Downton Abbey: 10 Rules That Members Of The Crawley Family Have To Follow

With the motion picture set to premiere in September, fans of the TV show Downton Abbey definitely have something to look forward to. One of the highest ranking series of all time, the historical drama spanned six seasons over the course of five years. Downton Abbey amassed a considerable fan following.

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The compelling lives of a noble family and the downstairs servants. set against the backdrop of the always enticing early 20th century, made for a fantastic piece of television drama. Downton Abbey became so popular that it paved the way for a movie to be made. Many factors contributed to the huge success of the show, with the most prominent one being the time period. Many of the things we saw come to life on the series are actually based on true events. And yes, that includes the Crawley family and the rules they have to follow. Some of them probably aren’t new, but others might just surprise you. Let’s take a look at 10 of those rules!

10 Women Can’t Be Heirs

The daughters of Robert and Cora Crawley are fan favorites, and no one can quite imagine the show without them. For everyone who watches the show, it came as a blessing that the Crawley family could only produce female offspring. Particularly women of such character and courage, because we all love some girl power represented on TV.

But let us not forget that Downton Abbey took place in the 20th century when women didn’t have the rights they have today. One of those was the right to inherit, due to something known as the entail. This law was written in stone to the point that everyone in the family panicked when the heir of Downton died aboard the Titanic.

9 No Closeness With The Servants

Look, let’s not forget that Downton is, after all, nothing more than fiction. A piece of compelling, endearing, and heart-breaking fiction, but fiction nonetheless. And some creative liberties will always be taken in the name of TV drama quality, especially when it comes to the relationship between masters and servants.

Historians might frown a bit at the closeness between the Crawley family and the downstairs people because it was deemed as incredibly inappropriate for masters to be close with their servants. But even though the show does take a few liberties in this aspect, the lines are never blurred, and there’s always a clear sense of hierarchy.

8 A Marriage Is A Contract

For those of us who have been born and raised in the later years of the 21st century, it’s almost impossible to imagine getting married for any other reason besides love. The way younger generations see it, marriage is nothing more than a celebration of love and of two people who want to build a life together.

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Things were a little different back then, though. Marriages weren’t arranged because two people were madly in love with each other, but rather because it was a good business opportunity. Mary and Mathew were lucky enough to fall in love eventually, but their union began as nothing more than a contract.

7 Speak Properly

If you were born into servitude, you were bound to die into servitude. The lives of the servants in Downton Abbey become even sadder once we realize that, back in the early 20th century, escaping poverty and rising above your station was nearly impossible to do. And while falling out of grace in the case of noble families was a little easier, it was also not as black and white as one might think.

Being born into nobility also came with its own set of responsibilities. Anyone who’s ever watched the show has marveled at the way the Crawley family speaks. This is no coincidence, given that the high ladies and gentlemen of the time were expected to speak properly and elegantly.

6 Careful With Mourning

Back when Queen Victoria’s husband died, the poor ruler was so heart-broken, she withdrew herself from her duties as Queen so she could mourn in peace. This period of mourning dragged on and was eventually perceived as extremely harmful to the nation. This perception resulted in the societal belief that long periods of mourning were not something one should abide by.

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Lady Mary turned a blind eye to this, and when she lost her husband Mathew, she went into a considerably long period of mourning herself. However, members of the Crawley family were sure to be aware that such a practice had been abandoned by society. We’ll give Mary a discount since we’re still mourning ourselves.

5 No Children Outside of Wedlock

Some rules are made to be broken, and as we’ve seen so far, even though all of these are rules the Crawley family should abide by, there are always a few exceptions. Anyone who is familiar with the basics of history knows that back in the 20th century, having children out of wedlock was considered one of the worst possible things a woman could do.

For many years, women’s role in society boiled down to marrying and producing heirs for their husbands. If there was proof that a woman wasn’t a virgin, especially if that proof came in the form of a child, that would be enough to have her cast away from society. Edith may have found her happy ending, but she was lucky.

4 Help The Troops

In the middle of the second season of the show, audiences watched eagerly as Downton Abbey was turned into a recovery house for the soldiers who fought bravely during World War I. This is actually a nod to an accurate historical event that took place in Highclere Castle, the building used to portray Downton. At the time, the Countess of Carnarvon did exactly that, opening the doors of her house to the troops of her country.

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Even though Cora Crawley wasn’t very happy about the situation, noble families knew that, in order to preserve their reputation in society, they had to prove loyalty to their country.

3 Dress Elegantly

It’s not just a coincidence that Downton Abbey has been nominated several times for awards for costume design and hairstyling. The show does a stellar job of bringing to life the way people in the early 20th century were dressed from the servants, to the soldiers, to the noble Crawley clan.

There’s not a single fan of the show who hasn’t been left in awe by the wonderful costumes worn by the Crawley men and women. They are true staples of wealth, opulence, and elegance, and that’s exactly how it should be. Nobles were expected to always look their best, even if they weren’t set to leave their estates.

2 Know Your Place

The issue of how women were expected to behave is a recurring theme in this list. This is mostly due to the fact that many more rules applied to women since the emancipation wouldn’t occur until decades later, which would finally allow them to inherit, marry for love, and have as many children as they liked inside or outside of wedlock.

In the early 20th century, noblewomen were expected to look beautiful, remain virgins until they wed, produce heirs, and take care of their household. Any woman who dared try to get political or take a very active part in her husband’s business affairs would be scolded—or worse.

