8 Things You Need To Remember Before Watching The OA Season 2

Since it first aired back in 2016, The OA has been the source of many unanswered questions, wild theories, endless deconstructions, and analysis. Now that the second movement has finally dropped, there are some things that fans who haven’t rewatched the first season may need to remember before going forward. The OA is filled with all sorts of hidden messages, secrets, and clues for fans to obsessively go over, but what are the most important details moving forward into season two? Let’s breakdown the most important things that fans need to remember in order to better understand the paths branching out before them. Spoilers for season one ahead.

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8 Hunter Aloysius Percy (HAP)

Despite having one of the dopest middle names in all of recorded history, HAP himself is decidedly not so chill. When HAP hears a “whoosh” sound as he loses a patient in the ER where he works, he takes his first steps down a dark path to solve death. He begins studying near-death experiences (NDEs). But more importantly, he begins studying those that have had them. After baiting, tricking, & seducing NDE survivors into captivity (including OA) HAP and his captives stumble upon a “form of travel unknown to humans”. They stumble upon a series of movements that are key to solving death, to interdimensional travel, and to so much more. OA may have escaped, but HAP still has Homer, Renata, Scott, and Rachel. And the movements.

7 Season One’s Ending

Any fans that may have missed the last few minutes of the season one finale or simply can’t remember what happened might walk into season two assuming that ended perfectly amicably. Prairie went back on medicine, she was clearly sick. The boys’ lives went back to normal. Everyone lived happily ever after.

However, in those closing moments of season one, what we see is far from a happy ending. A school shooting that terrifies and traumatizes BBA and the boys along with taking OA from them. Or delivering her somewhere else. Regardless of where OA ends up, BBA and the boys are still left in the aftermath of the school shooting that cost them their friend.

6 “The Portal Is Like A River. You Have To Choose To Jump In”

Another important thing to remember is something that OA says to BBA as they begin working on the movements. In order to make the jump into another dimension, you have to consciously make the decision to do so. It’s likely that OA was, in fact, able to consciously make the jump. 

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However, it will likely be an important fact to remember for season two and whatever seasons may follow. As of the season one finale, we’re aware of eleven people who are capable of using the movements to travel. Five left in the universe where OA tells her story to the boys. The question is: who, if any of them, will choose to make the jump?

5 How OA Escaped

Before starting season two, it may be important for fans to remember how exactly OA happened to become separated from HAP and the rest of her fellow captives. After the sheriff walks in on HAP watching his captives on multiple screens (as creepy scientist tend to do), HAP convinces him to let OA and Homer save his ailing wife. In return for his freedom and his work remaining uninterrupted. After OA and Homer heal the sheriff’s wife, she gives them the final movement. HAP proceeds to kill both the sheriff and his wife before abandoning OA on the road, taking Homer with him. Where HAP goes after that is something better left for season two.

4 Homer’s NDE

Looking into the NDEs that OA and her fellow captives had while under HAP’s custody could potentially give us some insight into the events of upcoming seasons. We know that when Homer had his NDE, he was in running around in a hospital. He enters a room with a five-sided aquarium and reaches in for a mouthful of some fresh seafood. We also know that when Homer was listening to the recordings of his NDEs, he hears his voice saying, “I’m Homer” and another voice telling him he’s not. It’s difficult to say what role these events will play in the future of the series, but the creators of the series wanted fans to see that. So it must be important, right?

3 What Khatun Says

Much like she is for OA, Khatun is a treasure trove of information for a hungry audience. OA meets Khatun several times throughout the course of her life and each time she offers sage advice, but also many warnings. Khatun begins by taking OA’s eyes because she cannot bear to make her watch the horrors to come. On OA’s second visit to Khatun, she gives her two gifts. First is a secret, a form of transportation unknown to any human. Plus, OA even gets her sight back along with a better understanding of the universe. It does, however, cost her eternal bliss with her father. But is that the only price OA will have to pay?

2 Homer & Renata’s Relationship

Another important thing to remember about HAP is that not only has he stolen away and repeatedly murdered his captives, he’s also used them and manipulated them into being complicit in his work. A key example of this being how he used Homer as bait in order to trap Renata after she refuses HAP’s initial advances. It’s not enough that he has removed them from society, their families, and even their lives. HAP also does his best to make sure that they can’t trust each other. Making it impossible for them to work with each other. Or so he thinks.

1 It’s Weird

That’s right. Like many brilliant things, The OA is pretty friggin’ weird. There’s so much going on, so many plotlines to follow, weird sections of the universe locked in a small cabin, people getting resurrected, or maybe time rewound in a specific area around their body? Who really even knows what’s going on besides the people creating the show? The journey is the adventure. The best part of being able to create stories is being able to take them to all the weird places other people wouldn’t. So like OA says to the boys, “I’m going to need you to pretend like you believe me until you do.”

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10 Key MCU Moments To Remember For Avengers: Endgame

After nearly a year of waiting, Avengers: Endgame is out in theaters in just a couple of weeks. This is one of the most highly-anticipated movies ever, and the details of the movie have been kept rather secretive. Even the official trailers and posters are likely meant to be misleading, so what actually happens in the movie is unknown and fans are likely in for a lot of twists and turns.

To prepare for Endgame, it’s a good idea to brush up on some of the most important moments in the MCU that lead up to the film and what might happen in it. We’ve put together a list of 10 key MCU moments to remember as you prepare for Endgame.

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While the marketing for Endgame has been largely focused on Captain America and Iron Man, it’s a good idea for fans to remember how much Thor has lost. Loki is presumably dead and Asgard has been destroyed. Heimdall was also killed at the start of Avengers: Infinity War.

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Thor has lost just as much as anyone else and will likely have this grief to fuel him going forward as he feels the weight of the destruction of his people. This aspect of his character development could be important in the fight to defeat Thanos.


Gamora was killed by Thanos in Infinity War, and now Nebula is the only person from the Guardians and Guardians-adjacent group to have survived to Endgame. Her treatment at the hands of her father Thanos was cruel and abusive, and she has maybe the most personal reasons to want to kill him given this fact. It’s likely that Nebula will play a bigger role in Endgame than in other films and that she will be instrumental in orchestrating his defeat.


With the addition of Captain Marvel into the MCU and into the Avengers, the tides might turn somewhat more in the Avengers favor. At the end of Captain Marvel, she learns just how powerful she is and audiences saw her destroy spaceships and warheads with ease. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she will be able to just go in there and defeat Thanos, but the Avengers need all the help and power on their side they can get. It’s quite likely that Captain Marvel will be focused on as one of the main heroes in Endgame.


Ant-Man and the Wasp was one of the MCU’s more lighthearted films, but it’s important not to disregard it. In the lead up to Endgame, one of the most talked about theories has been how the Quantum Realm will be used to help defeat Thanos.

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In Ant-Man and the Wasp, we saw that Ant-Man could enter the Quantum Realm, and the movie ended with him being stuck there after the Pyms and Van Dynes were lost to the Thanos’ snap. It’s unclear how he will escape this realm or what role it will play, but it’s almost assuredly going to be important.


While this seems like the most obvious addition to this list, it still has to be included because it sets the entire scene for the opening of Endgame. This moment is one that’s impossible for any MCU fan to forget. With half the population of the universe gone, nothing is going to be the same.

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All of the heroes have lost friends and loved ones, and they also have to deal with the fact that they couldn’t stop the deaths of billions of other living beings. As we’ve seen from recently released clips, the Avengers are planning to find Thanos and try to reverse the impacts of the snap, although that likely won’t be easy.


Although it seems like forever ago as multiple MCU movies have been released since, the events of Captain America: Civil War will likely impact Endgame. The fight between Cap and Iron Man left the Avengers fractured and the two leaders at odds. Because of this fight and the events of Civil War, Captain America has been a fugitive and Tony Stark has been less focused on saving the world. The two have yet to reunite and the Avengers haven’t all been together since. Seeing the original six Avengers work together again is definitely going to be a powerful and emotional moment in Endgame


While Doctor Strange was insistent at first that he must protect the time stone at all costs, he ends up giving the time stone to Thanos. After he goes into a time loop to see possible outcomes of the fight with Thanos, he realizes that there is only one possibility where the heroes could win, even if that means losing first.

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With Doctor Strange revealing cryptically that “we are in the endgame now,” it’s likely that time travel or time loops will play some sort of role in Endgame.


Endgame seems to be set up to likely focus on Captain America and ending his story in the MCU. Whether or not he will die is still unknown, but it’s worth focusing on the moment at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger where he sacrifices himself by putting the plane into the ice. This reveals the kind of hero that Captain America is and could give insight into how he will try to bring back the fallen heroes.


Iron Man’s arc will likely be important in Endgame, too. In the First Avengers movie, Tony takes the nuclear warhead up into space and is willing to die to do so. He has been troubled by visions of aliens and the end of the world for multiple movies and saw his fears come true in Infinity War. It’s likely that he will be willing to do whatever it takes to see Thanos be brought down, too.


There have been set photos and rumors about the Battle of New York making an appearance in Endgame for a while now. With the most recent trailer showing Captain America and Iron Man at what might be the Battle of New York, it’s a safe bet to assume that this moment could be crucial. If time travel or time looping is involved in this movie, this could be a pivotal moment for the Avengers to return to change the tides of the future.

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Grey’s Anatomy: 14 Patients Every True Fan Will Remember (And 6 We’d Rather Forget)

Currently airing season 15, Grey’s Anatomy has covered quite a bit of ground throughout its seemingly unending reign on prime time television. Viewers were hooked almost immediately thanks to the show’s impossibly quotable dialogue, epic romances and complex medical cases set to an amazing soundtrack. Grey’s made household names of all its stars and reminded the world that ‘80s heartthrob Patrick Dempsey was still a total dreamboat. The series is also largely responsible for the impressive Shonda Rhimes television takeover that followed.

It is true that much of the best Grey’s Anatomy drama stems from its core cast, despite the fact that the majority of faces have changed drastically since season 1. However, the doctors of Seattle Grace aren’t the only memorable characters to appear in the long-running series. Many of the patients have also been pretty incredible – even if the majority of those cases resulted in an intense need to hug your loved ones.

Over the years, Grey’s has introduced fans to some pretty unforgettable patients. Thanks to the show’s seamless mix of heart and humor, these cases often touch upon the full spectrum of human emotion. There were moments that made viewers laugh out loud, but others that had them reaching for the nearest box of tissues. Although the most lovable patients on the series are too numerous to name, there has also been the occasional transient that fans wish they had never met.

Excluding our favorite doctors’ family members, here are 14 Patients Every True Fan Will Remember (And 6 We’d Rather Forget.)

20 Memorable: Denny Duquette Jr.

Has there ever been a more memorable patient than Denny Duquette Jr.? Seriously, no matter how wrong the season 2 romance between Izzie and her patient was, viewers refused to stop rooting for them. There have been plenty of heartbreaking patient losses on Grey’s Anatomy, but none quite so gut-wrenching as when Izzie discovered that Denny had slipped away.

