Birds of Prey Easter Egg Reveals Harley Quinn’s REAL Origins

Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) includes an Easter egg that hints at the true origins of the Harley Quinn character. Created in 1992 for Batman: The Animated Series by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, Harley Quinn has become a staple of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, appearing in cartoons, comics, video games, and now feature films.

In Birds of Prey, Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn, reprising the role she first portrayed in 2016’s Suicide Squad. That film depicts Harley’s origin in more or less the same manner as the animated series: Dr. Harleen Quinzel is an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who falls madly in love with the Joker, helping him to escape and joining him as his partner in actual crime, the newly christened Harley Quinn. Suicide Squad would also include the more modern addition to Harley’s origin – a quick dip in a vat of acid that bleaches her skin the same stark white as the Joker’s – only in the film, she chooses to jump instead of being pushed in. Birds of Prey briefly recaps and even adds to Harley’s origin story at the very start of the movie, but it also makes sure to include a nod to the character’s real origin.

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As mentioned above, Harley Quinn was created by writer Dini and artist Timm while both were working on Batman: The Animated Series. At the time, there was talk of giving the Joker a new sidekick character in an upcoming episode and Dini was considering a kind of henchwoman. Around that same time, Dini’s college friend, actress Arleen Sorkin, was appearing on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, and a recent a string of episodes had her character appearing in a harlequin costume during its strange dream sequences. Sorkin taped the episodes and shared them with Dini, who upon seeing Sorkin in the harlequin makeup and costume, became inspired, and after consulting with Timm on the design, their Harley Quinn was born. In Birds of Prey, a clip of Sorkin dressed as the harlequin from Days of Our Lives can be seen playing on the television in Renee Montoya’s apartment as a callback to where it all really began for Harley.

In addition to serving as the visual inspiration for Harley Quinn, Dini claims to have modeled some of Harley’s personality and mannerisms on Sorkin as well. So when it came time to cast for the role, there was really no other option but Sorkin, whose vocal performance (and in particular her East Coast accent) have since become synonymous with the character. Originally planned to only appear in one episode (season 1’s “Joker’s Favor”), Harley proved so popular that she returned again and again throughout Batman: The Animated Series as well as its many follow-up series and animated films.

Sorkin’s last time performing Harley Quinn’s voice came in two video games, 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and 2011’s DC Universe Online, reuniting her with her Batman: The Animated Series co-stars Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. By now, Harley Quinn is a bona fide star and the character has since been voiced by several actresses, including Tara Strong (Teen Titans, My Little Pony) and most recently The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco in Harley’s very own animated series on DC Universe.

On the big screen, of course, it’s Robbie who embodies Harley Quinn, and in Birds of Prey, she fully embraces Harley’s fun-loving, chaotic attitude. She builds on what has come before, though, and that’s largely indebted to not only Sorkin’s performance but the unlikely inspiration that came from her time as a soap opera harlequin.

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Sarah Moran

Bachelor Peter Weber Reveals Why He Broke Up With Kelley Flanagan

On last night’s episode of The BachelorPeter Weber sent home Kelley Flanagan, the woman he was admittedly most excited to connect with when his season began. Although Peter previously stated that he felt like his relationship with Kelley had cooled off in recent weeks, the decision was still somewhat surprising. Now, Peter is opening up about his choice to send home the Chicago-based attorney.

At the start of the season, fans learned that Peter met Kelley at a hotel before filming even began. Although the attorney was on the fence about appearing on his season, she decided their connection was strong enough to put her heart on the line. From night one, Peter was excited about Kelley. During a recent one-on-one date, however, the Bachelor admitted that Kelley had taken a backseat in comparison to some of his other contestants. Still, their evening conversation resulted in Kelley getting a rose. Unfortunately, her remaining time with Peter was short-lived. This week, Kelley went on the dreaded three-on-one alongside fellow contestants Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann Sluss. Although Kelley believed she was the obvious choice, Peter chose to send her home.

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In a recent interview with ET, Peter opened up about his relationship with Kelley. The Bachelor began, “I am Kelley’s biggest fan. I will say that.” Peter continued, “I definitely had high hopes because of how we met and everything, but this wasn’t meant to be.” Although Peter stated that Kelley would make an amazing Bachelorette, he explained that the lingering doubts he expressed on their one-on-one that forced him to question if she was truly ready for marriage never fully went away. Though he didn’t express any regret about sending Kelley home, he admitted that he was probably wrong about her, saying, “I definitely had questions at first if she was really ready and wanted this. I was wrong, she truly was.” He finished his statements by giving a powerful endorsement for a Kelley Flanagan season of The Bachelorette. Peter said, “Kelley would kill it. Kelley is so ready, Kelley is one of the smartest people I’ve met,” he said. “I think she can absolutely make an amazing [Bachelorette].

Unfortunately, Monday’s night’s episode left some fans with a sour taste in their mouth regarding one of the season’s favorites. When Kelley attended the three-on-one with Hannah Ann and Victoria F., she made it clear that she didn’t believe either woman was ready for marriage. After stating that Hannah Ann wasn’t in the right “phase” of her life to commit to a relationship, Kelley also referred to Victoria as a “hot mess.” When she was ultimately sent home, she took her time in the cab to reflect on Peter’s decision. She said, “Peter made his decision and that’s that.” She expressed her feelings, saying, Does it suck? Yeah. Do I agree with it? No. I question his intentions because I don’t know what phase he is in his life.” She ended her comments by thanking Peter for not meeting her family since it would have been a waste of her time.

