Star Wars Vs. Lord Of The Rings: 10 Best Movies, According To IMDb

Both franchises have achieved historic success and popularity, earned an intensely devoted fandom, and produced divisive prequel films. Both establish a deeply rich universe that surprisingly transcends the fantasy genre, even with grandiose themes and sweeping melodrama. Boasting remarkable innovation and detail, groundbreaking effects and artistry, these beloved sagas have a lot in common.

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But this can invite an alternately playful and tense rivalry. It was even debated in Kevin Smith’s witty Clerks II. It’s always appealing to compare two similar titans, of any medium, particularly with such feverish fans. So, here’s how they ranked each glorious franchise, pitted against each other by IMDb rating. Like ratings are determined by vote count, and please mind the spoilers.

10 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 7.8

This may be the most accessible film in Star Wars, for the uninitiated. It bravely relinquishes the heavier fantasy elements, emphasizing a chessboard of politics, bureaucratic villains and heroic sabotage. Our heroes are not the core family of a spectacular space opera, but a ragtag group of everyday people.

Although, the one lightsaber that shows up is undeniably one of Darth Vader’s greatest moments. The first non-saga film features three-dimensional protagonists with flaws and tough ethical dilemmas. They don’t win a medal, ultimately dying one by one. This is an outright war film, and, while that may subvert expectations, it was still bold and refreshing for many.

9 The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug – 7.8

The entirety of the Hobbit prequels is pure excess, akin to cozy special features for the original trilogy. While some may enjoy spending any additional time in Middle-earth, not all fans were convinced. But this entry managed a healthier pacing than the first outing, ultimately amounting to one long chase.

This also disappointed some, but there’s plenty to enjoy here. Romance aside, the elves are incorporated well. Thranduil’s attitude is certainly an intriguing change of pace. Every action sequence is exhilarating, albeit a tad lighthearted. Gandalf’s side quest even offers up more forthright magic than usual. Best of all is the showdown with Smaug, a gleeful exchange that’s easily up to par with the original films.

8 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – 7.8

Bilbo Baggins proves himself a far more proactive, useful protagonist than Frodo in this overlong return to Middle-earth. And Martin Freeman is a superb addition to the franchise, most at home in a hobbit with great heart and a hidden fire. He particularly drives the new trilogy, unlike the ensemble of the originals.

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While indulgent and even occasionally juvenile, Peter Jackson has undeniable style, playing in his old sandbox. Now, he’s traded in terrifying practicals for stunning technological innovation. Yet, many of the eccentricities and adventure for which the series is loved still show. The riddles with Gollum are a sure crowd-pleaser even for casual viewers.

7 Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens – 7.9

This soft reboot was met with crossed arms after the maligned prequels, which have been quite reevaluated. Largely due to Disney’s divisive, yet profitable, ownership. This tentative comeback is flush with enthusiastic fan service to the point of controversial similarity with its roots. Still, it’s a brisk, flashy entry that opens up numerous possibilities.

Harrison Ford slips back into the role of Han Solo with ease, but the new characters are more disputed. Rey is a mystery box and orphaned survivor, so combat itself is plausible enough for her, while mind tricks come too easy. Finn is an ex-Stormtrooper, a terrific idea with surface-level repercussions. Poe is the simplest of all, perhaps. But, for a new beginning, this film was promising and fun.

6 Star Wars: Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi – 8.3

Even in its lesser final film, the first saga entry to regurgitate the Death Star, the trilogy delivers fantastic new worldbuilding, all while completing every promised arc. Luke’s new demeanor is fun, and the opening rescue of Han offers terrific action, and the Rancor and Sarlacc are very memorable.

Unfortunately, the film is also bogged down by a strangely younger-minded tone that compromises its mature, operatic themes. Ewoks, and musical numbers—either of them—are utterly silly. Where this film truly shines is the finale between Palpatine, Vader, and Luke. The battle is both emotional and literal, so the tone is uniquely on point.

5 Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope – 8.6

Following Jaws, this redefined the summer blockbuster as we know them today. It blended serials and fantasy into, well, an empire, expanding into enduring comics and video games. It wielded unprecedented visual effects, a brazenly unapologetic tone, and the sturdy Hero’s Journey for its bones. The nuances of the lore are its strengths, making the galaxy feel alive and tangible. It borrows love for samurai films, traditional fantasy, and western heroes all at once, with something for everyone.

The death of Luke’s uncle and aunt is surprisingly forthright, including their burned corpses. The film never shies away from the cost of Luke’s adventure. It’s a grand spectacle, with immersive mythology, a perfect cast, and an iconic story.

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4 The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers – 8.7

So often, part two of any trilogy can feel like an obligated bridge, with no consequences. Thankfully, this sequel generally circumvents that notion, progressing various loose ends. Gollum’s tragic character is far more fleshed out, making it clearer just how crucial he will be.

Andy Serkis’ performance is absolutely stunning, though Gollum’s rambling might become tedious for casual viewers. Merry and Pippin’s venture with the Ents is the only storyline that truly feels laborious. Although intentional, it removes the promised urgency of their rescue. But Rohan makes for some striking worldbuilding and drama, as well as a gripping battle.

3 Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – 8.7

This is often regarded as the best film of the entire saga, and for good reason. Aside from the iconic twist, the mere tone is quite unlike anything but Rogue One. It is unafraid to earn its title, daringly raining down failure and compelling gloom. Hoth is the perfect contrast from Tatooine for such a thematic turnaround.

Lando betrays Han and is captured by Boba Fett, Luke disobeys Yoda and loses to his enemy, who revealed to be his own father. It’s full of consistent defeat, which makes for intriguing melodrama and a tone that makes the galaxy even more palpable. The characters feel less like archetypes here, more relatable by their flaws and adversity.

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2 The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring – 8.8

Well, it seems that Lord of the Rings has taken the two highest rankings. However, both franchises still share an equal number of positions on this list at five apiece, forming a kind of draw. Anyhow, Jackson’s groundbreaking take on Middle-earth captivated an entire generation. Tolkien’s work comes alive with mesmerizing effects, an impeccable cast, and outstanding music.

