Why Hellraiser: Revelations Needed A New Pinhead

Hellraiser: Revelations remains an infamous installment in the long-running horror franchise for many reasons – here’s why longtime Pinhead star Doug Bradley passed on the production. It’s difficult to imagine now, but the filmmakers behind Hellraiser didn’t initially see cenobite Pinhead as the star of the series. Despite his instantly iconic visage adorning posters and artwork for both Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II, the original plans for the future of the series were quite different.

Both creator Clive Barker and the studio felt Julia Cotton (Clare Higgins) should to be the franchise star, with the original ending of Hellraiser II featuring Julia coming back from Hell. Julia actress Clare Higgins had grown tired of the part, however, and fan response to Pinhead showed he was considered the series icon. Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth made him the star of the show and turned him into something of a Freddy Krueger-style figure, who wasn’t afraid of a pithy one-liner before dispatching victims. Unfortunately, the series never achieved the same success as A Nightmare On Elm Street or Halloween, and subsequent sequels went straight to video following the lukewarm box-office of 1996’s Hellraiser: Bloodline.

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Fans of Hellraiser are a loyal bunch and have stuck with the franchise through any number of poor STV follow-ups. Following the release of Hellraiser: Hellworld in 2005 Dimension spent years developing a remake of the original movie, with filmmakers such as Pascal Laugier and Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine) briefly attached. They spent so long developing a remake they failed to notice the rights to the franchise were about to lapse, so they had to rush another sequel into development or lose the property, leading to Hellraiser: Revelations being greenlit.

Hellraiser: Revelations was essentially doomed from the beginning, with the filmmakers behind the project having little time or resources to craft a proper sequel. The story follows two families who gather together to mark the anniversary of the disappearance of their sons in Mexico – only for one of the missing to return and tell of his gruesome experiences with the cenobites. The story actually features a couple of interesting concepts and ideas but the execution, from the poor acting to the lackluster direction, make Hellraiser: Revelations a real chore.

Doug Bradley had played Pinhead from the start of the series, but when Revelations was being assembled he quickly ruled out a return. Bradley has been vocal in his criticism over how Dimension has handled the franchise so after reading and disliking the script for the sequel, and seeing it was being shot on a short schedule for a tiny budget, he opted out, sensing it was little more than a cash grab. With little time to find a replacement, actor Stephan Smith Collins was cast instead.

Early photos of Collins playing Pinhead did little to quell fan fears, with the release of the Hellraiser: Revelations trailer betraying the low-rent quality of the production. Clive Barker also came out against the project on Twitter when the trailer used his name, with the creator declaring the sequel had nothing to do with him. Collins’ performance as Pinhead was roundly lambasted, with the make-up appearing ill-fitting on the actor, though it should be noted he did the best he could with the weak material. Hellraiser: Revelations is easily regarded as the worst of the series, with Bradley’s presence being greatly missed.

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Star Trek: 25 Wild Revelations About Kirk And Spock’s Relationship

For Star Trek fans across the interwebs, the past two years have been endlessly exciting. Not only has a new Star Trek series been created, but also several new Star Trek properties are in the works. This includes a highly anticipated series on Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the Enterprise during Star Trek: The Next Generation. When Gene Rodenberry created Star Trek in the 1960s, he probably never knew it’d become this popular. Everything started with a brash Captain Kirk and his hyper-logical, alien first officer, Spock. Now, the franchise is a staple of nerd culture.

Though Star Trek: The Original Series only lasted three years out of a planned five, the Enterprise crew started the formation of a fandom that would span generations. At the core of its lasting effect and long-term success were Spock and Kirk, the best friend opposites that balanced each other out. Their relationship was the core of the show, along with McCoy’s witty and passionate quipping.

Years later, fans are still obsessed with Kirk and Spock. It’s evident in the rebooted Star Trek films, where the duo are still fan-favorite characters with the most interesting friendship.

With so much time between them now, and so much material, there’s a lot that casual fans might not know about them. As Spock is spending some time now on Star Trek:Discovery, it’s good to remember this wild relationship that encouraged decades of space-fans.

Here are 25 Wild Revelations About Kirk And Spock’s Relationship.

25 Both Captained The Enterprise

For three glorious, hammy years as captain, Kirk pioneered the Enterprise across the galaxy and wooed perhaps too many a lady. However, Star Trek was cancelled and that journey ended. In the the films, his legacy lived on. His role changed quite a bit, though.

After the series ended, Kirk was promoted to Admiral and moved his adventures back to Starfleet. With the loss of her captain, the Enterprise replaced swoony Kirk with its second-in-command, Spock. Without Kirk, he built his own crew and led his own voyage into new galaxies.

With how much both men loved the U.S.S. Enterprise, it’s only fair both got to lead her.

24 Spock Was Initially Science Officer, Not Second In Command

In Kirk’s first forray as Enterprise’s captain, his second-in-command was Gary Mitchell, his good buddy from Starfleet days. After investigating a derelict space-ship, nine crew members perish, and Mitchell and the ship psychiatrist gain extreme psychic powers.

Eventually, they have to end Mitchell’s life, despite Kirk’s protest. This promotes science officer Spock to second-in-command of the Enterprise.

Furthermore, the true first pilot of Star Trek, “The Cage,” had Majel Barrett as Number One and everyone’s favorite Vulcan in the scientific position. It took three episodes and some fatal encounters for Spock to become Kirk’s number one man. While he’s the one everyone remembers, he wasn’t the one Gene Rodenberry envisioned at the beginning.

23 Many Fans Are Convinced The Relationship Had Romantic Undertones

Of all the relationships in Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock and Kirk have the strongest and most beloved. Fans adore the duo— an impulsive, passionate captain and his logical straight man. They bring out the best in one another and always have each other’s back.

However, certain scenes have led fans to believe the pair could be a bit more than friends. A few too many wry looks and assumed massages are thrown around the bridge. While never confirmed, the pair are the most important people in each other’s lives. Of course some people may interpret that as romantic.

22 Spock Prime Saved Alternative Spock And Kirk’s Relationship

When Nero went back in time and created the split timeline of the “Abrams-verse,” he also brought along an unsuspecting passenger: Spock. This much older Spock crash-landed on an ice planet only to be found by Chris Pine’s Kirk, a much younger and more problematic Starfleet Officer. After all, Nero changed his entire childhood history by taking his father’s life.

Though young Kirk was in trouble with Starfleet and a bitter rival with Spock, “Spock Prime” described to him the truth of the other timeline. In his time, Kirk was a decorated officer who was always supported by his father. More importantly? He and Sock were the closest of friends.

Sending young Kirk along with this information, Spock Prime saved the friendship that a younger him almost lost.

21 They Once Battled Over A Woman

As a child, Spock was promised to a Vulcan woman named T’Pring. They were bonded and betrothed, their parents intending for them to marry when Spock reached a decent age and was experiencing pon farr.

Unfortunately for T’Pring, that day didn’t occur until Spock was years deep into a Starfleet career. In his time away, she fell in love with another. To deter her betrothed from wanting her, she chose Kirk to fight for her. However, this fight was the fatal kind and Spock wounded his captain terribly.

Lucky for them, McCoy was ahead of the curve. Kirk was saved, the violence brought Spock out of pon farr, and T’Pring married her beloved. Quite a risky experience, though, almost costing both men their best friends.

20 In Alternate Universes, They Both Sacrificed Themselves Against Khan

One of the most iconic villains of all Star Trek history is Khan Noonien Singh. While on Earth, he was the most benevolent of the genetically modified superhuman leaders, but after the Eugenics Wars of the 1990s, only he and 80 of his people were able to flee the planet. Time has made him malicious and tyrannical. During the original series run, the Enterprise crew ran into his people. Khan almost destroys the ship, but Kirk stops him.

Next time they meet, Khan is even more homicidal. Spock sacrifices himself to stop Khan from destroying the entire ship. In Star Trek: Into Darkness‘s split timeline, it’s Kirk who instead makes the sacrifice.

19 Kirk Convinced Spock To Go Camping

While many fans argue that the Star Trek films were the best part of the original Star Trek crew, they definitely still had their hokey moments. Easily one of the weirdest ones is Kirk convincing McCoy and Spock to go camping with him in Yosemite in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. After being demoted back to Captain, the Enterprise is on shore leave and he convinces the pro-tech and logic Spock to do old-fashioned camping, with fires and lanterns and tents.

Considering the rest of the film involves Spock’s cult leader brother, Klingon alliances, and space gods, though, camping seems pretty nice. The Enterprise trio seem to agree, as the film ends on Kirk, McCoy, and Spock right back to their camping trip.

18 They Both Had Human Mothers

Despite Spock acting like the most Vulcan-y Vulcan ever to Vulcan, he mostly acts this way to overcompensate for his mixed heritage. Unlike most Vulcan, Spock is half-human. His father, Sarek, fell in love with the human Amanda Greyson and complicated his genetics. Because of this blending, Spock has a harder time containing his emotions and has to work harder than most to adhere to Vulcan traditions. However, he still has a close relationship with his mother and loves her dearly, even if he never says it.

As a born and raised Earth kid, Kirk’s mother’s also a human. But that meant the pair had similar emotional relationships with their mother, instead of their upbringings being completely different.

17 Spock Allowed Kirk To Break Log Rules (Multiple Times)

In Starfleet, there is a distinct rule to always log the daily happenings and keep track of all the encounters that happen. This lets the Federation have records of all possible discoveries throughout the quadrants. However, every once in awhile. captains are known to break that protocol and keep certain events off record.

Throughout his three year journey, Kirk deliberately didn’t log several important events. For example, when they finally found the missing Dr. Roger Korby, they learned that Korby learned to create androids and downloaded his consciousness into one to achieve immortality. Kirk logs that “Dr. Korby was never here.” As a stickler for Starfleet rules, Spock should have probably been more diligent on making Kirk report hard truths instead of comforting lies.

16 The Only Thing That Could Distract Spock From His People Was Kirk

Regardless of his mixed heritage, Spock is just as dedicated to Vulcan as any full-blooded member of the species. If anything, he’s more devoted. In his Starfleet career, he wants to honor his culture and be the best Vulcan officer he can be (even if he ends up in Starfleet to spite the Science Academy.) He brings fierce logic to all situations and is an upstanding leader.

Beyond Starfleet, Spock eventually becomes a famous Vulcan Ambassador and devotes the end of his life to Romulan and Vulcan re-unification. However, despite all of his dedication, he will drop all of that at the drop of a hat if Kirk needs him. Before his dear friend’s passing, Spock several times risks rank and reputation to protect him.

15 Kirk’s Romantic Side Never Rubbed Off On Spock

If Kirk wasn’t a captain, he’d spend all of his days romancing every woman in sight. Since leading the Enterprise gets in the way, he only manages a lady every other episode.

When it comes to Kirk and Spock, they teach each other a lot. Kirk learns more restraint and logic from his Vulcan friend, and Spock learns the benefits of going with the flow and bending the rules. They’ve made each other better men and officers.

However, as far as Kirk’s Casanova antics go, Spock learned none of that. Throughout their adventures and beyond, Spock isn’t one for intimate, romantic relationships. The only examples either are very brief or happen in completely different timelines.

14 Spock Defied Orders To Save Kirk

Starfleet sounds glamorous and honorable, exploring among the stars, but the job comes with inherent dangers. After all, how many red shirts were lost in the making of the various series? When Kirk was in similar danger, and Spock was in direct order to leave a planet, he instead chose to stay in orbit and save his captain.

While Spock doesn’t defy Starfleet rules nearly as much as Kirk does, he’s still willing to do so to help protect his friend.

Even the most logical Vulcan will break a few rules to help someone they really care about. They may base their entire culture around reason, but they still have powerful ties to family and comrades.

13 Both Have Complicated Relationships With Their Brothers

As the Vulcan lifespan is pretty long, Amanda Greyson was hardly Sarek’s only love interest. His first was a Vulcan Princess who passed away young, leaving Sybok, their son, in Sarek’s care. He raised Sybok and Spock together, but the pair were very different. Despite being full Vulcan. Sybok was charismatic and spiritual while Spock was logical and scientific. They never quite got along, but Sybok sacrificed himself to save Spock and the Enterprise.

Similarly, Kirk and his brother, George Samuel, were night and day. Kirk was an overachiever dreaming of the stars. “Sam,” as Kirk called him, was a simple biologist who wanted to build a family. Kirk hadn’t seen Sam in years by the time he found his corpse on Deneva.

12 The Actors Were Best Friends In Real Life

Despite all the cast tensions that went on behind the scenes of Star Trek: The Original Series, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy came out of the experience as close friends. Throughout the years of making Star Trek films and various conventions, they really grew to care about one another. They were constants in each other’s lives, weathering the years of show business.

Unfortunately, a few years before Nimoy passed, the pair drifted apart. According to people close to Nimoy, Shatner’s insistence on making a Star Trek documentary, to the point of filming Nimoy without his permission, broke his trust. Shatner laments the fact he missed seeing Nimoy off in his final months.

11 They Have Very Different Relationships With Dr. McCoy

As good a captain Kirk is, he really was a wild card that needed advisers and good friends backing him. This is how the Holy Trinity of early Star Trek formed, the vital relationships Kirk had with Spock and McCoy. While Spock gave Kirk logic and reason, McCoy called him out on dumb ideas and supported him when his heart was set on something. Both men were necessary in Kirk being a well-rounded captain.

When it came to the relationship between McCoy and Spock, though, the pair often didn’t get along. McCoy found Spock’s incessant knowledge annoying, and Spock disagreed with McCoy’s “bedside manner” sensibilities. While the pair respected and relied on each other, they weren’t exactly close friends, either.

10 Their Relationship Is The Most Important Thing In Both Their Lives

Both James T. Kirk and Spock spent their lives adventuring among the cosmos, exploring and learning as much as possible. They met many new people, make revolutionary scientific discoveries, and go where no man has gone before. Even once Kirk is promoted, though, they remain close friends who care deeply for one another. Kirk was willing to give up his rank to get Spock back.

Women never stuck, but they always were there for each other. In both of their lifetimes, this relationship was the most significant one that they experienced. After all, romance is fun, but who else would go camping to Yosemite or save Blue Whales at the drop of a hat?

9 In The Abrams Films, They’re Both Attracted To Uhura

As much as the Abrams films change, they don’t touch one thing: Kirk’s womanizing ways. Only a few scenes into the film, he’s hitting on Starfleet recruit Uhura. Later, when they meet again after he courts her roommate, he flirts with her all over again. Beautiful and capable, it’s understandable why he would be interested in Uhura. However, she has zero interest in him.

What really complicates matters, though, is Uhura’s relationship with Spock. In the original series, Spock and Uhura don’t have many conversations together at all, much less romantic tension. Now, in the Abrams-verse, they have a secret teacher-student type relationship and it definitely makes things even more complicated on the bridge.

8 Spock Can Easily Tell When Kirk Isn’t Himself

Though Kirk is a formidable man, there are quite a few episodes where his body is taken over by various aliens or he’s replaced. Or, in an infamously uncomfortable episode involving Janice Rand, a transporter accident gives him an evil twin that goes lurking about the ship.

Lucky for Kirk, Spock has a keen eye and knows his behaviors well. Over time, the Vulcan becomes a Kirk Litmus test that can identify a fake Kirk from a real one at a moment’s notice. This becomes really important in Star Trek: The Original Series final episode, where Janice Lester tastes over Kirk’s brain. If it wasn’t for Spock, Kirk in Janice’s body would have been executed and evil Janice would have become Enterprise’s captain.

