Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: The 10 Most Shameless Things Sabrina Has Ever Done

Since Part 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the titular character Sabrina Spellman was quickly established as a character who thinks highly of herself and her skillset. This sense of self-confidence has provided mixed results such as helping Theo earn a place on Baxter high’s basketball team or embarrassing her aunts in front of the coven for going against coven traditions.

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Some of her actions, though, have even worse consequences. Sabrina sometimes expresses remorse for her actions after seeing the damage in the end but sometimes she stands by her decisions. Regardless of the outcome, she walks into each situation confidently and shamelessly.

10 Attending Baxter High At Her Leisure

Throughout the series, but especially throughout the second part, Sabrina holds spotty attendance at Baxter High, favoring coven meetings and attending The Academy of Unseen Arts. Such behavior was encouraged by Aunt Zelda and Father Blackwood, both of whom devoutly followed the coven’s faith and wished for Sabrina to do the same.

Sabrina did not realize the problems she had caused until she returned to Baxter High in Part 2, Episode 6, also known as Chapter 17. There, she was greeted bitterly by Roz and Harvey, who resented her for leaving and coming back as if nothing had changed.

9 Going To Dorian’s Gray Room

This action is probably among the most harmless on this list, but it likely contributed to Sabrina’s later use of the establishment throughout Part 3. After both she and Nick lost the title of Top Boy to Ambrose, the couple planned to go on a date at Dr. Cerberus’s. Upon arriving at Dr. Cerberus’s, they see Harvey and Roz on a date, causing them to get a drink at Dorian’s Gray Room, a traditionally warlocks-only establishment, instead.

Dorian Gray (the same Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde’s novel) initially called the couple out for it, but took a liking to Nick and Sabrina and allowed them to stay.

8 Manipulating Baxter High’s Hierarchy

At the beginning of Part 1, Theo, then known as Susie, was being bullied, and Roz was outraged over Baxter High’s censorship of literature. These events also coincided with Sabrina’s upcoming baptism. Since she knew she wouldn’t be around much longer to look out for Theo and Roz, she tried to convince Principal Hawthorne to allow her and her friends to start a group supporting the girls of the school.

Principal Hawthorne did not allow the formation of the group, causing Sabrina to infest his house with spiders so that he would take a leave of absence. With Principal Hawthorne out of the way, she was able to go to Vice Principal Glover for approval for the club entitled Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association, or WICCA.

7 Resurrecting Tommy

After learning that Harvey, Sabrina’s boyfriend at the time, came from a family of witch hunters, Agatha and Dorcas of the Weird Sisters caused the mine in which Harvey and his brother Tommy worked to collapse, killing Tommy and four other miners in the process.

Unable to sit idly by and watch Harvey grieve, Sabrina tried to cheat death and bring Tommy back to life. In the process, she effortlessly slit Agatha’s throat because the spell required a life for a life. She again tried to cheat death by burying Agatha in soil from Cain’s garden and resurrecting her. Tommy came back as an emotionless shell, who later had to be killed to appease death, making Sabrina’s efforts futile.

6 Refusing To Sign The Book Of The Beast

During the first few episodes of Part 1, Sabrina was unsure whether to commit herself to the Church of Night because she did not want to lose her mortal friends or her free will. After being reassured by Father Blackwood that she would, in fact, keep her free will, she attended her Dark Baptism, only to find out at the last minute that Blackwood had lied to her.

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Because Blackwood had lied and after seeing a vision of her parents telling her to run, Sabrina left her Dark Baptism without signing her name in the Book of the Beast. She later on in Part 1 did sign her name in order to overpower the Greendale 13, but the fact that she ran out of her Dark Baptism initially was something she struggled to recover from in the eyes of the other witches in the coven.

5 Questioning The Feast Of Feasts

After Sabrina runs out of her Dark Baptism and before she finally signs the Book of the Beast, the coven’s holiday called the Feast of Feasts arrived, coinciding with the mortal Thanksgiving. The Feast of Feasts called for a Queen to be appointed among the coven, who would then be prepared to be eaten by the coven on the day of the Feast of Feasts.

Sabrina was appalled by this tradition and openly questioned its cannibalistic nature every chance she got. Her questioning eventually saved Prudence’s life but also caused embarrassment for the Spellman and Blackwood families because of their involvement in the apparently botched results of selecting a Queen.

4 Competing With Nick For Top Boy

At the very beginning of Part 2, Father Blackwood called for nominations for Top Boy, a position traditionally held by a warlock (male) student who acted as the middleman between the faculty and the students. Nick Scratch was nominated and thought to be unopposed until Sabrina, fed up with the coven’s inherent misogyny, announced her interest in the position.

Father Blackwood then did everything he could to push Sabrina out of the running, claiming that Top Boy was meant only for the male students. Both she and Nick ended up losing to Ambrose, who did not even formally run for the title.

3 Accepting Caliban’s Challenge For The Throne In Hell

During Part 3, Sabrina was grappling whether to accept her fate as the Ruler of Hell. Caliban, the Prince of Hell, challenged Sabrina for the throne, which Sabrina was initially reluctant to accept. After receiving a vision from her biological father Lucifer Morningstar himself, she accepted Caliban’s challenge.

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Her acceptance of the challenge also meant acceptance of her destiny and caused her to take on the role and responsibilities of Queen of Hell, such as taking souls down to Hell when their time on Earth was up. Her acceptance of the challenge also contributed to her abandonment of friends and family when the Pagans brought on the end of the world.

2 Taking Her Mortal Friends To Hell

In the first episode of Part 3, Sabrina recruits Harvey, Roz, and Theo, all of whom are mortals, to go to Hell with her and rescue her boyfriend Nick, who was acting as a vessel for Lucifer and was trapped in Hell by Lillith. Technically mortals were not supposed to step into Hell alive, but Sabrina took measures such as making the group wear dead man’s shoes and wiping themselves with ghastly water (water that was used to wipe down corpses).

The journey through Hell was still difficult, with each of the mortals encountering a family member, or an illusion of a family member, causing psychological torment for the individual.

1 Creating A Potential Time Paradox

After completing the third and final challenge for the throne against Caliban, Caliban turned Sabrina into stone. Her future self was able to rescue her, creating a time loop. This time in the time loop, Sabrina opted not to rescue herself after being turned to stone and instead stopped her past self from falling into Caliban’s trap.

