Star Wars: Rey Won’t Return in Future Sequels Without Finn & Poe

Rey’s journey in the Star Wars universe cannot continue without Finn and Poe, according to Daisy Ridley. The three characters were introduced in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which served as both the first Disney Star Wars movie and the beginning of the sequel trilogy that continued two years later with The Last Jedi. This month’s The Rise of Skywalker will bring their journey to a close on the big screen, with Force Awakens helmer J.J. Abrams once again directing.

But of course, the film is much more than that. In the summer of 2018, Lucasfilm confirmed The Rise of Skywalker will pull double-duty, acting as a finale to the Skywalker Saga (which encompasses every mainline Star Wars movie since 1977), in addition to serving as the final chapter in Rey, Finn, and Poe’s hero narrative. The Star Wars films will go on hiatus until 2022 after that, even as the universe continues to expand with new TV shows, comic books, novels, and video games over the next three years. Just don’t expect any of those to include Ridley as Rey.

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Screen Rant spoke with Rey at The Rise of Skywalker press junket, asking her if she would be interested in reprising Rey in a future video game or Disney+ series. For her part, Ridley says she’s content to leave the character after this new film, and feels her story couldn’t carry on without Finn and Poe either.

I’m complete. I think the thing is… I also think we’re already apart of a video game because John [Boyega] plays it and apparently I’m a great character, but the beauty of this is John, and Oscar [Isaac], and Naomi [Ackie]. We’re all in it together, so one without the other to me, it doesn’t really compute because I’m like what would Rey be without Finn? What would Finn be without Po? That’s how I’ve always thought about it. So, no. I feel this is a beautiful ending in this way.

Ridley’s comments are not only encouraging, they also make sense. The Rise of Skywalker is meant to bring the journey Rey started in The Force Awakens to a satisfying close, and the idea of Ridley returning to her role in the foreseeable future would only undermine that. Moreover, as Ridley pointed out, the character’s story is closely tied to Finn and Poe’s, and bringing back one without the other would be as bad as, say, if The Force Awakens had only brought back one of the original Star Wars trilogy’s leads instead of all three (Luke, Leia, and Han). She’s not the only one saying this, either; both Boyega and Isaac barely shot down the idea of reprising Finn and Poe in an upcoming Disney+ series while promoting The Rise of Skywalker.

Of course, there’s an obvious way for Rey, Finn, and Poe to return down the line without their actors. The characters could easily show up in a future Star Wars novel or comic book, be they set before or after The Rise of Skywalker. Luke, Leia, and Han lived on for decades after Return of the Jedi hit theaters through the defunct Star Wars Expanded Universe (which has since been re-dubbed Star Wars Legends), and the sequel trilogy’s leads could well follow suit. For the time being, though, here’s to hoping Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker gives the new trio the sendoff they deserve on the big screen, whatever does (or doesn’t) come next for them.

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EXCLUSIVE: Flashpoint Batman’s Return is Finally Explained

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Batman #84

The final chapter of Tom King’s Batman epic is fast approaching, with Bruce preparing for the final battle against his own father, Thomas Wayne. Now the secrets surrounding the return of the Flashpoint Batman have all been answered… revealing just how long he’s been watching his son’s rise and fall.

It’s a question that has lingered ever since the two-part crossover involving “The Button,” allowing Batman and The Flash to travel to the Flashpoint timeline. That trip meant Bruce finally got to meet his father as an adult — and that version of Thomas met the man his son never got to become. So it came as a massive surprise when he somehow returned to break Batman as an ally of Bane. Thanks to our exclusive preview of Batman #84 that surprise is largely explained. Not only who is responsible for saving Thomas from the death of the Flashpoint timeline, but what caused him to turn against his own son.

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The twist came so long ago, and Bane’s plan to destroy Batman has escalated so much since, many fans may have forgotten that Thomas Wayne’s return wasn’t actually explained. After the two Batmen got their reunion, Bruce and Barry were forced to return as the Flashpoint timeline finally began to be erased from existence. It was then that Thomas gave his final words of advice — “Let the Batman die with me.” — before he presumably ceased to exist, as well. So how did he not just survive, but emerge as the true villain pulling Bane’s strings? Get that answer in our preview below:

The preview reveals the twist of the Flashpoint Batman clearly enough, but for those who may be thrown by the reverse order of the story, we’ll simplify. It turns out Thomas didn’t die along with his universe following the events of “The Button,” but was pulled free by Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. It seems it’s an act of revenge, after Thomas ran a sword through Thawne’s chest in Flashpoint. The act was also presumed to have killed Thawne, but due to the unpredictability of the Speed Force (as Flash readers have since learned), killing Thawne simply shook him loose from the limits of his own reality. The only silver lining is that fans know Thawne was killed by Dr. Manhattan not long after stranding Thomas in the main DC Universe.

