Taron Egerton Debunks Rumors He’s The MCU’s Wolverine

Taron Egerton denies rumors that he will be playing Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fresh from the success of Rocketman where he brilliantly depicted a young Elton John, Egerton’s career continues to soar. Having proven his acting skills, there have been ongoing speculations that his next career move is to join the MCU bringing the beloved mutant’s new incarnation.

Since word got out in late 2017 that Disney was buying Fox’s movie and TV assets, Marvel fans have been excited to see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four exist in the MCU alongside the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. While it’s quite difficult to let go of the roster of actors who brought some of these iconic characters to life, chances are that Kevin Feige and his team are looking at a clean slate in order to incorporate the X-Men into the MCU. But recasting one specific character is making fans feel equal parts excited and anxious: Wolverine. Famously portrayed by Hugh Jackman for almost two decades, whoever is taking over the role has some big shoes to fill, and sadly, for those hoping that it could be Egerton, he says those rumors claiming he’s up for the role are bogus.

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Speaking with Digital Spy in regard to this specific matter, Egerton denies this Wolverine casting speculation, describing the rumors as “unfounded.” He also details how this rumor started, and as it turns out, it began from a joke he made about actually playing the character. Despite this, the Kingsman franchise lead star said that he’s open to taking a crack at the beloved role if Marvel Studios wants him.

“That one I think is just a rumour. As far as I’m aware it’s unfounded. I don’t know if I’m quite grisly enough. I mean if the people at Marvel think I am then great, let’s go. But I think there are probably better candidates. But I would love to be involved with that world somewhere.”

“This is what happens when you make jokes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just start casting yourself in things by just saying them in interviews? So I guess people have been asking something about me and Wolverine, and I made a joke about [playing] Wolverine after being in a hot wash, like I’d been shrunk in a hot wash, and the internet seems to think that I was putting that out there on my dream board cosmic ordering system.”

No word yet on when fans can start learning official details about what Feige is planning with the roster of Marvel characters that he can now use in the MCU. Perhaps the public can learn more during their Marvel’s Hall H presentation at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. And if they’re actively looking for an actor to play Wolverine, they might want to check Egerton if they hadn’t. Not only is the guy seemingly interested in taking a crack at it, he’s also built similarly to the hero in the comic books.

Assuming that Egerton is really in the running to be the next Wolverine, he can easily reach out to Jackman for some tips. The two worked together in Eddie the Eagle directed by Derek Fletcher – the same filmmaker behind Rocketman. All that being said, since Jackman’s take on the role is so iconic, Marvel Studios may be inclined to go for a significantly different approach with the character, like they’re doing with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This is to differentiate the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s version from its predecessor, because frankly, it’s quite impossible to compete with what’s come before considering it’s still so beloved.

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Ana Dumaraog

Eternals: Millie Bobby Brown Shoots Down Rumors Of Being Cast

Millie Bobby Brown has shot down speculation that she has been cast in The Eternals. Although it wasn’t her first foray into television, the teenage actress became a household name courtesy of her breakout role as the super-powered Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The third season of the nostalgia-filled science-fiction series recently dropped in its entirety on Netflix, once again drawing in record-breaking numbers. In recent years, Brown has also made the jump to the big screen, most recently starring in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Marvel, meanwhile, made its big screen return earlier this month with Spider-Man: Far From Home. The latest MCU outing is not only a standalone Spidey sequel but, directly following up Avengers: Endgame, also closes the last chapter of Phase 3. Even before the film’s equally record-breaking release, however, fans had already been looking ahead to the future of Disney’s billion-dollar franchise. Though the official slate has yet to be revealed, a number of Phase 4 films are already known to be in various stages of development, including a Black Widow prequel, Marvel’s first Asian-led film Shang-Chi, and the highly anticipated introduction to The Eternals.

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One of the rumors most prominently circulating is that Brown had reportedly been cast. Live-streaming on her personal Instagram, however, Brown addressed those reports directly. Between bouts of singing the theme from The Neverending Story and discussing her range of Converse, the young actress was asked about her potential Marvel role. Here’s what she had to say in response: “OK, guys, this is the problem. Everybody thinks that I’m going to be in a Marvel movie. Not that I know of. My family and I have no idea. So, I just want to let everybody know that I’m not… as of right now.”

The Eternals will reportedly begin filming in September. With Chloé Zhao already attached as director, and a cast that looks set to include Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden as Ikaris, the film could span thousands of years, even prior to the present MCU. As such, it would present a perfect opportunity to explore Thanos’ past. The most recent word is that Salma Hayek is also in talks for a role. Disney and Marvel Studios also remain eager to bring Keanu Reeves on board, be it for this film or another.

Brown has been rumored as being attached to the MCU as far back as the simultaneous filming of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. It was believed that she may turn up in a cameo or a post-credit scene setting up The Eternals. With the film eschewing the usual Marvel formula, however, it never came to be. Regardless, fans still hoped that she would ultimately join the franchise. As such, hearing her shoot down the idea will no doubt be a huge disappointment to many.

There is a chance, though, this could be another classic case of Marvel’s penchant for secrecy at work. After all, the young actress also cast doubt on the possibility of Stranger Things season 4 – despite the fact that many of the cast are officially contracted through a fourth adventure. With Marvel set to host a panel at SDCC, official details regarding their Phase 4 slate and official casting announcements – for The Eternals and beyond – may only be a short wait away, whatever the case regarding Brown herself ends up being.