7 Both Have Mirror Universe Versions Of Themselves

The Mirror Universe is a running Star Trek parallel universe, used in several different series to cause conflict. The Mirror universe tends to have heroes and good people in darker, terrible roles and relationships completely altered and warped. In the case of the first Enterprise, where several bridge members end up on the mirror universe counterpart of their ship, trying to keep hidden from the twisted “other” crew. In this place, Spock and Kirk are comrades there, but far more adversarial. Several times mirror Spock threatens Kirk’s life.

On a more fun note, though, Spock also has a weird goatee. Everything in the mirror universe looks generally bizarre.

6 Spock Grew Much Older Than Kirk

While Star Trek can be a bit confusing about ages (for example, if Spock served under a young Captain Pike, he should have aged a good fifty years, but sources say that Spock is only thirty something by the start of the original series,) that doesn’t change the long lives of Vulcans. Spock’s father, Sarek, was 203 when he finally passed on.

Whether Spock was 30 or nearing 100 when he met Kirk, by all Vulcan averages he still had decades before his own demise. No wonder he had to find fulfillment in a greater purpose. After all, those closest to him were all humans who would never live as long as he did.

5 Both Experienced Mind-Control Romances

Various adventures in Star Trek include a little mischievous thing called mind control. Whether it’s done by aliens desperate for entertainment or manipulative spores, the Enterprise crew gets hypnotized quite often. More fascinatingly, though, they seem to get shoved into romances during these events.

While under the influence, Kirk kissed Uhura in the famous first biracial kiss on television. Similarly, Spock entered a romance with a woman named Leila for a time while controlled by spores. Though he preferred being himself, he said his time with Leila was his “happiest.” When an avid scientist, Spock enjoys life but just isn’t satisfied with the world.

4 Kirk Risked Rank To Save Spock’s Life

During Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the Enterprise crew lost its most beloved member: Spock. He sacrificed himself to stop the evil conqueror Khan’s plots. However, it seems Spock didn’t stay gone. His coffin landed on the Genesis planet and decided to regenerate.

Though Kirk and friends were banned from going anywhere near the dangerous Genesis planet, they disobeyed orders at the chance to save their friend. Moreover, having Spock’s consciousness in McCoy was probably going to break his brain if they didn’t trying.

They recovered Spock, but all of the crew-members were court-marshaled and demoted. Maybe Kirk wasn’t an admiral anymore, but he was the Enterprise’s captain again, which is pretty good considering their disobedience.

3 They Consider Each Other Brothers

Despite the fact that both Kirk and Spock had other siblings, they spent most of their time together. Through all these adventures, it made the pair consider each other brothers. They each had strained relationships with their own siblings, so they grew to be family. The Enterprise became their home together, travelling the stars.

While both men have made some risky decisions in the name of their relationship, they are daring and devoted friends that care deeply for one another. It’s no surprise they came to see each other as family.

In space, so far away from homeworlds, finding a new family makes the journey all the better.

2 Each of Their Lives Changed Irreparably When They Worked With Captain Picard

For many people, Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Captain Picard is their favorite Starfleet leader. Others, it’s Kirk or later captains. Either way, Picard had a profound influence on the previous Enterprise leaders. During his time as captain, he got involved with Spock’s Romlaun/Vulcan re-unification plan. This meant keeping the Romulan underground and Spock hidden from Romulan leaders. When Picard left, Spock decided to stay, ultimately meaning he would likely spend the rest of his life on Romulus.

Then in one Picard film, he met up with a once-missing Kirk and took him on an adventure that took the captain’s life. Despite their plan to escape, Kirk sacrificed himself to save Picard and the Shakespearean man came home as he left it: alone.

1 Considering Discovery’s Canon, Spock Never Told Kirk About His Sister

In Star Trek, Kirk and Spock were best friends, brothers, and dearly devoted to one another. They were closer to each other than anyone else in their lives. Despite this closeness, Spock kept a lot from Kirk. Not only did his brother go unmentioned for decades, but according to Star Trek: Discovery canon, he failed to mention he had a sister at all.

While Spock was a private and unemotional man, he shared his relationships with his parents openly. Considering how complex his relationship with Burnham is, and how they effected each other’s lives, it’s baffling how Spock didn’t share that with his best friend.

Maybe he just didn’t want Kirk to try to flirt with his little sister.

Were there any other weird aspects to Spock and Kirk’s friendship in Star Trek that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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Vikings: 21 Wild Revelations About Ragnar And Athelstan’s Relationship

The History Channel’s Vikings has become a smash hit. One of the main reasons for this is the complex relationship between Ragnar and Athelstan. Though both men are long gone now, they built the foundation of complex relationships between characters. After all, they were closer to each other than they were their respective mates. These men relied on each other to be strong and change the world around them. Every scene between them was a genuine joy, and these two characters are missed to this day.

As Vikings moves into its sixth and final season, the story will be finishing up without these two fascinating characters. Despite their absence, they truly altered everything in the world around them. Without Ragnar and Athelstan, the conflict between Vikings and Anglo-Saxons would look very different. Without them, it might have never happened at all.

Whether that means their kinship was good or bad for the world is subjective, but their influence cannot be denied. Both men made everyone they touched grow and evolve into entirely new people. Curious, fascinating, and exploratory, Athelstan and Ragnar are the best friends who changed this story forever.

Here are 25 Wild Revelations About Ragnar And Athelstan’s Relationship.

21 Ragnar And Athelstan Are Platonic Soulmates

The second Ragnar and Athelstan met, they had a connection. Though the monk’s ability to speak his language helped his case, there was something that drew the pair together over and over again. The duo never were romantic, but they always chose each other over most anyone else. Their relationship was a friendship like no other, that superseded cultures, religions, and wars.

In a way, Athelstan and Ragnar were the only soulmates either had. While women never stayed, their bond always persisted. As far as Vikings goes, there were never two friends more connected.

20 Their Sons Are Kings

From the beginning of Vikings, fans know that Ragnar and Athelstan are meant for great things. While the two had great successes and adventures of their own, their children start off even stronger. As young men, both Bjorn and Alfred are already kings of their respective lands. Despite one being an illegitimate child and the other an abandoned son, they are impressive leaders.

Even though both Athelstan and Ragnar are gone in the show, their legacy thrives in their sons. Alfred, Bjorn, and the rest of Ragnar’s children are all formidable and will be fascinating to watch as the show continues. Hopefully these two legacies don’t clash, but when it comes to Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, there are no promises.

19 Both Men Are Slain Mercilessly

While fans adored the Viking king and his christian bestie, not everyone in their lives felt the same way. Both Ragnar and Athelstan lose their lives in brutal ways on the show. Athelstan falls first to an ambitious and ruthless Viking, Floki, who chops his head off while he prays. The passing is particularly hard on Ragnar, who loved him like a brother.

However, Ragnar’s end isn’t much easier. The Viking king is flung into a pit of snakes by an Anglo-Saxon royal, passing away from bites and venom. When compared, neither experience seems very pleasant. If only the pair got more pleasant ways to live out the ends of their lives.

18 Athelstan’s Linguistics Are The Only Reason They Became Friends

Ragnar and Athelstan met during a Viking raid of a monastery, where the latter was a christian monk. All of his fellow priests were slain, but Athelstan was spared because he could speak Norse like the attackers. Hoping to use the frightened man for information, Ragnar spared him and took him back home as a slave.

After Athelstan gave them information for future raids, though, Ragnar kept him. They even ended up very close friends. Without his knowledge of Norse dialect, Ragnar never would have met the person he’d care most about in the world. Furthermore, he may have never achieved all the thing he did.

17 Ragnar Supported Athelstan’s Christianity

One of the most controversial things about bringing Athelstan into Viking culture was his faith. While they didn’t care about adopting an outsider, Vikings were pagan. Several times, without certainty about his religion, Athelstan was in danger of being sacrificed, banished, or even beheaded.

Though Athelstan leaned into the culture to fit in, ultimately, he never fully abandoned Christianity. Furthermore, Ragnar knew this and let his friend get away with his secrets. He even learned more about the Christian faith himself, trying to understand Athelstan better. Other Vikings would have considered the secret traitorous, but Ragnar let Athelstan be a Viking while remaining himself.

16 Athelstan Was Spared By Viking And English Leaders

As lucky as Athelstan is, he was spared by several great leaders of different cultures. First, his life was saved when Earl Haraldson allowed Ragnar to keep Athelstan. This led to their close friendship and, eventually, the priest becoming a Viking himself. After that, despite his ties to the Vikings, King Ecbert, an Anglo-Saxon, spared him when he was captured by the English. They became friends with time, but only his religion and Ecbert’s good faith saved him from execution.

Finally, when Athelstan was working with the English, Ragnar willingly took him back instead of declaring him a traitor. Good thing great leaders love to spare handsome priests.

15 They Both Were Attracted To Princesses

When Vikings began, Ragnar was a simple warrior/farmer and Athelstan was a simple priest. Both had decent standings in their respective circle,s but they weren’t anything special.

Over time, though, that began to radically change. Ragnar started to rise up in rank. Athelstan began making friends with many leaders and became known for his pure faith. The epitome of their rising status, though, came in their changing attractions. Both men were settled in their lives, either married of celibate. However, when they became more important, they both found themselves attracted to princesses. Their affairs with Aslaug and Judith changed the course of their legacy, bearing sons who became grand leaders.

14 Athelstan Is A Near Constant Captive

Though the duo eventually became best friends, Athelstan and Ragnar started as captive and captor, respectively. For a long time he remained a Viking slave. Even when he was melding more into their culture, the priest wasn’t considered a true Viking for a long time. Then, just as he’s become more integrated, Athelstan is a captive for the Anglo-Saxons under king Ecbert.

While King Ecbert respected and treated Athelstan well, he wasn’t entirely free there, either.

During his three season run on Vikings, the priest spent little time as a free man. Most of it he was captive of one place or another, and only near his end was he truly free.

13 Their Worlds Will Never Agree

Athelstan grew up in Anglo-Saxon culture, becoming a monk, abiding by social rules, and pledging himself to God. Meanwhile, Ragnar had a very different upbringing among the Vikings, a people dedicated to Pagan beliefs and disinterested in social rigidity. The pair overcame these differences to form a close bond, but their worlds remain wildly different. Though they can find common ground, their cultures are too different to change.

Anglo-Saxons are dedicated to their religion and rules. Vikings are devoted to their Gods and their pride. They may have similar pillars of belief, but those pillars are too different to span. There seems to be no possible peace between Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.

12 Together They Made Ragnar King

When Vikings began, Ragnar was a strong, respected warrior with dreams of the west. With Athelstan’s linguistics and Anglo-Saxon knowledge combined with his ambition, though, the Earl saw him as a threat. This sent him on the path that would lead him to become the king of the Vikings. The second Athelstan saved him from the river, they became an unstoppable force together.

With both their intelligence and strengths, these two men completely toppled the Viking hierarchy in their way, eventually putting more and more power in Ragnar’s hands. By the end of season 2, their actions have changed their world forever.

11 Ragnar Tried To Sacrifice Athelstan

After Athelstan’s initial usefulness wore out, Ragnar thought he would be a good sacrifice to the Gods. While it sounded barbaric to the priest, in the Pagan culture it was an honorable sacrifice. Without a warrior spirit or more intel, Ragnar thought it would be a good use for Athelstan.

Unfortunately, the young monk revealed his continuing dedication to the Christian faith, making him ineligible for sacrifice. A different comrade Viking took his place. Though it caused understandable friction between the two, they never would have gotten so far if Ragnar’s sacrifice was successful.

10 Athelstan Never Met His Son, But Ragnar Did

While the good Viking Ragnar had many children, his best buddy counterpart only had one. However, that didn’t stop his son from being just as influential. Despite not being son of the prince, Alfred retained the benefits of being a first born son. King Ecbert took him under his wing and raised him to be a leader.

Because of the complicated situation and affair, Athelstan never properly met his son before his passing. Ragnar, though, did. As the Viking king, he met with Ecbert and Alfred. The young heir was only a boy, but the meeting was meaningful. After all, Athelstan was Ragnar’s best friend and Alfred is his only flesh-and-blood.

9 Athelstan Is Favored By Powerful Men

Ragnar was his best friend. Haraldson spared his life. King Ecbert protected him and took him under his wing. Despite starting the series as a run-of-the-mill monk, powerful men always favored Athelstan. Whether a captive, Viking, or man of the church, he had a tenacity that always impressed leaders.

That same tenacity, along with his ability to speak Norse, helped encourage Ragnar to spare him. Moreover, it’s exactly why the pair remained such close friends, despite their differences.

Though he had no noble blood to him, Athelstan became a consult to multiple grand leaders and fathered a king. That’s no small feat for a simple priest.

8 They Supported One Another Through Ragnar’s Multiple Marriages

When the duo met, Ragnar was dutifully married to Lagertha, a powerful and beautiful shield-maiden. However, as Ragnar traveled more he became a bit less dutiful. During one of his adventures, he met with a princess and the rest was history.

Though Athelstan in a way bonded with Ragnar’s initial family, he followed his best friend into his new marriage. Ragnar wasn’t the best husband, but he was still a great friend. Despite being a Christian devotee, he stuck with his friend through his decisions and more.

However, maybe it was just because he knew he was capable of the same crime.

7 Gyda And Athelstan Were Close

Early days with Athelstan and Ragnar had the former a captive slave on the latter’s farm, tending to his family and helping with the children. In all his time there, Athelstan grew close to Ragnar’s kind daughter, Gyda. While Ragnar would eventually become his dearest friend, Gyda was his first in the Viking world.

When Gyda passed away, she wanted her family to protect Athelstan as he protected her. Their friendship was a prelude to how even a Christian and a Viking can learn to care deeply for one another, like her father and her friend eventually would.

6 They Both Have Complicated Feelings About Religion

By far, Athelstan is one of the characters most defined by his religion. During his time with the Vikings, he feels some doubts about his Christianity, but ultimately returns to his beliefs. Despite all the troubles he goes through, he is still dedicated to the lord he believes in. However, that still meant he had doubts. Furthermore, he eventually breaks his vow of celibacy. He may be dedicated, but he’s hardly a perfect Christian.

When it comes to Ragnar, he believes in the strength of his gods. He believes more in himself, though, and dabbles in Christian practices with Athelstan. His curiosity supersedes his faith.

5 They Became Each Others’ Teacher

The relationship between Athelstan and Ragnar was riddled with tough situations and dangerous confrontations. However, together the pair weathered through them all. While standing side by side put them in more peril, it was the only way they survived. Being so different, the two constantly taught each other new things that made them stronger men.

For example, Ragnar taught Athelstan to fight and the Viking culture. Meanwhile, Athelstan taught his friend about Christianity and diplomacy. Without this constant act of teaching, they never would have changed the Viking and Anglo-Saxon worlds as much as they did.

4 Athelstan Saved Ragnar’s Life While Still A Slave

As all captive scenarios go, Athelstan initially loathed Ragnar for holding him as a slave. After all, in his mind, if he was slain he could at least be reunited with God. This life, though, was oppressive and bizarre. He wasn’t supposed to be forced into the Viking lifestyle.

However, as time went on, the pair formed a sense of camaraderie. Furthermore, Athelstan became friends with Ragnar’s kind young daughter, Gyda. Because of these factors, when Ragnar fell into the river and almost drowned, the priest saved his captor. Though he was still a slave, he cared about their family enough to save it.