From there the Flashpoint Batman watched and waited, following Batman and Superman’s double date, the courtship and proposal to Catwoman, and every other key event right along with readers. Now that he’s stopped being merely an observer, and ended the threat of Bane for good, and used Alfred’s death to further break Bruce, the true fight can begin. And Wednesday can’t get here soon enough.

  • BATMAN #84
  • Release Date: December 4th, 2019
  • Written by: Tom King
  • Art by: Jorge Fornes, Jordie Bellaire
  • Cover by: Mikel Janín
  • Variant Cover by: Francesco Mattina
  • “City of Bane” chapter eleven! The end is near as one victory leads to another defeat. As Batman reclaims his city from Bane, can he regain his sense of family? More specifically, when a man who is your father from another dimension has torn everything down around you, what will it take to build it back up? Especially when that man is currently staring you in the face and threatening to punch it. The final battle for Gotham City…and the cowl of the Caped Crusader…starts here!

Batman #84 will be available at your local comic book shop on December 4th, 2019.

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Friends: Why Jennifer Aniston Almost Didn’t Return For Season 10

It’s hard to imagine the final season of Friends without the whole group back, but it nearly happened as Jennifer Aniston almost didn’t return. Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, Friends debuted on NBC in 1994 and came to an end in 2004 after ten seasons. The series followed the lives of six friends (Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Ross) living in New York City and dealing with the ups and downs of adulthood as best as they could.

Friends was a major boost for the careers of the main cast, who ended up becoming pop culture icons of the 1990s, especially Jennifer Aniston, who also became a fashion icon of the decade. Her character’s arc is the one that kickstarted the series, as she joined the rest of the group in the pilot episode after running away from her wedding. Her journey continued to be a main focus of the series, with the finale relying heavily on her and Ross’ relationship.

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But the final season of Friends as the world now knows it almost didn’t happen, as Aniston wasn’t sure she was going to return, and unlike many other cases in the entertainment industry, it had nothing to do with her contract.

Speaking to NBC in 2004, Jennifer Aniston admitted she almost didn’t join the rest of the Friends gang in the final season. Aniston explained she had a “couple of issues” she was dealing with, and she wanted the series to end while people “still loved them”. She went on to explain she wasn’t sure how much more of Rachel she had left in her, and she worried about the series’ quality declining if they continued looking for new stories. Aniston eventually decided to return, and the series finale of Friends was very well received.

Friends season 10 might not be the strongest of the bunch, but in general, it did justice to the main characters and gave them closure (except for Joey), with Chandler and Monica becoming parents and moving out of the apartment, and Ross and Rachel getting together (supposedly for good this time, as it’s implied in the spinoff series Joey that they got married). The final season of Friends without Jennifer Aniston back as Rachel would have been very different, and her absence would have affected the arcs of the rest, especially that of Ross, but fans are surely relieved she decided to come back and realized she still had more Rachel to offer.

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Walking Dead Season 10 Part 2 Return Date & Story Details

The Walking Dead season 10 is taking a midseason break and returns for the second half of its season in 2020. Like season 9, the tenth season of the AMC series is adapting the “Whisperer War” story arc from The Walking Dead comics. The second half of the season is expected to continue the story as the conflict with Alpha (Samantha Morton), Beta (Ryan Hurst), and the Whisperers heats up.

The Walking Dead season 10 represents an important shift for the series, as it’s the first full season without its original protagonist, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who famously exited the show early in season 9. Ever since, The Walking Dead has managed as an ensemble show, without any one character taking over as the lead. However, characters like Daryl (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Carol (Melissa McBride), and even Aaron (Ross Marquand) have all had to step up in a big way since Rick’s “death“.

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Full-scale war has yet to begin, as Alpha has a specific plan for defeating Alexandria and the Hilltop that doesn’t involve a full-on assault. As the season has progressed, Alpha has been slowly working toward crippling the communities. While the Whisperers, particularly Beta and Gamma (Thora Birch), have expressed unfaltering loyalty to Alpha, cracks are starting to show, especially since Alpha does have one glaring weakness: Lydia (Cassady McClincy). That being said, Alpha still holds the advantage. A recent twist involving Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) revealed that Alpha has a person on the inside. Where the war will go from here is open to speculation. Here’s what to expect from the second half of The Walking Dead season 10.

The Walking Dead season 10 returns on Sunday, February 23. It’s standard for The Walking Dead to go on hiatus either at the end of November or early in December and return sometime in February. This time, it’s at the end of February, which means that the next Walking Dead series, presumably The Walking Dead: World Beyond, will premiere sometime in spring 2020, after The Walking Dead season 10 concludes.

