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As a dark take on the popular Archie Comics, Riverdale just gets weirder and weirder each season. While dubbed a teen drama, it often floats into horror territory and even the supernatural.

Despite these shocking twists and turns, and storylines that sometimes leave us scratching our heads, central to the show is the friendships forged among the high schoolers, as well as their parents who all grew up in the town of Riverdale as well.

Some friendships, as is typical with teens, are stronger than others. While some so-called friends will steal your mate when you aren’t looking, other true friends will have your back through thick and thin.

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Which friendships are the strongest on The CW series and which are the worst? The answers might surprise you.

10 Best: Archie And Betty

Close friends and neighbors since they were young and in grade school, even though Betty went through a phase where she thought she had romantic feelings for Archie, and maybe she really did, it’s clear these two are better as best buds.

They might have diverged onto their own paths as the seasons, and drama, progresses. Archie found love with Veronica and Betty with Jughead. But rather than grow apart from one another, they’ve simply become the fearsome foursome. When push comes to shove, it’s clear that these two will always have one another’s’ back, and the backs of their respective mates.

9 Worst: Cheryl And Her Squad

Cheryl seems to follow to the beat of her own drum. But there’s also a squad of girls who follow her beat. Mainly from the cheerleading team, these ladies are often seen following loyally behind Cheryl whenever she approaches someone to deliver a biting remark or exclusive party invitation.

This friendship is clearly terrible since all these girls do is, well, whatever Cheryl tells them to do. And it’s clear she doesn’t respect them, simply using them to boost her appearance and popularity at Riverdale High.

8 Best: Archie And Jughead

They seemed to have lost one another early on in the series but managed to pick up where they left off when they joined together to fight a serial killer and murderous gangs. Markedly different from one another – Jughead the long-time bad boy and Archie the clean-cut athlete – something drew them together when they were kids, and they’ve remained close ever since.

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Maybe opposites do attract. Nonetheless, these two balance one another out. And while Archie has shifted more to the bad boy side of late, they will always make a great yin and yang-type pair.

7 Worst: Hermione And Fred

Friends when they were in high school, and possibly having dated (or at least had a fling) there are clearly some feelings leftover between these two. They shared a passionate kiss, despite Hermione being married to the corrupt Hiram, who was in jail at the time. Maybe their friendship was loyal at one point. But they have led very different lives since high school. And they simply aren’t a good match romantically, nor do they make very good friends.

Hermione backstabbed and used Fred, proving that she wasn’t worthy of his affection. This friendship, or whatever it was, should be shelved for good. And with the passing of Luke Perry and the pending death of his character, it will be.

6 Best: Archie And Veronica

OK, so these two are way more than friends. But they started out as just that. And there’s insane chemistry between them. Even after they had broken up, Veronica still made it clear that she would go to the ends of the earth to protect him – something any good friend would do.

Meanwhile, Archie remained devoted to Veronica, even when she seemingly moved on and he left town.

As their romantic relationship grows once again, so will their friendship. These two are lovers and BFFs.

5 Worst: Josie And The Pussycats

Josie has changed considerably throughout the course of the series. Now singing solo, and seemingly less arrogant and all-consumed by her budding singing career, this might be best considering that her relationship with the Pussycats seemed strained. They were always bending to her wishes as lead singer and songwriter and felt more pressure from her than friendship. They were simply tools to help Josie get gigs and hopefully impress her father by finally making it big.

Theirs was a working friendship that seemingly fizzled out once the band did.

4 Best: Jughead And Cheryl

An unlikely pair, these two don’t spend much time together on their own. But there’s a friendly connection between them that’s oddly cute. Whenever Jughead calls upon Cheryl, she’s right there with her trusty bow and arrow to take down enemies. She met her love Toni through the Serpents and even become one.

Despite her banishment from the gang, Jughead seems to have great respect for Cheryl and seems to understand her, despite the tough exterior she tries to put on. Though he might give her an eyeroll now and then, Jughead and Cheryl have a friendship chemistry that we want to see more of in season 4.

3 Worst: Kevin And Betty

What on earth happened to Kevin? While he might have been a good friend to Betty before, the friendship between these two has all but disappeared as Kevin became brainwashed by a cult known as The Farm. He doesn’t even seem like the same person and has disconnected completely from Betty.

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Betty might be trying to reach Kevin any way she can, as any good friend would do. But unless he snaps out of his spell, this friendship is officially one of the worst.

2 Best: Veronica And Betty

Instant friends, they come from very different worlds but have helped each other through plenty of hardships, and Veronica can be credited for finally convincing Betty to come out of her once prudish shell. The friendship might have gotten off to a rocky start when Veronica swapped spit with Archie at the time when Betty was pining for him. But they kissed and made up and have been inseparable ever since.

The fact that Veronica grabbed what she thought was a single poisonous drink from Betty and drank it before Betty had the chance to shows that these two are true sisters.

1 Worst: Reggie And Archie

More arch-rivals than friends, they competed in school sports, then for the affection of Veronica. After Archie was sent to juvenile detention, Reggie swooped in and became Veronica’s right-hand man and lover. Talk about a bad friend!

Sure, Archie and Veronica were broken up. But Reggie has a pool of women from which to choose. Why Veronica? These two might have helped each other out. But there just isn’t a connection between them that would suggest anything more than friends that will likely lose touch once school is over.

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Christine Persaud

10 Gifts That Riverdale Fans Want

Riverdale hit the small screen in 2017 and has been on fire since, now with three seasons. With its perfect level of fear-provoking drama and homage to the classic comic characters, it’s an addictive and binge-worthy show. Among many things, something Riverdale does well is mystery.

If you’re hungry for spooky tones and suspicious, mischievous glances, it’s the show for you. When buying for the Riverdale fan in your life, look no further than this list of games, books, apparel and DVDs. Give the gift of more Jughead, Veronica, Betty and Archie to the fan in your life – they just might treat you to something from the Chock’lit Shoppe in return.

10 Clue: Riverdale Edition Board Game


In this version of the classic, gripping, Whodunit family game, the characters of Archie, Josie, Cheryl, Betty, Veronica and Jughead replace the original suspects. The murder weapons are changed to a snake, a pearl necklace, a guitar, a convertible, a baseball bat and maple syrup. Players must uncover who killed Jason Blossom, as they move around Riverdale and visit different iconic locations from the show.

This is a game for ages 15 and up, a nice update to the original game and can be played with pleasure even by friends who might not know the show too well. This is a fun game no matter how dedicated you are to Archie Andrews, but is particularly cool for fans who get to see all of their favorite characters sniffing around Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe for clues.

9 Jughead Funko POP!


This version of Jughead is from a very strange scene that occurred in Riverdale, and one that fans both loved and cherished while cocking their heads in a bit of confusion. In the seventh episode of the first season, Jughead has a dream wherein he and the other characters are stylized like their traditional 1950s selves.

Jughead sports his original sweater with a giant ‘S’ on the front, and his classic grey crown. If you’re buying for someone who loves all things Archie comics, this is a great gift, as it references back to the first depiction of Jughead. For fans who are only familiar with the new series, this holds a much more sinister, exciting tone as the dream sequence was creepy and unsettling.