1 Don’t Marry Below Your Station

This issue is valid both for men and women, although noblemen with a considerable fortune wouldn’t be as disgraced. As we’ve explained above, in the early 20th century, marriage was perceived as a contract. More often than not, people were pushed towards unions that were financially advantageous, without love even being a part of the conversation.

Anyone who dared not follow the norm would probably become cast out and no longer welcome in society. Hierarchy was a big part of life in the early 20th century, and trying to break with the status quo was simply not a good idea.

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WWE Extreme Rules: Brock Lesnar Cashes In, Wins Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar cashes in his Money in the Bank contract on Seth Rollins to win the Universal Championship after the main event of WWE Extreme Rules. While Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman had teased that the former UFC fighter would indeed cash in on either Rollins or WWE Champion Kofi Kingston during Extreme Rules, most figured it was just another fake out. Even when Heyman reiterated the declaration earlier tonight, many fans thought it was just more mind games from the devious ECW founder.

Obviously, that turned out to not be the case, and Heyman had in fact delivered a spoiler earlier on. After Rollins and Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch emerged victorious over opponents Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in the main event of Extreme Rules, it looked like the celebration would be on, but things quickly went south for Rollins.  Lesnar arrived fast, wasting no time in cashing in his contract on a weakened Rollins after hitting a few high impact German suplexes.

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Lesnar finished Rollins off with an F-5 after the bell officially rang, continuing the usual pattern of Money in the Bank winners successfully cashing in to a win a championship, although a handful of wrestlers have failed. In doing so, Lesnar effectively avenged the WrestleMania XXXV match in which he lost the same title to Rollins in April. The era of The Beast looks to be resuming right where it left off, whether the WWE fans like it or not.

Lesnar now embarks on his seventh world title reign in WWE, and his third with the Universal Championship in particular. While Lesnar will presumably defend the title at SummerSlam in August, him recapturing Raw’s top belt opens the door for The Beast to resume the pattern so many WWE fans have grown sick of since his return to WWE as a part-time performer. Lesnar only wrestles on pay-per-view, and only a handful of them per year, due to his specialized, big money contract.

This has led to Lesnar being a Universal Champion that rarely defends his title, leaving many pay-per-views without a world championship main event. That finally seemed to be over, as a lot of Rollins and Lesnar’s story leading into WrestleMania centered on the idea that the fans were tired of a part-time champion. Yet, that’s now what they have to live with again after Extreme Rules. In a time when WWE recently took the step of hiring Heyman and Eric Bischoff to oversee Raw and SmackDown creatively, due to falling ratings, it’s baffling why they would immediately run back to Lesnar’s stale act as Universal Champion.

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WWE Extreme Rules: AJ Styles Beats Ricochet for U.S. Championship

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeats Ricochet for the United States Championship at WWE Extreme Rules, with help from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Well, help probably isn’t a strong enough word, as Styles’ reunited teammates in The Club faction interfered in the match multiple times. As Jesse “The Body” Ventura used to say though, the record books don’t care how one wins, only that they do. Now, Styles becomes the fourth competitor to walk out of Extreme Rules with a title they didn’t have walking in.

The match at Extreme Rules between Styles and Ricochet was the culmination of a rivalry that’s materialized over the last few weeks. Three weeks ago on Raw, Styles went one on one with Ricochet, who defeated Samoa Joe for the United States Championship at June’s Stomping Grounds event, in a non-title match. Ricochet seemed to have stars in his eyes over taking on the veteran Styles, and ended up losing to him. Then, Ricochet won a rematch with his title on the line on the following Raw.

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Unfortunately, Styles then joined old friends Gallows and Anderson in a beatdown on Ricochet in retaliation, turning heel and reforming The Club faction. Another title match was booked for Extreme Rules, but the encounter quickly went sideways, with Gallows and Anderson attacking Ricochet before the bell. The two bald brawlers would also end up costing Ricochet the match late in the game, sending him crashing down onto the top turnbuckle. Style then hit Ricochet with a second-rope Styles Clash for the win, and the title.

And just like that, Ricochet’s first title reign since being called up to WWE’s main roster ends after only a handful of weeks. Of course, losing at Extreme Rules to a top star like Styles won’t hurt his standing one bit, and it seems likely the two men will have a rematch sooner or later. This is Styles’ third reign with the United States Championship, and his fifth overall title in WWE to date, having also held the WWE Championship twice. While that number isn’t as high as some, Styles’ reigns tend to be long, with one lasting for over a year.

As good as Styles is as being either an underdog babyface or a cocky heel, he’ll hopefully have at least one clean match against Ricochet at some point, as all three they’ve had so far have been marred by some type of shenanigans. Then again, one can’t fault a bad guy for cheating to win. As the late, great legend Eddie Guerrero used to say “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”

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WWE Extreme Rules: New Day Wins 6th Tag Team Championship

New Day’s Big E and Xavier Woods defeat Daniel Bryan and Rowan and Heavy Machinery to capture their sixth tag team championship at WWE Extreme Rules. The three-man unit known as The New Day have spent lots of time divided recently, although it’s been for a very good reason. At WrestleMania XXXV in April, New Day member Kofi Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan to capture the WWE Championship. Thus, he’s been primarily occupied with defending his singles gold ever since.

This has left Big E and Woods to focus on the tag team division as a duo. While one of New Day’s big advantages has always been having three members to choose from to both compete for and defend the various tag team titles they’ve held, it’s now clear that E and Woods are just as formidable a tandem by themselves as they are with Kingston in he mix. The New Day last held the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in the fall of 2018, losing them to The Bar, Sheamus and Cesaro. Tonight, they recaptured the titles.