3 They Were Touched By Prophecy

Between Ragnar and Athlestan, both men were very spiritual, but their lives were even more prophetic than they were. Aslaug, Ragnar’s second wife, had a sense about the future and often prophesized Ragnar’s destiny. Whether it was about sons or his ascension to greatness, he was influenced by prophecy.

Similarly, Athelstan’s legacy was touched by spiritual premonitions, even if it wasn’t until after his passing. When Judith’s indiscretion was revealed, Alfred’s life and right to the throne was saved by the king. King Ecbert  said that Athelstan was touched by prophecy and, therefore, Alfred was as well. That meant they must protect an train him for leadership, regardless of his heritage.

2 Ragnar Buried Athelstan Himself

When Floki unceremoniously decided to spill Athelstan’s blood, Ragnar mourned and buried the priest all by himself. One reason was to honor the moment personally, so that he could express all the feelings he felt. However, another reason was so that Ragnar could fix a makeshift cross for Athelstan’s grave. After all, he was the only one who accepted and supported his friend’s faith.

In a moment of vulnerability and pain, Ragnar mourned his best friend and soul mate. The pair had made each other stronger, wiser, and without Athelstan, Ragnar eventually devolved into a lesser man. Before the snake pit, the Viking king prayed like his friend did, and accepted his own passing.

1 They Always Chose Each Other

Despite having ample opportunity to turn on one another, Ragnar and Athelstan never did. The choice might have even benefited them, such as when Athelstan chose Ragnar over King Ecbert. His life with the king would have been cushy, Christian, and safe. However, he returned to Ragnar when he had the shot.

When they first met, Ragnar chose Athelstan over riches, saved his life though it was a gamble.

Bonded souls ’til the end, the pair spent their entire adult lives choosing each other, until they couldn’t choose anymore. Nothing could break them apart besides death. Afterwards, they likely hope to find each other again.

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Stephanie Marceau

The Office: 24 Wild Revelations About Jim And Pam’s Relationship

The Office has forever cemented itself in television history as one of the most beloved and influential sitcoms of the genre. There are literally dozens of reasons to love this program and give it praise, whether it’s the documentary film style, the introduction of such a groundbreaking cast, or how it helped rejuvenate the workplace sitcom in a serious way. However, one aspect of The Office that’s continually gravitated to as one of the show’s most crucial elements is the “will they/won’t they” dynamic between Jim and Pam, plus their eventual romance.

Relationships in sitcoms are very hard to pull off effectively without robbing characters of the tension that fueled their scenes in the first place. Many avid television viewers heralded Cheers’ Sam and Diane or Friends’ Ross and Rachel as television’s biggest couple, but for the next generation of audiences it’s been Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly all the way.

There’s no denying that Jim and Pam are one of television’s biggest couples, but let’s dig a little deeper and examine some of the major secrets and details behind their love. Let’s figure out why their relationship is so famous and all of the specifics that helped bring Jim and Pam together. Accordingly, Here Are 25 Wild Revelations About The Office’s Jim And Pam’s Relationship!

24 Their Relationship Nearly Fueled An Office Spin-off

It’s not unusual for popular television shows to spawn spin-offs in order to prolong their longevity or capitalize on the property’s success. Back in 2013 towards the end of The Office’s run, Greg Daniels revealed that one of the possible spin-off ideas that at one point was on the table was a Jim and Pam family sitcom (other ideas included Dwight, Darryl, and Andy spin-offs.)

This was during the height of the show’s popularity back during season four and the plan was called off due to how it might negatively dilute the brand of The Office because it would have meant removing Jim and Pam from the show.

23 Their Relationship May Owe A Lot Of Thanks To Michael Scott

Pam and Roy had a notoriously long engagement, but when Roy finally sets a wedding date with Pam, Jim feels mighty defeated and is pretty much ready to give up on his pipe dream of winning Pam over.

Michael has a pep talk of sorts with Jim to get him out of his funk where he tells him to “never ever, ever give up” on your dreams. It’s these words that inspire Jim to keep on with his pursuit and if not for that “wisdom,” he and Pam may have never gotten together at all, simply due to a lack of confidence.

22 Their First Kiss Wasn’t Actually During Casino Night

The kiss that’s shared between Jim and Pam on “Casino Night” is one of the series’ most famous moments. There’s a tremendous amount of weight behind this scene and it’s without a doubt a very memorable kiss, however many people fail to remember that it’s technically not the first time that the lock lops.

Jim and Pam share an intoxicated embrace during the events of “The Dundies” at the start of the second season. It’s obviously much more innocent, but it’s still an important moment for them, even if it’s one that Pam may not even fully remember.

21 Jim Had Serious Confidence In Their Relationship From The Start

Sometimes intense acts of romance can come across as obsessive behavior, but Jim and Pam are usually given a little freedom just because so many people look at these two as soul mates. Evidently, Jim is someone who feels the same way.

In season four’s “Chair Model,” Jim reveals that he bought an engagement ring for Pam after only dating her for a week because he was positive that she was the one for him. He of course kept this to himself until he reveals it to the camera much later, but it shows how immediately in love with Pam he was and that he never had any doubts.

20 They’re A Strong Pranking Team

There’s a lot of heart in The Office, but in the show’s earlier years there was always a real guilty pleasure aspect in seeing how Dwight would get pranked in some new, crazy way. Jim gets the majority of credit for plaguing Dwight with workplace pranks, but Pam not only also gets in on the fun, but it’s also well after Jim and Pam are married and have a child. Even at this later stage in their life, they’re still committed to their pranking ways.

If anything, their dedication to the craft only becomes stronger after they combine forces and as the show goes on their methods to torment Dwight become increasingly complicated.

19 Their First Date Was Before They Were Actually A Couple

Jim and Pam start dating during the time between the show’s third and fourth seasons, which means that we don’t get to see the start and infancy of their relationship. That being said, during the show’s second season when Pam and Roy are still together, Jim and Pam spend some quality time together on the roof of Dunder Mifflin where they share a meal, kind of dance together to music, and fireworks go off in the background.

It may not technically be a date, but it has all of the ingredients of one and Jim jokes that it should be qualify.

18 The Moments Where They Fell For Each Other Are Incredibly Innocuous

During the “Launch Party” episode where Dunder Mifflin’s website goes live, Jim and Pam escape from the party to get some alone time together. During this moment they both talk about the first time that they fell for each other, and they’re both very simple Dunder Mifflin moments.

For Pam, it was when Jim approached her to hand out a warning about some expired yogurt that she was about to eat. For Jim, this moment took place during his first day when Pam warned him about Dwight and that his pre-Dwight life was now over.

17 Their Niagara Falls Wedding Wasn’t The Original Plan

Weddings can often be a tumultuous time, especially when it comes to sitcom weddings. Even though Pam and Jim are a super couple, even they are not immune to wedding frustrations.

Wedding stresses force Jim and Pam to escape from the craziness of friends and family and spontaneously get married on a boat at Niagara Falls, by themselves. They still follow through at the church afterwards, but it’s more a formality at that point. However, Jim also eludes to the fact that this Niagara Falls wedding is actually “Plan C,” with the backup plan being the church, and the initial plan being to have done this much earlier and to not have waited so long.

16 Their Perfect Impromptu Proposal

Jim and Pam are a couple that are all about improvisation and adapting, which is exactly what Jim does when he proposes to Pam. Jim has a much fancier idea in his head about when to wait and do it after Pam is out of art school, but in the end Jim just can’t wait any longer and spontaneously asks Pam to marry him at a random rest stop in the pouring rain.

This may not be the fanciest setting for such a romantic moment, but anywhere this proposal happened would instantly become a classic. It doesn’t matter where.

15 Their Marriage Had Its Share Of Rough Patches

Jim and Pam may be everyone’s favorite television couple, but The Office actually attempts to portray a realistic, flawed relationship and marriage between these two rather than make their love flawless. The Office prided itself in its grounded, “real” look at the workplace and it attempts that same level of dissection with its romances.

Accordingly, the show’s final season sees Jim and Pam hit their biggest trials yet when Brian the boom operator becomes a confidant and support system for Pam while Jim is away in Philadelphia. Nothing happens there, but it’s an important moment of learning for the two of them.

14 Jim Nearly Ruined Their Wedding

Pam’s grandmother holds very traditional values and so Pam didn’t want her to find out that she was pregnant before she and Jim had tied the knot. Pam asks everyone from work to not let this news slip, and they surprisingly keep the secret. Even Michael.

However, Jim innocently tips off Pam’s grandmother when at the end of his wedding speech when he proposes a toast and asks everyone to raise their glasses to drink, he adds the disclaimer, “except for Pam, of course.” Jim isn’t quick enough to cover for his social faux pas, and Pam’s grandmother finds out, but thankfully the wedding doesn’t fall apart, even with Michael Scott in full crazy mode.

13 Pam “Taught” Jim How To Drive Stick

Jim stoops to many tactics while he initially tries to get on Pam’s radar. They’re all endearing in different ways, but some are more elaborate than others. While Jim was trying to court Pam, he admits that he asked her to help him learn how to drive stick as an excuse to spend time with her.

In reality, Jim knows how to drive stick and has no difficulties there, but it makes for a cute formative moment between the two of them. In a strange way, driving lessons play a big part in the start of their relationship.

12 Pam And Jim Were Initially Envisioned As An Interracial Couple

It’s hard to picture anyone other than John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer in the roles of Jim and Pam, but there was almost a very different looking version of television’s favorite love story.

Greg Daniels at one point considered casting Erica Vittina Phillips (who later appears as Darryl’s ex-wife) as Pam. Jim’s relationship with this version of Pam was one of Daniels’ potential ideas on how to further “Americanize” the series. It’s an interesting take, but one that wasn’t needed. Ultimately, Daniels thought the finalized casting was perfect, but it’s a very curious “What If?” scenario.

11 Jim Spontaneously Buys Them A House

This gesture is actually a somewhat controversial moment for Jim and Pam fans. Jim crosses some lines here, but has the best of intentions, when he buys him and Pam a house—his parents’ house, in fact—without first talking to Pam about this major purchase and life change.

It’s an extreme act that ends up working out and Jim has even been thoughtful enough to designate a room as Pam’s art studio, but it’s still a lot from him. This isn’t typical Jim behavior, but it’s the sort of radical gestures that his love for Pam brings forward.

10 Pam’s Love For Jim Gives Her The Courage To Walk On Hot Coals

It’s perhaps the best Pam scene from the entire series, but on “Beach Day,” Pam manifests some severe courage that cause her to not only walk across hot coals with zero injuries, but she also confesses some real honesty and feelings for Jim that are some of the most genuine emotion that’s ever been on the show.

It’s a major milestone for Pam as a person and the sort of self-actualized individual that she grows into, but a lot of it has to do with her feelings for Jim and what they make her feel like she’s capable of doing.

9 They Almost Eloped

Jim and Pam had celebrated their fairy-tale wedding, and it made for one of The Office’s biggest episodes, but they nearly chickened out and almost went for something simpler during their journey to the altar.

In the episode “Café Disco,” Jim and Pam entertain the idea of just getting away and eloping rather than going the huge wedding route. They decide against this in the end, but it’s another instance where their love is so strong that it nearly causes them to throw all plans to the wind and just embrace how much they care about one another.

8 Their First Night Away Together As A Couple Involves Dwight

In the episode “Money,” Jim and Pam are finally able to get away from Scranton for a little bit and are able to enjoy their first “vacation” together. The only caveat here is that their trip happens to be to Dwight’s beet farm of all places, which makes the momentous occasion considerably more awkward than it needs to be.

Jim and Pam can give Dwight a hard time, but they seem connected to him in a weird way, as if they can’t escape each other. In spite of this, it’s still kind of nice that Dwight can play a role in this big couple moment for them.

7 Jenna Fischer Kept The Engagement Ring That Jim Gives Plan

When shows come to a close, sometimes cast members will hold onto certain props or costuming as mementos from the production. Not only is Jenna Fischer guilty of this, but the item that she held onto is also one of the most important possessions of her alter ego, Pam Beesly.

Fischer has spoken about keeping the ring as an important keepsake. There are conflicted reports out there if she’s actually worn this ring out in public or just kept it as an emotional piece of memorabilia, but either way this symbol of Jim and Pam’s love lives on through Jenna Fischer. If anyone should get to hold onto this memory, it’s Fischer.

6 They’re Actually In Love In Real Life…Or Not

Very famously Jenna Fischer revealed on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, that Jim and Pam’s connection felt so genuine because they shared a love in real life. This is an incredibly sweet statement, especially for the hardcore Jim and Pam fans, but it’s a declaration of love that Krasinski would later backpedal on or at least further clarify.

Krasinski is very happily married to Emily Blunt, but explained that his connection with Fischer is genuine and that they’re still close, but that it wasn’t an actual romantic love there.

5 Pam Ignites Jim Halloween Spirit

For many of The Office’s earlier years, Jim portrays himself as a quirky outsider who tries to shirk rules and responsibilities whenever possible. This translates to his avoidance of work at Dunder Mifflin, but it also manifests itself over the holidays where he opts to go the lazy and ironic route for days like Halloween.

However, after years of doing non-costumes and putting minimal effort into the spooky holiday, Jim finally not only really dresses up to please Pam, but does a couple’s costume no less! He, Pam, and Cece dress up as the cast of Popeye.

4 Their Love Is So Strong It Causes Pam’s Parents To Divorce

This might seem a little extreme, but it’s technically true. During the show’s fifth season, Pam’s parents are struggling in their marriage and her dad stays with her and Jim. Jim tries to talk to Pam’s dad to help in the situation, but after he describes how passionately he feels about Pam and how strong there love is, this is actually the spark that makes Pam’s dad divorce his wife.

He comes to terms with how he doesn’t have this same kind of connection with his wife. He didn’t know that love could be so strong until he hears about the connection that Jim and Pam share, which inspires him to strive for more.

3 Jenna Fischer’s Real Life Pregnancy Doubled For Pam’s Pregnancy

Pregnancies are a very difficult area for sitcoms to navigate around. When it’s something that’s forced onto a show, it can often be the beginning of the end. Babies can be a real killer for comedies, but The Office doesn’t suffer the typical pratfalls and never makes Pam and Jim’s children the new center of the show. It also helped that Jenna Fischer happened to get pregnant at a very convenient time.

Coincidentally, the show’s writers were already planning to make Pam pregnant when Jenna Fischer turned out to be pregnant in real life. So it wasn’t a situation of one influencing the other or them faking it for the show.

2 Pam Keeps Jim’s Teapot Gift Nearby

One of the sweeter moments between Pam and Jim is the Secret Santa teapot confession gift that he gives her back in the show’s second season. The series finally returns to Jim’s removed love letter in the final season, but for eagle-eyed viewers, Pam’s teapot was actually present a lot more than people realize.

We see that Pam’s teapot is a staple of Pam’s “Finer Things Club,” that she occasionally has in the break room. This nice attention to detail highlights that Pam likes to keep this sweet Jim memory close to her.

1 Jim And Pam’s First Kiss Was Krasinski And Fischer’s First On Screen Kiss

Pam and Jim’s first kiss in The Office was a monumental event for the series. It’s the perfect culmination of so much of what makes this show special and it marks the beginning of what’s an incredibly loving, honest relationship on television. However, this milestone moment for the characters also held a large significance for both Fischer and Krasinski, as actors.

The two had never kissed anyone on camera before, even though Krasinski initially denied this when the event first happened. This level of vulnerability to the moment makes it even sweeter.

These are all of the major Jim and Pam relationship bombshells that we could put together, but have we missed anything substantial? Now’s your chance to sound off in the comments below!

