SHAZAM! 9 Electrifying Shazam Cosplayers

Shazam! starring Zachary Levi became highly anticipated in DC’s lineup of comic book-based films when it debuted last week. Fans were admittedly cautious, with former DC adaptations (see: Justice League, Suicide Squad) were less than the ideal recreations they’d imagined.

However, the Warner Brothers film must have done a decent job with their previews and promo because Shazam! grossed $53 million USD when it hit theaters opening day, and has since climbed to a worldwide box office threat at almost $100 million. And you can bet that at at least one of your local theaters, there was an enthusiastic cosplayer showing their support.

Cosplayers have become a staple at not only theater showings, but at film premieres as well. These costume-making aficionados take center stage at most of these events and only add on to the level of excitement that fans of Shazam had for the action film.

Take a look at these ten electrifying Shazam! Cosplayers

9 Levi Lookalike

Shazam tells the story of a young teenaged boy, Billy Batson, who dreams himself into a superhero using one word: Shazam! The adolescent and quirky attitude that actor Zachary Levi portrays so well created the charming Shazam! we expected from the DC film.

Cosplayer Jai is an Australian costume enthusiast who caught on to this lovable trait as well. Besides expertly nailing Billy’s attitude through his pictures, Jai is a dead ringer for Zachary Levi! The hair, the muscles, the smolder— he’s got this cosplay down pact!

Jai’s other notable work includes Link from Zelda, Star-Lord, and impressive Iron Man builds.

8 Freddy Shazam

Adam Brody, who plays adult Freddy Freeman in the 2019 film, acted the part of Freddy Shazam pleasantly well. In the comics, Freddy is bestowed with the powers of the God which includes the wisdom of solomon, the strength of Hercules, and healing of Apollo, and even the power of Zeus. Who better to hold such incredible power than Freddy, Billy’s right-hand man, and best friend.

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Cosplayer, Robert Valko, did an incredible job impersonating this blue-suited hero. Robert is a well-known cosplayer that dubs himself a photo magician, workout nerd, and digital designer. Robert said that this Freddy Shazam suit was challenging as he had to make the entire suit mostly from scratch. This included sewing the printed suit together and attaching all of Freddy’s necessary gadgets and belts. For quick work, this is a truly stunning cosplay!

7 Black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was cast to be a part of the initial film back in 2014, his role as Black Adam was scraped in 2017. And while we can hopefully still anticipate The Rock as this titular villain in the next installment of Shazam, it didn’t dissuade any cosplayers from bringing this character to life.

Eric, who’s Instagram origins are unknown, wears an incredible Black Adam cosplay to the Shazam! premiere. The ears, the eyes, and the daunting comparison of him next to Levi’s poster give us the treacherous vibe we hope to see from this character in the film. Mike (known to his Instagram fans as @m.b_aquatic_hero) commissioned this suit with incredible attention to detail. Definitely movie-quality costume making material!

6 Mary Shazam

Dani, aka @missdanicosplay, is a geek from Sydney that took on the role of Mary Shazam beautifully! Mary Batson (also known as Mary Shazam and Mary Marvel) is played by both Grace Fulton and Michelle Borth in the recent adaptation. Mary is the long-lost sister of Billy Batson and is given her incredible powers by her brother.

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Dani sport’s Mary Shazam’s original attire, from the white cape to the red skirt, and she does it flawlessly. Dani even stood on the red carpet as Mary Shazam at the Shazam! premiere in Sydney. When speaking on the film, Dani says,

“just WOW, what a great feel good fun family movie, perfect amount of humour, the importance of family portrayed was truly heart warming and the story line was great!”

Dani also does a fantastic Mera and Wonder Woman cosplay.

5 The Real Captain Marvel

Fun fact: Shazam was originally named Captain Marvel. When this powerful superhero first hit comic book shelves, he was published under Fawcett Comics in 1940. Because of his direct competition with Superman, DC Comics bought the rights to the character in 1972. And because of further confusion with Marvel’s Captain Marvel character, DC decided to rebrand the character and the whole Marvel family under the title Shazam that same year.

Cosplayer, Erwin (also known as not being Brad Pitt) encompasses the power of this prominent character incredibly well. After seeing the film, Erwin said,

Saw #shazammovie this weekend. It was very entertaining! I enjoyed the tone, humor and action.”

Erwin also does some great Black Panther, Venom, and Batman cosplays.

4 Darla Shazam

Darla Dudley is a friend of Billy Batson and is given the power of the speed of Mercury. Besides her superhero speed, Darla Shazam has the ability to possess flight. Her character is in the new film, played by Meagan Good. While the rest of the Shazam team make transformations into adults, Darla still remains a bit younger than the rest of the crowd.

Cosplayer Law wears her Darla Shazam cosplay with poise and attitude that be, no doubt, applauded by Good herself. This a complete handmade cosplay, from the purple gown to the lightning gold bracers. Lai Cosplay can also be seen cosplaying as a remarkable Symmetra from Overwatch and a stunning Wonder Woman.

3 Shazam!

Cosplay knows no bounds, as proven by this Shazam cosplayer. Zach Kats is a formidable costume-wearer, videographer, and photo editor. It’s these skills that help shine a light on the most stunning attributes of his cosplay. The rugged details and fascinating accessories give off the illusion of a real-life superhero, and Zach definitely does Billy Batson justice. The suit even lights up!

Zach’s other cosplays include Captain America and Ron Stoppable from Disney’s animated show Kim Possible.

2 Shazam Dance

One of the most talked-about features of the 2019 Shazam! film is the natural comedic timing that the cast pulls off. Through waves of #shazamcosplays on Instagram, it’s not surprising to see cosplayers mimic what is now becoming known as the Shazam dance.

Adriel Jones is a young cosplayer who copies Levi’s charismatic and hilarious dance with perfect rhythm and temperament. It truly reflects the whimsical and entertaining feel we get from watching Shazam!

Ariel does many other notable cosplays including, Indian Jones and Gaston. He even makes his own props!

1 Superman, Batman, or Shazam?

Nick Toussaint is a prop builder and costumer that looks like he can pull off just about any character. His Shazam cosplay is clearly top-notch, but his resemblance to Tyler Hoechin (who plays Superman in the CW series Supergirl) is uncanny! Regardless, Nick worked his fingers to the bone to prep this suit in time to see the premiere of Shazam in cosplay. The work on his arm bracers and the central emblem are the work of a true professional.

Nick’s other spectacular cosplays consist of Captain America and Red Hood!

