Zack Snyder Beat DC & Warner Bros At SDCC 2019 (Despite Not Being There)

When it was announced that Warner Bros. was sitting out Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, the news was followed by a reassurance that WB and DC would still have a big presence at the show with a combined booth, but once SDCC rolled around and WB’s films had no virtually no presence, Zack Snyder and the Snyder Cut of Justice League dominated the DC movie conversation instead.

Just a few short years ago, the DCEU had a full slate of upcoming movies centered around Zack Snyder’s Justice League vision, but now, while there’s still a few DC movies releasing each year, the connectivity between films is tenuous at best and instead of simply playing catch-up to Marvel Studios (as many claimed of the old slate), they aren’t even playing at all.

Despite DC taking its proverbial ball and going home, fans of Zack Snyder’s original vision for the universe are still actively campaigning for the version of Justice League he shot and edited (along with a significant amount of other post-production work), and their passionate showing at Comic-Con easily trumped a mostly silent Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. pulling out of Hall H wasn’t initially a big shock or major cause of concern. Big events like that are becoming less and less common for big studios, as a similar trend with E3 has shown. When the internet allows trailers and other announcements to be made en masse directly to a given fanbase without all the same expense, and events like Hall H ultimately don’t have much of an impact on a studio’s bottom line, they aren’t as necessary as they used to be.

It was expected that Warner Bros. and DC would simply release a few trailers and posters directly to the internet over the course of SDCC, or even take a victory lap on Aquaman’s $1 billion box office performance, or market Shazam’s home media release, but instead, they did virtually nothing on the film side. Even the WB/DC both avoided current films entirely, focusing on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy instead of anything with Snyder’s DCEU influence or future DC films.

The only real presence from DC came from the TV side, where Watchmen and some DC Universe shows were a focus. This lack of effort made it even easier for the Snyder Cut campaign to take the spotlight. With multiple upcoming and highly anticipated projects like Joker, Birds of Prey, and Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. could have very easily diminished the attention of the Snyder Cut at SDCC. Simply releasing a poster or a short teaser for any of those films (all of which have wrapped principal photography and are deep into post-production) would have been more than enough to generate the necessary buzz and headlines for the movies. Instead, WB sat on any potential marketing material and made no effort to control their own narrative.

Meanwhile, the Snyder Cut’s Project Comic-Con campaign generated consistent attention at the convention, on social media, and in headlines. The campaign started with a billboard popping up on a busy highway near San Diego, followed by a full bus stop wraparound ad at a location many attendees passed on their way to the Con, and then even more attention was generated by an airplane that flew over the convention center for two hours towing a banner that said “WB #ReleasetheSnyderCut of Justice League.”

On the ground, fans hosted a scavenger hunt and prize giveaway as others carried around signs a la Watchmen’s Rorshach that read some variation of the “Release the Snyder Cut” mantra, posting dozens of photos of other Con attendees holding the sign.

The reaction to these efforts was ultimately a mixed bag. While a significant number of headlines and social media reactions praised the campaign, especially the decision to donate 50% of all funds to the Association for Suicide Prevention, other reactions were more snarky if not outright negative as the effort to get the Synder Cut released, like Snyder’s films, is a divisive initiative. Regardless, good coverage or bad, every bit of attention given to the Snyder Cut and its campaign was attention not given to Warner Bros. in its SDCC silence.

Pouring gasoline on the fire, Zack Snyder also released more images from his original cut of Justice League, revealing that the plan was for Wonder Woman to decapitate Steppenwolf before he flew through a Boom Tube to land at Darkseid’s feet, teasing the next major conflict to come in Justice League 2. As usual, this generated even more headlines and social media chatter on top of the existing Comic-Con campaign.

Warner Bros. has stated it has no plans to release the Snyder Cut, but it’s clear, especially after Comic-Con, the Snyder Cut will be the monkey on the back of DC Films until it is eventually released. Especially when Warner Bros. isn’t generating buzz with fans for future projects.