In a season filled with petty drama, Kelley was the one voice of reason. While her opinions offered a sense of grounded clarity, it was difficult to tell if she actually liked Peter. On the other hand, Hannah Ann and Victoria have both been very vocal about their feelings, even if they’ve often expressed themselves in dramatic ways. It’s pretty obvious Kelley wasn’t Peter’s person, so it’s sensible for him to try to figure out relationships that he’s not entirely sure about. It’s clear that he feels confident in his decision, but it’s nice that he can continue to support Kelley after what some people might consider a messy end to their relationship.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: ET

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Jessica Bedewi

X-Men Reveals The Secret Behind The Death of [SPOILER]

The mysteries of the X-Men reboot have just gotten even more complicated, revealing one secret mission carried out before readers’ very eyes without them ever knowing it. And not just any mission either, but the one which saw all the classic X-Men killed… to save the mutant race.

Fans will have to remember back to the very first twist in the X-Men relaunch, long before they even knew that the murder of Charles Xavier was a possibility. Back when the mysterious group called ORCHIS was preparing to bring Mother Mold online, a device built in orbit of the sun capable of building an entire army of mutant-hunting Sentinels. As the readers saw it, Mother Mold was successfully destroyed, and the killed X-Men were resurrected. Now in Marvel’s official preview of X-Men #6, it turns out one member of the team had her own mission, straight from Charles Xavier. And as can be expected by this point, it has the potential to change everything.

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The new preview actually travels back in time, showing how Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr recruited Mystique to their cause (when it was mainly an idea, and not the fully-realized nation it has since become). As a smaller surprise, Xavier seems to inform Mystique that the mission they require her to lead may well cost her everything. But the reveal fans will be talking about is the second, secret mission to be carried out by Mystique alone. The mission to disable the Mother Mold station may have officially been to prevent another Genosha-level mutant extinction. But while the other X-Men were doing their part, Mystique was planting an even bigger secret into the new X-Men story. Check out the preview pages below:

Yes, readers finally know why Mystique took longer than expected to execute her part of the mission — resulting in her death via airlock, and the other team members needing to compensate. As per Xavier’s request, she was planting a seed that would grow into the infamous Krakoa gates spread across the Earth, allowing travel to and from the island nation. But what is this “winter harvest” Xavier is planning for? And why is it being revealed now? Those questions will have to wait for the full issue. But for now, readers can check out the official plot synopsis and credits below:

  • X-MEN #6
  • Release Date: February 12th, 2020
  • Written by: Jonathan Hickman
  • Art by: Matteo Buffagni
  • Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu
  • Mystique goes to extraordinary lengths to get what she wants…

X-Men #6 will be available from your local comic book shop on February 12th, 2020.

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Andrew Dyce

Birds of Prey Reveals Captain Boomerang Escaped Prison After Suicide Squad

Birds of Prey reveals that another member of the Suicide Squad escaped Belle Reve. Belle Reve is a prison facility in Louisiana, used to store some of the world’s most dangerous – and powerful – criminals. It’s also Amanda Waller’s favorite place because she tends to keep an eye on the inmates and forcibly recruit them into Task Force X – the Suicide Squad.

In theory, Belle Reve is supposed to be practically impregnable. It has state-of-the-art security, customized to keep even the most hardened villains behind bars. This is no one-size-fits-all prison; after all, at any one time it could be holding anyone from Harley Quinn to Killer Croc. As a result, breakouts are expected to be a lot rarer than at Arkham Asylum, which sometimes seems to have a revolving-door policy to its various prisoners. Still, in Suicide Squad Harley Quinn eventually broke out with a little help from the Joker.

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It seems she isn’t the only one. Birds of Prey features a scene in which Harley Quinn raids a police station, and she pauses for a moment to admire a wanted poster. “Hey, I know that guy,” Harley declares – and so do viewers. It’s Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang, another member of Harley’s Suicide Squad team. He’s clearly managed to break out of Belle Reve and has resumed his life of crime.

Most of Task Force X were Batman villains, but Captain Boomerang is the exception; he’s traditionally a member of Flash’s rogues’ gallery, albeit not exactly one of his greatest nemeses. The DCEU’s Boomerang is pretty comic book accurate, launching a crime spree in Central City. This brought him to the attention of the Flash, a rookie superhero who had yet to catch Batman’s eye and become a member of the Justice League, and Captain Boomerang was taken down with ease. The Suicide Squad novelization fleshes this out, revealing the two had already clashed several times before Captain Boomerang wound up in Belle Reve; the novelization’s canonicity is disputed, but it may suggest he’s already headed back to Central City for another round.

Birds of Prey puts a surprising amount of effort into stressing its connections to Harley’s big screen debut. Although Suicide Squad was a box office success – grossing over $746 million worldwide – it wasn’t exactly well-received. For all that’s the case, Birds of Prey still positions itself as the continuation of Harley Quinn’s story and presents Captain Boomerang as another subtle link between the two.