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Daniel Kurland

Harry Potter: 25 Wild Revelations About Hermione And Ron’s Relationship

Harry Potter gave us a lot of couples out of its storyline, but the one at the top of the list is Ron and Hermione. The Harry and Ginny coupling has a lot of naysayers, which leaves Ron and Hermione as the best couple out of all others. Since these two are the joint-deuteragonists of the series, it only makes sense that we saw the most of these two compared to the other people who ended up in couples. The romantic tension that surrounded Ron and Hermione made up for most of the romance elements in the series starting from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and these two are the best example of a will they-won’t they romance.

Eventually, Ron and Hermione did become a couple at the very end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which meant we never got to see if they became #relationshipgoals (sorry, we know how cringe-worthy most people find that phrase.) What we do have to go on about these two are the many, many hints over how they were romantically into each other before it was obvious even to them, and those times when they couldn’t stand each other as their romantic tension boiled onto the surface.

There are also a lot of elements that doesn’t make either of seem so good as their relationship was filled with rule-breaking, insults, anger, and jealousy. Still, what’s the fun in a clean romance? So, here are 25 Wild Revelations About Hermione And Ron’s Relationship.

25 She Didn’t Think Much Of Him

When you end your first meeting by pointing out someone has dirt on their face it doesn’t exactly scream instant attraction. Hermione didn’t show Ron much care when they first met; the “pleasure” which she mentioned at meeting him was dryly delivered.

Of course, Ron was being the hound he is with food at the time, being eleven-years-old, didn’t consider being smooth or welcoming to her. Hermione was more impressed at sharing a compartment with Harry than Ron’s company. She even made fun of Ron’s spell being “not very good”. In all fairness, the spell wasn’t an actual spell to begin with.

24 He Thought She Was Mental

While Hermione wasn’t very welcoming, Ron downright classified her as a mental case after their first meeting. You can see him making pointed faces At Harry during the scene in the train, and he followed that up with outright calling her mental to Harry when she was getting sorted.

In the book version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Ron made a groan of disappointment when he heard Hermione heading off to Gryffindor as he knew he would be stuck with her should he also be sorted into Gryffindor. As it turned out, his fate was to marry that “mental” case.

23 They Always Noticed Each Other

The clearest indication that Ron and Hermione had it in for each other was how they always took note of what the other was doing. While Harry would never spare a thought for what the two were doing when not around him, Ron and Hermione would obsess over the other’s whereabouts.

For instance, Ron spends all of Prisoner of Azkaban wondering out loud about Hermione’s classes and how she was popping in and out, which turned out to be due to the time turner, but while Harry never noticed her absence, Ron wouldn’t shut up about it. Similarly, Hermione would constantly fret over Ron’s homework, aspirations and everything in general despite Ron never asking her to.

22 They Refused To Hug Because Of Their Underlying Attraction

You got the sense that Hermione was just as close to Ron as she was with Harry, but it was made obvious they weren’t as open to one another in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

After Hermione was cured from being petrified, she raced into Harry’s arms to celebrate being back; cut to her reunion with Ron, and the two had an awkward handshake despite Ron earlier being just as happy as Harry had been to see Hermione. The truth is that there was always some underlying attraction between the two, and at the age of 13, they had no clue what to make of it.

21 She Always Bossed Him Around

Whenever these two weren’t fighting or bickering, you’d always see Hermione play the role of the dominant one. Really, Ron never had much to say of his own because Hermione would boss him around – not in a malicious way, though.

Ron would usually follow whatever plan Hermione had and wouldn’t cause a conflict if he could help it. Moreover, Hermione would regularly snipe at him for one reason or another and Ron would always just take it. Ron even called her out for bossing him around in Half-Blood Prince when she ordered him not to drink a potion she thought was Felix Felicis. Eventually, she got back to bossing him around again.

20 She Was Attracted To Him First

Maybe the reason why she usually sniped at him or bossed him around was because Hermione was always drawn to him. Of the two of them, it was Hermione who realized she liked Ron first as she dropped heavy hints in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire of her attraction.

She fully realized she liked him by the time of the Yule Ball, but didn’t do anything because of Ron’s tactless behavior at the time. Hermione would continue to keep her attraction at bay until she couldn’t control it any longer (read further below to see where that led to).

19 She Wanted Him To Ask Her To The Yule Ball

How did she initiate her first subtle move toward him when she started like Ron? That would be around the time of the Yule Ball. Hermione would constantly remind Ron about the upcoming dance and would ask what kind of girl he wanted to take.

When Ron – being tactless as always – admitted he wanted to go with Fleur Delacour (who was a league thousands level above him,) Hermione would be scandalized. She continued trying to get him to ask her by being more girly than usual, but ultimately it was Viktor Krum who noticed her.

18 He Didn’t Realize He Liked Her Until Way Later

Ron was usually late to the show, and he was late in realizing he had full-on feelings for Hermione as well. He first felt jealousy in Goblet of Fire, but these were misunderstood feelings which he only got to understand by Half-Blood Prince.

This means he only got to the same place Hermione was a full two years later. When he did understand them, it was in the worst way as he treated Hermione horribly for kissing Krum two years previously. Only after they had the longest fight ever did Ron come out with the knowledge that he was a boy in love. Better late than never, Weaselbee.

17 He Used A Book George Gave Him To Woo Her

After he realized his feelings, Ron still couldn’t spit it out and was unsure if Hermione liked him that way, despite that being clear as day for everyone else. Perhaps George realized his little brother had it in for Hermione because he gifted Ron a book that taught one how to charm witches.

Ron would then gift the book to Harry after he’d memorized all of it. Harry noted Ron using one of the pointers from the book on Hermione as well. It looks like Ron wasn’t leaving any stone unturned to pursue Hermione.

16 One Of His Greatest Fears Was Hermione Preferring Harry

Ron’s self-esteem issues were such that he would always doubt his place in other people’s hearts. For one, his greatest fear was his mother loving Harry more than him; to add to that, Ron’s equally great fear was the girl he loved preferring Harry.

Hermione never gave any indication that she liked Harry that way, but Ron’s insecurity was such that he misinterpreted their brother-sister relationship to one that was romantic. Ron’s fear was shown by Voldemort’s horcrux, and he was brave enough to overcome it at that point.

15 She Made A Move On Him By Inviting Him To The Slug Club Party

Tired of Ron being endlessly clueless, it was Hermione who made the first move. She tried to play the gender roles of the male pursuing the female, but she couldn’t control her feelings any longer and chose the Slug Club party as the time when she would break the tension.

Unfortunately, these plans would be interrupted and Hermione ended up taking McLaggen because he would annoy Ron the most. But let it be known that Ron Weasley was one of those guys for whom a lady dropped conventional tropes. Weasley is our king indeed.

14 She Caught A Scent Of Him From The Love Potion In Slughorn’s Office

This might only have been obvious to those who obsessively read the novels, but Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince gave us the most obvious answer to Hermione’s feelings when she nearly said it out loud that the scent she caught from the love potion in Slughorn’s office was of Ron’s.

You see, the only things one gets a scent of around the love potion is that which a person is attracted to; had Hermione admitted that the scent she caught was of Ron’s, it would’ve made it clear to everyone who she was after romantically.

13 She Kissed Him Because He Cared About House Elves

We all had theories over how Ron and Hermione would finally get together, but no one would’ve thought it would be because of something unromantic. As it happened, she kissed him in the Battle of Hogwarts because he suggested they save the house-elves.

The reason behind this was that Ron had shown that compassionate side of him that Hermione valued above all. She had been the only one who had spared any thoughts for house-elves, and the fact that the person she had feelings for showed concerned about the very thing that was important to her made Hermione certain that Ron was her hero.

12 She wanted to be his friend first

No, we don’t mean she wanted to be his friend first before dating, we mean she literally wanted to be his friend. When you read or watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, you’ll notice that Ron and Harry were never Hermione’s friends until the incident with the troll.

Before that, Hermione would interject herself between these two uninvited. She wanted to be their friend, but she was so insufferably a know-it-all that Ron and Harry didn’t like her much. In actuality, Hermione’s perceived narcissism wasn’t who she really was. And she did want desperately to be friends with Ron and Harry.

11 They Went To Couple’s Therapy

Among the first of what seem like thousands of retcons and needless additions by JK Rowling, the author revealed that Ron and Hermione’s marriage was never smooth sailing. According to her, Ron still had many issues with self-esteem, which didn’t go away once he was proven to be a hero and Hermione’s preferred romantic interest.

Likewise, Hermione also didn’t let go of her bossy and critical nature, which rubbed Ron the wrong way many times during their marriage. So, it was off to couples’ therapy for these two and they worked things out in sessions overlooked by a wizarding therapist – wonder which classes those were at Hogwarts, right?

10 Ron Couldn’t Remember Their Wedding

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was basically a badly written fan fiction; we can almost agree on that. But since that thing is canon, so is the fact that Ron evidently had so much to consume at his own wedding that he forgot the whole affair.

It turned out that stuck with Hermione so much that she didn’t appreciated Ron being so intoxicated on what should have been a great day. So, to make up for the whole goof up, Ron would re-propose to her and they renewed their vows. And just like that, Harry Potter felt like a lame episode of a multi-camera sitcom.

9 They Weren’t Supposed To Be Together

Another one of JK’s list of retcons no one wanted to hear, she revealed that she never intended for Ron and Hermione to ever end up together. Disregarding everything she wrote or said in interview before this retcon, Rowling said she caved into fan demand to bring Ron and Hermione together.

According to her, Harry and Hermione always made sense and she was leaning toward that initially. So, it’s thanks to the fans that Rowling didn’t go through with the poor choice of pairing Harry with Hermione. JK should be appreciative rather than regretful.

8 She’s Attracted To His Sense Of Humor And Laid-back Nature

People who wonder why Harry and Hermione didn’t like each other romantically should read the books and how Harry was around Hermione. While he liked her, he didn’t enjoy her company nearly as much; Hermione too usually spoke to Harry about emotional things or studies.

It was Ron around whom Hermione laughed the most. Ron had a more casual demeanor and would be the source of hilarity in the trio of friends. For someone so rigid in personality as Hermione, a man who makes her laugh and loosen up is exactly what is needed.

7 He Started Hating His Idol Because He Dated Him

Before Hermione and Viktor Krum were a thing, Ron was obsessed with the Bulgarian Seeker. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, before heading off to Hogwarts, Ron wouldn’t shut up about Viktor Krum and how incredible he was.

He supported Bulgaria for the Quidditch final when everyone else supported Ireland. However, once Hermione dated Krum, Ron was so incensed he began loathing Krum. This got to the point where he stared at the man in hatred and refused to even be around him. This dislike continued all the way till Deathly Hallows as well and we have nothing to indicate Ron stopped disliking Krum.

6 She Broke Rules For Him

Hermione sure did break a lot of rules for someone who went on and on about sticking to them. However, you could argue her breaking these rules were only for the greater good, so there’s justification there.

What wasn’t justified, though, was how she used magic to get Ron into the Quidditch team. Hermione would use the Confundus Charm – a spell that caused the victim to lose their bearings momentarily – to ensure McGlaggen would miss the goal he was saving. It sounds more like something that’s illegal than school rules, so Hermione could very well have been charged with a crime just because she liked Ron so much.

5 How They Became Friends

The odd thing about this pairing is that had it not been for Ron insulting her, they never would’ve gotten married. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Ron would say to Harry how annoying Hermione was, likening her to a “nightmare”, and didn’t know Hermione was listening in on the conversation.

This caused her to be where the mountain troll attacked, and Ron and Harry ended up saving her. The rescue was what began their friendship, and we all know it blossomed into love. Remember guys, if you want a girl to like you, then insult her within earshot and you’re good to go.

4 He Broke The Weasleys’ Pureblood Lineage For Her

What’s strange about the Weasleys is that they’re supposed to be a family of blood traitors, but always ended up marrying within other pureblood families as well. Let’s ignore this wild coincidence for now and focus upon how Ron broke this cycle.

Sure, Bill married a part-Veela, but what constitutes a Veela has never been elaborated upon so they’re basically witches. This means that Ron’s children were the first who were Half-Blood. Marrying the Muggle-Born Hermione meant the Weasleys weren’t a pureblood family anymore. Way to go, Ron, you’re a trailblazer.

3 He Said ‘I Love You’ Several Times

You know you’re best friends when you can say you love them and not let it be weird in anyway. In the Harry Potter novels Ron said ‘I love you’ to Hermione several times over the years without Hermione ever reacting to it.

The only time Hermione did blush at this declaration was when she was fully in love with him herself and hadn’t admitted to him. Ron himself said it in a friendly manner, but we all know he really felt it too. Strangely enough, we never saw them say ‘I love you’ romantically ever.

2 He Never Apologized For Mistreating Her

Hermione had a big heart to forgive Ron for how he behaved in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince considering he really hurt her bad. Ron began misbehaving to her face because she had kissed Krum two years previously, and cut off contact with her because of it.

They would both be at odds with each other for months until Ron got poisoned. After this, they were somehow friends again and all was forgotten. But the fact of the matter is that Ron never apologized for blaming her for something he had no business being upset about.

1 They Married Very Young

Okay, maybe they weren’t extremely young, but considering a wizard’s lifespan seems to be about 150-years-old, Ron and Hermione getting married when they were 24 means they have around a century and a half to remain hitched.

Add in how they were dating since they were 18-year-old teenagers means that they never got to know who they were as people singularly. In the end, all Ron and Hermione would know life to be would be around each other; it sounds romantic, sure, but it also sounds like they didn’t get to know who they were as individuals, which is a tiny bit of a shame.

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Star Wars: 10 Huge Revelations From Queen’s Shadow

Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow is the story many fans have long dreamed of, a novel focused on Padmé Amidala, her fiercely loyal handmaidens, and their unique inner workings. Taking place in between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, Queen’s Shadow follows Padmé as her time as a queen ends and she shifts into her role as senator of Naboo. Readers experience the story from the perspective of Padmé and her closest handmaiden Sabé – played by Keira Knightley in The Phantom Menace – as they navigate their new roles in an ever-changing galaxy. It’s a fabulously character-driven story in itself, made even better with abundant and fascinating connections to the wider Star Wars galaxy, some of which we will explore through Star Wars: 10 Huge Revelations From Queen’s Shadow.

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10 Padmé Tried To Free Shmi Skywalker

Many fans have long wondered why no one from the Republic tried to free Shmi Skywalker in the time period between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Queen’s Shadow provided some clarity on this matter as it was revealed that Padmé did try to free Shmi. Even before becoming a senator, one of Padmé’s main goals was to free Shmi and end slavery on Tatooine and throughout the galaxy, a mission that’s importance was instilled in her from her experiences with the Skywalker family in The Phantom Menace. Because of her senatorial duties, Padmé was unable to go to Tatooine herself, so she sent her most trusted handmaiden Sabé instead. Sabé and her ally Tonra managed to free twenty-five slaves on Tatooine, but they were unable to track down Shmi and free her. As Padmé would later learn in Attack of the Clones, at that time Shmi had already been sold and found freedom through the Lars family.

9 Qui-Gon Jinn Knew The Truth All Along

Queen’s Shadow confirmed what fans long suspected, that Qui-Gon Jinn was not fooled for one instant by Padmé’s disguise in The Phantom Menace. When Bail Organa recognized that Padmé was disguised as one of her handmaidens, Padme confided that only one other person had ever made that discovery on their own – Qui Gon Jinn. She revealed that Qui-Gon saw it from the first moment he laid eyes on her as a decoy in The Phantom Menace. This adds more meaning to Qui-Gon’s knowing smirk when Padmé reveals she’s Queen Amidala in The Phantom Menace, and all his interactions with her throughout film, particularly their time together on Tatooine.