While Warner Bros. didn’t do anything to hype up their own films, Zack Snyder posted an image of his Army of the Dead cast to close out the first week of shooting his new Zombie movie in New Mexico. While Snyder has moved on from Warner Bros. after his treatment during his DCEU tenure, Army of the Dead, billed as a sort of “Zack Snyder unleashed” film, is likely to be seen as a clarifying moment for Warner Bros. decision to stifle his vision. Good or bad, it’s going to be seen as a statement on whether WB was wise to move on without him instead of just letting him do his own thing unhindered.

Like the Snyder Cut buzz, the Army of the Dead image also generated excitement for his next project, showing Snyder’s legacy isn’t simply a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” as the director/producer as the DCEU’s original architect, but also as a filmmaker with an exciting future – a complete flip from WB, whose biggest film discussed was one they’re too scared to release and no talk or buzz for their future slate.

The weird thing about the whole situation is that Warner Bros. knew the Snyder Cut campaign would have a presence at Comic-Con. The campaign was very publicly organized in the months leading up to the Con, starting a GoFundMe long before Warners pulled out of Hall H. They should have known that simply not showing anything would surrender the narrative to the Snyder Cut, and yet they seemingly took no effort to avert that situation.

It’s possible Warners thought the Snyder Cut campaign was too small to be concerned about, but when there’s a billboard, bus stop ad, airplane flyover and more generating headlines, the true size of the base of Snyder Cut supporters doesn’t really matter. The absence of effort from WB to establish a counter-narrative that the next big thing for DC Films is in the franchise’s future allowed everyone to spend the year’s biggest week in pop culture talking about the studio’s biggest mistake instead of its next great offering.

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Justice League: Fan Art Brings Zack Snyder’s Darkseid to Life

Fans can now get an idea of how Darkseid could have looked in Justice League, thanks to some newly released fan art. Created by Jack Kirby, Darkseid made a cameo appearance on the page in 1970 before debuting fully in 1971’s Forever People #1. The character went on to become not only a staple Superman villain, but the nemesis of the entire Justice League. As one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, harboring a goal to wipe out all sentient life, the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips is one villain fans have long to see realized on the big screen, and fans came close with 2017’s Justice League. As part of Zack Snyder’s five-movie DCEU plan – which would have seen Justice League’s story told across two movies – Darkseid was expected to be the primary antagonist. Actor Ray Porter even completed work on the motion capture, face capture, and ADR for the role of Darkseid.

Unfortunately, Snyder ultimately had to step down midway into production due to a personal tragedy. Directorial duties then passed to Joss Whedon (The Avengers), who helmed extensive reshoots and restructured the plot. In the process, the action was reduced to one movie and Darkseid’s physical presence was excised from the story. Following the average critical reception and underwhelming box office performance, more and more fans emerged in campaigning to see Snyder’s original vision released. Those hopes are kept afloat by Snyder himself, who regularly posts new images from his version of Justice League. One such image offered fans a glimpse at Uxas – the being that would one day attain godhood via the Omega Effect and grow to become the intergalactic tyrant known as Darkseid.

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An online artist by the name of Jackson Caspersz Art took those images a step further. Using the images as a template, he brought to life his vision of how Darkseid might have looked if fully rendered within the DCEU. Posted on their official Instagram page, the artist mourns that the character never made his highly-anticipated debut in the team-up movie and hopes, like many, that DC and Warner Bros. one day figure out their cinematic issues. The images, which have already been met with a positive response, can be seen below:

There are conflicting reports regarding just how much of a “Snyder Cut” exists, though storyboard artist Jay Oliva recently clarified things. Oliva’s comments not only lined up with Screen Rant’s breakdown of the real state of Snyder Cut in January of 2018, but also spurred one fan’s passion to witness Snyder’s original vision. Campaigners are even looking to step up their efforts at SDCC this year. They aren’t alone, however, as Porter also backed fans’ endeavors; as did Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in Justice League, announcing that he’d like to see the original version released.

Although these aren’t as official as the images and videos being shared by Snyder and other members of the Justice League crew – including the recent Aquaman rescue scene – they remain no less impressive. Whether or not the film’s interpretation would have lined up with the artwork seen here seems destined to remain unknown. For all the criticisms levied at Snyder as a director, he is often able to capture some truly amazing visuals. As such, his version of Darkseid would most likely have been something to behold. Unless Warner Bros. gives in to the demand regarding Justice League, or ultimately come back around to the idea of adapting Darkseid in the future, such artwork as these will have to tide fans over.

