love triangle, especially with the pressure of the war.

23 Love, Simon: Leah And Abby

Okay, if you’ve read Leah on the Offbeat, the sequel to Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, you already know that Leah and Abby are a canonical couple and are canonically bi. But since there’s no movie sequel for Love, Simon (yet), we’re including this adorable couple (drawn here by marshcookie) to the list.

Abby and Leah’s relationship gets off to a rocky start, since Leah thinks Abby’s disrupted the friend group ever since she moved from Washington. The teens continue to grow, overcoming the trials and tribulations of high school, and Leah comes to find that maybe Abby isn’t as bad as she thought.

22 Harry Potter: Harry And Draco

Harry and Draco have been at odds ever since they met on the Hogwarts Express way back in Year One, which for some fans is the basis of the classic enemies-to-lovers trope.

Even as a kid, Draco did seem pretty fixated on the Boy Who Lived.

Upthehillart has created a piece depicting the couple as adults, with Harry sporting a truly magnificent beard. Draco’s ties to Voldemort could be a potential deal breaker, of course. Perhaps Draco’s gone through some serious soul-searching after the Battle of Hogwarts, and Harry decides that there is good in him, after all.

21 Twilight: Bella And Alice

One of the things that made Twilight so well-known is the Team Edward and Team Jacob divide. As it turns out, some fans have decided that Bella would be better off with neither of them, especially not with how possessive they can get.

Enter Alice Cullen, who’s been one of the most welcoming and understanding vampires ever since Bella joined their world.

Given how obsessive Edward can be, literally following Bella around and watching her sleep, Alice could potentially be a healthier match for Bella. Itanatsu-chan certainly thinks the girls would be good as a pair.

20 The Mortal Instruments: Jace And Alec

Both Alec and Jace have found the loves of their lives—Magnus Bane and Clary Fray, respectively. But fans like inma like the idea of the two parabatai becoming a romantic couple.

On top of Jace and Alec having a strong basis for a relationship, Clary and Jace’s relationship has had its ups and downs, to say the least. They fall in love, only to learn that they’re siblings, leading to some quality angst. Later on, they find out the sibling story is a complete lie.

Maybe being with Alec would’ve helped to cut down on Jace’s emotional turmoil.

19 Divergent: Tris And Uriah

Tris and Four steal the limelight as they fight their way to a better world, especially in the movies, but Uriah has stolen many hearts. We can’t find the original image on Soniki360’s page, but the picture depicting Uriah and Tris together is sure to resonate with many fans of the couple.

Uriah is a Dauntless-born initiate, which causes a bit of resentment from transfer initiates from other factions.

He’s quick to invite Tris into his friend group.

Since he’s so much more open than Four is, it’s not hard to see how Uriah could win Tris’s heart.

18 The Maze Runner: Thomas And Minho

Even when Thomas was just a newcomer to the Glade—also known as a “Greenie,” in Glader slang—he had no trouble winning Minho’s trust and respect.

In the movie version of The Maze Runner, Minho suggests that Thomas should become a Runner after their encounter with a Griever. In the book, Minho goes even farther, saying that Thomas should replace him as the Keeper of Runners.

Their bond has only strengthened since they got out of the Glade.

Numerous fans like Doku-Aya have expressed their love for this pairing.

17 The Hunger Games: Gale And Johanna

Admittedly, Gale and Johanna don’t share a whole ton of screen time through the Hunger Games movies, but that hasn’t stopped fans from pairing them together.

The couple would’ve had the most time together during the events of Mockingjay, as depicted by C-H-I-Z-U. Gale is part of the team that rescues Johanna, Peeta and Annie from the Capitol.

Gale does spend a lot of time preoccupied with Katniss and the rebellion, but maybe years down the road, he and Johanna have a reunion and bond as they try to move on from the horrors of the past.

16 The Chronicles Of Narnia: Peter And Caspian

Prince Caspian and Susan share a fleeting romantic subplot in the Prince Caspian movie, and Caspian ends up marrying Lilliandil, with whom he has a son named Rilian. But that hasn’t stopped fans like KudohMiyuki from pairing Caspian with Peter, the oldest of the Pevensie siblings.

Peter is known as High King Peter the Magnificent, and shows the traits of a good leader even before he enters Narnia. He’s protective of his younger siblings yet willing to apologize for his mistakes.

Caspian tends to be quiet around him, probably because of his insecurity, but maybe there’s a crush hidden in there as well.

15 Harry Potter: Lily And Snape

Snape is cruel and abusive towards many of his students, especially Harry, since he was bullied by James Potter and Sirius Black. However, he still tries to keep Harry alive because of his love for Lily Potter.

While his immense love for the Muggle-born Lily doesn’t erase his association with pure-blood supremacists, fans like kyla79 still adore the dynamic between Lily and Snape.

If Lily and Snape were to become an item, Snape would definitely have to redeem himself after hanging out with pure-blood supremacists. As kind as she is, maybe Lily would forgive him after all.

