Dune Movie Reboot Confirmed to Have at Least One Sequel

Legendary’s CEO says the plan is to make at least one sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune movie reboot. One of the touchstone sci-fi novels of the 20th century, Frank Herbert’s first Dune book was published in 1965 and has since given rise to multiple sequels and prequels that flesh out the property’s mythology. The original novel takes place in the future on the desert planet Arrakis, where a pair of royal families (Houses Atreides and Harkonnen) battle one another for control of the planet and its valuable resource melange (aka. spice).

As far as adaptations go, Dune is known for being notoriously difficult to translate into other mediums. David Lynch’s 1984 Dune movie was a critical and commercial bomb, while John Harrison’s 2000 Dune miniseries earned high viewership, but was limited by its budget and content restrictions. Cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky infamously tried and failed to get a Dune film made during the ’70s (as chronicled in the 2013 documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune), as did Paramount when it announced plans to make a Dune movie in 2008… only to abandon the project three years later.

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Finally, in 2016, Legendary landed the Dune movie rights and quickly set Villeneuve (then fresh off his success with Arrival) to work on the adaptation. However, it was previously revealed that Villeneuve’s film will only adapt the first half of Herbert’s book, with the second half being saved for the sequel. Legendary CEO Joshua Grode reaffirmed the studio’s Dune plans in a recent interview with THR, explaining that “There’s a backstory that was hinted at in some of the books [that we expanded]. Also, when you read the book there’s a logical place to stop the movie before the book is over”.

According to its official synopsis, Villeneuve’s first Dune movie – which is currently filming for a 2020 theatrical release – will follow Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), the “brilliant and gifted” son of House Atreides head Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac), as he travels to Arrakis to ensure his family’s future. The reboot is ever referred to as a hero’s journey story in its synopsis, which aligns with Villeneuve ‘s description of the movie as “Star Wars for adults”; that is, a grand space epic that follows a young man as he comes of age, but with more political intrigue that Luke Skywalker’s own big adventure in A New Hope.

Needles to say, Paul’s greater journey (much like Luke’s) will have barely begun when he sets out to Arrakis in Villeneuve’s movie. It’s probably for the best that the filmmaker isn’t trying to cover too much at once then, especially since Herbert’s original Dune novel is practically two stories in one itself (like Grode indicated). Of course, the danger is that audiences might never get to see the second half of the narrative here if the initial Dune under-performs at the box office (a la Villeneuve’s sequel Blade Runner 2049). For now, though, it sounds like Legendary is pretty determined to make at least two films, save for the unlikely event that the first one is a complete flop.

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Sandy Schaefer

Cobra Kai Review: Karate Kid Sequel Series Continue To Defy Expectation In Season 2

The biggest surprise of YouTube Premium’s original series Cobra Kai was how successful it was in capitalizing on nostalgia for the Karate Kid without relying on it entirely. The return of original cast members Ralph Macchio and William Zabka for a half-hour TV series on a fledgling streaming service initially looked as though it was going to be a tongue-in-cheek goof on the ‘80s coming-of-age hit that launched a franchise. Instead of clowning around with crane kicks and fence-painting training montages the series took a sincere interest in the lives of Daniel LaRusso (Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (Zabka), and how a single kick to the face appeared to have overwhelmingly influenced the next 30 years of their lives. 

But in the case of Cobra Kai, sincerity doesn’t translate to humorlessness. In fact, the show’s willingness to lean into comedy and occasionally poke fun at both Johnny and Daniel is perhaps its saving grace. The push-pull of two competing martial arts philosophies, headed up by two very different men, could have resulted in an overbearingly moralistic or cloyingly sweet message, but as the series (and creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald) has demonstrated from the beginning, it’s very concerned with striking the right balance with regard to it core philosophies without resorting to schmaltz to get its point across. 

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That’s not to say Cobra Kai isn’t aware the sometimes awkward sincerity prevalent in the sports genre, and certainly the franchise from which it was spawned. There’s still plenty of that here, especially in season 2, as Daniel’s feud with Johnny has escalated considerably following Miguel Diaz’s (Xolo Maridueña) dirty win over Johnny’s son, Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), in the All Valley Tournament at the end of season 1. It’s now dojo vs. dojo — or Cobra Kai vs. Miyagi-Do — in an all-out war that may or may not see a bunch of kids’ futures as collateral damage. 