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Tiffani Daniel

How Shazam’s ‘Mary Marvel’ Actress Secretly Joined The DCEU

Shazam! fans always knew Billy Batson’s story could be something special, even in a blockbuster genre already filled with superheroes. But even the most confident comic fans didn’t ever expect the movie to introduce the entire Shazam Family–or that the adult cast would be kept a secret until release day.

Yet somehow the Shazam! team managed exactly that, as audiences were unexpectedly introduced to not just Billy Batson’s adult form, but Mary (Michelle Borth), Freddy (Adam Brody), Darla (Meagan Good), Eugene (Ross Butler), and Pedro (D. J. Corona). And with their roles in the DC movie universe now revealed, the cast is finally able to discuss their even-more-secretive-than-usual path to bringing a family of heroes to life on screen.

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While most of Billy’s foster siblings were introduced as magic champions in DC’s New 52 reboot back in 2011, his sister Mary Marvel and best friend Freddy a.k.a. Captain Marvel, Jr. are almost as old as he is, created alongside Superman in the earliest days of superhero comics. Screen Rant had the chance to speak with Mary Marvel herself, actress Michelle Borth, about the process of landing an unknown role in DC’s Justice League universe, and the rare opportunity to be part of one of the most diverse superhero teams–superhero families audiences may ever see.

Well I want to make sure that I don’t owe you an apology, because I think we were the first to figure out that you were actually in the movie playing Mary Marvel.

Oh, no way!

I think so, yeah. We ran a piece on the entire Shazam Family cast back in March, that you had all been cast in secret–

Wait a second, wait a second…

We did a photoshop of you and Zac in the hero suits…

Oh my God! Yes you were! I remember being so excited about that! You don’t have to apologize, I want to say thank you. Because listen: if it didn’t come from me, it was fine. You know what I mean? As long as it didn’t come from me. That was my only responsibility, was just to keep my mouth shut. But anybody else…

No! I remember–we’re all in a group chat, we’re all like ridiculous best friends, not kidding. Like, it sounds so cheesy but we really are family, it’s really gross. But I remember seeing that, and I texted everyone like, ‘It’s been leaked, someone’s leaking it!’ And everyone was like ‘Yes! Leak it! Yes!’ Because you know, we all want to talk about it. We all want to shout on the mountaintop of like, ‘We’re superheroes!’ And so we were really excited, thank you.

Then I can’t imagine how happy you are to finally be able to talk about your role in Shazam!

Ridiculous. Ridiculous. It’s been the hardest secret to have to sit on. And it’s coming up on almost two years for me, you have no idea. I’m very pleased with myself, because I didn’t have a big ‘oopsie’ at some point. But it’s such a relief, I’m so excited.

I imagine that going through the ‘superhero movie experience’ must be something, it’s really only been available to a select group of people in all of movie history.


How clear was it, just how top secret this was going to be? How did this experience start for you?

[Laughs] Sooo top secret. This is like classified, C.I.A. material. It was as closed as the Mueller case, I’ll put it that way. So no, I knew nothing, I knew nothing! I got this audition and it was like a three page monologue. The notes that I got from it were, ‘We don’t have a script, and there’s no character breakdown, but they’d like you to do this and put it to a dance.’ I was like, ‘Hold up, hold up.’ ‘Yeah that’s all, we’re really sorry. That’s all the information we have. Just do the best you can.’

I read it and it was just about a woman who was in a wrong class, who had signed up to go to an exercise class and got there and it was a dance class. Long story short, I was like, ‘You know what, I’m just going to have fun with it. I don’t know what it’s for, I’ve got nothing to lose.’ I spent the entire weekend Google-ing YouTube videos of the Saturday Night Fever dance. Like, the whole shebang. I went through every single step that John Travolta did. I memorized it, I got it down, and then I set it to this monologue. And then at the end of the monologue it kind of ran short–the dance wasn’t long enough–so at the end of the monologue I decided to go into an interpretive dance [Laughs]. So I did, I went into interpretive dance and started doing butterfly arms, and I just had a lot of fun with it. Again, had no idea what it was for. And didn’t afterwards, either. I completely forgot about it.

I want to say like two, three months later I get a call and they’re like, ‘By the way, remember that really weird audition you went in for? You’re Mary Marvel.’ I was like, ‘What?’ ‘That was for DC Comics, and they want you for Mary Marvel.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God that’s amazing! When do I test? Do I have to screen test, when is the producer session, I have to prepare.’ They’re like, ‘No no Michelle, that was it.’ So I was like ‘That can’t be it!’ ‘No, that was it, you are Mary Marvel now. No testing, no one else.’ From that tape. From that tape! The magical tape. So you can imagine, when I was told that I started bawling. Like, it wasn’t me laughing, it wasn’t me going ‘Yay!’ When they finally were like, ‘Michelle, do you get it? You are Mary Marvel now.’ I dropped the phone and just started crying. I’m like ‘I’m okay! I’m okay! Give me two minutes, I’m fine! I have to just pull my stuff together.’ And they just started laughing at me. Just like, ‘Cry it out girl! Cry it out!’

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We had a chance to speak with David Sandberg on the set. You obviously weren’t there–or maybe you were, apparently.

Or I was hiding around a corner somewhere, yeah.

He spoke a lot about the energy and youthful exuberance he looked for in Zachary Levi’s Shazam, but I imagine it would be the same for all the kids. How did he explain the role, or how this movie was going for something a little bit different?

I think the major difference that sets it apart from more typical superhero films and what we got to work with was… the reference was Big. In the long-short of it. The reference was Big. Once I heard that, because you know, I’m a child of the ’80s, I love Tom Hanks, I was like, ‘Oh I totally get it. They stay the same, they turn into superheroes but we get to stay kids.’ Because up until we got a script I didn’t really know that Mary Marvel was a seventeen year old girl in a superhero costume. So that was the clincher for us. We do have this real playful and light, not so serious all the time. Superhero movies can be really serious where we’re kind of goofballs, you know? We look like we’re really badass, but we’re all just goofballs having a lot of fun like kids playing. So that energy was where we knew we were all coming from, and knew was going to make this movie different. Basically like kids do, this film doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s the beauty of it.

I’m curious to know how much of shaping Mary was figuring it out with David, or with Grace Fulton who plays Mary. That seems like a singular kind of challenge for an actor.