The film is pure escapism, immersive with breathtaking imagery and a heightened sense of style. Adventure and emotions alike are filled with hyperbole, yet welcome for the genre and dense plotting. The indelible characters are as distinguishable and compelling as the lived-in world. And they will endure as Jackson’s unbelievably ambitious, successful interpretation.

1 The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King – 8.9

Though prodded for its multiple endings, there is no denying the film’s ability to juggle conclusion with progress. Even while busily tying up all of the storylines at once, the film still musters brand new lore and emotional range. Shelob, the Army of the Dead, and the Witch-king are genuinely iconic pieces of the franchise.

This Oscar-winning finale is undoubtedly a pinnacle of fantasy, with its brisk pacing a welcome return to form. It is a structurally robust story, pausing for character and unfolding sweeping battles in perfect rhythm. That the destruction of the One Ring is an intimate brawl, is representative of the entire series’ sophisticated adventure.

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Anthony Fertino

5 Things In Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings We Can’t Wait For (& 5 We Don’t Want To See)

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV series is currently in the early production stages. It’s set to be a huge area of focus for the studio moving forward and it’s sure to bring many new subscribers to the streaming platform, especially if it’s a success.

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With the release date drawing closer and closer we want to take a look at all the things we’re excited about and everything we don’t want to see in the series. So here’s a list of 10 thoughts about the upcoming LOTR series that will undoubtedly take the world by storm.


The Hobbits have been the main focus of both Middle Earth trilogies that we’ve seen on the big screen. The species is certainly quirky and interesting and have provided amazing heroes like Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

However, the characters have really been overdone now. While we are sure we will see a Hobbit in the series, it’s certainly not going to be one of the main characters. Plus, they weren’t really active in the world before Bilbo first ran away on an adventure.


We really love New Zealand and all of the natural beauty that it has to offer. It’s truly a fantastic location and we implore anyone to go and visit it’s beautiful landscapes if you get the chance. The country has, of course, become famous for its inclusion in LOTR.

In order to really recreate the feelings of the films, the production team are going back to New Zealand to help make Middle Earth feel truly authentic. We’re excited to see what else the country has to offer, as well as the creative talent that will come from the area.


Each film is built around a kind of adventure that requires a lot of vast traveling. The films, therefore, become journey films of sorts, where the plot is partially driven by the main characters getting from A to B, in order to achieve their quest.

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We’d love for this TV series to be completely different from this. We don’t want to watch our characters move cross country every single episode. It would be great if the series is propelled by something other than a long and winding quest.


The world of Middle Earth that Tolkien has created is certainly a compelling one. The species and stories that have come from his books are truly astounding and have gone on to be replicated in the majority of the genre.

We can’t wait to get back to that original fantasy landscape and experience the dwarfs, elves, and dragons once again, in this really unique setting. The factions and characters that exist in this world are iconic and we’re excited to revisit it all.


It seems weird that we don’t want to see the Song of Ice and Fire in a Lord of the Rings series, but there is an explanation for this. We are of course aware that LOTR came much before the HBO hit and George R.R. Martin books.

However, the series seems in many ways a reaction to the success of the fantasy TV series. We don’t want another show trying to replicate what HBO tried to achieve. We want Amazon to take this project in a completely different direction that’s more authentic to Tolkien’s work.


Sauron is an absolutely brilliant villain in both literature and cinematic history. The design of the character, his motivations, and evil intent all make him feel incredibly imposing. Even his armies are one of the most despicable in the genre.

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The time period of the second age of men means that we get to watch the rise of Sauron. We’re absolutely fascinated by this story and we can’t wait to see the villain on screen. He isn’t charismatic or cool, he’s just completely evil and fitting as an antagonist.


The films are absolutely fantastic and many of them are worthy of Oscars. The prequel series is obviously not as well-loved, but regardless, the movies within this world have all been excellent contributions to cinema and the wider industry.

But, we don’t want these films being forcibly tied into the events of the TV series. There’s such a huge time difference between the two that we want them to feel quite separate so that the series can stand by itself as an equally great addition to the universe.


One of the most impressive things about the LOTR series, apart from the impressive storytelling, is the mass scale of the battles. There’s just no other battle sequences in movies quite like we’ve seen in the Middle Earth series. There’s a logic to the battles that’s completely unique.

We want this same intelligent style of action sequences to be carried over to the TV series. The budget is so large that we know it’s possible to achieve battles on this scale. We believe that the action contributed here could be better than any other fantasy series.


There’s a lot of politics within the Middle Earth universe. We know that it’s got to play a part in this upcoming story. The relationship between the Elves and Men have been explored in the past and likely will be again in this series.

However, we want this to be far less political than it has the potential to be. Too many series have recently tried to make it’s narrative into some kind of political piece. We would rather this was a fantasy series through and through, with only a few political elements for story purposes.


The lore of Lord of the Rings is some of the richest that has ever been produced. Tolkien left a whole wealth of content to draw from and we hope that this is only further fleshed out. The Tolkien estate has final say on some of the changes made in the series.

The plot points and additional lore will, therefore, be respectful to what came before but also push the boundaries and introduce us to new elements that we had never considered before. We really want to learn some new things about this crazy place.

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The Lord Of The Rings: 10 Best Aragorn Quotes | ScreenRant

Few books have had as much of an impact on their genre as The Lord of the Rings has had on fantasy. One of the most popular characters from the series is Aragorn, the King of Gondor disguised as an ordinary ranger. In many ways, Aragorn is the most important character in the story, tasked with uniting men, elves, dwarves, and all the other magical races against the forces of Mordor.

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Naturally, such a compelling character has had a number of memorable lines from the books as well as the movies. Here are some of the best ones:

10 “I am Aragorn son of Arathorn; and if by life or death I can save you, I will.”