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Armored Mewtwo Game Appearance Rumors Look A Lot More Credible Now

Rumors of an upcoming Armored Mewtwo have ramped up thanks to the latest trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution. The reveal fuels recent speculation that either Pokemon Sword & Shield or Pokemon Go will introduce armored evolutions to the mix.

Pokemon has quite a big 2019 ahead. In February, Nintendo announced the next mainline video games in the series, Pokemon Sword & Shield, will launch this fall for Nintendo Switch. Fans will also be treated to not one but two Pokemon films. The first is the live-action Detective Pikachu film starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith releasing May 10 (in the U.S.). A recent trailer for that film also confirms a non-armored Mewtwo appearance. A new animated film, Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution, releases July 12 in Japan. The fully computer animated film, a first for the franchise, is a remake of the 1998 Pokemon: The First Movie.

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PokemonGoHub points out that the new trailer for the latter movie shows off the genetically engineered psychic’s new look. Mewtwo’s armor somewhat resembles the shiny gear he donned in the original movie and anime series, though with a lot more sharp edges. His shoulder guards have beefed up substantially, and Mewtwo even sports sword-like blades on his back. Take a look in the trailer below. Armored Mewtwo appears at the :42 second mark, and he looks primed to make a rumored appearance in a video game later this year.

The greater mystery surrounding armored evolutions began in February with a now-deleted 4Chan post. The anonymous poster claimed that Pokemon Sword & Shield will feature the new evolutions. While lacking actual proof, the same poster had accurately leaked other elements of the game, including its title. Following that news, a data mine for a Pokemon Go update uncovered code potentially referencing an armored variant of Mewtwo and other Pokemon previously rumored for the same treatment. Many now believe that armored Pokemon could debut in Pokemon Go first, similar to how Meltan’s introduction was handled. There’s also the fact that Nintendo and Game Freak filed a Japanese trademark for the term “Armored Mewtwo” in March.

Based on the validity of the existing evidence, the reveal of Armored Mewtwo and armored evolutions feels more and more like a matter of “when” rather than “if”. If nothing else, the idea certainly fits with Pokemon: Sword & Shield’s industrial and weapons-based themes. If the Mewtwo in the animated film indeed represents his armored look, expect an official announcement to come around its release. While they’re at it, U.S. fans will probably want to know if Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution is getting a western release, too.

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10 Things We Already Know About The Knights of Ren From Star Wars IX Rumors

As of now, the Knights of Ren have remained an enigma within the Star Wars franchise. Since Episode VII, we have known of their existence. However we still don’t know where they came from, nor do we know what larger presence they have in the sequel trilogy.

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While many fans hoped to receive answers of their whereabouts in Episode VIII, director Rian Johnson refused to shed light on the speculation, again leaving them shrouded in mystery. However, recent rumors swirling about Episode IX seem to suggest that the Knights of Ren will play a significantly bigger role than they did in previous installments. Here are 10 things we know about the Knights of Ren from Episode IX rumors.

10 We will finally know where they came from

When the Knights of Ren were first introduced to the Star Wars series, they caught fans a bit off guard. No information was given about who they were or what they stood for, except for the fact that they were followers of the Dark Side of the Force.

Episode VII provided no answer, except for a brief flashback sequence that showed what they looked like, and nothing else. But if recent speculation is to be believed, then the Knights of Ren will not only show up in Episode IX, but they may even supplant the First Order as the main antagonist.

9 Kylo Ren gets his helmet back

Kylo may have destroyed his helmet in a fit of rage at the beginning of Episode VIII, but now that Snoke is out of the way, he’s free to wear it without fear of mockery. Rumors have suggested that not only does Kylo Ren re-appear in his trademark black attire and matching mask, but that his mask has been repaired, bearing a telltale red streak across its face.

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If anything, it’ll make for a hell of a Halloween costume this October, but if these rumors turn out to be true, and he has finally re-joined his fellow Knights, it could also mean that Kylo has gone too far to the Dark Side to be redeemed.

8 They will include a group of red stormtroopers

With Snoke and the way and the First Order under Kylo’s thumb, it would make sense that the organization will receive a bit of a facelift. One potential rumor that has been spreading about as of late is that the classic, white stormtrooper armor will be replaced by new, red armor, similar in style to Snoke’s bodyguards.

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But these changes may not be entirely cosmetic, as the red stormtroopers could be part of an elite class of soldiers, either meant to work alongside their white-armored comrades or replace them entirely. They could even be force sensitive and use lightsabers instead of conventional blasters.

7 We will know their relationship to the First Order

From the beginning of the sequel trilogy, there has been somewhat of a disconnect between the First Order and the Knights of Ren. While they must have worked together at some point in the past, there is no sign of them anywhere within the First Order’s hierarchy. At least, that’s what it seems now.

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Snoke was likely the Knights’ leader, but what happened to them after he became head of the First Order remains unknown. Could Kylo decide to dispose the First Order entirely, and replace his generals with fellow Knights? Perhaps…

6 We will know why they disappeared

Just like Luke Skywalker at the beginning of Episode VII, the Knights of Ren have seemingly vanished into thin air. Or did they? For all fans know, they could’ve been working quietly in the background, or even hiding in plain sight.