8 The Tactical Purposes Of Padmé’s Wardrobe

Those who rolled their eyes at Padmé’s ornate wardrobe need to think again after Queen’s Shadow showed that every piece of clothing and every accessory served a tactical purpose. The fabrics were designed with material resistant to blaster fire and the jeweled brooches could hide recording devices or a personal shield. The heavier dresses could act as a physical barrier and even provide an escape hatch if needed, not to mention the headpieces that distracted and allowed decoys to step in. Padmé is not at all a frivolous person, so it makes sense that her wardrobe is reflective of the traits that actually define her and her handmaidens – strategy, defense, and intuition.

7 The Separatist Movement Was Already Underway

At the time of Queen’s Shadow, the Clone Wars were still several years from breaking out, yet the Separatist movement was already underway in the senate. This was primarily seen in the novel through Mina Bonteri, the senator from Onderon, whose Separatist loyalty and the price of it played a major role in The Clone Wars television series.

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Impressed by how Padmé took matters into her own hands to save Naboo when the Republic was unable to in The Phantom Menace, Bonteri sought out Padmé as an ally. Later on, Padmé caught Bonteri speaking with a hologram of a mysterious figure – likely Count Dooku – and Padmé was smart enough to realize this was where Bonteri’s true loyalties rested.

6 Mon Mothma’s Initial Distrust

The Clone Wars, deleted scenes from Revenge of the Sith, and other stories have shown that senators Padmé Amidala and Mon Mothma were close allies. Queen’s Shadow proved that this wasn’t always the case, though. In fact, Mothma initially distrusted Padmé as she believed Padmé was too loyal to her planet of Naboo, and not loyal enough to the larger Republic. This was largely rooted in Padmé helping to force former Supreme Chancellor Valorum out of office in The Phantom Menace in order to help Naboo during the Trade Federation’s invasion.  Padmé quickly proved to Mothma that she could be loyal to both Naboo and the Republic, which earned Mothma’s trust moving forward.

5 How Padmé Could’ve Become A Separatist

As a staunch supporter of the Republic during the Clone Wars, it’s difficult to imagine Padmé as a Separatist. Yet, Queen’s Shadow showed that  Padmé could’ve become a Separatist had she prioritized her alliances differently in her early days in the senate. Padmé tried building relationships with established senators like Mina Bonteri of Onderon, along with Mon Mothma of Chandrila and Bail Organa of Alderaan. Padmé ended up prioritizing her alliance with Mothma and Organa, two senators firmly dedicated to the Republic. With Bonteri already a major figure with the Separatist movement, had Padmé chosen to prioritize her alliance with Bonteri instead, Padmé could’ve gone down the Separatist path.

4 Padmé’s History With Rush Clovis

Rush Clovis became an important character in the sixth season of The Clone Wars, particularly concerning his relationship with Padmé. His history with Padmé was alluded to but left ambiguous. Queen’s Shadow unveiled that ambiguity, showing how Clovis and Padmé began their senatorial careers around the same time.

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Padmé was wary of him for a while, but warmed up to him as they worked closely together during a relief mission. In the aftermath of their mission, Clovis tried to kiss her, which rightfully infuriated Padme as Clovis did not have her consent. Knowledge of these events provides more context for what occurs between Padmé and Clovis in The Clone Wars.

3 The Depa Billaba Connection

Jedi Master Depa Billaba assisted Padmé during a survey to the planet Bromlarch, the first step in what would become an important relief mission for Bromlarch and the Republic as a whole. Billaba acted as a representative for the Jedi, providing wise counsel and even flew a starfighter during a supply run to Bromlarch, during which she defended Padmé and her allies against attacking pirates. Not only was it fascinating to see Padmé working so closely with a Jedi other than those who she normally worked with, but also because it connects her to Star Wars Rebels character Kanan Jarrus. Billaba trained Kanan – then known as Caleb Dume – and she also helped Padmé in her early senatorial days. As such, Billaba helped shape two of the galaxy’s greatest heroes – Padmé Amidala and Kanan Jarrus.

2 Padmé’s Unfinished Work

After Padmé’s funeral in the novel’s epilogue, through Sabé, fans got a look into Padmé’s remaining political passion projects, inspiring goals that tragically went unfinished. Sabé saw Padmé’s files including proposals to reinstate term limits on the chancellorship, improving the individual rights and life quality of the Republic’s Clone soldiers, and abolishing slavery. While it’s devastating to see Padmé ‘s unfinished work – especially considering that the Galactic Empire thrived on the very abuse of power and individuals that she was fighting so hard against – at least audiences know that Padmé fought until the very end in the political arena. It’s also refreshing as some of Padmé ‘s political initiatives revealed in the epilogue haven’t been shown as much in other stories, meaning there’s potential to explore her pursuits of these goals in future stories.

1 Palpatine’s Appointment Of Quarsh Panaka

Quarsh Panaka protected Padmé with relentless dedication in The Phantom Menace and Queen’s Shadow detailed how thoroughly he trained Padmé and her handmaidens. However, Panaka retired from this role and became increasingly loyal to Sheev Palpatine, a loyalty that paid off after Padmé’s demise. Longtime Naboo governor Sio Bibble retired, and instead of Padmé ‘s former handmaiden Saché being elected to the position as expected, Palpatine appointed Panaka as governor of Naboo. When Panaka made his first official address to the people of Naboo, his wife Mariek and his nephew Typho didn’t stand by him. They’d served Padmé after Quarsh Panaka’s retirement and their decision not to stand by him proved that even after her passing and the Imperial appointment, they were still more loyal to Padmé and what she stood for than to Quarsh and what he represented as a servant of Palpatine’s Empire.

Which revelation from Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow did you enjoy most? Sound off in the comments!

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This Is Us: 20 Wild Revelations About Jack And Rebecca’s Relationship

We love This is Us like we love any other cathartic, if mawkish, piece of fiction: it gives us that extraordinary cry, that deep emotional release, that makes everything better. Sometimes you just need a good tear-fest to get out all the feels, and This is Us manages to give us this gift week after week, often even more adroitly than the standard drama and tragedy are able to do. It’s today’s Shakespeare, giving us all a break from the everyday drudgery with a glimpse into someone else’s story.

Jack and Rebecca Pearson make that story so delicious to follow because they’re an attractive and highly flawed couple who still manage to be deeply in love after raising three children, living through lower middle class means, and sacrificing many of their own dreams to keep their family afloat. In short, they represent the dream that many of us continue to cling to despite the hurdles, new and old, that make that dream hard to reach for many. They are each other’s person in a way that many hope to be, whether someday or even after decades of marriage. In witnessing the aching beauty of their romance, we have to admit that much of what we learn about the Pearsons isn’t always pretty. In fact, despite us swooning over both of them, we often find ourselves scolding some of their actions as well. No marriage is perfect– and certainly not one in a TV drama!

Here are 20 Wild Revelations About Jack And Rebecca’s Relationship In This Is Us.

20 Jack Wouldn’t Talk To Rebecca About Vietnam

The Pearsons seem to have the perfect marriage on the surface, and we may assume that they just talk to one another about everything. The two have plenty of secrets between them, however, including the details about Jack’s service in Vietnam, which he refuses to reveal to his wife. Even at the beginning of their relationship, Jack warned his soon-to-be girlfriend that he didn’t want to share these troubling memories with her because he doesn’t want them to touch his time with her.

For many couples, this could be a point of contention, especially for those who want to know everyone about one another. Everyone deals with trauma differently, and Rebecca learns to respect Jack’s wishes to refrain from discussing his heartbreaking past with her.

19 Rebecca Married Jack’s Best Friend

Had Rebecca married anyone other than Jack’s best friend, long after her husband had passed on, her children might have been warmer toward the newcomer to the family. Okay, who are we kidding? Nobody measures up to Jack Pearson– even those who never got to meet him, as we’ve seen the spouses of the Big Three commiserate over. When Rebecca reconnected with Miguel over Facebook and decided to marry him, it stuck a wedge in between her family members.

Miguel did promise Jack that he’d look after Rebecca and the kids if anything happened to him, after all, and he was a big help once Jack was gone. Still, seeing that Rebecca did eventually marry him was a surprising moment for viewers.

18 Jack Makes Huge Decisions Without Her

All married couples know that you don’t make big decisions without consulting one another. Sure, you can order what you want at the drive-thru and decide what brand of jeans you’re getting, but you shouldn’t go buying cars or houses without discussing it as a team. Although the Pearsons give us all appearances of being a team most of the time, Jack routinely makes big decisions without his wife’s input.

Depicting Rebecca as being just pleased as punch when Jack makes all of these life-changing choices without even running them by her first demonstrates that they’re not all that perfect, even when they seem to be.

17 They Took A Road Trip Together When They Barely Knew Each Other

When Jack and Rebecca took their Los Angeles road trip together after only knowing one another for about a week, it came as a huge surprise. Who does that? Even if it was the 1970s, there were plenty of creeps in the world. There were enough serial criminals running around for Rebecca Malone to know better than to travel across the country in a car alone with someone she barely knew.

It’s meant to be an outrageous trust exercise that gets us in the gut, proving how they trusted one another so quickly and were meant to be, but in all honesty this is one of the worst lapses in judgement we’ve seen on the show.

16 Jack Fell In Love At First Sight

He’s such a romantic that it shouldn’t be such a surprise when Jack Pearson falls for young, aspiring singer Rebecca Malone, soon to become Rebecca Pearson. It’s one of the most adorable moments in the show, as older men in the bar nudge one another and comment on how obvious it is that this young man is head over heels for the girl on stage.

Their romance didn’t blossom much the rest of that night on their bad first date, but they did manage to prove that opposites can attract, love at first sight is possible, and one good line might get you a second date and a first kiss, all in one episode. It’s no wonder people are hooked on this show.

15 Their Timeline Doesn’t Always Work

Like many TV shows, This is Us has a few continuity issues that don’t really match up with the Pearson’s timeline. That beloved Jeep Grand Wagoneer the family prizes so much, for example, weaves in and out of the timeline, showing up as a purchase after Rebecca receives her moon necklace, despite it being purchased before she received it. There are also green trees in the middle of Pittsburgh at Christmastime.

Perhaps the most glaring continuity error happens during an episode where Jack’s father is watching a political summit on TV. The Moscow summit, a real part of history during which the first SALT agreement was signed, occurred in May of 1972, but the scene takes place at Christmastime.

14 Jack Immediately Loved Randall, But Rebecca Needed Convincing

When Dr. K. introduces a distraught Jack Pearson to the unknown baby brought in by Joe, the firefighter, it’s pretty much love at first sight again. Jack’s dealing with new fatherhood and Rebecca’s poor health from a complicated pregnancy, but he knows that adopting Randall is a good decision almost immediately.

Rebecca, on the other hand, needed some convincing, even after Jack made his case to his wife. It wasn’t until Bec had met and “discussed” the matter with baby Randall himself, the first of many deep chats the two share, that she made her decision. It’s a bit ironic since over the years Rebecca does favor Randall to the point where the Big Three assume that he’s their mother’s favorite child.

13 Jack Boxes Behind Rebecca’s Back

There are plenty of things that Jack and Rebecca do without telling one another, from helping their kids skip school to talking about military service to a child without delving into it with a wife. Whether or not these are okay or not is up to you to decide, but one of the many things that Jack ends up doing that he keeps from Rebecca is boxing.

Jack boxes in order to avoid drinking, which seems like abandoning one addiction for another to some fans. It also insinuates that he uses violence to cope with violent behavior, which isn’t healthy but does fit Jack’s story, given that he was never taught healthy coping behaviors in his violent home. Eventually Jack does get help from AA with Rebecca’s support.

12 Rebecca Stopped Jack From Living A Life Of Crime

Bec and Jack’s meet-cute in a bar where she’s singing “Moonshadow”, capturing his heart forever, didn’t begin in such a romantic place. A desperately broke Jack was casing that very bar for a robbery, a plan he failed to execute upon meeting the beautiful singer with the equally pretty voice. In this way, Bec sort of fulfills the woman-saving-the-bad-boy trope, which is a little irritating, but it’s even more irritating the Jack lied to his wife about the whole thing, telling her that he had a blind date that he skipped in order to be with her instead.

Of course, Rebecca might not have wanted anything to do with him had she known the truth, but the story does continue to perpetuate the troubling idea that some lies between spouses are okay.

11 Jack Is Jealous Of Ben And Resents Bec’s Dream

After witnessing Jack’s behavior in each season of the show, it’s hard to reconcile the idea of him being insecure enough to fulfill the jealous husband trope, but that’s exactly what happens when Rebecca wants to tour with Ben and it’s obvious that Ben has feelings for her. He is her ex, after all, and plenty of famous singers have left their spouses while on tour.

Still, Jack makes it clear that he doesn’t trust his wife, following her on tour and makes a complete buffoon of himself while inebriated, which leads to their separation. Naturally, it doesn’t last for long, and the two are back together, working things out just in time to receive a certain kitchen gadget as a gift from well-meaning neighbors.

10 They Both Made Sacrifices For Their Marriage And Family

One of the things we love so much about Bec and Jack is that they both put their family first, which they’ve proven over and over again through sacrifices that they make for one another and their children. Even when one of their dreams rises back up again, tantalizingly drawing them away from one another, they still always come back. They put their commitment to one another and family before their personal opportunities, whether it was Jack hoping to get out of a desk job or Bec hoping to travel on the road as a singer.

That doesn’t mean that it’s always a good idea to stifle your dreams for others; many a father or mother has languished from unfulfilled dreams left behind. However, m most good parents do understand the cost of a healthy, thriving family, which often includes a dream or two.

9 Jack Ruins Anniversary Presents For Every Husband, Ever

Everyone who watches This Is Us can cite at least one time the show moved them to tears, but there are also plenty of husbands out there cursing Jack Pearson for ruining every anniversary, ever, due to his incredibly creative and personal gifts. Jack is so thoughtful and romantic that he even Bec feels pressured. She struggles every year to come up with something as grand and moving, and ultimately falls short.

The fact that even Bec can’t match his gift-giving skills should give other husbands and wives out there some feelings of consolation. Besides, think of all of the writers drumming up ideas behind Jack’s gestures. If you had a team that big on your side, you could probably come up with some impressive anniversary ideas, too!

8 They Didn’t Have A Big Wedding

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore have such great chemistry on screen together, so it’s no wonder that the romance of their characters is a central focus of This is Us. We swoon over their whirlwind cross-country road trip, their grand gestures, their everyday struggles, and tender moments. Given that society tends to equate romance with big weddings, their tiny nuptials came as a big surprise to many fans.

A City Hall ceremony doesn’t sound all that romantic, but between their flower crowns, besotted looks, and obvious adoration for one another, how could it have been anything but perfect for the Pearsons? It might be a big surprise at first, but in the end, it does feel right for them.

7 Jack Drinks Behind Rebecca’s Back

Plenty of wives and husbands have hidden secret vices behind their spouse’s back, and while many couples can relate to it, that doesn’t make it a trait of an exemplary marriage. In fact, it’s often a trait of a failing one, particularly if the spouse being lied to is fed up with the behavior. Luckily Jack’s lies and addiction do not end their marriage, but they certainly come close when Bec gives him an ultimatum and he promises to be a 12 for her.