Through it all, though, Cobra Kai maintains a healthy sense of humor, and its secret weapon is Zabka’s performance as Johnny, a man so stuck in the past he’s living an almost Rip Van Winkle-like existence. Between his morning routine of chugging cans of Coors and eating Slim Jims, utter un-wokeness, and ongoing relationship with ‘80s rock, Johnny Law is a light snack for today’s “call out culture,” a man just waiting to be “canceled.” Though the series dangles the villain bait with regard to Johnny, it doesn’t take it. Instead, the ostensible protagonist of the series becomes a prime example of season 2’s major through-line: the question of second chances and who, if anyone, deserves one. 

To answer that, Cobra Kai brings Johnny’s old sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) back from the dead. Instead of dying in the wake of losing the Cobra Kai dojo following the events of Karate Kid, the steely ex-solider gets a re-engineered story, one in which he re-enlisted and did some black ops work in the intervening decades. Whether there’s any truth to what Kreese tells Johnny is almost beside the point; the guy epitomizes not only the notion of second chances, but also the season’s other overarching theme of fathers (or father figures) and how their influence shapes the future of their sons. Or in the case of Johnny and Daniel, how a pair of mentors shaped the lives of their surrogate children. 

The series allows this to play out in a variety of ways, building on the dynamic between Daniel and his own children Samantha (Mary Mouser) and Anthony (Griffin Santopiero), as well as his Miyagi-like relationship with the estranged son of his sworn enemy, Robby. Similarly, Johnny’s relationship with Miguel continues to evolve, as the recently crowned All Valley Karate champ has to learn a little humility, and also that his sensei is a flawed human being who’s learning how to be a role model as he goes along. 

Of the series’ parallel storylines, the Johnny/Miguel relationship is the more engaging one, and not only because being the “bad guy” is more fun, but because Cobra Kai has positioned Johnny as the character with the most to lose and the most to gain. That might seem impossible considering where he was when the series began, but everything that Johnny has, everything that means something to him, has only come to him since the series began. And the biggest threat to what Johnny’s built isn’t Daniel LaRusso and his Miyagi-Do; it’s Kreese and Johnny’s own baser instincts. 

As the season attempts to demonstrate through the escalation of the rivalry between the two dojos and their respective sensei, bad people aren’t born, they’re made. This way of thinking is what turns Johnny Lawrence into a surprisingly and satisfyingly compelling character, one who is wrestling with the poor choices he’s made in the past, even as his current circumstances threaten to push him down a similar path. That Cobra Kai can pull that off, all while being an entertaining mix of comedy and drama in a half-hour package is another example of how the series continues to defy expectations. 

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Cobra Kai season 2 will be available to stream beginning April 24 exclusively on YouTube Premium.

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Kevin Yeoman

L.A. Noire 2 Updates: Will Rockstar Make A Sequel?

The first game was a unique, open-world noir detective story, but will L.A. Noire 2 ever happen? L.A. Noire cast players as Cole Phelps, a former marine turned dedicated LAPD detective, and in addition to letting Phelps drive around a large sandbox city and activate side quests, the central gameplay mechanic involved interrogations and examining evidence.

L.A. Noire is still one of Rockstar’s most original titles and was acclaimed upon release for the quality of the story and the performances. The game also pioneered a new technology that scanned actors’ faces, allowing for a greater range of expression. The game wasn’t flawless, however, with the faithfully recreated Los Angeles feeling a little empty and combat was clunky, which was also a complaint leveled at Grand Theft Auto 4 around the same time.

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L.A. Noire is a still an engrossing game, but do Rockstar have any plans to revisit the property?

L.A. Noire 2 Was Teased Shortly After The Release Of The Original

L.A. Noire took seven years for Team Bondi to develop, which accounts for the game’s ambition. While the game was critically acclaimed upon release and sold very well, it was also an expensive title to develop. Nonetheless, Rockstar and parent company Take-Two sounded confident L.A. Noire was going to be the start of a brand new franchise.

Comments in 2012 and 2013 suggested L.A. Noire 2 was very much a possibility, but no concrete details were given. Rockstar is known to take their time developing sequels, such as the eight-year gap between Red Dead Redemption and its ambitious 2018 sequel. While its possible L.A. Noire is being developed quietly, little has been heard about the project in some time.

Team Bondi Disbanded In 2011

Despite the success of L.A. Noire, Team Bondi folded shortly after the game’s release, amid complaints of unethical treatment of staff during the game’s development. Creative director Brendan McNamara and other former Team Bondi members moved onto the development of a spiritual successor called Whore Of The Orient, which was set in Shanghai in 1936. While early footage looked promising, the game’s cancellation was later confirmed in 2016.

