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The Lion King reigns supreme at the box office, becoming the highest-grossing Disney live-action remake during its opening weekend. Jon Favreau’s photorealistic CGI remake of the 1994 animated classic has taken the world by storm, but divided many critics along the way. Even though the film has been praised for its technological feats, there were very little changes made to the original story, leaving many to question why a remake was even needed in the first place. But, regardless of critic opinion, the film made a triumphant debut at the box office, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

This film also marks Disney’s fourteenth live-action remake (and their sixth Rotten one, according to Rotten Tomatoes). In 2019 alone, the Mouse House slated four live-action remakes, with The Lion King following the release of Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin and Tim Burton’s Dumbo, with Maleficent: Mistress of Evil being their final release of the year in October. Even if reviews for some of these films have been less-than-stellar, they’ve proven to be major money makers for the company, with Aladdin even raking in close to $1 billion during its box office run. But, these numbers from previous live-action remakes are next-to-nothing compared to the moviegoing stampede that bombarded the box office for The Lion King.

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According to Box Office MojoThe Lion King has broken an opening weekend record for Disney’s highest-grossing live-action remake. It’s opening brought in an astonishing $185,000,000, with 2017’s Beauty and the Beast trailing behind it with an opening weekend pull of $174,750,616. Currently, the latter still remains Disney’s highest-grossing live-action feature, but if The Lion King were to continue on a steady upward climb, it could easily become king of the live-action box office for the Mouse House.

This news isn’t all that shocking, as Disney’s been on a box office role as of late with a variety of their releases. Recently, Avengers: Endgame officially surpassed James Cameron’s sci-fi adventure, Avatar, becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time. Not only was this an astonishing accomplishment for both Disney and Marvel, but it proved that audiences will pay whatever they need to see what the Mouse House has in store. The company’s cinematic reign is far from over, though, especially now that they have Fox properties under their belt and a streaming service on the horizon.

To their credit, Disney continues to create high-quality content that’s worth paying the exhaustively high movie ticket price to see. No matter what critics have to say about their live-action remakes, they’ve all been stunning attempts at breathing new life into beloved animated classics; not to mention having major brands with massive fan bases, such as Marvel and the Star Wars franchise, under their umbrella means that Disney won’t be going anywhere for a while. The Lion King’s box office success is further proof that audiences revel in nostalgia, and that alone is Disney’s favorite form of profit.

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Hannah Hoolihan

Lion King Is Disney’s 6th Rotten Live-Action Remake (Out Of 9 Movies)

Disney is having trouble cracking the magic formula that makes a live-action remake, successful because The Lion King is the latest release to receive a “rotten” score on Rotten Tomatoes. The score of 59% arrives just one week before the film is released nationwide on July 19, with 123 reviews counted. It may fluctuate after its release, but for now, this is not a good sign.

The Lion King is the sixth live-action remake out of the ten live-action remakes made in since 2010 to score a negative Rotten Tomatoes score. Those other five films? In chronological order, they are: Alice in Wonderland at 51%; Maleficent at 54%; Alice Through the Looking Glass at 29%; Dumbo with 46%; and last but not least, Aladdin, which earned a 57%. The four live-action remakes that have achieved overall positive scores are The Jungle Book (95%), Beauty and the Beast (71%), Cinderella (84%), and Christopher Robin (72%).

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A poor Rotten Tomatoes score is by no means definitive, in that it doesn’t take into account how the audiences feel about the movies, instead only considering the opinions of a critics. What these numbers do indicate, however, is there may be something wrong with Disney throwing itself wholeheartedly into live-action remakes without a clear new vision to ensure that they’re worthwhile. The Lion King‘s lacklustre reviews are just more proof of this.

The 59% score on Rotten Tomatoes could potentially affect The Lion King’s success in the coming weeks when it comes to assuring audiences it’s a film worth seeing. While the score is by no means completely damning, it’s probably not Disney was hoping for when the studio spend a quarter of a billion dollars remaking The Lion King. Given the pedigree of the cast (including Donald Glover, Beyoncé, James Earl Jones, and Chiwetel Ejiofor) and the director (Jon Favreau), the success of its 1994 animated predecessor, and the technological achievements through photorealistic creation of the animals in the film, The Lion King should have been aiming considerably higher.

Looking ahead to the next few years of Disney live-action films, there will be a high bar to clear with Rotten Tomatoes scores if there is going to be any faith restored in the live-action plan. Up next is Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, the sequel to Maleficent, and Lady & the Tramp will close out Disney’s live-action slate in 2019 (though that movie is releasing on Disney+ rather than in theaters). Then, Mulan arrives in March 2020, followed by Cruella in December 2020 and The Little Mermaid in 2021. Being united by a common bond as a mostly female-led slate of films with complex, intelligent protagonists at their respective centers could help get those Rotten Tomatoes scores where they need to be – but only time will tell.

