Zack Snyder Seemingly Confirms Justice League’s Rumored Darkseid Actor

Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League was recently confirmed to exist, and we’ve previously learned that Darkseid had a big role in the over 2 hours of missing footage, but we now know who Snyder cast to play the role of the Lord of Apokolips.

After Zack Snyder shot 100% of principal photography and directed several months of post-production work on Justice League, he was replaced by Joss Whedon, who implemented major script rewrites during late-in-production reshoots. The resulting movie still failed to gain praise from critics and marked a low-point for the entire DCEU at the box office.

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In the 16 months since release, more and more details have come out about what the Snyder Cut of Justice League would look like, and we now know that it has at least 2 hours (probably more) of footage not in Whedon’s theatrical cut, and it would have featured Darkseid in a fairly significant role. With Zack Snyder confirming that the Snyder Cut exists, it stands to reason someone was chosen to help bring Darkseid to life in those missing scenes. Last week, The Film Exiles Podcast reported via an anonymous source that Snyder used actor and Audiobook reader Ray Porter to create Darkseid, and now Snyder is promoting Porter on the social network Vero.

While it’s not an explicit confirmation, between Porter liking tweets from fans on Twitter and Snyder replying “for Darkseid!” in the comments of his Ray Porter introduction post on Vero, it’s safe to say he’s corroborating the report. Snyder’s representative and Ray Porter have not yet responded to a request for comment.

With an actor like Ciarán Hinds cast as Steppenwolf, it’s surprising Snyder wouldn’t have looked for a bigger name for Darkseid as well, presuming he even had any dialogue. The big bad took more of a background role in Justice League including a confrontation with Ares during the history lesson flashback, similar to Sauron’s depiction in The Fellowship of the Ring, so there may not have been a need to cast a known actor just yet.

Still, it’s not clear if any of Darkseid’s scenes required dialogue and the actor’s only reaction to the news is that he has to honor his non-disclosure agreement, so it may not be until an eventual release of the Snyder Cut that we know his full participation. Even Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a credited voice actor, so there’s a wide range of possible levels of involvement for Porter. If Snyder originally intended for Darkseid’s role to be a surprise, it makes sense for him to choose a name that would fly under the rader.

Porter has many of the vocal qualities one would want in Darkseid, with a steely tone reminiscent of many previous versions of Darkseid, particularly Michael Ironside’s depiction in DC animation, such as the popular Justice League: Unlimited show, so its understandable why he was chosen. Snyder is also known for his eye for talent, casting a number of lesser-known actors in his films, most notably giving Ray Fisher his first Hollywood role as Cyborg in Justice League, so Porter wouldn’t be the most surprising of his casting decisions.

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Source: Zack Snyder (via Vero)

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Stephen M. Colbert

Avengers: 12 Villains Rumored To Appear In Endgame (And 8 Who Are Confirmed)

Even though Marvel Studios has released numerous trailers and teasers for Avengers: Endgame, they’ve kept several important details about the highly-anticipated film a secret to keep fans at the edge of their seats upon its release. We know that the first four phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been building up to this epic showdown against Thanos and his all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet, but viewers are still in the dark about how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be able to defeat the Mad Titan and which formidable adversaries or difficulties they’ll face during their mission to save the countless lives Thanos took away with a snap of his fingers in Infinity War. 

Marvel is so serious about avoiding spoilers and plot leaks for Endgame that they even denied Spider-Man actor Tom Holland access to the film’s full script, and he wasn’t even told who he’d be acting opposite of in advance. The studio isn’t taking any chances this time around, but by scouring the Internet for casting information, pictures from the set of the film, and interviews with MCU stars, and by looking really closely at the film’s promotional material, it’s still possible to piece together some important details about Endgame. 

Viewers who just can’t wait until the film’s April 26 release to know who the Avengers will be facing off against in this year’s ultimate high-stakes battle are in luck, because we’ve pieced together all of Endgame‘s potential antagonists. Here are 12 Villains Rumored To Appear In Endgame (And 8 Who Are Confirmed).


The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Thanos had a misguided yet fairly noble reason for assembling the Infinity Gauntlet and wiping out half of all life across the galaxy. He stood by as his home planet of Titan collapsed due to overpopulation and a lack of adequate resources and wanted to ensure other planets wouldn’t suffer in a similar fashion. Thanos decided that the only way to bring balance was to snap his fingers and eliminate fifty percent of existence.