8 Riverdale Monopoly


It’s hard to dislike Monopoly, but the classic edition can get a little bit repetitive. If you’re a little bit sick of playing with the dog and shoe, striving to own Boardwalk and looking at a mustached man on the cover, this is a fun update. Movers include Archies’s guitar, Veronica’s pearls, Betty’s diary, Cheryl’s brooch, Jughead’s hat and Pop’s milkshake.

Locations on the board are from the Riverdale universe, including Blossom Maple Farms, Sweetwater River and Sacred Heart Church. This is a great gift for a couple who both love the show, or for a fan who loves a classic board game on a long, rainy, dreary day in Riverdale.

7 Riverdale: The Day Before


This novel is a prequel to the Riverdale series, showing the main characters as they were before the first episode began. The novel begins with direct narration from series favorite, Jughead, and continues to include emails, texts and diary entries to tell the story.

In this book, we learn why Jughead and Archie had a falling out, just how deep (and far back in time) Betty’s feelings for Archie go and what New York City was like for Veronica. Because the point of view switches between characters, readers get to see multiple outlooks on one story and it makes for a light, entertaining young adult read. This book is for ages 12 and up and will answer a lot of fan questions.

6 Riverdale Student Handbook


The Riverdale Student Handbook features student guidelines, a campus map and student photos – all the run-of-the-mill things you’d expect to find in a student handbook. But, there’s more. The students of Riverdale High have made their own edits, scribbling on top of the writing and adding their own tips for survival, secret photos and they’ve even snuck in some classified documents.

This book is 112 pages for ages 12 and up, great for diehard fans of the series who know characters’ personalities and will thrive on the dramatic reveals that Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty and their friends have gifted in this modified introduction to high school.

5 Riverdale: The Complete First Season


This is where it all began. It’s the start of a new school year for the students of Riverdale High, with the autumn air tainted by some bad news – Jason Blossom has died a mysterious death. As the golden boy of Riverdale, his death causes the community great heartache and it’s clear there are secrets simmering just beneath the surface, ready to be exposed throughout the series.

The dark and gloomy underbelly of the Archie Comics universe is explored in this sexy drama, with gripping portrayals of all the iconic roles. Any fan will enjoy re-watching this first season and it also makes a great initiation gift to pull a friend into your own Riverdale fandom.

4 Riverdale: The Complete Second Season


At the top of the second season, we begin on a similar note to the first, in that the community is shaken by yet another act of violence and the traumatic loss of a much-beloved character. A huge fan feature in the season 2 narrative is Jughead’s further journey down his bad boy path, getting swept up into a bit of conflict and tangling with local criminals.

The North and South sides feud and a new drug called Jingle Jangle causes a scary reaction in teens. The character development and rich plot of season 2 is sure to please any viewer – there are even some awesome musical moments to capture a cold heart.

3 South Side Serpents Hoodie


For those faithful to the South Side, this hoodie is unisex, 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester. The back sports the South Side Serpents logo in full color, with ‘Riverdale’ emblazoned on the front, over the left side. It’s a long-sleeve, pullover hoodie and the material is black.

The Serpents are dangerous criminals in the series who were led by the father of Jughead Jones. For a fan who loves the darkest that Riverdale has to offer – gangs, drug-dealers and thieves – this Serpent gear is a perfect gift. It’s a comfy hoodie for working out, staying warm or throwing on before heading to hang out and toss back a drink at the Whyte Wyrm.

2 Archie Vol. 1


A reboot of the original Archie Comics, this book is in full color and created by a dynamic duo. The author is Mark Waid, whose work includes writing for Captain America, Fantastic Four and Daredevil, with illustrations by Fiona Staples, whose art appears in T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Saga.

This is a new story and a fresh take on Archie, with an unexpected view on Archie’s origin. Not unlike the Riverdale series, this updated comic book takes the original framework and characters from the Archie Comics universe and creates a more modern world and point of view. Fans who enjoyed what the series did will have fun with this book – though it remains appropriate for all ages, retaining the PG appeal from where it all began.

1 Josie McCoy Funko POP!


As the lead singer and guitarist of her band, Josie and the Pussycats, Josie McCoy is a fan favorite. This Funko POP! figure has her wearing her stage outfit, a leopard print onesie with boots and cat ears. The figure is completed by the flashy gold microphone gripped in her hand, with her hip cocked and a determination in her eyes, ready to perform.

This figure was a 2018 summer convention exclusive, stands 3.5 inches tall and is appropriate for ages 3 and up. Funko POP! figures are sweet toys for kids, as they don’t have a bunch of parts or accessories that can come off and get lost. They also make amazing ornaments for older fans, as they’re small and discreet enough for a desk or shelf.

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We hope you like the items we recommend! Screen Rant has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

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Riverdale: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Relationships

Riverdale seems like an idyllic, wholesome town. Its landmarks have quaint names like Sweetwater River. The milkshakes at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe are dynamite. But this is all an exquisite facade. It’s astonishing that the town with pep still has residents, as the characters of Riverdale are in constant danger from serial killers, insidious cults, and a booming narcotics industry—though even the drugs have cutesy names, like Jingle-Jangle and Fizzle Rocks.

This dark spin on the classic Archie Comics is a major hook for viewers. As are the ever-shifting romantic entanglements of Riverdale’s beloved characters, some of which honor the comic books and others that divert from the source material entirely. It speaks to the characters’ optimism that, besides trying to not get murdered, they bother dating at all. The town’s mortality rate plummets by the episode, but it’s nothing compared to the bleak fate of many a Riverdale couple. But hey, sometimes it’s swell to have someone to kiss after an attack from the Gargoyle King. Whether disturbingly dysfunctional or adamantly adorable, here is Riverdale: 5 Best (And 5 Worst) Relationships.

10 Worst – Veronica & Reggie

In the comic books, they make total sense. Both are narcissistic snobs who love money almost as much as their own reflections. But in Riverdale they couldn’t be more mismatched. Though Veronica retains her expensive taste in clothes, she’s much more substantial in the show. She’s a shrewd businesswoman and has a big heart that needs to be filled by someone who’s her equal. For his part, Reggie may have started off as the rich kid bully, but he has since evolved into an amiable guard dog for the Riverdale gang, ready to clock anyone who tries to mess with his friends.

However, as loyal as Reggie may be, he doesn’t match Veronica in the brains department. She needs someone who challenges her. While Veronica and Reggie may have physical chemistry, their strengths as a couple end there.

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9 Best – Kevin & Moose

Though their relationship was initially confined to a handful of clandestine kisses, it was clear that Kevin and Moose had real feelings for each other. It was Moose’s love for Kevin, his desire to keep Kevin in his life, that gave Moose the courage to come out. Everything seemed to be coming up roses for the cute-as-pie couple, but this is Riverdale we’re talking about. It wasn’t enough for Moose’s dad to disapprove of his son’s sexuality; he disguises himself as the Gargoyle King and tries to scare them straight by threatening them with murder. Sadly, this doesn’t even crack the top ten worst parenting moments in Riverdale.

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With Moose’s home life in disarray, he announces to Kevin that he’s moving to Greendale to live with his aunt. This breaks not just Kevin’s heart, but the audience’s.

8 Worst – FP & Gladys

Any marriage built—or rebuilt—on a lie is doomed. When Gladys rolled back into town, she sold FP a bill of goods about wanting the Joneses to be a family again. But unbeknownst to her hubby, Gladys is less June Cleaver, more Walter White. Her real motive for returning to Riverdale is to build a Fizzle Rocks drug empire.