There is clearly no intention on Disney’s part to stop making these live-action remakes anytime soon, since mediocre reviews don’t seem to affect the box office too badly. Aladdin, which has a similar score to The Lion King, has grossed $929 million. Still, if these movies continue to build a reputation for being disappointing, Disney may have to find a way to justify live-action remakes beyond simply wanting to make money off nostalgia.

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Allie Gemmill

Capcom Might Be Teasing A Resident Evil 3 Remake

Capcom may have teased their follow-up to this year’s successful Resident Evil 2 remake with a cryptic reference to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Released in January, the Resident Evil 2 remake was a highly anticipated modern update of the 1998 installment in the long-running survival horror series. The remake received positive reviews and became an early contender for many game critics’ “Game of the Year” award.

Since the remake was first announced, fans of the franchise have been clamoring for a similar update to what many fans consider one of the best games in series: 1999’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The same kind of fan demand played a large role in getting the Resident Evil 2 remake greenlit, and Capcom has expressed interest in giving fans what they want. Resident Evil 3 is seen as a high-point in the series for emphasizing a different kind of horror than what the series had provided before. In it, players took control of Jill Valentine, one of the two protagonists of the original Resident Evil, as she evaded the grasp of a super-strong, RPG-wielding undead giant called Nemesis. Nemesis’s only goal was to chase down Jill and her surviving allies by any means necessary to kill them before they escape Raccoon City, the game’s setting. Nemesis tracked players room-by-room, smashing through walls and relentlessly stalking the player until the final showdown.

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Capcom now has fans speculating that the Resident Evil 3 remake may be on its way due to a recent tweet it put out. The official Resident Evil Twitter account tweeted out a mysterious image of Resident Evil 2 protagonist Claire Redfield standing in front of a hole in the Raccoon City Police Department with the caption, “Clearly something or someone doesn’t understand the concept of doors…” Though the game has its own wall-smashing stalker enemy in the form of Mr. X, players of Resident Evil 2’s remake will recognize this area as one that they visit before Mr. X arrives. Since Resident Evil 3 takes place not only at the same location, but roughly the same time as Resident Evil 2, the implication is that something else broke through that wall.

Just one day earlier, the company sent out a tweet that depicted Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil 1 remake being viewed from under a bed with the caption reading, “Ever feel like somebody’s watching you…?” Given that Jill is the protagonist of Resident Evil 3, both images are from remakes of earlier games, and both seem to hint at a strange presence stalking the player and smashing through walls, fans are connecting the two images as a suggestion that Capcom will soon unveil the next remake for the franchise. Of course, Capcom still intends to continue the mainline entries after the critical success of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, but whether or not that means putting off any further remakes for now remains to be seen.

After falling off a bit in terms of critical reception, the series is back in gamers’ good graces, and its last two entries have posted impressive sales numbers. Capcom is definitely going to try to continue capitalizing on the franchise’s positive momentum, as seen by the developer working with Netflix to turn Resident Evil into a TV series. Fans are hoping that a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis can satisfy an interest that is underserved in modern mainstream gaming: genuine slow-paced survival horror.

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Ricky Miller

The Live-Action Lion King is Not a Shot-For-Shot Remake Says Director

The live-action Lion King is not a shot-for-shot remake. Ranked by many as one of the best animated Disney films of all time, The Lion King blew audiences away upon its release in 1994 and has since gone on to be among the top ten highest-grossing animated films that Disney has ever released.

With this kind of clout behind one of its titles, and given the phenomenal success of Disney’s 2016 live-action retelling of The Jungle Book, few were shocked to learn that the new trend of retelling animated classics in a live-action format was going to take on The Lion King. And, as director Jon Favreau had done such a great job with The Jungle Book, Disney had no qualms with assigning him the monumental task of bringing one of the most cherished animated films of all time to life.

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Ever since Disney announced that they would be putting together a live-action version of The Lion King, fans everywhere have felt a distinct mixture of excitement and slight anxiety over how such a beloved title could be reproduced in live-action. Despite assurances late last year from Disney that The Lion King would not be a shot-for-shot remake, fans remained somewhat skeptical. Now, however, IndieWire is reporting that Favreau has doubled-down on that promise, though he has pointed out that some shots in the original are so iconic that they had to be left in. Favreau said:

“The original holds up incredibly well, so the challenge here was to tell a story in a different way but still deliver on people’s expectations while surprising them somehow.”

