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The ‘90s were a relatively mundane time of peace and stability, as the world quickly transitioned from the analog-reliant Cold War days to the digital age. It was during this time that movies showing just how boring things became popular, with one of the best-known examples being Mike Judge’s Office Space – the relatable story of three employees who get so fed up with their inane jobs, they embezzle the company they work for.

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The satirical jab at corporate life is known for its low-key hilarity, where the laughs are derived from the most overlooked aspects of working a dead-end 9-to-5 job at a software company. This nuanced approach makes it easy to miss some jokes, some of which were intentionally buried under Mr. Lumbergh’s droning. Here are 10 hidden jokes in Office Space you may have missed.

10 The Y2K Switch

When Peter explains his job to Joanna, he mentions that his primary task is to help Initech prepare for what he calls the “2000 switch.” This was in reference to the real-life headache caused by the approach of the New Millennium since companies had to update their software to accommodate the year 2000.

While the joke doesn’t make much sense today, this was something a lot of programmers could relate to back in the day since the update was equal parts tedious and annoying.

9 TPS Actually Means Something

A running gag in the movie is Mr. Lumbergh’s obsession with TPS reports, which he constantly bugs Peter for in the most passive-aggressive way possible. For the longest time, TPS was assumed to be just another part of the software company’s incomprehensible jargon.

In reality, TPS means “Test Program Set” – something Judge took from his days as an engineer and most probably loathed as much as Peter. Simply put, it’s a collection of important data and programs that an operator needs to run a diagnostics test.

8 Initech’s Statue Is A Contradiction

Sitting right outside the Initech office is a statue depicting a square peg inside a round hole. The most commonly accepted interpretation of the monument is that it represents outsiders and the non-conformists who don’t belong – both favorite themes of Judge.

Thing is, Initech is anything but individualist. It’s just one of many unremarkable software companies in a sea of software companies. Its employees struggle to work enthusiastically while superiors promote conformity. The statue is a good fit for Initech’s parking lot since many similar companies imagine themselves to be trailblazers even if the opposite is true.

7 Chotchkie’s Is A Knock-Off T.G.I. Friday’s

The restaurant where Joanna works in is a bland joint where she never has enough buttons while she serves some of the most forgettable named dishes imaginable (Pizza Shooters, anyone?). If Chotchkie’s somehow reminded you of T.G.I. Friday’s, that’s because it was intentional.

For the longest time, T.G.I. Friday’s staff was known for wearing lots of flair on their outfits but they phased out the practice in 2005. Mike Judge confirmed that Office Space was at fault, as the restaurant chain only realized how tacky the flair looked after getting mocked on the big screen.

6 Lawrence Is An Allman Brothers Band Fan

Peter’s chill and nosy neighbor Lawrence has a very specific look that sets him apart from the desk-jockeys that populate the Office Space cast. Long story short, he looks like a fan of old-school rock music who hails from the South.

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Diedrich Bader revealed that this was all part of his plan, as the actor pitched his character’s look to Judge. Bader wanted Lawrence to look like somebody who “loved the Allman Brothers,” and Judge loved the idea so much it made it into the final cut. Judge, however, suggested the mustache.

5 Mr. Lumbergh’s Vanity Plate

To show how unlikeable yet completely unremarkable Mr. Lumbergh is, his Porsche is shown to have a custom plate that reads “MY PRSHE.” Though it’s only seen briefly, the license plate is difficult to forget due to how hard it tries to look cool.

The license plate actually has a lot more meaning to it than just showing off Lumbergh’s generic vanity. According to Judge, the plate – which has no specific state listed on it – emphasizes that Office Space was meant to be set anywhere in the USA, making its characters’ soulless lives more relatable.

4 Mr. Lumbergh Is An EarthForce Academy Graduate

Every now and then, Mr. Lumbergh’s right hand can be seen with a ring on it. The ring may not look memorable at first glance, but hardcore sci-fi fans will know that it actually the EarthForce Academy’s standard issue ring.

Prior to Office Space, Gary Cole starred in the Babylon 5 spin-off Crusade, where he portrayed Capt. Matthew Gideon of the starship Excalibur. Gideon also graduated from EarthForce Academy, and Cole brought this memento along when he started micromanaging the people at Initech.

3 Mike Judge Has A Cameo

Joanna’s main source of frustration is her boss at Chotchkie’s, who constantly bugs her about not having enough or too little flair on her apron. The bespectacled and mustache-donning manager is none other than Mike Judge in a cameo.

The role was credited to a “William King,” which is why it took a while before people realized that the guy behind HBO’s Silicon Valley was the reason for Joanna’s annoyance. Helping Judge keep his cameo a secret was a curly wig, glasses, a mustache, and a vest laden with too much flair.

2 Milton Foreshadowed The Ending

At the end of the movie, Milton finally loses his cool and burns down Initech after being stepped over too often. This could’ve been avoided if his co-workers and superiors took the time to listen to him and maybe take him seriously.

Over the course of the movie, Milton mutters about burning the office to the ground – which is exactly what he does. What is only seen in a deleted scene is that Milton actually kills Mr. Lumbergh when he’s caught making his arson preparations, emphasizing that constantly relocating Milton’s work desk was a terrible idea.

1 The Red Stapler’s Legacy

The most iconic punchline of Office Space is Milton’s beloved red Swingline office stapler, which when taken by Mr. Lumbergh snaps something in the meek man’s brain. As Office Space quickly became a cult classic, Swingline was faced with a growing demand for Milton’s signature item.

There was just one problem: Swingline didn’t sell red staplers. A prop designer just painted one of their staplers red to make it stand out in scenes, not realizing the impact it would have on audiences. Swingline finally started selling red staplers in 2002 – three years after Office Space showed in cinemas.