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Will There Ever Be An L.A. Noire 2?

The demise of Team Bondi doesn’t necessarily spell doom for L.A. Noire 2, but the lack of movement on a follow-up suggests Rockstar don’t consider it a priority either. While the original game is well regarded, with the game’s 2017 Switch port reminding everyone just how unique it was, there has been little sign of a sequel.

Fans would also love to see Rockstar develop follow-ups to Max Payne 3 and Bully, but with Grand Theft Auto 6 rumored to be their next game, it could a long time before they revisit properties like L.A. Noire 2.

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Padraig Cotter

Will Hellboy 2019 Get A Sequel? Here’s Everything We Know

WARNING: Spoilers for Hellboy.

Will the Hellboy revamp starring David Harbour see a sequel, what will its story be about and when will it be released? Here are all the answers to your pressing questions regarding a follow-up film to the 2019 Hellboy movie.

Based on the popular series by Dark Horse Comics, Hellboy tells the tale of a baby demon destined to bring about the end of the world, who is raised to become humanity’s first line of defense against the supernatural. The Hellboy comics were adapted for film twice previously by Guillermo del Toro and were moderately successful, developing a devout cult following. However, with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola taking a more active role in the development process and a story that was taken directly from the original comics, hopes were high that the new Hellboy movie might be the start of a successful franchise akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Sadly, those hopes for Hellboy 2 seem to have been crushed in the face of a lackluster opening weekend at the box office and an overwhelmingly negative response from critics and audiences alike. Despite this, the movie did end with several potential avenues for follow-up films, ignoring the wide variety of stories from the comics just waiting to be adapted. Here is everything we know about a potential Hellboy sequel.

Hellboy’s Ending & Post-Credits Scenes Set Up A Sequel

The final scene of Hellboy introduces the character of Abe Sapien – a fish-man who was a major character in the BPRD comics and the del Toro Hellboy movies. The Hellboy post-credits scenes go on to introduce the ghost of Lobster Johnson (a costumed vigilante who appears in a flashback earlier in the film) and an immortal warrior known as Koshchei the Deathless. Introducing these three characters into the new cinematic Hellboy universe clears the path for several stories from the comics to be adapted, in the same way that The Wild Hunt storyline formed the basis for most of Hellboy’s script.

A Hellboy Sequel Is Unlikely After The Movie Bombed

Despite all the preparations that were made for follow-up films, it seems highly unlikely that the 2019 Hellboy movie will ever see a sequel. The movie was torn apart by critics, who described the film as “horrible” and “a chore to sit through.” Audiences were equally unimpressed, with the film earning far less than its projected opening-weekend pay-out of $16-20 million. That marks the $50 million Hellboy reboot as a bomb by any reasonable standard.

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When Could A Hellboy 2 Release?

Assuming that Lionsgate continues to maintain faith in the franchise, the soonest we might expect to see a Hellboy 2 would be sometime in 2021. A two-year turn-around time is typical on a movie of this sort, so any announcement regarding a sequel would have to be confirmed quickly to stay within that threshold. Given the introduction of Koshchei the Deathless, it seems likely the sequel would be based on the graphic novel Darkness Falls, which saw Hellboy trapped in the world of Russian mythology by the witch Baba Yaga and forced to fight her servants, including Koshchei. Sadly, given the reception to Hellboy, it appears that Big Red is doomed to be cast back into the cinematic Pit rather than headline a major superhero franchise.

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Matt Morrison

I Am Number Four Updates: Will A Sequel Happen?

The first movie was supposed to kick off a brand new franchise but will an I Am Number Four sequel ever happen? Following the huge success of the Twilight movies, studios quickly snapped up other young adult book properties that could be turned into movie franchises. While franchises like The Hunger Games would blossom, others like Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant would stall at one entry.

I Am Number Four from 2011 was adapted from the first book in the Lorien Legacies series and starred Alex Pettyfer, Teresa Palmer and Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood). The movie follows John Smith, a humanoid alien from a planet called Lorien. John’s race is being hunted down by aliens called Mogadorians, who have to kill loriens in order. After the first three are killed, John becomes a target and has to use his powers like increased speed and strength to survive. Michael Bay briefly considered directing the film but opted out to focus on Transformers: Dark Of The Moon instead, with D.J. Caruso coming onboard to helm the project.