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Thomas Bacon

New Marvel’s Eternals Logo Reveals Mysterious Symbols

A glimpse at the crew jackets for Marvel’s Eternals could show a new logo for the highly-anticipated film. Eternals was announced last year at San Diego Comic-Con and is slated for release in November of this year. It will be the second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four and introduce a new team of powerful cosmic beings who protect humanity from afar following the events of Avengers: Endgame, as confirmed in the film’s official synopsis. The massive cast includes Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington, Barry Keoghan, Dong-seok Ma, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, and Lauren Ridloff.

Production on Eternals recently wrapped, with Chan confirming on Twitter. Fans are eager to get their first official look at the film, though that’s likely still a ways off. Before the attention turns to Eternals, Marvel will release Black Widow in May. A trailer for Eternals will likely be unveiled around that time, though it seems like Marvel is eager to start promoting Eternals since they released a special poster for the film timed with Lunar New Year.

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Marvel fan account MCU Direct posted a picture of the jackets the Eternals crew wore during production, and it features a special logo for the project. Beside the film’s title is what almost looks like a clock, only with symbols instead of numbers. This definitely speaks to the cosmic nature of film, which Nanjiani described as “the most sci-fi of all the Marvel movies.” Check it out below:

It’s unclear if the image included with the jacket’s logo will be a part of Eternals‘ marketing, but it could speak to some of the themes of the film. It’s already been reported that Eternals will take place over thousands of years, suggesting the passage of time is an important theme. Additionally, the different symbols could represent some of the characters. Exactly what the film’s plot will center on is unclear, though fans have already tried to form theories based off the set photos featuring actors like Madden and Harington that have been revealed.

With several months to go until Eternals makes its way into the world, there’s still plenty of time for Marvel to reveal more details. Eternals is one of the MCU’s most intriguing projects on its upcoming slate, and Marvel head Kevin Feige has teased its epic scope. It helps that most audiences aren’t overly familiar with the characters, allowing for some genuine mystery. Anticipation is already growing for Eternals, and hopefully it won’t be too long before something concrete is revealed.

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Source: MCU Direct/Twitter

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Rachel Labonte

The Pharmacist: Biggest Reveals From Netflix’s Opioid Documentary

The latest Netflix docuseries, The Pharmacist, begins with a tragic 1999 murder that sparks a father’s search for justice and clarity. During the collective four episodes, however, the focus shifts to the titular subject’s personal war against a doctor who essentially created an opioid epidemic throughout New Orleans and beyond. Overall, The Pharmacist‘s biggest reveals shed light on Dan Schneider’s up and down journey that nearly led to a complete mental breakdown.

The Pharmacist initially explores the details of a drug-related murder involving the subject’s son, Danny Schneider, Jr. Through personal audio recordings, the Netflix docuseries shows Dan’s state of mind while grieving with his wife Annie and daughter Kristi. The Pharmacist establishes historical and narrative context by showing where Dan grew up in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, and how he later settled into a comfortable life in nearby St. Bernard Parish, working as a pharmacist at Bradley’s Pharmacy.

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During The Pharmacist, years of audio recordings complement Dan’s on-screen commentaries about his experiences. At times, he appears completely heartbroken, while other moments pinpoint the inner drive that allowed him to create change. Here are the biggest reveals from the Netflix docuseries The Pharmacist.

In 1999, Danny Schneider, Jr. was murdered in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward during a drug deal gone wrong. Part one of The Pharmacist, “Justice for Danny,” deconstructs the myth of the American Dream and foreshadows what’s to come to during subsequent episodes. While speaking about his son’s death, Dan breaks down when contemplating an alternative sequences of events, and often references God while trying to convince his wife that everything will be OK.

The audio recordings capture one aspect of Dan’s personality in The Pharmacist, but the on-camera interviews reveal a darker truth. The subject reveals that he and wife Annie contemplated killing themselves immediately after Danny’s death, unable to “see a future.” In separate interviews, Kristi Schneider recalls her grief and the events that led to a friendship with a woman who witnessed Danny’s Jr.’s murder, and had also lost a brother to violence. From beginning to end, the concept of fate and acceptance are major themes in The Pharmacist.

Once Dan overcame his overwhelming grief, he focused on the investigation. Dan reveals that law enforcement officials weren’t exactly helpful at first, most notably Sergeant Addie Fanguy – who dismissed Dan’s theories and become somewhat threatening. As a result, Dan began recording phone calls and commenced a personal investigation, one that led to mass speculation that he might be dealing with some mental health issues. But it turns out that Dan was merely determined to find out exactly what happened to his son, and why. His investigation began by walking door to door, alone, in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. Dan even wired his car to record a conversation with a teenage witness named Jeffery Hall.

In The Pharmacist, Lower Ninth Ward locals state that Dan seemed a bit crazy. But friends and acquaintances supported his mission, and joined him by offering moral support and protection. One man states during an interview that Dan seemed to have a “question mark” problem, meaning that he couldn’t live without addressing questions that continued to linger about his son’s fate. Dan recalls learning about who allegedly shot his son, via a Lower Ninth Ward contact, and whether or not he’d like to have him killed. He then references God during an on-camera interview, and recounts how he used a local directory to call 40 to 50 people per night, and finally located a second witness. In a big twist, Dan learns that the original murder witness, Jeffery Hall, turned out to be the killer. This sets up the final three episodes of The Pharmacist.

