Rogue One Prequel Gets 2021 Premiere; Alan Tudyk Returning As K-2SO

Lucasfilm’s Cassian Andor live-action Star Wars series is confirmed for a 2021 premiere on Disney+, and Alan Tudyk is returning as K-2SO. The actor first appeared as the character in 2016’s spinoff film Rogue One, where he quickly became a fan-favorite character. A reprogrammed Imperial droid, K2 was known for his blunt sense of humor and undying loyalty to Cassian. The two had a long history that was only hinted at in their lone big screen appearance, leaving viewers wanting to see more of the duo in action. A one-off comic exploring the origins of their partnership was published in December 2017.

Last year, Lucasfilm announced plans for a Rogue One prequel series, dubbed as a spy thriller revolving around Cassian’s time with the Rebel Alliance. Just based on the premise, many fans assumed K2 would be a part of the ensemble as well, though Tudyk himself played coy about his possible involvement when asked a couple months ago. But now, everyone knows the actor (and longtime Disney good luck charm) is going back to the galaxy far, far away.

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Today during Disney’s Investor Day presentation, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy announced Tudyk’s role on the Cassian show. In their press release on the matter (via, the studio stated the series will go into production later this year in order to meet a 2021 launch date.

Tudyk’s return was always to be expected, but it’s still nice to see it be official. In Rogue One, he had strong chemistry with Diego Luna, and it’ll be fun to see them interact onscreen again. One of the benefits of the Disney+ platform is it gives the Mouse House’s various subsidiaries a place to tell long-form stories that the movies simply do not have time for. Similar to how Marvel is using the streaming service as an outlet for shows revolving around Falcon & Winter Soldier and Vision & Wanda, Lucasfilm is looking to flesh out various corners of their own canon to complement the feature films. If executed properly, the Cassian show will make Rogue One an even better movie, since audiences will get to see plenty other adventures Andor and K2 went on prior to their fateful mission on Scarif.

Sadly, fans still have a ways until they’ll actually get a chance to see what showrunner Stephen Schiff and his crew cooked up. The 2021 release date is likely a byproduct of production reportedly commencing in late 2019 due to Luna’s commitment to Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico. In all likelihood, episodes for the Rogue One prequel will be filming into 2020; The Mandalorian started principal photography in October 2018 and didn’t wrap until February 2019. Fortunately, there will be lots of other Star Wars content coming out over the next couple of years to make the wait a little more bearable.

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Marvel Finally Explains The Secret of ROGUE’s Power

Warning: SPOILERS for Mr. and Mrs. X #9

After all these years, the X-Men comics have finally revealed how Rogue’s mutant powers really work. Created by the legendary comic book writer Chris Claremont, for years Rogue has struggled to control her ability–absorbing the powers and memories of anyone she touches. As X-Men movie fans also know, her powers were activated when she was just a teenager, and shared her first kiss with her boyfriend. She left him in a coma.

Rogue has occasionally succeeded in mastering her powers, but it’s always been fleeting. Worse still, they’ve recently expanded to the extent that they no longer require her to touch someone to drain the life from those around her. That makes her a deadly threat to anyone around her, and Rogue’s been forced to wear an inhibitor collar to keep her abilities in check.

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This week’s Mr and Mrs X #9 finally reveals just how Rogue’s powers really work. The mutant teleporter Spiral believes that something in Rogue’s past holds the key to controlling her abilities. She takes Rogue on a whistle-stop tour of her own memories, reliving key moments when she’s used her powers. To her surprise, Rogue identifies a similarity between every one of those moments: her own fear. When she kissed Cody Robbins, she was feeling the normal mix of excitement and fear any teenager experiences when sharing their first kiss. That horrific experience primed Rogue to fear her own abilities, and that fear is the reason control has eluded her all these years.

Matters were made worse by her experiences in the “X-Tinction Agenda” event. A major 1990 crossover, that saw Rogue stripped of her powers by the Magistrates of Genosha. As a text box noted, “All they did was touch her. Rude hands, ruder glances–taunting promises of worse to come. She couldn’t stop them. For so long, she dreamed of being able to touch another person, without her power absorbing his/her psyche. To hold, to caress, to kiss, just like any other normal teenage girl. In those dreams, it was the most beautiful of moments. She never imagined being handled against her will.

