Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The 10 Most Shameless Things Spike Has Ever Done

One of the most dynamic characters in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe, Spike begins as a punk rock vampire looking to raise a little chaos and becomes the second vampire with a soul (after Angel) and the champion of Sunnydale. Whether you love or hate him, Spike is a foundational character to the series.

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While he never loses his leather duster, it’s a long path to redemption for the blond demon and he makes a lot of mistakes along the way. From killing Slayers to messing with the Scooby gang, here are some of the most shameless things Spike has ever done.

10 Pretending To Be Handicapped

After a run-in with the Scoobies (and newly minted replacement Slayer, Kendra), Spike becomes temporarily paralyzed thanks to falling underneath a pile of rubble. While the peroxide vampire is legitimately wheelchair-bound for a while, it’s important to remember that vampires can heal from virtually everything. And the once again soulless Angelus is more than happy to rub Spike’s impotence in his face. So it isn’t long before Spike reveals that he had pretended to still be paralyzed to team up with Buffy against his old friend.

9 Sleeping With Anya

While Spike and Anya always have an odd kinsmanship as the “reformed” former demons of the group, they are always just friends–that is until Xander unexpectedly leaves Anya at the altar. Stricken and devastated, Anya is heartbroken and looking for consolation anywhere she can find it. And Spike is feeling jilted himself after receiving constant (secret) mixed signals from Buffy. While their one-night stand is comforting for them both, and not meant to hurt anyone else, it ultimately spurns both Buffy and Xander and shocks all of the Scoobies.

8 His Relationship With Harmony

At the height of his evil days, Spike uses a lot of people to hatch a lot of plots and get what he wants. However, new vampire Harmony is bound to be in permanent arrested development.

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The former Sunnydale High School “it girl” is not the brightest vamp on the block when she was alive, and falls right into Spike’s arms, despite his abusive behavior. However, even though she is terrible to Buffy, she doesn’t deserve to be blatantly used by Spike as a means to an end.

7 Kidnapping Buffy

After a microchipped Spike learns he can still get joy out of life by hunting demons and vampires, he forms a tentative alliance with the Scooby Gang. However, the afterlife keeps throwing curveballs at Spike when he finds himself falling in love with Buffy. When his longtime flame Drusilla returns to town, Spike is desperate to prove himself to Buffy, by kidnapping her to make her watch him hurt Drusilla. While this repels Buffy, it is the first of many things Spike does in an attempt to show his true feelings for Buffy.

6 The Buffy Bot

Overwhelmed by his very human feelings for Buffy, Spike doesn’t know what to do since he has no way to channel them. After meninist-in-training Warren Mears creates a sexbot in the flesh, Spike commissions one for himself, modeled to be identical to Buffy. When Buffy discovers it, and what Spike has been doing with it, she is, of course, disgusted, but the Buffy Bot later comes in handy when used as a doppelganger to draw attention from Buffy in fights (and later serve as her double entirely when she’s dead).

5 Telling Buffy She’s Wrong

When Buffy comes back from the dead (the second time), it’s not long before she and Spike are throwing punches. However, Spike, who still has the chip in his head, is shocked to learn he can hurt Buffy without feeling pain himself.

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After conducting his research, Spike concludes that the chip is still working, and therefore Buffy somehow came back wrong. It’s a horrifying thing to tell a person, especially after everything Buffy’s been through, but Spike takes delight in hurting Buffy when she has, at this point, been using him.

4 Kidnapping Willow And Xander

A heartbroken Spike returns to Sunnydale after being driven out of town, leading to the end of his relationship with Drusilla. Meanwhile, Willow and Xander are having an affair while dating Oz and Cordelia respectively. Spike kidnaps them to help him cast a love spell on Drusilla, leading Oz and Cordelia to chase after them when they don’t show up for their double date. In the excitement of the chase, Oz and Cordelia discover the heartbreaking truth about Willow and Xander’s cheating, and Cordelia nearly dies after falling through an old wooden staircase.

3 Turning His Mother Into A Vampire

As a human, Spike, formerly known as William, was pretty much the opposite of the menacing vampire audiences were originally introduced to, a terrible poet who was singularly devoted to his mother. After Drusilla turned him, William decided to save his beloved mother from a horrible death by tuberculosis and sired her as well. But his loving mother soon changed from the sweet doting woman he once knew into a vicious monster, leaving him with no choice other than to kill her in turn, forging the vampire he would become.

2 Killing Nikki Wood

Spike killed two Slayers, and for most of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aimed to make Buffy his third, but killing Nikki Wood is one of the greater Slayer tragedies. While Buffy is one of the only Slayers not to live in isolation and to have friends and family, Nikki was the only Slayer with a son (that we know of). When Spike killed Nikki, he orphaned Robin Wood, who would grow up to later hunt him down. At least their deathly duel gave Spike his legendary leather duster.

1 Assaulting Buffy

The worst thing by far that Spike ever did isn’t just shameless, it’s soulless. After everyone learns about Spike and Anya, Spike goes to find Buffy and reconcile. However, when Spike finds Buffy about to take a bath, all she wants is to be left alone. In one of the most visceral scenes of the entire series, Spike forces himself on Buffy, even as she says no until she finally gets the upper hand. When Spike realizes what he’s done, he leaves on a quest for his soul, propelling the journey that changes him forever.

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Molly Turner

Star Wars: 10 Most Shameless Things Rey Ever Did | ScreenRant

Disney’s Star Wars sequel trilogy brought a slew of phenomenal characters into the universe, including its main Force-user protagonist, Rey. Rey is a kind-hearted person, a survivor, and someone with a childhood that is troubling. She is pure at heart but still is unafraid to question the classic ideologies of the Jedi, not just the Sith and the Dark Side.

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Coinciding with her good nature, Rey is a ferocious character. She has raised a scavenger and survivor, and so has a personality edge to show that. She is bold, fearless, and has a lot of moments that highlight these qualities in both good and bad situations. Here are the ten most shameless things Rey has done.

10 Taunts Kylo

In The Force Awakens Kylo decides to capture Rey, rather than continue looking for BB-8 because he believes he can retrieve the map to Luke from her mind. Kylo, though does not realize how powerful she is – nor does she.

Once they arrive at Starkiller Base and Kylo interrogates her, he is incapable of retrieving the map from her mind. Once Rey resists Kylo’s mind probe, she turns it back on him and ridicules him, telling him he is afraid that he will never live up to Vader. Taunting Kylo is a brazen move by Rey, considering Kylo in his unstable state could have slaughtered her there and then.

9 Wanders around starkiller base

After Kylo leaves Rey, she uses a mind trick to have a stormtrooper let her free. Once the stormtrooper obliges, she takes his blaster and looks for an escape from Starkiller Base.

Doing this was likely the smart thing. But, doing so, and wandering around a planetary base filled with stormtroopers and First Order personnel is an insanely bold move that not many would pull.

8 Gets Wrapped Up in the past

One of the most prominent character arcs of the sequel trilogy was that or Rey’s parentage and filling in the gaps of her past. To an extent, Rey is right for her curiosity about who her parents are, and why they left, etc. But at other times, she is not.

