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Watching Chicago Fire is like watching a replay of a family reunion. A few arguments, loud voices, a few tense moments but most of all, some good times. This is how we can describe this awesome drama that NBC has provided us with for seven years. Chicago Fire is easily one of the best-written shows on primetime TV.

Even with the explosions, deaths, and life saving that goes on weekly, the big draw for Fire fans has always been the relationships. It’s not all about how we felt about Matt and Gabby or Severide and Anna. Chicago Fire shows a bond between brothers and sisters saving lives on a daily basis. It also shows how certain bonds are meant to be broken. Which are your favorite relationships and which ones do you not like? Here’s what we think: Here are the best & worst relationships in Chicago Fire, ranked.

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9 Best: Mouch and Herrmann

The two amigos. Maybe it’s their age and experience. But for whatever reason, they share a special connection. When Herrmann does something wild, it’s normally Mouch who has to talk him out of it or the one who has to deal with the consequences. To watch the two of them go at it is outright hilarious.

Despite many disagreements, they have each other’s backs at all times. There’s a man code that must be followed and Herrmann and Mouch are two of the best when it comes to love and respect. Would love to see more of Cindy and Trudy as the four friends hang out more just to get a vibe of how much fun that foursome would be.

8 Worst: Severide and Casey

In the very beginning, it appeared that these two would be at each other’s throats. In episode one, this was after the death of their friend and the blame game was going on. Maybe it would’ve been cool to have a house divided in a constant power struggle, but the writers of Chicago Fire decided to go another route.

They will still have their arguments but when the time comes and lives are on the line, they always find a way to make it work. Kelly has opened his living situation to Matt and Matt has done the same as both have gone through some tough times. Whether it be breakups or death, they stand firmly in each other’s corners when it matters most. But still, a finer focus on the constant battle for authority would be cool to see as both are strong alpha males. There could be so much more to this relationship.

7 Best: Cruz and Otis

Otis and Cruz are nothing but the younger versions of Herrmann and Mouch. If you want instant laughs, watch these two in action. It also helps that they’re roommates. Otis has insane ideas and unlike Mouch, Cruz usually goes along. Cruz is no stranger to crazy thoughts himself, which makes their pairing so dynamic.

We can probably count on two fingers the number of disagreements they’ve had over the years and that’s a testament to their bond. But just like Herrmann and Mouch, we’ve yet to see them on a double date.

6 Worst: Boden and Severide/Casey

Running a Firehouse is not easy. However, for Wallace Boden, he must run and still delegate command down to his Lt. and Sgt. When something serious happens in House 51, Wallace seeks advice from Kelly and Matt. With three men in authority, we should expect a little more bonding. With the ladies in the house, they will have a girls’ night out. For the men, it’s beer at Molly’s and that’s it. Maybe an occasional cigar on the roof, but why not more?

What disappoints us about this trio is their lack of bonding. Granted, they can sit in the office when things get tight and work out an issue, but other than that, there’s no real chemistry between the three of them.

5 Best: Severide and Shay

Having a best friend of the opposite sex has its advantages. For Severide and Shay, they made it work in ways that had viewers thinking, which isn’t a bad idea. There has not been a better pairing on Chicago Fire since Shay’s death.

Both were strong-willed and that’s where their disputes would stem from. Shay never backed down from Kelly no matter the issue. Her death sent him into a dark place and deep down, he’s still trying to navigate through that abyss. They put their life on the line daily but they never compromised their love for one another. True friendship.

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4 Worst: Matt and Gabby

What was set to be the standard for relationships on Chicago Fire may have turned into what not to do in the same Firehouse. From the start, Gabby held a torch for Matt even when he was with Hallie. After Hallie’s death, Matt and Gabby decided to give it a try. There would be issues, but ultimately, marriage followed.

From newlyweds to foster parents, what haven’t they gone through? But in the end, they wanted two different things and Gabby left the states. Despite the heartache, the two of them together had some great times. When they were on, they were the example of how it works. But when they were off, it was a tornado. To say they were perfect for one another would be foolish. It lasted entirely too long.

Watching these two go through their ups and downs is the same thing we had to endure with Matt and Gabby. Are they right for one another? That remains to be seen but there is a strong connection there. Kelly is hardheaded and still has some trust issues regarding women. Stella has had to deal with her own personal demons before heading back to Severide.

But in the end, fans were rooting for them to make it back to each other by the end of Season 7. It was only right. They both put up walls, but to see them in their happy place is a thing of beauty.

3 Worst: Severide and Anna

The reason this goes on the worst side of the coin is that it never should’ve happened. Love is love, but neither Kelly nor Anna was in the right frame of mind when this relationship began. Anna was sick and Severide did what only he could do. He helped by offering a part of him to save her. At that moment it was predictable but Kelly should have just moved on. They became friends then lovers, then Kelly lost her.