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There were seven books in the Lorien Legacies series, but disappointing box-office returns meant I Am Number Four sequel plans were quickly put in doubt. Will the next book in the series The Power Of Six ever be adapted?

The Power Of Six Was Put On Hold

Screenwriter Marti Nixon (Sharp Objects) confirmed plans for an I Am Number Four sequel were put on the back burner following the reception to the movie. I Am Number Four received mostly mediocre reviews but managed to gross $150 million worldwide, which is around three times its production budget.

While those numbers are solid, they clearly weren’t enough to convince the studio The Power Of Six was worth pursuing. This is a shame since Number Six, played by Teresa Palmer, was regarded as a highpoint of the first film and the sequel would have put a focus on her character.

Will The Power Of Six Ever Happen?

There has been little talk of an I Am Number Four sequel in the years since. D.J. Caruso mentioned during an interview in 2013 that Dreamworks was exploring ways to continue the franchise, but nothing appears to have come from those conversations. Considering the amount of time that’s passed since the release of the first movie, a direct follow-up is unlikely. There’s a chance I Am Number Four could be remade or retooled as TV series in the future, but the chances of a sequel featuring the return of Alex Pettyfer and Teresa Palmer are pretty low.

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Padraig Cotter

Ponyo 2 Updates: Why A Sequel Probably Won’t Happen

The original was another enchanting animated classic from Studio Ghibli but Ponyo 2 probably isn’t going to happen. Hayao Miyazaki is the co-founder of the legendary Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation studio responsible for films such as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. Miyazaki also directed those entries and is rightly acclaimed as one of the greatest living filmmakers.

Ponyo from 2008 was Miyazaki’s tenth film and tells the story of a boy who discovers a goldfish who turns out to be an underwater princess. Ponyo was another Ghibli film about the wonder of childhood and while it contains darker moments, it’s also just a joyful adventure. The movie’s English language dub also contained an all-star cast, including Matt Damon, Tina Fey and Cate Blanchett (Thor: Ragnarok).

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While Ponyo was a critical and commercial success, a sequel looks highly doubtful. Here’s why Ponyo 2 probably won’t happen.

Hayao Miyazaki Wanted To Make Ponyo 2 – But Was Overruled

Surprisingly, Hayao Miyazaki was actually interested in making Ponyo 2 but he was talked out of it. Miyazaki initially wanted to follow up Ponyo with a sequel, but producer Toshio Suzuki convinced him to adapt his own manga The Wind Rises instead. Miyazaki was reluctant at first since the subject matter, a biopic of Jiro Horikoshi who designed fighter planes during World War 2, wasn’t typical Studio Ghibli fare.

His staff convinced him to press ahead with the project, which was released in 2013 to great acclaim. The film was also intended to be Miyazaki’s final feature film, but it was later announced he was working on a new project dubbed How Do You Live?

Studio Ghibli Don’t Really Make Sequels

Another barrier in the way of Ponyo 2 is that Studio Ghibli has never made a feature-length sequel to one of their projects. Miyazaki’s interest in making Ponyo 2 is one of the rare times the animation studio has even flirted with making a follow-up. In 2002 they released The Cat Returns, a spinoff of their 1995 movie Whisper Of The Heart, and in 2003 Miyazaki also directed Mei And The Kittenbus, a short film sequel to My Neighbor Totoro.

Miyazaki will be busy for at least a couple more years with How Do You Live? and it’s doubtful any other filmmaker at Studio Ghibli would be brave enough to tackle Ponyo 2. It’s possible once the legendary director is finished with his next project he could revisit the sequel but realistically he will likely make good on his threat of retirement. Ghibli has historically chosen not to make sequels either, so the odds of Ponyo 2 happening aren’t great.

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Padraig Cotter

Tomb Raider Movie Reboot Sequel is Moving Forward, Lands a Writer

MGM is moving forward with a sequel to its Alicia Vikander-led Tomb Raider movie reboot, with Amy Jump writing the script. While the campy Angelina Jolie-led Tomb Raider movies from the 2000s certainly have their fans, the second of the two films (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life) was a box office misfire when it hit theaters in 2003. Fifteen years later, the series finally got a gritty makeover modeled after the 2013 Tomb Raider video game reboot, with Jolie’s fellow Oscar-winner Vikander stepping in to play a younger version of the death-defying adventurer Miss Croft.