In the comics, his motivation was much different. There, Thanos wanted to snap away countless innocent lives simply to impress his crush, Mistress Demise. Ever since Hela was introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, fans have assumed that the Goddess of Demise will act as the film replacement for Thanos’ beloved lady, and think she may reappear in Endgame. 


The first several trailers and teasers for Endgame made it clear that the remaining Avengers plan on mounting a counter-attack against Thanos to avenge their fallen teammates, loved ones, and the rest of the innocent lives taken away by the Mad Titan’s snap. But for some reason, the promotional material didn’t actually offer glimpses of Thanos himself.

That changed with the release of the film’s final trailer, which came out on April 2, the day fans finally became capable of buying their Endgame movie tickets. In the “first look” trailer, Thanos appears before Earth’s Mightiest wearing his battle armor from Infinity War, taunting them for not being able to deal with their failure.


The MCU is starting to take serious strides in exploring life outside of Earth, and this year’s Captain Marvel introduced viewers to the Skrulls, the shape-shifting aliens who have created all sorts of problems in the Marvel comics. The film initially depicted the Skrulls as villains but went on to explain that their primary focus was simply on finding a home for their race.

It’s definitely possible that there’ll be truth to the rumors that Carol Danvers will bring a shape-shifter or two along with her in the Avengers’ fight against Thanos, in an attempt to trick the Mad Titan. He may wipe out Captain America or Iron Man and think he’s won, only to discover that he simply eliminated Skrulls who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the universe. Or, they could work for Thanos disguised as the Avengers’ fallen friends to mess with their emotions.


Those who were wise enough to stick around after the credits of Avengers: Endgame know that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were both among the casualties of Thanos’ snap. We don’t, however, know the fate of another one of the Avengers’ supervisors, General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

Ross was a villain in The Incredible Hulk, and his strict enforcement of the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War created a divide among Earth’s Mightiest. He doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with several of the remaining Avengers, but they may need his and the government’s help if they want to take down Thanos.


Loki lost his life at the very start of Infinity War while trying to defy and eliminate Thanos, but that likely won’t be the last we’ll see of the beloved trickster. It’s highly unlikely he figured out a way to survive his termination, but leaked images from the set of Endgame make it pretty clear that he’ll pop up in time travel or flashback sequences.

Set images show the heroes who fought in the Battle of New York from Avengers all together and wearing the costumes they wore during that iconic moment in MCU history. We’re not sure what will make these characters relive that war against Loki and his Chitauri army, but if Endgame explores that epic fight, it’s likely a villainous past version of Loki will reappear as well.


It hasn’t been made clear yet in the MCU whether or not The Grandmaster from Ragnarok and The Collector have any sort of connection with each other, but in the comics, the two powerful cosmic beings are brothers. Thanos ended The Collector’s life off-camera in Infinity War to procure the Reality Stone he was given by the Asgardians in the end credits of Thor: The Dark World, and some fans think the Grandmaster will try to avenge his sibling in the next film.

Jeff Goldblum’s wacky character was an instant fan-favorite, and since he has an assortment of battle-ready warriors from his Contest of Champions at his disposal, he could actually be a big help to the Avengers… as long as he doesn’t try to capture all of them once they’re tired from fighting Thanos.


The Collector has yet to truly establish himself as a fearsome villain in the films in quite the same way as he’s done in the comics, but the MCU version of the character has always made it clear that he’s clever, crafty, and willing to do whatever it takes to survive and succeed. Since he had the Reality Stone at his disposal before Thanos added it to his Gauntlet, it’s possible that The Collector found some way to alter reality and survive Thanos’ attack, and that he’s simply waiting for the Avengers and Thanos to take each other out so he can reemerge and reign supreme.

As one of the powerful Elders of the Universe, it seemed strange that he was simply and seemingly easily eliminated off-screen.  Fans shouldn’t be surprised at all if the rumors of his return turn out to be true.


Before Nebula and Gamora finally just stood face-to-face and acknowledged that their childhood rivalry was entirely Thanos’ fault, Nebula was a major villain the MCU. Luckily, the two “sisters” forgave each other in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Nebula made it her mission to eliminate the man who ruined her life and pinned Gamora against her.