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Space Jam 2 Casts Don Cheadle In Mystery Role | ScreenRant

Space Jam 2 casts Don Cheadle in an unknown role. After years of lingering in development hell, a followup to the 1990s touchstone, Space Jam, is finally on the way. With a July 2021 release date in place, the film is currently in production under the direction of Terence Nance. Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is also a prominent member of the creative team, producing Space Jam 2 and co-writing the script. LeBron James headlines a cast of all-star NBA and WNBA players, which includes Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, and several other famous faces from the sport.

Obviously, much attention was given to the basketball players appearing in Space Jam 2, but the movie is making room for traditional actors as well. Star Trek Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green joined the film in March, playing LeBron’s onscreen wife. And even though Space Jam 2 is in the midst of shooting, there are still some roles left to be cast.

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According to Deadline, Cheadle has joined the Space Jam 2 cast, though details about his character are unknown at this time. Cheadle was last seen on the big screen in this April’s Avengers: Endgame, where he reprised his role as James Rhodes/War Machine for the seventh time (including an uncredited appearance in the Captain Marvel post-credits scene).

Though most viewers these days will recognize Cheadle for his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his career spans several decades and a wide variety of roles that showcased his range as an actor. Cheadle was nominated for an Oscar for his work in Hotel Rwanda, and he has several other awards nods to his name thanks to an extensive résumé in both film and television. Cheadle’s demonstrated a penchant for both drama and comedy over the years, and is comfortable handling just about any material given to him. So, he should prove to be a natural fit in Space Jam 2, which will likely be more of a light-hearted film. As for characters he could play, Cheadle might be a member of LeBron’s social circle, a sports agent, or someone else entirely. With his talents, it’s hard to guess at this juncture.

Using the original Space Jam as a template, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Cheadle filling a role similar to what Bill Murray or Wayne Knight did in the first film. That being said, it’s a bit premature to call Space Jam 2 a carbon copy of its predecessor that’ll rehash the same story beats. The film is envisioned as a reboot of the property, not a sequel, and Coogler has demonstrated an ability to inject fresh life into sports movie franchises before (see: Creed). It wouldn’t be surprising if Space Jam 2 mixed things up and put its own spin on the concept, while still paying respects to the first film.

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High Life Review: Robert Pattinson Gets Lost in Space

He may always be Edward Cullen to the generation that grew up watching the Twilight movies (and fittingly so), but for years now Robert Pattinson has branched out into the world of arthouse filmmaking, collaborating with directors like David Cronenberg, the Safdie Brothers, and James Gray along the way. For his latest offering, High Life, Pattinson joins forces with celebrated French filmmaker Claire Denis, marking her english-language debut after more than thirty years of documentary and fictional storytelling. The resulting movie is a decidedly moody and chilly space odyssey that clearly has a lot on its mind, but gets a little lost in its own naval-gazing. As contemplative and unsettling as it is, High Life struggles to develop its bleak sci-fi vision into an engaging and cohesive piece of cinema.

Pattinson stars in High Life as Monte, whom the movie introduces as one of two survivors aboard a spaceship that’s headed for a black hole, along with his infant daughter Willow. The film (which Denis also cowrote) is reminiscent of Andrei Takovsky’s Solaris in the way it drops viewers into its sci-fi setting with little to no setup, then gradually peels back the curtain to reveal the dark and disturbing events that gave rise to the status quo. Indeed, the movie’s first act – which consists of Monte interacting with Willow and keeping the ship running smoothly, intercut with flashbacks to his past life both on earth and in space – is the most compelling portion of High Life overall. It also does a good job of laying the groundwork for the depressing revelations to come, be it by showing Monte disposing of his deceased crew-mates’ bodies or providing glimpses of the terrible event that set him on his path when he was only a child.

Unfortunately, things start to get messy from there. In time, High Life reveals that Monte was part of a group of convicts who agreed to participate in a dangerous space mission to try and extract energy from a black hole. Along the way, however, the prisoners were experimented on by the attending Dr. Dibs (Juliette Binoche), as part of her attempt to produce a human child in outer space through artificial insemination. The film aspires to explore themes about the horror of sex and reproduction in these segments, but comes off feeling somewhat aimless in its attempts to get at deeper ideas about the dark side of human nature and existence. Something similar could be said for the movie’s dystopian portrayal of a human civilization on the brink of oblivion; it feels incomplete, as though High Life were more interested in simply dwelling on the darkness of it story and scenarios without actually saying anything of meaning about them.

Part of the problem is that High Life feels stuck somewhere between being a grounded, hard sci-fi film, and more of an impressionist take on the genre. It’s far from the only recent movie to try and blend the two approaches (Alex Garland’s Takovsky-esque Annihilation did something similar), but its lo-fi aesthetic has a tendency to clash with its more poetic flourishes, like the moments where it eschews gritty realism in its portrayal of space – a place where you can die horrifically by taking one wrong step – in order to go for something more surreal, like the visual of bodies falling in zero-gravity. The film’s editing is equally intriguing, yet infuriating, in the way that it often jump-cuts across vast periods of time to focus on key developments (like a baby being born or someone committing a sudden act of violence) that may or may not advance the plot. Clearly, High Life wants to be a challenging viewing experience, but its attempts to be provocative and jarring get tedious after a while, with no clear throughlines to latch onto.

Pattinson, for his part, delivers a fine performance as Monte, a protagonist whose actions often speak louder than his words (or, rather, his voiceover, which is where the majority of his dialogue comes from). The same goes for his costars here, especially Mia Goth as Boyse – a rebellious convict who expresses open disdain for Dr. Dibs and her goals – and Binoche as the not-so-good doctor herself. At the same time, many of the supporting characters seem to exist solely for High Life to mistreat or torment in whatever fashion it deems fit, in the same cruel way that Dibs “experiments” on the convicts or viciously robs them of their agency. Again, that’s clearly the intention to some degree, but it becomes tiring to watch in a film that seems more interested in showing that people can be bizarrely savage without having much else to say on the matter.