It was.I have to say though, out of all of them, I was probably the luckiest. Because we all wanted to at some point come to set and watch the kids, or be able to watch playback, or a reel, or something like that. We had to get some sort of idea of who these kids were, how the kids were playing their roles, otherwise it’s just not going to work. So it’s a little bit more difficult when you have a really young child. I lucked out because I got Grace. Grace is ridiculously beautiful and talented and smart, so I got to sit down with her like and adult. Because she is an adult [laughs], she just looks really young. I got to sit down with her and pick her brain. Because in essence… WE are Mary, you know what I mean? Both of us are Mary Marvel. And I was like, ‘Give it to me, how are you doing this, how are you going to go about that, what’s in your brain?’ And with her information it was really easy for me to say, ‘Oh okay! Then this is what I’m going to do with my part of Mary Marvel.’ She was like, ‘Perfect, great. So when I shoot this scene, I’m going to do this’…

Mary’s really uptight when you meet her, she has a lot of responsibilities. She takes the role of a second mom, and is always worried. And forgets that she’s a teenager, so Grace plays that. Mary is focused on college, and focused on raising these kids, and forget how to laugh at some point. So my whole job is the best part, in my opinion, because I get to make Mary have fun. I get to let Mary let her hair down, be badass, and have a blast doing it. She’s got her confidence now. She’s tough, she’s strong, she’s beating up these sins. You know, playing with it. ‘Oh you want more? You want seconds? C’mon, have at it!’ I get to have fun with her and make her a teenager again.

That sense of fun seems like it will be what a lot of people will take away from it. But anyone who follows you on social media knows that you are outspoken when it comes to the causes that you support and promote…

[Laughs] You do know! Yes I am!

So what does it mean to be a part of not just a superhero story, but one that is based in a foster family, a group of vulnerable kids who are forming a family and getting to overcome all kinds of insecurities and disabilities. Was that a connecting point for you in the story?

Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s really the heart of the film, to be quite honest. The heart and soul of the film is that… one, I kind of look at it in the sense that foster parents are superheroes. The foster parents who take in these kids and are selfless, and give a home and a good life to someone who is in need is something, to me, that should be celebrated. That they are everyday superheroes. And on the other side, I think no more than anyone else, a foster kid feels very alone, and very isolated. And probably is going to struggle socially through life. I hope the message that comes through is that your family doesn’t necessarily have to be the one you were born to. That you can find a community, and you can find people like yourself, and create a family. Because these days, almost every family is a broken family. It’s true! I mean there are a lot of split families going on, and a lot of kids who feel isolated. Because of technology, and spending a lot of time alone.

Billy Batson is constantly looking for his mom. Even when he’s in the foster home, he’s still looking for his mom. It hasn’t dawned on him yet that he’s been given this gift. So at the end of the movie he finally realizes that this is his family now. Just because he wasn’t born into it, and they’re not his blood mother and father, or blood brothers and sisters, they don’t love him any less. Or are going to not have his back in life. I think that’s an important message to have. Sometimes, if you weren’t given the best situation you can go out there and make that family. Whether it’s at workplace or with friends. You can connect with people.

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I always thought that was such a beautiful part of the comic the movie is based on–that Billy doesn’t even have to be alone as a superhero. That was a major surprise in the comic, and I expect it will be one for movie audiences too. Are you just counting down the days until people get to vocally respond to it?

I am! I mean I’m so excited, but I’m also nervous, you know? You just don’t know how people are going to respond. But I’m mostly really excited because when I watch the film I thought it was fantastic. I thought it was fantastic. We all left feeling just… happy. It just has this feeling to it that I walked away feeling really positive. When I know that a couple hours earlier I was feeling really negative about everything that’s going on in our country. You know? I mean all the stuff that is happening right now, particularly here in the U.S. is really unfortunate and really sad. I don’t know how much it trickles down to kids and how much they understand what’s going on, but the thing about this film is that it’s a positive experience.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m really proud to be a part of something that is going to be a positive experience for people today. Particularly in the environment that we are all experiencing right now. I mean I am very tapped into it, I think a lot of people are, it’s kind of hard not to be. It’s kind of hard to not get jaded by it. To not feel some sort of negativity in one way or another. You know what’s so fantastic? I get to offer something really great, like a ray of sunshine and some joy into peoples’ lives. And make them laugh, hopefully make them feel inspired, give them that warm fuzzy feeling, even if it’s just for an hour or two. That, to me, is paramount that we get to do that. That makes me really proud.

People may not expect that from your director, given some of his more unsettling horror films. Can you speak to his approach, even in the marketing and build-up to the movie’s release he’s wearing his sense of humor proudly.

It’s so interesting that you say that. Because he is, he is. I’m going to be completely honest with you: when we first were in Toronto, and we first met David, he was actually very shy. I know, I know, but he was very shy. He didn’t have much to say, was a man of very few words. Absolutely kind and wonderful person, but I remember after our first meeting walking away and being like, ‘Oh he’s so shy!’ I think that… from my perspective, I think, in this process I’ve seen him not only come out of his shell as a human being, but then take on this real childlike… this beautiful, beautiful, childlike way about him that’s been really beautiful to watch. That’s my perspective of it. I don’t know if he’s always been like that! But I saw it as this slow rollout, towards the end.

I can only imagine, I mean I don’t think any of us had done a film of this magnitude before, and David along with us. So I can imagine that he came in nervous, I would assume. I mean this is a huge, $100 million budget, Warner Bros., DC film… it’s a lot to take on. And I congratulate him because he knocked it out of the park. It is so interesting to watch the diversity of people, because you would never think that this director did Annabelle, you know what I mean? You would never think that. But it just goes to the power of the script, and to the power of superheroes. Even the performances, I do a lot more serious stuff, a lot of my work is more dramatic. You get to see different sides of everyone. You get to see a different, fun side that we all tapped into this well. And then overflowed with [Laughs].

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Andrew Dyce

Shazam’s Big Cameo Proves The DCEU Doesn’t Need [SPOILER]

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Shazam!

Superman’s big cameo at the end of Shazam! proves that the DCEU doesn’t need Henry Cavill as its Man of Steel. Kal-El, Last Son of Krypton, has had some bad press in the past few years, but it looks like things may be finally turning around.

Superman has always been one of the most paradoxical mainstream superheroes. He is one of the biggest names in comic books – only Spider-Man and Batman vie for the title – and as the first spandex do-gooder undoubtedly the archetype from which all others riff (indeed, Captain Marvel aka Shazam was initially canceled after DC sued alleging plagiarism). And yet making his stories translate to the big screen has proven difficult. Superman: The Movie remains a highlight of the genre thanks to Christopher Reeve’s captivating double performance, but that series went off the deep-end into killer computers and nuclear peace messages.