Denny was not only kind, but also funny and thoughtful. Of course, much of this can be attributed to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s undeniable charms – side note: why do so many shows and movies insist on offing his characters? As much as fans loved watching the romance between Izzie and Denny develop, the less said said about his season 5 stint as a ghost/hallucination, the better.

19 Want To Forget: Sonya Cowlman And Adam Morris

We can appreciate that Sonya Cowlman and Adam Morris had a complex marriage and an even more complicated divorce, but that doesn’t change the fact that their medical case was kind of icky. They appeared in season 3 episode, “Oh, the Guilt”, portrayed by Faith Prince and Arye Gross, respectively. Sonya and Adam were a divorced couple that hadn’t quite gotten over each other since their marriage ended.

Unfortunately, a midlife crisis piercing that Adam had gotten wound up caught on Sonya’s method of contraception, leaving the two in a rather compromising position. They got stuck and had to be taken to the hospital. Making matters worse, their daughter walked in on this horrible visual, before the doctors were able to separate them. Talk about needing years of therapy!

18 Memorable: Beatrice Carver

The fact that Season 2 patient Beatrice Carver is memorable shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, considering it was Laurie Metcalf who played her. Despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Beatrice was intent on hiding her looming fate from her daughter, Amelia. Keeping the secret was so important to her that she even attempted to check out of the hospital against medical advice to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

Ever the realist, it was Alex who convinced Beatrice that she needed to be honest with Amelia before it was too late. In a beautiful, but heartbreaking scene, Beatrice told her daughter the truth. However, she did more than just explain how sick she really was. Beatrice crammed a lifetime’s worth of maternal wisdom into just a few moments, knowing that she wouldn’t have much more time to do so.

17 Memorable: Jake Burton

Played by future Friday Night Lights alum, Jesse Plemons, Jake Burton appeared in season 2 as well. He came to the hospital with a brain tumor, which had been caused by his incredibly severe case of lionitis. Derek planned on resecting the tumor and Mark suggested that, since the patient would be under anesthesia anyway, the plastic surgeon might as well attempt to remove the growths from his face. This would make the fifteen-year-old look “normal” for the first time in his life.

In a soul-crushing turn of events, Jake did not survive the tumor resection. Thankfully, Mark was still game to perform the other surgery with Alex and Cristina assisting. Jake may never have been able to see his new face, but his parents wept in gratitude.

16 Memorable: Bonnie Crasnoff And Tom Maynard

What can we say? Season 2 had a lot of memorable patients. Few left more of an impression than Bonnie Crasnoff and Tom Maynard. These two were were victims of a train crash that flooded the hospital with patients. Their case was unique, however, because they had been impaled on a metal pole… together.

The pair were joking, bonding with each other right up until the end. Unfortunately, there was no way to save them both and the patient with the better odds of success was Tom. In a heartbreaking moment, Bonnie asked that Derek be the one to tell her fiancé what happened. When the two patients were separated, the life began to drain from Bonnie immediately. The other doctors rushed to save Tom, but Meredith refused to abandon her.

15 Want To Forget: Lawrence Jennings

Lawrence Jennings (Mitch Pileggi) made his first appearance in season 3. He was a member of the board, but his debut episode saw him show up as a patient. After spending some time in the Amazon, Larry found himself experiencing certain uncomfortable symptoms. Chief Webber diagnosed him as having a candiru fish, which is basically a fish that swims up the last place anyone would ever want one to.

It’s not just that Larry’s case was kind of gross. The larger is issue is that he was cheating on his wife with his assistant and was awful to both of them. By episode’s end, Larry did lose his marriage and his mistress, but he’s still a patient best left forgotten.

14 Memorable: Nick Hanscom

One of several Buffy the Vampire alums to appear on Grey’s Anatomy, Seth Green showed up in season 4 for “Crash Into Me” Parts 1 and 2. He portrayed the sweet, but short-lived, Nick Hanscom. One of Lexie’s first patients, Nick had a huge tumor removed from his carotid artery. He was left with just a small flap of skin covering this very sensitive area.

Nick and Lexie quickly developed a good rapport, which made it that much more difficult when his artery inevitably burst. Lexie did everything that she could to save him, but sadly, it wasn’t enough. Thanks to Green’s charms, most viewers were just as heartbroken as Lexie after he bled out.

13 Memorable: CeCe Colvin

CeCe Colvin is the most recent Grey Sloan Memorial patient on this list. She was portrayed by Caroline Clay and appeared in six episodes during the show’s current season. CeCe was inadvertently responsible for taking someone’s life after  passing out behind the wheel due to her health issues. Nisha was driving the car that CeCe hit and she suffered tremendous guilt over the fact that the other woman didn’t survive.

CeCe was a professional matchmaker with an 85% success rate, so she took an immediate interest in Meredith’s lack of a love life. Finally ready to attempt to find romance, Meredith was actually somewhat receptive. Sadly, even though she convinced CeCe that she deserved to live, in the end, Meredith couldn’t save her thanks to a power outage during surgery.

12 Memorable: Mary Portman

Before Mandy Moore made America fall in love with Rebecca Pearson on This is Us, she was one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most memorable patients. Mary made her debut in the season 6 finale, also known as one of the most intense two-parters in the history of television. She was at the hospital for a routine surgery, but after her husband left to grab her something to eat, everything went crazy.

Bereaved husband, Gary Clark, walked into the hospital and started shooting people. Mary was trapped in her hospital room with Bailey and later, Charles, during the incident. In a gut-wrenching twist, Mary survived the shooting, just to later lose her life following the procedure that she had originally gone to the hospital for. The surgery seemingly went off without a hitch, but Mary never woke up.

11 Want To Forget: Rebecca Pope/Ava

After seeing the patient/doctor romance story rendered in such swoon-worthy fashion with Denny and Izzie, the one between Alex and Ava was pretty disappointing. Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser) showed up in season 3 as a pregnant Jane Doe who was wounded beyond all recognition from the ferry crash. Alex was the one who found her and the two grew quite close over time.

The issue was, there wasn’t much chemistry between Justin Chambers and Reaser, plus the storyline just dragged on for far too long. The questions raised by Ava’s identity crisis could’ve been interesting, if the story wasn’t so focused on her lackluster relationship with Alex. She kept leaving and every time she returned, viewers cared just a little bit less about what happened to her.

10 Memorable: Jeremy West And Beth Monroe

This season 4 love story was particularly soul-crushing, but also unforgettable. Jeremy West (Marshall Altman) and Beth Monroe (Jurnee Smollett) met when they were being treated at the Mayo Clinic and grew close while attending the same cancer support group. They were reunited when both chose to take part in the clinical trial run by Derek and Meredith.

Jeremy and Beth knew that they were living on borrowed time and neither wanted their lives to end without giving into the love that they felt for one another. Beth was heartbroken when Jeremy was the next in an ever-growing list of casualties resulting from the trial. However, she also wound up being its first successful candidate. She didn’t want to live without Jeremy, but surviving the trial enabled her to help others enduring the same affliction.

9 Memorable: Andrew Langston

Andrew Langston was another season 4 patient. Portrayed by James Immekus, he actually appeared in the same two-parter as Beth and Jeremy, “Freedom’. However, his love story wasn’t nearly as romantic. The poor guy jumped into a vat of cement on a dare in order to impress the girl of his dreams, Lola.

Andrew was brought into the hospital completely encased in cement and almost didn’t survive the experience. Although it took the efforts of several surgeons to save his life, Andrew’s story did have a happy ending. Not only did Andrew live to tell the tale, but Callie even convinced Lola to stop caring about what her mean friends would think. She finally gave into her feelings for him.

8 Want To Forget: Shane

This is nothing against Queer as Folk star Gale Harold, but season 4 patient, Shane, is one who no one wants to remember. The paramedic was injured in an ambulance crash after his partner, Mary, had a seizure while driving. Mary was a black woman, but despite his concern for her well-being, Shane was a racist.

Shane didn’t want to be treated by Bailey, Yang, or Webber, and was sporting an enormously offensive tattoo on his stomach. He was afraid that Bailey wouldn’t work as hard to save his life because of it. Of course, she made every effort to keep him alive and succeeded – marring his precious tattoo in the process. However, George, the only surgeon that Shane approved of, made a point of telling him that the world would be a better place without him in it.

7 Memorable: Nick Marsh

Meredith hasn’t had many love interests since losing Derek, but for a moment there, it seemed like Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) was going to be one of them. A transplant surgeon who collapsed while retrieving a liver from Grey Sloan Memorial, he appeared in season 14 episode, “One Day Like This”. Nick had had a recent kidney transplant himself and Meredith wound up having to rush him into surgery due to some unforeseen complications from it.

There was definitely chemistry between Nick and Meredith. The two flirted pretty heavily and had a great conversation. In the end, Nick returned to Minnesota and hasn’t been heard from since. That’s okay though, considering Meredith has her hands full with a love triangle this season anyway. Still, it was nice to see them have a moment.

6 Want To Forget: Kalpana Vera

Munchausen syndrome is a real and serious illness, but Kalpana Vera was a particularly irritating patient. According to Kalapna (pronounced Kul-puhna), she was named by villagers in Nepal and interestingly, her full name translates to “imaginary truth.” Kalpana is Hindi for imaginary, while vera is Latin for truth.

Admitted for arrhythmias, Cristina soon became positive that Kalpana’s condition was one that should land her in the psych ward, not under the care of Preston Burke. The most frustrating aspect of this case was watching everyone doubt Cristina because she had recently suffered an ectopic pregnancy. On top of the fact that no one believed her, Cristina was also trapped recovering with her mother in a hospital room all day. We’re all glad that Kalpana got the help that she needed, but no one’s hoping to see her return.

5 Memorable: William Dunn

Perhaps the easiest way to make a serial life taker memorable is to cast Eric Stoltz in the role. He appeared in a three-episode arc during season 5. Responsible for taking the lives of five women, William’s own execution date was looming. However, he was stabbed a week before, so it was up to the hospital to save him… before the state could legally end his life.

Dunn was memorable for different reasons than most of the patients on this list. Stoltz gave an impressive performance and the story raised necessary questions about capital punishment. William almost shuffled off the mortal coil of his own volition so that ten-year-old Jackson Prescott could have the organs that he so desperately needed, but the inmate was too afraid to let go – not that it saved him in the end.

4 Want To Forget: R. Hubble

This season 2 patient, portrayed by Scott Michael Campbell, was admitted to the hospital due to a bowl obstruction. The doctors thought that it was drugs, but in a rather icky twist, R. Hubble caused the issue himself by swallowing the heads of ten Judy dolls – this is also where we learn that Bailey is something of an expert on Judy dolls. She could even tell which was which just by the heads removed from the patient’s stomach.

Hubble is best left forgotten, because does anyone really want to consider his reasons for swallowing these children’s toys? We thought not. The patient even told Meredith that she was better off not knowing and it’s likely that that’s the truth of the matter.

