Sonic the Hedgehog CinemaCon Footage Highlights Jim Carrey’s Robotnik

Paramount unveils Sonic the Hedgehog movie footage at CinemaCon featuring the titular hedgehog and Jim Carrey’s Robotnik. A live-action/CGI hybrid Sonic movie, based on the classic Sega games of the 90s, has been in the works since 2014. But a number of changes have occurred behind the scenes, with the Sonic film moving from Sony to Paramount and recruiting Deadpool director Tim Miller to develop it. But after Paramount gave the Sonic the Hedgehog movie a late 2019 release date, the project quickly moved forward.

Parks and Recreation’s Ben Schwartz will voice the titular hedgehog, while James Marsden has the lead human role as Green Hills sheriff Tom Wachowski with Tika Sumpter playing his wife and Jim Carrey as the villainous Dr. Robotnik. A Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer has yet to be unveiled, but that’s to be expected since it doesn’t release until November. Paramount did reveal a few Sonic teaser posters in December 2018 and reactions were decidedly mixed. Though the Sonic movie responded to critics of the character’s CGI design, fans have remained wary of how the movie will portray the beloved hedgehog. Now, during Paramount’s presentation at CinemaCon 2019, the studio unveiled new footage for the upcoming video game adaptation.

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The first Sonic the Hedgehog movie footage was unveiled by Paramount during their CinemaCon presentation, where the studio also brought out members of the cast, including Marsden, Schwartz, Sumpter and Carrey. Paramount previewed the Sonic trailer, which begins with Marsden’s Tom sitting on the side of a country road with a speedometer when Sonic zooms past. The trailer cuts to a first-person shot of Sonic running, then back to a chase sequence as Tom follows Sonic, finally catching up to him in a shed. Sonic tells Tom he needs to save the planet, and the trailer further features futuristic (potentially) alien ships. The trailer also includes Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” as a musical cue and plenty of wisecracks from Sonic, including a joke about taking 9,000 steps in a day.

The second clip focused more heavily on Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik, which was shown briefly at the end of the initial trailer with the giant mustache that’s part of the character’s game design. In the second clip, Robotnik attends a meeting of military personnel at the Pentagon to discuss a power surge in the Pacific Northwest, facing off against a general played by Neal McDonough. Robotnik is also shown with Marsden’s Tom, then there’s a sequence of him dancing and Carrey demonstrating his slapstick comedy skills. Though in much of the footage Carrey has a full head of hair along with the handlebar mustache, there is a brief shot in this second clip where he’s depicted with a bald head standing in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Responses to this Sonic the Hedgehog movie footage out of CinemaCon have been decidedly mixed. Certainly, it sounds like a wild take on the beloved Sega games, particularly with Carrey bringing his typical schtick to the role of Robotnik. Further, since the CGI effects in the footage weren’t entirely completed, it’s unclear whether the live-action Sonic will win over those who were wary after the initial teaser posters. With many months to go until the movie’s release date and more visual effects to finish, it’s unclear when the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer will drop so everyone can see it. But fans are no doubt eager to see for themselves what this live-action adaptation of the Sonic the Hedgehog games will look like.

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The Internet’s Best Reactions And Memes To The New Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Pictures

The initial reaction to the Sonic poster released a few months back raised a few eyebrows to say the least. But, things have been kicked up a notch since Paramount’s advertising agency supposedly leaked promotional photos for their Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Like any film based on a beloved property or long standing franchise, it’s ultimately going to have a fair share of defenders and naysayers. However, it looks like majority of fans are not too happy about Sonic’s new design.

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The general reaction has gotten to a point where it’s become somewhat of an internet phenomenon. Check out the very best reactions to the new Sonic photos!

8 Sonic The Cereal Mascot

Although there are only so many different ways to pose Sonic in a promo image, it’s undeniable that the pose the film’s promotional campaign ended up going with provides material for all kinds of parodies. Why even pose Sonic like this? Out of context, what is such a cheeky side smirk and a fist raised in the air supposed to tell us? Such an image could only lead itself to one thing – a cereal ad.