It was a great moment to see Severide leave his childish ways behind but it was a love built on “hero worship”. That’s not to say that Anna didn’t love him, but Kelly deserved more and so did Anna. It was sappy and the end result we all saw coming. All the while, Stella was there waiting in the wings. RIP Anna.

2 Best: House 51 and The Intelligence Unit

Despite the early issues with Voight and Matt, the relationship between House 51 and The Intelligence Unit has been pretty smooth. When one is in trouble and needs help, one of the opposite crews is quick to lend a hand. Will this change with the departure of Antonio Dawson? Or better yet, will House 51 ever trust Hank Voight?

It’s been good to see the two teams work together. To take it a bit further, we can also throw in the good folks at Chicago Med. It’s a total team effort from the Firefighters to the Police to the Medical Staff. They work as one.

1 Worst: Matt and Sylvie

This hasn’t happened yet but the possibility was there throughout the second half of Season 7. With Matt officially over the death of his marriage to Gabby and Sylvie being done with her relationship to the Chaplin, there were a few moments between the two. Neither decided to be the first to shoot their shot, but by the end of Season 7, Matt was set to ask Sylvie out until there was a hiccup. Right before Matt posed the question, the Chaplain interrupted with a marriage proposal to Sylvie. Ouch.

Another heartbreaker for Matt. Now what? Will Matt interfere with their union by speaking his heart or will Sylvie realize that she made her decision out of haste?  They’re honest, love hard, and understand what it takes to make a union work. The big issue is, the writers hinted at it for too long and may have wasted a golden opportunity.

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Passions: The 5 Best & 5 Worst Relationships, Ranked | ScreenRant

Running from 1999 to 2008, Passions is unquestionably TV’s most banana-pants crazy and disturbing soap. Storylines featured trips to hell, world ending Catholic mysteries, mind control, and past lives.

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In Harmony, there are no healthy relationships, just degrees of weird and creepy. Some stories are mildly acceptable, while others are just deeply uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the show included sexual violence in nearly every story. Though no family in Harmony was normal, there were some couples worth rooting for, so here are the 5 best and 5 worst relationships on Passions.  


In the show’s early years, Sheridan and Luis were the textbook star crossed soap opera couple. Due to their families’ rivalry, they took a while to get together, but once they realized how much they truly loved one another, nothing could keep them apart.

Even though it seemed like they were destined to end up as a happy couple, amnesia, crazy stalkers and the search for their presumed-dead son broke them up permanently. For awhile, Sheridan wouldn’t let Luis find peace with anyone else, but the series ended with them happily married to other people.


As the series began, Julian and Ivy Crane were the head of the richest family in town. It was obvious from day one that they despised one another. They married for money and power, each leaving behind their true loves.

Their deeply unhealthy relationship spilled over into how they raised their children, causing them to also have troubled love lives. They certainly didn’t have good examples to imitate. Ivy and Julian’s unhappiness poisoned their entire family, even creating collateral damage around town. 


During a trip to Rome, where they searched for Luis’ kidnapped son and got wrapped up in Alistair’s wacky ancient chalice plot, Fancy and Luis became close friends, who clearly had feelings for each other.

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Though Sheridan used every trick at her disposal to keep her niece away from Luis, the duo couldn’t fight their pull to one another. Luis was falsely accused of being the one who sexually assaulted Fancy, but they went on the run to prove his innocence. Once the truth came out, they finally got married and seemed headed for a happy ending.


Crane heiress Fancy was a party girl in Las Vegas when she and Noah met, and got caught up in a mob vendetta. Once they were back in Harmony, they began to have a real relationship, but her family and threats from the mob caused trouble for the young lovers.

Through a series of ridiculous misunderstandings, the pair broke up and reunited at a dizzying pace. It seemed they were the only ones who couldn’t figure out they weren’t meant to be. They became impossible to invest in, and eventually we just lost interest in their story.


It seems impossible to think that Julian could be happy with anyone, but Eve is actually his one true love, and the woman that made him better. They fell in love when they were younger, but separated to live the life expected of them.

After years apart, they were able to finally reunite when the truth about their past came out. They thought things were working out when their long lost son Vincent came to Harmony, but he was insane, leaving death and mayhem all over town. The lovers were able to survive everything thrown at them by supporting each other through every catastrophe.


Though Miguel only saw her as a friend, Kay was in love with him from the time they were in high school. He fell in love with her cousin Charity, an act that sent her off the deep end. Kay used her dark magic to wreck their relationship, even pretending to be Charity and getting pregnant with Miguel’s child.

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Miguel came back to town, wanting to be a family with Kay, who was only using her magic for good, and their child, leading to them getting married. Considering all the truly despicable things she did to him and Charity, we could never buy them as a loving couple.


As Passions premiered, Gwen Hotchkiss was a well-known socialite set to marry Crane heir Ethan. Once Theresa began stalking and scheming to get Ethan for herself, Gwen proved she was equally shady with her own list of nefarious acts.