The primary focus of season 9 and season 10 has been the Whisperers, and this won’t change in the season’s remaining eight episodes, though it may begin to dive a little deeper into the Commonwealth as the story with Eugene (Josh McDermitt) develops. Regardless, it could bring a conclusion to the Whisperer War. If so, the second half of The Walking Dead season 10 can serve as the wrap-up for what would be a two-season storyline.

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5 Reasons George Lucas Should Return To Star Wars (& 5 He Should Stay Far Away)

George Lucas is one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, not because of the breadth of his filmography, but because of its cultural significance. His Star Wars Saga, the epic space opera that began in 1977 with the release of Episode IV: A New Hope, has been a fixture in pop culture entertainment for over 40 years, and changed the way we look at movies. With every new film he created in the Star Wars Universe, he pioneered new storytelling ideas, new technology for capturing them, and groundbreaking new visual effects to bring them to life.

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Lucas sold Lucasfilm in 2012 to Disney, and Disney has spearheaded the last three films in his nine-part Star Wars Saga, as well as expanded it with a few stand-alone features. The Disney produced films have been divisive to Star Wars fans, but even Lucas’s own creations caused tumult among the community built around them. As fans anxiously await Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, the final installment in Lucas’s vision, we look at 5 reasons why he should return to Star Wars (in some capacity), and 5 reasons why he should stay far, far away.


Star Wars fans eagerly anticipated Episode VII: The Force Awakens, only to feel like it was a repackaged version of the same storyline from Episode IV: A New Hope. They then went into The Last Jedi similarly jaded, and felt that all originality had been taken from the Star Wars Saga.

George Lucas’s plans for Episodes VII-IX may have involved some aspects of the Star Wars mythos fans didn’t like, such as more enthusiastic emphasis on the Whills, creatures similar to midi-chlorians that dictate the will of the Force and prove to be behind every major event in the galaxy, but at least he had wholly original ideas that weren’t more of the same.


Though the Disney sequels have made fans a little less dismissive of Lucas’s prequel films, the prequels still can’t be vindicated for their atrocious dialogue. Filled with fine thespians capable of conveying lines with subtle emotional resonance, they were reduced to muttering a diatribe of maudlin nonsense.

The only person to really emerge unscathed from the encounter was Ewan Mcgregor, who will soon reprise his excellent Obi-Wan Kenobi role in a series for the Disney+ streaming service. As for his co-star Natalie Portman, an Academy Award winner, all of her charm managed to be completely stripped away with the dialogue she had to say.


While there are creative directors like Pablo Hidalgo working on the Star Wars franchise as part of the Lucasfilm Story Group, there are often numerous voices and minds involved with getting a Star Wars film made. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was crammed full of creative personnel, from scrip writers to producers and directors that had to work together to get it made well.

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Lucas probably thought Lucasfilm was in good hands when he named Kathleen Kennedy its president after he sold it in 2012, but Kennedy has also been blamed for a lot of the creative blunders the franchise has experienced. A technically savvy executive producer, she may lack the visionary qualities that a person like Lucas possessed.


If you watch Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy, you’ll become acquainted with a zealous young up-and-coming filmmaker fresh from film school and eager to cut his teeth on new original stories. In his youth, Lucas despised the big studio system and the commercialization of narratives, and so set out with other like-minded creators (Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola) to make his story his way.

Lucas understands that by its very nature, Star Wars is a young film maker’s franchise. It needs to be shaped and molded by young creators with new and original ways of thinking. He recognized he became set in his ways, and that directors like J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson, and others needed to contribute their vision of that galaxy far, far away.


Like fellow visionary film maker James Cameron, when George Lucas makes a film, it shifts the paradigm of cinema. It introduces new technology, new methods of shooting, and new ideas about how cinema can communicate stories. Not all of the innovation Lucas created has been appreciated, but much of it has become the norm.

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Just like the original trilogy utilized Steadicams and scale models to greatly improve special effects sequences, the prequels utilized green screens to place actors in front of locations that didn’t exist to enhance environments. Both practices are commonplace now, much like shooting digitally, another aspect Lucas pioneered.


Like anyone who has spent years of their life devoted to realizing their  greatest creation, George Lucas was protective of his work. Star Wars was a story before it was a franchise, and he had to fight to get it made. Studios didn’t see much of a future in it back in 1977, and Lucas had to ensure that even if he never saw a dime from the release of A New Hope, he got the sequel rights to make the other two movies and get his trilogy vision.

On the set of the films, Lucas was known to be a control freak, who couldn’t handle clowning around on set between his actors, or any incompetency with his crew. By the time Return of the Jedi was made, his health was suffering as a result of being so neurotic.


While Lucas can be attributed to generating the first sparks that incited the fandom, Disney can be blamed for fanning the flames. Since the creator of the Star Wars Saga stepped away from the franchise in 2012, the fandom has only grown more quarrelsome and fractious.