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Zack Snyder attempted to reboot the character in 2013’s Man of Steel was a stripped back take in the vein of The Dark Knight (David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan conceived the story), but this new iteration of hope was a tough Kryptionian pill to swallow. This was compounded with the ambitious Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, before a brash course correction of the character with major reshoots (and CG upper lips) in Justice League finally wore out interest.

In the wake of that box office disaster, it would be easy to conclude that audiences were tired of Superman, at least the iteration first brought to life by Henry Cavill. The DCEU is moving into a new, more interesting future that puts focus on breakout stars Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but with The Batman likely a prequel and Idris Elba not, as initially reported, replacing Will Smith as Deadshot in The Suicide Squad, some continuity concerns remain. And so what can DC do other than bench the Man of Steel? Well, Shazam! has the answer.

  • This Page: Henry Cavill’s Superman Future & Shazam Absence
  • Page 2: How Superman’s Shazam Cameo Moves Past Cavill

Is Henry Cavill Out As Superman?

Before getting into what Shazam! introduces, it’s worth establishing what exactly is going on with Henry Cavill as Superman. His more grounded, haunted iteration was at the center of criticisms for Man of Steel and most certainly Batman v Superman, to the point many question what his selfless sacrifice at the end of Dawn of Justice really meant. As a result, Justice League‘s reshoots were heavily focused on lightening him up (Danny Elfman even used the John Williams score), but that wasn’t enough to correct the damage.

Last year, it was reported that, after lengthy contract negotiations, Cavill was no longer going to be Superman. The specifics were unclear, but it was alleged that his party and Warner Bros. disagreed about the actor and character’s importance to the franchise going forward. Both sides refuted the rumblings while not out-right denying them; WB said that no Superman projects were in development but the relationship was strong, and Cavill and his agent shared cryptic social media posts.

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Already we’ve seen Ben Affleck step down as Batman, while Ezra Miller is reportedly making one last effort to get The Flash movie off the ground, so it looks like Cavill is just one of many casualties from Snyder’s Justice League.

Instead, the future of Kryptonians in the DCEU looks to have shifted, with a Supergirl script taking priority over Man of Steel 2. While there’s not been much word on that recently, that the upcoming DC Films slate is now pretty full up to 2022 shows how low a priority the Superman presently appears to be, at least with the current Cavill status quo.

Shazam’s Superman Cameo Is A Result Of The Cavill Issues

Which brings us to Superman’s cameo in Shazam, something that had been rumored as early as January 2018. The moment itself is a pretty big deal built up through the story. Freddy wants to play up his friendship with Shazam, so promises he’ll visit school for lunch, to which his bullies jokily ask if Superman will join too. So, of course, when Billy comes through for his friend at the end, he brings with him his Justice League pal.

In the film, Superman is only shown from the neck down, with Zachary Levi’s stunt double, and not Henry Cavill in the suit. But rather than cutting around the actor, this decision actually comes from the lack of Cavill: Shazam! director David F. Sandberg told Screen Rant that the scene came out of that restriction, with a more humorous way to include the character needed to get around the lack of recognizable star power.

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While that is on its own a rather nice example of improvisational filmmaking, it evidences a planned handling of Superman that sees him evolve beyond Henry Cavill.

Page 2 of 2: How Superman’s Shazam Cameo Moves Past Cavill

Shazam’s Superman Cameo Finally Makes The Man of Steel An Icon

In one joke scene at the end of the movie, Shazam! does more to cement Superman as a beacon of hope than the three movies that actually starred him (and a fourth in Suicide Squad framing the formation of Task Force X as a result of his death). There’s no confusion of what he means to people, what that “S” stands for. Superman is an icon and people love him. By removing the unclear conflict – which wasn’t a bad approach per se but its execution got in the way of the character – suddenly Superman is fully formed.

This reframing of the DC heroes has been running throughout Shazam!, with Freddy’s unabashed enthusiasm for Supes, Bats, Aquaman and the rest literally the same as real-life fans of the characters. Shazam becomes a hero modeled after the preexisting ones, who have now so permeated popular culture they’re merchandised. Rather than bridging the real world and the fantastical as in Zack Snyder’s DC films, Shazam! just accepts and runs with it.

But these aren’t the DCEU heroes explicitly. The Batman toys look and sound more like Kevin Conroy’s animated version than Ben Affleck’s brutalizer. And while Easter eggs reference the Kryptonian World Engine, the Superman who eventually appears sports a brighter suit with a more obvious red belt and, noticeably, doesn’t show his head on camera. These move us from the person in the suit to the hero they truly represent.

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The DCEU’s Superman Is Bigger Than Henry Cavill

If you can have a moment like this where Superman can exist and capture what the hero instills in people without the actor, then why does the DCEU need to wait for contract issues to be sorted? Henry Cavill no longer represents this Superman, and that it can work without him is proven in Shazam! Superman is a beacon to the world because he’s Superman.

And while this is just a careful side-stepping for complications well beyond the Shazam! filmmakers’ control, it moves us closer to a recast. While there were certainly laughs at the overt avoidance and questions over what it means, the pervasive message is that audiences can and have divorced Superman from Henry Cavill. If he and DC can make it work, then great, but there’s no need to shelve such a high-potential, flat-out icon character just for these reasons.

Even if there’s no Man of Steel 2 (or The Superman, following DC’s recent change in nomenclature), a continuation through cameos akin to Iron Man in Phase 3 Marvel movies would be a perfect way to continue Superman’s image rehabilitation. It’s just a shame D.J. Cotrona is already tied up…

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Alex Leadbeater

Shazam! Pitch Meeting: Fun and Also Sometimes Horrifying

To celebrate the release of DC adventure Shazam!, Screen Rant’s Ryan George reveals what (probably) happened in the pitch meeting for a movie so fun that even its title has an exclamation mark. Directed by David F. Sandberg, Shazam is the latest entry in the DC Extended Universe, which is currently undergoing a bit of a remodel in order to shake off the grit and make things a little more light-hearted.

For Aquaman, that meant hiring Pitbull to record a remix of Toto’s “Africa,” but for Shazam it means casting adult child Zachary Levi in the title role. The movie follows rebellious foster kid Billy Batson (Asher Angel) as he moves into the last foster home in Philadelphia that he hasn’t already fun away from or been kicked out of. After saving his new foster brother Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer) from bullies (who like to run down disabled kids in their car, steal their crutches, and then kick them while they’re down – you know, the normal bully stuff) Billy gets rewarded with a set of superpowers to rival even Superman’s.