She and past Sabrina then decided that past Sabrina would be crowned Queen of Hell while Sabrina would go back to Greendale and be with her loved ones. She told Ambrose about it after the fact and he warned her that a paradox may occur. The consequences for Sabrina’s decision have not been shown yet and will likely be dealt with in Part 4.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 10 Times Sabrina’s Arrogance Got Her Into Trouble

The new version of Sabrina in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a determined and confident young woman. Unfortunately, she’s sometimes overconfident, as some fans have noticed. Her aunts are very supportive of her take-charge attitude and desire for power. But even they get annoyed with her and her teenage bravado at times.

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Most of the occasions where she loses her aunts’ support have to do with magic and their church. Considering what some of those decisions were, it’s not surprising that they’d be upset. Here are some of the worst times Sabrina’s arrogance has put her and her loved ones in a bind.

10 Joining Feast of Feasts at the Last Minute

Playing chicken is never a good idea. Playing chicken with your aunt when the consequences are potentially being cannibalized is about the worst game of chicken imaginable. Sabrina doesn’t participate in her coven’s cannibalistic ritual out of personal morals, but to make a point to her aunt.

She doesn’t believe in it at all and just wants to make her aunt Zelda see things her way. While she has a point about ritual cannibalism being barbaric and stupid, this was the worst possible way for her to show it. Instead of calling her aunt’s bluff, she actually has to take her place on the stand because her aunt steps down for her.

9 Performing An Exorcism

This particular occasion falls on an awkward borderline between determination and arrogance. Sabrina wants to help her friend by exorcising the demon from her uncle before it kills him. That’s a noble enough cause. However, Sabrina’s explicitly told why witches don’t do exorcisms, and she decides to do it herself anyway.

She doesn’t consider seeking out a Catholic priest, which would be understandable if she weren’t so determined. That’s where the arrogance comes in; she tries to do it herself. This allows Lilith to manipulate her into completing one of her tasks as the Herald of Hell and freeing Lucifer.

8 Summoning Kings of Hell in Her Top Boy Challenge

Sabrina was supposed to summon a demon for her challenge. But she and Nick were meant to compete with each other, and instead, they openly accused Father Blackwood and others of trying to kill her and summoned the Kings of Hell to prove it.

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Granted, she had a point about needing to find out who sent them after her. Blackwood probably should’ve let them get the truth out about her “ascension.” But she chose a very showy way to do it, only to be proven wrong and lose her challenge.

7 Playing With Her New Powers

Sabrina comes back from the dead after a scene involving angels massacring her coven. But when she comes back, she has newfound powers that seem beyond those of other witches. Instead of taking a pause and waiting to see what the catch is, Sabrina starts playing with the brand new power as if it’s all fine and dandy.

She toys with the weather and resurrects a familiar, and makes flower petals fall from the ceiling while she proselytizes her fellow students. She later learns that the catch is her eventual release of Lucifer from hell.

6 Trying to Trap Satan in an Acheron

Sabrina’s theory about the acheron was sound. It was, in fact, possible to trap Satan in a vessel. Unfortunately for her, the one she picked was too weak. It’s understandable that she was a little desperate at the time for a way out, and didn’t stop to consider whether a stronger acheron could be found or was necessary.

The one her father built was strong enough to hold a demon and was already handy. Still, she seemed a little too confident when she told Satan to remember who defeated him, only to have her boyfriend possessed in the next five minutes.

5 Taking Her Friends to Hell

Sabrina’s friends all want to help her free her boyfriend from hell. He made such a noble sacrifice, after all. That doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to take them all with her on her venture into hell. It would’ve made more sense to take other witches or warlocks and to at least tell her aunts.

She just didn’t want her aunts to find out because they might try to stop her. They almost get trapped in a hell version of Baxter High and only escape because Lilith sends for them. She wasn’t really able to handle it, and they all could’ve been trapped.

4 Locking Her Father in the School’s Dungeon

Wanting to free her boyfriend from hell and possession by Satan was a noble desire. However, Sabrina wasn’t very careful with the last part of the process. Yes, she lit candles and put him in a circle of salt. But she didn’t do her due diligence and tell her aunts or anyone in the school that he was there.

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She was also careless about checking the circle of salt when she left, which allowed Lucifer to start cursing the unsuspecting members of the academy and draining their powers while he was at it.

3 Assuming the Throne of Hell

On the one hand, Sabrina sort of did Lilith a favor at the time. She technically installed Lilith as a regent. But she didn’t really think this through in terms of the responsibilities she’d still have to handle, which becomes obvious when she’s told to bring souls to hell.

She probably thought that the regent would have to handle all those things because she’s surprised when she’s told that there’s job training. It also quickly becomes clear that she’s not really letting Lilith rule; she starts talking about reforms of hell’s practices without regard to how they’ll be received.

2 Resurrecting Tommy Kinkle

It’s not hard to see where Sabrina would get the terrible idea to resurrect Tommy. It’s not just that he was killed by witchcraft; it’s that Zelda has repeatedly killed Hilda and brought her back in the Cain Pit. That’s exactly what gives Sabrina the idea to kill another witch (Agatha) and bring her back using the Cain Pit.

Problem is, she didn’t just put Tommy in the Cain Pit, so she’s really cheating death. That goes about as well as cheating death always does. It’s disturbing to watch when she actually feels entitled to kill someone and resurrect two people.

1 Creating a Time Loop

Undoubtedly one of her stupidest moves yet, Sabrina decided in season 3 that she could solve her teenager-Queen of Hell problem by simply not fixing the time loop she created by going back in time and freeing herself. So a younger Sabrina who didn’t witness the consequences of her loss of her throne and being tricked by Caliban becomes Queen of Hell— and will have to rule without any further guidance from Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, or her human friends.

But the older Sabrina who experienced the alternate timeline and learned to value her people more responded to the time loop with “Cool!” It doesn’t take a genius to see that it was a terrible plan. It’s just yet to be seen how terrible.

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Sabrina: 5 Reasons We’d Rather Study At Hogwarts (& 5 Why We’d Rather Study At The Academy of Unseen Arts)

Both Hogwarts and the Academy of The Unseen Arts have their perks and their problems, but which one would we rather study at? Most people’s dream school is the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, from the Harry Potter universe, however, the Academy of The Unseen Arts from Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a tough contender.