By December 2000, Dan returned to work with clear eyes and a full heart. He then immediately noticed a huge problem, as kids entered his pharmacy with prescriptions for OxyContin. Dan stated that “In their faces, I could sort of see my son,” and also that “I was tuned in now.” After obsessing about the specifics of his son’s murder, Dan shifted his complete attention to figuring out how and why so many young people had OxyContin prescriptions.

Dan learns that someone name Dr. Jacqueline Cleggett was making OxyContin prescription just blocks away, in a “seedy” part of the area. Over time, Dan became more concerned after the “totally overwhelming” amount of prescriptions being taken to him, and the fact that high dosage prescriptions seemed unusual. When a customer named Sheri Shernecker passed away, and was later buried not far from Dan’s son, the pharmacist began investigating Dr. Cleggett, who was apparently seeing around 76 patients per day, according to the DEA. As a whole, The Pharmacist shows how Dan spotted a huge OxyContin problem before the media began reporting about it, and not long after the DEA reportedly began looking into Dr. Cleggett’s sketchy business practices.

While investigating Dr. Cleggett, Dan’s behavior concerned not only his family, but also the FBI. In audio recordings, he repeatedly references a “special calling,” and implies that his son was a “martyr.” Dan’s boss became concerned, naturally, because potential customers were being turned away and pressured into alternative treatments. Even though Dan meant well, his erratic behavior culminated with a car chase and a stop at the local FBI bureau.

Dan reveals that Dr. Cleggett’s associated spotted him during a reconnaissance mission. He was then chased in a car, and made frantic phone calls to his family. Dan daughter states that “he sounded crazy,” and the FBI similarly notices something wrong, evidenced through Dan’s recording when he arrived at the FBI and was subsequently asked to leave. In The Pharmacist, Dan admits that he couldn’t trust himself anymore, and that he might be imagining certain things. It turns out that his persistence, despite all the confusion, would ultimately lead to the arrest of Dr. Cleggett.

According to DEA Diversion Investigator Iris Myers, Dr. Cleggett made St. Bernard Parish “Groud Zero” for overdoses. During on-camera interviews throughout The Pharmacist, Myers comments on Dan’s behavior and results, and how Dr. Cleggett’s business practices were far from normal. She would arrive at work around 11 p.m. at night, with clients waiting hours (and sometimes multiple days) waiting for an OxyContin prescription. Myers reveals that Dr. Cleggett prescribed 182, 732 Oxy pills in one year, dispersed through 10 pharmacies. For some extra regional context, OxyContin sales representative Chris Davis describes how he connected the dots and learned what was transpiring from afar.

After building a case, Myers approached Dr. Cleggett at her home, and came to the conclusion that she was not only prescribing OxyContin, but also using the opioid. The doctor refused to quit, and proceeded to threaten federal agents. In a bizarre twist, Dr. Cleggett appears on camera in The Pharmacist for a 2019 interview, and reveals what happened after she was arrested. During the trial, she was involved in a near-fatal car crash that resulted in a broken neck (“a hangman’s fracture”), two brain hemorrhages, five skull fractures, and a six-week incubation. Dr. Cleggett pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and never spent any time in jail. Sadly, fatal overdoses in St. Bernard then doubled, the result of new questionable practices being opened to accommodate the local OxyContin demand.

After the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, OxyContin became an even bigger problem in New Orleans. In The Pharmacist, Dan recalls his own home being destroyed, with the exception being his recordings and files that were kept in the attic. He remembers all the progress he made shortly before Hurricane Katrina, and then reveals that it was the “Tunnel of Hope” – a road full of trees that weathered the storm – that made him push harder.

The Pharmacist concludes with a damning portrait of Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceutical company that distributes OxyContin. The aforementioned Myers provides a commentary about the various “drug seasons” in America over the years, and how OxyContin led to heroin, and how heroin led to the modern-day fentanyl epidemic. In a bittersweet moment, Dan reflects about how he helped usher in the DEA’s Prescription Monitoring Program, but also expresses sadness about the unfortunate side effects – most notably how addicts turned to heroin when they couldn’t get OxyContin. In other twist, it turns out that Dan’s high school friend, Walter Leger, represented St. Bernard Parish in a case against Purdue Pharma.

The final big reveal in The Pharmacist on Netflix is that Purdue Pharma’s owners, the Sackler family, decided to get into the addiction treatment industry; a disturbing contradiction of their past official statements about their allegedly non-addictive product. In other words, they urged people to take OxyContin for pain, and then identified a convenient financial opportunity to capitalize on the opioid addiction epidemic that stems from their product.

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Q.V. Hough

Jessica Simpson Reveals She & John Mayer Broke Up 9 Times

Jessica Simpson has revealed that she and John Mayer broke up and proceeded to get back together at least nine times over the course of their relationship. Their on-again-off-again romance was documented for years as they were seen out and about in Hollywood.

Simpson’s father being a preacher, Jessica began her career as a Christian singer, however, soon found that her body made it hard for record companies to want to sign her as some felt she did not look wholesome enough. Simpson topped the charts at the same time as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. In the summer of 2003, MTV aired Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, which starred Nick Lachey and his then-wife Simpson and was one of the first reality tv shows. The two originally met when Lachey worked on one of Jessica’s music videos in 1999. The couple married in 2002, but in 2005 announced that they were divorcing.