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Unfortunately, Billy was sort of a last resort when it came to handing out these powers, and he isn’t immediately inclined to use them for the greater good. Instead, his first instinct is to try and figure out how he can use his newfound abilities to steal money and buy beer. Billy’s career as the world’s first busking superhero is cut short by the arrival of bad guy Sivana (played by perennial bad guy Mark Strong), who has already obtained the power of the Seven Deadly Sins and would now like to add Shazam’s powers to his set as well.

He might be a newcomer to the DCEU, and one that most people had never heard of before, but Shazam has a long history in the comics and once upon a time (back when he was still called Captain Marvel, before that name got complicated), he was so wildly popular that his comics were outselling even Superman’s. The rivalry was reignited when Shazam and Superman met for the very first time in DC Comics… an immediately got into a big fight. That’s why you shouldn’t do Red Kryptonite, kids.

Though Shazam may not be one of the DCEU’s biggest heavy-hitters at the box office, the movie’s modest $100 million budget means that it’s already broken even after just a couple of weeks in theaters. In fact, the wheels are already turning on Shazam 2, with screenwriter Henry Gayden returning to work on the sequel’s script. Hopefully the sequel will help explain to casual moviegoers why that evil worm with a robot voice showed up at the end.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

Shazam! Actress Signed A Five Movie Deal

Actress Michelle Borth received a five-movie deal with Warner Bros. before starring in Shazam! Based on the DC Comics character, David F. Sandberg’s film marks the seventh installment of the DCEU.

In Shazam!, Asher Angel stars as William “Billy” Batson, a 14-year-old living with a foster family in Philadelphia. After receiving ancient powers, he transforms into an adult superhero, portrayed by Zachary Levi. In a minor role, Borth stars as the superhero alter ego of Billy’s foster sister Mary Broomfield (Grace Fulton). In other roles, Meagan Good, Ross Butler, and D.J. Cotrona also portray adult alter ego characters. Produced for approximately $80 to $100 million, Shazam! earned over $260 million at the box office, and currently has a 90 percent Rotten Tomatoes score. Compared to other DCEU movies, Shazam! has fared quite well, and many have argued that it’s the franchise’s best film. In April 2018, we first learned of Borth’s secret casting.

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In a recent Parade interview, Borth discussed the events leading up to her Shazam! casting and a five-movie deal with Warner Bros. While many performers try out for superhero movies without understanding the full details, Borth admits that even her agents didn’t know the specifics of her secret Shazam! audition, aside from the fact that she’d have to dance to three pages of dialogue. Borth reportedly memorized a John Travolta dance sequence from Saturday Night Fever, and ultimately took an interpretive approach with “fluttering butterfly arms and very poetic movements.” Borth didn’t receive a response for three months after her “weird audition,” only to learn from Warner Bros. that the process was complete, and that she’d been cast as Mary Marvel in Shazam! She said, “I had never gotten a role from one taped audition, let alone a five-picture deal with Warner Bros. from a one-tape audition.”

Born and raised in New York City, Borth has appeared in numerous films and television series. In the 2003 crime drama Wonderland, she had a small role opposite Val Kilmer and Kate Bosworth. For the 2017 drama Lucky You, Borth collaborated with the late director Curtis Hanson. Prior to Shazam!, however, Borth was mostly known as a TV actress, as she had a main role in the short-lived HBO series Tell Me You Love Me, and also a main role on ABC’s Combat Hospital. Over the past decade, Borth has appeared in 59 episodes of CBS’s Hawaii-Five-0 as Lieutenant Catherine Rollins. Looking back, her Shazam! audition now makes sense:

“They wanted someone who acted like a teenager, who could have fun. If we do do the sequel, you’re going to see more of the teenage part of her that we don’t really see in the first one.”

Despite a low opening weekend, Shazam! still managed to become a huge hit for the DCEU. Last month, we reported that Shazam!’s director and producer both plan to return for a sequel. As for Borth, her five-movie deal includes an option for Warner Bros, and full details about the Shazam! sequel are still developing. Based on fan reactions, though – along with critical reactions – it seems reasonable to expect Borth to reprise her Shazam! role many times over. 

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Source: Parade

2019-04-17 11:04:28

Q.V. Hough

Shazam Finally Sets Up Justice League Dark in The DCEU

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Shazam!

The Shazam! movie has injected one of the most heartwarming and child-like superheroes into the DCEU, but it may have also opened the door for a team and film franchise Warner Bros. has struggled to get off the ground: the Justice League Dark.

At one time it seemed that Justice League Dark was a DCEU priority, with rumors even claiming that the studio wanted to anchor the franchise to star Colin Farrell as John Constantine. Those plans fell through when multiple directors left the project, which wasn’t all that surprising–how do you introduce magic to a world of Batman and Superman? How do you build a team as weird as Justice League Dark in the ‘serious’ style in place at the time?

Not only has David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! shown the way, but the movie’s plot is basically a prequel to a full-blown Justice League Dark movie. Audiences may not have noticed it, but the wizard Shazam giving Billy Batson his powers may be the same moment that new, magical heroes and villains were born across the entire DC movie universe. A new age hinted at in Suicide Squad, now finally under way.

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DC Comic fans knew going into Shazam! that the Rock of Eternity is one of the most important locations among the magical realm of the DC Universe. In the modern comics, the Rock was once a nexus, or gathering place of all magical energy, wizards, sorcerers, and other mystical energy throughout the ancient history of Earth. In the ongoing Shazam! comic series from writer Geoff Johns (who also wrote the New 52 origin comic that Shazam! is based on) the importance of the Rock of Eternity is spelled out clearly.

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The history lesson does a great job in explaining why introducing the Rock of Eternity–and selecting Billy as magic’s new champion–changes the entire landscape of the DCEU. Read it below:

“Centuries ago, the Rock of Eternity was in view for all to approach. And its doors were open to all in need. Its great halls were overseen by the Council of Seven Wizards and Sorceresses who took a vow to protect all magic! Until the Seven Sins were freed by the Dark Champion… and all but one of the Council were slaughtered. The last wizard chose to seal off the Rock of Eternity. And as the Rock became hidden from the world… so, too, did magic. Until a champion was needed again.”