The pair struggle to come to terms with Jack’s addiction over the years, and all three children prove to also have traits of an addictive personality as well, which often serve as the majority of the show’s conflict.

6 Everyone Acts Like Jack Can Handle Anything And Rebecca Can’t

When Jack passes away, a huge deal is made over the fact that he was the one who held the family together, not Rebecca, and how she’s going to struggle so hard without him. Jack was an addict who kept so many decisions out of the hands of his wife and worked while Rebecca was home parenting three kids in diapers, but he was the “strong one.”

We’re not buying it, especially given that it was Rebecca who had to live without her husband, not vice versa. That is probably the biggest proof of strength we’ve seen in the series, aside from the family handling the loss of one of their triplets while simultaneously caring for their other three children.

5 Jack Said Bec’s Name During Cardiac Arrest

As Jack suddenly passed away before our eyes, many of us wondered if he uttered Rebecca’s name as cardiac arrest took him from his family forever. We thought we heard him say it as she’s at the vending machine, completely unaware that he’s leaving from this earth. Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, has confirmed the detail.

“It’s so human, so simple, just the disbelief. And if you caught this, when she’s at the vending machine, you hear Jack say ‘Bec?’ I had recorded a lot of different versions of that, some that were a little more ethereal like I was whispering. You’ll have to ask Dan, but my belief is that it’s a presence. That was Jack saying ‘Bec?’ She turns her head and everything.”

4 Rebecca Met Randall’s Father And Never Told Jack

There are many secrets between the Pearson patriarch and matriarch, but this one might be the worst. When Rebecca Pearson met with her adopted son Randall’s biological father, William Hill, we think that she will eventually tell Jack. She has to, right?

Not only does she meet with William on more than one occasion and not tell her husband, but she doesn’t tell Randall, either. This leads to much of the tension within the first season as Randall meets, lives with, and eventually must say goodbye to William. It’s almost unforgivable that Bec wouldn’t tell Jack about the man who not only helped name their son, but also helped give him life in the first place.

3 Jack’s Christmas Present Caused His Demise

Those red dish towels that Jack gave Rebecca hid many things. They obviously hid the pretty bracelet, which was her true Christmas gift that year, but they also carried a much darker surprise for the Pearsons: the end of their beloved husband and father, Jack. Leaving the towels next to the crock pot, another gift from the Pearson’s moving neighbors, sure didn’t seem like a dangerous act; how many of us have done the same?

It was the fire started with those very towels that took Jack’s life. We’re used to seeing so many beautiful gifts exchanged between the Pearsons, from Bec’s annual birthday dance to the famous moon necklace that reminds us of the night they met, but it was an absolute surprise to see one of those gifts cause Jack’s demise.

2 Their Fist Date Was A Flop

After so many episodes where Jack Pearson adorably woos his wife on a budget, and Rebecca Pearson charms the pants off anyone who meets her, seeing their actual first date was certainly jarring. While Jack falling head-over-heels for his wife-to-be while she sang was expected, their rainy failure of a first date was not.

Awkward didn’t even begin to describe the Pearsons’ flopp first date. Between the clumsy conversation, Jack’s almost empty wallet, and the inclement weather, their relationship seemed to be doomed from the start. Luckily when Jack told Rebecca that she felt like home to him, the line resonated with them both.

1 Jack Passed Away While Rebecca Ate Chocolate

Finding out how the Pearsons lost Jack was seasons in the making, with so many red herrings offered and guesses made. Now that we know, many fans tear up when they use a crockpot– and possibly a vending machine. As Rebecca, convinced that her husband was recovering in the capable hands of his doctor, bought and ate some chocolate from the hospital vending machine, she was given the news of his premature departure.

We watched her continue to chew, not believing the news, convinced that they had the wrong person, since Jack had just seemingly been fine moments earlier. Many of us revisited our own moments of tragic loss with her as the truth set in and her world came crashing down.

What else did we learn about Jack and Rebecca in This is Us? Let us know in the comments!

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Avatar: 25 Wild Revelations About Aang And Katara’s Relationship

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a treasured animation with a dedicated fanbase that loved following the journey of Aang, Katara, Sokka, and the rest of Team Avatar. Their adventure across the four elemental nations has inspired and fascinated fans across the world. Spawning several comics, a sequel series, and a questionable live-action movie, the series is a staple of animated television.

While the journey was the best part, fans were also attached to the relationships that the characters formed. The Avatar fandom has an entire subset obsessed with the different fan couples. One popular — and very real — romantic relationship is the one between Katara and Aang. The young Avatar is smitten from the first time he sees her. When it comes to Katara, she eventually grows to love the fun-loving, determined hero, too.

By Legend of Korra, the pair married and had three children. They raised wonderful leaders and benders, and single-handedly saved airbending from the brink of vanishing. Their relationship is vital to Aang’s journey and the legacies at the core of Korra’s. However, the couple didn’t get to have much screen time. Instead, most of their stories focus on their friendship. Most of their romantic relationship technically happens off screen. Because of that, sometimes the more interesting facts about their relationship fall to the wayside.

With that said, here are 25 Crazy Revelations About Aang And Katara’s Relationship.

25 They Had Three Children

When Katara and Aang became adults, they married and had three dynamic children. Their first born, Bumi, was a firecracker with no bending powers. Their second child, Kya, was born a waterbender with a fierce heart, much like her mother. Third, and finally, they had Tenzin, who became an airbender.

Though Aang didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with his two eldest children, he was dearly devoted to his entire family. All of his children think of him fondly and always want to make him proud. Aang left an impressive legacy, but the wisdom and kindness that he imparted on his children was equally impressive.

24 Aang Wasn’t Katara’s First Boyfriend

Early in their journey through the Earth Kingdom, Team Avatar ran into several villages that were enslaved or ravaged by the Fire Nation. One of their most notable encounters was with the Freedom Fighters, a group of orphans who banded together to fight back against the Fire Nation soldiers. Their leader was the suave, unmovable Jet. Katara instantly had a crush on him.

The feeling was mutual and the two eventually shared a kiss. However, their relationship dissolved when Team Avatar discovered that Jet’s tactics were brutal. He hurt civilians and soldiers alike. The group changed their ways after encountering Team Avatar, but Jet and Katara were never romantically involved afterwards.

23 She Trained Two Avatars In Waterbending

Katara took quickly to waterbending. Before they found a master, she taught Aang. While they were on the road and Aang was trying to learn different forms of bending, she decided to personally train with him to hone his skills.

After Aang’s passing, Katara became the new Avatar’s waterbending teacher. She and Korra spent many hours together mastering the techniques. She’s the only known waterbender to be the main bending tutor of two different Avatars, as Toph also taught both Avatars. She taught Korra metalbending, though, as Korra already knew how to earthbend.

22 Their Love Risked His Ties To The Avatar State

Connecting to the Avatar State is a very complicated process. After a brush with the Fire Nation at his old Air Temple, Aang sought guidance. Guru Pathik agreed to help him, but Aang struggled to open the seventh chakra that would make him one with the Avatar State. After all, it required him to disconnect from all worldly binds, which meant giving up on his feelings for Katara.

Aang refused, but the guru warned that this might ruin his connection to the Avatar State forever. Despite this warning, though, Aang risked his Avatar role by leaving the seventh chakra closed.

21 Aang Loved Her From The Moment They Met

Katara changed the world when she found a boy trapped in an iceberg. Freeing him released the Avatar back into their universe. It was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for her.

However, Aang felt differently about the experience. Instead of realizing the impact of the moment, he immediately fell in love with the girl who saved him. She was hopeful, powerful, and kind.  From then on, Aang’s crush only grew as he got to know more and more about Katara. Though Katara wasn’t initially interested in him romantically at first, eventually she also developed strong feelings for Aang.

20 They First Kissed When He Was Only Twelve

The entirety of Avatar: The Last Airbender happened while Aang was twelve years old. Throughout that year, he learned how to bend all four elements well enough to fight the Fire Lord. He also made several powerful friends, one of which was the girl he went on to marry, Katara.

Near the end of the series, emotions run high for both of the young teens. Katara has conflicting feelings for Aang, while he feels his own emotions bubbling over. This eventually leads to the two kissing several times, trying to figure out how they feel and what they want. The show later ends with the two sharing a passionate kiss. He may have only been twelve, but Aang knew what he wanted.

19 A Fortune Teller Predicted Their Love

In episode 14 of the series, “The Fortuneteller”, the gang visit a city that relies on the word of an elderly psychic. The decide to seek out the psychic for guidance. Aang asks about his love prospects and, while initially disappointed, is given some hope. Katara, similarly, is told that she will have a great romance with a powerful bender.

Though the fortuneteller ends up being a fake, her prophecies do foreshadow Aang and Katara’s relationship. When Aang uses his bending to save the village from an erupting volcano, Sokka remarks that he’s a powerful bender. When she hears that comment, Katara suddenly has a comprehensive look on her face. It seems like the psychic wasn’t wrong about everything.

18 They Are Both Great Dancers

During their travels throughout the Fire Nation, Team Avatar ran into a lot of interesting people and were put in some intense situations. One of the oddest, and most fun, was the Footloose situation in episode “The Headband”. The students there are rigidly taught pro-Fire Nation propaganda and aren’t allowed to have to too much fun.

In response, the fun-loving Aang sets up a secret dance in a local cave and starts teaching the local kids how to dance. After showing off a bit with some secret airbending tactics, he invites Katara to the floor. Her own athleticism and flowing waterbending style, mixed with his airbender boosts, make them the best dancers there… until the party eventually gets busted, of course.

17 Aang Was On Good Terms With All Of Katara’s Family

Aang and Katara didn’t officially get together until the end of the series, but the young Avatar was already in good standing long before then. Not only was he one of her closest friends, but he was also close with her family. Before they left the South Pole, her Gran-Gran accepted him and wished them well.

Similarly, when they found Sokka and Katara’s dad, both he and Aang got along well and worked together to stop the Fire Lord. The best example, though, is Katara’s brother Sokka. Sokka and Aang are close friends, and it’s obvious that Sokka has known about Aang’s crush for a long time. He may find it disgusting when they kiss, but he supports his sister and friend nonetheless.

16 They Almost Kissed In “The Cave Of Two Lovers”

“The Cave Of Two Lovers” is a fun episode, but also a terrible one. It gives Katara and Aang time to explore their feelings for each other, but it also includes annoying characters from the Earth Kingdom.

As legend goes, the Cave of Two Lovers was the meeting place for a couple driven apart by warring villages.They met in the caves in secret, letting their love light their way. However, to the average eye, the cave is dank and dark. When their torches start going out, Katara and Aang wonder if a kiss is what fuels the light. However, before their lips can touch, their torch goes out and the luminescent rocks in the walls reveal themselves.

15 Loving Him Scared Her

Near the end of Book Three: Fire, Team Avatar and their allies were mounting a counter-strike against the warmongering Fire Nation. As tensions rose, so did other emotions. Aang was sure of himself: he loved Katara. However, she struggled with her emotions and thus wasn’t sure how she really felt about him.

She had feelings for him, but he was about to go into a battle they didn’t know if he was ready for it. It was hard to accept her romantic feelings for someone who she might lose the next day. It wasn’t until after Fire Lord Ozai was defeated and Aang returned to her that she realized that she did love him.

14 They Call Each Other “Sweetie”

When Avatar: The Last Airbender ended, the creators commissioned a few graphic novels to wrap up a few loose ends. These novels included the mystery of Zuko’s mother and the aftermath of Fire Nation occupation. In both, Aang and Katara were finally an official couple, with pet names and all. In fact, the two had quickly taken to calling each other “sweetie.”

Some fans and characters weren’t too happy about this, however. Sokka, in particular, said that this kind of affection gave him “the oogies.” Though the pet name wasn’t a huge hit, it was nice to see the heroes of the story being happy together after all of the hardships that they had endured.

13 She Saved Him And The Avatar Cycle

When Aang got trapped in the iceberg, he put the Avatar Cycle in jeopardy. After all, if he stayed in that ice forever, the Avatar Cycle would have ended with him, since he had to pass away before a new Avatar could be born. The world would have lost all of that knowledge, power, and the deep connection to the spirit world.

Katara was the one who broke him out of the ice and, in turn, saved the Avatar Cycle. Though her waterbending powers were new and scary to her at the time, she saved the world by setting him free. Without him, it would have been harder, if not impossible, to bring the nations together and stop the Fire Nation takeover.

12 Tenzin Was Their Only Child Born An Airbender

The Harmony Restoration Movement brought up a lot of issues for Katara and Aang. They struggled with what mixed heritage would mean for their children, and what it would mean for Aang’s last airbender status. After all, if he had no airbending children, that form of bending would disappear with him.

However, the two decided to stay together anyway. Lucky for them, their third child, Tenzin, was an airbender and could therefore pass on the genes. He became a master, leader, and father of his own airbending brood and preserved the rare bending style. When the Harmonic Convergence happened in Legend of Korra, new airbenders thankfully had a great master to teach them.

11 They Both Had Jealousy Issues

Since Katara and Aang were very young when they started falling in love with one another, they were understandably immature. Because of this, they would easily become jealous. Aang was extremely jealous of her time spent with Jet and even Zuko. Out of the pair, he was the most actively jealous one.

However, Katara also had her moments. Katara was envious of On Ji when Aang taught her how to dance. She was also jealous when an airbending fan club dedicated to Aang was formed. Young love can be volatile, and jealousy can be ugly, but at least the pair seemed to grow out of it. After all, they were only young pre-teens when they first got together.

10 She Never Taught Him Bloodbending

While waterbending may seem like it’s one of the most peaceful forms of bending, it has its darker side. One form of waterbending is bloodbending, which is the art of using the water in a person’s veins to control them.

Initially, Katara was thrilled to meet a powerful waterbender named Hama in the Fire Nation. However, the more she learned, the darker things became. Eventually, the group learned that Hama used her bloodbending to hurt innocent Fire Nation civilians. Though Katara can use the power, she did not pass it along to Aang. As far as fans know, she kept the dark, manipulative technique to herself. After all, every time she watched people use it, all it caused was pain.

9 Their Children’s Names Had Very Important Meanings

When it came to their kids, Aang and Katara gave them names that meant a lot to them. Their first son was named after Aang’s childhood best friend and Earth King, Bumi. They named their daughter Kya, after Katara’s lost mother. After that, they named their last son Tenzin. While there was no specific character who shared the same name, Monk Gyatso was named after a real, famous monk, and that real monk’s first name was Tenzin.

For such high-profile children, Aang and Katara certainly gave their kids names with significant legacies. Each child surpassed those expectations and more, as they all became great leaders and masters, sharing their parents legacy with the world.

8 Katara Was The Only Person Able To Calm Him Out Of The Avatar State

Because of his young age and his inexperience, Aang struggled with going in and out of the Avatar State. He even found the Avatar State hard to control at times. Over the years, though, he grew and learned, becoming more skilled with the state. However, whenever he was out of control in the Avatar State, Katara seemed to be the only person who was able to calm him down.

For example, when he found out that the Air Temples were desolated and that his pseudo-father, Gyatso, was gone, he transformed into the Avatar State unconsciously. With the Fire Nation hot on their tails, it was only Katara’s kindness and bravery that was able to calm him down and save him from himself.

7 They Had Their Own Theme Song

On Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s soundtrack, there is a song called “The Avatar’s Love”. The entire song can also be heard at the end of the series, when Aang and Katara kiss. However, bits and pieces of it are also played throughout the series, whenever the pair has a romantic moment. One of the most iconic examples of this is the moment that the two shared together in “The Cave Of Two Lovers”.