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Even though Mayer spoke out of turn in regards to Simpson in a Playboy interview, the two still seemed to try and keep their relationship intact according to E!.  In 2010 the singer spoke candidly as he forever linked Simpson to sexual napalm.” The two have not been an official couple in over ten years, but fans have been reminded of their turbulent relationship thanks to Simpson’s new memoir, Open Book, which has catapulted their relationship back into the spotlight. The fashion designer decided to bare it all as she opened up about her diet pill addiction, getting sober, and sexual abuse that she suffered when she was a young girl.

The pop singer even wrote about the famous men of her life as Mayer was one of them. Simpson claimed in her book that he had told her multiple times that he was obsessed with her sexually and emotionally. Simpson had worried that he was too smart for her as she would constantly check her spelling and grammar before sending a text or email. The singer found Mayer to be very clever and that he treated a simple conversation like a “competition.” The blonde soon realized that her anxiety had started to become out of control and turned to alcohol. The singer did acknowledge that she and Mayer were great at loving one another, intimacy wise, but that the whole relationship was “complex” as they were always breaking up and then reuniting. Simpson revealed, “It was always on again, off again, on-again, off-again,” She recalled, “I went back close to nine times.”

While using alcohol to mask her nerves may have worked in the short term, ultimately the two crooners called it quits. Even though Simpson warned Lachey that she would be releasing a tell-all, she did not run it by Mayer. Simpson felt that at the end of the day, Mayer would be familiar with all the stories she spoke about as there was no love lost between them.

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Source: E!

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Jennifer O'Brien

Marvel Disney+ Trailer Breakdown & MCU TV Show Story Reveals

Marvel Studios dropped a trailer for their Disney+ TV shows at Super Bowl LIV – and here’s our full trailer breakdown. The new Disney+ streaming service is Disney’s answer to Netflix, and it launched to popular and critical acclaim with The Mandalorian. Since then, however, Disney+ has struggled to match The Mandalorian‘s success without any major brand shows to draw viewers.

Fortunately for Disney, one of their biggest studios is soon to launch a wealth of original content on the streaming service. Marvel Studios is expanding the MCU on to the small screen with a range of TV shows starring characters from the movies themselves. Marvel and Disney wisely decided to use the Super Bowl LIV as an opportunity to give viewers their first footage from Falcon & Winter SoldierWandaVision, and even Loki.

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It’s too soon for Marvel to give away any major story secrets, of course; instead, the Marvel Disney+ trailer serves to whet the audience appetite. Still, here’s out full breakdown of the Marvel Disney+ trailer.

The Marvel Disney+ trailer opens with shots of Sam Wilson training with Captain America’s shield. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, an elderly Steve Rogers appointed Falcon as his successor as Captain America and gave him a shield. It’s worth remembering that Captain America’s shield is quite remarkable, composed of the rare metal Vibranium; that means even an ordinary human will find the shield to be a formidable weapon. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that Sam will quickly master Cap’s trademark ricochet throws. In this case, he tosses it at a tree – and wedges it into the bark rather than getting it to bounce back.

Over the last couple of years, Marvel Studios has gotten increasingly experimental with the way they render their own logo. Avengers: Endgame, for example, featured a version that crumbled into dust; the Black Widow version is a homage to Natasha Romanoff’s traditional hourglass logo. As such, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Marvel’s switched things up a little for their Disney+ shows. The Marvel Disney+ trailer shows the usual red logo shift to a deep blue. It’s tremendously effective, and should ensure viewers can differentiate at once between a movie and a Disney+ TV series.

Steve Rogers may have chosen Sam Wilson, but that doesn’t mean the US Government agrees. In fact, Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed that the world believes Captain America died in the battle against Thanos, suggesting the Avengers decided to keep time travel a secret. Given that’s the case, Sam will struggle to account for just how he got hold of the star-spangled shield, let alone persuade the government that he should be the next Captain America. Instead, the US Government choose their own candidate – a character known to comic book fans as the US Agent – and Sam retains his Falcon identity.

Falcon is shown engaging in an aerial dogfight with a mysterious group of agents. They’re actually using a traditional SHIELD skydive suit, but their colors are particularly interesting; in the comics, green and yellow are actually the colors of Hydra agents. This brief shot may well hint at the return of Hydra, last seen on the big screen in Avengers: Age of Ultron but confirmed to still exist when their representatives attempted to purchase Pym Particles in Ant-Man.

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The Marvel Disney+ trailer moves on to show two more major characters from the series; Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, holding a gun on Baron Zemo. Zemo was last seen in Captain America: Civil War, when he was captured by Black Panther and imprisoned in the Raft as a dangerous terrorist. The circumstances of his return are currently unknown; it’s unclear whether he’ll still be a villain, or whether he could instead forge an uneasy alliance with Falcon and Winter Soldier. The Marvel Disney+ trailer carefully avoids showing Zemo in his much anticipated purple mask, a core aspect of his comic book identity, and confirmed to appear in the Falcon and Winter Soldier series.

The Marvel Disney+ trailer moves on from Falcon and Winter Soldier to the far more mysterious WandaVision. Featuring Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany’s Vision, this series is something of an enigma. According to Paul Bettany, the show is “bonkers,” “out there” and “nuts.”  Portions of WandaVision are reportedly in the style of a 1950s sitcom, and the trailer confirms those with black-and-white shots of Vision and Scarlet Witch living a married life together. It’s unclear how Vision has returned from the dead, let alone how this strange concept fits into the overarching narrative of the MCU. The popular assumption is that Scarlet Witch’s grasp on reality is crumbling and that her powers are out of control, but that may be a misdirect.