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Both schools teach insanely cool magic and skills, for the wrong and right reasons, and both have a plethora of amazing characters that anyone studying there would want to be friends with. It’s very difficult to choose which one is the best to attend, so here are 5 reasons why we’d rather study at Hogwarts, and 5 why we’d rather study at the Academy of the Unseen Arts.

10 Hogwarts Teaches Good Magic

Hogwarts is dedicated to teaching good-hearted magic that wizards and witches are supposed to use for the benefits of the wizarding world, while the Academy of Unseen Arts does the exact opposite. At Hogwarts, you learn about potions and spells, and more specifically, Defense Against the Dark Arts and how to not become a Death Eater.

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, you learn all about the dark arts, at the Church of Night is basically devoted to Satan. Depending on what side you’re on, Hogwarts would probably seem like a more attractive place to study.

9 The Academy Teaches Dark Arts

The Academy of The Unseen Arts is essentially a reversed version of Hogwarts, with a devotion to Satan and plenty of creepily cool subjects to learn, and (almost) human sacrifices to top it all off. But, if your preferred Hogwarts house is Slytherin, then might fit into Sabrina’s world.

In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, students at the Academy learn subjects like demonology, conjuring, and necromancy, all things which would make you powerful and would be fun to learn if the light magic ways of Hogwarts aren’t your cup of tea.

8 Less Likely To Be Bullied At Hogwarts

One of the most frightening parts of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is when Sabrina is essentiality put through a terrifying hazing ritual by Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcus.

At Hogwarts, there’s a smaller chance of being bullied so violently, and the only pressure a new student would feel is not being put into the house by the sorting hat, or not being able to say a spell correctly. Sabrina is forced into a dark room and told to face her fears during the Harrowing, which doesn’t sound like a fun student experience at all.

7 You Get to Meet Sabrina Spellman

One of the coolest parts of studying at The Academy of Unseen Arts would be meeting Sabrina Spellman. After all, she’s an iconic witch who is probably one of the only decent teenagers who is a part of the Church of Night.

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Being a student at The Academy of Unseen Arts would be eventful when given the chance to be involved in all the drama Sabrina and her friends get up to! You’d also get to spend time with Nicholas Scratch, Ambrose and especially Sabrina’s Aunt Zelda and Hilda, so it’s not bad company to be a part of!

6 Hogwarts Events

One of the best things about Hogwarts is the things that you can do there and the places you can go to within the wizarding world. Students can explore by going on trips to Hogsmeade, playing Quidditch Games or watching the Triwizard tournament and going to the Yule Ball.

There are countless things to experience, like going to Diagon Alley at getting your wand and taking the Hogwarts Express. The location of Hogwarts is magical, while The Church of Night is located in the woods at an abandoned train station in Greendale, which neighbors with the iconically crazy town of Riverdale.

5 The Academy Might Be Safer Than Hogwarts

It might seem hard to believe, but the Academy is probably safer than Hogwarts for a few different reasons. Since it’s the dark side, there are no dark wizards or death eaters who intend to destroy the entire school, and there are also no giant snakes lurking around in the basement, like the Basilisk.

When you think about it, it’s a wonder that most of the students of Hogwarts even made it through their first year because of the number of threats they faced. The only real danger students would face is being bullied or sacrificed.

4 You Can Visit Hogsmeade

Another reason why studying at Hogwarts is better is because you’d get to go and visit the magical village of Hogsmeade. It’s any Harry Potter fans dream to visit It’s the perfect little break from Hogwarts and would include going to the Three Broomsticks to get butterbeer, and going to Honeydukes to buy as many sweets as possible.

And to top it all off Zonko’s Joke Shop is located there too. To make things even better, you’d be there with all of the other students and it would be a great way to socialize and make friends.

3 The Academy Doesn’t Have Exams

Throughout the show, there never seems to be anything that the students are working towards, which makes it look like they don’t have exams at all. At Hogwarts, students have to take OWL exams every year, whereas students at the Academy just take part in lectures and more practical examples of magic.

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So, if you’d rather study somewhere where you don’t have to take a single test, and have more time do experiment with dark magic as Sabrina does outside of class (even though that’s against the rules) then The Academy of Unseen Arts is the place to be!

2 You Can Have a Pet At Hogwarts

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, bringing your companion to the Church of Night is frowned upon, so much so that you’ll get made fun of for it, which is why Salem can’t join Sabrina at school. Zelda was even made fun of when she brought hers. However, another perk of studying at Hogwarts is that you get to keep your pet with you.

Whether it be a cat, like Hermione’s Crookshanks, or a snowy owl like Harry Potter’s Hedwig, at least you’ll be able to find comfort in an animal companion when school becomes too much.

1  You Get To Join a Coven of Witches

While witches Prudence, Agatha and Dorcus are pretty awful people morally, they would also be very powerful friends to have. If you were a student at The Academy of Unseen Arts, you’d have the chance to join a coven of witches so powerful you’d never be bullied again.

There would also be opportunities to practice magic with them, and of course, cause as much trouble as possible. Since Prudence is a Blackwood, there would be plenty that you’d be able to get away with when part of such a rebellious friend group.

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Every Episode Of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 3, Ranked (According To IMDb)

The third season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina kicked off where the second had left off. Sabrina’s determination to bring her boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch, back home from Hell, is the motivation behind the first episode of the season. Yet, the season goes more in-depth than searching for Nick.

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After discovering that Lilith will not be accepted as Queen of Hell, Sabrina steps up to run for the throne to prevent turning the mortal Earth into the tenth realm of Hell. Throughout the season, Sabrina must compete with Caliban for control of the Underworld. Meanwhile, there is another witch clan in Greendale with plans to change things as we know them. These are each episode of Part 3 ranked, according to IMDb.


Before Part 3, it would not have been a first instinct to consider that Hell has a striking resemblance to The Wizard of Oz. Yet, in “The Hellbound Heart,” that is what Hell is reminiscent of. Lilith takes on the role of the Wicked Witch while one of her lackeys holds the appearance of a munchkin. Such moments such as Lilith watching Sabrina and her friends through a crystal ball and Sabrina being told to follow the blood red road are also references.