Whatever the case, we may know why the Knights have not had a significant presence within the trilogy thus far. With everything coming to a head, the Knights will have to come out of hiding eventually and step into the limelight, or at least partially.

5 We will see their weapons up close

Of what little we’ve seen of the Knights, it would appear that they prefer medieval-style swords and spears as opposed to lightsabers. In fact, Kylo seems to be the only member of their order with a lightsaber. This begs the question: why would the Knights of Ren use such primitive weaponry in such an advanced world? Can they block blaster shots? And how are those metal weapons going to hold up against a lightsaber?

This may not be the first time swords have appeared in the Star Wars franchise, having first shown up in the Knights of the Old Republic video game. Perhaps this is part of a clever nod to the beloved game or an indication of just how old this secretive society truly is.

4 We will know how long they have existed

Like everything else about the Knights, the question as to how old they are is about as murky as they come. The swords could indicate an ancient origin, though it could also be a reference to something else that the series has yet to divulge. For all anyone knows, they could just be a group of Darth Vader superfans with a feel for steel.

Though the most likely scenario is that they’ve been around for years, perhaps since the original trilogy, or even before, and that the rise of the First Order correlated with their emergence from darkness. Either way, the age of the group opens up a gold mine of potential spin-offs and Expanded Universe lore.

3 Snoke may very well come back

Though he died at the end of Episode VII, his death has sparked a fierce debate among fans. How could such a powerful Sith, one with the ability to link two streams of consciousness together, end up not seeing Kylo’s inevitable betrayal? Could it be that he knew all along, and is planning on coming back in some way or another?

While there’s no indication from the cast list that Snoke is going to return, that doesn’t mean his death is set in stone. Fans were surprised to see Yoda make an appearance as a ghost in Episode VIII, so why can’t Snoke reappear in a similar manner?

2 We will see the Knights get defeated (or not)

Common logic dictates that the Knights of Ren will most likely cease to exist after Episode IX. Though, as fans have come to see, evil has a way of worming back into the Star Wars universe when it’s least expected. It is very possible that the Knights will survive in some capacity at the end of Episode IX, and may even return in a post-sequel story.

Kylo Ren, for all the talk of him dying, could also survive as well, only to vanish like his brethren Knights (think Frodo at the end of Return of the King). As such, fans will have to face the possibility that…

1 They could still remain a secret

The sequel trilogy has revolved around the notion of diverting expectations. Things in the story that fans think are important may be inconsequential to those in charge. While every rumor indicates that the Knights of Ren will make their grand appearance, all of their plot threads may not be tied as perfectly as fans would like.

Perhaps we’re not meant to know everything about the Knights of Ren, and that could be the point all along. The mysteries surrounding them is what makes them so alluring, and maybe that’s how it always will, or should, be.

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David Chiodaroli

Oscar Isaac Debunks Batman Casting Rumors, But Is Open To The Role

Oscar Isaac debunks rumors he’s up to star in The Batman from director Matt Reeves, but says he’d like to be considered for the role. A solo Batman movie set in the continuity of Warner Bros. and DC Films’ unofficially titled DC Extended Universe has been in the cards since Ben Affleck signed on the play Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. At that time, it was expected Affleck would write, direct and star in the Batman movie, but plans have since changed. First, Affleck exited as writer and director, paving the way for Matt Reeves to direct The Batman.

Then, the project was plagued by rumors that Affleck would leave the Batman role and Reeves was developing a prequel Batman film. However, the actor, studio and director maintained Affleck’s involvement up until recently. In January, Warner Bros. set The Batman for a 2021 release date and Affleck officially confirmed his exit as Batman. Over the past year, even before Affleck officially stepped away from the role, there have been reports and speculation about who his replacement could be. Armie Hammer and Robert Pattinson are some of the actors more recently linked to The Batman, but going as far back as last summer, Oscar Isaac was tied to a potential Batman movie role. Now the actor has responded to those rumors.

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Speaking to Metro about his recent Netflix film, Triple Frontier (in which he co-stars with Affleck), Isaac was asked about the Batman movie rumors. Specifically, it was reported in August 2018 that Isaac had met with Warner Bros. about a role in Reeves’ The Batman. When asked if he’s the new Batman, Isaac said:

No. I have only read it online like everyone else. I haven’t had any conversations about Batman, unfortunately, but I am sure it is going to be great. Matt Reeves is such a great director. Yeah, he can get my number.

Since Isaac reveals he hasn’t met with Warner Bros. about Batman, it appears those previous reports weren’t true – at least, not entirely. It’s since been confirmed Isaac will co-star in Dune, Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel. That movie is being produced by Legendary Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros., so it’s possible the meeting Isaac had last year was for Dune, not The Batman. Nevertheless, Isaac isn’t currently in consideration for the role of Bruce Wayne in Reeves’ The Batman, that much seems certain.

Of course, Isaac does appear to be game to join the superhero blockbuster. The actor has some experience with superhero roles, having played En Sabah Nur in X-Men: Apocalypse – though he’s since called his experience working on the movie “excruciating” due to the costume and makeup for Apocalypse. Further, Isaac had a small role in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse that paves the way for a bigger part in the sequel. Still, it seems Isaac is also willing to portray a DC movie role and would like to play Batman.