FP thinks he’s finally caught a break in life. He’s got a steady paycheck as the new sheriff, his family now lives on the right side of the tracks, and his wife looks at him with pride. It’s devastating that FP doesn’t see the web of deceit behind Gladys’ sparkling eyes.

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7 Best – FP & Alice

These high school sweethearts have enough chemistry to fill a Fizzle Rocks lab. But Alice swapped her leather jacket for a floral apron and fled to the ‘burbs with Hal Cooper. Maintaining the illusion of domestic NoDale bliss took an emotional toll on Alice and she became cold and domineering. It didn’t help that her husband turned out to be the Black Hood, Riverdale’s former serial killer du jour.

Alice sought comfort in FP and it looked like the two were heading for reconciliation. They made each other happy, as he made her feel safe and she made him feel needed. But bright love burns fast. Now Alice is in the clutches of The Farm and FP in the arms of his kingpin wife.

6 Worst – Josie & Sweet Pea

Theirs was a casual summer fling that occurred largely offscreen. The audience only got to witness their breakup, a prime indicator that this bizarre relationship wasn’t worth watching. Really, these two make zero sense. Josie is an ambitious musician and Sweet Pea will go down in TV history as the blandest gang member ever. Unless he gets his feelings hurt, in which case he turns into a hypocritical baby. He turned down Josie’s request to be her date to her mom’s wedding, saying she was just using him—fair enough. But after rejecting Josie, Sweet Pea gets rather salty when he spots her canoodling with Archie at a party. If Josie ever chooses to sing about her relationship with Sweet Pea, the song should be “Thank U, Next”.

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5 Best – Cheryl & Toni

There’s no reason for these two to work. Toni is a rock of loyalty and rationalism; Cheryl is a fiery loose cannon. Yet when these two lonely hearts are united as one, they bring out the best in each other. Toni provides Cheryl with the love and kindness she never received from any of her family members, save her dead brother Jason. When Cheryl’s sociopathic tendencies skyrocket, Toni reigns her in. Toni’s more or less a perfect human being, but she’s had a hard life and Cheryl provides her with much-needed wild escapism. Together, these two Pretty Poisons are the steamiest couple in Riverdale.

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4 Worst – Archie & Valerie

Is there anyone out there who remembers these two? Anyone? Going once, going twice, SOLD as Riverdale’s most boring couple. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with boring…in real life. But this is TV here and every couple should give viewers a reason to keep watching. Really, Archie was falling in love with music and Valerie just happened to be the only Pussycat who gave him the time of day. But the problem is that Valerie is known as the deepest, most soulful member of the Pussycats and Archie, though well-meaning, has the depth of a wading pool. Remember how he was so obsessed with his guitar that he wanted to be a music major in college? Well, now he’s all in on boxing. What’s next, macramé? Valerie, sweet as she is, is much too stable for Riverdale and after her break-up with Archie, we barely saw her again.

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3 Best – Archie & Veronica

This classic comic book couple is even better on the show. Archie and Veronica had a scorching physical connection. She can barely mention Archie without making a reference to how hot he is— “I’d recognize those abs anywhere”. Beyond the physical, they also brought out the best in each other. Archie, for all his oh-so-many flaws, showed stability that Veronica was lacking with her fractured family. A hug from him was just that, a hug; not a business transaction. Veronica, ambitious and mature beyond her teen years, helped to steer the directionless Archie.

Unfortunately, she steered him right in the direction of her mob boss father, Hiram. This led to a series of cataclysmic events which resulted in Hiram framing Archie for murder. Try as they might, Varchie wasn’t able to survive this minor setback. Perhaps the town slogan should be, “Riverdale…the town where romance goes to die.”

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2 Penelope &…Anyone

This woman belongs in a maximum security prison, not on the dating scene. Her toxic marriage to Clifford ended with her poisoning him. Why pay for divorce lawyers when a little hemlock will do? Free from the nuptial burden, Penelope became a role model for her daughter Cheryl, showing that a housewife can re-enter the workforce any time she wants by starting a career as a prostitute. Hal Cooper was her biggest client but all that ended when he got arrested for murdering a bunch of people. She still visits him in prison, because apparently, her life isn’t enough like a cheap gothic novel.

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1 Best – Betty & Jughead

For fans of Archie Comics, this romance came out of nowhere. In the comic books, any relationship with Jughead would have been an affair, because his real love is hamburgers. But Riverdale Jughead is a thoughtful writer and is every bit Betty’s intellectual equal. Theirs isn’t fleeting puppy love; they have a solid, stimulating partnership. They are by far the most fascinating characters, whether they’re cracking cases or getting cozy in the hot tub. If Archie were written off the show to make more time for Bughead, would anybody really complain? Who wants to watch him brood like a sparkly vampire for the umpteenth time when meanwhile, Betty and Jughead are burning down Gladys’ drug house? Even without the arson, Bughead lights up the screen.

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Every Riverdale Connection in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

Warning: Minor SPOILERS ahead

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 offers some fresh connections to its sister show over on The CW, Riverdale. While there’s no news of an actual crossover between the two shows yet, both Riverdale and Sabrina have waved to one another from afar and they appear to be set in the same universe – even if Sabrina’s side is a little more supernatural.

Both Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina were created by Archie Comics CCO Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. They’re both lifted from the pages of Archie Comics, and are both distributed internationally by Netflix (though Riverdale episodes air on The CW first). Riverdale has referenced Sabrina’s home town of Greendale, with Archie and Jughead taking a nighttime road trip there in one particularly spooky season 2 episode. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has returned the favor, with season 1 dropping a reference to Riverdale High.

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In season 2 the connections are still in the realm of being Easter eggs rather than actual plot links, but they subtly sell the idea that The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale are part of the same universe. Here are the major nods to Archie’s world that we spotted.

There are many things about Sabrina’s world that are odd, not the least of which is the fact that Archie Comics exist in-universe. In The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1, Sabrina was seen using a retro Archie Comics thermos flask, and in season 2 Afterlife With Archie comics are prominently displayed in Cerberus Books. Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend Harvey can be seen buying the comics for himself in episode 2. Afterlife With Archie is also written by Aguirre-Sacasa, and is set in an alternative reality version of Riverdale where Sabrina, Archie and the gang accidentally kick off a zombie apocalypse. Of course, one could question why a shop in Greendale has comics featuring fictional versions of teens who live in a nearby town, but it’s best not to overthink these things.

Sweetwater River played a prominent role in Riverdale season 1, as the fateful spot where Jason Blossom was found dead. Later that same season, Cheryl Blossom came close to joining her twin brother in Sweetwater River’s frozen waters. In The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2, Sabrina and Ambrose pay their own visit to Sweetwater River (though we don’t actually see it) in an effort to build a golem, bring it to life, and then cast it into the river. The plan doesn’t actually work out, and only succeeds in getting Sabrina covered in mud. Still, at least no one drowned.

Speaking of the Blossoms, we get another taste of them in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 when Sabrina creates a doppelganger from a mandrake. In true Men in Black form, the first thing the impostor wants is lots and lots of sugar, so she asks Aunt Hilda to make her blueberry pancakes and then proceeds to drown them in syrup. It’s not just any syrup, though – it’s Blossom maple syrup, the liquid gold that made the Blossom family so wealthy… with a little help from an illicit drug operation. Let’s hope the Spellmans are only addicted to the syrup!