She joined some of the heroes on Titan in battling Thanos in an attempt to avenge Gamora and was the only person other than Tony Stark on that planet to survive Thanos’ snap. The trailers have shown that Nebula will join the Avengers in trying to take her adopted father out, but that doesn’t mean she’ll solely be a protagonist in the film. In the comic book version of Infinity War, she donned the Gauntlet and became just as big of a threat as Thanos had been while wearing it.


With the leaked set photos of the Avengers in their old costumes making fans speculate that the heroes will be traveling through time via the Quantum Realm to change the fates of the Infinity Stones, it’s definitely possible that they’ll visit the Battle of Xandar in an attempt to claim the Power Stone from Ronan the Accuser.

Viewers loved Ronan’s surprise appearance in Captain Marvel, and they’d probably enjoy another look at Star-Lord’s infamous Guardians of the Galaxy dance battle against him


Since set photos reveal that Ant-Man will supply Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor with some sort of device which will let them go back to the Battle of New York, we know we will also see the return of the Chitauri. These menacing alien warriors came dangerously close to helping Loki take over the planet in Avengers, and even though our heroes have matured and grown stronger since then, they still shouldn’t take the Chitauri lightly.

The Chitauri are an incredibly powerful alien race, and unlike most villains, they are entirely impossible to reason with or talk to. If they join forces with Thanos, he’ll be even more unstoppable.


Now that Thanos has all of the Infinity Stones inside of his Gauntlet, he is capable of doing pretty much anything and everything imaginable. Thanks to the Time Stone and the Reality Stone, he could easily bring back any of the other villains from the MCU’s decade-long history to aid him in his fight against the remaining Avengers, but there’s one antagonist fans suspect he’ll revive for sure.

Ebony Maw didn’t survive for much of Infinity War, but in the short time he appeared in the film, he established himself as an incredibly formidable foe. The Maw had magic on the same level as the Sorcerer Supreme’s and seemed to be the Mad Titan’s most trusted ally. It’d be surprising if Thanos didn’t enable his return.


Several of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most memorable villains were eliminated in the same film they were introduced and will likely never be seen again. Justin Hammer, however, managed to survive Iron Man 2 and has simply been sitting in a prison ever since, waiting for his chance to return and try to best his rival Tony Stark.

Hammer wasn’t nearly as skilled or intelligent as Tony, but he was still a capable weapons manufacturer and helped build War Machine’s armor. With Tony still stranded on Titan, some fans are speculating that the Avengers may have to turn to Hammer for help in creating weapons powerful enough to take down Thanos.


Fans assumed they’d seen the last of Crossbones after the HYDRA soldier sacrificed himself in an attempt to take out Captain America in Civil War, but actor Frank Grillo recently revealed that the villain will be making one more appearance in Endgame. 

During a UFC Unfiltered podcast interview, Grillo shocked listeners by stating, “He makes an appearance in the next Avengers movie but it’s a flashback.” Brock Rumlow never interacted with any of the Infinity Stones, so his addition to the film is a definite surprise, but it’s possible that by stopping his Civil War explosion, the Avengers could prevent the creation of the Sokovia Accords and be more united in their battle against Thanos should they return to the war in Wakanda from Infinity War and try to stop the snap from ever happening.


The biggest fan theory circulating the Internet about Endgame is that the Avengers will be using the Quantum Realm to go back in time to moments where they encountered Infinity Stones, in an attempt to create their own time-displaced Gauntlet or to prevent Thanos from ever assembling his. This mission could potentially force them to cross paths once more with HYDRA, as the villainous organization briefly possessed Loki’s staff and the Mind Stone which was secured inside of it.

With HYDRA loyalist Crossbones confirmed to appear in the film, it’s definitely likely that at least a few HYDRA agents will pop up to complicate our heroes’ journey, even if this fan theory turns out to be inaccurate.


The Avengers’ failure in stopping Thanos from wiping out half of all life across the universe was definitely the biggest shock of Infinity War, but the reveal that the Red Skull has been living on Vormir and acting as the guardian of the Soul Stone ever since he was launched into space in Captain America: The First Avenger was still exceptionally surprising.

The Red Skull was stranded on the deserted planet for what felt like a millennia and bound to protect Vormir’s Infinity Stone, but when Thanos took the Stone, he apparently earned his freedom. In a Q&A on Twitter, the Russo brothers stated, “Red Skull is free to leave Vormir, and he is also free to pursue his desire for an Infinity Stone.”