14 The Hunger Games: Finnick And Johanna

Winning the Hunger Games may ensure one’s safety and bring some much-needed relief to one’s district, but the Victors are forced to relive the terrors of the arena by becoming mentors. It’s no surprise then that Victors like Finnick and Johanna would become friends, since they both understand the trauma of surviving the Games.

Finnick and Johanna already have a history together when they first appear in Catching Fire.

This has prompted fans to picture them as a romantic couple, like in this piece by finnodair. Finnick is canonically married to Annie, but he’s a sweet man with a big heart, so surely there’s enough space for Johanna as well.

13 Harry Potter: Harry And Luna

Harry marries Ginny in canon and Luna winds up with a minor side character, but fans like AndytheLemon think Harry and Luna would make a good pair.

Luna may be socially shunned for her eccentricities, but she doesn’t care what other people think. Harry carries a lot of responsibility and expectations on his shoulders, so maybe he could learn a thing or two about being comfortable in one’s skin from her.

They’re already good friends.

After surviving the Battle of Hogwarts, they’ve got a solid foundation on which to build a romantic relationship.

12 The Mortal Instruments: Simon And Raphael

Simon is initially a mundane, but is later turned into a vampire by ingesting Raphael’s blood after getting bitten by an unspecified vampire. Raphael isn’t exactly Simon’s biggest fan, but that hasn’t stopped fans from pairing the two up, like in this piece by reat13.

Simon does end up proposing to Isabelle, and she says yes, but maybe Simon and Raphael could’ve had a better relationship if Raphael had helped Simon accept his new vampirism. That, and Raphael would have to stop trying to end Simon’s life.

11 The Maze Runner: Thomas And Newt

Thomas and Teresa may be the central couple of the Maze Runner franchise, with Thomas and Brenda presented as a potential contender in the books, but fans certainly don’t mind the idea of Thomas being with Newt.

They’re a couple that must end in bittersweet heartbreak.

After Newt’s passing, Thomas finds a note from Newt in which he thanks Thomas for his friendship. However, perhaps in this another universe, the two could live happily as a couple, free from the Flare. Plus, the way Newt looks at Thomas in this piece by DafnaWinchester is pretty sweet.

10 The Hunger Games: Katniss And Johanna

Katniss’s heart might be broken after Gale and Peeta prance off together as a couple, but with Johanna by her side, she’s sure to find love again, like in this picture by svenskalovenska.

Katniss and Johanna do start off on the wrong foot, but that makes sense, since they’re thrown into the Hunger Games once again. Even though Johanna is part of a secret plan to help Katniss escape, she still has to maintain the façade of competition.

As their relationship progresses, the two begin to understand each other better.

They support each other through their traumas, so Katniss and Johanna would make a pretty good couple.

9 Divergent: Tris And Christina

Tris and Christina have been friends ever since they left their original factions and joined Dauntless. Christina later starts dating Will, and the three continue to be friends, having their meals together. However, things got really shaky when Tris has no choice but to end Will’s life when he’s stuck in a simulation and attacks her.

Christina is understandably shaken, but eventually forgives Tris and the two reconcile, emerging from the ordeal even stronger than before.

It’s no surprise then than fans would pair Christina and Tris together, like in this piece by chrysalisgrey.

8 The Maze Runner: Brenda And Thomas

Yes, in the original The Death Cure book, they kiss in the end when they arrive in paradise. However, in the movie, they carve the names of the loved ones they’ve lost, and Thomas and Brenda aren’t really implied to be a thing.

They’re yet another pair that get off to a rocky start, especially since Brenda admits that she was only supposed to pretend to be friends with Thomas. Plus, Thomas rejects her kiss because she isn’t’ Teresa.

Since they survive the entire ordeal, it’s not hard to imagine that a romance would spring as they rebuild the world.

Fans like RiTTa1310 do love the pair’s chemistry.

7 Vampire Academy: Lissa And Rose

The movie adaptation of Vampire Academy may have been a flop, but seeing Lissa and Rose on the silver screen has only fuelled the flames of the popular ship, depicted here by LadyAquanine73551.

Since Lissa and Rose are best friends, the girls already have a strong foundation if their relationship were to take a romantic turn.

They have a psychic bond as a result of Lissa healing Rose from some fatal injuries when they were younger. Rose has a strong desire to protect Lissa, and the feeling is clearly mutual.

6 Harry Potter: Sirius And Lupin (and baby Harry)

Sirius and Lupin have been friends for a long time, along with James and Peter, so it’s no surprise that fans love the idea of the pair getting together. In this piece by Maria Euphemia, they’re even taking care of baby Harry!

If they had survived, Lupin and Sirius would 100% be Harry’s fun uncles.

Though there might be a bad-cop/good-cop dynamic, Lupin and Sirius would be able to take care of Harry, providing him with the loving family he deserves.

5 The Hunger Games: Johanna And Haymitch

At first glance, Johanna and Haymitch might not make the healthiest couple on the planet since they’re both super cynical and less than friendly. We can’t track down the original post but this piece by AndytheLemon imagines a more idyllic outcome.

They do have a history with each other, and clearly trust each other enough to be part of the same secret plan to rescue Katniss from her second Hunger Games.