3 Memorable: Kyle Diaz

Played by That 70s Show alum, Wilmer Valderrama, Kyle Diaz had a multi-episode arc in season 12. He was a musician who was living with MS and while in the hospital, he fell hard for Stephanie Edwards. She tried to resist him, but his charms eventually won her over.

Stephanie cared for Kyle, but struggled in their relationship due to the intensity of his illness. She eventually chose to end things. When Kyle wound up back at Grey Sloan Memorial with meningitis, the two seemed bound for reconciliation. Sadly, Kyle never made it through surgery. All Stephanie could do was watch from the gallery, helpless as he slipped away. Kyle hadn’t just won over Stephanie, but viewers as well, and most were sad to see him go.

2 Memorable: Emile Flores

Portrayed by Brian George, Emile Flores appeared in season 6 episode, “Valentine’s Day Massacre.” His story was so engrossing that even Alex and Meredith got caught up in it. Emile was head waiter at popular restaurant. The roof collapsed on Valentine’s Day, injuring many couples out for a romantic dinner. One of them was Mr. and Mrs. Banks. Emile confessed to Alex that he had been in love with her for the past fifteen years, but never said a word, not even when she got married.

The waiter was convinced that Mrs. Banks’s marriage had become a loveless one, but she told Meredith that this was untrue. Mrs. Banks did hear Emile’s admittance of his love for her and although she chose her husband, was still heartbroken when Emile didn’t make it through surgery. Viewers were crushed as well.

1 Memorable: Henry Burton

Just when you thought that patient/doctor romances could never again hit as hard as Denny and Izzie, in walked Scott Foley’s Henry Burton. The future Scandal star not only charmed audiences as the season 7 heart patient, but his doctor, Teddy, as well. Being the kindhearted person that she was, Teddy agreed to marry Henry so that he could use her health insurance to get the surgery that was necessary to save his life.

Despite the contrived way in which their marriage began, Teddy and Henry soon developed very real feelings for one another. When his health further deteriorated, he was rushed into surgery. Although it was Cristina performing the operation, she was not informed of the patient’s identity until she’d already lost him. Seriously, if this one didn’t crush your soul, you might not have one.

Which Grey’s Anatomy patients do you think are the most memorable and which ones would you rather forget? Let us know in the comments!

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25 Forgettable Christmas Movies Only True Fans Remember

Ah, Christmas. ‘tis the season to be jolly…and all that festive lingo. It’s a time when everyone’s spirits are on a rise and we’re all looking for something to liven us up. Most people find inspiration in festive settings, which is what we will be looking into here. Christmas comes and goes every year, but the products of the season have potential to last forever.

Take the examples of movies, for instance, we’ve got lovely films to remember even decades later like Die Hard, It’s a Wonderful Life and Home Alone. The creative juices flow for writers as the holiday offers them an easy setting with potential for more. But this isn’t always the case, not when some efforts turn out to be made with half the effort or the wit.

All of us are attracted to films with big star names. Even if there was a greatest actor of all time, they would have a few lame films to their credit. However, it’s the star power of these actors that make a person disregard the horrible plot. The films you find enjoyable because it features your favorite actor can be a pain to watch for someone else. However, the star power that each actor has means that there are some fans out there that will definitely see it, just based on the fact that they love that actor. Over time, these films are pretty much forgotten from the minds of the casual, but live on for the most ardent of fans.

Here are 25 Forgettable Christmas Movies Only True Fans Remember.

25 Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

Kirk Cameron is notable for never wearing in his staunch Christianity to the point that he refuses outright to kiss any of his female co-stars. His deep love for religion means he does his best to promote the customs of Christianity – but that’s no excuse to make terrible films.

Saving Christmas is regarded as one of the worst films ever made. It has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is only known for how bad it is. For Kirk’s sake, let’s hope this remains largely forgettable.

24 Bad Santa 2

Bad Santa was a nice surprise where we got a Christmas film with R-rated material that still had a lot of heart in it. Bad Santa 2’s announcement brought some trepidation over its quality next to its predecessor. This trepidation was well-founded as the film lacked the originality of the first part. It undid all the development from earlier events and relied mainly on fan interest.

Bad Santa 2 didn’t turn heads at the box office either; perhaps it will be best remembered under the first part’s shadow.

23 Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

Grumpy Cat has millions upon millions of followers across social media. The family that owns this little feline has profited greatly by adopting a cat that looks annoyed at everything, and it’s a total coincidence how things worked out.

However, it was also a matter of time before this fame would be exploited and in came Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Somehow, Aubrey Plaza became producer and voice star, leading attention toward the film. Thankfully, four years later only close fans know of its existence.

22 Black Christmas

Slasher films were all the rage back in the 1970s and 1980s, with the genre seeing franchises that reached around ten films in total each. In the 2000s, a revival was attempted with many slashers seeing remakes.

Black Christmas followed suit in 2006 with known names like Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Michelle Trachtenberg. It was basically a formulaic slasher with the gimmick of Christmas slapped onto it. Trachtenberg has fans from Buffy and Winstead from films like Final Destination and Fargo, and those people most likely get a kick out of Black Christmas, too.

21 The Nutcracker in 3D

Elle Fanning has been making waves in Hollywood ever since she was cast in Maleficent in 2014. Now, she’s been top-billed in films like Live by Night, among others. You’d think being only 16-17 in 2014 would’ve meant her filmography had just started, but her earlier work includes Nutcracker in 3D.

The 3D gimmick had exploded in 2010 thanks to Avatar, and The Nutcracker exploited this too. No one really wanted it, and hardly anyone liked it either, but at least we have something to tease Elle Fanning with.

20 Rise of the Guardians

Unlike a lot of the films on this list, Rise of the Guardians garnered a good amount of reviews upon release. However, the film also made to follow suit with the superhero frenzy and combined Christmas with The Avengers in this team-up.

However. the tactic was easy to see through and the film didn’t do well at the box office. What’s interesting to note are the number of A-listers: Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman, Jude Law, and a slew more. Its good reviews at least amps up the average Tomatometer of the actors.

19 Surviving Christmas

Ben Affleck’s turnaround in the early 2010s was a marvel if you dig deep and see the bottom-of-the-pile movies this guy had earlier. In the early to mid-2000s, Affleck starred in a series of flops and critical bombs. Surviving Christmas continued this trend by delivering a laughably un-laughable movie.

The premise involved Affleck’s character paying a family to pose as his own to impress his girlfriend; that is until he falls for the fake family’s daughter. Affleck fans are the only ones who may view this as a funny misstep in his career.

18 Deck the Halls

Getting into the Christmas spirit is one thing, but to make an entire film about it is really stretching it. Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito do just that in Deck the Halls. The premise is literally the two of them attempting to one-up each other by decking their houses in the most lavish of ways.

What seems like a funny feud turns into something of a hostage situation for viewers as the movie repeats the same thing again and again. Not exactly a critic’s dream to sit through this.

17 Jingle all the Way 2

Larry the Cable Guy doesn’t seem to have a last name and he doesn’t seem to like starring in particularly good sequels. After reprising his role in Pixar’s only critically bombed film Cars 2, Old Larry turned Jingle All the Way into a dud as well by appearing in its sequel.

Make no mistake, Larry’s a likable guy and all, but when the premise is to mooch off the goodwill from the first film the movie itself won’t be remembered by anyone.

16 Jack Frost

Michael Keaton made it work big with Beetlejuice despite the character being a complete abomination in existence. Keaton was roped in to play another freakish character in Jack Frost where he voiced a CGI’d snowman.

It may have been made with good intentions but just look at that creepy as heck face! Jack Frost bombed at the box office, and it may have been for a number of factors, but we won’t be surprised if people were turned off by that scary face. At least Keaton fans can compare this role with Beetlejuice.

15 Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Matthew McConaughey (that is one awfully difficult name to spell) is the first name that comes to mind when thinking of a romantic comedy. The man made the genre what it is. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past isn’t really a bad film, it’s just that it doesn’t quite rank high among Matthew’s other romance films.

The film also serves as a final hurrah of the heartthrob for this genre as he took to dramatic turns with Bernie, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Dallas Buyer’s Club. Still, he isn’t any less charming here, though.

14 A Christmas Carol

Those realistic looking animated films are more of an acquired taste, which is why 2009’s A Christmas Carol didn’t appeal to a wider market. Although the novel by Charles Dickens has stood the test of time, not everyone will remember this animated film.

It was nevertheless a good outing for Jim Carrey, who traded in his usual bombastic performance for a role with more substance (although his crazed antics are present here too). Still, it’s not among the first films you’ll go for when writing a Christmas viewing list.

13 I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Child actors tend to grab big parts at the peak of their success, after which it is a make or break scenario if their impact sticks with the audience. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is one of the casualties of this practice as the voice behind young Simba failed to capture an audience for himself.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas was the young man’s feet stepping into film life but here we are over twenty years later and the film can only be notable because it also stars Jessica Biel.


Hallmark films get a very bad rap because it’s considered to be a home for fading actors. The Christmas Train may defy this idea considering it stars are very notable actors in Dermot Mulroney, Kimberley Paisley, Joan Collins, and Danny Glover.

The film itself is a heartwarming, feel-good (although exceptionally cheesy) outing that feels like a light nuzzle by the fire on a cold evening. However, because it’s a Hallmark film, not many have a clue that it has ever even been released.

11 Look Who’s Talking Now

Look Who’s Talking was a box office success thanks mainly to it being a surprisingly enjoyable film. Its sequels were completely unneeded and tarnished the image of the first movie as well. It’s hard to take these films seriously when the premise keeps getting wackier by the second.

Look Who’s Talking Now focused on animals talking! Sure, we may need to dumb ourselves down for some movies, but this was ridiculous. Only hardcore John Travolta fans could find something entertaining from this film and even that’s a stretch.


When you emulate a formula that’s been done several times before, it won’t make your movie stand out much regardless of how good it might be. The Family Man was essentially a spin on It’s a Wonderful Life in a romantic comedy sense.

The film had us see Nick Cage wake up in an alternate life he could’ve had if had he made one different decision when he was younger. It’s a feel-good film that isn’t remembered much because we already have It’s a Wonderful Life.

9 Just Friends

You can never say Ryan Reynolds doesn’t have range. The guy’s played all kinds of roles in all genres and it’s not his fault if some were better than others. Just Friends is a romantic comedy where a formerly overweight dude sheds his weight and returns to his hometown for Christmas looking handsome and Ryan Reynolds-like.

It’s a sweet film where you get the usual guy-gets-girl ending, but now that we have Ryan as Deadpool, it’s only staunch Reynolds fans who could recall Just Friends.

8 Four Christmases

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn have made enough comedy films to fill up a person’s lifetime by binge-watching them. When you’ve got such a wide array of choices, you want to go for the best. Unfortunately, Four Christmases is among the ho-hum pile.

The film has a couple you never really feel any sympathy for, who need to visit each one of their parents while pretending they don’t have problems of their own. Both stars have done more memorable work and you’ll only remember this film if you’re really into Witherspoon-Vaughn films.