It’s these words which open up Shazam! #1, continuing the story of The Shazam Family (Billy, Mary, Freddy, Darla, Eugene, and Pedro) by teasing just how much may have been unlocked thanks to the wizard Shazam. It’s too early to say that this story will be the one upon which the Shazam 2 movie is based, but one significant change was made to the comic book mythology in the movie. According to the wizard Shazam, the Rock of Eternity isn’t just the crossroads of DC’s magic, but “the source of all magic.”

A source that has now been unleashed upon the world. Admittedly, that’s the kind of twist that would take every DC fan by total surprise… if Suicide Squad hadn’t already warned that DC’s age of magic was about to begin.

When considering all the movies that might seem to share a connection to Shazam! most fans won’t put Suicide Squad at the top the list. That’s a bit ironic, considering that its villain is one of the most powerful magical beings yet established in the DCEU. Oh, and Shazam! has a direct Suicide Squad Easter Egg of its own. But the most important detail to come out of the rise of Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) is designed to comment on more than just her own film. For the fans who may not recall, Enchantress addresses the magically powered El Diablo by persuading him that a new age is beginning for those attuned as they are:

“It is our time. The sun is setting and the magic rises. The metahumans are a sign of change.”

At the time, it seemed to be one theory to explain the sudden emergence of superhumans. Enchantress saw it as magic’s return to the world–and now that Shazam! has been released, the accuracy of her words can finally be understood. The Seven Sins claim that that wizard Shazam’s powers have been failing for years, finally reaching the breaking point (right around the same time that Enchantress claimed magic was “on the rise” in the overall DCEU movie timeline).

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Based purely on the lines spoken by the wizard in Shazam! and the mythology expanded upon in Geoff Johns’ comic book sequel, there is no doubt that the selection of a champion and the removal of magic from the world are linked. When Shazam’s dark champion a.k.a. Black Adam went bad and wiped out the other wizards, the Rock was locked, magic was denied to the world, and Earth progressed as it has for centuries. Until Billy came along, that is.

Unfortunately, the wizards Shazam really should have given Billy some insight into his role as guardian of the Rock of Eternity,  and the responsibility of overseeing “the source of all magic.” Because the final scene of the movie proves he’s more interested in the Rock of Eternity as a superhero “lair” than a gate holding back all of the world’s magic. But if the wizard’s hold on magic has been weakening for years, then it’s possible DC’s magical heroes–like those of the Justice League Dark–aren’t necessarily born out of the events of Shazam!, but strengthened. That applies to both heroes and villains, of course.

From a storytelling standpoint, Shazam! gives a perfect explanation for a Justice League Dark movie addressing a growing sense of magical unrest, villainy, or simply power entering the world. Characters like John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing, or Etrigan the Demon would all either sense it or be empowered by it, ensuring they’re all on the same page.

When the dam bursts (when Billy completely fails to hold back the centuries-old magic) the world would instantly become a place beyond the abilities or even understanding of the Justice League. The DCEU will need a Justice League Dark, with or without Shazam playing a part in the story. Since Constantine stole Billy Batson’s Shazam powers in the comics, he may want to sit this one out. But whatever the cast or crossover potential, Shazam! has given all the set-up needed to explore the magical realms of the DC Universe.

There’s still a chance that director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) will return to Justice League Dark, should the opportunity to do something truly ‘unconventional’ be in the cards. And who know? Perhaps the success of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing series convinces the studio that Guillermo del Toro’s idea of making the Justice League Dark movie a romance between Swamp Thing and his wife isn’t so outlandish after all.

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2019-04-17 07:04:50

Andrew Dyce

Shazam! Editor Reveals Big Dr. Sivana Scene Was Majorly Changed in Reshoots

SPOILERS for Shazam! ahead.

Reshoots on Shazam! completely changed a key scene between Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong) and his family. The latest DC film to come out of Warner Bros. is in many ways a movie about finding your family. This is obvious in the prominence of Billy Batson (Asher Angel) adjusting to his new life in another foster home, all while trying to track down his biological mother. The latter does not go as he hoped, but he eventually learns to accept his new family, and learns that they can be even more powerful together.

On the opposite side of this coin though, Sivana is a villain that’s driven by the hatred he received from his family as a child. He was constantly picked on by his brother and belittled by his father, which made the rejection by the Wizard known as Shazam impossible to accept. Once he gained his magical powers in Shazam!, a family reunion came not too long after. He crashed a company meeting that resulted in him throwing his brother out the window to his death and allowing Greed – one of the Seven Deadly Sins – to kill his father.

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During a recent interview by Cinema Blend, editor Michel Aller revealed that this sequence was actually a completely new version of the scene and was shot during reshoots. The plan was always for Sivana to confront his family, but the meeting setting was where the biggest change was made. So where was the reunion originally going to happen? A Christmas party. Here’s what Aller said:

It was a later addition. Originally the way Sivana confronts his family was completely different. It was at a Christmas party in his mansion. And so the whole idea of him confronting his family was re-conceived. So that was part of the additional photography.

It’s not clear if the original version of this scene was based around a family Christmas party or a business one, but the end result would still be the same. Shazam! is clearly set during the holiday season too, so this could’ve been just the latest reminder of the time of year. Aller did not reveal why the decision was made to make this change though, which would give everyone some additional context to the original plan. That said, she did say that there’s a chance this alternative scene will be included on Shazam!‘s home release as a deleted scene.

Now that Shazam! is out in theaters, it’ll be fun to see what other details about deleted or alternate scenes are revealed. Sandberg has not been shy at revealing behind-the-scenes looks at the film, such as his own cameo, so he could reveal more cut scenes eventually. We’re still several months away from Shazam! being made available on home video and less than two weeks removed from the film’s theatrical debut after all, leaving Sandberg and the rest of the team involved in Shazam! with plenty of time to reveal new information about what could’ve been.

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Source: Cinema Blend

2019-04-16 08:04:56

Cooper Hood

Shazam 2 Can Make Black Adam a HERO, Not a Villain

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Shazam!

The Shazam! movie has proven a hit, and a sequel is already on the horizon. But before fans get excited to see Black Adam as the villain of Shazam 2, the first movie shows that he might end up playing the hero instead.

Since the movie hit theaters without Shazam’s most iconic nemesis, the reasons for his exclusion have become clearer. Simply put, The Rock is the reason Black Adam missed Shazam!, after Dwayne Johnson implied that he figured it was the best move. He has also reassured fans that the Black Adam movie starts shooting sooner rather than later, telling the origin story of the villain/antihero. And while some fans might claim that Billy has finally proven himself capable of taking on Adam in his second film, the actual events of Shazam! say otherwise. Billy Batson doesn’t need a villain–he’s probably going to need Black Adam’s help.