Maybe after the war against the Capitol, they can begin to confront and heal from their respective traumas, building better relationships with themselves and with each other in the process.

4 Jumper: David And Griffin

Jumper has had several book sequels, including one focusing on the character Griffin, but the movie adaptation had a lukewarm reception at beast. Still, fans like tattiOsala have remained steadfast in their love for the franchise, especially when it comes to Griffin and David.

Griffin is a new character added to the movie and doesn’t appear in the original books, but his dynamic with David has captured fans’ aattention.

The two end on a slightly unhappy note, with David trapping Griffin in Chechnya, but their slight antagonism could be the basis for a fantastic reluctant allies-to-lovers arc.

3 The Hunger Games: Madge And Gale

Madge Undersee doesn’t appear in the Hunger Games movies, which is a shame. As the daughter of the mayor of District 12, she would’ve illuminated the wealth gap even within the impoverished district. However, fans like elalendi haven’t forgotten her, and even pair her with Gale.

Gale might resent Madge a bit for not having to work to feed her family like he does, but Madge has proven herself to be an immensely kind person.

The movie has Katniss receive the Mockingjay pin from Greasy Sae, but in the books it’s Madge who gifts her the family heirloom. She also gives Gale some of her mother’s medicine after he’s beaten by Peacekeepers.

2 Harry Potter: Hermione And Draco

If Draco were to attempt a romantic relationship with Hermione like in this piece by Mariyand-R, he’s got some serious amends to make. Not only does he call her a Muggle-born slur during their time at Hogwarts, his siding with Voldemort doesn’t exactly appeal to Hermione, either.

Perhaps after the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco undergoes some deep soul-searching and genuinely tries to make amends.

Plus, we know now from The Cursed Child that alternate timelines do exist.There’s definitely the potential for Draco to realize the error of his ways during his time at Hogwarts in a parallel world.

1 Twilight/Harry Potter: Edward And Harry

Since Robert Pattinson is in both the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises, there have been many memes comparing the two. Plus, Harry and Cedric make up a pretty popular pairing, despite the latter’s tragic ending. Other fans like Flayu have decided to create a crossover, shipping Harry and Edward.

Since vampires and werewolves don’t get along in Twilight, it does make you wonder whether or not Edward would be chill with Lupin, and if Harry’s friendship with Lupin would be a deal breaker for the vampire.

In any case, this is certainly one way to end the Harry and Hermione vs. Ron and Hermione debate.

What’s your favorite unexpected YA couple? Share them in the comments below!

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20 Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Final Fantasy Couples

Since fan artists have been putting pen to paper, paint to brush, or stylus to tablet, there’s been one area of fan art that has dominated over the rest: shipping.

No franchise is safe from the clutches of hungry fans who are desperate to make their one true pairings come to life.

The Final Fantasy series of Japanese RPGs is no exception. In fact, the series generates some of the most adorable, provocative and downright strange shipping art.

Since the first game launched all the way back in 1987, Hironobu Sakaguchi’s award-winning series has generated a huge global fanbase.

Most recently, Final Fantasy XV introduced us to Noctis, the Crown Prince of Lucis, who must defend his kingdom from an impending invasion from the empire of Niflheim.

By 2018, the game had sold more than seven million copies, proving the fandom is just as strong as ever.

With fifteen games in the main series, and several spin-offs, each introducing us to new and exciting playable characters and NPCs, there are plenty of romantic options for talented artists to explore.

A few of these pieces are sweet renditions of what could or should have been. Many of them are a little stranger, pairing platonic friends or even fierce rivals together.

Anything goes in the world of online shipping wars.

Here are our picks for the 20 Fan Redesigns of Unexpected Final Fantasy Couples.

20 Tifa and Lightning

Ask a Final Fantasy player what their favorite game in the series is, and there’s a strong chance they’ll immediately respond with Final Fantasy VII.

Award-winning and best-selling, it was a seminal game for many who grew up with the original Playstation.

The game introduced Tifa Lockhart, often regarded as a Japanese counterpart to Lara Croft.

Although the two characters have never met within the games canon, it was only a matter of time before Tifa was paired up with another popular female character, Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII).

This artist imagines them more as allies than lovers, but we can’t deny that there seems to be some chemistry there.

Lightning, with her iconic pink hair and hardened attitude hiding a heart of gold, gets a lot of attention in the shipping community. This is just the first of several examples.

19 Kain and Rydia

Final Fantasy IV proved a landmark entry for the blossoming franchise upon its release in 1991. It introduced revolutionary game mechanics, such as the Active Time Battle, that would set the standard for the series to come.

It also set a record for playable characters in the series, with 12 controllable allies with their own character class.

Two of these heroes include the Dragoon knight Kain Highwind, and dragon Summoner Rydia. The two enter a tumultuous friendship after Kain is sent to defeat the Dragon of Mist, and, subsequently, Rydia’s mother.

Although the two start off with a significant age gap at the star of the game, the story speeds things up for us.

Beginning as a seven year old girl, she is then forced to spend time in the Feymarch, a realm in which time goes faster, reducing the creepy factor for this art just a little.

