8 Likely Storylines From The Comics For Titans Season 2 (With Jason Todd As A Regular)

Titans is coming back for a second season on DC Universe streaming and there is some big news for the returning show. First, the bad guys have been announced — or at least who might end up being bad guys in the future. Triton is still around causing problems but Esai Morales has signed on to play Deathstroke while Chella Man and Chelsea Zhang have signed on to play his kids, Jericho and Rose Wilson.

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Add in the fact that Superboy/Conor Kent will make his debut on the show, as portrayed by Joshua Orpin, and Jason Todd (Curran Walters) will be taking on a larger role as well in the second season. With so many new characters, and so many legendary storylines to pull ideas from, here are eight Teen Titans stories that could be great for the second season of Titans.


Possibly the least interesting storyline that Titans can attack in season 2 is “The Judas Contract.” This is probably the best Teen Titans story of all-time but was just recently told in an animated movie, showcasing the betrayal by member Terra and the damage it did to the Titans as a team. However, with Deathstroke coming, this is the story that seems like a good bet for the live-action DC Universe television series. It is also a way to bring in something that was only hinted at in the animated movie if they choose to bring Jericho into the story as a key player since he was only a cameo in that previous effort.

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Jason Todd will have a key role in season 2 of Titans which brings up a couple of interesting ideas for the character and his place in the DC Universe television series. One of these ideas is the “Lonely Place of Dying” storyline. Of course, this isn’t just a Teen Titans storyline, but is also a shared Batman storyline — but it could still work.

The story was a crossover between Batman and New Titans. In the story, Dick Greyson is Nightwing and this series introduces the new Robin — Tim Drake. This happens after the death of Jason Todd, so one might wonder if the fact that Titans is so dark, to begin with — they might kill off Jason in order to bring in the superior Tim Drake version of Robin.


Teen Titans: Family Lost is another Deathstroke story and might be more interesting than rehashing the Judas Contract storyline. The story even includes the same villains from that previous story, with Brother Blood joining Deathstroke. Geoff Johns and Mike McKone created the storyline, which ran in volume 3 of the Teen Titans comic book series.

The story also includes Trigon (as well as Conor Kent as Superboy), so this could be a great way to lead from the huge cliffhanger ending of Titans season 1 and also introduce Deathstroke and his daughter Rose Wilson to the show as well.

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It seems like every great Teen Titans storyline includes a battle with Deathstroke. Teen Titans: A Kid’s Game is no different as the Titans battle Deathstroke, Ares and even Jericho in this storyline. It even involves an appearance by The Justice League, although there is no way that will happen on the DC Universe television series.

This storyline, in the comic books, takes place immediately following “Graduation Day” and the disbanding of Young Justice. That can’t play into their either, but Titans proved in season 1 that it didn’t care about playing things straight with the comic book lines anyway. The characters in this story are not the same ones on the TV show but this is about creating the organized team and that is where Titans needs to head very soon.


Season 1 of Titans really looked into the idea of the government — or at least secret organizations — capturing and experimenting on super-powered children. However, the final scene of the season showed a scene very familiar to fans of Young Justice. The scene showed Cadmus — somewhere in Metropolis — where Superboy walked out of the lab.

Behind him was what looked like dead Cadmus scientists and then we see Krypto with glowing red eyes. While the Titans have a lot to deal with as season 2 starts, there is no way that Cadmus allows Conor Kent to just walk out and Titans will have to deal with the fallout of Superboy escaping and that means a Cadmus related storyline is coming.

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The second season of Titans has a chance to add some new blood to the already established team of Robin, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. Released in 2006, Titans: Around the World tells the story of the group recovering after a major event and welcoming someone new.

In the comics, it was Infinite Crisis, but on the Titans television show, it could be anything. This was also the series that introduced Miss Martian to the team as a full-fledged member and while Young Justice fans get plenty of the heroic Martian, how cool would it be to bring her into the fold in the live-action DC series as well? It also brings back Jericho — which could play into the introduction of Deathstroke as well.

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Donna Troy in Titans was one of the most normal members of the first season’s cast of characters. She didn’t arrive until the eighth episode and was revealed to be Wonder Woman’s sidekick when she was younger. On the TV series, Donna is now a photojournalist who stepped away from the role of a costumed superhero.

With that said, the idea of Donna Troy getting a big storyline based around her is a very interesting proposition. New Teen Titans: Who is Donna Troy really dives deep into the origins of Wonder Girl where she learns that everything she thought was true was all a lie and now Donna Troy is needed to save the original Titans of Greek mythology.