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

Riverdale’s New Threat is The PREDATOR (Yes, Really)

Riverdale’s latest twist is pitting Archie and his friends against Hollywood’s favorite alien hunter: The Predator. The comic book titled Archie vs. Predator 2 is set to launch on July 24th, and is guaranteed to make every other Riverdale threat The CW can come up with pale in comparison.

The five-issue series is a sequel to Archie vs. Predator, a crossover comic that was released in 2015. Alex de Campi, the writer of the previous installment, will be returning for the upcoming sequel along with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina artist Robert Hack. The story will continue on from where the previous comic left off, but is said to have a funny meta-commentary on corporate franchise reboots. Considering both Archie and The Predator have already been rebooted in film, comics, and television, they’ll have plenty to discuss… assuming they don’t kill eachother first.

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In an interview with THR, Alex de Campi reassured readers that it is “massively important to me that both Archie and Predator fans feel like I’m handling their babies with love and respect and knowledge.” Though each comic is steeped in its usual humor and drama expected from a Riverdale story, there will be scares and violence aplenty to satisfy Predator fans. Robert Hack voiced his own excitement, saying “there’s so much to love about playing in this iconic universe,” and that creating art for a series like this “appeals to that subversive streak in me that wants to take the humor and the horror just that little bit too far.” 

Archie Comics have enjoyed some crazy stories and heightened teenage drama, which makes adding in a character like The Predator an exciting twist for their occasionally all-too-safe universe. Archie vs. Predator 2 will find Betty and Veronica at the forefront attempting to rescue their friends from the galaxy’s most vicious hunters. The series hasn’t held anything back when it comes to dismantling the safety net surrounding Riverdale. Both de Campi and Hack have ruthlessly killed off characters both old and new in the series’ previous installment, with the hopes of attracting more fans by bringing something new and out-of-this-world to the table.

Archie’s dependable and safe storyline in the comic books has proven to be an incredibly successful one since its initial release in 1941. His motley crew of friends, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, have continued to garner attention with the release of Riverdale on the CW in 2017. Sabrina Spellman, another frequent friend of Archie’s in the comics, has also seen a very successful adaptation on Netflix with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. All of these takes on the teenagers of Riverdale, and its neighboring city Greendale, have shown that these memorable characters are easy to like and can tackle even Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

The success of Riverdale has shown that fans will watch these familiar faces in far darker situations than what is featured in the comic books. Creators have taken these characters’ stories in plenty of wild and different directions, from solving murder mysteries to preventing their fellow students from being indoctrinated into a cult to signing Satan’s book for their dark baptism. Despite its ridiculous storyline, the addition of The Predator into the series is one that’s proven successful due to how well it managed to blend the series’ different tones. Riverdale’s stories have no limits, and Archie vs. Predator 2 is a wild ride that fans of any genre can appreciate.

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Header Art by Fernando Ruiz

Source: THR

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Hannah Hoolihan

Riverdale Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Everyone has a favorite Riverdale character they wish they could hang out with all the time. Some of us relish the idea of solving mysteries with Betty and Jughead. Others would rather be plotting fabulous schemes with Cheryl at Thistlehouse. Why do we love the Riverdale teens so much? Because they’re fresh takes on familiar characters we all grew up with.

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Many of us also grew up with Harry Potter. Raise your hand if you ever spent a recess speculating which Hogwarts house you’d be sorted into, should you get one of those coveted telegrams. Sorting Hat musings are definitely an addictive pastime, so here’s a fun one—what if the Sorting Hat came to Riverdale? Where would it place Archie and the gang? It’s time to find out.

11 Archie Andrews – Gryffindor

Archie doesn’t wear that letterman jacket for show; he’s an all-star athlete. If he were to attend Hogwarts, like Harry, he’d be hopping on a broom at the first opportunity, ready for a rousing game of Quidditch. But since he’s a Muggle, Archie will settle for football and boxing. When he was in juvie, Archie was forced to take part in an underground fight club. He kept himself alive solely by his physical capabilities.

Gryffindors may be strong, but they don’t always take the time to think about the consequences of their actions and can be quite reactionary. This is a perfect description for the boy who organizes a vigilante watch group in an attempt to take down the Black Hood killer. While Archie may not think long-term, his heart is always in the right place.

10 Veronica Lodge – Slytherin

While Riverdale Veronica is a much kinder character than her comic book counterpart, she’s still a Slytherin. They may not be the warmest people, but Slytherins have their positive traits too. They are cunning strategists who think outside the box when faced with a problem. As the daughter of a maniacal gangster, Veronica can’t afford to be anything different. She’s always thinking on her feet, trying to stay one step ahead of Hiram. Successful or not, Veronica’s schemes are always motivated by a desire to do the right thing. She orchestrated a revenge plan against misogynistic football players and also rounded up the gang for an elaborate plot to break Archie out of juvenile hall.

9 Betty Cooper – Gryffindor

Like in the comic books, Riverdale Betty is sweet as a strawberry milkshake. This may speak to a Hufflepuff temperament, but our Betty isn’t afraid of danger. In fact, she thrives on it. Betty lives for detective work and was instrumental in cracking the case of both Jason Blossom’s murder and the mystery of the Black Hood. Just imagine what Gryffindor Betty could accomplish with an Invisibility Cloak.

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While Betty isn’t nearly as cocksure as Archie, she too can be rather reactionary. When Alice announced she was selling the Cooper home against Betty’s wishes, Betty did everything in her power to discourage potential buyers. When that failed, she lit a small fire in the house. Betty, scrappy Gryffindor that she is, is not someone you want to mess with.

8 Jughead Jones – Ravenclaw

Jughead has a poet’s soul and is the most intellectual Riverdale citizen. He’s artfully observant and provides the voiceover narration in every episode, reading excerpts from his novel which is based on the nefarious goings-on of Riverdale. Though he may not be your standard brawny alpha male, Jughead becomes the leader of whatever group he is a part of.

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He became head of the Southside Serpents and uses quick wit and logic to keep his crew on the straight and narrow. When there was a town-wide resurgence of Gryphons & Gargoyles, Jughead quickly became a game master. Remember, in place of a password, Ravenclaws have to solve a riddle to gain access to their common room. Jughead would fit right in.

7 Cheryl Blossom – Slytherin

Cheryl is a steamroller in a red dress. Whether it’s Student Body President or the lead in back-to-back school plays, Cheryl always gets her way. She’s a member of one of Riverdale’s most affluent families. Both Thornhill and Thistlehouse look like blown-up versions of Slytherin common rooms.

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Cheryl grew up believing she was entitled to whatever her heart desires and woe betide anyone who tries to tell her different. When she got kicked out of the Serpents, Cheryl formed a girl gang and sicced them on Sweet Pea and Fangs. It’s appropriate that her color of choice is red, because Cheryl is a cherry bomb, waiting to explode at the slightest provocation. While she may be a Pretty Poison, Cheryl would fit right in with the Slytherins.

6 Kevin Keller – Ravenclaw

Kevin is a tough nut to crack. He’s like the Luna Lovegood of Riverdale. While he may not have radishes dangling from his ears, he’s just different from everyone else. He’s the first openly gay student at Riverdale High (and in the Archie Comics), and he boldly marches to the beat of his own drum. Yes, Kevin is brave, but not in a Gryffindor way. He doesn’t feel the need to show the world how courageous he is. Really, Kevin is completely comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t give a fig what anybody thinks of him.