Fortunately for Gwen, she had the perfect partner in crime in her mother Rebecca. She wanted Gwen to be a Crane more than anyone and did whatever it took to help her daughter destroy Theresa. The twisted mother/daughter duo were one of the soaps’ most entertaining teams to watch.


With their best friends Ethan and Theresa constantly tied up in each other’s lives, it was no surprise that Whitney and Chad ended up falling in love. However, like most couples in Harmony, their love was cursed.

The moment they finally found a little happiness, they wrongly assumed they were siblings and parted ways. When it turned out they weren’t brother and sister, they reunited, but Chad began cheating on Whitney with the psychopathic Vincent. Their relationship was constantly mired in tragedy and lies, leading viewers to want them to move on.


With all the nonsense swirling around Harmony, the only way viewers were able to keep it all straight was through the plans of witch Tabitha and her doll companion Timmy. Timmy only came to life in front of Tabitha, so everyone always wondered why she took a doll with her all over town.

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Even though Timmy was a good character who often stopped Tabitha’s evil plans, the two were intensely loyal to one another. He was lost during an attack from evil Charity, and Tabitha never got over losing her best friend. They were the only authentic, honest, truly loving relationship in Harmony.


Before Passions even debuted, we were being sold on the idea of Ethan and Theresa as the show’s supercouple. They had the classic soap couple look, so we assumed this would be a Romeo and Juliet type story. Turns out it was more Misery.

Their story started with Theresa stalking Ethan, then trying to break up his engagement to Gwen. Despite every over the top, heinous, criminal thing Theresa did, she was billed as the show’s heroine. Though their love story caused the duo and everyone around them nothing but pain and heartache, they maddeningly ended the series happily married again.

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10 Romantic Relationships Avengers: Endgame Might Focus On

Over the 10 plus years that Marvel has been creating movies that belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there have been a lot of different romantic relationships. Though romance isn’t the focus of these movies, many of the characters have had romantic side plots. Fans have loved some of these pairs and generally hated some of the others. There are also many ships that haven’t happened onscreen that fans want to see. Going into Avengers: Endgame, there are a lot of characters and a lot of romances that could be explored further in this movie.

Here are 10 romantic relationships that Avengers: Endgame is most likely to focus on.

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Although both of these characters died at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, there’s a good chance that all of the dusted characters will be in the movie in one way or another. This pairing is likely to at least get a small scene or two if the dusted characters are in the soul stone and that is shown. Plus, the Wanda/Vision pairing is highly likely to be featured more because the two are getting their own television series in Disney+, so fans definitely haven’t seen the last of this pairing.


This is a pairing that was established quite heavily in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it’s not as likely to exist as some of the other pairings on this list. The MCU has gone away from showing the two together and is clearly trying to distance themselves from this former pairing. Fans didn’t really love these two together, so it’s pretty unlikely this ship will endure in the MCU. However, the two are alive and part of the Avengers, so there could still be a slim chance.


This pairing hasn’t been explored at all in the movies, which makes sense as Captain Marvel has only had her one movie so far. However, the pairing does exist in the comics, so it could be an option for the future.

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Most likely, the MCU won’t go this route since there is an age difference here. Also, some fans would prefer to see Carol with her best friend Maria Rambeau. Or, it might be best if Captain Marvel doesn’t get a love interest at all. However, if the MCU follows the comics, Rhodey and Carol could be an option.


This pairing is one that didn’t sit well with a lot of fans because it’s just sort of weird. While in the comics Captain America and Agent 13 are definitely a thing, the romance in the MCU just felt forced and underdeveloped. Also, fans were a bit surprised by Steve and Sharon kissing right after Peggy’s funeral, given that Sharon is Peggy’s niece and Peggy was Steve’s love interest before he went into the ice.

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Many fans were also upset that Sharon became a love interest when Steve had a much stronger connection to Bucky Barnes, a popular fan pairing. While Sharon and Steve could be developed more in the MCU, it doesn’t seem super likely at this point.


This ship is one that a lot of fans have wanted to see in the MCU for a while. People were surprised when Black Widow and Hulk were paired together given that Hawkeye and Widow have an off and on again relationship in the comics. While this pairing might just be friends again in Endgame, there is still somewhat of a possibility for romance. Trailers have shown the two of them interacting, and, if multiple timelines are involved, it’s not off the table.


This relationship is more likely to come into play again in Endgame than Steve and Sharon. Some of the promo materials have featured Peggy and Steve scenes, and we even see Steve with the locket with Peggy’s picture in one of the trailers.

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It’s hard to know how this will play out given that Peggy lived a full life and is now dead. Although, time travel could also play a role here. While the pairing is quite adorable, it does seem a bit odd to try and put the two together by creating a different timeline, but it could happen.