Favreau’s assurances will likely do much to quell any fears that die-hard fans might have had over the remake, though the film’s recent trailer has offered a glimpse at something so visually stunning that few can resist predicting a huge future for it. Compared to Disney’s Will Smith-backed live-action retelling of Aladdin (arriving in theaters next month), The Lion King’s buzz has been decidedly more positive – though much of this can be arguably attributed to the fact that Aladdin had left a truly indelible mark on an entire generation, thanks to the late Robin Williams’ performance as the film’s genie. That sort of legacy will never be forgotten, and Smith, along with the rest of the Aladdin remake’s cast and crew, have perhaps been judged too soon on the work they’ve done to give fans a different perspective on the tale.

However, the general impression that The Lion King currently gives off – not just from its trailer, but also from its stacked cast (including the voices of James Earl Jones, Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, and Beyonce) – is of a film that has every chance of ruling the summer box office. Favreau already has the proven experience and skill to pull off a live-action remake of this caliber, and his assurances that it won’t simply be a shot-for-shot remake means that much is in store for Lion King fans both old and new.

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Mike Jones

The Lion King Remake’s Problem Is That It Isn’t Promising Anything New

The Lion King remake is one of Disney’s most anticipated movies of 2019, but outside of new visuals, it doesn’t really seem to be offering much else. From the moment a live-action remake of The Lion King – which isn’t technically live-action in the traditional sense – was first announced, it was clear the film would be huge. For one, many regard The Lion King as one of the greatest Disney animated classics in history, especially those who grew up in the 1990s.

Besides pure name recognition and nostalgia value, anticipation further built for The Lion King 2019 via the announcement of an all-star voice cast, including Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé as Nala, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, just to name a few. As a finishing touch, James Earl Jones was also brought back to reprise his iconic role of Mufasa, Simba’s doomed father, and perhaps the most famous lion in movie history. Unfortunately, the more footage that’s shown from the new film, the more it looks like nothing more than a retread of the original.

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There has so far been two proper trailers for The Lion King – a teaser trailer back in November and more recently a full-length trailer released earlier this week. While they break records, the problem many are having is that both trailers seem intent to simply try and recapture past glory by recreating classic moments from the original 2D animated feature. The same can also be said to an extent about the trailers for the Aladdin remake, another big deal for 1990s Disney fans.

While The Lion King has obviously been given a visual overhaul, and the animals involved are now rendered in photo-realistic CGI, that currently looks like just about all that’s changed. To be fair, it’s quite possible the full film offers surprise twists to the story and characters that are being saved for theaters, but it really doesn’t feel that way. Now obviously, The Lion King itself isn’t an entirely original story, as it draws most of its premise from Hamlet.

That said, 1994’s The Lion King is an absolute masterpiece. There’s a reason fans hold it up as an example of Disney at the peak of its powers, and by simply retelling the exact same story with the same beats and in many cases the same shots, the remake is just inviting unflattering comparisons to its progenitor.

Will moviegoers at large quite enjoy Jon Favreau’s take on The Lion King? It’s possible. It’s also possible critics will like it too. But there’s a difference between being a good movie a great one, and for this “live-action” version of The Lion King to cross that threshold, it needs to bring something new to the table that sets it apart from the original. Otherwise it’ll always be seen as the secondary option by fans, and probably end up sitting unwatched on Blu-Ray shelves for years to come, while the 1994 movie gets played again and again.

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Michael Kennedy

Pet Sematary: 10 Differences Between The Original and Remake

Pet Sematary just came out this weekend which means everyone searching for tickets on Fandango is going to want to throw their phones at the wall. Don’t believe us? Just go ahead and see how many times auto-correct will change “sematary” into “cemetery.”

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With that said, people are obviously finding a way to go see Pet Sematary. Moreover, there’s a lot of fans of the original film who are completely hyped to see the new version of the movie. Like any remake, there’s going to be a lot of changes. It goes without saying that this list is going into full spoiler territory. Check out the list to see the biggest differences between the 1989 and 2019 Pet Sematary! 

10 Victor Pascow

There’s a reason why some of us choose to pursue a career in film blogging while some people decide to become doctors. One job involves staying at home in your pajamas and the other involves having to stop someone’s brain from falling out of their head. Although Victor Pascow has the same tragic introduction in both the original and the new Pet Sematary, the two films also portray the character differently in a few ways.