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Heading into Extreme Rules, former champions Bryan and Rowan weren’t too pleased to be stuck by Shane McMahon in a triple threat title defense, as that instantly makes their odds of retention worse. Sure enough, that worry proved to be a correct one. At several points, it appeared that upstart challengers Heavy Machinery would win the titles, but in the end, it was veterans The New Day that got the victory, pinning Bryan after their Midnight Hour double team finishing move.

And with that, Big E and Kofi Kingston ended Daniel Bryan’s second reign as a tag team championship, his first coming alongside Kane back in the Team Hell No days. Hopefully though, WWE isn’t quite ready to pull the plug on Bryan and Rowan’s quite entertaining run at or near the top of the SmackDown tag team division. As for Heavy Machinery, Otis and Tucker made a great showing for themselves, hanging with their much more experienced opponents, and nearly winning via their Compactor finishing move.

As fun as the actual match was at Extreme Rules, one can’t help but wonder why WWE felt the need to take the titles away from the still fairly new team of Bryan and Rowan and give them back to New Day, who it could be argued need a break from being tag champs for awhile. Still, at least it did provide the feel good moment of Big E and Xavier Woods celebrating their victory with fellow champion Kofi Kingston, at least until Paul Heyman interrupted.

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WWE Extreme Rules: Undertaker & Roman Reigns Win No Holds Barred Match

In their first match as a team, The Undertaker and Roman Reigns defeat Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre in a No Holds Barred match at WWE Extreme Rules. An undeniable living legend in the world of professional wrestling, Undertaker debuted in WWE way back in 1990, and has been a main event player for almost that long. Yet, it’s impossible to argue the fact that the man behind the unstoppable zombie-esque character hasn’t seen better days, from a physical standpoint.

This was hammered home by the absolutely abysmal match Undertaker had against Goldberg at June’s Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia. What would’ve likely been a thrilling match between two strong, fast behemoths circa the late 1990s or early 2000s was instead a plodding, overlong encounter between two aging athletes in their 50s. The oppressive Saudi Arabian heat didn’t help matters either, and neither did Goldberg sustaining a legit concussion, and nearly dropping Taker straight on his head via a botched Jackhammer.

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Thankfully, Undertaker didn’t look quite as bad at Extreme Rules, although to be fair, this time he was performing in an air conditioned arena. It was also a tag team match, so Undertaker could fall back on the much younger Reigns to carry the load for his team at times. The resulting tag team match pitting Undertaker and Reigns against McMahon and McIntyre was by no means good by any conventional standard. Still, at least the right team won, with Undertaker getting the win after dropping McMahon with a Tombstone Piledriver.

Undertaker and Reigns’ journey to victory at Extreme Rules was by no means easy though. Elias interfered in the match on behalf of his running buddies McMahon and McIntyre, leading to Shane-O-Mac putting Undertaker through the announce table with a nasty flying elbow from the top rope to the outside. McMahon also later hit the coast to coast flying dropkick into a trash can, into Undertaker’s head. Thankfully, fans didn’t have to suffer the indignity of Shane McMahon pinning The Undertaker.

The Deadman recovered from the assault, hitting both Elias and McMahon with devastating chokeslams. McIntyre then sneakily tried to hit Undertaker with the Claymore kick, but was cut off with a spear by Reigns. The Big Dog then grabbed hold of his malevolent boss, tossed him to Undertaker, then watched with glee as McMahon was tombstoned into the mat. Undertaker then saluted Reigns in a gesture of respect between the former WrestleMania main event opponents.

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WWE Extreme Rules: Shinsuke Nakamura Wins Intercontinental Championship

“The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Finn Balor to win his first Intercontinental Championship at WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Well, the match technically took place on the Extreme Rules pre-show, or as WWE calls it, the kickoff. The match was a late addition to the card, with many fans left scratching their heads at the decision to have two main event-caliber performers serve as the night’s opening match. Still, Balor and Nakamura did the best with the slot they were given, engaging in a fun, fast-paced contest that never dragged.

Balor and Nakamura of course have history from their days wrestling in Japan, with both men having been former members of the Bullet Club faction. Despite that past, tonight’s match was actually only Balor and Nakamura’s third one on one encounter under the auspices of WWE. The first was an absolute classic that happened on NXT TV shortly before Balor left the brand permanently for the main roster, and only a few months after Nakamura’s NXT debut against Sami Zayn.

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The second WWE singles match between Balor and Nakamura took place last Tuesday on SmackDown, another opening match that tried its best to steal the show early. Nakamura came out on top in that non-title contest, and that actually turned out to be a bad omen for Balor’s title reign, as the Irish superstar ended up pinned by Nakamura on the Extreme Rules kickoff after a deadly Kinshasa knee strike. The Intercontinental Championship now belongs to Nakamura.

The Intercontinental Championship joins a growing list of accolades for Nakamura, who spent much of 2018 feuding with AJ Styles over the WWE Championship. While Nakamura never managed to capture that gold, he did win the Royal Rumble match to get it, joining a very select group of wrestlers. He’s also a 2-time former NXT Champion, and a 2-time former United States Champion. It’s hard to imagine him not holding either the WWE or Universal Championships before his time in WWE ends.

That’s one thing Balor has on Nakamura, having been the inaugural Universal Champion, despite only holding the title for 24 hours due to injury. While WWE no longer enforces the old rule where champions automatically received a rematch after losing their title, one assumes this will likely just be the beginning of a long feud between Balor and Nakamura, two of WWE’s finest competitors, and a combo that would make a hell of a WrestleMania main event at some point in the future.