7 Everybody’s Fine

Even if you happen to be a fan of Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell, or Robert De Niro, you’ll still have a hard time recalling Everybody’s Fine. The film’s shoehorned in the middle of each actor’s career and doesn’t stick out at all.

De Niro plays a father visiting each of his lousy kids on Christmas to find out why they’ve lied to him about being unavailable. It doesn’t have the pull or charm you want from a Christmas story and all three (adult) kids’ characters are unlikable.


If you liked Home Alone 4  then you’re either a huge Home Alone fanboy or you’ve never seen any movie outside the Home Alone franchise. After realizing no one gave two hoots about a random kid stuck at home in Home Alone 3, the writers decided to bring back the same characters from the first two parts with a new cast and hoped this would be good enough.

The movie was a tame imitation of the more successful films that came before and more than once you’ll be siding with the bad guys.


Tim Allen seems to be Mr. Christmas considering how many films related to this holiday season he’s been in. The guy was Santa Claus himself in a series of The Santa Clause films, but Tim decided to go the conventional route with Christmas with the Kranks.

The problem with this approach was that his Santa Claus exploits were just too well-known for him to experiment with a normal setting. Secondly, Christmas with the Kranks pretty much sucked so there wasn’t much for many to remember by.

4 Jingle All The Way

Come on, when you’ve got a guy like Arnold Schwarzenegger (another awfully difficult name to spell) under consideration will you really think of a cheesy Christmas film? The only time Jingle All the Way will pop up in your mind is when someone aggressively tells you to “Put the cookie down. Now!

The film was heavily marketed back when VHS was the norm but Arnie’s too big on the action front to be remembered for a comedy film, although erasing Junior from our brains is a herculean task.

3 A Very Brady Christmas

The Brady Bunch has had so many incarnations it’s a real task to keep track of all versions. In the late 1980s, A Very Brady Christmas came out as a TV special which was a departure from the sitcom style into a more dramatic venture.

It also spawned a shortlived, and terribly written, a show called The Bradys. Nobody wants serious Bradys, we want the fun clan full of dance and comedy, making this a forgettable film; other than Greg’s god-awful mustache.

2 Mickey’s Magical Christmas

Keeping people engaged in Mickey Mouse stories for longer than ten minutes is a challenge. Mickey excels in shorts and the cartoonish nature of his episodes aren’t the best when you’ve got to sit through feature lengths.

To combat this, Disney gave us Mickey’s Magical Christmas, which was more or less a bunch of shorts compiled together in a lame excuse for a film. Released at a time when House of Mouse was on, Mickey sure did play us into buying a DVD of this “film”.

1 Beauty And The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Looks like Disney’s habit of suckering us in won’t ever fade out. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas isn’t enchanting in the slightest, being a nostalgia act at most. The film slaps on a loose premise as an excuse to bring the Beast character back (let’s be honest, the Prince is boring), and hopes we eat it up.

Now that the live-action Beauty and the Beast destroyed the box office, a lot of fans no doubt sprung up to watch The Enchanted Christmas. So how does it feel to be robbed of your precious time?

Were these Christmas movies forgettable for you? Let us know in the comments!

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Harry Potter: 20 Strange Details About Draco Malfoy’s Anatomy

Draco Malfoy is one of the most memorable secondary characters in the Harry Potter movies and books. It may be due to his irredeemable and despicable behaviour,as everyone loves a good villain. It could also be the appeal of actor Tom Felton in the movies, and all the subsequent fan fiction they have produced.

However, not a lot is revealed about him in the books, and less even less is shown on screen, leaving him a mystery. We do know that his family has an unhealthy obsession with their pure blood heritage and an unflinching loyalty to Voldemort. One thing that we also know is that during his sixth year, Draco became even more villainous. He was given the task of assassinating Dumbledore and allowing the Death Eaters access to his present school, Hogwarts.

Some aspects that remained more hidden, though, including the origins of his name, which has links to the Hogwarts motto. His talents in transfiguration, charms, potions, and Occlumency are also never fully explored or known by the average person.

More surprisingly than all of this is the fact that despite being mortal enemies, Draco and Harry only duel twice – and one of them was in the presence of teachers, so it barely counts. Including these examples and every other duel that Draco is involved in, we have discovered that he never wins a single fight. This might be J. K. Rowling highlighting his cowardice and lack of morals that weaken his character ultimately. However, it might also have to do with his particular skillset.

With that said, here are the 20 Strange Details About Draco Malfoy’s Anatomy In Harry Potter.

20 He is a gifted Occlumens

While Harry Potter is undoubtedly a gifted wizard, one of the things he was never able to master was Occlumency. This is the act of closing your mind to anyone who attempts to read it.

Draco managed to surpass his rival by mastering the art of this notoriously tricky skill.

While it may seem peculiar that Draco can keep other wizards out his head while Harry cannot, this is in keeping with his character. J. K. Rowling confirmed that Draco managed to become a gifted Occlumens due to his ability to suppress his emotions. The fact that Draco can excel in this area is only due to his repressed emotional issues that may stem from his dysfunctional family.

19 His name says a lot about his personality

J. K. Rowling puts a lot of thought into her character’s names and the names of locations – and the seemingly bland name of “Draco Malfoy” is no exception upon closer examination if we take a look at its origin on Pottermore.

The name Draco can either be linked to the Latin for “dragon” or the constellation. The word “Draco” is even in Hogwart’s motto: “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, “which translates as “never tickle a sleeping dragon.” Draco’s last name, Malfoy, could have its roots in French, with “mal foi” translating as “unfaithful.” Rowling could have perhaps been a bit more subtle when thinking of names for her villains, however, as “unfaithful dragon” doesn’t leave a lot of space for redemption.

18 He temporarily had control of the Elder Wand

During his sixth year, Draco was given the task of destroying Dumbledore and giving the Death Eaters access into Hogwarts. While he succeeded with the latter, Draco was unable to take the life of the Hogwarts headmaster.However, when confronting Dumbledore, he disarmed the professor, which was a significant action even if Draco did not realize it at the time.

 By disarming Dumbledore, Draco unknowingly had control of the most powerful wand in existence – the Elder Wand.

This was only temporary, though, as Harry later confronts Draco in his house in the Deathly Hallows and disarms him. This meant that control of the Elder Wand was passed down to Harry, who still technically can wield it today. For one brief moment, however, Draco could have been the most powerful wizard in the world.

17 He learnt the Unforgivable Curses

Draco’s sixth year at Hogwarts was a pivotal and important year for the sole Malfoy child. As well as being given the task of overthrowing his school, he was taught the Unforgiveable Curses by Bellatrix Lestrange.

Lestrange, being Draco’s aunt, most likely taught him these forbidden spells to prepare him for his role. We know for certain that Draco can perform Crucio (the torturing spell) and Imperio (the controlling spell). However, it is unclear whether Draco ever learnt the ultimate Unforgiveable Curse: Avada Kedavra, which would destroy the receiver. Though Draco seemed like an antagonist during his first year at Hogwarts, few fans expected him to become such a villain later in the story. However, it could be argued that this was due to the pressures of his family.

16 He is supposedly one of the only Death Eaters who can love

Death Eaters are more ingrained to respond with acts of hate than love. This is hardly surprising, though, considering the amount of carnage and havoc that they have created. However, what is surprising is that even though Draco is a Death Eater, he is supposedly capable of feeling genuine love.

This love manifests itself towards both his parents and his future wife, Astoria Greengrass. This is at odds with the other Death Eaters, whose hate trumps their love. Be it Bellatrix Lestrange or Lucius Malfoy, these individuals are consumed by their service to the Dark Lord. While it could be argued that they love Voldemort, this is closer to worship than a romantic or platonic love.

15 He’s proud of his pure blood family

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter may be incredible, but when it comes to metaphors, it is not very subtle. The fact that some wizarding families, such as the Malfoys, favor those with pure blood is meant to echo the real world prejudices that some hold. Draco’s parents instilled the belief that he is superior to half blood and muggles on him at a young age. This explains his resentment towards Hermione, whom he calls “Mudblud” incessantly.

This hatred for anyone who is not pure blood is a trait that many of the old wizarding families share.

The notable exceptions are Nymphodora Tonks and Sirius Black, who were cast out of the family for their beliefs that muggles and wizards are equal. Draco may not be as hostile towards muggles and muggle-born wizards by the end of the Deathly Hallows, but it is still a prejudice that he cannot escape.

14 He has used a Time Turner

J. K. Rowling may live to regret introducing Time Turners into the Wizarding World. The amount of problems that this device, which was used by Hermione in Prisoner of Azkaban, could solve is countless. It could be used to stop Voldemort from ever existing or it could be used to bring back beloved characters. However, in Prisoner of Azkaban, it is used by Hermione to ensure that she can go to all her classes and to save Buckbeak.

Having not learnt the amount of plot holes attached to such a device, Rowling revealed the existence of a secret Time Turner belonging to the Malfoys. Without revealing too many details of The Cursed Child, Malfoy uses it successfully, which makes him – alongside Hermione, Harry, Albus, and Scorpius  – one of the few known people to have used a Time Turner.

13 He has a Dark Mark

Some fans believe that it was inevitable for Draco to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a Death Eater. He did this sometime between the events of Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. We know this since we can clearly see a Dark Mark on his arm during the events before Dumbledore’s assassination. While Dumbledore looked unsurprised to see Draco pointing a wand at him, he did seem surprised by the fact that Draco now had a Dark Mark.

It is not possible to get rid of a Dark Mark, so despite the fact that Draco’s character has since been redeemed, he is not able to reverse the procedure. Draco will forever have the mark of He Who Must Not Be Named on his arm.

12 He was an extremely intelligent student

Although the movies show Draco to be just an arrogant bully, in the books, we see another aspect of Draco – we soon discover that he is an intelligent student, too. While Harry was always picked on in Potions due to Snape’s hatred for him, Draco was always the teacher’s pet.

Whether he was actually better than Harry is debatable, though, as Snape never gave the Gryffindor student a fair chance. However, one subject where Malfoy definitely excelled was in Charms, in which he was described as equally intelligent as Hermione.During his sixth year, he managed to cast the extremely difficult Protean charm. The only other person in the class who could cast it was Hermione.

11 He was supposed to get along with Harry

Draco and Harry were supposed to get along. According to Pottermore, Draco’s birthday is June 5, which makes him a Gemini. Meanwhile, Harry’s birthday is July 31, which makes him a Leo.

These two star signs are meant to get along with one another and are even able to become close friends.

During their first meeting, there was definitely potential for them to become friends, as Malfoy extends a hand of friendship to Harry. However, Harry sensed Draco’s arrogance and hostility and rejected him. Despite this, the fact that their star signs match up so well may have been a coincidence on behalf of J. K. Rowling. Or perhaps it could have been a hint that had Harry Potter shaken Draco’s hand, they could have formed an evil alliance.