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While Kevin makes mistakes like anybody else, he’s one of the most mature Riverdale students. He knows what he wants. Eventually, after months of clandestine kisses with Moose, Kevin wanted to go public. He understood Moose’s trepidations for coming out, but Kevin knew that he wanted and deserved a real relationship. Kevin could teach courses on quiet confidence, something Ravenclaws exude.

5 Josie McCoy – Ravenclaw

Nobody knows discipline like Josie McCoy. She’s an extremely talented musician and at such a young age, has already devoted her life to pursuing her passion. Both of Josie’s parents are paragons of success and Josie has felt pressure from both of them. Their expectations and Josie’s own ambition can make her somewhat rough around the edges. She’s been known to snap at those posing any sort of threat to her aspirations. However firm Josie’s principles are, she’s also shown a softer side. When Archie was paid off to take the fall in a boxing match, Josie encouraged him not to sell out and he listened. Like most Ravenclaws, Josie has the talent and the drive to take the world by storm.

4 Toni Topaz – Hufflepuff

If there’s a singular word to describe Toni, it’s “loyal”. With Toni, or any Hufflepuff, on your side, you know you’ve got a friend for life. Even before Jughead joined the Serpents, Toni had his back because he is a “Serpent by blood”. Now the leader of the Pretty Poisons, Toni goes to bat for her comrades in arms. She got them all jobs at La Bonne Nuit, but firmly told Veronica that her girls aren’t waitresses; they supply muscle only. Toni has a strong Hufflepuff work ethic and insists on paying her own way, even if there’s a cushier option. When she was living at Thistlehouse, Toni made sure to pay rent to Nana Rose, even though the Blossom matriarch had no idea what that was.

3 Reggie Mantle – Slytherin

Reggie is your classic privileged cool kid. Most Slytherins grow up with money and show disdain for the less fortunate. At best, they’re uncool; at worst, they’re the enemy. Think of the Malfoys’ attitude towards the Weasleys. On Riverdale, Reggie has shown a strong prejudice against anyone from the Southside, particularly the Serpents. This came to a head when the Serpents started attending Riverdale High. Later, Reggie would evolve and come to accept the Serpents. He even shows a tender side, during his relationship with Veronica. However, Reggie hasn’t fully cut ties to his privileged, Slytherin roots. After giving his car to Gladys Jones as payment for Veronica’s debt, he put both himself and her in danger by trying to steal it back.

2 Moose Mason – Hufflepuff

Hufflepuffs are on a constant quest to make everyone happy. So is Moose Mason, even when this gets in the way of what he wants for himself. Case in point: his relationship with Kevin Keller. His feelings for Kevin were real and strong, but more than anything, Moose feared displeasing his tough-as-nails father, so he kept the relationship in the dark. Even through his fears, though, Moose is a kind, caring person. When Andrews Construction was in jeopardy, Moose loaned a helping hand and legitimately enjoyed the work. Helping people and hard work? Sounds like the quintessential Hufflepuff.

1 Ethel Muggs – Hufflepuff

Of all the Hogwarts houses, Hufflepuffs tend to be the most overlooked. Ethel knows what that’s like. She wasn’t chosen to play the lead in the school musical Carrie, despite being “born for the part”. Ethel also carries a torch for Jughead and her feelings are not returned or even, at times, noticed. The Hufflepuff’s tragic flaw is being too trusting and Ethel fits this bill as well. She’s a total mark for the insidious fantasy roleplaying game, Gryphons & Gargoyles—instead of being Ethel the Ignored, she relishes the opportunity to be Princess Etheline. Though she means well, Ethel doesn’t always stop to think, and takes other people’s word at face value, even when she shouldn’t.

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Liz Hersey

10 Reasons Why Josie and the Pussycats Should Be the Next Riverdale Spin Off

Josie And The PussyCats And Veronica In Riverdale

Love it or hate it, Riverdale has quite the following. Taking beloved characters dating back to 1941, the teenagers in all of us have been waiting for a show like this since we opened our first Archie Comic. The resulting product from The CW is a darker, edgier take on our favorite citizens of Riverdale, mixing in drama and suspense that satisfies teens and adults alike.

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With the success of its most recent spinoff, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and its renewal by Netflix, it’s only a matter of time before the Riverdale machine churns out another one. There are a few possibilities, but here are ten reasons Josie and the Pussycats should be the next Riverdale spin-off.

10. “It Will Be Very Different From Riverdale”

Riverdale Season 3 Midseason Finale Questions

In August 2018, Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said of the next spin-off, “We’re still early on in the process and it will be very different from Riverdale.” This, of course, is in addition to the Sabrina spin-off which itself is very different than Riverdale. What else is different that Riverdale? A Josie and the Pussycats spin-off. This series could take a slightly more Glee approach and possibly follow Josie on the road as she comes of age and tackles the struggles of being a small fish in a big pond. This would be a very different show than Riverdale indeed.

9. 109 Issues

Valerie Brown in Josie and the Pussycats

While Archie and his friends have well over 600 issues under their belt, Josie and the Pussycats have 109. For some perspective, Sabrina the Teenage Witch has just over 200 issues. Mixed with some background and storylines currently being explored in Riverdale, there is more than enough canonical content to get a Josie series up and running. Josie’s “will she or won’t she” status with Archie. Will the Pussycats get back together? How will Josie’s solo career go? These can all be answered in a spin-off.

8. Redemption From A Bad Movie

In 2001, Josie and the Pussycats was released to a world that didn’t want it. Barely making back half of its budget, the movie was panned by critics and audiences alike. It was bubbly and fluffy fun, but many saw its saturation of product placement way out of line with the anti-corporation roots of the Pussycats. Now that Riverdale has shown TV executives that the world is ready for Josie and her crew, perhaps there can be some redemption. So long Josie and her bandmates stay on-message and don’t sell out, a spin-off can certainly perform better than the 2001 movie.

7. Ashleigh Murray Isn’t Busy (And Neither Are Asha and Hayley)

Riverdale - Josie

As far as actors go, Ashleigh Murray doesn’t have a whole lot else on her plate aside from Riverdale. She’s done filming her role in the canceled movie Valley Girl and appears to not have anything else lined up. This leaves plenty of room to book her own series and even have crossover appearances in Riverdale if need be. As for Asha Bromfield and Hayley Law, who play Melody Valentine and Valerie Brown respectively, their schedules are relatively open as well. If the Josie spin-off focused on Josie McCoy, that leaves room for Melody and Valerie to pop in as their schedules allow.

6. Supporting Character Grey Area

Even if you don’t watch Riverdale, most people have a passing knowledge of Josie and the Pussycats. Josie’s character plays enough of a role to get her face on the poster, but the main crew have more than a dozen episodes on her. As for Melody and Valerie, they have half as much again. Part of Sabrina’s success lay with this formula as well. It was able to pull in fans of Riverdale as well as appealing to those familiar with the name. Josie walks the line between supporting and essential. It wouldn’t hurt Riverdale if she left, and she’s just significant enough that fans will be drawn in to see what adventures she gets up to. Of course, there is her “will she or won’t she” status with Archie, but that’s for the writers to figure out.