Though the show had a lot of hopeful pairings, it’s clear from this song alone that the writers always meant for Katara and Aang to end up together. After all, that’s quite a coincidental name for a song if they didn’t mean for the two to eventually fall in love.

6 She Healed Him Mentally And Physically

As a master waterbender, Katara is skilled in a breadth of water techniques. One of the most useful techniques throughout the series was her healing skills. Whenever Team Avatar was injured during a fight, she would patch them up. She was even able to save Aang from a devastating lightning attack that could have easily taken his life.

However, her physical healing wasn’t the only thing that was useful to Aang. Her emotional support and kindness also helped to keep him level headed in any impossible situation. After all, he was just a twelve year old fighting a Fire Lord, regardless of his Avatar status. She helped him keep it together, healing his mind and body.

5 They Rekindled The Art Of Airbending

When the Fire Nation invasion was stopped, the world was once again a safe place. However, that didn’t change the fact that they had decimated the Air Temples and made Aang the only remaining airbender left alive.

Thankfully, the birth of Aang and Katara’s son, Tenzin, changed all of that. After being the only airbender for so long, Aang now had a fellow airbender to teach his knowledge to. All he had to do was train him. Tenzin and Aang spent a lot of time together honing in his skills, ensuring that Tenzin could lead the next generation of airbenders. If they didn’t have Tenzin, the art of traditional airbending would have ended with Aang.

4 She Always Believed In Him

Since she grew up in the Fire Nation blockaded South Pole, all Katara had ever known is oppression. She was raised on the hopeful stories of the Avatar, but like everyone else, she was discouraged by the fact that an Avatar hadn’t been around for years. When she found Aang in the iceberg and realized that he was someone who could change her world for the better, from that moment onward, she believed in his ability to make things better.

No matter what happened to them throughout their travels, Katara continued to support and trust the young Avatar. Despite his age and size, she never underestimated him. This helped to develop their bond and eventually led them to fall in love.

3 Aang Never Met His Grandchildren

Whenever the Avatar passes on, the new Avatar is soon born after. Throughout his life, Avatar Aang accomplished a lot. However, he never got to meet his own grandchildren. After all, Korra is 16 years old when fans meet her in Legend of Korra, and Jinora, Tenzin’s eldest child, is only about 10. This means that Aang never got to experience the joys of being a grandparent — particularly, the grandparent of four boisterous airbenders.

Aang would have loved his grandchildren and would have happily taken part in their whimsical antics. He definitely would have air-scootered around with them. However, he unfortunately never got the chance. Instead, Korra got to know them in his absence.

2 She Stopped Him From Destroying Zuko

After the Fire Nation was stopped, Zuko took over from his father. In the aftermath, he and Aang tried to work together to remove the Fire Nation occupation in other lands, particularly in the Earth Kingdom. However, this wasn’t as easy as they thought. Certain villages had been there so long that they had blended Fire and Earth traditions.

Because of this, nations were disagreeing and clashing all over again. Zuko refused to destroy the blended villages, while the Earth Kingdom wanted to peacefully remove all Fire Nation infrastructure. In the conflict, Aang almost destroyed Zuko. However, Katara stopped him from hurting his friend and kept the peace.

1 They Nearly Broke Up During The Harmony Restoration Movement

The Harmony Restoration movement caused a lot of trouble. It threatened not only well-established, blended villages, but also world peace.

Katara and Aang also almost broke up because of the conflict. Being two benders from two different nations, they worried about their compatibility and how it would effect their children. They also worried about the future of the airbenders if they stayed together. The two went through a lot of emotional turmoil, but eventually, they decided to stay together. Considering how awesome Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin are, we consider the decision a good one.

Are there any revelations we missed about Aang and Katara’s relationship in Avatar: The Last Airbender? Let us know in the comments!

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Hunger Games: 20 Wild Revelations About Katniss And Gale’s Relationship

The Hunger Games series is easily one of the best YA trilogies ever written, providing readers with political intrigue, well-developed characters and a thoughtful, highly-flawed yet moving heroine. It’s also got one of the best love triangles in YA fiction as a secondary plot, where the heroine is torn between the familiar best friend who has helped her support her family over the years and the boy with the bread, who initially provided food for her family and gave her hope. The young men are polar opposites and although Katniss Everdeen eventually does choose Peeta Mellark over Gale Hawthorne, some fans argue that she should have chosen Gale, who knew her better and for longer.

Author Suzanne Collins gave readers plenty of reasons why Katniss and Peeta also work well together, and they do develop a chemistry together that feels stronger than any feelings between Katniss and Gale. Peeta loves Katniss and would do anything for her, and in the post-revolutionary world she should be able to choose whom her heart wants rather than the most practical suitor. While her feelings seem to point toward Peeta, there’s no denying that she seems jealous over Gale kissing someone else in District 2, or that they made a better fighting and hunting team than she and Peeta did.

After finishing the books, the films and scouring over author and cast member comments, we’ve come to realize that there’s even more to Katniss and Gale’s history than meets the eye.

Here are Hunger Games: 20 Wild Revelations About Katniss And Gale’s Relationship.

20 They needed each other to survive District 12

One could argue that a possible romance between Gale Hawthorne and Katniss Everdeen was doomed from the start simply due to the pair forging their relationship out of survival. They both needed to support their families with their hunting and trapping skills and they relied upon one another to bring in enough game and foraged plants to provide for their houses.

Even so, Gale obviously chose to stick with Katniss out of love, given that he’d already been trapping before she came along and first saw her as competition for food rather than an ally. Many young women in District 12 also sought Gale’s favor, so it was more Katniss’s desperation and Gale’s infatuation that led to their hunting partnership and friendship.

19 Gale Would Be A Better Symbol Of The Rebellion Than Katniss

Of all of the youth in the Hunger Games series, Gale Hawthorne best epitomizes what the rebellion means. He’s a fit, handsome young man who has struggled to support his family to the point of entering his name for the Reaping 42 times. His hatred for the Capitol is fueled by a rage that seems to surpass that of any other citizen. He’s an obvious choice as a rebellious symbol, and he’s much more willing to fight than Katniss Everdeen.

Plutarch Heavensbee knows that the people wouldn’t follow Gale into battle as ardently as they would a lovesick 16-year-old girl who not only survived the Hunger Games but sacrificed herself to save her little sister as well as her boyfriend. He was  Head Gamemaker for a reason.

18 Gale Completely Understands Katniss

While Peeta fell for the girl who sang like a bird on the first day of school, he never got to know her like her best friend Gale did. Gale completely gets Katniss, from her self-preservation strategies to her deepest desires. Gale notices how she kisses Peeta differently and he even seems to see her as calculating at times, such as when he tells Peeta that she’ll choose the young man that she “can’t survive without.

While this seems like an uncaring assessment of Katniss, these are choices she’s had to make her whole life. Gale not only understands this but has seen her make them again and again in order to keep her sister alive. Peeta, whose life was far from perfect but didn’t live in the Seam, doesn’t share Gale’s understanding.

17 Jennifer Lawrence Sabotaged Every Kissing Scene

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her humor and practical jokes, so it shouldn’t surprise any fan to learn that she sabotaged all of her kisses with Gale on purpose. According to actor Liam Hemsworth, who portrayed Gale, prior to any kissing scene, Jennifer Lawrence would ingest garlic, tuna fish or some other disgusting food to make the scene all the more unbearable. He told Jimmy Fallon, “Any time I had to kiss Jennifer was pretty uncomfortable.”

Knowing that Hemsworth and Lawrence were best friends as this went down makes it a little more bearable and a lot funnier, but the fact remains that beneath every kiss had an icky stench and flavor, which had to detract from any chemistry felt on the set.

16 Gale Has The Same Job That Took Out Her Dad

Once Gale is grown, he takes on the same job that most people in the Seam end up doing: working in the mines, an intensely dangerous career that results in health hazards from poor conditions and long hours, loss of life, and a lifetime of drudgery and exhaustion. To be fair, all of the Districts in Panem, aside from the rich ones, have impoverished conditions, too.

Katniss still grieves for the loss of her father from working in these same mines, so discovering that Gale now has the same job has to be hard for her, whether she’s in love with him or not. While it wasn’t a surprise, it surely wasn’t a comfort, even if he is no longer eligible for the annual Reaping.

15 They Can Communicate Without Speaking

The silent communication between Katniss and Gale is impressive throughout the series, particularly in the final book and film. They move in rhythm with each other, knowing one another’s goals without ever having to speak them, whether it’s regarding a formation or what to do if one of them gets captured.

Some criticism has been directed at this seemingly perfect accord in the books, as the two aren’t exactly twins, but they’ve been partners in hunting long enough to sense one another’s actions in battle. It took years of practice for the friends to become so attuned to one another’s thoughts, and many of us can can testify to acting in perfect harmony with a close friend or loved one in the same way.

14 Gale Only Ever Cries Over Katniss

We only witness Gale cry once throughout the series, and it’s not following the demise of Primrose Everdeen, the loss of District 12 or even when getting hurt in battle. The only time Gale cries is over Katniss, which supports his deep feelings for the Girl on Fire. Recalling the words to the song that Katniss sings for a propaganda shoot with Cressida and her film crew during Mockingjay, Gale tears up when he says that he feels as if he is the man in the song, who will forever be waiting for Katniss’s answer.

It’s a bit of a melodramatic moment, particularly in the middle of a war, but it’s also understandable that Gale wants an answer when it’s plain that any moment could be his last– not to mention that he’s a teenager with strong emotions.

13 They Follow Each Other’s Lead

Not only have Katniss and Gale followed each others’ leads in the woods as a hunting team so well that they work in almost perfect synchronicity with one another, but they continue that deep knowledge of one another’s intentions on the battle field as well. Whether they need to complete a quick attack or carry out a plan that requires multiple steps, they are always on the same page as a team.

It’s a stark contrast with poor Peeta, with his big feet clomping in the woods and making noise during the first book while Katniss attempted to find them food. While Peeta’s eloquence prior to the Games and his artistic and diplomatic skills during them come in handy, he’s obviously not equipped to fight or forage in the wild as Katniss and Gale can.

12 Gale Calls Katniss Out On Her Lies

While we need to keep in mind that it’s the self-preservation of a teenage girl who’s seen violence and poverty every day of her life, the fact remains that Katniss is a pretty big liar. She will do whatever it takes to survive as long as it means keeping her family, and especially her little sister, Prim, alive. When Katniss tells Gale that she feels wrong kissing Peeta because of him, for example, Gale scoffs that he wishes he could believe her words.

Gale is the only person close to Katniss who really challenges her and calls her out on her lies, which is the mark of a good partner. While Peeta eventually becomes more willing to challenge Katniss as a partner, he doesn’t seem nearly as good at is as Gale.

11 Gale Didn’t Volunteer For The Games To Help Katniss’ Family

After Katniss volunteered for the Hunger Games in her sister’s stead at the annual reaping, Gale likely considered volunteering in Peeta’s place in order to save his love. Knowing that he had to care for not only his family but Katniss’s while she was in the Games is probably the only thing that kept him from volunteering as tribute.

The Hunger Games could have had an entirely different ending had Gale opted to volunteer in place of Peeta. Not only would Gale and Katniss have made a great team during the Games, but had Katniss utilized the same nightlock berry plan to save them, it would have seemed more believable. Snow may have bought their plan and Katniss and Gale would likely have moved into Victor’s Village, married and possibly remained there without ever starting a rebellion.

10 Gale Wanted To Run Away With Katniss

It’s important to note that Gale, who regularly mocked the Capitol in private with his best friend and spoke of taking down the whole system if given the chance, was willing to throw his values asid in order to run away with Katniss After the events of the trilogy it’s evident that Gale was born to be a leader as well as a military official, but he would have given all of that up had Katniss chosen him as her husband.

Both of the teens change their minds about running away at different points in the series, but Gale’s instinct to put Katniss, along with his family, over any sense of duty or rebellion that he feels points toward his commitment to the girl from the Seam.

9 His special nickname for her

The fact that Gale Hawthorne is the only person who can refer to Katniss Everdeen as “Catnip,” his special nickname for the young woman, is reminiscent of so many other great love stories, while Peeta Mellark’s lack of nickname for Katniss is just further evidence that he doesn’t know her as well as Gale does.

To be fair, we are pretty sure that Katniss would punch the lights out of anyone else who dared call her Gale’s special nickname. There’s also the fact that many brothers and sisters share silly nicknames for one another, giving this tidbit an ambiguous nature.

8 Their Fundamentally Different Views

Katniss Everdeen typically makes decisions to avoid loss of life, even at personal cost. Gale Hawthorne’s views are fundamentally different, as he argues from a more traditional standpoint where casualties of war are acceptable as long as they help win it.

Gale is also eager to jump on the “Let’s take out the Capitol!” wagon, while Katniss would rather run and save her sister and herself. In the end, fighting the Capitol did result in the loss of her sister and thousands of other citizens, but it did end the fascist regime that controlled Panem and, hopefully, resulted in the freedom for everyone in the country. It’s also important to note, as ever, that these two are teenagers faced with daily violence and a revolution. They shouldn’t even have to make decisions like these.

7 Gale Never Told Katniss He Loved Her Before The Games

If there’s something that Peeta Mellark can do better than Gale Hawethorne, it’s express himself verbally. He managed to declare his love for Katniss Everdeen live on national television during his interview with the colorful host Caesar Flickerman, not only as an act of truth but as a strategy to help Katniss have a stronger chance of winning the Hunger Games.

Poor Gale wasn’t able to tell her that he loved her even while knowing it was possibly the last time that he would ever see her. He was able to hand Katniss a variety of slayed animals, mock the Capitol in their secret place, trust her with his own life and teach her how to trap, but he couldn’t voice his own feelings.

6 Their Chemistry Is So Palpable Even Snow Notices It

While most of the passionate moments in the series belong to Katniss and Peeta, there’s no denying the physical chemistry between Katniss and her best friend, Gale. Most of these instances occur during vulnerable, emotional moments during which Katniss seems to seek comfort above all else.

Given the fact that she only sees Gale as a friend much of the time, there’s more of a sibling between them, but the fact that even Snow could see chemistry between the two friends proves that it was there. Gale obviously carried a torch for Katniss more than she reciprocated, but the fact that romantic feelings existed between them still can’t be denied.

5 Gale Didn’t Save Katniss’ Future In-Laws

We’ll likely never know exactly what happened during the evacuation of District 12 following the Quarter Quell, but we do know that Gale was responsible for saving many of the citizens who managed to escape the bombing that lay waste to the District. Most of the citizens didn’t make it out, but it’s a little eyebrow raising that Peeta’s family weren’t among those who received Gale’s aid.

Although there was no way that Gale could have saved everyone even if he tried, there remains some question as to whether or not he even thought about attempting to assist Peeta Mellark’s family.

4 His responsibility in Prim’s fate

Gale’s plans to take out the most people possible by sending a two-bomb attack targeting those arriving to assist the wounded may have seemed like good strategy, but it disgusted Katniss to no end. It ended up being the very plan that resulted in the loss of Primrose Everdeen, the little duck whom Katniss volunteered for in the first place.

Although Gale would never intend to take out Prim, Snow’s denial implies that it was District 13’s bombs and not his own that resulted in the massacre, as he’s never lied to Katniss and would likely gloat had it been his own act. This is something their relationship would never really recover from.