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Sony’s Stricter Sexual Content Rules Could Be An Issue For Developers

The PlayStation brand is enforcing stricter content guidelines in relation to nudity and sexual content in their games, which is a reaction to international responses to the depiction of women in video games.

The PlayStation 4 is the current leader in the video game console market and Sony has often allowed games with sexual content to appear on the system without censorship, but only in certain regions. There are games such as Grand Theft Auto V and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that featured both male and female nudity, which were not censored on the PlayStation 4 in the west, but were censored in Japan.

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It has been confirmed that Sony is using stricter content guidelines than before, as the Wall Street Journal is reporting (via Kotaku) that there will be harsher restrictions placed on the depiction of nudity in video games that appear on the PlayStation 4 platform. The reason given for bringing in stricter rules is due to a growing international response to material that can be considered sexist, as well as the rise of streaming platforms making it easier for games with explicit content that were made for the Japanese region to be shown across the world. There is a concern from Sony executives about the damage that these kinds of games can do to their reputation, with the #MeToo movement cited as one of the reasons for their concern.

The stricter content guidelines are limited to Sony, as Nintendo is fine with using the standard rating body in each region to determine what kind of content they will allow in their games. Sony’s latest shift in content guidelines is the opposite of Nintendo’s current approach, as the Switch now has games that are less censored than their PlayStation 4 ports. A recent example of this is Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet, which doesn’t feature any explicit content, yet the PlayStation 4 version of the game had content removed that is present in the Switch version of the game. Devil May Cry 5 had a brief shot of a woman’s backside censored in the international PlayStation 4 version of the game, while Nintendo only pulls games off the eShop when they almost show full nudity.

It makes sense for Sony to be concerned about the reaction to the sexualized depiction of women in video games, but they also run the risk of alienating third-party developers that might grow frustrated with the extra work that goes into developing for the PlayStation 4. There have already been instances of games being delayed on the PlayStation 4 due to censorship reasons, such as Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal being pushed back in order to remove content from the PlayStation 4 version of the game. If Sony is not careful, then they might find themselves in the same situation as Nintendo did when most of their third-party developers jumped ship to the original PlayStation.

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Source: Wall Street Journal (via Kotaku)

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25 Crazy Rules The Big Bang Theory Actors Have To Follow

The Big Bang Theory will be signing off in a couple months and we’ll be saying goodbye to actors we’ve seen on-screen for twelve years. Someone who had just turned 18 when the show debuted will be 30 this year; you can make out just how long the show’s been on with that context. The actors feel like a part of your family since you’ve been watching them on a consistent basis for a dozen years, and the farewell will be sad indeed.

But while we’ve grown close to the characters, the rules that go into bringing these characters to life by the actors is another story. There are a lot of clauses that go into becoming the comedic personalities we see on-screen, and it’s not an easy process. Believe it or not, a lot of legal procedures are in place to make The Big Bang Theory what it is in the twenty-minute episode we watch whenever it is on. You must have noticed certain characters are more noticeable or more important than others, and this isn’t a coincidence; it’s by design.

The actors have strict rules they must follow or – yes, that’s right – they’ll be given the boot from starring on the show. Since they’ve been following these rules for so long, it’s become second nature to them, but be rest assured that these rules, often at times pretty ridiculous, need to be adhered to. So, before the show ends, here’s your chance to know what rules the actors need to follow.

25 Can’t Discuss The Original Pilot

Since the show was a runaway success the moment it aired, it’s easy to forget (or not know at all) that The Big Bang Theory was nothing like we know it today. Originally, the show had only Leonard and Sheldon, but these two had completely different personalities. They were joined by a nastier version of Penny (who was known by another name,) and a female nerd.

The cast has never been known to share details of this original pilot, bits of which are available for viewing on YouTube. While the cast has strictly kept mum about this, even creator Chuck Lorre is against the idea of releasing the original pilot since he believes that’s just showing the public The Big Bang Theory’s original failure.

24 Engage In Flash Dances

For the past several years, it has become a tradition for the entire crew of The Big Bang Theory to engage in flash dancing. These are exactly like they sound; everyone breaks out in sudden dance routines for the enjoyment of the live-audience.

Imagine being part of the audience and being lucky enough to witness this live! Not only does everyone on set get into it, the flash dancing lasts for more than several minutes, which means you get more than your money’s worth. Since these flash dancing sequences have become a staple, the actors don’t really seem to get a say in participating in it anymore, and it looks like it’s a complete requirement now.

23 Kaley, Johnny, And Jim Always Get Top Billing

You must have noticed that in the first season, the main story-lines always involved Sheldon, Leonard, or Penny, while Raj and Howard were just the side characters without any stories of their own. This was because Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, and Johnny Gallecki are the top-3 billed members of the cast.

They are always promoted as such and when considering the “main” main characters, it is this trio who qualify. To top it all off, the first season’s DVD cover doesn’t even feature Howard and Raj, since it is only the top-3 who appear on it. Whenever there’s a listing of the cast members for the show, these three always receive the top spots in billing.

22 Kevin Sussman Only Gets Credited If He’s In The Episode

You might not have realized this, but Stuart has actually been a main cast member since all the way back in Season 6. He was upgraded only one season after Amy and Bernadette, but you must have at least noticed that Stuart is hardly ever treated as a main group friend. Even the show realizes this as Kevin Sussman is only credited if he does appear in an episode.