Ebony Maw should definitely be the first Black Order member Thanos brings back to life with his Infinity Gauntlet should he decide to call in some reinforcements in Avengers: Endgame, but Proxima Midnight wouldn’t be a bad second option. She held her own while fighting Okoye, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch all at once, and her leadership in Wakanda was instrumental in helping Thanos and his forces win the day.

With so much power at his disposal now, Thanos technically doesn’t need any help defeating the remaining heroes, but it’d be entertaining to see the Avengers have to contend with Proxima again.


The Avengers and warriors of Wakanda successfully took out countless Outriders in Infinity War, but some of Thanos’ spooky alien soldiers survived the conflict. It seems like those Outriders are still loyal to the Mad Titan, because, in one of the recent Endgame trailers, Clint Barton can be seen running from some sort of monster with multiple limbs.

The shadow of this mystery creature appears inside of a burst of flames, and it looks identical to the shape of the Outriders from the last Avengers film. So even if Thanos doesn’t bring back his Black Order, he definitely won’t be alone in Endgame. 


Some fans pretend that The Incredible Hulk never even happened because it featured a different actor as Bruce Banner and didn’t really contribute anything significant story-wise to the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it’s possible that the film’s final villain may end up playing a major role in Endgame, especially if the Hulk refuses to help the Avengers fight Thanos the way he did in Infinity War. 

The Abomination is nearly as strong as the giant green monster, and he’s far more ruthless. Emil Blonsky has been locked up ever since he disobeyed orders and tried to eliminate the Hulk, but if Thunderbolt Ross survived Thanos’ snap, he could potentially release the Abomination and point him in the Mad Titan’s direction.


One of the biggest complaints viewers seem to have about Avengers: Age of Ultron was that the “age” only turned out to be a matter of days. Ultron’s reign lasts for a significant amount of time in the comic version of the storyline, but in the MCU, he was taken out before fans could truly feel like he was a significant threat.

Some viewers believe that we haven’t seen the last of Ultron, though, and think that he’ll return in Endgame. Thanos could bring him back to life with the Infinity Gauntlet, or one of the Avengers’ trips to the past could prompt him to upload some part of his consciousness to a secret section of the Internet so he can reappear in the future.


Marvel’s trailers for Avengers: Endgame have done a good job building up anticipation for the film without giving away too much of its plot, but their Endgame toys may have revealed a major spoiler. An action figure set featuring Thor and Rocket states, “The Asgardian Thor wields the mighty Stormbreaker in his battle against new foes. Rocket teams up with a new crew to guard the galaxy from an even greater threat,” suggesting that Thanos won’t actually be the ultimate villain of the film.

It’s definitely hard to imagine that there can be a greater threat out there than an Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Thanos, but the Marvel Universe is filled with powerful antagonists. So count on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ fight continuing after the Mad Titan is vanquished.

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Steve DiCarlo

What Time Is The Avengers 4 Trailer Rumored To Release Tomorrow?

Marvel’s first Avengers 4 trailer is on the way, but what time will it reportedly release online? Ever since Anthony and Joe Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters earlier this year, all Marvel Cinematic Universe fans could think about was when they would get the first look or tease at the Russo Brothers’ 2019 Marvel movie, Avengers 4. For a long time, though, Marvel Studios focused all their efforts on first releasing Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man and the Wasp in the summer and then marketing Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s Captain Marvel.

Even though Avengers 4 releases in about five months, MCU fans have yet to see the Avengers 4 trailer, despite the fact that they’ve now gotten two Captain Marvel trailers as well as trailers for four other Disney movies (such as The Lion King) that are releasing after Avengers 4. While this may be frustrating for MCU fans who are excited to learn more about next year’s movie, releasing the Avengers 4 trailer at the appropriate time and kickstarting the film’s marketing campaign is something that needed to be carefully decided – and now it looks like it’s finally going to happen.

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It’s been rumored that the first Avengers 4 trailer will release tomorrow morning after initially being delayed from earlier this week. While it hasn’t been confirmed by Marvel Studios, it stands to reason that the trailer will release without prior notification, similar to what happened with Thor: Ragnarok. Based on prior Marvel trailer releases, the Avengers 4 trailer should release online sometime around 6 am PST/9 am EST/2 pm BST (via Daniel RPK). It’s possible that the trailer could release earlier in the morning, as Disney did with Artemis Fowl, but that seems unlikely.