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Source: Jackson Caspersz Art

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Zack Snyder Seemingly Confirms Justice League’s Rumored Darkseid Actor

Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League was recently confirmed to exist, and we’ve previously learned that Darkseid had a big role in the over 2 hours of missing footage, but we now know who Snyder cast to play the role of the Lord of Apokolips.

After Zack Snyder shot 100% of principal photography and directed several months of post-production work on Justice League, he was replaced by Joss Whedon, who implemented major script rewrites during late-in-production reshoots. The resulting movie still failed to gain praise from critics and marked a low-point for the entire DCEU at the box office.

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In the 16 months since release, more and more details have come out about what the Snyder Cut of Justice League would look like, and we now know that it has at least 2 hours (probably more) of footage not in Whedon’s theatrical cut, and it would have featured Darkseid in a fairly significant role. With Zack Snyder confirming that the Snyder Cut exists, it stands to reason someone was chosen to help bring Darkseid to life in those missing scenes. Last week, The Film Exiles Podcast reported via an anonymous source that Snyder used actor and Audiobook reader Ray Porter to create Darkseid, and now Snyder is promoting Porter on the social network Vero.

While it’s not an explicit confirmation, between Porter liking tweets from fans on Twitter and Snyder replying “for Darkseid!” in the comments of his Ray Porter introduction post on Vero, it’s safe to say he’s corroborating the report. Snyder’s representative and Ray Porter have not yet responded to a request for comment.

With an actor like Ciarán Hinds cast as Steppenwolf, it’s surprising Snyder wouldn’t have looked for a bigger name for Darkseid as well, presuming he even had any dialogue. The big bad took more of a background role in Justice League including a confrontation with Ares during the history lesson flashback, similar to Sauron’s depiction in The Fellowship of the Ring, so there may not have been a need to cast a known actor just yet.

Still, it’s not clear if any of Darkseid’s scenes required dialogue and the actor’s only reaction to the news is that he has to honor his non-disclosure agreement, so it may not be until an eventual release of the Snyder Cut that we know his full participation. Even Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a credited voice actor, so there’s a wide range of possible levels of involvement for Porter. If Snyder originally intended for Darkseid’s role to be a surprise, it makes sense for him to choose a name that would fly under the rader.

Porter has many of the vocal qualities one would want in Darkseid, with a steely tone reminiscent of many previous versions of Darkseid, particularly Michael Ironside’s depiction in DC animation, such as the popular Justice League: Unlimited show, so its understandable why he was chosen. Snyder is also known for his eye for talent, casting a number of lesser-known actors in his films, most notably giving Ray Fisher his first Hollywood role as Cyborg in Justice League, so Porter wouldn’t be the most surprising of his casting decisions.

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Source: Zack Snyder (via Vero)

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Zack Snyder Confirms A Snyder Cut Of Justice League Exists

Zack Snyder has confirmed the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League exists and it’s up to Warner Bros. if it’s going to be finished and released. For the past 16 months, since the release of Justice League, fans have been campaigning for Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder’s cut of the movie, as envisioned before he was replaced by Joss Whedon, who made massive reshoots to alter the plot and tone.

Immediately after the movie’s release, nearly 180,000 fans petitioned for Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut, and in the months since have continued to campaign, including letter and phone call campaigns to Warner Bros. executives as more and more details about what happened behind the scenes and additional information revealing how the story was changed continued to come at a steady pace. At this point, it’s evident that Joss Whedon’s version of the movie was a far cry from Snyder’s. It wasn’t simply dialogue adjustments and connective tissue as suggested leading up to the movie’s release.

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During his recent Director’s Cuts fundraiser event, Zack Snyder spoke with fans, confirming the cut does in fact exist. One fan recorded him on video saying “all I can say is… sure there’s a cut… it’s done. I have a cut. I have a bunch of them. So, it’s not like… that’s up to them [Warner Bros.].” While another corroborates this statement, indicating it also needs “a few CG tweaks.” He also put the number 214 on the event’s poster, and YouTuber Film Junkee reported that Snyder indicated this was because his cut is 214 minutes long.