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The biggest news coming into season 2 of Titans wasn’t the arrival of Deathstroke and Jericho but the fact that Jason Todd would end up playing a major role in the season. As the first season showed, Jason Todd was the kid who took on the role of Robin after Dick Greyson moved on and became Batman’s new sidekick.

Jason showed in the first season to be incredibly violent and unhinged. With Titans willing to take chances by switching up characters from their original history, could DC Universe take Jason out of the Robin role and move him into the Red Hood role? Remember, Starfire in the comics teamed with Jason in The Outlaws and that could really cause some drama with Dick Greyson.

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Better Call Saul Season 5 Makes Lalo Actor Tony Dalton A Regular

AMC’s Better Call Saul has upgraded the character of Lalo – played by Tony Dalton – to a series regular for season 5. After a mention in season 2 of Breaking Bad and a reveal in season 4 of Better Call Saul, Lalo is taking on a full-time role as the series’ main antagonist.

Created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, Better Call Saul is a spin-off of Gilligan’s brainchild Breaking Bad. Taking place six years before the events of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul follows Jimmy McGill – played masterfully by Bob Odenkirk – on his complex journey from con-man to a criminal lawyer. The series has received critical and public acclaim, and is considered one of the best spin-off series of all time. Better Call Saul also has a slew of A-list talent for its ensemble; including, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Michael McKean, Giancarlo Esposito, and Patrick Fabian. Now, Dalton’s Lalo joins the ranks of a series regular.

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According to Deadline, Dalton will take the stage as the villain for the upcoming season 5. Eduardo Salamanca (nicknamed Lalo) was first mentioned in the Breaking Bad episode “Better Call Saul”, as Saul pleads for his life after being kidnapped by Walter and Jesse. The threatened lawyer assumes the pair were sent by Lalo to kill him and is awash with relief when he discovers they were not. Lalo is never mentioned again. Viewers finally got to meet Lalo in Better Call Saul’s season 4, episode 8, “Coushatta” who displays strong ties to the plotline. In the season finale, Lalo is in a deadly competition with Mike (Banks) in the series’ most anticipated episode, as Jimmy McGill sheds his skin to become Saul Goodman.

Dalton’s portrayal of Lalo in season 4 was a highlight for the audience. The actor’s natural charm and charisma work well for a character with ties to a drug cartel, and added layers to the Salamanca family. Dalton was previously busy in his lead role of HBO Latino series, Sr. Avila – for which he was nominated twice for the International Emmys. Notable credits of Dalton have also included Sense8, Los simuladores, and Colombiana.

Dalton’s promotion to series regular comes at a critical time for Better Call Saul, with its highly anticipated season 5 arriving in 2020 and the production of the Breaking Bad film. Fans are eager to see the evolution of Lalo and what he adds to the story as the series is creeping closer to the Breaking Bad timeline. Gilligan is masterful in delivery and impeccable timing. Since Lalo’s mention in season 2 of Breaking Bad, the creator obviously had big plans for the character, and Dalton’s portrayal will no doubt resonate as Better Call Saul’s deadliest antagonist.

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Super Mario Party Review: The Best Mario Party in Years

Super Mario Party isn’t just a return to the classic gameplay, bringing back the board game format and forgoing the controversial car. It’s the best entry in the Mario Party franchise in years though admittedly, Nintendo hasn’t set the bar very high. The last time there was a halfway decent Mario Party was back in 2007 with Mario Party 8 and to find a truly great addition you need to go even further back in time. Super Mario Party makes up for some of that, finally.

The newest first party title for Nintendo Switch isn’t without flaws. In their effort to bring back Mario Party to relevance Nintendo went overboard. Super Mario Party spreads itself very thin, adding too many extraneous modes. And sadly, Nintendo also hasn’t managed to capitalize on the obvious when it comes to online multiplayer and Mario Party. Overall though Super Mario Party is a celebration worth throwing especially with three friends along for the (now metaphorical) ride.

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Super Mario Party should be viewed as an apology for the absolute rubbish that was Mario Party 9 and 10. The failed experiment that was all four Mario Party players being stuffed into the same car with no autonomy is over. The classic Mario Party mode has the four partiers move about a colorful board game map, snagging stars and playing mini games at the end of each turn. It’s glorious. The board game’s return and the pleasing ways it can be used to screw over opponents with random chance would be enough of a victory. Super Mario Party goes further with the board game mechanic and adds exciting new layers of strategy.