Peter Quill and Gamora were featured pretty heavily in Avengers: Infinity War, so it makes a lot of sense that this relationship will be addressed again in Endgame. While Gamora died before the Thanos snap and Quill was snapped, these two characters are likely not done in the MCU. It seems likely that Marvel will give their relationship some sort of resolution or dramatic moment.


This relationship hasn’t existed in the MCU, but it’s one that many fans would like to see. Also, Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson seem to support the pairing as they have been tweeting fan art of the ship at each other on Twitter.

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There are a lot of fans that are frustrated that there are no LGBTQIA2 romances so far in major MCU movies. This is definitely an area where Marvel needs to get with the times. So, while these two aren’t really likely to get together in the movies, it would be something many fans would enjoy.


Ant-Man and The Wasp make a dynamic duo, and the two even had their own movie together as co-leads. Even though Hope didn’t survive the Thanos snap, these two likely will get some sort of reunion. Ant-Man is one of the heroes who is still alive and will be helping the Avengers, and he will likely be doing everything he can to get Hope and her parents back. Hopefully, these two will end up with a happy ending.


These two seem one of the most likely pairings to get some major screen time in Endgame. It’s been confirmed that Pepper is alive and that the two will see each other again if the footage from the trailers is to be believed. If this is Tony Stark’s last movie in the MCU, Marvel is likely going to complete his story and arc, and this will almost for sure include his relationship with Pepper.

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Riverdale: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Relationships

Riverdale seems like an idyllic, wholesome town. Its landmarks have quaint names like Sweetwater River. The milkshakes at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe are dynamite. But this is all an exquisite facade. It’s astonishing that the town with pep still has residents, as the characters of Riverdale are in constant danger from serial killers, insidious cults, and a booming narcotics industry—though even the drugs have cutesy names, like Jingle-Jangle and Fizzle Rocks.

This dark spin on the classic Archie Comics is a major hook for viewers. As are the ever-shifting romantic entanglements of Riverdale’s beloved characters, some of which honor the comic books and others that divert from the source material entirely. It speaks to the characters’ optimism that, besides trying to not get murdered, they bother dating at all. The town’s mortality rate plummets by the episode, but it’s nothing compared to the bleak fate of many a Riverdale couple. But hey, sometimes it’s swell to have someone to kiss after an attack from the Gargoyle King. Whether disturbingly dysfunctional or adamantly adorable, here is Riverdale: 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Relationships.

10 Worst – Veronica & Reggie

In the comic books, they make total sense. Both are narcissistic snobs who love money almost as much as their own reflections. But in Riverdale they couldn’t be more mismatched. Though Veronica retains her expensive taste in clothes, she’s much more substantial in the show. She’s a shrewd businesswoman and has a big heart that needs to be filled by someone who’s her equal. For his part, Reggie may have started off as the rich kid bully, but he has since evolved into an amiable guard dog for the Riverdale gang, ready to clock anyone who tries to mess with his friends.

However, as loyal as Reggie may be, he doesn’t match Veronica in the brains department. She needs someone who challenges her. While Veronica and Reggie may have physical chemistry, their strengths as a couple end there.

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9 Best – Kevin & Moose

Though their relationship was initially confined to a handful of clandestine kisses, it was clear that Kevin and Moose had real feelings for each other. It was Moose’s love for Kevin, his desire to keep Kevin in his life, that gave Moose the courage to come out. Everything seemed to be coming up roses for the cute-as-pie couple, but this is Riverdale we’re talking about. It wasn’t enough for Moose’s dad to disapprove of his son’s sexuality; he disguises himself as the Gargoyle King and tries to scare them straight by threatening them with murder. Sadly, this doesn’t even crack the top ten worst parenting moments in Riverdale.

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With Moose’s home life in disarray, he announces to Kevin that he’s moving to Greendale to live with his aunt. This breaks not just Kevin’s heart, but the audience’s.

8 Worst – FP & Gladys

Any marriage built—or rebuilt—on a lie is doomed. When Gladys rolled back into town, she sold FP a bill of goods about wanting the Joneses to be a family again. But unbeknownst to her hubby, Gladys is less June Cleaver, more Walter White. Her real motive for returning to Riverdale is to build a Fizzle Rocks drug empire.

FP thinks he’s finally caught a break in life. He’s got a steady paycheck as the new sheriff, his family now lives on the right side of the tracks, and his wife looks at him with pride. It’s devastating that FP doesn’t see the web of deceit behind Gladys’ sparkling eyes.

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7 Best – FP & Alice

These high school sweethearts have enough chemistry to fill a Fizzle Rocks lab. But Alice swapped her leather jacket for a floral apron and fled to the ‘burbs with Hal Cooper. Maintaining the illusion of domestic NoDale bliss took an emotional toll on Alice and she became cold and domineering. It didn’t help that her husband turned out to be the Black Hood, Riverdale’s former serial killer du jour.