It seems this experience left Rogue traumatized and conflicted, with a part of her subconscious fearful of intimacy. The closer she got to someone, the more afraid she became, and the less control she had of her powers. That’s why Rogue’s love life has been such a mess. According to Mr and Mrs X #9, all Rogue needs to do to finally gain control of her abilities is face her fears. Of course, that’s easier said than done; it will mean confronting her fears every single day, and at times it will no doubt prove exhausting. But at those moments, Rogue will simply slip on an inhibitor collar for relief.

For now, though, realizing the truth about her abilities allows Rogue to master her powers, and she takes to the skies to fight alongside Gambit once again. And a comic book mystery that’s been running since 1981 has finally been answered.

Mr and Mrs X #9 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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Star Wars: Rogue One Prequel TV Show Begins Production October 2019

The Rogue One prequel TV show starring Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor is set to begin production in October 2019. Announced earlier this year, the series is the second live-action program Lucasfilm is producing for the Disney Plus streaming service – alongside Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian (which is currently filming). With The Americans’ Stephen Schiff onboard as showrunner, the Rogue One show will look to further flesh out the earliest days of the Rebel Alliance, telling stories with an espionage twist.

Since the project is still in the earliest stages of development, not much is known about it at this point in time – including when it’ll get in front of the cameras. The Star Wars show isn’t the only small screen gig Luna has on his schedule, seeing that his Netflix series Narcos: Mexico was recently renewed for a second season. At the time the Rogue One prequel was unveiled, it was expected it wouldn’t shoot until later in 2019 due to Luna’s Narcos commitment. Now, there’s a more concrete timeframe.

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According to Production Weekly, the Cassian Andor show is scheduled to begin filming in October 2019. You can check out their tweet in the space below:

Should this information pan out, it would put the Rogue One prequel on track for a premiere at some point in 2020. Additionally, Lucasfilm will have the better part of a year to iron out the show’s supporting cast. So far, Luna is the only confirmed actor, but that will surely change in the near future. It’ll be interesting to see who else the studio recruits; it wouldn’t be out of the question for Alan Tudyk to return to the fold as fan-favorite droid K-2SO (considering his dynamic with Cassian), and there will definitely be plenty of new faces introduced to the canon. Lucasfilm has a knack for securing top-tier names for their films and TV shows (as evidenced by The Mandalorian’s star-studded ensemble), so keeping tabs on who’s joining the Rogue One show should make for a fun activity in 2019.

While Rogue One received positive reviews and grossed over $1 billion at the worldwide box office, one common complaint amongst viewers was a perceived lack of character development. At least in regards to Cassian, the show should amend that problem in spades, since it will have multiple episodes (and perhaps multiple seasons) to showcase more of the character. Rogue One made several allusions to Cassian’s morally complex past – where he sometimes did questionable things in the name of a good cause. Hopefully, his TV show will be a valuable addition to the Star Wars lineup and complement the movie nicely.

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Star Wars: Rogue One Spinoff Sets Americans Producer as Showrunner

The Americans executive producer Stephen Schiff will serve as showrunner for the recently announced Rogue One spinoff series revolving around Cassian Andor. Several years into their Disney era, Lucasfilm continues to find new and exciting ways to expand the galaxy far, far away. In addition to several cinematic projects, they’re also in the process of developing two separate live-action television shows for the Disney+ streaming service. One of these, Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian, is currently in production and continues to add big names to its cast. The other was officially announced earlier this month and sees Diego Luna return as his fan-favorite Rogue One character.

Since the Cassian series is so early in development, not much is known about it at this point in time. Obviously, it will serve as a prequel to Rogue One (Luna’s even discussed the possibility of digital de-aging), but details remain closely guarded. For now, the priority for the studio is putting together a top-notch creative team to oversee the show, and they’ve landed a name that should be an excellent fit in that regard.

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According to Deadline, Schiff has signed on to be showrunner and executive producer on the untitled Star Wars prequel. The outlet also notes Lucasfilm is in the process of recruiting a writing team. It’s expected the Cassian show will commence filming at some point next year.

Schiff’s background makes him the perfect choice for this corner of the Star Wars galaxy. One of the few things fans do know about the Cassian series is that it will lean heavily on espionage elements, chronicling the intelligence officer’s time in the fledgling Rebellion. The Americans, of course, utilizes that genre exceptionally well, winning multiple Primetime Emmys over the course of its acclaimed run. During his time on The Americans, Schiff was part of a group nominated for Outstanding Drama Series twice, so hopefully his sensibilities translate well to the galaxy far, far away. Obviously, Star Wars is a slightly different playground than the more adult-orientated realm of FX, but Schiff should still have plenty of leeway. Rogue One made multiple allusions to Cassian’s dark past, giving Schiff’s team morally ambiguous ground to explore. It remains to be seen how far they’ll go, but there’s potential here for complex and compelling narratives.