At the end of the day, though, High Life might be one of those divisive films that some moviegoers find hauntingly atmospheric, while others find it to be dreary and unnerving, but not a whole lot else. Still, it’s an interesting movie whichever way you cut it, and will surely please Denis’ longtime fans the most – if only because they’re well acquainted to the filmmaker’s style by now, and know exactly what they’re getting into here. Those who’ve largely enjoyed Pattinson’s recent ventures into the realm of high-brow filmmaking may want to give this one a look at some point too, though it’s not necessarily one that they need to rush out and see in theaters. At the very least, this should give cinephiles something to talk about while they wait and see what Pattinson’s gotten himself into next by signing up for Christopher Nolan’s new blockbuster.

High Life is now playing in select areas and will expand to more theaters over the forthcoming weeks. It is 110 minutes long and is rated R for disturbing sexual and violent content including sexual assault, graphic nudity, and for language.

Let us know what you thought of the film in the comments section!

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Space Junkies Review: Top-Quality Gunplay but Light on Content

Ubisoft’s Space Junkies sets the groundwork for a great competition-ready zero-G VR shooter, but a lack of content and character dulls its shine.

The announcer in Space Junkies, Ubisoft’s brand new VR shooter, is trying his best to do an impression of Fred Schneider from the B-52s. Through an overblown, slightly mocking Sprechgesang, he welcomes new players into the tutorial and beyond, a persistent unseen voice goading and guiding, attempting to establish some character to feed the resultant hi-jinks of this zero-gravity FPS, and while it’s a kind of admirable energy, there seem to be more than a few essential qualities missing from this new PlayStation VR game that somewhat under-delivers on its potential.

That tutorial is a good one, though. You’d think that moving around in all directions with a headset on would be frustrating at best and nauseous at worst, but Space Junkies makes that movement enjoyable. Through a combination of directional actions that utilize most of the buttons on the DualShock 4, players can hover vertically, move and strafe around, and even speed-boost straight ahead. The movement is strongly tied to a player’s head-tracking, a system which has seen similar use in other games and works well here, though it may take some time to get used to. Without boosting, character movement is a little on the slow side, but feels stable and sensible, and a few camera tricks help prevent players from losing their lunch, like darkening edges of the screen during lurching turns.

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By the end of the tutorial/boot camp level, you’ll feel quite confident in dashing around, taking tight turns, and firing weapons, of which there is an interesting but limited assortment. The Ricoshaker rebounds bullets off of walls, making them excellent for taking out opponents in tunnels or tight quarters, and the Plasma Rifle is a hearty sniper-like weapon which requires charging for maximum effect. Even the simple pistol, dubbed the Sunblaster, has its own quirks, including a snazzy reload action unique from the others. What’s more, any weapon depleted of ammo can be quickly thrown, which transforms it into an incidental grenade, making for hilarious hail-Mary ends to heated fights.

Determining how best to use available weapons in live play will take considerable time, as well as memorization of their spawning locations while you loop around an arena in search of the best picks. In one of Space Junkies’ most original mechanics, players can not only dual-wield these firearms, but actually use both of their hands to manipulate them in certain ways. The Plasma Rifle is a great example of this, where the left trigger primes it and the right trigger fires, though careful use of a limited-energy shield can protect players from crafty campers from an insta-kill headshot.

So that’s the good news: the basic armory and movement abilities are pretty much five stars across the board, particularly for a VR shooter. Unfortunately, though, Space Junkies suffers from a severe lack of content at time of launch, with a small handful of arenas and essentially two simple game modes: 1v1 and 2v2. Furthermore, team play is specifically gated to friends, so there’s no random 2v2 matchmaking available, and if you don’t know anyone else with a PlayStation VR, you’re stuck with straightforward 1v1 deathmatch. The reason for this seems apparent — it’s to avoid potential griefing with strangers, where playing duos means a single teammate could ruin a match for their side — but with a smaller possible player-base due to the tech involved, you’d think Ubisoft might see fit to just let us roll the dice, rather than put up another barrier for entry.

That being said, this sensibility seems to have fed into the reason for the game’s robust pre-match active lobby. Here, players can goof around in a space station and also use the mic to speak to their upcoming opponent, and maybe even possibly make a PlayStation Plus friend in the process. If you want to team up with strangers and experience the fuller and more interesting 2v2 mode, this represents your only method to make it happen.

Matchmaking seems unreliable at the moment, and facing a much higher-level player in your first matches will likely occur. Again, this is probably due to an overall dearth of players who own modern VR tech. Additionally, Ubisoft saw fit to implement cross-play functionality, which is a surprising feature on consoles these days (or, at least, on the PlayStation 4), but it comes at a heavy price in this particular circumstance: Oculus/Vive players have the clear leg up over their PS VR brethren. Since they’ll be using actual dual controllers like the Oculus Touch, they can dual-wield and aim in different directions and even emote with each hand. Sure, the 1v1 and 2v2 match varieties mean this is more understated — an 8v8 match, for example, would give dual-wielders a much greater range of targets to shoot at — but it’s still a glaring imbalance for a game that intends to be played with a competitive mindset.

Still, the DualShock 4 does the job, and using it to aim is certainly functional, and there’s a fair amount of possible precision that, through practice, can feel rewarding in high-tension play. Gameplay will send you spinning around in circles as you hug sharp turns to get the drop on your opponent, and the sense of improvement with each completed match feels righteously satisfying. Space Junkies has a genuinely well put-together sense of mechanics, and there aren’t an enormous amount of games that have unified full-3D movement and gunplay to this high standard.