Alice sought comfort in FP and it looked like the two were heading for reconciliation. They made each other happy, as he made her feel safe and she made him feel needed. But bright love burns fast. Now Alice is in the clutches of The Farm and FP in the arms of his kingpin wife.

6 Worst – Josie & Sweet Pea

Theirs was a casual summer fling that occurred largely offscreen. The audience only got to witness their breakup, a prime indicator that this bizarre relationship wasn’t worth watching. Really, these two make zero sense. Josie is an ambitious musician and Sweet Pea will go down in TV history as the blandest gang member ever. Unless he gets his feelings hurt, in which case he turns into a hypocritical baby. He turned down Josie’s request to be her date to her mom’s wedding, saying she was just using him—fair enough. But after rejecting Josie, Sweet Pea gets rather salty when he spots her canoodling with Archie at a party. If Josie ever chooses to sing about her relationship with Sweet Pea, the song should be “Thank U, Next”.

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5 Best – Cheryl & Toni

There’s no reason for these two to work. Toni is a rock of loyalty and rationalism; Cheryl is a fiery loose cannon. Yet when these two lonely hearts are united as one, they bring out the best in each other. Toni provides Cheryl with the love and kindness she never received from any of her family members, save her dead brother Jason. When Cheryl’s sociopathic tendencies skyrocket, Toni reigns her in. Toni’s more or less a perfect human being, but she’s had a hard life and Cheryl provides her with much-needed wild escapism. Together, these two Pretty Poisons are the steamiest couple in Riverdale.

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4 Worst – Archie & Valerie

Is there anyone out there who remembers these two? Anyone? Going once, going twice, SOLD as Riverdale’s most boring couple. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with boring…in real life. But this is TV here and every couple should give viewers a reason to keep watching. Really, Archie was falling in love with music and Valerie just happened to be the only Pussycat who gave him the time of day. But the problem is that Valerie is known as the deepest, most soulful member of the Pussycats and Archie, though well-meaning, has the depth of a wading pool. Remember how he was so obsessed with his guitar that he wanted to be a music major in college? Well, now he’s all in on boxing. What’s next, macramé? Valerie, sweet as she is, is much too stable for Riverdale and after her break-up with Archie, we barely saw her again.

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3 Best – Archie & Veronica

This classic comic book couple is even better on the show. Archie and Veronica had a scorching physical connection. She can barely mention Archie without making a reference to how hot he is— “I’d recognize those abs anywhere”. Beyond the physical, they also brought out the best in each other. Archie, for all his oh-so-many flaws, showed stability that Veronica was lacking with her fractured family. A hug from him was just that, a hug; not a business transaction. Veronica, ambitious and mature beyond her teen years, helped to steer the directionless Archie.

Unfortunately, she steered him right in the direction of her mob boss father, Hiram. This led to a series of cataclysmic events which resulted in Hiram framing Archie for murder. Try as they might, Varchie wasn’t able to survive this minor setback. Perhaps the town slogan should be, “Riverdale…the town where romance goes to die.”

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2 Penelope &…Anyone

This woman belongs in a maximum security prison, not on the dating scene. Her toxic marriage to Clifford ended with her poisoning him. Why pay for divorce lawyers when a little hemlock will do? Free from the nuptial burden, Penelope became a role model for her daughter Cheryl, showing that a housewife can re-enter the workforce any time she wants by starting a career as a prostitute. Hal Cooper was her biggest client but all that ended when he got arrested for murdering a bunch of people. She still visits him in prison, because apparently, her life isn’t enough like a cheap gothic novel.

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1 Best – Betty & Jughead

For fans of Archie Comics, this romance came out of nowhere. In the comic books, any relationship with Jughead would have been an affair, because his real love is hamburgers. But Riverdale Jughead is a thoughtful writer and is every bit Betty’s intellectual equal. Theirs isn’t fleeting puppy love; they have a solid, stimulating partnership. They are by far the most fascinating characters, whether they’re cracking cases or getting cozy in the hot tub. If Archie were written off the show to make more time for Bughead, would anybody really complain? Who wants to watch him brood like a sparkly vampire for the umpteenth time when meanwhile, Betty and Jughead are burning down Gladys’ drug house? Even without the arson, Bughead lights up the screen.

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Friends: Joey’s 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Relationships

Ever since he was introduced on Friends, Joey Tribbiani has been known as something of a ladies’ man. He’s had tons of one night stands and casual relationships, but when you dig into his time on the series, he hasn’t had that many serious relationships.

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The ones he did have run the gamut from the “really, really great” to “what were they thinking?” Given the plethora of interesting women Joey has dated over the years, we decided to rank the five best, and the five worst relationships Joey Tribbiani has had on Friends and Joey.


In season five, Joey started dating a girl named Katie, and she seemed like the perfect girl for him. She was sweet and fun, and energetic… the whole gang really liked her. Unfortunately, there was something she did that made her unappealing to Joey forcing him to eventually break things off with her..