Strider was referred to by Gandalf long before we saw him for the first time meeting Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and Sam at The Dancing Pony inn. At that time, he was still an unknown quantity, and when Frodo and the others saw a heavily bearded, fearsome-looking man watching them intently from across the room, they felt a thrill of fear that translated to the audience as well.

Then Strider revealed his true name and the lineage saying, But I am the real Strider, fortunately. I am Aragorn son of Arathorn; and if by life or death I can save you, I will.” Quite the intro.

9 “Not nearly frightened enough. I know what hunts you.”

When Strider spoke to the frightened hobbits at the inn, audiences felt a certain relief, thinking the heroes had found a safe haven with a friend.

Then Strider stated that not only was their fear the correct emotion to feel at the moment, but that they were not actually feeling fearful enough, because they did not understand how truly terrifying the monsters hunting them were. At this point, the mood dialed right back up to eleven.

8 “But I must admit that I hoped you would take me for my own sake. A hunted man sometimes wearies of distrust and longs for friendship.”

When people think of Aragorn, the words that are immediately conjured up are strong, skilled, unafraid- a true leader of men. While all those thoughts are valid, there is another sensitive and vulnerable side to him that few were ever allowed to see.

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This was one such rare moment when Aragorn admitted that the years of living on the fringes of society, rejected and feared by the very people he fought to protect, had taken its toll on him. This made him feel an acute desire for genuine friendship and laughter.

7 “Alas! An ill fate is on me this day, and all that I do goes amiss!”

These words were spoken in despair by Aragorn as he looked around himself and saw the fellowship that was supposed to deliver the ring to Mount Doom in tatters. Gandalf had seemingly died, Boromir had breathed his last, and Sam and Frodo had disappeared along with Merry and Pippin.

Only Legolas and Gimli were left with Aragorn to pick up the broken pieces of the fellowship and decide whether to go after Sam and Frodo or Merry and Pippin. Aragorn could not help but blame himself for what had become of the team he was supposed to be leading.

6 “I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and am called Elessar, the Elfstone, Dúnadan, the heir of Isildur Elendil’s son of Gondor.”

We had known at this time that Aragorn was the King in Hiding, but here the world of the characters finally came to know that Isildur’s heir, and Sauron’s bane, was not only alive but actively working in opposition to the forces of Mordor.

You can’t help but feel chills when you imagine the reaction of the Riders of Rohan to realizing they are in the presence of the one true king.

5 “Frodo, I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I will be grateful to die among my friends.”

Aragorn has lived his whole life with the weight of his legacy heavy on his shoulders. He was always aware that fate would bring him, sooner or later, directly into the path of Mordor, yet he never flinched.

After training his whole life, Aragorn was ready to lead the charge against Sauron, and even with the knowledge that he could very well die before the quest ended, he felt glad at the prospect of a noble death in the line of duty, with his friends at his side.

4 “My friends… you bow to no one.”

All through the story, we become familiar with Aragorn, the king in waiting. At the end of the tale, we finally meet Aragorn, King of Gondor.

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It becomes clear that this new figure of authority is just as kind and humble as Strider, the Ranger. He has no problem bending his knee in front of Frodo and Sam and honoring them as the real heroes of the War of the Rings.

3 “A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.”

At the black gate, the entrance to Mordor, Aragorn stood with his army. Even as the courage of the soldiers quailed at the prospect of what lay beyond the gate, Aragorn proved his worth as a king and a leader of men.

Standing at the front of his army, Aragorn declared that today was not the day that they allow their fear to get the best of them. Today was the day to remember the bonds of fellowship that unite them as they stand at the very edge of the black precipice.

2 “You will suffer me.”

One of the tensest standoffs occurs when Aragorn travels away from his army to enter the realm of spirits of the past. These warriors had broken their promise to Isildur, and were cursed to wander the Earth as a result. Aragorn faced the army head-on and was not cowed by their malevolent fury.

Instead, he revealed his sword, claimed the title of Isildur’s heir, and demanded the spirits honor the vow they made to his ancestor to fight at his side.

1 “For Frodo.”

When Aragorn led his massive army to the gates of Mordor, he knew his mission was doomed from the start, yet he went anyway. Only to give Frodo the chance to reach Mount Doom while Sauron’s focus was centered elsewhere.

Even as Aragorn charged into what he believed would be his final battle, his only thought was a prayer for the young hobbit on whose mission rested the fate of Middle Earth.

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The Lord Of The Rings: 10 Best Gimli Quotes | ScreenRant

There are a great many universal constants in our lives that we can rely on as eternal truths. Water is wet. Gravity exists. The Earth is round. The Lord of the Rings is one of the greatest stories that has ever graced the planet. These are all just accepted as truths, because they simply are. There is no contesting them.

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Gimli, son of Glóin, is one of the Nine Walkers, the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring, also known as the Company of the Ring. Because there are nine main protagonists to follow, everyone has their favorites, but the dwarf Gimli has some of the best quotes in the entire franchise.

10 “Nobody tosses a Dwarf!”

What better place to start on a list of Gimli’s top ten quotes than with this iconic one-liner from him? In The Fellowship of the Ring, Aragorn helps little Hobbit Sam cross a gap by simply tossing him to the other side. He then sets his sights on Gimli, who immediately bristles at the insinuation. He shouts at Aragorn, “Nobody tosses a Dwarf!” before he makes the leap himself, nearly falling in the pit in the process. In The Two Towers, however, there’s a callback to this moment; Gimli needs Aragorn to toss him over a distance he can’t jump, and, before Aragorn can, Gimli stops him and says, “Don’t tell the Elf.” Aragorn assures him, “Not a word.”

9 “Not the beard!”

Another iconic and oft-quoted line is Gimli’s legendary, “Not the beard!” that he shouts at Legolas in The Fellowship of the Ring. This line actually comes directly after “Nobody tosses a Dwarf!” in the movie, so it naturally also has to come directly after the same line in this list. When Gimli attempts to leap across the gap by himself, he nearly falls, as mentioned earlier; however, what we didn’t mention is that, when Gimli is trying to balance and save himself, Legolas is the one who actually ends up saving him. Tragically, he does this by grabbing the closest thing attached to Gimli, and that turns out to be his beard. Legolas does exactly this, prompting Gimli to shout at him, “Not the beard!”

