Ayushmann Khurrana roped in to support senior citizens in medical need during coronavirus

Ayushmann Khurrana is raising his voice to support the cause of senior citizens in medical need during coronavirus! Senior citizens living alone across the country are at great risk during this surge in coronavirus in India and he has been roped in by National Commission for Women (NCW), Ministry of Women and Child Development to bring awareness to this initiative.

Ayushmann Khurrana roped in to support senior citizens in medical need during coronavirus

Ayushmann says, “In this unprecedented situation affecting our country and humanity, National Commission for Women (NCW), Ministry of Women and Child Development has established a special #HappytoHelp task force for helping the senior citizens in need of medical attention, facing issues in procurement of essential items/medicine supplies due to the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown.”

He adds, “It is my honour to support this cause and do my best to raise as much awareness for those who need our urgent attention and help. I urge all the citizens of our country to take note and support this initiative because this would provide a groundswell of momentum to the cause.”

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Senior PKK terrorists go into hiding amid Turkey's counterterrorism operations

Senior PKK terrorists have gone into hiding fearing for their lives as the Turkish military continues to carry out successful counterterrorism operations around the country’s s… .

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5 Best Senior Action Heroes (& 5 That Are Too Old For This)

There are a few staples of the action genre. Between spectacularly choreographed fight scenes, exhilarating car chases, tense shootouts, and loud rock music, anyone can recognize an action movie when they see one. They’re exciting, dramatic, and hard to look away from.

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Something else that has become synonymous with action movies is older action heroes proving that they still have what it takes. The sub-genre of geriaction (geriatric action) even came about in recent years thanks to those butt-kicking silver foxes. Some of them have been kicking said butts for years and still manage to tear it up on screen to this day. Others, though, don’t seem to still have enough oomph. So, here are five senior action heroes that still got it, and also five that are getting too old for this. For our purposes, we are counting anyone over the age of 60 to be considered a senior.

10 Still Got It: Denzel Washington

It’s tough to consider Denzel Washington a senior, considering the fact that he looks like he’s in his 40s. However, the star of films like The Equalizer, Training Day, and Man on Fire is in fact 65 years old. And, at that age, he still holds his own with the up-and-coming action hero youngsters. He’s managed to find a perfect balance between experienced wisdom and authoritative toughness that still works just as well as ever. He’s even playing Lord Macbeth in the upcoming adaptation of Shakespeare’s play.

9 Too Old For This: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had more than a prolific career. The former governor of California was the star of the Terminator movies, as well as action hits like Predator, Total Recall, and Commando.

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His recent movies, however, just haven’t seemed to capture the same magic and overall awesomeness that his older movies did. He will always be respected for what he’s done, but maybe it’s time to switch over to the wise old man that sends the new action hero on their adventure.

8 Still Got It: Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton gave Schwarzenegger a run for his money in the original Terminator movies, and she’s back and better than ever in Terminator: Dark Fate. She hasn’t had a terribly diverse career in action movies, but it’s impossible not to give her all of the credit she deserves for fighting off killer robots in the 80s and still fighting them off today. One look at her firing a bazooka while wearing aviators will tell anyone all they need to know.

7 Too Old For This: Sylvester Stallone

Like Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone will always be respected for his work in classics like the Rocky films, Rambo films, Cliffhanger, and Judge Dredd. He even managed to do well enough in The Expendables. Unfortunately, his age is starting to impede his ability to really bust heads like he used to, as was evident in Rambo: Last Blood. Luckily, he’s also done movies like Creed recently, which show that he may be willing to pass down the boxing gloves.

6 Still Got It: Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver has become a staple of the sci-fi/action genre, starring in both the Alien franchise and Avatar (as well as Avatar 2-5 in the coming decade).

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She tends to lean more towards the scientist or boss role, rather than the retired special forces agent that has to save their daughter, but that’s what sets her apart from the Stallones and Schwarzeneggers. She doesn’t have to do the head-knocking; she’s got people for that.