18 Hope and Vanille

If Lightning’s tough demeanor and cold independence hide a soft interior, Oerba Dia Vanille is the exact opposite. A bubbly, optimistic young woman, her sunny personality masks her inner guilt and conflict.

She teams up with Hope Estheim in Final Fantasy XIII when they become victims of the Purge, and fight together to prevent the destruction of their home, Cocoon.

Due to Vanille’s additional four years of maturity, their friendship remains strictly professional and platonic. And the whole saving the world thing sort of gets in the way of any chance at romance.

This hasn’t stopped fan artists from shipping two of the most wholesome characters in the franchise’s history, though. It makes a little too much sense not to.

17 Ashe and Balthier

The swashbuckling era of Final Fantasy XII allowed players to take control of sky pirates, airship bandits and freefolk who roam the skies of Ivalice searching for adventure.

The playable character Balthier is a self-serving yet charming buccaneer who finds himself unwittingly drawn into a political conflict after an attempted robbery.

His devotion to his partner Fran, a viera warrior and fellow pirate aboard the Strahl, means that his story has little room for romance.

That hasn’t stopped this fan from pairing him up with former princess Ashe, despite, admittedly, only sharing a handful of scenes together.

16 Cloud and Zack

Although Japan is making concerted efforts to change their attitudes in recent years, the country as a whole is still behind on a number of LGBTQ issues.

This has meant that representation in their media, including video games, has been either slim or stereotypical.

This hasn’t stopped passionate Final Fantasy fans from embracing the full potential of shipping, and pairing same gendre couples together in a variety of glorious fan art pieces.

Final Fantasy VII follows the adventure of Cloud Strife, an arrogant yet heroic swordsman with a hidden past. Tragic flashbacks throughout the game elaborate on his close friendship with fellow soldier, Zack Fair.

This artist has reunited the pair, depicting them in a loving embrace that would make any aficionados of the series misty eyed.

15 Caius and Lightning

Pairing up the heroic lead with their evil nemesis is an absolute staple of the shipping community – especially in Japanese RPGs, which frequently depict the villains having a steamy subtext underlining their relationship to the hero.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has possibly the most confusing title in video game history.

It also pits Lightning against a new antagonist, Caius Ballad, an immortal warrior engaged in an endless battle in Valhalla.

Five hundred years after his first defeat, he comes back for more in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Despite his insurmountable evil, his form-fitting armor, icy good looks and long, purple hair makes him some fan’s dream.

We don’t blame Lightning for being tempted over to the dark side in this case.

14 Noel and Paddra

Paddra Nsu-Yeul is one of the most mysterious characters in Final Fantasy history.

As a seeress from the ruined world of Yaschas Massif, she shares her name with another ancient seeress, who foresaw the War of Transgression.

She travels with Caius Ballad for unknown reasons, despite never acting antagonistic towards the heroes, and has a deep connection with the paradoxes throughout the timeline.

However, given her almost ethereal beauty, it’s no surprise that both fans of the game, and its writers, were keen to pair her up in a romance.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 includes a hastily put together relationship with protagonist Noel that barely gets a look in amongst the game’s other elements. At least they look happy in this piece of fan art.

13 Ignis and Noctis

Final Fantasy XV, the most recent game in the main series, takes the most grounded approach to the franchise yet.

Following the crown prince and heir to the throne, Noctis, it depicts the planet Eos as the closest we’ve seen Final Fantasy get to contemporary Earth (give or take a magic Crystal, some divine beings and a handful of magical creatures).

Noctis is engaged to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, an Oracle who used to be the princess of Tenebrae, one of the four nations that make up Eos.

This hasn’t stopped artists from pairing him up with one of his three companions that accompany him throughout the game.

Ignis Scientia, a military tactician and Noctis’ advisor, clearly has a more intimate relationship with him thanks to the game’s ‘Active Cross Battle’ system, which incorporates cooperative attacks.

12 Zack and Aerith

The romance of Zack Fair and Aerith Gainsborough is riddled with tragedy, not least because both of their lives were prematurely cut short before they had time to realise their full potential.

It’s one of the series’ most popular couplings thanks to their early beginnings as childhood sweethearts, and passionate devotion to each other.

But did you know that this is only the case for English translations of Final Fantasy VII? That’s right, due to a mis-translation, their relationship has been blown way out of proportion from the original intention.

It still doesn’t make this fan art of the couple finally tying the knot any less cuter.

11 Hope and Lightning

Lightning is significantly older than Hope by the time they meet in Final Fantasy XIII. Significantly more experienced, mature, and essentially cooler in every conceivable way.

Her relationship to the plucky young hero is much more maternal than fan artists would have it, although, we admit, the pair might have more of a chance once Hope grows out of his naivety and into a strong-willed leading in XIII-2.

To the uninitiated, this artistic rendition of the couple appears to be mere wish fulfilment at first glance.

However, this is actually recreating the scene in Lightning Returns, in which the evil god Bhunivelze takes the form of Lightning to play with Hope’s feelings. No judgements here if omnipotent puppetry is your thing.