The Marvel Disney+ trailer then skips through a number of different iterations of Wanda, perhaps suggesting there’ll be multiple realities colliding in WandaVision. The most interesting is a comic book accurate Scarlet Witch, complete with the traditional headpiece. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed that WandaVision will finally see Wanda Maximoff become the Scarlet Witch, but naturally, he’s currently avoiding explaining what he means by that remark. In the comics, writer James Robinson revealed that Wanda was born into a line of mystics, and that the titles of Scarlet Witch and Scarlet Warlock ran through her family history. It may be that WandaVision will draw inspiration from this, retconning Wanda as a major sorceress ahead of her role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The next shot shows Vision and Scarlet Witch on their wedding day. It’s clearly from the 1950s segment, and both characters are in their full attire, leaning in for a kiss to celebrate their wedding. It’s interesting to note that, so far, most of the shots of Vision himself are in black and white – in marked contrast to the multiple versions of Scarlet Witch. It seems another of the Wandas is watching this on TV, as though it really is some sort of sitcom, adding weight to the idea that reality has gone haywire.

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Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has always been quite open about his love for Star Wars; he was a fan in the years between the original trilogy and the prequels, when it seemed unlikely that more movies would ever be released. As such, he grew up loving the old Expanded Universe, a series of novels, TV shows, comics and RPG guides that added tremendous depth to the Star Wars galaxy. Given Feige’s background, it’s surely not a coincidence that he’s attaching the phrase “expanding universe” to the Marvel Disney+ shows. Rather, it suggests that these series should be viewed as the spiritual successor of the EU, serving a similar purpose. This is hardly the first time Feige has lifted an idea from Star Wars. The Marvel Studios “First 10 Years” promotional push was deliberately inspired by Lucasfilm’s 1987 promos.

In a wonderfully meta touch, the Marvel Disney+ trailer moves on to a brief glimpse of the US Agent. This is John Walker, the US Government’s choice for the next Captain America, and it sounds as though the crowds love him. In the comics, John Walker has been a hero, a villain, and pretty much everything in between; he was initially celebrated as Steve Rogers’ successor, but went over the edge when he brutally attacked a pair of supervillains, Left-Winger and Right-Winger, to avenge the murder of his parents. Later, the Red Skull engineered a confrontation between Walker and the original Captain America. After Walker’s defeat, Steve resumed his role as Captain America. It’s generally assumed this story will be adapted slightly, with Baron Zemo as the mastermind and Falcon as the one who beats US Agent and claims the shield.

This is the second time Marvel has actually incorporated the Super Bowl into one of their trailers. The first was last year, with the Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl trailer, which included an overhead shot of the deserted stadium. There’s a striking contrast between these two images, confirming that the world has moved on from the snap. It will be interesting to see whether this becomes a tradition.

Falcon and Winter Soldier are shown working together. They’re in civilian attire, and their posture is closed and combative, perhaps suggesting this shot is from early on in their partnership, and they’re disagreeing about something. It’s impossible to say quite where they are; there’s been some speculation that the building is a prison, perhaps the one that housed Baron Zemo, but that doesn’t really seem likely.

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In the comics, Scarlet Witch’s mental breakdown led to her using magic to warp reality and create two children. There have long been rumors that WandaVision will introduce these twins, and they’re confirmed by the Marvel Disney+ trailer. One striking shot sees Wanda reacting in horror as she looks down at two cots, and both babies spit out pacifiers. Fans of the Young Avengers are eagerly hoping these children will grow up pretty quickly, becoming the superheroes Wiccan and Speed. It’s interesting to contrast Wanda’s reaction to the twins with Vision’s; he seems fairly relaxed about it – supporting the notion that he, too, is part of the reality warp.

The Marvel Disney+ trailer moves on to give an unexpected first look at Loki. In Avengers: Endgame, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes unwittingly created a new timeline in which Loki absconded with the Tesseract in 2012 shortly after the Battle of New York. He reportedly learns to use the Tesseract’s power to travel through time – a further expansion of the Space Stone’s powerset – and soon begins to wander through the Multiverse. No doubt the Trickster God will cause chaos wherever he goes, as in this shot, where he promises to burn someplace to the ground.

Loki’s shirt has the letters “TVA” emblazoned on it. This stands for the ‘Time Variance Authority,’ an organization who – in the comics – is dedicated to policing the Multiverse. They possess sophisticated time travel capabilities and even have the power to prune entire timelines if they deem them too dangerous to exist. It’s safe to assume the TVA watched the events of Avengers: Endgame with a degree of concern. By the looks of it, they attempt to capture Loki and hold him against his will. The TVA may well be a major recurring part of the MCU going forward, given they also have strong ties to She-Hulk, who’s due to make her MCU debut on Disney+ as well.

The final shot from WandaVision shows Mr and Mrs Vision looking happily at the camera, and carries the sense that the couple are claiming their “Happily Ever After.” It’s the perfect promotional shot, because of course it all feels strangely uncomfortable and unreal. In the real MCU, Vision is dead, killed when Thanos brutally ripped the Mind Stone from his forehead. This black-and-white reality feels like a dreamworld, presumably conjured up by Scarlet Witch or else by one of her enemies, such as the monstrous being Nightmare. That means this image of bliss may really be a trap.