Whether that happens, and whether Isaac is even considered for the role, remains to be seen. If Reeves is looking for a younger star for The Batman, Isaac may not be the right fit. Though he’s six years younger than Affleck, that may not be enough for what Reeves has envisioned. That said, since we don’t know what exactly Reeves and Warner Bros. are looking for, it’s difficult to rule out Isaac entirely. For now, fans will have to wait and see who winds up starring in The Batman.

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How Game of Thrones Prevented Set Photos From Spoiling the Series Finale

When it comes to avoiding spoilers for Game of Thrones, filmmakers are taking no chances for season 8. The story of Game of Thrones started in 1996 when author George R.R. Martin published his book titled A Game Of Thrones, which stands as his first entry in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. His series of novels is what HBO decided to adapt into Game of Thrones which came on the air in 2011.

The show has been running for seven seasons, but Game of Thrones very quickly became one of HBO’s most popular TV shows. The series has a truly ensemble cast including actors like Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, and Lena Headey. All of these characters survived the end of season 7, but it is up in the air whether they will survive the eighth and final season. Thankfully, spoilers for the upcoming season haven’t leaked yet, which is because HBO is taking special precautions to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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According to EW, HBO is using new high-tech instruments to make sure drones cannot fly over filming locations called a “Drone Killer“. Previously, Game of Thrones has had leaks due to flying drones and even actual photographersAs explained by actress Sophie Turner at New York Comic Con, “If a drone flies above sets, there’s a thing that can kill the drones, which is really cool. It creates a field around it and the drones just drop. It’s very X-Men.” While this new development will no doubt help contain spoilers on the highly anticipated season, the show has still had trouble in the past keeping elements of the plot a secret.

Last August, hackers stole 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO which contained Game of Thrones scripts as well as the cast’s personal information. The leak was a big blow to HBO as people were less inclined to tune in if the episodes had been spoiled. The filmmakers behind the newest season seem to not be playing games when it comes to season 8. In addition to this, the Game of Thrones scripts now supposedly vanish after the scenes have been filmed. It was also rumored that the show would film multiple endings, but those rumors have since been debunked by the cast.

Even though Game of Thrones is still quite a ways away, the eighth season is looking to be the biggest one yet (despite being the shortest in number of episodes). After all, this season will feature the biggest battle in Game of Thrones history. The series will also have to effectively tie up each of the characters storylines and finally reveal who will sit atop the Iron Throne. Regardless of what HBO has in store for fans, they are doing everything they can to ensure that this season doesn’t get spoiled early.

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Game of Thrones season 8 premieres on HBO in 2019.

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Godzilla Vs Kong Movie Casts Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry

Brian Tyree Henry is set to join the cast of Godzilla Vs Kong. Legendary is getting into the cinematic universe game with the MonsterVerse and are building towards their big crossover in style. Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla launched the universe in 2014 and was followed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ ’70s-set Kong: Skull Island. They’ve now established the two monsters, but are giving Godzilla a sequel next year to further set up their upcoming confrontation. That will happen in the appropriately titled Godzilla Vs Kong, directed by Adam Wingard.

The crossover movie has been getting itself into position to start filming, which was previously reported to start at the beginning of this month. There’s so far been no indication that this has actually happened and it would be difficult to do so without the entire cast set. The biggest star so far is Millie Bobby Brown reprising her role from Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

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Variety now reports that Emmy-nominated Atlanta actor Brian Tyree Henry is joining the cast of Godzilla Vs Kong. There’s no details about who he will be playing, only that it is described as a “significant” role. This could make him either a hero or a villain in the larger story, both of which Henry’s shown the ability to succeed in.

Henry is best known and recognized for his work in FX’s Donald Glover comedy/drama, and has only continued to line up future projects. He was already seen this year in smaller roles in Hotel Artemis and White Boy Rick, but has three more movies coming out by the end of the year. Supporting roles in Widow and If Beale Street Could Talk have already put him on the receiving end of great critical praise, while he’s also providing the voice of Miles Morales’ dad in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He still has a third season of Atlanta, Amy Adams’ drama The Woman in the Window, Melissa McCarthy’s comedy Superintelligence, and the Child’s Play reboot in his future as well. Now that we can add Godzilla Vs Kong to his upcoming filmography, Henry will continue be someone audiences become very familiar with.

The cast of Godzilla Vs Kong extends beyond just Henry and Brown, though. The movie also brought Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Deadpool 2 star Julian Dennison on board earlier this year. There were even rumors that Black Panther‘s Danai Gurira was being eyed for a major role in the movie, but that has yet to be confirmed. Even if that doesn’t pan out, the movie is off to a great start with its casting. None of the stars may be certifiable box office draws just yet, but that’s why a battle between Godzilla and King Kong is at the center of the film. And, who knows, by the time Godzilla Vs Kong arrives in theaters, the constant exposure Henry is getting could make him a major selling point.

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Sony Confirms PSN Name Change Option Coming in 2019

PlayStation has confirmed that the ability to change a user’s PSN Online ID is coming in early 2019. The company did not specify exact launch date specifics, but did stated that testing the new functionality will be getting underway soon.