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In The Force Awakens, she is prepared not to join the Resistance, whom she admires all to be a scavenger and wait for her parents. In The Last Jedi, she near enough becomes consumed with her past, with Kylo telling her to let it die. Then in The Rise Of Skywalker, when she finds out she is a Palpatine, she allows it to take over her, almost abandoning everything.

7 Leaves everyone on Kef-Bir

Speaking of leaving Kef-Bir, following finding out that she is a Palpatine, that is what Rey does. After concluding her fight with Kylo by healing him after impaling him when Leia calls out in the Force, Rey leaves Kef-Bir and goes to Ach-To.

She steals Kylo’s ship, leaves him stranded, and leaving Finn, Poe, etc. without a word. She arrives on Ach-To and tells the Force spirit of Luke that she cannot go back to fight. Despite the fact she did end up going back to fight like she always would, it is pretty shameless that she up and left her friends and Kylo with Kylo’s ship, even if it all was for what Rey felt was good reasons.

6 Stole the Sacred Jedi texts

In The Last Jedi, fans are shown Luke Skywalker on Ach-To and learn about the sacred Jedi texts he has with him in hiding. Later, once Rey has left Ach-To, Luke is preparing to burn the sacred Jedi texts before Master Yoda appears. Luke realizes he cannot destroy the books and tree, prompting Yoda to manipulate the weather and destroy them himself.

What fans find out later, and what Yoda already knows, is that Rey had taken the books off Ach-To. It was the wise thing to do and, as seen in The Rise Of Skywalker, massively aids her training. However, stealing from a Jedi Master, not the noblest act.

5 Leave Ach-T0 t0 g0 t0 Kylo

When Rey does leave Ach-To, it is to head for Kylo Ren on the Supremacy – Snoke’s ship. She uses an escape pod on the Millennium Falcon and arrives on the Supremacy, all for Kylo to take her to Snoke.

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While it ended up with Rey’s survival, Snoke’s death, and Rey escaping, it was extremely bold for Rey to leave the safety of Ach-To for a hugely life-threatening situation. All based on the trust of Kylo Ren, someone Rey labeled a monster not long before.

4 Fights Kylo Ren

One of the central meanings of a shameless act is to be brave, to be bold with no thought of others or their opinions. Rey’s bravery in The Force Awakens is a summation of this.

Untrained with a lightsaber despite being talented with a staff, and inexperienced in the Force, only going on instinct, Rey battles Kylo. Once Kylo puts Finn out of commission, she pulls Anakin/Luke’s lightsaber from the snow and proceeds to both battle and defeat an injured Kylo.

3 Steals and Pilots the Falcon

When Rey befriends BB-8 in The Force Awakens, and Finn crash lands on Jakku and finds her at Niima Outpost, they are joined by trouble in the form of the First Order. This trouble means an escape is required, which the three found in the beloved Millennium Falcon.

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Rey steals it from Unkaar Plutt (who stole it from the Irving Boys, who stole it from Gannis Ducain, who stole it from Han Solo), and flies it around Jakku in an escape from TIE Fighters. Rey is massively inexperienced yet talented at piloting the Falcon, and to not only steer it through the dangerous route she did but to steal it was a shameless, fearless act.

2 Takes on the Emporer herself

When Luke imparts wisdom on Rey and allows her to realize what she must do, she takes the fresh from the ocean X-Wing of Luke and goes to Exegol. There, she confronts the Emperor.

Once she arrives on Exegol, she transmits her location to the Resistance. However, Rey confronts the Emperor herself; she does not know Ben Solo will help. She does not know how long or how many fighters will come to fight the Final Order. She does not care who cares or knows about it, but she goes to Exegol and faces off against one of the galaxy’s most powerful Force users and its most evil being.

1 Attacks Luke Skywalker

Throughout The Last Jedi, Luke and Rey have a strained relationship. He wants to be left alone, she wants training, and the latter ends up getting her wish. However, when there are more revelations about how Kylo Ren came to be, the pair end up at odds.

They disagree throughout the film, but it gets to the point of physical violence when Rey demands the truth about how Ben Solo fell to the Dark Side. Luke sees Kylo and Rey talking through the Force and tells her to leave, she proceeds to follow and shout on him, to tell the truth, and speak to her, when he does not, she hits him from behind. A small altercation occurs building up to Rey pulling Luke’s lightsaber on him. Getting to the point of anger where you strike your mentor and Jedi Master, and proceed to hold his lightsaber threateningly to him without a thought, is undoubtedly Rey’s most shameless moment.

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Outlander: 10 Most Shameless Things Brianna Ever Did | ScreenRant

In the last season of Outlander, Sophie Skelton was one of the rising stars for her portrayal of Brianna. As fans know, Brianna is the daughter of Jamie and Claire – who had traveled through the stones last season to be reunited with her parents. However, she didn’t have the easiest of journeys as she had to go through many trials and tribulations to get there.

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Of course, these events have caused Brianna’s personality to change – yet, it has not always been for the best. In fact, there have been many moments where Brianna has been a lot more ruthless and calculating. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discover the 10 most shameless things Brianna has ever done.

10 Telling Roger To Leave

In the episode “Wilmington,” Brianna acted a bit childish and immaturely when she found out the reason why Roger was in the past. After Roger and Brianna are handfasted, the wedding bliss doesn’t last long when Brianna realizes that Roger knew about her parents’ deaths and didn’t tell her.

Roger tries to explain that he was going to tell her but didn’t want to break her heart. After all, the last time they spoke, he gave her good news of their reunion. Instead of talking it out, she tells Roger to go back to the 20th century.

9 Her Reaction To Frank And Claire’s Divorce

Fans may remember “Down The Rabbit Hole” was a centric episode for Brianna, which allowed fans to see her reaction to Frank and Claire’s divorce. As Brianna is returning from a night out with her friends, Frank ambushes her to let her know that he would be divorcing Claire and moving to England to start a new life.

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As expected, she doesn’t take the news very well. However, as Frank tries to explain that he and Claire weren’t happy anymore, Brianna asks whether she gets a say in the matter. Considering that Brianna was turning 18, she didn’t really. She could have also tried to validate Frank’s feelings more instead of refusing to listen to what he had to say.

8 Provoking Laoghaire

In “Down The Rabbit Hole,” fans got to see Brianna begin her journey to America, where she briefly stayed with Laoghaire. Despite the two women bonding at first, their friendship goes downhill when Laoghaire discovers the truth about Claire being her mother.

Instead of ignoring the bait, Brianna shoots back her own remarks at the maiden by telling her that Jamie had never loved her. She didn’t even need to do that as it lowered herself to Laoghaire’s level. Yet, Brianna did it anyway because she knew it would hurt her. Despite fans cheering Brianna on, it can still be classed as shameless as she basically told Laoghaire their whole marriage meant nothing – which is a little mean (but again deserved).

7 Kissing Roger When He Is Driving

One of the most dangerous and most shameless things Brianna did was putting her and Roger’s life on the line. In “The False Bride,” Roger and Brianna go on a road trip to North Carolina after the historian is invited to perform in a Scottish festival.