10 Cid and Vincent

Despite seemingly taking place throughout multiple different timelines and settings, the Final Fantasy franchise, in fact, has a number of recurring characters and elements, such as various different races as well as the comical double act Biggs and Wedge.

One of the most frequent appearances throughout the series is a character named Cid.

Usually an ally most often depicted as an engineer, he has appeared in almost all Final Fantasy media in different forms since his debut in Final Fantasy II.

He even gets his own romantic sub-plot in Final Fantasy VII, but this artist thinks he’s much better suited for mysterious Turk (spy), Vincent Valentine.

9 Aerith and Tifa

This particular pairing may be blasphemy to some who are particularly committed to Aerith’s tragic romance with Zack Fair.

However, as we’ve already explained, that romance is only the result of some shoddy translation errors, so, as far as we’re concerned, anything goes.

This art depicts a sensual scene between Aerith and Tifa.

The two have already demonstrated a strong bond during Final Fantasy VII, and, in the metaseries fan-film Advent Children, she even wears a pink ribbon to commemorate Aerith’s memory.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this took place off-screen at some point. Perhaps Tifa even taught the mourning Aerith how to love again, following the untimely passing of her first romance, Zack.

8 Sephiroth and Cloud

A return to the old favorite, ramping up the tension between sworn enemies until the temptation gives in and their rivalry transforms into romance.

An ex-SOLDIER for the Shinra Electric Power Company, Sephiroth was driven mad when he discovered his true, twisted origins. Once idolized by Cloud, he fell from grace, and attempted to conquer the Planet.

He represents the darker side of Cloud’s history and, if given a push, could tempt the hero into evil temptations.

We don’t know why Final Fantasy villains are so drawn to long, silky hair, but it’s a look that works for us, and is definitely working for Cloud in this piece of fan art.

7 Lightning and Vanille

Well, this ship is a no-brainer.

If opposites attract, the sunny disposition of Vanille couldn’t be further from the hardened outer shell of Final Fantasy XIII‘s protagonist Lightning.

That said, they both use their external personalities to mask their deeper conflicts within, so it’s only natural that the two would be naturally drawn together.

That is, if the series was a little braver on the same gendre coupling front.

This beautiful sketch art creates a tender scene between the two, a brief moment of peace between the chaos that could make way for a passionate kiss.

6 Balthier and Vaan

How could the buccaneering Captain of an airship not be tempted by Vaan’s roguish good looks, tousled hair and distinctly piratical, and revealing vest?

Vaan doesn’t play a huge part in Final Fantasy XII, but when he appears, it’s largely in service of a boring will-they-won’t-they relationship with his childhood friend, Penelo.

An orphaned street thief who, like Luke Skywalker, dreams of destroying the Empire and eventually owning an airship of his own, Vaan would be much better suited in the arms of a bona fide sky pirate like Balthier.

This art makes that dream a reality, because, let’s face it, there’s not much in the way of romance going on between Balthier and his ‘life partner’ Fran, anyway.

5 Prompto and Noctis

With its sports cars, American-style diners, and slick fashion choices, if any Final Fantasy world has invented the selfie, it would definitely be Final Fantasy XV‘s Eos – especially with Prompto around, a playful and flirty photographer who is constantly taking pictures of their travels.

As one of the game’s few royal protagonists, the prince Noctis seems a little reluctant to take part in the practise of commoners, but if anyone can convince him, it’s Prompto.

Their paparazzo companion is a little jealous of his friend’s nobility, but, as this fan art proves, class can’t stand in the way of friendship, or even romance.

4 Noctis and Lightning

Another awesome piece in the genre of characters who have never met but would still be perfect for each other.

If Noctis thinks being a prince comes with responsibilities, wait until he realises the full weight of Lightning’s burden.

As a knight anointed with the near-impossible task of protecting a literal god from Caius Ballad in XIII-2, she not only succeeds, but is then chosen by another god as the saviour of souls before the impending Apocalypse.

Talk about pressure.

If anyone deserves to settle down with a good-looking and heroic prince, it’s Lightning.

3 Rydia and Edge

Many fans will insist on both sides that this pairing is or isn’t canon.

Once Rydia leaves the Feymarch, she has grown into a young woman and, therefore, at the mercy of Edge’s persistent flirting.

Thanks to Edge’s huge crush on the young Summoner, it’s one of the most drawn couples we’ve seen for Final Fantasy, but due to his constant rejection, not all of the pieces are exactly… well, consensual.

Maybe if Edge hadn’t tried to leave Rydia and her friend Rosa behind during their adventure, which he describes as “grown-up work,” he would have stood more of a chance.

This piece thankfully puts the pair on equal footing, and depicts a tender kiss rather than Rydia giving in to his relentless pursuing.

2 Cloud and Aerith

We promised you redesigns, and this is one piece that finally takes the idea to the next level!

Cloud and Aerith wouldn’t look too out of place in Final Fantasy XV in this artwork.

They’ve decided to ditch the gloomy fantasy aesthetic and grab a milkshake with two straws in a classic American diner, complete with a juke box and a leather jacket.