Directed by Roar Uthaug, Tomb Raider (2018) earned lukewarm reviews, with critics praising Vikander for her action star-worthy performance as Lara, but taking issue with the film’s uninspired origin story and forced attempt to set up a sequel. The reboot ultimately turned a healthy profit at the global box office, but its struggle to take off in the U.S. (where it grossed less than a quarter of its $275 million worldwide total) left some wondering if a followup would ever actually come to pass. Well, MGM certainly wants one to, by the look of things.

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According to Deadline, MGM has gotten the ball rolling on a Tomb Raider sequel and recruited Jump to write the screenplay. The latter, who’s known for collaborating with her filmmaking partner Ben Wheatley on projects like Free Fire and High-Rise, reportedly managed to impress Vikander with her pitch for Lara Croft’s next adventure.

It’s encouraging to hear that Vikander and MGM have hired a woman with experience writing action movies to work on the Tomb Raider sequel, after Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel) cowrote the previous film. The Tomb Raider reboot arguably benefitted from having a woman involved with writing Lara for the big screen, and presented a version of the character who was far less sexualized than Jolie’s iteration, yet equally reckless, scrappy, and willing to live her life on the dangerous side. At the same time, the reboot’s narrative left something to be desired (as mentioned earlier), so there’s very much room for Jump to build upon the foundation that Uthaug and Robertson-Dworet laid down and deliver a more compelling storyline, this second time around.

Similarly, fans of the Tomb Raider reboot should be happy to hear they’ll be getting some actual payoff to the movie’s Trinity plot thread (which was left – somewhat precariously – dangling by the end of the film). With so much of the setup out of the way and done, the sequel’s also free to include more scenes of Lara actually raiding tombs like she does in the video games, and not just during the third act either (a la the reboot). All in all, it will be interesting to see how Tomb Raider 2 – or whatever it winds up being called – comes together from here.

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Sandy Schaefer

Ninja Assassin 2 Updates: Will A Sequel Happen?

The original is a cult favorite produced by the Wachowskis but will a Ninja Assassin 2 ever happen? The Matrix was a groundbreaking blockbuster upon release in 1999 and the influence of anime on the project was no secret, particularly 1995’s Ghost In The Shell. This anime influence would continue throughout their work, including The Matrix sequels and Speed Racer.

The Wachowskis worked with South Korean superstar Rain on Speed Racer, and after being impressed by his fighting skills decided to craft an old-fashioned ninja movie around him. This led to 2009’s Ninja Assassin, where Rain plays an outcast from a cruel ninja clan who becomes a target when he tries to bring them down. Naomie Harris co-starred as Europol agent helping Rain and the movie was directed by James McTeigue, who previously helmed V For Vendetta for the Wachowskis.

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The movie was also heavily inspired by the anime work of Yoshiaki Kawajiri, especially Ninja Scroll; Kawajiri-san also directed a segment for The Matrix anime anthology The Animatrix. While Ninja Assassin wasn’t a huge box-office smash it was a fun, gory action film with a charismatic lead turn by Rain. The film has become a cult item in the years since its release but will Ninja Assassin 2 ever happen?

Ninja Assassin 2 Was Never Confirmed

Prior to the release of the original movie producer Joel Silver confirmed there was an idea for Ninja Assassin 2, but he didn’t elaborate on the concept. James McTeigue also confirmed sequel conversations had taken place but they were waiting to see how the movie performed before pressing forwards.

Ninja Assassin ended up grossing just over $60 million during its theatrical bow on a budget of $40 million. Factoring in marketing it’s unlikely the movie was very profitable, but on DVD on Blu-ray, it would take in a further $20 million. While the film likely broke even, it appears the lukewarm performance stalled any talk of Ninja Assassin 2.

The Wachowskis Have Seemingly Retired From Filmmaking

The Wachowskis were a big driving force behind Ninja Assassin, but the siblings appear to have essentially retired. Their most recent big screen projects Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending both underperformed, and following the finale of their Netflix series Sense8 they put their studio and offices up for sale.

With no new projects on the horizon, rumors suggest the sisters are stepping away from the movie business for good. While reports suggest a Matrix reboot might happen, there has been almost nothing heard about a Ninja Assassin 2. Without the Wachowskis pushing for a sequel it seems very unlikely it will happen now. The first movie has a cult fanbase but it’s doubtful the studio would see the benefit in pushing for Ninja Assassin 2 in light of the moderate financial performance of the original.