8 “Well, here’s one Dwarf she won’t ensnare so easily.”

Gimli is known for thinking he’s somewhat more of a warrior than he may actually be. True, he is a brave and valiant fighter, but it’s also a running gag in the story that Gimli thinks he’s incredibly impressive and takes himself far too seriously. This is especially apparent when he hears about Galadriel, “a great sorceress,” “an Elf witch of terrible power,” who is not all that impressive to Gimli. After finding out that all who look upon Galadriel “fall under her spell and are never seen again,” Gimli says, “Well, here’s one Dwarf she won’t ensnare so easily. I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox!”

7 “Henceforth I will call nothing fair unless it be her gift to me.”

Gimli utters a line anyone would be happy to hear in The Fellowship of the Ring, when the Fellowship sets sail down the river from Lórien and leaves the Elves behind. Gimli and Legolas are in the boats together, and Gimli says to Legolas, “I have been dealt a wound beyond all healing, for I have looked the last upon that which was fairest. Henceforth I will call nothing fair unless it be her gift to me.”

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When Legolas asks what Galadriel’s gift was, Gimli answers, “I asked for one hair from her golden head. She gave me three.” Legolas simply smiles in response.

6 “If anyone was to ask for my opinion, which I note they’re not…”

Gimli and Legolas are two of the funniest characters in the entire The Lord of the Rings series. Though every character has their funny moments, Gimli and Legolas have the most, and Gimli especially, who often serves as a comic relief in especially tense times. He delivers many lines along these lines, including one that’s perfect to quote when anyone seems to be ignoring your very excellent advice: “If anyone was to ask for my opinion, which I note they’re not, I’d say we were taking the long way around.” Also works perfectly for those times when your companions won’t stop for directions when you’re hopelessly lost!

5 “Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul!”

When Gimli is speaking with Haldir, the exchange is somewhat tense. Haldir states that the Elves “have not had dealings with the Dwarves since the Dark Days,” which prompts Gimli to respond, “And you know what this Dwarf says to that? Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul!” Aragorn then says, “That was not so courteous,” so the audience knows this was an insult, even if they don’t speak Dwarven. Luckily, we do, and so we can tell you that “Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul!” translates to “I spit upon your grave!”

4 “Roaring fires, malt beer, ripe meat off the bone.”

In the world that Tolkien created for The Lord of the Rings, Moria is considered one of the wonders of Middle-Earth. Also known as Khazad-dûm, Moria runs under and through the Misty Mountains, and was once the greatest Dwarven city in all of Middle-Earth.

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Gimli knows of what Moria was, knows of the amazing and ancient city founded by Dwarves, and so he tells Legolas: “Soon, Master Elf, you will enjoy the fabled hospitality of the Dwarves. Roaring fires, malt beer, ripe meat off the bone.” He evokes such a vivid image of the inside of the labyrinthine Moria that one can’t help but want to be there in the word picture he painted.

3 “Let them come. There is one Dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath.”

Tragically, the Moria that Gimli remembers is not the Moria that exists any longer. The Dwarves were, eventually, driven out of Moria, and were unable to return until well into the Fourth Age. At that point, Durin VII led the Dwarves back to Moria, where they all sealed themselves into the tunnels so they could not lose their ancient city again. There the Dwarves remained, “until the world grew old and the Dwarves failed and the days of Durin’s race were ended.” Though the Dwarves have all gone from Moria, Gimli will not let it be destroyed without a fight. When the Goblins start breaking down the doors to get to the Fellowship, Gimli simply says, “Let them come. There is one Dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath.” What a powerful moment.

2 “And my axe.”

This is one of the most iconic sequences in the entire franchise; if you have seen The Lord of the Rings, you know exactly which scene we’re talking about already. Heck, this is probably one of the most iconic sequences in film history, with how impactful The Lord of the Rings is on popular culture and the zeitgeist of our time. In this scene, the Fellowship of the Ring are swearing themselves to Frodo and the journey of the Ring. Aragorn gets the ball rolling, swearing, “If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword.” Legolas continues with, “And you have my bow.” Gimli, of course, has to add, “And my axe,” completing everyone’s favorite triumvirate within the series.

1 “Aye. I could do that.”

Gimli’s greatest line comes at the very end of the series in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Right before the final battle, Legolas and Gimli are contemplating the impossible task that lays ahead of them, and Gimli is the first one to break the silence. After three movies’ worth of growing to not only appreciate Elves, but to love Legolas, Gimli warmly says, “I never thought I’d die fighting side-by-side with an Elf.” Though the words are antagonizing, he means only to tease; the fond way he says this makes that clear. Legolas smiles at him and asks instead, “How about side-by-side with a friend?” After a moment of contemplation, Gimli tells him, “Aye. I could do that,” instantly melting over seven billion hearts.

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Lord of the Rings: 10 Favorite Quotes From The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was a hugely successful movie in many ways. Not only did it win 11 Oscars, it was also a huge hit with fans across the world. These movies were very influential in pop culture and have had an impact on movies and the fantasy genre ever since they were made. While it’s been over two decades since The Return of the King came out, there are still many generations of fans who love it. There are still many quotes from the film that are quoted often on the internet.

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Here are the ten best quotes from The Return of the King.


Gimli is definitely a fan-favorite character even if he’s not the main character in the franchise. As the only dwarf in the Fellowship, his humor and more gruff ways made many fans have fallen in love with him. Gimli says this hilarious line after the group lead by Aragorn and Gandalf decide to go to the Black Gate of Mordor to try and distract Sauron. While they realize this might lead to all of their deaths, they are willing to do whatever it takes to give Frodo and Sam a fighting chance.