She had this annoying habit of punching him whenever she wanted to make a point or laugh at his jokes. It was irritating, and it led to his breaking up with her, which is a shame. They were really great together… when she wasn’t punching tiny bruises into his arm…


Janine moved into the apartment with Joey in season six after Chandler moved out, and since she was played by supermodel Elle MacPherson, Joey was immediately infatuated with her. The only problem was, she wasn’t into him, and none of his usual charms worked on her… at first.

Joey’s perseverance paid off, and the two began to date. He really liked her, and things were looking as if he had found “the one” until they had some couples time with Monica and Chandler. Janine absolutely hated them both, and when it came to choosing Janine or his friends, Joey chose the latter.


Kathy was an amazing girlfriend to Joey when they first started dating. She was perfect in every way, and while Joey clearly enjoyed spending time with her, there was a problem with their relationship in the form of Joey’s roommate. Chandler had a much better connection with Kathy than Joey did, which presented a problem.

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Even though the two were great together, Chandler eventually got in the way. Kathy was into Chandler as much as he was into her, and eventually, she split up with Joey to date his roommate. That relationship didn’t last long, which proved she was probably better off with Joey the whole time.


Joey slept with Erin on their first date… which isn’t something that’s particularly unusual for him, but things didn’t proceed in their normal fashion from that point. When she got up the next morning, Rachel was supposed to show her the door, but the two women bonded and became friends.

When she and Phoebe pushed Joey to continue seeing her, he ended up falling for Erin pretty hard. It all seemed to be going perfectly well until Erin “pulled a Joey” and wanted to call the whole thing quits. It ended up hitting Joey pretty hard, and the audience was left wondering, “what if…”


Alex wasn’t a character on Friends, but did play a major role on the spinoff series, Joey. She played his neighbor, and Joey was immediately attracted to her. For the majority of the series (it only lasted for two seasons), the couple played a “will they or won’t they” game of back and forth.

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Eventually, they gave in to their desires and the two started dating in the closing episodes of the second season. It looked as if they might make it work as the series came to the close, and Joey even described her as “the first girl he had ever thought about being married to.”


Charlie was gorgeous and amazing, and completely wrong for Joey. The two were a great couple from the outside looking in, but when you dig a little deeper, they had no business trying to make a real relationship work. Charlie was ridiculously intelligent and worked in Ross’ field, which made her an ideal woman for him.

Eventually, Joey went to a new relationship while Charlie finally realized Ross the right guy for her. Things were looking good when Joey and Charlie’s relationship came to an end, but ultimately, she didn’t end up with anyone in the gang as she went back to her ex-husband instead of staying with Ross.


When they first met and began to work together, Joey was completely infatuated with Kate. He tried everything to get her to go out with him, but she showed no interest whatsoever. As they worked more and more on the play, she found that she was attracted to him and they began a relationship of casual sex

Joey was way more into Kate than she was into him, which is why she ended up leaving him (without saying goodbye). He found out about it during a live performance of the play, and it clearly broke Joey’s heart as he said goodbye via his lines in the play.


Erika was a beautiful woman who was completely and totally in love with… Doctor Drake Remoray. Let’s just say, she had some issues, but seeing as she was played by the beautiful and amazing Brooke Shields, Joey had a hard time saying no to her advances… and it’s hard to blame him for that.

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The two started messing around, but Joey recognized she was a little crazy. She couldn’t understand that Joey wasn’t literally the character he portrayed on screen, so there wasn’t any way a relationship would have actually worked between the two. He was able to break things off using some soap opera logic, and she went on her way back to crazy town.


Ursula is Phoebe’s twin sister, and when she was first introduced on Friends, Joey was all over her. He immediately went after a relationship with her, which Phoebe absolutely hated. She knew her sister was incapable of showing Joey the love and affection he deserved, and in the end, she was proven right.

Phoebe ghosted Joey, which tore him apart. In the end, Phoebe pretended to be her sister so that she could break things off with him for her. It worked, but after she kissed him, Joey realized it was his friend all along, which made for a sweet moment in their friendship.


When Joey and Rachel became a thing on Friends, pretty much everyone hated it. The fans didn’t know what was going on, and the entire cast hated the idea, but it ended up making it to print regardless. Joey initially had an infatuation for Rachel that went away, but when they went to Barbados, they started fooling around.

That helped to end Joey’s relationship with Charlie (and send her to Ross), but the two were never able to consummate their relationship. Every time they tried, Rachel slapped Joey because… he was Joey. They decided to remain friends and put their physical desires to rest, which was a relief to everyone.