For many Star Wars fans, the Disney sequel films made the prequel films look better by comparison, and they were seen in a new light as being worthy successors to the original trilogy. With Lucas returning to a prominent role in Lucasfilm, perhaps the fandom will decide to unite once more under his guidance.


It was recently announced that Kevin Feige, the Marvel producer responsible for turning the Marvel franchise into one of the most dominant in the world, will be making his own contribution to the Star Wars Universe. A big Star Wars fans himself, Disney hopes he’ll do for Star Wars what he’s done for Marvel.

The sequel trilogy by Disney has proved divisive for fans, with many seeing them as overblown, thoughtless messes banking on fans’ nostalgia to turn a profit. With Feige even rumored to be taking over as head of Lucasfilm in the wake of president Kathleen Kennedy’s shortcomings, the era of George Lucas having any authority over Star Wars may be at an end.


At a time when most space-faring movies were considered ridiculous farces, no more entertaining than a Flash Gordon serial and devoid of complexity or depth, Star Wars sought to change all that. It did so by surpassing its peers in technological advancement, making film critics and audiences stand up and pay attention.

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The technology Lucas and his crews pioneered was used as the foundation for two separates companies; Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound. Those companies are used to create some of the biggest blockbusters and culturally significant films of the modern era. Even the Marvel movies go through them to ensure a brilliant finished product.


Lucas hasn’t made it a secret how much he doesn’t like working with actors, and his casts haven’t made it a secret how  he’d replace them all with droids if he could! Harrison Ford famously explained that if Lucas could get away with not using actors to create his stories, he would.

Both Mark Hamill and Hayden Christensen, who play Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker, both have expressed hos difficult it was to get any sort of feedback from Lucas about their characters. They were often frustrated trying to find their motivation for scenes, when Lucas was more focused on getting the visual effects right,

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: 10 Characters We Hope To See Return In Season 10

We’re just a few short months away (apparently – no air date has been confirmed by HBO) from Curb Your Enthusiasm’s highly anticipated tenth season. It’s assumed that we’ll be seeing the main characters – Larry, Jeff, Susie, Leon, and possibly Cheryl – so this list will focus on ancillary characters whose return in season 10 isn’t automatically expected.

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Sadly, due to the untimely passing of Bob Einstein earlier this year, we likely won’t be seeing Marty Funkhouser in the upcoming season, which is a crying shame, but something we have to expect. Here are 10 Curb Your Enthusiasm Characters We Hope To See Return In Season 10.

10 Richard Lewis

It wouldn’t really feel like Curb if Larry David’s childhood friend and fellow comedian Richard Lewis didn’t make an appearance. Over the years, Larry has given Lewis a kidney, accidentally poisoned his Christian Scientist girlfriend (one of the many women that Lewis has called “the one”), and stood him up for countless lunches due to the lack of a verbal confirmation of the plans.

Last year, Larry was insensitive about the death of Lewis’ parakeet and mocked how young he made himself look in a self-portrait he painted. Whatever season 10 has in store for their relationship (if anything) will surely be comedy gold.

9 Wanda Sykes

It’s been a few years since we saw the fictionalized version of Wanda Sykes grace the presence of the fictionalized version of Larry David. The last time Wanda made an appearance was in season 8, when she stole Larry’s personal trainer.

Sykes recently released a standup special on Netflix and she’s starring alongside Mike Epps in a new sitcom called The Upshaws, but like the similarly in-demand Lin-Manuel Miranda, who carved out enough time in his busy schedule for a self-deprecating multi-episode arc in Curb’s ninth season, she’ll surely be able to find time for Larry if he needs her.

8 Ted Danson

After sitting out season 8, Ted Danson and his fictionalized self came back with a vengeance for the ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Danson has a laidback West Coast attitude that clashes hilariously with Larry’s neurotic East Coast sensibilities. Whether they’re arguing about a piece of pie or what constitutes “heaven,” Ted and Larry’s bickering conversations have never failed to raise a few belly laughs from Curb fans.

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In season 9, Ted started dating Cheryl (who gave him the hysterically insufferable pet name “T”), so it could be interesting to see that dynamic shift grow and evolve throughout season 10.

7 Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has played himself a couple of times on Curb, first in the audience of Larry’s Broadway debut in The Producers, and then in a longer arc in the season revolving around a Seinfeld reunion special. Whenever the two are in a room together, it’s almost a guarantee that something hilarious will happen.

As shown in Larry’s appearance on the first ever episode of Jerry’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, these two still share the same comic energy that gave us nine brilliant seasons (well, seven brilliant seasons – Larry left the show before season 8) of Seinfeld.

6 Dr. Templeton

Played brilliantly by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Dr. Templeton was Larry’s psychiatrist in season 9, so it stands to reason that they’re still in contact and it wouldn’t be a stretch for Cranston to reprise his role.