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While they are on the road, Roger and Brianna entertained themselves by playing a game. However, Brianna ended up catching him off guard when she leaned over to kiss him while he was driving. As a result, Roger ends up briefly losing control of the vehicle. While no one has a problem with their relationship, it was a little reckless of Brianna to do so as her actions could have caused a crash. Yet, she didn’t care.

6 Leaving Without Saying Goodbye To Roger

In season 4, Brianna decided to join Claire and Jamie in the past after discovering their obituaries. However, instead of telling Roger that she was leaving to his face, she decided to write him a letter that he was meant to retrieve one year later.

Considering the history between the two, the letter can be deemed shameless in terms of Brianna disrespecting their relationship. Just because the romance between them hadn’t worked out didn’t mean that Roger didn’t deserve a chance to say goodbye. Especially as Roger extended the olive branch by telling her Jamie and Claire did reunite. It was the least he deserved.

5 Hiding Knowledge Of Jamie’s Survival

One of the more subtle shameless things Brianna did was to omit knowledge of Jamie’s survival. In “Dragonfly in Amber,” Claire and Brianna’s relationship is strained after she discovers the truth about her parentage.

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However, as the pair reconcile after seeing Geillis travel through the stones do the viewers learn of something Brianna kept from Claire. When Roger comes back, Brianna asks him to tell Claire about the letter he found that suggests Frank had found evidence of Jamie’s survival. Question is, how long had she known and would she have told her if Geillis didn’t go through the stones? It seems like she would have kept it to herself.

4 Her Favoritism Of Frank

One of the most shameless aspects of Brianna is her idolization of Frank. It’s no secret that Brianna and Frank shared a special bond, with the student wanting to follow in the footsteps of the historian. However, she sometimes uses his memory to hurt those around her, particularly Jamie and Claire.

For instance, in the culminating fight between Claire and Brianna in season 2, she casts Frank as the dutiful and innocent husband. She also has a habit of comparing Frank to Jamie, telling him of all the ways Frank was better. It’s a trump card that she uses to make them feel guilty, which is not fair when they are trying to do their best.

3 Blackmailing John Into Marrying Her

Another shameless act that Brianna commits is when she blackmails Lord John Grey into accepting her marriage proposal. In “If Not For Hope,” Brianna finds herself backed into a corner when Aunt Jocasta hosts a dinner party so they could find her a suitor. Due to Brianna being in love with Roger, she is quick to come up with her own scheme.

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After walking upon Lord John having a sexual encounter with one of her suitors, Brianna proposes that the two should get married. When John refuses to accept her proposal out of respect to Jamie, Brianna then threatens to expose his sexuality to all. While Brianna is just trying to protect her child and herself, it is quite despicable that she would use this as leverage – knowing well that John could be killed or imprisoned if anyone found out.

2 Doesn’t believe Claire’s story

Brianna also committed a shameless act for the way she treated Claire in the aftermath of her story. After Claire told Brianna the truth in “Dragonfly in Amber,” the student refused to believe a word she said. In fact, she calls Claire delusional and verbally lashes out at her.

Anyone would be hesitant to believe their mother if they told this story. However, if she did believe her mother was ill then storming out and putting her down wasn’t the way to go about it. It is only because of Roger’s coaxing and witnessing Geillis go through the stones does she believe her. Still, she could have given her the benefit of the doubt.

1 Wishes Claire Was Dead

When Brianna found out the truth about her parentage, she didn’t take it well and said some pretty uncouth things to Claire. In “Dragonfly in Amber,” Brianna and Roger stumbled upon an article that marked Claire’s return from the eighteenth-century. However, Brianna was quick to figure out that Frank was not her father by the date it was published.

When Claire returned, Brianna was quick to confront her mother. Not only does she accuse Claire of having an affair but she also blames her entirely for lying about her parentage. The final nail in the coffin has to be when she says Claire should have died instead of Frank. It’s one of the worst things she could have ever said and yet, she shows no remorse for saying it.

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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: The 10 Most Shameless Things Sabrina Has Ever Done

Since Part 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the titular character Sabrina Spellman was quickly established as a character who thinks highly of herself and her skillset. This sense of self-confidence has provided mixed results such as helping Theo earn a place on Baxter high’s basketball team or embarrassing her aunts in front of the coven for going against coven traditions.

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Some of her actions, though, have even worse consequences. Sabrina sometimes expresses remorse for her actions after seeing the damage in the end but sometimes she stands by her decisions. Regardless of the outcome, she walks into each situation confidently and shamelessly.

10 Attending Baxter High At Her Leisure

Throughout the series, but especially throughout the second part, Sabrina holds spotty attendance at Baxter High, favoring coven meetings and attending The Academy of Unseen Arts. Such behavior was encouraged by Aunt Zelda and Father Blackwood, both of whom devoutly followed the coven’s faith and wished for Sabrina to do the same.

Sabrina did not realize the problems she had caused until she returned to Baxter High in Part 2, Episode 6, also known as Chapter 17. There, she was greeted bitterly by Roz and Harvey, who resented her for leaving and coming back as if nothing had changed.

9 Going To Dorian’s Gray Room

This action is probably among the most harmless on this list, but it likely contributed to Sabrina’s later use of the establishment throughout Part 3. After both she and Nick lost the title of Top Boy to Ambrose, the couple planned to go on a date at Dr. Cerberus’s. Upon arriving at Dr. Cerberus’s, they see Harvey and Roz on a date, causing them to get a drink at Dorian’s Gray Room, a traditionally warlocks-only establishment, instead.

Dorian Gray (the same Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde’s novel) initially called the couple out for it, but took a liking to Nick and Sabrina and allowed them to stay.

8 Manipulating Baxter High’s Hierarchy

At the beginning of Part 1, Theo, then known as Susie, was being bullied, and Roz was outraged over Baxter High’s censorship of literature. These events also coincided with Sabrina’s upcoming baptism. Since she knew she wouldn’t be around much longer to look out for Theo and Roz, she tried to convince Principal Hawthorne to allow her and her friends to start a group supporting the girls of the school.

Principal Hawthorne did not allow the formation of the group, causing Sabrina to infest his house with spiders so that he would take a leave of absence. With Principal Hawthorne out of the way, she was able to go to Vice Principal Glover for approval for the club entitled Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association, or WICCA.

7 Resurrecting Tommy

After learning that Harvey, Sabrina’s boyfriend at the time, came from a family of witch hunters, Agatha and Dorcas of the Weird Sisters caused the mine in which Harvey and his brother Tommy worked to collapse, killing Tommy and four other miners in the process.

Unable to sit idly by and watch Harvey grieve, Sabrina tried to cheat death and bring Tommy back to life. In the process, she effortlessly slit Agatha’s throat because the spell required a life for a life. She again tried to cheat death by burying Agatha in soil from Cain’s garden and resurrecting her. Tommy came back as an emotionless shell, who later had to be killed to appease death, making Sabrina’s efforts futile.

6 Refusing To Sign The Book Of The Beast

During the first few episodes of Part 1, Sabrina was unsure whether to commit herself to the Church of Night because she did not want to lose her mortal friends or her free will. After being reassured by Father Blackwood that she would, in fact, keep her free will, she attended her Dark Baptism, only to find out at the last minute that Blackwood had lied to her.