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The greatest aspect of this edit is how seamless Sonic fits onto the cereal box cover. Fans are divided on Sonic’s new look, but maybe they can agree that he makes a fun General Mills mascot.

7 Creating Challenges

At the very least, Sonic’s new design is inspiring creativity around social media. Since a lot of fans are going all #notmyhedgehog across the internet, they have decided to take matters into their own hands. One way they’ve done this is by creating a challenge to “fix” Sonic. The idea into take the pre-existing images and photoshop them so that they look closer to Sonic’s video game design. Their results have both been impressive and hilarious.

6 Sonic Works At Sonic

The joke just writes itself. For better or worse, what can be said about fan culture’s disapproval towards something they hold so dear is that it takes on a life of its own. Sometimes it sheds light on people’s irrational behavior, but other times it can turn into a source of harmless comedy for a lot of people to enjoy.

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It’s kind of amazing how so much of the disappointment surrounding Sonic’s design has also become an internet sensation. That’s the only way a photo of Sonic dressed as a female Sonic employee named Kiara could ever exist in the first place. After seeing this, Sonic should really consider doing a cross promotional campaign with Sonic.

5 Tails

An audience’s reaction to their most beloved franchises can range anywhere from overly brutal to genuinely funny. Yet, what’s nice is that not everything has to be soaked in irony. Even better is that it can inspire some truly talented fans to envision what their other favorite characters might look like. Enter Sonic’s best friend, Tails. Although the character hasn’t been definitively confirmed for the movie, it has nonetheless not stopped fans from using the Sonic photo as a means to create their own interpretation of Tails. The coolest part of this fan rendering is that it looks like it fits within what has already been revealed of the movie’s aesthetic.

4 Quick Fixes

One of the biggest complaints from fans is that Sonic’s face looks different compared to his video game counterpart. Specifically, his eyes seem different. It’s always interesting to see how the mileage varies with fan reactions. Thanks not wearing his signature helmet in Avengers: Infinity War? Fans shrug their shoulders. Sonic having wide set eyes? Sorry Sega, you’ve simply left you fans no choice but to riot. All jokes aside, there is a legitimate argument to be made about how seemingly small changes can alter a character’s appearance.

This particular tweet attempts to give credence to such a notion. The photo shows how much more Sonic looks like his video game persona when hisses are slightly altered. Adapting popular franchises can be a tricky task. So, it’s important for filmmakers find the right balance of what makes the fans happy while also changing enough for it to make sense for a movie.

3 Everyone’s Gotta Chill

Yes, it’s always good to see people express their passionate opinion (even if it skews more negatively) about their favorite franchise. However, it’s also nice to see someone voice a more positive take on a character. This user in particular is reminding everyone that we just need to relax a little bit. Is this Sonic design really all that bad? He’s blue, wears red shoes, and looks like a hedgehog.

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Admittedly, the positive outlook on Sonic’s movie appearance is definitely the less popular opinion. But, this reaction is a helpful reminder to not always judge a book by its cover.

2 Nearly Unrecognizable?

This might be a bold claim, but some users are claiming that this Sonic looks so off that people aren’t even able to recognize the character.

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Case in point, this user says that their own family confused Sonic for a Pokemon’. To e be fair, any other layman would most likely confuse on furry creature for another. However, this notion speaks to the larger idea that Sonic’s movie design has been altered so much that people can’t even recognize a well known character when they see one. People want Sonic the icon. They want to stan a legend.

1 Sonic The Genie

The internet is often a bit too mean when responding to something they’re passionate about. But, there’s other times when it gives us a gift like Sonic Genie. The funniest part of this picture is how it completely encapsulates the communal aspect of fan culture. Recently, audiences got their first look at Will Smith’s Genie. People’s reactions were less than enthusiastic to the say the least. Sonic’s new designs gotten very similar reactions. So much so that both characters have now resulted in an inside joke worthy of this photoshop crossover.

Although audiences won’t get a chance to see Sonic in action until later this year, it still hasn’t stopped them from forming some early impressions about the character design. Did we miss any other great reactions? Let us know in the comments!