Whether he was condemning Larry for violating their unspoken confidentiality deal, which apparently goes both ways with medical professionals, or arguing about whether or not he has a better chair than Larry, Cranston left a lasting impression in the role of Dr. Templeton and he proved to be a worthy match for Larry David in improvised conversations. It would be great to catch up with him in season 10.

5 Rosie O’Donnell

Whenever Larry David and Rosie O’Donnell get together – or, at least, when their fictional Curb-ified selves get together – it’s always hilarious, because they’re both New Yorkers and they both have brash comedic personas, but they’re still very different people.

The last time we saw Rosie on the show was in the season 8 episode “The Bisexual,” which plays a little uncomfortably, because it’s predicated on the misconception that people who identify as bisexual are undecided on their sexual orientation, which simply isn’t true. Hopefully, an appearance in the upcoming tenth season can leave Rosie’s Curb arc on a more tasteful note.

4 Cousin Andy

Like Marty Funkhouser, Larry David’s cousin Andy is a character who hardly ever actually says anything particularly funny, yet stands out as one of the show’s funniest characters. This is all thanks to the brilliance of Richard Kind (or Bob Einstein, in the case of “the Big Funk”), because his performance is always based on the context of the scene.

If Larry is in a position where the last thing he wants to do is talk to someone, Kind will be over-the-top nice to him. For an example of Kind playing beautifully with context, look at the scene where he describes Larry’s mother’s funeral to him.

3 Mary Steenburgen

Fans panicked when Curb’s ninth season announced that Ted Danson and his wife Mary Steenburgen had broken up. They quickly took to the Internet to see if it was true. Thankfully, one of Hollywood’s favorite couples is still together and this was just for a storyline on Curb.

When Ted asked out Cheryl, Larry decided to ask out Mary, who bluntly shut him down. The best supporting characters in Curb are the ones who aren’t afraid to be blunt with Larry, and as one of his real-life friends, Mary Steenburgen is one of them. It would be great to see her again in season 10.

2 Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has played herself on Curb a few times. In season 1, Larry’s neighbors wanted to meet her; in season 2, Larry developed a sitcom pilot with her; and in season 7, she appeared in the Seinfeld reunion show.

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As the actor who played Elaine on Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a reason to pop in and out of Larry David’s life – and as a long-time friend of David’s, she doesn’t hold back when the cameras are rolling and they’re trading barbs. Louis-Dreyfus’ career has gone from strength to strength in recent years, mostly thanks to the fantastic political satire series Veep, so it would be fun to see her on the show again.

1 Michael J. Fox

It’s possible that Michael J. Fox reappearing on Curb Your Enthusiasm would undo some of the impact of his hysterical performance in the season 8 finale. However, Fox returned for a cameo in season 9 and, if anything, it enhanced his appearance in season 8, so it’s within the realm of possibility.

Fox has some unresolved beef with Larry David. After mistaking Larry miming a violin to Jeff for an insensitive hand gesture, Fox got Larry kicked out of New York City by the mayor himself. God only knows what would happen if the two ended up in close quarters again.

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The Flash: 10 Villains We Hope Return in Season 7 | ScreenRant

Through the first 5 and a half seasons of CW’s The Flash, we’ve seen the Scarlet Speedster take on several proven foes: From finding the man who killed his mother to saving the love of his life, all the way to seeing his daughter disappear from existence, the show has had fans on a roller-coaster of emotions. With season 6 starting off with good ratings, it is very likely the show will be renewed for a 7th. With Flash currently dealing with Bloodwork, here are 10 villains in the comics that would make great foes in season 7.

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10 Reverse Flash

We’ve seen this one before. But as Flash fans know, Eobard Thawne is the Flash’s greatest foe, both in the comics and the show, forever destined to torment him. Seeing him come back as the big bad for another season to terrorize Team Flash could make for a compelling season. From matching his speed to knowing Barry’s identity, Reverse-Flash often has the edge on the team and is always one step ahead. The last time we saw Thawne was in the season 5 finale where he tricked Barry’s daughter Nora out of existence. it’s safe to say Barry has some unfinished business with Thawne.

9 The Turtle

Another villain we’ve seen in the show, but this time only as a brief one episode appearance in season 2. If we look at the comics, the Turtle is the first villain that Barry faces as the Flash and proves to be a great foe down the road. In the current run of the Flash comics, Turtle is a ruthless ruler of Central City in total destruction with only Future Flash to stand in his way. Turtle, as mentioned in the show, has the ability to slow down time around him, which prevents The Flash from speeding in and taking him down. With the potential of the character, the Flash writers can do a lot with the fastest man alive taking on the slowest man alive. And although he is already dead by the hands of Harrison Wells, we’ve seen supposedly dead villains make an appearance once again through ways of the multiverse.