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Let’s circle back to Falcon and Winter Soldier for one final shot, which shows the two heroes shaking hands. Sam and Bucky were Steve Rogers’ closest friends, but the truth is that they haven’t always gotten on. Still, it looks as though they’ve been able to put their past behind them in order to work together. This time round, though, neither will be the sidekick; it will be a partnership of equals, making this the first true team-up in the MCU.

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Thomas Bacon

Arrow Concept Art Reveals Unused Black Canary Costume Inspired by New 52

Some newly released Arrow concept art of an unused Black Canary costume features a design inspired by the character’s look in DC’s New 52 comics. Having just recently wrapped up with the season 8 finale, Arrow was the show that kicked off The CW’s shared universe of superhero programs. The aptly-named Arrowverse now includes five other shows and more are on the way – one of which is a spinoff that focuses on a new Green Arrow and the Arrowverse’s two Black Canaries.

Green Arrow and the Canaries will see Mia Smoak, daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, assume the mantle of Green Arrow. Set in the future Star City of 2040, the show will also have the Arrowverse’s two versions of Black Canary – Dinah Drake and Laurel Lance – on board to mentor the new vigilante. Of course, the Arrowverse has featured many Black Canaries over the years, and while each sports a look that takes its cues from the comics, none have yet worn a true comics accurate costume. This latest concept art, however, is one of the closest attempts yet, though it pulls more from the character’s New 52 design more than the classic getup with fishnets.

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Shared on Instagram by Arrow concept artist Andy Poon, the artwork is a rendering he created with the help of Arrow costume designer Maya Mani. Originally, back when they thought Arrow season 7 would be its last, each character needed to have a final look and this was one idea for Laurel’s final Black Canary costume. Check it out, below:

The New 52’s Black Canary received a revamped look that was blue, yellow, and had these pronounced shoulder pads, and while not Canary’s worst comic book outfit, it was quickly returned to a more classic design in DC’s next creative initiative, Rebirth. Poon includes a classic fishnet motif into this design as well, which is a nice touch that gets incorporated into almost all of Canary’s many looks, be they on the page or screen. When it came to the final seasons of Arrow, however, Laurel’s Black Canary costume remained mostly black, with just a few yellow highlights added for season 8. It’s unknown if Laurel and Dinah’s Black Canary costumes will get revamped again for Green Arrow and the Canaries, but it’s seems very likely they’ll get new costumes to go with their new series.

Black Canary fans will have yet another version of the character with her own distinct look in the upcoming Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, too. In the film, this Dinah Lance/Black Canary is played by Jurnee Smollet-Bell and wears street clothes that evoke most prominently the yellow hues of Black Canary’s previous costumes. She does wear some fishnets, however, when she performs on stage at Black Mask’s club, so the iconic detail isn’t entirely done away with. Still, it seems fans will have to keep waiting for a Black Canary live action costume that accurately translates her look from the comic books.

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Source: Andy Poon/Instagram

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Sarah Moran

Fast & Furious 9 Trailer Breakdown: 15 Character & Story Reveals

The first trailer for Fast & Furious 9, officially titled F9, has finally been released – and here’s our breakdown on everything it contains. What started back in 2001 as a potential street racing franchise, the Fast & Furious brand has grown far beyond that limitation. After a few semi-connected films early on, the true franchise started to form on the fourth entry, with Fast Five sending the series’ trajectory even higher. Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious each earned over $1 billion and after some spinoffs and TV shows, the main entries in the Fast Saga return this year.

Directed by Justin Lin – who returns for his fifth entry in the franchise – F9 is one of the biggest franchise films of 2020. Vin Diesel returns to star as Dominic Toretto, but the recent character posters have teased the returns of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia (Jordana Brewster), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) – as well as the new addition of John Cena’s Jakob. This large ensemble doesn’t even account for all of F9‘s returning characters and new faces either.

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Fans of the nitrous-infused franchise have anxiously awaited the release of the first trailer, especially after a trailer teaser arrived a few days before. Now that the full trailer has been released, details on F9‘s story, characters, and much more have been revealed. Here’s our full breakdown of the footage.

The trailer for F9 begins with Dom and Letty settled down in the country to raise their son Brian, and the young Toretto is the best indicator at just how much time has passed since Fate of the Furious. Brian was just a baby during the events of the last film, but here he has grown up quite a bit since then. His age isn’t specified, but its clear that at least a few years have passed in the Fast & Furious universe since the team was on their last mission together.

This domestic life has not completely removed the danger that Dom and Letty are so used to being part of their lives. In a moment that teases the threats that will still come, Letty gives Brian the cross necklace that Dom once gave her. She says it is a sign of protection from future danger. Letty lovingly puts it around Brian’s neck, while Dom clutches the necklace when it is no longer around the neck of his son.

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In typical Fast & Furious fashion, the trailer also shows Dom’s crew getting back together for their next mission, but this time Mia is with them. She was last seen at the very end of Furious 7 with her husband Brian O’Conner. Sadly, the tragic real life death of Paul Walker means O’Conner is no longer part of the franchise, which makes Mia’s return without him all the more interesting. Since she was not featured in Fate of the Furious, it will be up to F9 to explain her return to the crew and the absence of Brian.