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Jonathan H. Kantor

The Wonder Years: Kevin Arnold’s 10 Best Relationships

From 1988 to 1993, ABC aired 113 episodes of The Wonder Years, a coming of age story about a boy named Kevin Arnold. The show took place in 1968 and pulled at the strings of nostalgia for a viewing audience that grew up at the same time. Over the course of its six seasons, the audience saw Kevin grow up and deal with issues ranging from problems between his parents and bullies at school, to larger scale stuff like the politics of the era and the ramifications surrounding the Vietnam War.

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But the A-Number-One concern of young Kevin Arnold almost always revolved around the opposite sex, and as a result, he went through a lot of relationships/crushes/kisses and heartbreak. Here are the ten best relationships – real or desired – of Kevin Arnold’s youth.

10 Denise Lavelle (Amy Hathaway)

Denise “the Grease” Lavelle appeared during the show’s fifth season and represented something different – the unobtainable dream girl with whom Kevin rooted against his own success. Though she took a shine to Calvin/Kevin, he spends most of their time together trying to push for her reconciliation with Frank the Stank.

Though he looks at Denise with desire, the end voiceover shows that he truly did want love to win out here as he hopes news of her eventual divorce is untrue, this having been an example of his own romantic maturation.

9 Margaret Farquhar (Lindsay Fisher)

In what could have been a friendship or maybe even more, Kevin Arnold again shows us just how flawed (and real?) a character he could be. After being paired up to square dance with Margaret Farquhar, Kevin shows off the cruelty of adolescence and does everything he can think of to distance himself from ‘the weird girl’ in an attempt to save face.

Sure Margaret had three pigtails and talked too much, but she was also interesting and genuine, two traits largely absent most Junior High kids.

8 Madeline Adams (Julie Condra)

The ultimate temptress, Madeline Adams showed up at a time when Winnie and Kevin were trying to make the long-distance thing work all the way across town. New girl Madeline immediately shows interest in Kevin, and Winnie encourages him to be nice, as she, now going to Lincoln, knows how hard it is to be the new girl.

Kevin resists though, spurning Madeline’s advances for several episodes until Winnie dumps him for someone else. The rebound with Madeline is short-lived however as she utters the unthinkable line: “I never saw what the big deal about Winnie Cooper was anyway.” Her invalidation of Kevin’s life long crush is more than he can take and he abruptly ends things.

7 Mrs. White (Wendel Meldrum)

In season two, Kevin Arnold was hot for teacher, and while – for obvious reasons – this never materialized into anything real, it was a strong enough fantasy to leave a lasting impression on a 12-year-old boy and inspire him to do something he hated in an attempt to impress his crush, and that’s an important step for any adolescent.

6 Becky Slater (Crystal McKellar)

Becky Slater was Kevin’s first steady girlfriend and eventual nemesis. Kevin goes out with Becky just to make Winnie Cooper jealous and as a result of this despicable move, following their eventual breakup, Becky makes it her mission to punish Kevin. She continues to play adversary through the next couple of seasons and is an important reminder of past sins.

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5 Teri (Holly Sampson)

Kevin’s first summer fling came during his family vacation at the start of the third season. On the beach, he met an older girl named Teri, and for a couple of days they walked the beach and went to photo booths and did all the necessary montage activities for a teen romance of this kind.

And while it was fleeting, and Kevin seems happier about the proof the pictures provided of his summer conquest than anything else, it was still a nice pairing with no heartbreak at the end. She even wrote him once, and he still keeps the letter.

4 Linda Sloane (Maia Brewton)

Linda Sloane is arguably the best fit for Kevin of anyone on this list – both in height and personality – but she was cursed with a good sense of humor, a winning personality, and none of the glamor that instead drew Kevin to the vapid Susan Fisher.

He takes Linda, who clearly likes him to the dance, and while there, pines for Susan, resulting in the loss of both girls. Well, the only real loss here is Linda.

3 Sandy Tyler (Carla Gugino)

The only reason that Sandy Tyler doesn’t check in even higher here is that she is dating Wayne when she and Kevin fall for each other.

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This is truly one of the only girls on the show that seemed a really good fit for Kevin, though as we learned through her relationship with Wayne, her interest could have a shelf life. Sandy dumps the older Arnold boy in order to be with Kevin, but in a rare move of solidarity, he sticks by his brother’s side.

2 Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar)

Winnie Cooper, the girl next door, the love of his life, the #2 entry on the list. Wait- what? For those who haven’t revisited The Wonder Years recently, you probably have a more glowing memory of Winnie than you will upon rewatch.

While she is the ever-present object of Kevin’s desire for six seasons, she also at times leaves him for another guy, gets into a jealous fit about a waitress, and throws out mixed signals. All that said, these things just make her more real, and all the more heartbreaking when we learn in the finale that Kevin and Winnie do not end up together in the end.

1 Cara (Lisa Paige Robinson)

Here’s the one the Kevin really screwed up, and Cara knew better. Kevin and Cara meet at the drive-in while his family was vacationing at the Lake. While they only had a few days together, and Cara straight up tells him she shouldn’t trust the summer kids that come to town, she falls for Kevin anyway.