Check out the credits for the cast members whenever a new episode begins, and you’ll see that Kevin’s name is missing from the listings when he’s not in the episode. As far as the overall cast billing is concerned, Kevin actually is credited as part of the group.

21 Actors Upgraded To Main Roles Only Appear In Limited Episodes

If you think Kevin had it rough, then think again; he doesn’t have it nearly as bad as the other two actors who were upgraded. Leslie Winkle and Raj’s ex-girlfriend Emily were also main cast members in Season 2 and Season 9 respectively. But you’ll be forgiven for missing this little fact because those two actresses barely ever showed up.

Like the case was with Kevin Sussman, these two actresses were also only credited when they appeared, but the weird thing is that they featured regularly when they were only supposed to be recurring. Leslie and Emily appeared in more episodes before they were regulars, and pretty much disappeared when the actresses were upgraded, and then written out. Wonder what that was all about?

20 Until Season 10, The Top-3 Billed Earned More

In 2014, news of The Big Bang Theory actors making ridiculous amounts of money went mainstream, although in the last five years that buzz had dwindled down somewhat. Back then, the top-3 billed actors were promoted to receive as much as $1 million per episode!

Although it might sound wild to pay a guy who says “Bazinga” multiple times in a twenty-minute episode that much, the actors did pull in a lot of viewership to justify this. The $1 million was reserved for the top three since they were the first billed, as mentioned before.

19 After Season 10, Top-5 Billed Earned Equally

Since Raj and Howard were prominently featured after the initial seasons, it was natural for the actors to seek parity in earnings to the top-3. The two got their wish by Season 11 when it was announced that the top-3 were now the top-5, at least as far as earnings were concerned.

By this point, the main actors were now making $900k per episode, which was a $100k drop for the top-3, but this was a conscious decision (read below for further;) besides, when you consider they make 24 episodes per season, a $100k drop doesn’t seem so bad when you calculate that these guys are still making money in amounts none of us will ever see.

18 Melissa And Mayim Make Less Than The Rest Of The Cast

Amy and Bernadette were only added to the main cast in Season 4, and they were only considered as regulars starting from the fifth season, which means the actors weren’t as important as the rest when they were introduced.

This meant they weren’t paid as much either; their original earnings were “only” $175k per episode. This was almost around 10-percent the top-3 were making for appearing in the same episode. After contracts were negotiated, the top-5 agreed to lower their salaries so Mayim and Melissa’s earnings were raised to a more respectable $500k per episode. Still, even now it’s half of what the original five are making. But would you be complaining if you earned this much?

17 Actors Need To Agree On Contract Terms

Although Simon and Kunal now receive the same earnings as the top-3, there was a time where the possibility of these two being written out of the show was a possibility. This was because the two were playing hard to get with the studio as their lawyers tried to get the actors’ earnings higher.

However, it got to the point where scripts were prepared that didn’t feature Raj and Howard in case the negotiations fell through. This got the two actors to sign on, and eventually they did receive the pay parity they wanted. But it did prove a point that the actors couldn’t overestimate their importance and contract terms were meant to be agreed lest they wanted themselves to be out of a job.

16 Know How To Navigate The Set

There’s a nice video on YouTube where the actors give a tour of the set for the fans. It looks like a fun video, but just checking out the size of the set makes it clear that it’s a pretty confusing place to be.

This is why the actors are supposed to know where to go and where to be when the cameras start rolling. You see, although we think scenes are taking place outside or in different areas, everything’s right there for the actors, so they can literally walk from Leonard’s house to Howard’s in a few seconds. But navigating is a bit of a challenge, so the actors need to have it memorized in their heads where the set areas are located.

15 Have To Promote The Series On Talk Shows

When you’re paid around a million dollars per episode, then you won’t be complaining much about appearing on shows to promote the show. The actors have never come across as not wanting to be on whichever show they’re on, but whenever they do appear, it is to promote The Big Bang Theory.

The great part about this is that you get to see the actors as who they really are rather than the characters they are known to play. It’s always a delight to see these people appear on talk shows like Ellen or The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but you should remember that they’re only there because they are supposed to be promoting The Big Bang Theory.

14 Have To Promote Episodes On Social Media

If you have your own business or you happen to be a social media influencer, then you also most likely take to using Instagram or Facebook to promote your work. In the same way, the actors on The Big Bang Theory also take it to their social media accounts to promote the upcoming episodes.

Unlike us regular folk, these actors have followings in such droves that the minimum amount of followers for one person seems to be one million – so there are a lot of people roped in from these social media posts. However, having social media accounts is not a priority as those who do not use it don’t need to promote the episodes.

13 Can’t Openly Discuss Their Dating Life

In a strange case of life imitating art, the same time that Leonard and Penny were dating, the actual actors were also dating. And then when Leonard and Penny broke up, so did Kaley and Johnny.

It’s a weird case of coincidence because we’re pretty sure the actors don’t feel so strongly about their characters that they would break up because of their characters’ break up. Still, since none of the other actors have ever been involved, it appears that the actors need to stay silent should they start dating as no one knew about Johnny and Kaley’s romance until after they had broken up.

12 Have To Perform In Front Of A Live-Audience

Edgy people nowadays like to brag they don’t like multi-cam sitcoms because they don’t want to be told when to laugh – this is a dig at the laugh track employed by these shows; however, the reality is that these laughs are real laughter from the audience watching the episodes.

The Big Bang Theory, like every other multi-cam sitcom, is filmed in front of a live studio audience, which means whatever is being filmed is witnessed by people sitting in stands. There’s no escaping performing in front of a crowd if any actor appears on The Big Bang Theory, be it a main character or a guest character.