This all lines up with Screen Rant’s reporting from January 2018 concluding Snyder completed principal photography, was well into post-production, and had picture lock, but still needed to finish VFX. Snyder didn’t specify the state of Junkie XL’s soundtrack, but based on the production timing, while Junkie XL may have completed some work on the soundtrack, it wouldn’t have been done just yet and would still need work, along with additional CG, for a truly release ready version.

The true hangup, as Snyder says, continues to be that Snyder doesn’t own the distribution rights, and Warner Bros. needs to be the one to green light its completion and release, which previous reporting has said they have no intention of doing. However, former WB Chairman and CEO, Kevin Tsujihara recently stepped down, meaning almost all the leadership from the time of that report has been replaced, so the situation could always change.

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For Warner Bros. to greenlight a release, they need to be convinced the demand is high enough. While both Zack Snyder and the Snyder Cut itself are both lightning rods of drama and attention, the studio needs assurances that translates into home media sales. Justice League already took an estimated $100 million loss at the box office, and made around $56 million in home media sales, which is barely over half as much as the previous DCEU average, so it’s understandable that the studio could have cold feet committing more money to finish the cut.

Fortunately for Snyder, more people seem to be gaining curiosity about what the Snyder Cut would actually be like, with people like Kevin Smith highlighting the original direction and supporting the call to release the Snyder Cut on his podcast. Snyder also recently generated over $80,000 by selling a t-shirt for a suicide prevention charity. While it’s a far cry from the tens of millions Warner Bros. would want to make from a Snyder Cut release, it’s only a t-shirt, and proves Snyder’s name alone has value.

With an ongoing slate of DC films, and Zack Snyder about to move on to Army of the Dead, it’s not clear what should be expected for an eventual Snyder Cut release, but the debate as to whether or not it even exists should be effectively over at this point as the conversation shifts to “when will we see it?”

Source: Zack Snyder (via @SnyderCutJL)

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Jason Momoa Really Wants to See Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut

Aquaman star Jason Momoa doesn’t hold back when asked about Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League, making it clear he really wants to see it released. After the underwhelming theatrical performance of Justice League, the DCEU clearly needed a break, and that’s exactly what it got. By the time Aquaman releases in the U.S., it’ll have been more than a year since Justice League united six of DC’s most famous heroes on the big screen for the first time.

While it’s odd to consider a movie that grossed $657 million worldwide a failure, one must consider the fact that due to so much of Justice League being re-shot by replacement director Joss Whedon following Snyder’s departure from the project, the DCEU’s attempt at matching The Avengers ended up costing way more than the other entries into the franchise. Combine that with it holding the dubious distinction of being the lowest-grossing DCEU film, and Justice League’s status as a flop becomes undeniable, no matter how many individual viewers might have liked it. There’s no real excuse for a movie starring DC’s “holy trinity” of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman not to outperform Suicide Squad at the box office.

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For months now, many DC fans have been waging a crusade with one goal: convincing Warner Bros. and DC Films to release Zack Snyder’s original cut of Justice League. While it’s unknown for sure if a complete cut of Snyder’s vision even exists, the filmmaker has done nothing but add fuel to the fire by regularly releasing material from his cut that didn’t make the theatrical version, and even recently acknowledged the Snyder Cut movement directly for the first time. Now, when asked about the Snyder Cut by MTV News during an interview promoting Aquaman, Momoa added his voice to the chorus. The actor first acknowledged how studio politics usually prohibited people in his position from speaking their mind about such things, then proceeded to do just that, enthusiastically expressing his desire to see the Snyder Cut, complete with dropping an F-bomb. Check out the endearingly candid moment below.