Considering that the Avengers 4 trailer will be the first piece of footage that audiences have that depicts the aftermath of Thanos’ snap (officially known as the Decimation in the MCU), it will be interesting to see how much footage the studio shows. Since half of the franchise’s characters are dead, Marvel is faced with a curious predicament as to how they market Avengers 4 without confirming that their heroes come back to life. Given how Avengers: Infinity War was marketed, however, it seems likely that the Avengers 4 trailer will include scenes that won’t be in the final product.

One of the best ways to circumvent spoilers in Avengers 4 marketing is to actually show very little of the plot and change up certain scenes so that they play out differently in the actual film. This is something Marvel became very good at while promoting Avengers: Infinity War, which they in part learned from their fellow Disney studio, Lucasfilm. However, holding back too much could also be detrimental to most movies, but perhaps not Avengers 4. Regardless, fans are rumored to be hours away from getting their first look at the first Avengers 4 trailer.

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Game Awards 2018: Every Rumored Announcement To Expect

The Game Awards may hand out awards to the best titles the video gaming industry has to offer, but it also provides an excellent platform for developers to showcase current projects and announce new titles. This year’s event promises that “worlds will change,” but as to what worlds that refers to is anyone’s guess.

However, many developers have dropped hints recently about some big gaming news, with some even posting teasers on their blogs and through social media. This has created a slew of rumors about announcements fans can expect during The Game Awards, although none of this speculation is confirmed. The truth is that no one will know anything until the awards show airs on Thursday, December 6, but it’s a guarantee that fans of certain developers and franchises will be watching the awards show in anticipation. Although seeing some of their favorite games get rewarded with a statue is nice, what viewers want to see is what those developers are working on next.

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The Game Awards organizer Geoff Keighley posted on Twitter that 10 new games will get announced at the event. So what will those titles be? Here’s a look at the rumored announcements players can possibly expect:

Square Enix’s Avengers Game

In 2017, Marvel and Square Enix announced a partnership to work on a new game based on the Avengers. Since then, though, both companies have been relatively quiet about the development of that game. Rumors now suggest, though, that the title might get an official reveal trailer at The Game Awards 2018. Speculation began when Keighley tweeted that that Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo, would attend the event. Now, why else would they attend such a soiree unless they had something to show off? And that something could very well be the new Avengers game from Square Enix.

Obsidian’s new title

Obsidian will make an important game announcement at The Game Awards. The company already confirmed this by putting up a clock on their website that counts down the days until the awards show. No one knows what kind of game this is, but the promotional materials make it seem like something with a retro space vibe. Interestingly enough, the graphics used for the promotions have some speculating that the title is a new BioShock game as Obsidian already has a strong reputation for creating sequels for other companies. However, the company could focus their efforts on a new IP, so fans will have to tune in to find out what Obsidian’s new title is.

Mortal Kombat 11

Rumors of an announcement about Mortal Kombat 11 began circulating before this year’s E3, but fans were disappointed when it didn’t appear at that event. Those rumors now revolve around The Game Awards, with many believing that the title will finally get announced there. Although the original rumor began on 4chan, meaning some level of skepticism is required, that post included many leaked details about the game. The post included detailed information about the title’s characters, as well as some of its gameplay features. Again, that doesn’t mean that this rumor holds any water, but NetherRealm Studios could surprise fans by officially revealing its existence.

Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout seems like it might be one of the worst kept secrets in the video gaming industry. Not only did Fox recently trademark the title, but it was already well known that Cold Iron Studios was working on a new game in the Alien franchise. Speculation began to arise about an official announcement of that title at The Game Awards, though, after Keighley posted a graphic on Twitter with the phrase “Worlds will change” in a font that was exactly like that used by Alien’s Weyland Industries. The Game Awards is the perfect place to reveal the game, so this is one of those rumors that has picked up some steam.