Aerith is looking adorable in a pink dress, and, if anything, her Rosy Riveter style hair ribbon is even more fashionable in the 1950s.

It almost makes you forget about her romance with Zack.

1 Lightning and Fang

These two characters develop a strong bond over the course of Final Fantasy XIII and its two sequels. Fang even sacrifices herself to protect Lightning’s home world Cocoon.

Hundreds of years later, she and Vanille emerge from their crystallised shell, and Fang teams up with Lightning to try and prevent the Apocalypse.

Lightning’s saga has some of the highest stakes we’ve seen in a Final Fantasy game, with Fang experiencing the adventure right by her side.

Other than its black and white style, this piece could have been lifted straight from the game, the two characters sharing an intimate moment after almost witnessing the end of the world.

Can you think of any other unexpected Final Fantasy characters who belong together? Sound off in the comments!

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Game Of Thrones: 25 Crazy Fan Redesigns Way Better Than The Show

George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire was already a cultural phenomenon before HBO got its hands on the rights and started cranking out episodes of Game of Thrones  in 2011. The series quickly shot to into the TV hall of fame thanks to its beautiful sets, expansive mythology, and unforgettable characters.

Long before the stories hit the small screen, fans were hard at work interpreting what those character might actually look like. While we have actors and actresses portraying those people on screen, that is only one interpretation of how people like Jon Snow, Sansa Start, and Daenerys Targaryan should look.

Fortunately, there are thousands of artists who are also fans of the books and the television series who have put their talents to use in the name of Game of Thrones. Based on the novels and some elements of the TV show, artists from around the world have come up with beautiful pieces of art depicting their favorite characters.

After digging through sites like GameofThronesFanart, DeviantArt, and others, we came up with the 25 best pieces we feel represent the characters even better than the show.

To kick things off, the top image belongs to CreaSdOutlineR, which he made to honor the series. Valentin v. Uslar-Gleichen paints digitally and clearly has a love for Game of Thrones and other fantasy series. His work usually features a postcard-esque theme as seen in the above image.*

Valentin isn’t the only talented artist out there contributing work in honor of the series. Here are our picks for 25 Crazy Fan Redesigns Way Better Than The Show


Bella Bergolts is a Russian artist whose real name is Eugenia. She studied art at university and has worked professionally as a digital artist at numerous studios. When it comes to portraying her favorite characters, she tends to stray towards high-fantasy and shows like Game of Thrones.

This portrait of Brienne of Tarth highlights her unique “unfinished” style, which features a strong brushstroke and adherence to the character’s look.

In the books, Brienne is described as unfeminine and unattractive, tall, muscular, and ungainly with stray-colored hair. Neither the actress playing her nor this picture depict an ugly woman, but the painting clearly depicts nobody but Brienne of Tarth.


Marcos Feittosa is a Brazilian artist who spends much of his time working on portraits based on characters from his favorite works, including A Song of Ice and Fire. The majority of his portfolio depicts characters as they are described in the books, including his take on Daenerys Targaryan.

In this image, Feittosa drew Daenerys wearing a Hrakkar in a beautiful drawing titled “If I look back, I’m lost.” A Hrakkar is a breed of white lion native to the Dothraki Sea. In the books, Daenerys began wearing the pelt belonging to a lion Drogo hunted.


Hikaru Yagi is a Russian digital artist who lives and works out of Japan. Her work consists of interpretations of comic book, manga, anime, film, game, and fantasy television characters including those from Game of Thrones. She sells her work online and offers commissions as well as classes and tutorial videos for anyone looking to learn her techniques.

This image of Arya Stark depicts the character in a Japanese kimono in the style of the House of Stark.

The drawing looks much like her character on the show and features Arya holding a Japanese katana in her right hand,which differs from her left-handed version in the books.


This adorable Chibi representation of the principal Game of Thrones characters was illustrated by the talented Clau Calderón, a Peruvian artist who paints under the name MeduClau. Unlike most of the illustrations and paintings on this list, MeduClau works in a physical medium, often drawing in pencil and then finishing her work with watercolors.

This composition includes her favorite characters: Khal Drogo, Olenna Tyrell, Hodor, Ygritte, Cersei Lannister, Melisandre, Daenerys Targaryan, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Drogon, and Nymeria.

MeduClau maintains a YouTube channel where she demonstrates her talent via instructional videos.


Jiarui Liu is a Chinese digital artist who lives and works out of Beijing, China. Liu’s work predominantly features digital interpretations of high fantasy characters including various creatures, monsters, and demons. While Liu’s work features a beautiful portrait of Tyrion Lannister, we decided to select his take on Cersei Lannister.

As the sitting Queen of Westeros, Cersei has certainly established herself as a true monarch.

This picture perfectly encapsulates her regal nature by placing her on the Iron Throne.

While she shares visual similarities with her onscreen counterpart, this depiction differs slightly, but still has the commanding presence only Cersei can pull off.


GibiLynx is an Austrian digital artist and hobbyist. This painting of Euron Greyjoy was done as a speedpaint commission for one of Lynx’s many clients. The painting remains true to the character by showing him with an eyepatch over his left eye. The eyepatch earned him the nickname “Crow’s Eye,” which is an appropriate name for a man who spent his life as a wealthy pirate.