8 Godspeed

Yet another Flash villain that has briefly appeared in the show. Godspeed has a unique advantage over other rogues where he is close friends with Barry Allen and still considers him a friend even after becoming Godspeed. Like Barry, Godspeed wants to use his speed for good but unlike Barry, Godspeed is more than willing to kill villains in the name of justice. This dilemma is more than enough of a storyline for a 22-episode season, maybe seeing Barry attempt to save his foes and battle yet another speedster. And he also has one of the coolest costumes out of all the rogues.

7 Black Flash

While the show does a great job of taking villains from the comics, we have to mention Black Flash. Pretty much considered the grim reaper for speedsters, the Black Flash has wreaked havoc on not only one Flash but on all four that have taken the mantle. In the show, Black Flash has appeared briefly when Flash goes into the Speed force in season 3 and not much is seen after. Black Flash haunting the Scarlet Speedster and his team can make for a season full of heart-stopping moments and action. Similar to Savitar in season 3, Barry will face a non-human entity.

6 Red Death

Briefly mentioned in a season 5 episode, Red Death can very well make his way to Central City very soon. With the multiverse always playing a role in The Flash, and the new Batwoman TV show introducing Bruce Wayne, Red Death might make an appearance in Central City and threaten Team Flash. Combining the powers of the Flash with the intellect and detective skills of Batman, Red Death can be The Flash’s greatest villain yet. A vicious murderer that stops at nothing to achieve his own goals, Red Death can rival Zoom’s terror with his costume alone. Batman as a human is intimidating enough, imagine an angrier Bruce with a thirst for blood and the powers of a God.

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5 Speed Force

For those following the current Flash storyline in the comics, Barry is slowing down when the speed force is being siphoned away by other forces (strength, sage, etc). The CW writers can take plenty of influence from the comics and create a similar story where Barry has to fight the very thing he uses for power. Because we all know what a world without the Flash would look like (not good). Seeing Barry take on something that’s not necessarily human but just as threatening to his city would make for some jaw-dropping moments and general fear that Barry might not be able to act fast enough. Similar to the Crisis he’s currently dealing with in season 6.

4 Dr. T.O. Morrow

Although Dr. T.O. Morrow has already made an appearance in the Arrowverse as a villain to Super Girl, the Doctor was originally a Flash villain, making his first appearance in a Flash comic. As the creator of Red Tornado and other similar androids, the Dr is not only a genius engineer but also a mad scientist who created his androids from future tech. He also poses a great threat to the DC universe as a whole so a crossover throughout the season is very possible. Similar to the Thinker, The Flash would face a genius 10 steps ahead of the team.

3 Nora West as Inertia

Created as a way to spite Barry, Inertia is a clone of Impulse or Bart Allen, Barry’s future grandson. With Nora, Barry’s daughter, playing a similar role to Impulse (cocky but naive speedster, eager to meet his idol), the CW can make a unique twist to the character and have Nora fill the shoes of Thaddeus Thawne. Imagine a season where Barry has to fight his own daughter and find the good in her when all hope seems to be lost. It can definitely be a heartbreaking revelation for Team Flash and can force them to do something they’ve never done.

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2 Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue has long been rumored to be a big bad for Team Flash but has yet to be even mentioned on the show. Cobalt Blue has a tragic past, being born Barry’s twin but stolen at birth due to a doctor accidentally killing the baby of Hugo and Charlene Thawne. Unfortunately for Cobalt Blue, he grew up in an abusive home and resented his life. After finding out about his biological brother and being jealous of Barry’s life, he sets out to destroy him with the blue flame that gives him powers to steal anything he wants, including the Speed Force of a speedster. And with Eddie Thawne, played by Rick Cosnett rumored to play Cobalt Blue, it would make an interesting storyline.

1 Wally West

This one can go one of two ways. In the current Flash comics, there are technically two Wally West’s, the original red-haired one that took the mantle when Barry disappeared and the younger one modelled after Keiynan Londsdale. The first is forgotten in history after Flash Point and is only brought back by Barry when he remembers him. He battles Barry for the fastest man alive and wins. Although he won’t have malicious intentions, he could still prove to be a challenge for Barry, who might not be fast enough to stop his former protege. With CW taking a page out of the comics with Crisis on Infinite Earths, who’s to say they won’t take a page out of some more of the comics and put their own twist on it?

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Sebastian Orellana

Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Doubts Cast Will Return In New Movie

Harry Potter star Tom Felton has bad news for fans: he doubts the original cast will ever return in new movies. Despite having come to an end in 2011 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, author J.K. Rowling’s wildly successful book and film franchise still continues to grow.