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One change is that Pascow is certainly a lot more menacing in the new movie. A spirit guide with half of a head is scary in any context, but the 1989 Pet Sematary uses Pascow for comedic relief. There’s a sort of tongue and cheek way Pascow speaks to Louis in that film. Pascow is aware of how crazy it might look for Louis to talk to someone who is ostensibly invisible in other people’s eyes. Comparably, the new Pet Sematary uses Pascow to a horrifically maximum effect. What the new Pascow lacks in comedic edge, he makes up for in how chilling he is in each scene. However, the most noticeable difference is that Pascow has way less screen time in the new film as compared to the original. The 1989 film continuously shows Pascow leading Louis through all of the rules of how the pet sematary actually functions. Even though the new movie has Pascow serving a similar role in the plot, he isn’t in it nearly as much as the previous film. Bottom line is that OG Pascow got jokes for days, but new Pascow is more understandably upset that half of his face is missing. 

9 Funeral March

If there’s a procession of creepy kids carrying a dead animal in front of one’s house, it might be a red flag to immediately relocate. The 1989 film introduces the concept of a magical cemetery a little differently than the new movie. Essentially, the original movie shows Jud pretty much explaining everything to Louis. Although that’s not too far off from the 2019 film, the previous adaptation never indicates how common it is for people to actually bury their pets in the cemetery. The new movie, on the other hand, depicts a group of children with creepy masks playing the drums while carrying their dead pet. This indicates that taking one’s dead animal to the cemetery is either a town ritual or at the very least a well-known legend to the locals. 

The original movie makes it look like it’s uncommon for people to bury their pets. Moreover, that film also insinuates that the locals are scared to even go near the cemetery. Regardless of the differences in the two movies, a pet cemetery in someone’s back yard should be a red flag in and of itself to get the heck out of dodge. 

8 Zelda’s Fate 

As any child who had watched the 1989 Pet Sematary knows, Rachel’s sister, Zelda, is absolutely traumatizing. Every single scene with Zelda is specifically designed to utterly disturb the audience. The backstory for the character is relatively the same in both the original and new film. Zelda has spinal meningitis and it ends up making her bedridden. The traumatizing part is that when Rachel was a little girl she had been left all alone to take care of Zelda. Rachel’s perception of the situation is what makes it all so scary. 

A major change in the new movie revolves around Zelda’s death. The film shows Rachel using a dumbwaiter to send food to Zelda while she’s upstairs. Zelda ends up falling down the dumbwaiter and dying. The original movie is different due to the fact that Zelda dies from her spinal meningitis. There are two different ways Zelda dies, but both are equally scary. 

7 Andrew Hubatsek vs Alyssa Brooke Levine 

Raaaaccchhhhellllllll !!!! Sorry, sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves. Here’s a little fact that might blow some minds. Zelda in the 1989 Pet Sematary is actually played by an actor named Andrew Hubatsek. That’s right, Zelda is played by a man. Casting Hubatsek to play the character is actually a genius move. The way Hubatsek’s elongated features move behind his prosthetics are so disorienting that it immediately strikes fear into the viewer. 

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What’s interesting about Alyssa Brooke Levine’s portrayal as Zelda is that the actress is closer in age to the character she’s supposed to be playing. Levine’s interpretation of Zelda is way more literal than Hubatsek’s take on the character. Considering the fact that Levine is pretty much stationary through the entire film, she’s forced to use her eyes to evoke all of Zelda’s emotion. This iteration of Zelda ends up being more sympathetic than frightening. 

6 Jud’s Introduction

Jud is sympathetic towards people who have lost their loved ones. It’s his Achilles heel one could say. Too soon? Anyway, Jud is a pivotal character in both the original and the new Pet Sematary. Jud is definitely the moral compass of the movie. It might be a fun drinking game to count how many times Jud reiterates the story’s theme. Even though Jud serves the same function in both films, his introduction is a little different. 

The beginning of the 1989 movie shows Gage wandering out into the middle of the road. Jud picks up Gage right before he gets hit by an oncoming truck. Louis and his whole entire family are then immediately introduced to Jud. The new film in comparison shows Jud first meeting Ellie inside the cemetery. As a result, Jud initially comes across more menacing than the original film’s version of the character. If a third version of Pet Sematary is ever made, maybe someone can finally tell Jud to wear shoes that cover his whole heel. 

5 Church 

Guess it’s true what they say about cats having nine lives. Church is equal parts adorable and horrifying in both versions of Pet Sematary. However, each movie has its own cat breed. Church in the 1989 film is a British Shorthair. The name Winston Churchill is starting to make a lot of sense.

Explain yourself, new Pet Sematary! The 2019 movie uses a Maine Coon to play Church. Interestingly, recent reports have said over 8 cats were used to play Church in the recent adaptation. We pity whoever was on that film set’s litter box duty. 