The episode focuses mainly on Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo reaching Nick. For the most part, it sets up Sabrina’s arc for the remainder of the season regarding the race for control of Hell between Sabrina and Caliban. The premiere of the season also features a cameo appearance from Nathalie Boltt as Miss. Dubois. Boltt portrays Penelope Blossom on Riverdale.


Sabrina taking on the leadership of Hell, comes with more responsibilities than Sabrina was prepared for. When Lilith tells Sabrina that part of her job is to drag souls to Hell, Sabrina is against it. However, when she learns that a person she had always thought to be innocent was a march darker soul that she believed, Sabrina enacts a plan to condemn him.

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Meanwhile, Prudence and Ambrose continue their quest to find and kill Faustus Blackwood. “Drag Me to Hell” begins asking another series of questions when Father Blackwood says he had been away for fifteen years, not a month.


Fans and the media had suggested the concept of a crossover episode between Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale since Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered on Netflix. While “Heavy Is the Crown” does not officially count as a crossover event, it is the first time the audience sees Sabrina and Ambrose cross into Greendale’s neighboring town of Riverdale.

Their visit comes from Ambrose tracking down King Herod’s crown, a piece of the Unholy Regalia, to the Blossom family. Instead of bringing the item straight to Hell, Ambrose insists on studying the artifact. Unfortunately, Caliban steals the crown from Sabrina and gets the credit for winning the first round.


The Church of Night faces the effects of their waning magic during the Hare Moon ceremony. Refusing to lose hope, the Spellman family thinks of ways to retain and strengthen their magic. However, waning magic is not the only problem Sabrina has to face.

Although she wants things with Nick to go back to normal, things have only gotten worse. Still feeling Lucifer’s presence inside his body, Nick struggle with how to handle his emotions. His anger and desperation to find a sense of peace comes out at Sabrina as he admits that whenever Nick looks at his girlfriend, he only sees her father.


The time has come for the next round in finding a piece of the Unholy Regalia. This event has Sabrina and Caliban traveling back in time to find Pontius Pilate’s bowl. However, Sabrina must avoid getting lost in time. After planning a scheme, Sabrina successfully wins the challenge, taking the bowl home with her.

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Meanwhile, the Dark Lord gets inside Harvey’s mind, preying onto his insecurities when Roz lies before him as a statue. Harvey buys into the comments and calls a group of guys to help him rampage the carnival. Hilda also feels the early stages of her transformation.


In the season finale, Sabrina learns how her absence has affected her friends, family, and the town of Greendale. Decades after being tricked by Caliban, Sabrina is awoken by another version of herself and told to switch places to see what the world has become. As Sabrina walks around town, she notices how her house and most of Greendale has been left in despair, and Ambrose is the only remaining member of their family left.

Wishing to make things right, Sabrina goes back in time to make sure that the future does not happen. By tricking the Pagan witches and stopping Caliban, Sabrina successfully stops the future she had witnessed. However, deciding to break the rules even further, rather than switch places like she was meant to, or merge with her other self, the two Sabrinas choose to create a possible paradox. While one Sabrina goes home to be with her family and friends, the other remains to claim the throne of Queen of Hell.

Lilith and Ms. Wardwell finally come face to face as everything starts falling apart. While Zelda attempts to gain an alliance, Hilda’s transformation increases, physically changing her. With things getting worse, Sabrina and her friends team up with Caliban to wake up Roz from her statue-like state.

However, when Harvey’s offering does not wake up Roz, the group must go to a witch that can undo the spell on their friend. Leading into the next episode, Zelda and Hilda both go down. While Zelda kills Hilda with the plan to revive her, Zelda is shot by Ms. Wardwell.


The penultimate episode of the season ends disastrously for every character on the show. With Sabrina on a quest to find the last piece of the Unholy Regalia, Judas Iscariot’s 30 pieces of silver, everyone must find a way to succeed without her. Unfortunately, with Sabrina absent, Hilda dead, and Zelda unconscious, the other witches, Ambrose, Prudence, and Nick, along with the mortals, are separated and outnumbered.

Meanwhile, in her unconscious state, Zelda reunites with Hilda and their brother Edward as they go through Zelda’s memories, searching for a way to come out of their war with the Pagan witches as winners.

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10 Mythical And Historical Figures That Appeared in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina- Part 3

Warning: Spoilers for the most recent season of the Netflix show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be found in this article. It contains surprise characters, spoils twists, and reveals big plot points. If you have not watched the season in its entirety, know that several plot points will be spoiled below. 

The show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has done a fantastic job during its first two seasons at exploring a new version of the story of a familiar and beloved character that many fans grew up with (either via the original PEP comics, the darker comics on which this show is based, or the popular sitcom version of the story from the 90’s) and tying in historical and mythological elements into its plot with ease. And the shows third season is no different.

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In part three of the show, we find a young Sabrina once again torn between her duty to her friends and her destiny. She is forced to assume the throne in order to save Nick from hell, but she finds that ruling hell is no piece of cake. While trying to balance the demands of the mortal world and the world below us, she encounters several figures from classic literature, mythology, and history along the way. Today we will explore just who these people are and what they meant to Sabrina’s journey this season.

10 Pan

When a traveling carnival appears in Greendale, its younger population rejoices. But Sabrina and friends quickly realize that all is not what it seems and that there is something sinister going on. It is later revealed that each member of the carnival’s staff is not only members of a sect of Paganism that seeks to destroy humanity in order to allow the Green Man to assume rule but they are all also figures from Greek mythology in disguise.

The man who leads the carnival is truly Pan- a Greek God who can turn someone mad if they look at him for too long and are taken by his song. Agatha is sadly lost to his power during this season.

9 Circe

Another member of this mystical carnival is revealed to actually be the Greek goddess Circe. Circe has the power to turn anyone into an animal with a simple touch. She is a truly powerful figure and is not one to be trifled with.

When Hilda mentions that she keeps spiders as pets, Circe is horrified and promptly places a curse upon Hilda that will slowly turn her into a spider over the next few weeks. Hilda is not the only person who is bewitched by Circe’s magic. Harvey and his friends decide to trash the carnival to seek revenge for Roz being turned to stone and Harvey’s friends are quickly turned into pigs as punishment.