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Dwayne Johnson may not appear in the movie, but that doesn’t mean his character Black Adam isn’t a key players in the events that led to the film. Just in case casual fans missed the references, we’ll remind them of the history lesson offered to Billy Batson by the wizard Shazam. With a slam of his staff magical sparks flesh out the world that was, as Shazam recounts the fall of the Council of Wizards:

“Long ago we chose a champion… and we chose recklessly. He used his power for revenge, releasing the Seven Deadly Sins into your world. Millions of lives were lost. Entire civilizations erased from existence.”

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It’s a vague reference, but those who know the comic book upon which the film is based also know that the poorly chosen champion is none other than Black Adam. However, fans should do some thinking before they take the Wizard Shazam at his word. Not necessarily on the facts of his account–Black Adam did result in the destruction of the Council of Wizards in every version of the story–but the morality and judgement he passes may not be flawless. After all, the movie demonstrates how his cruel treatment of an abused child proved to be his undoing.

Not to mention that Black Adam’s betrayal is specifically referred to as ‘revenge.’ That demands an explanation, and his solo movie is almost certainly going to deliver. In the process, showing that the Wizard Shazam wasn’t telling the whole story.

The version of Black Adam waging wars in the DC Comics Universe may be hard to mold into anything but a supervillain… but that’s not exactly the same Adam that Geoff Johns wrote into his new Shazam! origin comic. In that version of the story Adam returned as the previous champion, being seen as brutal and extremist simply due to the world he had lived in before being locked away for millennia. His crime? He wanted revenge upon the barbarians who had conquered, enslaved, tormented, and slaughtered his nation’s people… including his brother and sister.

To get it, he became a despicable villain. But the mvoe version of his story wouldn’t have to change much to get the point across. The wizard Shazam was right: Adam sought revenge, and released the Sins to get it. But if his motives remain the same–to take revenge for the dead, and subject those who would enslave the innocent to the horrors of their own sins–well, plenty of revenge movies and iconic antiheroes are based on less noble or understandable causes.

Assuming that’s the story told in The Rock’s Black Adam movie, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to emerge as the villain of Shazam 2. At least not when the biggest threat to the world isn’t himself, Dr. Sivana, or even magic… it’s Billy Batson and his new family of superhero siblings.

Page 2: Shazam 2’s Biggest Threat isn’t Black Adam, It’s Billy

It won’t be news to any viewer to say that Billy Batson doesn’t have the first idea about how his powers work, where they come from, or the true range of their abilities. In fact, a good chunk of the movie is devoted to Billy and Freddy cataloging his powers based purely on trial and error. And along the way, Billy ends up causing as much trouble as he solves.

Forget destruction of property, inflicting harm on criminals without even deciding to, and the emotional torment of seeing a man come flying into the windows of an office building. Billy shoots a bolt of lightning directly from his hand into the sky, only to watch it discharge onto a bus filled with passengers (whose lives he technically saves). So as thrilling as it may be to see him share his power with a family of magic champions… that seems doomed to result in six times the risk and accidental disaster.

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By the end of the movie Billy comes to understand the true purpose of his powers, sharing them with his family by “opening his heart” and creating almost enough champions to fill the seven empty Thrones. But even if Billy learns a great lesson, he never actually learns the rules. And from the looks of things in the Rock of Eternity, the wizard was doing a lot more than just sitting and waiting. If the surprise cameo of three classic Crocodile Men in Shazam! is the direct tease of the Wildlands–one of seven other magical realms Billy and his siblings must oversee–then the sequel story is starting to take shape. There’s just one problem: Billy and his foster siblings have no idea what they’re doing.

When the kids run through the endless halls and doorways of the Rock of Eternity, the surprises they find make one thing perfectly clear: the world of magic existing out of View of the rest of the DC movie universe is wide, weird, and wildly beyond the understanding of Billy, Mary, Freddy, Darla, Eugene, and Pedro. In the comic book version of their origin, the kids only had to worry about the death of the wizard Shazam allowing Black Adam to escape his years of imprisonment. Now that the movie makes the Rock of Eternity not only a nexus, but the “source of all magic” in the DCEU, all bets are off.

Interestingly enough Shazam! makes a direct connection to Suicide Squad, and it was in that movie that Enchantress warned about magic returning to the world bit by bit. If the death of the wizard has broken the dam in film as it did in the comics, audiences can take their pick for the next threat. Will it be Dr. Sivana? The newly escaped Mr. Mind? The terrible inhabitants of the Monsterlands?

Whatever the answer may be, Black Adam will know more about how to set things right than Billy ever could. As hellbent on his revenge, or as brutal in his punishment of those who enslave as Adam may be, he isn’t evil for evil’s sake. And certainly not compared to the other threats that would put his own magical powers in jeopardy. Threats that only exist because Billy and his siblings don’t truly grasp the powers they’re dealing with… making him the only chance they have, and as far from a villain or enemy as one can get.

At least, that’s the choice that the filmmakers could make. But we won’t know more until Black Adam makes his debut in a movie of his own. But if early word starts to describe Adam as misunderstood, misguided, or simply mistaken more than evil, ignorant, or murderous? Then the studio may see the potential for an unlikely team-up in Shazam 2, as opposed to another lightning-fueled fistfight.

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2019-04-16 04:04:08

Andrew Dyce

10 Villains We Could See In Shazam 2

Shazam (character created by C.C. Beck and Otto Binder) has made a healthy amount of money at the box office, and a sequel, along with a Black Adam movie, has already been confirmed. Shazam was, at one point, the most popular superhero in the world, overtaking even Superman for that spot and selling 1.3 million copies of the series every month.

Even though it was off the shelves due to a legal dispute with DC for quite a few years, there’s still a rich and full history of comics that the movies can draw inspiration from, including some utterly unique and great villains. Some of them are nearly household names, and others are characters that have lived in obscurity. Will Shazam 2 be their chance in the spotlight?

(Keep in mind, spoilers for Shazam are going to follow.)

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Let’s start with that devious and somewhat off-putting talking caterpillar (it’s all those legs!), shown briefly during Shazam, and then again in the mid-credits scene. That would be Mr. Mind, an incredibly evil and occasionally nazi talking space-caterpillar.