The saga regarding PSN name change functionality is one that has gone on for years now. Seemingly almost every year, reports would surface that the rumored functionality was finally in the works for Sony, only for those rumors to be shot down by an official spokesperson shortly after. For a company that has had a stranglehold on the current-gen console market for the better part of the PlayStation 4’s entire existence, not having the ability to change your user ID on the PlayStation Network was a bizarre oversight that had never been corrected.

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Now, however, the official PlayStation Twitter‘s post suggests that the company has finally recognized the need to allow gamers to change their online user names. The announcement also specifies that the rollout of PSN name change options will begin in early 2019, meaning that it won’t be a long wait – at least, not compared to the wait Sony supporters had just to have the company acknowledge the need for such a function.

The decision to allow users to change their PSN names comes not long after Sony made another key, crowd-pleasing announcement. Towards the end of September, Sony announced that the company was finally caving in to the demands of players around the world and allowing cross-play functionality for its PS4 system, most notably supporting Fortnite in the decision. Sony had been the last of the major gaming companies to acquiesce to the trend of cross-platform play, and it did not happen quickly. That’s why the decision to allow PSN Online ID changes happening in a span of months is such a surprising, yet welcome, announcement.

Now that Sony has made back-to-back gigantic announcements regarding its online service, it’s fair to wonder what’s left for the PS4 this year. Sony recently committed to the fact that there would be no PlayStation Experience in 2018, citing that the company simply had a lack of upcoming things to feature and that it would be better served skipping this year’s show altogether. It’s possible that because of this relative lull in PS4 offerings Sony has suddenly decided to make some heavily requested changes to its PSN service – and if so, it’s a deft move from the company, keeping its name in the spotlight even when it isn’t churning out a bunch of appealing exclusives.

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Star Wars Rumor: Taika Waititi & Bryce Dallas Howard Star in Mandalorian

Taika Waititi and Bryce Dallas Howard may pull double duty with The Mandalorian, as they’re both now rumored to have roles in the series. Disney is investing heavily in their upcoming streaming service. It will include new movies, original Marvel TV series, and even the first ever live-action Star Wars show. The latter will be written and produced by Jon Favreau, but he doesn’t appear to be directing. It’s confirmed that the series will be called The Mandalorian, and fans recently got a look at what the main character looks like, just not who’s under the mask.

While there has been casting rumors pointing to Pedro Pascal possibly headlining the series, the official announcements have, instead, focused on who will be behind the camera. Lucasfilm already announced an impressive list of directors for The Mandalorian, which includes Dave Filoni, Rick Famuyiwa, Deborah Chow, Waititi, and Howard – but directing may not be the only thing the latter two are doing.

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According to a new rumor from Discussing Film, Taika Waititi and Bryce Dallas Howard may also have acting roles in The Mandalorian. This is just a rumor for the time being and should be taken with a heavy pinch of salt. If this report is accurate, Waititi will be providing the voice of a droid in The Mandalorian, while there’s no potential details on who Howard could play. Neither will be leading roles, but instead minor ones if this is confirmed.

Waititi may be best known now as the director of Thor: Ragnarok after impressive indie comedies What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, but he’s also spent time as an actor. He’s starred in or at least been featured in almost everything he’s directed, and a voice role is nothing new either. He did the voice for Ragnarok‘s scene-stealing Kronan, named Korg. It’s easy to imagine the sound of Waititi’s voice coming from a droid, whether it’s capable of speaking fluently or just using beeps and noises.

Howard is an accomplished actress, having recently taken a leading role in the last two Jurassic World movies. Her history as an actress makes it particularly believable that she would also take a supporting role in The Mandalorian, while also directing an episode. Since there aren’t any character details for her potential part yet, there really isn’t any telling what type of character she could play, if she plays one at all. Regardless, the possibility of including Waititi and Howard in The Mandalorian‘s cast is exciting nonetheless, so, hopefully, this can be confirmed (or debunked) soon.

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The Mandalorian is now filming and expected to launch on Disney’s streaming service in 2019.

Source: Discussing Film

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New York Comic-Con: 26 Biggest Announcements (And 4 Weirdest Possibilities)

It might not be as big as San Diego Comic-Con, but New York’s pop culture celebration is just as eventful. This year’s New York Comic-Con was littered with scoops. Whether it’s juicy rumors or brand new trailers, there was plenty to see and talk about. Of course, the convention weekend can get a bit overwhelming — the onslaught of news, panels, and footage seems endless. Thankfully, we’ve collected all of this biggest topics for those of you who are lost amidst all of the comic book news.

For this list, we’re going to cover the most important stories of this year’s New York Comic-Con, including some big ones that just happened to drop during the week rather than at the convention itself. The list will even feature a few big rumors that have come out of the con for some good measure — or for those of you who just like some gossip. Even those who attended the convention might have missed some of the major stories, so use this as your post-NYCC guide to recap the weekend as things begin to wind down.

We know it’s difficult to keep track of all this news, especially after the convention weekend. This list should make things a bit easier. Even if you didn’t attend, the bombardment of news is probably still filling your news feed. So after you’re finished watching trailers all day and unpacking your NYCC hauls, settle in and we’ll break everything down for you.

Here are the 26 Biggest Announcements From NYCC (And 4 Weirdest Possibilities).

30 Aquaman’s New/Old Armor

The new Aquaman trailer was the highlight of the weekend for many. It revealed a surprising amount of footage — some would say too much. The extended look — roughly five minutes long — featured a plenty of unseen footage.