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Sonic the Hedgehog Creator Disappointed By Live-Action Look

Sonic the Hedgehog’s creator is disappointed by the character’s new live-action look. The famed blue hedgehog got his start in 1991, when Sega was trying to find a comparable persona to challenge the supremacy of Nintendo’s Mario. The character took off in a hurry, blazing with supersonic speed through a litany of titles over the years and earning its own dedicated following.

Whether or not Sonic the Hedgehog has attained the same degree of fame and instant recognizability as Nintendo’s Mario is certainly debatable. That being said, with an official live-action adaptation of Sonic on its way from Paramount, fans certainly have a thing or two to say about the speedy blue hedgehog’s current appearance. Though the recently released image of Sonic has since been removed from the internet by Paramount, the damage appears to have been done, with many fans making their feelings known over the extensive changes.

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The fans aren’t the only ones expressing their dismay over the look of Paramount’s live-action Sonic the Hedgehog, either. Variety has reported that the head of the original team responsible for creating the popular character, Yuji Naka, has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on Sonic’s appearance. Though the tweet is entirely in Japanese, the uncertainty of Naka’s words survives even the most rudimentary of translations, as he asked, “Is this a ‘Sonic’ movie?” Before stating, “I feel that it is important to look at the whole body visual of Sonic and head, body, and stomach. Did you not get a little more balance?” You can check out the full tweet below:

Getting a character as popular as Sonic the Hedgehog right is quite possibly one of the most important (and all too often overlooked) aspects of a live-action adaptation. Fans have been dealing with this character for years – even decades in some cases, and as such, there are going to be a lot of expectations for Paramount to deliver accordingly. So far what’s been seen of Sonic isn’t hitting the mark for many, and when even one of the character’s original creators speaks up to throw shade on Paramount’s progress thus far, it’s hard not to think that changes are needed at once. If there’s a silver lining in all this, however, it’s the possibility that the image surfacing was a strategic move on the part of Paramount. Naka also mentioned this possibility in his tweet, with the idea being that the studio wanted to gauge public opinion on what they had thus far, before advancing further with the project.

If Paramount is indeed testing the waters with this quite frankly strange looking Sonic, then fans can rest easy. The negative attention the image has garnered both online and through word of mouth has literally sped its way to the top by now, allowing Paramount executives and the film’s creators to think things through. If, on the other hand, nothing comes from this current bad first impression, the prognosis for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film could be a less than favorable one.

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Source: Variety, Yuji Naka/Twitter

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Doctor Who: Biggest Questions After Jodie Whittaker’s First Episode

Warning! SPOILERS for the Doctor Who season 11 premiere ahead!

The new season of Doctor Who finally arrived and now the world has had their first taste of Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor. The episode, “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” is exciting, scary, action-packed, and surprisingly emotional – all the elements that make up a great Doctor Who episode. It’s a brand new era for the 50+ year-old sci-fi series, and it’s only just getting started.

Along with a new Doctor, there’s a whole new cast of characters joining Whitaker on the adventure. This cast is also the most diverse cast Doctor Who has ever had, which feels like the right choice for this new era of Who, and that diversity exists both on screen and off, with season 11 including the first writers of color in the show’s history. For a television series that can go anywhere and do just about anything, it’s about time Doctor Who began branching out and including new voices.

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Now that the world has seen the 13th Doctor’s first episode and gotten a taste of the show’s new direction, we have a few questions that we’re very interested to see answered in the upcoming season.

  • This Page: Why Did the TARDIS Abandon The Doctor?
  • Page 2: How Powerful Is The New Sonic Screwdriver?

Why Did The TARDIS Abandon The Doctor?

When the Doctor began regenerating from 12 into 13, the TARDIS also began to change. The console room exploded and the Doctor went tumbling out the doors. As she fell to Earth, the Doctor could only watch as the TARDIS dematerialized – abandoning her. And while the TARDIS is known to be a temperamental old thing, it doesn’t usually strand the Doctor without good reason. So where has it gone? And why?