4 Missy Dandridge 

Everyone in Pet Sematary seems to have never heard of a novel concept called the washing machine. Even though the original film takes place in 1989, everyone hangs up their sheets on a clothesline. It’s no wonder why Louis and his family need a maid. Enter Missy Dandridge. 

Dandridge never makes an appearance in the new movie even though she’s featured quite a bit in the original adaptation. Although Dandridge’s motivations in the movie are vague, it’s left to assume that she knows about the cemetery’s dark history. Dandridge is not too dissimilar to Pascow in that they both attempt to warn Louis’ family about the cemetery. 

3 Ellie vs Gage 

Here’s a theory. The new Pet Sematary’s screenwriter accidentally wrote down the name Ellie each time he was actually supposed to write down the name Gage. Sadly, the movie was too deep into production and there was no turning back. Sorry, the jokes are running on full steam today. 

Easily the biggest change in the new Pet Sematary is the fact that Ellie is the child that dies and comes back to life. Conversely, Ellie’s brother, Gage, is the evil kid in the original movie. These changes alter the story in one considerable way. Since Ellie is older, she’s able to comprehend her actions in a way Gage cannot. Also, Gage is like…pint size. It’s always fun to watch pint sized killers. 

2 Jud’s Drink 

We’re going to play devil’s advocate here. If you’re going to dig up a dead body, what would be the point of spiking the drink of someone who knows absolutely nothing about your scheme to dig up a dead body? Regardless, the new Pet Sematary depicts Louis spiking Jud’s drink. According to the film’s logic, the reason Louis does this is because he fears Jud might get in the way of his plan to dig up Ellie. 

The original movie shows Jud basically drinking himself into a self-induced coma while Louis retrieves Gage’s dead body. Well, maybe not a literal coma. Jud wakes up later and then dies. Which is kind of like a permanent coma.

1 The Ending 

Who would have thought this movie ended with the mom and son actually being one of the tethered? Wrong movie, we think. In reality, the 1989 movie ends with Gage dying and Rachel coming back to life. Rachel murders Louis, leaving Ellie to be the only survivor. 

The new film, on the other hand, ends with zombified versions of Louis, Ellie, and Rachel marching towards Gage. Our prediction is that Gage escapes and defeats them all with baby kung-fu. 

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Nathaniel Vanderpoort

Students Remake Alien with Mind-Blowing High School Play

Students have remade Alien into a mind-blowing high school play. Ridley Scott’s legendary 1979 sci-fi horror film has inspired untold numbers of filmmakers and actors alike over the years, spawning a franchise that helped launch the career of Sigourney Weaver and utilizing the visions of such notable directors as James Cameron, David Fincher, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet in successive installments.

This year marks the 40th year anniversary of Alien’s initial release and fans worldwide have been gearing up for that first ill-fated space journey by revisiting the film in participating theaters or at home, creating commemorative artwork and more. For their part, Twentieth Century Fox has already announced the screening of six original Alien-inspired short films, created by amateur filmmakers, as well as a brand new 4K restoration of the film on Blu-ray. Beyond this, there’s bound to be numerous surprises along the way, with some fans ready to go that extra distance to commemorate their favorite space-based horror film.

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One group of Alien enthusiasts in particular have now taken the iconic film into some rather uncharted territory. According to The A.V. Club, a high school drama club in New Jersey has realized Alien as a stage production. The North Bergen High School Drama Club students built their own props, sets, and costumes out of recycled materials, painstakingly recreated to resemble those that appear in the original film. Check out the video below for a glimpse of the production’s Xenomorph costume as Ripley battles the deadly space creature, high school drama club style:

For anyone who’s ever seen Wes Anderson’s Rushmore, the similarities between that film’s precocious teen Max Fischer directing a stage production of Serpico and this ambitious Alien project are enough to put an instant smile on a lot of faces. The play ran for two nights, and judging by the amount of media attention it received, there were bound to be a lot proud parents and delighted audience members in attendance. Apparently, the creation of the play’s costumes, props, and sets took students eight months to complete, and as images of the finished products went viral, even celebrities like Patton Oswalt, Josh Gad, and Adam Savage were impressed enough to pass on their congratulations and praise via Twitter.

Aside from providing countless hours of entertainment, one of the greatest things about a film as revered as Alien is that it continues to inspire people decades after its release. Forty years on, the film still feels fresh and groundbreaking, influencing new generations to realize their creative impulses and to challenge the established norms. And while it may be true that in space, no one can hear you scream, as far as the North Bergen High School Drama Club’s brilliant stage production of Alien is concerned, on stage everyone can see you shine.