Audiences were treated to a sequence involving Arthur and Mera in desert ruins, another look at Atlantis, and even an extended action sequence between the two leads as they are chased by Black Manta. Perhaps the biggest spoiler in the trailer was the reveal of Aquaman’s iconic orange and green outfit.

29 Hellboy First Look

While no footage from the Hellboy panel has been released to the public, convention-goers were treated to a poster reveal and an exclusive first look at the upcoming film.

The panel footage wooed many fans in attendance and featured a tone that balanced the movie’s violence and gore with humor. It saw Hellboy receive his iconic handgun and show off the Hand of Doom, and it highlighted his especially shaky relationship with his ally Ben Daimio.

The trailer’s money shot had Hellboy in all-out demon mode, rising out of a pit sporting a flaming sword and crown.

Hopefully it won’t be long before this footage is released to the public.

28 Bullseye in Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil’s new trailers suggest a return to the grounded crime-noir tones of the first season with some big new developments. The first trailer reveals that not only is Kingpin out of prison, but he appears to design a smear campaign to turn New York against Daredevil.

One of the ways this may be happening is through a Daredevil impostor, who is none other than the hero’s most famous villain, Bullseye. Bullseye is the subject of the second new trailer, exploring his life as a government agent-turned-assassin under the employ of Kingpin.

27 Titans Is Grittier Than The DCEU

Titans has already received flak for the marketing’s seriously dark tone. Now, after the first two episodes were screened for viewers at NYCC, it is getting the same criticism.

Not only does Titans sport the DCEU’s same dark tone, but apparently the show is even more violent than the films.

The footage featuring Robin displayed some extremely violent and lethal combat, complete with the same amount of gore and disrespect for human life one might find in — well, anything but a comic book show. With that said, the show did receive a warm reception from the audience, so maybe Titans has potential after all.

26 Possibility — Will Rick Grimes Survive?

The Walking Dead is losing its lead character this season, with the confirmed departure of Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln. His impending exit has been talked about for months now, but fans still don’t know how his character will be written out of the show. In a new rumor, it seems that Rick Grimes might meet a brutal end.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Andrew Lincoln joked that he might not “make it through the credits sequence” teasing Rick’s potential demise. Fans don’t want to say goodbye to Rick, but it will be even harder to do so if he is torn apart by walkers. Can’t somebody get a happy ending on this show?

25 Spock On Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek fans weren’t left out of the fun this year, with a new trailer for season two of Star Trek: Discovery. The trailer promises a ride that might be just as intense as the first season, with plenty of action, character beats, and visuals so gorgeous that one would think the show had the budget of a feature-length film.

Amidst the sizzle of the trailer is a big reveal — the inclusion of a young, bearded Spock.

The character is supposedly connected to the “Red Angel” visions that Burnham is experiencing, though details on his appearance in the season are still under wraps.

24 First 35 minutes of new Spider-Man movie

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is still a few months out but panel attendees were treated to the first 35 minutes — and apparently what they saw was incredible. Reactions to the NYCC footage is overwhelmingly positive, citing the stylish animation and and lighthearted tone as some of the film’s standout elements. These early reactions come off the back of a new trailer for the film, which shows off several more of the alternate universe versions of Spider-Man.

Of course, this was only the first 35 minutes. Much of the movie is still under wraps and it has a long road ahead of it, being only one of many tentpole releases hitting theaters this December.

23 Deadly Class is coming in 2019

SYFY’s adaptation of the critically acclaimed Deadly Class comic series made a big showing this year. Between the close collaboration with series writer Rick Remender, the promise of intense action, and the Russo brothers at the helm (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers Infinity War), this long-awaited series has the potential to be a household name.

Not only does the show seem like a contender for the “next big thing” in comic book television, but it finally has a release date.

This was revealed to be January 16 in a new trailer that focuses on the coming-of-age aspect of the anarchic action series.

22 Star Wars’ The Mandalorian

The first image of Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars series was released on Thursday, getting fans hyped for the first real TV show in a galaxy far far away. The photo was released alongside new details about the show, namely its title: The Mandalorian.

Set between Return of the Jedi and The Force AwakensThe Mandalorian centers on a warrior from Mandalore travelling across the galaxy. The title character wears the iconic armor that the planet is known for — a costume shared by fan-favorite character Boba Fett. Plenty remains unknown about the series, though it is set to premiere on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

21 Possibility — Kingpin and Spider-Man Crossover

Marvel fans will rejoice if this rumor comes true — during all of the Daredevil buzz over the convention weekend, Vincent D’Onofrio made a very reassuring tweet.

When a fan tweeted that the world will never see the him as Kingpin in an MCU film, D’Onofrio responded with “Who says?”

Marvel’s Netflix shows have been especially vague in their references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but having Kingpin show up in a Tom Holland Spider-Man film would be the perfect connection. The chances are slim, but at least there’s hope.

20 Bane On Gotham

Gotham‘s fifth and final season was revealed in a trailer this weekend, promising quite the grand finale. The trailer hints that Gotham will be adapting the classic No Man’s Land comic book story this season, and also teased another big bad.

Actor Shane West has been cast as Bane, one of Batman’s greatest adversaries and one of the only major rogues that the show hasn’t yet adapted. Bane’s appearance so early in Bruce Wayne’s life has been met with mixed reactions among fans, but at least that suggests a bombastic end to the pre-Batman series.