10 He really wished he was the heir of Slytherin

While it may be obvious that the heir of Slytherin could only be Voldemort in hindsight, there was a lot of speculation over who it could be. During the events of Chamber of Secrets, many students thought that Harry was the heir due to his Parseltongue abilities.

Harry himself believed that Draco was the heir and took Polyjuice Potion in order to investigate. However, Draco admitted he was not the heir of Slytherin despite his family’s allegiance to Slytherin and their prejudiced view against Muggles. Although Draco didn’t know who the heir was, he served as nothing more than a pawn of the real heir: Tom Marvolo Riddle. This was still an honor for his family, though.

9 During Half-Blood Prince, he is described as unhealthily pale

Though one of Draco’s defining features is his pale skin, in Half-Blood Prince, he is described as being paler than ever. This is due to the fact that he was assigned by Voldemort to take down Dumbledore and help the Death Eaters infiltrate Hogwarts, which can put a lot of stress on a person.

Since he is the only one able to complete the tasks, he begins to physically show the signs of stress. It is notable to other students, particularly Harry, who notices his rapid deterioration over the course of sixth year. Before Half-Blood Prince was filmed, Tom Felton was told that he wasn’t allowed to come back tanned from holiday. His paleness may also draw some parallel’s to Voldemort’s own appearance, as some fans have spectated that Draco becomes more gaunt by committing evil deeds.

8 He wanted to use alchemy to become a better man

Alchemy is an ancient practice. Because of this, it is shielded in mystery. However, it principally involves turning lead into gold. For some reason, Draco became heavily invested in Alchemy after he left Hogwarts.

Post-Deathly Hallows, Draco settled down with his wife and child and began to study Alchemy. Being the heir of his family fortune and the Malfoy Manor, he did not have to worry about getting a job after school. However, Draco also spent time caring for his wife, Astoria, who was ill due to a curse that was put on her ancestors. While at home, Draco soon became fascinated by alchemical manuscripts. According to Pottermore, Draco’s obsession with Alchemy was pure – he wished to use it to become a better man.

7 He is never seen winning a duel

Despite Draco and Harry being sworn enemies during their time in Hogwarts, they only face off against each other twice. Their first duel happens during their second year in front of other second year students. However, Snape and Lockhart intervene after a snake is conjured by Malfoy. When Draco and Harry next duel, it nearly results in the demise of Malfoy during Half-Blood Prince.

During the events of Order of the Phoenix, Ginny and Draco also duel, which results in Draco losing his wand.

The final duel we see Draco participate in is during Deathly Hallows, when Hermione gets the better of him. At least during his youth, it was clear that Draco’s arrogance was just used as a shield.

6 He was a Prefect

A Hogwarts prefect is meant to inspire the younger students and act as a role model to them. By definition, Harry Potter would be the ideal Prefect for Gryffindor students, or any house for that matter. However, throughout his six years at Hogwarts, he is never given the coveted Prefect badge. While students like Percy Weasley may be obvious choices to become prefects, characters like Draco Malfoy aren’t typically expected to obtain the badge.

Draco is not a character that you typically associate with good morals, leadership, or as a role model. Regardless, Draco does become a prefect. Perhaps this was done by J. K. Rowling to show us that Draco did make for a decent leader, despite his lack of morals. In fact, some fans speculate that by giving Draco the badge, Rowling was not giving up on him.

5 He has ice grey eyes in the books, but Tom Felton has blue eyes in the movies

In the books, Draco is described as having platinum blonde hair and ice grey eyes. There are many parallels between Voldemort and his army and the Axis leaders and their army in WWII, so it makes sense that Draco would look like this.  However, in real life, the actor who brought Draco Malfoy to life on the big screen, Tom Felton, looks nothing like this. Felton has brown hair and blue eyes. Because of this, he had to dye his hair blonde for the movies.

Similarly, Daniel Radcliffe did not have Harry Potter’s green eyes. However, he found the contact lenses too painful to wear so the movies were filmed without them. Though not many fans may remember Draco’s eye color from the books, Harry’s eyes are constantly referred to in both the books and movies, which makes it even more noticeable.

4 He was unable to produce a Patronus

Though anyone can find out what their Patronus is on Pottermore, it is not as simple in the Wizarding World. Some wizards and witches are actually unable to produce a Patronus. While we know that Harry’s Patronus is a stag, many fans don’t know what Draco’s is. However, it has since been revealed that Draco is unable to conjure one.

This is apparently a common trait among Death Eaters, as many fans believe that they don’t have enough light and goodness to summon one.

While it has been established that Draco is capable of feeling love, this may not enough to produce the special charm. J. K. Rowling has also mentioned that Death Eaters are unable to produce a Patronus because Voldemort controls Dementors anyway.

3 He is a master of Transfiguration

Transfiguration is known to be a difficult class to pass at Hogwarts. After all, we see how hard it is for Ron to transform Scabbers into a grail in the movies. However, Draco is an accomplished hand at this craft. We see signs of this during his second year duel against Harry.

When they face each other in the Great Hall, Draco manages to summon a snake that slithers menacingly towards Harry. If it had not been for Harry’s ability to speak Parseltongue, he might have been attacked by the snake. In his later years, Draco even manages to transform Harry into a doppëlganger of Voldemort, which is an extremely complex charm. While the movies do not emphasize Draco’s intelligence, it remains clear in the books that he should not be underestimated.

2 His love life is fairly ambiguous

Draco’s love life is left relatively ambiguous in both the Harry Potter movies and the books. The only girl we see Draco talk to in the books and movies is Pansy Parkinson, who is described as the closest Draco comes to a girlfriend in the books. However, it is never actually confirmed that Pansy is his girlfriend in the series. At one point, the books describe a scene where Pansy is resting her head on Draco’s lap, but this is the closest we ever see them get.

While Draco eventually marries Astoria, little is known about how they met or even when they married. However, we do know that his parents disapproved of Astoria and that she was kind, and taught their son Scorpius to respect others (including muggles).

1 He is the only person Voldemort is known to have hugged

One of the most sinister Voldemort moments happens when he tries to honor one of his followers. This moment occurs during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Voldemort demands loyalty from the students of Hogwarts.

In a gesture of goodwill, Voldemort slowly and awkwardly brings Draco into an embrace in front of his followers. Understandably, Draco looks absolutely terrified, since the Dark Lord has never shown affection of any kind before. This is the only known instance of a Death Eater – or anyone for that matter – receiving a hug from Voldemort.

Are there any other interesting facts about Draco Malfoy’s body in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Things Wrong With American Horror Story We All Choose To Ignore

The horror anthology hit TV show American Horror Story just might be the magnum opus of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck. Scarier and more riveting than any of the duo’s other projects, the spine-tingling series features a new theme and characters every season that are all still linked to each other’s universe. From the casting announcements to the series hints, theme reveals, and each season’s unique introductory visuals, it’s riveting entertainment all around. Even so, some seasons fall further off the mark than others, with many episodes barely even registering on the “horror” radar while others left us scratching our heads wondering what the heck just happened.

The thing is, we tend to give glaring errors, plot flops, and other things wrong with the show a pass because we love it so much. From intriguing horror to irresistible characters, from unexpected plot twists to some of the best storytelling on TV, American Horror Story keeps us coming back, not because it’s flawless but because it’s still addictive despite, and sometimes because of, its many flaws.

We might love a character and conveniently forget that he or she is a monster. We’ll keep tuning in even after an entire sequence left us feeling disgusted, embarrassed for the actress who had to play out the scene, or even angry at the creators themselves. It’s just that addictive.

We love it and we’ll keep coming back for me, even with these 20 Things Wrong With American Horror Story We All Choose To Ignore.

20 Some Seasons Aren’t Scary

With a name like American Horror Story, you might expect every episode to be a scream-fest. That’s just not the case, especially in seasons four and five. While there’s no shortage of horror-inducing characters in these seasons, they didn’t really give us nightmares like previous and subsequent seasons were able to do.

Were we jaded from all the mutants, ghosts, zombies, and other creatures in previous seasons?

Both Freak Show and Hotel fell short on promises of terror, often vying for more intense drama (a calling card of Falchuck and Murphy) instead. While we still received interesting stories, Gaga’s vampire and Twisty the Clown just weren’t all that scary.

19 There’s No Reason Given For All The Hotel Vampire Kids

In season five, Hotel, Lady Gaga’s character, The Countess Elizabeth, is a little less fabulous than we expected her to be. Perhaps she couldn’t live up to the Gaga we all know and love already. One of the things that just made zero sense about the character was her propensity to collect children and turn them into little vampires. Does Elizabeth have an old woman in the shoe complex? Is she just that bored? What is the point?

Here’s the thing about kids in horror movies: they add instant scare-factor. Take a look at most scary film kids, from Village of the Damned to The Others and you’ll see the scariest moments. The fact that the vampire kid collection wasn’t even scary was a pretty big letdown.

18 Teeth Fall From The Sky For No Reason

Season six of AHS, Roanoke, was able to recover some of the lost ground from the previous two less-scary seasons but still suffered from the lack of the one and only Jessica Lang. The season saw a return to the haunted house theme, always popular in AHS history, and wove in some new elements, like the whole “based on a true story” theme.  Between Deliverance-like hillbillies and more incredible Kathy Bates, Roanake was much better-received than Hotel, but it had some weird unexplained moments, like teeth randomly falling from the sky.

Not only do the teeth inexplicably fall while Matt is at work, but they also disappear.

The reason why is never given, prompting us to chalk this one up to “random scare tactic.”

17 Queenie Tried To Hook Up With A Minotaur

While we definitely applaud Murphy and Falchuck’s use of mythology throughout American Horror Story, it often makes no sense. Gabourey Sidibe was fantastic as Queenie, the young and lonely witch who gave as well as she got, used LaLaurie as her own personal racist slave, and really deserved main credits billing. But there was that one time she tried to hook up with a grotesque Minotaur…

While the inclusion of adult content is pretty standard in AHS, getting involved with a man who has bull’s head sewed over his own is pretty far out there. It didn’t make any sense, nor did Queenie’s own survival following the incident (or anything else including the Minotaur, really), so we just move along and say that there’s nothing to see here.

16 Zoe’s Hell Is Just Life Without Kyle

Zoe Benson, portrayed by Taissa Farmiga, starts out as a compelling character in the third season of American Horror Story, Coven. She has unique powers that pay homage to classic horror and a long journey ahead.

Tossing in a love interest is a great way to derail a personal growth story.

That’s what happened to Zoe with Kyle, her resurrected boyfriend played by Evan Peters. While we’re glad that Murphy and Falchuck used Kyle to illustrate that mothers can be abusive to their sons just as much as fathers can, “life without Kyle” as Zoe’s own personal hell is really stupid and overly angst-ridden.

15 Aliens In Asylum Makes No Sense

When it comes to American Horror Story, many fans reacted to the inclusion of aliens in season two, Asylum, in the same way that fans of Indiana Jones reacted to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. For many horror fans, aliens don’t enter the territory without very specific rules, and you certainly don’t add aliens into an already-existing story for a scare factor.