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Source: The A.V. Club

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Mike Jones

10 Canceled Disney Series We Hope Get a Remake

With Disney Channel‘s original and longest-running sitcom Game of Thrones coming to an end, now would be a good time to take a trip down memory lane. Oh, wait. We’ve just been informed that Game of Thrones is not the same show as Duck Tales. Joking aside, it’s crazy to think that shows like That’s So Raven and Boy Meets World have been able to return to television with successful new stories. Part of the appeal is due to the fact that the kids who’ve watched these shows have been able to grow up with these characters. Raven’s Home and Girl Meets World turned out to be huge hits, so it only makes sense that other revivals might be on the horizon. Check out the list to see which Disney shows deserve another chance!

10 Hannah Montana

Before Miley Cyrus made a living by being Robin Thicke’s ballroom dance partner, she used to play a little known character named Hannah Montana. The show was about Miley using a blonde wig in order to transform into her pop star alter ego known as Hannah Montana. However, the catch was that Miley hid her pop star identity from everyone around her. The series would always use this central conflict for its source of comedy and drama.

It’s safe to say that Hannah Montana was a cultural phenomenon when it aired on Disney from 2006-2011. Even if a person wasn’t a fan of the show, how could they not help singing along to The Best of Both Worlds? Although the majority of the show’s plot threads were wrapped up in its final season, the mark it made on pop culture is still relevant to this day. Taking into account how wildly different Miley Cyrus’ career is today than it was so many years ago, it would be incredibly interesting to see her return to the character that made her a superstar. If nothing else, we all just need another excuse to sing along to the show’s theme song.

9 Wizards of Waverly Place

Imagine Harry Potter, but without all the death, nose-less bad guys, and British people. One then starts to get a pretty good idea of what Wizards of Waverly Place is all about. The show centered around a young witch named Alex and her family of wizards. Considering a witch has to earn their powers in the series, the majority of the drama would focus on Alex and her siblings fighting for supremacy. There’s also a bunch of other crazy stuff that happens along the way. Alex dates a werewolf, her dad owns a boss looking sandwich shop, and there’s a character who likes to make dresses out of rubber duckies because why not.

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At the time rumors set Hollywood ablaze that J.K. Rowling went super agro when she found out that some other show had beat her to the punch for the idea of a muggle character that likes to wear rubber ducky dresses. That rumor is completely bogus and everyone should immediately erase it from their memory. False reports aside, what’s completely accurate information is that this series made Selena Gomez a household name. The show was also able to tap into the popularity of the mid-2,000’s fantasy craze in an extremely clever way. Great comedy and fantasy are timeless. So, it only makes sense that a concept as timeless as Wizards of Waverly Place should return to grace our screens.

8 Kim Possible

Kim Possible should be applauded for convincing audiences that naked mole rats may actually be adorable. Considered a classic by people who shop at BoxLunch (i.e., millennials), Kim Possible aired on the Disney Channel from 2002-2008. The show followed the adventures of the titular Kim Possible as she balanced high school life while being an international crime fighter. A goofy, but lovable boy named Ron Stoppable would always join Kim on her missions. The characters were aided by their naked mole rat sidekick, Rufus.

The show was sort of an anomaly within children’s animation in that it featured a lean order of eighty-six episodes over the course of its five-year run. It focused on producing quality rather than quantity. Moreover, what made the show click with viewers is that Kim was an incredibly relatable character. Although her life as a vigilante was outlandish, her high school experiences, on the other hand, were full of situations everyone had gone through at least once in their life. Kim had homework, parents, and potential boyfriends to deal with. A live-action adaptation of the series was recently made for the Disney Channel. However, there’s no doubt audiences would like to see Kim Possible back in its original animated form.

7 Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future proves that hairstyles from 2121 don’t look much different than they did in 2004. The sitcom centered around Phil Diffy (Raviv Ullman) and his family being sent back in time from the 22nd century. While the family was stuck in the present day, Phil would have to try and blend in within modern society. The show’s big question focused on whether or not the Diffy family’s time machine would ever be fixed so that they could return to their home. Phil meets new friends along the way and it makes his potential departure all the more emotional.

Phil of the Future was a single-camera comedy that tried to be a little more charismatic with its creative choices. The high concept nature of the series lent itself to a lot of truly funny fish out of water gags. The show also jump-started the careers of actors like Evan Peters.

6 The Proud Family

This is the only show that’s ever used “sugar mamma” as a term of endearment. It’s sort of amazing that a series as well animated as The Proud Family was made entirely on Adobe FlashAdmittedly, the series is pretty much plotless. The story simply followed the day to day experiences of a girl named Penny Proud while she balanced both her family and school life. Every cartoon doesn’t have to contain a high concept plot in order for it to be entertaining.