All in all, this is a very encouraging development for the Rogue One prequel and illustrates Lucasfilm is committed to making these TV shows as great as they can be. In some respects, the live-action series are about to become the main attraction of the entire franchise. After Episode IX comes out next December, Disney is planning a slowdown on the movie side of things as Lucasfilm plots their next slate and the Avatar sequels generate revenue for Disney. So all eyes will be on The Mandalorian and the Rogue One show for the next while, and ideally they can carry the torch. Both sound very fascinating and already boast impressive pedigrees.

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7 New Character Additions That Hurt Buffy The Vampire Slayer (And 13 That Saved It)

It’s been over twenty years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s groundbreaking pilot hit TV screens and it remains one the most beloved and influential shows of all time. The series subverted expectations, in the process shattering illusions of what people thought television was capable of. It forever altered the pop culture landscape, introducing audiences to a feminist icon they could truly identify with. The show popularized serialized storytelling at a time when TV programs were largely episodic and even changed the way that viewers talked by introducing them to “Buffy speak.”

By taking the idea that high school is Hell quite literally, Joss Whedon was able to use werewolves, witches, and vampires to explore themes of desire, female empowerment, and addiction. The writers personified feelings such as isolation, alienation and humiliation, using them to ground fantastical situations in those very real emotions.

Buffy was praised for a great many things, from snappy dialogue to clever plotting. However, one of the most vital elements of Whedon’s magnum opus was undoubtedly the amazing characters with which he chose to populate this world. These players were as lovable as they were relatable and the series continues to resonate with viewers of all ages. However, not all characters introduced to the series could be as awesome as Buffy, Willow, or Xander. While certain new additions had an undeniably positive effect on the series as a whole, there were also a few that BtVS would’ve been better off without.

Here are 7 New Character Additions That Hurt Buffy The Vampire Slayer (And 13 That Saved It).

20 Saved – Spike and Dru

Sunnydale got its very own Sid and Nancy when Spike and Drusilla showed up in season 2 episode “School Hard”, quickly establishing themselves as the new Big Bads in town. They were never meant to last as long as they did, but stellar performances from James Marsters and Juliet Landau gave both characters a stay of execution. These two didn’t just shake up Sunnydale, but the show’s entire mythology. They were living proof that vampires were capable of genuine emotion. Their intense bond and amazing chemistry made fans fall hard for the couple. 

Spike, of course, went on to play a much larger role in the series as a whole. Writers kept finding new ways to justify his continued existence and fans never complained, because no one wanted the vampire gone.

19 Hurt – Riley

Buffy needed to move on from Angel, but did she really have to take up with “Captain Cardboard”? Riley Finn (Mark Blucas) first appeared in the season 4 premiere, “The Freshman”, and went on to hurt the show in ways almost too numerous to list.

With him came the Initiative, which remains the storyline that most BtVS fans would rather forget.

Even after the organization was no longer part of the narrative, Riley continued to overstay his welcome. Viewers were forced to deal with his constant whining and eventually, his infidelity. These were all plot points that the show could’ve done without. It was sad when Riley helicoptered out of Buffy’s life, but only because we care about her feelings. Ultimately, no one really missed him.

18 Saved – Tara

Now this is how you create a new love interest. Oz and Willow had become one of the show’s most beloved couples and fans were as heartbroken as she was over his sudden departure. Replacing the werewolf was going to be just as difficult as finding a way for Buffy to get over Angel. However, the show chose to go in a new direction entirely with Tara Maclay, who debuted in season 4 episode “Hush”. Not only was she a woman, but she also complemented Willow in very different ways than Oz had.

Not all viewers embraced this storyline initially, but Amber Benson’s performance quickly won most of them over. Before long, fans became incredibly invested in Willow and Tara’s relationship. In many ways, they became the show’s central couple, as well as its emotional anchor.

17 Saved – Anya

Much like James Marsters, Emma Caulfield earned more time on the show through her impressive performance. Her arc wasn’t meant to last much past her first appearance in season 3 episode “The Wish”.  Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins went from human to vengeance demon and back again. She was over 1100 old, but had completely lost touch with her humanity before meeting the Scoobies.