The aliens of AHS also just weren’t scary. Sure, they made Pepper more interesting and gave convenient explanations for a few weird happenings, but at the end of the day mixing aliens in with mutants, a mean nun, demons, and war criminals just doesn’t work. It’s a hodgepodge of plot devices tossed together like a salad with too many kinds of dressing. Sometimes simpler is just better.

14 The Musical Sequences

We get that Sister Jude is losing her mind in this tenth episode of season two, Asylum, but must we lose ours as well? The episode itself was gripping, but watching Jessica Lange sashay through “The Name Game” wasn’t nearly as eerie as it should have been. It played off as more of an homage to the creators’ Glee in a way that didn’t work.

While some critics enjoyed the mind-boggling number, many of us like to pretend it never happened.

It’s not the last time the showrunners implemented a bit of music and dance, either. Season four, Freak Show, featured several ditties, including a rendition of “Come As You Are” by Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, and Lange singing David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”.

13 What Happens To Dr. Arden’s Experiments?

The mutants created in Dr. Arden’s horrific experiments are the stuff of nightmares, and they definitely present an interesting side story among the rest of the godawful happenings at Briarwood Manor in season two of American Horror Story, Asylum. Their issue, of course, is that they disappear off the radar without much of a peep.

Once turned into a mutant and taken to a hospital, Shelley, played by Chloë Sevigny as a homage to the many women unjustly committed to asylums throughout history, seems as if she may be able to lead the authorities toward Arden, but alas, Joseph Fiennes’ conflicted yet greedy Monsignor Timothy Howard takes her out instead. We don’t hear much about them afterward. What happened to the mutants?

12 The Messed-Up Historical Figures

Anne Frank was lobotomized by the evil Dr. Arden from Briarcliff Manor in season two, Asylum. Not only does this make zero sense, but it also really does a disservice to Anne Frank’s memory. There is a lot of artistic license taken with historical figures throughout American Horror Story, from Delphine Lalaurie to James March. Even characters used as backgrounds for new characters, like Nellie Bly’s inspiration for Lana Winters, often seems a bit much, especially when the representation is so loose.

The misrepresentation or grand re-representation of historical figures is nothing new.

Our own history books present complete falsehoods about everyone from Christopher Columbus to Paul Revere. Perhaps it’s just so glaring because we acknowledge that now, particularly during an age of “fake news” awareness.

11 The Opening Sequence And Spoilers Promise More Than We Get

One of the most exciting elements of a new season of American Horror Story is always the opening sequence and the slowly-revealed spoilers. Cast announcements and cool visuals trickle in until we finally get to see that first episode with its incredible casting graphics. The creepy opening sequence does much more than announce the cast: it revs us up like the announcer for a really scary joust about to take place.

The only problem is that it often goes downhill from there. While season 1 typically delivered, the casting graphics in seasons like Freak Show were actually scarier than the episodes themselves. That’s a real problem if we are supposed to be watching a horror program.

10 We Have No Idea What Happened To The Pig Boys

They were a successful execution of “the scary children” in a way that the little vampire entourage of the previous season just couldn’t seem to manage, so maybe that’s why Murphy and Falchuck decided to never let the “pig boys” of season six be seen again.

Aside from the fact that the boys could have made for some truly scary storytelling, the problem here isn’t just that they had no deeper involvement in the story than “check out these creepy kids” but that they don’t even have a resolution. Why the kids say, “Croatoan!” and why they drink pig milk remains unknown, and we may never know what happened to the charming little tykes.

9 No Consequences for the bad things the “good guys” do

As fans of American Horror Story, we sure do forgive a lot of murderers, don’t we? When someone bad finally goes good, all of their wicked deeds don’t seem to be as problematic. Even sweet Nan takes out Joan. Misty Day, otherwise a kind hippie, offs a couple of guys with alligators.

Were these warranted attacks? Maybe, but that doesn’t erase the fact that many characters end the lives of others and we pretty much turn a blind eye toward it like we wouldn’t if they occurred in real life. Of course, from people returning from the grave to mutant attacks near an asylum, there’s really not a lot in the show that applies to real life.

8 There’s Really No War Between The Coven And The Voodoo Witches

During season three, Coven, there’s a big build up about an oncoming war between the coven and the voodoo witches of the area. Both are led by powerful women, and who wasn’t excited to see Fiona, played by Jessica Lange, and Marie Laveau, played by Angela Bassett, go up against one another?

While there was plenty of tension and a zombie attack, it pretty much stopped there, especially after the witch hunters came to town.

AHS often builds up to something we’re expecting and completely abandon it for another plot instead. While we get that they want to keep us on our toes, broken promises do leave us unsatisfied and underwhelmed.

7 Zoe And Madison Gave Their Souls To Azaezel And It Never Came Up Again

When the bus full of frat boys who assaulted Madison wrecks, taking out all of the monsters on board on Madison’s whim, it’s satisfying. Even seeing Kyle taken out doesn’t bother some of us, given that we’ve already seen Evan Peters return from the grave before and wouldn’t be surprised if he returned. He may have stopped his “brothers” but he certainly tried to help them not get caught, making him complicit in the attack.

When Zoe and Madison decide to put “boy parts” together to resurrect Kyle as the perfect Frankenstein boyfriend, they sell their souls to Azaezel in order to do so, and yet it never comes up again. Given that both girls bite the dust during the show, shouldn’t that at least be an issue?

6 Roanoke’s Reality Show Inception

It was one of the most pointless plot points to ever be inserted into a season of American Horror Story. During season six, Roanoke, we’re treated to a reality show type of setting where re-enactors help us understand what happened to the Millers in “My Roanoke Nightmare”, an obvious play on so many other popular reality-based ghost hunting and experience shows. That’s an intriguing concept that works well for much of the season, but then we’re hit with reality-ception.

Getting all of the actors and people involved in actual events together for the blood moon event is one thing, but what about the disclaimer that nobody even survived the ordeal? If that’s true (which makes sense, since this is Roanoke), how did we get the footage in the first place?

5 There’s No Point To Scathach

Scathach, the mythical warrior from the Isle of Skye in Irish folklore, is an incredible character. It’s too bad we didn’t really get to know her in season six, Roanoke.

Lady Gaga’s Scathnach has a plethora of powers, is said to be the first Supreme and yet has no real point in the series.

The witch does a few nefarious things here and there, from purchasing souls to rendering people evil and insane, but in the grand scheme of things she has no real point except to serve as one of those random elements of horror woven in to just be spooky. Given the history of the traditional character, it would be amazing to see Murphy and Falchuck to use this as a tie-in for a more myth-heavy season.

4 People Are Constantly Offed Only To Be Brought Back

Character losses in the American Horror Story realm are pretty much like those in any comic book series: you don’t ever count them as permanent. Even when an entire series ends and you believe a character to be truly gone, they may return in another season! It’s definitely not a new tactic to have characters return from the grave; it’s a strategy used in everything from Dallas to Supernatural.

It makes us feel a little more jaded and a little less invested when tragedy does strike.

Oh, Fiona is sick? Oh, Ethel’s not going to make it? It’s too often meaningless. We want to feel affected, and we can’t help but worry a bit because we do love these characters, but deep down we’re always still wondering when they’ll return.

3 Twisty’s “Resolution” Is Basically A Deus Ex Machina

Season four’s big villain, Twisty the Clown, turned out to be much more Bozo than Pennywise. Sure, he was scary-looking, and he had the tragic backstory to boot, but Twisty’s crimes felt more garden variety scary movie than the monstrous panache we’d expect from AHS.

Twisty, played by John Carroll Lynch, even had a disappointing resolution as a character. Not only was he never really sorted out by a main character or a victim bent on revenge, but he was literally yanked out of the show to join Edward Mordrake’s nightmarish troupe, collecting the clown’s soul after hearing his tale of woe.

2 Misty Day Was Unjustly Lost

One of the characters fans most resonated with in season three, Coven, was Misty Day, played by the talented Lily Rabe. Misty’s character screamed Supreme, from her unique abilities to her lack of really caring about the position.

Misty was all about fairness, being kind to animals, and protecting the vulnerable, making her a fantastic character to root for.

Unfortunately she was also a red herring. Falchuck and Murphy offed her in such a terrible way in a Hell made up of her own personal vivisection nightmare, which made zero sense given her ability to bring things back to life so easily. Misty didn’t deserve her ending, but neither did Nan and many other characters.

1 Tate Is A School Shooter

Tate Langdon is one of the most romanticized characters in the history of AHS. The season 1 character is a doting friend, devoted boyfriend who would do anything for Violet, and speaks volumes of teen angst to many a smitten heart. It doesn’t hurt that Evan Peters, who plays Tate, is easy on the eyes as well. Is that why it’s so hard to remember that Langdon is such a deplorable character?

Tate is a school shooter. He took the lives of several classmates and should represent what we most despise and do not condone in this nation right now. He also assaulted Violet’s mother, Vivian, causing her to become pregnant with his Antichrist baby. How can anyone still crush on this guy knowing what harm he’s done?

What other problems with American Horror Story do fans overlook? Let us know in the comments!

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The Flash Premiere Had The Arrowverse’s First Batwoman Easter Egg

The fifth season premiere of The Flash surprised fans by making the first official reference to the existence of Batwoman, months ahead of her first scheduled appearance during the annual Arrowverse crossover event this winter. The episode also dropped a number of references to the classic comic book mini-series Crisis On Infinite Earths, which has been hinted as an eventual occurrence in the future of the Arrowverse.

Batwoman’s arrival in the Arrowverse was first announced shortly before San Diego Comic Con 2018, when the news broke that The CW was considering developing a television series based around Kate Kane, a cousin of Bruce Wayne who unintentionally followed in his footsteps when she became a vigilante. It was later confirmed that not only was The CW developing the series, but they intended to introduce Kate Kane as part of Elseworlds – the next annual Arrowverse crossover event. Ruby Rose, of Orange Is The New Black fame, was ultimately cast in the role of Kate Kane.

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The nod to Batwoman came near the end of the third segment of “Nora.” The action of the episode centered around Nora West-Allen, the future daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen, accidentally traveling back in time to before she was born and meeting her parents shortly after they got married. Barry quickly realized something was up when Nora seemed more concerned about spending time with him than doing the same with Iris and asked Nora, point blank, if that had anything to do his disappearance during a crisis in 2024, which he had read about in a future newspaper. Nora responded by showing Barry a newspaper from her time – the year 2049 – and confirming that he never returned home and that she grew up without a father.

Published 25 years to the day after the original article from the future, which was first seen in the first episode of The Flash, the 2049 article discusses the same crisis, but with a bit more detail. The 2024 article mentioned The Flash disappearing while fighting alongside Green Arrow, The Atom, and Hawkgirl. The 2049 article lists a larger number of heroes being involved in the battle, including Batwoman. The article says:

“But in the years following the crisis, accounts only grew more contradictory. Some eyewitnesses remember dozens of other heroes present, including Green Arrow, Batwoman, and Elongated Man. Others remember heroes thought lost in time, like The Atom, or from other worlds, like Supergirl. Some even contend they saw Reverse-Flash leading an army of ‘shadow demons’.”