What made The Proud Family so memorable was that the characters had a fairly grounded dynamic for a cartoon. The show additionally had a vibrant art design that heightened the reality of the stories. Ultimately, these elements made The Proud Family a hit for kids and adults alike. If this show turned out this good using Adobe Flash in 2001, imagine how pristine a modern update could look.

5 Lizzie McGuire

Some kids just want to get through middle school without getting shoved into a locker, but then there are girls like Lizzie McGuire who aspire to be the most popular girl in school. First airing in 2001, Lizzie McGuire launched actress Hilary Duff into immediate stardom. There was nothing too complex about the show’s premise in that it typically followed Lizzie through her high school life. What made the series stand out was that it never talked down to the intelligence of its pre-teen audience. Lizzie’s will-they-or-won’t they dating drama with her friend Gordo (Adam Lamberg) created a legitimately gripping narrative for audiences to follow episode to episode.

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The show was also creatively inventive when it would occasionally use animated sequences that allowed Lizzie to talk directly to the viewers. Considering Hilary Duff’s career is still in full swing with the show Younger, Lizzie McGuire relaunch couldn’t be more relevant.

4 American Dragon: Jake Long

If anyone ever wondered what happened to Rufio (actor Dante Basco) after Hook, he became the voice of American Dragon: Jake Long. Similar to Kim Possible, the show followed a kid balancing everyday life with extraordinary circumstances. Specifically, the story centered on Jake’s ability to turn into a dragon and defend the mythical creatures living in New York City. Jake’s family possessed similar dragon powers and his grandpa acted as his mentor. What made everything more complicated was that Jake happened to be in love with a dragon hunter named Rose Killdragonosa. Talk about a red flag of a name.

Even though Jake Long only lasted two seasons, it nonetheless made a long lasting impression on its fans. The show’s balance of action, humor, and mysticism created a totally unique viewing experience. It also was a precursor to Adventure Time in that it also featured a talking dog sidekick voiced by John DiMaggio. Considering that the Disney Channel contains fewer animated programs than ever before, a Jake Long revival would be more than welcomed.

3 Disney Channel Games

Disney Channel Games was so dope. What other show could you watch Zac Efron send the Sprouse twins flopping into a dunk tank? The concept was essentially American Ninja Warrior, but for children. It was a reality-based show that had the biggest Disney Channel stars compete in kid-friendly obstacles. For example, some of the events included an inflatable obstacle course and rock-paper-scissors. The show was a blast.

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Although the series only lasted from 2006-2008, it encapsulated how popular Disney Channel sitcoms were at the time. These programs had enough familiar faces to also star in what was ostensibly a filler show. However, this show ended up having a lot of viewers in its own right. The concept of Disney Channel Games is so harmless that we believe it could thrive in any era of television.

2 Jonas

Jonas may have had only lasted two seasons, but the image of the brothers being baked into a giant pizza will remain in our heads. Although the Jonas Brothers had been performing since 2005, the sibling group really boomed in the latter half of the decade. Some of that popularity resulted in a show simply titled Jonas.

The series was a single-camera comedy where the brothers played dramatized version of themselves. They had to deal with struggles of fame while balancing the woes of high school life. Also, the show featured original songs and music videos. The biggest shocker was that the three brothers all showcased an admirable range of comedic timing. Look, Year 3,000 was a banger in 2007 and it’s still a banger in 2019. With the Jonas Brothers making their long-awaited return in the form an upcoming album, it’s time to give Jonas the other twenty seasons it deserves.

1 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

We can go back and forth all day arguing if The Suite Life of Zack and Cody or Suite Life on Deck is better. But, let’s get real. It’s Suite Life of Zack and Cody all day-everyday, son! This needs to be said without irony: the concept of Suite Life was kind of a stroke of genius. The show’s simple format followed twin brothers Zack and Cody (Dylan and Cole Sprouse) throughout their day to day adventures in a five-star hotel allowed for all types of stories to be told. Furthermore, this presented endless possibilities for hilarious jokes and gags. Remember the episode where Cody pretends to dress up as a beauty pageant contestant because he likes a girl? Classic stuff and that’s not up for debate.

The show also featured a lineup of all time great side characters like the salty hotel manager Mr. Moseby. Between Suite Life and Suite Life on Deck, the show was easily one of the longest running sitcoms on Disney. We know that Cole is busy running the Southside Serpents over in Riverdale, but someone needs to give that guy a call. It’s time for The Suite Life of Zack and Cody to return.