There are several little changes to board game play. Stars cost just 10 coins now, not the customary 20. Bowser and other villains are now playable characters and maps are much smaller than before. The biggest change concerns dice rolls. They’re still completely random but Super Mario Party has added some dice rolls by giving every playable character their own dice block. The choice of playable character now means more than simple Mario franchise favoritism. There is a regular dice block and going along with the smaller maps it only has 6 sides as opposed to the previous 10 but with the character dice blocks, this mechanic can get wacky and interesting.

For example, Shy Guy’s die has 5 sides of 4 and 1 side of 0. This means that if a player wants to move just 4 spaces on the board to get to a star or avoid a trap, they’re best off using Shy Guy’s dice but there is a chance that they might not move at all. Similarly, Bowser has a 10 on his dice but also two sides where he can lose coins if he’s unlucky enough to hit them. These new special dice might sound strange but in practice they add in a surprising amount of depth.

The special dice don’t just end at the playable characters either. In a holdover from Mario Party: Star Rush for the 3DS it’s now possible to recruit allies. These allies will loan out their special dice and in certain mini games even help out as a part of a team. Allies are always computer controlled but they can turn a player’s game around. Allies seem like they could over-complicate play but they add just enough to the game without becoming too distracting or that big of an advantage. Even though ridiculous RNG is part of the charm of Mario Party it does sting when a computer ally wins a tense minigame but that’s a relatively minor quibble. Nintendo has nailed the board game dynamic with their first Mario Party on the Switch even though it’s disappointing that there’s only four boards at launch with no more coming (as of right now).

Minigames are another area where Super Mario Party succeeds … for the most part anyway. There are 80 minigames in all and they switch between standard and motion controls. It’s impossible though to play Super Mario Party with anything but a single joy-con which prevents prevents Super Mario Party from being played in the Switch’s handheld mode. Some of Super Mario Party‘s best games use the joy-con’s stellar motion control and HD rumble features so it becomes an understandable sacrifice, and of course, tabletop mode is still available. There are still a couple of stinkers in the minigame department but Super Mario Party might just have the most consistent overall collection of the series.

Everything else in Super Mario Party is a a mixed bag. In an effort to live up to the Super part of the title, Nintendo has added a bunch of new modes to the game and would have been better off leaving them alone. They aren’t all terrible though. For instance, ‘River Survival’ has four players working together to paddle down a raft on mountain rapids and playing in cooperative minigames is pretty interesting. So is Partner Party which is the standard Mario Party mode but in teams of two. The other modes are lot less successful.

The worst of the bunch is ‘Sound Stage.’ This is a collection of rhythm-based motion control minigames where the player who triumphs at the most minigames wins. The minigames themselves are surprisingly solid with a good mix of rhythm and motion, but there’s no reason for them to exist in their own separate section. It’s a waste of space.

Sound Stage isn’t the only time that Super Mario Party allows you to just play minigames either. There’s also Minigame Mode which is a hit or miss. The one and only highlight of Minigame Mode is Square Off. Here, laying minigames is still the main focus but the real winner is chosen by how much territory a player steals on a square board (one minigame usually equates to one territory). Everything else in Minigame Mode takes out all the strategy of Mario Party for just boring minigame brawls. This is particularly true in Mariothon where whoever wins the most of a collection of five minigames is crowned the champion.

Mariothon being a bust stings because this is the one and only mode Super Mario Party has chosen to make available for online multiplayer. Super Mario Party is the first Mario Party to include online play but there’s no way of playing a board game in the mode. One could argue the commitment (a 10 turn board game can take up to an hour) would be a problem in online matchmaking, but there being no option is disappointing, especially the only available mode is Mariothon where the Minigames have little stakes. Online play even shrinks down the available games in Mariothon to just 10 random ones not the full 80. It’s terrible.

There are other features in Super Mario Party like a lackluster single player campaign called Challenge Road, but playing the standard board game mode with computer opponents is a much more satisfying single player experience. There’s also Toad’s Rec Room which can use two switches to play special minigames. It’s an interesting tech demo but not much more than that. The bulk of Super Mario Party‘s successes and failures can be found in the other modes. Overall, those positives do outweigh the negatives.

Super Mario Party isn’t perfect. It doesn’t even supplant Mario Party 2 or Mario Party 4 as the best Mario Party game ever. It does, however, get very close. Super Mario Party would’ve been stronger if it did away with some of the extra game modes and focused on quality more than quantity. Toad’s Rec Room or Sound Stage could’ve easily been swapped out for three to four new board game maps. As it stands, Super Mario Party is a solid rebirth for what has become the redheaded stepchild of Nintendo franchises. Hopefully there will be many more and impressive sequels to come building off what it does right and ignoring what it does wrong.