Dragon Age 4

Earlier this year, BioWare confirmed that it had plans to work on a fourth installment in its Dragon Age franchise. Now that the year is nearly at an end, this means that the studio may have something to show for it. Most interesting, though, is a blog post made by BioWare that states the following:

“If you’ve been following these blogs, or myself and Mark Darrah on Twitter, you know we’re also working on some secret Dragon Age stuff. Dragon Age is an incredibly important franchise in our studio, and we’re excited to continue its legacy. Look for more on this in the coming month (though I won’t tell you where to look…)”

This blog was posted in November, meaning that a new Dragon Age announcement could arrive with this month’s The Game Awards, even if the game is allegedly “years” away.

Harry Potter RPG

In October, footage leaked of a new Harry Potter game that looks like an epic open world RPG. Although posted to Reddit, most video game industry professionals believed that the footage was real and from a game under development by Avalanche Software, a company owned by Warner Bros. With rumors suggesting that the title might release next year, it’s about time for Warner Bros. to make an official announcement about it. And where better to make such an announcement than at the last big gaming event of the year, The Game Awards? The timing couldn’t be better for an official reveal.

New Splinter Cell Title and/or Far Cry Game

One of the best sources of information about what might get revealed at The Game Awards comes from social media posts made by Keighley. In one of his tweets, he posted a video to promote the awards show, which included some teasers of what viewers can expect. One thing that fans quickly picked up in the video was a short frame of what looks like Sam Fisher wearing the familiar Splinter Cell goggles. Ubisoft has not announced a new Splinter Cell game yet, so why is it in the hype trailer for The Game Awards? It’s there because Ubisoft will probably make that announcement during the awards ceremony.

That and they just teased a new post-apocalyptic Far Cry game that looks to be a Far Cry 5 followup…

Fortnite Season 7 / Creative

Although Fortnite is nominated for several awards at The Game Awards and will probably take home a few, it is also likely that some news about season 7 of the title will arrive at some point during the evening. Fortnite season 6 ends on the same day, so it would make sense that an announcement about the next season would end up happening during the awards show. Fortnite is already posting teasers of season 7 on social media, so a grand reveal at the awards ceremony makes perfect sense. Keighley also tweeted that there would be a Fortnite announcement happening during the show.

Death Stranding

It’s no secret that Keighley is friends with developer Hideo Kojima, so it would be a shame if Kojima’s newest title Death Stranding doesn’t get a little love from The Game Awards 2018. Not only can fans probably expect to see a Death Stranding trailer with more gameplay footage, but there is also a great likelihood that Kojima will finally reveal the game’s official release date. Death Stranding is a big deal as Kojima’s first title since his departure from Konami, so celebrating the announcement of the release date at The Game Awards with his buddy Keighley makes a lot of sense.

Crash Team Racing Remastered

Crash Bandicoot has seen somewhat of a resurgence in gaming and pop culture, so it would make sense that fans might expect to see some news related to Crash at some point this year. That announcement could very well happen at The Game Awards. A tweet from PlayStation Access presenter and channel manager Hollie Bennett (retweeted by Keighley) suggests that a Crash Team Racing remaster will get announced at the event. There are also rumors popping up all over social media about the remaster and several industry professionals seem to believe that there is truth to the speculation.

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Disney Rumored to Release Trailers for Star Wars 9 & Frozen 2 This Month

The first trailers for Star Wars: Episode IX and Frozen 2 are both rumored to arrive later this month. Disney is in the midst of releasing a flurry of trailers for their 2019 slate. Captain Marvel‘s second trailer just arrived, and now it appears that the Avengers 4 trailer may arrive before the end of the week.

Disney is already one of the highest earning studios at the box office, but their 2019 lineup could be a record setting year. They’ve got something for everyone at some point next year. Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 fill the MCU slots; Pixar is releasing Toy Story 4 in the summer; live-action remakes of DumboAladdin, and The Lion King are coming in the first half of the year; and fans of the popular novel of the same name can see Artemis Fowl in the fall. But, their year ends with sequels to billion dollar hits Frozen and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Disney’s rush of trailers over the last few weeks has made it so every film on their 2019 slate has a trailer, except for Frozen 2 and Star Wars: Episode IX, and that may change soon.

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Collider‘s EIC Steven Weintraub revealed on Twitter that the first footage from both Frozen 2 and Star Wars: Episode IX will arrive sometime this month. The actual dates of the trailer reveals aren’t yet known, but Weintraub “would be shocked” if they haven’t arrived by December 25 at the latest.