11 Melissa And Mayim Are Always At The Back Of The Posters

Of course, if the top-3 are first billed, Simon and Kunal are second-billed; this leaves Mayim and Melissa as the third-billed cast members. In every promotional material and in the show’s credits, you’ll find the names of these two at the end.

It’s understandable since they weren’t originally supposed to be main characters at all. This is also reflected in posters and promotional material where Howard and Bernadette are always at the back. As expected, Leonard, Penny and Sheldon are in the front, while Raj and Howard follow suit. Up until the sixth season, Bernadette and Penny weren’t even part of the show posters; this changed when they gained importance, but they do still remain at the back in promotional materials.

10 Have To Accept Being Written Out

We mentioned how Emily and Leslie were written out, and this is where we elaborate on that. In Laura Spencer’s case, it’s still a mystery why she was upgraded only to be scarcely used, but in the case of Sara Gilbert, it was the writers who gave the reason that they just couldn’t come up with quality material for Leslie Winkle.

And so, Leslie was written out of the show; Emily’s case might have been similar. As far as the actors are concerned, they need to accept this change in development and carry on with their careers. There always is a chance for them to return for guest spots so it’s not like it’s completely goodbye.

9 Commit Or Get Written Out

Now we move over to those instances where the actors themselves have walked away. In this case, their roles won’t be sitting pretty for them until they return and the character will be written out.

The best example for this is the case of Kate Micucci, who played Raj’s girlfriend Lucy. Lucy was seen as the perfect girl for Raj, only for her to uncharacteristically break up with him and be seen once or twice more after that. What happened was that the actress instead opted to star in her own show called Garfunkel and Oates, and Lucy was written off. Despite her show lasting for only one season, Kate’s character wasn’t brought back for Raj after that.

8 Partake In Science Scenes

We all would like to experience the sensation of being in space at some point in our lives, so The Big Bang Theory cast must enjoy this whenever they get the chance. Simon didn’t have an option here as he was required to be in “space” for Howard’s first three episodes in Season 6.

But the cast have all been involved in their fair share of science-y sequences with some of these being experimental in nature, while others were dangerously practical. The science element of the show has been toned down in recent years, but it’s still ingrained in the DNA of the show, so whenever it beckons, the actors have to lace their boots up for it.

7 Guys Get Shaved Before Each Season

If you’ve followed these actors around when they’re not on the show, you’ll have undoubtedly noticed that the guys love to grow their beards out. This unkempt appearance is taken to the point where they start looking like they’re out of a job; when the show comes back on, they’re as smooth as a baby’s belly.

The reason for this is because you can’t have Leonard, who’s supposed to be meek in personality, walk around looking like he’s a manly man. The same goes for the rest as none of the guys have the characterization of a masculine person. A few exceptions were made when it was part of the plot; such as the guys being in places where they couldn’t shave.

6 Have To Dress Accordingly

Other than Penny, every other character has to adhere to the same wardrobe. This means that the actors don’t really have much diversity in terms of clothing and we’ve been seeing them wear the same style for twelve years now.

The exception to the lack of change was Raj, whose character underwent some reformation and he’s been much more stylish since Season 11. The characters’ affinity for their fashion sense has meant that the actors need to follow these rules and have no wiggle room. Even Penny was part of this in the beginning seasons, when her wardrobe composed of girlish dresses.

5 The Show Ends Without The Top-3

We’ve seen series’ like That ‘70s Show or The Walking Dead where the main characters have left, but the show has kept on going. This isn’t possible for the cast who aren’t in the top-3 as these actors are essential for The Big Bang Theory to continue.

We saw it happen as the show is about to end mainly due to Jim Parsons not wanting to return for a thirteenth season, which was guaranteed had he agreed to come back. But the show can’t function without these three top players and it is because of this that we’ll be saying goodbye very soon. There’s no Big Bang Theory without Sheldon, Leonard, or Penny.

4 Have To Eat The Food On Camera

A lot of these scenes we watch have these characters sitting down for dinner. And in order to make these scenes realistic, the stars have to chow some of the food down. You can catch them talking about these eating sequences and how they’ve come to cope with them.

The actors have said that in a particularly long scene, they pretend to eat while shuffling around with the food on the plate. Other times, there’s no option but to eat such as in those scenes where it’s funnier when a line is delivered while the actor’s mouth is full of food.

3 Mayim Bialik Has To Provide Assistance

You could argue Mayim deserves to be paid more than she already is considering she’s the only one apart from Johnny Gallecki and Jim Parsons who has received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for her role. Not only did she achieve that, Mayim also provides consultation to the science specialist on the show.

This is because Mayim is an actual Ph.D holder in neuroscience and is the real deal. While The Big Bang Theory’s science specialist is top notch, he does require assistance from Mayim when it comes to neuroscience since it is her specialty and she’s very familiar with it.

2 Have To Learn Science Jargon

Since Mayim is a real scientist, she doesn’t need to learn anything really, but her co-stars certainly do require to memorize the science jargon seeing that they have no clue what they’re talking about.

Jim Parsons is very talented in delivering smart talk which Sheldon knows very well, but he has no idea what any of that really means and works hard in ensuring his line delivery comes across as natural. In an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jim was asked to write down a science formula, and it was hilarious to see how much of a difficult time he was having, even calling one formula as a “square rooty-y thing.” This applies for everyone else sans Mayim.

1 Acknowledge The Audience After Filming

Anyone who’s watched a clip of the filming of a multi-cam sitcom will be aware that not only does the live-audience watch the production, they are also acknowledged by the actors at the end.