It only took five years after the final film installment for Rowling to write new adventures within the so-called Potterverse. With eight films over the course of 10 years, many fans grew up with the wizards Harry, Hermione, and Ron. As a result, millions of fans were sad to say goodbye when the movies ended. The books and films left a special mark on fans as well as popular culture, and Rowling herself has admitted on numerous occasions how difficult it was to say goodbye to her characters. However, by 2016, two new adventures in the Potterverse became a reality. A film based on the author’s short 2001 guidebook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, arrived in theatres (with scripting duties going to Rowling), and a stage production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was put on in London’s illustrious West End. The play, which takes place 19 years after the events of Deathly Hallows, has left some Potter fans hoping that the original cast might one day reunite for another movie.

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Fan reunion rumors have persisted despite Rowling’s insistence that Cursed Child is meant to be staged as a play and will not be adapted into a film. Unfortunately for fans, the possibility of a new film has become even more remote. reports that during a recent interview with Tom Felton (who played Potter nemesis Draco Malfoy in the film series), the Harry Potter star cast doubts on rumors of an additional film with the original cast. Said Felton, “How much you offering? I’m joking. I don’t think it will be reprised, to be honest with you. I think it was a wonderful eight chapters, and everything that needed to be done was done.” After adding that Warner Bros. will now take the franchise “further on in their own direction”, Felton said, “But we’re all still immensely proud to be a part of it, and we’re glad it’s still as popular as it once was.”

“We’re all still very close with each other, and every year we grow, we see the fandom seemingly only rising. Most of the fans that approach me now weren’t even born when we made the films, so it’s great to see it passed down from generation to generation,” Felton said. “I can speak for all the cast when I say we’re very grateful for all the support that’s come our way over the last decade or so.”

Aside from hopes that the original cast would reunite for one more film, some fans are also eager for the Potter series to reboot altogether. While this is a potentially divisive topic for devoted fans of the original movies, Harry Potter remains an incredibly valuable franchise. Now, fans will have to speculate as to whether Felton’s comment regarding Warner Bros. taking the franchise “further on in their own direction” was in reference to the Fantastic Beasts series or the possibility of a Harry Potter reboot.

Given Rowling’s ongoing love for the characters and worlds she so meticulously created, it’s possible that there may one day be a big-screen adaptation of Cursed Child. The Harry Potter author did not write the script for the play, but with her recent experience as screenwriter for Fantastic Beasts, she may yet write more screenplays for the Potterverse. For now, Felton’s comments strongly suggest that the original Harry Potter cast really has left the franchise for good.

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Source: Comic Book

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Lord of the Rings: 10 Favorite Quotes From The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was a hugely successful movie in many ways. Not only did it win 11 Oscars, it was also a huge hit with fans across the world. These movies were very influential in pop culture and have had an impact on movies and the fantasy genre ever since they were made. While it’s been over two decades since The Return of the King came out, there are still many generations of fans who love it. There are still many quotes from the film that are quoted often on the internet.

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Here are the ten best quotes from The Return of the King.


Gimli is definitely a fan-favorite character even if he’s not the main character in the franchise. As the only dwarf in the Fellowship, his humor and more gruff ways made many fans have fallen in love with him. Gimli says this hilarious line after the group lead by Aragorn and Gandalf decide to go to the Black Gate of Mordor to try and distract Sauron. While they realize this might lead to all of their deaths, they are willing to do whatever it takes to give Frodo and Sam a fighting chance.


The Return of the King has many emotional moments. These movies are often dark, but they are also about the bonds of friendship and loyalty. When Aragorn says this line before charging into battle at the Black Gate, it’s quite the emotional line. All of the rest of the Fellowship that is there with him are clearly impacted by what he says, and they charge forth after him. They clearly all want to do everything they can to try and help Frodo finish his quest to destroy the One Ring.


There are many close friendships in the Lord of the Rings series, and these stories are largely about their importance in the midst of horrible things like death and war. When Aragorn tries to slip away to the Paths of the Dead by himself, Gimli and Aragorn are waiting for him. While Aragorn tries to tell them he has to do this part of his journey alone, they aren’t having it. Legolas says this somewhat funny but endearing line to let Aragorn know they have no intention of letting him slip away.


This is maybe one of the most often-quoted lines from the series because it’s short, sweet, and to the point. This line has been used in many internet memes and reaction images. While it’s being used on the internet for humor, the actual moment is quite serious. Frodo says this line after the Ring has been destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom. It’s clear that he is extremely relieved, and this moment is the culmination of what the entire series was working towards.


This line comes from the end of Aragorn’s most powerful speech from the entire film series. Before the armies charged onto the Pelennor Fields to face Sauron’s army, they are scared and no the odds aren’t in their favor at all. Aragorn rallies them to battle by saying, “A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.” This is an incredibly rousing and inspiring speech, and it’s an iconic moment from the film.


While in many ways The Return of the King is a triumphant ending and the war is technically won, it’s also bittersweet. The ending of the movie reinforces the idea that war is brutal and that things are never quite the same. When Gandalf and Frodo are about to leave Middle-Earth for the Grey Havens, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are understandably quite devastated. Gandalf reminds them, and us as the audience, grief is a part of life and that it’s okay to cry.