While those involved with Justice League – including even Snyder himself – have usually deftly avoided questions about the original cut of the film, it’s quite refreshing to see Momoa just come out and say what he thinks, likely realizing that he’s currently in a prominent enough position with DC to avoid any reprimand or reprisal for doing so. After all, the buzz around Aquaman going into release is quite positive, and it looks like the film won’t perform as poorly at the box office as initially projected. If Aquaman serves to get the DCEU back on the right track critically and commercially, WB and DC will be too busy celebrating its success to care that Momoa disobeyed their seeming corporate directive.

Another factor in Momoa being so forthright is likely his well-known respect and admiration for Snyder, who personally cast the actor as Aquaman, and helped develop the character’s DCEU identity. Momoa has addressed some of the differences between Aquaman’s story in Snyder’s cut and Whedon’s cut before, and while he’s never disrespected Whedon or insulted the theatrical cut, he’s never really attempted to hide the fact that he preferred Snyder’s vision for both the project as a whole and Arthur Curry in particular. Here’s hoping fan’s eventually get to see Aquaman’s Justice League journey for themselves.

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Source: MTV News

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Aquaman’s Original Justice League Ending Revealed in New Zack Snyder Images

Director Zack Snyder has revealed what Aquaman’s original ending was going to be in Justice League with a new image from the film. As most fans know by now, even though Snyder is credited as director on Justice League, Joss Whedon stepped in to finish the project after Snyder experienced a family tragedy. The film is said to have gone through several reshoots, which are noticeable in the final cut of the film.

Ever since Justice League was released last November, fans have been petitioning for Warner Bros. to release Snyder’s cut of the film. Although that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon, Snyder has kept in touch with fans by sharing several details and images from his vision for Justice League. Over the past year, fans have gotten several insights into Snyder’s vision through never-before-seen images and storyboards of deleted scenes involving Lois Lane, Batman fixing the Flying Fox, and even a glimpse of Darkseid. Now that the release of Aquaman is getting closer, Snyder has released new material regarding his ending for Arthur Curry/Aquaman in Justice League.

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First posted on Vero by Snyder, the below image is a still of Aquaman’s final moments in Justice League. Snyder simply captions the photo with: “I’m going home to see my dad“, but Jason Momoa actually shared additional information about this scene earlier in the week. The two people in the background of the image are Mera and Vulko, who convince Arthur Curry to come home due to a danger that is quickly approaching. It was previously known that Willem Dafoe’s Justice League role had been cut, but now fans know where his character would have fit into the story.

Even though many people want a Snyder cut of Justice League, there are a fair share of comic book fans who are not a fan of Snyder’s vision for the DC Extended Universe. Warner Bros. now seems to be focusing on filmmakers’ passion projects for superhero films, while also stepping away from Snyder’s original vision. That being said, Snyder is still a producer on several of the upcoming DC titles.

While some people didn’t mind Aquaman’s ending in the final cut of Justice League, Snyder’s original ending is arguably better. It not only includes the characters Mera and Vulko, but it also ties directly into where Aquaman will likely pick up. Still, what’s done is done, and fans will have to stick with what Warner Bros. thought was the best option for Justice League

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Zack Snyder Reveals Deleted Lois Lane Scene From Justice League

Zack Snyder reveals new details on a deleted Justice League scene featuring Amy Adams’ Lois Lane. Snyder exited the project during post-production, resulting in Joss Whedon stepping in to take over. This resulted in Justice League‘s already ongoing changes to grow even more, and has continued discussions of what Snyder’s original take actually was.

There’s been no shortage of coverage on the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League in the last year since the theatrical version of the movie hit theaters. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s been Snyder who has been the source of most of the discussion too. Even though he’s left most of social media and has largely remained out of the public eye following the death of his daughter, he’s very interactive on Vero, and routinely drops new hints about his various plans with DC. It’s given him an outlet to connect to his supporters, and has even set up reference challenges in the past.

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Snyder’s now utilized Vero once more to share an image and storyboards of a deleted scene from Justice League. The scene connects to previously revealed Easter eggs concerning Snyder’s favorite coffee shop “Fred & Ginger.” Snyder was able to replicate the shop for the set of Justice League, and used it as part of a deleted and extended sequence of Lois “on her way to heroes park to pay her respects to her love,” Superman. She can be seen leaving the shop in the photo below, with Snyder even making a cameo of his own through the main window. Snyder also released storyboards for the entire scene.