Euron’s representation by Pilou Asbaek in Game of Thrones is quite different from the book version. He lacks any magic powers and still has both eyes.


This painting of Daenerys Targaryen was painted by the previously mentioned Bella Bergolts, aka Eugenia. The painting is one of many she has crafted in honor of the books and series. Like some of her other work related to the series, this painting is a concept piece based on imagery from the books, which is why it doesn’t look much like Daenerys from the series.

In the books, she is described as having a classic Valyrian look: violet eyes, pale skin, and long silver-gold hair.

The obvious deviation in this painting is the shortened hair, but you can’t mistake those captivating eyes.

Just looking at that one feature establishes this work as Daenerys.


Sometimes, a fan comes along and makes a beautiful rendition of their favorite characters. Occasionally, that fan is an established artist like Brian Kesinger, a talented digital artist who spent 16 years working for Walt Disney Studios. Kesinger’s work often leans towards the Steampunk genre, which he utilized working on films including Treasure Planet and Meet the Robinsons.

In this drawing appropriately titled, “Hodor Smash,” we see Hodor smashing the reanimated warriors who attacked Bran on the ice.

Even as a static image, you can’t help but feel engrossed in the action depicted.

The look on Bran’s face as he uses his warg abilities to control Hodor help set the tone in the image.


Gigei, otherwise known as María Pérez Pacheco, is an artist who lives and works in Spain. Her work leans more towards the cartoonish rather than realistic like many of the images on this list. While she does work with Game of Thrones characters, she also illustrates Doctor Who and Disney within her particular style.

When the series and books began, it looked as if House Stark was going to live a long and happy life. It didn’t take long for everything to fall apart, but before it all went down, the Starks were happy.

This image perfectly depicts the entire clan in an idealized, cartoony style.


Ramón Nuñez is an artist and graphic designer who holds a degree in Graphic Design. He started out as a Visual Developer for various clothing brands doing illustration work in 2013. Following this, he branched out to work as a freelance artist doing commissions for digital painting and illustration. He also works as a concept artist for game design.

After watching the season seven episode “Dragonstone”, Nuñez got busy on a new series of Game of Thrones characters inspired by the episode.

In addition to Jon Snow, he drew nearly every major character from the episode.

His Game of Thrones series and many other works of art can be found on his Instagram page.


Michal Dziekan is a Polish illustrator and character designer who has worked in both film and animation as a motion capture artist and art director. His biggest passion has always been in illustration and character design, which is why he shifted focus in 2011 to “commentary, grotesque illustrations with fair dosage of black humor and twisted characters.”

This gorgeous painting of Daenerys Targaryen focuses on her visage as the Khaleesi, consumed by fire. In many ways, Daenerys was born in fire and it was the flames that brought about the birth of her children (her three dragons). The stark imagery and use of color beautifully depicts the true Queen of Westeros.


The image above was created by an artist who goes by the name AbsurdUnicorns. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any details on the artist including who they are and where they are from.

A true queen of Westeros, Lyanna Mormont was only a child when she first appeared in the sixth season of the show. Don’t let her age fool you; she is a well-established ruler of her people and is very capable of ordering her armies across Westeros. This static image came from an animated GIF you can watch here.


Joseph Taylor is a freelance artist who lives and works out of Cambridge, England. His work tends to depict a cartoonish style akin to many of the Disney animated films from the 1990s. His portfolio includes homages to numerous characters throughout pop culture in the form of portraits.

One of the most important characters in the Game of Thrones series has been gone a long time.

Rhaegar Targaryan is depicted here in exactly the manner he was described in the book.

His violet eyes, pale skin, and long white-golden hair depicts a perfect representation of the former Prince of Dragonstone.


Aivoree, also known as Karina Sennikova, is a freelance illustrator who lives and works out of Bryansk, Russia. Her talents tend to lean towards animal and creature illustration, which is why she was able to perfectly capture Ghost and the horse in the image above.

At the beginning of the series, it looked as if Robb Stark would become the self-proclaimed King in the North. Due to some rather nefarious events at the “Red Wedding,” Robb and his mother were both removed from contention and the job fell to Jon Snow. As Snow’s true lineage became apparent, he embraced his royal lineage and began to drive his army South.


Ross Tran is an American artist who operates under the name, Rossdraws. Tran is a professional artist who studied Industrial Design in Los Angeles. His work brought him into Hollywood where he provided character design on Earth to Echo. He spends most of his time these days teaching illustration via his YouTube channel.

Tran drew this beautiful rendition of Daenerys Targaryan and streamed it on his YouTube Channel.

His first drawing on the channel two years prior was also Daenerys so it’s clear he has a special connection to the Breaker of Chains.


This painting by GibiLynx is a concept piece called “Sansa and the Hound.” The work reimagines Sandor Clegane, otherwise known as the Hound, as a literal dog laying beside Sansa Stark in the woods. As you can see in the image, the Hound’s face is scarred in the same way Sandor’s face is burned in the books and television series.