3 Katniss Wouldn’t Have Survived The Games Without Gale’s Training

Katniss Everdeen is definitely one of the most cunning and capable heroines of our time, which is why we love her so much. It would be a disservice to both her and her best friend to ignore that several of her skills were taught to her by Gale Hawthorne. He’s not the prime reason she and her family survived, but he definitely helped her learn several of the hunting tips and tricks that she uses on a daily basis that helped her win the Hunger Games.

This doesn’t detract from Katniss’ character at all. Rather, it shows how important her friends are to her. Much of her survival through her first Games also depended on Rue, whom she befriended during the Games.

2 We Have No Idea What Happens To Gale

After focusing on Gale Hawthorne so much in the series and knowing how important he was to Katniss, we never find out what happens to Gale in District 2– or if he ever even finds happiness. What about his family that he worked so hard to protect? Does he truly never send Katniss any letters or make time to visit?

Maybe Gale feels too guilty to visit his best friend over his role in the loss of her sister. Maybe it’s too painful for him to visit the person he thought he’d marry someday. But the fact that Annie Cresta, Finnick Odair’s widow, whom Katniss barely knew, is able to send her baby pictures while Gale can’t even drop a postcard speaks volumes.

1 They Could Have Easily Gotten Married

After Katniss was sent back to District 12 following her trial for the assassination of Alma Coin, not only did she never truly say goodbye to Gale, but she didn’t even converse with Peeta until she saw him back at home. Peeta could have easily chosen to remain in the Capitol as an eloquent leader just as Katniss could have married Gale upon returning to District 12.

The fact that Gale’s heartless war plan was possibly used in the harrowing moment of Mockingjay that resulted in the loss of Primrose Everdeen was likely the major deciding factor. Had Prim lived, Gale and Katniss might still be hunting together, but it showed Katniss Gale’s warlike ways and ruined their chance of happiness together.

Do you have anything to share about Katniss and Peeta’s relationship in The Hunger Games? Let us know in the comments!

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Twilight: 20 Wild Revelations About Jacob And His Family

The central romantic triangle between Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black is the dynamic that defines the Twilight universe. While the Team Edward versus Team Jacob debate still lives on between fans, there is much more to explore in the series– especially when it comes to Jacob himself, considering that he does not win Bella’s affections in the end. Jacob’s family history involving the Quileute tribe is incredibly interesting, and an underreported story in the books and films. There is an incredible story involving legends and tribal tales that is interwoven in to the love triangle that deserves more attention.

While Jacob Black is normally marketed as the second choice in the Twilight series, there is much more to him– and his family. The concept of a tribe of shape-shifting teenage wolves is fascinating, and only becomes more interesting when all the characters are analyzed. Standing next to Jacob are other tribe members like Sam Uley, and Seth and Leah Clearwater. Each of these characters are involved in something much deeper than a love triangle. In fact, there are many Quileute legends dispersed in their characterizations that deserve a closer look.

If fans were to separate themselves from the Cullens, they would see Twilight is filled with many other interesting characters. Stephenie Meyer has built a rich history about the Quileute into her universe, and there are a lot of interesting facts about this family. Thankfully, this series gives fans a direct look in to how such a tribe would actually operate, and we only want to learn more.

Here are 20 Wild Revelations About Jacob And His Family.

20 They’re Not Actually Werewolves

Despite most people in the Twilight series referring to Jacob and his family as werewolves, that is not the right term. Lumping them alongside werewolves removes all of the tribal history that goes along with their change.

A werewolf is someone who transforms from a human into a monstrous wolf, usually on the full moon. The Quileute tribe, on the other hand, are classified as “shape-shifters” who have more control over the phasing ability. While a werewolf does not have a choice in their transformation, shape-shifters do. They are also not overcome with their transformation and are still able to control themselves. It may have been easier for the humans involved to call them werewolves, but there is a significant difference.

19 They Have An “Odor”

Ask a vampire that has been near a shape-shifter, and they will describe them as one thing – smelly. While humans, like Bella, who have been around Jacob associate him with warmth, vampires are able to sense things that others cannot.

Often described as a “wet dog” aroma, it appears that a shifter’s transitioning also gives them other qualities associated with canines. Most of the Cullen family are disgusted after Bella has been around Jacob because they cannot stand the smell . After Bella transitions in to a vampire, she automatically realizes what the Cullens have been talking about. As no other Black family member is mentioned to have this aroma, it is possible that it is just Jacob. The only question that remains is, do the wolves ever bathe themselves to get rid of the smell?

18 Taylor Lautner Was Almost Recast

When Taylor Lautner was cast as Jacob Black in the initial Twilight film, long-time fans were concerned. Jacob famously bulked up in New Moon, so fans were concerned. It also appears that producers felt the same way, as Lautner was almost recast before filming began.

While Lautner certainly had the personality to play Jacob, there was a concern that he would not be able to bulk up in time. However, he took this as a challenge and significantly changed his physique to match his character. It’s now difficult to see anyone but Lautner in the role. Thankfully, he was able to rise to the occasion and become what fans expected.

17 They’re Not Very Good At Keeping Their Secret

Living life as a shape-shifting tribe must be very difficult, as that is a very large secret to hold on to. Thankfully the Quileute tribe has their own reservation where they are able to live freely without fear of their secret being unraveled. However, not all of the Quileute members are concerned with keeping the secret tightly under wraps.

When Jacob fears that he is losing Bella to the Cullens, he does something drastic. Jacob reveals his transformation to her father Charlie in order to expose him to the supernatural. While this is a very noble personal act, didn’t the other tribesmen take issue with Jacob revealing their secret? Furthermore, most of the tribe members are shape-shifting freely in the forests of Forks. Aren’t they concerned with hikers or drivers seeing them as they phase? It does not seem that anyone is very concerned with protecting this secret.

16 They Cannot Control Their Imprint

The Quileute tribe may be able to control how often and where they phase into wolves, but they cannot control their hearts. Twilight introduced the world to the process of “imprinting:” an animal behavior of attachment forming. While this normally occurs between infants and parents, the wolves also use it to form life-long mate relationships.

When a male wolf imprints on someone, they are marking them as someone they want to spend their life with. A wolf has no control who they imprint upon. The act is entirely involuntary, and sometimes unwelcome. The imprinting that took place between Jacob and Renesmee still has people scratching their heads. However, the heart wants what it wants.

15 Anger Issues

Perhaps it is due to the warmth from their blood, but the Quileutes have awful tempers. In the heated environment of the Twilight universe, there is a lot of conflict to navigate through each day. Whether it is an impending vampire attack or a love triangle, these teenagers have a lot to deal with. Ultimately, some deal with it better than others.

Jacob and his family are shown to have very short fuses. Even when Sam is provoked by Bella – who he could easily defeat without phasing – he lashes out immediately. While their quick reactions are certainly useful in combat, their tempers need to be better managed to avoid accidents. Just ask Emily Uley.

14 Not All Of Them Are Buff

While Jacob Black’s buff physique is famous, not every Quileute tribesman is so lucky. Jacob’s growth into a muscle-bound teenager may have been an anomaly, as not everyone who phases experiences the same changes. Seth Clearwater is Jacob’s right-hand wolf when he begins his own pack. While Seth is certainly an agile and intelligent warrior, he does not have the same changes that Jacob does. Seth is certainly the smallest member of his pack, but he does not let that keep him from fighting.

Perhaps Jacob’s change in physique was indicative of him becoming an Alpha in his own pack. When compared to Sam Uley, Jacob is certainly of similar size and stature. However, Seth never reached that milestone and is still a Beta in the pack.

13 Wolf Pack Members Were Of Native Descent

In an effort to remain true to the depictions of the source novel, the Twilight producers should be commended for their efforts. When casting the Black, Uley, and Quileute families, they sought to cast actors with Native lineage. While other movies have struggled to do so and wound up casting “ethnic -looking” actors, the producers stood by their ruling. In fact, each actor had to prove their lineage prior to being cast in the film series.

Other films studios and productions have been accused of “white-washing” roles in the past, this is not the case here. Actors like Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley) and Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) were detemined to be of Native descent before being cast. Not only did the actors wind up being perfect for the roles, but they added diversity to the films.

12 Lots Of Clothes Shopping

While the Black family cannot technically enter the town of Forks, they hopefully have access to a Walmart. Each time that a shape-shifter phases in the Twilight series their clothes are almost always torn to shreds. If their clothing is destroyed each time they transform, it begs the question: exactly how much clothing do they go through each week?

A good pair of pants and a nice shirt do not come cheap, so to think that the packs are destroying clothing so easily seems irresponsible. Perhaps they should be removing it all before transforming? Or at least purchase three-packs of cheap t-shirts so that they are not ruining good quality clothing.

11 Not Everyone Phases

While it would be great if each member of the Quileute tribe were given the chance to be shape-shifters, that is not the case. Most people would love the ability to transform into a wolf at will, but not everyone is blessed that way. Jacob explains that the shape-shifting ability is triggered when enemies are nearby. With the influx of vampires entering Forks to battle the Cullens, Jacob and other members of his family phased for the first time. However, there were not always vampires present nearby, so other members of the family never changed.

For instance, Jacob’s own father never got the opportunity to transform, and numerous other men on the reserve are not shown transforming. If every single person were chosen to receive a superpower, it wouldn’t be super anymore.

10 Rebecca Black, the lost sister

This Rebecca Black isn’t singing about “Friday”, but rather about how her family left her out of all the secrets about their tribe. Rebecca Black is not mentioned in the Twilight films, but Jacob does discuss her in the books. Rebecca is Jacob’s older sister who moved off the reservation to attend school. While this is not discouraged, it did leave her out of some happenings in the family.

Jacob and Rebecca’s father Billy is clearly aware of the shape-shifter gene in his family as he is able to take care of Jacob as he phases. However, he did not inform his daughter about it, and she is seemingly left in the dark about this fact. With all the battles going in in Forks, Rebecca is never aware of any of them.

9 Jacob Was Almost Just A ThrowAway Character

It would be very difficult to imagine the Twilight series without the Team Edward and Team Jacob love triangle. However, Edward’s affections for Bella were almost unopposed. Stephenie Meyer herself has stated that when writing New Moon that she struggled with what to do with Jacob. Initially, she only intended for him to be a plot device that informed Bella about the legend of vampires.

If Meyer had her way initially, Jacob’s introduction in chapter six of Twilight would have been his entrance and exit in the universe. However, based on feedback from her family and her own feelings as time went on, she decided to include Jacob in the book in a bigger way. His role was changed from a minor character to major one, and he even found his into Bella’s heart by the second book.

8 Billy Black Never Phased

Imagine how difficult it must be to be the only human around supernatural beings? While most readers would associate this statement with Bella Swan, it also applies to Billy Black. The patriarch of the Black family is wheel-chair bound due to his battle with diabetes. Not only is he unable to walk due to his disease, but he also never experiencing phasing during his youth. Meanwhile, his son Jacob wound up becoming an Alpha of his own pack.

While phasing is triggered by the arrival of enemies in the area, it must have been a bitter pill for Billy to swallow that he would never phase like his son. Regardless of his own status, Billy remains a supportive father to Jacob after he phases and continues to guide him.

7 Leah Clearwater: Female Shapeshifter

When fans picture a shape-shifter, they likely picture someone like Jacob Black – tall, dark, and handsome. More importantly, they likely picture shape-shifters as males. However, there is one female shape-shifter in Quileute history. Leah Clearwater is introduced as a fighter in Sam’s pack, and the first female to begin phasing. Leah is a very fierce and formidable fighter, and loyal to her pack like the rest of her brothers.

Unfortunately, very little is explored about her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated life. Perhaps it does explain her fierce demeanor and why she is rather emotionally guarded. Throughout the various battles that the pack faces, Leah is in the thick of things and should not be treated any differently than the other members of the tribe.

6 No Super-healing Abilities

The shape-shifters are certainly some of the most formidable fighters in the Twilight universe. Whether they are battling full-grown vampires or feisty newborns, they not only able to hold their own, but they take command of the battlefield. However, they get be wounded like regular humans.

While vampires have the ability to heal themselves from injuries quickly, shape-shifters don’t have a strong healing factor. When Jacob fights Victoria during Eclipse he is thrown against a rock in wolf-form and winds up with broken ribs. While Edward would have been able to power through this injury and heal himself quickly, Jacob is rendered incapacitated. In fact, he is heard writhing in pain when healing following the battle. Wolves may be superior fighters, but they are able to be put down much easier than their foes.

5 They’re Not Good With Romance

Most of the romances depicted in the Twilight Saga do not end in happiness. Beyond Edward and Bella, most of the other romances are either filled with heartbreak or even violence. Especially when they involve members of the Quileute tribe.

The love triangle between Edward, Bella, and Jacob ends in Jacob experiencing heartbreak. The relationship between Sam and Leah is broken when Sam imprints on Emily, and the romance is further complicated when Sam accidentally phases and harms Emily. The only model relationship involving a Quileute tribe member was Billy and his wife Sarah, who passed away from a car accident.

4 The Blacks and The Cullens were once allies

The Quileute legend involving the treaty between the Natives and the “Cold Ones” is the catalyst for relationship between the Cullens and the Blacks. However, the relationship was initially built on trust and ended up devolving into hatred.

A wolf pack led by Ephraim Black came across a group of vampires, who wound up being the Cullens. To ensure that the two groups did not decimate each other for no reason, they formed a treaty. The Cullens would not attack humans, and The Quileute would stay out of their way if obeyed the treaty. It also stated that they could not reveal the other group’s secrets to humans. Initially, this pact was made to benefit everyone and was based on trust. However, as years went on it would turn in to a heated battle, with future Blacks growing up to despise vampires instead of trusting them like their ancestors.

3 Jacob Breaks The Treaty

Speaking of the treaty, Jacob is a little to quick to blame the Cullens for almost breaking it. The treaty states that the two groups cannot reveal their secrets to others, so the vampire and shape-shifter worlds can remain safely guarded. While Jacob and his family are concerned about Bella becoming involved with Edward, the way that they go about trying to break them apart is nefarious.

Jacob is actually the first person to go against the treaty, not the Cullens. When he approaches Bella at her prom and gives her warning from his father to stay away from Edward, he hints that they are not what she thinks they are. While he does not directly point out that Edward is a vampire, he points her in that direction. This could be seen as him breaking the treaty first.

2 Jacob Imprints On A Half-Human

While not many people fully understand the process of imprinting, it is a symbolically beautiful act. Emotionally and spiritually linking to another person for life is a most selfless act. However, Jacob’s imprinting is not exactly the most wholesome in the series. When Jacob first lays eyes on the newborn Renesmee, he feels directly connected with her on a different level. While the emotions are directly related to a physical relationship, it is confusing for those involved, especially her parents.

While that is understandable, it is also confusing for the rest of Jacob’s family. This is the first time that a shape-shifter has imprinted on a half-human, so this relationship is strange for everyone involved. Even though nothing has been explored about the events following Breaking Dawn, fans hope that this relationship eventually got less strange for everyone involved.

1 Actual Quileute Tribe Stories Were Used

Not only should the Twilight series be commended for casting Native actors for these roles, but they also maintained as much authenticity as possible. A universe containing shape-shifters and vampires may not be considered the most believable, but many pieces were taken from reality. Stephenie Meyer did a lot of research regarding Quileute legends before writing about her characters. Many of the stories told about the Quileute tribe are derived from actual tribal legends.

While the stories about “the Cold Ones” were embellished, the legend about the Quileute being descendants of wolves was a real legend. The background of the tribal legends makes the characters even more interesting, particularly as it gives the supernatural evidence some grounding in our reality.

Are there any other crazy facts about Jacob Black and his shape-shifting family in Twilight? Let us know in the comments!

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