If this is Disney’s plan, then it will make for a busy final two months for their marketing team. Disney only has one more release this year, and it’s Mary Poppins Returns on December 19th. The family friendly nature of the release could make it an ideal film for Disney to attach the first Frozen 2 trailer to. After all, the brilliant post-credits scene for Ralph Breaks the Internet teased audiences with allure of the first footage from the animated sequel, so it would make sense that Disney would deliver on that tease sooner than later. However, it would signal a major change to Disney’s usual marketing strategy. By comparison, the first teaser for Frozen arrived just five months before it was released in 2013, while the Frozen 2 teaser would come 11 months before the release.

This report would also make for a similarly surprising switch for Star Wars. J.J. Abrams is still in production on Star Wars: Episode IX, and is expected to continue filming into February. This would mean that a trailer for the final film in the Skywalker Saga would arrive before production had wrapped, and a complete year before the movie hits theaters. Under Disney, their standard practice has been to release the first trailer for an upcoming Star Wars movie in April of its release year, sometimes coinciding with Star Wars Celebration. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the biggest exception, as that first teaser arrived over a year before the movie would hit theaters, but that movie had to restart the entire franchise.

As of right now, it would be a bit surprising to see Disney squeeze two more major trailers in before the end of the year for films that are roughly a year away, but maybe that’s exactly what they’ll do. After all, they’ve released debut trailers for five (and soon to be six) of their 2019 releases in the last three weeks. If the first trailers for Star Wars: Episode IX and Frozen 2 are actually on the way, then hopefully Disney will confirm these plans before too long.

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Source: Steven Weintraub

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Captain Marvel Trailer #2 Coming This Week, Avengers 4 Trailer Rumored

UPDATE: Since this article’s publication, John Campea and Daniel RPK have deleted their tweets, however, Disney has officially confirmed Captain Marvel’s second trailer arrives during Monday Night Football, as rumored. The status of Avengers 4’s trailer remains officially unconfirmed, but rumored for Wednesday. The remainder of the article below has been left as originally published. See Disney’s new promo for Captain Marvel’s trailer below.

The second trailer for Marvel Studios’ latest MCU entry Captain Marvel is confirmed to arrive Monday, with Avengers 4’s trailer rumored for Wednesday. Fans have been waiting impatiently for their first real taste of what Avengers 4 has in store since they first left theaters grieving the loss of Thanos’ snap victims. In the meantime, Captain Marvel’s first teaser trailer debuted in September, and received a round of applause from most, leaving fans eager to see more footage of Carol Danvers’ solo origin story.

Marvel Studios has been infamously tight-lipped about everything to do with Avengers 4, even refusing to confirm the rather obvious fact that most – if not all – of the heroes dusted by Thanos will return, despite most of said characters being contracted for further films. Most frustrating to many is Marvel’s refusal to even confirm what the title of the hotly anticipated team-up sequel is, with the non-reveal of the title having almost turned into a running joke at Marvel-related events.

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Well, it looks like the wait is finally nearing its end, as several industry pundits – including John Campea – are reporting that Captain Marvel’s second trailer will arrive Monday night, during ESPN’s Monday Night Football to be exact. Since Campea’s tweet, Daniel RPK of Super Bro Movies replied with a confirmation of his own, and also said that Avengers 4’s trailer will follow on Wednesday morning. Their tweets are below.

Despite the reports going around on social media, it’s important for Marvel fans to remain cautious. Neither trailer’s impending arrival has been confirmed by Disney or Marvel Studios, and it’s advisable not to get too excited for the moment, just in case these latest reports prove to be inaccurate. While many of the people supporting the validity of these dates have track records of reliability, it’s always better to not get one’s hopes up too high, and risk the same crushing disappointment that resulted from prior reports that Avengers 4’s trailer would finally appear soon.

If the above reports are accurate though, Disney is making a wise move by saving Avengers 4’s trailer for after Captain Marvel’s. With no disrespect whatsoever intended to the magnitude of Marvel Studios’ first female-led solo MCU movie, anything coming after the fabled trailer for Avengers 4 would likely be seen as a disappointment. Plus, this way Disney has the opportunity to get the public more acquainted with Carol Danvers and her heroic alternate identity before Captain Marvel likely plays a role in whatever awaits within the Avengers 4 trailer.

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