8 Barrabas

Not all of those who live in hell were ready to accept Sabrina as their queen. She was quickly challenged by a man named Caliban (explored later in this article) and is forced to compete in three trials in order to prove her worthiness of the crown. The second trial involves her having to steal the bowl belonging to Pontius Pilate but in doing so, she ends up placed under arrest and finds herself in a cell beside a man known as Barrabas.

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Barrabas is a historical/biblical who was arrested by Pontius Pilate along with Jesus Christ. Pontius asks his people which of the two should be pardoned and they demand that Barrabas be pardoned and Jesus be kept under custody.

7 Hecate

In The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the witches thank the devil for their powers and worship at the Church of Night. They believe that Satan has blessed them and they are eternally in his debt. Much of the earlier seasons of the show involve their debt to the Dark Lord.

However, once it was revealed that Satan truly did not have the witches’ best interest in mind, the witches start to distance themselves from him over the course of the third season. He punishes them for their “betrayal” by taking away their powers and Zelda ends up losing her life in a scuffle with the real Wardwell. While in the place between life and death, Zelda encounters her lost brother and realizes that they had been praying to the wrong person. Once awoken and saved, she prays to Hecate (who does not appear on screen but her powers can be seen) in order to restore her powers and pledges her eternal devotion to this figure.

Hecate is the Greek Goddess of witchcraft and magic. By the end of the season, the witches have severed ties with the devil and are devoted to Hecate, which one might argue is a better plan.

6 Pontius Pilate

During the second trial that Sabrina must undergo to prove herself worthy of being queen of hell, she travels to Jerusalem in order to steal the bowl belonging to Pontius Pilate. She is arrested but is able to trick her way out of trouble and escapes with the bowl in hand.

Pontius Pilate was known as the fifth governor of the area known as Judea which was under Roman rule. He is known as the man who demanded that Jesus be crucified.

5 The Gorgon

Via berrynerdy on Deviant Art

The Pagan carnival is filled with greek gods, goddesses, and figures in disguise. Many of them use their powers to enhance their carnival positions and performances. The snake charmer, for example, is actually a gorgon. Tensions brew between the witches and the pagans when a snake that bite Dorcas was slain after the attack.

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In Greek mythology, Gorgons are typically depicted as women with snakes for hair. The most well-known gorgon is Medusa, who turned those who sought to destroy her into stone before this power was eventually turned back on her.

4 Robin Goodfellow

Those who know their Shakespeare were able to detect the subtle foreshadowing scattered throughout the season early on. It was quickly revealed that the quiet new students’ name was Robin Goodfellow and those who are familiar with Shakespeare’s work will know this character as the figure of “Puck.”

Puck is a trickster of sorts who plays with the humans in the play A Midsummers Night Dream.

3 Caliban

Caliban is the man who challenged Sabrina’s rightful claim to the throne. He is a confusing figure throughout the season as fans had a hard time predicting whether he was on Sabrina’s team, a possible new love interest, or was the new antagonist.

However, those who knew of the character from The Tempestunderstood his motivations right away. In this play, Caliban is considered one of the more evil characters and is known for wanting to eliminate the ruler and hurting his daughter. Since the ruler and daughter are both Sabrina, many people who were familiar with the play saw his betrayal coming.

2 Vlad The Impaler

In the final trial to become Queen of hell, Sabrina meets Vlad the Impaler in his tomb and is bitten by him (as he is a vampire) but he quickly stops due to her having celestial blood. She then lectures him on the importance of consent and takes Judas’s coins for herself.

Vlad the Impaler is a famous figure from history who is often associated as the inspiration behind Dracula and is known for his brutal techniques in battle.

1 Judas

In a fun twist of events, Sabrina is betrayed not by Judas himself but by someone wearing his face. Those familiar with the story of Christ will know that Judas is the man who betrayed him.

This is known as one of the most famous acts of betrayal in history. And, within the context of the show, is just another moment where Sabrina is likened to Christ. We are excited to see where this narrative leads in future seasons.

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Zooey Norman

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Academy of Unseen Arts

The Academy of Unseen Arts is a focal point for many of the storylines in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Sabrina’s willingness to attend is a major issue in the first season, and her conflicts with the administration and other students can get intense.

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But this academy has some structural issues compared to other witchcraft schools like Hogwarts. Some of its design may be unique and interesting, like the fact that it’s a religious private school of magic. But it still has to function as a school to be believable, and that’s where it runs into a few issues. Here are some of the more questionable aspects of Sabrina’s second school.

10 The Duration of Study

There are students at the academy who are said to be near a century old, including Prudence. But Sabrina starts going there at 16, and the ghosts of the harrowed children appear younger. Exactly how long is the school track? It’s clearly more than four years, but what are they even doing all that time? Do they have an R&D division trying to create new spells? It is stated that the acheron configuration was Edward Spellman’s thesis, but it’s never clarified how long it takes to graduate, or what the requirements or major fields of study are.

9 The Mostly Invisible Faculty

The Church of Night seems pretty small in the show. Even when they’re all gathered in the first and second seasons, there don’t seem to be many of them. But that’s no excuse to only show faculty as extras or a handful of power players. Lady Blackwood was married to the high priest, Blackwood was the high priest, and Zelda is Sabrina’s aunt. The only other faculty named is quickly killed by Hilda for threatening her sister. A couple of warlocks are seen when Zelda is introduced to the faculty, but they mostly don’t seem to exist.

8 The Location

It makes sense that an academy would’ve been started in New England because that area was colonized before the rest of the US. But they didn’t have to stay there, and really shouldn’t have. The Church of Night conceals their academy by making it look like an abandoned train station, but it would make more sense to just relocate to a far less populated area. No one would look for them if they just picked some random spot in the desert out West. It would be a lot easier to hide.

7 Some of the Subjects

Certainly, normal schools have choir and theater classes or extracurriculars. However, does this particular academy really need those? Given how long their studies appear to take, it might be wise to knock a few things off their schedules, and these don’t seem necessary for witchcraft. It would also free up the faculty used for those classes to teach something else. Maybe these just aren’t mandatory? It could make more sense as an extracurricular activity since they seem to be stuck there for quite some time, and it could get very boring without hobbies.