This deleted scene is entirely focused on Lois, and how she’s dealing with the death of Superman, so it may be disappointing to those who wanted to see this explored more in Justice League to now learn that such a scene existed. That said, portions of the scene were still used in Justice League, but they were repurposed for Whedon’s opening montage. Additionally, the scene would’ve given Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in Superman: The Movie, a slightly larger role than what he ultimately received.

It’s hard to believe that after a year of Justice League coverage that Snyder has more details and deleted scenes to share. His reveals are not only relevant to Justice League either, as he’s teased other connections to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and where he planned to take the DCEU after the team came together. One of his biggest and latest reveals was a glimpse at how Darkseid was going to be featured. Even though Snyder’s days of directing DC movies may be over, there’s no stopping him from continuing to share his plans for Justice League or any other DCEU flick.

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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero

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Suicide Squad 2: Smallville Star Also Wants to Join James Gunn’s Sequel

Now that Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad 2 has a surprising new writer in James Gunn, another one of his MCU stars, Michael Rosenbaum, wants to join him. Dave Bautista expressed interest in joining Suicide Squad 2 after Gunn came aboard to write and possibly direct, which isn’t too surprising since Bautista vehemently defended Gunn on social media after he was unceremoniously fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Whether or not more Marvel stars will throw their hat in the ring to join him remains to be seen, but considering how beloved the filmmaker is, it wouldn’t be so surprising.

After writing and directing both Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for Marvel, Gunn was slated to return for Guardians 3, but he was fired in July, after offensive tweets from a decade ago resurfaced online. Despite a number of people quickly jumping to his defense, Disney stood by their removal of Gunn, with the director’s longtime collaborator, Michael Rooker, even quitting Twitter after the firing. Disney hasn’t announced a replacement to take over Guardians 3 yet, but it seems several of the director’s stars are ready to jump ship and be a part of Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

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Rosenbaum took to Twitter last night to express his interest in signing on for Suicide Squad 2, stating, “Sign me up too.” The actor, who played Martinex in last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, was responding to a tweet by Bautista, who was the first to say he wanted to join Gunn’s movie. Bautista was also among the first to come to Gunn’s defense after his firing in July, and he even threatened to quit Guardians 3 in August, if Marvel didn’t at least use Gunn’s already-completed script for the film.

Sean Gunn, James’ brother, who plays Kraglin in the Guardians movies, confirmed in September that Marvel will use James Gunn’s Guardians 3 script, but his directorial replacement remains to be seen. There was hope, at one point, that the director and studio may be able to resolve their differences and bring Gunn back into the fold, but Disney CEO Bob Iger stood behind the firing in a statement he released in late September. There had even been talk before Gunn came aboard for Suicide Squad 2 that Warner Bros. was interested in Gunn, continuing what is becoming a bit of a tradition, with Warner Bros. snatching up talent from Marvel.

The DCEU’s biggest hit, Wonder Woman, was directed by Patty Jenkins, who was once set to direct Thor: The Dark World. Warner Bros. brought Joss Whedon over from the MCU to rewrite parts of the script and direct reshoots for Justice League, stepping in for Zack Snyder. And now, WB has poached Gunn. While the first Suicide Squad wasn’t well-received by many critics, this new project is said to be a much different take than David Ayer’s original. Whether or not Gunn can turn this franchise around remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see if Gunn will try to bring over MCU actors like Bautista and Rosenbaum once the project moves further in development.

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Source: Michael Rosenbaum

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Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Reunites With Zack Snyder In New Photo

Justice League star Ray Fisher reunited with his former director, Zack Snyder, today at the filmmaker’s old office, and they both posted a photo together on social media, but it’s unclear why Fisher decided to stop by Snyder’s office. Years ago, before WB’s unofficially titled DC Extended Universe had gotten underway, Snyder – as well as his producing team and the casting department at Warner Bros. – ultimately decided to cast the actor as the DC superhero Cyborg.