It was more than Anya’s evolution that made her special, though. She was the character who posed the questions that most people want to ask but think that they shouldn’t. Whether ruminating on love, loss, or the simple cold truth of mortality, Anya always said exactly what she meant. Even her lack of tact was charming. The former demon brought a different perspective to the group, as well as some undeniable humor.

16 Hurt – Dawn

This is kind of a tough one, because the storyline surrounding Dawn’s existence was one of the show’s best. Her introduction in the season 5 premiere, “Buffy vs. Dracula”, was particularly genius. Dawn was dropped into the series as if she had always been there, leaving viewers wondering if they had missed earlier clues of Buffy having a sister.

Dawn herself was always little more than an annoyance to most fans.

It didn’t help that Michelle Trachtenberg played the character as younger than she was. This wasn’t all her fault, as Dawn was initially meant to be portrayed by a younger actress. The main problem wasn’t season 5 Dawn anyway. In later years, writers clearly weren’t sure what to do with her, giving Buffy’s sister one ludicrous plot line after another: “Dawn’s in trouble. Must be Tuesday.

15 Saved – Glory/Ben

Glory is one of the greatest Big Bads ever to appear on BtVS. Debuting in season 5 installment “There’s No Place Like Home”, she brought the season-long threat to a whole new level. Glory wasn’t just another demon. She was a literal god, just trying to get back to her home sweet Hell. However, it was more than just sheer power that made Glory such a great villain. Clare Kramer’s manic performance is what really set her apart.

Introduced an episode before Glory, Ben (Charlie Weber) was serviceable enough.

What really brought depth to the kind doctor was the revelation that he and Glorificus were sharing a body.

This was one of the show’s most successful twists. Seriously, no one saw it coming.

14 Saved – Wesley

While it can be argued that the character of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce was utilized far better on Angel, there’s no denying that the stuffy new Watcher was another great addition to the cast of BtVS. Debuting in season 3 installment “Bad Girls”, Alexis Denisof imbued Wesley with undeniable heart and humor, despite the character’s uptight personality.

Aside from Wesley himself, it was the dynamic between him and Giles that helped to elevate the series during season 3. We got to explore a whole new side Buffy’s Watcher. It was one thing to know about his “Ripper” past, but it was the juxtaposition of Rupert and Wesley that truly proved how awesome Giles actually was – not that we didn’t love him already.

13 Hurt – Warren

The Trio is kind of everyone’s least favorite Big Bad. However, while Jonathan and Andrew were both worthy additions to the series, Warren never had any redeeming qualities. He first appeared in season 5 episode “I Was Made to Love You” and proved himself a total creep immediately.

Although Warren started out as a punchline, he turned out to be a misogynistic monster.

Adam Busch did an excellent job of making the character incredibly unlikable, but it was Warren’s cruelty that brought season 6 to the lowest of places. “Dead Things” was one of the most brutal episodes of BtVS, and not in a good way. Plus, no Buffy fan will ever forgive him for firing the gun that took Tara’s life. Warren did a lot of damage and his character was never compelling or likable enough to outweigh that fact.

12 Saved – Oz

Fans fell in love with Daniel “Oz” Osbourne (Seth Green) around the same time that Willow did. From the moment he appeared in season 2 episode “Inca Mummy Girl”, he was pretty much smitten with her – even in her Hallowe’en costume. Unlike Xander, Oz actually realized how awesome Willow was and fans were overjoyed to see her finally properly appreciated.

Oz was so beloved, in fact, that even though he left under truly awful circumstances, many viewers were still torn when he came back for Willow. A lesser character could never have remained in fans’ hearts after such indiscretions. In the end, the writers found someone even better for Willow, but it speaks volumes that so many viewers were willing to forgive Oz after he locked himself in a cage with Veruca.

11 Hurt – Veruca

Veruca (Paige Moss) made her first appearance in season 4 episode “Living Conditions”. Oz may have thought that she was pretty cool, but viewers noticed that something was off about her.

Most Buffy fans are pretty protective of Willow and no one liked seeing her relationship with Oz threatened.

It’s not that it makes no sense that something would break up Willow and Oz. They dated in high school and many such relationships do not survive the transition to college. The main issue was the werewolf herself. Veruca was kind of over the top, from her musical performances to her evil machinations. Perhaps she was meant to be a two-dimensional mustache-twirling villain. Regardless, no one mourned Veruca after Oz ended her life.

10 Saved – Mayor Wilkins

Fans were introduced to Mayor Richard Wilkins in season 3 episode “Homecoming”. Sure, he was a major Big Bad whose ascension plans would’ve left the world in ruins, but he was also incredibly polite. BtVS has often excelled at creating villains that fans still kind of rooted for. The Mayor was one of the best, and not just because he was such a formidable opponent.