6 It Has A Dungeon

The dungeon has been used a few times in the three seasons of the show, but why does the academy have one in the first place? If the Church wants to have a jail of some sort, why in the world would they decide that their academy is the best place for it?

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Okay, they don’t seem overly concerned with the welfare of their students given the tradition of harrowing. But they still could’ve picked a better place. What scholastic reason do they have to justify their existence here? Trapping goblins? And why are the students able to access it without supervision?

5 They Never Have Exams

The show isn’t really about Sabrina’s schooling. But it’s still a little weird that she never has an upcoming test at the academy except when running for Top Girl or when Blackwood’s messing with her. Maybe that’s why it takes them so long to graduate. And she never seems to have other assignments, either; no potions to brew, no papers to write. At some point they must have their knowledge tested, but how does the academy do this? Is it more of a practicum than a theory test? Nothing has been shown yet, and now that the academy is depleted of students, it may never happen.

4 Class Is Always In Session

There’s a difference between a year and a school year. Maybe this is a modern invention, but it’s still a bit strange that the academy always seems to be holding classes until most of the coven is destroyed. Part of this could be explained by its nature as a private religious school. It makes sense that they would spend holidays like Lupercalia at the academy because the Church of Night owns the academy and would hold their services there. But that doesn’t explain the seeming lack of vacation time. It’s unclear what they consider a school year.

3 No Off-Campus Culture

The students of the academy do sometimes go into Greendale, but this is mostly in times of crisis when they’re trying to save or destroy something. Most of the visits are to the Spellman house. What in the world do they do for fun? They can’t just stay on campus all the time to avoid humans. It’s not clear what they do for recreational purposes. There is Dorian’s Gray Room, but that has its limits in entertainment. Do they play games? Are there witch sports? Do they go conjure random crap together?

2 Housekeeping

The faculty aren’t the only ones largely invisible in the show. For the academy to be a boarding school, they have to have some practical things like housekeeping and catering, but these people don’t seem to exist either. Laundry would certainly be essential if the students are expected to wear uniforms, and some of the students like Prudence seem to wear the same clothes frequently.

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As for the catering, are there specific witch foods? There’s a dining hall at least, but what are they serving and who’s serving it?

1 Nobody Has Parents

It’s clear that the students of the academy are often much older than Sabrina, but it’s still weird that none of them seem to have parents. Prudence believed she was an orphan, Agatha and Dorcas are orphans, Nick’s parents are dead, and even Sabrina’s parents are dead. Then there are the background students, whose parents never seem to appear even when the coven is under attack. Maybe Satanic witches aren’t that concerned about their offspring, or just feel their kids are old enough to be responsible for their own education. Shouldn’t they at least care a little when the Dark Lord shows up?

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Sarah Brode

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 3: What Was In The Egg

Warning: Major SPOILERS ahead for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 took Sabrina (and viewers) to Hell and back, but there were many other dangers in the mortal world as well, among those Faustus Blackwood and his plans, which involved a mysterious egg from Loch Ness. Based on the Archie comic book series of the same name, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was released on Netflix in 2018. The series received positive reviews, and after a Christmas special in December 2018, the second batch of episodes was released in 2019.

It was a long wait for fans of the series, especially because season 2 left many questions waiting to be answered, such as the future of the coven and Nick’s fate after he sacrificed himself as prison for the Dark Lord, but season 3 is finally out – and it left many more mysteries. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 saw the young witch trying to balance her duties in Hell as well as her mortal life, while also doing her best to keep her family, friends, and what was left of the coven safe from different threats: on the side of Hell, Caliban wanted to invade Earth and turn it into the tenth circle of Hell, and on Earth the coven was being threatened by pagans and their own Gods.

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In addition to that, Blackwood was found by Prudence and Ambrose in Scotland, where he spent 15 years inside a temporal church created by him so he could purify himself to wield unimaginable magics, and for that he needed an egg that was given to him by none other than the Loch Ness monster. But what exactly was inside that mysterious egg?

Sensing that there was something important and potentially dangerous in that egg, Ambrose decided to keep it and study it. He later discovered that it had properties that warp and affect time, which came in handy on the season finale when Sabrina needed to go back in time to avoid major catastrophes in Hell and Earth. However, that wasn’t enough to stop Blackwood, who managed to retrieve the egg from the Spellman’s house and finally performed the dark ritual he was supposed to do in Scotland, inviting the eldritch terrors to “tear through the skin of reality”.

The egg held some sort of fetus, surrounded by a clear fluid, and given that it came from Loch Ness, Ambrose preserved it in a fish tank. Eldritch terrors and creatures were popularized by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and the word “eldritch” is used to describe something that is sinister and weird, sometimes even possessing the power to alter reality. Lovecraft’s most famous eldritch is Cthulhu, who has appeared in Sabrina’s universe in the comics (Sabrina even became the bride of Cthulhu). Now, if the egg was what unleashed the eldritch terrors, it’s very possible the creature inside was an eldritch creature itself, although what exactly it was is unknown – as well as its survival outside the egg, as after Blackwood stabbed the shell, the remnants of the creature were seen at the bottom.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has progressively gotten darker and darker, and now that the eldritch terrors have been released, Sabrina and company (both in Hell and Earth) will have to prepare for the arrival of bigger and more powerful creatures that will surely be more dangerous than Lucifer himself.

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Adrienne Tyler

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Soundtrack: Every Song In Season 3

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 taps deeper into the musical side of storytelling by featuring a number of classic songs. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 soundtrack features well-known tunes from popular musicals to rock’n’roll hits. The highlight of the season is the fact that the cast performs a good portion of the music featured in the eight brand new episodes.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 picks up after Sabrina Spellman and her allies prevent the End Times, which subsequently forces the Dark Lord’s body into Nick Scratch. Sabrina and her friends travel to hell to rescue Nick when she learns that she holds a claim to the throne. While struggling with the responsibility of taking over hell, Sabrina and the coven suffer from their identity. When Pagans come to town with dangerous motives, Sabrina is forced to pick which realm she must prioritize.

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Before Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 dropped, Netflix released a pop music video titled “Straight to Hell.” The cast of the series star in the video, which serves as a precursor to the new season by giving viewers a taste of what’s to come. The music video sets the tone for the season while featuring Sabrina in her Baxter High cheerleading form while facing figures like her boyfriend and the Dark Lord. The song isn’t featured in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3, but here’s every other track you’ll hear.