The next episode of Doctor Who will probably reveal where the TARDIS ended up, but it could be a little while before we get a full explanation for why it disappeared in the first place. One reason might be that the TARDIS simply doesn’t care for this new version of the Doctor. As far as we know, this is the first time the Doctor has regenerated into a woman. Maybe the TARDIS just doesn’t recognize her? Or is more fond of men? Those would be rather silly explanations for why the TARDIS acted the way it did, but they aren’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.

It’s more likely, however, that the TARDIS is malfunctioning. This could be happening either as a result of the regeneration (the TARDIS also went haywire when 10 regenerated into 11) or because it’s been tampered with somehow. Whatever the reason, it’ll be up to The Doctor to reunite with her TARDIS, and in doing so, the show may just reveal more about the special bond between The Doctor and her best traveling companion.

Page 2: How Powerful Is The New Sonic Screwdriver?

How Powerful Is The New Sonic Screwdriver?

The 13th Doctor isn’t only without her TARDIS in the Doctor Who season 11 premiere – she’s also without her trusty sonic screwdriver. But the Doctor is very clever, and a bit of tinkerer. With a few parts from an alien transportation pod and some Sheffield steel, she constructs her own sonic screwdriver. Well, it’s more than a screwdriver, as fans already know, but with her building her sonic screwdriver instead of receiving one from the TARDIS we have to wonder… how is it different from previous screwdivers?

In the episode, the screwdriver already appears to have a few short circuits, sparking when the Doctor first reveals it. But then, as the episode continues, it more or less performs it’s job as it should. So will the fact that this screwdriver is handcrafted from arguably lesser quality materials than a typical sonic device (sorry Sheffield steel, you just aren’t that high tech) affect how powerful it is? And more importantly, will this screwdriver work on wood?

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Who Will Rescue The Doctor?

At the end of the episode, as the Doctor is attempting to transport herself to the planet where her TARDIS wound up, she manages to send not just herself but Ryan, Yaz, and Graham as well. And she doesn’t actually transport them to a planet, but rather into outer space, where they’re left floating in the vacuum.

Of course, the previews for next week’s episode already reveal they’ll be rescued, but by who? The obvious guess is that it’s the other people seen on the planet in that preview. Their outfits  appear to be space suits or a uniform, suggesting they’re a crew of some sort. They may also be military, which isn’t going to sit well with the Doctor at all. Just how they rescue The Doctor and her new companions from an icy death in space remains to be seen, but perhaps the bigger question we should be asking is – why were they transported to space in the first place?

The Doctor said the signal came from the TARDIS, but there is no TARDIS where they are. And though initially it appeared as if the TARDIS abandoned the Doctor, maybe it was actually stolen? A stolen TARDIS isn’t the same as it being lost, and it would mean someone is trying to keep the Doctor away from it – in which case, season 11 might see the Doctor searching the galaxy for her TARDIS. It’s a little unlikely given that the reveal of a new TARDIS interior is almost as big of a deal as a new Doctor, but it would be an interesting twist on the typical formula. And besides, it isn’t as if the Doctor hasn’t been without their TARDIS before.

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Doctor Who season 11 continues next Sunday with ‘The Ghost Monument’ at 8pm/7c on BBC America.

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Rumor: New Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Series in Development

If rumors are correct, a new Sonic the Hedgehog animated series could be arriving in the foreseeable future. The blue hedgehog made his debut back in 1991 in a video game for the SEGA Genesis console. Now, nearly 30 years later, Sonic is still being featured in video games, TV shows, and (starting next year) movies.

Sonic the Hedgehog was a huge hit right when the original game was released in the ’90s. A sequel to the first game was released the very next year in 1992 and game developers have since pumped out video games about as fast as Sonic can run. SEGA and the following game developers have kept up with the times and continued to release a Sonic video game with each new console. Sonic also made his TV debut in 1993, via a cartoon series titled The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (which ran for three years and a total of 66 episodes). Even more Sonic animated TV shows have been produced since then, including – most recently – the YouTube series Sonic Mania Adventures, which helped promote the video game Sonic Mania Plus. The series was a collection of shorts but by the looks of it, a whole new animated TV show could be in the pipeline.