19 The X-Men Go To Space

New York Comic-Con got an extended look at X-Men: Dark Phoenix, despite being subject to what seems like endless delays. The exclusive footage, which still has not been revealed to the public, gave fans a look at the fully-formed X-Men team and their upcoming cosmic adventure.

Highlights of the footage included an argument between Mystique and Professor X, Jean Grey absorbing a solar flare, and the team going on a rescue mission in space.

While most of the movie likely takes place on Earth, it’s nice to know that the movies aren’t above digging into the spacebound shenanigans that the comics do.

18 Penny from The Big Bang Theory is Harley Quinn

Among the many DC Universe announcements this weekend was the trailer for the Harley Quinn animated series, which has taken many fans by surprise. The show looks like a quirky adult comedy with Harley breaking the fourth wall and using foul language.

The show is already being compared to the likes of Deadpool, with positive reactions coming out of NYCC. It also features a great cast, with Kaley Cuoco, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, JB Smoove, and Wanda Sykes among the voice talent. It is set to release late in 2019 on the DC Universe streaming service.

17 Umbrella Academy’s Big Debut

Netflix’s adaptation of Gerard Way’s superhero darling The Umbrella Academy came to play during NYCC, with a handful of new images and even a trailer exclusive to the folks at Comic-Con. An Umbrella Academy movie has been in the works for many years, but after the switch to television and some time in development freefall, it finally seems right around the corner.

The series — which consists of a dysfunctional family of superheroes — seems to be maintaining its gothic comic book aesthetic.

The show looks like surreal than its counterpart on the pages, but it already has people excited. Umbrella Academy hits Netflix on February 15, 2019.

16 Doctor Who First Reactions

Those who attended the Doctor Who panel were in for quite the event. The attendees got to see the premiere of the new season as well as have an in-depth talk with the season’s Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The audience’s response to the episode was ecstatic to say the least, and that sentiment seems to be shared by viewers around the world.

Not only was the show a critical hit, but its viewer ratings were record-breaking. The premiere episode “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” peaked at 9 million viewers, which the highest the show has ever had! Sounds like the new season of Doctor Who is off to a fantastic start.

15 Odin’s true form in American Gods season 2

Last year’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was a massive hit and the trailer for the new season looks just as enticing.  Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday are back on their surreal fantasy roadtrip, accompanied by even more colorful characters and bizarre, unsettling visuals.

The footage teases a war between Mr. Wednesday and Mr. World, with an especially striking shot of Wednesday in his true form: Odin. 

American Gods is a trippy, gorgeous series that many may have missed last year, and with such a great-looking sequel on the way, now might be the time to go back and binge. The second seasons drops in 2019.

14 Possibility — Sabrina/Riverdale Crossover

A full trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hit the web early last week, revealing a spooky-yet-fun adaptation of the comics, as well as a revival of the late ’90s sitcom. Sadly, Archie fans will be disappointed to hear that Sabrina is not currently attached to the hit CW series, Riverdale.

While the Sabrina was originally set to appear on the CW as Riverdale’s companion show (much like CW’s Arrowverse), the move to Netflix seems to have stifled the idea. Still, Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is holding out hope for a potential crossovers so that the original plan can come to fruition.

13 George R. R. Martin’s new show

Those of you eagerly awaiting Game of Thrones… well, we don’t have any good news for you. But, if you want more content from the mind of George R.R. Martin, an adaptation of his book Nightflyers has received a new trailer and a first-episode premiere at New York Comic-Con.

The sci-fi thriller follows a crew they struggle to survive on their space mission.

Not everything is as it seems on the vessel, as the show promises some solid horror scares as well as a character-driven story. The show doesn’t officially premiere until December 2nd, but at least sci-fi horror fans have something to look forward to.

12 She-Ra And The Princesses’ LGBT rep

Dreamworks Animation has been launching hit after hit lately — between shows like Trollhunters and Voltron: Legendary Defender, their work has earned them much success on Netflix. The newest series from the studio, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, dropped a poster and teaser trailer at New York Comic-Con that looks like promising fun for young viewers.

The reboot of the ’80s television show sports new cartoony visuals, witty humor, and a diverse cast of characters — even including a same gender couple. While the show’s initial reveal was met with some backlash, the trailer seems infectiously pleasant and fun.

11 Matt Bomer stars in DC’s Doom Patrol

While Titans got plenty of attention at NYCC, the next DC Universe original series got a brief first look. Doom Patrol is set to release next spring, but panel attendees were show some exclusive photos of Brendan Fraser’s character, Robotman. Fraser appeared at the panel and talked through the first look.

Seeing as Doom Patrol is currently filming, it shouldn’t be long before official footage hits the web.

The Robotman design look remarkably accurate to the comics, which has gotten many fans even more excited for the obscure property’s TV adaptation. Supplementing this news was the casting of Matt Bomer as Negative Man — another big name

10 The Spawn Trilogy

Fans hoping for a Spawn trailer at NYCC were out of luck this weekend, but series creator Todd McFarlane spoke at length about his plans for the newly rebooted movie. McFarlane explained that he envisions an ambitious trilogy of Spawn movies, with each one visually and tonally distinct from the last.