The Knack (performed by Ross Lynch, Jaz Sinclair, Lachlan Watson) – “My Sharona” – Harvey, Roz, and Theo perform a cover of the song as their band, The Fright Club, before Sabrina interrupts them.

Run-DMC – “It’s Tricky” – Sabrina joins the Ravenettes cheerleading squad and is shown doing a routine to this song.

Wheatus (performed by Ross Lynch, Jaz Sinclair, Lachlan Watson) – “Teenage Dirtbag” – The Fright Club rehearses a cover of the song in Harvey’s garage.

Arctic Monkeys – “I Wanna Be Yours” – Harvey and Roz are kissing at the start of the episode.

Beats Antique feat. Alam Khan – “Vesper Stars” – A woman performs with a snake at the fair that comes to Greendale.

Kyle Dion – “Cherry Blossom” – Nick is at Dorian’s Gray Room and hires two sex demons for their service.

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Shannon Shaw – “Broke My Own” – Nick drinks at Dorian’s Gray Room when a message from Sabrina shows up on his hand.

Cast of Chilling Adventures of SabrinaSpring Awakening‘s “The Song of Purple Summer” – The coven sings the song in the Greendale woods as part of the Hare Moon rituals.

The Cure – “Lullaby” – Theo and Robin share a passionate kiss.

Tragedy – “Conflicting Ideas” – Harvey rounds up some of the boys at his high school and the crew trashes the fairgrounds.

Lucy Davis & Alessandro Juliani – Sweeney Todd‘s “By The Sea” – Hilda and Dr. Cerberus rehears the song together to practice for an upcoming production of Sweeney Todd.

The Beta Band – “Dry The Rain” – Sabrina watches over her friends as they all seem to have found a significant other.

Suvi feat. Stockholm Strings – “Bad Company” – Harvey and Roz are kissing.

Toni Basil (performed by Kiernan Shipka & Jaz Sinclair) – “Hey Mickey” – The series takes a play out of Bring It On as the cheerleaders do a routine to the song.

Cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Peter Pan’s “Tender Shepard” – The coven sings the soothing tune while putting a sleeping spell over Greendale to prevent the Pagans from harming the townspeople.

Chris Payne – “Ave Satanus” – Those in attendance kneel during Sabrina Morningstar’s coronation.

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Kara Hedash

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 Ending Explained

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns for a spooky season 3, and the ending sets up even more trouble for Greendale and its resident teenage witch. Based on the Archie Comics series and developed for TV by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina takes place just across the river from Riverdale. Not for the faint of heart, the series features plenty of gore and horror elements – which in season 3 include numerous trips to Hell.

When the story last left off at the end of season 2, Lucifer had been imprisoned inside the body of Nick Scratch and Lilith had been crowned as the new Queen of Hell. However, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 finds the three realms – Heaven, Hell, and Earth – falling out of balance due to the instability of Hell’s throne, forcing Sabrina to reluctantly claim the crown for herself. Pagan witches sense the weakness of the Satanic witches and move in on Greendale, with plans to resurrect an old god called the Green Man and let plant life retake the world. The Church of Night’s strength is depleted without Lucifer’s blessing, and Sabrina finds herself torn in three different directions: beating back Prince Caliban from the throne of Hell; efforts to rejuvenate her coven’s powers; and trying to protect her mortal friends from the new supernatural threats.

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Sabrina succeeds in the final challenge for Hell’s throne, stealing Judas’ thirty pieces of silver from Vlad the Impaler’s tomb. However, upon returning to Hell she is tricked by Caliban, who entombs her in stone in the ninth circle of Hell, and reveals that he has done the same to Lucifer and Lilith. With the House of Morningstar defeated, it appears that Sabrina has lost and is doomed to stay in Hell forever – until she’s rescued by someone unexpected. Here’s what happens in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3’s ending, and what it means for season 4.

At the start of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s season 3 finale, “Sabrina is Legend,” Ambrose explains what happened in the original timeline after Sabrina is entombed in stone. Caliban is crowned King of Hell and attempts to make good on his campaign promise to turn Earth into the tenth circle of Hell. He leads Hell’s armies in an assault on Earth but is thoroughly defeated by the Pagans, who used Harvey Kinkle as a virgin sacrifice to resurrect the Green Man and enslave the world. With Caliban beaten and Hell weakened, the Celestials descend from Heaven and ransack Hell, leaving it empty.

From here, things get a little muddy. After several decades, a future version of Sabrina shows up to rescue the entombed Sabrina. It’s unclear who freed this original Sabrina, or whether she somehow got herself free, or whether there’s simply an infinite time loop of Sabrinas being rescued by Sabrinas, creating a predestination paradox. Whatever the case, the future Sabrina switches places with the Sabrina entombed in stone and gives her strict instructions to do the same thing when her own time comes.

Following instructions from her future self, Sabrina returns to Earth armed with all three pieces of the Unholy Regalia: King Herod’s crown, Pontius Pilate’s plate, and Judas’ silver. She finds that many decades have passed. All of her friends and family are now bleached skeletons – with the exception of Ambrose, who has managed to survive and evade the Pagans. Together, Sabrina and Ambrose figure out that they can use the Time Egg that Father Blackwood retrieved from Loch Ness to send Sabrina back in time to before the Pagans won. The Holy Regalia’s ultimate destiny was to be melted down and turned into a weapon to fuel this journey: a morningstar.

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Armed with her knowledge of the future, Sabrina is able to prevent Theo, Harvey and Roz from being captured by the Pagans, and save Mambo Marie, Aunt Zelda, and Prudence from being killed by Father Blackwood. They regroup at the Academy of Unseen Arts, where Sabrina hatches a plan to trick the Pagans into killing their own god. Theo’s new hobgoblin boyfriend Robin, who had defected from the Pagans, pretends that his betrayal was all part of his cover and brings them a virgin sacrifice for the Green Man to prove his loyalty: Ms. Wardwell.

After beginning the ritual, the Pagans realize too late that Ms. Wardwell is actually Pesta the hedge witch in disguise, and she uses her unique powers of decay to destroy the Green Man. With their god dead, the Pagans are driven out of Greendale and their leaders are killed. However, when it comes time for Sabrina to go to Hell and rescue herself from the stone, she comes up with a different plan – one that she thinks will solve all her problems.