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Super Mario Party is available now for $59.99 on Nintendo Switch.

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Star Wars Resistance Setting & How It Connects To The Force Awakens

A new chapter in the Star Wars saga begins this weekend when Star Wars Resistance debuts on the Disney Channel (followed by regular airings on Disney XD). The series takes place after the events of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi but before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making it the first animated series (not including a few episodes of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny) to be set between these two trilogies.

For the most part, Star Wars Resistance focuses on Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono and the other pilots of the Colossus refueling station as they compete in dangerous but thrilling starship races. But there’s another reason Kaz in on Colossus – he’s a Resistance spy on orders from Poe Dameron to sniff out who supports their cause, and who supports the First Order.

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Though Star Wars Resistance is a more straightforward, lighthearted cartoon than either The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels, it still holds the potential to shed some light on a mostly unexplored period of the Star Wars saga. So when, exactly, does Resistance take place?

When Is Star Wars Resistance Set?

Star Wars Resistance is set just six months prior to the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, placing the start of the series early in the year 34 ABY of the Galactic Standard Calendar (where ABY stands for After the Battle of Yavin). This is near the end of a period known as the Cold War, where the remnants of the Empire and the New Republic are stuck in a 20-year stalemate following the end of the Galactic Civil War. During this stalemate, these Imperial remnants form the First Order, and in 34 ABY, they officially reveal themselves to the galaxy by destroying the Hosnian System, and with it, much of the New Republic government.

The Resistance, however, is not a part of the New Republic. Rather, it is a splinter group formed by Senator Leia Organa after she resigns from the Galactic Senate in 28 ABY (as depicted in the novel, Bloodline). Its purpose is to fight the growing threat of the First Order which the New Republic foolishly chose to ignore. During the Cold War, many in the New Republic consider the Resistance nothing more than terrorists and they aren’t in any way officially sanctioned or recognized by the government. Yet, there are those within the New Republic who believe in the Resistance – like the young pilot, Kaz.

How Does It Connect To The Force Awakens?

Being set so close in time to the events of The Force Awakens, there are certainly many ways in which Star Wars Resistance can tie into the film. Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, for instance, appears in the series’ two-part premiere and it’s him who recruits the young Kaz to the cause – suggesting that during this time, the Resistance is actively seeking new members. General Leia Organa will appear as she continues building her coalition and BB-8 is there, too. In fact, Poe leaves his faithful little droid behind on the Colossus to look after Kaz. On the villain’s side, Captain Phasma can be seen in the trailer and she is sure to have an important role to play in the series as the First Orders starts planning their first move.

Besides including characters from the movies, there are events from The Force Awakens and other Star Wars media which may also be referenced. For example, Resistance might include mention of Luke Skywalker’s disappearance, Poe’s search for Lor San Tekka, or even show the destruction of the Hosnian System by Starkiller Base, should the show catch up to the events of The Force Awakens. There is even potential for some crossover with Marvel’s Poe Dameron comic seeing as that series is set during the same period of time as Star Wars Resistance. This means that whenever Poe turns back up on Resistance, he might bring some members of the Black Squadron along with him.

The Importance Of Starkiller Base

Of all the nods to the larger Star Wars saga in Star Wars Resistance, the inclusion of Starkiller Base is by far the most interesting. Much like those fools in the New Republic, viewers are still very much in the dark about the First Order. But by visiting Starkiller Base at an earlier point in time than when it appears in The Force Awakens, it might just be possible that Resistance will shed some light on who came up with the idea for the planet-battle station and how it was constructed. From this, we may also learn more about the First Order itself, including its creation and how it functions differently/similarly to the Empire.

Additionally, by revealing to audiences the existence of Starkiller Base before it’s been unveiled to the galaxy teases yet another mystery for Resistance to explore – Supreme Leader Snoke. No character (besides perhaps Rey) has led to more theories and speculation about who they really are or where they came from. Resistance is the chance to dive into Snoke’s history, explaining how he rose to prominence within the First Order and how he came to be so powerful in the Force. As of the moment, there’s been no evidence that Snoke will actually appear on Star Wars Resistance, but it’s certainly a prime opportunity to finally receive some answers.

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Star Wars Resistance premieres this Sunday at 10pm/9c on the Disney Channel, with subsequent episodes airing on Disney XD.