The Return of the King has many emotional moments. These movies are often dark, but they are also about the bonds of friendship and loyalty. When Aragorn says this line before charging into battle at the Black Gate, it’s quite the emotional line. All of the rest of the Fellowship that is there with him are clearly impacted by what he says, and they charge forth after him. They clearly all want to do everything they can to try and help Frodo finish his quest to destroy the One Ring.


There are many close friendships in the Lord of the Rings series, and these stories are largely about their importance in the midst of horrible things like death and war. When Aragorn tries to slip away to the Paths of the Dead by himself, Gimli and Aragorn are waiting for him. While Aragorn tries to tell them he has to do this part of his journey alone, they aren’t having it. Legolas says this somewhat funny but endearing line to let Aragorn know they have no intention of letting him slip away.


This is maybe one of the most often-quoted lines from the series because it’s short, sweet, and to the point. This line has been used in many internet memes and reaction images. While it’s being used on the internet for humor, the actual moment is quite serious. Frodo says this line after the Ring has been destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom. It’s clear that he is extremely relieved, and this moment is the culmination of what the entire series was working towards.


This line comes from the end of Aragorn’s most powerful speech from the entire film series. Before the armies charged onto the Pelennor Fields to face Sauron’s army, they are scared and no the odds aren’t in their favor at all. Aragorn rallies them to battle by saying, “A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.” This is an incredibly rousing and inspiring speech, and it’s an iconic moment from the film.


While in many ways The Return of the King is a triumphant ending and the war is technically won, it’s also bittersweet. The ending of the movie reinforces the idea that war is brutal and that things are never quite the same. When Gandalf and Frodo are about to leave Middle-Earth for the Grey Havens, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are understandably quite devastated. Gandalf reminds them, and us as the audience, grief is a part of life and that it’s okay to cry.


This is another extremely powerful and emotional moment from the movie. The friendship between Frodo and Sam is one of the core emotional aspects of these movies, and it’s clear that Sam’s loyalty to Frodo is a big part of why he’s able to make it so far.

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When Frodo can no longer go on as they climb Mount Doom, Sam finds it within himself to carry Frodo.

3 “I AM NO MAN.”

There aren’t all that many female characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but the movies do attempt to give them more of a role than they have in the books. However, this iconic line is one right from the books, and it shows Eowyn’s bravery. This is a moment that many people find extremely inspiring, and it was a triumphant moment to see Eowyn be the one to kill the Witch-King.


After the Ring is destroyed, Sam and Frodo are on the slopes of Mount Doom as it erupts. The lava is flowing around them, and they have no way to escape. It looks as if they will die there, and they’ve clearly come to accept it to some degree.

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When Frodo says this to Sam, it’s another extremely heartbreaking moment that speaks to the depth of their bond.


During Aragorn’s coronation as King, the four Hobbits who were part of the Fellowship begin to bow to him as he marks his way through the crowd. However, Aragorn being the goodhearted and wise person he recognizes that they have no need to bow to him. He graciously instead bows to them and everyone in the crowd follows suit. This is another powerful moment from the film.

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The Lord of the Rings: 10 Best Legolas Quotes | ScreenRant

Legolas from The Lord of the Rings is definitely one of the most popular elven characters of all time. Many fans loved this character, and he is one of the main reasons why fantasy elves have become so much more popular in the past decade or so.

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Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom, might be done in Middle-Earth movies, but he will always have a big place in pop culture. While the Lord of the Rings franchise continues on, the original stories will always be popular with many devoted fans. Here are the ten best Legolas quotes from The Lord of the Rings.


One of the most rewarding and enduring friendships in The Lord of the Rings is between Legolas and Gimli. This friendship is actually a big deal because it’s a symbolic friendship that speaks to healing the rift between elves and dwarves.

Legolas and Gimli both begin with prejudice against one another, but they grow to be great friends. Legolas shows his loyalty here when he defends Gimli against Eomer’s threat. Clearly, Legolas has Gimli’s back.


While Legolas might not be the main character of the series, he is the only elf in the Fellowship of the Ring. His position as the only elf is meant to be symbolic as a member of one of all of the good races in Middle-Earth helping to destroy the ring.

So, when Legolas volunteers to join up with the Fellowship, it shows that he is a capable warrior as well as a caring person. He also clearly wants to support Aragorn, who is one of his good friends.


This might be one of the most well-known Legolas quotes from the series because it was made into a hilarious Youtube video. While this video might be years old at this point, it’s still pretty memorable.

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Because of its position in pop culture, this quote had to be on the list. Plus, it’s also an example of Legolas using his skills as an elf to track the Uruk Hai as Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli try to rescue Merry and Pippin.


As an elf, Legolas has a different connection to nature and a different way of viewing the world than the other races do. He has a lot of insight and is able to read signs and nature in ways that humans and dwarves can’t.

So, when he says this line while Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas are trekking to find Merry and Pippin, it’s clear that he sensed something serious and dark has occurred. This kind of elvish quote is what made many fans love the character and made him stick out.


This is another example of Legolas using his connection with nature and his understanding as an elf. He has lived for thousands of years, so his understanding of how the world works and the nature of living things is much deeper and more vast than many others in the party.

With this quote, he speaks to the fact that, in Middle-Earth, most living things have some sort of connection to one another and that they can feel things. He also refers to the Ents with this quote.


One of the defining relationships Legolas has in the films and the books is his friendship with Aragorn. These two actually have a rather long history as friends before the Council of the Ring begins. So, his friendship and loyalty to Aragorn are very strong.

He shows his loyalty to Aragorn many times throughout the series. One example is when Legolas says this line. It’s clear that the bonds of friendship are strong in this series, and this is one of the main themes.


This is actually a quote from the books that doesn’t appear in the movies. This is something that Legolas says early on during the Fellowship, and it’s one of the first things he says about Gimli.

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This might be how their relationship starts off, but these two grow to be close friends. Seeing these two become friends is definitely rewarding.


This is another example of the strength of the relationship between Gimli and Legolas. When Gimli tells Legolas that he never imagined he would meet his end fighting next to an elf, Legolas returns with this question and a smile on his face.