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Because Blackwood had lied and after seeing a vision of her parents telling her to run, Sabrina left her Dark Baptism without signing her name in the Book of the Beast. She later on in Part 1 did sign her name in order to overpower the Greendale 13, but the fact that she ran out of her Dark Baptism initially was something she struggled to recover from in the eyes of the other witches in the coven.

5 Questioning The Feast Of Feasts

After Sabrina runs out of her Dark Baptism and before she finally signs the Book of the Beast, the coven’s holiday called the Feast of Feasts arrived, coinciding with the mortal Thanksgiving. The Feast of Feasts called for a Queen to be appointed among the coven, who would then be prepared to be eaten by the coven on the day of the Feast of Feasts.

Sabrina was appalled by this tradition and openly questioned its cannibalistic nature every chance she got. Her questioning eventually saved Prudence’s life but also caused embarrassment for the Spellman and Blackwood families because of their involvement in the apparently botched results of selecting a Queen.

4 Competing With Nick For Top Boy

At the very beginning of Part 2, Father Blackwood called for nominations for Top Boy, a position traditionally held by a warlock (male) student who acted as the middleman between the faculty and the students. Nick Scratch was nominated and thought to be unopposed until Sabrina, fed up with the coven’s inherent misogyny, announced her interest in the position.

Father Blackwood then did everything he could to push Sabrina out of the running, claiming that Top Boy was meant only for the male students. Both she and Nick ended up losing to Ambrose, who did not even formally run for the title.

3 Accepting Caliban’s Challenge For The Throne In Hell

During Part 3, Sabrina was grappling whether to accept her fate as the Ruler of Hell. Caliban, the Prince of Hell, challenged Sabrina for the throne, which Sabrina was initially reluctant to accept. After receiving a vision from her biological father Lucifer Morningstar himself, she accepted Caliban’s challenge.

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Her acceptance of the challenge also meant acceptance of her destiny and caused her to take on the role and responsibilities of Queen of Hell, such as taking souls down to Hell when their time on Earth was up. Her acceptance of the challenge also contributed to her abandonment of friends and family when the Pagans brought on the end of the world.

2 Taking Her Mortal Friends To Hell

In the first episode of Part 3, Sabrina recruits Harvey, Roz, and Theo, all of whom are mortals, to go to Hell with her and rescue her boyfriend Nick, who was acting as a vessel for Lucifer and was trapped in Hell by Lillith. Technically mortals were not supposed to step into Hell alive, but Sabrina took measures such as making the group wear dead man’s shoes and wiping themselves with ghastly water (water that was used to wipe down corpses).

The journey through Hell was still difficult, with each of the mortals encountering a family member, or an illusion of a family member, causing psychological torment for the individual.

1 Creating A Potential Time Paradox

After completing the third and final challenge for the throne against Caliban, Caliban turned Sabrina into stone. Her future self was able to rescue her, creating a time loop. This time in the time loop, Sabrina opted not to rescue herself after being turned to stone and instead stopped her past self from falling into Caliban’s trap.

She and past Sabrina then decided that past Sabrina would be crowned Queen of Hell while Sabrina would go back to Greendale and be with her loved ones. She told Ambrose about it after the fact and he warned her that a paradox may occur. The consequences for Sabrina’s decision have not been shown yet and will likely be dealt with in Part 4.

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Riverdale: The 10 Most Shameless Things Cheryl Has Ever Done

Cheryl Blossom is definitely one Riverdale character that die-hard fans love to hate. While there is no doubt that fan-favorite Cheryl has done zillions of questionable things throughout the series, she also has many redeemable qualities that continue to keep the audience endeared to her, episode after episode.

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It’s true, no matter how shameless Cheryl has been over the years, she has a strong and developing character arc that keeps fans coming back for more. This is pretty impressive considering her rap sheet. Keep reading to find out the 10 most shameless things Cheryl Blossom has ever done.

10 She Body-Shamed Betty

It’s no secret that Cheryl has a mean streak. From the get-go, fans saw Cheryl treat her peers poorly but she was exceptionally cruel to Betty. In the pilot episode alone Cheryl body-shamed Betty and tried to keep her from joining the cheer squad.

When Cheryl learned that Betty might try out to be a Vixen, Cheryl looked at Betty’s lunch tray and remarked that “Betty’s already got so much on her plate”. Betty also shared that Cheryl wouldn’t let her join the cheer squad the previous year because she was “too fat”.

9 She Slapped Jughead

When Cheryl thought that Jughead’s dad had killed her brother, she marched right up to Jughead in the school cafeteria and slapped him across the face. Even though Cheryl was hurting from the death of her brother, audiences really felt for Jughead at this moment.

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Not only did Jughead have nothing to do with Jason Blossom’s murder, but he was even trying to apologize to Cheryl moments prior to the assault. Of course, it eventually became public knowledge that FP didn’t have anything to do with Jason Blossom’s murder either.

8 She Set Thornhill On Fire

While Cheryl is easily one of the most shameless characters in Riverdale, it’s hard to stay mad at her for too long when reminded of the many trials she goes through throughout the series. In season one, fans see Cheryl deal with the heartbreak of losing her brother and then coping with the reality that her own father was her brother’s murderer.

It’s safe to say that Cheryl wasn’t thinking straight when she doused her home in gasoline and watched it go up in flames. Cheryl told her mother that she did it because “it’s the only way they can truly start over”.

7 She Threatened Her Hospitalized Mother

In the premiere episode of the second season, audiences learn that Cheryl’s mom ran back inside a fiery Thornhill to save a family portrait. This landed Penelope in the hospital and of course, Cheryl took this as an opportunity to say her piece.

Cheryl verbally threatened her mother and blackmailed her into keeping what happened at Thornhill a secret and then went on to physically threaten Penelope by momentarily cutting off her air supply. While this was all very effective in scaring her mother, it was also an obviously shameless move on Cheryl’s part.

6 She Told Jughead About Betty And Archie

If there’s one thing that Cheryl Blossom doesn’t like, it’s being left out. This is made pretty evident when the core four decided to head to Veronica’s cabin for the weekend and didn’t bother to extend an invite to Cheryl.

In order to get back at the gang, Cheryl made a rather calculated move and called Jughead at just the right time to let him know that his girlfriend and best friend had previously shared a kiss. Cheryl knew this would easily upset Jughead and would definitely put a damper on their vacation.

5 She Tried To Force Moose’s Hand

Cheryl doesn’t always consider other’s feelings and this is a prime example. When Kevin shared his frustrations with Cheryl regarding Moose keeping their relationship private, Cheryl took it upon herself to out Moose to the entire school. She rationalized that she was doing Moose a favor, but her friends clearly didn’t appreciate what she had done.

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This was definitely a bad move on Cheryl’s part. On the bright side, fans saw some positive character development for Cheryl by the end of this episode as she apologized to Moose and seemed determined to right her wrongs.

4 She Secretly Kept Jason’s Corpse

This is possibly the craziest Riverdale storyline yet – which is saying a lot. In early season four, fans learned that Cheryl was secretly keeping Jason’s corpse in the basement of Thistlehouse. Cheryl would sneak downstairs and have conversations with him and read the newspaper to him, all while Toni had no idea.