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The Flash Season 5 Trailer: Cicada Brings War to Central City

A new trailer for The CW’s The Flash brings a new threat to Central City and gives fans a taste of what Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will be up against when he takes on Cicada (Chris Klein) in season 5. Like season 4’s big bad, The Thinker, Cicada won’t need to be a speedster to pose a threat to Team Flash.

In the season 4 finale, Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) were hit with a shocking development when Jessica Parker Kennedy’s mystery girl arrived at Joe’s doorstep and revealed herself to be Nora, their daughter from the future. Due to Kennedy being a series regular for season 5, the character is expected to have a major role in the storyline for the upcoming season. Nora admitted in the finale that she made a “big mistake“. This “mistake” is most likely the setup for Cicada’s introduction.

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The CW has released a new trailer for The Flash season 5, which premieres this Tuesday. The trailer highlights the relationship between Barry and Nora while touching on Barry’s fears about what will become of him in the future. Nora’s lack of a connection with Iris is also hinted at in the trailer. References are made to Cicada, but not by name. Cicada is played up as a mysterious and deadly enemy who wields a black lightning bolt-shaped dagger. Cicada’s methods threaten to cause a “war zone” in Central City, but his exact intentions aren’t revealed.

It appears that Cicada was defeated by the Flash in the original timeline, before it was inadvertently altered by Nora’s “big mistake“. Whatever Nora did seems to have impacted the timeline in a way that may shift the odds in Cicada’s favor. Team Flash may need Nora’s help to defeat him.

It was previously reported that Cicada will have a lot in common with his comic book counterpart, a semi-immortal villain who vows to kill those who have been saved by the Flash. Killing them gives him the life force he needs to stay alive. The show’s version of the character is a metahuman with the ability to disable the powers of others. He begins to target other metahumans because he blames them for his own suffering. It’s unclear what will prompt Cicada’s attacks on Central City, but it will be interesting to see how his battle with the Flash will play out over the course of the season.

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The Flash season 5 premieres on October 9 on The CW.

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Westworld Season 3 Casts Aaron Paul as Series Regular

Breaking Bad veteran Aaron Paul has joined the cast of HBO’s Westworld for season 3. The sci-fi TV show started out as a small screen re-imagining of Michael Crichton’s 1973 film about a futuristic adult-theme park gone rogue, but has since taken on a life all its own. Westworld season 2 only just aired this past spring (two years after its first season premiered) and – depending on who you ask – was either an ambitious attempt to seamlessly weave together multiple plot threads set in different timelines… or an unnecessarily convoluted exercise in trying to outsmart TV viewers in the age of Reddit fan theory forums.

Either way you cut it, Westworld is one of the more narratively complicated shows on television right now and will undoubtedly continue to be just that when it returns with its third season sometime within the next 1-2 years. Showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have described Westworld season 3 as being a “radical shift” – albeit, one that will continue to explore the lives of the Hosts that reside within the eponymous park in new and (hopefully) exciting ways.

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According to Deadline, Paul will be playing a new series regular on Westworld season 3 – though whether he’s a human, a Host, or a Host who mistakenly believes themselves to be a human, remains to be seen. Since his days playing Jesse Pinkman, the actor has found room for a handful of movie roles in-between his guest-starring stint on the animated BoJack Horseman comedy series and his recurring role on the Hulu drama The Path (which finished its run this past spring). Paul will continue to build his TV acting resume with his upcoming roles in not only Westworld, but also the Apple anthology series Are You Sleeping?.

Westworld left some tantalizing story threads dangling in its season 2 finale, including a post-credits scene revealing that William aka. The Man in Black (Ed Harris) will finally become a Host himself, at some point in the show’s future. Meanwhile, although the Host rebellion within Westworld has been quelled for the time being, the season 2 finale indicated that it won’t be long before Hosts like Maeve (Thandie Newton) are up and running again… and who knows what they will remember, upon their return. If that wasn’t enough, the season ended with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) escaping the park disguised as Westworld boss Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) and bringing several Host control units with her, Bernard’s (Jeffrey Wright) included.

While it’s possible Paul will play a new human addition in Westworld season 3, he could just as well end up playing one of the many Westworld Hosts (or a Host from another park) that viewers haven’t been introduced to yet. He could even be playing a brand-new Host that’s incorporated into the Westworld park to serve as the replacement for Teddy (James Marsden), who may be permanently gone after passing through The Door in season 2… or not. Whatever his role winds up being, Paul is very much a welcome addition to HBO’s mind-bending murder robot series.

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Westworld season 3 doesn’t have a premiere date yet. We will let you know when that changes.

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