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Nathaniel Vanderpoort

Escape From New York Remake Being Rewritten By Upgrade Director

Fox has recruited Leigh Whannell to rewrite its Escape From New York remake. The original 1981 film was directed by John Carpenter (who also cowrote the script) and took place in a version of 1997 where – following a 400% increase in crime in the U.S. – Manhattan Island has been transformed into a maximum security prison surrounded by a 50-foot wall on all sides. Kurt Russell starred in the movie as Snake Plissken, an ex-soldier turned prisoner who gets a chance to reverse his fortunes when he’s recruited to rescue the President of the United States, after Air Force One is hijacked and crash-lands in New York City.

Carpenter’s film went on to become a cult success and even got a sequel fifteen years later, with 1996’s Escape From L.A. However, the followup (which got a mixed to negative critical reception) bombed at the box office and a third film never materialized. An Escape From New York remake has been in the works for over a decade now, but the project mostly spun its wheels until Fox landed the rights in 2015. The studio subsequently hired Luther creator Neil Cross to write the script and, two years later, attached Robert Rodriguez as director.

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It appears the project is starting over again, with THR reporting that Fox has hired Whannell to write a fresh script draft. Rodriguez is no longer onboard to direct the Escape From New York remake either, and THR says the door is open for Whannell to call the shots himself, if he’s interested. In the meantime, he’s only writing the screenplay.

Whannell’s had a pretty busy week, to put it mildly. Just a few days ago, he committed to writing and directing an Invisible Man reboot for Universal, with Blumhouse head Jason Blum producing. Whannell made his name as a writer known for his horror movie collaborations with director James Wan, including the original Saw and all four of Blumhouse’s Insidious films (the third of which Whannell also directed). The writer-director further played nerdy ghost-hunter Specs in the Insidious franchise and made a short, but memorable cameo in Wan’s DC blockbuster Aquaman (where he played the cargo plane pilot who’s confounded when Arthur Curry and Mera suddenly leap out of his aircraft mid-flight).

More than anything, Whannell has demonstrated a mastery for lean and mean genre fare, including Blumhouse’s critically acclaimed (but little-seen) sci-fi action-horror-thriller Upgrade, which he also directed. The filmmaker’s pulpy storytelling sensibilities certainly lend themselves to the Snake Plissken character and his world, which makes his involvement with the Escape From New York remake all the more exciting. THR further reports that Whannell’s goal is to prevent the project from becoming a bloated tentpole and instead deliver something closer to Carpenter’s original low-budgeted film. No doubt, his penny-pinching bosses are happy to hear it.

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We’ll bring you more details on the Escape From New York remake as they become available.

Source: THR

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What It Will Take For Capcom To Remake Resident Evil 3

Capcom may consider tackling a Resident Evil 3 remake next. After ample excitement leading up to release, Resident Evil 2 is now firmly in the hands of gamers. Followers of the Resident Evil series have been awaiting the arrival of the remake, as it now provides fans with the opportunity to trek through an experience that was first released in 1998 on the original PlayStation. Since an entirely new generation filled with gaming enthusiasts is eager to enjoy this content, it made sense to bring it back from the brink of obscurity.

Of course, this line of thinking may very well end up being applied to other iterations of the franchise down the road. Remakes have proven successful in the past across a medley of publishers and IP – just look at the sales of Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy. This means that mumblings of a Resident Evil 3 remake were bound to happen sooner rather than later, and Capcom officials have now taken to commenting on just such a possibility.

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During an interview between GameWatch (via GearNuke) and the producer behind the Resident Evil 2 remake, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the dev confirmed why Capcom had chosen to reimagine that particular entry in the series. Additionally, Hirabayashi also confirmed it was possible for Resident Evil 3 to get the same treatment. As it turns out, Resident Evil 2 was remade because fans had requested to see a retelling of that game, and the same could happen with Resident Evil 3 – if enough consumers demand it.

Leon and a Zombie in Resident Evil 2 Remake

It’s a simple answer, truthfully. Capcom is a business and will read the trends and demands of the market in order to generate the most revenue. In that sense, if the remake of Resident Evil 2 does well then it’s likely that a remake of Resident Evil 3 will follow. In fact, there’s an Easter egg in the newest game featuring RE3‘s ill-fated helicopter pilot Brad Vickers, which may be a teaser of sorts for an inevitable reimagining of the third title.

There are other factors that point to the series carrying on well past the return of Resident Evil 2. For starters, Resident Evil is getting a Netflix show, which should only drive further interest in the game series. Having said that, it would be just plain great to see new life breathed into Jill Valentine and the grotesque creature known as Nemesis in a Resident Evil 3 remake.

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Resident Evil 2 arrived for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on January 25, 2019.

Source: GameWatch (via GearNuke)

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