Richard’s relationship with Faith gave his character real depth. Much like the love that Spike and Dru shared with one another, the Mayor’s affections for his protégée made him much more human, which in turn made viewers care more about him. Plus, Harry Groener’s pitch-perfect performance made it impossible not to enjoy Mayor Wilkins.

9 Hurt – Kennedy

Kennedy was as much of an epic fail as Riley. The writers proved that they could craft more than one great love interest for Willow, so what happened with her? Introduced in season 7 episode “Bring on the Night”, Kennedy (Iyari Limon) was spoiled, argumentative and honestly, kind of bland. The key to a great TV relationship is making both characters compelling in their own right.

While fans came to love both Oz and Tara rather quickly, you’d be hard pressed to find many Kennedy fans out there.

There was nothing about Willow’s new girlfriend to even distinguish her from the other Potential Slayers, save her bad attitude. Willow deserved better and so did fans.

8 Saved – Faith

Shaking up things from the moment she arrived in season 3 installment “Faith, Hope and Trick”, Faith Lehane was Buffy’s dark reflection. The Slayers were incredibly different from one another and yet, undeniably two sides of the same coin. Eliza Dushku’s magnetic performance brought so much passion and energy to the role, and she had no trouble fitting in with the rest of the cast.

Faith provided new depth not only for the slayer line, but also to the idea of what it actually means to be Slayer. Before Faith’s arrival, fans had never seen a Slayer go rogue. However, it didn’t matter how far Faith went. Viewers were always hoping that she could somehow redeem herself. Thanks to her time on Angel, she was given that chance.

7 Saved – Robin

Robin Wood’s (D.B. Woodside) debut in season 7 premiere “Lessons” initially painted the new school principal as another villain lurking in the shadows. However, much like the rest of the characters on BtVS, appearances are often deceiving. Not only was Robin one of the good guys, but he was also the son of New York-based slayer, Nikki. The series teased this out slowly until fans realized the truth shortly before it was revealed.

It was a pretty genius move.

Although it’s easy to hate on Robin for his sneak attack on Spike, the vampire did off his mother, so his frustration can be understood. In the end, Robin turned out to be a great addition to the Scoobies, bringing both new perspective and an actual bag of tricks to the mix.

6 Hurt – Adam

Buffy almost always managed to deliver the goods when it came to the season-long Big Bad: compelling characters, with humor and even a bit of heart. The series excelled in that moral grey area, making viewers sympathize with villainous even as they committed unforgivable acts. Sadly, Adam (George Hertzberg) was a giant exception to this success.

The ersatz Frankenstein’s monster – or Walsh’s monster, as the case may have been – first appeared in season 4 episode “A New Man”. The only cool thing he ever really did was skewer his creator, Maggie, who was also not a great addition to the series. All in all, Adam was very powerful, but a boring villain. Defeating him required a major deus ex machina, which would’ve been fine if he had been a better character in the first place.

5 Saved – Andrew

Andrew Wells, aka Tucker’s brother, initially seemed as irredeemable as Warren Mears. When we met him in season 6 episode “Flooded”, he was a whiny coward with nothing even resembling a moral compass. After Andrew returned the following year, the first thing he did was take his best friend’s life.

Most fans weren’t happy to see him again, but somewhere over the course of season 7, this changed.

Like BtVS has done with the best of its characters – most of whom, let’s be real, have done some terrible things – the show found a way to endear him to viewers. Andrew may not have exactly been instrumental in Buffy’s battle with the First, but the former villain definitely brought some levity to a fairly dark season. He also provided an excellent example of the power of compassion.

4 Saved – Kendra

Interestingly, Bianca Lawson was originally cast in the role of Cordelia Chase. However, due to scheduling conflicts, the actress was forced to take a smaller part in BtVSIf we can all just put aside her painfully awful accent, everyone can probably admit that Kendra herself was a pretty cool addition to the series.

Fans were introduced to the other slayer in season 2 installment “What’s My Line Part 1”. She appeared initially to be another enemy, but instead proved vital in saving Angel’s life. Kendra’s existence answered important questions about the slayers and it was this new line, beginning with her, that later allowed for the introduction of Faith. The juxtaposition of Kendra and Buffy was also quite interesting, as they each approached their calling so differently. She also helped Buffy see that slaying was more than just a job.