The trailer also appears to reveal that Dom is going to use some enhancements this time around to fight his brother. During what is sure to be one of F9‘s biggest set pieces, Dom is shown standing on the side of a sliding car in a black suit. But, when a car begins flipping towards him, he doesn’t attempt to jump off the vehicle, but rather catch the oncoming one. With his arms stretched out in front of him, a shot from the trailer appears to indicate that he will be using some type of exosuit during the film. Whether this tech is built upon the cybernetic implants introduced in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw remains to be seen, but the increasingly tech-based crew looks to have equipped their leader with some upgrades.

The Fast & Furious 9 trailer also officially introduces John Cena’s character Jakob and includes the reveal that he Dom’s brother. Described as a master thief, assassin, and high-performance driver, Jakob presents a brand new challenge for Dom and his crew. It isn’t clear what led to Dom – a man built around the importance of family – and his brother not having a good relationship, but the trailer teases that all is not right with the Toretto brothers.

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While Dom and his crew set up shop in some underground bunker, this won’t be a safe location for them for too long. The trailer clearly shows that Jakob and his army of soldiers will attack the team here. They are completely surrounded in what appears to be the first confrontation between the Toretto brothers. What brings them together at this point is not clear, but clearly Jakob brought enough firepower to the reunion to ensure that he’d be the one in control.

Not only is Jakob shown chasing down and cornering his older brother and friends, but he is working with a familiar face. He has teamed up Cipher (Charlize Theron) from Fate of the Furious to kill his brother. As she’s confined to a glass prison, Cipher says that she’s ready to kill Dom if Jakob is. Based on what else transpires in the trailer, it appears as though he agrees with her and wants his brother gone.

Stitched throughout the trailer is one of the Toretto brothers’ fights, which looks to take place across Edinburgh. Jakob shoots a zipline above the city to travel quickly and eventually winds up fighting Dom in the house of some locals. Their battle leads them to fall on top of busses and fight across the entire city. Both are bleeding from their heads, showing that this may be an even fight and that Jakob can finally hold his own against his older brother.

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In an appearance that is only possible after the events of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, this trailer also confirms the return of Helen Mirren as Magdalene Shaw. The mother of Deckard (Jason Statham), Owen (Luke Evans), and Hattie (Vanessa Kirby) is once again shown working with Dom and providing him with some words of advice. Whether or not her appearance indicates cameos from any of her children remains to be seen.

Mia’s return in F9 also appears to be filled with a more hands-on role for the Toretto sister. After mostly being kept on the sidelines or inside of a car in past films, Mia is shown in the trailer to get in on the action. She fights multiple guys with her sister-in-law and proves that the fighting spirit runs in the Toretto blood. While Letty is the more skilled fighter, Mia holds her own and cracks some skulls along the way. And since the trailer only shows a few seconds of this fight, there’s likely more of Mia in action in the actual movie.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in the trailer, F9 is now confirmed to feature the return of Lucas Black as Sean Boswell. The star of Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift made a return to the franchise in Furious 7 in a small role to try and smooth out the franchise’s timeline, but now he’s back working with the team in a larger capacity. Shown in a scene with Roman and Tej, Sean has helped develop a rocket car by strapping a rocket engine to a Pontiac Riviera – and he did it with Jason Tobin’s Earl, another character from Tokyo Drift returning in the sequel.

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Of course, the concept of a rocket-powered car is too big to tease and not use, but the trailer promises we’ll see it in action. After Roman and Tej are introduced to the rocket car, it is up to Roman to take the vehicle for a test drive. At an unknown facility, he races a jet with his new ride, and even though the trailer stops short of showing us who wins, it is made clear by Roman that the Rocket car is going extremely fast. Perhaps this is all set up to allow the Fast & Furious franchise to head to space as many want to see.

But, Roman isn’t the only one who gets to show off a new, advanced ride. Near the end of the trailer, Jakob speeds his car off the side of a cliff towards what would likely be his death if it wasn’t for Cipher. She swoops in flying a special jet that is perfectly suited to save Jakob’s life. After dropping over the edge of cliff with him, what appears to be a magnetic claw extends from the bottom of the jet to catch Jakob’s car. It’s an impressive feat and a luxury that Dom and his team – who were chasing Jakob – do not have.

While Dom doesn’t have a magnetic jet to catch him (that we know of), he still decides to continue his pursuit of Jakob by any means necessary. This brings the trailer to another one of the franchise’s ridiculous stunts, as Dom hits the pole of a broken bridge so part of it can become attached to the car. Zooming off the cliff with Letty in the passenger seat, Dom’s plan is to let the car freefall with the bridge attached until the slack is gone, which will slingshot them around to the other side – and possibly into the sky to meet up with Cipher and Jakob once again.

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The surprise of all surprises in this first F9 trailer though comes at the very end when Sung Kang appears as Han Leu. Thought to have died after the events of the sixth entry in the franchise, his killer – Deckard Shaw – has since been welcomed into the family with open arms. As a result, fans have clamored for #JusticeForHan, and now we know that F9 will help do just that. He’s featured at the very end of the trailer being welcomed back to the group. Not only will this surprise fans, but the characters in the movie appear to be just as surprised to see Han back, so F9 will have plenty to explain.

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