It is interesting to note that Batwoman is mentioned in the same sentence as Green Arrow and Elongated Man – two heroes who frequently fight alongside The Flash on Earth-One. Until now, it had not been confirmed what Earth in the Arrowverse Kate Kane would be based on, though most assumed she would be from Earth 38 – the same Earth as Supergirl – as that would make it easier for the two to team-up in the future, in the same way that Batman and Superman frequently join forces in the comics. The wording of the article would suggest, however, that Kate Kane will be from Earth-One.

The mention of Reverse-Flash leading an army of shadow demons is another point of interest, given that shadow demons were the main mooks of The Anti-Monitor – the villain of the Crisis On Infinite Earths mini-series, where The Flash seemingly died saving the multiverse. The article also makes mention of The Psycho Pirate – another super-villain who had a major role in the events of The Crisis. It has long been suspected that the Arrowverse would eventually reenact Crisis On Infinite Earths in live-action and this latest bit of news about Batwoman from The Flash premiere seems to make that probability all the more certain.

More: The Flash Fixes Plot Hole By Secretly Changing Arrowverse History

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Simon Pegg Interview: The Boys

Amazon’s upcoming comic book adaptation, The Boys, dropped some big news at New York Comic Con this week; not only did was the first clip from the show revealed, but so was the news that Simon Pegg would be appearing in it. The Boys is an adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic series of the same name, which satirizes the superhero world and imagines life in a universe where those with powers become corrupted by them – but maintain their public image.

The ‘Boys’ of the comic title are a group of vigilantes, mostly without superpowers, who take it upon themselves to keep tabs on the various ‘supes’ in this world – and occasionally, to take them down. The series follows Butcher (Karl Urban), his new protege Hughie (Jack Quaid), and the rest of their gang as they wreak havoc on the twisted supes that the world sees as heroes, and it promises to be violent, foul-mouthed, and hilariously dark. After the reveal that Pegg would be appearing in the show as Hughie’s father, we sat down to talk about what fans can expect from his new character on the show.

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SR: So, obviously this was a big reveal for The Boys today. Can we ask now how big your part in the show is?

Simon Pegg: I’m a guest role. I think I’m in a few episodes, and it was something that we really wanted to do from the off. When the show became a reality, they were very kind to get in contact when Jack was cast and say ‘maybe you can be in the show’. And I think I suggested that maybe I could play Hughie’s father or something.

SR: So it was your idea?

Simon Pegg: Well, I can’t remember, but I feel like I did say that! Whether or not they had already had the character in mind I’m not sure, because he certainly… he serves a real purpose in the show. He’s not in the comic book, but I think in the show he represents the possibility of Hughie not taking action. And the show begins with this terrible tragedy that happens to Hugie and he has two choices; he can stay on the sofa with Dad like every Campbell man has in the past, or he can actually change his life.

And so, as a sort of visual representation of Hughie’s possible destiny, the Dad works really well as a character.

SR: And do we see any of Hughie’s Mom?

Simon Pegg: No, she passed away, so it’s just Hughie and Dad, and they have a very sweet relationship. That picture that you saw of us, the family shot, is very much prior to A-Train doing what he does. They have a very sweet little… you know they are just father and son, and he’s still got his toys in his bedroom, and they live together, and Dad dotes on him. He’s a nice guy, he’s just very ineffectual.

SR: How do you feel about the fact that in the comics, obviously Hughie is Scottish and now we’re coming over to the US for this series? Are you going to be an English Dad or are you going to do the American accent?

Simon Pegg: Well, we talked about this, and I think what happened was initially I was going to play Hughie’s Dad as Scottish in reference to the comic book, but then we decided in a way that if Hughie was used to a British accent of any kind, it would make Butcher less alien to him, in a way. Because Butcher’s got to feel like he’s from a completely different world, you know, and so he has this rough Cockney accent, and so we thought ok, let’s make them American. So I play Hughie’s father as American.

SR: Which other character are you most excited about? Which one is your favorite, either in the comics or the show… is it the same one?

Simon Pegg: I was just really happy to see the Supes, you know! When I did my first scene it was quite early on in the shoot and not all of the Boys had actually arrived. I hadn’t met Karen [Fukahara] or anybody and I was kind of like, really wanting to see some superheroes. And then when I came back to shoot some more scenes later on I got to see A-Train, and pictures of the other ones, and it was just really great to see them in 3D! But the one that I saw that was a full on ‘there he is, right in front of me’ superhero was a real treat.

SR: Do you think that this show is going to be particularly appealing to people who are maybe getting a little of that so-called ‘superhero fatigue’?

Simon Pegg: Yeah, I think that in a weird way, as a satire on superheroism, that’s kind of the least of what this show is, in a way. It’s a broader satire about the notion of power and celebrity, and it just so happens that the subjects of that particular analysis are superheroes in this show. We do, obviously, satirize superhero culture a little bit, and people might enjoy the parallels to other known superheroes that The Boys delights in. But at the same time, you know, it’s still a superhero show, I think it’s just a welcome change of tone, for sure. But it’s not like, I don’t think it’s sneering at its roots in any way. In the great tradition of comics like The Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, it’s kind of a slightly skewed version of that world, no less reverent.

SR: And other than yourself, because obviously your character doesn’t exist in the comics, were there any other major changes that surprised you, going in as a fan? At least, I am assuming you are a fan!

Simon Pegg: I am, yes! Everything that I saw, I really really liked, and I appreciate the importance, when making an adaptation, of not being too slavish. You can tie yourself in knots by being desperate to please, and I think that the best thing you can do with a story that first appeared in 2008 sis to make sure that it feels relevant in 2018. So they’ve done everything they can to do that. So the changes that I saw felt completely in keeping with the spirit of the comic book, and I know that’s what Garth Ennis really wanted as well, and Darick Robertson (the artist). And so as long as they maintain the kind of mission statement of it I’m happy to see it change. It must change, in the same way that The Walking Dead as a comic book is very different to the series, but it still has its own personality. TV is a different medium, you know, and it should have its own identity.

SR: And finally, I think we have time for one more, so given that you know the works of Garth Ennis, would you think that The Pro would be an interesting thing to be adapted next? And would you like to appear in that one, if it did?

Simon Pegg: [LAUGHS] I think anything he does is always… I think Garth kind of writes specifically to try and challenge people not to adapt… as if to say ‘alright, adapt that then!’. You know, things that just seem completely unadaptable. So, yes, I would always be happy to be involved in anything that Garth does, I’ve been a fan a long time, so yeah.

And, now they’ve done Preacher and now this, I think it’s paved the way for pretty much anything he does to appear in some form, you know, however mental. I shouldn’t say that, it’s the wrong word to say.

SR: Well, it’s a very British word.

Simon Pegg: [CHUCKLES] Yeah. So – who knows, you might have started a rumor – this is how these things start!

Next: Everything We Know About Preacher Season 4

The Boys is expected to premiere on Amazon in early 2019.

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15 Rules The Cast Of Counting Cars Is Forced To Obey

The guys working at Count’s Kustoms may not seem like a the type who are keen on rule-following, and, for the most part, that is true. There really aren’t all that many stated rules in the domain of Danny Koker and crew, but everyone has lines that they would prefer remain uncrossed.

That said, Danny and the crew of Counting Cars do have a few unstated laws that must be adhered to on the set. While the History network may not be as interested in staging dramatics and scenarios as their competitors, that isn’t to say that they haven’t laid out a few orders which need to be followed in order to keep the show interesting for the viewer. It may betray the tough guy bravado of the show, but rules are rules, no matter how many hot rods you’ve restored.

Some of these rules are relatively petty and simple, while others might raise an eyebrow or two and hint at a darker history behind these Las Vegas-based body shop workers. Danny, Mike and company haven’t caused all that many controversies when compared to some other big-name reality TV stars out there, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a couple of skeletons in their closet. Again, there don’t appear to be all that many hard-and-fast rules on the set of Counting Cars, but there are at least a few things that cast members know to keep an eye out for.

Here are the 15 Rules The Cast Of Counting Cars Is Forced To Obey.

15 Only Approach Certain People About Their Cars

A major focal point of many Counting Cars episodes is Danny’s frequent run-ins with random car owners. He’s often been filmed approaching people on the street or following someone home in order to track them down and make a deal for their car. These moments are, as most viewers may have guessed, almost always staged.

This is a pretty important rule for the cast to follow, however, as following hot rod owners home and offering to buy their cars is a pretty good way to creep out your clientele and make viewers think you’re a huge weirdo.

While Danny may have done something like this once or twice in his private life, these instances are commonly pre-arranged for the show. Stalking someone with the intent of bartering for their car is probably illegal anyway, though it does make for some interesting TV. Most of the Counting Cars guys aren’t actors by trade, either, and their performance sort of ruins the facade at times.

14 Get Every Fact Straight

If there’s one rule that Danny Koker does his best to follow, it is this one. Danny and the rest of the Counting Cars crew have frequently been called out and ridiculed by trivia-loving car aficionados for small mistakes they have made on air. Event the smallest of inaccuracies get pointed out, and it may call the integrity of Count’s Kustoms into question for the hardest of the hardcore.

For instance, Danny was once noted to have been incorrect about the year in which Chevy first started producing the Corvette: he said it was 1954, but it was actually 1952. It is a mistake he has yet to live down in some circles, and he’s since been sure to get his facts straight when he’s on camera.

13 Keep an Eye Out

Again, this isn’t necessarily a written rule, and it may seem like common sense for most business owners, but Danny and the rest of the guys working at Count’s Kustoms need to do their best to make sure burglary and theft aren’t taking place under their noses. This may sound like a no-brainer, but these things have happened more than once in the autoshop’s history.

From stolen trailers to ransacked houses and full-on employee embezzlement cases, Counting Cars hasn’t had a totally spotless run.

As a result, the guys at Count’s Kustoms need to keep an eye on their surroundings as well as on their co-workers, which doesn’t exactly create grounds for a healthy work environment.

12 The Customer is Always Right

The guys at Count’s Kustoms have taken on some pretty ludicrous jobs over the years, and this is partially because, as a rule, they try not to refuse any customization requests. This definitely isn’t something that’s been set in stone, as Koker and his employees have certainly turned some people away over the course of the show’s history, but it rarely ever happens.

Though they specialize in motorcycles and cars, the Counting Cars crew has accepted vans, busses, and even boats in the past, which certainly made for some interesting TV. It probably isn’t in Danny’s best interest to take on literally every project which comes through his door, but they certainly seem to try.

11 Keep Them Coming

Time is money, and the crew working behind the scenes at Count’s Kustoms sure like to keep busy. Though Counting Cars never really gets into the inner workings of the shop, Danny has said that they never have fewer than fifteen projects going at one time.

Given that each project is a pretty hefty investment in terms of time and resources, this is a pretty major commitment.