His backstory has varied somewhat throughout DC’s history, but the current Mr. Mind hails from Venus and possesses the powers of mind control, telepathy, and mental image projection. He’s the last of his race, and instead of wanting to save his new planet like DC’s most iconic character, he wants to cause the planet and its denizens harm.


Another character likely to return from the first movie is Sivana. Sivana is a mad scientist scarred by his past and obsessed with magic and the power one can wield with it. From the looks of the mid-credits scene after Shazam, Sivana and Mr. Mind are going to be teaming up in the near future, giving the distinct possibility of them forming the Monster Society of Evil.

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The Monster Society of Evil was first introduced very early on in Shazam’s (then known as Captain Marvel’s) own series and had quite the large roster of deviants and creatures that were up to no good. If the Monster Society were introduced, it would certainly give the possibility of some of the craziest Shazam villains being used; some of them were even (briefly) featured in the movie already…


The Crocodile Men hail from a planet called Punkus and have served as an antagonist for Shazam for quite a long time as part of the Monster Society of Evil. We were given a brief glimpse of them in Shazam already; they were sitting around a table playing cards just through a door in the wizard Shazam’s chamber.

They could certainly serve as some muscle for Sivana and Mr. Mind in the sequel(s), and let’s be honest; we’d all like to see them return because walking and talking(?) crocodiles are awesome.


The Dummy is another ultra old-school character from the Monster Society of Evil. The Dummy is the leader of his own criminal gang… or is he? No one’s quite sure whether The Dummy is an actual person, or actually a wooden dummy that’s somehow become alive.

(Though that question may have been solved in a fight against the original Green Lantern). The Dummy pretends to convey instructions from his puppetmaster and the gang’s true leader, and it appears no one is the wiser.


Ibac is a real heavyweight antagonist of Shazam, powered by four of the evilest people ever to walk the Earth: Ivan the Terrible, who supplies Ibac’s terror, Attila the Hun, who supplies Ibac’s fierceness, Caligula, who supplies Ibac’s cruelty, and Cesare Borgia, who supplies Ibac’s cunning.

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Ibac needs only speak his name to be transformed from petty criminal Stanly Printwhistle and into the monstrous Ibac, much like Shazam himself.


The notorious Mr. Who was bullied by others growing up, and was born crippled. He worked to gain an incredible amount of knowledge, and eventually attained genius-level intellect.

His intellect allowed him to create Solution Z, a compound that gifted him with a whole slew of powers, including size alteration, invisibility, regeneration, amphibian, metamorphosis, phasing, the ability to cure sickness, and the ability to make himself temporarily younger. His wide range of powers could definitely give the Shazam family issues.


King Kull was the king of a race of protohumans called the sub-men, or beast-men. These sub-men ruled humanity until they were overthrown. King Kull was in a state of suspended animation (much like Marvel’s Captain America) and awakened in modern times.

King Kull eventually enlisted his power in the Monster Society of Evil as well, and despite being ancient he has a genius-level intellect, as well as super-strength, stamina, and durability.


There’s a lot of “Mr/Misters” on this list. Mister Atom was originally an evil robot created by the mad scientist Charles Langley. Mister Atom went on destructive rampages, and eventually joined the Monster Society of Evil like most other Shazam antagonists.

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At one point, Mr. Mind had Mister Atom detonate a nuclear bomb in a Fawcett City suburb in an attempt to destroy the Marvel family.


Blaze could end up being a super-important character in further Shazam movies. Blaze is a half-demon and the daughter of the wizard Shazam (not Billy Batson). Blaze has a litany of atrocities associated with her, not the least of which involved her corrupting another character who wields similar magical power to Billy.

One who’s definitely going to show up in the DCEU in the near future: Black Adam.


We already know for sure that Black Adam is going to get his own movie, so it’s really just a matter of time as to how long it takes for him and Shazam to face off on the big screen. Black Adam was originally an ancient Egyptian prince who was given powers by the wizard Shazam, and with these powers, he’s survived to the modern era.

Black Adam is the protector and sometimes ruler of Kahndaq, and has been a member of a wide-variety of super-villain groups in the past.

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2019-04-15 09:04:52

Drew Ferguson

Shazam! Director Offers Behind the Scenes Look At His [SPOILER] Cameo

SPOILERS for Shazam ahead.

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has offered a behind the scenes look at his cameo as one of the Crocodile Men. The DC Extended Universe film has quickly become a success, earning strong reviews and more than doubling its budget at the global box office so far. Unsurprisingly, Warner Bros. has already gotten the ball rolling on the sequel, which will build on the first movie’s mid-credits introduction to the villainous caterpillar, Mister Mind. Shazam! writer Henry Gayden is currently working on the followup, with Sandberg expected to officially sign on as director any day now.

In the meantime, Sandberg is keeping busy entertaining fans with more Shazam!-related trivia. It had already been revealed that the director appears in the movie as one of the Crocodile Men, who are shown playing cards behind one of the doors that Billy Batson and his foster siblings open in the Rock of Eternity (while they’re being chased by Sivana and the Seven Sins). Now, Sandberg has provided a glimpse at the process that he went through to become one of those reptilian men.

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Sandberg posted a series of images to his Instagram account, showing him being fitted for a mold for his Crocodile Man mask. The post also includes a pair of clips where the filmmaker tries out the mask’s animatronics, along with a short video that offers an up-close look at one of the mask’s motorized eyes. You can check the whole thing out in the space below.

Funnily enough, Sandberg’s cameo could payoff in a big way in Shazam! 2 or another future DCEU film. In the New 52 comics (which Shazam! draws from), the Crocodile Men hale from a region of the Seven Magical Realms known as the Wildlands, where animals walk around talking and wearing clothing just like humans from our world. Of course, there’s no guarantee that magical land will show up in the Shazam! sequel, given how expensive it would be to bring to life on the big screen. Part of the reason the first movie’s a success is because Sandberg was able to keep its budget down to a manageable $100 million, so WB might prefer to continue that approach with the followup. If so, it’s unlikely Billy and his family will be exploring The Magiclands anytime soon in the DCEU.

Either way, this is a fun glimpse behind the scenes at Sandberg’s cameo and one of many playful DC easter eggs in Shazam!. It’s also a testament to just much Sandberg clearly enjoyed making the movie, and all but assures that he’ll be back for more on Shazam! 2.  Whether he shows up dressed as an anthropomorphic reptile again or tries his hand at playing another fantastical creature in the sequel, of course, remains to be seen.

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Source: David F. Sandberg

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Sandy Schaefer