Graphically, Space Junkies looks about on par with many games downgraded for PS VR. Sacrificing texture detail for higher frame rate was the right move, just don’t confuse PC screenshots for the actual PlayStation results (note that this version was tested on a standard PlayStation 4, not a Pro). For the soundtrack, there’s a catchy bit of music that will inevitably start to grate, as well as that B-52s announcer that just seems like a lazy fill-in to add a somewhat “wacky” feel to the proceedings. Neither audio aspect fits quite right, and feel a little like try-hard additions to inject character where there really isn’t any to be found. Maybe if there were additional modes, like teams battling alien hordes or playing some kind of futuristic sport, these details could feel well-rounded but, as they are, they feel arbitrary and disposable.

Regardless, they also don’t get in the way of the central gameplay, which is genuinely strong and absorbing. There’s reason to believe that more features will be added to Space Junkies as time goes on (there is word that PlayStation Move controllers will see eventual integration in a future patch), and the basic combat is strong enough that it could potentially support a competitive and passionate community. What’s damning is that Ubisoft is asking for $40 for a limited amount of content, and presumably expecting PS VR owners trapped by limited options to simply plunk that money down. If they indeed continue to support and expand upon the game in future updates, they could certainly have something special here, but absent of any promises for a stable community (or AI bots, at the very least, please), consumers should be a little wary when committing to this one.

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Space Junkies is available on Oculus, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. A digital code for PlayStation VR was provided to Screen Rant for purposes of review.

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Space Jam 2: LeBron Reportedly Having Trouble Recruiting NBA Players

LeBron James is reportedly having difficulty recruiting fellow NBA players to co-star with him in Space Jam 2. While the original film was a vehicle for Michael Jordan, he was hardly the only basketball great that appeared. A handful of Jordan’s contemporaries, including Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, and Larry Johnson, had roles as the players who had their talents stolen by the villainous Monstars. While it hasn’t been confirmed, many expect this new film to follow a similar premise, meaning director Terence Nance will need to find the next generation of Monstars.

The NBA is arguably more popular than it’s ever been and several current players have extremely large profiles that would only give Space Jam 2 more selling points. Fans are likely dreaming about seeing the likes of Stephen Curry, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Joel Embiid on the big screen, but they may have to temper those expectations somewhat. With the film gearing up to start production soon, James hasn’t been able to round out a supporting cast.

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According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (via Chris Montano), James hasn’t been able to lock down deals with some of the “top guys” he wants for Space Jam 2. No player names were given and Windhorst didn’t elaborate much beyond what he said, but he insinuated some people don’t want to get dunked on by LeBron and look bad – even if it’s just for a movie.

This adds further insult to what’s already been a hard year for James. Since his Los Angeles Lakers are eliminated from postseason contention, this is the first time since 2005 James won’t be in the NBA playoffs. One of his ulterior motives for signing in LA last summer was to advance his career in the entertainment industry, so it doesn’t bode well that he’s having trouble getting a cast in place for his biggest project yet. As for the reasons why, Space Jam 2 is filming over the summer, a time of year where some players work on developing their games to improve for the next season. It’s possible the NBA’s premier talent would rather do that instead of taking a bit part in a movie. It could also be a case of schedules not lining up or other circumstances.

Surely, Nance, James, and company will eventually get more players to come onboard, but they may not be the team’s first choices. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see who eventually signs on. This summer is going to be a particularly crazy one in the NBA landscape, as there will be several superstar players making life and career altering decisions in free agency and getting acclimated to new situations. Space Jam 2 may be a big thing for James, but clearly several of his fellow players don’t feel the same way.

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Black Ops 4 Beginners Guide: How to Play (& Win) in Zombies Mode

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 brings with it a variety of different gameplay options for players. Although plenty of eyes seem to be on the title’s battle royale mode, Blackout, the traditional multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch are still available. Also returning is the franchise’s Zombies game mode, this time with more options than ever before.

Indeed, Zombies is something of a different beast this time around. The mode comes complete with three maps, with two of them on the expansive side to boot. As such, new players might find it a little bit daunting, particularly given the intricacies of the game mode in comparison to some of the more simplistic elements of Call of Duty.

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Thankfully, new players can get a head start thanks to this guide. Read on to learn how to play Zombies mode, as well as some good strategies to help get that first win in what can be a tense and difficult part of Call of Duty.

What’s New In Zombies Mode?

This time around, Zombies is huge, with three different scenarios to choose from. Two of these revolve around Scarlett Rhodes and her band of misfits, with Voyage of Despair taking place aboard an RMS Titanic that had to handle a zombie threat alongside hitting an iceberg, while IX takes the team back in time to face gladiatorial combat in a Roman coliseum. Alongside this, there’s also the option to play Blood of the Dead, with the return of Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai.

Within that, the core gameplay loop remains the same. Survive waves of the zombie horde, unlocking areas of the map as and when the points are available, as the fight gets progressively tougher and tougher. This time around, though, it’s fair to say that the levels feel a little more maze-like and expansive, so make sure to be aware of the surroundings at all times to stop from getting stuck in a bottleneck.

Prioritize Your Points

As always, using points effectively is extremely important in Zombies. First and foremost, opening up areas of the map is a given, but more pressing is how the player uses their points towards perks and weapons. Although in early waves things like shotguns and pistols are all well and good, it’s important to aim to get weapons that have a faster fire rate and (most importantly) a faster reload rate as the game progresses. As such, look to weapons like the Spitfire or GKS to be most effective.

It’s also very important to improve the power of weapons as the game goes on. The most obvious way to do this is to keep returning to the Pack-a-Punch Machines once available, which give a 25% boost with each use. This does come at a considerable cost of 2,500 points per use, but it’s an undeniable way to get that firepower up.