The friendship between these two is one that is quite hilarious and jovial in the movies, and fans definitely loved this line.


This line is one of Legolas’s funnier lines. He says this to Gimli just before the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

When Gimli complains about not being able to see over the wall at the oncoming battle, Legolas is happy to help him out. After all, he clearly doesn’t want his friend to be unsure of what is going on or unable to defend himself.


The last quote on this list is said by Legolas during The Fellowship of the Ring. He says this quote quite passionately during the Council of Elrond when Boromir questions Aragorn.

It’s clear that Legolas won’t stand for his friends being disrespected, and he is rather enraged and annoyed at Boromir’s attitude.

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The Lord of the Rings: 10 Fan Fiction Relationships We Wish Were Real

The Lord of the Rings trilogy along with The Hobbit trilogy are some of the most popular fantasy stories from the past century. While the movies have been finished for a while, there are still many fans, and the stories will continue to live in fan fiction and more. Seeing as Amazon is creating their new Middle-Earth series, this franchise will still be going strong.

While the movies had some romances in them, there are also many relationships that fans wished were real and brought to life in fandom. Given that many of the characters in the series are men, a lot of the most popular fan fiction relationships are between two men.

Here are the ten fanfiction relationships from The Lord of the Rings we wish were real.


When The Hobbit series was released, some new ships that hadn’t really been around before became quite popular. This is probably largely due to the fact that both of these characters were brought to life by attractive actors. Instead of Thorin being an old, grizzled dwarf, he was made to look younger and more human-like for the film versions. So, this ship was born. While it’s not the most popular ship from the franchise, the antagonistic dynamic between these two kinds makes for great fanfiction.


This pairing isn’t the most popular fandom ship out there, but it would be great if it was more common. The Lord of the Rings series somewhat suffers from the fact that there aren’t a lot of women, although the movies did their best to give women bigger roles. While both Arwen and Eowyn have connections to Aragorn, a better, updated version of this love triangle would be to ship these two women together. With Eowyn’s fierce nature and Arwen’s more quiet strength, these two would make a wonderful pair.


This isn’t exactly the most common fanfiction pairing from The Lord of the Rings by any means, but it’s definitely an intriguing one. Given that Gandalf and Saruman are both Istari and extremely powerful, it would be interesting to have a history that has them as romantic partners. This relationship is full of many tropes that people in fanfiction like given that they started out as friends and allies and ended up as enemies.


This pairing is another classic slash pairing from the series. Given that most of the main characters in the series are men, it’s not surprising that most of the top ships in the fandom that aren’t already canon are queer ships. Aragorn and Legolas are friends with a long history in both the books and the movies. So, seeing this relationship become more romantic wouldn’t be that far of a stretch. They always support each other, and then clearly care a lot about one another. These two would be one of the relationships that would make the most sense in canon.

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This ship is one that does have somewhat of a canon truth. Eowyn has a crush on Aragorn, and there is even a sense that he considers the future he could have with her. In the end, he doesn’t ever consider this relationship too much as he’s in love with Arwen. However, a relationship between Aragorn and Eowyn would make more sense in many ways. Firstly, it would make it so Arwen doesn’t have to give up her immortality. It would also make more sense for Aragorn and his future as King of Gondor.


This is another fan fiction pairing from The Lord of the Rings that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Since so many fans love elves, and these two are both extremely beautiful people, they would be lovely together. There aren’t really any popular ships with two elven characters, so this relationship would allow for exploring more about elven culture and history. These two also come from very different elvish kingdoms which would make for interesting fanfiction.

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Of all the fanfiction relationships, Thorin and Bilbo are one of the most popular in recent years. After The Hobbit movies came out, many fans started writing fiction and creating artwork about these two. Given that the relationship between them is a core relationship in the movies as Thorin comes to appreciate and accept Bilbo, it makes sense that fans attached to this pairing. Plus, there’s definitely something really adorable about a relationship between a dwarf and a hobbit.


Most of the canon relationships in The Lord of the Rings world exist between characters of the same race. This is why Arwen and Aragorn relationship was such a big deal in the books, and why many fans were upset by the casual inclusion of the Tauriel and FIli relationship. But, there is a lot of exploration of these kinds of relationships in fanfiction. Faramir and Pippin grow to have a respect for each other, and this relationship is a big part of Faramir’s emotional journey.

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The relationship between Legolas and Gimli is an extremely important one in the series. These two are able to become friends despite the hatred between the elves and the dwarves. They are so close that Gimli actually goes with Legolas the Undying Lands and is the first dwarf to do so. These two as a romantic relationship would be extremely endearing and make a lot of sense. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine their deep friendship turning into something else.


Of all of the potential relationships that fandom loves, the one between Frodo and Sam is probably the most discussed and most obvious. Their friendship is one of the core relationships in the series, and it’s because of Sam’s devotion to Frodo that the ring ever even gets destroyed. They clearly love each other deeply, and this love could easily extend to something romantic as well.

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Leaked Lord of the Rings Audition Clips Reveal First Character Details

Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series reveals character details, as audition tapes for the series get leaked. Penned by Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling novels of all time, and spawned epic film adaptations helmed by Peter Jackson. Two years ago, Amazon shook the fantasy world when they ordered a Lord of the Rings TV series with a multi-season commitment. Despite production being underway, major character details have been concealed about the upcoming fantasy series. 

Set in a period long before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring, the series takes place on the J.R.R. Tolkien timeline known as The Second Age. Lasting 3,441 years, marking the One Ring’s conception, and ending with the defeat of Sauron’s army, The Second Age certainly offers a slew of story arcs and fresh faces for the saga. Last month, Amazon announced its endeavor to produce 20 episodes for the first season. Sans an official title, The Lord of the Rings series has only offered morsels of information. Elusive about their character details, Amazon announced Australian actress Markella Kavengeh will play Tyra, and that The Maze Runner star Will Poulter had been cast in an unidentified lead role. 