While Fisher made his real debut in 2017’s Justice League movie, he first had a cameo in Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside some of the rest of the world’s finest heroes, namely Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Ezra Miller (The Flash). Even though his fellow co-stars were all thrilled to portray their superheroes, Fisher was especially excited, and he hasn’t refrained from continuing to express that enthusiasm despite everything that happened with Snyder and Justice League.

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It seems that Ray Fisher visited Zack Snyder’s office today, and they both posted the photo on social media; Fisher made his post on Twitter, saying, “Me and the Cap’n making it happen… #BORGLIFE,” while Snyder, of course, posted on Vero, saying, “Look who’s hanging out at the office today.” Take a look:

A specific reason for why Fisher visited Snyder today hasn’t been determined, but it presumably had nothing to do with the DC movie universe, despite the fact that Snyder is technically still on board as producer for some of the future movies, like Aquaman and Wonder Woman 1984. In all likelihood, it’s possible that Fisher was merely on the WB lot for something else (perhaps for something in relation to HBO’s True Detective season 3, which he stars in), or maybe he just happened to be in the general area and wanted to stop by to visit Snyder, who is currently working on developing The Fountainhead (not The Last Photograph, as previously assumed), an adaptation of Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel of the same name.

Regardless of the reason Fisher and Snyder met up today, the photo could ignite some speculation that Fisher could potentially appear in Snyder’s new project or that they were discussing WB’s Cyborg movie, which doesn’t seem to have moved forward in development since its initial announcement. It was originally slated to release in 2020, but that no longer seems to be the case. Furthermore, if it ever does happen, it’s certainly possible that Snyder would be on board as a producer, just like he’s producing the other Justice League character spinoff movies.

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Source: Ray Fisher, Zack Snyder

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DC’s Titans Has The Perfect Response To Deadpool 2’s ‘So Dark’ Dig

Deadpool 2 claimed DC properties are “so dark,” and now it’s DC Universe’s Titans series that is responding. One of the criticisms that the DCEU has received in recent years is the dark nature of their movies. The grounded take was built by Zack Snyder off the success of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but audiences didn’t respond in the same way. Many believe they’ve lost sight of who these characters are, and a darker approach is sticking with DC as they launch a digital service full of original content. They aren’t even shying away from it, as the first trailer for Titans showed Robin brutally beating criminals and saying, “F*** Batman.”

Even though this is the style DC has operated with recently, other superhero movies have gone in the opposite direction. This is especially true with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool franchise, which has repeatedly made DC the butt of his jokes. This continued in Deadpool 2 when, following a jab at dubstep from Cable (Josh Brolin), the Merc with a Mouth says, “You’re so dark. Are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?”

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Well, DC Universe is finally responding to Deadpool’s comments by using them in the latest promo for Titans. The video starts by quoting D. Pool’s remark, referring to him as an American philosopher (even though he’s Canadian). It then shows a montage of the violence that Robin (Brenton Thwaites) will be dishing out to criminals and cops alike, before saying “Suck it, Mr. Pool.” They do sign the statement “with love” but then immediately show Dick Grayson smashing a guy in the face as blood splatters on a nearby window.

This is a pretty great response on the part of Titans, as they’re embracing Deadpool’s concern instead of turning away from it. This also makes Titans the latest DC entity to mock Deadpool. The recently released trailer for the animated Harley Quinn series commented on Marvel’s canceled Deadpool animated series from Donald Glover. Warner Bros. even responded to Deadpool 2‘s post-credits scene where Deadpool travels through time to assassinate Ryan Reynolds before he could star in Green Lantern, but it was Reynolds who got the last laugh.

Even though DC has received criticism for the approach, it is one they are changing. Wonder Woman was the first true sign of this, and the reception only further encouraged Warner Bros. to meddle with Justice League‘s tone, just as they did with Suicide SquadAquaman looks to be a giant, fun adventure film based on the new extended trailer. There’s also Shazam! coming out next year, which made it abundantly clear in its first trailer what tone it’s going for. DC will still have some darker properties like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and maybe Birds of Prey, but the future appears to be more balanced, tonally, even if Titans will stay in a darker one to start.

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Titans season 1 premieres Friday, October 12, on DC Universe.

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