Keep Moving

Staying static for too long in Zombies this time around is a recipe for disaster, as there is always the very real threat of being overrun by the horde. Whereas previous games could work with players cementing a position with a strong defensive line, at least for early portions of the game it’s recommended to keep moving. Not only does it avoid the issue of getting stuck in one place, but it also will keep players refreshed when it comes to where the different unlock options are in the map.

Keeping space from zombies is important for reasons other than this, too. Should one member of the team fall, they’ll have to be revived, and with a slightly longer revive time in Black Ops 4 it’s more vital than ever to have enough room to revive a teammate without having chunks taken out by an unseen zombie. This is particularly true when it comes to those special zombies that attack, so always keep an eye out.

Use Your Perks

In Black Ops 4‘s Zombies mode, players are able to use class customization for the first time. This isn’t just there for show, either, as a good grasp of what perks are available and how to use them can make the difference between success and failure. What’s more, the perks that can be chosen can actually work well for a variety of different play styles.

Those who want both power and speed could choose the likes of Deadshot Dealer, which automatically targets the zombie’s head when aiming down the sights, as well as Stamin-Up for a permanent boost to movement speed. Meanwhile, the frost explosion created by Winter’s Wail and the increased ammunition of Bandolier Bandit work well for those whose last stand may come from a more secure position. In essence, it comes down to how an individual best plays the game, and it’s good to have a variety of perks in the team to make the most of these options.

Work Together

As always, teamwork is the key to having an easier run of things in Zombies. Although it’s possible to play the game solo, this is always a challenge, and to help with this there are now bots to play with. Even so, it’s best to play with other human players, and as such taking on the game as a team of four is recommended.

It’s not just a matter of getting other human beings involved in the zombie slaughter, however. Working together cooperatively is key; don’t stray too far from one another, watch out for any fallen that need reviving, and potentially coordinate the perks used to make sure that everyone has bases covered for any eventuality. That way, the team should be set for what the game throws at them.

With these tips in mind, players should now have a solid framework to build on to get through the game’s Zombies mode. Whether taking a trip back in time to arena combat or trying to fight off zombified versions of Jack and Rose, Zombies is always a challenge for players, but with this guidance in mind players should be able to have a fighting chance of beating the supernatural threat.

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Harry Potter: 20 Strange Details About Draco Malfoy’s Anatomy

Draco Malfoy is one of the most memorable secondary characters in the Harry Potter movies and books. It may be due to his irredeemable and despicable behaviour,as everyone loves a good villain. It could also be the appeal of actor Tom Felton in the movies, and all the subsequent fan fiction they have produced.

However, not a lot is revealed about him in the books, and less even less is shown on screen, leaving him a mystery. We do know that his family has an unhealthy obsession with their pure blood heritage and an unflinching loyalty to Voldemort. One thing that we also know is that during his sixth year, Draco became even more villainous. He was given the task of assassinating Dumbledore and allowing the Death Eaters access to his present school, Hogwarts.

Some aspects that remained more hidden, though, including the origins of his name, which has links to the Hogwarts motto. His talents in transfiguration, charms, potions, and Occlumency are also never fully explored or known by the average person.

More surprisingly than all of this is the fact that despite being mortal enemies, Draco and Harry only duel twice – and one of them was in the presence of teachers, so it barely counts. Including these examples and every other duel that Draco is involved in, we have discovered that he never wins a single fight. This might be J. K. Rowling highlighting his cowardice and lack of morals that weaken his character ultimately. However, it might also have to do with his particular skillset.

With that said, here are the 20 Strange Details About Draco Malfoy’s Anatomy In Harry Potter.

20 He is a gifted Occlumens

While Harry Potter is undoubtedly a gifted wizard, one of the things he was never able to master was Occlumency. This is the act of closing your mind to anyone who attempts to read it.

Draco managed to surpass his rival by mastering the art of this notoriously tricky skill.

While it may seem peculiar that Draco can keep other wizards out his head while Harry cannot, this is in keeping with his character. J. K. Rowling confirmed that Draco managed to become a gifted Occlumens due to his ability to suppress his emotions. The fact that Draco can excel in this area is only due to his repressed emotional issues that may stem from his dysfunctional family.

19 His name says a lot about his personality

J. K. Rowling puts a lot of thought into her character’s names and the names of locations – and the seemingly bland name of “Draco Malfoy” is no exception upon closer examination if we take a look at its origin on Pottermore.

The name Draco can either be linked to the Latin for “dragon” or the constellation. The word “Draco” is even in Hogwart’s motto: “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, “which translates as “never tickle a sleeping dragon.” Draco’s last name, Malfoy, could have its roots in French, with “mal foi” translating as “unfaithful.” Rowling could have perhaps been a bit more subtle when thinking of names for her villains, however, as “unfaithful dragon” doesn’t leave a lot of space for redemption.

18 He temporarily had control of the Elder Wand

During his sixth year, Draco was given the task of destroying Dumbledore and giving the Death Eaters access into Hogwarts. While he succeeded with the latter, Draco was unable to take the life of the Hogwarts headmaster.However, when confronting Dumbledore, he disarmed the professor, which was a significant action even if Draco did not realize it at the time.

 By disarming Dumbledore, Draco unknowingly had control of the most powerful wand in existence – the Elder Wand.

This was only temporary, though, as Harry later confronts Draco in his house in the Deathly Hallows and disarms him. This meant that control of the Elder Wand was passed down to Harry, who still technically can wield it today. For one brief moment, however, Draco could have been the most powerful wizard in the world.

17 He learnt the Unforgivable Curses

Draco’s sixth year at Hogwarts was a pivotal and important year for the sole Malfoy child. As well as being given the task of overthrowing his school, he was taught the Unforgiveable Curses by Bellatrix Lestrange.