5. Expanded Universe

Josie and the Pussycats - Audrey Mok cover

As mentioned previously, there are over 100 issues of Josie and the Pussycats to draw from. This isn’t just plot lines, but whole characters that haven’t seen the screen through Riverdale. Mainly, there is the Alexandra Cabot and her cat Sebastian. Alexandra is extremely jealous of Josie and her success, and in the comics tries to join the band and rename it “Alexandra’s Cool Time Cats”. Alexander Cabot III could make an appearance as well as he is the band’s not-too-dependable manager in the comics. Finally, there is Alan M. Mayberry. Josie’s roadie in the comics, he serves as an on-off boyfriend of Josie and continuously at the receiving end of Alexandra’s advances.

4. Where Are Melody and Valerie?

Josie and the Pussycat Riverdale

Melody and Valerie haven’t been seen since about halfway through the second season. While Melody joined Veronica to reform The Pussycats for at least one episode, Valerie is strangely MIA. With a Josie spin-off, there is plenty of room to bring back both characters full time, or even as guest appearances. There is plenty of room to suss out a rivalry between Josie and her old bandmates as they hardly left on the best terms.

3. Solo Career

Riverdale Josie McCoy Josie and The Pussycats Singing

The easiest way to launch a Josie spin-off would be to use her attempt at a solo career as the framework for the show. If Josie hits the road, this can allow the show to tour to other cities in the Archie universe. This also leaves plenty of room if the creators wanted to put more emphasis on music. Ashleigh Murray is a brilliant young artist with plenty of talent and would be more than capable of lifting the musical weight of an entire series.

2. Everyone Loves/Hates Riverdale

Riverdale Griffins and Gargoyles

You either love it or love to hate it, but everyone is talking about Riverdale. Ratings have been consistently growing, with millions tuning in every week to watch Archie and the gang explore Riverdale and all of its drama. Riverdale is ridiculous, but it knows it’s ridiculous. It’s a campy teen-murder show that people just can’t seem to stop watching. Behind the veil, however, lies truth. The one-liners and the awkward speeches help us let our guard down for when the show actually has something to say and drives it home.

1. Sierra McCoy

Josie has become very close to her mother as the episodes tick by. However, with Sierra no longer Mayor of Riverdale, there really isn’t anything keeping her tied to Riverdale. Her work as a lawyer is the kind that would make picking up and moving towns fairly easy. So if Sierra decided that there was too much drama in Riverdale and decided to move herself and Josie out of town, that would be a really easy way to start a spin-off series.

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8 Unanswered Questions After Riverdale Season 3’s Midseason Finale

Riverdale is no stranger to weird plotlines, but season 3’s midseason finale, “Outbreak,” has left us with more unanswered questions than ever. The major ongoing mystery is that of the Gargoyle King, a terrifying apparition that has been lurking in the town, and the role-playing game Griffins and Gargoyles, which draws players in like a drug and is somehow linked to all of Riverdale’s darkest goings-on.

On a more down-to-earth note, Hiram Lodge has been slowly plotting his takeover of the town – something that is now easier than ever with Hermione Lodge installed as town mayor. Hiram’s pawn in the police department, Sheriff Minetta, has been murdered after his role in the criminal conspiracy was exposed, but that simply leaves with Riverdale with no sheriff at all, and more lawless than ever before. After students collapsed and started having seizures en masse, Hiram used his pull with the Governor to put the entire town of Riverdale under quarantine – with no one allowed in or out.

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Meanwhile, Archie himself is still on the run, and Betty’s stint at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy offered up fresh clues about the origins of Griffins and Gargoyles. Here are the biggest unanswered questions at Riverdale season 3’s halfway point.

  • This Page: Griffins & Gargoyles and The Gargoyle King
  • Page 2: The Quarantine, Hiram Lodge’s Plan, and More

Who Is The Gargoyle King?

Yes, halfway through the season, we still don’t know for sure who is behind the terrifying mask of the Gargoyle King. Betty has worked out that some of the apparitions of the Gargoyle King (those witnessed by the “patients” at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy) were hallucinations induced by a combination of Fizzle Rocks, an ugly statue, and suggestions by the sisters. However, there’s also another Gargoyle King that the gang have seen while not under the influence of drugs at all, and someone is pulling the strings on the mass role-playing game in Riverdale. Hiram Lodge certainly seems like the most obvious suspect, but the end of the episode showed him raising a glass in salute to the Gargoyle King. Are the two of them working together, is the Gargoyle King one of Hiram’s lackeys dressed up, or is Hiram himself one of the Gargoyle King’s pawns?

Who Created Griffins and Gargoyles?

The question of who created Griffins and Gargoyles was actually (sort of) answered in “Outbreak.” After the Sisters of Quiet Mercy began using the gargoyle statue to frighten patients into obedience, some of those patients came up with the game and started playing it. Since it seemed to be therapeutic, it was encouraged, but Griffins and Gargoyles took on a life of its own and somehow made its way out into the world. The game is said to be so evil because it was a product of madness, but who exactly was it who came up with it, and then unleashed it? Was it really a collective effort by all the patients, or will we learn that one of Riverdale‘s adult characters was housed with the sisters in their youth, and was personally responsible for bringing this abomination into the world?

What’s Causing The Seizures?

Since Betty first saw Polly’s twin babies float in the air over a fire, and collapsed to the floor, seizures have been plaguing the town of Riverdale – most recently affecting the entire cheerleading team (except for Cheryl). The obvious assumption is that the seizures are caused by Fizzle Rocks, but if that’s the case then we have to ask how Betty and Veronica – who aren’t exactly known for indulging in drug abuse – fell victim to the seizures. Has someone been secretly drugging all the kids in Riverdale, and Penelope Blossom as well?

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Is The Farm Connected To The Gargoyle King?

One plot thread that has gone noticeable underdeveloped throughout season 3 is that of The Farm, the hippie commune run by the mysterious Edgar Evernever, which has already drawn Betty’s mother and sister into its ranks. The Farm definitely has some sinister, cult-like overtones, and Edgar’s daughter, Evelyn, has been suspiciously present when several of the seizures happened. Is The Farm somehow linked to the Gargoyle King, or is it an entirely different brand of strange?

Page 2: The Quarantine, Hiram Lodge’s Plan, and More

Does the CDC Know About Riverdale’s Quarantine?

Things in Riverdale are never exactly realistic, but a lot of eyebrows were raised by the midseason finale’s closing twist, when Hiram Lodge used his influence with the Governor to put the entire town of Riverdale under quarantine. Now, it’s pretty unlikely that a Governor would even have the authority to do something like that without intervention by the CDC (who, Hiram claimed, considered the mass seizures to be too low priority for them to deal with). Even in a universe as utterly ridiculous as Riverdale‘s, you can’t shut down an entire town and stop anyone from entering or leaving (with police officers stationed at roadblocks with shotguns!) without attracting some attention from the outside world. How long can Hiram keep this up before higher authorities start demanding to know what’s going on?

What is Hiram Lodge’s Plan?

We more or less know the outline of Hiram Lodge’s intentions for Riverdale: to buy up all the real estate, establish a massive drug operation, get the youth hooked on Fizzle Rocks, and work together with allies like Penelope Blossom to pave the way for other vices such as prostitution. What’s unclear is how exactly putting the entire town under quarantine is going to aid in this plan – aside from temporarily allowing Riverdale to revel in its lawlessness, and keeping out the interfering presence of Jughead and Archie. Moreover, through Archie and Jughead’s travels on the road we’ve already seen Hiram’s influence spreading to destroy surrounding towns. Just how far is Hiram planning to extend his Fizzle Rocks operation?