As a result, Count’s Kustoms has taken on a bunch of new employees over the years, and they don’t seem to show any signs of slowing down any time soon. Though the show’s popularity may eventually fade, Danny and his employee’s work probably won’t.

10 Stick to the Budget

Danny Koker is known to be very conservative both politically and fiscally. He is extremely protective of his money despite the fact that he has plenty of it to spare, and he never overspends except in very particular situations. Though it may not be an explicitly laid out rule in his shop, Danny’s employees are doubtlessly aware of the fact that they really need to stick to a budget.

The Count himself has shown his financially conservative nature when haggling, and he has been known to walk away from deals he finds unfair. This doesn’t show up all that often in the show, of course, because most of the drama is scripted and most of the bartering has already been pre-arranged. Those close to Danny, however, will know the truth.

9 Don’t Rush It

Count’s Kustoms may take on no fewer than fifteen projects at a time, but most of these projects take quite a while to complete. This is never really shown on the show, though, as the Counting Cars producers like to expedite things for the sake of viewer interest, but customization jobs are known to take 12 to 24 months to complete on average.

This may sound like an insane amount of time, but there really aren’t many places in the world that offer customization options like Count’s Kustoms.

Though some projects cruise through the shop in as little as ninety days, most employees know not to rush things.

8 Don’t Mention Danny’s Dad

Danny Koker’s father, a well-respected man who taught Danny everything he knows about autobody customization, bequeathed his extensive collection of rare cars to his son when he passed away. These vehicles hold an incredible amount of sentimental value to the Count’s Kustoms owner, and, though he has shown parts of the collection off in recent years, he doesn’t like to work on them.

Danny has said that his father’s passing is still a tough subject for him, and, as a result, most of his employees know better than to bring it up. In fact, even Counting Cars regulars should know better than to mention those cars or suggest working on them. While this may one day change, it remains a point of contention in Danny’s garage.

7 Don’t Bring up the Bandana

This really isn’t an unspoken rule, as Danny’s look has been the subject of occasional workplace antics over the years, but it should be said that Danny doesn’t seem all that keen to reveal what’s going on underneath his iconic bandana.

Many have speculated that he is covering some sort of facial deformity or unsightly tattoo, while others believe that he is abnormally committed to his rock-and-roll look.

The most likely explanation is that he isn’t eager to show off his receding hairline. Though this is little more than speculation, it does explain why Danny is often pretty defensive in regards to his dress. Those close to him might poke fun, but fans may want to avoid the subject.

6 Be Careful When Haggling

Danny Koker has stated on multiple occasions that the success of his show has made haggling at car shows much more difficult. As a typical enthusiast, the Count never seemed to have a problem getting his way on the showroom floor.

However, once his profile was raised, sellers began recognizing him more often and attempting to upsell him. This has become a major headache to the penny-pinching autobody overhauler, and anyone working with him should ensure that they don’t overpay when bartering. Danny is most likely very grateful for all of the good that the show has done his business over the years, though he could almost certainly go without this one annoying quirk.

5 Don’t Mention Danny’s Family

In keeping with his conservative values, Danny Koker typically doesn’t like to reveal all that much about his family or his private life. This is completely fair, and most Counting Cars fans will understand that his reality TV star status doesn’t require him to relay all of his personal matters to the public.

That said, Danny is abnormally protective of his loved ones, and very little is known about his wife and kids.

His wife, Korie Koker, co-owns Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill with her husband, though her private life remains largely undisclosed. Counting Cars cast members should almost certainly know better than to go prying into Danny’s personal life while the cameras are rolling.

4 Don’t Break The Fourth Wall

The guys on Counting Cars may seem like larger-than-life celebrities at times, but it is important to remember that they are actually people, and Count’s Kustoms is an actual business that will continue to operate independently of the show once the production crew heads home.

That said, though it may be an actual business, much of the situations covered on the show aren’t genuine. Whether played up for the sake of drama or totally fictional, much of the on-air hijinx covered on Counting Cars is dramatized. The Counting Cars cast is careful not to break the illusion, though, and everyone seems pretty eager to play along. There seems to be a rule against fourth wall breaks while on set, and it seems to have gone pretty much unbroken over the years.

3 Politics Are a No-Go

In today’s radically partisan climate, few shows are all that eager to take sides or show any sort of political bias at all. That said, Counting Cars star Danny Koker was an avid supporter of the current leader of the United States during his campaign in 2016. This should come as no surprise given his conservative background, but it remains a major point of contention among many viewers.

Rather than bring up a potentially costly political debate on-air, the Counting Cars crew is pretty careful to keep their lips sealed concerning the subject.

The time may well come when things of that nature can be discussed more freely, but Count’s Kustoms is better off free of political drama for the time being.

2 Forget About Scott Jones

Scott Jones, the ornery store manager featured in the first and second seasons of Counting Cars, isn’t brought up all that much these days. He was hardly mentioned at all in the third season, and he seems to have been totally absent from every subsequent episode since then.

Fans have speculated that he was actually fired as a result of an embezzlement scheme, while others believe he simply grew tired of the daily grind and returned to his hometown. It’s tough to know exactly what happened to Jones, though none of the Counting Cars cast members seem all that eager to bring it up. This probably isn’t an explicitly stated rule, but most will know better than to bring up Scott on camera.

1 Don’t Deal With Vince Neil

Show lead and shop owner Danny Koker has met quite a few celebrities through his business, and his rock-and-roll band side project has also put him in contact with some pretty interesting characters. Koker has, in one way or another, come to be pretty good friends with ex-Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil.

Though it started out as a pretty lucrative relationship for Koker and his show, the Counting Cars cast soon decided that their relationship with Neil was detrimental to the show’s good standing.

After that, they by-and-large disbanded any professional connections to the singer, though Koker and Neil are said to have remained friends. Even so, it isn’t likely that the ex-rocker will be making any appearances on the show any time soon. The bottom line is that Vince is bad news, and the cast can’t mention him anymore.

Are there any other rules that the cast of Counting Cars has to follow? Let us know in the comments!

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Beginners Gameplay Tips

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is here, and it offers up something of a different experience from the previous games in the series. Rather than the stealth-based gameplay of old, Odyssey doubles down on the RPG mechanics, becoming a huge, deep open world game for players to enjoy. In essence, it takes what worked from Assassin’s Creed Origins and makes it even better.

The end result is a fantastic take on the Greek myth, albeit one that sometimes struggles a little to bridge the gap between open world RPG and its roots in the larger Assassin’s Creed universe. Nonetheless, those changes could leave some players a bit confused as to where to start, and after working through the opening island of Kephallonia things could become a little bit daunting.

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That said, there are some ways to make the most of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from the get go. After all, there’s lot to get to grips with before taking on Medusa or hunting after all those legendary armor sets. Instead, here are some tips for how to take up what Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has to offer fast.

Choose Exploration Mode

The most important first choice to make comes before the player even starts the game. When given the option, it’s highly recommended to choose Exploration Mode as the method of play. This is the way that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was designed to be played, and for good reason; the additional level of emphasis on discovery is a delight to play, and much more fun than simply following map markers to reach objectives.

Effectively, Exploration Mode works by making the player find their own way through quests. NPCs will give hints towards locations to be discovered when talking about the mission in question, forcing players to use a little of their own intuition. This mode also makes map exploration much more fun, with the player finding random locations as they work their way around the regions hunting down quests.

Exploration Mode also means players will make the most out of eagle companion Ikaros. The eagle is not only able to scout out discovered locations, but also target enemies and notable items within specific locations, such as chests or hostages to release. Finally, remember to seek out Synchronization points to boost the power of Ikaros overall.

Think About Crafting Over Cash

Whether armor or weapons, it’s easy to find loot in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. As such, when players notice they have plenty of unused items sitting around in their inventory, it’s extremely tempting to drop them all off at a nearby blacksmith and make a bit of drachmae.

That said, it’s probably best to hold fire of cashing in. That’s because drachmae are not in short supply in the game, and can be picked up from completing quests, in explored locations, or from dead enemies. Instead, consider breaking down weaker weapons and armor into leather, wood, and metal, as these can be useful as crafting for upgrades to the player’s ship or even to beef up items at a blacksmith.

It’s worth bearing in mind that drachmae are needed in a couple of places in the game, and it’s always worth keeping some around in case of having to pay off a bounty to keep mercenaries off the player’s trail when it’s better to lay low. Nonetheless, put money on the back burner, and instead think about how best to boost the overall power of the misthios.

Choose Your Abilities Wisely

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has a fairly comprehensive skill tree, but there are some abilities that are better to unlock than others. As explained in our guide to the best abilities to unlock first, There are a few essential abilities, with the Sparta Kick being useful from a warrior perspective alongside beef ups to the assassin skill tree such as Shadow Assassin.

Overall, though, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gives players the greatest level of flexibility in how they choose to play that the series has seen so far. It’s perhaps best to pick and choose skills based on what works for the player in question, providing they keep enough core skills in each area to make sure they can get out of trouble whatever the situation.

Remember you can always change your choices as well, albeit at a cost. A few drachmae allows the player to reset all of their abilities, so if some skills are found to be less useful than others, it’s easy to drop them and rebuild the character from scratch.

Take To The Waters With Style

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes the series back to the high seas, and it’s something that is long overdue. With gameplay reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the core way to travel between the different islands is to take to the Adrestia and hop from island to island seeking adventure.

Even though a lot of the gameplay takes place on land, it’s truly beneficial to upgrade the ship regularly. This could mean recruiting new lieutenants, which helps both with buffs to the ship’s power and when boarding enemy vessels, or improving things like rowing power or damage caused by ranged attacks. It comes at a cost in terms of drachmae and consumables, but it’s worth it in the long run.

This is because it’s all too easy to get into scraps with pirates, Spartan or Athenian vessels when out at sea. Naval combat is extremely good fun, but when outnumbered it’s much better to have more firepower onside, and it’s always satisfying to take out those Cult of Kosmos members who happen to captain a ship of their own.

Revel In The Game World

It may feel like an obvious rule to follow, but Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is much more fun if taken at the player’s own pace. The title’s story is a compelling, personal adventure that (generally) ties well into the larger plot of Assassin’s Creed, but the game perhaps works best with the player following their own path and doing what’s most fun to them.

As such, it’s important to stretch your legs in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Between the Conquest Battles, side quests and other additional smaller elements of the game at large, there’s no reason to purely stick to the main quest. This is something the game expects, too – there’s no real reason to grind in the game, providing players make good use of the enthralling, extra content available to them.

Perhaps the best examples of this are the game’s mercenary system, which leads to some excellent one-on-one fights with fearsome combatants, and hunting down the Cult of Kosmos. Although the cult ties into the larger plot as a whole, hunting down smaller members is a fantastic element of the game, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Those are just a few tips to help players make the most of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. However, with a game as expansive as this, players are best suited to decide how best they want to play the game. Regardless of how they choose to enjoy the title, there are bound to be some surprises along the way.

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