Of course, it wasn’t long until Toni found out about Jason’s corpse. Within just a few episodes Toni learned the truth when she walked in on Cheryl sewing up Jason’s body in the basement. Luckily for Cheryl, Toni doesn’t scare easy.

3 She Kidnapped Her Mom

Penelope has put Cheryl through quite a bit of trauma over the years. From murdering Cheryl’s father to gaslighting her and attempting to kill her friends, Penelope has done her fair share of evil deeds. So of course, it’s in Cheryl Blossom’s blood to get revenge.

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In season four, fans see Cheryl devise a plan to kidnap her mother and punish her for all of the awful things she had done. Cheryl ended up leaving her mother in the town’s secret underground bunker for days on end to think about what she had done.

2 She Covered Up Uncle Bedford’s Death

Keeping Jason’s corpse around has definitely gotten Cheryl into some trouble, to say the least. A curious Uncle Bedford snuck into Thistlehouse one night to investigate when Cheryl and Toni confronted him. As fans know, things quickly escalated when the girls were forced to defend themselves and Uncle Bedford didn’t quite make it out alive.

While killing Uncle Bedford was an act of self-defense, Toni and Cheryl definitely should have gone to the police with the situation instead of covering it up. Hopefully, this night doesn’t come back to haunt them.

1 She Pretended To Feed Bits Of Uncle Bedford To Her Relatives

In order to get Uncle Bedford’s family to stop investigating his disappearance, Cheryl and Toni devised a plan. They invited them over for dinner, spooked them with a scary story from Nana Rose, and then blackmailed them by threatening to reveal their recent act of “cannibalism”.

Cheryl convinced her relatives that they had ground up Uncle Bedford’s body and put it into the meat pies they were serving that evening. While they didn’t actually grind up Uncle Bedford, this whole situation was still pretty bizarre and insensitive, even for Cheryl.

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Riverdale: The 10 Most Shameless Things Archie Ever Did

Riverdale isn’t a town you would want to be living in as it is full of criminals, gang rivalries and serial killers. However, there is one person who is determined to clean the town up and that is Archie Andrews. Known as Pureheart the Powerful to his friends, Archie is like a teenage Batman – attending school in the day but is a crime-fighting vigilante by night.

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However, Archie should really clean his own act up as he also seems to stray from the morally-right path. Remember him protecting Hiram’s involvement in the Poutine murder? Or how he jumped to Grundy’s defense when their affair was exposed? That’s not exactly the epitome of a hero. Keep reading to discover the 10 most shameless things Archie has ever done.

10 Getting The Ghoulies Arrested

When it comes to each other, Archie and Jughead don’t always make the best decisions despite having the best intentions. In season 2, Archie and Jughead found themselves involved in a Drag Race after the writer challenged the Ghoulies to the race, with the winner taking control of the Southside.

If the Ghoulies won, the Serpents would have to forfeit all their property; if the Serpents won, the Ghoulies would have to stop their dealings. However, Archie ended up making the situation worse when he called the cops and got the Ghoulies arrested. He stood by his actions, telling Jughead that his plan to get the gang off the streets worked. Yet, he didn’t think of the repercussions this would have on Jughead.

9 The Grundy Saga

The Archie-Geraldine Grundy was one incident where Archie doesn’t seem to realize how wrong it was. Beginning and ending in season 1, Archie began an affair with his music teacher that began the summer Jason Blossom died. Despite Betty, Veronica, and Jughead all telling him how wrong it was, Archie did all he could to protect Grundy.

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As much as Archie wants to do good by everyone, this shouldn’t have been one of those instances as Grundy belonged in prison for abusing the power of her position. Even if Archie said he knew what he was doing was wrong, he shouldn’t have agreed with Grundy skipping town as it was shown that she started another “relationship” with a student. To this day, Archie has shown no regrets over their romance.

8 Fighting With The Serpents

Archie took his vendetta with the Serpents too far when he and several other Bulldogs engaged in the Riverdale Rumble. This all came about after people began to suspect that The Black Hood was from the Southside, which led the divide between North and South widened.

Archie and the Bulldogs end up getting into a brawl with the Serpents, where the footballer was the first to instigate it. He only realizes how bad the situation was when Dilton ends up with a pocket knife in his leg. Despite this incident, Archie doesn’t end his vendetta with the Serpents.

7 Taking Jingle Jangle

Pureheart the Powerful also broke his own rules when he took the drug, Jingle Jangle. Considering that Archie is an athlete and preaches about cleaning up the town, he seems to forget that he has contradicted himself when engages with drugs. As fans can see in “Chapter Eighteen: When a Stranger Calls,” he and a few others engage in Jingle Jangle.

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While he was reluctant to do so at first, Archie soon changes his mind when Veronica says she would participate. He didn’t even care what effects it could have had on his body or if there were any consequences. All sense of responsibility flew out the window.

6 Becoming Hiram’s Lackey

One of the things Archie wasn’t ashamed of at the time was becoming Hiram’s Capo. For the majority of season 2, Archie had a rivalry with Hiram, where the musician struggled between his righteous morals and his loyalty to Veronica. The latter won him over and Archie eventually became a right-hand man for Hiram.

Archie covered for Hiram when “F.B.I.” asked if he had something to do with Poppa Poutine’s death. Archie also created “The Dark Circle” to do Hiram’s bidding, where he and the other members blew up a car in an intimidation tactic. For someone meant to be so pure, he has broken quite a few laws himself.

5 Disrupting The Southside High Protest

Another aspect that was part of being Hiram’s lackey was when Archie disrupted the Southside High School protest. In season 2, Jughead and the Serpents went to war with Hiram after the crime boss planned to take control of the Southside. When Hiram’s plans to knock down the school reach Jughead’s ears, he organizes a peaceful protest.

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As Jughead’s protest continued to disrupt Hiram’s plans, Archie and the wrestling team come to cut the chains off the Serpents and escort them off the premises. Archie knew how important this was to Jughead and yet, he supported Hiram because it suited his own agendas better.

4 Beating Up Nick St. Clair

In season 2, a rivalry between Nick and Archie was created after the music producer came to Riverdale to win the affections of Veronica. However, Nick made several enemies during his stay when he tried to force himself onto Veronica and later Cheryl (who he had drugged).

Archie ended up visiting him while he was recovering from his “skiing accident”, demanding payback for what he did to them. When Nick begins to push his buttons about Veronica, Archie becomes angry and beats him up. While no one could blame Archie for punching him, he didn’t think about the repercussions – such as if Nick getting him arrested for the assault or if he came back to get revenge. A reckless decision on his half.

3 His Prison Stint

When Archie decided to take the plea deal that saw him sent to prison, there were two reactions from the fans. Some were screaming at his stupidity and others that were rolling their eyes at his supposed altruism. All this because he wanted to stop the rivalry between him and Hiram.

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Instead of talking to the crime boss about it, Archie decided to be overdramatic and accept a prison sentence (despite being innocent and knowing the true murderer). He didn’t even seem concerned that this would impact his future decisions, such as his college and job applications. Then he acts like this is the bravest thing he had done when it was the most stupid.

2 The Red Circle

Remember Archie’s first stint at becoming a vigilante? When he created the Red Circle back in season 2, intending to take down The Black Hood? This had to be one of the moments where Archie was close to reaching rock bottom.