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Is Penny Peabody Dead?

When last we saw Penny Peabody, she was about to subjected to some serious torture by Jughead’s mother, Gladys Jones. Penny doesn’t appear again in “Outbreak,” but we do see Gladys cleaning a considerable amount of blood on her hands and looking shaken. Did Penny Peabody manage to slink away from yet another encounter with the Jones family, or did Gladys take the torture too far and accidentally end up killing the Snake Charmer?

What Happened To Chic Cooper?

We know that Betty’s “brother,” Chic Cooper, is set to return in Riverdale season 3, but he’s yet to make an appearance. This sinister character played a prominent role in season 2, and was revealed to actually be a murderous impostor, rather than Betty’s true long-lost brother. When last we saw Chic, Betty had sicced the Black Hood on him and he was supposedly about to be murdered himself… but we never saw the murder itself or the body. Could Chic somehow be involved with Griffins and Gargoyles, or perhaps even be the Gargoyle King himself?

More: 10 Major Changes Riverdale Has Made From The Original Archie Comics

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10 Major Changes Riverdale Has Made From The Original Archie Comics

Archie Comics is a powerhouse publishing company who has pumped out hits like their longest running publication of the same name, Archie ComicsThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and The Mighty Crusaders. Wanting to bring the beloved gang from Archie Comics back to life, The CW produced Riverdale in January of last year. Now, three seasons later, the fans of the original comics—along with new fans from the show—have come together to see what this sleepy town of Riverdale had in store for them. And while the gang’s all back, intertwined in their own relationships, there are some pretty stark differences between the show and the comic books. And while some may be scratching their head at the difference in characters or storylines, that doesn’t mean this show isn’t entertaining, to say the least.

10 Veronica Lodge Was Not Latina In The Comics

When Riverdale was casting their four main stars, everyone was wondering who was going to be cast as everyone’s favorite baddie, Veronica Lodge. So when Camila Mendes signed on, people were taken back by how much she looked like Veronica from the comics! Minus the bangs, Camila’s dark hair, eyes, and gorgeous eyebrows won everyone over. However, Camila Mendes is actually Latina descent, something that comic book Veronica was not. This change is a happy one, of course, shedding light on a fresh new face and diversity. And as Miss Mendes states, “It’s rare that you see Latin families being portrayed as intelligent, sophisticated, and powerful entities,” which is something she’s proud to bring to the table.

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9 Jughead Is Anything But Comic Relief

If you’ve read the Archie comics, you would know that Jughead was definitely the comedic relief in the show. With an obsession with food (mmm burgers) and a knack for being lazy, Jughead was the silly best friend who wasn’t interested in dating. But in the show Riverdale, Jughead is anything but “humorous.” In fact, I think the comedic light is shown on Casey Cott’s Kevin Keller. In Riverdale, Jughead is still analytical (like his comic book side), but he’s also dating Betty (and also had a thing with Toni). And when it comes to food… He’s usually sitting in front of a cup of black coffee and that’s about it.

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8 Light Vs. Dark

You don’t need to be a long time viewer to notice how dark Riverdale is. The entire script is written around secrets, lies, and connections we didn’t even know were a thing. In the show, Alice Cooper had a love child with FP Jones? Betty’s dad is a pathological liar/serial killer? Archie had a thing with his music teacher? Where does it end! However, the comics weren’t this dark. The 1940s comic books were lighthearted and good for all families. The show, on the other hand, throws us in some pretty dark holes. Are there funny moments? Of course, but it’s not the same tone as the comic books.

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7 ‘Bughead’ Would Have Been Laughable In The Comics

Most non-comic book readers are aware of the connection between Betty, Archie, and Veronica. In the comics, Betty and Veronica are more like friendemys who are always after Archie. But the show tells a much different tale. While Riverdaledated started off with Betty longing for Archie, she soon found her soul’s match in Jughead Jones. The two couldn’t come from more different places in life but have found solace in one another. And while most people ship “Bughead,” their relationship was never what it is in the comics. In fact, they never dated in the comics. Jughead was kind of asexual and was too lazy to date, while Betty always had her head in the clouds for Archie.

6 Miss Grundy Was NOT Hot In The Comics

In season one, viewers were introduced to Miss Grundy, a gorgeous music teacher who really saw “talent” in Archie Andrews. *Sure, let’s call it tallent…* After “running away” from her abusive ex-husband, she called Riverdale her new home. However, no one should have trusted Miss Grundy. She definitely had more up her sleeve than viewers knew at the time. In the comic book world, though, Miss Grundy was not this flawless, young teacher. She was much older, had grey hair, and glasses. She also never had an affair with an underaged student in her class… so…

5 Moose Was Not Into Kevin In The Comics

Moose isn’t a full-time character like the fab-four are. He really only pops up when it comes to athletics, crushing on Kevin, or dealing with his girlfriend’s death. However, that doesn’t mean he should go unnoticed! Moose is also a character in the comic book series, however, he was never interested in late night rendezvous with Kevin… He was completely infatuated with his girlfriend Midge. While that relationship was written in for the show, I LOVE the fact that they’re adding more diversity and secret romances into the show. After all, who’s to say that Moose never had one eye on Kevin in the comics?

4 Jason Blossom Is Dead

In the comics, Jason Blossom is the spoiled, rich kid with Cheryl as a twin. With expensive taste, Jason didn’t just appreciate high wealth, he also enjoyed Betty. That’s right, Jason was alive in the comics (before he and his sister were written off) and even took Betty out on a few dates! Don’t worry though, Betty usually only did this as a way to make Archie jealous. Nevertheless, Jason was never murdered by his father and then dumped in a river on a hot summer’s day like he was on the show. Granted, his mysterious death totally set up the first season, but it’s interesting how different his role is in both sources.

3 Veronica And Betty Are Inseparable

One of the best parts about The CW’s Riverdale is how close Betty and Veronica. They’re both extremely strong, empowered women. Although the two have different childhood backgrounds, these two go together like PB&J. And though they do get in heated arguments from time to time (mainly over Veronica’s criminal parents), these two always find their way to one another. In the comics, however, these two aren’t as buddy-buddy as they are in the show. Sure, they’re besties, but they’re also always fighting over the same guy. How can you really trust someone who would casually throw you under the bus to steal their man?

2 The Black Hood Wasn’t In The Comics

Fans of Riverdale or Netflix, in general, will be familiar with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina; a spin-off from the comics after the same name. Published by the same company that produced Archie, there are a few connections between the two. But did you know that there’s another comic who was also in an adjacent universe? The Black Hood! The Black Hood has a HUGE storyline in Riverdale, but in the comic world, he was never in Archie… Instead, he had his own comic book dedicated to him. In hindsight, The CW could totally do a spinoff based around the Black Hood (how he was raised, why he does what he does, his lies to his family…). Until then, though, we’ll just keep on waiting.

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1 Archie Is Way More Buff In The Show

KJ Apa’s Archi Andrews is a dreamboat. Not only is he popular, a musician, and the former quarterback of the football team, but he has a loyal heart. He cares about his father deeply, is loyal as anything to girlfriend Veronica, and is even dedicated to Mr. Lodge for a short time. He’s also extremely easy on the eyes, making him a total heartthrob. But in the comics? Well, let’s just say comic book Archie wasn’t roaming around Riverdale without his shirt on or having secret affairs with his music teacher.