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According to CBR, leaked audition tapes for The Lord of the Rings offer potential character information. Uploaded by actors who didn’t land the roles, the clips feature Chloe Bremner, Conor Fogarty, and Nick Hardcastle. Bremner reads for a troubled warrior named Eldein, Fogarty navigates the dialogue of an experienced fighter named Beldor, and Hardcastle tackles pragmatic survivor Aric. An additional video featured an actress reading for an empathetic individual named Tyra (the role Kavengeh landed) – who’s likely an elf. 

While the leaked audition tapes affirm actors were hard at work to land a spot on the highly anticipated show, material for auditions often conceal major plot details and real character names. Helmed by Flash Gordon’s writing duo Patrick McKay and John D. Payne, The Lord of the Rings is in the creative hands of consultant Bryan Cogman (Game of Thrones), writer Gennifer Hutchinson (Breaking Bad), and J.A. Bayona (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) – who’s been tapped to direct multiple episodes. 

Having outbid Netflix for the rights, Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings show could be the most expensive TV series of all time. Amazon opting to keep Middle-earth hidden in secrecy is a wise choice on the streaming service’s part. Fans of Tolkien’s work have picked apart the story for decades, and are eager to see the events of The Second Age unfold. While they may not tote official information, the audition tapes for characters Eldein, Tyra, Beldor, and Aric reveals data fans can mull over until The Lord of the Rings series gets an official update.

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The Lord Of The Rings: 10 Hidden Details About Frodo’s Costume You Never Noticed

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the most colossal undertakings in cinema history, and makes possible a world of almost impossible enchantment. Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s brilliant high-fantasy novels, the films chronicle the Fellowship of the Ring as they navigate the perils of Middle-Earth to prevent Sauron the Destroyer from finding the One Ring. At the center of the quest is Frodo Baggins, a young hobbit small of stature but big of heart, whose indefatigable journey to save his home and kinsmen will forever alter the course of his destiny.

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Elijah Wood brings Frodo Baggins to life as though he lept out of the pages of Tolkien’s works. He is dressed based on the costumes of lead costume designer Ngila Dickson and her accomplished team, who had to design Frodo’s costume as well as nineteen thousand others. It’s due to their craftsmanship and dedication that the people of Middle-Earth seem so real, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy earns its place as a cinematic masterpiece. Relive Frodo’s journey with 10 hidden details about his costume you may have missed in the films.


Head costume designer Ngila Dickson had an enormous undertaking on her hands creating the costumes for all of the trilogy’s leads. Not simply because they were overly complicated themselves, but because they needed to be created in several different sizes.

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As you watch the films, you may notice that Frodo and the hobbits are brought to life by a variety of actors, each needing their own version of his wardrobe. In Frodo’s case, there’s principle talent Elijah Wood, his stand in, his stunt double, and his “mini me”, a little person performer brought in for sequences that required scale beside the other human and elf actors.


Hobbits, like their wardrobes, are uncomplicated. They are practical, but anything but plain. Great care was taken in deciding the Hobbit outfits so that they never came across as ordinary, but instead emphasized what was unique about their stature and place in Middle-Earth.

As you watch the special features for the trilogy, you learn that in order to better transform a human-sized actor such as Elijah Wood into a halfling like Frodo, certain aspects of the costume needed to be exaggerated. Like other hobbits, his cuffs started a little above his wrist, and his pockets were made overly large, so that when he put his hands in them, the gesture had an almost comical effect.


Ngila Dickson looked to history and to the illustrations in J.R.R. Tolkien’s works to find inspiration for dressing Frodo and the other hobbits. Given that The Shire was a farming community, and hobbits lived in cottages built into the very earth, she felt that they should dress like 18th century countrymen wearing Earth tones.

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After basing them off English countrymen, Dickson decided to chop off their trousers at the calf, which gave a greater emphasis on their very large feet. It offered them greater mobility and also drew attention to their undeniably most recognizable physical feature.


Frodo is the cousin of Bilbo Baggins, but the elder Baggins adopted him when his parents died in TA 3001, making him his only heir. After his adventure in The Hobbit, Bilbo’s share of Smaug’s treasure set him up nicely in Bag End, affording him respect and status in Hobbiton. As a result, Frodo’s costume more closely resembles a gentleman, and elevates him above his peers Sam, Merry, and Pippin.

To set him apart from his fellows hobbits, Frodo was dressed in velvets and other  materials that conveyed his access to wealth. The color of his clothing was often brighter and less worn than his friends, especially Sam, but his travel cloak was designed for function over fancy.


While the clothes may not have seemed particularly difficult to get into for the hobbits, three-layered suits and traveling cloaks weren’t the only aspects of their costumes. The pieces that needed to be started early on in the shooting day were the feet and the ears.

Elijah Wood’s day would begin before dawn. Before he would be put into his clothing for the day, he would need his prosthetic feet applied. Glue was applied to the bottom of his feet and he slid into them like slippers, before they were air-dried and painted with an airbrush to match his skin tone. He had to do this entirely while standing so that his ankles wouldn’t bend at the wrong places.


The costumes of the Fellowship needed to not only appear like they could take a beating, but actually be durable enough for the actors to wear them during scenes involving horseback riding, mountain climbing, and charging into battle. They also had to be cleaned periodically, though!

The more dirt that accumulated on Frodo’s outfit, such as his traveling cloak, the more convincingly weathered it would look. Often the costumes couldn’t be laundered, lest they lose the appearance that they were worn clothing, not simply “costumes” the actors put on, so the cleaning process had to be gentle.


Participating in the Lord of the Rings trilogy meant that principle actors were required to do a lot of stunt work. Even though most of them had stunt doubles, they were stilled required to be hooked up to certain harnesses to authentically telegraph falls, blows, or in Frodo’s case, being caught in Shelob’s spider web.

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While stuck in Shelob’s web, being taunted by Gollum, Elijah Wood had to be hooked up to a harnesses which was fixed around his costume, which then suspended him by his wrists and ankles on bungee chords. He had to hold his eyes open for an extended period of time to mimic being paralyzed in his cocoon.