3 Hurt – Forrest

Another irritating and useless season 4 addition, Forrest Gates (Leonard Roberts) was introduced in “The Initiative”.

He was little more than a foil for Riley and Buffy’s relationship.

Forrest’s feelings for his fellow soldier bordered on obsession and there was nothing interesting about him in his own right.Riley’s other pal Graham may have been boring, but at least he wasn’t so annoying. Forrest was self-righteous and obviously had very little going on in the way of an actual life. No one mourned him after he his passing. The worst part about Forrest’s demise was that it wasn’t even the last we saw of him, because Adam chose to reanimate his husk. Even then, he was still a total drag.

2 Saved – Jonathan

Jonathan Levinson (Danny Strong) had a continuing presence on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for years after his first appearance in season 2 installment “Inca Mummy Girl”. He was always on the periphery, being picked on, rescued or taken advantage of. Prior to joining the Trio, Jonathan was at the center of season 3 episode “Earshot” and season 4 installment “Superstar”. The former was incredibly poignant and the latter, a hilarious change of pace.

Many fans were surprised to see Jonathan pulled by the dark side, but he never fully committed like his cohorts did. Less obviously evil than Warren and not as easily manipulated as Andrew, he eventually saw the error of his ways. Sadly, by the time Jonathan made an effort to redeem himself, it was too late. That opportunity was stolen from him by his best friend.

1 Saved – Angelus

None of Buffy’s greatest Big Bads were quite as personal or painful to witness as Angelus. Aside from the unfortunate implications of essentially punishing Buffy for being intimate with her boyfriend, there is no denying that the second half of season 2 was the show at its best. This was due in large part to David Boreanaz’s villainous turn.

Two people who were so in love destroying each other was utterly brutal and completely gut-wrenching. It also led to some of BtVS’s most empowering moments. Buffy was just a teenage girl shouldering the weight of the entire world. Feeling as though she had lost everything led to the epiphany that she still possessed what mattered most. Much of the series is about surviving life on life’s terms. More than just enduring this pain, Buffy managed to recover from it.

What new characters do you feel hurt or saved Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Let us know in the comments!

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Star Wars Novel Reveals New Connection Between Rogue One & Solo

In the Star Wars galaxy, everything truly is connected and the latest proof of that is in excerpts from the novelization for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which reveals a previously unsuspected link between the film and Rogue One.

The bulk of Solo is set roughly 10 years before the events of A New Hope, at a time before the foundation of the Rebel Alliance. This was a time when the Empire ruled with an iron fist, and any rebel movement worked independently. The most successful, on worlds like Ryloth and Onderon, were rebel groups who had no sense of morality, and who didn’t care how many innocents died as they pursued the cause of freedom. Against this context, Solo introduced viewers to Enfys Nest, leader of a group known as the Cloud-Riders. Although they were freedom-fighters, they found it wiser to cultivate a reputation as marauders.

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But how do Enfys Nest and her group fit into the overarching narrative of the Star Wars galaxy? An official excerpt from the novelization for Solo: A Star Wars Story has finally answered that question, and established a surprising link between the film and Rogue One. It seems that Enfys Nest didn’t keep the Coaxium for herself; instead, she sold it to a very familiar face: Saw Gerrera.

In 10BBY, Gerrera and his Partisans were still primarily based on Saw’s homeworld of Onderon. It seems they’d already earned a reputation for caring little about casualties, as Enfys cautions Saw that he should be “more precise” in his methods. And yet she still gave him enough Coaxium to power a fleet. Given Saw wasn’t particularly interested in powering a fleet, it’s more likely that he took advantage of the Coaxium’s explosive nature.

There’s a subtle thematic link between Solo and Rogue One, the fact that age and youth do not protect you from tragedy. The novelization calls that out, with a curious 11-year-old Jyn actually present at Saw’s meeting with Enfys. As the young Cloud-Rider tells Saw:

“Many people treat age as if it’s a shield to hide behind, something that protects our children. And sometimes it is. Until someone comes along who doesn’t honor the shield. Then we must decide if we’re going to keep pretending that shield is there. The Empire doesn’t care what age she is. So she must learn about this threat that faces all of us.”

At San Diego Comic-Con, Lucasfilm revealed that the novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story would be another “expanded edition.” It includes scenes from alternate versions of the script by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan, along with original content that adds depth to the story. Lucasfilm’s excerpts tease insight into L3-37’s experience as she bonds with the Millennium Falcon, and some accounts of the years Qi’ra spent serving with Black Sun.

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