Sansa Stark is one of the core characters in Game of Thrones. As a Stark, she is seen as the key to winning the North by those in the South, but Sansa refused to follow that path. After escaping Ramsey Bolton’s cruelty, she rejoined her brother, Jon Snow, and fought to retake Winterfell.


Hikaru Yagi’s work continues to impress with this depiction of Shireen Baratheon.

Shireen’s depiction is complete with her dress emblazoned with the Stag, the sigil for her father’s house.

She is also holding a wooden carving of the same animal and shows her normally obscured, scarred face.

The story of Shireen Baratheon is one of the saddest in the series. After surviving Greyscale, she spends her life locked away in a tower so nobody will see her scarred face. When her father’s madness overtakes his desire for power, he burned his daughter as a sacrifice to R’hllor, the Lord of Light.


Flachzange, otherwise known as Marco, is a German artist who specialized in various styles of illustrations usually depicting women. His work is usually focused on portraiture, but favors fantasy elements and various forms of pop culture, which of course includes Game of Thrones.

Syrio Forel and Arya Stark are depicted doing what they did best: training Arya to become a proper swordswoman. The cartoonish style is vastly different from most of Marco’s work, but still captures the characters perfectly in a scene where Arya learns a valuable lesson about how not to get stabbed.


Paul Van Calla is a conceptual artist and illustrator who lives and works out of Manila, Philippines. He studied art at the University of Santo Tomas and currently works as an artist at The Studio of Secret6, Inc. His online portfolio only features two images including the one we have chosen here. The other depicts the Punisher wielding a mini-gun, which he also uses as his profile picture.

His painting is of Roger Reyne, The Red Lion of Castamere. Reyne has been mentioned in The World of Ice & Fire and A Feast for Crows, and was briefly seen in an episode in the series depicting events at Castamere in 261 AC.


Jaime Jr. Quiano is a concept artist and illustrator who lives and works out of Quezon City, Philippines. Jaime has worked professionally as an artist doing illustration work and concept drawings for game design. He has also worked as a 2D animator as well as a storyboard artist.

This drawing of the Hound, otherwise known as Sandor Clegane, is a deparature from the show.

The reimagined Hound features an imposing man wearing Japanese Samurai armor with a frightening helmet and sheathed katana. While his garb has been altered, his face still features his disfigurement caused by his brother years before.


Mike Hallstein is an Australian artist who specializes in commissioned pieces of just about any character you might imagine. He clearly has a love for Game of Thrones seeing as paintings of characters from the series are spread throughout his online digital portfolio.

In this image of Daemon I Blackfyre – The Black Dragon, Hallstein has depicted the character in a glorious pose amidst a wheat field. Daemon Waters was the illegitimate child of Princess Daena Targaryen and King Aegon IV Targaryen. He took part in the first Blackfyre Rebellion and became known as the Black Dragon for his exploits.


Andréia Carbonari is a Brazilian designer and illustrator who lives and works out of São Paulo, Brazil. She described herself as a “Graphic designer and illustrator. Coffee lover. Jedi, Ravenclaw student and sailor sometimes. INFP-T. Libra and Aquarius.” Her work includes mostly portraits of pretty much every popular character in pop culture.

This drawing of Rhaegar Targaryan depicts him in a way akin to a Japanese Samurai, but still retains the imagery iconic to the character and the Valyrian people. His most prominent feature, the beautiful white flowing hair, easily dominates this amazing piece by Carbonari.


Arden Beckwith is a Melbourne, Australia-borne freelance illustrator who specialized in drawing scenes from popular science fiction and fantasy books, card games, and video games. Beckwith works independently, but takes commissioned work whenever the need arises.

This painting of the Red Viper, otherwise known as Oberyn Martell, depicts the character as he was described in the books.

Martell is a forceful man and formidable fighter whose preference for red clothing earned him the nickname, “The Red Viper.” In a fight against The Mountain, he failed to defeat his foe and succumbed to his injuries.


Joel-Lee is a freelance illustrator who lives and works out of Singapore. His goal is to one day get into professional concept art and design, which isn’t surprising when you look through his portfolio. Much of his work details popular characters from comic books, video games, and television, with a great deal of effort going towards Game of Thrones.

Tormund Giantsbane is shown in this adorable image of the Wilding laying atop a rather thirsty-looking bear. As he eats (which he often does), he thinks of his one true love: Brienne of Tarth. Many fans want to see these two end up together, but Brienne has thus far shown absolutely no interest whatsoever.


Adrien Jeannerod is a concept artist, character designer, and current art student studying the craft in Lyon, France. Looking through Adren’s portfolio, it’s clear there is a love for science fiction and fantasy. There isn’t much devoted to Game of Thrones, save for the beautiful picture of Viserys Targaryen we chose to feature here.

The painting sums up the character perfectly with his self-made crown and paper dragon he is playing with. Viserys tried to trade his sister for an army he could use to take back the crown and win the Iron Throne, but he was only given a molten crown of gold by Khal Drogo.

What do you think of these Game of Thrones redesigns? Let us know in the comments!

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