In Tolkien’s works, Frodo Baggins inherited his mithril shirt from Bilbo Baggins, said to be passed down to him from an elven prince. If Peter Jackson followed this logic, it would account for the mithril shirt hanging conspicuously low on Frodo’s frame.

Consider the places in which Frodo is stabbed in the trilogy and where his mithril protects him. It hangs so low on his chest that he’s able to be pierced by a Nazgul blade on Weathertop, a wound we still see when he’s stung by Shelob’s stinger, which either pierces the mithril altogether or happens further up his chest (in the books it occurred in his unprotected neck area).


According to The Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare companion, the sword that Bilbo Baggins gives Frodo was intended for an elf of great rank. Its craftsmanship is peerless, and meant to reflect the natural beauty found in nature, like all elven blades.

Its shape is meant to resemble a leaf, with a raised midrib to look like its stem. It has an inscription on the blade, “Sting is my name – I am the spider’s bane.”.The wooden handgrip has an inlaid silver patterned to look like stylized plants, as well as twisting vines and leaves. Even the leather scabbard has the same pattern of twisting fauna.


After the Fellowship’s visit to Lothlorien, Galadriel gave each of the party a leaf brooch to fasten their traveling cloaks. Named the “Leaves of Lorien”, these brooches were meant to resemble the newly opened leaves of a beech tree. They would prove as much more than decorative touches.

Frodo flashed his pin to Faramir in Henneth Annun to validate his story, and Peregrin Took used this to tell Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli they were on the right track by dropping his pin on the ground after he was kidnapped with Merry by Uruk-hai.

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Kayleena Pierce-Bohen

Lord Of The Rings: 10 Hidden Details About The Costumes You Didn’t Notice

The Lord of the Rings is an extremely popular fantasy series, and in many ways, the films brought in a renewed interest in fantasy storytelling across many mediums. Plus, with the new Amazon series on the way, there is a new wave of excitement. One of the reasons that the movies were so successful was how detailed the world was. From the sets to the props to the customers, everything was created with a lot of intricacy and world-building in mind.

One way that the series told a story and revealed characterization was through costuming. There were many details in the costumes that might have been missed while just watching the films. Here are the 10 hidden details from Lord of the Rings costumes that you probably didn’t notice.


When creating the costumes for the characters, and for each race such as Hobbits, there were themes that were followed to make those costumes cohesive. Much of the facts on this list from the book The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy.

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According to this book, the costume and makeup designers for the film had a theme that they called “tweedy.” This means they used colors that were overall ruddy including yellows and browns. But, Frodo had outfits that were slightly darker and richer looking than the other Hobbits.


One of the costumes that has quite a lot of details when you look at it closely is Aragorn. While his ranger costume might seem rather simple and mostly just black and worn down, his costume had many layers to it to add intricacy. This costume is one that had many little things to give nods to who he is as a character and his complicated and somewhat regal lineage.

According to costume designer Ngila Dickson, the buttons of his tunic actually were embellished with the tree of Gondor to give a nod to this part of his history.


Just like with Aragorn’s costume, Saruman’s costume had a lot of small details that you probably wouldn’t notice just watching the movies. While most of his costume is white, there are some small details that bring dimension and color into the clothes. One small but important detail is that Saruamn’s belt had a lot of gold thread interwoven into it.

While the belt was mostly made of white wool, the gold thread brought dimension as well as a richness to the custom which is fitting considering he was the leader of the wizards.


One of the most faxcatining things about the costumes from Lord of the Rings is how intricate almost every costume was. While many of the men’s costumes were mostly one color, think Aragorn and Saruman, they had so many pieces and each fabric was made intentionally.

While Gandalf the Grey’s costume might just seem like a simple grey robe, it was made with a lot of effort. The fabric was broken done using techniques such as washing, overdrying, and sand to make it look old and weathered.


Another fascinating aspect of the costumes from the trilogy is how many different versions had to be made to ensure continuity. Since the main characters were going on a journey over hundreds of miles, their costumes went through a lot of wear and tear.

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One of the most intense examples of changing the costumes for continuity was Frodo and Sam’s outfits during the Morodor sequences. All in all, they had 27 versions.


For huge fans of Lord of the Rings, they know that many of the actors were very invested in their characters. One of the actors who was most involved with the process was Viggo Mortenseon. In many ways, he helped with the design of his character, and he actually asked the costume department to let him take care of his costume.

He would add patches and fix it to reflect the way that Aragorn himself would have needed to while on the road as a ranger.


While most of the costumes in the series were made for men, there were a few female characters who had some decadent dresses. Arwen is one of the characters whose dresses were quite beautiful and detailed.

As an elven princess, her dresses had to reflect her royalty. While most of the elves were dressed in colors that were more neutral such as greys, greens, and yellows, Arwen was put in darker colors such as blues and reds that set her apart.


Big fans of Lord of the Rings know that Saruman was known as Saruman the White until he joined up with Mordor. After this, he began calling himself Saruman of Many Colors. While in the movies, his outfit looks mostly white with some small silver or grey moments, there are actually a lot of elements to his costume.

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Ngila Dickson included multiple different textures and embellishments to create patterns. There was also a lot of embroidery incorporated into his costume. The idea was to create dimension in a way that almost looked like this many colors concept.


While the main characters of the Fellowship obviously had costumes that were thought out in detail, it’s also amazing that the supporting characters have costumes that had just as much thought put into them. One example of this is Grima Wormtongue.

His outfit included many details to point to his sinister nature. For example, the sleeves of his shirt came to points and the robe he wore was long and dragged behind him.


Gandalf’s costumes caused some challenges for the costume department. While his classic grey hat was one of the most difficult things to design, the rest of his garment was also rather intricate. When Gandalf becomes Gandalf the White, he wore white robes that actually had a lot of gold and silver embroidery.

This detail was included to show that his new status as a Maia was kingly in its own right. There was also a detailed undershirt that was never even seen.

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