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Padraig Cotter

Shazam Sequel Brings Back Original Writer, Director Expected To Return

Warner Bros. has reportedly hired Henry Gayden to write the script for Shazam 2, and David F. Sandberg is likely to direct again. The studio is fresh off the worldwide launch of their latest DC live-action movie and Shazam! has wasted no time showing that it will be a successful film. Critics and audiences are loving the movie, and the opening weekend numbers – while a low point for the DCEU – are actually a win thanks to a lower budget.

With so much attention put on Shazam!, fans have already begun dreaming about the possibility of a sequel. The first film is very much an origin story for Billy Batson (Asher Angel) as he learns about his superpowers as Shazam (Zachary Levi) and is largely self-contained – even with some DCEU connections. But in usual franchise style, Shazam! also sets the stage for more chapters of this story that can be told.

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According to The Wrap, it appears WB, New Line, and DC are ready to move forward on another story. They’ve reportedly decided to bring back Henry Gayden to write the screenplay for Shazam 2 after he co-wrote the original movie. He received sole screenplay credit on the first film, but the story is credited to him and Darren Lemke. Gayden’s return helps set Shazam 2 in motion, with director David F. Sandberg and producer Peter Safran also expected to return, according to this report.

Gayden is still a relative newcomer to studio movies, as Earth to Echo was his first credit in 2014, but he already has had great success thanks to Shazam. The movie was able to strike a great tone amidst the heartfelt story and laugh-out-loud comedy, and this is largely thanks to the script that Gayden was responsible for producing. Since Shazam is a big hit, it’s no surprise that the studios decided to bring him back for another entry.

It also immediately starts Shazam 2 off by keeping those familiar with the franchise around, and this appears to be true beyond just Gayden. Both Sandberg and Safran previously teased that they would like to come back for a sequel, and even though deals for both may not be signed as of right now, those announcements could arrive in the coming months as Gayden works on the script. Of course, Shazam 2 has yet to be officially greenlit by the studios, but that is all but guaranteed to happen.

As Shazam 2 continues to make progress, fans will undoubtedly want to know when they will get to see it. The studios will likely want to move fast on production on account of the young cast that the original featured, but DC already has a very crowded slate as it is. Regardless, some story details about the sequel can probably be predicted from how Shazam! ended, which sets up an exciting tale for Gayden to craft.

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Source: The Wrap

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Cooper Hood

Transformers 6 Will Not Be a Direct Sequel to Last Knight

The next film in the Transformers franchise will not be a followup to Transformers: The Last Knight, and director Michael Bay has no plans to return to the franchise. The robots in disguise hit a financial speed bump when The Last Knight was released in the summer of 2017. The film was also greeted with the franchise’s usual negative reviews, and the box office disappointment indicated it was time for a new direction for the Autobots and Decepticons.

That new direction came in the guise of Bumblebee, director Travis Knight’s soft reboot of the franchise. While Bumblebee was only a modest box office performer, it garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences alike and seemed a natural starting point for a new iteration of the story. But producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura seemingly threw some uncertainty on the franchise’s future, recently commenting that the studio had several different ideas for the next entry in series, possibly even one that follows the events of Transformers: The Last Knight.

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Things have apparently changed. In a new interview with Slash Film, di Bonaventura clarifies that the next Transformers film will not be connected to Bay’s quintet of movies, and further stresses that Bay has left the franchise behind.

This shouldn’t be surprising news. Paramount and Hasbro are on the record as being satisfied with Bumblebee’s performance, and going back to Bay’s style would seem counterintuitive, to say the least. The reason this even needed to be clarified is really down to di Bonaventura himself, who seems to give conflicting information on the franchise’s direction virtually every time he gives an interview.

Even if we know what the next film won’t be, we still have very little sense of what it will be. Most reports have suggested the next live-action film will serve as a direct sequel to Bumblebee, possibly framed as a sort of buddy cop film between the titular Autobot and Optimus Prime. There’s been no official confirmation that Hailee Steinfeld will return as Charlie Watson, but it would seem a safe bet the studio will be eager to bring her back into the fold. Similarly, Travis Knight has made no concrete announcements about returning, though he has suggested he has ideas for further stories. There’s also an animated film set on Cybertron in development, and even the idea of a Beast Wars film has been discussed. There are plenty of possibilities on the horizon for the Transformers, but it seems the days of robot Bayhem are officially behind us.

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Source: Slash Film

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Dusty Stowe