The first film might be described as a kind of existential horror-superhero film, with characters wondering if what they see is even real. While the project is still a ways off, the Jamie Foxx-led vehicle is going to emphasize the dark tones of the book with a hard R-rating, as well as cater to the now-older readers of the comic series.

9 DC Universe Streaming Plans

DC Comics and Warner Bros wanted to spotlight their DC Universe streaming service at this year’s NYCC, several small news breaks on he various related properties. Not only did they show footage of Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn, but they also revealed the service’s content release schedule over the coming year.

While no specific dates were given, the timeline depicts various release windows for the service’s different original series.

While Young Justice: Outsiders seems to have been split into two parts, Doom Patrol will drop next spring followed by Swamp Thing in the summer, with both Stargirl and Harley Quinn dropping next fall.

8 Pet Sematary First Look

Horror fans might not have had much to talk about at Comic-Con, but during the convention some promo images dropped for the reboot of a Stephen King classic. The first images of the Pet Sematary remake were released, featuring Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, and Amy Seimetz.

The best image of the bunch comes in the form of the Creed family cat, Church, looking meaner and mangier than ever.

While an evil cat may not be the scariest thing you’ll find in Pet Sematary, it’s a nice preview of the Stephen King spookiness to come, especially after the success of 2017’s It. Pet Sematary is set for release on April 5, 2019.

7 Runaways Season 2 Footage

A new trailer for the second season of Runaways shows that the series has moved way past high school drama, and further into superhero action territory. The trailer features the Runaways’ comic book hideout, huge action set-pieces, and plenty of superpowers to go around.

Highlights of the trailer include a kiss between Nico and Karolina, a battle on an airport runway, and a glimpse at Gert’s pet dinosaur Old Lace. The first season of the show was a quiet hit among the newer Marvel properties, but this season promises a much deeper dive into the superhero genre that fans of the series are have been waiting for.

6 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

One reveal snuck in towards the end of Comic-Con — a very short trailer for How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Although very brief, the trailer is made up of all-new footage.

The trailer consists of baby Hiccup in his father’s arms as he is told about the legendary world of dragons.

During his father’s narration, the titular Hidden World is given a brief tease as hundreds of dragons flutter across a cavernous landscape. It ends with a shot of Hiccup and Toothless overlooking a town covered in dragons. It’s not as extensive as the film’s last trailer, but it might hold fans over until the film’s release on February 22, 2019.

5 Good Omens Trailer

It’s a great year for Neil Gaiman lovers as they got not one, but two different Gaiman projects revealed at NYCC. First was the second season of American Gods, and now Amazon’s adaptation of Good Omens. 

The trailer for the new series pits Michael Sheen and David Tennant against each other as an angel and a demon who must join forces in order to prevent the apocalypse. The dark subject matter is contrasted by the show’s whimsical tone and David Tennant’s devilish charisma. It sets up what looks to be a very fun buddy comedy about he end of the world.

4 First 25 Minutes Of Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines

Fans of director Peter Jackson were treated to the first 25 minutes of his next project, Mortal Engines, at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Mortal Engines is another expansive world, like the Tolkien material that Jackson has worked with before, but with a post-apocalyptic twist.

The most talked about elements of the footage were the massive scale of the world and the jaw-dropping visuals.

The Mortal Engines footage introduces viewers to Hester, a girl who lives in a world that was ravaged by the “60 Minute War” that destroyed civilization. Now the world consists of giant cities on wheels that fight each other. Audiences won’t see it for themselves until December 14.

3 The Boys Teaser Trailer

Amazon’s adaptation of Garth Ennis’s hyper-violent superhero comic The Boys has finally been revealed with a brief teaser trailer . The teaser features a public service announcement from Vought International, a company that facilitates the operation of the Seven, this world’s league of superheroes. At the end of the PSA, the titular Boys can be seen sitting on a couch, rudely gesturing to their televisions.

The Boys is already setting itself apart from the traditonal superhero fare, and with good reason — the series is about a team of people who keep out-of-control superheroes in check– by blackmailing them, stealing from them, and beating them up. It’s extremely adult-oriented and it already looks like fun.

2 Voltron Ends in December

The release date and synopsis for the eighth and final season of Voltron was revealed at New York Comic-Con, finally bringing the critically acclaimed Netflix series to a close.

The last season will feature the final battle between the Paladins and Witch Haggar.

A few promo images were released as well — one featuring the villain Honerva and another depicting the Voltron Paladins in a control room with Shiro commanding the gang in a background role. While no footage was shown at NYCC, the release date was confirmed to be December 14. The show’s final season will premiere on Netflix.

1 Possibility — Avengers 4 Titled “Avengers: Annihilation”

This rumor went viral during the weekend of NYCC — “Avengers: Annihilation” may or may not be the name of the still untitled Avengers 4. Speculation over the film’s name has driven fans mad in recent months, with “Annihilation” being yet another choice amidstthe rumored titles titles like “Avengers: Forever”, “Avengers: Endgame”, and “The Last Avenger”.

Annihilation comes from the name comic storyline of the same name, though it bears few similarities to the Infinity Gauntlet story that the films are adapting. Seriously, Marvel, just call it “Avengers: Assemble” and get it over with already. Don’t keep us waiting!

What announcements from New York Comic-Con excite you the most? Make sure to leave a comment before you go to share your thoughts!

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