Lestrange, being Draco’s aunt, most likely taught him these forbidden spells to prepare him for his role. We know for certain that Draco can perform Crucio (the torturing spell) and Imperio (the controlling spell). However, it is unclear whether Draco ever learnt the ultimate Unforgiveable Curse: Avada Kedavra, which would destroy the receiver. Though Draco seemed like an antagonist during his first year at Hogwarts, few fans expected him to become such a villain later in the story. However, it could be argued that this was due to the pressures of his family.

16 He is supposedly one of the only Death Eaters who can love

Death Eaters are more ingrained to respond with acts of hate than love. This is hardly surprising, though, considering the amount of carnage and havoc that they have created. However, what is surprising is that even though Draco is a Death Eater, he is supposedly capable of feeling genuine love.

This love manifests itself towards both his parents and his future wife, Astoria Greengrass. This is at odds with the other Death Eaters, whose hate trumps their love. Be it Bellatrix Lestrange or Lucius Malfoy, these individuals are consumed by their service to the Dark Lord. While it could be argued that they love Voldemort, this is closer to worship than a romantic or platonic love.

15 He’s proud of his pure blood family

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter may be incredible, but when it comes to metaphors, it is not very subtle. The fact that some wizarding families, such as the Malfoys, favor those with pure blood is meant to echo the real world prejudices that some hold. Draco’s parents instilled the belief that he is superior to half blood and muggles on him at a young age. This explains his resentment towards Hermione, whom he calls “Mudblud” incessantly.

This hatred for anyone who is not pure blood is a trait that many of the old wizarding families share.

The notable exceptions are Nymphodora Tonks and Sirius Black, who were cast out of the family for their beliefs that muggles and wizards are equal. Draco may not be as hostile towards muggles and muggle-born wizards by the end of the Deathly Hallows, but it is still a prejudice that he cannot escape.

14 He has used a Time Turner

J. K. Rowling may live to regret introducing Time Turners into the Wizarding World. The amount of problems that this device, which was used by Hermione in Prisoner of Azkaban, could solve is countless. It could be used to stop Voldemort from ever existing or it could be used to bring back beloved characters. However, in Prisoner of Azkaban, it is used by Hermione to ensure that she can go to all her classes and to save Buckbeak.

Having not learnt the amount of plot holes attached to such a device, Rowling revealed the existence of a secret Time Turner belonging to the Malfoys. Without revealing too many details of The Cursed Child, Malfoy uses it successfully, which makes him – alongside Hermione, Harry, Albus, and Scorpius  – one of the few known people to have used a Time Turner.

13 He has a Dark Mark

Some fans believe that it was inevitable for Draco to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a Death Eater. He did this sometime between the events of Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. We know this since we can clearly see a Dark Mark on his arm during the events before Dumbledore’s assassination. While Dumbledore looked unsurprised to see Draco pointing a wand at him, he did seem surprised by the fact that Draco now had a Dark Mark.

It is not possible to get rid of a Dark Mark, so despite the fact that Draco’s character has since been redeemed, he is not able to reverse the procedure. Draco will forever have the mark of He Who Must Not Be Named on his arm.

12 He was an extremely intelligent student

Although the movies show Draco to be just an arrogant bully, in the books, we see another aspect of Draco – we soon discover that he is an intelligent student, too. While Harry was always picked on in Potions due to Snape’s hatred for him, Draco was always the teacher’s pet.

Whether he was actually better than Harry is debatable, though, as Snape never gave the Gryffindor student a fair chance. However, one subject where Malfoy definitely excelled was in Charms, in which he was described as equally intelligent as Hermione.During his sixth year, he managed to cast the extremely difficult Protean charm. The only other person in the class who could cast it was Hermione.

11 He was supposed to get along with Harry

Draco and Harry were supposed to get along. According to Pottermore, Draco’s birthday is June 5, which makes him a Gemini. Meanwhile, Harry’s birthday is July 31, which makes him a Leo.

These two star signs are meant to get along with one another and are even able to become close friends.

During their first meeting, there was definitely potential for them to become friends, as Malfoy extends a hand of friendship to Harry. However, Harry sensed Draco’s arrogance and hostility and rejected him. Despite this, the fact that their star signs match up so well may have been a coincidence on behalf of J. K. Rowling. Or perhaps it could have been a hint that had Harry Potter shaken Draco’s hand, they could have formed an evil alliance.

10 He really wished he was the heir of Slytherin

While it may be obvious that the heir of Slytherin could only be Voldemort in hindsight, there was a lot of speculation over who it could be. During the events of Chamber of Secrets, many students thought that Harry was the heir due to his Parseltongue abilities.

Harry himself believed that Draco was the heir and took Polyjuice Potion in order to investigate. However, Draco admitted he was not the heir of Slytherin despite his family’s allegiance to Slytherin and their prejudiced view against Muggles. Although Draco didn’t know who the heir was, he served as nothing more than a pawn of the real heir: Tom Marvolo Riddle. This was still an honor for his family, though.

9 During Half-Blood Prince, he is described as unhealthily pale

Though one of Draco’s defining features is his pale skin, in Half-Blood Prince, he is described as being paler than ever. This is due to the fact that he was assigned by Voldemort to take down Dumbledore and help the Death Eaters infiltrate Hogwarts, which can put a lot of stress on a person.

Since he is the only one able to complete the tasks, he begins to physically show the signs of stress. It is notable to other students, particularly Harry, who notices his rapid deterioration over the course of sixth year. Before Half-Blood Prince was filmed, Tom Felton was told that he wasn’t allowed to come back tanned from holiday. His paleness may also draw some parallel’s to Voldemort’s own appearance, as some fans have spectated that Draco becomes more gaunt by committing evil deeds.

8 He wanted to use alchemy to become a better man

Alchemy is an ancient practice. Because of this, it is shielded in mystery. However, it principally involves turning lead into gold. For some reason, Draco became heavily invested in Alchemy after he left Hogwarts.

