Bashar Assad regime auctions off land of displaced Syrians

Syrians forced from their homes by their country’s brutal, decadelong war are now shocked to discover that their family farms have been taken over by loyalists and cronies of t… .

2021-01-06 19:24:48

Syrians fleeing regime oppression plead for adequate housing near Turkish border

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians that have fled the country due to the attacks and oppression of the Bashar Assad regime now hope for more adequate housing near the Turkish border… .

2021-01-06 17:31:49

Assad regime forces kill 5 civilians in Syria’s Idlib, violating cease-fire

Five Syrian farmers were killed in an attack by Bashar Assad regime forces in the northwestern Idlib province on Saturday in violation of a March cease-fire.

“Five farmers were ki… .

2020-12-27 16:03:48

Turkey denies Assad regime claim of deliberate water supply cutoff

Turkish authorities denied on Sunday the Syrian regime’s claim that the water at the Allouk water station, which meets the needs of the northeastern Hasakah region, was cut off… .

2020-12-20 17:50:48

Turkish Red Crescent helps disabled Syrian traumatized by regime attacks

The Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) extended a helping hand to 18-year-old Abdullah Abu al-Homsi, who has suffered from a physical and mental disability since an attack by the Basha… .

2020-12-04 21:07:48

Syrian regime, Russia face renewed pressure over chemical weapons allegations

The Bashar Assad regime and its main backer Russia faced renewed pressure over allegations of chemical weapons use as member countries of the global toxic arms watchdog met on Mond… .

2020-12-01 14:55:48

EU refuses to attend refugee conference organized by Syrian regime

The European Union said Tuesday that it will not take part in a conference this week on the return of refugees to Syria, insisting that the first priority should be to make it safe… .

2020-11-10 14:58:00

Assad regime hinders COVID-19 response: rights group

Restrictions on aid deliveries by the Bashar Assad regime are preventing medical supplies and personnel needed to prevent, contain and treat COVID-19 from reaching 2 million people… .

2020-04-29 07:46:00

Assad regime continues war crimes amid pandemic

The Syrian regime continued to commit multiple war crimes in March and April, the same months that saw the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a watchdog report Mon… .

2020-04-28 08:18:00

Syrian torturer threatened by Assad regime, after switching sides

The main defendant in the first trial on regime-sponsored torture in Syria has sought police protection in Germany on the grounds of feeling threatened by Bashar Assad’s int… .

2020-04-26 08:37:00