After Fred was shot by the masked figure, Archie became overprotective (and a little overbearing). Blinded by fear, Archie and several other students formed the vigilante group after they believed Sheriff Keller’s methods weren’t enough. Archie even went as far as to trek into Serpent territory, vandalize their property and pull a gun on Sweet Pea and Fangs. Overall, it didn’t bring out the best in him.

1 His Vigilantism

Whatever Archie does, fans know that the musician always has the best of intentions in mind. He just goes about them in the wrong way. Archie wants to help get rid of the crime in Riverdale – good. Dressing up as someone that looks like the Black Hood and beating up criminals to do it – bad.

It’s obvious that Archie has a hero complex and it doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon. However, Archie should try and think more with his head than his fists as the last time saw the community center held up by Dodger’s mother because of his rivalry with the gang member. Not to mention when his house was shot at. He doesn’t care about the consequences, just as long he sticks to his agenda.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Most Shameless Things Gina Has Done

Where to begin with Gina Linetti? She is the human form of the 100 emoji, after all. Gina is the assistant to Captain Raymond Holt at the 99th precinct in Brooklyn, a childhood friend of Jake Peralta’s, and Charle Boyle’s former lover/step-sister.

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But the truly great thing about Gina is how she carries herself and doesn’t have any problem speaking her mind, any time, anywhere. She’s the epitome of a shameless person which is exactly why we need to break down the top 10 most shameless Gina moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine so far. Just maybe your favorite shameless Gina scene made the cut.

10 When She Tricked Everyone Into Drinking Cement

One of the main things Gina is known for is her social media presence. She has a large fanbase on various online platforms, which is why she decided to prank everyone in the 9-9 when they thought it was shutting down.

She posted videos for the G-Hive — a.k.a. her loyal fans — where she had different detectives like Amy, Scully, and Terry, drink cement. This inadvertently saved the precinct when she caught a great speech by Captain Holt on video instead, but she still continued her pranking later at their celebration at the bar.

9 Taking All Of Amy’s Tires Off Her Car

When Amy attempts to teach Gina how to change the tire on her car herself, Gina is reluctant and tricks Amy into doing it for her. Eventually, she learns on her own after watching a Youtube tutorial, but it was thanks to Amy’s encouragement that she sought it out in the first place.

While Amy was ecstatic to see she had successfully changed a tire, she was a bit deflated when she realized Gina had practiced on all four of her tires before doing the last one, leaving Amy tire-less.

8 Having Jake Tell People She Was Dead For Their Reactions

When Jake needed an important favor from Gina, she decides to use this to her advantage to finally find out how people really feel about her. How does she do this, you ask? By having Jake call everyone she knows and tell them she had died to see how sad they were about it.

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We see this play out when Jake calls one of her grandma’s and Gina asks if she’s crying. Jake says, “a little,” which prompts Gina to tell her Grandma off and have him call her other one. This was such a typical shameless Gina moment.

7 When She Scammed A Halloween Heist Win

Before the season 4 Halloween Heist episode, all of the previous winners had been a detective at the 99th precinct. First, it was Jake, then Captain Holt, and finally Amy. But come season 4, Gina had a plan up her sleeve for a way to scam her own win that year.

She acted as though she was on Jake’s team, then pretended to knock out her front teeth so she could leave and put her plans into motion instead. She ended up winning the entire thing, earning herself the title of the “Ultimate Human/Genius”, eradicating the word “detective” from the title altogether.

6 Declaring Gina Linetti Is A State Of Mind

When Captain Holt praised Gina’s efforts while in Florida to save the day from Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis, she declared that Gina Linetti was more of a state of mind.

This basically meant that she thought anyone heroic was Gina Linetti, instead of it just being her. While it’s nice that she was humble enough to not take all of the credit for saving the day, she still had to label everyone who helped as a Gina themselves. It was hilarious and completely in line with how Gina has always viewed herself.

5 Stumping Psychologists At Holt’s Dinner Party

In the first season, when Holt was still getting used to the crazy antics of his squad at the 9-9, he invited them over to a dinner party at his home. While there, they all got into trouble in one way or another, but Gina stole the show by capturing the attention of a group of psychologists.

Her incredibly self-centered attitude and interesting attitude led one psychologist to exclaim, “Complete overlap of ego and ID…It’s been theorized but I never thought I’d see it.” Gina’s reply? “I’m exquisite.”

4 Having Jake Get A Picture Of Terry In The Locker Room

Jake needed his old friend Gina’s help on Christmas Eve when he suddenly realized he had forgotten to get his best friend, Charles, a Christmas present. So when he asked her of this favor, she negotiated the terms by having him get a shirtless picture of Terry — their Sergeant — in the locker room.

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We all were aware of Gina’s unabashed crush on Terry, but the fact she so shamelessly asked for a half-naked picture of him from Jake in exchange for her help was peak-Gina behavior.

3 Making A Flame Thrower Out Of Hairspray

During the season 3 Christmas episode where Gina, Jake, and Charles go shopping on Christmas Eve at a department store, they get taken hostage.

The entire time, Gina desperately wants to fight back by creating a flame thrower out of a can of hairspray and a lighter. This is not shocking knowing how over the top Gina tends to be, but what was surprising was seeing her wish come true by the end of the episode. When one of the assailants is about to get away, Jake throws her a can of hairspray and thus, her flame-throwing dreams came to life.

2 Every Time She Ragged On Boyle

In season 1, it was pretty standard for Gina to make fun of Boyle mercilessly. But after they began hooking up and later when their parents married, her jokes and pranks at Boyle’s expense only got worse over time.

It didn’t seem to matter that they had previously been lovers or that they were now sort-of-kind-of related to one another, she still teased him constantly and he, being Charles Boyle, just took it. At least we all knew that deep down she had a soft spot for him, even if she rarely showed it.

1 Creating A Statue Of Herself

It was a sad day when Gina Linetti decided to leave the precinct to follow her own entrepreneurial dreams, but she made sure she did so in style.

After a lot of grand goodbyes to each of her friends on the squad, she left them all with a golden statue…of herself. It was not only a hilarious moment but was everything we knew Gina Linetti to be — completely and unapologetically true to who she is. We were going to miss times like this with Gina, but at least she left the 9-9 with a gift they would never forget.

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Breaking Bad: 10 Most Shameless Things Walter White Has Ever Done

Walter White is one of the most complex and intriguing characters in the history of television. He is both the protagonist and antagonist at the same time, providing viewers with reasons to both love and hate him due to the actions he takes.

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While his reason to get into the business of creating meth might be from a good place, to provide for his family after he is diagnosed with cancer, ultimately, he quickly falls into a dark world and takes on his alter-ego of Heisenberg, becoming one of the most dangerous people around. Throughout that period Walter White does many despicable things, which are incredibly shameful to his character. Within this list, we will be looking at ten of Walt’s most shameful moments.

10 Getting His Son Drunk

One of Walter White’s most shameful moments comes during a family party when he gets his son, Walter Jr. so drunk that he ends up vomiting into the swimming pool. The moment starts out a nice fatherly moment, allowing his son to join him and his Uncle Hank in his first alcoholic drink, but it quickly unravels.