Post-Deathly Hallows, Draco settled down with his wife and child and began to study Alchemy. Being the heir of his family fortune and the Malfoy Manor, he did not have to worry about getting a job after school. However, Draco also spent time caring for his wife, Astoria, who was ill due to a curse that was put on her ancestors. While at home, Draco soon became fascinated by alchemical manuscripts. According to Pottermore, Draco’s obsession with Alchemy was pure – he wished to use it to become a better man.

7 He is never seen winning a duel

Despite Draco and Harry being sworn enemies during their time in Hogwarts, they only face off against each other twice. Their first duel happens during their second year in front of other second year students. However, Snape and Lockhart intervene after a snake is conjured by Malfoy. When Draco and Harry next duel, it nearly results in the demise of Malfoy during Half-Blood Prince.

During the events of Order of the Phoenix, Ginny and Draco also duel, which results in Draco losing his wand.

The final duel we see Draco participate in is during Deathly Hallows, when Hermione gets the better of him. At least during his youth, it was clear that Draco’s arrogance was just used as a shield.

6 He was a Prefect

A Hogwarts prefect is meant to inspire the younger students and act as a role model to them. By definition, Harry Potter would be the ideal Prefect for Gryffindor students, or any house for that matter. However, throughout his six years at Hogwarts, he is never given the coveted Prefect badge. While students like Percy Weasley may be obvious choices to become prefects, characters like Draco Malfoy aren’t typically expected to obtain the badge.

Draco is not a character that you typically associate with good morals, leadership, or as a role model. Regardless, Draco does become a prefect. Perhaps this was done by J. K. Rowling to show us that Draco did make for a decent leader, despite his lack of morals. In fact, some fans speculate that by giving Draco the badge, Rowling was not giving up on him.

5 He has ice grey eyes in the books, but Tom Felton has blue eyes in the movies

In the books, Draco is described as having platinum blonde hair and ice grey eyes. There are many parallels between Voldemort and his army and the Axis leaders and their army in WWII, so it makes sense that Draco would look like this.  However, in real life, the actor who brought Draco Malfoy to life on the big screen, Tom Felton, looks nothing like this. Felton has brown hair and blue eyes. Because of this, he had to dye his hair blonde for the movies.

Similarly, Daniel Radcliffe did not have Harry Potter’s green eyes. However, he found the contact lenses too painful to wear so the movies were filmed without them. Though not many fans may remember Draco’s eye color from the books, Harry’s eyes are constantly referred to in both the books and movies, which makes it even more noticeable.

4 He was unable to produce a Patronus

Though anyone can find out what their Patronus is on Pottermore, it is not as simple in the Wizarding World. Some wizards and witches are actually unable to produce a Patronus. While we know that Harry’s Patronus is a stag, many fans don’t know what Draco’s is. However, it has since been revealed that Draco is unable to conjure one.

This is apparently a common trait among Death Eaters, as many fans believe that they don’t have enough light and goodness to summon one.

While it has been established that Draco is capable of feeling love, this may not enough to produce the special charm. J. K. Rowling has also mentioned that Death Eaters are unable to produce a Patronus because Voldemort controls Dementors anyway.

3 He is a master of Transfiguration

Transfiguration is known to be a difficult class to pass at Hogwarts. After all, we see how hard it is for Ron to transform Scabbers into a grail in the movies. However, Draco is an accomplished hand at this craft. We see signs of this during his second year duel against Harry.

When they face each other in the Great Hall, Draco manages to summon a snake that slithers menacingly towards Harry. If it had not been for Harry’s ability to speak Parseltongue, he might have been attacked by the snake. In his later years, Draco even manages to transform Harry into a doppëlganger of Voldemort, which is an extremely complex charm. While the movies do not emphasize Draco’s intelligence, it remains clear in the books that he should not be underestimated.

2 His love life is fairly ambiguous

Draco’s love life is left relatively ambiguous in both the Harry Potter movies and the books. The only girl we see Draco talk to in the books and movies is Pansy Parkinson, who is described as the closest Draco comes to a girlfriend in the books. However, it is never actually confirmed that Pansy is his girlfriend in the series. At one point, the books describe a scene where Pansy is resting her head on Draco’s lap, but this is the closest we ever see them get.

While Draco eventually marries Astoria, little is known about how they met or even when they married. However, we do know that his parents disapproved of Astoria and that she was kind, and taught their son Scorpius to respect others (including muggles).

1 He is the only person Voldemort is known to have hugged

One of the most sinister Voldemort moments happens when he tries to honor one of his followers. This moment occurs during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Voldemort demands loyalty from the students of Hogwarts.

In a gesture of goodwill, Voldemort slowly and awkwardly brings Draco into an embrace in front of his followers. Understandably, Draco looks absolutely terrified, since the Dark Lord has never shown affection of any kind before. This is the only known instance of a Death Eater – or anyone for that matter – receiving a hug from Voldemort.

Are there any other interesting facts about Draco Malfoy’s body in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments!

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Does First Man Have An After-Credits Scene?

You’ve been to the Moon and back with Ryan Gosling’s Neil Armstrong, does First Man have an after-credits scene in store for you? The new film from Damien Chazelle (Whiplash, La La Land) is about the first man to walk on the lunar surface, exploring Armstong’s family life as much as his humanity leaping actions.

It’s a very different sort of biopic for sure. While all the key moments are there – Neil joining NASA, the near-fatal Gemini 8 mission, the successful and unforgettable Apollo 11 landings – the film takes a more abstract approach, with documentary-style filming and moments of reflection creating something more personal than a peek behind the curtain. One of the biggest aspects of this is the lack of any end cards that explain what happened to First Man‘s key players after the Moon landings.