This is another extremely powerful and emotional moment from the movie. The friendship between Frodo and Sam is one of the core emotional aspects of these movies, and it’s clear that Sam’s loyalty to Frodo is a big part of why he’s able to make it so far.

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When Frodo can no longer go on as they climb Mount Doom, Sam finds it within himself to carry Frodo.

3 “I AM NO MAN.”

There aren’t all that many female characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but the movies do attempt to give them more of a role than they have in the books. However, this iconic line is one right from the books, and it shows Eowyn’s bravery. This is a moment that many people find extremely inspiring, and it was a triumphant moment to see Eowyn be the one to kill the Witch-King.


After the Ring is destroyed, Sam and Frodo are on the slopes of Mount Doom as it erupts. The lava is flowing around them, and they have no way to escape. It looks as if they will die there, and they’ve clearly come to accept it to some degree.

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When Frodo says this to Sam, it’s another extremely heartbreaking moment that speaks to the depth of their bond.


During Aragorn’s coronation as King, the four Hobbits who were part of the Fellowship begin to bow to him as he marks his way through the crowd. However, Aragorn being the goodhearted and wise person he recognizes that they have no need to bow to him. He graciously instead bows to them and everyone in the crowd follows suit. This is another powerful moment from the film.

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Is Playtonic Games Teasing the Return of Banjo-Kazooie? [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Playtonic Games has taken to Twitter to issue an official statement debunking the rumors. Sadly, while the team would be thrilled to work on a new Banjo-Kazooie game, the studio currently is not working on the project.

Microsoft could be eyeing up the developer of Yooka-Laylee as the future developer of Banjo-Kazooie, if recent industry rumblings are correct. Gamers have long been clamoring for the return of Rare’s bear and bird duo, so much so that Nintendo even licensed the Microsoft-owned character to include in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Given that, many have been waiting on some sort of announcement on the franchise’s return–all to no avail thus far.

The immediate issue with a Banjo-Kazooie return stems from the lack of available studios under the Xbox Game Studios banner. That’s not to say that there aren’t a number of high-quality devs capable of doing the dormant series justice, but they all have their own projects on the go. Heck, even Banjo and Kazooie’s flagship studio, Rare Ltd., is preoccupied with Sea of Thieves and its next game for Xbox’s Project Scarlett. Still, it’s possible that Microsoft has figured out a solution if recent rumblings are correct.

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If recent industry rumblings are correct, Playtonic Games may have been given the nod to spearhead a brand-new Banj0-Kazooie title. New evidence has been amassed on ResetEra by a user known as Mazi, and it shows a range of smoking guns indicating just such a hypothetical deal. It all started after news broke of Banjo-Kazooie and Yooka-Laylee designer Ed Bryan joining the Playtonic Games team before he then tweeted an image of a Microsoft-branded bag with the caption “Well, I never really had any plans to use this again.

This was immediately flagged as suspicious by fans, even despite Bryan later trying to calm the crowds by tweeting that he simply needed the bag for his new job. Of course, he wasn’t the only one that has been hinting at something bigger. The co-owner, studio and game director at Playtonic Games, Gavin Price, updated his LinkedIn profile to hint at a few new ongoing projects at the company. This post, in particular, is very interesting.

“Yooka-Laylee, Yooka-Laylee & The Impossible Lair, and in the foreseeable future that game #3, #4 and the #5 one too which is the one I always thought would be game #1.”

The nod to the fifth unnamed project is very on the nose given that Playtonic Games’ first title was a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie called Yooka-Laylee. In that light, Price’s comments on LinkedIn seem a lot less veiled. So, if all of this correct, then what could all of this mean for fans? Well, it’s possible that Microsoft has acquired Playtonic Games as another pillar of its Xbox Game Studios banner.

Alternatively, Rare and Microsoft may believe that the studio is a better partner for them to relaunch the Banjo-Kazooie series with. It doesn’t hurt that a majority of the employees and founders at Playtonic are former Rare staffers that helped work on the original Banjo titles. Really, there is no better fit for the series. Plus, Microsoft isn’t opposed to partnering with outside studios to work with Rare properties, as it has already done so with Killer Instinct and is currently collaborating on a new Battletoads.

Notably, Microsoft’s big X019 event is set to kick off on November 14th in London, which means that the United Kingdom-based Playtonic and Rare could both show up with news of a new Banjo-Kazooie title. Perhaps that’s just wishful thinking, but time will certainly tell if there’s indeed fire amongst all of this smoke. Now, here’s hoping that the next Banjo-Kazooie will also come to Nintendo Switch if this is all true.

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Sources: Twitter – Ed Bryan 1, 2, LinkedIn (via GoNintendo)

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