Trying to compete and prove he is a better role model than Hank, he continues topping up his son’s drink as he goes round for round with his older family members. Despite Hank trying to put a stop to it, Walt continues to push it to the point where his son can’t handle anymore and he vomits, showing he had gone way too far.

9 Killing Mike

This moment from Breaking Bad’s fifth season is a much more intense shameful decision than the previous, but it certainly is a shameful one. Michael Ehrmantraut is set to get away with his money to try and continue his life as everything starts to crumble around the group, but this is where Walt gets involved.

Unable to have any possible leaks or chances of getting caught himself, Walt hunts him down and ends up killing Mike. It’s a bitter moment as Mike had spent tons of time-saving Walter White from bigger issues, making this a shameful decision.

8 Forcing Jesse To Kill Gale

While killing Mike was a low moment of Walter White’s existence, at least he had the guts to do the job himself. The same cannot be said for the death of Gale, who is someone who simply aspires to be Walt. He gets wrapped up in the drug world, but deep down he is an incredibly innocent man.

However, as Walt’s situation with Gus intensifies, he needs Gale to be killed and he makes Jesse Pinkman do the deed. It’s a moment that destroys Jesse’s life, as he might be a bad guy, but he is certainly not a murderer. This decision haunts him throughout the rest of the show, and he never recovers from it.

7 Giving Jesse To Neo-Nazis

The end of Breaking Bad is an incredibly difficult time for Jesse Pinkman as he spends it being tortured by the Neo-Nazi group who force him to cook meth for them to sell. It sees him starved, beaten, and locked in a cage underground, basically living like an animal.

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However, it is all Walt’s fault. While he initially demands that they kill Jesse in a quick and painless manner, this doesn’t happen and it is his own doing that Jesse ends up becoming so scarred mentally and physically.

6 Prison Hit

Speaking of the Neo-Nazis, they are responsible for another of Walter White’s low moments that is very shameful. Knowing he needs to do something with Mike’s guys in prison that he thinks will talk to the cops, he fully embraces his evil side and demands that they all get murdered.

The group make it happen in what is an intense sequence of scenes as 10 men are all killed in different prison hits. It cements him as a true drug kingpin that has embraced his role and will do anything to protect himself, no matter what.

5 Blowing Up A Nursing Home

It was clear very early on in their relationship that things between Walter White and Gustavo Fring were always going to come to a boiling point. There was only ever room for one top dog in the drug world and in the end that person proved to be Walt.

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After a lot of cat and mouse between them both, it was Walt who had the upper hand, utilising Gus’ hatred for Hector to his advantage. While the death was certainly an iconic one and a stroke of genius from Walt, the fact he did it in a nursing home and put so many people in danger was a very shameful moment.

4 Fighting Skyler

Walt’s relationship with his wife Skyler becomes a very complex one when she learns of his dark secrets, and during one scene it all comes to a head when she reveals he is no longer welcome in the family home. Skyler strikes Walt with a knife, cutting him as a warning to step away.

However, he doesn’t take kindly to that and the pair of them begin grappling and brawling with the sharp kitchen knife at the heart of the brawl. This all ends with their son, Walt Jr. tackling him, taking him out as he stands up for his mother in what is the true end of the family as Walter has to accept his shameful behavior.

3 Kidnapping His Daughter

Speaking of his family, another incredibly shameful decision that Walter White makes is when he kidnaps his own daughter. It seems there is no low that Walt won’t stoop to, with this being the proof of that as he takes Holly away from Skyler and drives off.

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While he clearly never has any intentions of harming her or putting his child in any form of danger, the fact he would even consider this is shameful enough, let alone the fact he actually went through with it. He only wants to be with Holly as she doesn’t hate him, but even she makes it clear she prefers Skyler by asking for her “mumma.”

2 Poisoning Brock

Walter White does a lot of despicable things throughout Breaking Bad, many of which are shocking to most people. However, most of the time Walt doesn’t bat an eyelid to the things he does, however when he poisons young Brock, that is a moment where even Walt himself questions his actions.

It’s one of the most shameful things he does throughout the show, stooping as low as to harm a child to get what he wants. While he uses the perfect dose to not kill him, things could easily still have gone wrong and it is a truly shocking moment and one of the worst things he does.

1 Watching Jane Die

Out of everything that Walter White has ever done, watching Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend, Jane, die is the most shameless. He was responsible for many deaths throughout his life in crime, but this is one he could quite easily have put a stop too if he had wanted.

Not only would it have saved Jane’s life but it would have allowed Jesse to go on and get out of the drug world. Standing and watching Jane choke to death as she overdosed was a horrendous scene to watch and one that saw Walt truly break bad and become a real villain.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: 10 Most Shameless Things That Drax Has Ever Done

Drax is one of the most underrated members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s certainly not perfect in his personality. Violent, chaotic and with an odd sense of humor, Drax has put himself in a number of unfortunate situations.

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He’s done many things that could be considered shameless for a variety of reasons. While the rest of the team isn’t exactly innocent, it is the turn of Drax the Destroyer on our quest to explore 10 of the most shameless things he has ever done.


Drax’s family was brutally murdered by Thanos and his forces so he is fundamentally a warrior at heart. He is constantly in search of any possible way he could damage or weaken Thanos, even targeting his family if he has to.

When he comes across the daughter of Thanos, Gamora, he doesn’t hesitate to kill her. He’s about to do the deed when he is stopped and bargained with for a much bigger price. Drax would have killed Gamora right then without any shame whatsoever though.


Because Drax is so concerned with stopping Thanos and his forces he actually puts everyone he knows in danger. During a drunken moment of anger, he finds one of Ronan’s troopers and gets him to bring the alien to the planet.

Ronan comes down and Drax tries to kill him but is very quickly defeated. This only put the inhabitants of the area in danger and the other Guardians who had to try to defend themselves after Drax’s very stupid mistake.


Mantis and Drax have a cute yet extremely odd relationship. Throughout their time together Drax has actually been known to bully Mantis. He has called her ugly and made her extremely self-conscious, but has also acted as a good friend.

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The behavior is a bit confusing but he does treat everyone like this. If anything it shows that he likes Mantis more than most. Although he did put her in a nasty situation where Rocket could have very easily bitten her fingers off!


After the death of his family, Drax went on an unstoppable rampage, earning the title of the destroyer. In his wake, he left death and destruction without really understanding the consequence of his actions on the families of others.

He’s still redeeming himself now by saving the galaxy but served some time in prison for his crimes. However, he’s never actually realized how dangerous he had become and would likely do the same thing again if left to his own devices.


Although he should have been serving more time for his actions, he instead jumped on board with the Guardians and went through with a prison break. During this mission, he actually attacked a number of the Nova Corps guards.

Not only did he, therefore, break a lot of intergalactic laws and cement himself further as a criminal, but he endangered a lot of good people with the use of the anti-gravity and his violence in pursuit of freedom.


Groot seems to have a real fear of Drax although we’re not totally sure why. The destroyer must have done something to Groot to make him feel this way. However, as time goes on, Drax goes out of his way to mess with the little twig a bit more.