When an episode’s filming is completed, there’s a curtain call where the actors appear to acknowledge the crowd’s enthusiasm. It’s more fun than it sounds and you should check clips of The Big Bang Theory cast acknowledging the audience at the end of an episode; usually they dance out to an upbeat track. It’s kind of ridiculous how they need to do this every episode, but it’s also a lot of fun.

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Harry Potter: 10 Rules Hogwarts Professors Should Have Followed

While the Wizarding World is different from our own in many ways, the emphasis on education remains a constant. For seven years, students at Hogwarts are taught the basis of magic, transitioning straight into a field of industry they’re passionate about. This training comes from their Professors, who guide them through their magical education. While many of the professors at Hogwarts are skilled magic users and educators, there is often a severe lapse in judgment when it comes to the care of their students. Policies and practices in place at Hogwarts tend to do more harm than good, and are easily correctable. As such, here are 10 rules that Hogwarts professors should start following immediately if they value their jobs and students safety.

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10 Teach Countercharms On Day One

Charms is one of the most practical forms of magic taught at Hogwarts. The act of affecting people or objects can be used in a variety of ways, often to varying effects. Why then, is it the immediate emphasis not on teaching students how to undo magical effects? Many students are injured or affected by poor spellcasting during their time at Hogwarts; an emphasis should be made early on in teaching them how to undo stray curses or spells.

9 More Than One Professor Per Subject

Hogwarts total student body size is one that has many fans stumped. While J.K. has given the official count to be anywhere from 600 to 1,000 students, more realistic elements have it placed closer to 300-400 students instead. This is still quite a bit for a single professor to handle at once. Especially given the fact that they are juggling seven years worth of lesson plans and an unknown amount of classes on top of that. Having a single professor teach an entire subject doesn’t make sense from a mathematical or educational standpoint. Hiring some adjunct faculty would help give a more hands-on experience to the Hogwarts student body.

8 No More Forbidden Forest Detentions

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it somehow bears repeating. When Ron, Harry, and Draco are caught after hours in the first book, the most fitting punishment for these 11-year-olds is to be sent into the Forbidden Forest.

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You know, the one that has the giant man-eating spiders, Centaurs who hate outsiders, and other dangerous creatures. Yeah, that Forbidden Forest. There is absolutely no reason to have this be a form of detention for students caught out after curfew. It’s dangerous, unethical, and doesn’t accomplish anything other than endangering student’s lives.

7 Simulated Environment For Astronomy

One of the more unknown classes at Hogwarts is that of Astronomy. Harry’s description of the class is typically vague or glossed over quickly. One of the few things we do know is that they have midnight classes every week to study the stars. Why though? There is an entire hall that can demonstrate the weather happening outside at any given time. Not to mention that poor weather at night would make the class pointless. Why not have it in a magically constructed room in the middle of the day so young individuals aren’t staying up until midnight for a class that doesn’t seem to truly affect their magical education that much?

6 Bring In Guest Speakers

It seems as though the only academic exposure students at Hogwarts get is from their professors. But as we’ve seen from professors like Lockhart and Umbridge, that exposure varies in its usefulness. Having guest speakers come in to teach about magical concepts or spells would give students a new insight into magic. It would also give professors a much-needed break by having someone else help teach for a little bit.

5 Break Up House-Specific Groupings

Students at Hogwarts appear to be broken up by both their house and year size for their classes. Typically they are also joined by another house of the same year, but that sometimes seems up in the air. When one looks at it objectively though, this system makes no sense. Not only does it rigidly enforce an “us vs. them” house mentality, it does nothing to award more or less house points to a specific house. If a class is filled with Gryffindors, then it makes sense that any correct answer or job well done would give points to Gryffindor only. By having classes be a mixture of students from different houses, it would help bond students that wouldn’t typically know each other and gives the house point system more meaning.

4 Consistent Class Schedules

It’s admittedly difficult to determine if the class schedule in the Harry Potter series is due to a lack of oversight from Rowling or the faculty. Regardless, it’s a system that needs overhauling. Certain classes seem to meet multiple times a week (often having “double” periods) while others meet significantly less.

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What purpose does that serve other than to prioritize one subject over another? Having a set amount of hours per week each course has to fulfill would help streamline the educational requirements each student needs.

3 Word Length Homework Assignments

Typically, homework is only given to students who don’t complete their coursework in the time allotted. This is a surprisingly progressive and forward thinking system. Unfortunately, the system used for homework makes little to no sense. Homework is done by how many inches is written on a sheet of parchment. Given that there are no set lines, how does this ensure an equal level of homework? Changing over to a system where the essays need to be a set word amount makes far more sense for students to fill. There’s guaranteed to be a magical word count spell that teachers could use as opposed to pulling out a ruler.

2 Don’t Give 13 Year Olds Time Travel

Chalk this up to a “what were they thinking?” moment on the faculties part. When Hermione Granger shows herself to be a brilliant and gifted student, the response of the Hogwarts professors is not to give her a more challenging or hands-on workload. Instead, they give a 13-year-old girl a magical device that can be used to travel back in time so she can take more classes. The potential abuse of power for any student to have such a device is extremely high, even if it is Hermione. How does one prevent someone from cheating using a Time Turner, or doing something worse? While Professor McGonagall’s heart was in the right place, giving one of your students the ability to travel back in time has more negative consequences than positive outcomes.