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In an Instagram post, Sonic Mania Adventures Production Manager Cel La Flaca teased the development of a brand-new animated series. In the photo, Flaca can be seen posing in front of a Sonic statue (as well as cutouts of other Sonic characters), with the image caption reading “Gotta go fast, gotta make it last—finally swung around the SEGA office”. That being said, her original post included the caption, “we’re working on another fun series with the blue hedgehog… y’all are gonna love it” but has since been edited to not include any mention of “another fun series”. Check out a screenshot of her original post, below.

Regardless of whether there’s a new Sonic animated series in the pipeline or not, a Sonic the Hedgehog movie is set to be released near the end of 2019. This film will be a combination of live-action and CGI and follow Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz) as he goes on adventures with a human police officer played by James Marsden. It’s also worth noting that the film will make some drastic changes to Sonic’s character – specifically, Sonic will be a juvenile delinquent in the movie.

While the Sonic movie is currently in production, a new animated series isn’t 100 percent official for the time being. There could be a number of reasons why Flaca’s original Instagram post was edited, but it’s possible SEGA simply didn’t want the news to break just yet. There could be another explanation altogether (like, say, the show has already been cancelled), so for the time being anyone’s guess is fair game. In the meantime, we will continue to bring you more Sonic the Hedgehog-related news (including, updates on the movie) as they come our way.

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Source: Cel La Flaca [via Sonic Stadium]

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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie & Terminator 6 Releasing 1 Week Earlier

Paramount Pictures has done some release date shuffling, moving both the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action/CGI movie and Terminator 6 up one week on the schedule. In addition, Paramount has pushed back the long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick all the way to June 2020, one year later than the originally announced release date of July 12th, 2019. The Top Gun sequel will now share the summer with the sequel to A Quiet Place, which is targeted for release in May 2020.

Paramount has had a largely successful 2018 thanks to A Quiet Place, which grossed $332 million worldwide, and to Top Gun 2 star Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible – Fallout, with its $540 million worldwide tally. The studio is hoping to continue that momentum into 2019 and are counting on both Sonic the Hedgehog, an adaptation of the iconic video game, as well as the reboot Terminator 6, to be a big part of their box office plan for that year.

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Deadline reports Sonic the Hedgehog will now release on November 8, 2019. Terminator 6, on the other hand, will move up to November 15, 2019. Like Top Gun: Maverick, Terminator 6 is a co-production with Skydance.

Thanks to the new release date, Sonic the Hedgehog will find itself going up against the second week of Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984, which is set for November 1. Terminator 6, meanwhile, remains somewhat clear of the sure-to-be popular Wonder Woman sequel, while also moving off the release date currently claimed by Fox for an as-yet-unannounced Marvel movie. One guess is that the planned X-Force movie, to star Deadpool as well as Cable and Domino, will ultimately land in that November slot. Given the more mature subject matter of Deadpool/X-Force, Paramount may have thought it prudent to get the adult-targeted Terminator 6 out a week earlier to avoid the competition.

Without doubt, both Sonic and Terminator 6 figure to be big franchise plays for Paramount in 2019. With Sonic, the studio hopes to pull off the relatively rare feat of releasing a video-game-based movie that actually overcomes the dreaded video game movie curse. Jim Carrey has jumped aboard the endeavor to play the Sonic villain Dr. Robotnik, so the movie should definitely have some wild comedy mixed in with the super-charged Sonic antics. Meanwhile, on Terminator 6, James Cameron returns to the franchise as producer with hopes of cleaning the slate and kicking off a rebooted series built around the new characters of Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) and a brand new Terminator (Gabriel Luna), with Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to bridge the gap with the original movies. It remains to be seen if Paramount will have a pair of winners on their hands when they drop Sonic the Hedgehog and Terminator 6 in November of 2019, on slightly different dates than originally planned.

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Source: Deadline

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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed – Review

Does the Sega crew earn a checkered flag or is this mascot racer just a spectacular wreck?

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on GameTrailers:

Official Website:

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sumo Digital
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Genre: Racing
Platforms: iOS, Nintendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360

ESRB Content Rating: E10+
Rated “Everyone 10 and Up”
Comic Mischief
Mild Cartoon Violence

2012-11-28 03:48:29