Instead of freeing herself from the stone after being tricked by Caliban, Sabrina instead gets to her past self before she reaches the ninth circle of Hell. After everything that she witnessed in the terrible future where her friends and family died, Sabrina finally has the conviction she was missing for the rest of the season: she wants to live in Greendale and dedicate herself to her mortal friends and her coven, rather than Hell’s throne. However, Sabrina’s past self hasn’t lived through that future and is still hungry for infernal power. Sabrina therefore proposes a deal: the other version of herself will remain behind and rule as the Queen of Hell, while the “original” Sabrina will return home. It seems like the perfect solution: Hell gets a fully dedicated monarch, stabilizing the realms; Lucifer will be satisfied at seeing his daughter on the throne; and Sabrina gets to fully embrace being a Spellman rather than a Morningstar.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a happy ending in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. When Sabrina admits what she’s done to Ambrose, he’s horrified, telling her that she’s created a time paradox that could cause even greater chaos. Hell being left without a ruler merely destabilized the three realms, but by breaking the time loop Sabrina has destabilized the very fabric of time and reality. What’s more, she’s done this at the worst possible time – since Father Blackwood is bent on bringing back eldritch terrors that are even older and more powerful than the Pagan gods.

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Flanked by his twin children, Judith and Judas, and a thoroughly insane Agatha, Father Blackwood (having retrieved the Time Egg from the Spellman house after its occupants fled) finally accomplishes what he was trying to do in Scotland. Performing a dark ritual, he invites the eldritch terrors to “tear through the skin of reality.” He stabs the time egg, causing it to hatch open and unleash an unknown abomination upon the world. Blackwood declares that they have birthed “the beginning of the end… the end of the Spellmans. The end of all things,” before bursting into maniacal laughter. Driven mad by the fifteen years he spent in a pocket dimension studying the eldritch terrors, Blackwood’s priorities have apparently shifted from obtaining power to destroying all of reality. That’s obviously not great news, but at least the witches of Greendale are no longer powerless.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3, Zelda struggles with the direction of the Church of Night. The coven previously worshipped and derived its power from Lucifer, but he was understandably unhappy about being tricked and imprisoned by Sabrina and her family. He withdraws his gifts from the Church of Night, leaving their powers depleted, and Zelda’s plan to pray to Lilith instead proves short-lived when Lilith’s claim to the throne of Hell is rejected. It takes a brush with death and a spirit journey through limbo for Zelda to realize who they should be worshipping.

After Aunt Hilda fails to resurrect from the Cain Pit, the women of the Church of Night gather around her grave and pledge themselves to Hecate. Hailing from Greek mythology, Hecate is an ancient goddess of (among other things) magic and witchcraft. She is one of several deities who embodies the archetype of the triple goddess – at once Maiden, Mother, and Crone, which in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are represented by three phases of the moon. Hecate blesses the coven with restored powers, bringing Hilda back to life, and the Church of Night rebrands as the Order of Hecate.

In combination with Sabrina placating Lucifer by leaving beind a version of herself to rule Hell, the Church of Night becoming the Order of Hecate officially brings an end to the Spellmans’ fealty to Satan. That’s a huge change for a show that, up until now, has had characters frequently saying things like “Praise Satan” and “What the Heaven?” Their magic may well be very different in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4 – but given that the eldritch terrors were around long before the Greek gods, the Order of Hecate may not be powerful enough to stop what’s coming.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

Riverdale Connects To Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina With [SPOILER] Cameo

WARNING: SPOILERS for Riverdale season 4, episode 10, “Chapter Sixty-Seven: Varsity Blues”.

Riverdale has once again managed to do a crossover with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, suggesting the two Archie series are connected. Since the launch of the reimagined Sabrina Spellman-led series on Netflix, viewers of both Archie properties have been waiting to see how connected the two shows might be. With both shows referencing the two neighborhood towns Greendale and Riverdale, it has been teased that this is a shared universe of some kind. Things took an interesting turn when a recurring Riverdale character, Ben Button (Moses Thiessen), suddenly emerged in an episode of Sabrina season 1. Somehow, Ben managed to die twice across the two shows.

The first happens in Riverdale season 3, episode 2, and Sabrina season 1, episode 7 having him be murdered off-screen. While showrunner Roberto Acquire-Sacasa, who shepherds both series, teased to ET Tonight in 2018 that Ben’s cameo proposed “a very deep, deep mythology where time and space bends,” no major crossovers between the shows have yet to happen. With Riverdale still being ambiguous about its potential roots to the supernatural, Sabrina is where that element is fully embraced while still leaving an open door for The CW drama to partake. But the Riverdale season 4 midseason premiere had a surprise crossover once again, but in a more logical way.

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During the events of “Chapter Sixty-Seven: Varsity Blues,” Betty (Lili Reinhart) is conducting interviews for a story she is working on about the Stonewall Prep’s football team and their alleged history of playing dirty. Focused on reaching out to star players from other teams, one of the football players Betty chats with is a recurring player for the Netflix series: Billy Marlin (Ty Wood.) The Baxter High Ravens player reveals that the Stonewall linemen broke his arm, as he is sitting at Pop’s wearing a cast on his left arm.

Unlike the confusion behind Ben’s appearances on the two shows, Billy’s cameo makes a Riverdale/Sabrina crossover more plausible. Currently, Billy is the only living character to have popped up on both shows, which opens the door for potential appearances of other regular, minor characters. It’s worth noting that Billy is the first character to crossover from the Netflix property. With several elements of Riverdale and Sabrina having been dropped as Easter eggs across the two shows, it might be a way of slowly building up towards a major crossover.

With Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 releasing soon, only time will tell what other potential Riverdale connections or nods may be included or hinted at. Following this week’s moment, it might suggest that Netflix and The CW are potentially making a crossover event a reality down the line. Riverdale got an early renewal for season 5 while Sabrina season 3 will be followed up with another 8-episode arc that is slated to air either later this year or early 2021. As Warner Bros. TV has extended the future of both series and through Billy’s surprise appearance, a Riverdale/Chilling Adventures of Sabrina crossover could be in the cards.

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Andy Behbakht