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Myers-Briggs Personality Types Of Riverdale Characters

Going into its third season, Riverdale has captured a wide audience due to its noir re-imagining of Archie Comics, jam-packed with chilling mysteries, non-stop drama, and an attractive and diverse cast. With such a broad spectrum of characters getting up to all kinds of craziness in each episode, you can be sure that Riverdale sees more than its fair share of fights, friendships, and romances. These characters are over-the-top a lot of the time, but that’s part of the reason that we love them!

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With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Myers-Briggs personality types of some of Riverdale‘s most important characters, and determine whether they lean more towards extraversion or introversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving.

10. Archie Andrews- ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)

Archie, the series’ main protagonist, is a kind-hearted and brave person who always looks to help out his family and friends when they are in need. A prime example of this is when Archie found out that his best friend Jughead was homeless and sleeping at the school; Archie immediately tried to persuade Jughead to stay at his house, and when that didn’t work, he convinced his father to rehire Jughead’s father at the construction company.

Archie does sometimes make rash decisions, and remains stubborn in his ways. This shows his sensing and judging characteristics, which were evident when he created the Red Circle, a controversial vigilante group tasked with protecting the Riverdale community from the Black Hood.

9. Jughead Jones- INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

When we first met Archie’s best friend Jughead, he was a quiet and somewhat distant person as well as a natural loner, highlighting his introverted nature. Jughead soon proved, however, that no one should make the mistake of underestimating him, with his quick wit and wise decision-making.

Not only did Jughead become a Southside Serpent at the end of the first season, he soon began to ascend Riverdale’s social ladder, befriending fellow Serpents  Sweet Pea, Fangs and Toni upon moving to Southside High. Jughead’s transformation didn’t end there, however, as further displays of his intuitiveness lead to his crowning as the leader of the Serpents. He has also shown high levels of perception throughout his time as a Riverdale High reporter, starting with his investigation of the murder of Jason Blossom.

8. Veronica Lodge- ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving)

Veronica has shown her outgoing nature time and time again, starting from when she first arrived in Riverdale and befriended Archie and friends and also joined the River Vixens. She has also displayed excellent intuition with her ability to read into situations. One such example of this is when she anticipated that the casino gangster Elio would use underhanded tactics to cheat during Veronica’s casino night at her speakeasy.

Fans were recently reminded of Veronica’s love for Archie when she hatched a daring plan to break Archie out of a juvenile detention center; a plan that saw Veronica and her friends put their personal safety on the line to save a wrongly-imprisoned Archie.

7. Betty Cooper- ESFP (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)

Betty is often impulsive due to her tendency to focus on the basic information she receives when making a new discovery, which has resulted in rash arguments with her mother as well as a fallout with Veronica in season 2 of the show.

What Betty lacks in intuition she more than makes up for in perception, and her investigative journalism talent has been exhibited time and time again, such as when she identified Jason Blossom’s killer and determined the true identity of the Black Hood. She also used her confidence to confront numerous people in pursuit of the truth, such as Dilton Doiley, Ethel, and Ms. Grundy.


6. Cheryl Blossom- ENFJ (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)

The fiery Cheryl made it her mission to become Queen Bee at Riverdale Highand is head cheerleader of the River Vixens. With a long list of sassy comebacks such as “You stuttering sapheads are too dim to exercise your own rights”, Cheryl has shown her tendency to be judgemental and says what she feels on the spur of the moment without looking further into the situation at hand.

Gradually, she has become a good friend to Archie and Co, and has even become a Serpent alongside Jughead and Toni, aiding them on numerous occasions. This includes the time she swooped in with her archery to save Jughead from Penny Peabody’s clutches after the Serpents launched a daring mission to save Hot Dog.

5. Toni Topaz- INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving)

Toni has used her intuition to look past the obvious and develop an effective strategy for coping in dire circumstances. In what was a difficult transition, Jughead was forced to move to Southside High School, where Serpents and Ghoulies roamed the halls and jingle jangle was the drug of choice. With so many dangers lurking around the school, Toni took the liberty of showing Jughead the ropes and imparting valuable advice such as that he should befriend his fellow Serpents as a means of survival.

Whilst Toni is a reserved character, her deep feelings for her friends and girlfriend have motivated her to courageously come to their rescue on numerous occasions. In one of the standout moments of the series thus far, Toni enlisted the help of Veronica and Kevin to carry out a daring rescue mission in which they freed Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. This was followed by Toni and Cheryl’s memorable first kiss.

4. Kevin Keller- ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)

Kevin has an outgoing, bubbly personality, and as Betty’s best friend and confidante is naturally never short of words. He is quick to assess the basic facts surrounding a situation, and this allows him to make swift decisions, which he tends to carry out immediately, without fear of the potential repercussions. We saw this tendency of Kevin’s when he had the routine of strolling through Fox Forest as a means of finding other young men looking for intimate encounters.

Many of Kevin’s decisions are based on his personal feelings in a given situation, and this empowers him to look past his fears and pursue what he wants in life. Whilst most would not have the courage to pursue a romantic relationship with a Serpent, Kevin was brave enough to strike up a romance with Joaquin Dos Santos at the closing night of the Twilight Drive-In.

3. Josie McCoy- ESTP (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)

Josie strives for excellence in all aspects of her singing career, both for Josie and the Pussycats as well as in her solo career. Sometimes, Josie is quick to judge a book by its cover… as she proved when she assumed that Veronica is just as malicious as her parents, and decided to punish her by providing Ethel with sensitive information that could be used to damage Veronica’s campaign for student body president.

Josie does, however, cope well with hazardous situations. When Reggie, Kevin, and Josie were sitting at Pops and deciding whether or not to play Gryphons and Gargoylesit was Josie who was the voice of reason, who warned her friends to approach the game with caution after the three decided to play in order to develop an insight into Riverdale’s recent happenings.

2. Reggie Mantle- ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)

When we first meet Reggie, he was loud, arrogant and bombastic jock as well as a bit of a bully. He labeled Jughead as a “spooky, scrawny pathetic internet troll too busy writing his internet manifestos to get laid”; a move which lead to a physical altercation between him and Archie.

Reggie showed immense growth, and has developed compassion for his contemporaries. He recently used his feelings as a behavioral guide when he took the decision to assist Veronica in Archie’s prison break and aid Betty in her Gryphons and Gargoyles investigation. Reggie has played a crucial part in many of his friends’ endeavours, and has used his judgemental nature to swiftly come to their aid in times of need, which we have seen him do on multiple occasions in his role as bartender at Veronica’s speakeasy.

1. Sweet Pea- ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)

As a staunch and loyal Serpent and South Sider, Sweet Pea was outraged when Archie vandalized buildings on the South Side (due to thinking that it was where the Black Hood was hiding) and took his revenge by taking his gang of Serpents to the North Side where they challenged the Bull Dogs to a “no weapons” brawl in the rain.

Sweet Pea’s hot-headedness and rash decision-making has born some benefits, however, as he has made for an extremely loyal ally to Jughead and the rest of the SerpentsHe is also an incredibly obedient Serpent, as he respected Jughead’s command for the Serpents to not play Gryphons and Gargoyles without him, as he is the gamemaster.

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