5 Too Old For This: Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is another example of a guy that had it and then didn’t. Granted, his fall from grace was less about his acting and more about his cultural views and personal life, but it’s still safe to say that it’s time for Mel to hang up the gloves. He had his moments with the Lethal Weapon franchise, Mad Max,  and Braveheart, but he just hasn’t been able to make a comeback, and it seems as though the world has moved on.

4 Still Got It: Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is basically responsible for the inception of the geriaction sub-genre. He was unforgettable in Schindler’s List, of course, but he really hit his stride when he did the first Taken.

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The world was introduced to a dad that happened to have a particular set of skills, and set off on a violent rampage to get his daughter back. For the action genre, it was a pretty familiar premise. Liam Neeson, however, managed to do it better than anyone else, and still does. He also gets bonus action hero points for fist fighting wolves.

3 Too Old For This: Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was at the height of his career, the height of action movies, and the height of the downtown LA skyline when he did Die Hard. From there, he went on to become one of cinema’s most iconic action heroes. He did several more Die Hard movies, each a worthy contribution to the zeitgeist of badassness, as well as others like Pulp FictionThe Fifth Element, and Armageddon. Unfortunately, movies like Death Wish and 10 Minutes Gone proved that his action style hasn’t aged as well as he may have hoped, which means he may be better off sticking with other genres.

2 Still Got It: Jackie Chan

It’s hard to imagine action movies without fight scenes, and it’s hard to imagine fight scenes without Jackie Chan.

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Not only does he have an endless list of movies, like the Rush Hour franchise, Drunken Master, and Police Story, and not only has he famously always done with own stunts, but he is still churning out smart and action-packed movies, and isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.

1 Too Old For This: Steven Seagal

Who better to top this list than Steven Seagal? He hit somewhat of a stride with movies like Above the Law, Hard to Kill, and Under Siege, but he faded into the obscurity of low budget direct-to-video action movies soon after. That hasn’t totally stopped him, though. In fact, he recently starred in Beyond the Law, alongside DMX, of all people, which currently sits on Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 25% (based off of eight people) and no critical consensus at all. Maybe he should try something else.

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Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan Step Down As Senior Royal Family Members

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle have made the decision to step down as senior royal family members. The decision comes at a time when the couple’s popularity has been a popular topic with the British public.

The royals have always been a staple of the British Empire, holding up centuries of traditions and pride in the UK. Before Meghan Markle entered the picture, Prince William and Prince Harry were the poster boys of a new generation with the monarchy. Unfortunately, since the last royal wedding, the two princes have reportedly been far from close, leading many to believe that there is a rift between the royals.

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The royal couple, who just returned from a six-week Christmas break in Canada, just announced that they would step back from senior royal duties to become more financially independent, as originally reported by BBC News. Buckingham Palace released a statement saying that Prince Harry and Meghan plan to split their time between the United Kingdom and North America. The royal couple also made sure to mention that they would continue to fully support the Queen.

Harry and Meghan spoke out last October about their struggle with handling the media spotlight, especially since Markle had not received a warm welcome from royal admirers. The couple took to the social media account to say that they came to this decision after many months of reflection and discussions with one another. The royal couple also acknowledged that they felt encouraged and supported over the last few years and only now felt prepared for the adjustment. Harry and Meghan wanted to reassure their followers that even though they were taking a step back, they would continue to honor the Commonwealth.

The parents of baby Archie also would like to be able to raise their son with an appreciation for royal tradition, all while providing much-needed space from the constant exposure. The couple plans to launch a new charity to which they would like to dedicate their time. Many royal watchers had commented on how the job started to take a toll on the couple, which included Prince Harry not enjoying the traditional ceremonies anymore. The two have always been good in front of a crowd, but the duties may have become too much. To many, Harry and Meghan seemed to be desperately unhappy with their positions as figureheads and are thankful that both decided to step aside – not only to repair themselves, but hopefully the monarchy as well.

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