Their chemistry feels sincere, but when his family returns home, in typical Kevin-style, he turns his attention back to Winnie. Come Christmas, Cara sends him a card that he can’t be bothered to respond to. The following summer, frustrated with Winnie he returns to the lake to find Cara, but she’s wisely moved on. If only he’d sent her a Christmas card…

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The Orville Season 2 Review: A Focus On Relationships Drives An Uneven Premiere

Peter Macon Scott Grimes and J. Lee in The Orville Season 2 FOX

If the season 2 premiere of The Orville is any indication, the not-quite Star Trek spoof from series creator and star, Seth MacFarlane, has found its footing and maybe its identity in telling smaller, more character-driven stories, that better serve its sometimes confounding mix of sincerity and irreverence. The series may have been a hit with audiences when it aired on FOX last year, but it didn’t strike a similar chord with critics, who took issue with the show’s often awkward balance of broad humor and earnest dramatic storytelling. Add to that the feeling that The Orville was really just a collection of not-great Stark Trek fan fiction, and you had a series that was destined to irk someone, in some way or another. 

The catch was, of course, that The Orville wasn’t meant to be as divisive as it was. Clearly designed to be a crowd-pleaser, the series ultimately fell short in that endeavor. But, after its first season, the show returns with a late-2018 premiere that was boosted by its post-football slot on FOX. Moreover, MacFarlane’s sci-fi series makes its surprisingly quiet return with a softer, less ambitious, but more successful character-driven episode that, despite still struggling to balance its tone, feels like a template for a more worthwhile season of television. 

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‘Ja’loja’ doesn’t have the most auspicious of beginnings, as a one-off joke from the first season about Bortus’ (Peter Macon) biology turns into the engine that ultimately drives the plot for the hour. Requiring the ship to alter its course so that Bortus can participate in an alien urination ritual is the sort of thing that’s stymied The Orville in that past, as MacFarlane, who wrote and directed the episode, attempts to cut the situation both ways: as an earnest depiction of an alien culture, right down to the specifics of their biological functions, and as a puerile joke machine about humorless aliens traveling to their home planet to relieve themselves annually in front of loved ones. 

Seth MacFarlane in The Orville Season 2 Premiere FOX

Micturation jokes aside, ‘Ja’loja’ reveals MacFarlane’s renewed handle on what it means for his characters to be aboard the Orville, and how they interact with one another. To pull this off, he opts for a series of disparate plots involving Ed’s (MacFarlane) feelings for his ex-wife Kelly (Adrianne Palicki), which are further complicated by her new relationship with Orville schoolteacher Cassius (Chris Johnson). In addition to being a nice-enough guy who doesn’t get bent out of shape when Ed does a drive by on Kelly’s window, Cassius is involved in a spat between Dr. Finn (Penny Johnson Jerald) and the parents of a trouble maker who’s becoming a bad influence on her son, Marcus (B.J. Tanner). Meanwhile, Gordon (Scott Grimes) and Alara (Halston Sage) find themselves navigating the choppy romantic waters aboard the Orville, as each tries (and fails) to launch a new relationship. 

It’s incredibly low-stakes stuff, and that proves to be the premiere’s saving grace. With the exception of the Bortus-related bathroom humor, ‘Ja’loja’ doesn’t have the same kind of high-minded aspirations that got the show into trouble in the first season. Instead, the hour simply allowed these characters (human and otherwise) to handle personal situations with varying degrees of success. Most of the jokes still landed with a thud, but there was a breezy quality to the interpersonal banter that hinted at the show’s increased understanding of who its characters are and who they may eventually become. A highlight of the hour was Ed and Kelly’s exchanges, which felt a bit like MacFarlane reaching for a Sam and Diane-like dynamic. That comparison seemed more accurate as the hour found its characters mingling with one another in the ship’s dining and bar area more than, say, their quarters or on the bridge. Add to that the addition of Jason Alexander as Olix, the ship’s jazz-loving slinger of drinks, and you have the potential for The Orville to shed the spoof persona it never really wanted in the first place, to become a workable workplace comedy with some dramatic elements. 

Whether or not ‘Ja’loja’ proves to be a new norm for The Orville remains to be seen, but even as a possible one-off episode, it raises the bar in terms of the show’s overall quality and presentation. There’re hints of where the series may be going, especially with regard to the new dark matter cartographer, Lt. Tyler (Michaela McManus). While Tyler may help move the series away from watching Ed pine for his ex, it may also have to address challenges of its own, particularly with regard to a potential love triangle between Tyler, Ed, and Gordon. That could be tricky territory, given the show’s history, but if it affords The Orville more chances for smaller, character-driven hours, it could be a conflict worth exploring. 

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The Orville season 2 continues with ‘Primal Urges’ on Thursday, January 3 @9pm on FOX.

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