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Eventually, the two learn to love each other and Groot even feels comfortable sleeping on Drax’s shoulder. However there was a lot of torment before they managed to get to this point. Drax is completely shameless about messing around with essentially a kid.


Drax comes from a species of aliens that are extremely literal. Although the character is one of the funniest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to his lack of understanding and very literal take on things, he does sometimes get completely the wrong end of the stick.

However, this is something he is rightfully not shameful for. It’s just his personality and the way in which he understands things. He certainly shouldn’t be made to feel stupid just because his species work in a very different way.


Speaking of finding things funny, Drax actually takes a lot of joy in murdering people. This is something he probably should feel a bit more shameful about. The other Guardians are just as guilty when it comes to taking lives though.

Drax often finds it hilarious to kill people, even if they are not a direct enemy to him. He laughed his way through the prison break and couldn’t help but enjoy fighting giant aliens. The only time he has really been serious is when fighting against Thanos.


Star Lord is the Captain of the team but that doesn’t stop Drax from trying to make him feel as small as possible. Whether it’s being creepy over his and Gamora’s kiss, backing Thor as the leader, or telling Quill that he’s actually quite pathetic.

Worst of all is when Mantis revealed Peter’s attraction towards Gamora which Drax just wouldn’t let go of. He laughed for so long and his reaction was really over the top. It made Quill feel really uncomfortable although was pretty funny to everyone else.


Drax can’t really hold his alcohol that well. On a mission with the Guardians, he and Rocket decide to go off drinking and gambling. The conversation quickly turns personal and then goes from deep to heated in a short space of time.

The two have a lot to mourn but for some reason felt the need to compete over who had more grief. This leads to Drax actually attacking Rocket which shows the violent nature of the character. We’d like to think he wouldn’t physically attack the Raccoon now that they are closer.

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George Chrysostomou

The Avengers: 10 Most Shameless Things Thor Has Ever Done

Thor might be one of the most mighty and powerful members of The Avengers, but that doesn’t mean that he is perfect. He’s an incredible hero who not only fights for his own people of Asgard but also those on Earth, yet at times he can be incredibly stubborn and that has led to him making a few major mistakes. There have been moments where Thor has done some shameless things throughout his time within the MCU, whether that be on his own or alongside the rest of the group.

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Whether it’s his sometimes arrogant attitude or the fact he often rushes into mistakes, there are many moments he just makes the wrong decisions. Here are the 10 most shameless things that Thor has ever done.

10 Thor Takes Loki

When Thor first gets involved with The Avengers, he doesn’t actually help them out. Captain America and Iron-Man manage to capture Loki and the Tesseract with him and are flying away to keep him imprisoned to work out what to do with him next.

That is until Thor bursts his way through onto the plan, taking his brother away. This, obviously leads to the two heroes giving chase and an epic fight taking place within the forest. Even when it’s explained to Thor that they’re on the same team, he continues to fight with his hammer, showing his arrogant side in a decision that really is a mistake.

9 He Wants War

Something that has been clear about Thor from the very beginning is that he is quite an impatient person who isn’t the greatest diplomat. He often rushes into decisions, which is why he’s not ideal to take the throne from his father at the start of the original Thor movie.

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When the Frost Giants take the casket of ancient winters, Thor proves how snappy he is by taking a team to them in order to try and physically get it back. This is despite the fact Odin wants to settle the situation diplomatically. Thor instead starts a war that Odin has to clean up, becoming so mad with him that he sends his hammer away.

8 Get Help!

Throughout many of the MCU movies, Thor and Loki are bitter enemies but it is always clear that deep down they do have a love for each other. This is clear during Thor: Ragnarok where they work together and team up to fight, discussing what they used to do during their youth when they fought alongside each other.

They use a technique that they call “Get Help,” against their enemies, but of course, it is Loki who is on the worst end of this deal. He pretends to be injured asking for help, only for Thor to launch him into his enemies, putting Loki into the eye of the storm first, which is just what a classic big brother would do.

7 Bringing Out The Hulk

Speaking of Thor: Ragnarok, while the relationship between Loki and Thor is explored in this movie, so is the one between him and Hulk. When Bruce Banner finally returns after seeing a video from Black Widow, he makes it clear to Thor that he no longer wants to be the big green destroying machine.

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While we later learn in Avengers: Infinity War that it is actually Hulk himself who doesn’t want to come out anymore, Thor ignores Bruce in Thor: Ragnarok. He brings Hulk back out to try and help save his people, and while it is a good reason for him to do that, he doesn’t actually ever consider Bruce Banner’s thoughts and feelings.

6 Back And Forth With Star-Lord

You would think that heroes would be above name-calling and back and forth arguing over “who is the leader” and who has the best body, but that isn’t the cast, as Thor and Star-Lord prove during their exchanges. The two of them bicker like children when they meet.

While the moments do bring some funny scenes, there’s no doubt it’s not a great look for either character as people just expect and demand better from a classic ‘hero.’

5 Destroying S.H.I.E.L.D

When Thor first arrives on Earth, he does so desperately searching for Mjolnir and he manages to track it down, which is being protected by S.H.I.E.L.D. The group doesn’t want anyone touching the weapon as they’re not sure what it is capable of, but, of course, that doesn’t stop Thor.

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He is well-known for taking matters into his own hands and not trying to explain things and he shows that at this moment. Here he leaps into the restricted area and destroys absolutely everyone and everything in sight to reach Mjolnir, only to find that he cannot even harness the weapon still.

4 Taking Jane To Asgard

This is another example of a shameless decision that Thor makes, even if it’s from a good place. Thor clearly loves Jane, that much is clear throughout all of their moments together. However, when she begins to become ill, he makes the decision to take her to Asgard to be checked and healed.

However, this is an incredibly risky decision that Thor doesn’t really put any thought or feelings towards. He simply takes her without considering that having a human on Asgard could potentially be a very dangerous situation.

3 Cyber Bullying

Who would have thought that the God of Thunder would stoop so low as to be a cyberbully? Nobody ever really expected to see Thor playing a video game in the first place, but during his Bro Thor phase, it is clear that he enjoys the world of Fortnite as much as the next person.

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However, when Korg reveals he is getting some abuse from another player online, Thor jumps on the headset to dish out some cyberbullying of his own. Letting his anger take over, he throws out a bunch of threats, including ripping their arms off.

2 Killing Thanos

While on paper, the idea of Thor killing the biggest and most powerful villain in the history of the MCU seems like a great thing that he should be doing, in reality, it is not. After the snap takes place, The Avengers try to work out the next step and they eventually locate Thanos and track him down.

While he explains that he has destroyed the stones and nothing can be done, it is clear that they want to question him a little further. However, once again Thor’s aggression and inability to think first and act later strikes again as he simply chops his head off instead.

1 His Drinking Habits

No doubt the most shameless moments of Thor so far in the MCU come from his latest appearance in, Avengers: Endgame. After the snap, it is clear that Thor isn’t coping well with the situation, believing that he could have stopped the entire situation.

Because of that, he descends to just become an alcoholic who spends his time eating as much as possible, playing Fortnite and doing very little of note. It’s a shameless moment to see him stoop so low considering the powers he does have, just happily giving them all up for a beer.

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