1 Guidance Counselors

The day-to-day life of a Hogwarts student is chaotic enough on its own right. Add in school emergencies like the Chamber of Secrets being opened or having to host a European magical tournament and it’s surprising that more students don’t lose their cool. Adolescence is hard enough in the Muggle world, and it must be even more so when you add magic to the mix. It should almost be required for each student to have some sort of guidance counselor, either to check in on them or give them advice when it turns out their professor harbors the man who killed your parents on the back of his head. The emotional well-being of the students must be on a razorwire a majority of the time; having the staff oversee this would help improve learning in their classrooms.

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Supernatural: 10 Rules The Angels Need To Follow

When it comes to Supernatural, there are numerous demons that the hunters set out to kill and eliminate. However, while the demons have always been the villains of this series, the fact is that the forces of Heaven are just as deadly and the angels and archangels are just as dangerous as any other antagonist on the show.

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However, when it comes to angels, there are a set of rules and regulations that they have to follow at all times. There are also downfalls to being an angel as there are many things that they either are incapable of doing or are at a distinct disadvantage when trying to accomplish.


The biggest thing about the archangels relationship with Dean and Sam Winchester is that Michael and Lucifer needed them in order to come to Earth to start their war. Now, both archangels found other vessels, but it wasn’t easy.

See, if an angel or archangel tries to possess someone who isn’t compatible with them, the person will blow up. The match has to be perfect, and in the case of Dean and Sam, it isn’t just a perfect match but it is the best possible match to power up the two archangels for their final war. Even lesser angels can only take on certain vessels if they want them to survive.


Many angels have fallen but there is one very real danger. When an angel falls, they lose their grace. When an angel loses their grace they become a human being. They lose their powers. They lose any chance they have of getting back into Heaven. They lose everything that made them what they are.

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Many of these rules are punishable by an angel losing their grace, so it is important to follow the most important ones at least. There are some exceptions. Lucifer is the most famous fallen angel but he has his powers back so it is not something that is permanent for the more powerful angels.


The angels can walk the Earth when they are in the form of a vessel that they have taken over. However, that is the only way that they can move amongst humans. This is because no one can look upon the true form of an angel. If that happens, that person will end up in bad shape, their eyes burned out — or worse.

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Castiel has talked about how his true form is monstrously huge, the size of the Chrysler building. There are other angels that look as much like a demon as a true demon. There was a time when Castiel tried to appear in his true form and it destroyed everything in the area.


There is one key way that all angels communicate with each other. This is through angel radio and is the required mode of contacting each other. Any other way is not as safe, but using angel radio is a way for an angel to send out a message that only other angels can hear in their heads.

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There is an interesting mode of communication and is very powerful. Jack, the son of Lucifer and a Nephilim, can hear angel radio but it causes him immense pain and a terrible headache due to the frequency in which it arrives in his head. However, when needing to gather the troops, this is the mode of contact.


When an angel dies, the form of their wings is burned into the ground around them. This is because an angel’s wings are always there unless they are burned off after falling. It is very important not to lose the wings as well because that is what they use when they teleport from one place to the next. If they lose their wings, they lose this power.

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An angel also shows their wings when using their powers, as they give them the full energy needed to maximize their Heavenly powers. Without their wings, an angel slowly becomes human and one day ends up a mortal stuck on Earth.


Angels are not supposed to leave Heaven. This is a major rule and they are supposed to remain above in order to make sure that everything in Heaven runs properly and nothing runs astray. However, this is one rule that angels on Supernatural have broken time and time again.

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As a matter of fact, angels have set out to roam the Earth since the fourth season, and seem to head to Earth constantly, so this isn’t a rule with strict punishment. However, leaving Heaven is a bad thing because it caused some to remain trapped on Earth, others to lose their wings, and now angels are an endangered species.


There is one other way that an angel can die. An angel must always keep their faith. This is an important rule because without faith there is nothing left for an angel to live for. Anna mentioned that only a handful of angels had ever seen God and no other angel had ever laid eyes on him.

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However, she said that if angels stop believing in God and lose their faith, they will instantly cease to exist. This is even worse than falling. When Lucifer fell, he ended up out of Heaven but was still powerful. When other angels fall, they end up as humans. If an angel stops believing, they die.


Angels have to be completely loyal to Heaven. There are dire consequences if they turn their back on Heaven and try to shake things up. Look at Lucifer and see the ultimate punishment when an angel, even an archangel, turns his back on his mission. However, for lower angels, they have no choice.

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When looking at most angels, they don’t even question authority in Heaven, and if they betray Heaven in any way, they start to lose their powers. Of course, the last thing an angel wants is to end up banished from Heaven, where they become completely powerless over time.


An angel cannot walk upon the Earth in their true form. As mentioned earlier, no one can look upon an angel without tragic consequences. This means that the angels have to find a vessel to enter into. There are a few rules here, but the fact is that they have to find one that is their perfect fit, or it will end up a bloody mess.

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The angels may need to find their true vessels, but that does not mean there is only one. Michael has taken on more than one vessel as has Lucifer. Like the demons, an angel can move to a new vessel when finished with the one they are in, but a true vessel isn’t easy to find.


Here’s the funny thing, and it has only been broken a few limited times. An angel, even a powerful archangel like Michael, needs to have permission before they can occupy a vessel. This makes it very hard for an angel to come to Earth anyway since very few vessels are powerful enough to hold an angel’s essence without exploding.

While Dean and Sam Winchester were the chosen ones and the expected vessels for Lucifer and Michael, the two archangels could not use them unless they had permission to enter their bodies. Of course, angels have ways of getting what they want. People can even revoke permission later.

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