Watch: The First Man Trailer

And if you’re expecting to find out more by sticking around in the theater, you’re out of luck: First Man does not have an after-credits scene. However, there are two very good reasons to still stick about. The first is Justin Hurwitz’s score. In the movie itself, it’s a stunning blend of grounded and magical styles, evoking 2001 and Interstellar while still being its own thing, and the credits suite is a perfect cap. Second, there’s the use of archive NASA recordings at the end that serve as both a reminder of the reality of this story and how space exploration continued beyond the Moon landings.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that First Man doesn’t include anything after the credits. Even with it shirking a lot of drama genre conventions, it’s not going to dip its toe into a trope typically saved for superhero movies. The story of both the Space Race and Neil Armstrong are completed by the movie’s end, so there’s no greater narrative to explore – even if that final scene is rather ambiguous. A stinger showing Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planting the US flag in the Moon would be humorous, but again not totally fitting.

There’ll be other ways to keep up with the talent involved. Chazelle is going to be giving the big screen a break, but is set to direct the first two episodes of upcoming musical Netflix series The Eddy and is writing a project for Apple TV. Ryan Gosling has no other acting projects lined up, but Claire Foy will be back in cinemas next month for The Girl In The Spider’s Web (but not on Netflix for The Crown, where the role of Queen Elizabeth has been recast with Olivia Coleman).

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Hobbs & Shaw Photo: Idris Elba’s Fast & Furious Villain Revealed

Dwayne Johnson has posted the first photo of Idris Elba as the villainous Brixton in the Fast & Furious spinoff, Hobbs and Shaw. The Rock has arguably become as central to the illegal street racing series-turned international juggernaut that is Fast & Furious as Vin Diesel, following his debut as Luke Hobbs from 2011’s Fast Five… and he has the box office receipts to prove it. Hence, it’s not surprising that Universal has decided to prioritize a spinoff movie that centers around Johnson’s character and pairs him opposite Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw, especially after the two actors discovered they have crackling onscreen chemistry while filming last year’s Fate of the Furious.

Hobbs and Shaw officially began shooting last month, with David Leitch (Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2) calling the shots from a script by Fast & Furious franchise writer/producer Chris Morgan. Not much is known about the film’s actual narrative, admittedly, but it’s probably fair to assume that Elba’s character is a suave British mercenary of sorts (Is there any other kind of British mercenary in the movies?) who’s out to profit from his terrorist ways. And of course, the only ones who stand in his way are Hobbs, Shaw, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s Vanessa Kirby as (reportedly) Shaw’s sister, an MI-5 agent.

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Johnson published the first photo of Elba in character for Hobbs and Shaw on his Instagram account and, in doing so, confirmed the mysterious baddie’s name. Take a look in the space below:

Hobbs and Shaw‘s Brixton will be but the latest villain role in a major franchise movie that Elba adds to his belt, to go along with his voice work as the tiger Shere Khan in Disney’s live-action The Jungle Book remake and his performance as the antagonist Krall in Star Trek Beyond. As compelling as the actor can be when he’s playing the nobler type onscreen (even an extremely flawed hero like the DCI John Luther on the TV series Luther), he generally makes for an equally charismatic and engaging threat to the good guys in his big screen appearances.

The Fast & Furious movies have stepped up their own villain game over the past five years by bringing in top-tier talent like Luke Evans, Charlize Theron and – once upon a time – even Statham to take on the franchise’s heroes. However, with Elba stepping into Brixton’s (fancy) shoes, there’s a pretty good chance that Hobbs and Shaw will end up delivering the most memorable bad guy that the series has seen to date.

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Source: Dwayne Johnson

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True Detective Season 3 Gets an Official Premiere Date & New Images

HBO has announced that True Detective season 3 will premiere early next year on Sunday, January 13. Nic Pizzolatto’s crime anthology series hasn’t been on the air since it wrapped its largely-derided second season in August 2015 and went on an extended break, in an effort (on the network’s part) to give the show’s creator more time to deliver a third installment that could better live up to the standard set by the series’ widely-celebrated freshman run. Judging by everything that we know about season 3 thus far, it seems that Pizzolatto is taking a back to basics approach with his latest crime narrative.

True Detective season 3, like season 1, takes place in the U.S. South (the Ozarks in Arkansas, to be exact) and explores a narrative that unfolds across multiple time periods (three, in this case). Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali stars in Pizzolatto’s new crime story as state police detective Wayne Hays, a fellow who (much like season 1 detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart before him) is haunted in the present by a case that he originally worked years earlier, back when he was a younger man. As Wayne puts it in the True Detective season 3 teaser trailer, “I want to know the whole story”.

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In addition to confirming the premiere date, HBO has released a handful of new images from True Detective season 3 that feature Ali with his costars Carmen Ejogo (the Fantastic Beasts movies) and Stephen Dorff (Somewhere). You can check them out in the space below.

Pizzolatto is once again the sole writer on True Detective season 3 (though he got an assist from Deadwood‘s David Milch on episode four) and further directed this season alongside Daniel Sackheim (Jack Ryan) and Jeremy Saulnier (Hold the Dark). However, even with so many of the same story elements as season 1 and equally strong acting talent, season 3 is still missing an important ingredient from the show’s first season – namely, Cary Fukunaga, who helmed all eight episodes and is generally credited for elevating the series in a high-art take on pulpy crime genre tropes.

Still, there’s a lot about True Detective season 3 that sounds promising on paper and it seems reasonable to assume that, if nothing else, this installment will be a step-up from the slow mess that was season 2. Moreover, for fans of Ali’s work in films like Moonlight (which he won his Oscar for) and his soulful performance as the villainous Cottonmouth from Netflix’s Luke Cage season 1, this new season of True Detective promises to showcase the actor’s powerful screen presence in a way that it never has been before.

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True Detective season 3 premieres January 13, 2019 on HBO.

Source: HBO

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